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3 Ways To Add $300 Per Month (Or More) To Your Business Using

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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#1: Use List Hijack’s collection of viral list building websites to build your email list. Every marketer knows “the money is in the list”. (And for good reason!) When you have a large & responsive email list, making money online is as simple as finding offers, sending emails, and cashing paychecks. Trouble is, building that list in the first place is where most people trip up. That’s where List Hijack comes in. Their basic membership gives you an ever-growing collection of squeeze pages that you can “plug right into” and start building your list today. Each of these squeeze pages comes with a free gift (video, report, etc.) and the delivery of this free gift is also fully-configured. No need to have your own domain name & webhosting... and no need to bother with any technical stuff like building websites & configuring sign-up forms. Literally, all you need to do is enter your Aweber or GetResponse list name into the members area and you’re ready to go. In fact, you can have your own list building empire online in just minutes. And you’re not sharing these subscribers with other members either. The only “catch” (if you want to call it one) is that you have to pass up your first 3 subscribers, which is no big deal when you consider that you’ll be able to get hundreds or thousands of subscribers with their state-of-theart collection of viral list building websites. But here’s the really cool part, and here’s what makes it viral...

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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Each of your subscribers will also have the opportunity to join List Hijack so they can build their own email lists. And the flipside of having to pass up your first 3 subscribers is that, in exchange, you will get the first 3 subscribers from every one of your subscribers who also joins List Hijack and refers others. Not only that, you will get the first 3 subscribers they refer, and the first 3 they refer (and so on to infinity), and this creates explosive growth of your email list as your subscribers go viral. Now in case you’re wondering about how to get traffic to your squeeze pages in the first place... don’t worry, List Hijack has got you covered here too. Inside the members area, you’ll find a tremendous amount of traffic training (videos & PDFs) that alone are worth joining List Hijack. Take the “Free & Low-Cost Traffic Heaven” course, for example. That alone has received hundreds of rave reviews. You’re also getting Greg’s personal Solo Ad Rolodex. And in case you’re not good at referring others, or you don’t have the time to drive traffic, or you simply don’t want to... List Hijack will even offer to drive traffic for its members! – and more on that in a minute... So simply send traffic using these free or low-cost traffic strategies (...or have their team drive traffic for you...) and you’ll be building your own email list in no time. PLUS, you’ll be leveraging other people to add even more subscribers for you with List Hijack’s viral technology.

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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Then, as you build your list, you can email your subscribers to promote some of today’s hottest offers. These could be affiliate offers, or they could be your own. And considering that each subscriber could be worth on average $1 per month, getting just 300 subscribers through could easily add $300 per month to your bottom line.

#2: Use List Hijack’s “Autopilot” membership to grow your list on complete autopilot. List Hijack is even offering to get traffic and build your list FOR YOU... This is a special opportunity that is only available to members once you’re inside... but I’m going to “leak” what it’s all about & show you how it works: List Hijack’s “Autopilot” membership sends traffic on your behalf to its collection of viral list building websites, with your Aweber/GetResponse list name embedded right in the code! So without lifting a finger, you can get subscribers this month. And unlike most traffic generation services (like solo ads or pay-per-click) which only guarantee the number of visitors or “clicks” they send—and then put the responsibility on you to convert those visitors into subscribers—List Hijack Autopilot guarantees the number of actual subscribers! Not only that, this is targeted traffic that actually costs less than you’d be able to get on your own since they’re buying that traffic in bulk... And what’s great is you don’t have to do a thing but place your order...

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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Then sit back & relax while they buy traffic and deliver you guaranteed subscribers! The Autopilot membership gives you a minimum 30 subscribers guaranteed—although you can always “top-up” by ordering more traffic at a massive discount for List Hijack members. And don’t forget, you’re also getting the first three subscribers that each of your autopilot subscribers refer too!... and each of theirs... and each of theirs... and so on. So once again, considering each subscriber could be worth $1 per month, it’s easy to see why joining the Autopilot membership is a complete nobrainer.

#3: Use List Hijack’s “Pro” membership to earn an immediate income while building your list. The Pro membership takes each of your viral squeeze pages and transforms them into complete money-making sales funnels, all of which are encoded with your unique user ID and affiliate ID. And that means, as a Pro member... besides being able to build a massive email list for long-term cash flow... you can also get sales right away, with no extra effort! See, immediately after opting-in, your subscribers have the opportunity to purchase offers on the backend of each of your squeeze pages... ...and as a Pro member, you’re going to earn at least 50% commissions on each of these products, many of which are monthly recurring commissions.

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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And the cool thing is, you don’t have to do anything to set up these sales funnels, split-test them for higher conversions, create payment buttons, figure out how to deliver the product itself, or mess around with any technical stuff. It’s all done-for-you. All you have to do is enter your affiliate ID into the system and you’re ready to earn commissions today. So, as you can see, List Hijack has really taken all the guesswork out of it, and made the entire process of building a list and earning a consistent online income as user-friendly and as surefire as possible. And in case you’d like more flexibility and control, you can also send your subscribers to any offer of your choice immediately after they opt-in. That’s because in addition to giving you a collection of fully-configured squeeze pages and sales funnels, List Hijack also gives you a special squeeze page with the flexibility to send your subscribers to any offer of your choice after they subscribe. Either way, you’re getting paid for doing nothing other than what you were doing before... getting subscribers... ...which, if you also happen to be an Autopilot member, could mean doing absolutely nothing... So with the Autopilot + Pro memberships combined, you can earn money literally on complete autopilot! Now it’s easy to see how earning these commissions can directly grow your business and add more $$$ to your bottom line. What’s not so obvious is how the Pro membership can create a positive feedback loop (“snowballing effect”) on your list building.

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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That’s because the more money you make, the more you’re able to reinvest in driving traffic, and the more you’re able to build your list even bigger. And that’s really the whole point of all this. By helping you to earn an immediate income while you build your list, the Pro membership gives you a massive competitive advantage over other list building systems out there. See, the biggest impediment to building your list is not being able to cover the costs of driving traffic. But if you’re able to at least cover your costs, then there’s absolutely no limit to how quickly and how explosively you can build your list. And remember, you’re getting paid whenever any of your subscribers purchase offers you promote through your autoresponder. Because that’s the ultimate goal of List Hijack... to assist you in the process of building your own email list so that you can become financially free.

BONUS Method: Use their ELITE membership to explode your monthly residual income with 100% commissions on the $100 membership. WARNING: the ELITE membership is not for everyone (’s called ELITE for a reason). But if you really want to explode your income and make your life a whole lot easier, then you’ll be glad to know that List Hijack is built with the ability to totally skyrocket your earnings.

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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See, every List Hijack Pro customer has the opportunity to upgrade to the ELITE membership. And by becoming part of the List Hijack ELITE, you’ll instantly unlock two big features: List Hijack ELITE members gain immediate access to the “Elite Headquarters”. List Hijack ELITE members gain the power to explode their commissions exponentially on every sale. The ‘Elite Headquarters’ – powered by – is an ever-growing collection of straight-to-the-point instruction where they’ve assembled the best minds in the industry to provide you with overthe-shoulders coaching, month-after-month. These internet marketing coaches have earned well over $30 million online. They’ve got REAL experience, and they’re all even better teachers of this stuff. So if you’d like million-dollar content from million-dollar marketers all the time, then the ELITE membership has what you’re looking for. But hold on tight because it gets even better... What if they provide you all this million-dollar content to sell to your customers, and YOU get paid 100% of the commission!? That means instead of “just” seeing $10, $20, $30 commissions flood into your account with List Hijack PRO... you could see additional $100 commissions... from those same customers! And I’m talking $100 recurring commissions.

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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So by becoming a member of the List Hijack ELITE, you can actually double or even triple the size of the commissions deposited into your account on each and every customer you refer. And the best part of all this is that, once again, everything is done-for-you. You get their million-dollar content to provide to your customers and you keep 100% of the money. You get their high-converting sales video automatically set up in your List Hijack sales funnel that sells this Elite membership to your customers for you. Plus, you’re getting plugged into their OptimizePress members area to deliver this killer content to you and your customers... And that’s like getting your own membership site already setup... without needing your own webhosting, without needing any technical skills, and without setting anything up on your own!

Bringing it All Together When you bring it all together, List Hijack is the easiest and most surefire way for internet marketers to achieve success in this business. Do you struggle with the technical stuff? No problem, the basic membership gives you a completely “done-for-you” collection of viral list building websites. Do you struggle with getting subscribers? No worries, the Autopilot membership delivers subscribers to you on a silver platter.

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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Do you struggle with paying for targeted traffic? Relax, the Pro membership enables you to earn commissions on subscribers you refer, which helps to cover the costs of driving traffic. Do you want to take your business to the next level and earn some serious job-crushing income? Well the Elite membership enables you to earn $100 commissions on every customer that goes through your List Hijack sales funnel. Now when you consider how each of these components can easily add another $300 per month or more to your business, just imagine the power of joining all three memberships. They each create a real compounding effect on each other. So if you’re ready to finally break through the barriers that have been holding you back from living the internet marketing dream lifestyle, then click here to get your account today.

3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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3 Ways to Add $300+ Per Month To Your Business with ListHijack

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