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Through the Lens

The talented photographer and stylist, Vin Cinquetti, gets everyone ready for the cooler weather of autumn.

At Home With...

For the monthly Home & Garden feature, June Fallon inspires with an “Endless Summer” showcase.

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The Art Perspective


The World of Roleplay


Ask Noey

For this issue, Oema reviews “Seeking” by Theda Thammas at LEA22.

The Proust Spotlight

Teaming up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, we shine the Proust Spotlight on blogger, Novaleigh Freng.

Trending Now...

The ECLIPSE stylists welcome the cooler weather and put together their favorite autumn fashion trends.

We discover the U.S.S. Solstice, a Star Trek inspired roleplay community.

Need some advice? Noey offers some of the best on the grid for all your virtual needs.


ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase residents and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination� to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.


Cover Story June Fallon Cover Photographer Lessthen Zero


Voices from the Grid


Artist Highlight


The Wayfarer

Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook

Each issue ECLIPSE Magazine asks residents a question, see what they have to say.

From Whispering Sands Live Promotion, we feature their artist Cori Arkwright.

Join the Wayfarer on a journey exploring the sim, Anchill Island. ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 9


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Briony Writer Cajsa Lilliehook Grayden Foxe oey Ivy London Flower Novaleigh Freng Oema Synful Aeon Taylor Wassep

Autumn Rose Blair Lockhearst Carley Benazzi June Fallon Lessthen Zero Taylor Wassep Tempest Rosca Wicca Merlin

stylists Anderson Davenport Blair Lockhearst Desireme Fallen June Fallon Lua Vendetta Misoindite Romano Sienna Bellios Wicca Merlin

guest stylist & photographer Vin Cinquetti

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Labor Day has come and gone; thus, my countdown to Thanksgiving and Christmas begins. Mostly because I like the feast. I’m told life is one continuous change, and there are things like my holiday countdown that remain the same. And my love of food. I grasp onto these constants far too hard because they ground me. Plus, I am not good with change. In that same breath, I am the happiest I have been in a very long time, and that’s mostly because of my girl. I have finally changed my Publisher’s photograph, and it’s the same photograph of us that is currently on the Second Life homepage that she took. If you haven’t gathered, I’m so proud of her, and my world is infinitely brighter and better with her in it. On to the issue! ECLIPSE Magazine features June Fallon as our cover story. While she no longer blogs, she is the creative force behind Dahlia and a talented photographer and stylist. I am a huge fan of her work, and she is a testament to how far you can come by simply doing your best. Incidentally, she also does a monthly feature for ECLIPSE Magazine with Blair Lockhearst that showcases the best of home and garden, and I have grown rather fond of the two of them. They make me laugh, and I’ve come to realize that’s a hard trait to come by with people. With that, it is my honor and privilege to be able to tell June’s story. We have a total of 11 pieces this month, and I do hope you enjoy them. Happy Readings!

letter from the publi


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through the lens Styling by vin cinquetti. photography by vin

Each issue, ECLIPSE Magazine invites one of the many talented photographers from Second Life to collaborate. With this piece, they style, create and share a glimpse through their lens. Vin Cinquetti, photographer and stylist extraordinaire, takes us on a photographic journey of how he prepares for autumn.



YUTH Eddie Mens Hair [VEX] Diamond Tags 24k 24inch [VEX] Kent Jacket x Hoodie Black [VEX] Cuban Lock Bracelet Black MESHMAFIA Lux Diamond Watch (Blackout Edition) Legal Insanity Adam bento rings (L) - SpotCat Skull Bento rings (R) MGmen’s BG Pants Color 1 [VALE KOER] Nocturnal Ravers Fatpack Ver [VALE KOER] Smartphone Page 28 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 29

On Ivanya Hat/Hair: Lock & Tuft - Bolero Eyeshadow: Pink Fuel - Queen Palette Lipstick: Lisa Walker - Fever Nails: E.marie - Palette Collection 2 Rings: Chain - Flash Drink: 220ML - F.M.L Bag: Boutique 187 - Water Mine Handbag Stole: Kaithleen’s - Minoan Priestess Fur Top: SpectacledChic - Sheer Blouse Bra: Dead Dollz - Valerie Pants: Jeune - Ren Python Shoes: Gos - Natalie On Vin Hotdog High collar jacket Dark grunge [VEX] Mini Cuban 12inch 14k Necklace MESHMAFIA Lux Diamond Watch (Yacht Edition) COLD-ASH Mens Burleson Bracelet MGmen’s Oculus Pants Color 9 EQUAL Mitch Chelsea Boots Page 30 | ECLIPSE September 2018

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Page 32 | ECLIPSE September 2018

On Gi: Pixicat- Wintry.Cape - Flower AMERIE - Wide pants(Pat01) Hair Studio ONE...Badu Hair Wrap .random.Matter. - Citro Glasses - Gold .Shi - Evra Pendant [Femme] white river co. - Daytripper Booties (Coal) On Vin KROVA - CAD HAT NEXOR - Cash Money Shadez Bakaboo - Baka Couture Blazer - Color A Gabriel - Harem Baggy Black Gacha Scars - Moon Necklace ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 33

On Vin Gabanna & Vin Cinquetti Galvanized Suit Chinos and Jacket Crimson Page 34 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 35

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David Heather Havana Suit Mustard [VEX] Huncho Necklace 14k 24inch ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 37

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ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 41

where dahlia blo

written by cajsa lilliehook. photography by autumn rose, Blair lockhearst & less


sthen zero.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour… From Auguries of Innocence by William Blake Just over fifty years ago, back in 1965, Lady Bird Johnson pressured Congress to passed the Highway Beautification Act, eliminating billboards and requiring the restoration of native grasses and wildflowers after highway construction. She famously said, “Where flowers bloom so does hope.” Perhaps June Fallon is Second Life’s™ own Lady Bird beautifying our lives in many ways. Fallon is the founder of Dahlia, a lifestyle store with a quality mix of accessories, furnishing, foodstuffs, and decor. Fallon describes her brand as “eclectic, contemporary, soft, delicate, boho, chic, adventurous, romantic.” Asked to describe the Dahlia customer, Fallon extemporised, imagining her as someone who is “confident, free and knows how to relax with nature. They listen to Sade and binge watch films from the late Nineties: “Great Expectations” and reruns of “Sex and the City.” Well, who doesn’t want to do that? Browsing through Dahlia’s offerings, there is this restrained exuberance that enlivens the work. The Yasuni tropical chairs are a perfect illustration of the combination of whimsical exuberance and restraint that elevates Dahlia beyond the ordinary. The back and seat are two large Monstera leaves. There is the whimsy, but then the legs are simple midcentury modern without ornamentation. She resisted any impulse to add something that would take it from excellent to twee. No ladybugs, no flowers, just the simplicity of the leaves’ form making an extraordinary design.

Page 44 | ECLIPSE September 2018

Photograph and Styling by Blair Lockhearst.

Dahlia - Bayou - Storage Table Dahlia - Summer Strawberry Pots Dahlia - Yasuni - Tropical Chair Dahlia - Jocelyn - Decorative Garden Stools Dahlia - Jocelyn - Mirror - Rosegold Dahlia - Jocelyn - Moss Balls In Dish Dahlia - Kahvy - Spanish Bluebells Potted Dahlia - Bayou - Firefly Jars - Hanging Dahlia - Malta - Peonies Dahlia - Bayou - Steaming Beignets Dahlia - Bayou - Sugar Sifter Dahlia - Bayou - Firefly Jar Dahlia - Bayou - Honey Jar Dahlia - Bayou - Fleur De Lis Butter Dish

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 45

When choosing a name for the store, she knew she wanted a one word name. “I love flowers and anything floral so I knew I wanted a name of a flower, I went through all and landed on Dahlia, I love the flow of the word and it just sounds really pretty and slips off the tongue easily.” The name fits in more ways that one. Dahlias are the flower of autumn, their singular uniformity and symmetry meet an infinite color palette that fascinates. Driving among the dahlia farms in August and September is an experience like no other, with fields of deep rust, zesty yellow and incandescent lime rolling as far as they eye can see, punctuated only by the deep green of the windbreaks that edge the fields. The combination of rigid symmetry with

Page 46 | ECLIPSE September 2018

infinite color variety is just the k that defines the Dahlia brand. W name, how can Dahlia not be a d

Dahlia’s Fallon was introduced to in 2006. She felt lost at first, but first log-in, she had a store called making clothes and accessories She spent a lot of time hanging worked.

After a year or so, she left SL® for 2013 to a new world filled with m detail and how beautiful this ne

kind of restrained exuberance With such inspiration in its delight?

o Second Life by a friend back within a few months of her d Julex. With a partner, she was s with prims and system layers. out in sandboxes while she

r a long hiatus, returning in mesh everywhere. Seeing the ew mesh world looked, she was

inspired to learn for herself. “I started to learn Blender watching tutorials. Blender is free and an amazing program for people who want to invest little and gain a lot. It took a really long time for me to learn and a lot of frustrations and uphill battle. My first creations are laughable and yet I was so proud that I could even try to attempt to make anything.” She kept her nose to the Blender grindstone and it paid off as she gain confidence in her creations–enough confidence to open a new store Dahlia. Fallon is naturally creative, her first life job is as a hair stylist and colorist, creating new looks to enliven other people’s lives. As she put it, “being creative is just in my nature and I think of my mesh creations here as my own canvas to express my creativity from things that inspire me.”

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 47

When she creates something new for Dahlia, she tries to reflect her own first life style. She makes what she is passionate about and what she wants to see in Second Life. She travels a lot and is often inspired by what she has seen on her travels. She takes photos of things she sees to inspire her though always putting her own spin on it. She does love to see her work in the wild, so to speak. “Seeing people use my creations in their photos makes me so happy and highlights them in ways that sometimes I would never even think of.” Fallon recognizes that with the volume of content being created every day, it’s sometimes difficult to stand out. With over a hundred events and the Marketplace™ and main store releases, there’s a flood of content to compete with and it’s not surprising that it sometimes seems repetitive. Fallon makes a point of trying to be unique. She says, “It is hard to find things that are different, so I always try to find something unique to add to my items. I also like to push myself and learn something new with every release.” She likes pieces rich in detail and texture. The fine details inspire her. “Lately I have been loving to make cute small decorative pieces. It reminds me of being a child when

Page 48 | ECLIPSE September 2018

I used to collect tiny foods, Limoges and knick knacks. I think that is where that love for tiny decor comes from.” When she’s in world, she’s often on the beta grid creating or else, back on the regular grid, she’s on her platform uploading and testing mesh and textures. For her the creative process is slow and takes days or weeks. “I sometimes have to make it a point to peel myself from the computer to take breaks.” Of course, it’s not just creating. Fallon explains, “Once you have everything meshed, uploaded and fixing the mistakes a hundred times, dealing with LOD and uploading issues, texture & baking textures hours on end is only half the battle. Then you have advertisements, packing, making the HUD, piecing everything together, adding materials, setting up events, to then trying to push and network your item on social media. Then you need to update your shop and Marketplace with all the previous month’s items.” Dahlia is a one-woman-show without any assistance. This is on top of a first-life job. Fallon feels that if she involved anyone in the work, it would not feel like it was truly hers. “Dahlia is indeed my little baby. It is exhausting, but once the product is all done and ready usually I can say I am pretty happy with the result.”

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 49

Page 50 | ECLIPSE September 2018

Dahlia celebrated its first anniversary in June 2017. Looking back Fallon is pleased with her work, though of course, she is her harshest critic. The corollary of DunningKruger Syndrome wherein people who are incompetent always overestimate their ability, lacking the competence to assess themselves is the truly skilled are routinely overcritical and underestimate their performance. Truly, cruelly, the more incompetent you are, the better you think you are and the more incompetent you are, the worse you think you are. Fallon is self-critical. “I am super critical of my own work and find tiny mistakes and think, ‘Damn I could have made that so much more better if I did this,’ but I guess that is how you learn and grown as an artist.” That drive for perfection is the hardest part of being a creator. “I become too crazy in my head and want everything to be perfect and sometimes with my lack of skill or Second Life limitations I can’t achieve what I want a piece to be.” The angst and frustration is all worth it, though, when she sees people enjoying her work and loving what she made. Happy customers mean more than just sales, they give her a psychic lift.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 51

On a personal level, Fallon tries to stick to a small circle of close and trusted friends. Because she is innately empathetic and generous, she has found herself prone to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous sorts. A small circle also helps her avoid the dramas and negative energy that sends sparks throughout social media and in-world groups. In Fallon’s estimation, it’s better to go straight to the source when she has an issue, being open and honest about her issues, though she would rather avoid confrontation altogether. Frankly, though, she’s too busy for drama. With her first life work and her Second Life business, her nose it too close to the grindstone to be in anyone’s business. Since her first life work is working with and talking to people all day, her natural introvert is exhausted at the end of the day. She prefers singular activities in her downtime, things like yoga and walking her dog. She likes reading Eckart Toile and Bored Panda and watching television, mostly reality TV (The Only Way Is Essex, Real Housewives of New York, and The Bachelor). Her sports are equally individualistic, skiing and snowboarding. She does like to travel and she can work on Dahlia anywhere she goes with her laptop.

Page 52 | ECLIPSE September 2018

While Second Life has become a big part of her life, it’s almost all about the work. “As to it being something social for me and living a life there, aside from my friends and family I have made along the way, I don’t do much besides work there.” But it’s not all work. She has adopted two children in Second Life. She adopted her son Ethan Fallon nearly nine years ago. Several years later, she adopted Cora Fallon, her daughter. Her SL family includes her sister, Blair, and her mother, Wendz. These five have formed a strong network of mutual love, respect, and support. To them she adds “long time besties” Aqua aka Sugar, Sandie, and Lou Lou and a new friendship approaching its first anniversary in October with Lulu Rage of ACORN. She added, “We decided a few months ago we wanted to go in on a sim together we are so happy we made that decision, everything just came together so naturally and I can’t imagine doing anything differently.” Fallon credits Second Life with allowing her to make a nice income from her home. However, she does not think having a business obligates her to talk to everyone who wants to chat. “It is everybody’s Second Life you are allowed to talk to and do what you like with your own Second Life as long as you respect others.” Having been burned a few times, Fallon keeps to her close circle. ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 53

Photograph and Styling by Blair Lockhearst. Page 54 | ECLIPSE September 2018

Of course, having a business has changed her relationship with Second Life. Where it used to be a place for leisure and play, now it’s all about work. She tries to take time to catch up with friends, but since she’s often on the bega grid testing her products, they aren’t in the same space. “I think right now i am trying to find a happy medium between doing too much and trying to make quality pieces. There is an overload on events now and of course I would love to try most, but in reality I am not a robot and can only handle so much, so I need to try to pace myself a bit.” Going forward, she plants to focus on more decor pieces for Dahlia and possibly scaling back on events. She somehow got herself committed to eleven events next month and is scrambling. She would really liked to get down to doing just four releases a month, making them bigger releases, with more details. “Since I only been around with Dahlia a year, it was all about feeling out the market, so now I think I have a pretty good idea about where I fit in the most. I always want to try to stay true to my style and what I like. I just hope people enjoy my brand as much as I have been in the past year and look forward to the future of my brand. “ Dahlia - Pluvio - Dresser Dahlia - Pluvio - Poppies Vase Dahlia - Pluvio - Poppies Book Dahlia - Clarina - Marble Cafe Table Dahlia - Clarina - Cafe Chair Dahlia - Jocelyn - Mirror Dahlia - Clarina - Cafe Floral Arrangement Dahlia - Provence - Chipped Teacup Dahlia - Provence - Rose Cloche Dahlia - Tenerife Lanterns Dahlia - Cora’s Summer Champagne - Table Dahlia - Cora’s Summer Champagne - Champagne Ice Bucket - Rose Dahlia - Cora’s Summer Champagne - Champagne Bottle - Rose’ Dahlia - Cora’s Summer Champagne - Champagne Bottle - Brut Dahlia - Cora’s Summer Champagne - Glass Rose’ Dahlia - Cora’s Summer Champagne - Cocktail Mixer - Silver Dahlia - Cora’s Summer Champagne - Blackberries - Copper Dahlia - Curious - Sparkle Bottle - Teal Dahlia - Curious - Eat Me - Cupcake Dahlia - La Dolce Vita - Cannoli & St. Joseph Pastry Platter Dahlia - La Dolce Vita - Moka Espresso Maker Dahlia - Jacqueline - Centerpieces - Pink / Rose Gold Dahlia - Joanna’s - Macaroons ACORN & Dahlia Madison SILVER RARE

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 55

Check out June Fallo Follow he Read h Teleport to D Shop Dahlia o Follow Dah Photograph and Styling by Blair Lockhearst. Dahlia - Pluvio - Poppies Book Dahlia - Lexi - Collar Dahlia - Lancia - Necklace Dahlia - Kauna - Necklace Dahlia - Soho - Necklace Dahlia - Mayza - Necklace

Photograph by Wicca Merlin Page 56 | ECLIPSE September 2018

on’s Second Life Profile. er on Flickr. her Blog. Dahlia In-World. on Marketplace. hlia on Flickr.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 57

Dahlia - Piper’s Handbag Gacha - Makeup bag & Wallet Dahlia - Piper’s Handbag Gacha - Sunglasses & Candy Dahlia - Piper’s Handbag Gacha - Perfume & Lipgloss Dahlia - Piper’s Handbag Gacha - Compacts & Foundation Dahlia - Piper’s Handbag Gacha - Phone & Keys Dahlia - Piper’s Handbag Gacha - Lipstick, Mascara & Cream Dahlia - Cabin Candle - Small Open - Iridescent/Rose ACORN & Dahlia Tote Bag

Photograph and Styling by Blair Lockhearst. Page 58 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 59

Page 60 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 61

at home with...

STYLING BY june fallon. photography by ju

Alternating each issue between the talents of Blair Lockhearst and June Fallon, ECLIPSE Magazine explores the long underappreciated and overlooked world of home and garden design. The flourishing diversity and abundance of choice since the mesh revolution has led to a bold new world of world creation. For this month’s feature, prepare to be inspired as June showcases “Endless Summer.”

une fallon.

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Page 78 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 79

Sitting Room: Dahlia - Concetta - RoseTea Tin - White Apple Fall Pumpkin Clonch (Colours) Fancy Decor: Blythe Bowl of Lemons ChiMia:: Book Basket Kalopsia - Tropic Touch - Woven Pouf ACORN Casual Ottoman -Blush crate Salvador Set ~ Plant Fancy Decor: Blue Pillow Apple Fall Wild Thistles Kalopsia - Tropic Touch - Pineapple Kalopsia - Tropic Touch - Table 22769 - Hermes Clock Painted Iron [Commoner] “Burgundy Summer” Monogrammed Pillow / D ACORN Rug -Boho [ kunst ] - Novak set / coffee table [ kunst ] - Novak set / plant #1 [Merak] - Tropical Glass Vase [Merak] - Mixed Pot Kalopsia - Tropic Touch - Wallpaper Short Kalopsia - Tropic Touch - Wallpaper Short [Merak] - Decorative Wall (tex/change/ menu) Kalopsia - Tropic Touch - Lamp Apple Fall Wingback Chair

Bedroom: {what next} Amelie Armoire (linen) V.2 Thistle Round Mirror - Brass (cm) Kalopsia - Pale Rose Curtains [Merak] - Decorative Wall (tex/change/ menu) *AF* Hanging Plant - Pothos ARIA - Ainsley Print Thistle Candlestick Lamp - Brass (cm) Fancy Decor: Blythe Dining Bench [Merak] - Summer Bed Adult Kalopsia - Pale Rose Wreath [Merak] - Entryway Bench [ keke ] hard to find - glass of water dust bunny . beach bag . chevron AF Open Book [ keke ] zink trays w paper whites Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit Fancy Decor: Blythe Pitcher

Page 80 | ECLIPSE September 2018

Kitchen: [Merak] - Wicker Basket 3 NX-Gerzzo - Genon Bamboo Tree Planter [Merak] - Ceramic Pots ..::THOR::.. Mojave Wooden Divider 3 ..::THOR::.. Dudes Rug [C] Kalopsia - Basket (with cloths) - Dark ..::THOR::.. Vintage Telephone with sound Dahlia - Joanna’s - Plate Console Table Brown floorplan. poster mural / mystic Kalopsia - Kitchen Frame *YS&YS* Holborn Hanging Ivy Dahlia - Clarina - Cafe Chair - Dark Wood .02 C/M Tentacio - basketBONDI . Old Kettle Silver [Merak] - Steel basket - Silver with Accessories [Merak] - Oranges Basket dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . bananas BONDI . Wood Stove White w/Vent .peaches. Rustic Accents - Wall Baskets Granola. Tabitha’s Beaded Curtains. White. tentacio - ramen box 4. VIBES - Those Days Ramen ionic : Hanging casseroles

Outside: llorisen // chlo chlo cottage CR Plumeria Pink 2 HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- a Kalopsia - Orchard Pail w/Tree *alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] =EliBaily= Ivy 01 Apt B // Old side of London - Jeep RARE HPMD* Shrub - ygreen*c dust bunny . rainboot cart *LODE* Head Accessory - Southern Magnolia Wreath [mix] JIAN Fun Frenchies 19. White Wanderer Granola. Maggie’s Pomegranates. C/M N4RS Encore Bench

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 81

the proust spotli

photography by novale

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second Life®. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick. ECLIPSE Magazine has teamed up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, so each month the blogger we showcase on the Proust Spotlight is a group member. The group member we feature this month is the talented Novaleigh Freng. When asked to share something about herself, she tells us, “I’ve been blogging for a few years now after getting the push into blogger-land from a friend of mine, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m a graduate of Second Life’s Visionaire academy for photography, and I’m constantly trying to find new ways to express emotion through photography in Second Life. Recently, I re-branded my clothing store and started selling bento poses and pose props. I’m loving every minute of it!”


eigh freng.

What is your ideal of perfect happiness? My ideal of perfect happiness is being surrounded by people who love me and respect me. Money isn’t important. Obviously you need it to pay bills, but you don’t have to be rich to be happy. You just need to surround yourself with people that empower you people who are there to lift you up and not tear you down. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Patience. So few people seem to have any of it nowadays, and I think those that do, those that aren’t interested in the quick fix or the sure thing, are often looked down upon in today’s society, because so many people and things are all about instant gratification. If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? I’d probably come back as a dog. I like cuddles and even when I’m in a bad mood I can find the good in things. Plus, I love nap time. What do you most value in your friends? Honesty. If you can’t have honest people in your corner, there’s no real point to having anyone in your corner at all. What is your greatest regret? I don’t have any. Life is a learning curve. Everyone makes mistakes. Instead of living in regret, you learn from those mistakes so that you can make better choices in the future. What is your motto? If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is probably a horrible idea.... But really? It’s “Be grateful, because no matter how bad a day you’re having, someone out there has got it worse.” Connect with Novaleigh on her Flickr, Group Flickr and Facebook.

Page 86 | ECLIPSE September 2018

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ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 89

Page 90 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 91

Page 92 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 93

Page 94 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 95

Trending now

photography by wic

Trending Now is a monthly piece dedicated to showcasing some of the best ready-to-wear fashion found on Second LifeÂŽ. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine stylists usher in the cool weather with their favorite autumn fashions.

cca merlin.

Page 98 | ECLIPSE September 2018

Anderson Davenport in Shearling Hair: VoltHair - Aiden Top: Ascend - Shawn Long Coat Pants: Kalback - Original Jeans Necklace: Meva - Roy Necklace Ring: PKC - Simple Male

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 99

Page 100 | ECLIPSE September 2018

desireme Fallen in The Leather Dress Dress: ISON - Moto Jacket Bag: BTTBxFKCN - Havet Glasses: Nanika - Felice Shoes: VALE KOER - Cinderella Boots Socks: Vale Koer - Thermal Hair: Entwinded - Scarlett Earrings: Chop Zuey - Men’s Diamond

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 101

Lua Vendetta in Cape Flattery Wrap: Shi - Enduo Top: Pixicat - Signe Skirt: Asteria - Claven Nails: LUNA Body Art - Leather Makeup: Zibska Riva & .kosmetik.dare Hair: Exxes - GIN A Tights: Ghee - Essential Opaque Shoes: Kokoia - Elvira Zibska Riva Lelutka Applier

Page 102 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 103

Page 104 | ECLIPSE September 2018

Misoindite Romano in Silver Bullet Dress: Eliavah - Twinsilk Hair: Truth - Cinnamon Ring: Meva - Sally Watch: Alter - Meg Sunglasses: Enchante - Autumn Star Necklace - ISON - Safari Tribe Boots: N-Core - Cleo Metals

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 105

Page 106 | ECLIPSE September 2018

Sienna Bellios in Animal Instinct Jumpsuit: Addams - Belen Jacket: Tres Blah - Leather Jacket Shoes: AZOURY - Capricieuse Hair: Shi : Reva Yah Necklace: Shi - Stone Necklace Rings: Astralia - Scorpion Ring ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 107

Wicca Merlin in Headwear Jacket: MSS - Ellen Shoulder Coat Top: MonCheri - Dead Romance Tank Head piece: Janka - Novo Scarf Pants: Dirty Princess - Lil Suspense Princess Shorts Leggins: Lassitude & Ennui - Hisa Leather Leggings Shoes: N-Core - Rogue Hair: Shi - Hearken Makeup: Zibska - Noir Pack 06 Lipstick: Izzie’s - Fae Lipgloss

Page 108 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 109

Page 110 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 111

the art perspect written by oema. photograph

Oema curates the ECLIPSE Magazine art column. Each piece, she discovers, reviews and highlights the work of some of the most creative and talented artists on the grid. She offers a fresh perspective in the vibrant and vast world of the arts. For this month’s feature, Oema showcases the art exhibition “Seeking” by Theda Thammas @ LEA22.

tive y by oema.

Theda Tammas opened the doors to her exhibition “Seeking” hosted at LEA22 as a blessing to her admirers (including me) and art lovers in the virtual worlds. Theda’s installations are both immersive and subliminal. As on other occasions, she has created a setting in which the visitor is completely immersed, captivated by the context and the musical choice that forms the background to the difficult theme Thammas addressed. In this case, in particular, the installation and the music have a profound subliminal effect because the messages reach the visitor’s mind in a fragmentary way; the best way to receive these messages is to stand still, at the center of the installation. Moving around with the camera to get its details is an option, but at a later stage, I suggest you do nothing and just let it be. Surrender. The Thammas’ female figures, tortured in body and spirit, often walk in the balance of narrow and difficult spaces. The woman, deeply empathetic, involved in the stuff of life, lets herself be carried away by a depth of feeling that often leads her to walk in the balance along the narrow paths of sentimental life. She feels and sees aspects of life that escape the male eye, forcing her to live unfulfilled by the endless search for a male soul endowed with the same emotional depth.

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Of course, this speech is generic, it refers to my personal interpretation of the works of Thammas and is not meant asa criticism of men in a generalized way. It happens, in fact, that the woman encounters, along her path, men who are not able to understand their depth of mind and, of course, the opposite happens. In this case, Thammas in her installation gives life to a narrative that comes to our mind as subliminal messages in a disorderly way. We have the task, as in a puzzle, of assembling them, to reconstruct the story of the infinite search for the soul, for pain, for love, and for laziness. Laziness for what, you’ll ask. Laziness in changing themselves, without losing the exquisite sensitivity that characterizes them. Empathy is an unappreciated inheritance and, indeed, is often mocked in modern society. This utilitarian modernity that makes its ruthless march through our hearts and minds in the name of inhuman scientism and efficiency as an end in itself. This is how we arrive at the progressive disappearance of empathy from people’s spiritual assets.

it began to fade with the development of the logic of economic progress. Empathetic people are decreasing in number, but no one seems to care about it, as if the world could very well do without the empathetic soul. On the other hand, empathy can be useful in a world where the logic of visibility prevails, of determination in pursuing one’s own objectives without too many scruples, of self-confidence regardless of one’s own real value, of mental flexibility to the point of reaching the worst compromises, and of nonchalance on every occasion which often results in narcissism and exhibitionism at all costs. However, people shy away from empathy, denigrating it, because it exposes those with it to greater suffering. The aspect that few understand is, however, that empathetic people draw on resources that protect them from the worst evils and that allow them to overcome difficulties, where their nature is left free to express itself. Thammas’ installation reminded me of these important aspects of emotional empathy that form an indispensable component of social living, preserving us from conflict and helping humanity to evolve.

On the contrary, empathetic people have an immeasurable gift, because it is not a quality learned through study, although it can be refined through experience. Empathy found a place in the preVisit “Seeking” @ LEA22. industrial era (with all its limitations), while

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the world of role

written by tayl

Second Life offers it’s residents the possibility to be and do almost everything they wish. It is also home to various virtual role-playing communities that affords people the opportunity to truly immerse themselves. Each issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we showcase one of these groups. For this month’s feature, discover and explore the U.S.S. Solstice.


lor wassep.

Photograph by Wicca Merlin.

“To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”, is a term etched into the fabric of American pop culture by the popular science fiction space opera, Star Trek. It strikes fans of the brave men and women of Starfleet Academy right in their hearts. Echoing such profound words, he fan base of this popular television Page 124 | ECLIPSE September 2018

series, which first b late 1960’s, refer to “Trekkies”.

It highly possible th reading this article a Trekkie, and grew multi-medium fran a robust cast of favo

broadcast in the themselves as

hat whoever is is, themselves, w up loving this nchise featuring ored characters

through the decades and its other iterations of the Star Trek saga. Spawning conventions, like the one hosted in Las Vegas; to cosplays seen through the galaxy and beyond, the fandom is fierce and expansive. Some Trekkies have even found themselves a place to call home in this virtual space known as, Second Life™. ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 125

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It isn’t a far stretch to connect those real life adventures normal citizens embark on with their roots vastly tied to the world of Star Trek. Why wouldn’t there be a community like that in a virtual space? Those who love the work of Gene Roddenberry might really enjoy having a place to be when logged into Second Life—to totally immerse themselves as part of the Starfleet, ensuring peace and prosperity withstands for any terra a part of the United Federation of Planets. One such community exists in Second Life, and those who may want to join in their adventures may become humanitarians for the U.S.S. Solstice.

We all have a deep love of the shows and Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future. -Andrea Fawcett

The U.S.S. Solstice is the name of a Starfleet ship and the role-play sim “Taking place in the year 2391, the U.S.S. Solstice is a nova class science vessel of the Rhode Island frigate variant that serves out of the Starbase 82,” according to Lieutenant Commander Andrea Fawcett. They patrol the areas around that base which is located in the Alpha Quadrant, near the Klingon border. What makes this enterprise so amazing is that they have been keeping the peace for the last seven Earth years. The passengers and crew of the U.S.S. Solstice are celebrating their seventh year in September 2018.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 127

The U.S.S. Solstice, as a role-play community, is headed by Commanding Officer P’rrowl; Chief Petty Officer, 1st class, Kristen Sabelpaw; and of course Andrea Fawcett, who is also an executive officer of U.S.S. Solstice. These three make up the Command Triad, and also The U.S.S. Solstice sim owners who help ensure the U.S.S. Solstice is to true to the heart of what Star Trek is. They work hard to have storylines that flow with what Starfleet ship might come against while out patrolling. Having submerged oneself into what life is like on the ship, you might be working your assigned quarters on the ship and starting your duties for the day, checking systems on the Bridge to make sure they are working properly, caring for those

who may ve sick, or a plethora of other exciting activities to push the story plot further along. Those who wish to enlist and join the U.S.S. Solstice may want to check out their website, and see what departments sound interesting. For example, Chief Petty Officer of the Tactical Deparyment, Michelle Walker, spoke to me about her department which is responsible for maintaining the ship’s weapons system as well as the small arms and other ship defenses. This department might be a place your character could end up one day. If that doesn’t appeal to you, there is a vast range of other departments that you can find on their website.

The one race we haven’t been able to find is a bunny race. -Andrea Fawcett

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Once accepted into the fleet of extraordinary space travelers, traveling the vast expanse of the universe is at your fingertips. Just think about it, you’re a freshfaced cadet aboard the U.S.S. Solstice, and you’re assigned to security detail. An unruly patient seems to be having a hard time complying with the rules of the ship and is creating a hostile environment. Just then, the enraged patient rushes towards you; what do you do? Quick, reach for your phaser and stun the subject. Rendering him unconscious and subdued. Thus, creating an atmosphere of calm and bringing the danger levels back down so the sick bay could continue their work. You just helped stop a dangerous situation from turning even more dangerous. All of that could be just a normal part of your day if you reach out and want to join the ranks crew members aboard the U.S.S. Solstice.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 131

For the last several years, each a U.S.S. Solstice roleplaying sim h and entertainment within that moments of pure joy or, of cour and torment. But, it’s just a part a space traveler in Star Trek. Tho choose to join Starfleet to creat No, they joined because they fe the United Federation of Planet Bring peace to those planets th

[The U.S.S.]Sols build that is a improved and w those improveme to make the sim depth and gives th great roleplayi -Michelle

Just like the people behind the this space for people to enjoy t to captivate their imaginations an experience they grew up lov you, go and seek out the U.S.S. community you would like to jo Second Life uses its system to c active environment to impleme genres. That means, get out th experiment and just have fun. T from Star Trek, and fits very wel just enjoy their lives; “Live long Teleport to the U.S.S. Solstice. Check out their website.

Page 132 | ECLIPSE September 2018

and every member of the has added to the overall story community. These could be rse, moments of heartache t of the experience of being ose crew members didn’t te havoc or for selfish reasons. elt a yearning to help expand ts and explore the cosmos. hat might be in turmoil.

stice is a great always being worked on and ents are helping m a lot more in he possibility of ing storylines. e Walker

e U.S.S. Solstice, they created their time in Second Life, and s once again. To be a part of ving. So, if any of this interests Solstice and see if it is a oin. Remember role-play in create any kind of engaging ent stories of any and all here, and see what you like, To quote an iconic character ll with suggesting people to and prosper, my friends.�


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ask noey: the advice guru

send your questions to noey here, and it might be in our next issue. written by noey ivy london f

flower. photography by wicca merlin.

Dear Noey, I am a blogger in Second Life and am constantly watching tutorials on Youtube to learn how to take better photographs. I struggle a bit with getting my faves on Flickr and it frustrates me so much when people whose photography is nowhere near the quality of mine gets more faves. What can I do to fix this? Frustrated Frankie Dear Frustrated Frankie, This is a little bit of a challenge for me since I don’t blog or Flickr. But, I think if I was in your spot I might try a couple things and see how it went. Im sure you follow a lot of people on Flickr for photography, spend some time commenting on their pictures. Compliment them even if you think your photos are better. Try to mentally remove yourself from the rest of the photography people in world. Don’t compare yourself, just look at their pieces for their individual work. I feel like if you try to do this, the compliments might be more genuine and you might be able to get a lot of the same behavior returned. Have you also joined blogger groups in world that allow you to network? That way your own work will gain more attention that way as well? Finally, what is your major goal when you blog and Flickr? Is it a popularity contest or a true passion? I truly believe if you put yourself in a positive mindset you can’t gain a lot more then just “likes” in return.

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Dear Noey, My ex won’t stop running his mouth about me. Recently, he’s passed out to my SL family nude photographs of me, and he’s been faking chat logs about things I’ve allegedly said about this. I’m so close to quitting SL, and on top of all this, he’s threatening to send these photographs to my real life family too. I have no idea what to do. Please help. Lost Lucy Dear Lost Lucy, I think before you start worrying about your online reputation, you need to think about how this is going to affect you in RL. I would definitely waste no time in reporting him to LL. Thats just absolutely disgusting and no one should be allowed to get away with something like that. Thats not only slander but also libel.Passing out physical evidence of that without your consent could be illegal depending on the state or country you are in. I would take snap shots of him doing so. Have your family take snapshots of him passing the pictures out and the conversations he is having with them regarding you. I am not an attorney, so I can’t really give legal advice, but I do know that you have rights. After that I would then ask your sl family to block him so there is no longer any further contact with him. No reason to further entertain him. As for passing them out to your RL family, he is probably just using that to scare you. He wants you to be living in fear and to be miserable. My gut tells me he probably will not do that, the potential is always there, but he is most likely getting more out of watching you suffer with the idea of it. I would most definitely contact LL and see what your options are. Don’t let him do this to you. You have some power here, use it.

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Dear Noey, I’m so lonely. SL isn’t like how it used to be. I feel people are so clique-y and there’s no one for me. How can I make friends again? Lonely Lisa Dear Lonely Lisa, Second Life isn’t what it use to be, but it is also what you want it to be. Its what you make it. There is always going to be cliques no matter where you go in both worlds. You need to be willing to be social too yourself. Are you friendly and approachable? Do you put out effort in meeting new people? You can’t just stand there, never talk and expect to have social opportunities just land at your door step. Making friends takes work. Keeping friends takes more work. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Say hi to people, join in on conversations when they are happening. Be friendly. Thats the most important thing of all. If you are nice to everyone and you don’t make fun of people, then you will make friends. People will see you come around and they will start saying “Hi” to you and conversations will follow. Just be patient and persistant and it will happen. Find some social places in world and make a habit of popping in there every time you are on and start chatting up the regulars. Its more about the quality of friends you have than quantity. Don’t worry….you will start making some friends :). If you ever see me around… say hi!

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Voices from the g

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second Life® residents on the salient issues of the day. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine asked residents, “What are you getting serious about in September?”


Photograph provided by Amelia. Page 150 | ECLIPSE September 2018



melia, legacy name ravenwings, joined SL in December 2010, after friends convinced her to log in and explore. She spent the first couple of years socialising and meeting new people. Then, just over three years ago discovered taking pictures in Second Life, which quickly evolved into her becoming a blogger. Her genre has changed over the years and she continues to blog a wide range of products from fashion to décor. I had never thought of myself as overly serious in Second Life, though it does hold a serious part inside me, which doesn’t change with the seasons. I enjoy it for what it is - a wonderful way to express my creativity and the friendships I have formed - but I guess that is what I am serious about. I honour and love both my blogging (where it takes me, the people I meet, and have met) and the friendships, a constant joy. As for September, here, in Australia, it is the start of the warm weather. Spring starts on September 1st. It is a time of new growth, flowers are budding, soon to be blooms, the days are longer, and the sun is bright. This is reflected in how I see my time in SL - a time to grow, to focus on learning new things, and become closer to those around me. I have recently closed my sim, which was open to the public, it is now just for me and my best friend Star. I am redecorating, using some of the skills I have learned in my blogging. I am also taking time to develop my picture taking, to continue to grow that skill of capturing a moment. As a friend said to me the other day “It’s a metamorphosis of your artsy self, we’re metamorphosing all the time.” And I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Check out her Flickr and Blog.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 151

Photograph provided by AriellaLata. Page 152 | ECLIPSE September 2018



riellaLata’s journey in Second Life began four years ago when her friend urged her that she would like the opportunity to express herself creatively and gifted her Ariella’s first doll. That inspired Ariella to start taking pictures even though it seemed that there was no suitable pose for pictures and she still had to learn how to interact with the world around her. Since that time her Second Life has changed very much. She opened the store named Serendipity to sell her own poses, participated in some events, challenged as a blogger and now that lovely doll looks at you only from Ariella’s pictures. I can’t say that I am getting more or less serious in September, it just means the end of the summer, the end of the vacation, and for me it means more poses and more pictures. I perceive September more on an emotional level, it the expectation of bright colors of autumn, Indian summer, and the enjoyment of the last warm sun rays. It is also waiting the approach the dark and cold days. My vendors are not just a collection of poses, they are fragments of stories in which I try to convey emotions, to bring the viewers into situations. The names of my pose sets are often like keywords and under each work there is a musical composition that can emphasize the mood of pictures. I believe that September is just new phase with more melancholic and sentimental works. Check out her Flickr, Mainstore and Blog.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 153

Photograph provided by MaitĂŞ Melody. Page 154 | ECLIPSE September 2018

Maitê Melody


aitê Melody joined SL in 2007. She first saw SL as a way of polishing her roleplaying skills and spent her time at Lendas Urbanas, a popular entry point for many Brazilians. There she made friends for life and came to understand the many possibilities of the metaverse. She began creating herself, opening !MIRE! Store with her friend Jhonneto Carling. She also worked as a model and owned a role-playing sim until the photography bug bit. In 2015 she created her blog - My Swagga Closet Sl - where several friends contributed and learned. She loves photography and loves learning more everyday and teaching what she knows. With the Bento Project Boom she created a shape store - Versatile Shapes - where she offers well-made but photography always consumed her time and interest more than commerce. Maitê spends her time in SL with family and friends, decorating, landscaping and photographing, building looks and having fun unraveling hunts on her blog with her husband. Fun, a little temperamental and to use the Brazilian expression “sem papas na lingua” or frankly, this fashionista doll is never satisfied with her look, one day blond, brunette, redhead, kawaii, what will be her next look? I’m not sure if I take SL seriously. WHY SO SERIOUS? The truth is that SL is another opportunity to get out of the stress of reality, to have pleasant and pleasant moments with my friends and people that I chose and who chose me. But September is a time when I want to improve my blog and the service provided to my sponsors, finding better and more effective ways to take their brand to the world without forgetting the fun. Check out her Blog, Flickr, Facebook, MIRE and Versatile Shapes.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 155

Photograph provided by Helhis. Page 156 | ECLIPSE September 2018


elhis Resident joined Second life in 2013. Since then she has been obsessed with Second Life Fashion, and the different beauties of avatar ‘s skins, shapes. Working with creative people had been a dream in Second Life for Helhis. This dream has become a reality! Blogging for years, Helhis now works with some of the finest creators in Second Life, bringing her pure joy! The SL Treasure blog has over 10,000 page views per month. September is a time of year when managing time becomes of paramount importance. The days of summer now past, I must do all that I can to manage my time in Second Life to retain the quality of the blog. Each blog post takes preparation, execution and then mass social media coverage. I will explain how I am getting serious in Second Life this September by explaining what is currently done for my blog.


Preparation requires going over my sponsors’ new releases, making a list of deadlines for each one. My sponsors are an incredible group whose work is always creative! The level of beauty they achieve is breathtaking! Super sexy looks that silence every person in a room. Elegant couture that would grace elegance in any ballroom. Fantasy creations that set our imaginations afire with ideas of where and how we can use these items in RP.! Combining the new releases of my sponsors with each other ( i.e. Dress from one sponsor, shoes from another and hair from another) is another joy. The next step is the search for free or nearly free items. I adore finding gifts. Exploring events and discovering new fashions is eye-opening. The gifts found can build an avatar. Items such as skin, hair, dresses, shoes, and jewelry. Many events have gifts and can be a true treasure when found. I go to each event, take the gifts, landmark each one ( sounds crazy but is important later) then go home to incorporate into the next look. Now on to photography. First, each set has to be created in our studio. Props and backgrounds choose until it “fits” the look of the outfit, It can be anywhere from Fantasy, Urban Chic, Elegant Couture to Science Fiction environments! Photographs are then taken, edited and uploaded to the blog. Each item worn is listed and the exact landmark for each item is linked to the store name To get to it, people just have to click the name to get map page, then click the teleport to go directly to the item in Second Life. The post is then uploaded to the blog. Next comes social media. Individual images are chosen and posted to Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk, GooglePlus, Facebook and Instagram with links to the blog. All have a positive impact on traffic. As you can see, streamlining this process, even more, is the place for getting more serious in Second Life so that the maximum amount of posts can be shared with the people of Second Life. There is one thing that we all (mostly all) need to get serious about is reducing inventory! :) But seriously, for me, does not mean boring, it is a way to go always higher and farther in my passion for the SL world and its avatars! ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 157

Photograph provided by Stella Mahogany. Page 158 | ECLIPSE September 2018

stella mahogany


tella Mahogany dipped her toes on noob island in 2008 and hasn’t looked back! She is a photographer, blogger, landscaper & avid collector of hair & shoes!’

For me, September is a wonderfully FUN time of year! It’s time for some serious shopping & even more serious landscaping, flipping my sim over from summer to the glorious season of fall. It’s a time when I think most people including myself, start thinking about the rich colors of autumn leaves, shorter days & the ever increasing crispness of the air. That time of year when you can visit sims all over the grid to find falling leaves, soft warm wind-lights and gorgeous new season fashions before the first snowflake has fallen and it all changes again to an almost monochromatic landscape. With all the incredible events that pepper this month, to bring us both inspiration & resources, changing our decor and making our own cozy little corner of SL is an exciting time that I look forward to every year, and as a photographer it brings new opportunities to find inspiration as I explore the grid. Bikinis and sand are wonderful, but give me a big cozy sweater, hot cups of coco and a crackling fire to share with friends, and I’m a very happy lady! Check out her Flickr.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 159

Photograph provided by Merche Decuir. Page 160 | ECLIPSE September 2018

merche decuir


erche Decuir entered Second Life in 2007. For a long time she dedicated herself to the world of music, working as a DJ for a long time. She found it was great for her and she enjoyed it. Now she focuses more on photography.

Well, the answer is simple. I am passionate about my work and I take the subject of the blog very seriously, I am quite careful with deadlines and dates and I try to have everything ready so that the sponsors are happy with my work. I take it very seriously so I have a goal this month is to get some of the stores that I like in Second Life accept me as a blogger. I know that maybe it is something quite difficult since there are very good quality Second life photographers. But this last year I learned enough things, and had the possibility to update my computer that my photos have improved greatly. I am also trying to get people to know my work, I often upload to Flickr photos that are not working to show another different approach. Check out her Flickr and Blog.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 161

Photograph provided by Sienna Foxdale. Page 162 | ECLIPSE September 2018

sienna foxdale


ienna Foxdale joined Second Life in 2009 to explore creative expression through virtual photography and design. Currently, Sienna’s passion is blogging with an emphasis on Home & Garden. Her blog, Deco Soup, was born out of a love for decorating and telling a story through virtual imagery.

September kicks off the start of my favorite season for decorating & landscaping. I’m always a little busier going in to the fall season since this is when I tend to get an abundance of ideas for blog scenes. Sometimes, I find I have to reel it in a little or I’ll be knee deep in plaid prints, pumpkin spice and 3 foot high leaf piles in every post. If you’re wondering now if I am one of those people who breaks out the Christmas lights early, guilty as charged! September is also the time when some of my friends who take summer breaks from the virtual community start returning to the grid, getting back to their own Second Life passions. Not only am I pumped to see my friends again but their own excitement and fresh perspectives really motivate me and get me even more in the creative spirit. This year I am particularly stoked to be partnering up with a close friend to create an interactive, seasonal location that will be open to the public, hopefully this fall! The details are still pretty hush hush but it will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to a project that allows me to contribute something to the community. Second Life for me, is all about the ability to create in ways that “first life” might not offer. For now, it’s still hot outside with plenty of time for BBQ’s and afternoons by the pool but soon, September will end and I’ll be putting on my boots and kicking leaves into the wind! Check out her Flickr and Blog.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 163

Photograph provided by Niki Cole. Page 164 | ECLIPSE September 2018


niki cole

aris based, Niki Cole is well know for her blogger activity in SL. Sponsored by 20 brands and 2 major events, she has a passion for fashion and her aesthetic is on fleek. With an almost experience of 2 years helping people to manage their avatars, she now also runs her makeover agency named NIKI COLE CONSULTING. Workaholic, she can’t stay inactive and needs to create. So if you need any advice, ring the bell, her door will be always open for you. Mmmmm How am I getting serious in Second Life? That’s a good question. Never asked it to myself, so I guess it’s the time. I’m not a very serious person. I love irony, sarcasm, but I don’t take myself too seriously, thanks God! I think the only aspect of my life that I take seriously is my work, because I love it and I’m very dedicated to it. And in SL, I have a love of responsabiilities. For my sponsors. As a blogger, I have to always showcasing my sponsors’ items at their best. I can’t make a mediocre visual. They trust me, so I have to thank them by valorizing them. And I wouldn’t like to disappoint them, that’s why it so serious for me. Because I have a lot of life’s values, like respect, politeness... In 2018, when people give your their trust, it becomes so precious that you don’t want to waste that. For my clients. My consultant activity is also a serious business for me. Not because of the money, but for the same reason as my sponsors: the trust. When someone comes to see me for help, this person is waiting for the best results, to feel great and enjoy the SL experience. So it’s very important for me to make the desire becomes a reality. When at the end of the makeover someone tells you “I’m so happy!”... I mean, wow! I made someone happy. Best feeling in the world. I’m just serious at taking care of people, I guess

But to be honest, it’s like that everyday of the year, don’t have to wait September. Check out her Flickr, Business and Blog.

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 165

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ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 167

artist highlight

photography by taylo

or wassep.

Cori Arkright is one of the many talented artists represented by Whispering Sands Live Promotions and has recently joined them. When asked about her musical inspiration, she shares how it is drawn from a variety of places. “First off, my RL dad (who also performs in SL - sometimes we dual stream!) has been a musician since before I was born. He still gigs out in the real world even though he’s 60 years old! Outside of that, my influences for my own music are Damien Rice, REM, Better Than Ezra, the Civil Wars, Carbon Leaf, and a host of others.” As for her sound, if pressed to label it, she would define it as nerdy, indie rock. Recently, she celebrated her 13th Rez Day and of those years, she has spent ten of them in the music scene. Initially, she managed and hosted for a few of her close friends, and later it evolved into venue management, among other ventures. While her singing career began in Second Life nine years ago utilizing backing racks, she explains, “I took time away for personal life, having a baby, etc and came back in January of this year equipped with a guitar.” Her shows tend to be later; however, for earlier shows one might hear her toddler in the background playing tambourine or singing along. “I try not to take myself too seriously and you can really tell that in my song selections.” Her top five favorite songs to sing are: Coming To You (Original) Perfect (Ed Sheeran) Cannonball (Damien Rice) Sister (The Nixons) Love Interruption (Jack White) As for her most meaningful song, it would have to be “To Make You Feel My Love” which she was able to sing with her partner. She shares, “The few times we’ve been able to play together have been pretty much magic.” As for a solo song, her original songs like “Both Coming To You” and “Fly” are ones that are current with deep personal meaning for her. Listen to her on SoundCloud. Follow her on Facebook.

Page 170 | ECLIPSE September 2018

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THE wayfarer...

photography by taylo

“The Wayfarer” is a monthly feature by Taylor Wassep showcasing some of the most aesthetic places in Second Life®. For this issue, the Wayfarer exploredthe picturesque Anchill Island. Be inspired by a little piece of Ireland brought to SL for your enjoyment by Grace Sixpence and Ziggy Duster. A photographer’s dream, it is designed and landscaped by Minnie Atlass, where the words peaceful and tranquil come to mind.

or wassep.

Discover Anchill Island and watch the world go by.

Page 178 | ECLIPSE September 2018

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Page 180 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 181

Page 182 | ECLIPSE September 2018

ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 183

Page 184 | ECLIPSE September 2018

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Page 186 | ECLIPSE September 2018

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Page 188 | ECLIPSE September 2018

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Page 190 | ECLIPSE September 2018

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ECLIPSE September 2018 | Page 193