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August 2015

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Introducing the grid’s most exciting, most i

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innovative and newest shopping experience.


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86. Death on SL






Ways to Wear


Voices From the Grid

There are no NPCs in Second Life. Everyone we meet has a real human being on the other side of the screen. While they will seldom take an arrow in the knee, some of them do get sick and some of them die. This month, we take a look at Second Death, including what rituals are common, how death is different in Second Life and steps you can take to take care of your avatar after your death.

122. Lords of the Hunt

With the increased popularity of events geared towards fashion, we interviewed the men who run one of the largest fashion hunts on the grid.

Page 10 | ECLIPSE August 2015

This issue we challenged the ladies of the ECLIPSE trend squad to create outfits where to focal point for each styling is their neckline.

The gentlemen of ECLIPSE showcase their take on Metallics in fashion.

Our monthly fashion segment continues to highlight the unique styling ability of the individual; however, this issue we have a slight twist!

Residents speak their mind, and tell us their favorite hang out spots!

Often times in the fashion industry, it is easy to become short-sighted and forget that fashion is not limited to that small community. Fashion is the art of expression, which is an integral part of our shared virtual world and the Second Life community as an aggregate; thus, our goal at ECLIPSE Magazine is to not only offer an aesthetically pleasing publication with a heavy fashion influence and rich in content but be accessible to all of SL.. because EVERYONE wants to look good.


Cover Story Torley Linden Cover Photographer Zzoie Zee Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook

32. Zibska

Shining the spotlight on a designer who has a much more eclectic taste.


The 24 Preview Offering a sneak peek on some of the hottest clothes available at the 24!

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 11

Letter From the Publisher Continuing in the same vein as the previous ECLIPSE issues, I am writing this at the last possible minute. In fact my copy editor did a final review, and I still had July’s “Letter From the Publisher” set on it.

doing… “Love what you do and do what you love.”

With that, I am very excited about this issue. Miele Tarantal has taken full reins as my Fashion Editor! After the success of the Gender Games Show & WWIB Show, we Don’t get me wrong, I do love to have taken our monthly “Ways to write. There is magic in seeing Wear” spread and turned it into the most common place words a more interactive experience, transformed and transitioned into allowing our readers to “vote” something extraordinary when put about who they feel styled the together. I do suppose that applies items best. to most things. An individual idea from a singular person could mean Cajsa Lilliehook continues to do everything, anything or nothing, a phenomenal job and is a major but when it gathers… contributor to the success of ECLIPSE. This issue she explores Earlier this year, I encountered Death in Second Life and wrote an much difficulty in Second Life. inspiring piece of Torley Linden our At the core of it all, my feelings cover story. When I say inspiring, were hurt, and it feels like since my eyes were filled with tears then it was just one professional because of this overwhelming disappointment after another. feeling of hope and a renewed One of my mentors in the fashion sense of vigor for life. industry told me that they key is in finding a core group of people that We also offer a preview of some you can trust. exceptional items being offered at the 24 in September, and we are That is what I have been doing, and introduced to the men behind one I am smiling a lot more often now. of the largest fashion hunts on the grid! Furthermore, I have begun to whittle away the things that I I do hope you enjoy this issue, and consider “obligation” to now only happy readings! focusing on things that I find joy in

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Now Hiring

ECLIPSE Magazine is looking to expand their team. We are seeking self-motivated, dedicated and outgoing individuals who want to work with a team that values integrity, honesty and handwork. We are hiring: Photographers Writers We ask that interested individuals send their resume to Trouble Dethly in-world.

Want to advertise with ECLIPSE Magazine? Please contact Catalina Staheli. All other queries, please contact Trouble Dethly.

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Taylor Wassep Creative Director

Cajsa Lilliehook Copy Editor

Zzoie Zee Creative Director


Miele Tarantal Fashion Editor

Writers: Aradia Aridian Casja Lilliehook Taylor Wassep Zzoie Zee

AnnaG Pfeffer Boniefacio Caesar Langer Carilynn OHare Dimitri Shinn Falbala Fairey Kellis Denimore Leezah Kaddour Locuala Madruga Payton Heron Saiansamuel Scarlet Lenoirre Shena Neox Steele Sirnah Tadeu Gartner Thi Shippe Wicca Merlin

Catalina Staheli Marketing Director

Photographers: Anderian Sugarplum Grace Winnfield Natzuka Miliandrovic Sylphia Constantine Taylor Wassep Tempest Rosca Zzoie Zee

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Designer Showcase Page 32 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Photography by Tempest Rosca

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 33

Falbala Fairey Outfit: Zibska - Paule Dress Headpiece&Collar: Zibska - Tuija Jewelry: L’Atelier - Waterfall Set MakeUp: Zibska - Babaloo Eyeshadows Hairbase: EMO-tions - Hairbase 9 short Shoes: Ghee - Ribbon Wraps Page 34 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 35

Falbala Fairey Outfit: Zibska - Clemenza Deux Jewelry: Zibska - Fiachra Hair: Zibska - Enceladus Eyebrows: Zibska - Valle Brows Gloves: Zibska - Mallt Shoes: Zibska - Svanhildr Page 36 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 37

Shena Neox Zibska - Tethys Hair Zibska - Aaren Eyeshadow Zibska - Cateline Zibska - Lauren Top Zibska - Axelle Trousers Page 38 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 39

Shena Neox Zibska - Gallus Zibska - Echo Harness Zibska - Dagrun in Mora Skirt Zibska - Malt Page 40 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 41

Page 42 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Wicca Merlin Outfit - Zibska - “Corvo” Shoes: Zibska - “Vega” Headpiece - Zibska - “Sentinel” Jewelry: Zibska - “Azuvah” Hair: Zibska - “Darla Deux” Lashes: Zibska - “Flashes 02” Lashes: Zibska - “Via No. 01 Upper” Makeup: - Zibska - “Ltd Noir 14” Hands: Zibska - “Mallt”

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 43

Wicca Merlin Outfit: Zibska - “Plaisance Deux Colour” Shoes: Zibska - “Svanhildr” Hair: Zibska - “Hyperion B” Face Decoration: Zibska - “Valle Brows” Makeup: Zibska - “Alida Solo ~ Blue”s

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Dimitri Shinn Hairbase: MADesigns - Tintable Hair Base Tribe 1 Headpiece: Zibska - Gallus Full Necklace: Zibska - Eiran Arm: C L A Vv - Locked Leather String Belt: Illusions - Semer Skirt: A:S:S - Long-Kilt Plain Black Nipple Piercing: ReVoX - Nipple Piercing Tattoo: .HoD. - Sanvean White Page 46 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 47

Dimitri Shinn Hair: Action - Inkubator Oliver Jacket: Zibska - Xia Deux Uomo Pants: !Aphorism! - Wool Black Eye Tattoo: Zibska - Valbone Noir Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Tau Puppis Rings: Meva - N 2 & N 5 Page 48 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 49

Page 52 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 53

Friendly Greetings Page 54 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Written by Cajsa Lilliehook

Photography by Zzoie Zee


e ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 55

I exist as I am, t If no other in the world And if each and all be Walt Whitman, Page 56 | ECLIPSE August 2015

that is enough, d be aware I sit content, e aware I sit content. Song of Myself ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 57

If you were allowed to choose only one adjective to describe Torley Linden, you are likely to choose joyful or one of its synonyms. On the other hand, you might also choose cool — and that is odd because the Third Law of Social Dynamics states unequivocally that “Coolness and joy are mutually exclusive.” So how does Torley thread the needle? The answer lies in Torley’s authenticity. Torley is self-revealing, even going so far as to make an extraordinarily personal video explaining his struggles with Asperger’s syndrome and hyperacusis. This is risk-taking at the highest level, exposing deep personal struggles with matter-of-fact clarity. In this era when selfrevelation on the internet can bring down torrents of abuse and criticism, that required courage. Torley is equally authentic in her enthusiastic enjoyment and promotion of Second Life®. Certainly, as a Linden Lab™ employee, Torley is expected to support Second Life, but she goes far beyond what most Lindens do in showing her enthusiasm. She can be found at events, at fairs, shopping, at dances and out and about. Her Flickr® stream is a celebration of Second Life’s creativity and community. She is not just an employee, she is a fan. You might be wondering about the shifting personal pronouns. This is reflective of Torley’s own preferences. In his physical manifestation, Torley’s gender is masculine. In her digital manifestation, Torley’s gender is feminine. It is that simple.

There was never any more inception than there is now, Nor any more youth or age than there is now, And will never be any more perfection than there is now, Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now. Page 58 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Walt Whitman, Song of Myself Torley first came to Second Life as a resident, not an employee. His physical world was one of pain and loneliness. His father had died and subsequently, one tragedy followed another, cumulating into what he calls “one huge pile of pain.” His feelings of isolation and alienation were only exacerbated by living in the wilderness of Canada, a place inhospitable to his kind of inquisitive, philosophical explorer of the mind. Magnifying all of that, he was in the trough of despair from the cumulative sorrows in his life. He was reading Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age, an important science fiction novel that serves as a window into the philosophy of transhumanism. It was the confluence of his desire for escape from pain and his interest in transhumanism that made Second Life appeal to him. Transhumanism suggests it is our obligation to use technology to transcend our human limitations for the betterment of mankind. Torley is not alone in seeking that transcendance in Second Life. And so, Torley entered Second Life and she described it like this, “Whoa, what’s going on here? There’s a giant bird dude and there’s another person who looks like E.T. driving a shopping cart…a big cybernetic dragon playing primatag…there were helpers at the time immediately helpful...I stumbled onto this Stage 4 area where Jeopardy was being played. It could have gone so differently during those first few hours.” For Torley, that day in 2004 was one of those pivotal moments, one she compares to Brian Eno’s chance encounter with saxophonist Andy Mackay in a subway station that lead to his joining Roxy Music and his entire music career. Eno said that if he had walked ten yards on, missed the train or entered a different car, he would probably be an art teacher. For Torley, if those helpers and ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 59

mentors and that exuberant welcome had been different, she may not have returned and his life may have been very different.

question that must be answered individually, in essence SL is as real as we want it to be. “If someone can retain an emotional fidelity between the physical and digital realms, then it is good; it is pure; it is true. Whether we call it a first or second life, if you make someone happy, then they have those emotions.”

Is this then a touch? quivering me to a new identity, Walt Whitman, Song of Myself Second Life has enriched Torley’s life in both the physical and digital and that is enough. Logging in as an employee was not that She found love in Second Life and their different in terms of the experience being relationship has expanded to real life and supported and sustained by lots of help he spends time with his girlfriend in both and mentoring. Getting used to things like worlds. In Second Life, Torley found identity, the internal admin tool set was full of “Oh, a purpose in life. As she explained, it is like look at this button. Don’t push that button!” The Matrix. “You have to experience it to really moments. For Torley, that early enthusiasm know what it is for yourself.” Second Life has has never gone away. “I believe you never also inspired Torley to help others. “When outgrow those things you love when you’re you have advantages, when you grow and ten years old...although there is a professional have a stable and happier life, then you help aspect to me that has grown over time, it is others to achieve that as well.” Of course, this always coupled with my original love and my is the ultimate goal of transhumanism, the original roots here.” philosophy that guides Torley in both worlds.


By the way, Torley Linden was not Torley’s first Linden identity. Yes, somewhere in fog of history there was an earlier incarnation. In fact, Second Life affords Torley a multiplicity of identities. He is large. She contains multitudes.

Both in and out of the game and watching and wondering at it. Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

Torley’s Second Life is also an expression Our relationship between our first and our of her exuberant capacity for fun. A few second lives can be complicated. Where months past, Torley happened upon do we leave off and our avatars begin? Is Apartment 3b, an art installation in SL that Second Life real or unreal? For Torley, labels recreated in exquisite detail the real life make it difficult. Sounding like a semiotician apartment of Sarah Gantt. She took such discussing the signifier and signified, Torley joy in that build that she invited friends to explains that it is like pointing to a map and teleport in. “It was very lived in, a lot of mess...I saying you want to go there. The place on brought a lot of people back in the night and the map is not the actual destination. “Words Naxos Loon started vacuuming and we had are not the actual meanings and emotions. this crazy cleaning party. We were scrubbing, Ultimately words are pitiful and weak rezzing pictures, using spray cans. We had Flat compared to that which we cannot express. It Ebbe out...getting people from around the is this barrier of abstraction.” world together...There is this serendipity...You’re doing something, the other can observe and In the end, for Torley, our difficulty with what contribute and feedback...It was fun.” is real and unreal about Second Life is a Page 60 | ECLIPSE August 2015


ograph by Torley Linden

ograph by Trinity Yazimoto

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 61

Torley also is moved and enthused by the ability of Second Life to free people from those qualities that prevent them from achieving their potential in the physical world and to provide support within the community when necessary. For example, Torley found strength, compassion and help in the Autism/Asperger’s communities in Second Life. Whether there are physical disabilities, emotional insecurities or mental health issues, Second Life can liberate people from those impediments and inhibitions so they have the opportunity to achieve creative, social, or personal success — or all three. Second Life was liberating for Torley and she believes it can be for others and is committed to helping that happen.

Page 62 | ECLIPSE August 2015

The feeling of health, the full-noon trill, the song of me rising from bed and meeting the sun. Walt Whitman, Song of Myself Not surprisingly, Torley is one of those people who spring from bed early and raring to go meet the day, full of energy and eager to conquer challenges. He begins his day with Soylent, he’s a fan of instant powdered meals and will choose Soylent for lunch as well. He uses it to kickstart his day. He wakes brimming with ideas and jumps into work as soon as he can. Much of his day may be spent editing

videos. While she is in-world, as the day goes on, she travels through a list of landmarks to explore, interviews she wants to listen to while exploring in-world. But Torley is not an allwork, no-play Jack, he enjoys naps, time with friends and with his girlfriend. Still, for Torley, she may be exploring Second Life for fun as well, a “busman’s holiday” as Torley’s mentor Robin Harper called it, congregating with friends and hanging out in the evening in SL. How does Torley maintain such energy and excitement after more than ten years? “When I am surprised by even one person doing things in here that I have not conceived of or even expected, that keeps things new.” She also credits her “purposeful, willfulness on my part

to discover, to learn, to check out bloggers, to check out plurk, to listen to other Lindens... to hear the great stories of Second Life.” Also, Torley’s time is divided between two other Linden Lab projects, Blocksworld and Sansar, and Second Life, so logging in still feels fresh.

Clear and sweet is my soul, and clear and sweet is all that is not my soul. Walt Whitman, Song of Myself It is healthy to have other interests and to flex other muscles and Torley does that. He enjoys meditation and power naps, walking around the city and seeing the sights, going to concerts, symposia and game festivals. He walks, jogs and hikes to keep up a healthy lifestyle. And music. Torley loves music and writes his own compositions. He plays solo piano and composes electronic orchestral music and has uploaded many of his works to his website and YouTube. Torley is fascinated and inspired by the intriguing findings of Jim Blascovich and Jeremy Bailenson in their book Infinite Reality. They are finding with psychological experiments that inhabiting an avatar can actually result in changes in the physical realm. People can become more confident because their avatars have the attributes they associate with confidence. People are actually evolving, discovering new qualities and new aptitudes. They are finding more empathy because they can experience “the other” through avatars. Considering Torley’s roots in transhumanism, the potential explored in Infinite Reality are a confirmation of what he has long believed and what brought him into SL and has kept him enthusiastic over these many years.

I am satisfied — I see, dance, laugh, sing; Walt Whitman, Song of Myself ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 63

And of course, there are the watermelons. Anyone who thinks of Torley and does not think of watermelons has not been paying attention. There are many logical reasons why watermelons are his “spirit animal,” so to speak. The color scheme is uncommon and not identified with sports teams. They taste good. A watermelon can be easily represented with a 16 pixel icon. The reason reason, though, is more personal. They are a link to his father who told him stories of Chinese Robin Hoods who robbed watermelon trucks to feed the poor. Those stories of childhood are our touchstones, tying us to our past and to our family and in Torley’s case, to watermelons. Of course, for the rest of us, the watermelon gun is pure whimsy. But how much more poignant to recognize the links to love and memory. This is Torley’s favorite photo, taken by her girlfriend and SL partner, Katharine McGinnis. She has many reasons for loving this photo, it is collaborative, it’s full of the color and chaos that she loves and it was part of one of Strawberry Singh’s memes that involve many in the community, but probably the most important reason is that “it blossomed into love some time later.”

economy in appliers. When Slink released free developer kits for her hands and feet, an entire subset of the economy was born. It allowed other creators to participate in the economy. Torley sees that as a significant milestone as it affects so many people. Windlight is another feature whose addition is important to Torley. “I think it is underused. I want people to make more use of dynamic day cycles. The sky and water are so much of what you see. They tint, they affect everything else except maybe full bright objects.” [Insert an aside here, “Don’t make full bright objects.”] Torley loves the romantic sunsets that bring peace and pleasure, and, of course, romance. Retrospectively, Torley is proud of improvements that once they have happened, fade into insignificance, such as reducing sim crossing failures. Now that is works, it is not noticeable. No one talks about it anymore. But not being talked about is the success. The switch to Marketplace is another change Torley likes, the ease of browsing thumbnails making shopping faster and easier. She also likes the mushrooming of events and has noticed that it strengthened the fashion subculture. Gaming tools have also made gaming easier, though Torley thinks the ramifications are yet to be realized

This is the grass that grows wherever the land is and the water is, This the common air that bathes the globe. When put on the spot to give Second Life Walt Whitman, Song of Myself a “praise sandwich”, Torley appreciated the coming together of residents in strong Torley’s many years in Second Life as a and supportive communities. Her critique resident and an employee give Torley is that she wishes other Lindens would an interesting insight into the shifts spend more time meeting and talking to in technology and policy that have residents. “Yeah, everyone’s got work to substantially changed our world. For do, but come in and say ‘hi’, tell them what example, the creation of mesh sparked you are up to and ask what they are up to.” an unanticipated and surprising new She notes, that Ebbe Linden has been Page 64 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Photograph by K

Katharine McGinnis

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 65

forthright about interacting more and points out it does not always have to be business-like. She loved the recent Immersive Drax meme from Loki Elliot’s photo of Draxtor Despres on a green screen with folks creating pictures of him in all sorts of settings. That humor creates a connection that is essentially human. For her second slice of bread, she praises SL’s immediacy, “the ability to demonstrate something right in front of your eyes. You can react spontaneously. That is unique for creation. You can make fixes on the fly and collaborate together.” This also allows you to find the creator and talk to them. That direct feedback is not possible in real life. Torley has been transformed by Second Life and for him, that is Second Life’s greatest strength. “Improving your first life, becoming something you never thought you could be. You came in here, you met someone who encouraged the heck out of you. You got better. You chose to make those things happen. And Second Life is a conduit. A tool for transformational identity. To find something you enjoy in here...finding other things you never knew you would like...never knew you would become. That continues to be remarkable and amazing.” Time and time again, there are ugly duckling and swan stories that happen in Second Life. Torley wishes people knew more about its transformational power instead of being deflected by trite sensationalized stories that highlight the “dark side” of Second Life. She focuses on the beautiful things that happen. As she says, “If you don’t belong where you are, give Second Life Page 66 | ECLIPSE August 2015

a go, you may find yourself here.” Still, as Torley will agree, Second Life is not for anyone. But if “someone makes a choice, if they see a potential in Second Life as a tool, as a vehicle for discovery and self-improvement and identify clarification.. it could be a very good thing.”

And such as it is to be of these more or less I am, And of these one and all I weave the song of myself. Walt Whitman, Song of Myself For anyone who is known of more widely than they are known, whether a celebrity or a SLebrity, it is common to see them in caricature, highlighting one aspect of their personality as a cartoonist exaggerates one feature of their face. For Torley, people often see that sunny, joyful personality — those bright neon pinks and greens — without taking into account that there is also pain, sorrow and struggle — and a full box of crayons. But Torley’s journey was a transformational one. He did not just move from the wilderness to the city, he came from a place of sorrow, alienation and loneliness to a place of confidence, joy and love. Those struggles of the past are not gone, the challenges of Asperger’s syndrome and hyperacusis remain. Second Life did not make any of that go away, it gave him support, friendship and confidence. What has changed is his capacity to understand, cope and manage those challenges and much of that change was achieved in Second Life.

Torley wants his s one. He sees it as a positive inspirat something cool, b and in turn inspiri not all about the s realist and even, i However, he focu happier side. So, i just one attribute bucket of charact human being to p donkey”, joyful is fi she says, “I am a h to be on this journ awesome.”

story to be a relatable what he calls a PIL, tion loop of seeing being inspired by that ing others. But Torley is sunny side, he is also a in some things, a nihilist. uses on the hopeful and if you are going to pull e out of the complex teristics that make a pin it on the “watermelon fine with her. In the end, human being and thrilled ney. Keep amplifying that

Torley’s Links Stuff Torley does at Linden Lab: Ongoing SL and other adventures Torley’s personal site containing other creative pursuits:

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 67

Page 68 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 69

The Plunging Neckline Page 70 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Photography by Tempest Rosca

a ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 71

Carilynn OHare Blouse: LIZAAH - Mesh de Perle Blouse Skirt: LIZAAH - Mesh Cecilia - High Waist Skirt Collar: .Shi - Lacet Collar Motif (modified) Collar Adornment: Violator - Absolute Silver Earring (modified) Hat: LaGyo - Wanda Headpiece (modified) Hat Adornment: Violator - Absolute Silver Earring (modified) Shoes: Glamistry - PARRASANA Heels Hair Base: *booN gathered mid hairbase Hair: enVOGUE - HAIR Charlotte Earrings: .Shi - Mermaid Earrings (Sombre Unrigged) Ring: LaGyo - Dano Ring Ears: LaGyo - Mahalia metal ear Lipstick: Madrid Solo - London Liner Eyeshadow: Madrid Solo - Seductress Soil Umber Eye Cosmetic Eyeliner: {MUA} - Mesh Eyeliner - Classic - Tintable Lashes: Mon Cheri - “Falsies” Mesh Eyelashes Nails: Adoness - Slink Enhancement Fingernails - Prince Edward Leg Tatoo: Madrid Solo - Young Hearts (custom made) Rose Accessory: Bizzy B’s - Sculpted Single Silver Rose w/bow Page 72 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 73

Carilynn OHare Upper Gown: Ghee - RAWR Dress Lower Gown: Fellini Couture - Ramage Hat: Ghee - RAWR Stockings: Soxie - Tights Gloves: Fairy Tail - Lace Gloves Clutch: Molichino - *Mesh* Delirium Clutch (modified) Hair Base: *booN gathered mid hairbase Hair: L+N Gameboy Earrings: Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery - Chromatics Earrings Necklace: Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery - Einn (custom modified) Eyeshadow: Ever An’ Angel - Tone - Horizons - Eyes - Palau Eyeliner: {MUA} - Mesh Eyeliner - Classic - Tintable Lashes: Mon Cheri - “Falsies” Mesh Eyelashes Lipstick: Madrid Solo - Custom - Bubble Gloss The Reds Page 74 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 75

Page 76 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Locuala Madruga Dress: K E L I N I - Snow Pearl Dress Obi and Coat: -AZUL- Sakura Sleeves: Peqe - Lady’s Shrug Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 Hair: TuTy’s - ADORABLE - Updo hairstyle Head Attachment: AZOURY - Harmonie Headwear Earrings: [AB] BEAUPARLANT - Palmero Ear Cuff Make up: BEAUTY ADDICT by Abso Zlatkis - SAYONARA 01 Petals: ~*RunoRuno*~ Blossom Petals Japanese Okobo: =^ HARO ^= - Okobo Classic for Maitreya ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 77

Locuala Madruga Dress: K E L I N I - SexyAttitude Dress Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 Hair: .Olive. the Delilah Hair Fur vest: Foxes - Tarot Fur Vest Sleeves: Peqe - Spoopy Chic Sleeves Jewelry: Lazuri - Eda Necklace and Earrings Shoes: keem - Morgana Heels ( Maitreya ) Page 78 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 79

Locuala Madruga Dress: K E L I N I . Snow Pearl Dress Body : #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f ) Hair: *Plume* - Broadway/Umber Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.01 Earrings, Fan and Head Attachment made with: Fellini Couture- Abanico gown, (Milk Motion) My feather necklace and Celestina’s Rose (modified) Shoes: R.icielli TASHA High Heels for TMP Feet Page 80 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 81

Locuala Madruga Dress: Coquet Ladies Mesh Clothing - County Rd 22 M Dress Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 Hair: little bones. - Pogo Bracelet: [MANDALA] - Bracelet Pearl-Rain-Season3 Choker: [MANDALA] - Choker Pearl-Rain-Season3 Flower Head: [MANDALA] - Kiku-corsage-Shiro Ring: =Zenith= - Hibiscus Flower Ring Shoes: [Mundos] - Felicity_Maitreya Page 82 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 83

Death in Second Life Page 86 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Written by Cajsa Lilliehook

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 87

Stop all the clocks, cu Prevent the dog from ba Silence the pianos an Bring out the coffin, le Page 88 | ECLIPSE August 2015

W.H. A

ut off the telephone, arking with a juicy bone, nd with muffled drum et the mourners come.


ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 89

We remember the moments when we learn that those we love have died. Even if the clocks do not stop; time does. No one need silence the phone, the dog, the piano or the drum; a cocoon of sorrow muffles the mutterings of everyday life. We are cut off, adrift in the preternatural silence of grief. When we lose people in our first lives, there are rituals that work to counter that silence. The stream of neighbors, friends and relatives that gather to offer food, comfort, and stories recall happier times. The busywork of burial forces us to engage in the business of life. The celebration of the words and the work of the dead reanimate our loved ones as memory. What happens though, when death comes to Second Life®? There is no single answer. We are all human, after all, behind our avatars, and how we experience things is affected by our own history and the context in which we live our lives. Wanting to hear from a broader group of people than my own circle of acquaintance, I posted a questionnaire that I publicized on Plurk, Facebook and Twitter. Several people responded, sharing their thoughts and feelings about death in SL. Their answers will lay the foundation for this article. Uncertainty The experience of loss in SL® can be very different from our first lives. This does not make our losses less deeply felt, only different. One of the key differences is uncertainty. Saffron Foxclaw explained it well, “You doubt the evidence you’re given. Every part of you wants to deny it because you hope it’s a lie. You hope someone is making a terrible joke because you don’t ‘know’ them in real life to confirm it.” Sometimes someone is suddenly gone Page 90 | ECLIPSE August 2015

without answers or goodbyes. Mutual friends consult about the last they heard from her or him. Speculation simmers — Wasn’t she going in for surgery? — I checked the group we are in, she has not logged in for six months. — She sure did love that motorcycle, they can be so dangerous. — He sounded so depressed the last time I talked to him. — I hope he’s okay… I have experienced this and have a deep conviction that my friend would never leave without notice. There is grief, but it is complicated by uncertainty and a mixture of hope that this dear friend suddenly became inconsiderate and unfeeling and just decided quit SL without warning even though she always gave notice of even short absences. Of course, being saddled with human pettiness, there is also a tinge of if-that-is-true-wellforget-her bravado. I mourn, but I do not know what I am mourning. Sometimes death comes suddenly - out of the blue. A car accident, an undiagnosed illness, a suicide. It shocks us with its sudden cataclysm. Our minds are filled with “but, but, but, we just” denial. Sometimes we never accept it, hoping that it was all a mistake. That there is some other, less final explanation for their disappearance. Shock, surprise, denial, and sometimes anger, duel for supremacy with the grief waiting to roll over us once we accept the awful truth, another friend, another loved one, gone. Distance also makes death in Second Life difficult for mourners. We get to know and love people all around the world. This can make the loss harder for survivors. “You wish you had of been able to actually meet them, when the time was still there.” remarked Helena Stringer in her responses. Sometimes death in Second Life is complicated by secrecy. This person we have known and loved for years may never have

told their first life circle about their Second Life. There is no one in their first life to inform their Second Life friends. Apopseopis Fullstop movingly describes how the separation of the digital and physical complicates and adds to the pain of losing someone. “It’s strange to know that their families have lost a son or mother, sister or father, and you’ve lost that wonderful and important person, too — but they probably don’t know who you are. Even if you could reach out somehow — go to their funeral, visit their grave — so many people would look on you as an interloper. Sometimes, you get caught up in that outsider perspective and start doubting your own right to be affected by the loss.”

community comes together to demonstrate our support for them while they are alive. Leaf On the Wind was one such effort, a fundraising event for Scarlet Chandrayaan (Amy) of Alouette, to grant her lifelong wish of traveling to London. Sadly, her cancer outpaced her hopes and she was unable to go. Similarly, when Squinternet Larnia was dying of cancer in 2013, the community came together to raise funds to try alternative therapies and help her afford home care so she could stay out of hospice. In many ways, she was able to attend her own funeral - this vast celebration of love for her touched her heart and filled her with wonder. It was a gift that lifted her spirits in her final days.

Death in Second Life is not always complicated by uncertainty. Sometimes we know our friends are on a trajectory toward death and we travel with them part of the way. We follow their journey, sending encouragement and hugs. Sometimes the

Pseudocide I attended a funeral within the first month or so of my Second Life. I did not know the deceased, but a friend of mine had been his good friend and invited me to attend with ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 91

him. It was at Crack Den, a roleplay sim that focused on the criminal underbelly of urban life. The funeral was at times moving and at times hideously inappropriate as those attending continued to play their roles — even those antagonistic to the deceased. I was not part of that community, so when one of the mourners stood up and announced that he was the alt of the deceased and was angry how people disrespected him at his funeral, I was uncertain whether he had lied to people about dying or if this was some Crack Den ritual. If the anger in the room was anything to go by, he had lied. It is a struggle to understand what people who fake their own deaths are thinking. Sherlock Holmes’ is probably the most famous faked death and it is fictional. With Holmes, at least, we understand the motive. Faking death is fairly common on the internet. Huckleberry Hax, in an article on faking death thought it might be an expedient way to exit a relationship or that these pseudocides might be curious about how they will be remembered. Many of those who answered the questionnaire speculated that it was for attentionseeking or to get out of Page 92 | ECLIPSE August 2015

difficult situations. Another speculated that perhaps they are so false in how they present themselves that they think everyone else was equally false. Interestingly, one of the people who responded is someone who faked his or her death. This person did not give a name or respond to any other questions but the ones about faking death. I thought the reason was tragic. It seems this person joined SL without understanding how deep relationships can become and invented a real life self who was “younger, taller, fitter, richer, happier, everything I was not….the difference between who they thought I was and who I am became more and more hard to juggle. I was lying all the time.” So this person found an obituary that fit enough of the backstory to fool friends and sent a message claiming to be from a brother, announcing the death and linking

course, we know that they will not be exactly who they are in the physical realm, they will be aspirational versions of themselves, their best possible selves and that is fine, so are we. This threads of friendship and trust are what weave the fabric of community. After we form these bonds of friendship, a fake death is not the same is adding or subtracting a few years or a few pounds. It is traumatic. A fake death is as destructive as taking a knife and cutting right down the center, snapping those bonds and leaving deep wounds. No matter what, though, even when someone fakes their death, those of us who knew them mourn. We suffer a loss, one complicated by anger and confusion, but still a loss. Rituals the obituary. Creating a new avatar, this person rejoined SL with honesty about real life and set about making new friends. “It was easier to kill myself and create a new life in SL where I am honest about my real life. I miss my old friends and think about bumping into them by going to places we used to hang out, but I am afraid of being discovered...I have made new friends and being honest with them, I feel closer to them and happier about myself. I know it was awful, what I did. I am weak.”

Remember me when I am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land; Christina Rossetti

The afterlife is a billion dollar business in the physical world. In every culture there are mourning rituals and professional While I understand that many people who fake their death suffer celebrants that shepherd from some factitious disorder, my sympathy is tempered by the the bereaved through damage done to our community — in an virtual world like ours, it. These rituals keep us we have to take people on faith, as they present themselves. Of occupied and bring us ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 93

comfort. I vividly remember the funeral of a friend who was Baha’i. The service was held at the cemetery and when it was over, his body, wrapped only in a winding sheet was lowered into the grave and all of us took turns shoveling the dirt into his grave. There was such finality in doing this and being able to do something concrete and physical, something more than thinking good thoughts, was tremendously comforting. When he was buried, the mood was almost joyful. He

Page 94 | ECLIPSE August 2015

had lived a good life, was well-loved and remembered and we all got to give him one last service and that, more than anything, lifted our spirits. Second Life does not have many rituals and when someone dies, we often create our own. Often, friends and loved ones gather to reminisce, their stories conjuring their friend back into their lives through shared memories. When Scarlet Chandrayaan died,

Saffron Foxclaw created a tumblr for friends and acquaintances to share memories with each other and with her family. “Every time I processed a memory someone submitted, I grieved again, but they made me laugh or smile and remember what an impact she had on the world.” When her Second Life partner Don Mill died in late July, Grazia Horwitz asked people to light candles for him in their first life and

send her the pictures. From the pictures, she made a collage to share with his wife in his real life, bringing his two worlds together in remembrance and mourning. She found comfort, too, in doing something, organizing a memorial in-world that his real life wife was able to attend, bringing her together with his many friends to share their affection and regard for him. Like many people in mourning, the act of doing something was comforting. As she explained, “The landscaping and putting everything together, often in the company of one or two good friends was oddly peaceful and personally helped me a lot. During the memorial there was the possibility to donate a little something towards the Marfan Foundation ( and after the memorial I was able to make a donation from the collected funds of USD 254. It made me feel pretty good that so many people cared and wanted to ‘do’ something as well.” There are in-world funeral celebrants who will provide services and support for people who are grieving. The Gardens of Grace Memorial Garden provides space for people to leave memorials for their loved ones free of charge and also freely offers the use of their church for memorial services. You can also contact Aridis Inaka if you need an officiant. There is also the Second Life Funeral Directors Association and the Second Life Funeral Directors, two in-world groups of people who will work with you to organize a memorial service. Linden Lab recognizes people’s need to mourn and has a dedicated Memorial Garden and also the lovely Candle Beach where there are free candles that you can personalize with a message for your loved one before launching them into the Linden Ocean to carry your thoughts, wishes and prayers forward. I think there really is something to the idea of doing as a way of remembering. ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 95

Aposiopesis Fullstop captured that when she described a memorial for two members of The Wastelands who had died in close succession. As usual, people shared stories with each other, expanding their understanding of those they had lost, coloring in a more complete portrait. When Fullstop spoke, at the end, she asked everyone to line up and draw whatever weapon they were carrying and load it. Guns and ammo were provided for those who did not have any. “And on three, we did a sort of 21-gun salute, everyone emptying their clip into the air.” Later, someone shared how helpful that had been. “It wasn’t just talking, and it wasn’t just remembering, and it wasn’t just mourning. It was, well, a salute something we all did as one, in tribute.” Memento Frost on a summer day: all I leave behind is water that has washed my brush.


Whenever conversation drifts to inventory cleaning, you know that several people will say they will never throw away their Last Call clothing. Ginny Talamasca of Last Call died in 2007 before sculpts, mesh and materials. Technologically, there is no way her clothing is superior to that produced today and probably none of those people will wear that clothing again, but it is never going to be deleted. Why? Because it is a memento, a keepsake, a souvenir of a life. When someone we love in the actual world dies, we have keepsakes, books, jewelry, photos and other tangible items we can hold and touch. Page 96 | ECLIPSE August 2015

In Second Life, our keepsakes are virtual and equally precious. Fullstop has thought deeply about the lack of heirlooms in Second Life, believing that mourning can be made more difficult in SL because we don’t have heirlooms. “Any objects of theirs that you do have are still so impermanent - subject to the vagaries of the asset server...and you know they’re going to be wiped out of existence whenever SL bites the dust.” What often happens is that we create our own heirlooms, our own memorials. For example, when Don Mill died recently, Walton F. Wainwright (Faust Steamer) of Contraption,

a frie mon Anot Noel reme Alou gard passi of he her r Whe Saigy festo who

end of his, created a mesh replica of his nocle as a keepsake for his Second Life family. ther example is the memorial garden that l Melody (lxlnoel) of Dust Bunny made in embrance of Amy (Scarlett Chandrayaan of uette) when she died in June. A flower pot den with that brings together Amy’s many ions and interests and includes the replica er half of a partner’s necklace she wore in real life, it embodies love and remembrance. en Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora died, ye Lotus of Balderdash made a large tree ooned with jewels that was free to anyone wanted to plant a copy in their garden to

remember her. Sometimes people create a memorial shrine. Cake (A.E. Meth) has written a guide to creating a memorial shrine after building one in remembrance of Melanie Kidd who died too soon and too young in July. Her guide emphasizes the importance of location, mementos, humor and a guest book for people to interact with along with a lot of useful advice that she hopes no one will ever need. Another thing people will do in both their lives is browse through their photos looking for Photograph: Aly~Guided by Skip Staheli

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 97

Photograph: Caity~Starry Starry Night by Skip Staheli

pictures of the one they have lost and pulling them out to show and share. Last December when AlyButterCookie died unexpectedly, her uncle Skip Staheli edited a photo he had taken earlier, adding the angel wings she had just acquired and placing her in the heavenly environment she imagined for her. These Page 98 | ECLIPSE August 2015

expressions of loss are beautiful and touching, and they provide that memento mori that people long for. There is one mourning ritual that is unique, I think, to Second Life. When we lose people we love in our first lives, we do not turn our

cameras on ourselves and photograph our tears. In Second Life we do. I have myself, shooting a picture wearing one of my Donna Flora dresses at ChouChou’s Memento Mori. And I am not the only one, there is a beautiful picture of Caitlin Tobias mourning Don Mill who passed last month with the traces of tears

running down her cheek. Why do we photograph ourselves mourning? I do not know, but perhaps it is because we need a physical manifestation of our grief. Our interactions are so much in text, without the facial expressions and vocal inflections of our ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 99

actuality, so we make these emotions manifest visually. We need an external expression of our grief beyond “/me cries.”

of us. Of course, this immortality can take a more active form if we leave our accounts to someone else.


We can, and probably should, make arrangements for what happens to our avatar when we die. We can bequeath our avatar to anyone we choose. Someone with a successful business in-world that is a significant contributor to family income would be well-advised to make arrangements so their family does not lose their income if they die. The inheritor is required to provide proof of identity, a copy of the death certificate and a copy of the will and if the will is probated, a testamentary letter from the court. For some reason, it feels this act should require a phone call — some human contact — but instead the process only requires a mundane Support

Because I could not stop for Death – He kindly stopped for me – The Carriage held but just Ourselves – And Immortality. Emily Dickinson In Second Life, we are immortal — at least as long as Linden Lab™ keeps the lights on. Avatars are not deleted for inactivity. They remain on our Friend Lists, landmines of grief that can go off when our eyes trip over them at any moment. Deleting that name, though, cuts the tie permanently and is impossible for many

Page 100 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Photograph by Cajsa Lilliehook

Ticket. Simply choose Account Issue for the type of problem and then Change Account Details for the issue. Not everyone does this, of course, since simply giving your password to the person you intend to have your account is all that is really needed, but if your family is dependent on your income, you should safeguard your family with a will, in case your password is ever hacked, so they can get it back. Anyone with your password can do anything they like with impunity if you gave them the password, they can even change the password. Protect your inheritors from that sort of permanent loss.

If you intend to leave your avatar and SL business to someone, whether by giving them your password or by leaving it in your will, you might want to include some instructions about adding information about your death to your profile. If the purpose is to maintain the business for your family, you could suggest they change your display name to StoreName CSR, so people do not feel they are doing business with a ghost. It would be a kindness to ask them to change the account settings so no one can see when they log into that account. Seeing the name of a lost friend showing up on a list of people online — even two years after their death — can be startling and painful. ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 101

Our virtual lives, in and out of Second Life accumulates these landmines, the birthday announcement on Facebook, the picture on a Skype Contact list, or a random fave bringing a picture from the past into Recent Activity on Flickr, our ghosts linger in the ether. Did you know that you can request Second Life send a notice to all your friends announcing your death? This would avoid the uncertainty and speculation that sometimes happens when we learn of someone’s death. Of course, this requires legal documentation such as a will. You would have to make that specific request in your will. Your executor would need to send a copy of the will and death certificate to Linden Lab. You can also request your account be deleted, making your Second Life as mortal as your first. Memorials In Second Life

American Cancer Society Memorial Garden Society/46/54/2 Squinternet Larnia Memorial Garden Linden Memorial Park Park/140/100/8 Public Memorial Gardens - Gardens of Grace Serenity/119/108/30 Candle Beach Michele/75/152/21 Willum Tosung Funeral Home, Cemetery and Memorial Park Church by the Water Blessed Unions Memorial Garden St. Magnus Kirk Orkney/118/222/0 Page 102 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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Men in Metallics Page 108 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Photography by Tempest Rosca

a ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 109

Caesar Langer Suit: Meli Imako - Elegant One Button Closed Front Slim (self textured) Shoes:..::ILLI::.. - Slink Cortez Formal Clutch: Old&New (O&N) - Studs Purse CC Left ring: [ Quixotica] - Dragon Ring Right Ring: Do Lubitsch Man Signet Ring The Man Shades: [ChicZafari] - Barroco Deluxe Shades Cigarette: YV - COCO Cigarette, Lipstick Page 110 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 111

Caesar Langer Shirt: VRSION - Rival 7.0 Male Top Pants: VRSION - Rival 7.0 Male Pants Warmers: A&Y - Oxy Arm Warmers male Shoes: 2REAL - Chicanez Right ring: [ kunst ] - Wire ring Left ring: [ kunst ] - Magnus ring Necklace: **RE** - LUX Pearldrop Necklace Face adornment: AZOURY - Eyael necklace (used as a patch) Makeup: Madrid Solo - Logan’s Run Page 112 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 113

Saian Samuel Suit : Dot-be Casual suit Deangelo 6 pants/jacket Shoes : ..::ILLI::.. SLink Galliano Leather Slip-ons (L&R) Right Ring : ^^Swallow^^ Ring studs Gold Left ring : ERSCH-Leaves-Ring Gloves : Izzie’s - Slink - Short Leather Gloves Hair : Action Inkubator HAIR Jaxon Base Hair : Action Inkubator 3D Base Tattoo Face : Golden Lucky Charm Unisex Tattoo Lips : Mad’ - Stripes Lips Page 114 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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Saian Samuel Pants : C L A Vv. - Leather Skinny Pants Gray Shirt : C L A Vv. Halved T-Shirt Printed White Hoodie : C L A Vv. Leather Hoodie Cap White Gloves : *_*EF*_* Domen Gloves Grey Shoes : LRD leather short sneaker Armband : -Pixicat- Metal.Armband Face Jewel : [The Forge] Face Art, Right, (Silver) Tattoo Face : .ARISE. Trina Facetattoo (tintable) Page 116 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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Steele Sirnah Faster pussycat Gold Fishnet Bodystocking Faster Pussycat Velvet Elvis Baggies Faster pussycast Posture collar Redemption Men`s TailCoat Faster Pussycat Gold Fishnet Body W/mask ANEXX_LaceupBoots_Mustard Faster Pussycat Golden horns MIASNOW Eyes - CHROME dark Page 118 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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Steele Sirnah vrsion rival 7.0 male top and pants Lode Morpha accessory Maitreya Stagloni boots Alerio Cuffs Av Design the white mast tableau vivant Leste Hair Page 120 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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Lords of the Hunt Page 122 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Written by Aradia Aridian

Photography by Grace Winnfield

d ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 123

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Page 126 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Looking good in Second Life® is ostensibly simple: wear the right clothes, skin, and accessories, and you’ll be the belle of the ball. The devil comes in the details of where in the vastness of the Second Life grid to find the ultimate swag for your avatar. Utilizing the interface search tools to find fashion and designers returns a dizzying number of results, with precious little human involvement to guide your choices. Enter into this picture, the “Stuff” groups (MENstuff™, WOMENstuff™, and HOMEstuff™); where designers and patrons can meet and mingle, ask questions, talk fashion, and discover their perfect style for men, women and the home. Beyond the easygoing and informative group chat, the “Stuff” groups maintain a detailed directory of designers, organize events; and gridroaming hunts full of highquality free stuff for your avatar. Organizing such a vibrant community takes vision, hard work, and true dedication to the cause of helping passionate creatives connect with their clientele. It takes a deep interest in fashion and style, a passion rooted in art and modelling, as well as excellent organizational ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 127

and communication skills. In short, it takes two people: Ahn Avion, co-owner of the StuffSL Network™, and Alex Avion, manager of the “Stuff” groups. Ahn began his Second Life journey almost 10 years ago, when he followed a friend from Yahoo! Chat® as she explored the social media and roleplaying possibilities of the new virtual Page 128 | ECLIPSE August 2015

world. His exploration was temporarily halted by the heavy tax the Second Life client put on computer hardware that hadn’t yet embraced 3D graphics as a mainstream technology. Had it not been for Duran Duran’s much publicized but often delayed foray into Second Life, we may have lost Ahn for good! Lured back by the Duranistas, he found

a home for a time in the world of Gorean roleplay. While browsing for tattoos for his avatar, he happened upon a poster for the original MENstuff hunt, run at the time by Ivy Maverick and Rob1977 Moonites. Bitten by the hunt bug, Ahn became a MENstuff hunt moderator before the end of that first hunt and would go on to become a manager for MENstuff, and for Ivy’s store, Maverick Design.

As time passed, both Ivy and Rob began to fade from the Second Life scene, leaving Ahn to run MENstuff. Alex originally joined Second Life in 2006 after reading about the virtual world in a technology magazine. Passionate about finetuning his appearance early on, he eschewed the burly, broad-shouldered men’s look of ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 129

the day for a more ethereal David Bowie inspired vision — complete with fiery red hair and glamboy sensibilities. It didn’t take long for Alex to manifest his real life artistic skills in the virtual world of Second Life. Barely six months in, he established a clothing store called “Brocade Tiger™.” Alex is also a successful photographer in Second Life and enjoys the creative possibilities that SL and Photoshop have to offer. He has been known to lose himself for hours in setting up the poses, lighting, props, and costumes for a photo shoot and then spend more extended hours perfecting it in Photoshop. He has also been on the fringes of the Second Life fashion modeling scene for close to 10 years now, and is proud to have been recently selected as both a model and photographer for The Fashion Teller House™. His work as designer-owner of Brocade Tiger led Alex to be one of the 100 designers to participate in the first MENstuff hunt back in the early days of Second Life. He was introduced to Ahn through this participation, and as time went by the two began dating. When Ahn was left to run the “Stuff” groups by himself, Alex did what any loving partner would do and began helping out to ease the time and stress. Over a period of time, Alex has become more and more involved in the running of the “Stuff” groups and hunts. Together, Ahn and Alex are driving the Stuff-SL Network to new heights. In September, they will be producing a WOMENstuff hunt featuring 150 stores. So popular was this event among designers, that all available slots filled up in under two weeks! The hunt will run for the entire month of September, and luckily for the hunters, the only limitation is how quickly Page 130 | ECLIPSE August 2015

you can teleport between stores. As Alex says, “Our hunts are very well planned out and organized, the gifts are high quality and most people find it quite fun, if sometimes frustrating, to make it through the whole hunt. We have some really evil gift hiders in the “Stuff” groups.” A brand new “Stuff” venture is scheduled to open in October 2015. The current working title is “Stuff Land,” although that will be subject to change. Alex describes it as “an elegant little village with the Stuff Lounge, the theme room building and a few low rent shops for “Stuff” group designers. There will be photo poses and great scenics.” He hopes everyone will find it to be a pleasant place where people will come to relax as much as they come to shop. In addition to all of this, hunters can also find their favorite designers in the “Stuff” sales room, which has a new theme every month. All the designers from all the “Stuff” groups are invited to take part by designing on-theme items. Their creations are then gathered together and sold in one place. Adding to his list of accomplishments, Ahn is also a Second Life fashion model. His resume includes: 1st Runner Up in Mr touGen-kyo 2014; Ken of the Month (April) for B Barbie Fashion; 2nd place in CHAMPAGNE Sparkling Faces - June; 1st runner up for Model’s Workshop Post Apocalyptic; and 3rd place in Dot-Be Face of the Month. He can also be seen as a model in print ads for B Barbie Style, Brocade Tiger, House of RFyre, Image Essentials, and VICE Poses. He is currently signed with Siren Productions and The Fashion Teller agencies. When asked about his favorite things to do in Second Life, Ahn says, “ I don’t often get a chance to roam SL. Alex does SL photography, so he’ll often bring me along so I can gawk at one amazing sim after another while he ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 131

takes pictures. Alex and I do have a club that we like to go to if we get the time. We usually go late at night; the place is empty by then. We dance until we just can’t stay awake any longer, usually exchanging YouTube videos as dedications to one another. I’m not going to say where that is though because then it may not be empty when we go the next time!” He also enjoys shopping, dancing and role play.

Page 132 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Alex expresses, “I am something of a romantic and nearly all my favorite things to do involve spending time with my partner and SL husband, Ahn. My favorite date place is the Calas Galadhon cuddle boat tour. You get to just lay back with your arms around your sweetheart and let the boat take you through some of the best scenery in SL.” “Hitting the Destination Guide and going to

e fa t o t W c c o

explore a new Sim with my camera is also a avored pasttime,” Alex continues, “On the rare times Ahn is not here with me, I can be found out wandering, finding visual inspiration. Really though, our home is my ultimate favorite place. We have it well decorated with things we have come to love over the years and there are cozy cuddle places and good books everywhere. It is our sanctuary.”

When asked what is important, Alex emphasizes: “Trouble no one about their religion or lifestyle; allow others their own views, and demand that they allow you yours. Listen to your heart and know that your beliefs do not make you a good person, your actions do. Show respect to all people, but grovel to none. When you arise in the morning, give thanks for being alive, for the sunlight, for another day. Give thanks for your food, for your breath, the people you love and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies in yourself.” Ahn adds, “Don’t be afraid to try new things. It doesn’t have to be about fashion. As long as you’re true to yourself then you’re not wrong.” “Stuff” Lounge Slurl: Campion/61/143/63 MENstuff: WOMENstuff: HOMEstuff: Alex’s Flickr: N05/

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Since our April issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we have done this segment “Ways to Wear” to highlight how style is unique to the individual by providing two models the same items while resulting in two different looks. This issue we take this concept a step further with a friendly competition between our models, by giving our readers the opportunity to “vote” on who they feel styled it best.

Ways to Wear Page 136 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Photography by Sylphia Constantine

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 137

Payton Heron q p AnnaG Pfeffer

Shirt: Glam Affair - Dahuta Shirt Skirt: tres blah - Kinley Skirt Shoes: LivGlam K Collection - Fall14 Taylor Stilettos Jewelry: Earrings: Lazuri - Classic Pearls Stud Earrings Bracelet: Lazuri - Classic Pearls Bracelet Hair: D!va Hair - Ana Skin: Swallow - Vicky Skin Makeups: Eyeliner: Miamai - Catwalk Lashes; [theSkinnery] - waterline eyeliner; [theSkinnery] Cat eyeliner Manicure: {ZOZ} Solid Spring 2014 - Slink Fingernail Hud Page 138 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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e to VOTE!

Shirt: Glam Affair - Dahuta Shirt 4 Bown: Elysium - Lola headbow Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Sherilyn Pants: Apple May Designs - Tigress Hot Pants Shoes: LAMBDA Designs - ENA - Color Edition Bublegum: LaGyo_Morgan Balloons: {what next}Sweetheart Balloons Decor ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 139

Top: (fd) Blanche Top - Purple Skirt: (fd) Sofia Wrap - Pink Floral Nails: LUNA Body Art Nails - Bright Dream Hair: EMO-tions -LIV - braid right Hat: Amacci Tracy Hat Bag: Prism - Rebecca Woven Wicker Handbag Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Boho Bangles Je suis - Douce soft earrings & necklace Makeup: October’s 4Seasons - Audacious lipsticks October’s 4Seasons - Everlasting eyeshadows Shoes: LivGlam - Paige Wedge Heels

Leezah Kaddour q p AnnaG Pfeffer

Page 140 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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A Top: (fd) Blanche Top Skirt: (fd) Sofia Wrap Hat: *Nya’s*Orchid Hat Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Wicca Jewells: FINESMITH Noya Sunglasses: GizzA - Oversized Cat-Eye Shoes: Zibska ~ Kiele Foot Straps ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 141

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Payton Heron q p Scarlet Lenoirre

Top: FINESMITH - STENTORIAN TOP Skirt: FINESMITH - STENTORIAN SKIRT Hat: Countdown - Floppy Hat Shoes: LivGlam Boutique - Fall 2014 Serenity Platform Boot Jewelry: Earrings: Maxi Gossamer - Tokyo Tears Bangles: Maxi Gossamer - Black Dare Hair: Miamai_- Roe Bun & hairbase Skin: Swallow - Vicky Skin Makeups: DeeTaleZ - Tintable Lips for Individual coloring Eyeliner: Miamai - Catwalk Lashes; [theSkinnery] - waterline eyeliner; [theSkinnery] Cat eyeliner Manicure: Nailed It - Bright Set HUD

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Top: Finesmith - Stentorian Top Skirt: Finesmith - Stentorian Skirt Hair: Wasabi Pills - Shriya Hair Jewel: Wasabi Pills - Shiriya Headpiece Lips: The Shops - Juicy Eyeshadow: R.icielli - Diva Makeups Bracelets: Soedara - Gadis Bracelet Set Tattoo: Passion Tattoos - Lotus Henna Style ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 143

Leezah Kaddour q p Tadeu Gartner

Shirt: [VALE KOER] SCUBA SHIRT BLUE Pants: [VALE KOER] SCUBA PANTS WHITE Nails: LUNA Body Art Nails - Industrial Nails Ears: [MANDALA]SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU Piercings: ::Rebel Yell:: - Piercing Ears 2 & 4 Hair: HOMAGE - Laith Hair (Noir) Shoes: Ricielli - Lasercut Ankle Boots Jewelry: Lazuri Kaya Ring Metal (epoque) Shard Necklace - Chrome (epoque.s) Cage Cuff - Chrome Makeup: October’s 4Seasons - Audacious lipsticks Rapture - Smokey Eyes Page 144 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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Shirt | [VALE KOER] SCUBA SHIRT Pants | [VALE KOER] SCUBA PANTS Beret | Adjunct - Beret Hat Boots | Pure Poison - Chriss Boots Bottle | AZOURY - S.O.S Bottle sea ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 145

Leezah Kaddour q p Scarlet Lenoirre

Dress: :V.e. Zoe Cotton Knit Dress Teal & Apricot Nails LUNA Body Art Nails - Ethnic F4C Hair: EMO-tions - Imani 2 Shoes: Essenz - Malaga Silver Glasses: Izzie’s - Oversized Sunglasses Jewelry: Meva Spiral Spheres Silver Set Makeup:October’s 4Seasons - Audacious lipsticks Page 146 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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Dress: Valentina E - Zoe Cotton Knit Dress Hair: Boon - MMK375 Earrings: LaGyo - Anantha Earrings Necklace: LaGyo - Anantha Necklace Heels: Vertice - Mocha Wood Wedge Sandals Bracelet: Bowtique - Baroque Bangles Lips: The Shops - Juicy Clutch: Body and Beauty - Vanity Clutch

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Payton Heron q p Bonie Facio

Collar: Zibska - Killian Collar Headpiece: Zibska - Killian Headpiece Bodysuit: Ladies Who Lunch - Mikasa Bodyglove Claws: CerberusXing - Metal Claws Nightfall Hair: TuTy’s - LIMBO wet look hair Skin: Swallow - Vicky Skin Tattoo: White~Widow - Argo Makeups: Eye Shadow: Zibska - Kane Eyelashes: Zibska - Kell Lashes Lipstick: {MUA} - Matte Lipstick Manicure: Nailed It - Dark Set HUD Page 148 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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accesories :Zibska Killian jacket : ::K:: Classic Jacket Homme pants : ::K:: Dual Belt Chinos Homme shoes :Pure Poison - Roman Striped Sandals hair :*Soonsiki~ Sweet Leaf *Blacks* necklace : **RE** ReVoX Arjen Necklace ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 149

Tadeu Gartner q p AnnaG Pfeffer

Jacket | VRSION - Konvert 6.0 Male Jacket Crown | [CheerNo] Fight.DEX Crown Pants | [sYs] HESIOD Pants - LIBERTY Shoes | ::GABRIEL:: Flat shoes_bone Page 150 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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Dress: VRSION - Konvert 6.0 Female Dress Hair: Tableau Vivant // Last train home Earrings: Zibska ~ Leelah Ring: LaGyo_Cube ring silver Bracelet: [sYs] POP bracelets Shoes: KEEM : Gloria heels ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 151

Tadeu Gartner q p Bonie Facio

Jacket | VRSION KONVERT 4.2 M Jacket w Shirt Earring | .Shi : Journey Earring [Unisex.Right] Tooth | Aesthetica- Snaggletooth Pants | [sYs] HESIOD - Neoprene pants Shoes | *BOOM* Ginchiest Creepers Sunglasses | -David Heather-Herisse Sunglasses Page 152 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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jacket : VRSION-KONVERT 4.2 shoes : .::ChicZafari::. Outfit Couture Gray brogues couture shoes pants : ::K:: Dual Belt Chinos Homme hair : *Soonsiki~ Sweet Leaf *Blacks* glasses : * S O R G O - TETSUO Shades necklace : **RE** ReVoX Spartan Necklace

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Bonie Facio q p Scarlet Lenoirre

shirt : united colors : paneled leather shirt shoes : .[monso] My Combat Ankle Boots pants : ::::K:: Slim Flare Pants Homme hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Erik Mesh Hair bag : :::LP::: Chameleon_Bag Men’s gasmask : [Neurolab Inc.] GAS MASK Page 154 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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Top: United Colors - Paneled Leather Shirt Hair: Zibska - Anais Pant: Diva’s Closet - Leather Pants Boots: Dirty Princess - Only Princess Boots Eyeshadow: Zibska - Valbone Lips: The Shops - Flirtatious Bird: Art Named Capering - Cocktailbird Rings: Luxe - Vio Ring Set Accessory: Zibska - Plaisance Uomo ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 155

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Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second Life® residents on the salient issues of the day. Part of the beauty of Second Life is the ability to interact and forge relationships with people across the world. We took it to the virtual streets, and asked residents “What’s the best place to hang out with friends and meet new people?”

Voices From the Grid Page 158 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Written by Cajsa Lilliehook

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 159

Maht Wuyts is a DJ and the owner of The Velvet, which was founded in 2006 and is one of the oldest clubs in Second Life. He also does an annual Mahrathon - a marathon of Maht DJ’ing for 26.2 straight hours in both SL and in real life at a Chicago coffee shop - to raise funds for My favorite spot in SL is, unsurprisingly, The Velvet, where I have been a dj for over seven years. It’s got such an eclectic lineup of everything from esoteric folk to blistering punk, sometimes in the same set! With a regular cast of wonderful weirdoes to rival the Muppet Show, there’s no place I’d rather spend an evening. I was a photographer for a while in SL, and that was a great means of expression, but I’ve always been a huge music nerd. Once I started playing music at Velvet, I was hooked. I’ve been very fortunate to do something I love so much, and I try to give back by doing a Mahrathon every December, a single 26.2-hour set of tunes to raise money for Heifer International. It’s exhausting, but totally worth it. Over the years, we’ve raised nearly $10,000 USD for Heifer through those events! Generally speaking, if I am online, you’ll find me at Velvet. Click here for SLurl.

ByrneDarkly Cazalet is the owner of the Tart Gallery,celebrating 8 years in SL. Operator of the Kamera Klub,monthly art,music & photography event and fashion blogger,fashion photographer and designer of BYRNE. My partner Paradox Messmer has an eclectic music club called Soundproof. He DJ’s and

Page 160 | ECLIPSE August 2015

holds fun themed events with multiple guest DJ’s where I have also been known to spin on occasion. Pride pool parties, roof Iceskating,Glam Night,Cramps Tribute, TV Theme Night and the infamous Halloween Hellraiser annual charity event. Indie,post-punk,retro,ga rage,obscure,electronic and just plain groovy music can be heard. It is an all-inclusive and no-holds barred,creative,friendly and let your

hair down place where I love to unwind and shake it. Click here for SLurl.

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 161

Owl Dragonash is the co-founder of The Living Room, a popular gat place and a Second Life explorer and chronicler with her own blog Through Owl’s Eyes. The first place I made friends in Second life was Darkstar a Dead dedicated sim owned by Starling Glitterbuck. I found Darkstar when I was a noob in 2007 through my real life best friend. I was attracted to the energy and vibrancy as well as a love of the Grateful Dead. I met a lot of people there many of whom are still my friends. Darkstar is still on the grid, has Live music events and you can find nice folks around to Page 162 | ECLIPSE August 2015

talk to. I still hang out there at times. Click here for more info. Click here for SLurl.

helped form and interact w friends from hold a happy

More info on

The second community I joined in 2007 was Witchfest a very active pagan Click here for group. They hold, dances, rituals, classes and all kinds of events. I met a Currently my lot of people through witchfest that hang out are

thering called

how I “move” through Sl with people. I still have there and it’s a place I y connection to.

n their website.

r SLurl.

y favorite places to e Commune Utopia and

Lagrange Space port. Both of sim has one of the longest slides these communities have become in Second Life, beautiful tropical Family. areas on the ground, art galleries as well as The Living Room Commune Utopia is a bohemian housed in the command tower. hippie community created by Seductive Dreamscape a Click here for more info. wonderfully generous and amazing woman. There is Click here for SLurl. always someone around to talk to and the conversations The Living Room is my favorite vary from world politics, art, community these days. Daallee music, sexuality, spirit and just and I opened it in March 2015. plain silly. This is a community The Living Room is a visual art that for me has always been gallery and live music venue. It welcoming and fun to be part has developed into a wonderful of. Commune Utopia has a wide community of artists, musicians, range of events that changeover and people who love art and time. Live Music, Dj’s, dances, music. Our space has become discussions, art openings and a hang out as well as an exhibit random fun and silliness. and music venue. Click here for more info.

Click here for more info.

Click here for SLurl.

Click here for SLurl.

Lagrange Point Spaceport is a tropical space themed sim owned by Hippie Bowman. Hippie is a very warm and welcoming friend. He teaches building at Helping Haven, hosts Hippiefest yearly, Summer Fest and created The Breakfast Club. I love the Breakfast Club. It goes around the grid on Sundays at 8am SLT and different people host breakfast at their place. It is a fun way to see people’s private SL spaces or public ones in the company of friends you know and ones you are just meeting.

Live music and art in SL is a large community. I love that it includes many musicians, artist as well as venues and galleries. Why I love these places? Well, the word is community. I like experiences and places that are more than casual and feel welcoming or like home.

Lagrange Spaceport is wild. It is home to space including stations and moons. The space taxi is the best way to do a tour. I don’t even know how to describe everything up there but it is amazing and worth a visit. The ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 163

Osiris LeShelle is a long-time resident, admin and Druid in the Avilion medieval roleplay community. Her time spent in-world is divided between helping to manage the Avilion estate, scripting, shopping and always taking pictures. She has been working on what she calls her “online picture diary� since 2008.

Page 164 | ECLIPSE August 2015

When I was asked w to hang out with frie people is, the answe complex at the same Relay for Life in SL re place) is one big roll emotions and peop part of. So I was tem answer.

But I got involved in our team (Quest for part of the Avilion co is the place where I inworld time so I gu

what my favorite place ends and meet new er was quite simple, and e time. We just had the elay, and that event (and lercoaster filled with ple and awesome to be mpted to give this as an

n RFL in SL as captain of a Cure) because I am ommunity. And Avilion spend 95% of my uess the answer to that

question has to be : Avilion.

become part of our history. j

Avilion is a medieval fantasy roleplay community housed in the Avilion estate (4 sims filled with roleplay, combat, beautiful landscapes and most of all, awesome people). I happened to need a medieval outfit for a special event in a dance club that I frequented in my early days, and I ended up buying one in the store of the owners of Avilion. I noticed the entrance to the roleplay part of the sim but I dared not enter. When one of the hosts at that event had Avilion’s Misty Falls listed as her favorite place in all of SL, I returned, braced myself, and entered the roleplay area. That was in February 2007. I have not left since that day and have gotten deeply involved in this wonderful community.

We have many events, ranging from big roleplay and combat events to classes dealing with combat and roleplay, theater, bard events (music, poetry), ceremonies, parties (formal, in character, and out-of-character), and of course events for Relay for Life in SL. But there’s also time for meeting friends at the central location in our main sim, the drum circle. Here, people gather and talk about almost everything, whether it is about the latest roleplay, gossip, or just small talk.

Avilion is a friendly place, and it’s not a strict roleplay environment. In fact, our roleplay tends to be light and is focussed on working as a community, as opposed to ongoing rivalry or conflict between groups in the community. I’ve met people in Avilion back in 2007 who are still active and friends, even online “family”, as of today. In the always changing and fast-paced online world of SL I think this is pretty amazing. We’re not a closed community though.

If, after reading this, you would like to visit, Avilion will welcome you anytime! We do have a dresscode and provide free outfits for those who don’t own medieval clothes.

Avilion is also an inspiring place. The landscape is always adapted to the season of the year, and we integrate remodeling into our roleplay, creating an immersive experience.

(If you have questions about Relay for Life in SL or about Avilion, feel free to contact Osiris LeShelle inworld!)

Avilion welcomes visitors and while it may take some effort to find your place, new people are often amazed how quick they ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 165

The 24: Preview Page 166 | ECLIPSE August 2015

Photography by Grace Winnfield

d ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 167

Kellis Denimore Vero Modero - Marine Triangle Set Page 168 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 169

Thi Shippe Losing My Religion Page 170 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 171

Kellis Denimore EMO-tions : Lady X Page 172 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 173

Thi Shippe J&A Rock Culture Page 174 | ECLIPSE August 2015

ECLIPSE August 2015 | Page 175

Kellis Denimore Rapture Page 176 | ECLIPSE August 2015

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