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QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS Eco4Life – South Baltic network for Environmental and Life Sciences to Boost Cross-Border Cooperation The international project Eco4Life is aimed at exploiting new opportunities offered by biological processes and bio-economy, a new economy based on economic principles. Eco4Life project connects three partners in the South Baltic region and is seeking to involve representatives of the local target groups responsible for life sciences entrepreneurship’s growth such as scientists, business people as well as administration. There will be established local centres of the international Eco4Life network in order to maintain the system that makes it possible to share knowledge and information, to join regional academic, financial and human resources and to create an environmentally friendly business model. Your answers will promote the regional centre setting up and its services determining in a more effective way. 1. Organization/enterprise you represent: University, Research Institute Enterprise ( production) Enterprise (service) Governmental organization Non- governmental organization

2. Which environmental and/or life sciences direction do you represent ? Biology Botany Zoology Genetics Microbiology Pharmacy Molecular biology, biophysics, biochemistry Life sciences Environmental protection / Ecology Medicine, veterinary medicine, devices manufacturing Agriculture Environmental engineering Geology Food industry Waste management 3. Organization/Institution you represent collaborates with: University, Research Institute Enterprises (production) Enterprises (service) Governmental organizations Non- governmental organizations

4. Mostly used forms of collaboration of the organization/institution you represent:

Common research and development projects Common conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and other events Consulting/ experts ‘services Technology and knowledge transfer Training arrangement

5. Which form of collaboration is mostly accepted for your enterprise/organization? Tick not more than 3 Concession Joint company Public agreements Equipment rent Purchase of services Other agreements

6. In your opinion, the advantages of collaboration are: Shorter time of a project‘s implementation Risk sharing Optimal resources usage Opportunity to get equipment and deliver services, without sufficient finance capacity Knowledge and information

7. Which forms of Eco4Life network members‘competency transfer or collaboration are mostly accepted for your organization? Scientific research Scientific research results implementation into practice at enterprises Coordination of relations with business representatives Consulting services Experts’ services Education and in-house training exchange Pilots or other collaboration forms Educational, science and other organizations/enterprises’ ‘equipment provision to the network members

8. What type of information and/or assistance would you like to get from local, regional or governmental institutions to be able to develop environmental and life sciences ideas at your enterprise/organization? Financial support Consulting –informing ( „know-how“ technologies, innovations, assistance with documentation, and so on) Personnel training Technology parks establishment and support Business incubators establishment and support Development of legal environment Research and development objective support Stimulation of public and private sectors collaboration

9. What are your expectations in regard to Eco4Life network?

Useful information, news Public financing opportunities Attraction of additional funds for business development Common projects/products development/ improvement

10. Evaluate usefulness of the mentioned services for your enterprise/organization ( according to 8-point scale, where 1- low and 8 –high) Information about possibilities to apply for EU funds Consulting on projects ideas and concepts generation Consulting on project/product application Consulting on project/product implementation Consulting on innovation patenting Consulting on successful business model development Consulting on international science and business collaboration

11. Which competences you / your enterprise/organization could enrich Eco4Life network activity Âż Biotechnology Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Assistance /Support taking Inventions patenting Business administration International collaboration Exhibitions, fairs arrangement

12.How did you learn about Eco4Life network and its services? During a seminar/ conference The internet Email, telephone Media (newspaper, radio, etc.) Other

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