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lower austria is opening doors. with ecoplus. for business. for regions. for the future.

ecoplus. open for business.

We advise and accompany. We promote and connect. We are there for you.

As the business agency of the province of Lower Austria, ecoplus has been open to your business efforts for over 50 years. We advise and accompany in all matters regarding business settlement and expansion, regional support and internationalization, intercompany cooperation and sector-specific networks. We enable better access to education and R&D facilities. We connect business and politics, education and research, companies and public administration, investors and initiators of regional and international projects.

The commercially-oriented structure of ecoplus guarantees the speed and flexibility your company requires. Our decades of experience, highly-specialized team, and farreaching network allow us to offer services ideally tailored to your needs. ecoplus services. n Regional support n Investor services & business parks n Technology & research n Clusters n Internationalization

Our promise: one-stop service, a professional partner at your side and dedication to your goals.

ecoplus. open to a dynamic lower austria.

With the growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe at its doorstep and Vienna at its center, Austria‘s largest federal province has unbeatable geographic advantages. Combined with Lower Austria‘s well-known political stability, these advantages have produced an especially friendly environment for business investment, making Lower Austria one of the top business locations in Europe.

Economic indicators also make a convincing case for Lower Austria: better performance, higher than average growth, and more and more start-ups and settlements, especially of international companies, than elsewhere. Enormous investments in education and transportation infrastructure have paved the way for future industries and established Lower Austria as a high-tech region.

What is more: the excellent business environment of Lower Austria is complemented by an unparalleled quality of life.

We promote regional development and support the regional economy on behalf of the province of Lower Austria.

ecoplus. opening locations and promoting regions. ecoplus regional support. We accompany initiatives and support projects with our partners at every step of the way, from initial consultation to financial support, and even to co-financing with EU means. Projects we back are characterized by sustainability and innovation. They are firmly anchored in and connected to the regions. They utilize regional resources, resulting in both added value and the creation and safeguarding of jobs. The ecoplus regional support program makes use of financial means made available as part of the current EU regional competitiveness and rural development structural funds (LEADER 2007 – 2013). Since 1987, around ₏ 1 billion have been used to support more than 2,300 projects, and 17,000 jobs have been created or safeguarded in the regions.

The range of financial support includes the realization of innovation and technology centers, development of commercial and industrial zones, expansion of both the bicycle path network and winter sports offer for tourists. Other areas of focus include the promotion of Lower Austria as a trade fair location and the support of nature, cultural and theme parks.

Our principles: added value for the region, jobs for our citizens and sustainability for regional development.

ecoplus investor services. Whether you intend to invest in an existing business location, or develop a new one, ecoplus supports your company in all matters related to settlement and expansion, and in all parts of Lower Austria. ecoplus investor services is the Lower Austrian hub helping your business connect with others, offering information about financing and grants as well as R&D priorities, technology and start-up centers. And our extensive database can help you find the ideal building or property for your business. Thanks to assistance provided by ecoplus, over 800 companies have settled or expanded their existing location in Lower Austria in the past ten years. Around 18,500 jobs have been created or safeguarded.

ecoplus business parks. ecoplus operates 17 business parks in all parts of Lower Austria as owner or partner. With nearly 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres) total space, ecoplus business parks efficiently bundle infrastructure, market potential and sector needs. Over 800 companies with around 19,000 employees are already located in our business parks. One special service is the construction of rental properties which are designed and managed in accordance with the specific needs of their tenants.

We are the hub connecting institutions, public authorities and partners, providing guidance, from business idea to financing, from location search to turnkey solutions.

ecoplus. opening networks and bundling know-how. ecoplus technopols. Technopols are centers of �technology-oriented economic activity“ which are strategically established in direct proximity to educational and research facilities. They can exploit both the spatial and the academic/scientific advantages found at these locations. Thanks to these synergistic effects, a strong potential for cooperation and robust networks are created. Forward-looking partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration have established Lower Austria‘s Technopols as leading locations for cutting-edge international research: for example, medical biotechnology at Technopol Krems; agrobiotechnology and environmental biotechnology at Technopol Tulln; medical and materials technology at Technopol Wr. Neustadt; and bioenergy, agricultural and food technology at Technopol Wieselburg.

We connect companies and markets, science and business, research and application, ideas and opportunities.

ecoplus clusters in lower austria. The ecoplus clusters in Lower Austria are recognized sector networks and act both as economic hubs and innovation drivers for companies in Lower Austria. Thanks to synergistic effects in the clusters, costs can be reduced, energy efficiency enhanced, and new market niches occupied, for which customized products and services can be developed. Innovative collaborative projects help optimize shared potential and encourage development of new innovation strategies. ecoplus operates cluster initiatives in the following future industries: plastics, mechatronics, sustainable building and refurbishment, food and logistics. There is also an electric mobility initiative, the e-mobility initiative of Lower Austria.

We establish contacts. We create networks which bring industries, countries and languages together.

ecoplus. opening the door to new markets. ecoplus internationalization. With its experienced expert advisors in Lower Austria and numerous subsidiaries abroad, ecoplus International puts Lower Austrian companies on the right path in foreign markets in order to help them exploit the potential of the CEE growth markets.

Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic are among the most important Lower Austrian trade partners. In fact, nearly 20% of all Lower Austrian exports are destined for these five markets.

ecoplus advisors at local subsidiaries and ecoplus representatives in other markets such as Turkey and Russia offer comprehensive support packages, from target group and sector analyses to funding opportunities, from identification of sales prospects and distribution partners, to market launch and marketing campaigns.

Our principles: on-site presence, professional management and cutting-edge expertise.

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ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria Niederösterreichring 2, Haus A, 3100 St. Pölten, Austria Tel. +43 2742 9000 Ext.19600, Fax +43 2742 9000 Ext.19609,

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