Eco Community Seeds, Spring 2013

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Having Healty Skin of the entire oil. Stay away from toners that have alcohol and strip the skin of its oils. A good toner will have hydrosols, which moisturize the skin. Treat any food allergies you may have. Skin care products alone cannot help if there’s something more serious going on within the body. The skin responds to all systems in the body: lungs, liver, blood, etc. Imbalances in any of these systems may manifest in the skin, and indicate the need for healing at a deeper level. Radiant skin is sometimes more than skin deep.

1. Use a cleansing milk. Since the skin is fairly clean in the morning, there is no need for a heavy-duty foaming cleanser. 2. Follow up with a hydrosol based toner. 3. Apply a thin layer of a light moisturizer while the skin is still damp from the toner. Night 1. A foaming cleanser can be used to remove makeup and dirt. 2. Follow up with toner. 3. Apply a bit more moisturizer than in the morning. 4. Might need a touch of serum in certain target areas to nourish the skin. Dry Skin Three or four times a week At least to start, use a good clay mask 3-4 times a People with dry skin need to drink a lot of water, but week after cleansing and before toner. If you suffer don’t need to wash their face with too much wasevere breakouts, use a clay mask both morning and ter. Washing the face too often and using a foaming cleanser can be drying; glycolic peels can be drying as night. A clay mask clears the pores without enlarging them, draws out toxins, and increases circulation well. and cellular regeneration . It will draw impurities and Here’s what I recommend. balance oily secretions without being overly drying. It Morning 1. Use a cleansing milk rather than a foaming cleaner is cleansing, balancing, and exfoliating without being to wash your face. Foaming cleansers may be used harsh on your skin. once in a while to create movement, when exfoliating is needed. Combination Skin 2. Follow up with an alcohol-free toner. It’s important to use toners that have hydrosols, which Combination skin is more complicated than oily or moisturize the skin, rather than alcohol which dries dry skin. The oily parts need to be treated as oily skin, it out. while the dry parts need to be treated as dry skin. 3. Use a creamy moisturizer. Here’s what I recommend. 4. Apply serum on target areas: around the mouth, Morning and Night forehead, eyes, where ever else needed. 1. Use a cleansing milk. Avoid foaming cleansers unNight less the skin is really oily. 1. Use a cleanser/moisturizer that takes off makeup 2. Follow up with an alcohol-free toner, hydrosol and moisturizes the skin at the same time. based hydrosol 2. Use a serum on target areas, or an eye cream if you 3. Apply a light moisturizer on the oily areas and a feel the need. You don’t need to use both. serum on the dry areas. Once a week As needed Exfoliate or apply a mask to stimulate circulation and Apply a clay mask at the times of the month when the promote cellular regeneration. skin is more oily. At other times, you can apply a clay mask topically on oily areas that look sluggish.

Oily Skin Sensitive Skin Oily skin is the other extreme to dry skin. Products with citrus essential oils are better than products using rose essential oils. A foaming cleanser can be used at night, for those who enjoy foaming cleansers and want to feel squeaky clean. Here’s what I recommend. Morning

Sensitive skin that tends to get irritated requires products with very pure ingredients, and toners and alcohol-free moisturizers. If makeup is applied it should be clean, possibly mineral based. While this is true for all skin types, it’s imperative for sensitive skin. Morning and Night www.communit 65