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Ecumenical Campus Ministry at the U. of Guelph

NEWSLETTER | Summer 2018


from the chaplain At the recent National Ecumenical Campus Ministers Gathering (see page 4), Cody Nielsen of Convergence on Campus filled us in on some exciting research. Data shows that university students who are actively involved in faith communities graduate at a higher rate, adjust better to changing environments, and are more able to cope with mental health challenges. Basically, when students are engaged in caring communities that inform them with a sense of purpose greater than themselves, these students thrive. This news isn’t surprising to those of us who serve as chaplains. We see it every day, and know what a privilege it is to serve in that kind of setting.

What was challenging to us was Cody’s recognition that we don’t always speak about our ministries in ways the university understands. Often we use language that is familiar to churches - that of discipleship, vocation, spiritual formation, etc. - which the university doesn’t know what to do with. But when we speak in terms of student success, the university can hear that as good news. Thankfully, God’s good news is big enough to encapsulate student success and lots more. God is doing something good here at UoG. Praise be! Andrew Hyde -

ecm reflections


Hetherington Wilson ECM has really helped me to connect with a new community in faith and created a place that feels like home in the midst of a large campus. When I first came to volunteer at Campus Church I was in high school and didn’t know what to expect. Once I was here I immediately grew to love the community and variety of people. ECM has helped me to truly love, value, and appreciate the variety of people here on campus and beyond in the city. Volunteering and playing keyboard really helped me to grow in my spiritual leadership skills and ability to discern where God is calling me. I am excited to see how I can continue to grow into this community in my faith over the next few years!

Rowena is from Guelph ON, and entering into first year at UoG this Fall. Rowena has been a significant part of Campus Church in its first year, and is currently serving as a Summer Intern with ECM.

ecm this summer Take a look at what we’re up to this summer at ECM… Summer Group - Every Wednesday evening, ECM and GCM are cohosting a gathering that includes community building and spiritual reflection.

Summer Interns - We have 3 students working with us over May and June, before they head off to various church camps for July and August. Partner Events - We’re linking in with events like Affirm! and Canada Youth, put on by our partners.

orientation week plans ECM has a number of O-Week events in the works to welcome new students in September. Watch for final details on and in the O-Week Guide.

Wed. Sept 5 ECM/GCM Community Dinner

Sun. Sept. 2 Blessing of the Laptops

Sat. Sept. 8 Welcome (Back) BBQ

Tues. Sept. 4 Queer Christian Tie-Dye

Sun. Sept. 9 C4MPUS CHURCH

Thurs. Sept. 6 Multi-Faith Ice Cream

ecm reflections

winter term highlights

Ethan White Ethan is entering into his 3rd year of Fine Arts at UoG. Originally from Scotland ON, Ethan is one of ECM’s Summer Interns and has helped give leadership with the Ebenezer Youth Drop-In nights that ECM helped coordinate this year.

Mental Health Workshop led by Dr. L. Brown & Dr. M. Lumley.

I’m not from Guelph so moving here for school forced me to make new friends and find new communities, like many other students. Due to being anxious and busy, it was challenging for me to find a community through which I could share and grow my faith. Eventually I began to withdraw from my faith and didn’t feel the need for a community at all. I was then introduced by a friend to a Christian group on campus, ECM. While still hesitant to become involved, I began attending their events. I always felt welcomed and genuinely appreciated in their company. Weekly gatherings such as dinners and church were pleasant and fulfilling. Eventually I wanted to become involved in all of their programs and now I’ve made many friends through ECM. This community has also led me to discover other communities and opportunities through which I can express my faith. My experience at university has taught me that living out my faith is not intended to be done alone and that a faith community is vital for support, keeping me motivated, and is great for making new connections.

Campus Church celebrates its first full year of worshiping together.

Dublin St. United defends its title, winning the Hocus Crocus Crokinole for Campus Ministry.

changes on campus and across churches One of the constants in life, is change. Here are a few changes that touch on the life of ECM’s ministry. Your prayers through these transitions are appreciated. Student Experience - At UoG, ECM and the Multi-Faith Resource Team fall under Student Life, which is part of Student Affairs. This Fall, Student Life is joining up with

Co-op & Career Services to become a new unit, called Student Experience. MFRT Leadership - James VanderBerg, long-time staff for GCM and more recently Program Coordinator for MultiFaith Resource Team, is no longer on staff with UoG. The hope is to have new MFRT leadership by Fall.

United Church Restructuring Pending a final vote at General Council this summer, the United Church will move to a 3-court system that combines presbyteries and conferences into regions. Much support for ECM has come from Waterloo Presbytery and Hamilton Conference, which we pray continues (or grows) with the new structure.

Giving to ECM The important work ECM does is funded entirely through our three partner denominations, local congregations, and individuals who value campus ministry. We are so thankful for your support.

national ecumenical

Campus Ministers gathering

If you would like to give financially towards the work of the Ecumenical Campus Ministry, there are three ways to do that. Tax receipts are available. 1) Send a cheque made out to “Ecumenical Campus Ministry - University of Guelph” in the mail to… Ecumenical Campus Ministry University of Guelph 50 Stone Road E. Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1 2) Donate online through Canada Helps… Use the Search to find “Ecumenical Campus Ministry at U. of Guelph”. One-time or monthly donation options available. 3) Give through Alumni Affairs… Go to Select “Give Now”. Mark “Direct my gift to: Write-In Option”. Write in “MFRT - ECM” and make your gift.

In May, campus ministers from Anglican, Presbyterian, United, and Lutheran chaplaincies from all across Canada, came together for a time of learning and support at Five Oaks Retreat Centre. Over 4 days together, the group learned from each other and took part in workshops on White Privilege, Gender-Based Violence, and Indigenous Reconciliation. Plenary sessions were led by Cody Nielsen of Convergence on Campus, an organization committed to researching and advocating for faith’s place in higher education. Worship was led by Bishop Mark MacDonald, Indigenous Bishop for the Anglican Church of Canada. Special thanks to the United Church of Canada, whose financial support made it possible.

SOME BIG THANK YOU’S TO. . . 5 Trustess from Trinity United Church, Kitchener who donated a lectern, antique communion set, and crokinole board - in memory of Rev. Bob Hyde. A pair of donors who made significant individual gifts to ECM this term. One gift was for $4,000 and another was for $2,000. Everyone who took part in our recent Hocus Crocus Crokinole Tournament and raised close to $500. Trinity United (Guelph) who hosted a chilli lunch in support of ECM and raised almost $500 as well.

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ECM Express Summer 2018  

Newsletter of the Anglican, Presbyterian, United Church chaplaincy at U. of Guelph.

ECM Express Summer 2018  

Newsletter of the Anglican, Presbyterian, United Church chaplaincy at U. of Guelph.