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RESOURCES STAGE 1: UNDERSTAND Climate Change Climate change reports can be found online through several sources, below are the some helpful links that support creating the HighWaterLine in your community. Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Sciences (download PDF)

STAGE 3: Take HighWaterLine To The Streets Engaging the Public: Using ‘Socratic Conversation’ to Unlock a Community’s Insight

Conveying the Human Implications of Climate Change (download Communications Primer PDF)

Real Climate: Climate Science from Climate Scientists (see Start Here)

HighWaterLine Blog

NASA Global Climate Change: Key Websites

HighWaterLine Website

NASA Global Climate Change: Key Indicators (Download Data)

HighWaterLine Take Action Cards

Climate Central: Surging Seas Report

Public Art Toolkit

Climate Change Impacts and Adapting to Change

Performative Public Art Ecology by Patricia Watts

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions l Adaptation Plans by State

Climate Techbook: How to reduce greenhouse emissions from all sectors

STAGE 4: ADVOCATE for Climate Change

State of the Climate in 2011. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. National Climatic. Data Center.

The Handwriting on the Road, New York Times (videography on Eve Mosher by Justin Lange) The World We Want Foundation (Download Guide)

IPCC Fourth Assessment Report 2007

Alliance for Climate Change

National Center for Science Education

STATE 2: MAP the HighWaterLine FEMA flood maps (see Flood Maps to download your region)

Additional Supplemental Activities

Flood Maps - google maps with sea level rise scenarios by Alex Tingle

Stanford University

Surging Seas

The Smithsonian

How to read a Topographical Map

California Environmental Protection Agency

Measuring Sea Level

NASA Innovations in Climate Change





HighWaterLine ACTION GUIDE  

ecoartspace presents Eve Mosher's HighWaterLine ACTION GUIDE, the first in a series of ten art and ecology learning guides presenting replic...

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