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V- Day The light from the candles bathes the room in a warm glow as I survey the table with appreciative glance. It is obvious that a lot of effort has gone in to make this a night to remember. Overpriced flowers that were bought at the ungodly and definitely not romantic hour of 7 am are arranged like a mother duck with her squawking children around her. A card valiantly won from the battle of the last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers sits proudly with only one corner only slightly bent. Valentine’s Day is incredibly important to me and I mean that from the bottom of my shiny, blown up glitter covered heart. They say that romance is dead, for me romance has died, come back to life and is knocking at my door with the ferocity of an insane Me to You bear. There are those couples, you know the Daz couples whose relationship is ‘whiter than white’. They stare hungrily into each other’s eyes as their hand nestles in the other’s pocket like a Dormouse in hibernation. So sure you can whistle ‘Love is all you need’ but what about food, clothing, a career and maybe just maybe a house? Anyway while I have wittered mindlessly on like a teenage girl, penning a Twilight fan fiction epic in her bedroom that basically doubles an Edward Cullen shrine, my Prince Charming is due home any minute. A frantic glance in the mirror says I am less ‘Beauty Queen’ more the creature from the blue lagoon, I want to be showered, the rose petals are optional. I have got him a gift but don’t get too excited, we girls know that guy presents are boring, still as everyone chirrups like demented Canaries “it’s the thought that counts”. By now the candles resemble a melted chocolate heart as the wax drips slowly on to the table; this is literally keeping the flame alive. I am prepared as much as I can be and as I hear his key in the lock my mind races at how the wonderful the created tableau. I look simply no less than perfect; I just know that this will be the best night ever “Happy Birthday Darling” I say inside knowing that like Ri-Ri I feel like “the only girl in the world” for who the 14th of February means a whole different kind of party.