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ABOUT THE COMPANY Nordic Cocktail is owned both by the company Fruktjuice and privately to get the right combination of knowledge and input. Experts in juice production, sales, marketing, design and PR together with a well developed logistic hub build our team. There is a common thought among all the owners to see the brand Nordic Cocktail as one of the best distributors of ready cocktails, alcohol drink mixes and specially selected wine in the north of Europe. Today our mane range of products consists of 17 ready mixed well-known cocktails which we produce, sell and deliver to our business customers: restaurants, hotels and wholesalers in Sweden and Scandinavia. SAS Radison, Scandic, Martin Olsson and Servera are weekly customers for Fruktjuice and Nordic Cocktail. In Sweden there is a stable demand from the market to surprise, to be unique, creative and full of energy when selling, to deliver products with a high quality and punctuality, to provide all financial transactions in time between the customer, the dealer and the manufacture. That’s why we are continuously searching for new business opportunities and self-developing!

BUSINESS IDEA, VISION AND GOAL The fact that the export of Georgian wine is undergoing expansion in Europe and USA gives the possibility for opening new markets as Scandinavian and Sweden particularly. We see business possibilities in trading between our countries via promotion and sale of Georgian wine in collaboration with well-established vineyards and suppliers in Georgia, primary located in Kakheti region. We do hope to find partners with a high business ethics and a wide range of products which can be adjusted to the Scandinavian demand. A breath market investigation showed us that some of the factories have already a cooperation with German, Italian and French wine experts and investors. Probably this explains that one can find European selection along with traditional Georgian wine such as Mtsvane, Saperavi, Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli and others‌ Our vision is to introduce first of all traditional Georgian range of wine on the Swedish market as more unique and exotic alternative to well-known European classical brands. This how we hope to create a new value for a specific customer group in modern multicultural Sweden. Our goal is to have Georgian wine as a natural alternative on the Scandinavian table!

NORDICK COCKTAIL presentation  

Presentation of the company and our busines idea

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