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We are publishing a bit late this month; however, I anticipate we will be publishing next month far closer to our regular publishing date. Our contributors have actually been working hard the past couple of weeks on our July edition. Enough of the future talk though! This issue, I am happy to welcome Noey Ivy London Flower to the ECLIPSE team with our new feature “Ask: Noey”. Feel free to send her your questions anonymously with this form. I also welcome Shazzy Valentine as a Marketing Executive. Feel free to message her in-world about advertising opportunies or check out this form that details what we offer. Another change is that we have teamed up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network to highlight a member of their group in our Proust Spotlight, for the June issue we have Johanna Nirevil-Frost. When this magazine was first envisioned, the truth is I really did not know what we were doing. All I knew was that I wanted a nice looking publication with rich content and a side of fashion. Over the past two and a half years, I have seen it grow with a slow evolution that is truly reflective of how vast and immersive Second Life can be. Each month we have our regular monthly features that cater to various aspects of our virtual world. Whether it’s a roleplay community, live musicians, art exhibits, beautiful sims to explore, fashion & shopping, groups or residents that have truly impacted the grid, I am thrilled each month to share with our readers something new and different or something that truly deserves to be under the spotlight. I am infinitely grateful for all my contributors. Month in and month out, with some easy deadlines or some far too tight, they work diligently to turn this publication into a reality. Without their support and hard work, suffice to say, this magazine would be nowhere without them. With that, I do hope you enjoy this issue, and I thank you, our readers, for joining us each month and continued support. Happy Readings!

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ECLIPSE Magazine June 2017  

This edition of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature one of the most highly anticipated events of the year on our cover, Summerfest. We also intro...

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