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Eco-livelihoods Ltd (UK) operations: Conservation and Rehabilitation - Eco-livelihoods specialises in the management of indigenous forest ecosystems including inventories, land use planning and zoning, enrichment planting, reforestation and fire management. Our experienced foresters, forest managers, agronomists and other scientific partners develop and manage biodiversity conservation plans for standing indigenous forest habitats. We have experience in the rehabilitation and restoration of indigenous forest landscapes. This includes seed collection of indigenous species, germination and care of seedlings, transport and planting of trees back into degraded landscapes. We work in the rehabilitation of forest habitats degraded by commercial logging, mining activity, subsistence agriculture, unsustainable charcoal production and other human activity. This includes rehabilitation of riparian environments and eroded landscapes using a combination of replanting of trees and other grasses and shrubs.

Livelihoods Development and Restoration - Eco-livelihoods works with fractured communities in post conflict societies and rebuilding human and other capital drawing on our proven ability to align community development with overall policies and objectives of government's and other stakeholders in these challenging circumstances. We use tried and tested Conservation Agriculture (CA) techniques integrated into Woodland Agro-forestry systems in our work with communities. We have a strong emphasis on the extension of techniques and community mobilisation around improved agricultural practices. We address issues such as the impact of HIV/AIDS on agriculture in areas such as gender, labour supply and health. We also develop responses to resource shortages such as water shortages, high costs of agricultural inputs and to environmental degradation in neighbouring communities. Our work includes building micro industries that produce honey, fish, poultry and vegetables to sell to the developers and nurseries that produce trees and vetiver grass for rehabilitation work.

Enhanced Food Security for Neighbouring Communities Community Engagement and Development support brings expert consultant input to the analysis of farming systems currently employed by communities living in or at the edge of forest areas surrounding the mining site and a knowledge transfer to locally recruited and trained staff and farmers. Our interventions aim to conserve, improve and make more efficient use of natural resources through integrated management of available soil, water and biological resources combined with external inputs. Our programme contributes to environmental conservation as well as to enhanced and sustained agricultural production and can also be referred to as resource-efficient / resource effective agriculture. The proposed interventions can contribute towards initiatives to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS in local communities by improving smallholder agricultural production and nutrition such as extension support with labour saving technologies, vegetable gardens using drip irrigation and improved and directed application of chemical and organic inputs. These interventions address key challenges related to labour and skills loss. The programme also focuses on water conservation as a response to the challenges facing local communities with shrinking water resources. Apricot Cottage, Main Street, Collingham, LS225AR, United Kingdom Company number (UK): 742 9957

Social Capital

Eco-livelihoods Ltd (UK) was established to work with stakeholders in African rural environments to develop solutions that build livelihoods and conserve social capital is at the sustainable core of what Eco-livelihoods does. We have a natural resources. with decades of experience in working with these fractured communities

Our Team

Rebuilding Eco-livelihoods on a core team draws of people group of who are working experienced project

Why witheco-livelihoods? our partners and clients to bring about this transformation.

managers and is Eco-livelihoods Ltd (UK) is a environmental services company with experience in the creation of rural livelihoods complemented by a and sustainability issues and resource starved environments in Africa. Weand providedisparate support to The capacity of communities toin post-conflict deal with the competing demands wide network of corporate Community Engagement and Development (CED) initiatives in developing countries. We work with our outcomes development programmes is dependent on this human capital. consultant of clients in areas such as livelihoods restoration through improved food security, agricultural intensification, natural scientists, resource management and sustainability activities both on site and in the habitat surrounding operational sites. foresters, We also work with clientsof in developing closure strategies that bring role We community have liaison a common vision a futureand forimplementing Africa inrehabilitation which itand assumes its rightful maximum benefit to neighbouring communities. expertsglobal etc. in the economy and breaks the cycle of dependency and poverty that we have positioned across come Africa. We work to associate with it and in which its people co-exist During with the unique bio-in Transformational Impact ten years of work various African countries, we diversity with that clientsistoits greatest wealth. Our work has been primarily with the mining sector in the democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, have developed an emphasis deliver a holistic Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and South Africa. We have also worked with our clients and stakeholders to on working with clients and management of find solutions to the drivers of environmental degradation such as poverty and hunger in partners who do business in natural resources. Mozambique, Sudan, Chad and Senegal. Giving communities options to build integrated rural complex, diverse and sensitive economies that add value to environmental management and brings material incentives for change The company is environments and concerned can be transformational in their impact. Our clients often operate in remote areas characterised by well positioned to about sustainability issues. high levels of poverty and underdevelopment and high levels of bio-diversity and threatened ecoundertake studies Work in the reconstruction of systems. and evaluations, scoping exercises and implementation of solutions in modular or holistic manner dependant on the client’s needs. Our team works closely with stakeholders to ensure that objectives remain sharply focussed and deliver quantifiable and verified outcomes.

communities and eco-systems in post-conflict societies is central to our programme.

What do we do? Eco-livelihoods was established to work with stakeholders in to find solutions to the challenges of poverty and underdevelopment, solutions that address a full range of livelihood-creation issues and embrace innovative income streams and contribute to building sustainability programmes in developing countries. We recognise that communities are diverse and complex and that competing demands on shrinking natural resources mean that there are always winners and losers in any development process. This is especially true of the Extractive Sector were the exploitation of natural resources is pushing into previously underdeveloped areas. “One-size fits all solutions” packaged as aid betray the communities they set out to benefit and can often bring further hardship and suffering. We ensure that benefits reach the widest possible spectrum of the community.

Our expertise includes comprehensive environmental impact studies, option scoping for sustainable livelihoods, solution implementation and on-going management support of social-forestry and forest based development projects.

Micro-business to create wealth .

Decades of conflict, famine and disease have destroyed much of the socio-economic fabric of society in many African countries; the corrosive nature of dependency creating foreign aid has exacerbated that disintegration. We believe that building human dignity in communities through a transactional, “trade not aid “approach to development that rewards both individual and collective endeavour is fundamental to changing the relationship between poverty and the unsustainable use of natural resources. Development is often synonymous with change and conflict over resources, we work with stakeholders to manage conflicting objectives and values and bring about consensus based solutions.

Social Capital Rebuilding social capital is at the core of what Ecolivelihoods does. We have a team of people with decades of experience in working with these fractured communities who are working with our partners and clients to bring about this transformation. The capacity of communities to deal with the competing demands and disparate outcomes of development programmes is dependent on this human capital. We have a common vision of a future for Africa in which it assumes its rightful role in the global economy and breaks the cycle of dependency and poverty that we have come to associate with it and in which its people co-exist with the unique biodiversity that is its greatest wealth.

Eco-livelihoods Ltd  

Transformational Impact Our work is primarily with the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, T...

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