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Design and Description Project Title - Student diary 2011- 2012 Name - Anissa Eckhoff Class - 9 Rossing General Description: My student diary design is based on the Japanese Culture, which is famous for its floral and tree paintings. As well as Geishas and goldfishes play an essential role in the culture of Japan. This diary consists of a fish, a Geisha who represents the I, flower designs and butterflies. I drew the dragon and the butterflies myself ( dragon on a piece of paper) and (butterflies made out of many circles on photoshop) however I found different photoshop brushes to support the rest of my design. Age, social status and sex does not matter, as it was created for educational purposes, as this is a student planner for our school. It may seem girly, because of the choice of colors, and butterflies, however I felt that the diary without these main elements from the Japanese Culture the overall end product would be dull. I could imagine that the majority of people will not appreciate it, as the colors I chose were mainly consisting tones of pink, white, and blue. Development Process: I mainly used photoshop throughout the process of making this student planner, however I used illustrator when rendering the dragon I drew and scanned.

Blank Template

Colored in blue for background. My main idea was to create a blue sky, and then to add clouds, using a special type of brush I found online.

This is the stage where I added the brushes ( the floral element), the fish, and when I multiplied my butterflies, into different colors and different sizes.

The final product :

Design Brief - Student Diary YIS  

Process and brief explanation

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