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Enjoy a HigH prEssurE sHowEr witH Low FLow sHowEr HEads Water is fast becoming a precious commodity. There are even predictions by some experts that the future world war could be fought over water. This being the case, it is the bounden duty of every one of us to save water. One of the major uses of water, which is also often neglected or ignored, is showering. Not many people know that about 30% of all the water that is used in an average household is used for showering. If you were to save water over showering, you will automatically be making a contribution towards making our planet greener. Helping people in this endeavor are the various models of low flow shower heads.

It has been proven by research over a large sample of the population that low flow shower heads can help drastically reduce the consumption of water. For those used to shower head high pressure, there is another good news waiting. A low flow shower head need not necessarily mean a more “weak� shower. Latest technology ensures that you enjoy a shower with the same kind of pressure as in the case with a high pressure shower head, without wasting water. The amount of water saved using a low pressure shower head is amazing. According to estimates while with a conventional showerhead you will be using about 25 liters of water every minute, with a low flow shower head the quantity would be reduced to as low as 8 liters per minute.

Not only will low flow shower heads help you save water, they will also help you save on energy bills too. In a recent study it has been found out that you can save up to 40% on your annual heating costs, if you were to install these shower heads. This double benefit is what is driving hundreds and thousands of homeowners to try out low flow shower heads these days. Adding to their attraction is the fact that they are available in a wide variety of sizes and models. You can find them being

made from various types of materials too. In fact, the choice is so vast that choosing one will seem like a daunting task indeed. From a low pressure rain shower head to the hand held type you can always find one suiting your requirement. Make sure though that you choose low flow shower heads of a good brand. This is because a reputable brand will always give you a guaranteed product.

There is a misconception prevalent among a lot of people that low pressure automatically means low quality shower. Nothing could be further from truth as the latest models use a combination of air and smaller apertures to give you a pleasant shower, with the same kind of pressure as in the case with a high pressure shower head.

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