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Teaming up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, we showcase Hopa Shinobu!

February’s ECLIPSE stylists were inspired by the bold colors and mission of One Billion Rising.

Through the Lens

The theme for this issue is “Love Yourself,” and the talented blogger and photographer Grace Sixpence shows us her take on it.

Designer Showcase

With their 13th anniversary soon approaching, we feature the extraodinary brand Rebel Hope.

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With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, we investigate date places on the grid!

Ahn Avion goes in depth and discovers the roleplay community, “Unnatural.”

From the WSL management company, we feature their artist Justin Ashton.

Wendz Tempest shares the best and newest of Home & Garden on the grid.


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ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase residents and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination� to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.


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Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook

Noey Ivy London Flower offers the best advice on the grid for all your SL needs.

Each month ECLIPSE asks residents a question, see what they have to say.

Join the Wayfarer on a journey exploring the sim, Everwinter. ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 7


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Welcome to the third anniversary issue of ECLIPSE Magazine. Throughout the journey, our most steadfast endeavor is to be rich in content that appeals and resonates to all members of our shared virtual world, Second Life. Our cover features have ranged from content creators, event organizers, bloggers, photographers, communities and more. The one thing all of them have in common is that they have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination� to such great heights that it has impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community. We tell their stories because they are inspiring, creative and pioneers in their respective fields. They dreamed and achieved, and the foundation of this world and any world is built on a foundation of those dreams. ECLIPSE Magazine is a collaborative effort, and I am thankful for all the writers, photographers, stylists and senior members for the time and work they devote to this publication. The most precious gift a person can give is their time and without the team, this monthly endeavor would be impossible. With that, I am equally grateful for the people we have featured and our growing readers that make it all worth it. This month for our cover, we feature the women behind One Billion Rising in SL. This is the virtual complement to the 24 hour event held on February 14, 2018 worldwide. Created under the staggering statistic that one in three women will be beaten or raped during their lifetime, the core concept of One Billion Rising is to raise awareness to help end the exploitation of women. When the cover imagery was first released, many people asked about the extra leg. Inspired by the TIME Magazine Person of the Year Cover: The Silence Breakers, the leg represents the women who are unable to come forward. It is our hope at ECLIPSE to add our voices of support as we advocate for those who may struggle to find their own voices, and this month and every month, we stand not only behind but in the midst of the mission behind the One Billion Rising movement. Thank you again for these extraordinary three years, and I raise my glass for a toast to many more. I do hope you enjoy this issue, and happy readings!

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ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 19

through the lens

grace sixpence shows us “love yourself.� Photography by grace


e sixpence.

Page 24 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair - Beverly Head: Catwa - Lona Head Ears: ^^Swallow^^ - Shiny Ears Body: Maitreya - Lara Dress: RIOT - Tahani Gown Rings: (Yummy) - Sweetheart Rings Necklace & Bracelet: Empyrean Forge - Adoration Set Pose: Tuty - Finger Heart Trend HUD Pic taken at Meraki Islands ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 25

Hair: *ARGRACE* YURA Head: Catwa - Lona Head Body: Maitreya - Lara Dress: Dead Dollz - PoisPois Dress Rings: (Yummy) - Sweetheart Rings Pose: FOXCITY - Long Grass Pic taken at The Far Away

Page 26 | ECLIPSE February 2018

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Hair: [e] - Lauren Head: Catwa - Lona Head Body: Maitreya - Lara Ears: ^^Swallow^^ - Shiny Ears Top: Blueberry - Georgina - Yoga Tops Pants: LYBRA . Pj Bottoms Pose: Thrust Poses - Yoga Studio: Soy. - The Studio Yoga Equipment uK: Yoga Mat w/ Pillow uK: Mat Crate Relax uK: Mat Crate Peace uK: Vibes and Tribes Sign uK: Spiritual Gangster Sign uK: Inspiration Mirror uK: Palm Incents Burner uK: Meditation Candles Page 28 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 29

Hair: pr!tty - Tory Head: Catwa - Lona Head Body: Maitreya - Lara Sunglasses: MINIMAL - Smith Glasses Rings: Yummy - Sweetheart Rings Top: Emery - Shape of U Top Pants: [Cynful] - Anyday Skinny Jeans Shoes: [Gos] - Lady G Shoes Pose: CW Poses - Waiting SuitCases: KC - Airport Set Backdrop: Pseudo- Airport Scene (gacha) Page 30 | ECLIPSE February 2018

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Hair: Navy&Copper - Latte Head: Catwa - Lona Head Body: Maitreya - Lara Rings: Yummy - Sweetheart Rings Dress: Vinyl - Sugar Sady Babydoll Dress Shorts: Sugar Sady Boyshorts Pose: FOXCITY - Hot Settee: [Tia] - Valarie Sofa Laptop: Soy. - My Laptop Bookshelves: Toronto-Living room bookshelf

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 33

When Two and Two and Fifty Make

written by cajsa lilliehook. photography by lessthen zero & temp

e a Billion

pest rosca.

Page 38 | ECLIPSE February 2018

One woman’s hands can’t tear a prison down Two women’s hands can’t tear a prison down But when two and two and fifty make a billion We’ll see that day come round We’ll see that day come round. A new variation of Pete Seeger’s One Man’s Hands written for this article.

It is three o’clock on Saturday morning and you have been startled awake by a loud noise. You wonder what it was, perhaps an overturned chair. You hear a woman crying and an angry male voice. You listen for subtler sounds, the smack of a fist, but it’s too hard to hear. You are awake now and wondering whether or not to call the police. They grow quiet and you lie sleepless through the night. Your roommate is raped by a stranger with a knife after her car breaks down on the freeway. You go with her to the hospital and sit with her when she is interviewed by the police. The police officer shrugs and says, “It’s probably some guy who had a fight with his wife.” Even though she provides the make and model of his car and all but the final two digits of his license plate, no arrest is made. Your sister comes home with her children, fleeing an abusive husband who broke her jaw. You watch her sipping liquid protein drinks through a straw, unable to open her mouth to eat. You struggle to understand her words through her wired jaws. You struggle even more to understand why she went back to him after he replayed his ritual apology that he has performed several times. You fear for her and her children. Your assistant comes to you for advice. Her 13 year-old daughter was forced to perform fellatio on some of her classmates. They made a video and sent it to other students. She takes it to the police who are not interested because she is a former felon. They tell her if she files a report, they will charge her with possessing child pornography. These are just a few of my own stories. I am sure most of us have our own heartbreaking collection of stories that together tell the histories of the more than a billion women and children who have been beaten, raped, or exploited. I am sure many of us have felt helpless in the face of official indifference, confused about how to or whether to act, and frustrated by some women’s seemingly inexplicable commitment to their abusers. What can we do? Well, one thing we can do is dance. ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 39

If you think that seems frivolous in response to the pain and suffering of one billion people, consider this. Silence is the great enabler. Abuse and exploitation depend on complacency and secrecy. Dancing is loud and public and unruly. The world needs unruly women. For Saffia Widdershins, one of the organizers of One Billion Rising SL, dance is partly symbolic, “A rising is a revolution and also, in this case, a celebration. It’s an expression of solidarity too.” She points out that it is something women around the world can relate to. There is a spontaneity to dance as well. It can also be private. To mark One Billion Rising, women in Saudi Arabia have held private dance parties behind closed doors, celebrating their coming together. Widdershins also pointed out that in the Congo,

when Dr Denis Mukwege, the Doctor who has stood out against the mass rapes and mutilations there, returned to the country, women that he had helped (and their friends and families) greeted him with spontaneous singing and dancing. “Dance is powerful and universal. OBR understands how it can bring us together,” she said. The first life One Billion Rising founder Eve Ensler said, “Dancing insists we take up space, and though it has no set direction, we go there together. Dance is dangerous, joyous, sexual, holy, disruptive, and contagious and it breaks the rules. It can happen anywhere, at anytime, with anyone and everyone, and it’s free. Dance joins us and pushes us to go further and that is why it’s at the center of ONE BILLION RISING.” So yes, one thing we can do is dance.

a Adele Ward (Jilly Kidd) Page 40 | ECLIPSE February 2018


Aisling Sinclair ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 41

One woman’s eyes can’t see the way ahead Two women’s eyes can’t see the way ahead But when two and two and fifty make a billion We’ll see that day come round We’ll see that day come round. One Billion Rising is a worldwide awareness and solidarity campaign that happens on February 14th, the day that celebrates romantic love–where women around the world rise up and dance. According to Widdershins, “It is the biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history. The concept is that one one specific day we rise–in hundreds of countries across the world–to show our local  communities and the world what one billion looks like (or, on a local level, to make people think about one in three) and also to shine a light on the rampant impunity and  injustice that survivors most often face.  We rise through dance to express joy and community and celebrate the fact that we have not been defeated by this violence. We rise to show we are determined to create a new kind of consciousness–one where violence will be resisted until it is unthinkable.” Women dance and when they dance, take up space, they are unruly, they are free, and united in acknowledgement of the problem and in a demand for change. In Second Life, the sixth annual One Billion Rising SL will be held in concert with the seventh annual first life celebration. Since the beginning, Saffia Widdershins has been pulling together a fabulous crew of volunteers and sponsors to prepare the sims, dances, stages and play music for the one

Page 42 | ECLIPSE February 2018

day event. Through the years, many talented residents have partnered with her in organizing the event, from Honour McMillan at the beginning to Kess Crystal who joined the team in 2016. Widdershins volunteered to be interviewed for this article. She recalled how it all began with a staff meeting of Prim Perfect magazine. She had read about One Billion Rising and brought it up with the staff who all agreed they would like to get involved. That launched the 2013 event and the rest, as they say, is history. According to Widdershins, the event has changed little over the years. “It’s actually changed very little in conception. It’s deepened, I would say, rather than changed.” As in previous years, there are four sims organized around a central stage that unites into a single central stage at their intersection. There will be art installations around the perimeter. They have added Poetry at the Poetry Plaza and a dance theatre. She continued, adding specifics, “We’ve staged plays, dance events and we have an amazing particle show every year, created by Tansee, in association with the wonderful art collective of 2Lei.” 2Lei are an Italian-based art collective who stage events and exhibitions around November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

AvaJean Westland

ChicModa - Kim Photographer & Stylist: Taylor Wassep Briony (Lanez Writer) ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 43

Judi Newall

Kess Crystal Page 44 | ECLIPSE February 2018

One woman’s voice can’t shout to make them hear. Two women’s voices can’t shout to make them hear. But when two and two and fifty make a billion We’ll see that day come round We’ll see that day come round. Since last year’s One Billion Rising, Harvey Weinstein’s lifelong career of assaulting, harassing, and exploiting women was revealed, opening a floodgate of revelations that have exposed similar predators in journalism, politics, business, technology, sports, academia, and anywhere and everywhere. Women are not surprised by how many and how egregious the predators are, but men and women are surprised they are being exposed at last. But despite the widespread exposure of the scope and violence of sexual predation in the workplace, the #MeToo movement is not global nor does it address the many ways women are exploited and abused. After all, most abuse begins at home. As Widdershins explains, “To some extent, the #MeToo movement is a reflection of individual experiences leading to a determination for change– starting in specific industries and organisations, and then expanding more widely. One Billion Rising also reflects individual experience in that– in many cases–it is those experiences that prompt individual women to rise. But the One Billion Rising movement has a broader sweep in its analysis of oppression and exploitation; it sees men as well as women as victims (as well as perpetrators).” She interjected, emphasizing, “One thing that I do want to stress is that we use “women and girls” as an inclusive

term reflecting all those who were assigned and/or identify as female.” She continues, “I think that in part this stems from the fact that OBR has been going for longer than #MeToo–when you protest exploitation, you examine the causes of exploitation which are not just gender-based. It also stems from the fact that OBR is a worldwide campaign– there are active groups in many countries around the world, from Afghanistan (where simply walking in a group together down the streets of Kabul is to put their lives at risk) to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (where women protest the most hideous rape and mutilation) to Italy and the United States.” Widdershins notes that #MeToo is predominantly a Western campaign, though in time it may become globalized. She adds, “In five years time, it may be in the same place. And it may be exploring the same issues.” One Billion Rising SL will make space, though, for the #MeToo energy and truth-telling. She explains, “We’ve always had space on the website where women can share their experiences. This year we are inviting women to contribute stories, poems or messages, which will be incorporated into a special area - a forest - where the messages they send us will be displayed. These can be anonymous or contain their names, as people choose. It will be a special area for sharing, and for reflection.”

Share Your Story in the #MeToo Forest ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 45

One woman’s words can’t set the people free Two women’s words can’t set the people free But when two and two and fifty make a billion We’ll see that day come round We’ll see that day come round. One Billion Rising, in its first and second life incarnations, has been criticized as just an awareness campaign, with critics asking what good does dancing do. However OBR is more than an awareness campaign. It is a campaign of solidarity and action. People are not hitting a like button, they are meeting with other people to dance. They are dancing. Dancing is an action and dancing together around the world is a powerful form of solidarity. It is seeing and being seen. When someone says “I see you,” they acknowledge your shared humanity and dignity. That matters. There is a reason to question awareness campaigns that exist without a call to action. There is a phenomenon called “narcotizing dysfunction” where people become narcotized rather than energized the more they are made “aware” of an issue. Of course, the reason people want to be made aware, the reason they like and share awareness posts is they want to do something, but mistaking awareness for action is what creates narcotizing dysfunction. The world calendar is packed with Awareness Days. We are all aware of oh-so-many things, but too much awareness without action is the road to apathy.

all year round. The event can be a catalyst for people. For example, we don’t raise money at O in Second Life. If people want to donate money we suggest that they find a local women’s refug or other nonprofit that they can support with t money, or to look for an international group th they could support. We hand out information a such groups at the even–because this is about just one day of celebration, but ongoing aware raising.”

One Billion Rising SL is focused on the annua February event, but they also support the 2L event in November and work to connect peo to One Billion Rising’s worldwide campaign f opportunities for continued action. Of course they would be happy to support other event address these issues of violence and exploita though most of the One Billion Rising SL staff involved in other events throughout the yea

While the focus of One Billion Rising and One Billion Rising SL is on the women and girls w are abused and exploited worldwide, Widder notes that women in SL do face harassment, discrimination, and unwanted and persistent sexual advances, something any woman who That is why One Billion Rising connects people has landed at an Infohub can tell you about. through the action of coming together to dance Widdershins elucidated, “Women is Second Li and connects them with more things they can still face discrimination and harassment. It ma do. One Billion Rising is a catalyst for action–far always be as overt as examples in the real worl more than just awareness. After all, even before even leaving aside phenomenon such as the ra One Billion Rising and #MeToo, we were all regions, one still comes across examples of stal custodians of too many stories of pain, abuse, and coercive and abusive relationships and women exploitation. We were aware. One Billion Rising Second Life still experience phenomenon such brought awareness together with solidarity. mansplaining, or having their points and views ignored until a man expresses them.” She prov Widdershins noted that the international One a link to the Newbie Woman’s SL Survival Kit Billion Rising website has lots of information they used to distribute that she said was a lit about ongoing opportunities for mobilization out-of-date, but still had useful information o and action. She continued, “February 14th is a harassment and stalking. focus, but work (and other events) are going on Page 46 | ECLIPSE February 2018

OBR y, ge their hat about not eness

al Lei ople for e, ts that ation, ff are ar.

e who rshins , t o As ife ay not ld, but ape lking, n in as s vided

ttle on Saffia Widdershins ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 47

Krystali Rabeni

Stevie Basevi

Page 48 | ECLIPSE February 2018

One woman’s heart can’t fill the world with love Two women’s heart can’t fill the world with love But if two and two and fifty make a billion We’ll see that day come round We’ll see that day come round. If you wonder why a solidarity campaign against violence and exploitation of women would be on Valentine’s Day–the day that is organized around romantic love, it is because One Billion Rising grew out of V-Day. V for Victory, V for Vagina, their website proclaims. And of course, V-Day always brings to mind February 14th. Widdershins notes this connection highlights the ironic contrast between commercialized visions of romantic love and the experienced reality of many women and girls.

Despite all the vaginas, there is a role for men in One Billion Rising. In past years, some of the volunteers have been men and there are male and female greeters at the landing points. It is also important to remember that sometimes men are the victims of intimate violence, rape, and exploitation. In the world at large, perhaps it is the men who need the awareness most–something evidenced by many men expressing shocked reactions to the #MeToo revelations.

Widdershins shared a story from a In essence, V-Day is the activist wedding dinner she attended. Seated network, One Billion Rising is the at a table of ten, she was sitting with global mass action that activism has her husband and a young male friend. generated. On the V-Day website, they There were also a woman with her say, “V-Day is a catalyst that promotes two daughers and their friends at the creative events to increase awareness, table. The subject somehow came raise money, and revitalize the spirit of round to sexual harassment and their existing anti-violence organizations. young male friend was surprised the V-Day generates broader attention for women saw it as a common occurrence. the fight to stop violence against women Widdershins looked round the table and girls, including rape, battery, incest, and asked who at the table had female genital mutilation (FGM), and sex experienced sexual harassment. Every slavery.” single woman had. She concluded, “And my young friend was incredulous. V-Day and One Billion Rising are That’s what we need to work on - and connected, not just through being keep working on it until no-one is saying founded by Eve Ensler and her worldMe too.” In her opinion, the first thing shaking play. V-Day is more oriented to men can do to fight exploitation is to global activism and fundraising for local understand what it is, and how it affects initiatives while One Billion Rising is an women. She points us to Jo Brand’s annual mass action of solidarity that explanation in a British comedy show inspires and serves to tell all of us “I see reacting to a panelist minimizing the you” at the moment we feel most alone. seriousness of harassment.

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 49

One woman’s dance can’t make a world of peace Two women’s dances can’t make a world of peace But when two and two and fifty make a billion We’ll see that day come round We’ll see that day come round. Saffia Widdershins and her cadre of volunteers began this celebration seven years ago. They were inspired by the original first life event and Eve Ensler’s mission. So you can imagine what they felt back on February 14, 2015. As Widdershins describes it, “Late in the day on February 14th, I noticed I’d received an email from Eve Ensler entitled Thank You! I assumed that it was a generalised message of thanks to people who had been running OBR events, but when I opened it, it read:

When the music finishes at midnight the following day, then everyone will do the One Billion Rising Dance. That will be something to see! Be sure to check out videos from the past. The region will stay open another twenty-four hours so folks have time to enjoy the art before they close. There are no costs or pleas for money. They encourage you to give to your local domestic violence shelter or look for organizations to support at One Billion Rising’s worldwide site.

One Billion Rising is a fun event and “This is Eve Ensler and I am filled with a very powerful one. It welcomes joy and awe at the stunning One Billion everyone. You can hear great music, see Rising in Second Life. Wow. It is simply spectacular shows, and great art that will stunning, mystical, political, gorgeous and move you, make you think and even inspired. My deepest gratitude, admiration sometimes - make you laugh. solidarity and love, Eve” One Billion Rising SL is a labor of love and commitment. They are not If you plan to go to One Billion Rising, seeking analytics for grant reports. They they have a great day planned for you. aren’t fundraising at all, so they aren’t It is a 24-hour event. The regions will collecting data to measure what the open to the public at 11:00 p.m. on 13th, effect of their work is. As Widdershins and at midnight the music will start. responded to a question about what There will be DJs playing music and live impact they have, “Realistically, we have musicians on the central stage for the no way of knowing. When you light a entire twenty-four hours, as well parties candle in your window, you have no way on the individual sims. There will be of knowing how many see it, or what effect poetry and play readings at the poetry it has on those who do see it–whether plaza, special dance performances at the they ignore it, or read a meaning into it, dance theatre by groups from around whether they hurry by or whether it shapes the world, and a spectacular particle their life forever more. But without the display. There will be around twentycandle, there is no possible effect from its five separate art installations by Second light. So we light the candle and put it in Life artists to explore. In addition, the the window.” regions themselves will be stunningly landscaped. Whether you want to look, ramble, read, talk, listen, or dance, they have you covered. Page 50 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 51

Page 52 | ECLIPSE February 2018

For More Information: One Billion Rising SL One Billion Rising SL Flickr Group One Billion Rising SL on Facebook One Billion Rising SL on Twitter Our Second Life Group: One Billion Rising One Billion Rising V-Day OBR SL Dance Videos: 2013, 2016, and 2017 Petlove Petshop Video: 2015

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 53

Page 54 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 55

Page 56 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 57

The Design of Rebel

written by synful aeon. photography by carley benazzi, taylor wassep & temp


pest rosca.

Rebel Hope Photographer : Taylor Wassep

Vera Wang once said, ”When you have passion for something then you tend to not only to be better at it, but you work harder too.” Rebel Hope has been creating fashion for women and men in Second Life® since 2005. For her it became a diverse creative canvas to build upon; which drove her to learn the basics for building. She joined Second Life in its infancy when legacy clothes were the first clothing created and people started learning to build with prims, flexy and sculpt. Hope became excited at the idea of being able to create clothing. The first item she created was a gown that many people loved and it encouraged her to create more clothing. Thus Rebel Hope Designs, Inc® was established. “I loved the fact that Second Life gave me the opportunity to create clothing and to play dress up dolls,” said Hope. As the earlier methods of creating products gave way to the evolution of mesh, Hope tirelessly worked to overcome the struggle she had with the change to mesh. The challenge kept her mind sharp as she is always eager to learn something new to help advance her skills in creating items.

Page 60 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Rebel Hope -Majorca Mesh Bikini Photographer & Stylist: Carley Benazzi

Rebel Hope - Janelle Mesh Top & Tracy Mesh Shorts Photographer & Stylist: Carley Benazzi

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 61

When landing at Hope’s store, the plaza between the buildings showcases the latest designs from Rebel Hope. There is one building labeled casual clothing and another labeled bridal and formal wear with models in the windows. Hope has experimented making many types of clothing items; however, there isn’t enough time in the day for her to create everything that comes to mind. “In the past I loved working on bridal and formal wear because of the intricacy of some of the designs. I used to also make costumes. Unfortunately I moved away from those to work on a casual line of clothing. I hope to someday go back to my roots. I loved creating detailed items and boxes that went along with the costumes. Also, I adored working with jewelry and the texturing process. So many things, not enough time,” said Hope. Even though some items like her men’s tuxedos, bridal gowns, and bridal accessories are on the back burner right now it doesn’t mean that they aren’t on Hope’s mind. She would love in the near future to start creating bridal gowns and the accessories that go along with them again. Walking into the casual clothing store, many items bring about a fun sophistication in highly detailed lace, floral or solid prints. There are many skirts, tops, dresses, jackets, shorts,

Page 62 | ECLIPSE February 2018

exclusively designed by Rebel Hope on one side of the store. The other side of the store is lined with swimsuits and bikinis with sunny beachthemed advertisements and atmosphere. She creates clothing for the Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza female bodies. Hope has even produced a few lingerie items.There are many jewelry items in different locations of the store. On one of the far ends of the plaza many of Hope’s earlier designs sit in a discount store for under 100 Lindens. Being in Second Life since 2004, Hope has come across many types of people and dislikes toxic people. She prefers to be positive and to pursue her creative pursuits. Her inspirations come from real life, the internet, magazines, TV or her own imagination. She then talks about her ideas with her business partner Reed Hennesy. When they have agreed upon a visual idea, they start creating a new product. Hennesy and Hope have been collaborating together for over three and half years on Rebel Hope Designs. Like many other designers the Rebel Hope brand has a team that includes a brand and blog manager, Sadystika Sabretooth. Also, a group moderator and manager, LadyEllenT. The team for the brand is small but they hope to expand in the future. Rebel Hope Photographer : Taylor Wassep ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 63

For over five years Rebel Hope has been participating in FaMESHed, and in 2017 she started participating in Shoetopia. ”I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of the Shoetopia team because of the many extremely talented designers involved there,” replied Hope. The shoe line of her store contains: boots, sandals and heels for Maitreya,The Mesh Project, Belleza, and Slink feet. Hope’s creativity knows no bounds. When not designing she would love to

Page 64 | ECLIPSE February 2018

purchase some blank land, terraform it, and decorate it. In the past, she did this many times and loved creating what she considers an emotional space for people to enjoy. In real life one of her current addictions is adult coloring books. She uses pencils, watercolors, ink and paints as her medium to color lovely photos. Being an artist in real life, one of her many projects involves her painting one of her book projects on a wall in her office at home.

Rebel Hope - Rina Shirt & Ellen Boots Photographer & Stylist: Tempest Rosca

Rebel Hope - Zaza Lingerie Top and Jayda Lingerie Pants Photographer & Stylist: Tempest Rosca ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 65

Hope is grateful for all the support she has received from her friends, associates, and customers. They have made it possible for her to use her passion of creating in Second Life to help her family in real life. “I have so many great customers that have carried me through thirteen amazing years, here in Second Life. Second Life has been my real life business for most of these thirteen years and has supported my family in real life. Every purchased item helped put my kids through school, paid for musical instruments, paid bills and provided me with a way to be a stay at home mom while my children were growing up. Often I wonder, if people realize that when they buy something in many cases it helps support a person. So many thanks to all of you who have bought from Rebel Hope in the past. Not only from me but from Mr. Hennesy as well,� said Hope.

Page 66 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Rebel Hope - Kauai Bikini Photographer & Stylist: Tempest Rosca ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 67

Page 68 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Rebel Hope Links: Facebook Flickr Plurk Twitter Website Marketplace & In-World Store

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 69

Page 70 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Rebel Hope - Grace Mesh Lace Lingerie Photographer & Stylist: Carley Benazzi

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 71

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e photos like the pros? ou there. Find out more at t when applications are being accepted for our 018 batch!

the proust spotli

photography by hop

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second Life®. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick. ECLIPSE Magazine has teamed up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, so each month the blogger we showcase on the Proust Spotlight is a group member. The group member we feature this month is the talented Hopa Shinobu. When asked to share something about herself, she tells us, “I’m just a lady that likes my SL Fashion. Whether it is finding a new store or learning from my fellow bloggers new techniques, I doubt other things on SL would give me such an outlet of self expression. So do “You,” but do”You” well in your own eyes as those are the only ones that matter as no one else can fill your cup of happiness.”


pa shinobu.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue? These days? Righteousness. People should be met with less stern faces of judgment and more compassion and understanding as that which you are judging you might not completely understand. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Hugs your face. What do you consider your greatest achievement? My daughter, she is the most loving, compassionate, and hilarious person I know and it astonishes me that I created her. What do you most value in your friends? That they get my odd sense of humor and laugh when even if I am not funny. They are supportive with words of encouragement, not a bunch of needless smoke. What is your motto? Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. What is your most marked characteristic? My super super short att........Squirrel! Yeah I have a bad attention span anyone who knows me knows I am scatterbrained. Connect with Hopa on her Blog and Flickr.

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Page 84 | ECLIPSE February 2018

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romantic endeav

written by Persephone Vitrac (alexis1oreily). photography by Persephone Vitrac (alex



Page 88 | ECLIPSE February 2018

February is the month commonly dedicated to love and romance. It’s the month of Valentine’s Day and the perfect time to finally ask your crush out on a date or to show your companion how much you love and appreciate them. The real question is where to go? The good news is that Second Life® is full of options, no matter what sort of date you are planning. Before heading out to a date location, why not take your date on a shopping spree? Not to spend all your money or try and buy their affection but to pick out the perfect outfit for the activity and venue you have in mind.. If you’ve planned a date with an equestrian feature, maybe pick up some matching riding pants. Ice skating? Maybe see who can pull off spandex better? Headed to a winter-themed sim? You are both going to want to bundle up warmly. Dressing up is a big part of the fun in Second Life, so try not to skip this step, it can really serve as a fun warm up to your perfect romantic evening.

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 89

Lost Spirits is a beautiful resort sim, perfect for a slow-paced romantic date with plenty of activities to do together. Upon first landing on sim, you will find yourself at a waiting spot. Here you can cuddle up and share a hot cup of cocoa with your date, explore the stables together, or just sit and have a chat while you await your horses. Before long two beautiful horses will arrive, waiting a short amount of time for riders to climb up in the saddle and get ready to go. Riding the full extent of the trail takes a full twenty-five minutes, plenty of time for conversation and taking in the view–and it is a magnificent view with gorgeous unicorns, beautiful fields, and amazing auroras in the sky that are reflected in the water. Along the trail there are plenty of places to explore–a small church to cuddle up in, plenty of cabins, and a tent complete with a fire pit to roast marshmallows. That’s not all Lost Spirits has to offer though. In addition to the path, you can also go off the trail and find plenty of hidden things to explore like a romantic cavern which holds an underground lake, complete with a boat in which to serenade your lover. Lost Spirits is truly a unique sim and the perfect place to take your date for a romantic evening, especially if they happen to be a lover of horses.

Page 90 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 91

Page 92 | ECLIPSE February 2018

The Union is another option for a date. This sim is gorgeous–currently set up as a winter wonderland, it’s advised you dress warmly before popping in, though some figure-skating leotards might work just as well. The landing spot deposits you mid-sim right on a dock where you can pick up a pair of skates and work on your synchronicity with your partner. After a romantic round of ice skating, there is still plenty to experience on The Union. Nearby, a hot air balloon waits to take you high in the sky. Close quarters, beautiful sights–it doesn’t get much more romantic than that. This offers you plenty of time to speak with your date, while not having to deal with the company of strangers. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground though, fret not. Another feature of The Union is the multitude of

cuddle spots around the sim. There are fires to snuggle up near, docks to watch the cold ocean waves from, and tents to nuzzle inside. The options are unlimited and once you have curled up close, you can engage in a private chat with your loved one, or turn on the sim’s stream. The Union is more than just a pretty place to get cozy, the sim also serves as a club with music playing across the stream and live DJ events held regularly. If you are looking for something more than just cuddling up, you can join the crowd and dance the night away with your date while the two of you engage in conversation with each other, the DJ, the event host, and the patrons. This is certainly the option if you are a more extroverted couple, ready to mingle.

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 93

Page 94 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 95

The final date spot on the list is one recommended for the better-acquainted couple. Taking your companion to Heritage–a sim home to an adoption agency, on the first date may just send the wrong message. So, why is an adoption sim on the list? This sim is one of the most picturesque sims in Second Life. Once more, this is a sim that is currently set for winter though the feel is quite different than others on the list. Heritage is like an aesthetic photograph– all soft snow and pastel appearances with ice and snow glistening on the trees. A stroll through this sim with your date would be reason enough to name it as a

Page 96 | ECLIPSE February 2018

perfect date spot but it has much more to offer. The Heritage Boardwalk is probably the main attraction. Featuring a towering ferris wheel and a variety of other small rides, this is also a great location for the couple who already has kids as this sim stresses the importance of building family bonds. Just make sure they know you don’t have the intention of dropping them off there! The Boardwalk also features an arcade of games and the option to bowl for a few rounds. And if your relationship really is to that point, Heritage is the perfect place to look into starting a family.

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 97

Cuddling up close in a hot air balloon, showing yo something more intimate–it doesn’t matter what you perfect first, or third, date with the person of your c remind them what

Page 98 | ECLIPSE February 2018

our grace on the ice, riding along the horse trail, or u are looking for. Second Life is full of options for the choice so take your loved one somewhere new and romance feels like.

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the world of role

this month we feature “unnatural.� written by ahn avion. photography by a


alex avion.

Unnatural is a present-day, free-form, Para (paragraph consisting of 3 or more sentences) and Semi-Para (usually 1 - 3 sentences) RP fantasy roleplay sim, where supernaturals are hidden from humans. Unnatural is set in the fictional town of Ashmore, Pennsylvania, in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains. Here you will find everything from the ordinary dayto-day role play- business, crime, police, fire, medical, adult situations, etc, but you have the additional excitement of conflicts created between the different races trying to mingle with the general population and still keep their condition hidden. Unnatural features a unique, beautiful multi-level build/setting that includes a nightlife of bars and clubs, a police department, a fire department, a full hospital, established businesses as well as business rentals, and residential neighborhoods alongside a lake nestled within a lush fores. Kali (kaliope.karas), the sim owner, said the inspiration for Unnatural came from being unable to find a place that fit what she and her friends were looking for. They had spent a few months looking for a place to roleplay before they decided to make a place to call their own.

Page 108 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 109

Page 110 | ECLIPSE February 2018

The sim had a soft opening in September 2017 and had a grand opening on October 13, 2017. Though the sim is still fairly new, she thinks things are going fantastic! They had, at one point, 50 people on the sim daily, well into the night. Things have leveled out some now, but they still average 20 to 25 people per day. The stories are active, and the sim is home to a good player base with great writers! I asked her about her most intriguing story that she’s come across or participated in. She says, “I think for me had been the creating, writing, and launching the Phral, our own brand of witchcraft.” Perhaps now might be a good time to mention that the main character types in Unnatural are either vampires, werewolves, phrals, or humans. Supernaturals have coexisted with humans in secret for thousands of years, settling in towns and cities in packs and clans and mingling with the rest of humanity. Lake Ashmore is not exempt from this. Tucked away from major cities, but close enough to not be completely un-communicated, it’s made the perfect little nook for a few clans and packs. However, just like in real life, most humans believe that supernaturals are mythological monsters that exist only in movies and horror stories. Humans who know the truth swear to keep the secret and understand that any threat of exposure is met with a swift “accidental” death. Some would say that Ashmore is one of Pennsylvania’s best-kept secrets. Lake Ashmore is great for fishing, boating, skiing, and swimming in the summer, and during wintertime residents can also enjoy the snow skiing and snowboarding that made the Poconos so famous. Sadly, between the closing of nearby coal mines, and competition from bigger resorts, Lake Ashmore and the nearby town of the same name never really made it big. Now it’s low income, high crime, and the occasional mysterious death that keeps tourists away. ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 111

In the Unnatural universe, magic already existed, but was put to sleep sometime in 1915. The story writing team had an event that awakened it when the sim was launched. “We needed to do something to explain why we didn’t have magic before and suddenly we did,” Kali adds. While the population of any sim ebbs and flows, at the time of my visit there were 184 vampires, 209 werewolves, and 444 humans registered, of which 60 of the humans are phral. Should a player wish to have his/her character turned from human to a supernatural being, that character loses the human tag to prevent doubles and ambiguity. Kali says her character on the sim is a little flighty. “I had originally written her to play a witch of some sort in whatever supernatural/fantasy sim we found to play in. She is as she looks. Her magic would be hit and miss; I tend to like to play lesser folk. When we didn’t find a good fit and started writing Unnatural, we realized just how difficult it was to write a magic class, so we put that on the back burner and so now my character is not magical, but she’s a little frivolous, a little vain, smiles a lot.” Page 112 | ECLIPSE February 2018

During the interview, Kali often used “we” when speaking about those involved in the creation and ongoing success with the sim. “We” consists of Kali and her partner, Pauleh. When they had a good idea of what they wanted to do for the sim, they added KayKay Stine and Vanora Blackheart to the team. Kay focuses on building, and Vanora with structure on city service, groups, and decorating. Kay also designed, built, and runs the hospital, but both were invaluable in helping to define the lore. What makes Unnatural different from other sims that also have vampires, werewolves, and witches? “We saw the things that were a turn off to us from other sims, and decided not to do that. We wanted to go down to basics and put the power of the story back into our players, no HUDs, no character sheets and points to allocate or anything random to decide the outcome of a scene. We also decided to limit the number of races we used, keep things uncomplicated. It’s about the story and the writing If players chose to use dice or some other form to help with combat or spells, that’s fine, but it’s not a requirement. We kept the races uncomplicated, tailored for Second Life, to avoid having to have a lengthy character creation process. Roleplay is not about gaming, but about stories, and a sim should be

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 113

just the setting, the “writing prompt”, so in building a sim, we were hoping to inspire writing and fun,” Kali explains. In Unnatural, the races are well defined and their characteristics are explained in the Wiki. If an issue is brought up that wasn’t addressed or not thought of by the sim team, they review and update as needed. There are also dedicated moderators for each race, lore keepers, players can go to for questions as well as for assistance in character development. Speaking of characters, I spoke with ΛIĐEN RYΛN (case.hammerthall). He has been part of the Unnatural community for about a month, but has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in roleplaying in Second Life. “I can tell you, these folks are very imaginative. The sim design is well thought out, and from what I can tell it’s very popular. There’s a line to get a rental here,” he states. His character is Aiden Ryan, a 149 year old Vampire, born, raised and reborn in Boston. “By day he’s a Harvard graduate lawyer, Page 114 | ECLIPSE February 2018

by night he’s a deviant with blood lust. He prefers the finer things in his unlife, fine suits, Italian shoes, beautiful women. I play him as a gentleman, fine training in etiquette, both business and formal. Presently he has an investigations firm in town, which mostly operates as a remote location. He’s chosen Ashmore as a second home, and appreciates the isolation it provides. Under his employ is his personal assistant, a mortal unaware that she’s his blood doll (a food/blood source for a vampire, usually someone that the vampire trusts and can be kept close), one Uri Morea. He’s got a “relative” who visits frequently, she’s also a business partner, Raizel Bayn, who is a sharp business woman by day, and a hired hitman (would person be more appropriate, she probably wouldn’t give a damn) by night. Together they protect and defend their own, both in the mortal and vampire world, legally and physically. Not all of their practices are of the lawful sort,” he explains. With so much roleplaying experience behind him, he says that it’s the staff that makes the sim different than most others he’s been introduced to. “They really seem to be a group ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 115

of people who love what they do here. They’re roleplayers, just like us, and they value the time, effort, that we players put into our stories. One of the biggest issues players tend to complain [in other sims] about is drama from the staff. It’s hard enough to deal with fellow players that can be difficult or problematic, but here, there seems to be a good balance of decency, mutual respect, and the aim to have a good time. And the build, if it weren’t beautiful, the premise, if that were crap, I’d probably still be here solely because of the staff, and their alacrity to be assisting, energetically engaging, and professional.” I asked both Kali and Aiden what advice they would give to potential players. Kali says, “Have fun! Message me or anyone on staff if you need help or have questions!” Aiden gives a bit of a warning in his advice. “Bring your A-game, some good writers here. Be prepared to wait for a rental, but it’s worth the wait, and be careful. There’s a lot of things that bump in the day, and night here. Oh, be prepared, this place will keep you up waaaay past your bedtime!” Visit them in-world. Check out their website.

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Trending now

photography by Tayl

Trending Now is a monthly piece dedicated to showcasing some of the best ready-to-wear fashion found on Second LifeÂŽ. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine stylists put together outfits inspired by the mission of One Billion Rising.

lor wassep.

Page 124 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Ivyana Szondi Hair: Little Bones - Willa Eyewear: Izze’s - Gold Old Glasses Eyeshadow: Pink Fuel - Queen Palette Lips: Sintiklia - Butter Lipgloss Earrings: Izze’s - Hoop Nose Ring: Boys To The Bone - A Broken Pearl Nails: Pink Lion - Liars Collar: Boys To The Bone - Still Around Cuff: Nomad - Zipper Bracelet Jacket: M.Birdie - Leah Top: Alterego - Electra Pants: Addams - Laura High Rise Jeans Shoes: Reign - Show Stopper Heels ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 125

Page 126 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Lua Vendetta Jacket: ISON - plastic bomber Dress: ISON - tight tee dress Shoes: Ghee Winter Warmers Pumps with Socks Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Rita Ring: [*K*] Dragonfly Nails: .::LUNA::. Zipper Makeup: Zibska ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 127

Page 128 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Shena Neox Hoodie: Vinyl - Brainstew Hoodie Leeggins: Rebel Gal - Cutout Leggings Sports: Mosquito’s Way - Betsy Bag: Zenith - Hunter waist Hair: AD - sia Eyes Makeup: Zibska - Asha ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 129

Sienna Bellios Top: Baiastice - Cropped Puffer Jacket Pants: Addams - Robyn High Rise Suit Pants Gloves: Baiastice - Yoi Leather Gloves Shoes: Hucci - Linares Pump Hat: Couture Chapeau - Classic Beret Page 130 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 131

Tempest Rosca Gloves: Zenith - Leather Bow Gloves Hair: Exile:: Snow Fall Boots: [Gos] Rihanna Glasses [Z O O M] Ohji Glasses Dress: {ViSion} Sweater Dress Selena Tights: Big Beautiful Doll Page 132 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 133

Page 134 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 135

Page 136 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 137

artist highlight

photography by taylo

or wassep.

Justin Ashton is one of the many talented live artists with Whispering Sands Live Promotions, having recently joined within the last couple of weeks. He is quick to share that, “[Jorrdan Jarman] had been helping me out on an adhoc basis and I decided that they were people I enjoyed working with so here I am, in the stable :-).” While he spends most of his time on Second Life running a college roleplay sim called “Ashton Academy,” his singing career began at Guthrie’s. About this venue, he tells ECLIPSE Magazine, “Aside from being a fantastic venue itself to play, was frequented by other venue owners and therefore was a great place to be heard and further booked.” Throughout his music career, he has had many memorable performances. One of these shows involved him dressed as a turkey avatar for a Thanksgiving show. A true romantic at heart, his favorite shows are the ones he is able to sing to his girlfriend, Vencenza. “When she’s standing there at the front being my muse. She always seems to bring out the best in me.” These are his top 5 favorite songs to sing: While My Guitar Weeps - The Beatles Caledonia - Dougie Maclean Free Fall (Original Song) I’ll Take You Home (Original Song) Foxy Lady (Original Song) Learn more about Justin here, and check out his calendar.

Page 140 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 141

Toxie’s Top Five Songs to Sing “Am I The One” by Beth Hart (Favorite Blues Singer) “Bilingual” by Jose Nunez (Favorite Adult Tune) “She Used To Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles (Her life soundtrack) “Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies (Loves the rock vibe) “Imagine” by John Lennon (Reminds her of SL)

Page 142 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 143

Page 144 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 145

Page 146 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 147

at home with wen photography by wend

Wendz Tempest explores the long underappreciated and overlooked world of home and garden design. The flourishing diversity and abundance of choice since the mesh revolution has led to a bold new world of world creation. For this month’s feature, Wendz showcases the best, the brightest and the boldest that can be found in the world of home and garden today.

ndz z tempest.

Page 150 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 151

Page 152 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 153

Table: The Loft - Tennyson Sideboard Decor: The Loft - Tennyson Decor Lamp: The Loft - Tennyson Lamp Chair: The Loft - Tennyson Chair Rug: The Loft - Tennyson Zebra Rug Table: Fancy Decor - Fulton Side Table Chair: Fancy Decor - Velvet Swivel Chair in Black Chair: Newchurch - Jules Chaise Lounge in Olive Plants: Compulsion - Compulsion Plants Plants: The Loft & ARIA - Troubadour Potted Prickly C Decor: The Loft - Tivoli Vase Decor: Fancy Decor - Cloche Clock


Decor: Fancy Decor - Lathed Candles Decor: Fancy Decor - Tray Table Decor: Fancy Decor - Throw Pillow Chair: Fancy Decor - Greek Key Chair Decor: Fancy Decor - Faux Tusk Rug: Fancy Decor - Carpet Hide Rug Decor: The Loft - Meid Drapes White Rug: Junk - Animal Rug in Cream Decor: YS&YS - Memories Books Decor: papermoon - Visage Stone Statue Build: Haikei - Saved by Love RARE

Page 160 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 161

ask noey: the advice guru

send your questions to noey here, and it might be in our next issue. written by noey ivy london f

flower. photography by wicca merlin.

Dear Noey, I’ve been renting land from a friend for the past year and a half. I’ve found cheaper and better land. I’m afraid of ruining the friendship because she always complains when a renter leaves. What is the best way to broach the subject? I really do value her friendship but just I would save a few thousand a week if I go elsewhere. Leaving Larry Dear Leaving Larry, A true friend is going to understand that you need to save money, and should not give you a hard time for choosing to do that. If she decides to talk about it behind your back, well that tells you there what category she falls under. Give her notice like you would for any other landlord, then giving her some time to find a replacement. If you do it the right way, then it should go over smoothly. There really isn’t any other alternative besides staying someplace you cant afford or spending all that extra money on something you can find cheaper. Either way your answer is right in front of you. Like i tell all my friends... ”Don’t be a doormat.”

Page 164 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 165

Dear Noey, Is there anything to do in SL besides go to clubs, listen to music and blog? I’m bored in my SL but my friends and I always do the same thing. I have already tried like researching in-world but so far everything has been a flop. Signed, Bored Brittany Dear Bored Brittany, I feel like that’s a question everyone is asking now days. SL has definitely changed. We got better looking, but then lost the ability to actually socialize. Its almost like SL has de-evolved in the social aspect. I cant say I actually have distinct answer for this one. So I might just tell you what “I” do. I myself have been looking for new places that are active and not just a avatar graveyard. I think I find that If we go as a group to places, stand around, listen to other people talk.... maybe listen to a DJ or two, then I feel like I get the satisfaction I need. But it has to be out in Second Life popping around sims. Take field trips with your friends! Get on a group call and have some fun. That way finding new spots to chill out at wont seem so mundane.

Page 166 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 167

Dear Noey, I can’t work in RL because I’m disabled and am a voice/sex escort in SL. I bring home over 100K in lindens a week. I have recently started talking to a guy and I really like him. How do I explain to him my current financial situation without chasing him off? Signed, Escorting Emily Dear Friendless Franny, I’m guessing you must be working on another character. The sooner you let him know that this is what you do and its your source of income for RL/ personal reasons...then the sooner you can get it out of the way and you two can continue to really get to know each other. He may not be comfortable with that situation. And it wouldn’t be fair to allow him to really start liking you and then drop this on him about escorting. If you two are really digging each other, then he just might be comfortable with it all and here you are worrying about nothing. But the only way to find out is to just lay it all out there at the start. No skeletons in the closet! Just keep in mind if the roles were reversed. Good luck!

Page 168 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 169

Page 170 | ECLIPSE February 2018

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 171

Voices from the g

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second LifeŽ residents on the salient issues of the day. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine invited residents to share their idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day.


Photograph by Tempest Rosca. Page 174 | ECLIPSE February 2018



ddy Omena joined SL in 2013, fell in love with the fashion world and studied at the MVW Modeling Academy, where she graduated in 2014 as a model. Since then she has participated in several beauty contests, currently in the Miss Virtual World 2018 representing Netherlands, works as a model in some agencies and as Fashion Designer in the Marquesse Pret-a-Portair store. She always tries to make friends and develop professionally. She believes working with fashion in Second Life is like living a dream that cannot be achieved in your real life. For me, the perfect Valentine’s Day in the SL would be next to my husband, in a romantic dinner, in a place with natural landscapes and with live music. Exploring all the magic that second life can offer, enjoying the moment as if we were in a love story, ending with a boat trip sipping champagne and talking about the deepest desires of the heart. Check out her Flickr, Facebook and blog.

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 175

Photograph by Tempest Rosca. Page 176 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Anastasia Handrick


nastasia Handrick started Second Life 2007, just 2 days after Valentine’s day, so she’s approaching her Rez Day. She has SL evolve from prim bling shoes and at the time “horrible painted on clothes” as she described them all the way to the world of mesh. She’s tried a variety of different ways to keep busy, from acting as a hostess in clubs to being a designer from one store idea to another throughout the years but these days she feels she has lost that creative edge of Second Life... So currently she defines herself as a shop-o-holic at heart and is currently trying her hand at putting her shopping addiction to picture art. If I were planning a perfect Valentine’s Day in Second Life..Now let’s see... As SL offers so many different possibilities when it comes to romance, ideas run through my mind as to what I myself would offer to a man for it to be just perfect. Or as close to perfect as possible, I mean SL being SL, and lag being a challenge actually so are poses and dance balls for that matter *laughs* What helps me, when it comes to planning something special, something romantic, I find that it depends on the person I’m with. But since I am currently single, my planning would be off the top of my head, so here goes. I would send him a card asking him “ Will you be my Valentine “ and maybe candy hearts with loving cute words on them or chocolates. Now who doesn’t love chocolates? Inside his Valentine’s Day card would be his special invitation to a romantic dinner. When he comes to meet me at the spot for our dinner, I would be wearing a red dress, it would be sexy yet elegant because he likes red and I would offer him a single red rose. After he takes it, I link my fingers with his and we walk to our romantic dinner in a garden. The garden would be lit with candles, a lot of candles and twinkle lights to illuminate the bushes and trees to give the area a soft glow, maybe moonlight, but not too much to offset the candles and lights. Soft music playing on a piano. We would talk about random topics, and share knowing secret sexy smiles as we sip our wine, maybe play footsies under the table. And after dinner we would slow dance for a while. After the dinner and dancing, we would go back to my house, change out of our fancy clothes to comfy clothes and cuddle on the couch by a fire. We would have more wine, smiling at each other, maybe talk a little more and give each other soft kisses. And for the rest of the evening into the night who knows. *smiles* So this would be my planning for a perfect Valentine’s day. Check out her Flickr.

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 177

Photograph by Tempest Rosca.

Page 178 | ECLIPSE February 2018

Christina Cassandra


hristinaCassandra has been in SL since December 2017 and has been capturing memories since then. A shopaholic both in RL and SL, finding pretty pretties to make her own definition of creative style. Usually changing her style and look to match whatever mood she’s in.

Valentine’s Day has become a uber-commercialized day — but it’s still the perfect opportunity to let little romantic gestures shine and spoil a bit someone you care about. And we could use this as another chance to celebrate love a little bit more. Cuddling up with your someone special while lying on a green grass or on a field full of flowers while gazing at the dark sky filled with dazzling stars or watching the Second Life heaven, this would be my perfect romantic date night for the Valentine’s and this is how I would like it if i could plan a perfect Valentine’s moment in Second Life. Occasionally spotting a shooting star moving across the sky. I think shooting stars make a spectacular sight in the night sky, be it on Second Life or Real Life. It is said that shooting stars possesses a bit of magic, which means positive vibes and good luck for anyone who happens to gaze upon one. SO I would wish on them. I would wish that I will be dear, to whoever I am with on that special Valentine’s night, that I will be dear to his heart forever, if forever exists. Now, that’s just me being the usual sentimental dreamer. Check out her Website.

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 179

Photograph provided by Dorzo Aeon.

Photograph provided by Freya Cromwell. Page 180 | ECLIPSE February 2018


dorzo aeon

orzo Aeon joined Second Life on March 10th, 2008. Her first career was a dancer at Double D’s, Franks Strip Club and Bosom Buddies with over seven years of working experience. She was also a former model and writer for BUSTed Magazine in 2013. She has participated as a guest model for clothing stores such as ~RI~ Clothing, Femdeity, and Moda Mia. At present, she works as a freelance Photographer and Motion Graphic designer, her business firm “Dorza Magic Studios” is on the Second Life grid. Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I am Dorzo Aeon, a freelance Photographer and Motion Graphic Designer and former dancer. Although my avatar has been around for nine years, I have never experienced “Valentine’s Day” on the grid, but if it is going to be the perfect day, then I would like to be treated to lunch at a 1950’s style dinner called “Vintage”, preferably at the sim “Bay City Municipal Land.” A huge cityscape with tramcars, harbors, shopping malls, playgrounds, and hotels, it’s a place where you can explore and take countless photogenic spots for pleasure purposes. The day would start off by going on a cruise ship tour with your soulmate, with beautiful landscape backgrounds and by hearing sounds from the ocean waves, seagulls, and the winds. The warm tropical weather with bright gold sunlight. You would feel exactly like you are on a five-star rated hotel, the only difference, this is “Second Life,” instead of the real world. After the cruise tour, you would explore Bay City by taking one of the tramcars and head down until you reach this location: “Falmouth Hotel.” The visuals here remind me of “The Twilight Zone, Tower of Terror” from Walt Disney World. A haunted house with Zombies, Teddy Bears, and Skeletons and you can hear creepy laughter and screams. The hotel is very old and rusty inside. Mythical colors, red, grey and green in the style of the mid-1930s. You can literally see cobwebs on the upper floors. One of the things I love about this sim is that you can have endless fun, not just taking glamorous photo’s but by having a fun relationship with your soulmate partner, such as taking seats together on different rooms and playing mini-games. Lastly, the origins of Valentine’s Day are originated from a Roman festival, called “Lupercalia.” It was named after a famous saint, St Valentine who was a priest from Rome in the 3d century. In my own opinion, Valentine’s Day on SL is the day people show their affection for one another person or avatar by sending notecards and buying gifts with messages of love. Check out her Flickr.

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 181

Photograph provided by Milena Inaka. Page 182 | ECLIPSE February 2018

milena inaka


ilena Inaka was born in SL the year 2009, dedicating herself to role-playing games, during her stay in SL she gives free rein to her imagination with the photographs, and she becomes a blogger, she tries to demonstrate through the photography dreams and wishes, not only show the clothes that your sponsors send you trustingly in their work, think that photography is not only a shot, but it must show, transmit an emotion a feeling, for her SL, is a fantasy world where all dreams can be reality. February 14 wants it to be a special occasion, a perfect day to share with your partner watching a movie in your home cinema, talk, laugh, be together without work, without commitments, a day of total relaxation, forget that in SL there is envy, only to value good wishes, your circle of friends is closed and this day is not only celebrated love, also friendship, that good friendship where friends support us and also scold us, a perfect day would be a day where there is only space to smile and remember good moments

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 183

Photograph by Tempest Rosca.

Page 184 | ECLIPSE February 2018


misty redyard

isty Redyard has been in Second Life for nine years, though she says she never thought she would still be here after all this time. She’s met so many people, great and some not-so-great, which is a common experience for most of us. She’s made many friends since she joined in 2008. She enjoys taking photos, shopping, exploring, and meeting new people. She loves to hang out with her friends in-world where they always seem to be laughing together. There is so much to do in SL. For her, her friends are the best thing about SL, some of whom have been friends for years and feel more like family. “That’s a wonderful feeling to have,” she says. She also loves events such as Uber, Collabor88, N2, Kustom9, Cosmopolitan, TresChic, and Hello Tuesday. Some of her favorite stores are Scandalize, Ison, Lana, BossStyle, Dreamland Designs, Dead Dollz, CandyDoll, Tram, Riot, MOoh, and confesses she could go on listing forever. She has started blogging which she really enjoys as she loves to dress up and strike a pose. She is proud that her skills continue to improve and that she’s come a long way since her first photo. The encouragement, love, and support from friends makes her feel amazing. Start the day with a smile....waking up and smelling that sweet scent only coffee can give you. My first stop would be Delacruz Park still set with the winter theme. It’s a fun -illed place with so much to do. You can walk and explore before enjoying the awesome rides they have on offer, you got the big wheel, roller coaster, bumper cars, and the balloon ride. The view from the air is so amazing! What a great way to see SL. I cannot forget the canoe ride. It is fantastic looking at the glistening water, after all that fun you’ve just had grab a hot chocolate, take a seat on the bench, and enjoy the view. It’s not over! On to the next adventure–a beautiful walk along the sandy beach of Lazy Daze Surf Beach listening to the waves hitting shore and feeling the warm sand in between your toes. If you’re still feeling energetic, why not play some greedy or soak up the sun rays lounging on a sun chair? Even better, grab a float and jump into the sea and have fun. It such an awesome place to visit. The night is still young. Off to The Seaside Restaurant & Lounge with the most breathtaking views upon arrival. if you have not been here, it’s a must. I have to say it again–it’s a must. The scene is set for you with the sea splashing, creating super waves as you dine. The atmosphere is just magical.The table settings are romantic and set the mood with candles, a bottle of wine, and dinnerware. The menu is awesome with a good variety. Enjoy your meal, eat, drink, talk, and even feeding him or her to brings more romance to the evening. There is even a proposal animation. I love that this place also has an upstairs with a more laidback vibe.The night continues to get better with a romantic dance just a few steps away with the one you love, surrounded by the sea and wonderful waves. There is such a lovely choice of dances and a great place to unwind. The night does not end until you are home to enjoy the rest of the evening, rose petals all over the floor, with presents for each other, and champagne on ice. What a perfect way to end the night. Check out her Flickr and blog. ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 185

Photograph by Tempest Rosca. Page 186 | ECLIPSE February 2018

moonsoul resident


oonsoul Resident joined SL in August 2011. Very soon in her SL Life she was drawn to its creative aspectL. She started creating her own jewelry for OPAL. Three years later she was fascinated by the blogging world and started her own blog Chic Styler featuring fashion initially. One photo lead to the other and the magical world of design and decor won her over. She loves landscaping, designing and decorating spaces, homes, sims, business or event venues. She owns her own design business HomeLab and she has her own home rental business Ammos Homes. She also works as a stylist for Love to Decorate Magazine and she is the blogger and media manager for two well-established SL stores: Aleutia and Galland Homes. She is passionate about her work and her motto is “Always keep learning. The second you stop you will be outdated”. You can enjoy her Flickr here. I absolutely love romance and everything that screams love! I don’t know about you but I can often sound quite cheesy, especially when it comes to a relationship. I know that men hate cheesiness, some women love it, and some love it a little less. But the fact is–on Valentine’s Day cheesiness becomes desirable. I’d start the day with the most romantic message to my man. I’d use phrases that would blow his mind. I’d tell him how sweet, juicy, cute, charming, sexy, wonderful, and tricksy he is. Then I will prepare his gift. Something small but from the heart. Something meaningful to him. I want to show him that he has my attention and respect, and show him how much I want to make his wishes come true. I will enclose a rose since this is practically the symbol of Valentine’s Day. Then comes, home and bedroom decoration. Ι’d place candles and rose petals on the floor, leading to the bedroom, light the fireplace, prepare a romantic music playlist, get chocolates and flowers and buy new sexy lingerie or something kinky that I know he will enjoy. I wish to end our day in our bedroom. Dress to impress. I want to look my best for that special day. I will buy a new sexy dress and heels, and take the time to apply makeup, matching nail polish, add jewelry and a clutch and wear gorgeous hair that I know he loves. I’d like us to go out on Valentine’s. Go to a place that is special to us for something. The place we first met or shared a special moment together. Or our favorite club, private beach, romantic ballroom or live show. I will make sure that I have the landmark handy. At the end of our beautiful day I would like us to go home. Everything will be set up from before and I want to make my man feel good. I will have planned a romantic activity and we will give each other a few minutes to slip into more comfortable clothes. Slow dancing to the playlist I have prepared and enjoy hugging and kissing. This should be a very special night for the both of us, and after all the fun we had during our Valentine’s Day date, we will be eager to fall into each other’s arms. The morning after, should be a natural extension to the exiting romantic experience of the day before. We will cuddle up and spend time together. ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 187

Photograph provided by Teya Rae. Page 188 | ECLIPSE February 2018


teya rae

eya Rae joined SL in 2010 but quickly became distracted with RL. She returned to SL in May 2017 and was shocked at how much had changed but has loved exploring all the changes. You will usually find Teya hanging out with her very close group of friends on some type of crazy adventure. In December 2017, Teya decided to join the addictive world of Flickr and has been enjoying taking pictures ever since. Next step is joining the blogging world. The question I was asked is “If you were planning a perfect Valentine’s Day in Second Life, what would it be like?”. Well I think there are two different answers for for if I was actually in a relationship and one for single ol’ me. If I was in a relationship I would start by decorating my babe’s place so that when he logged on he had a nice surprise waiting for him. Nothing ugly or over the top but have some rose pedals, leading to the bedroom. Of course, I would be waiting for him also but let’s keep this write up PG. Lol. He would have my undivided attention all day and we would spend the day together exploring new places and having some laughs. Then to finish off the day we would go dancing at a romantic place where we could just talk and feel each other in one another’s arms. As for a valentine’s day gift I love custom gifts or ones that have a meaning behind them. So I wouldn’t just buy the typical chocolate or valentines heart but put thought behind whatever I got him. That would be my perfect Valentine’s day as a couple. Now since chances are I’ll be single in sl for Valentines day my perfect Valentine’s day would be spent with all my amazing friends (they know who they are!). We would start off dancing at a club, then play some greedy, and lastly cruise around on some Yoshi’s while laughing our asses off. Valentine’s day just doesn’t need to be for couples, it’s about love. So, surround yourself with those friends you can’t live without, no matter how bat shit crazy they may be. Love you all! Check out her Flickr.

ECLIPSE February 2018 | Page 189

Photograph provided by Tiptoe. Page 190 | ECLIPSE February 2018


iptoe has been exploring the grid for nearly a year and a half now, though it feels more like ten! Doesn’t it seem like the grid keeps time in dog years?! With her partner Jaycee, their snugly piglet Francis and so many beloved friends and playmates often along for the shenanigans, Tiptoe spends her time scampering from one laughter-filled misadventure to the next. She keeps a running visual diary of their fun on her flickr.


If I were planning the perfect Valentine’s Day here on the grid, I would definitely try to make a full day of it and include as many of our friends as were willing to come out to play. I think starting things off with something comical like inviting everyone out to our favorite go-kart track for some mayhem on wheels would be a lot of laughs. We’d have a few races but I’m sure it would quickly devolve into hilarity like always. Once we’d had our fill of the clown car carnage, it’d be back home to paradise and our hangar at Tortuga Bay airfield. Taking off in several large seaplanes, we’d circle high above the islands, making our way east across Eden before dropping out over our home in Friendship Bay for a group skydive down to our hideaway island. Once back on the sand, a great big dance party DJ’d by my best friend would kick off so we could groove into the night together. After her set and whatever other silliness we’d gotten up to during it, we’d all take to our various boats with our valentines for a romantic moonlit cruise out around the islands where we live. The cruise would take us winding throughout the sprawling naturist estate until our little flotilla eventually reached the North Sea, where we’d finally part ways with our friends to sail for secret spots across the sea to enjoy the rest of the evening with our sweethearts. Jay and I would anchor off the windswept beach of a favorite densely jungled island, going for a serene, meandering ride on horseback through the jungle before returning to a spot just off the soft sand in a sheltered nook meant for camping within view of the waves. Snuggling up for star gazing and more private, intimate things would follow until shared bliss gave way to sweet, sweet dreams. Check out her Flickr.

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THE wayfarer...

written by xandrah sciavo. photography by xandr

“The Wayfarer” is a monthly feature by Xandrah Sciavo showcasing some of the most aesthetic places in Second Life®. February has fallen upon Everwinter, the site of a haunting postapocalyptic theme park, inspired by The Abandoned Amusement Park located in the city of Pripyat, Ukraine.The park was never actually enjoyed by the public, its debut destroyed by the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 which happened only miles away. Follow the Wayfarer and explore the tragic wonderland of Everwinter for fascinating scenery and photogenic corners.

rah sciavo.

Journey to Everwinter.

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ECLIPSE Magazine February 2018  

For the Third Anniversary issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature One Billion Rising, a global event on February 14, 2018 that endeavors to ra...

ECLIPSE Magazine February 2018  

For the Third Anniversary issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature One Billion Rising, a global event on February 14, 2018 that endeavors to ra...