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PATTY PREP Page 4: Fake Patty’s Day is a Little Apple tradition involving lots of fun and an uptick in police arrests. Know your legal rights this Saturday with information from an attorney.


On the Spot’s Dumb Debates continue in Student Union


K-State advances in Big 12 tournament, set to play KU

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friday, march 9, 2 0 1 8


OPINION: Fake Patty’s Day offensive to Irish culture

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friday, march 9, 2018

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File photo by Regan Tokos | COLLEGIAN MEDIA GROUP

Students walk down Moro Street in Aggieville through the snow to get to the bars on the morning of Fake Patty’s Day 2017.

Relive the past


friday, march 9, 2018

On the Spot debates Manning brothers, Pluto’s planethood

KSUPD holds training session for active shooter response



Which one of the Manning brothers is their mother’s favorite: Eli or Peyton? Should Pluto be considered a planet? On the Spot Improv entertained these debatable topics Thursday during the second Dumb Debate in the Kansas State Student Union Courtyard. Mason Swenson, junior in public relations, defended his opinion on Pluto’s planethood using an episode of Rick and Morty titled ‘Something Ricked This Way Comes.’ In the episode, a character who insists Pluto is a planet is complicit in corporations’ harmful mining operations. “If we consider it a planet ... the inside of the planet will deteriorate a way because they use resources inside the planet,” Swenson said. Olivia Carter, sophomore in theatre, disagreed. “I don’t think you should give something to someone and then immediately take it away,” Carter said. Jacob Casey, sophomore in finance and political science, agreed with Swenson. “The solar system is a cold, harsh place out there and, sorry Pluto, but you didn’t make the cut,” he said. A student from the audience backed Swenson and Casey’s stance using more objective evidence. “Pluto neither has the size nor is it actually in our proper solar system,” he said. “It’s actu-

Campus police officer Randy Myles presented ALiCE active shooter training Thursday. ALiCE is an alternative to the typical lockdown response most schools and businesses practice for active shooter situations. ALiCE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate. Myles said in any active shooter situation it is very important to alert law enforcement as soon as possible, which is the “A” of ALiCE. It takes a few minutes for first responders to get there though, which is where the rest of the ALiCE acronym comes in. “In that time before we get there, you guys are the first responders,” Myles said.





Gesturing toward a student in the balcony, Olivia Carter, sophomore in theatre, defends her point. On the Spot Improv performed for the second time through the Dumb Debate series in the K-State Student Union Courtyard on Thursday. ally in the Kuiper Belt, so I don’t think it should be considered a planet.” The student continued with the fact of if Pluto is considered a planet, other similarly sized objects should be considered planets as well. Finally, another student from the balcony claimed that Pluto decidedly makes the solar system a cuter place, effectively ending the argument. A different line of debate attempted to establish one of the Manning brothers as their mother’s definitive favorite. “Peyton is definitely the favorite,” an audience member claimed. “He’s just a winner, and Eli’s not. Eli’s a loser.” Carter countered the argu-

ment by questioning the warrant. “Peyton has won more than Eli has, and that therefore makes him a better human?” Carter asked. The student said Peyton’s ties to Papa John’s Pizza also gave him an edge over Eli. However, Peyton sold 31 Papa John’s locations in the Denver area last week, just before the NFL dropped the chain’s sponsorship. These arguments were entertained in On the Spot Improv’s second Dumb Debate. The inaugural Dumb Debate took place on Feb. 1, when the improv group and audience members discussed if hot dogs are sandwiches and the pronunciation of GIF.

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The “L” is for lockdown. During this step, it is important to lock any door you can and create a barricade. Although this may not keep the shooter out, it can provide a time barrier. In the ALiCE example video Myles showed, students and faculty used items such as desks, doorstops and even belts to keep the door shut. “You can use conventional items in unconventional ways to protect yourself,” Myles said. Next is the “i,” which stands for inform. Myles said it is important to make sure law enforcement and those affected by the shooter are provided with real-time information and updates. The “C” stands for counter, which is what makes ALiCE different from most active shooter response plans. Myles

said this is when you resist the shooter and make an effort to get the gun away from them using distractions. The final step is evacuate. Myles advised the audience to evacuate the building as the first opportunity in an active shooter situation. He stressed the importance of knowing your surroundings, escape routes and rally points. “You can do something in an active shooter situation,” Myles said. “It’s going to be scary, it’s going to be chaotic, but you can do something. You can save lives.” Kendra Snyder, sophomore in animal sciences and industry, came to the seminar for work required training. “It was emotional to begin with because of the recent shootings, but I feel more prepared now,” Snyder said.


friday, march 9, 2018

Fake Patty’s Day

Sobering consequences: Fake Patty’s legal advice from an attorney

Courtesy photo by the RCPD | COLLEGIAN MEDIA GROUP

With so many citations on Fake Patty’s Day and police in full force, legal advice is helpful for all.


Fake Patty’s Day can be a fun-filled holiday for many students, but the flocks of people who go out to celebrate also increase the presence of law enforcement. Sarah Barr, attorney for Student Legal Services, provided important tips for students to ease their encounters with the police. “There’s going to be a lot of tickets written,” Barr said. “A way to avoid having contact with law enforcement this weekend is to not break the law. Go home, be somewhere else.” Barr emphasized the importance of partying proactively, being aware of your surroundings and watching out for your friends. Students should be cognizant of how their behavior affects other people, specifically with regard to Manhattan’s noise ordinance. “You will violate the noise ordinance if your music extends beyond your property

line,” Barr said. “If you’re at a loud party, there’s likely to be police involved.” Even if no laws are being broken, certain activities can still draw the eyes of law enforcement. “You can have a party without any alcohol at all, but you’ll still draw attention because you’re young and the expectation is that everyone is drinking,” Barr said. Police officers from all over the state will be in Manhattan this weekend to assist RCPD with the crowds. These officers may have different expectations of behavior depending on the norms under their regular jurisdiction. “It takes more to get the attention of a police officer who works in Manhattan day in and day out. A bunch of kids playing washers out in a yard is not going to get a second glance most of the time,” Barr said. “You get an officer from a place where that isn’t typically what they see, and that will draw their attention.” Fake Patty’s does not have to be an automatic conflict,

but it is important to know the consequences of illegal actions. Like any other weekend, most punishments will be in the form of tickets, fines and diversions. “A diversion is a contract decided by a prosecutor that you enter into with the city of Manhattan or Riley County, depending on what jurisdiction you have to appear in,” Barr said. “You agree to do certain things for them, and in return, the charges are dismissed.” Barr said underage drinkers are likely to be issued a ticket called an NTA, or notice to appear. They will be given a court date and asked to sign the ticket. From there, if they have no previous diversions, they can either apply for a diversion or ask for a trial. “The people who are having a party will also get an NTA for furnishing alcohol to minors and or hosting a party where underage drinking is taking place,” Barr said. For offenses over Fake Patty’s weekend, the consequences are more severe. “Every diversion fee and fine is doubled starting Friday morning until Sunday evening,” Barr said. “A minor in possession of alcohol would normally have a $300 diversion fee and $149 court cost. This weekend, it’s a $600 diversion fee and $149 court cost. If you have a fake driver’s license, that’s another $600 diversion fee on top of that.” Though arrests increase over Fake Patty’s weekend, only the more serious crimes are likely to end in jail time. “The arrests are going to be for battery, trespassing, disorderly conduct, drugs, DUIs and the like,” Barr said. “They’re going to give as many NTAs as possible, so unless the crime is serious enough or the police want them off the street,

tickets are more likely.” It is important when confronted by law enforcement to provide factual information to avoid being arrested. “A quick way to get arrested is to be completely uncooperative and obstruct the legal process,” Barr said. “You can run two steps and fall down, you can give a fake name or fake birthday and trigger that situation. If you obstructed the process, you aren’t going to get any kind of diversion or break from the prosecutors.” Once you’ve been arrested, then you’ll be taken to the police station where you’ll be processed. Then, you’ll have to pay 10 percent of your bond to

hire a bondsman.The bondsman gets you out of jail, and then you’re given a court date and from there the process is similar to a ticket. “If you have a friend who is arrested, then you call the RCPD jail and ask about them,” Barr said. “They’ll tell you how much their bond is and then you can try to scrape together the bond money to get your friend out of jail.” It is important to know your rights, but on Fake Patty’s weekend, it is more important to be aware of the situation. Barr said many police officers will have short patience from the long hours they’ve had to work.

“You do have a right to remain silent,” Barr said. “Any other weekend, I would talk a lot about what your rights are, like not consenting to searches and pleading the fifth. I think when you’re talking about Fake Patty’s Day, the best bet is to just cooperate and give the right information.” Many college students have tight financial situations, and a costly ticket could seriously impact their lives. “The sheer economics of how expensive this could be needs to be considered,” Barr. “If you want to party this weekend, fine. But bring your checkbook, because it will really cost you.”


785-539-4500 2307 Tuttle Creek Blvd.

friday, march 9, 2018

Fake Patty’s Day State law, K-State policy protect intoxicated people in medical need DENE DRYDEN


With Fake Patty’s Day around the corner, the Riley County Police Department and other institutions have provided online information to help ensure the safety of those partaking in the “fake” holiday. One law provides medical immunity, or medical amnesty, to people suffering from alcohol poisoning. According to the state legislature’s website, former governor Sam Brownback signed

You Have Options.

SB 133, the amendment to Kansas’ law on minors in possession and consumption of alcohol, on Feb. 23, 2016. SB 133 grants minors in possession or consumption immunity from prosecution if they request medical assistance. To be granted legal immunity for assisting a person in medical need, Hali Rowland, public information officer for the RCPD, said “they have to be seeking law enforcement or emergency medical services for a person who reasonably appeared to be in need of medical assistance.”

The state law also specifies that, in addition to contacting medical services or police officers, bystanders seeking help must also cooperate with EMS or police, “[provide] their full name, the name of one or two other persons acting in concert with such person ... and any other relevant information requested” and stay with the person in medical need until help arrives.

To read more, visit

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friday, march 9, 2018

Men’s basketball beats TCU in Big 12 tourney DEAUNDRA ALLEN THE COLLEGIAN

They came, they saw, they conquered the quarterfinals. The Kansas State men’s basketball team beat the TCU Horned Frogs in overtime on Thursday, 66-64 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. They have now advanced to the semifinals and will play against Kansas in game six at 6 p.m. Probably one of the most even matchups so far in the tournament, the K-State and TCU matchup was one that many were eager for. Right out from the gate, the lead went back and forth and was toggled between two and five points in the first half. In the second half, TCU was able to break that and extend their lead by nine, but it didn’t last for long. The score was tied for a total of 13 times and the lead changed 14 times. The biggest stress of this game was looking at the history between these two teams this season. The first game was a nail-biter, the second was all right and the third was a minimal effort, medium concentration type of game. The game was so even because both teams had their own problems. However K-State was just able to get a handle on theirs after the 12 minute mark in the

second half. K-State accelerated past TCU, finished shooting 25-56 from the field and 3-15 from the three-point line. TCU ended shooting 25-54 and 7-17 from the three-point line. At the end of regulation, TCU’s Desmond Bane shot a three pointer to tie up the game, thus sending them into overtime tied up at 59. Bane later fouled out in overtime at the 3:14 mark. K-State’s only foul trouble for the game was sophomore Makol Mawien, who fouled out with 1.3 seconds left in overtime. He finished the game with 16 points, three blocks, nine rebounds and one steal. While K-State’s leading scorer was Mawien during this matchup, sophomore Xavier Sneed followed with 12 points, four rebounds and two steals. A total of four Wildcats were in double digits for this matchup. TCU’s leading scorer ended up being Kenrich Williams with 20 points, two assists, three steals and ten rebounds. Alex Robinson followed closely with 16 points, four rebounds, six assists and three steals. At the end of the game, K-State finished with 32 points in the paint, four second chance opportunities, four fast breaks and ten bench points. TCU finished

with 30 in the paint, 11 second chance opportunities, no fast breaks and six bench points. In regards of Friday’s game against Kansas, head coach Bruce Weber said he had no preference of who to play before the completion of the Oklahoma State and Kansas game. Weber said all he could do was work on the mindset of the players. “We came here to win the tournament and do something no one has seen in K-State history, and they have that mindset,” Weber said. “I would be surprised and disappointed if we didn’t have a great effort, make every shot, I don’t know. But, they will come and fight tomorrow night. I promise you that.” Junior Barry Brown had the game-winning bucket for the Wildcats, where he had a successful layup at the 11 second mark in overtime. Brown talked about K-State’s stifling defense, as they have kept TCU under 80 points all three times they have played them. “We have great team defense and some great individuals defenders,” Brown said. “We all take on that challenge to stop when they do. They do a lot of ball screen action and post-ups, and credit to our guys. ... They have some wide open shots and stuff, but for the most part we were

K-State rowing to scrimmage against Oklahoma on Saturday JULIA JORNS


The Kansas State rowing team will travel to Oklahoma City on Saturday to compete against the University of Oklahoma in a scrimmage. This is the first competition of 2018 and first of three in March. The start time is scheduled for 8 a.m. K-State’s last competition was in October at the Jayhawk Jamboree. At the Jayhawk Jamboree,

the women’s Varsity 8+ boat finished second in the 300-meter sprint that was decided against Oklahoma in the finals. “Coming off the Oklahoma race [on Oct. 7], we had an idea of what we wanted to work for and I’m pleased with how all of the boats worked and how they put it into practice,” head coach Patrick Sweeney said to K-State Sports. “The fact that all three made it into sprints was nice for them. I thought that the first eight did a very good job of handling the sprint race and making it to the finals.”

The team won two medals between the women’s Novice 8+ and women’s Novice 4+ races. K-State’s first boat in the Novice 4+ placed first in the race with a time of 15:49.14, and the second boat finished third overall with a time of 16:07:22. The women’s Novice 8+ finished with a time of 13:56.80 and received a silver medal in the event.

To read more, visit

there in the bubble contesting. It paid off.” TCU head coach Jamie Dixon talked about K-State and TCU’s defense and what he thought changed from the last time they met. “We beat them by 10 the other day, so we shot a good percentage in that one,” Dixon said. “Really the turnovers, I guess. We shot 47 percent. That’s low for us, but not that low.” K-State will make its sixth appearance in the Big 12 Championship semifinals Friday night against the Kansas Jayhawks. The game will tip at 6 p.m. inside the Sprint Center. Meg Shearer | COLLEGIAN MEDIA GROUP

Sophomore forward Barry Brown prepares for a play during the game against TCU in Bramlage Coliseum.




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friday, march 9, 2018

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friday, march 9, 2018

OPINION: Fake Patty’s Day is an offensive farce of Irish culture KYLE HAMPEL


It’s about that time of year again! Time for Manhattan’s annual festival of debauchery, underage binge drinking and misappropriating a proud cultural heritage. Oh yes, we’re going there. Fake Patty’s Day might be a proud Manhattan tradition (because drinking in public is better than drinking in your parents’ basement), but that doesn’t excuse its offensive existence. While I have no moral issues with people turning police scanners into comedy hours once a year, I do take issue with many aspects of this “holiday.” My mother’s side of the family is Irish Catholic, and one of my fondest childhood memories is of visiting my maternal grandparents on Saint Patrick’s Day. I learned a lot about the

history of my Irish ancestors that day, and the parade was a nice bonus — there was even a magician! Now, my ancestral bloodline certainly helps me understand the value of alcoholic celebration, but why does Fake Patty’s Day bother me? I have a few reasons. For starters, the name is a red flag right off the bat. Most people don’t know this, but Saint Patrick isn’t actually the name of Saint Patrick. He was a missionary in Ireland, so his name was Gaelic — Padraig, not Patrick. Ireland and England have had a historically troubled relationship. The two nations have been at odds for centuries, and that’s why the island of Ireland is currently split in two between the mostly Catholic Republic of Ireland and the mostly Protestant Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.

Saint Patrick is revered by Irish patriots for bringing Catholicism to the Emerald Isle, and calling his feast day “Saint Patty’s Day” is seen as offensive to his legacy. He was Irish, not English, and giving him an English nickname is a faux pas throughout the Irish diaspora. It’s Paddy, not Patty. Not to mention, “Patty” is usually short for “Patricia,” and no one wants to misgender a saint. Okay, that’s enough petty Patty semantics. Time for us to get to the heart of the problem: bastardizing a religious holiday. Saint Patrick is a saint for a reason. He is a sacred figure in Catholicism, and as the patron saint of an entire country, he is one of the most culturally significant saints in one of the world’s largest religions. Why, then, is it okay to reduce his holy feast day to a jokey excuse for drunken debauchery?

Can you imagine the reaction if Manhattan started hosting Fake Ramadan or Fake Chinese New Year? There would be hell to pay, but apparently negative stereotypes against the Irish are okay. The actual holiday of Saint Patrick’s Day has lost some of its cultural significance already, and making a fake version of it so college students can drink while their friends are still in town is incredibly callous. In Ireland, there’s a term for people who call themselves Irish just because they wear green and drink green beer: plastic paddy. Every year on Saint Patrick’s Day, streets are filled by plastic paddies who want an excuse to get drunk without considering how their actions misappropriate the culture of Ireland. Maybe the name Fake Patty’s Day is appropriate, then — it’s a holiday for fake paddies to express their ignorance.


Fake Patty’s Day is a Manhattan tradition that changes the whole day. Not many people take into consideration that it is not a celebratory day for everyone. Kyle Hampel is the reviews and opinion editor for the Collegian and a junior in English. The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the

author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Collegian. Please send comments to


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