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“The Return of the Gunhawks”

“The Return of the Gunhawks”, is a locally made western film which is filmed entirely in Tyrone and Donegal. The film is a sequel to the original, “Gunhawks”, which was made back in 1974. Both these Westerns have been written, produced and directed by Tommy Maguire from Castlederg, County Tyrone and both shot in locations in Tyrone and Donegel. “The Gunhawks”, originated and was started as a bit of fun for a close group of friends who all shared the same passion for, “Westerns”. Now over 30 years later the loyal original cast with some new faces including some professional actors from County Donegal are returning to the wild west for yet another action packed adventure. The original film of 1974 was filmed using a hand-held small super 8 millimetre camera when the days of video and DVS’swere unheard if and although there was only music applied and no dialogue it turned out to be very enjoyable. “The Return of the Gunhawks”, however has been shot by a professional crew including lighting, sound, cameramen, editing experts and advisers leaving this production a more cinema worthy experience. A documentary about the making of, “The Return of the Gunhawks” will be screened by TG4in mid October but the film itself will be screened in Eclipse CinemasLifford/Strabane. Tommy said: “It has been a privilege to work with seven of the original cast. We have all remained close friends throughout the years but unfortunately we have lost a few of the original cast over the years who have remained in our thought always.” Tommy also said it has been his ambition to make this film for a long, long time so when some funding became available and a TV company became interested din making a documentary of the film being made Tommy the Castlederg cowboy jumped at the chance to fulfil his dream. The cast showed their dedication and enthusiasm from the very start and throughout the harsh winter weather never failed to have a laugh or a joke leaving it a more fun and enjoyable experience for all involved. With cowboys, Indians, Mexicans, bar fights, hoe-downs and much more we will be ready to hit to big screen in October. So saddle up ad head to Eclipse CinemasLifford/Strabane and help support the film with all profits going to local charities. PleaseNote! No animals were hurt or injured in the making of the film – Only the actors.

The Return of the Gunhawks  

The Return of the Gunhawks is the first Western film to ever be filmed in Ireland. Directed and Produced by local Castlederg man Tommy Magu...

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