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Mali in a Melbourne Zoo 150 the City ANNIVERSARY Celebration Event! th

Welcome Thank you for your interest in

Mali in the City a Melbourne Zoo 150th ANnIVERSARY Celebration Event!


undreds of thousands of Victorians have visited Melbourne Zoo in the last two years to see our beautiful Elephant calf – Mali. She was born in January 2010 and is the first female Elephant calf to be born in Australia as part of an international breeding program. Mali is also very special to the Melbourne community. She is the first Elephant to be born at Melbourne Zoo in its celebrated 150 years of operation. To celebrate the importance of Mali the Elephant calf to the Melbourne community we have commissioned 50 life-sized custom made fibreglass sculptures. These models will be painted and decorated by local artists and strategically placed around Melbourne for six weeks. The sculptures will then be assembled on the main lawn at Melbourne Zoo for the month of October 2012 to celebrate the Zoo’s 150th birthday month. Mali in the City will be a community celebration and will see the city’s streets, parks, neighbourhoods and public spaces transformed into an open air, free to view, visual cacophony of colourful stories, art and creativity.

Dear Artist A specially designed elephant sculpture has been created to act as a 3D canvas to showcase the creativity and imagination of Melbourne, share the city’s stories and encourage arts and business organisations to work together on a world class arts project. We welcome your submission in all art forms - from traditional to new media. Whatever the medium, we invite participation from professional artists and enthusiastic amateurs, artist groups, young people, set designers, photographers. Following the submission process, the portfolio of designs will be reviewed by the event sponsors. We will then commission artists to complete their work by July 2012. Upon completion, each artist will be paid an honorarium of $1,000. The event – a 12-week multi location ‘parade’ - will take place from mid August until a final farewell at Melbourne Zoo in October 2012. It is expected to attract many thousands of visitors as well as encourage residents to become ‘tourists in their own town’. After the event, in late October 2012, many of the elephants will be auctioned off with proceeds specifically directed to Zoos Victoria’s Wildlife and Community Conservation programs. This document contains all the information needed for you to submit your design, including the deadline for submissions. Full details of how to paint the sculpture will be supplied should your design be commissioned. If you have any questions about the submission process do not hesitate to contact We look forward to working with you.

Kevin Tanner Melbourne Zoo Director Charlie Langhorne & Sally Ann Wilkinson Directors, Wild in Art Ltd

Background information

The Mali elephant sculpture

Mali in the City is a program jointly produced by Melbourne Zoo and Wild in Art – a company experienced in producing mass participation public art events.

Each Elephant weighs approximately 35Kgs and measures:

The event, a partnership led with the ambition of bringing businesses, the creative sector and communities together to celebrate all that is Melbourne as well as highlighting the important issues of wildlife conservation in a fun and engaging manner. We hope that through Mali in the City we can introduce new businesses to the arts; inject additional monies into the creative sector; create new commissions and new audiences to enjoy and explore the cultural offer in Melbourne. From now until early April 2012, artists are invited to submit designs. A portfolio of the designs will then be created for presentation to the event partners and sponsors for their selection. Once commissioned and on completion of your artwork and all relevant paperwork, each artist is paid a one-off fee of $1,000.

Timescales 5.00pm Friday 6th April 2012: closing date for artists’ submissions April: Review of designs May – August: Commission Artists / Painting Friday 10th August: Mali in the City Launch August – September: Mali sculptures displayed around Melbourne October: Mali sculptures displayed at Melbourne Zoo End of October; All Mali sculptures auctioned

190cm long, 130cm tall to 80cm wide. The elephants are manufactured using a mixture of Class II fire retardant laminating resin and chopped roving fibreglass over an initial brushed-on layer of polyester gel coat. Then several layers of chopped strand matting fibreglass are hand-laid, wetted with the laminating resin to the point of full saturation.

Elephant Design and Production When planning your designs, you should bear in mind that the audience will be broad-based and of all ages, and designs should be appropriate for public display. Designs that are overtly religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted. Additionally, neither corporate logos nor advertising is allowed. Designs will be evaluated by a Review Panel to ensure they conform to these guidelines. The Review Panel may reject any design that, in its sole discretion, does not adhere to these guidelines. The Mali in the City project team may provide a public painting space in the Melbourne area for you to create your elephant. Some painting spaces will be visible to the public who will want to see the elephants being created. However, should you wish to paint your elephant in your own studio you will be responsible for collecting and returning the sculpture to the painting space. Each elephant is finished with a primer by the manufacturer and is ready to paint. However, each artist is asked to carefully check the elephant, finish and structure prior to commencing their work. Mali in the City will not provide the artist materials. The use of acrylic paints is recommended although artificial resin paint or two-component paint can also be used to paint or spray a design. To complete your elephant, it must be finished with a minimum of two coats of waterproof varnish. This can be either matt or gloss and should ideally be UV resistant. Please be aware that some exterior varnishes can go yellow when painted over light colours so this should be considered. Zoos Victoria is an interactive event and as such your elephant will be touched by the public. The vast majority of the elephants will be located outside and in areas fully accessible to the public. Where possible, we encourage artists to incorporate conservation and environmental themes consistent with Zoos Victoria’s strategy of saving threatened species and our ‘Fighting Extinction’ commitment.

While it is strongly discouraged, occasionally members of the public will sit on the sculptures and therefore any attachments must be able to support the weight of an adult. Artists may attach items to the elephant but do bear in mind that the sculptures will be on public display and unless attached very securely they will be removed or damaged. Artists may alter the basic elephant shape but if doing so must ensure the finished work remains structurally intact. It is recommended that only artists experienced in working with fibreglass alter the basic elephant shape. When placed on the streets of Melbourne each elephant will be attached to a concrete base. The base will be attached to the elephant’s feet and artists are requested to leave the feet area clear of any additional items. Artists will not be responsible for placing the elephants on the streets or collecting them at the end of the exhibit. However, we ask artists to be available for any touch-up work that maybe required. If an artist is unavailable Mali in the City will have the work carried out by its own artist.

Rights / Entitlements

What’S next?

By submitting your application, you confirm that:

If you’d like to take part please visit the Melbourne Zoo section of our website to download an application form.

1. You are the original creator of your design. 2. You have not copied anyone else’s original work. 3. Your design does not infringe on anyone else’s intellectual property rights (for example, trademark, trade dress, copyright, design right, registered design or patent rights) to the extent anyone else has contributed to your design, you shall obtain a signed, written agreement from that person assigning all of their rights in their contribution to you. As part of the application process, you must sign the “Licence Agreement” that accompanies this application. By signing, dating and returning the original Licence Agreement with your application, you are indicating your agreement that Melbourne Zoo and Wild in Art may reproduce and publish copies of your successful design and completed elephant for the purpose of promoting the Mali in the City program and Melbourne Zoo’s 150 year anniversary celebrations. Please remember to keep a copy of these forms for your records. You will be acknowledged as the artist on a plaque attached to the concrete base of the elephant as well as in any promotional material in which your artwork appears.

For any questions about the program, please contact Lou Pethick on or 03 9285 9474 You may submit as many designs as you like. When you have decided to submit a design complete and sign the application form, Licence Agreement and the elephant design template. Please send the original and two copies of each design you submit. You may submit other examples of your work but please restrict them to no more than A4 in size. Mali in the City is unable to return any materials submitted.

CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 5.00pm Friday 6th April 2012.

1. Artist Submission Form

3. Design Selection

All potential artists, including open call and commissioned, must complete an Artist Submission Form and submit two colour copies of the proposed design with the application.

Approved designs will be put forward for sponsor selection. Sponsors are then invited to attend a sponsor selection event.

The information provided on the Submission Form will be used for the plaque, website and other Promotional opportunities.

Sponsors have the opportunity to commission artists of their own choosing. These designs must be reviewed and approved before they go ahead.

2. Sculpture Design Guidelines

4. Commissioning the Artists’

Artists and sponsors must adhere to a few basic guidelines which are outlined in the submission form.

Successful artists will be notified so that they can begin to create their artwork. The artist will be given the Painting Guidelines and information about the opening times of the Public Painting Space.

• Use of corporate logos in designs and designs with political, sexual and religious connotations are not accepted. • The Mali in the City event is first and foremost a public art event. Sponsors who want the sculpture’s design to be reflective of their company or organisation are encouraged to think creatively about alternative designs that avoid the use of corporate logos. • Consider incorporating Fighting Extinction or conservation theme as per Zoos Victoria’s strategy to save threatened species • Each design must be suitable for display in a public venue. • The artwork must be able to withstand the rigours of outdoor and city living as a majority of the sculptures will be located outside. Artwork that is fragile or presents a public safety hazard will not be approved. Large sums can be spent repairing and refurbishing sculptures, and the sculptures with alterations and attachments are the most likely to be damaged and the most expensive to repair. • Artists are allowed to alter the shape of the sculpture as long as they are skilled at working with and reconstructing fibreglass whilst maintaining its structural integrity. • Artists are discouraged from creating any attachments around the sculpture’s feet that will interfere with the basing procedure.

If the artist prefers to use their own space, they will be required to pick up the sculpture from and return the finished sculpture to the warehouse at their own cost. Artists will be given a deadline on how much time he/she has to complete the sculpture, in particular if they intend to use the Public Painting Space. It is important to set deadlines so other artists can also use the space.

5. Completion of Artworks All of the sculptures must be returned to the warehouse three weeks prior to the event. Each completed sculpture will be inspected to ensure: • Artwork is completed in a first-class manner and in accordance with the artist’s design. • Appropriate paints were used and clear coat (varnish) applied. In addition: • The artist is requested to fill in a payment request sheet with payment details. Payment to artists should be made as soon as the artwork is completed. • Critical information about each sculpture, such as alterations, attachments and special basing needs, will be recorded in the sculpture database.

Examples of similar Wild in Art programs around the world

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Woa! Rhinos, Oxfordshire

Pride in Bournemouth, UK



1. PERSONAL DETAILS (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE) Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Other): First Name: Last Name: Profession: Artist Name as it should appear on the plaque (Limited to 40 characters, including spaces and punctuation):

Contact Address: Town / City: Postcode: Telephone – Home: Telephone – Mobile: E-mail: Web Link / Address: Date of Birth (if under 18):

2. ARTWORK Proposed title for your Elephant (Limited to 40 characters, including spaces and punctuation):

Please give a brief description of your Elephant design: i.e. what inspired your design? (This will be used on the website and in other appropriate publications):

3. MARKETING Please provide a short paragraph about yourself and work written in the third person. (This will be used on the website to give information about each artist.)

4. PRODUCTION Please indicate whether you will work on your elephant in the public painting space or at your private studio. Please note that you will be responsible for transporting your elephant to you studio/work place. (Note: this selection is not a binding commitment. Locations of public painting spaces will be provided when you are notified of your design’s selection.)

Please select:

Public Painting Space

Own Studio

5.ELEPHANT SCULPTURE OUTLINE Please complete your proposed design on the outline provided. Submitted artwork must be no larger than A4. All submitted application materials become the property of Wild in Art Ltd and no materials can be returned to the artist. Please remember to keep copies of your application form and all associated materials.

Elephant’s name:

Print name:



Mali in the City CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 5.00pm Friday 6th April 2012.

TERMS 1. The project is open to all artists, amateur or professional, other than employees of Wild in Art Ltd. 2. Artists may submit any number of designs each of which will be treated as a single application. 3. The artwork submitted must not have been created, published or exhibited, in any form, within the past year, and must be your own original work. 4.

You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of all artwork entered, or if your work is/are not your own, you must have sole permission in writing from the copyright owner to use his/her work. Source material or proof of permission in use must be made available on request by the selection panel. Wild in Art Ltd does not accept liability in the publication of any reproduced art.

5. Any medium and all styles from classic and contemporary, to impressionist and abstract can be used. 6. The design must represent a piece of artwork that you have the ability to reproduce on the 3 dimensional sculpture. 7. No allowances will be made for artwork that arrives later than the deadline or is poorly submitted or illegible. 8. To enter, the artwork must be forwarded to the Melbourne Zoo by the closing date. All entries must be accompanied by a Design Submission Form. 9.

10. Copyright – All participating artists must sign the Licence Agreement on the following page to enable Melbourne Zoo and Wild in Art to effectively publicise the event. 11. By submitting your design you consent to use of the artwork, name and/or photograph in any publicity carried out by Melbourne Zoo without any further compensation. 12. The Selection – The artwork will be reviewed by Melbourne Zoos, prior to being shown to event sponsors for commissioning. 13. Melbourne Zoo and the sponsor’s decisions on all matters relating to the design selection are final. No further correspondence will be entered into. 14. Further to a design’s approval Melbourne Zoo will provide the elephant Sculpture, at no charge to the artists. Cost of materials is the artists’ responsibility. 15. The elephant sculpture remains the property of Melbourne Zoo and must be returned in good order if an artist is unable to complete the commission. 16. An honorarium of $1,000 including GST will be paid to each artist on completion of the finished artwork and all relevant paperwork. 17. Following the exhibition the sculptures will be auctioned to raise money for Conservation. Artists will be invited to participate in the auction and asked to renovate the sculpture if necessary.

Contact details provided may be used by Melbourne Zoo for communications or marketing, unless you opt out.

ASSURANCES & TERMS By signing this Application, I agree to all of the terms of the attached Request for Proposals, and all such terms are hereby incorporated into this Application. I certify that all statements made in this application are true to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that Melbourne Zoo and Wild in Art Ltd is not liable for damage or loss of materials submitted.

Licence Agreement (Name of artist), of current address

If Melbourne Zoo or Wild in Art wishes to reproduce images of the work for any other purpose, a separate licence will be negotiated with the Artist, which may include payment of an appropriate licence fee. Melbourne Zoo and Wild in Art will ensure that the Artist is attributed as the creator of the work when it is publicly displayed, during the auction process and with publication of any images of the work either in hard copy or on-line. If the work is damaged, the Artist will be consulted and given the first option to repair the work or to approve a chosen conservator for this purpose. Melbourne Zoo will pay the cost of repair and pay the Artist an appropriate fee for their labour according to the time they are involved in making such repairs. The Artist understands and acknowledges that the elephant will remain the property of Melbourne Zoo until the work is sold at the public auction event in late 2012. As consideration for the Artist’s participation in the event, Melbourne Zoo will pay the Artist an honorarium of $1,000 (inc GST). This honorarium will be paid upon completion of the work and all relevant paperwork.

Signed: Signed: Date:

Date: Print name: Elephant’s name:

If selected to participate in the Mali in the City event (the ‘event’), the Artist will grant Melbourne Zoo and Wild in Art a licence to reproduce and publish copies of the Artist’s successful design and finished elephant (together the ‘work’) for the purpose of publicising and promoting the event as part of Melbourne Zoo’s 150th year anniversary celebrations.

Please send your completed applications to: Mali in the City – Event Co-ordinator. Zoos Victoria, PO Box, 74, Parkville, Vic, 3052

Mali in a Melbourne Zoo 150 the City ANNIVERSARY Celebration Event! th

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