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European Commission – Directorate General for the Environment Commissions progress reports on existing strategies. Cooperates with NGOs to create new strategies and projects

European Parliament – Committee for the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Pressures the Commission to enact and maintain strategies (most notably by proposing programmes like the Environment Action Programmes

Eurostat – Central data collection and analysis agency of the EU Aggregates data from Member States, provides data to Commission, Parliament and think tanks for papers, performs analysis where required.

Regional Development Fund

European Social Fund

Cohesion Fund

Set up by the Commission, but Parliament and the Council of Europe are responsible for defining tasks and determing eligibility. Eligibility criteria determined (currently) by GDP


European Sustainable Development Network Think tanks with ties to the EU, who work in cooperation with the EU, but whose members are not in positions of power within the EU


Think tank that, though not answerable to the EU is comprised of officials in positions of power within the EU

European Environmental Agency – internal agency within European Union. Board of management includes one representative of the Commission, and two Parliament appointed scientists. Works with think tanks and all other bodies involved with developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental policy, including the public.

Institutions by Sophie  
Institutions by Sophie