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«eCligner, the invisible way to get visibly beautiful teeth.»


«with new perspectives into the future» The eCligner Aligner technology sets a new benchmark in modern orthodontics. and enjoys great popularity amongst orthodontists and patients. It opens to the users many new possibilities to correct misaligned teeth with esthetically high grade and fully digitally produced aligners.

«thinner, more transparent, faster» The future of an almost invisible dental correction has started. The eCligner aligner system has been there from the beginning and has always been a small but important step ahead of other aligner systems. It is thinner, more transparent, lighter and moves the teeth faster!


ÂŤhardly any limitations in handlingÂť eCligner aligner technology is unbeatable when it comes to move the teeth efficient, fast, simple and nearly invisible with minimal strength and flexible plastics. It is easy to handle and both orthodontists as well as dentists with orthodontic experience can apply it to the patient. It is suitable for most corrections of misaligned teeth in children and adult orthodontics.




«the original but digital Clear Aligner» The findings of existing and clinical studies of eCligner’s predecessor Clear Aligner has led us to consequently develop the new and fully digital eCligner. This makes eCligner a modern and most precise aligner.


«put them straight – with adults as well!» Beautiful and straight teeth are increasingly important in professional as well as in private life. Since most people aren’t blessed with perfect teeth it is the particular wish of many to put them straight. This wish can now also be satisfied for adults in a fast and almost invisible way.

«Teen Aligner: Hot products, cool solutions» Especially for adolescents traditional brackets negatively affect the appearance and are therefore out. eCligner offers young people a perfect alternative to have one worry less during adolescence.


ÂŤsimple and convincing handlingÂť Compared with previous or other applications eCligner simplifies und significantly shortens the treatment. This application especially developed for the user provides the orthodontist or dentist with orthodontic experience a simple handling. There is only one dental impression to get to the final and immediately applicable eCligner aligner system.


«the eCligner aligner system – a revolutionary technology system» The eCligner principle is easy and convincing. Step by step the teeth are moved into the right position by means of a state of the art technology that applies a set of very thin and almost completely transparent plastic aligners. The eCligner technology allows for a clear preview of the final result of the planned treatment even before the start.

«comfortable, aesthetic und visibly quick» Best wearing comfort, highest aesthetic in combination with extreme transparency - the eCligner aligner system provides patients with first visible results after approximately 3 weeks only and the user with a technology that answers to all questions in respect of the correction of teeth.


«small forces that stimulate and make the difference» In the course of one step of treatment three aligners of different thickness (soft, medium, hard) are worn and exchanged in intervals of one week. One of the essential differences between eCligner and other products is the use of aligners of varying thickness. Clinical research has given evidence that the use of soft aligners at the beginning of each treatment phase is decisive.

Example of a 3 aligner system Example of 1 Step

Week 1

soft aligner 0.5 mm

Week 2

medium aligner 0.625 mm

Week 3

hard 0.75 mm

• One aligner set is worn for 3 weeks • Movements of up to 1 mm in only 3 weeks are possible • The steps will be repeated until the defined result has been achieved

eCligner production

1 Scanning process: A 3D scanner visualizes the plaster model of the dental impression.

2 Digital Set up: Creation of the individual set up by the specialist.

3 3D Printing: 3D printing process produces the acrylic model.

4 Aligner production: Production of the individual aligner.


ÂŤNo attachments - acrylic models inclusiveÂť eCligner offers many advantages. The user can reproduce further aligners with the provided acrylic models if necessary. There are no more attachments needed. The teeth can be moved up to 1 mm in only 3 weeks.


Process/models The treatment process is easy and straightforward from the dental impression to the shipping of the model, from scanning to the digital print to the production of the aligner. eCligner treatments normally run fast and in one go. Ideally, the aligners will be shipped free of charge within a few weeks.




Dental impression of the teeth and the jaw (silicon or alginate impression).

Enter the patient’s data and planning of the treatment.

The dentist explains the eCligner treatment to the patient.


Scanning und visualization of the plaster model with the 3D scanner.


6 Digital set up. Individual treatment planning with qualified specialist.


Shipment and express delivery to the dentist.


Handover of the eCligner aligners to the patient.

Creation of the acrylic model using the modern 3D printing process and production of the eCligner aligners.


«one product, many advantages»

• simple and precise planning process • high quality and time saving correction of misplaced teeth • final result can be displayed at the beginning of the treatment • aesthetically convincing thanks to transparent optic • extremely thin and most transparent aligner system, therefore almost invisible • digital production allows for most precise correction possibilities • best wearing comfort thanks to extremely thin and very soft plastic material • no interference with speaking • snug fit and dimensionally stable • made of one material • possibility to correct fast within the treatment strategy • comfortable, invisible and free of pain • removable at any time and no effect on eating habits • unlimited hygiene • few and only short appointments required • cost efficient • permanent quality control by accompanying expert team • provided acrylic models • no attachments necessary


« Application and certification» The application of eCligner can be started at any time. eCligner certification courses are recommended. These courses last one day and are being held by a qualified specialist with long-standing aligner experience.

«registration with eCligner» You have to register in order to use eCligner services. This can be done on eCligner services are generally only available for registered eCligner users. The registration is easy and fast.

«eCligner – invisibly effective visibly successful.»

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More information is available on: eCligner Worldwide

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