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ABOUT THE COMPANY Svensk EcoEnergi AB is a contractor in the energy field. We offer a wide range of services that comprise heating, energy saving, plumbing works, sanitation and ventilation with warranty and service, interior design from the idea to the implementation of a project. The company works together with specialists and consultants in energy, environment, HVS, construction and design experts. Our goal is to improve customer's daily comfort with long-term, safety and profitable system solutions for inside climate and interior. The company was founded in 1998 and is run by owner Sten Ullholm. Svensk EcoEnergi is a member of Stockholmœs Chamber of Commerce and is certified by Swedish Heat Pump Association (SVEP). After twelve years of work and more than 2000 projects completed, Svensk EcoEnergi AB has good reputation in their market. PHILOSOPHY This planet is our home. The home is a mirror of our fate and acts. Nothing is predicted. Everything you do today makes your future. Rise up the quality of your life, improve your home - use pure energy!

OUR CONCEPT When it comes to heating Swedish energy market demands to use environmental friendly autonomic heating systems (heat pumps, solar panels and cells) which allow getting up to 70% of free energy from nature and reducing the costs for the customer in the future. The prospects for these needs vary from private residences to big dwellings and industrial buildings.

Working process - assessment of current energy consumption and the construction of building - engineering and design of energy solution - order for total contracting - implementation of project process, installation of heating system - warranties, service


Eco Design - interior design and 3D CAD-modeling, project managment - graphical design, advertising, printed matter - marketing, web

Eco Energi - design of ecological heating systems - heat pumps - solar panels

HVAC and Service - exchange and demolition of heating systems - installation of heat pumps and servicing - installation of under floor heating - reversible wall heating - ceiling heating and passive cooling - plumbing and installation of radiators

Svensk EcoEnergi AB tel: +46 (0)8 - 758 60 00 fax:+46 (0)8 - 758 60 25

COPYRIGHT Š 2010. Svensk EcoEnergi AB. All rights reserved


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