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Tamary9 is a Japanese blogger. She likes to See her work on h “If you think until you cave under the strain You’ll start to get so fed up with everything Until you just want to quietly escape it all But the higher that the wall is in front of you All the better you will feel once you’ve made it through I’m not ready to give up, I haven’t reached my limit yet The times just keep on getting more complicated And we seek the price we’ll pay So people try to reconcile Try to fit into the role they think they ought to play Never stoop to imitation, ‘cause of you there’s only one You won’t ever find a recipe for life, there is none Never looking back again Down the road I’ve been running

Page 224 | ECLIPSE February 2017

Ran ‘til I could hardly breathe I see the path my dreams will take in front of me On the other side of every unturned key There is something brand new waiting, just you see You know, just knowing that will keep you moving on and on Life’s never perfect, full of ups and downs But nothing’s stopping you from trying the next door down Keep on, keep searching ‘cause there’s a better you out there We can take the hesitation in our hearts Make it positive and turn it into a new start Always, as long as we just keep moving on and on I will keep searching, I know there’s more to myself The journey never ends”

ECLIPSE Magazine February 2017  
ECLIPSE Magazine February 2017  

Celebrating the Second Anniversary, this edition of ECLIPSE Magazine features one of the most influential residents on Second Life, Strawber...