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The Tempest of Fashion

Amazingly talented stylist, photographer and top model, Linda Reddevil shows us her fashion take on the Renaissance Woman.

Ephemeral Skye continues the second part of his segment shedding insight on the practice of BDSM in a virtual world.

Page 6 | ECLIPSE September 2016

The gentlemen of ECLIPSE showcase the cool autumn trends of velvet and extra long sleeves.

From the Whispering Sands Live Promotions group, we highlight talented live singer, Savannah Rain.

ECLIPSE shines the light on the fabulous and talented model, blogger and photographer, Taylor Wassep.

We introduce the extraordinarily talented Tempest Rosca, as the fashion editor of ECLIPSE Magazine.


ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase resident’s and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination” to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.


Cover Story Delicate Flower Cover Photographer Lessthen Zero Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook


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The Adventures of...

This month we ask residents what their favorite Second Life event is.

Miele Tarantal takes us on a photographic journey to the Whole Wheat sim.

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 7

When I was younger, there were two things I wanted most. I wanted a little brother, and I wanted a dog. I never got that little brother, but when I was seventeen my family finally got a dog. For the first eight months, I wasn’t living at home, so I was almost indifferent to Iris. She was a nine year old Pomeranian from a puppy mill, and she never played with the toys I bought her and was far too much of a dignified lady to ever play fetch with me. Coming from a puppy mill, her life was held within the confines of a crate, and for the first month all she would do is circle around the living room coffee table. I suppose you can teach an old dog new tricks because while she never made a sound, would never play with toys, she was still playful in her own way and explored up and down the house. It certainly wasn’t love at first sight, but she grew on me. I grew to care for her and that eventually turned into love. In all regards of love, it does not come easily to me, but when it does, I love fiercely. About a year ago, her eyesight deteriorated, along with the rest of her health. She walked in circles again, and I am certain she thought she was still adventuring around the house. She stopped eating too, not

because she wasn’t hungry couldn’t see her own food best way to feed her was to of a pillow on my desk, hol right in front of her and ess feed her. I have done this e past eleven months and ch the first day I didn’t becaus to sleep yesterday. And I am neither was she. And some to just stop being selfish.

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Ca Ep Isad No Ti

Taylor Wassep

Zzoie Zee Dethly

Tempest rosca

Cajsa Lilliehook

Tivi Inglewood

Ephemeral Skye

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LukaBenton SaianSamuel Steele Sirnah Taylor Wassep Thi Shippe

guest stylist & photographer Linda Reddevil

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Through the lens

linda reddevil showcases a true renaissance woman. Photography & styling by linda


a reddevil.

Page 24 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Dress: Zenth Masquerade Rose Collar: from CURELESS&DISORDERLY Lareine Necklace1: MANDALA Pearl Rain season2 Necklace2: LaGyo Cherub Ring: LaGyo Cherub Hair: EMO-tions AMBERLY Stockings: fri. Susy. Earrings: MG Arabella Wild Pearls

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 25

Jewelry: [MANDALA] Collar: Junbug The London Ruff Pants: miss chelsea High Waist Panel Leggings Dress: Baiastice Antoine Boots: lassitude & ennui Wicked booties Arm puffs: from Paper Couture Carnation Jacket Hair: Vanity Hair Like a Fool

Page 26 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 27

Necklace: MANDALA Dress: n. moor smock Collar1: Junbug The Queen’s Ruff Collar2: from Wicca’s Wardrobe Anne Gown Shoes: AZOURY - Awake Gloves1: LaGyo_Zarema Gloves2: Izzie’s Lace Socks: BigBeautifulDoll - Knee-High Fishnet Hair: Letituier Antonie Page 28 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 29

Page 30 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Dress: Junbug Instant Crush Hair: epoque Pomp it Up Earrings: AA pearl Collar1: Zenithlace mirror Collar2: Aesthetica- Choke Necklace: A&Ana Fashion Only Gold Beaded ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 31

Page 32 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Jumpsuit: Jeune by Rowne.Emeline Leather Collar: Junbug The London Ruff Jacket: from AZUL Sakura Shoes: LOTUS Dorothy Pumps with socks Hair: taketomi Yanny

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 33

Page 34 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Flowers1: LODE Parrot Tulips Flowers2: Zenith Baby`s Breath Flower Crown Flowers3: LaGyo Peonies headband Hair: Boudoir Baroque Ruff: from Zibska Branka Breunor Collar: nefarious inventions peculiar frills elizabeth Eyeshadow: Zibska Berdine Lips: Zibska Whisper Mask: Moon Amore Baroque Masquerade ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 35

Page 36 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 37

who she is & what she

written by cajsa lilliehook. photography by lessthen zero & Temp


pest rosca.

Page 40 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 41

Why do we find people interesting? Is it because of who they are or what they do? The push and pull of character and action is ever-present in all of our lives. Interviewing Delicate Flower (awylder1), the co-owner with Heidi Halberstadt of Seraphim, the omni-blog of Second Life® events whose omniscient and omnipresent coverage of events, it becomes obvious that she does what she does because of who she is and she is who she is because of what she does. Delicate Flower has been in SL® so long, she has only vague memories of her first days on another avatar. As she recalls it, “I remember being very confused but determined to figure it out.” She left SL for a couple years when it ceased to be fun for her, but was persuaded by a friend from her real life whom she had dragged into SL to return. Her friend had met a great bunch of people, forming a welcoming, friendly community. Her friend promised that SL would be fun again and so Del was born. Asked how she came to choose the name Delicate Flower, Del explained that it came from her real life. “Years ago, I had a manager that nicknamed me “the delicate flower” after a long expletive-filled tirade about what I thought was a terrible business decision. He let me get all my anger out, looked at me, and said simply, “Well aren’t you just a delicate flower?” I died laughing, he totally defused the situation, and the nickname stuck.” The self-aware irony of the name suits her perfectly. When asked about how she spends her free time, she scoffed. “You mean...there’s things to do that aren’t work related? Surely, you jest! “ Del spends a lot of her time in Second Life working, managing Seraphim is not for the faint of heart. But she does find squeeze in a moment here and there for fun and friendship. ”SL for me is a large social outlet. Yes, I have work that I do... but really I like to do anything social. I like going dancing or just being with a group of people.” She enjoys decorating, too, and frequently Page 42 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 43

redoes her land, an occupation she is certain entertains her neighbors. She also enjoys spending time at The Bay or at Blithe, sims owned by her friends that are both beautifully and tranquilly decorated. They have DJs, live singers, and other events. “A lot of my friends hang out at these places too, so I always know I’ll find a friendly face there.” She also enjoys finding new things to do and new places to explore, recently going with friends to a burlesque show for example, or just hopping around the map, without, as she describes it, “a clue what we’re going to find. It can be scary to see what people create in their minds, but it’s never boring!” Del is a dog lover in both worlds. In her first life, she has a one-year old puppy named Jake with whom she loves to tumble on the floor and wrestle. She is obviously in love, describing his antics with affection, “The absolute cutest thing this puppy does is eat me. I know it sounds terrible, but he is really a super happy dog and he loves saying good morning to everyone. Once he is done with that, he comes back into my bed and attacks my hand to wake me up. I ask him, “Why are you eating me? Am I delicious?” I guess the answer is yes because he keeps eating me (and I love every minute of it)!” She has a dozen dogs in SL and so far as anyone knows, none

Page 44 | ECLIPSE September 2016

of them eat her hand. Being a good neighbor, she only rezzes one or two at a time, though. Asked how she would describe Second Life to folks outside SL, Del laughed and said she doesn’t, but offered this description as a possibility, “if I were to describe it, it would be a user-created virtual world where anything can happen and real money exchanges hands for virtual goods.” It’s no surprise that her description includes shopping, given that Seraphim is the ulitmate shopping guide. Of course, we have to discuss Seraphim as it is not only a big part of Del’s Second Life, it is a big part of Second Life. Commercial showcases such as Collabor88, Fifty Linden Friday and The Arcade have revolutionized the SL market. While people still shop in stores, more people shop at events. In addition to of-the-moment charity events like the PULSE fundaiser and annual charity events like Hair Fair, there are dozens of showcase events that feature a core set of designers and additional guests who do monthly releases around a theme. Many showcases focus on an SL genre like role play and fantasy, kid avatars, Kawaii and many more. Some specialize on one thing like home decor or hair. There are a lot of events.

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 45

All events struggle with SL’s limitations, balancing the number of people, scripts and the land impact of objects. An event with no people in it is a delight to visit, there’s no lag, everything rezzes and you can find exactly what you are looking for. An event with no people is also a failure. But once you add people, things start going crosswise and suddenly shoppers need a guide so they can know what they are looking for even before they go. They can prepare their shopping list in advance and get in and get out if they wish, allowing more people to attend the event. Del thinks that the secret of Seraphim’s success lies in the fact that it’s a shopping guide for shoppers by shoppers. “We do lots of things at Seraphim, but the thing we do really well is shop.” The staff of Seraphim are as interested in and as excited by events as

Page 46 | ECLIPSE September 2016

the people who go to their site for event information. She continues, “The Seraphim model is essentially built for the shoppers. Granted, we do some other ancillary services like yardsale coordination, our own familyfriendly event, and the event portal that helps designers and event coordinators find each other, but at the end of the day - Seraphim is for the shoppers.” Because they are vested in the shopping experience, they are always asking how they could do better. There is a litany of questions for self-interrogation. What services are not available now, how can the shopping experience be easier, better or faster. “Because Seraphim is comprised of 16 people from 16 different backgrounds, we can come together with 16 different perspectives. When they all come together around an idea, they know it is a good one.

That is what happened with the recent Seraphim HUD release. “We talked about bringing the Seraphim experience in-world with the HUD, and if we did that what features we would like to see. Working with an absolutely amazing scripter and an incredibly talented artist, we were able to make the HUD a reality. It’s really been incredibly well-received and we’re so incredibly proud of the work that went into it.” The Seraphim HUD is free and available on Marketplace. And what about the future plans for Seraphim? “I would tell you, but then I’d have to kill you! No, seriously, we’re still kind of reeling from releasing the HUD in June. That project took us the better part of a year to develop. Getting the word out about its availability is really important to

us at this point. In the future, we are looking forward to seeing where event coordination is headed and what is on the horizon with Second Life as we know it and with Project Sansar and more VR environments.” One thing Del wishes more people understood about Seraphim is how much each person on the Seraphim team is dedicated to providing the best information possible on every event they cover. “Our site is truly a labor of love... While most people appreciate the hard work and dedication of Seraphim bloggers, we do wish people understood the sheer amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. We love what we do and the service we provide, but it can be a bit insulting when people ask if we could “just do [this] quickly” for them.” ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 47

Page 48 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Consider for a moment, what is asked of a Seraphim blogger. They must go to the event and photograph every item for sale, showing every option available. They must also take down the information in Seraphim’s “special, consistent format to provide the most pertinent, opinion-free information,” and wait until the event opening, checking back to make sure they capture all the designers who are set up. Then they must create the post, sorting and organizing the information alphabetically, verify all the information is recorded correctly and publish it as close as possible to when the event opens. A small event will take two to three hours and a showcase like Collabor88 or Uber will take six to eight hours to complete. As Del put it, “While we certainly try to provide a seamless and effortless experience to the user, nothing we do is quick or easy. I know the bloggers would appreciate it if their hard work, dedication and time commitment were better understood by those working with us and using the website.” All this work is completely done for free. They do not charge events a fee to be catalogued and covered in their guide. They do not charge a subscription fee to their guide or keep any information behind a pay wall. They do not charge for their HUD. Their only income stream is the advertising on their blog and their HUD, unobtrusive ads with no pop-ups or auto-play. This is a deliberate choice and an example of Del doing what she does because of who she is and being who she is because of what she does. A friend of hers tells a story that demonstrates this commitment. Seraphim could increase its income by selling the privilege of posting notices in its in-world group. Many designers would jump at the marketing opportunity, but it is not under consideration at all. Del believes it would be annoying for readers and group members. As her friend put it, “The service Seraphim provides outweighs any amount of money she could make personally.” ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 49

Seraphim is not the first blog to catalog events, nor is it the only, but it is the blog most people think of and look to for coverage of events. Avoiding the pitfalls of a previous event catalog that prided itself on its editorial snark, Seraphim is a “just the facts, ma’am,” blog with snapshots of all the items, slurls, prices and basic details of the items. Even doing this is a big commitment when there are so many events. The format of Seraphim requires their bloggers to leave their egos at the door and just report who, what, where and how much. Think about that for a moment. Most people blog to express their creativity, their personality, themselves, but at Seraphim, they have to prioritize service over their ego and not express themselves. It takes skill and strong people skills to build and manage a cadre of people willing to do that much work for so little ego reward. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Del’s focus of study in her first life is people. She recently completed a residency in psychology which is all about people. The simple fact is that Del is good with people. Asked what her superpower is, she honed right in on it. “I am told it is my ability to bring people together that may otherwise never have met or gotten to know each other, but I don’t think that’s it. I think my superpower (aside from my devastating good looks) is my ability to relate to just about anyone. Although it does not come across all the time in an online environment, in real life I am able to talk to anyone from any background or at any stage in his or her life and make them feel comfortable. And I am comfortable in return.” Of course, that makes people her kryptonite as well, as she explained. “Seeing people that I care about cry. Or hearing it. Either way. It just breaks my heart and I want to do anything I can to help in any way possible.” Page 50 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 51

Relating well with people from all walks of life is rooted in the practice of authenticity. Recently, Del remarked that niceness makes her uncomfortable. Asked what she meant by that, she explained, “Being nice in and of itself does not make me uncomfortable, but often times it feels forced or inauthentic. If I feel someone is keeping up appearances, I will stay away from them. I like people who are very real, flaws and all. Being genuine is a big priority to me. Also I am a jokester. I enjoy being sarcastic and joking around with people. If someone doesn’t joke around with me or roll with the punches, I become uncomfortable as well. I have rarely encountered someone who isn’t truly a nice person, but it does make me a bit suspicious when it gets laid on thick. I always wonder why. I joke around and say stuff like, “Am I dying?” Del just completed a residency in psychology. We see residencies in medicine on television all the time, but not residencies in psychology, so Del was asked to explain what they are like. She explained that they resemble a medical residency in that they are presented with symptomological information, asked to determine the cause of the problems and proceed through intervention and treatment. “We are expected to meet with “clients” that are role-played by other students, diagnose the issue(s), identify appropriate interventions and proceed with treatment. Because it is not as firmly scientific as medicine, psychologists work in the grey, gooshy parts of people’s thoughts and feelings.”

Page 52 | ECLIPSE September 2016

It’s there in the “grey, gooshy” stuff that psychologists help clients identify maladaptive behaviors. While medical doctors provide instruction, medications and perhaps surgery to treat an issue, psychologists work with clients to identify a problem from the perspective of the client. “Intervention and treatment must be such that it fits in the lifestyle of the client. Whereas a medical doctor may say, “Oh you have diabetes, here is medication to help your pancreas produce insulin,” a psychologist doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all modality like that to help treat pervasive issues. Even psychopharmaceutical interventions are so different in their manifestations, it is difficult to say, “Oh you’re depressed, here is an SSRI to help with that.” She explains further, “In psychology, we don’t follow a systemic medical model, so we are taught instead how to help clients identify their issues and find resolution using a variety of theoretical orientations. Medicine and other math-based sciences are very factual and logical. Psychology is anything but. Because we do not work in the concrete, it is a very different type of residency that is challenging to measure.” For her, the residency was a wonderful experience and she is eagerly anticipating her second residency next year. Her first residency was in Chicago. If her second is also in Chicago, she has more than one reason for her eager anticipation. Portillo’s Cake Shake. If it tastes as good as she describes it, it would be worth the plane fare. “Ok first of all, every Chicagoan knows

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 53

that Portillo’s is an amazing restaurant. It’s kind of fastfood and kind of casual dining, but the quality of food is amazing. They started as a hot dog stand and have grown into one of the best restaurants in the Chicago area for affordable, quick food. They make a chocolate cake at this place that is amazing. I don’t know what is in it. Maybe crack. Probably crack. It’s phenomenal. Then as if that cake wasn’t enough, they decided to start blending it into chocolate ice cream and selling it as a shake. I don’t know how to describe it, except to say it is a truly religious experience.” Del has a fascination with murder, one she shares with her good friend Tegan Serin of floorplan, who founded a group for other aficionados to discuss the true crimes portrayed in books, movies, television and podcasts. “The truth is that for years and years I’ve loved true crime.” Her interest began with the heartbreaking murder of JonBenet Ramsey in 1996, the first really big murder she remembers from her adulthood. From that, a keen interest developed as she followed other big national stories such as the Menendez Brothers, Jodi Arias and O.J. Simpson. When she met Tegan Serin in Second Life and they became friends, they found they both have a fascination with these massive crimes. “She introduced me to about a million documentaries and I introduced her to about a million podcasts. She is primarily focused on the actual criminal behavior, trying to learn how to avoid being murdered as a very important priority. I, on the other hand, am interested in the criminal’s psychological state at the time of the crime and what he or she believes and thinks. Was it something that was a crime of passion like what I assume was the Simpson-Goldman and Ramsey murders, or was it premeditated due to intense levels of abuse or another cause, like the Menendez brothers. It just fascinates me.”

Page 54 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 55

Page 56 | ECLIPSE September 2016

True Crime has a huge audience which means there are lots of options for them. Netflix and HBO have done series that looked at crimes and possible miscarriages of justice such as The Making of a Murderer. “Now there are groups of like-minded people finding themselves “investigating” crimes together to see if new evidence can be discovered. I am also really into criminality, following such podcasts as Serial and Truth & Justice. I am interested in the wrongly convicted and what it has done to them psychologically.” Asked if her murder fascination means we should worry, she laughed, “I joke around about loving murder because I really do, but I am well aware that murder is a terrible act that shouldn’t be entertainment. I don’t mean to make light of it, but it truly does fascinate me. Also, you should be worried maybe like 11%.” ECLIPSE Magazine always asks the people we feature in our cover stories what they might like to change about Second Life. Del’s answer was fresh and unique, one of those “I wish I had thought of that” ideas that make so much sense and seem so obvious, but not until someone suggests it. “I would love to be able to lock certain attachments without the use of RLV. For example, I’m constantly “losing” my favorite ring because I’ve got it attached to my right hand and when I put on something and don’t think about it, my ring pops off. I wish you could lock items in place maybe in the preferences menu, and then unlock them. So then you could take everything off and those things would just stay put. Like if you replaced an outfit for example, those items would stay in place. Think of how great that would be for mesh parts and alphas. For people like me who are cautious about RLV rights, a feature like locked attachments would be really welcome.” Because people are who they are because of what they do and do what they do because of who they are, Del is a happy person. Asked what makes her happy, it is a mix of who she is and what she does. ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 57

“I am smiling because recently I’ve met someone who has helped me find my happiness, and he is the first person I thought of when answering this question. Aside from the excitement of new love, making real connections with other people makes me happy. Finding someone’s heart and their motivation and understand what makes them tick….getting to the pure essence of a person. In general though, my dog makes me happy. My friends, my family, the beach, the mountains, accomplishment of a difficult goal, long talks that are hours long but feel like minutes, and ice cream.” Del wants people to know that if they want to get to know her, she is more than happy to make new friends and meet new people. “Sometimes I may not have a ton of time, so a notecard is really the best way to get a hold of me, but I promise they all get read!” She may not have lots of time, but for people and for friends, she makes time.

Check out the Seraphim website here. Check out the Seraphim HUD tutorial here. Page 58 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 59

Page 62 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 63

d i g i ta l c h a i n s

the practice of bdsm in a virtual world. written & photographed by ephem


meral skye.

Page 66 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 67

Welcome to the technological age. The influence of this age exists all around us: from the way we pay for our groceries at the supermarket to how we order gifts and have them delivered to relatives who reside on the other side of the world. Each time we pick up our phone or check our e-mail we are contributing to the rise of the wireless and satellite technology steadily reshaping our world. It stands to reason that within this age of convenience and comfortable anonymity the way we form our connections and relationships is also experiencing a change. The future has become the present and the way we conduct ourselves translates into binary code. Our voices reach millions instead of few. Platforms have developed which allow us to pursue business and personal relationships from the ease and comfort of our computer monitors. An entirely new digital world has developed and with it a new way to investigate our interests, build our friendships, and safely explore sexual and romantic desires we may have never been brave enough to undertake in an “old fashioned way.� The rise of the Internet has become liberating and knowledge previously hidden within

Page 68 | ECLIPSE September 2016

the sanctity of subculture is readily available with one click of the mouse. Through the rise of popular literature alongside this new technological platform, the lifestyle of BDSM has become a topic of increased interest. From chat rooms dedicated to roleplay elements concerning the subject to virtual platforms with entire areas dedicated to deeper education of what the acronym represents and entails, what was once a lifestyle choice hidden in private settings and the leather scene has become prominent and continues to rise in popularity. There is an abundance of material available to introduce individuals to the joys, dangers, and allure of these practices. Within SecondLife ™, there are entire sims dedicated to the practice and exploration of BDSM, ranging from the world of Gor and Gorean practice to other areas dedicated completely to expanding the exposure and education of BDSM as both sexual practice and a lifestyle choice. Daily, more and more individuals are exploring these concepts online and are forming meaningful relationships based upon the foundation of consensual power exchange.

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 69

Page 70 | ECLIPSE September 2016

BDSM is an acronym which encompasses multiple definitions. BD stands for bondage and discipline, DS stands for Domination and submission, while SM stands for Sadism and masochism. Each of these areas often flow into each other, mixing sexual practice and fetish exploration alongside lifestyle choices which enhance the overall experience of those who are consensually engaging within these activities and concepts. BDSM is a very flexible lifestyle and varies from person to person who engages within it. As such, there are countless methods which are productive when cultivating these types of relationships and what works for one pairing within this sort of power exchange may not work for another. BDSM is fluid in nature and those exploring it are encouraged to develop their own personal style when engaging it. Literature surrounding the fictional theme of erotic BDSM is something which has been in existence for quite some time. There are notable works of fiction which have brought with them considerable influence when the rise of roleplay dominated chat rooms and networks began to surface on the Internet. Histoire d’O, published in the 1950s and the fictional world of Gor which found its debut in the 1960s have both brought their heavy influence to the online age of technology. As such, it stands to reason that each of these settings have been the “starting ground” for many individuals to become introduced to the BDSM lifestyle and the world of potential and exploration which rests within them. Adopting the roles and stations of various characters utilizing the backgrounds and scenarios found within these novels served (and continues to serve) as the first step for many into discovering the tantalizing world of Dominance and submission. As the popularity with this type of material continued to grow, the flavor and variety continued to do so as well. This interest and the limitless possibilities which come with it have found a steady home within virtual platforms such as SecondLife ™ and both content creators and those who enjoy their products have found avenues which allow them to pursue their lifestyle with others who share similar interests and curiosities. ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 71

There are many falsehoods associated with BDSM and those who practice it. There are those who view the practices engaged within as abusive or unhealthy and oftentimes those who engage within it are subject to judgment from their peers, even within the anonymous element provided by virtual platforms. It is important to remember that the foundation of BDSM is formed through the concept of consensual power exchange. Those who healthily engage within these practices do so with their willingness to do so. As with any practice or lifestyle, there are those who will engage within things in unhealthy ways and it is a sad truth that the “bad” will often be heard more often and spoken more loudly than the “good”. As such, just as it is advised not to judge an entire

Page 72 | ECLIPSE September 2016

group by the crimes of a singular person within it, it is important to realize that while there may be some bad individuals in any given lifestyle or dynamic, their actions do not speak for nor represent the community as a whole. Virtual platforms also allow for a privacy many do not have the luxury of experiencing in their dayto-day lives. There are many areas of the world where the practice of BDSM is not only frowned upon, it can carry serious legal and personal repercussions if it is discovered such practices are being engaged within. These online mediums provide people who experience these difficulties to be capable of expressing themselves and engaging in the practices they desire without facing the repercussions

which may wait for them in the outside world. These platforms allow them avenues of finding personal fulfillment while not jeopardizing themselves. They allow them to pursue relationships and explore their sexuality in a medium which is more conducive to the life they may lead outside the internet. As such, these practices and explorations thrive in these virtual environments and not only allow those who engage within them to fuel their imaginations and broaden their horizons, they often provide the emotional connection and personal fulfillment they otherwise would be incapable of experiencing. It is also important to note that the level of dedication to the concepts and practice of BDSM varies from person to person who is a part of the community. There are those who choose to exist casually within the concepts and utilize them to spice up their

existing lives. There are others who engage within the practices and lifestyle concepts of BDSM every day of the week. There are individuals who only engage in these activities online, whereas there are others who explore online while pursuing BDSM in the world outside their computer screen as well. Each of these levels of dedication have their place within the community and each offers their own flavor to the mix. When engaging others out of curiosity or in search of something else, it is important to communicate what exactly is being searched for and visit the areas which seem to best suit the type of individuals you are hoping to communicate with. There is much available through virtual platforms for a variety of tastes, and there are new options appearing each day as more individuals offer their creativity, their imagination, their design skill, their lifestyle experience, and a slew of other options to the world around them. ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 73

Page 74 | ECLIPSE September 2016

BDSM is a vast and varied series of concepts and practices which can and does fill novels dedicated to the subject. This article has only scratched the very surface of what comprises this community, but it is the author’s hope that it has provided a basic insight for those who have read it. If additional information is desired, feel free to contact in-world at Azram Belwraith concerning reading lists, educational sims and other avenues of exploration which could prove useful in further exploration of the concepts and ideas expressed within this writing.

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 75

Trending now

The gentlemen showcase autumn in velvet & in extra long sleeves. photography by temp

pest rosca.

Page 80 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Thi Shippe in Velvet Hair: .Shi - Valiant Coat: Gizza Creations - Coat with Scarf Pant: Villena - Chinos Shoes: Gizza Creations - Pierre Loafers Ring: Chop Zuey - HeartBound Diamond Bag: David Heather - Palazzo Tote Hat: David Heather - Liberty Brim Hat

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 81

Thi Shippe in Velvet Hair: Tableau Vivant - Aku Coat: Rowne - Von Jarrar Coat Outfit: Champagne - POETE Velvet Navy Shoes: Bueno -SUMMER LOAFERS Crown: Tentacio - Queen of Drama Glasses: Tentacio - Queen of Drama

Page 82 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 83

Page 84 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Taylor Wassep in Velvet Hair: Exile - Machinedhead Jacket: Gizza Creations - Coat with Scarf Pants: Countdown - Landon Shoes: David Heather - Ricardo Oxfords ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 85

Taylor Wassep in Extra Long Sleeves Hair: Boon - LCA518 Jacket: David Heather - Rochetti Coat Pants: Messiah x Shi - Rolled Trousers

Page 86 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 87

Page 88 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Steele Sirnah in Velvet Hair: Dura - Dura Boy 65 Outfit: L.A. BoS - Fathom suit Accessories: L.a. BoS - Fathom Mask Shoes: Vale Koer - The Alter Platforms

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 89

Page 90 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Steele Sirnah in Velvet Socks: Ama. : Yoga Socks FP Velvet Elvis - Baroque Shirt FP Velvet Elvis - IVAN Mesh Pants Hair: Bade - Jonas Shoes: Vale Koer - The Alter Platforms ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 91

SaianSamuel in Extra Long Sleeves Top: ::K:: - Fringe Pullover Plain-Camel Bottom: Monso - My Slim Jean black Shoes: ILLI - Classic William Shoe Hat: The Black Forest - Fedora

Page 92 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 93

SaianSamuel in Extra Long Sleeves Pants: ::K:: - Loose Fit Skinny Homme Top: ::K:: - Classic Jacket with OP Homme Sleeves: InVerse - Sculpted sleeve Glasses: Fakessi - Cherub Sunglasses Hat: JfL - pork pie hat Shoes: Gabriel - High-top Boots Accessories: Mandala - KOTOWARI

Page 94 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 95

Page 96 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Luka Benton in Extra Long Sleeves Jacket and Hood: C L A Vv. - Gregor Sweater: C L A Vv. Ripped Lazy Sweater Boots: C L A Vv. NeoShaolin Hair: elua - Beck Pants: Zibska - Chloe Necklace: Zibska - Trev Earring: Belvoir - Magnetic Tusk ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 97

Page 98 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Luka Benton in Extra Long Sleeves Shirt: Gabriel - Long Open shirt Boots and Pants: Gabriel - Roper Boot with Leather Pants Hair: DAMI - Natural Ear Cuff: Zibska - Keane Necklace: SAU - Indian feather Tattoo: Letis - Higoi II ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 99

Page 100 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 101

artist highlight

photography by temp

est rosca.

Savannah Rain (Boldmiss) is one of the many talented live artists with Whispering Sands Live Promotions. She recently shared with ECLIPSE Magazine how she became an SL musician, “I actually met a singer in SL after being here about 45 days totally by chance and they introduced me to the live music scene. I spent the next two months seeing every live singer I had time to see. He also introduced me to one of my closest friends, AleyKat, who is also a singer here.” Initially, she thought she would sing four to five shows a week; however, venue owners like Slider from Godfathers and Montana from Seaside Lounge, “were very generous and booked me weekly so from the beginning it was between 9-13 shows a week.” While she is a very recent addition to Whispering Sands, “Jorr was always kind, even from the beginning of my SL career and would catch a show from time to time. He also helped me when asked so he was a part of my SL in a business sense early on As well, my real life son, Trey Reign, has been with WSL since May 2016.” Savannah has been singing since she could talk, as music has always been central in her family gatherings. She reminisces with us how during the weekends her family would come together, barbecue and share their love of music through singing and playing various instruments. Her passion for music is evident, “I believe that music heals people... music talks when you can not and often music helps you feel what is too painful to feel alone. Singing in SL allows me to feel as if I make a difference to everyone who is at my show; if only for an hour of their life, we can feel things together, work things out through a song, laugh... cry... love... It doesn’t matter if there are five people there or 100 I am going to give them all I have for those 60 minutes.” She is grateful to all her friends and fans, and she tells us, “The greatest joy I find in SL is spending that hour with people who want to hear me sing.” These are her top 5 favorite songs to sing: - Shut up and Kiss Me by Mary Chapin Carpenter - No One Else on Earth by Wynonna Judd - Halfway Down by Patty Loveless - Dibs by Kelsea Ballerini - Fishin’ In the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Check out her profile here. Check out her song list here. Page 104 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 105

Page 106 | ECLIPSE September 2016

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it a rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.�

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 107

Page 108 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 109

the proust spotli

photography by tayl

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second LifeŽ. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick. Taylor Wassep has been in-world for over seven years, and he has loved mostly every minute of it. In that span of time, he has modeled, blogged, walked the runway, found friends from all around the world - are among a few of the paths he has taken. But, it hasn’t been easy, especially because he is a cis gender male with a male and female avatar, he changes from time to time.


lor wassep

What is your ideal of perfect happiness? My ideal perfect happiness would have to be when I feel at peace, when I could be with someone, just him and I, and we could do absolutely nothing. Just be there with each other, and not have to impress one another. When I am at my ideal happiness, I am enjoying life in that moment and not worrying about anything. My Ideal happiness is when I’m happy with myself. If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? I don’t want this to sound vein in any way, but if I were to die and come back - I would love to come back as someone who is really talented at an musical instrument. Or have some facet to musicality. I tired piano when I was younger, and it just never took with me. But now, I see artists able to play this instruments with such ease and joy on their face, I would love to have that capacity to feel proud of practicing something to the point of earnest talent. What do you most value in your friends? What I value most in my friends would be loyalty. I have been burned countless times by people I considered to be friends and family - family more so in Second Life. To have a true understand and appreciation for someone. Loyalty is just a given, you do not even have to ask for it. People who fall out of relationship due to outside sources have an reason to distrust someone. But those who take advantage of someone insecurities and obtains their trust; only to sully it. I just don’t get and I hope those people find true loyalties in their life. I really do, everyone, no matter how heinous of a person they are, deserves to have that feeling of loyalty. How would you like to die? With no regrets, to simple be happy and be with those I love and love me in return. What is your motto? I guess my motto would be, “Do on to other’s as you would have them do on to you.” For the most part, I try and treat everyone with the respect and curtesy that I would expect back. This motto shouldn’t have to be repeated as being kind and respectful to every is just common sense. To those who think its cheeky or funny to be rude and disrespect people’s feeling, I have to ask, why? Why attack someone or make someone feel bad? I get we have times where we don’t like how we acted or times when we need to defend ourselves. But to those other moments, when you call out someone for an opinion you have of them and blast it on Facebook. Or, when you dislike someone, and you attack the look. How does those moments of weakness make you a better person? What value do you get out of that besides coming off as childish and immature? If people just treated people like people and not acting a fool because they are hiding behind a computer screen. Life would be so much better, don’t you think? Check out his Blog here. Check out his Flickr here. Page 112 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 113

Page 114 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 115

Page 116 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 117

Page 118 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 119

Page 120 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 121

the tempest of fas introducing our new fashion editor. written by isadora fiddlesticks & photography by tem

shion pest rosca

Page 124 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 125

Meet Tempest Rosca, one of the most creative, fashionable, and expressive avatars in Second Life®. She is a blogger, photographer and no stranger to the Second Life fashion scene. You may have seen her in magazine spreads, on runways, and around stores as a live model. A true professional, she’s one of those people who stir up a storm of creativity, truly making her deserving of her name. But what was she like before all this? How did it all started? “It seems a lifetime ago now,” she recalls. “However, back in the late spring of 2007 I was asked by ‘SKY’ News if I would complete a survey and create an avatar in this strange virtual world called ‘Second Life’ and give feedback on viewing current affairs on a virtual platform.” And just by clicking on a link, she found herself in Second Life. It was such an alien world to her and not being a “gamer” at all she found it found it “all very odd and new-and fascinating.” “Needless to say I followed SKY’s instructions and went along to their current affairs/media sim when I finally managed to get off of ‘Help’ Island which took me two days!” Since then, Tempest Rosca, or Tempe as she likes to be called, stayed in Second Life. Like every other girl in SL®, once she was able to “find her virtual feet,” she couldn’t wait to start shopping!

Page 126 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 127

She laughingly recalls: “Hair was the first thing on my radar and I recall walking around with DEMO on my head not understanding the concept of Lindens and actually having to buy/earn currency in world to buy these beautiful (as I thought then) items. I remember that I based myself in GurlsWorld (which was a huge hair store)- I set it as my home.” Tempest Rosca hailed from the era in Second Life when modelling was the “IT” thing to do when you’re a woman in Second Life. To be a model meant getting all the free clothes, hair, and accessories, but it also means joining a lot of modelling competitions, working as a live model, and building a portfolio. It was not long before Tempest was a frequent fixture of the SL fashion scene. When she was off work for six months with back issues that she was able to focus on her modeling career. As any

Page 128 | ECLIPSE September 2016

model would have done, she joined competitions, casting events and the like. Tempest recalls, “Older models will remember the infamous JCNY monthly contest - standing on the runway for hours on end, showing off JCNY jewels. I met lots of friends on that runway—Wicca Merlin being one of them, who is still one of my best friends to this day!” She adds: “There are so many memories of shows and events in my early modelling days. There seemed to be fashion shows every day—much more than there is now. I first ‘directed’ a show for BeStyle District Agency, it was called ‘’Homage to Elizabeth’ which was a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor who had passed away a month or so earlier. That was the first show I directed by myself. it was hard work but I felt fantastic.”

Mentors, who turned into friends made Rosca who she is right now; a woman with a name that is hard to miss and harder to ignore. Their support taught her all she knew, but as she now laughs to recall, there would still be days when “I would spend 100’s of L’s on photographers, mainly Tara Voskhod, who must have been sick of my face!” She started to get into photography when she started taking snapshots of herself,of her friends, and at weddings. She just continuously did it until it grew into what it is now, a successful, respected photographer. She taught herself Photoshop and admits to having much to learn. “But I am proud of what I have achieved.” She says, “Mentor-wise there have been many and most are hardly in SL anymore. Ella Quinsette was probably the most

inspirational teacher, friend, and mentor. I have a lot to thank her for. Absinthe Montenegro in recent years has been a huge inspiration and ​taught me to push out my boundaries, to embrace my gut feeling, and fine tune my style—she is the best of the best in my opinion.” Tempest is happy wearing anything, but it still does depend on the day of the week. She dresses up in non-traditional styles, such as wearing pretty dresses paired quirkily with heavy boots. She avoids looking “out of the box” and is always mixing and matching styles. It was something she has always wanted to do, ever since she learned how to dress herself in Second Life. “I adore color and love to mix things up with vibrant shades of pink and yellows. Anything goes really and we are lucky to have talented designers to help us with our choices,” she says. ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 129

Page 130 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Her time in Second Life is spent between blogging and taking photos. She also enjoys her quality time with her husband, Sir Q Rosca, and their time takes priority. She smiles and says, “We enjoy many lovely times together—not always at home, we enjoy shooting droids (as one does!), surfing and playing golf as well as dancing and, of course, romantic date nights :) Q is amazingly supportive of my work here and constantly encouraging, I am blessed. I am lucky to have some wonderful friends, most are RL too and a couple I’ve have privileged to meet up with, which has been wonderful.” Now, as Fashion Editor for ECLIPSE, Tempest has added another feather in her cap. This opportunity would be sure to give her more ways to express herself and to pass on her energy and enthusiasm for Second Life fashion. Her fascination with fashion could only grow as she says, “ECLIPSE has grown into quite a beast and I’m excited to be working with Trouble and the team (although his love of cheese is a little worrying at times!). I’m looking forward to helping grow our pool of talent within the magazine,bringing in new fresh talent as well as developing our own, myself included.” Rosca’s vision heralds exciting times ahead. Brimming with ideas, she says she needs to fine tune them first. “We have some exciting plans ahead to the end of year, we’re still fine tuning and getting used to ways of working, etc.—which has been fabulous so far. I think, in the fashion articles, we’d really like to excite our models by asking them to push themselves, to think outside the box and give them trends and styling challenges that will make them think and, most importantly, to enjoy,” she says. Among the themes already on the radar are Sci Fi and Fantasy themes, both concepts are Tempe’s favorites. “If it were up to me, every month we’d have a Sci-fi or Fantasy Concept in every magazine shoot we do—but thankfully, it’s not! :)” She laughs. ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 131

With all the opportunity bestowed upon Tempest these days, she can’t help but feel grateful. She knows there are a lot of aspiring photographers out there who feel intimidated, and with that she has this to say: “Don’t be scared to keep it simple and fuss free - in your pictures. If you’re looking to take pictures for designers— either vendor, print work, or blogging, then it’s all about the items you’re wearing—to show them in the best possible way. Keep it simple and then build up to set/location shots. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to get the perfect picture—if you don’t have PS skills then that’s okay! There are plenty of free editing software/websites that you can use and if you do want PS then there are masses of tutorials out there. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask other photographers for advice—I did, they didn’t laugh at me, or bite my head off. Everyone I ever have spoken too over the years has given me valuable advice. So, please—ask, ask, and ask again ! Good Luck!”

Page 132 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 133

Page 134 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 135

Page 136 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 137

Page 138 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 139

Page 140 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 141

Voices from the g

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second LifeÂŽ residents on the salient issues of the day. For this month, we asked various people in Second Life what their favorite event is.


Furrball Nirpaw Furrball Nirpaw was born into Second Life December 5th, 2007. He is a member of the Furry Fandom. Most of the time he is a Snow Leopard but is occasionally known to change gender and species. Furrball can be shy or random at times and if you really become close friends someone who likes to cuddle. There are many events on Second Life that I love. But I will have to say my favourite event is just the evenings spent with friends. The sim where I am normally at “Rocket City�, is a well thought out and laid back sim. It has a few charms that make it memorable. The landing point is inside a giant hollow tree stump and ahead is the inside hangout. Behind you, not far down the trail to explore the sim is a playground. The coolest feature is the seasons changes with real life seasons. The chatter stays away from religion and politics to keep things simple and more on people’s life and interests. The lounge has many sofas and a blanket to pile up on. Events are held from time to time to promote new releases, charity or just a fun holiday. Something to bring friends together and enjoy the time spent. Photograph by Anderian Sugarplum

Page 144 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 145

Landa Crystal Landa Crystal is the blogger behind Slightly Fashionable. A former runway and editorial model, she is also an award winning writer who has collaborated with some of the top agencies in Second Life. Landa´s special interest in fashion has also led her to hold instructor positions in modeling academies. She is experienced as an Editor,Marketing and in Public Relations. Still in love with all the possibilities that Second Life can offer its creative residents, she looks at fashion as wearable art and an as the opportunity for the expression of our individualization.

Page 146 | ECLIPSE September 2016

In general I love the newness that all events bring us but I recently discovered The Vordun Museum and Gallery totally by chance. It can best be described as an ¨experience¨. Once you arrive you will be offered a HUD with an audio guide. The feel and decor is completely realistic and it makes you feel as if in fact you were in a physical life gallery. Besides the art, I love that it gives me the feel of things to come, perhaps in SL or Sansar, who knows! The gallery itself has several wings, a lobby, a main area and surprise ... a gift shop! It features a regular exhibit as well as specific artist´s whose promotional items can be purchased in the gift shop area. Right now they are featuring ¨LIP SERVICE¨ , an exhibit by Celeste Forwzy as well as ¨A Night to Remember¨ an interactive wing devoted to items, pictures and replicas of the famous Titanic. Whereas the famous shipwreck is more like a peep into our relatively recent past, Celeste´s exhibit is fun, irreverent and contemporary in full juxtaposition to the gallery’s other paintings. Those are more traditional master pieces, often with a religious theme or with images often depicting aristocrats. I thoroughly enjoyed the permanent exhibit and audio commentary but what I am most thrilled about and certainly looking forward to is their next guest artist and exhibit. It’s exciting to me because of the myriad possibilities this could bring to our Second Life. Just imagine if we could experience the look and feel of being in just about any other gallery in the world! ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 147

Rosemarie Indigo Rosemarie Indigo has been a Second Life resident since 2007. She co-founded in 2009 the fashion blog Look What the Cat Brought, with her friend Maelenn Catteneo and is a guest blogger for Free*Style. She also has a store, Banana Banshee, where she sells pretty colourful eyes and eye appliers, inworld and on MarketPlace. You can keep up with her releases on Facebook, Plurk and Flickr. For years now, every year, Second Life hosts Relay for Life, a large range of events destined to gather funds for cancer research. It features shopping events, such as Fantasy Fair, and it feels like the whole grid takes part, one way or another, in that effort to raise money and awareness. Back when I was a newbie, I remember taking part in the 2008 RFL with the role play community I was part of then. It was very exciting to attend a 24 hour long storytelling, give time, and be part of the team. I was making ugly one-prim furniture then, and I remember making a special carpet, sold 10l$, for the event. I was so proud! For me, it’s the most important thing we, Second Life residents, take part in, because it has effects in our real lives. Cancer touches us all. I don’t know anyone who can say “no one I know has ever had cancer”. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. She was very lucky and is now fine, but I have the constant feeling she lives on borrowed time, and thinking, maybe, those few l$ I spend on pixel hair will help make a difference in improving treatments, make me feel just a little bit less powerless. Photograph by Rosemarie Indigo

Page 148 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 149

Kilolo Jenkins

Kilolo Jenkins is the owner of KJIm & KJIm Kids Apparel, KJIm Poses and is also a freelance dj and fashion blogger. She’s a family woman (mother, grandmother and great grandmother to the mos awesome kids on the grid) who enjoys embracing all things around Second Life and thoroughly enjoys time with her friends and family. So check out her blog, her stores or hire her for a party! I hear she is pretty good!

Photograph by Kilolo Jenki

Page 150 | ECLIPSE September 2016

d st y

As someone who enjoys events and fundraisers, charitable events will always hold a place in my heart above all other events. Sure, there are great (and I do mean GREAT) events in SL like We <3 RP, Collabor88, Fameshed, TLC and Cosmopolitan to name a few; but there is something about events that bring people together for the sole purpose of helping others. Not only do they bring together this digital community and remind us that no matter what is going on, we are not alone. But also, they allow us to see creativity and ingenuity in a whole new light as people come together to create something that is focused on a goal. When asked what my favorite event is, I actually was torn between two: one that has already happened and one that is about to happen. The Pulse Fundraiser, which was from 06/28-07/12/2016 was an impromptu fundraiser to help the victims of the Orlando Pulse Club shooting. Between the script donation kiosk that Casper Warden put together to help individual stores raise money and the event itself, we (the collective Second Life community) raised over $20,000 USD! When you stop to think about the amount of money we spend on things in SL, seeing it go toward someone (or several someones) truly in need is simply awe-inspiring. I even got to meet new people because I put myself up for the auction and got to DJ for a club I had never went to. Again...something wonderful bringing people together for a good cause. My other favorite event is actually about to happen! September 9 - 25th, 2016, The Spoonful of Sugar Festival will feature designers of all kinds from all over the grid banding together in a sales and entertainment festival to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, a wonderful non-profit organization that provides medical assistance for those in need all across the globe. On top of sales events, auctions and exhibits, there will be a day of live singers as well as an all day dj dance-a-thon for people to come, hang out and just enjoy their time with new and old friends. Helping others, working together and doing good for those who need it is one of my favorite things to do both in and out of world. And having worked for non-profit organizations in real life for many years, I know it isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always easy to raise money. Every little bit helps so come down and enjoy music, live artists, auctions and shopping all for a good cause! Check out her Fashion Blog, follow her on Flickr, visit her store In-World and on Marketplace. Like on Facebook KJIm Apparel, KJIm Kids Apparel and KJIm Poses. Check out her Flickr groups for KJIm Apparel, KJIm Kids and KJIm Poses.


ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 151

Ivey Deschanel Ivey Deschanel is the Owner of Sn@tch & Pulse Games and the Queen of Sarcasm. Along with her RL partner Roblem Hogarth, she has been playing and working in SL since 2006 creating punk, gothic and alternative clothing and accessories & survival horror games. This is an easy one for me. Although there are so many wonderful events I attend and participate in every year, I am a little biased. Every Halloween since 2007 my partner and I, along with a wicked talented team of builders, scripters and storytellers, put together a Survival Horror Game in Second Life. The games are completely immersive, totally interactive and frightening to play PLUS there are amazing prizes for the players donated by our favorite designers. Over the years we’ve had themes of Hauntings, Lunatics, Serial Killers, Reality TV, Sci Fi, Nightmares, Fanatic Cults and even Trick or Treat gone wrong! After building & working on a game for months, it will still give me the shivers to play it myself. That’s when we know it’s going to make our players jump too. We also try to include as many of the tools that Linden Lab gives us and have incorporated the Experience Keys in the last few years for even more immersion. As long time horror gamers and horror movie lovers, it’s a chance to design and implement our own horror themes, share what scares us and of course to frighten others! Personally it’s so incredibly rewarding to see people enjoy something you’ve worked so hard to create. Our favorite thing is to hide in the walls and listen to the screams in voice as families, groups and friends play together. So, what are we making this time? I can’t give too much away about this year yet, but let’s just say it’s going to be out of this world and when they come for you, you may have nowhere to hide. I can’t wait! Sn@tch Blog Sn@tch Flickr Sn@tch Twitter Sn@tch Facebook Sn@tch Slurl Sn@tch Marketplace Photograph by Ivey Deschanel

Page 152 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 153

Page 154 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Roslin Petion Roslin Petion is a designer for Luxuria, her lingerie, makeup, and skin effects brand. She has been in SL for over 10 years and has been creating for nearly as long. Her flagship store is nestled on the quirky and lively sim of Nouveau, which she shares with a host of amazing, creative stores, among them: Lassitude & Ennui, Schadenfreude, and Silent Sparrow. When not slaving away over a hot Photoshop, she enjoys attending discussion groups, music events, and attending one of the many awesome shopping events out on the grid. I’m absolutely in love with the Mad Pea games. Not only are the games fun to play, they give you an opportunity to do something engaging with friends and play for prizes from a variety of talented designers. Another thing that I appreciate about the Mad Pea games is that there are different price points that you can buy into, so really there’s no excuse for anyone to not participate. I’m really looking trying out the latest one, The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior. our time on Second Life, we are proud of what we have created, but we still want to improve because we always see new goals to reach!!! Check out her Blog. Check out her Flickr. Check out Luxuria. Photograph by Roslin Petion

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 155

Page 156 | ECLIPSE September 2016

Abraxxa Anatine Abraxxa Anatine is the creator, owner, and designer of EarthStones Jewelry. In her previous life, she was a graphic and web designer amassing a plethora of design experience working in newspaper, magazines, ad agencies, and tech companies, as well as running her own design business for many years. EarthStones was established in 2007 after she discovered SL and realized what she could create within it. The foundation and inspiration for EarthStones centers around all the gorgeous stones that mother nature provides, and on all the beauty and energies inherent to them. My personal favorite event in SL would have to be my own EarthStones Trick or Treat Mystery Hunt. This annual event has been going on since EarthStones was born, and the amazing feedback Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve gotten every year is what keeps it coming back year after year. It involves a large number of bags hidden around the store and sim, each containing a mystery item. Prices are randomly assigned from 0-99L and everything in the bags is brand new, so there is no chance of finding a bag with something one already owns. The retail value of the hunt items far exceeds the costs to purchase and hunters who are able to find and buy all the bags, will get themselves an amazing haul of pretties. Adding to the fun, hunters are encouraged to come in costume and prizes are randomly awarded to those with the best, most creative, most entertaining costumes. Coming up this year will be EarthStones 9th Annual Trick or Treat Mystery Hunt and will start sometime during the week before Halloween. Interested hunters should join the EarthStones VIP group or the subscribe to the mailing list to be sure to get updates and announcements! Check out her store In-World. Check out her store on Marketplace. Check out her Blog. Check out her Flickr. Photograph by Abraxxa Anatine

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 157

Page 158 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 159

Page 160 | ECLIPSE September 2016

ECLIPSE September 2016 | Page 161

slipper originals photography by temp


est rosca.

Slipper Originals, from the creative mind of EllePolygon, is a brand that offers beautiful and high quality original mesh and appliers for female avatars. From sandals to slips ons to heels and from casual to formal, this is a one stop shop for all your footwear needs. Slipper Originals prides itself on their impeccable attention to detail and great service for 100% customer satisfaction. Teleport to their mainstore. Check out their marketplace. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Flickr. Check out their blog.

THE adventures o

written & photographed by miele

“The Adventures of...” is a monthly feature by Miele Tarantal showcasing some of the most aesthetic places in Second Life®. The sets at Whole Wheat originally started out as small scale controlled testing areas for different concepts and designs that owner Screaming Toast would use for private photo sessions and models for client SIM Design. His girlfriend and Whole Wheat’s manager, Tea Enchanted, noticed the test sets would be a useful tool for bloggers, photographers and general public use. Thus WHOLE WHEAT was born. The sim has taken on a life of its own. It can be enjoyed by not only bloggers and photographers, but also by some of Toast’s favorite designers in SL. He says, “[Whole Wheat] has given me the confidence to express myself creatively to the public, whether it is the wacky and strange part of my brain, or the quiet and calm serene aspects of my personality. Please visit and support Screaming Toast’s wonderful sets, and consider commissioning him and his team to create a set for you.​


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ECLIPSE Magazine September 2016  

The September edition of ECLIPSE Magazine features the talented and fascinating Delicate Flower, co-owner of Seraphim. Welcoming our new fas...

ECLIPSE Magazine September 2016  

The September edition of ECLIPSE Magazine features the talented and fascinating Delicate Flower, co-owner of Seraphim. Welcoming our new fas...