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Partnership objectives: Raising the visibility of the People’s Republic of China in Romania

Romania’s lasting friendship with China has long been a reason of pride and joy between the two nations, especially in light of the recent surge in Chinese-Romanian economic exchanges, and a continued effort to further expand this, particularly in light of Romania’s place within the EU is a good opportunity to renew such efforts.

Promoting Chinese culture

Long have European nations been engulfed by the western concept of culture and civlization, ignoring, to their disadvantage, that of eastern countries. An Asian century can only be understood and properly embraced by knowing those around us..

Promoting best practices in Chinese entrepreneurship

Successful Chinese companies have long been praised by economists, both due to their dynamic growth as well as their resilience to outbound shocks such as the 97 Asian financial crisis or the more recent crisis from 2008. Their stories are an inspiration worth being instiled in European economies

Activities: Debates, round tables, conferences within the academia and civil society.

A wide range of activities within these two spheres will bring a new light to the visibility dimension and will engage representatives in a continuous dialogue meant to enhance exchanges and common initiatives.

Exhibits, book launches and cultural exchanges

A thorough understanding of a civilization as culturally rich as China can only be brought about by exposure to its achievements. Reaching out to the population in general, especially to young people will lead to a snowball effect which will help boost visibility on a European level

Conferences, brunches and workshops

Best practices exchanges, opportunities for collaboration and new areas to expand both within Romania as well as in Europe are more easily fostered by face to face meetings that seek bring Romanian and Chinese entrepreneurs in one place.

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