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We live in a world which is permanently progressing, and seldom we realize that regardless of what we do, the world around us shall always follow the course it wants to follow. Yet it slipped out of our effort lines to try to progress, to try growing the world by growing ourselves first. With all the events happening right now in both the virtual and the real world, we thought a new magazine would help people vent. Before getting into conceptual thinking, I would like to first of all dedicate a few lines to the bad events happening in real life. Our respect and compassion goes to all the people surviving political and social conflicts in both the Arabic Countries and Eastern Europe. Together we can join hands and eventually reach a point that we’ve all been longing for: peace. It is not that hard once we know that it starts from us, the individual, and advances to us the society. In this issue you will find a lot of contrasts. A lot of contrasted patterns, a lot of mixed colors. Trends are to be followed, it is true, yet what I have thought about while evaluating the stylings was something more than just a piece of clothing. Fashion is art. There may be no canvas, but there are bodies, there are seasons and there are only so many colors that you can paint with. The theme of this issue is Love Unplugged. We progressed a meditation on what love really is, and we concluded that even if Valentine’s 12

Day is right here and right now, love does not only mean the bond between two people. It bonds so much more than that. So in this issue we invite you to choose your most favorite kind of love, yet to go through each and every one of them with care and an open heart. All of these while, of course, looking fabulous. This Valentine’s day also marks just a few more days until spring finally blossoms. Enjoying the last days of winter, we are all ready to leave the coats at home and put on our strappy sandals. If you didn’t wear your favorite trench so far this winter, it would be time you take it out of your wardrobe. Otherwise, you may have to wait another year. Don’t forget that patterns and contrasts are still in. Make sure your woodblocks are on your clothes and not scattered all around the floor, and don’t forget to be daring. I promised myself I will be brief, but there is so much I want to talk about yet not enough lines that could clover it all. But because no letter is complete without a wish, I wish you know of kindness and light and I wish that each step of yours – taken in Loubies of course – will be accompanied by a thousand of wonders just waiting to be discovered.


LETTER FORM THE PUBLISHER Perhaps, I should preface by saying that starting a publication is not something that I ever had planned. From a model’s perspective as a member of the Second Life fashion community, there are a plethora of magazines already in existence that the creation of a new one would seem mildly superfluous. Why would I do something that is already continuously being done? I then met Crista Wellens, and we became friends- realizing soon after that we shared a common friend in Taylor Wassep. Invariably, this very topic came up between us; thus, early January 2015, under our guidance and vision, the concept of ECLIPSE Magazine was born. We had three simple criteria: (1) to be and demand quality, (2) to be fashion forward and (3) to be relatable. Often times in the industry, where the three of us come from, it is easy to become shortsighted and forget that fashion is not limited to that small community. It is an integral part of our shared virtual world and the Second Life community as an aggregate. And with our desire to fill that gap, came the answer to my initial question. Our goal at ECLIPSE Magazine is to not only offer an aesthetically pleasing publication with a heavy fashion influence but be accessible to all of SL... because EVERYONE wants to look good. This leads to our cover story. We knew that we had to be very picky and meticulous, when choosing who we wanted to feature. It had to be somebody we truly felt represented the spirit and direction we wanted to take our

publication. Many names were brought up from designers to renowned models to pageant winners and everything in between; however, all were cast aside for various reasons, until we came upon Strawberry Singh. It was she who we felt best embodied our vision, and I have no doubt that after reading our piece on her- you too will understand why. Our inaugural issue also takes the idea of love, breaks it down and reconstructs it to apply to a greater version than what the overly commercialized Valentine’s Day celebrates. For me, I do not need a special day out of the year to show Zzoie Zee how much I love her and how she is the most important person in my life. The necessity of such a day is rendered useless because if it is only on that one day out of the year a person displays how fiercely and deeply they love someone, what are they doing the rest of the year? No, this issue we explore something different. Our Second Life affords many different opportunities. Is it your love of fashion, and the creativity it offers, whether from a designer’s or stylist’s perspective? Is it your love of family that unlike the one you are born into Real Life, you can actually consciously choose in this world? Maybe even, it is your love of love manifested with the most basic and primal instinct? Regardless, my sincerest hope is that across the board, every member of this Second Life community will find something in this issue that not only interests them, but they can relate to. If they have, our dream has become a reality.














Life Through Virtual Lens “Second Life is much like real life, whatever

decided to continue blogging independently.

you do, do it with good intentions and put your heart into it. If you do that, nothing can

Part of the beauty of SL is that everything

stop you from achieving all of your goals.”

is 100% user created; thus, there are many blogs dedicated to the content, and residents

- Strawberry Singh

have a wide variety to choose from. Yet remains one

When Strawberry agreed to be our feature

of the most highly viewed blogs. Clearly,

story for the inaugural issue of ECLIPSE

Strawberry is doing something right! When

Magazine just about every staff writer was

approached about her success, Strawberry

clamoring to be the lucky one to interview

humbly declares, “...a big part of my thought

her. For those who are not already familiar

process whenever I start working on a post. I

with Strawberry, it will be soon be clear as

always think, what am I going to share with

to why so many who traverse this metaverse

my readers today? It has to be a lot more than

admire her, yet find her so relatable. And for

just what I’m wearing. Often times I don’t

those who already know Strawberry or know

even mention the clothing I’m wearing in my

of her work, this article should serve as an

writing, I just list them in the credits. I like to

excellent source to learn a bit more about Ms.

make my blog a lot more personal and share

Singh beyond the model, stylist, blogger and

things I’ve been thinking about or find ways

fashion icon.

to teach my readers what I have learned and

Strawberry is quick to clarify, “I don’t

know about Second Life or just life in general.”

really consider myself a fashion icon or even a

Perhaps, her affinity for sharing knowledge is

model. Just a photographer because I love to

simply a reflection of her Real Life career as

take pictures and a blogger because I love to

a teacher. Strawberry devotes a large portion

write. I’ve been blogging for years now and it’s

of her blog for tutorials which can be found

my #1 hobby.” Shortly after she joined Second


Life (SL) in May 2007, she shares that she started out by simply posting pictures of her

avatar to her Flickr account. Soon thereafter, a friend encouraged Strawberry to contribute

It is a certainty that making learning

to her blog.


Strawberry’s. Her posts are engaging to her


When her friend left SL in 2008, Strawberry








readers and encourage them to explore and

there are no due dates, but she does encourage

experience all the wonderful things SL has to

everyone to share their experience on the

offer. A perfect example of this would be her

MemeBlogChallenge group on Flickr.

Monday Meme’s. Every Monday, a challenge is presented to her readers that can then be

Often times, in a world as vast and ever-

shared on her dedicated Flickr group: https://

changing as Second Life, it would be easy

to get lost or become overwhelmed with the abundance of content.

One of Strawberry’s recent Memes was to create an SL Inspirational Poster. This was my attempt at the challenge.

As reflected in her blog, this virtual world

is what you make of it, although it d o e s appear she always is one step ahead of the next best thing. How does she find time t o enjoy the world around her, while moving forward with it too? Strawberry was kind enough to share a tip she finds helpful with our readers. “One thing that helps me a lot is having a presence on every major social network with my Avatar name and engaging with other Second Life avatars on these networks. I get a lot of information of whatever the latest events are and what cool things are going on You can check out more

inworld just from these networks alone.

Monday Meme’s here:

So one thing I can definitely suggest is, join social networks like flickr, plurk, twitter,

facebook, google+ etc... look up people


chatting in the #SecondLife hashtags on each of these networks and start interacting with

Strawberry creates a new challenge weekly

however, she always welcomes her readers to peruse the past meme’s to find one that has personal interest to them. She reminds us

them there. You’ll feel a lot more informed then.”


With the influx of knowledge provided by these social media platforms, she advised on how to remain organized, a method that definitely has Real Life applications. “Use Google Calendar! LOL I am not even joking. I would not be as organized if it wasn’t for Google Calendar. I have all of my photoshoots, meme ideas and dates for challenges, goals for my blog, birthdays, rezdays, and everything you can imagine that I want to remember with email notifications! That’s what keeps me organized. Set goals for yourself and make sure you meet them by writing them down somewhere and have reminders about them emailed to you or pop up when you need them.” Strawberry’s modesty, helpfulness and friendliness is such a breath of fresh air, and it is no wonder why so many people on so many different walks of life here on SL find her so prominent, yet approachable. While some have coined and associated the word “fashion” with what may be found on the runway or a particular style or look, she is quick to break that stereotype and make the concept of “fashion” something relatable for all her readers. “To me, the word fashion means something I feel comfortable wearing. I am not always looking for what the latest trend is or if something is high fashion or not. I prefer to dress according to my mood that day, which usually means something simple and comfortable.” 50


After getting to know Strawberry, it is no shock that she has been awarded six Avi Choice Awards or why we at ECLIPSE Magazine feel that she more than anyone else represents the vision we have for this new publication. Second Life affords us with a unique opportunity to be whoever and do whatever we desire most with no Real Life limitation and clearly Strawberry Singh has an amazing gift to be able to relate to the thousands of residents that reside in this melting pot we call Second Life.

Words by Trouble Dethly Photos by Aria DeSantos




THE LIBRARY - DISCOVER THE SL SEX WORLD He takes a deep breath, a cocky smirk forming at the corners of his mouth, as he grabs her firmly by the hips and pulls her tightly to him, his pants doing little to hide his hard manhood throbbing into her. Greedily, his fingers trace up the curves of her body, as her hands lead his to her breasts that he gently cups, before he squeezes and tugs on her aroused nipples. Slowly, he slides his other lower, caressing the smooth skin of her stomach, his touch grazing dangerously close, the thin fabric of her panties already soaked. Brushing his lips against her, he trails his tongue across her jaw to her ear, a low moan escapes her, as his fingers press deep inside her while his thumb rubs slow, deliberate circles on... Shaken from his fond memories of last night’s adventure, he grins an almost feral one. There was a time when his sexual trysts were limited to simple liaisons that would hardly satisfy the want, rather need of his almost animalistic body’s desires. While both mildly satisfactory and fun, those nights left him starved. Starved of what? Well, he never was the type to be content with just sweating up some pose balls. No, that thought revolted him. The clubs where people danced and listened to DJ’s were excellent to make fun of what people wore. If someone does not care about the fact that they wear skin almost four years old, he can’t expect them to even come close to getting him excited. As for

conversation? He hardly considers himself a snob to demand well written sentences. Plus, the mind can become just as hungry as the body. It’s always better when both are fed. Yes, sex alone was not enough, in any world. He is the first to acknowledge that there is more depth when accompanied with a relationship; however, laughing softly to himself, one should never be in a relationship for the purpose of just being in one. Would he be happy to abandon his bachelorhood and all that it entailed, if he ever encountered the woman he could love who would love him in return? Of course, but he was not going to go looking for it. The best things in life should be stumbled upon, not sought. Glancing into local conversation, he sees how the topics vary. Ranging from whether or not race is a determining factor in the level of regard given by the American Judicial system, to how people still must fight for their freedom in 2015 and to how poorly written 50 Shades of Grey is but how they still look forward to watching... He follows and speaks when motivated. They are all very well spoken, but he knows they are here for more than just intellectual conversation. They are here for the same thing he is. Feeling her emerald eyes on him, he locks her gaze with his own, while she raises a very well manicured eyebrow at him.


They had spent the better part of the evening arguing, debating back and forth. One of his cravings satiated. Confidently, he saunters over admittedly intrigued by both her breathtaking beauty and captivating mind. Nearing his approach, he reaches for her hand, gently brushing his lips against the warm, silken skin of her palm, before huskily whispering, “My pleasure to meet you.” And so the cycle begins again... Many will seek love but will settle for something different. Some only for a night, whether to cure sleeping alone one more time or to fill their sexual desires. Some may go so far as to spend months and years settling. Why do people feel the need to find the one to experience that love? Is love the reason why the sun rises and sets, why the seasons change from the most frigid to the most warm and why the ebb of the tide flows back and forth? Is love really that magical? Or maybe it is simply a weakness of the human condition. Love can be beautiful, the very concept built on hope, affection and acceptance, and when it breaks… love can be ugly. Regardless, love broken down to it’s most basic and primal concept is sex and lust. For some in this virtual reality, a quick trip and 500L$ spent at a strip club with a couple impersonal emotes will rock their world. For others, who seek a level of sexual gratification demanding something more, will find themselves drawn to adult venues with promises of thought provoking conversation and eroticically stimulating roleplay. Places like these shrouded with a certain level of secrecy and mystery have grown popular in 62

this metaverse. In this, our inaugural issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we will take you behind the velvet ropes and into The Library. One of Second Life’s best kept dirty little secrets, and who better to explore this mysterious venue with than the creator himself, Mr. Jett Roxan. Our journey with Mr. Roxan begins with the unraveling of why The Library is so distinctly different from the many other adult venues found on the grid. However, to understand this, we must first go back to how The Library came to be. Jett takes us on a journey into his vivid childhood memories of the countless hours spent at his local library. A place he found refuge in from what he found to be a “sheltered upbringing.” He draws a clear image of an old city building filled with books to explore in every nook and crannie. It was a place of “firsts” for Jett. He reflects, “ I was introduced to artistic nude photography, erotic stories, strange sci-fi novels, and much more. Even though I didn’t act on any of those fantasies in real life they remained in my memories and I found them enticing, and of course my secret.“ Secrecy and timelessness is the foundation and mythology created by Roxan. The deliberate choice in build and decor can be inserted into almost any decade your imagination journeys to. In Jett’s words, “This could be a modern day library or it could be 70 years ago. Secret members and secret basement spaces. This appeals to me because while I appreciate a woman walking down the street looking like a


prostitute, more so I appreciate a woman walking down the street looking like the girl next door (or a librarian) but underneath discovering she is salacious and insatiable.” These ingredients make up the perfect recipe accomplishing Roxan’s overarching goal. “ create a group of smart deliciously perverted individuals…” One of the most notable differences members can expect at The Library. Not only do people come to quench their thirst for sexual stimulation but also their intellectual needs can be met. “I like to think that the membership of the library is high on the intelligence spectrum. In any kind of open group you have a variety of avatars, but in the time I’ve spent chatting around the fireplace with people I’ve been surprised with the level of discourse... The Library typically just has a few avatars wandering around, sitting by the fire chatting or in the basement roleplaying. If you stay for any length of time you will see plenty of people wandering through. I sort of enjoy this because most of the libraries I’ve been to were quiet places. It’s easy to strike up a conversation with someone when you stumble into them there.” Roxan clearly identifies the wide range of what people deem to be “erotic” whether it be in Real Life or Second Life he acknowledges, “I think there are plenty of people in second life who like a variety of experiences. Dirty sex clubs have their place, but I think a more refined approach appeals to many people as well. A man in a suit seems a little bit out of place in a dirty dive. That said, there is plenty of stripping at the Library, its often just done on a coffee table.” Although The


Library does have a dress code, Roxan explains the expectation is more so for people to dress with class. While the dress code is not strictly enforced, be warned, “... if I’m around or one of the librarians you best be looking your best.” There is a definitive element of trust and respect exhibited at The Library. It clearly begins with Roxan himself, but is carried out by his staff and group members alike. Roxan also points out, “You don’t need to be a member of the Library to participate there, meaning that members can teleport guests into the space. Also members have rezzing rights to be able to drop pose balls temporarily, or whatever. This is often important in roleplaying and so far it hasn’t ever been abused.” This article merely affords a glimpse into the intrigue of The Library. Roxan concludes by telling us, “When i started ~The Library~ there were two things I felt were important to me, intelligent conversation in local chat (rare in sl) and highly detailed and quality builds in which to meet people and to play out the erotic tales we like to spin or roleplay. The library has space for both.” Visit The Library, you are bound to find this and so much more. We simply shared the secret of its existence…the adventure is now all yours!

The Library ~ secondlife/Sultry%20Night/68/154/579



“That jumpsuit better be original. Another fake one and I swear I will start adopting cats...�


“That’s such a fake nordic blonde a Swede calls it black.”

“Those better be your car keys.”


“Can it go that low on the stomach and still be called a cleveage? Not that I mind anyways...�

“Please tell me your lips are naturally that thick”


“You better see my outfit with that mask on. I spent 2 hours on it so don’t you dare say nothing about it.”

“Is that what you call “Athletic”? Maybe in internet dating language.”


“Stop caressing my rose and start caressing what you should really caress.�

“Well... I guess she’s not coming anymore. Too bad. Well I better not waste this champagne!”





You hear it every time. Everyone is so excited to go in and buy this month’s newest releases. What am I talking about? Monthly events, of course. I wanted to do a little more research on this and after talking to my friends, I came to the conclusion that the most looked forward to event of SL™ is The Chapter Four. I wanted to have a private interview with the owner, and I soon realized it is a pure pleasure to talk to him. Pupito Helstein, on his name, is an artist in both Second Life™ and real life. A young, pure soul, who even if does not speak perfect English, makes himself understood and uses words in such a powerful manner it is hard not to go through a long series of feelings during the chat. As he describes it, “The Chapter Four is a monthly event which reunites plenty of designers who do new, exclusive items for the fair only”. Each month, Pupito and his girlfriend work so hard on making everything go smoothly. For the readers who do not know a lot about TCF, it has been going on for more than 20 months now. There are four rooms that you can explore, each having a certain characteristic that each designer follows (such as Gacha, half price, pay one and get two or everything under L$100). Each month, so many people come here and shop for the newest releases. Their policy is “it’s not new, it’s not welcome. It’s not good quality, it is not welcome”, so you can freely expect to only find the best of the best at this beautiful virtual place. “My dream was to create a beautiful place where people can come and get things that

they will never regret purchasing”, Pupito declares. But I wanted to get more into depth with this person whose character purely fascinated me. I knew he had something more to say, and I was right. Asked how he joined SL™, he simply said “Out of boredom! One day in Buenos Aires, my girlfriend and me were bored and we saw an ad. We decided to give it a try and here we are”, he says in a remembering state. But then I asked a more serious question. Since this issue’s theme is love unplugged, I asked the obvious question: “Do you believe in love?” “I don’t. I know my girlfriend loves me, I know my dog loves me and I love both of them. The rest is just a lie. The rest is just manipulation, and people fall so easily into this trap that they call love. Love is a hard word. Too powerful to be expressed in words. In my opinion, if you say it, you don’t feel it and if you feel it you can never say it. It is too rare for this society. I am quite disappointed to be honest, people forget their feelings often, just to be fooled by all this media. So no, I do not believe in love. But I know it exists.” were his exact same words. Curious and intrigued, I decided to go more into this subject with him. I recognized his artist side, so I touched base with that. I then discovered how passionate he is about his art. “No one can tell me what to do. I do exactly what I want, and people got used to that. I’m not breaking any laws, I’m just expressing myself freely. I’m talking about my music, of course – laughs -, because my music


keeps me alive. Without art, without music, my life wouldn’t even be called life”. What is interesting about Pupito is that he is not only a listener, he is a musician. Playing music since he was only twelve, he mastered several instruments and has developed a great taste. He has a wonderful band in both SL™ and RL and could not have felt happier. I asked what kind of style he prefers and he said “post rock”. “We sing in no language. Our music is mostly instrumental and it represents our own feelings laid on a sheet and adapted on the instruments, which offer only so many possibilities of expression.” Thus, I made a connection with his event again, curious if his artist side helped him in any way to develop as a business person. He nodded and said “it could not have helped me more. Business is stiff and cold if you don’t put your soul in it. But few people know how to do that. For me, art showed me how to put my own soul on a plate and offer it to the things I love doing. Not to people, but to my passions, to my concepts. And this is what I call success. And this is what I call happiness”, he says with a smile on his face. The conclusions? A hurricane in his mind, a place only of peace in his soul and a body of mystery. Pupito Helstein is a person with whom absolutely any conversation is a pure and demure pleasure. He knows the art of creating art, he knows how to mix business with pleasure and he claims he knows the secrets of happiness. 90

As for The Chapter Four, it is open until the 4th of the next month, when it will close only for a few hours so the new designers can set their items and then open again for you, the most fabulous audience that we like to call “ECLIPSE readers”. Make sure you don’t forget to take a ride at TCF, and to make it easier for you, here is a limousine with your name on it: Dreamlove/121/132/1236




ALMOST HOME - LOVE OF FAMILY The kinds of life styles one can choose to enact in Second Life is endless. From Gorean to clubbing, to roleplay to modeling. It seems that there is a place for every resident who searches for it. One of the growing lifestyles in Second Life would have to be the Family lifestyle. A lifestyle that mimics real life; almost to the tee. Where people from all around the world can come together and build and create a finite family unit within the pixels and digits. Like most ways of finding loved ones, congregating in similar places helps those who are looking for a family can find a family. This is where Adoption Agencies come into place within the Family lifestyle. An adoption agency helps match and pair people with families; or vis versa. One of the premier agencies in Second Life for matching families together would have to be Almost Home Adoption Agency. Ry Heslop, along with his wife, Kacey Delicioso and Raina Heslop created Almost Home Adoption Agency in December 2013, so it has just been over a year since the doors opened. Almost Home is an adoption center for children and parents to find what they hope to be a permanent family with their motto being, “There are no unwanted children, just unfound families”

They try and make it more personal by talking to their panel holders and getting to know them to help make matches that might suit these holders the best. They hold events such as the Spring Fair, which is going on right now. Trips to various kid-friendly sims are a weekly event, that both children and adults may attend. Also, their panels don’t expire, which allows both the adoptee and adopter to take all the time they need to see if there is a match or not. Almost Home also has a little community on their sim for people who’d like to rent a home and live in a little village community. Almost home is everyone’s home and everyone that comes on this sim will be treated like family. Let’s take a step back and see where Almost Home got it start. Ry started out in the club scene as a DJ where he would soon meet the love of his Second Life, Kacey. She was also a DJ too and their bond began and have blossomed from there. It wasn’t soon after that Ry noticed the influx of child avatars, child avies, roaming around Second Life. At first, he was totally against the idea of adults acting parading around as children. That attitude soon changed.




“I was introduced to them by an ex of mine and to discover the reasons why they are children in here made me think about it and the more I thought about it the more I began to appreciate them and their own personal reasons. From that point on I loved every minute of it.” Both Ry and Kacey wanted something new with their Second Lives, they wanted a change; and after meeting more child avatars. They decided to help this avies by opening an adoption agency. The Process for applying for adoptions can go as followed. If someone would like to be a parent, foster parent, child, wanting to have brothers or sisters. Whatever you may want, you simply choose one of the many available panels they have and you fill out a questionnaire inside of a notecard that is inside of the panel. You then can drop a picture in the panel and submit everything. There, that is it, you have successfully places yourself inside the Almost Home Adoption Agency family. When asked how many families they have helped, Ry couldn’t put a number to it.

“I can not really put a number on that. We have helped so many, and not just once. Some families return numerous times to expand their families. We have been doing this since December 2013, a little over a year, there’s several matches everyday.” Everyone at Almost Home wants to continue helping those seeking families in Second Life for as long as they can.

“The future for SL Families is in the right direction. More and more people are getting involved, and learning that having a family is very rewarding. That’s what makes it worth it. It sure beats hitting the clubs every night. We have been on both sides, so we do know the difference. I think more and more people are excepting of it which is great.” We can only wish Almost Home Adoption Agency and those who are still searching for their unfound families yet to keep on searching. And know that you will always have a place with Almost Home.





.: ryvolter :. Ola Shoulder Tuxedo Blazer - Scarlet .: ryvolter :. Iana Draped Tube Top - Mix .: ryvolter :. Lieve Satin Trousers - Black Hair & Hat-.: fiore :. QUINN Collar-(epoque.s) Neo Classicist Collar - Black Sunglasses- LeLutka-CIRCACIA Sunglasses/Brown Shoes- Co57 Khloe Pump Noir

Garbaggio // Grid Boots Madrid Solo- Facade Lips- Gothic Gray Madrid Solo- Eyes & Lips- Shena-Eyes Only- Blue LANEVO MC HAIRBASE - BUZZCUT (DURA-BLONDE) *Milk* Hair~ Jupiter *SoliDea FoliEs* 40 Dress Chop Zuey Soldier of Dreams Wht Earrings teal gloves


Myles Male Outfit FashionNatic Glasses: S O R G O – Alcaz Hair: MINA - Bas 114

.Shi : Tie.T - Cropped Top Lilac ISON - work it trousers (blood) Ear Cuffs- U.R. Fashion Leaf Black Hair-TRUTH HAIR Holly Clutch-LaGyo Maylea Pale Shoes-.: ryvolter :. Ulla Translucent Pump


ISON MAN - basic denim skinny ISON MAN - leather biker vest Glasses: S O R G O – Issa Bracelet: MANDALA- Okaki Shoes: DEADWOOL - Klaus shoes Hair: TAKETOMI - Ronaldo


Asteria Creations - Fabian Mesh Jumpsuit - Ivory Hair- LeLutka -NEU hair Necklace- MANDALA SHIPPOAH-PINK Earring- MANDALA SHIPPOAH-PINK Bracelet - MANDALA SHIPPOAH-PINK Belt-GeWunjo : Delfine gold Bag-(Milk Motion) lambskin tote bag Shoes-ieQED savoy.sandal.leopard/gold



*.: ryvolter :. Naia Blanket Coat Yoo & Alfie 03 clogs w/socks color HUD Pekka. Eyeliner 3 .Pekka. Dark Makeup - Lips *Milk* Odd Beauty Freckles. *Soonsiki! Rat -FAUN- Snake Charmer Necklace -Womens/Onyx.: ryvolter :. Naia Blanket Coat - XXS/XS - Pink Check .: ryvolter :. Shane Leather Pants - Oxblood XS :F.A.D.: Aristotle Hoodless Top VRSION KONVERT Female GLOVE


GIZZA - Pierre Buttoned Jean GIZZA -Pierre Trenchcoat & Fake Shirt Pierre Loafer Glasses: S O R G O – Billionaire Hair: ACTION - Paul

*.Shi Fur Pullover RedSet .Shi Femme : Outre C L A Vv. Platform Boots I Maroon Matte Le Rouge-lips .Pekka. Dark Makeup - Eyeliner enVOGUE HAIR - Chloe Fitted glow studio - Dip Dye chain earring (red/gold) (L)
















Could it be that art has become more fashionable and fashion has become more artistic in SL lately? This was the thought that popped into my mind when I teleported in. The second thought that crumbled into my mind when I walked into C L A Vv was that it had gallery like displays, set in an almost pristine, modern museum way.


All of a sudden, ThePierrot Resident, who told me enjoys being called Pierre, begins to emerge and transform from a vaporous cloud into a latest generation avatar. He is the owner and designer of C L A Vv, the new store where we are in and which is meant mostly for men’s fashion. As my surroundings become clearer, what comes across is a wide range of very modern designs, with extremely distinct and precise textures. I realise then that I am in the presence of a very particular kind of designer and one who, in his own words, does not approach Fashion from a theoretical way. Why not? To begin with, Pierre is a real life artist, who is currently working in the Fashion Industry. This, perhaps, is the reason why it has came so natural for him to extrapolate his artistic abilities and merge them into new fashion trends that in my view are very innovative and unique. “I think fashion is a kind of art, like a branch of art. What makes it different from other kinds of art is that it is wearable and attached to people. It is the Fashion Designers who are the Artists, who create their art through the clothes they make.” Pierre affirms. One of the many reasons he likes Fashion is because he enjoys the personal and intimate relationship we all have with it. This seems to be the environment he has developed within SL to communicate and speak to us about his love for beautiful things. A blogger by excellence, he began to design as his taste in SL became more rigorously


defined and harder to satisfy. He started creating those pieces he had a hard time finding for sale and is now making his own mesh and textures. He also has plans to introduce seasonal capsules, and with a little luck that may happen just by the end of the year. Pierre loves a challenge and after quite some time invested into mastering the art of blogging, he wanted to try other things, amongst them creating mesh. He approached it by learning 3D modeling in June last year. Taking advantage of every free video available on the subject in YouTube™. He prepared to re-invent himself as a Fashion Designer and admits that it was stressful in the beginning but his patience and dedication paid off as he did not give up easily and he kept learning. Two months later he was ready to make his first item and found that once he had mastered the information, the process was not difficult at all. The item itself is a beautiful cape with fringed edges that I had honestly seen around quite a lot, especially at fashion shows. As it usually happens with talented artists, he was extremely nervous about what people would think regarding the items created by a freshly arrived designer. To his surprise, the response was very good and most people who came in contact with the brand supported it rapidly. The warm welcome gave him the confidence required to make other things. Observing his creations, you gain the ability to empathise with his tastes and preferences, like the slight inclination towards the Goth subculture, which he finds inspiring.


Music is also one of his great inspirations, especially when a specific piece or song, usually Industrial or Indie Rock, provides him with random visions which he later translates into clothes as they begin to take the form of what the artist in the video should really be wearing. His style surpasses the prevailing mode. It is pure, clean, pulsing in dark shades and almost monastic, sacred, but in a very modern and edgy way. His clothing seems to cut through all boundaries. These are not traditional clothing items, but they do have all the potential to become classics - as far as classic can go when you talk about couture. His clothing line goes beyond the practical and utilitarian, in order to provide intellectual pleasure as well. Most of his pieces take an average of 6 hours to produce and no effort is too much for him if it will help an avatar look like a walking, moving piece of art. It is much like a painting or a sculpture. Inspite of all this success, Pierre does not feel he has arrived and this shows in his humble, friendly, kind attitude and his desire to continue practicing mesh through his skillful workmanship. He hopes that people in SL, from Designers to Customers, will support each other’s work one day, thus to help make SL™ a better place. As for himself and in his own words, all he wants is ... “to be a nice person, to be a good blogger and watch my store grow!” We have no doubt he will!








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ECLIPSE Magazine - FEBRUARY - Love Unplugged  

ECLIPSE Magazine - February LOVE UNPLUGGED is the theme of this issue, the launching issue of your new favourite magazine! Enjoy the pages!

ECLIPSE Magazine - FEBRUARY - Love Unplugged  

ECLIPSE Magazine - February LOVE UNPLUGGED is the theme of this issue, the launching issue of your new favourite magazine! Enjoy the pages!