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any communities are abuzz with talk about “sustainability.” While to some it’s simply a “catchphrase” or the “flavour of the month,” more insightful leaders and citizens see sustainability as the most important issue we face today. They understand that we must integrate and balance our social, cultural, environmental and economic interests and objectives now, if we are to ensure health and happiness for future generations. And they know that every one of us plays an important part — in fact, so important that our behaviors at home, work and play constitute the greatest potential for positive or negative change.

The foundation’s passion is to kindle a fresh outlook among British Columbians that inspires sustainable ways at home, work and play.

Successful change agents around the world also appreciate that behaviour change is best achieved with a complementary blend of efforts from public, private, non-profit and academic sectors. The resulting legislation, market choices, social movements and research findings are most effective when supported by community-based social marketing (CBSM) — a proven, practical, affordable and measurable behaviour change tool that helps people identify and navigate their roadblocks to sustainability, adopt appropriate and lasting behaviors, and then share the good news with their families, friends and colleagues. In keeping with proven CBSM premises and practices, the Fresh Outlook Foundation targets specific audiences with customized, leading-edge programs and events… BSC is aimed at community leaders and decision-makers throughout BC. It boasts a hugely popular conference in Kelowna, regional workshops, and an electronic magazine. The first of its kind in BC’s interior, the film fest features documentaries that address society’s social, cultural, environmental and economic challenges and solutions. To generate meaningful and productive dialogue, all films are followed by discussions featuring local sustainability experts. Getting folks together to share good food and even better stories is the premise behind these breakfasts. In practice, they accomplish much more by linking people from all sectors in positive discussion about community sustainability.

Co-hosted by the foundation with other Central Okanagan groups, tthis workshop is for business people wanting to learn how going green can help reduce operating costs, increase competitive advantage, and build a positive work culture. The foundation’s most recent community-based social marketing project will engage 10,000 Okanagan residents with the award-winning documentary DIRT before 10:10pm October 10th, 2010. Why? Because soil is one of our greatest yet most endangered resources. It sustains the Okanagan’s natural beauty, its agriculture industry and, in great part, its tourism industry. The preservation and enhancement of soil will ensure our continued well-being in these and other key social, cultural, environmental, and economic areas. For more information about the foundation or any of its events, please visit or contact Joanne de Vries at 250-766-1777 or

Fresh Outlook Foundation  

green is the new black

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