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titles shipping julY 2012

Axe Cop

returns with all-new stories! star wars: darth maul #1 Darth Maul lives!

eerie ComiCs #1 Brand-new terror tales!

Criminal maCaBre: the iron spirit hC

A perfect introduction to the badass occult detective!

angeliC laYer BooK 1 tp

All-new manga from supergroup CLAMP!

oreimo Volume 1 tp

Manga based on the best-selling novels from Japan.

star wars: darth maul #1

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 35

Axe Cop: President of the World #1. Cover by Ethan Nicolle.

3/28/12 1:24 PM


aXe Cop:

president oF the world #1 (oF 3) Malachai Nicolle (W), Ethan Nicolle (A/Cover), and Dirk Erik Schulz (C) On sale July 25

FC, 32 pages



Axe Cop has been appointed president of the whole world! But what will Axe Cop and his friends do in a world with no bad guys? Look to defeat the bad guys from outer space, of course! Written by 8-year-old Malachai Nicolle and drawn by his 31-year-old brother Ethan Nicolle, Axe Cop is commander in chief of hilarious adventures as only a kid could imagine!

eleCt a

➤ Brand-new

printexclusive story— never seen before!

➤ Upon

its debut as a webcomic in December of 2009, Axe Cop was instantly hailed as a one-of-a-kind hit!


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 36

Axe Cop™ © 2012 Ethan Nicolle and Malachai Nicolle.

3/28/12 1:25 PM


aXe Cop! when the gold house was completed, the media gathered to ask axe cop questions about his new global administration.

the gold house is my home and axeville is the new capitAl of earth. if anyone disagrees with these changes, they are bad guys and i will chop their heads off.

i will now take one question.

mr. president, the world has been free of all bad guys since you caused them all to poop poison and die. my question is: will bad guys ever come back, or is this the end of all bad guys?

the world waited in suspense for his answer.

i will ask god the answer to that question and get back to you.

Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 37


3/28/12 1:25 PM

aCtion/adVenture aVatar:

the last airBender— the promise part 3 tp Gene Luen Yang (W), Michael Dante DiMartino (W), Bryan Konietzko (W), and Gurihiru (A/Cover) On sale Sept 26

FC, 80 pages


TP, 6” x 9”

Avatar: The Last Airbender creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko bring The Promise to its explosive conclusion! The Harmony Restoration Movement has failed, and the four nations are plunged back into war! In the midst of the battle, can Aang and Fire Lord Zuko mend the rift between them, or will Aang be forced to take actions that can’t be undone? Written by Eisner winner and National Book Award nominee Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese) and drawn by Gurihiru (Thor and the Warriors Four), this is the adventure Avatar fans have been craving!

➤ With

the brand-new show Legend of Korra, the time is right for Airbender fever to return!

➤ Avatar

is among the most acclaimed animated shows of all time!


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 38

© 2012 VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC. All Rights Reserved.

3/28/12 1:25 PM


a ComiCs iCon returns!

ConCrete: three uneasY pieCes Paul Chadwick (W/A/Cover) On sale July 18 $2.99

FC, 24 pages One-shot

One of the medium’s all-time greats is back in this collection of Concrete stories from the relaunched Dark Horse Presents! In three new adventures, the most human of heroes intervenes in a burglary that turns out to be much more, investigates a possible sighting of the aliens who gave him his rocky body, and develops an alternative to the Taser: himself. This issue strikes the perfect balance of inviting stories for new readers and character development for longtime fans!

also aVailaBle ConCrete Volume 2: heights tp

ConCrete Volume 4: Killer smile tp

JUN050034 $12.95

DEC050018 $12.95

ConCrete Volume 3: Fragile Creature tp

ConCrete Volume 5: thinK liKe a mountain tp

OCT050017 $12.95

FEB060054 $12.95

➤ Great

ConCrete Volume 6: strange armor tp

APR060015 $12.95 ConCrete Volume 7: the human dilemma tp

JAN060076 $12.95

jumping on point for new readers!

➤ Collecting

the Concrete stories from Dark Horse Presents #1–#3!

Concrete® © 2012 Paul Chadwick.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 39

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:25 PM

aCtion/adVenture Fatima:

the Blood spinners #2 (oF 4) Gilbert Hernandez (W/A/Cover) On sale July 18

b&w, 24 pages



Love and Rockets’ Gilbert Hernandez continues his scary and sexy romp through the zombie-infested future! With the irresistible drug “spin” turning more and more people into shambling brain-eaters, the beautiful Fatima finds herself one of the last agents standing against them. But with conspiracy theories running rampant, it’s impossible to tell if she’s on the right side or if her own organization is responsible for unleashing the plague!

➤ From

Love and Rockets co-creator Gilbert Hernandez!

➤ Zombies,

drug lords, and gorgeous women!

“I picture Gilbert Hernandez approaching his drawing board these days like Lawrence of Arabia approaching a Turkish convoy: ‘NO PRISONERS! NO PRISONERS!’” —Comic Book Resources


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 40

Fatima™ © 2012 Gilbert Hernandez.

3/28/12 1:25 PM

aCtion/adVenture mind mgmt #3 Matt Kindt (W/A/Cover) On sale July 25

FC, 24 pages



As Meru’s investigation of MIND MGMT takes her to China and its “miracle dolphins,” she begins to realize that the clues she’s been following have been intentionally left for her. What do the horrors she’s seen on her journey have to do with a psychic espionage agency dating back to WWI, and why does its most notorious defector, Henry Lyme, want Meru to find him?

➤ Akira

meets Apocalypse Now.

➤ From

the creator of 3 Story and Super Spy!

➤ Each

issue features bonus MIND MGMT case files!

“[Matt Kindt] is quickly proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with, if he hasn’t already.” —ComicsAlliance

Mind MGMT™ © 2012 Matt Kindt.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 41

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:25 PM

aCtion/adVenture the massiVe #2 Brian Wood (W), Kristian Donaldson (A), Dave Stewart (C), J. P. Leon (Cover), and Grampá (Variant cover) On sale July 11

FC, 32 pages



Hidden from pirates in the ice and fog of the Bering Sea, the crew of the Kapital weigh the risk of detection against the need to rescue their missing crewmates. Revealed are details about the events of the crash, including the Kapital’s resupply visit to an underwater Hong Kong and the new city that has, literally, grown out of the debris. Hyperdetailed world building meshed with forward-thinking social sci-fi.

➤ The

perfect follow-up to Wood’s DMZ!

➤ New

title from New York Times bestseller Brian Wood!

➤ At

the end of the world, the story begins.

“The Massive is a book to keep an eye on in 2012.” —IGN Variant cover by Grampá.


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 42

The Massive™ © 2012 Brian Wood.

3/28/12 1:25 PM

aCtion/adVenture darK horse presents #14 John Layman (W), Kelly Sue DeConnick (W), Carla Speed McNeil (W/A), Dean Motter (W/A), Mike Baron (W), Mark Verheiden (W), Tony Puryear (W/A/Cover), Chad Lambert (W), George Schall (W/A), Rodrigo Alonso (W), Nate Cosby (W), Michael Avon Oeming (W/A), Bo Hampton (W/A), Mike Russell (W/A), Sam Kieth (A), Phil Noto (A), Apri Kusbiantoro (A), Steve Rude (A/Cover), Evan Shaner (A), Robert Tinnell (W), and Mark Nelson (A) On sale July 18

FC, 104 pages



The best-selling anthology just upped the ante! This 104-page flipbook boasts a special Nexus back cover alongside new installments of Aliens, Ghost, and Mister X, and the debut of Michael Avon Oeming’s The Wild Rover!

➤ Oversized



➤ Delve

into sci-fi with a new comic tie-in to TNT’s Falling Skies!

Back cover by Steve Rude.

Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 43


3/28/12 1:25 PM

sCienCe FiCtion mass eFFeCt:

homeworlds #3 (oF 4) Mac Walters (W), John Dombrow (W), Jeremy Barlow (W), Garry Brown (A), Michael Atiyeh (C), Anthony Palumbo (Cover), and Mike Hawthorne (Variant cover) On sale July 25

FC, 32 pages



Mass Effect: Homeworlds returns with a brand-new tale of turian Garrus Vakarian, from Garrus’s Mass Effect 3 writer John Dombrow! Garrus has fought valiantly alongside Commander Shepard, but his time away from his home planet Palaven has seen crime and corruption take hold there, a contradiction that becomes clearer as he investigates the murder of a turian on Omega. Cutting to the heart of Homeworlds, Garrus must choose between fighting for the galaxy or protecting his home!

➤ From

Mass Effect 3 writers Mac Walters and John Dombrow!

➤ Script

by Jeremy Barlow (Star Wars: Rebellion)!

Variant cover by Mike Hawthorne.


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 44

© 2012 EA International (Studio and Publishing) Ltd.

3/28/12 1:26 PM

sCienCe FiCtion resident alien #3 (oF 3) Peter Hogan (W) and Steve Parkhouse (A/Cover) On sale July 25

FC, 32 pages



Stranded and living undercover on our planet, the alien now known as Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle races to solve a smalltown crime before federal agents close in on him and discover his secret! Biding his time in the sleepy town of Patience, USA, Dr. Harry has masked his existence with a form of alien telepathy. There are those who are resistant to his strange powers, however, and Harry’s time is running out. Someone very close to him is about to blow his cover! Acclaimed creators Peter Hogan (2000 AD, Tom Strong) and Steve Parkhouse (The Milkman Murders, Doctor Who) deliver a truly unique sci-fi adventure tale with heart and humor!

➤ From

the writer of Tom Strong and the artist for Alan Moore’s The Bojeffries Saga!

➤ Soon

to be featured on Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry channel on YouTube!

Resident Alien™ © 2012 Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 45

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:26 PM

sCienCe FiCtion star wars:

darth maul—death sentenCe #1 (oF 4)

darth maul liVes!

Tom Taylor (W), Bruno Redondo (P), and Dave Dorman (Cover) On sale July 25

FC, 32 pages



By now the galaxy has learned the terrible truth: Sith Lord Darth Maul still lives. Worse, he has joined forces with his brother Savage Opress! The Jedi are searching for them and, after Maul and Opress cut a murderous swath through the Outer Rim, so is an army of mercenaries hired by a wealthy mine owner. Darth Maul has a price on his head, and for him there is only one way to deal with such a problem: go directly to the source!


direct follow-up to the events in the television series The Clone Wars!


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 46

© 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Darth Maul are © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd.

3/28/12 1:26 PM

sCienCe FiCtion star wars:

darth Vader and the ghost prison #3 (oF 5) Haden Blackman (W), Agustin Alessio (A), and Dave Wilkins (Cover) On sale July 18

FC, 32 pages



Cadet Tohm, in the company of Darth Vader, Moff Trachta, and the wounded Emperor, has finally reached the mysterious Ghost Prison. Vader battles the Jedi guard and Trachta wreaks vengeance on a particular prisoner. The Emperor’s condition is stabilized, but they must find a way to combat the uprising back on Coruscant. Vader plans to use the only army available to him— the inmates of the Ghost Prison. But the prisoners have begun to revolt . . .

➤ The

secret of the Ghost Prison is revealed!

© 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison are © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 47

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:26 PM

sCienCe FiCtion star wars:

Blood ties—BoBa Fett is dead #4 (oF 4) Tom Taylor (W) and Chris Scalf (A/ Cover) On sale July 25

FC, 40 pages



The man behind the murder of Boba Fett has sent his army of mercenaries to kill Fett’s ex-wife and child, and Boba’s halfbrother Connor Freeman. But what if Boba Fett isn’t quite as dead as everyone thinks? Then there might be ... Hell. To. Pay.

BaCK From the dead!


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 48

© 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Blood Ties are © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd.

3/28/12 1:26 PM

sCienCe FiCtion star wars:

Knight errant— esCape #2 (oF 5) John Jackson Miller (W), Marco Castiello (P), Vincenzo Acunzo (I), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Benjamin Carré (Cover) On sale July 11

FC, 32 pages



Working with a team of Sith reconnaissance troops searching for a powerful relic, Jedi Knight Kerra Holt is getting a firsthand look at the battles between warring Sith lords. Witnessing all the destruction is making her have second thoughts about her mission, but painful memories push her forward, overriding her conscience. Kerra is falling deeper into the world of the Sith—will she be able to climb out?

➤ Kerra

Holt—on a mission for the Sith!

➤ John Jackson Miller’s

Knight Errant novel from Del Rey was a New York Times bestseller!

© 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Knight Errant are © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 49

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:26 PM

sCienCe FiCtion

star wars:

star wars:

Mike Richardson (W), Paul Gulacy (P), Michael Bartolo (C), and Dave Dorman (Cover)

Mike Richardson (W), Randy Stradley (W), Paul Gulacy (P), P. Craig Russell (I), Randy Emberlin (I), Dave Stewart (C), Michael Bartolo (C), and Dave Dorman (Cover)

Crimson empire iii—empire lost tp

On sale Sept 19

FC, 144 pages


TP, 6 5/8” x 10 3/16”

the Crimson empire saga hC

Kir Kanos, the last surviving member of Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guard, is ready to settle a score with Luke Skywalker and those others whom he blames for the death of his Emperor. But standing in Kanos’s path is his former adversary and almost love interest Mirith Sinn. And both of them have become pawns in a secret plot by an Imperial cabal!

➤ The

final chapter in the Crimson Empire saga!


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 50

On sale Sept 12

FC, 504 pages


HC, 6” x 9”

The blood-soaked tale of the last surviving member of Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guard is now complete in one dust-jacketed hardcover edition! From revenge to redemption, the story of Kir Kanos takes him from the deserts of Yinchorr, to the halls of Imperial power, and to the inner circle of the New Republic. Included are encounters with Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa Solo. An epic tale in one epic tome!

➤ The

complete Crimson Empire Saga in one deluxe edition!

© 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Crimson Empire are © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd.

3/28/12 1:26 PM

FantasY the ChroniCles oF King Conan Volume 3 tp

Doug Moench (W), Marc Silvestri (P), Ron Frenz (P), Alan Kupperberg (P), Ricardo Villamonte (I), Ernie Chan (I), George Roussos (C), and John Buscema (Cover) On sale Sept 12

FC, 208 pages


TP, 7” x 10”

“Kings are ever plagued by enemies.” The words of the Aquilonian ruler Conan are never more true than when a dark cabal of sorcerers threaten the throne and the lives of the royal family. But even against horrors from beneath the earth, murderous demons from beyond the grave, or ancient baleful gods summoned from dark dimensions, courage, love, and a good sword are formidable proof against evil when wielded by the mighty hand of the barbarian king!

➤ Featuring

early work of superstar artist Marc Silvestri.

➤ Continues

the representation of the long-out-of-print Conan titles from Marvel Comics.

Conan © 2012 Conan Properties International LLC (“CPI”). CONAN, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, HYBORIA, and related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of CPI. All rights reserved.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 51

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:26 PM

FantasY Conan the BarBarian #6 Brian Wood (W), James Harren (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Massimo Carnevale (Cover) On sale July 11

FC, 32 pages



Big heist, Conan stYle!

Brian Wood and James Harren pull out all the stops in the blowout conclusion to “The Argos Deception”! With Conan loose in Messantia, pirate queen Bêlit and her crew hit the city hard. Messantia’s soldiers think they’re dealing with a simple barbarian, but they’ve just stepped into Bêlit’s trap!

➤ Brian

Wood’s (Northlanders, The Massive) second arc concludes!

➤ Art

by rising star James Harren (Nation X, B.P.R.D.)!

“James Harren’s art echoes the old EC horror masters while still managing to be current. The motion of the action is superb on every page and it is ably matched by the character moments in between.” —Comic Book Resources


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 52

Conan the Barbarian © 2012 Conan Properties International LLC (“CPI”). CONAN, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, HYBORIA, and related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of CPI. All rights reserved.

3/28/12 1:26 PM


eerie arChiVes Volume 11 hC Richard Margopoulos (W), Steve Skeates (W), Al Milgrom (W), Doug Moench (W), Budd Lewis (W), Gerry Boudreau (W), Sanjulian (A), Ken Kelly (A), Paul Neary (A), Neal Adams (A), Vincente Alcazar (A), Esteban Maroto (A), Tom Sutton (A), and Martin Salvador (A) On sale Sept 26

b&w, 248 pages


HC, 8 3/8” x 10 7/8”

also aVailaBle Volume 2

Volume 5

Volume 8

DEC098044 $49.99

APR100063 $49.99

MAY110040 $49.99

Volume 3

Volume 6

Volume 9

AUG090046 $49.99

AUG100067 $49.99

SEP110043 $49.99

Volume 4

Volume 7

DEC090049 $49.99

DEC108322 $49.99

Collecting issues #52–#55 of Warren Publishing’s legendary Eerie horror anthology, this deluxe hardcover features the character Hunter—the deadly demon killer of the future—making an explosive debut. Esteban Maroto continues his enchanting tales of Dax the Warrior, and Shreck struggles for survival on a dangerous, irradiated alternate world! A run of breathtaking covers by Sanjulian and Ken Kelly and a do-it-yourself Werewolf! board game top off this fine collection of 1970s horror tales!

➤ The

greatest horror comics of all time!

Eerie © 2012 New Comic Company.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 53

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:26 PM

horror eerie ComiCs #1 David Lapham (W/A), Christopher Taylor (W), Rafa Garres (A), and Jim Pavelec (Cover) On sale July 4

b&w, 32 pages



Uncle Creepy’s been having all the fun in Dark Horse’s revival of classic Warren magazines, so now it’s Cousin Eerie’s turn! The terrifying treasury of sinister sci-fi and fearsome fantasy returns with two all-new stories to thrill and chill, plus a classic reprint! First up is a dose of robotic paranoia from red-hot writer/artist David Lapham, followed by way-too-close encounters from Creepy veteran Christopher Taylor! Your trip to the comics store is about to get a lot more horrifying!

➤ All-new


➤ Featuring

star writer/ artist David Lapham (The Strain, Stray Bullets)!

➤ Presented

in glorious, ghoulish black-and-white!


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 54

Eerie © 2012 New Comic Company.

3/28/12 1:26 PM


Art by David Lapham.

Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 55


3/28/12 1:26 PM

horror CreepY ComiCs #9 Doug Moench (W), Doselle Young (W), Emily Carroll (W/A), Kelley Jones (A), Dean Ormston (A), and David Palumbo (Cover) On sale July 4

b&w, 48 pages



No rest for the wicked! Uncle Creepy doesn’t need a summer vacation when he can spend the time scuba-diving through comics’ darkest, murkiest waters. In this issue he’s surfaced with a batch of our most fearsome features to date, as Doug Moench and Kelley Jones (Batman: Unseen) continue their tale of Lovecraft insanity, Doselle Young (The Monarchy) delves into the murderous side of parallel universes, Emily Carroll (His Face All Red) brings horror from a spooky kitchen knife, and more, plus a classic reprint from Creepy magazine.

➤ 48

pages of the finest in illustrated horror from Doug Moench, Kelley Jones, Doselle Young, Emily Carroll, and more!

“Creepy Comics . . . should appeal to any and all fans of horror tales, not just old-school revivalists.” —The Onion’s AV Club


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 56

Creepy © 2012 New Comic Company.

3/28/12 1:26 PM

horror BuFFY the Vampire slaYer season 9 #11 Andrew Chambliss (W), Georges Jeanty (P/Variant cover), Nathan Massengill (I), Dexter Vines (I), Michelle Madsen (C), and Phil Noto (Cover) On sale July 11

FC, 32 pages



Buffy is trying something new—not slaying. WHAT?! Enter Kennedy. Slayer. Ex-girlfriend of magicless Willow. Bossy. She’s joined a company that hires Slayers to act as bodyguards for high-profile clients, and Buffy is her most recent recruit. But Buffy is having a little trouble letting go of slaying. Things that go bump in the night are kinda her forte. Luckily . . . her first client is having some woeful demon trouble that Buffy can’t wait to sink her stake into.

➤ Executive

produced by Joss Whedon!

➤ Buffy

the bodyguard!

➤ Kennedy


Variant cover by Georges Jeanty.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer™ & © 2012 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 57

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:27 PM

horror BuFFY the Vampire slaYer season 8 Volume 2 liBrarY edition hC

Joss Whedon (W), Drew Goddard (W), Jeph Loeb (W), Georges Jeanty (P), Karl Moline (P), Eric Wight (P), Ethen Beavers (P), Adam Van Wyk (P), Andy Owens (I), Michelle Madsen (C), Lee Loughridge (C), and Jo Chen (Cover) On sale Sept 12

FC, 320 pages


HC, 8” x 12 3/16”

The Slayer legion is organized and encountering mega-obstacles, while Twilight’s threatening reach continues to expand. Buffy and her Slayers travel to Tokyo to face a new kind of vampire with powers they’ve only witnessed in Dracula . . . Then, Willow and Buffy head to New York to investigate the secrets behind Buffy’s scythe; ever full of the unexpected, Buffy is transported to a dystopian future where her first chance meeting is with Fray, future Slayer! Collects Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #11–#20.

➤ Written

by Joss Whedon!


New York Times bestseller!

➤ Deluxe,

oversized hardcover edition!

➤ Includes

neverbefore-seen sketch materials!

“The whole gang returns, kicking ass and splitting infinitives in Whedon’s inimitable dialogue.” —Wired


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 58

Buffy the Vampire Slayer™ & © 2012 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

3/28/12 1:27 PM


Sketchbook art by Georges Jeanty.

Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 59


3/28/12 1:27 PM

horror angel & Faith #12 Christos Gage (W), Rebekah Isaacs (A/Variant cover), Dan Jackson (C), and Steve Morris (Cover) On sale July 25

FC, 32 pages



Using remnants of magic, Angel, Faith, Willow, and Connor have entered the hell dimension where no one should—or really, could—dare go: Quor-Toth! Willow’s quest to restore magic to Earth was her objective in attempting the impossible; Angel’s objective was . . . something else. And Faith? She’s along to make sure that everyone’s feet stay on the ground, and out of anything they might regret.

➤ Executive

produced by Joss Whedon!

➤ Follows

the events of Buffy Season 8!

➤ Willow


joins the

Variant cover by Rebekah Isaacs.


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 60

Angel and Faith™ & © 2012 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

3/28/12 1:27 PM


alaBaster #4 (oF 5)

the strain #6

Caitlín R. Kiernan (W), Steve Lieber (A), Rachelle Rosenberg (C), and Greg Ruth (Cover)

David Lapham (W), Mike Huddleston (A/Cover), Dan Jackson (C), and E. M. Gist (Cover)

On sale July 11

FC, 32 pages

On sale July 11

FC, 32 pages





Award-winning author Caitlín R. Kiernan brings one of her most enduring and popular creations to comics! In a scant few days, Maisie has gone from werewolf to ghost, and from Dancy’s would-be murderer to her ally. Now, finally, Dancy’s enigmatic guide tells her story—and Dancy gets her first real glimpse into the evil infesting the town.

➤ “Ms.

Kiernan is a cartographer of lost worlds.” — New York Times

Alabaster™ © 2012 Caitlín R. Kiernan. The Strain™ © 2012 Guillermo del Toro.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 61

An inexplicable epidemic that’s mutating people into bloodthirsty beasts forces Dr. Ephraim Goodweather to turn to an unlikely source for help. What secrets might be revealed in a pawnshop in Brooklyn? A plague is coming. Is it already too late to save Manhattan from this vampiric menace?

➤ Adapting

the Strain Trilogy from director Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan!

➤ “This

is cerebral horror with a dark, beastly side just waiting to pounce.” — Comic Book Resources Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:27 PM

horror B.p.r.d. hell on earth: the deVil’s engine #3 (oF 3)

Mike Mignola (W/Variant cover), John Arcudi (W), Tyler Crook (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Duncan Fegredo (Cover) On sale July 18

FC, 32 pages



As Zinco’s latest scheme ends in disaster, Fenix and Devon escape the batfaced monsters and reveal why Abe needed to die.

➤ From

the pages of Hellboy!

➤ It’s

all going to hell in 2012!

“Don’t be like me, waiting for the right time to start reading. The time is now.” —Geeks of Doom

Variant cover by Mike Mignola.


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 62

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Devil’s Engine™ © 2012 Mike Mignola.

3/28/12 1:27 PM


B.p.r.d. hell on earth:


Mike Mignola (W), Cameron Stewart (W/A), Dave Stewart (C), and Viktor Kalvachev (Cover)

Mike Mignola (W), Christopher Golden (W), Ben Stenbeck (A/ Cover), and Dave Stewart (C)

eXorCism #2 (oF 2)

dr. lesKoVar’s remedY #2 (oF 2)

On sale July 25

FC, 32 pages

On sale July 18

FC, 32 pages





Field agent Ashley Strode attempts to purge a demon from a 100-year-old exorcist, utilizing a deadly rite that sends both of them into a spiritual hell.

➤ Featuring

the origin of Ota Benga from B.P.R.D.: 1947.

➤ Owl


B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Exorcism™ © 2012 Mike Mignola. Baltimore™ © 2012 Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 63

As his surgically enhanced monsters attack Lord Baltimore, the crazed doctor reveals a plan to kill all the innocents before the plague of vampires can get them first.

➤ “This

is supernatural horror at its finest!” —Fangoria

➤ “Crisp,

clean, and drenched in blood.” —Comic Attack Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:27 PM


the goon #40

reX mundi omniBus Volume 1 tp

Eric Powell (W/A/Cover) On sale July 25

FC, 32 pages



Back in his teenage days when Prohibition was going on, Goon used to hotrod moonshine past the law for fun and profit. That is, until he ran into a gang of gearhead rockabilly ghouls out for blood!


bootleggin’ Goon takes on undead rockabillies!

➤ “GO

ON, READ THE GOON!” —Major Spoilers

➤ The


Goon goes monthly!

Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 64

Arvid Nelson (W), EricJ (A), Jim Di Bartolo (A), Juan Ferreyra (A/C/ Cover), Brian Churilla (A), and Jeromy Cox (C) On sale Sept 5

FC, 584 pages


TP, 6” x 9”

Paris, 1933. Europe is still in the grip of feudalism, sorcerers stalk the streets at night, and secret societies vie for power. When a medieval scroll disappears from a Paris church, Dr. Julien Saunière begins uncovering a series of horrific ritual murders connected to the Catholic Church. His investigation turns into a one-man quest to uncover the deepest secrets of Christianity, a trail of conspiracy that extends all the way to the walls of Jerusalem during the First Crusade.

➤ Collects

Rex Mundi Volumes 1–3. The Goon™ © 2012 Eric Powell. Rex Mundi™ © 2012 Arvid Nelson.

3/28/12 1:27 PM

horror Criminal maCaBre:

the iron spirit hC Steve Niles (W) and Scott Morse (A/Cover) On sale Sept 12

FC, 32 pages


HC, 9” x 12”

A haunted veteran leads monster hunter Cal McDonald to a creepy subterranean military base where mad-science experiments were conducted on US soldiers. Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) takes his occult detective into a new collector’s format with Eisner winner Scott Morse of Pixar and TR!CKSTER fame!

➤ Printed

as an oversized hardcover in a deluxe format.


perfect introduction for new readers!

“Steve Niles has beaten up his main man, broken him down and now stands on the precipice of reinventing him with a conflict on the horizon that portends to be nothing short of epic.” —Newsarama

Criminal Macabre™ © 2012 Steve Niles.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 65

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:28 PM


Joe GoleM aNd the droWNiNG citY deluXe hc Mike Mignola (W/Cover) and Christopher Golden (W) On sale Sept 26

FC, 256 pages


HC, 7” x 10”

After a séance gone horribly wrong, strange men wearing gas masks and rubber suits abduct the aging psychic Orlov the Conjuror, sending his young assistant Molly McHugh racing through the canals of a submerged Manhattan.


builds characters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 66

As Molly flees her captors through a sunken city full of scavengers, her one hope comes in the form of two strange men: Simon Church, a Victorian-era detective kept alive by clockwork gears and magic, and his assistant, Joe, whose mysterious past is hinted at in dreams of stone and witches.

➤ The

deluxe limited-edition collection features multiple illustrations, an exclusive print signed by the writers, and a handsome slipcase. Limited to 1,000 copies.

➤ Features

the previously unpublished in print Joe Golem story “Joe Golem and the Copper Girl.”

“Joe Golem and the Drowning City is a warm, wicked, frantic tale of noble monsters and monstrous men. Not merely weird and not simply gorgeous, this supernatural steampunk fable is intimate and profound. It is dreadful and sublime.” —Cherie Priest (Boneshaker)

Joe Golem and the Drowning City™ © 2012 Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden.

3/28/12 2:53 PM


Not final cover.

reset #4 (oF 4)

BuCKo hC

Peter Bagge (W/A/Cover)

Jeff Parker (W) and Erika Moen (A/Cover)

On sale July 18

b&w, 24 pages

On sale Sept 19

FC, 136 pages




HC, 8” x 8”

With the Reset project’s implementers, lab assistants, and bigwigs all seeming to run amuck in chaos and confusion, Guy Krause is—for once in his life—the man with the plan, by comparison. And his plan? Get the girl, of course! Has being a guinea pig for science really changed Guy all that much? And will his final, horrible moments strapped in the Reset machine break him or totally reinforce his new outlook on life? Peter Bagge, the creator of the acclaimed Hate and Apocalypse Nerd comics, returns with an offbeat, hilarious new series that asks the question “If you could relive your life, would you make a BIGGER mess of it?”

➤ From

multiple Harvey and Eagle Award winner Peter Bagge!

After discovering a dead body in an office bathroom, hungover job interviewee Rich “Bucko” Richardson becomes suspected of the murder. What he thinks is a quest to find the real killer turns into a weeklong romp through the wilds of Portland, Oregon, complete with bike-mounted cover bands, steampunk Makers, Juggalos, SuicideGirls, meth heads, so much absinthe, and an entire city made of books. After taking the Internet by storm, Jeff Parker and Erika Moen’s dirty, funny murder mystery is now the most hilarious book in comic shops!

➤ Includes

brand-new strips, commentary, and info on the real-life inspirations for Bucko!

➤ Best Reset™ © 2012 Peter Bagge.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 67

new webcomic of 2011! Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:28 PM

manga angeliC laYer BooK 1 tp CLAMP (W/A) On sale Sept 19

b&w, 480 pages


TP, 5 1/8” x 7 1/4”

Junior-high student Misaki Suzuhara has just arrived in Tokyo to live with her glamorous TV news star aunt and to attend the prestigious Eriol Academy. But what excites her above everything is Angelic Layer, the arena game where you control an Angel—a miniature robot fighter whose moves depend on your mind! Misaki’s small, just like her Angel, Hikaru (named after her favorite manga, Magic Knight Rayearth), but her natural battle skills have been recognized by a very odd scientist, Ichiro “Icchan” Mihara. Before she knows it, Misaki is an up-and-coming contender in Angelic Layer . . . and in way over her not-very-tall head! How far can enthusiasm take her in an arena full of much more experienced fighters . . . and a game full of secrets . . . ?

➤ Popular

anime TV series currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

➤ Remastered

from the original artwork.

➤ Book

1 contains several bonus illustrations in full color.


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 68

3/28/12 1:28 PM

manga oreimo Volume 1 tp Tsukasa Fushimi (W) and Sakura Ikeda (A/Cover) On sale Sept 5

b&w, 200 pages


TP, 5 1/8” x 7 1/4”

High-school student Kyosuke doesn’t get along with his cranky, dismissive, and secretive fourteen-year-old little sister Kirino, but he finds himself somehow protecting Kirino’s secrets—she’s not only a fashion model and a great student, but she’s got a huge collection of naughty video games and anime! This hilarious, charming hit series is filled with surprises and outrageous laughs. Who says girls can’t be otaku, too?

➤ The

original “light novels” in Tsukasa Fushimi’s Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai series have sold over 950,000 copies in Japan.

➤ The

anime adaptation has been extremely popular in both Japan and America!

➤ Each

volume features color pages, bonus funnies, and your letters!

Oreno Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii wakeganai Volume 1© TSUKASA FUSHIMI / SAKURA IKEDA 2012.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 69

Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:28 PM

manga CardCaptor saKura BooK 4 tp CLAMP (W/A) On sale Sept 26

b&w, 592 pages


TP, 5 3/4” x 8 1/4”

It’s the conclusion of Cardcaptor Sakura! Now is the time for people to admit the feelings for other people they’ve held secret . . . but there are so many feelings, running in so many directions! What are the true desires of Eriol, the powerful young boy who is the reincarnation of Clow Reed . . . and why did he wish that Sakura would replace him as Master of the Clow . . . ? Book 1 made eight critics’ lists for Best Manga of 2010!

➤ Remastered

from the original artwork!

➤ Contain

illustrations in full color, more than any previous book in the series!

➤ Inspired

the anime TV series and movies, released through Geneon.


Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 70

© 2012 by CLAMP.

3/28/12 1:28 PM


BerserK Volume 36 tp Kentaro Miura (W/A) On sale Sept 19

b&w, 208 pages


TP, 5 1/8” x 7 1/4”

Vampire hunter d Volume 18: Fortress oF the elder god tp

Hideyuki Kikuchi (W) and Yoshitaka Amano (A/Cover) On sale Sept 5

b&w, 192 pages


TP, 5 1/8” x 7 1/4”

What Guts the Black Swordsman and his companions had seen as an island refuge from monstrous sea creatures and the ghost ship of the demonic Bonebeard is in fact the very lair of the malefic sea god that controls them. With no avenue of escape, Guts must once again don the Berserker armor to give his company any chance of survival. But without the protective influence of the sorceress Schierke, Guts risks being forever lost within the cursed armor and becoming an even greater threat to his comrades!

D, the ageless, supernatural Vampire Hunter, takes charge protecting the survivors of an aircraft that has crash-landed in a deadly zone known as “the Playground.” But before D can assist them, he must first battle a legion of undead warriors swarming from the fortress of the Sacred Ancestor, the oldest vampire in existence!

➤ Inspired

➤ Published in conjunction with Digital Manga

➤ Over


the popular anime series.

500,000 copies of Berserk volumes in

BERSERK by Kentaro Miura © 2012 Kentaro Miura. Vampire Hunter D Volume 18 © Hideyuki Kikuchi 2012.

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 71


➤ Features

line illustrations by Final Fantasy designer Yoshitaka Amano. Builds CharaCters


3/28/12 1:28 PM


tV and moVie tie-ins B.p.r.d.: plague oF Frogs Volume 2 hC

MAY110034 $34.99

300 hC

STAR10465 $30.00 aliens omniBus Volume 1 tp

OCT098120 $24.99

BuFFY the Vampire slaYer omniBus Volume 2 tp

angel omniBus Volume 1 tp

MAR110037 $24.99 aVatar: the last airBender —the art oF the animated series hC

FEB100039 $34.99

SEP118128 $24.99 B.p.r.d.: plague oF Frogs Volume 3 hC

BuFFY the Vampire slaYer omniBus Volume 3 tp

DEC110057 $34.99

FEB118125 $24.99

BuFFY the Vampire slaYer season 8 Volume 1: the long waY home tp

BuFFY the Vampire slaYer omniBus Volume 4 tp

OCT098084 $15.99

JAN080085 $24.95

aliens omniBus Volume 2 tp

MAY118370 $24.99 aliens omniBus Volume 3 tp

NOV070042 $24.95 aliens omniBus Volume 4 tp

MAR080070 $24.95 aliens omniBus Volume 5 tp

JUL080034 $24.95 aliens omniBus Volume 6 tp

OCT080017 $24.95 aliens Vs. predator omniBus Volume 1 tp

APR108090 $24.99 aliens Vs. predator omniBus Volume 2 tp

SEP108092 $24.99

aVatar: the last airBender— the lost adVentures tp

MAR110029 $14.99 aVatar: the last airBender— the promise part 1 tp

SEP110039 $10.99 B.p.r.d.: plague oF Frogs Volume 1 hC

BuFFY the Vampire slaYer omniBus Volume 1 tp

SEP108175 $24.99

BuFFY the Vampire slaYer omniBus Volume 5 tp

APR080086 $24.95 BuFFY the Vampire slaYer omniBus Volume 6 tp

OCT080038 $24.95

OCT100016 $34.99

Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 75


3/28/12 1:28 PM


tV aNd MOVie tie-iNs cONaN aNd the JeWels OF GWahlur hc

hellbOY aNiMated VOluMe 1: the blacK WeddiNG tP

SEP050030 $13.95

buFFY the VaMPire slaYer OMNibus VOluMe 7 tP

eVil dead tP

FEB090104 $24.95 buFFY the VaMPire slaYer: PaNel tO PaNel tP

JUL070029 $19.95

SEP060025 $6.95

JUN080085 $12.95 dethKlOK hc

MAR110042 $19.99 dOllhOuse: ePitaPhs tP

DEC110074 $18.99 dr. hOrrible tP

MAY100031 $9.99

FalliNG sKies tP

JAN118037 $9.99 GaMe OF thrONes character MaGNet set

JAN120130 $8.99 GaMe OF thrONes hOuse siGil MaGNet set

JAN120129 $8.99 GaMe OF thrONes daeNerYs JOurNal

JAN120125 $9.99 GaMe OF thrONes thrONe JOurNal

JAN120126 $9.99 GaMe OF thrONes MaGNetic bOOKMarK set

JAN120127 $6.99 GaNtZ VOluMe 1 tP

cONaN aNd the sONGs OF the dead tP

MAR108043 $12.99

DEC060023 $14.95

the Guild VOluMe 1 tP

AUG100048 $12.99

cONaN aNd the deMONs OF Khitai tP

APR060013 $12.95

dYlaN dOG case Files tP

APR108107 $24.99

hellbOY aNiMated VOluMe 2: the JudGMeNt bell tP

FEB070072 $6.95 hellbOY aNiMated VOluMe 3: the MeNaGerie tP

AUG070018 $6.95 hellbOY VOluMe 1: seed OF destructiON tP

NOV030025 $17.95 KiNG KONG tP

AUG060023 $12.95 let Me iN: crOssrOads tP

MAY110038 $14.99 the MesseNGers tP

SEP060027 $6.95 NeON GeNesis eVaNGeliON: the shiNJi iKari raisiNG PrOJect VOluMe 1 tP

FEB118126 $9.99 PredatOr OMNibus VOluMe 1 tP

SEP108183 $24.99 PredatOr OMNibus VOluMe 2 tP

OCT070044 $24.95


builds characters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 76

3/29/12 3:17 PM


reorder now! the ring Volume 0: BirthdaY tp

star wars omniBus: BoBa Fett tp

NOV040039 $12.95

DEC090068 $24.99

FranK miller’s sin CitY Volume 1: the hard goodBYe 3rd edition tp

star wars omniBus: droids tp

FEB080143 $24.95

MAY100033 $19.00

star wars omniBus: episodes i-Vi—the Complete saga tp

star wars: Clone wars adVentures Volume 1 tp

MAY118260 $24.99

FEB108517 $6.99

star wars Vader’s Quest tp

STAR10502 $11.95 edgar riCe Burroughs’ tarzan: the lost adVenture hC

STAR01621 $19.95

predator omniBus Volume 3 tp

star wars: inVasion Volume 1—reFugees tp

FEB080081 $24.95

JAN100192 $18.99

predator omniBus Volume 4 tp

star wars: jedi Volume 1— the darK side tp

JUN080072 $24.95

NOV110033 $18.99

predators tp

JUL100059 $19.99

star wars: the Clone wars— shipYards oF doom tp

JUN080125 $7.95 star wars: darK empire trilogY hC

MAY100054 $29.99 the terminator omniBus Volume 1 tp

star wars: darth maul tp

STAR13379 $12.95

NOV098015 $24.99

star wars: empire Volume 1 tp

the terminator omniBus Volume 2 tp

STAR19438 $12.95 the ring Volume 1 tp

star wars: episode i adVentures tp

STAR20083 $14.95

AUG110021 $7.99

the ring Volume 3: spiral tp

star wars: general grieVous tp

MAY040054 $12.95

SEP050048 $12.95

JAN080066 $24.95 star wars: legaCY Volume 1—BroKen tp

the terminator: 2029 to 1984 tp

APR108115 $17.99

FEB110024 $19.99

star wars: luKe sKYwalKer, last hope For the galaXY— From tatooine to darK empire hC

APR080099 $99.95

Builds CharaCters

DIAP MAY-JULY 12.indd 77


3/28/12 1:28 PM

Preview Dark Horse Maggio 2012  
Preview Dark Horse Maggio 2012  

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