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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

East Cork Journal

CHILD'S PLAY? Issue No. 159

Ballinacurra NS-less,

Midleton schools to move?

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But Ballinacurra isn't getting its own national school (the only village in all of East Cork without one). Instead, it was revealed that the two new buildings will be for Gaelscoil Mhainistir na Corann and Midleton Educate Together NS.

While the residents of Ballinacurra are aware that both of these schools do need new and larger accommodation, they were left wondering why the Department of Education had not provided them with their own national school - a question asked of the three TDs and numerous councillors present. Tempers flared as NAMA, planning request anomalies and even religion entered the conversation. Read the full story inside this week's East Cork Journal.

Find out why on PAGE 3

award winner 2010

East Cork unemployment doubles in just 2 years to 12,540


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ON Monday night last, October 4th, the residents of Ballinacurra held a meeting at the village GAA Clubgrounds, to cut through all the confusion pertaining to Planning Ref. No. 10-5455 - currently lodged with Cork County Council and seeking permission for two primary schools (16 classrooms each) at Ballinacurra East.

Brave beyond belief


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TDs Michael Ahern & Sean Sherlock, answer questions with Cllrs. Michael Hegarty & Sandra McLellan


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021 4858033



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ACCORDING to the latest figures, the number of people living in Cork East Constituency on the live register has doubled in two years to reach a total of more than 12,500, says Cork East Fine Gael TD, David Stanton. In August 2008, 6,076 people were signing on. Last month, 2,162 young people under 25 signed on - more than a third of the entire number just two years ago.

Midleton has seen more than a 100% increase in numbers signing on (113%); Cobh 117% and Youghal 83%. This news comes after the closure of Tytex Youghal on Friday last.

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Wednesday, October 6th. 2010 - The East Cork Journal


29 St Mary’s Road, Midleton OPEN: 10AM - 1PM, 2PM - 4.30PM (MONDAY-FRIDAY) for advice or assistance Tel: 021 4632867, Fax: 021 4621133


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Spooked out 10th World Ghost Convention comes to Cork

THE magnificent 19th century Cork City Gaol is a splendid atmospheric setting for the 10th World Ghost Convention as it has its own resident ghosts which have been seen by members of the audience and speakers since the first Ghost Convention was established in 2001. Reported sightings of ghosts and spirits are only the tip of the iceberg as many people are afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed to come forward for fear of not being taken seriously.

For this reason, the World Ghost Convention was established to help those who have had supernatural experiences by raising public awareness, highlighting the fact that they are not alone in having such experiences.

This unique international Ghost Convention, which is the first of its kind in the world, provides an ideal opportunity for the many people fascinated with the supernatural to hear a colourful assortment of supernatural topics discussed by a panel of guest speakers from different backgrounds and professions. In addition, those who have experienced supernatural occurrences have the chance to share their own personal supernatural experiences, if they so wish, as well as hear firsthand the accounts of others who echo similar experiences. The 10th World Ghost Convention Speakers are as follows:

Dr. Margaret Humphreys, Folklorist

In a lecture titled: Life Beyond Death: A Discussion On The Twilight World Beyond The Grave, Dr. Humphreys will outline and discuss the limitations and problems associated with contacting spiritual beings who may give solace and comfort to those who are left behind after death. Personal experience narratives from a variety of written sources will be used to illustrate the topic under scrutiny.

Rosita Christiaanse Angel Therapist Energy Healer, Medium & Reiki Master

Communicating with higher energies like Angels and those who are in spirit is the subject of Dutch born Rosita Christiaanse’s lecture ‘Whispering Spirit’. Rosita, who has studied at London’s Arthur Findlay College, will explore how to listen to their whispers, which does not require a special person or gift; all it requires is a willingness to learn to listen.

Paul O’Halloran Shaman & Spiritual Healer

In his lecture, Paul will look at the different types of haunting and possessions he has dealt with during his 25 year experiences. His belief that some ghosts stay behind and are afraid to move on will be explored, as well as what

needs to be done beyond the grave, to heal the situation.

Furthermore, how memory imprints affect people today, and the ways in which our ancestors may be able to help the process of healing, will be also examined.

Jenny Butler, Folklorist Folklore & Ethnology Department, UCC

Jenny Butler’s talk, “Fairies and the Dead” will deal with the similarities and differences found in Irish folklore between the fairies, which are often described as mystical beings in human form, and ghosts, which are apparitions of dead human beings. Particular sinister motifs persistently continue in Irish folklore in connection with fairies and they are often connected with the dead in legend and belief.

Helen Barrett The White Witch of the Isles

Fate - the power that predetermines our life’s events, is at the heart of internationally renowned psychic Helen Barrett’s presentation. Helen will examine the Law of Strategy, which the universe seemingly is based upon; outlining the role it plays in our destiny and how we can call upon ancient, ghostly forces, namely the Guardian of Self Defence (Clóca idir eatarthu de na shruth) to avert the Ghosts of Misdirection i.e. fate conspiring against us. Throughout the course of the evening, a selection of personal eyewitness accounts sent to the World Ghost Convention will be read.

For further information, contact A limited number of tickets available from Pro Musica, Oliver Plunkett Street 021 4271659.

Gardaí asked to tend to traffic problem areas on Midleton Farmers’ Market Day MIDLETON Town Council is to request the Gardaí to enact traffic control measures in the Lourdesville and rear of Roche’s Terrace areas during

the Saturday Farmers’ Market. The decision arose at September’s town council meeting when the Mayor, Cllr. Niall O’Neill, tabled a

motion requesting that the town council inaugurate traffic control measures. He said the chief fire officer had visited him specifically to air his

concerns that passageway was seriously compromised by the parking situation. Town Clerk Joe McCarthy said people were not entitled

to park where there were restrictions such as yellow lines and so ‘improper parking’ seemed to be the problem. ‘You are not entitled to park on footpaths and if cars are parked properly, then it is possible to pass,’ he stressed. The Mayor said the local Gardaí frequently inveigled upon the GAA to restrict parking on match

days so he queried whether the Farmers’ Market group might do likewise? The Town Clerk responded that the GAA ‘is not entitled to do it.’ He would write to the Gardaí requesting the give their attention to the said area and that was as far as the motion proceeded. - Christy Parker

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Midleton brave duo rescue 2 year old cousin from serious danger Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


MEGHAN Robinson-Aherne and her brother, Cormac, have just celebrated their dog’s 1st birthday. His name is Barry, and he’s pictured over wearing a birthday hat.

The fact that Midleton natives, Meghan and Cormac are more proud of this than what they did over the summer, just goes to show what kind of kids we are dealing with.

On July 31st, 10 year old Meghan and her 8 year old brother, Cormac, were staying at their grandparents’ holiday home near Bere Island, with their toddler cousin, Conor. Out playing in the garden, Conor suddenly disappeared. Meghan & Cormac looked around and saw that the lid of the septic tank had flipped off, and that Conor - not even two at the time - had fallen in. As Cormac ran to find help, Meghan reached into the pit and, as she did, Conor’s hands emerged from below. Clinging on to him for dear life, Meghan kept Conor’s head above

Est. 1959

water until the adults arrived to pull him out.

Conor was given a clean bill of health - although Meghan was worried that she’d scrawled his arms when holding on to him! A bump on the head, some bruises and scratches were the only physical signs of what had happened, although he still doesn’t like walking over manhole covers stating worriedly: ‘In the water.’ Claire Robinson, Meghan & Cormac’s mum, tells the East Cork Journal, ‘If that lid had come down completely, or if Meghan & Cormac hadn’t been there, we don’t know what would have happened. We’re seriously proud of them, but they seem to take it all in their stride!’ And so, when SuperValu began to look for its Child Superstar of 2010, Conor’s mum, Emma Hoey, knew exactly who she wanted to nominate for the prestigious award. She couldn’t think of anyone more deserving. And there’s a chance that SuperValu can’t either, as Meghan & Conor


have been put through to the finals of the competition, with the winners announced live on TV3’s Ireland AM this Friday morning, October 8th.

The kids will head to Dublin this Thursday, where they’ll be pampered and get brand new outfits courtesy of TK Maxx (Meghan’s particularly excited about that bit). Then, on Friday, they’ll be interviewed live on TV3, between 7am and 10am, before the winners are announced. Regardless of what happens on Friday, though, Meghan and Cormac are already winners to their parents, family, friends and fellow students at Gaelscoil Mhainistir na Corann - not to mention Conor, who just celebrated his second birthday.

‘They really don’t get how brave they were,’ Claire concludes, ‘they just wanted to celebrate Barry the dog’s birthday!’ And, thanks to Meghan and Cormac’s bravery - Conor got to celebrate his birthday too.

Cormac Robinson-Aherne and his sister Meghan, Midleton, celebrate Barry the dog’s first birthday!


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51st Anniversary



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An alternative Concerns over Midleton currency

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

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Laying the foundation for a local economy and a secure future for Midleton

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Nutricise 7 week weight loss programme

NUTRICISE is a 7 week weight loss programme that seeks to provide you with achieving your very own weight loss goals.

Run by Catherine Kenneally, a Nutritional Therapist, and Sinead Bracken, a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer, this programme provides a dual approach to weight loss not seen anywhere else. The key to successful weight loss is a combination of regular exercise and a healthydiet. Do you want to lose weight without feeling hungry? Do you want toned arms and abs? Do you want increased energy levels?

So for this to be successful, long-term, the food must be enjoyable and the exercise must be something that can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle. Catherine tailors the diet individually for the needs of each person, while Sinead shows how anyone can make exercise a part of their daily routine no matter how busy they are. So why not pick up the phone and ring for more information – Catherine 086 084 6815 or Sinead 086 362 293


Owed money

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Cork Marts owed ‘a considerable, five figure sum’

Cllr. Margaret Trundle said she had received complaints about such signage that very evening, while Cllr. Ted Murphy expressed incredulity that the county council’s health and safety regime had been long declining to take an interest, while simultaneously kicking up a fuss over other perceived hazards. ‘The sign on the road from Bailick is terrible and belongs to Cork County Council, although the one from Mill Road is, perhaps, that of Cork Marts,’ noted Cllr. Murphy.

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gyratory signs:

MIDLETON Town Council is to ask its Cork County counterparts to amend the height of road signs on the approach road to the Goose’s acre gyratory, amidst concerns that they are hindering motorists’ visibility. The matter was raised in a motion from Cllr. Sean Buckley at September’s town council meeting. Cllr. Buckley had assigned responsibility to the NRA but, following some discourse, the motion was altered after it was decided that Cork County Council was the appropriate target.

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ONE of the huge resources we have as this recession gets worse, is the big pool of people with skills, talents and qualifications within our communities. One of the challenges is to tap these resources, and keep them busy and productive when the euros to pay for them are scarce.

One solution which many Transition Towns and Sustainability groups have introduced is some sort of a local trading system. These work on an organised barter or token system, and are best explained by an example.

Say, you need a plumber to fix a dripping tap. You won’t be calling him in when all your money is needed to pay the mortgage and put food on the table. Your tap continues to drip, and the plumber continues to be idle. However, if you are part of a local trading system, the plumber fixes your tap, and gets a credit either in hours or in local money. You pay off your bill by doing something for someone else at some time in the future. The plumber goes off and spends his local credit on something he needs, be it a carpenter, a computer lesson or whatever. We all get things done, making our lives more comfortable and satisfying without delving too deeply into our bank accounts.

Communities that have introduced such a local trading system have found that it has broken the log jam of nothing getting done. It has strengthened the local economy by keeping goods and services circulating in the community and has strengthened the networks and relationships within the locality.

Sustainable Midleton has invited Michael O’Callaghan, graduate of the Kinsale Transition Town Permaculture design course, to come and give a talk on the different options available. Michael, one time teacher and businessman, is now actively involved in researching and evaluating different alternative and complementary currencies. He will include mention of Time Banks, where people young and old, skilled and amateur, can exchange hours worked, LETs (Local Exchange Trading System) for buying and selling local products, and a description of communities that have introduced their own full blown local currency. The talk will take place in the Midleton Library on Thursday, October 14th from 6- 7.30pm. All are welcome. Enquiries 021 4652 429.

Mayor Niall O’Neill placed the ball in the County Council’s court on both counts anyway. He said that Cork Marts representatives had told him that the signage was erected as directed by Cork County Council in the development stage. Cork Marts were now owed ‘a considerable, five figure sum of money’ by Cork County Council in lieu of development contributions. Consequently Cork Marts ‘are not willing to touch anything based on this outstanding sum,’ he stressed.

Live Register figures once again highlight need for business support

‘Publish details of Enterprise Loan Guarantee Scheme now ‘ says Midleton Chamber

MIDLETON & Area Chamber has expressed concern that the September Live Register figures now show that unemployment in the Midleton Area has more than doubled in the last 12 months. While the national figures have shown a slight improvement, the Government must not lose sight of the stark challenges that so many Irish businesses continue to face around the country.

Chamber President, Killian O’Sullivan states, ‘We need to see action now to support employment, by delivering on commitments to a Government-backed loan guarantee scheme for viable small businesses made earlier this month.

‘The time is right to look at aggressively cutting business costs – and local authority charges in particular, by executing the €500m savings identified in the Local Government Efficiency Review Report and passing the savings back to business by way of reduced charges,’ he concluded.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



100 North Main Street, Youghal 024 92026

with John Whelan-Curtin

A princely amphibian





THERE are only three native species of amphibian in Ireland, and depending on your source of information the common frog may be discounted as a native of the country, believed by many to have been introduced. Evidence is now becoming clear which suggests that some portion of the Irish frog population was introduced, but that another portion is descended from frogs that are truly native, that survived the last ice age. Amphibians are animals that can live either in land or in water, the biggest requirement of which is breathing. Some amphibious creatures, like several species of snail, do this by having both lungs and gills while the frog has lungs and a permeable skin that allows it to absorb oxygen directly from the water into its blood. The first frogs evolved in the Jurassic, sharing the earth with some of the most famous of the dinosaurs. The common frog hibernates in Ireland from late October to late January. Breeding usually occurs in February, but will vary from year, depending on the temperature. Frog spawn starts to appear in March in Ireland, and each female can lay between 1,000 and 2,000 eggs. Sadly, logic tells us that most of these can’t survive, and while the actual fact is hard to determine, most estimates seem to agree that only around 5 out of every 2,000 eggs will actually survive to adulthood. That means that under normal conditions a massive 1,995 eggs out of every 2,000 will die or be killed before reaching adulthood!

Tadpoles are the larval stage of frogs and at this point in their lives they have gills. As they grow and their legs develop they also start developing lungs and their gills are eventually lost. Amazingly the tadpoles that develop faster are very often not the most successful, as their siblings are likely to eat the early bloomers! Apart from having to dodge others of their own kind, tadpoles have a plethora of predators including the voracious dragonfly larvae.




Though not all frogs use their long tongues to catch prey, the common frog does. Flies are the favourite food, but they will eat almost anything that is the appropriate size, including other frogs.

The frog is not endangered or threatened, according to the IUCN. However, it has been noted to be in decline across most of Europe. Frogs are very sensitive to environmental pollutants, partly because of their permeable skin and partly because they spend the early part of their lives as sensitive little tadpoles. Also, being both aquatic and terrestrial they are sensitive to factors affecting both environments. This means that, aside from habitat destruction, frogs are especially harmed by heavy metals, pesticides and dumping. A small note on taking frogspawn; first of all, frogs are protected in Ireland, and it is actually illegal to kill them, as it is to remove frogspawn from nature. Further to this, in taking frog spawn from one place to another you run the risk of spreading diseases, many of which pose a very significant threat to frogs.


€699 WEEKLY DEPOSITS NOW TAKEN WE DELIVER Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm Monday - Saturday

Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Errors & omissions cannot be discounted. All items are subject to availability. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are correct at time of print & VAT inclusive.

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Mike’s no flash in Pat’s pan: He’s the ‘meal’ deal by far


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Pat Shortt takes Stockton's Mike under his Wing

MIKE Hanrahan has swapped Stockton's Wing for stockpots at Shortt’s Bar, Castlemartyr.

A musician held in high regard, one would assume that hanging up his guitar and picking up a saucepan would be far down his 'To Do List' but, then again, it's not every day that Pat Shortt comes knocking. Mike is now Chief Cook (not chef - he doesn't like the term, but more on that later) at Shortt's Bar, Castlemartyr and, a quick Google later, it doesn't seem such a leap.

On Mike's website, there is a section entitled 'Food' and, having studied at Ballymaloe Cookery School, as well as obtaining certificates for wine and spirits, Mike's looking forward to a new challenge - with an old friend. 'Mike and I go way back,' Pat states, and it's evident in shared jokes, banter and an involved discussion about a certain guitar.

Now in business together, they're still buddies - as long as Pat doesn't cross the line into the kitchen...

'It's all about passion,' Mike tells the East Cork Journal. ‘As with music, to be a good cook, you have to be passionate about food.’

'We musicians and comedians are passionate fellows,' Pat adds, 'and, when you're on the road a lot of the time, you start to really appreciate good food. Tom Hickey once said that without Chinese people in Ireland, he'd have starved, as a late-night Chinese is sometimes the only option!' Sourcing all produce locally, Mike enthused at length about local suppliers, commenting, 'People always think of West Cork as being a hub for food, but East Cork is just as blessed. Fresh fish from Ballycotton, herbs & spices from Ballymaloe - food that's never seen a freezer and is all the better for it.' 'We get our meats from the local butcher,' Pat grins. 'You can wave to the cows as you pass them in the fields outside the village in the morning! You don't get much fresher than that!'

And it's all about freshness with Shortt's freezer pretty much like Mother Hubbard's cupboard. ‘Everything is prepared here on a daily basis so the menu's always liable to change,' Mike states. 'It depends what fish is caught in the morning and what I can do with it. It's not fancy food - it's just well cooked, well prepared and delicious. Shortt's is a pub, after all, and we want to offer its customers great food, without turning it into a posh restaurant!' Pat Shortt has been the owner of Shortt's Bar for the past five years and, boy, has time flown by.

This year saw the first (and now to be annual) Kiltha River Trad. Festival, take place at Shortt's Bar and Pat couldn't have been happier with the results. 'It just shows what great community spirit there is in Castlemartyr and across East Cork. The festival is run by musicians, with musicians in mind, so you're guaranteed quality acts.'

The kitchen is Mike’s domain - and we don’t think he’ll let Pat forget it!

‘If anyone can get a tune out of it...’ Mike & Pat’s musical past is set to lead to a foodie future

And Shortt's didn't disappoint Stockton's Wing reformed for the event with the rest of the talent described as 'the créme de la créme.'

Combining live music, comedy nights and, now, delicious evening meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights - with last orders at 8pm, Shortt's Bar is well on its way to becoming a haven for music, comedy and fine food lovers.

'I take the business of running a pub seriously,' Pat states - with a little smile, 'but we don't take ourselves too seriously. If the customers are happy, we're doing fine - and if you can have a bit of the craic along the way, that can't be bad.' While Pat tours, Shortt's Bar is left in the capable hands of Manager, Maurice and Cook, Mike. Yes, Cook.

'I'm not a chef,' Mike adamently states. 'I'm happy in the kitchen, making great food but I haven't got the temperament to be a chef!' So, no fears that we're dealing with the next Gordon

Ramsey then, although... the kitchen is most definitely Mike's domain alone. 'Pat and I sat down and came up with menu ideas, but he's happy for me to work away. It's great that we have that kind of understanding.' Besides, Pat is already Mike's best customer. 'We'll be lucky if there's any food left for the customers!' Mike laughs. 'If Pat stops asking for more, then I've got a problem.'

And if that's the only problem Mike's got to worry about, the future looks bright. Just don't call him 'Chef.'

Everyone is welcome to come along and try out Shortt's Bar's delicious new evening meals from Thursday to Saturday, and don't forget to pop in for a pint, a pub lunch, a live music session, ceile or comedy gig. Small parties catered for and a warm welcome is always guaranteed. Tel. 021 462 3230 for further information.

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Boardwalk Tax refunds offered for BLUES Diagnostic Scans with Euromedic Cork


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

EUROMEDIC Cork, the leading diagnostic healthcare provider specialising in medical scans, based in the Elysian, has partnered with independent tax consultants, to facilitate a tax refund service for patients.

The partnership will provide savings of over 20% to over 10,000 patients at Euromedic Cork, particularly those without private health insurance and medical card holders.

Research has revealed that although one in three people are due a tax refund, it is estimated that 70% of people don’t claim their refund or don’t claim the maximum amount. aims to make it easy for people to receive a refund by managing the claim on their behalf. It also offers a full four year PAYE tax assessment, which incorporates a range of expenses such as household and medical expenses.

The average refund reported by is in the region of €840.

Over 10,000 patients have visited Euromedic Cork in the last year for a routine medical scan such as an MRI, CT, Xray, DXA (bone scan) or Ultrasound. The link up with will offer all these patients the chance to reclaim 20% of the cost of their scans and receive a free PAYE tax assessment for the last four years. Commenting on the tax refund, Claire Ward, Appointments Manager at Euromedic Cork said, ‘With long waiting lists around the country and over 1.5 million people now with medical cards, more people are booking scans with us and paying directly themselves. At Euromedic Cork we put the patient first. Our standard prices are already more than 25% less than the average


price, we offer up to 30% discount to medical card holders and the tax refund service will offer an additional saving of 20%.’


Euromedic Cork recently received international recognition for its excellence in quality of patient care when the centre was accredited with the Standard in Ambulatory Care from the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Cllr. Murray stated that Youghal Town Council applied to Failte Ireland for funding for a boardwalk as far as Claycastle, and she asked that Cork County Council initiate Part 8 process for the remainder of the work as far as Red Barn.

AT the July meeting of the Midleton Area Committee of Cork County Council, Cllr. Barbara Murray raised a notice of motion asking to initiate Part 8 process for the boardwalk from Claycastle to Redbarn, as part of the three phase process, with Part 1 being undertaken by Youghal Town Council.

Euromedic Cork became part of Euromedic Ireland in 2007. Since its arrival in Munster, it has assisted in opening up competition in the out-patient scanning sector through the provision of value in, and access to, diagnostic procedures.

The Senior Engineer replied that Part 8 process will commence immediately if funding is secured. Cllr. Murray asked if it could begin in advance of funding approval.

For further information on Euromedic Cork visit or for a free tax assessment visit w w w. t a x b a c k . c o m / e u romedic.

The Senior Engineer said he would speak with the Director of Services.

Serving lunch 7 days Monday - Friday 12noon - 3.30pm Saturday & Sunday 12noon - 6pm

LAUNCH OF EVENING MENU - THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7TH Friday to Sunday 5pm - 9pm Loyalty card available for food When you have 10 stamps, enjoy a main meal or sandwich with our compliments Church Lane, Midleton, Co. Cork Tel: 021463 1642

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Could Midleton’s John be Rehab's Cork Person of the Year?

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News

MIDLETON Compiled by Kathleen Woulfe

Midleton & District Active Retirement Association calendar of events

Thursday, October 7th: Pitch & Putt available at Corkbeg from 2.30pm. Friday, October 8th: Whist at the Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30pm. Monday, October 11th: Tai Chi Exercises at Community Forum Youghal Road from 10.30am to 11.30am & 11.30am to 12.30pm. Indoor Bowling at the GAA Pavilion from 2pm to 4 pm. Tuesday, October 12th: 45 Drive at the Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30pm. Wednesday, October 13th: Swimming available at Midleton Park Hotel Leisure Centre & Spa from 11.30am to 12.30pm.

Midlands Fibromyalgia Support Group and AONM

The Midlands Fibromyalgia Support Group and AONM are hosting a Fibromyalgia/M.E. Conference in the Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore, Co. Offaly on October 31st from 9am to 5pm. The Academy of Nutritional Medicine speakers are Prof. Basant Puri, Dr. Nina Bailey, & Dr. Ray Perrin. Tickets are €10 and available by sending the fee to Midlands Fibromyalgia Support Group, Offaly Centre for Independent Living, Clonminch Road, Tullamore, Co. Offaly and your ticket(s) will be posted to you.

Midleton Hillwalking Club AGM

On Monday, October 11th, all members are invited to the Midleton Hillwalking Club AGM at the Midleton Park Hotel at 8pm. Registration commences at 7.30pm.

We're hoping for a large attendance. Please keep date in mind. All positions on the committee are up for election for the new year.

Happy anniversary

Anniversary good wishes to Peggy and Finbarr Harding.

Get well soon

Get well wishes to Helen Hickey who is recuperating after her recent illness. Also a speedy recovery to Breda Mulcahy.

Congratulations: you are picture perfect!

Special congratulations to two greart people, Niamh O’Riordan and Malachy Harty, on their outstanding selection of photographs at the Midleton Library, on Thursday last, depicting their travels from Ciaro to Capetown in 2005. The photographs portrayed the wonderful people they met on their journey. Well done to you both and good luck in all your future travels.

Craft workshop

Make designer cards and crochet at this work-

shop on Saturday, October 23rd, in the Monastery in Midleton (beside St. Mary’s High School). For information on card making, contact 087 9761479 and for crochet contact 021 4613841.

Attention Crafters!

Come along with us and get all your craft supplies at the Knitting, Stitching and Craft Show at the RDS Dublin, on Saturday, October 30th. This show includes all aspects of craft. There will be a special bus travelling to the show from Midleton. For more information, please contact 021 4634999 or 087 9761479.

Quiz in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland

A big thank you to all the teams who took part and for their support at our recent quiz in aid of the above.

A special thank you to the O’Neill family and staff for the use of their premises. A special thanks also to Steve, Jim, Marian, Ann, Mick, Margaret and Anita, who worked very hard on the night. Congratulations to the winners Eddie, Teresa, Michael and Kevin, who won by one point from a gallant bitesize team, especially for their very sporting gesture. Many thanks to all our sponsors, who made sure the night was a huge success. Renewed thanks to all. - Denis Fitzgerald.

Enable Ireland Lavanagh Centre church gate collection

There will be a church gate collection held in Midleton on behalf of the above on Saturday and Sunday, October 16th and 17th. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you wish to help, contact your local organiser Kathleen Woulfe on 021 4631011.

Sustainable Midleton

Michael O’Callaghan will give an interesting talk on Alternative Currencies on Thursday, October 14th, from 6pm to 7.30pm at Midleton Library. The theme of the lecture will be Time Bank, Trade Hours of Time.

Midleton GAA Pavilion

Dancing to top class music every Saturday night and on Saturday next, October 9th to the music of Peter Burke.

Midleton First Responders

A Hallowe’en Fancy Dress Ball, will be held at the Midleton Park Hotel, on behalf of the above, on October 30th. Tickets €10, from Maura Milton on 087 6934773.


WE in Midleton are very pleased that John McCarthy (former employee at Midleton Community Hospital) has qualified for the above prestigious final on October 28th, at the Silver Springs Hotel. John will join nine other contestants on the night and no doubt he richly deserves the honour. His supporters will be there to cheer him on. Tickets €50 for the ceremony. Final table numbers must be given to Mary O’Farrell by October 15th. More information nearer the date.

Fermoy whist drive

Results, Sunday, October 3rd: Best overall score: Maureen Hurley Winning ladies: Margaret O’Flynn, Maureen Hales, Anne Hurley, Abina Murphy, Mary Dowling, Mairead Scannell, Brigid O’Donnell, & Nora Murphy. Winning gents: Colm Murphy, M. Howard, James Leamy, John Casey, K. Clifford, Jim Ryall, James Barry & Tadgh Donovan. Raffle: Henry Forde, Colm Hurley & Margaret Regan. Whist Drive every Sunday night at 8.30pm sharp in Fermoy Bridge Centre. All welcome.

Cantemus to perform Fleischmann in Midleton

CANTEMUS Chamber Choir will perform Fleischmann’s ‘Planting Stick’ (with chamber orchestra) in Midleton this month as its contribution to the celebration of the Fleischmann Centenary. Aloys Fleischmann’s achievements for music in Ireland through most of the twentieth century are legendary, and he has left Ireland a rich legacy that will endure through the current century.

Bata na bBlandála was composed as a Choral Dance Suite for the 1957 Cork Choral Festival. The work will be performed in Midleton without the dance element, as this performance is not part of the pageantry of a large international festival, but rather an opportunity to focus on the actual music. The chamber orchestra for the occasion will be led by Cork violinist, Eithne Willis. In the second half of the programme - which will be rather longer than the first, the choir performs without orchestra - many of the chosen choral works are, in fact, a capella. This part of the concert features music by Mäntyjärvi, Orbán, Ó Riada and others, as well as music of a much lighter nature. No matter what your musical taste, this programme cannot fail to please. The concert takes place on Saturday, October 16th at St. John the Baptist Church, Midleton starting at 8 pm. Tickets €15 and concessions €10.

Happy B irthday! A very happy birthday to my darling wife Niamh, lots of love from Dave. X X Happy birthday to my Mom Niamh, from your loving daughter Jordan. X X

Happy birthday to Niamh Power, hope you have a great one, lots of love from Josie and the Power family. XX.

Birthday greetings to 4 year old twins Roisín and Aaron Crotty, Pat Leahy, Margaret McCarthy, twins Josh and Oliver O’Keeffe, Teresa Thompson and Annette Ronayne, Suncourt, who celebrated with her family on her special occasion. K.W. A special happy birthday to our friend Eileen O’Connell, Riversfield, from Kathleen and her loving sisters Mary, Vera, Rita and their families. Eileen has not been enjoying good health over the past months, so our hope for her is that she will soon be back in top form and able to enjoy the social outings which she loves. A very special happy birthday to Sarah O’Sullivan who will be 10 years on the 10/10/10, Lots of Love from Daddy, Mammy and sister Emma xxx

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Ecclesiastical Review

Cardinal Newman: Pope personally pronounces formula of beatification

CARDINAL John Henry Newman’s feast will be celebrated on October 9th, the date of his conversion in 1845.

The announcement of the feast day forms part of the Pope’s declaration of beatification, which has been published as part of the Magnificat booklet for the papal visit.

This will be the first – and possibly only – time that Benedict XVI personally pronounces the formula of beatification during his pontificate.

A portrait of the new Blessed was then unveiled and his relics were placed beside the altar. The Magnificat booklet also contains the hymns sung at the Beatification Mass, including Newman’s own “Praise to the Holiest in the Height”, and “Firmly I Believe and Truly”, but also more modern works, such as Bernadette Farrell’s “Christ Be Our Light”, “Be Still for the Presence of the Lord”, and “Make Me A Channel of Your Peace”. The Creed was in Latin, according to a plainchant setting, and Eucharistic Prayer III was used for the Mass in Latin.

The booklet has forewords by Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Lord Patten of Barnes and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams. It also contains essays by leading Catholics such as Newman scholar Fr Ian Ker, Bishop Mal-

Ecclesiastical Events Parish of Youghal

PRIEST ON CALL: Fr. Michael Murphy 024 92336, Emergency Number 087 9779906. This meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 13th at 8pm in the Holy Family Hall. Enrolment at Masses on weekend of October 16th/17th. Parents must register their children at the meeting.

Confirmation Parents’ Meeting

During the Mass at Cofton Park on September 19th, Archbishop Bernard Longleyz of Birmingham asked the Pope formally to beatify the Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman. Then the Pope said, “Acceding to the request of our Brother Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham, of many other Brothers in the episcopate, and many of the faithful, after consultation with the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, by our apostolic authority we declare that the venerable servant of God John Henry, Cardinal, Newman, priest of the Congregation of the Oratory, shall henceforth be invoked as Blessed and that his feast shall be celebrated every year on the Ninth of October, in the places and according to the norms established by Church law.”

East Cork

Autumn Stations

The Stations are a time to gather together as family, neighbours, friends and parish community to pray for one another, to thank God for His blessings and to ask Him to continue to look kindly upon us.

Crieghmore/Ballymadog at the home of Dick and Mary Cronin on Friday, October 8th. Knocknacally/Piper’s Bog/Clashadonna/Barnageehy West/Ballyvergan West/Ballyhobbert at the home of Pauline and Nicholas Flavin on Friday, October 8th. Clonpriest, at the home of Joe and Vera Smiddy on Monday, October 10th. Fanisk/Inchquinn/Burgess at the home of Donie and Kathleen Walsh on Thursday, October 14th.

Country Stations: All at 8pm

colm McMahon of Nottingham, and the current British Ambassador to the Holy See, Francis Campbell.

The booklet is being distributed by Gabriel Communications and the Bishops’ Conferences of England and Wales and Scotland. A million copies will be

sent to parishes in Britain. Mgr Andrew Summersgill, Papal visit coordinator, has said that while this “isn’t enough for everybody who regularly attends Mass”, there will “certainly” be enough copies “for each household”, as well as for those attending papal events.

Parish of Carrigtwohill Parish Mission

The Parish Mission will commence on Sunday next, October 10th and will continue until Friday, October 15th. Fr. Brendan O’Rourke will speak at all Masses. There will be blessing of babies and toddlers on Sunday, October 10th at 5pm. Anointing of the sick and elderly will take place at 3pm on Wednesday, October 13th. If anyone needs transport to the anointing of the sick, please contact the clergy. The Mission will be facilitated by the Redemptorist Fathers. All are invited to attend.

Autumn Stations 2010

Rocklands, number 28 at the home of Shelia and Angus McDonald on Wednesday, October 6th. Garranes, Longstown and Fahydorgan at the home of John and Jane Flannery on Friday, October 8th. Tibbotstown, Forrestown, Cloneen at the home of Sean and Susan McGrath on Friday, October 8th. Autumn Stations to be held in the Church will be published in next week’s edition.

Town Stations

All those not living in one of the Country Stations are invited to one of the following Masses: Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Monday, October 18th at 7.30pm St Mary’s Church, Tuesday, October 19th at 7.30pm Holy Family Church, Wednesday, October 20th at 7.30pm.

Parish of Midleton and Ballintotis Wednesday, October 6th: MAIN STREET WEST: Broderick Street, Coolbawn, Coolbawn Mews, Court, Church Lane, Riverside Way, Thomas Street, The Crescent, New Cork Road, Old Cork Road, Woodlands, Dwyer Road and Chestnut Drive. Thursday, October 7th: Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Patron of our Parish. Mass at 7.30pm. Friday, October 8th: CASTLEREMOND: Rosary Place, Main Road, Lakeview Road, The Cotswolds, Ballinacurra Road, The Dark Road, Ard na Greine, Castleredmond – comprising Oak Park, Orchard Avenue, The Courtyard and The Paddock. Castleredmond Estate – Town’s Park, Rocky Road, Midleton Downs, Manor Court lane, Hawthorn Drive. The Town Stations on Wednesday and Friday of this week will be in the Holy Rosary church at 7.30pm.

Town Stations:

Rural Stations

Wednesday, October 6th: Ballintotis, Ballybutler, Ballyedekin and Farrantrenchard, in conjunction with Harvest Thanksgiving Mass in Ballintotis Church at 7.30pm. Thursday, October 7th: Dromada, Gurtstoke, Glenagare, Meelshane and Dromsarane, at the home of Tom and Susan O’Brien. Friday, October 8th: Broomfield and Killeagh at the home of Michael and Aine O’Neill. All Rural Stations are at 7.30pm. Every effort will be made to celebrate this Feast on Thursday next, as solemnly as possible. Please make an effort to come to the 7.30pm Mass.

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Monthly Youth Mass

MPYF will arrange the first Monthly Youth Mass of the 2010-2011 Pastoral Year in the Holy Rosary church on Saturday, October 9th at 6.10pm. A special welcome is extended to all the youth of the Parish.

Rediscovering Mary

An invitation to reconnect Faith and Mercy. A four evening Course, open to all adults interested in exploring the concept of Mercy. Further details from Fr. Tom McDermott 086 1615216 or Sr. Emmanuel 087 2643538.

Youghal Baptist Church

(people trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life) We meet for worship every Sunday morning in Brú na Sí (kindly loaned) at 11am. This Sunday October 10th, speaker expected is Mr. Michael Grant. Continuing a series on the life of the Apostle Peter. People from all backgrounds and nationalities are warmly welcome. For more details, contact Mervyn Scott, 024-25964/086-1732034. See for more information. "But what about you?" he asked. "Who do you say I am?" Simon Peter answered "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God". Matthew Ch 16v15-16

Youghal Methodist Church, Friar Street, Youghal services

Sunday, October 10th: Morning Worship Service at 10am, led by Rev. Colin Milligan. Bible Study and Prayer Time each Thursday evening at 8.30pm. You are welcome. Further details from 021-4294622.

Cork Methodist Church, Ardfallen, Douglas Road

Sunday, October 10th: Morning Service at 11.30am, led by Rev. Brian Griffin. You are welcome. Evening Harvest service at 7.30pm, led by Rev. Brian Griffin. Other activities during the week include Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, Bowls, Badminton, Youth Groups, Women's Groups etc. Further details from Rev. Colin Milligan 021-4292503.

If you wish to contribute to this page, Please contact Denise on 087 8128262 or email

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



KILCREDAN NS is having its morning break.

As 256 children run around the yard, principal Margaret Beausang smiles. ‘We’re definitely getting bigger each year,’ she muses. With two Junior Infants classes this year, she’s not wrong.

40 students in total are divided between Ms. Fitzgerald’s and Ms. Ahern’s classes, with the children more than happy to pose for a picture outside. Just keep an eye out for the Smile Thief, guys!

ECJ School photos available to buy from only €5 (6x4)

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Cllr. Sean Buckley, Midleton completes mammoth swim CLLR. SEAN Buckley isn’t even tired. Quite frankly, we’re disgusted.

The least one could expect is that he’d be a little weary, having just swum the English Channel as part of a relay team to raise funds for the East Cork Parents & Friends of the Mentally Handicapped Association Summer Camp. And it wasn’t even his first attempt...

‘We were supposed to do it three weeks earlier,’ the Midleton Town councillor states, ‘but the weather was against us so, even though we were completely prepared to do the swim, we just couldn’t. The water looked fine from the beach, but out in the North Sea there were force 6 & 7 gales and 25 foot swells. In hindsight, it was probably best we didn’t chance it!’ But, at a quarter to one in the morning of September 13th, Sean and his fellow swimmers, Jennifer Lane, Carmel Collins and Elaine O’Grady touched French soil (or rather, rocks) as they completed a mammoth 14 hour swim, covering a distance of 43km. Sean had started preparing for the swim at the beginning of this year (after Christmas Dinner, of course) and practiced rigorously each week. ‘I’d always been able to swim,’ Sean states, ‘but open water swimming is a whole different thing. There’s tides, currents and waves - not to mention the fact that it’s a lot colder.’

Practicing off Sandy Cove in Kinsale prepared Sean well. Because those in Ireland train in colder waters, they can swim later into the year and their bodies aren’t as easily shocked as, say, someone from Australia or the USA. ‘We didn’t wear wetsuits,’ Sean recalls, ‘just togs, goggles, a lightstick behind our head so the guys on the boat could track us - and goose grease, lots and lots of goose grease.’

Sean had returned to Ireland after the first swim was abandoned and was looking forward to chilling out after a day at the Midleton Food & Drink Festival when he got the call to fly back over to try again. ‘It was surreal,’ he laughs, ‘I got a plane to Gatwick, hired a car,

drove to Dover and arrived at about 10.30 on Sunday night. I then went straight out to a 24 hour Tesco, bought lots of food and was up until one in the morning cooking it! It’s amazing the number of calories you burn off on a swim like this, so we had to be prepared.’

Staying at Verne Ridge Holiday Village, overlooking the White Cliffs, at 7.30am the next morning it was a case of ‘up and at ‘em‘ as the four swimmers boarded the boat at 9.30am, before heading out to Shakespeare Beach to start their gargantuan task. ‘You’re in the water for one hour and then you’re out again,’ Sean states, ‘but it’s actually worse being on the boat! Once you’ve been in and out a few times, your towels are soaked, it’s cold, you can’t eat and you’ve got to stay warm and alert so you can do your next relay, which will be 3 hours later.’

Nonetheless, the three girls and Sean swam on in 16 degree water, with Sean taking the final relay and touching ground at 12.45am. ‘The rocks were really slippery so you had to drag yourself up them,’ Sean laughs, ‘We were met there by an independent adjudicator - who didn’t look too happy about having to come out at that time of the morning. After that I had to swim straight back to the boat, as we hadn’t passed through customs and were technically trespassing!’

Arriving back on English soil a few hours later, Sean, Jennifer, Carmel and Elaine were elated but exhausted. ‘I slept for 12 hours,’ Sean states, ‘then we went out and raised the Irish flag.’A custom at Dover, anyone who completes the swim gets to raise their flag. ‘There was an Australian one above ours,’ Sean grimaces, ‘he swam it faster...’

But spare a thought for Sean’s mum, who has endured her son bungee jumping, parachuting and crossing the channel. ‘She said to me, “Will your insurance cover this?” I said, “Mum, my insurance company won’t cover “open”, “water”, “swimming” or “marathon”!, so I guess I’m on my own!’

Finally, Sean recalls one piece of advice given to him by one of the coaches in the UK: ‘Never look back and never ask how far to go.’ With the finish line passed and the sponsorship money almost in, Sean’s not planning on looking back. Why would he?

The future looks just as interesting.



CITY HALL OCTOBER 8TH, 9TH & 10TH Swimming throughout the day, through 12 foot swells and averaging three kilometres an hour, there were times when an end didn’t appear to be in sight - but no one thought of calling it quits.

Now back at work, completing a Law Degree and fulfilling his role as a Midleton Town Councillor, one would be forgiven for thinking that Sean had his hands full.

But daytime swimming was to prove a walk in the park compared to that night... ‘Night-time swimming is much more difficult,’ Sean points out. ‘It’s hard to tell where the water ends and the sky begins, so you have to turn your head a lot more - it can be disorientating.’

‘I’m thinking of doing an Iron Man competition next year,’ Sean smiles. ‘I received such wonderful support from the public and the businesspeople of East Cork, that we’re well on our way to reaching our goal. It costs more than €12,000 to run the Summer Camp each year, and the sponsorship received has been terrific. The Dover Coastguard were great, as was everyone involved in the UK, and it’s definitely given me a taste for it. I really just want to thank everyone who helped, in any way at all.’

‘You can’t see land in any direction,’ Sean states, ‘so it’s just a case of tuning out your surroundings and getting on with it. The crew on our boat were great - they’d blare The Foo Fighters out of the boat’s stereo, so each time I turned my head to take a breath, I’d catch a bit of the tune!’

You’d be wrong - he’s already planning what to do next.





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Bring copies of your house plans to discuss with the largest choice of suppliers... all under one roof

Bargains and discounts all weekend. A treasure trove of products, services and advice. Unrivalled range of exhibitors. A thoroughly enjoyable day for everyone. Children’s entertainment Sylvano the Magician Sat & Sun SHOW ALSO FEATURING CRAFT SECTION

Show enquiries: Tel: 058 48633 Web:


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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News


Compiled by Denise FitzGerald 087 812 8262 /

Trinity at St. Mary's Collegiate Church

TRINITY Benefit Concert for Children's Charity Compassion, and the Keith Phelan Fund. Tickets from Cree's Card Shop at €10/€5. Warm up session with members of the local Comhaltas Branch from 7.30pm. Trinity is a band formed by four young talented musicians from the Netherlands. Three of the Band members, the Smelt Brothers, spent their childhood in Peru. Their South American up-tempo musical roots, together with their love for Celtic music, are the ingredients of Trinity's passionate songs. Organised by Youghal Baptist Church. Further information from Mervyn Scott on 086 1732034 or

Growing it yourself in Youghal!

The recent meeting of GIY held, as usual, by kind permission at Youghal Library, had as its theme Positive Ageing Week. However, an added excitement and entertainment on the night came in the form of local man, Pat Lynch of Fox’s Lane Museum who mesmerised his captive audience with his wonderful storytelling.

Pat has had tremendous success this year with his fascinating story telling, winning competitions not only on local but also on national levels. He is a gifted entertainer who can hold his audience in the palm of his hands, bringing laughter and enjoyment to all. Pat, a fit and spritely gentleman, encapsulates all that is good, and is himself truly the spirit of Positive Ageing Week. Sincere thanks are extended to him by all the staff and by those who attended on the night, and enjoyed themselves so much. Anne Marie Kenneally, Youghal Library, told the East Cork Journal that without the hard work, commitment and support of the Library staff, these very popular evening events would not be possible.

The next meeting of the GIY group will take place tomorrow night, Thursday, October 7th. This is a great time of the year for potential growers to join the group, as the Autumn/Winter planning cycle is the foundation for a new year of successful growing and, more importantly, eating fresh produce that leaves no carbon footprint behind. They would be delighted to welcome new members. Youghal GIY are also organising an exhibition of photographs taken by fellow growers during the year. These will include pictures of seedlings, containers, patios, allotments etc., Photos of poultry and any other domestic animals reared by members of the group will also be included. Anyone interested in contributing can contact Anne-Marie at the library at 024 93459. Looking forward to seeing all the new faces tomorrow night!

Results of GAA 45 Drive

Held every Tuesday night at the GAA Hall at 8pm. All welcome. 28th September 1st Kathleen and Mossie: 2nd and 3rd divided between Mick and Sheelagh, Marg and

Oliver, Ann and Dick, Gene and Peggie and Syd and Jim. Best of the last 5 Joy and Leonard Last game Ann and Angeline. With the Winter months just around the corner, it is an ideal time to come along and enjoy the 45 Drive each Tuesday night in the comfort and warmth of the GAA hall, with friendly chat and craic.

And the GAA Lotto Results

September 27th – numbers drawn were 2, 24, 26, 27. Jackpot €17,890. No winner. Lucky Dip winners were Ian Ryan/Patrick Mangan c/o Crowleys, Caoimhe Geary c/o Alan Geary, Edward Hennessy c/o M McDermott, Michael O’Connell c/o Margo O’Connell, Damien Moore, Quarry Road. Seller’s prize €30 to J.Ds. The five names entered in the Holiday Draw which will be held at the end of December were: Patricia Flaherty, Cian O’Connell, Alan Hennessy, Tom Pomphrett and Richenda and Seamus.

Youghal Flower & Garden Club

The monthly meeting of the above will be held on Tuesday, October 12th in the Walter Raleigh Hotel, at 8pm. Club work night by members will take place. All are welcome to attend.

The Inch Charity Ride

The Halfway Bar on the Tallow Road is the place to be on Sunday, October 10th next for the Inch Charity Ride. Registration will take place at 1pm. The event is being held to raise funds for the Guide Dogs for the Blind and Park National School, and your support would be greatly appreciated. A great day for all is guaranteed.

Fundraising Concert

A Fundraising Night in aid of the Mercy Hospital Foundation Cancer Care Unit will be held at the Walter Raleigh Hotel on Friday, October 15th at 9pm. The night will feature music by Rannach and Clockwork, along with guest artists. There’ll be a raffle on the night with prizes which include an IPhone 4, 2 LCD TV’s and much more. Tickets are available from Cree’s Card Shop costing €10, which will cover the raffle and admission. This event is being held in memory of Mickey O’Connell.

Paddy Foley RIP

It is with sadness that the people of Youghal will hear of the death in Dublin over the weekend of Paddy Foley, formerly of Ballymacask on the Quarry Road. He was brother of Kevin, Laurence and Angela Foley, and had many cousins in town especially the Kenneallys of 145 North Main Street. The late Rosie O'Keeffe of Kilcoran Place, Summerfield, was another cousin - her mother and Paddy's mother were twin sisters. Paddy made his home in Dublin when Seafield Fabrics closed down, but travelled to Youghal every year at holiday time. Paddy is very well known by many people in the town, and his visits home will be sadly missed. R.I.P. M.H.

Partners in Rhyme!

Bobby and Peter Lee and friends will once again play their very popular music at the Afternoon Tea Dance for older members in the community, on Monday October 11th from 2.30pm to 5pm in Cumann na Daoine, Catherine Street. Special Guest speaker is Pauline Lynch of the Diabetes Federation of Ireland. An entry fee of a mere €2 will include Music, Tea, Coffee, Talk and enjoyment. All are welcome. Further information from Stacey 024 91900.

CASHING IN for Youghal Community Hospital

The Mall Arts Centre is the venue on this Friday at 8pm when John Schmid returns to Youghal to pay "A Tribute to Johnny Cash". The Concert is in aid of the Youghal Community Hospital and the Keith Phelan fund. Tickets are now available at Cree's Card Shop or at the door (if available!) for €10 or €5 concessions. So, before Sunday morning comes down, why not walk the line to the Mall Arts Centre, and bring a boy called Sue?!!!

Country Awards Night

The Irish Country Bands Awards Night will be held at the Walter Raleigh Hotel on Monday, November 15th with doors open at 7.30pm.

Gardening Clubs for all ages

The Green Barn Adults Gardening Club is held every Monday morning from 10am to 11.30am. Everybody welcome. The Mucky Fingers Gardening Club for Kids on every second Saturday morning from 12noon to 1pm. Next Kids club will be on October 16th. Further information from 90166.


Gymboree is a Play and Music Group, celebrating ten years in Ireland. Suitable for children aged 6 months to 4 years, it will take place at Brú na Sí in Youghal on each Tuesday morning from 10am to 11am. The event covers Music, Dance and Instruments – from Classical to R&B to African. The term is for 7 weeks each Tuesday, and you can get further information from Margarite on 086 1626754.

At the Walter Raleigh Hotel

C.R.Y. FUNDRAISING Sunday, October 10th with Sam Doherty. Friday, October 22nd, Johnny Mullen. Sunday, October 24th, Declan Aungier. Friday, October 29th our very own Paddy O’Brien

Sunday Afternoon Tea Dancing proves a perfect cuppa The first Autumn/Winter Sunday Afternoon tea dance was held on Sunday, September 10th, featuring Sam Doherty, and it was a great success. On Sunday, October 24th the next Afternoon of Dancing Delights will be held from 3.30pm to 6pm with the very popular Declan Aungier. Another event to look forward to.

Youghal Vintage Club

The monthly meeting of Youghal Vintage Club will take place tonight, Wednesday, October 6th at 9pm, in the WRH.



in Profile

Name: Laura Hennessy

Hometown: Youghal Age: 16 Hobbies: Music, Hockey, hanging out with my friends Favourite Bands/Music: Paramore, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, The Coronas Show: “Just Shuffle” A little bit about my show: It’s a chat and music show that you’ll never forget. Time of Show: 9pm - 10pm Wednesday night Interesting Fact: I was the MC of a Mardi Gras Parade!

Youghal Musical Society

The Annual General Meeting of Youghal Musical Society will be held on Tuesday, October 14th at 8pm. All are welcome.

Youghal Bay Boat Club

The Annual General Meeting of Youghal Bay Boat Club will take place on Friday, October 29th at 8pm. All are welcome.

Events at Cumann na Daoine October 6th - 12th

6/10/10: 10am - 12.30pm FÁS Clinic 10am - 2.00pm SECAD Motivational Programme Open Morning 1.30pm - 2.30pm Walking Group 3pm - 5pm Women's Group 7.30pm - 9pm Yoga 7.30pm - 9.30pm Needlework 7.30pm - 9pm GROW (Community Mental Health Group) 7/10/10: 7.30pm - 9.30pm Music Group 8pm - 9.45pm Bingo

11/10/10: 10am - 12 noon: Needlework 3pm - 5.30pm Afternoon Tea Dance 4pm - 5pm St Vincent de Paul

12/10/10: 5.45pm - 7.30pm Weight Watchers 7.30pm - 9.90pm Card Making 7.30pm - 9.30pm Cardiac Support Group.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


JUNIOR INFANTS 2010 Bunscoil Mhuire, Youghal

Niamh Gear y an d Mar ian Leamy have their u su al

larg e Junior infant classes again in 2010, an d have alrea dy made g reat pro g ress w ith the ch ildre n.

With finge rs on lips for quietne ss, they came o ut to the larg e yard without a word to have their picture

taken. Once the photo session was o ve r, ho weve r, they showe d their teache rs that – w ith finger s off

the lips – they co uld make as much noise as they wante d. Again, Niamh an d Marian have a range of nationalities in their classro o ms inclu ding Nig er ian, Italian, Lithuanian, In dian, Polish an d Ir ish.

ECJ School photos available to buy from only €5 (6x4)

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Youghal’s Colm Ó Ceallacháin bookmarks first prize for ‘Biorra’

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

as the best of Irish Language Literature is celebrated

har Gaeilge, Foras na Gaeilge said: “I wish to congratulate Móinín and Cló Iar-Chonnacht and all those involved in creating these books, Frank Reidy and Ester Göbl Uí Nualláin in particular on the fantastic work they have produced. We are delighted to support these awards which give due recognition to the high quality of Irish language publishing, and support the publishers endeavours as they continue to compete at the highest possible level in the Irish literary market’ The Oireachtas na Gaeilge Literary Competition is the biggest competition of the year for Irish language writers. All aspects of Irish language literature are included with over 35 categories including fiction, short stories, songwriting, short film production and even blogging as Gaeilge.

Youghal’s Colm Ó Ceallacháin won first prize for his Irish language story ‘Biorra’. He is pictured receiving his award, which is sponsored by the GAA, from President of Oireachtas na Gaeilge, Mícheál de Mórdha at the Oireachtas na Gaeilge Literary Awards. (Photo: Maxwells)

THE winners of the prestigious Foras na Gaeilge Irish Language Book of the Year Awards (Leabhar na Bliana) were announced at the Oireachtas na Gaeilge Literary Competition Awards Ceremony which was held in Croke Park on September 28th. The Book of the Year awards, which were presented by Eibhlín Ní Chonghaile from RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, aim to encourage excellence in the standard and quality of both writing and publishing in the Irish language.

Cló Iar-Chonnacht, who are celebrating 25 years of publishing this year, was awarded the Adult Irish Language Book of the Year (Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin) for the book Ó Chósta go Cósta by Frank Reidy.

This first book from the author follows Frank as he returns to Africa in the hope of seeing a different side to the continent where he had previously served as an army officer during the Rwandan humanitarian crisis in 1994.

The Ballyvaughan based publishing house, Móinín, scooped the top award for the Young People’s Irish Language Book of the Year (Gradam Réics Carló) for the book Ruball Trioball by Ester Göbl Uí Nualláin. This delightful and beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Fionn who craves a puppy but whose parents have their doubts about granting this young boy’s wish. Speaking about the announcement of the winners, Aedín Ní Bhroin, Director of Clár na Leab-

‘The Oireachtas Literary Competition provides great inspiration for Irish language writers to showcase their talent,’ said Liam Ó Maolaodha, Director of Oireachtas na Gaeilge.

Music Technology 101 Course at Claycastle Studios, Youghal. The course acts as an introduction to Music Technology and covers areas such as an Intro to Digital Audio, microphones techniques 101, production techniques such as EQ and Compression, and Recording Procedures and Techniques. It aims to give students, with little or no prior experience, an introduction into the art of music.


The course administrator, Tony Irwin, from Stoneybucket Media and Course Coordinator, Warren Tivy, Claycastle Studios, were delighted with this new venture which compliments the other activities held there, and is now surely becoming the hub for all artistic performers in the East Cork region and well beyond. ‘The studio’s reputation is now known all over Ireland with its impressive 2300 square foot of studio, the largest in the south of Ireland. We are currently working on the syllabus for 102 and 103 etc. There are also some other great courses available at the studio including Abelton Live and DJ skill.’ See the website for details on all courses including upcoming Music Technology installments.

Lavish yourself with Lancome MURPHY’S Pharmacy, 129 North Main St, Youghal would like you to experience and enjoy the vision that Armand Petitjean had for skincare when he established Lancome over 70 years ago. Lancome now has products to suit every woman for every stage of her life.

Mandy and Ina, both highly trained by Lancome, will suggest an appropriate skincare regime which best suits your needs. From cleansers and moisturisers to anti-ageing products and serums, they will help you maximise your skincare results so that your skin feels as radiant as Julia Roberts! Unsure about how to create the latest runway make-up craze? Fear not as each look can easily be recreated at home. Mandy and Ina will give you step by step instructions and handy practical hints on how to achieve a long lasting and attractive look for any occasion.

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Customers will receive their choice of wine or non - alcoholic beverage plus light refreshments on arrival and can avail of a special 10% off all Lancome purchases on the night exclusively. This is in addition to a 7 piece free gift with two or more Lancome products! Both Mandy and Ina will be available on the night for consultation on all beauty matters. Please don’t hesitate to call 02492796 to book your place for this unique occasion. Looking forward to seeing you on the night!

“The works which featured this year show that there’s still a lot of talented writers out there, and we believe that fostering such talent is essential to the growth and future of Irish language writing,’ he concluded

Find the leak... save  and heat!

w llo y fo rve ee su Fr p u


Amongst the winners this year are Pádraig Ó Siadhail who won the prize for the best literary fiction, Anna Heussaff who won first prize for best light fiction and Caitríona Ní Chleirchín who came first in the new writers category.

Music Technology 101 in Youghal


Thermal Imaging allows you to locate... • Water leaks • Central heating leaks • Air leaks MANAGED INSURANCE CLAIM • Roof leaks REPAIR SERVICE TAKING THE PAIN • Missing roof & wall insulation OUT OF INSURANCE CLAIMS • Underfloor water seepage O FLOOD & STORM DAMAGE • Chimney cracks O FIRE & SMOKE DAMAGE • Condensation build up O BURST PIPES & WATER DAMAGE • Mould build up O MALICIOUS & ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE O SUBSIDENCE • Blow-in insulation coverage O INSURANCE COMPANY APPROVED Email: Douglas & Glanmire

Call Gerry on 086 362 2621 To quickly locate and repair your burst pipes to quickly locate & repair your burst pipes or remedy your heat loss problems call or remedy your heat loss problems Advance Maintenance Limited Email:

O 021 4866133 O 086 2604782

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



Midleton Community Hospital multi-sensory garden MIDLETON Community Hospital just got a little greener, with the official opening of their new Multi-Sensory Garden.

The idea for the garden came from the hospital's staff in early January 2009. It took root and, on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 had grown into a fullblown stunning outside area, with a water feature, walkways and 2 benches, dedicated to the Sisters of Mercy (Sr. Regina and Sr. Eucharia) and to Joseph & Con Hyde, RIP, a great hospital benefactor. The official opening was performed by Mrs. Kathleen Leahy, Dungourney, who will celebrate her 102nd birthday shortly at the hospital.

The Umbrella Parade brave the elements for the official opening of Midleton Community Hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s multi-sensory garden

Martina O'Halloran, Administrator told the East Cork Journal, 'Once the staff proposed the garden, the Friends of Midleton Community Hospital were contacted and came on board. Through links with ex-director Tony O'Shea, the hospital made contact with Ryan Howard at SECAD, who subsequently covered 75% of the overall cost of the garden.' Laurie Lynch completed the garden's design, while fencing was provided by Spillane Fencing and the garden's centrepiece, a beautiful water feature, was provided by Anthony Oosthuizen, Hyde's Funeral Home.

Martine Jordan and Chloe Farnham

Fr. Tom Naughton & friends

When torrential rain arrived on the Tuesday afternoon, everyone present - including members of the clergy, the Positive Ageing Committee, benefactors, hospital staff, elected representatives, friends, family and residents pulled up their hoods, opened their umbrellas and created a

mass cover by the hospital garden for the official opening proving the expression 'come rain or come shine.'

John McCarthy, retired employee of the hospital, spoke about the great care and attention provided to the residents by the hospital staff, paying tribute to Sr. Margaret Mary, who is the longest serving nun at the hospital

Catherine Doran, Director of Nursing, thanked everyone for attending, encouraging those present to visit the garden at night, when it's 'all lit up'. She went on to say that Midleton Community Hospital will continue to fight to improve its facilities, and paid particular tribute to Con Hyde, who sadly passed away earlier this year, and was a great hospital benefactor for many years, and will be missed by all who knew him. Con had also helped the hospital to obtain special beds, mattresses and chairs and was represented at the opening by his sister and first cousin.

Ryan Howard, SECAD, informed those present that while SECAD weren't 'rolling in money', there would be more funding available - a 100% increase in the 2010 funding amount, and urged anyone present to apply for funding, if needed. 'In the past 14 months, SECAD have been involved with 93 projects in South East Cork,' Ryan concluded.

Cllr. Niall O'Neill, Mayor of Midleton, spoke briefly (in deference to the rain), before the blessing was performed by Dean Alan Marley, Fr. Tom Naughton and Dean Goold.

With that, Mrs. Leahy performed the official opening, as the assembled crowds applauded - before hastily making their way inside for tea, coffee and other refreshments.

It may have been raining outside, but we hope that this multi-cultural garden will bring plenty of sunshine into the lives of all at Midleton Community Hospital.

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Kitty Carey, Cllr. Mary Woods and Dell Murphy

Tony O'Shea and Ryan Howard with 101 year old Mrs. Kathleen Leahy, who performed the official opening

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

A ‘sense’ of achievement for Midleton Community Hospital

Elaine O’Donovan with water babies, Daniel and James

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Members of Midleton Positive Ageing Committee with Dean Goold

Betty O’Flynn, Mrs. Kathleen Leahy, Cllr. Niall O’Neill, Mayor of Midleton and Corney Ahern, Dungourney are pictured at the hospital’s multi-sensory garden opening

ABOVE: Dean Alan Marley, Fr. Tom Naughton, John McCarthy and Deputy David Stanton. TOP INSET: Ann Naughton, Pat Quinlan and Ann White



40% OFF ALL HALLOWE’EN STOCK Great range of bulbs and seeds in stock Deposits taken for Christmas

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Knockgriffin, Midleton 021 4632411 Ryan Howard, SECAD and Catherine Doran, Director of Nursing, Midleton Community Hospital with hospital dog, Molly

Open Mon to Sat 9am - 5.30pm and Sunday 12 noon - 6pm


1) PLANT out spring cabbage plants to give a crop in late spring or early summer next year. 2) Bulb onions can be pulled up and laid on the soil to dry off the soil. Then place them on mesh or paved area, to dry off and ripen in a green house if possible.

3) Garlic is the easiest of all plants to grow. Simply break each head into individual cloves, plant in March or late autumn, keep weed-free and harvest when the leaves turn yellow. 4) Pick late apples when the stems separate from the twig as the first fruit is lifted, and store them in a cool place. 5) Cut away the foliage of an asparagus bed and remove all weeds before applying a mulch layer of well rotted compost or manure..

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Tytex, Youghal closes

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Over 2,500 manufacturing jobs lost in past 10 years

ON Friday last, Tytex Youghal closed its doors for the final time, bringing the number of manufacturing jobs lost in the town over the past decade to 2,500. Tytex, a Danish-owned company which made medical products at Springfield Industrial Estate for 25 years, had announced its closure in November 2009 - and had stated that it would move production to eastern Europe and the Far East. Just after 11am last Friday morning, the 30 odd remaining employees left the factory for the last time.

Handles - Hinges - Locks - Seals - Upgrades - Replacements

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MIDLETON Town Council is to undertake a survey of footpaths and roads under its control following on which it will advise land and homeowners of their responsibility to ensure the general public is not obstructed by ill-maintained shrubbery and plants, etc.

Deputy David Stanton stated that the town had been ‘completely abandoned’ over the last 10 years, and accused the government of doing very little to slow or stop the decline.

Roadworks are planned for the N25 over the next few weeks at Youghal Bridge as far as Clashmore Cross. Drivers are asked to be cautious and to allow time for these roadworks if travelling to Waterford.

The Mayor, Cllr. Niall O’Neill, said the motion had nothing to do with sandwich boards. ‘It’s the same thing; its about obstruction,’ countered Cllr. Trundle.

However, Cllr. MargaretTrundle said the survey amounted to ‘double standards by the town council again, considering the council had recently voted against a motion to ban or adequately restrict illegally installed sandwich boards on the pavements that obstruct disabled people’.

Modern Homes & Buildings Exhibition this weekend at City Hall Modern Homes & Building Exhibitions, one of Ireland’s leading exhibition organisers, returns to Cork this weekend, from October 8th to 10th. The show will have plenty of inspiration, ideas and advice for those building new homes, adding extensions or improving existing homes. The opening times are Friday 4pm – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am – 6pm.

Now serving a sit-down full Irish Breakfast every day


The issue was raised in a successful motion passed by Mayor Niall O’Neill at September’s town council meeting. The Mayor said he was personally familiar with the issue through walking and cycling, but it had been brought to his attention by an elderly gentleman who has to walk on the road for about 100 yards on the O’Dwyer Road area. Other private and public foliage was creating barriers also.

Youghal Bridge Roadworks imminent

Window Repairs | Door Repairs | Conservatory Repairs

Midleton Town Council to conduct ‘shrubbery survey’ 18

You will find a multitude of professionals from the building, construction and related sectors, all under one roof at the show. When planning a new home or looking to make practical changes to your existing home, information is power and insight is a necessity. The Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition offers you the opportunity to discover a wealth of expert advice and guidance, giving a strong foothold to any building endeavour The Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to research new options and see the latest trends, from timber frame homes, kitchens, insulation, and the newest techno gadgets and there are always a few surprises. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge about eco houses, renewable energy technology or your very own carbon footprint, allow this exhibition to guide you down the right path.

The show also presents hot annual bargains for visitors, including special discounts on offer by

most exhibitors every day. Keep your eyes open for the un-missable, exclusive deals on offer from Friday to Sunday. It will offer the chance to thoroughly explore the items and services with trade professionals who have vital first hand knowledge to share. Highly trained and experienced representatives from a large number of firms are waiting to guide you through a galaxy of choices towards that dream home, interior or lifestyle. Whatever you need, there is sure to be someone there to help you with your project. So be prepared and bring along your house plans.

Flood Solutions

Cork City and County experienced severe flooding last year when the River Lee burst its banks, and residents and businesses in Cork were not prepared for this with many homes and business flooded and without water for several days. Protect your home, business or land from the devastation of future flooding with Global Flood Solutions, who have successfully introduced the Big Bag System as the fastest flood defence barrier being deployed around the world. They will have on show a portfolio of products which will facilitate in the prevention of threat of flooding, at the Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition.


The Eko-log is a significant technological breakthrough in the home fuel market, producing

cleaner, easier to use, outperforming fuels of traditional wooden logs. The Eko-log are made from 100% agricultural waste, no hidden additives, no chemicals, simply nothing is added to the manufacturing process other than Biomass plant waste material and compression pressure to form the briquettes.

Gardening with Peter Dowdall

Peter Dowdall of Dunsland Garden Centre has recently launched a book for gardening enthusiasts “Gardening with Peter Dowdall – Importance of the Natural World” which will be on sale at the Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition. Peter will be on hand to answer questions, give practical advice and tips on how to maintain your garden throughout the weekend.

Craft Section

Crafts in Cork have a huge wealth of artistic talent spread throughout the county. They are innovative and use traditional techniques sourcing materials to create unique and beautiful jewellery, crafts and products. For anyone looking for that perfect birthday or Christmas present, there will be lots of choice at the show

Pro Aqua launch at Cork show

Pro Aqua launches the most upto-date modern technology in a Cleaning System. The innova-

Peter Dowdall

tive and aesthetically designed cleaning system uses only water as a filter. Anyone with allergies or asthma using the Pro Aqua cleaning system is safe, and can even help alleviate some symptoms by improving air quality and room climate. Pro Aqua will be demonstrating their products at the Cork show.

Door Prize

Everyone who visits the show will be in with a chance to win a fabulous prize of 1000ltr Home Heating Oil kindly sponsored by Top Oil Cork, East Gate, Little Island, Co. Cork who will also be exhibiting at the show. The draw takes place on Sunday evening. If you are not in you can’t win

For further information on the Exhibition, please contact Modern Homes on 058 48633, email or log on to

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Budget Tyres & Autoparts


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

In The Driving Seat

Our regular motoring guide

Designed to go beyond TAKE a single glance at the SEAT Exeo.

You will instantly know that this is a car designed to become the foundation of a new standard

while safeguarding the essence of a true SEAT, 'Auto Emoción'.

On the exterior, the design expresses the SEAT brand image with sporty, fluid forms, soft

curves and prominent wings that stress the car's athletic look.

The unmistakeable grille is larger on this model than on any other SEAT, while the large glass areas give the car an irresistibly dynamic, modern feel.

Once you slide into the extraordinarily ergonomic interior the evidence of silent perfection is everywhere. The dashboard flows towards the door panels, the select materials of the instrument panel, upholstery, pillar and ceiling lining work in perfect tune with each other and the range of tasteful body colour choices, creating the perfect driving ambience.

Dual zone climate control, standard in all versions, assures the perfect driving temperature for you and your passengers, while cruise control maintains the perfect travel speed, and an on board computer calculates the perfect moment for a pit stop.

Optional extras include solar cell technology integrated in the sunroof to help moderate the cabin temperature and an electrical adjustable driver's seat with memory to store up to four different seating positions, putting you firmly in control. This vehicle is a step ahead of the rest, and doesn't make much fuss about it.

ALL SEASON 2010 fleeT cars are back TYRES save €€€€€’s


cork road, midleTon

cork road, midleTon

2010 seat ibiza 1.4 Tdi 5 door €14,500 (only 4 lefT) 2010 seat leon 1.9 Tdi style €21,500 (only 2 lefT) 2010 seat leon 1.4 costa ltd. €16,950 ( only 1 lefT) 2010 seat exeo 2.0 Tdi style €26,500 (only 1 lefT) The above cars are all less Than 4 monThs old wiTh small mileage

They carry full manufacTurers warranTy and very low road Tax €104 - €302 per year Trade ins welcome

finance arranged aT only 4.9%

021 4632999

THESE tyres are designed to be used all year round to save having to change the tyres to suit the season. All-season tyre patterns are more complicated than those of the summer tyre because of the longer block-edge for winter usage. More sipes appear in the all-season tyre than summer tyre to improve the braking and driving performance by maximising the effect of edge. It is important to remember that in regions where winter temperatures are very low and heavy snow falls are frequent, braking performance will rarely be 100 percent, so it is safer to use winter tyres. All-season tread designs will provide good all-around traction for varing road conditions, but still provide good treadwear and tyre noise characteristics.

)8 %1( %46 8241 94)5 %6 )%/ **24(%&/) 4-')5



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// 694)5 (-53/%9 6,) ; < 0%4. /52 5)//-1+ &%66)4-)5 8-3)45 %16-*4)):) %1( 2-/



%44-+682,-// -1(7564-%/ 56%6) &)5-() %56 24. %4 7'6-215 %1( 28)4 ++4)+%6)5

)/ 2&

How to find us ALDI













Open Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm Saturday: 9am - 3pm

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Positive Ageing Week Jumping for joy East ends for another year at helping Cork Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

MIDLETON and District Positive Ageing week September 24th to October 3rd, was sponsored by E.S.B. Customer Supply.

A week of enjoyable and entertaining events was held in Midleton in celebration of the above, commencing with the Official Opening on September 24th, which was performed by Cllr. Gerry Kelly. Eddie O’Riordan welcomed guests – the Mayor of Midleton, Cllr. Niall O’Neill, Anne Allen, ESB Customer Supply and John O’Mahony, Age Action Official and his committee members.

Pat Burke and his band played music for the singers and dancers. There was a Harvest Festival at the Farmers Market on Saturday, which was a great success with singing, music and pipers from the Cloyne Diocesan Youth Group and the Keniry School of Dancing. Sunday night was dancing to the outstanding music of Irene and Dermot Ring.

There was a table quiz held on Monday night in Wallis’ Bar, Midleton, with quizmaster Mike Higgins. The winners were in 1st place Kieran Joyce, Maurice Connery, Brendan Wallis and Stephen. In 2nd place were Denis Fitzgerald, Jim Lane and James Aherne. On Tuesday we had the open-

ing of the Midleton Community Hospital Garden, where Chairman of the Friends of Midleton Hospital, John McCarthy, welcomed guests Ryan Howard of SECAD, officially opened the gardens, with Kathleen Leahy (just 102 years old) cutting the tape in all her glory. Appetising food was served to all and then the music of Pat Burke and Frank had the singers and dancers in top form. Despite the very inclement weather, the Chairman said it was a historic occasion and certainly nostalgic for all as the two beautiful seats were named after two Angel of Mercy Sisters, Eucharia and Regina.

On Wednesday there was a train trip to Killarney, where we had a meal and music by Pat Burke in Kate Kearney’s Cottage. This was certainly the highlight of the week as, through the good offices of Andrew Roche, Marketing Manager of Iarnrod Eireann and his very helpful staff, a special train was sent to Midleton. It travelled straight through to Killarney, with 110 passengers on board. In fact Andrew and Ray Foley, Stationmaster, travelled to Midleton to ensure that the journey was successful. Jim Roynane had ensured that the journey went without a hitch and the outing was the brainchild of Chairman, Eddie O’Riordan. Tribute was paid to the proprietors for a top class meal, Pat Burke and Frank for


Super Silver

the brilliant music and the singers. On Thursday we had a sing song at Wallis’ Town Hall Bar, Midleton, where we had a great evening’s entertainment with songs from George Kelleher, Pat Quinlan, Flan O’Meara, Bridget IBall, Teresa Rohan, Philip Jordan, Kathleen and Jim Roynane backed by Seán Curtin in his own inimitable manner on keyboard who sang many songs also and Mick Keane gave a lovely recital. After the singsong the committee members went to the Library to support Malachy Harty and Niamh O’Riordan with their Photographic Exhibition, and many thanks for the appetising refreshments.

Youghal’s Keith

On Sunday we had a great finish to an outstanding week with a social Night at the Midleton Park Hotel, to the music of Pat Burke and his band, with at least 150 people in attendance.

Aghada adult art classes

ADULT Art Classes commencing on Wednesday, October 6th in Aghada NS from 6pm to 9pm. Teacher, Mary Kiely Cusack. For further information or to book please contact Sheila Daly 0861961633.

A clean up will take place on the week ending Saturday, October 16th, 2010. Gloves and bags will be available in advance from the Community Centre, contact 021 4882265. Arrangements for the picking up of the bagged litter can be made by ringing the hall on 087 8509213. Please organise a team for your own area and try to get out at some stage over the weekend.

FOLLOWING the recent launch of the Keith Phelan Appeal, to aid the Youghal youngster, a group of local ladies decided to kick-start the campaign and help in the fundraising activities for Keith by participating in the Evening Echo Women’s Mini – Marathon in Cork on Sunday, September 26th. Well done, ladies, here’s hoping the support keeps on coming! (Photo: Michael Hussey

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter

DID you know that you can avail of a SEAI grant for your home insulation? You can claim €650 for your insulation and €100 towards your energy rating (BER) with a saving of €750. To insulate the walls and attic of an average 3 bed semi-detached house that would normally cost €1,100, will cost you only €550 with the grant.

Insulation is something which any homeowner cannot afford to ignore. An uninsulated or poorly insulated wall costs you money and harms the environment. On average, a home loses 20 - 30% of its heat through its walls, and even more if they are not properly insulated. Whether your motivations are saving the planet, or simply saving your pocket, there are many important benefits of home insulation, including reduced heating bills and reduced carbon emissions.

15B Knockgriffin industrial Estate, Midleton, Co. Cork 021 463 2891 087 272 2481 / 087 7686355


Carrigt wohill Litter Pick Up

On Friday we had a Ladies Golf Tournament in the East Cork Golf Club.

On Saturday we went to the final of the Secondary School Talent Competition, at the Midleton Park Hotel, where Midleton CBS, St Aloysius, Carrigtwohill, St. Mary’s High School and St. Colman’s Community College, Midleton, were all taking part. Judges were Brid Keane, Pat Burke and Liam McCormack and they picked St. Aloysius, Carrigtwohill as the lucky winners.


Two of the main types of home insulation are attic insulation and bonded bead cavity wall insulation. The latter is a process whereby the cavity space between a building's inner and outer walls are filled with polystyrene beads, which are injected into the cavity via small holes.

Grants will be provided to homeowners who invest in energy efficiency improvements in the following area(s):

* Roof Insulation * Wall Insulation - this includes either cavity wall, internal dry lining or external insulation * Installation of a High Efficiency (> 90%) Gas or Oil fired Boilers with Heating Controls Upgrade * Heating Controls Upgrade * Building Energy Rating (BER) - is an integral part to the scheme and is undertaken after grant aided works are completed To get more information on the Home Energy Savings Scheme, you can download more information from, call 1850 927 000 or email

Make sure you choose a suitable contractor, call C&W Insulations, warmfill approved installers for silver bonded bead. A family run business, with 28 years experience, you know you can trust C&W Insulations for your insulation needs. So don’t be left out in the cold this winter, call us on 021 4632891 and feel the savings on your bills.

East Cork Branch of the Wheelchair Association Mass

East Cork Branch of the Wheelchair Association will hold a Mass for deceased members, relatives and friends of the East Cork Branch of the Wheelchair Association in the Walter Raleigh Hotel on Saturday, November 14th at 3pm. Refreshments will be served after Mass.

St. Fergal’s NS, Killeagh hoping to raise €20,000

St. Fergal’s NS, Killeagh Parents’ Association are currently trying to raise funds in the region of approximately €20,000 for work and refurbishments to the school. They will hold a sale of work in the Community Hall in Killeagh this Saturday, October 9th. Locals are asked to to contribute something for the sale of work, and if you don’t have anything please feel free to come along to support the school in this drive to raise muchneeded funds.

Ballymacoda & Ladysbridge Community Capers

Community Capers is a variety concert hosted by the Ballymacoda and Ladysbridge community council and will be held in Ladysbridge Hall on Friday, October 15th. A great night of fun is assured with fun, music, frolics all on stage for everyone to enjoy.Tickets will be available on the door on the night.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Your Perfect Holiday at unbelievable prices!



PUMPKIN men snigger, ghouls wail, skeletons rattle and, from now until November 1st, 2010, Disneyland Paris will echo with the sound of Halloween - Disney style!


"OOOWAaHaaa!" is th sound of families laughing and pranking with mischievous Mickey and his friends.

"Eeek!" is you scaring yourself silly as you enter the wickedly fun world of Hallowe’en.

"Huuuuh!" with amazement as you meet and greet some of your favourite Disney Charaters and villains. "Woooaaahhhhh!" as you gasp in delight while you're tricked and treated beyond your wildest Hallowe’en imaginations!

"Booo! Hissss!" with your favourite Disney villains aboard the Once Upon a Dream Parade and in Hallowe’en Showtime spook-tacular.

CALL 021

463 3233 FOR A BROCHURE Come and add to the big noise at the Disney New Generation Festival. Don't miss a trick or a treat, get your kids to dress up in their spookiest costume and spellbound by the magic of a Disney Hallowe’en. It's a scream!

Don't miss Mickey's Not So Scary Hallowe’en Party for families with younger children. Available on 8th, 15th, 22nd and 26th October 2010. Price €25 per adult & €25 per child free for kids under 3

After a fun-filled day of Hallowe’en laughs, you are in for a giant treat. Disney's Hallowe’en Party is like no other. A night-time extravaganza the whole family will enjoy! Extra shivers and spooky chills guaranteed on October 31st, 2010!

From 8:30pm to 1am, after regular Disneyland® Park opening hours. Ticket price: €32 adult & €32 child, free for kids under age 3.




SUPER SPECIAL OFFER October Bank Holiday Weekend 21st - 25th October 4 nights NOW ONLY €509 + Tax €58


Ex Dublin October 9th & 10th: 4* Sea Pearl Hotel from €399 7nts B&B Price includes all discounts, taxes and charges. Limited availability, prices may increase without notice.


Discover… Thailand • Vietnam • Cambodia • Laos • China Hong Kong • Macau • Singapore • Malaysia • Bali • Maldives Sri Lanka • Egypt • Dubai • Abu Dhabi

Departing October 10th & 17th - from €329 for 7 nights! Call today for more details! Fantastic 4 night Ski Holidays from only €349 in Italy & Austria


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Disneyland Paris Christmas Special Kids under 7 stay & play FREE until December 31st Kids under 12 stay & play FREE from 1st January - 5th April 2011

Greet Santa Clause himself at his Village in EuroDisney this year. And drop off your wish list to Santa at his very own post office! EuroDisney versus Lapland – price comparison!


December 16th: 3 nights / 4 days Adult €585 Child under 7 years €187 Child 7 - 11 years €320

* Price based on 2 adults & 2 children under 12 staying December 16th: 2 nights / in Disney's Sequoia 3 days Lodge*** hotel & include Adult €1,159 flights, b&b, 4 day park Child €989 passes and taxes


Disney Enchanted Christmas

From November 7th, 2010 to January 6th, 2011 Make the whole family's festive fantasies come true! It's snow wonder you'll love Main Street, U.S.A. - with all the decorations and snowflake sensations. As Sleeping Beauty Castle transforms into a frosty palace of ice and the giant Christmas tree touches the stars, live a merry magical time with your loved ones! And for a Santastic treat, catch Santa ho-ho-hoing in the

Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade Mickey's Winter Wonderland at Disneyland Park

Join Mickey and his friends in a musical comedy, Mickey's Winter Wonderland live stage show. Get cosy as Chip ‘n' Dale dash through the snow. Goof around with Pluto and Goofy as they skate on thin ice. Trip the light fantastic with Mickey and Minnie. Duck for cover as Donald goes fishing Then sing, laugh and adventure your way down the most magical mountain hideaway ever. It's the warmest surprise this winter. Only at Disneyland Park.!

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Down the rabbit hole for Cloyne Harvest Festival ON Sunday last, Cloyne & District Community Council held their second annual Cloyne Harvest Festival at the grounds of St. Colman’s NS. The day began with a parade, led by the local marching band, followed by the Harvest Queens and the children who were hoping to win the fancy dress competition, judged again this year by Kathleen Woulfe. Over 25 children took part in the competition with Jordan Power crowned as champion for the second year running - this time as Alice in Wonderland - stuck up a chimney! Jordan won last year as a ‘Power Shower’, but had tough competition this year in the form of ‘The Astronauts’, who came second and Adam O’Lomasney, who came third, portraying Brian Cowen - and the similarity was quite frightening. Cathy Cannon was crowned as the Harvest Queen, representing Motherway’s Shop & Deli, Cloyne. Anne-Marie Perry and Jerry Cronin man and woman the gate, with a little help from a Rebel scarecrow!

Sprinklings of rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of those who attended, jumping around on the bouncy castle, browsing the stalls and listening to the musical stylings of Midleton band ‘I Call Shotgun.’

Sharon Aherne, Brian Cotter, Michelle Aherne, Pat Aherne and Molly O’Shea (‘You again’ sadly absent!)

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A bee, a cowboy and a fairy walk into a bar...

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Harvest QUeens & even Brian Cowen in Cloyne!

Adam O’Lomasney stole third place as Brian Cowen

Jordan Power took first prize as Alice In Wonderland how many Alice-y things can you spot?

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The Rock Chicks!

Paris Hilton & Fairy Pink: an interesting combination!

Rock on - ‘I Call Shotgun’ pulled out all the stops

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

East Cork’s Lighting and Energy Centre

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NOW that October is upon us many people are looking around for something new to occupy themselves during the dark winter months and into the New Year.

Toastmasters is now into its first few meetings of the new season and we are inviting people to come along to see for themselves what it is all about. Toastmasters, at its core, is a community of people who are interested in improving their communication skills.

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Midleton Toastmasters look at Youghal during the ‘rare oul’ times’


Ryan Howard, CEO, SECAD with Catherine Ann O’Connell, trainer for the ‘Time to Change’ Programme, and Cora O’Donnell, SECAD Employment Services

SOUTH and East Cork Area Development have launched an exciting new initiative called Inspiring Youghal. The aim of this initiative is to build links and connections in Youghal and to maximise the opportunities for people in the town. As part of this initiative it is running a free programme called Time to Change, a 9 week course which will inspire participants and help them achieve their potential. What we most need is these times of doom and gloom is some inspiration. We can get bogged down by the overwhelming negativity on our radios and television. It is important to focus on what can be done, what can be changed and to create new solutions. The Time to Change programme is targeted at anyone who wants to find employment, return to education or simply wants to do something different in their life. Open days will be held in Youghal on Wednesday, October 6th from 10am - 2pm and Wednesday, October 13th from 10-2pm. This is a chance to pop in and meet the trainer and register for the course. If you are curious and would like to learn more come along on either day to Cumann na Daoine, 4 Catherine Street, Youghal.

This is an innovative, fun and practical course which will help participants realise their strengths, set and achieve goals and create new opportunities in their lives. The training will be interesting, interactive and engaging. All you need is just a sense of curiosity and an open mind. According to Ryan Howard, CEO of SECAD, this is a great opportunity for people to return to learning and develop a pathway for themselves for the future. This course is for anyone who wants to make a change in their life. For example, maybe someone has lost their job in the construction industry, and has a business idea and can’t figure out where to begin. Or maybe it’s a young person who left school early and would love to return to education and needs some support and encouragement. Or it could be a woman who has worked in the home for years and realises that she would like to do something different, maybe learn a new skill, take a course or return to employment. According to Mr. Howard, “we hope that this programme will inspire people to create new opportunities in their lives.”

It takes huge courage to come back to learning as a mature student. This course will provide a supportive and encouraging environment for adult learners. We have all achieved goals in our lives so we know we can change and move forward. However, sometimes we get stuck or out of balance. Through encouragement and reflection, this programme will give participants the space to get back on track, so that they can continue to create the life they want and feel the joy they deserve.

This morning course begins on Wednesday, October 20th. It will run for 9 weeks, finishing on December 9th with a showcase event, called Celebrating Possibilities and Opportunities. This event will highlight the learning from the programme, feature uplifting presentations and speakers and information from all the local providers of education, enterprise and community development support. For further information contact SECAD at 021 4613432 or email, check out or come along to our Open days on October 6th and 13th in Youghal. We would love the opportunity to inspire you!

You are under no pressure to complete the Toastmasters course in a particular timeframe or attend all meetings, so you can fit your involvement in the club into your own lifestyle. Our last meeting was the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Competition. John Finn won the Humorous Speech competition with a talk about Youghal during the rare oul’ times, and Victor O’Flynn won the Table Topics competition. They will both compete in the Area Speech Competition in Garryvoe on October 17th in the Vienna Woods Hotel, and in Blarney Woolen Mills.

Our next two meetings are on October 13th and 27th at 8pm in McDaid’s Pub in Midleton. Guests do not pay at the first meeting and you will not be asked to speak unless you would like to. For more information search for ‘Midleton Toastmasters’ on the Internet, or call Colm on 087 2353889.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Sco il Iosáf, Castlemartyr

SCOIL IOSÁF NS, Castlemartyr has the school motto, ‘Let the rooms be full of happiness’ and, having seen the school’s 27 Junior Infants singing, dancing and even bowing last week, who are we to disagree?

Teacher Bernadette O’Brien knows how to keep the children entertained - as well as educated - with the class divided into the Green Frogs, Yellow Ducks, Purple Cats & Brown Bears. Many thanks to the two helpers who brought out the benches (hope you took a well-earned break, boys) and to Ms. O’Brien’s class for their wonderful rendition of ‘I Know My Name.’ The X-Factor definitely awaits.

ECJ School photos available to buy from only €5 (6x4)

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Irish authors share some tips for young Midleton readers in the run up to MS READaTHON 2010 ‘Keep a paperback book with you wherever you go...’

IN the run-up to the MS READaTHON 2010, Irish authors today shared some tips for young readers across the country, also highlighting their childhood favourite books. The reading period takes place between October 15th and November 15th. Cecelia Ahern’s message to young readers is, ‘I would just like to encourage young readers to keep reading. ‘With computers and television and so many new distractions I think it’s easy for people to forget how magical books can be. As soon as you open the pages you disappear into a whole new world with new characters…so keep reading!’ The Irish authors, including Cecelia Ahern, Sarah Webb, Kate Thompson,

Darren Shan and Oisín McGann, praised classic children’s books handed down through the generations in the family: ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, ‘Ballet Shoes’ by Noel Streatfield, ‘The Family at One End Street’ by Eve Garnett, Richard Scarry books and various Fairy Tale collections.

Last year more than 25,000 children in 686 schools participated, reading an incredible 500,000 books between them and raising more than €1 million for people with MS.

Past participants Ciara Meikle and Sophie Emerson from St. John the Baptist Primary School, Midleton with teachers Shelly Oosthulzen and Aoife Ní Thuathail and Louise Wardell

To get involved with the 2010 MS READaTHON, please visit

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

New schools in Ballinacurra: not as easy as 1, 2, 3

ON Monday night last, October 4th, the residents of Ballinacurra held a meeting at the village’s GAA Clubgrounds, to cut through all the confusion pertaining to Planning Ref. No. 10-5455 - but that was only half of the issue.

The planning application in question pertains to a submission by the Minister for Education and Skills for two primary schools (16 classrooms each) at Ballinacurra East.

Is Ballinacurra finally getting its own primary schools? No, not really.

Instead, it was revealed at the meeting that - although not specified in the original planning application - the two schools would, in fact, be new premises for Gaelscoil Mhainistir na Corann and Midleton Educate Together NS. The meeting, chaired by Gerard Twomey, a native of Ballinacurra and resident of Youghal, saw Ned O’Keeffe TD, David Stanton TD, Sean Sherlock TD, Cllr. Sandra McLellan, Cllr. Michael Hegarty and Cllr. Noel Collins at the ‘top table.’

Cllrs. Mary Woods, Pat Buckley, Betty Wall and Tom Cashman also attended, alongside representatives from local schools, community councils and businesses, clergy members and concerned parents. Ballinacurra local, Oliver Parsons accepted apologies from Cllr. Ted Murphy, Cllr. John Mulvihill and Senator Paul Bradford.

Gerard Twomey began by informing everyone that the meeting was an ‘information session’ and not, he clearly stressed, a ‘pressure group’, but purely a way of keeping the residents informed.


'Ballinacurra doesn't need a huge school. Just a school to accommodate the needs of the children in the village' - Deputy Stanton

Michael Ahern TD was the first elected representative to speak. He stated that, following the receipt by Cork County Council of the application, questions had been raised and the council had requested significant further information from the applicants, pertaining to traffic management, and infrastructure. Until this information is provided, the council cannot make a decision on the application.

Meeting Chairman, Gerard Twomey with Ballinacurra resident, Oliver Parsons

Ballinacurra resident, Pat Foley with Cllr. Michael Hegarty

proposal, Deputy Sherlock added, ‘Class sizes at the moment can’t cope. We need to be imaginative in our compromise.’

Michael Ahern TD and Sean Sherlock TD with Cllrs. Michael Hegarty, Sandra McLellan & Noel Collins

Planning application ref: 10-5455 Local Authority: Cork County Council Applicant Name: Minister for Education & Skills Development Address: Ballynacorra East, Ballynacorra, Midleton

Two primary schools - school 1 shall be a two storey split level building consisting of 16 classrooms, support teaching spaces and ancillary accommodation (total floor area 2442.1 square metres); school 2 shall be a two storey building consisting of 16 classrooms, support teaching spaces, ancillary accommodation and a total floor area of 2515 square metres. Site works including the development of a new site entrance, footpaths, bus set down areas, on site car parking and traffic management, hard play spaces, new boundary treatments and landscaping.

Deputy Sean Sherlock stated that there was a huge demographic problem across East Cork and, looking at the ‘bigger picture’, new schools were needed for ‘both entities’ - ie Gaelscoil Mhainistir na Corann and Midleton Educate Together NS and, if planning were to be given, even though the schools would be ‘lodged together’ a ‘separate ethos for each’ would have to exist. Admitting he’d found it hard to get a straight answer from the Forward Planning Unit about the

Cllr. Noel Collins, newly elected Chairman of the Midleton Area Committee of Cork County Council, stated that the public had expressed their concerns and needed consultation, not confrontation. ‘The population of Ballinacurra has almost reached 5,000’, Cllr. Collins told the meeting. ‘If any new development is to happen, you need the infrastructure to support it water, sewerage, signage, road surfacing, a library and more. Job creation is vital in the current climate.’ Citing planning ref. no. 10-5455, printed in its entirety on this page (far left), Cllr. Collins went on to say that the further information requested, addressed some of the concerns of the residents and that

the applicants now had 6 months from August 4th, 2010 (an extension) to submit the information.

Cllr. Sandra McLellan stressed that no decision would be made on the planning application until all requested information was received by the council. Cllr. Michael Hegarty revealed the location of the proposed primary schools - Kearney’s Cross and then dropped a bombshell: In the County Development Plan the council were only prepared to grant planning permission for ONE school.

He added that Coleman Bros. had applied for a residential development, creche and ancillaries in the village of Ballinacurra, and that their current application is presently under appeal with An Bord Pleanala.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Ballinacurra pleads: ‘Give us our OWN school first!’

Due to an overlap in the proposed areas for both the Dept. of Education’s (DoE) application and Coleman Bros. application, a decision cannot be made on the former, until An Bord Pleanala ‘makes up its mind.’

He then stated that there were ‘serious issues’ with the topography in the area, confirming what some in the area had suspected: other sites had been looked at, including one at Waterrock (‘part of the Masterplan,’ according to Cllr. Hegarty) and another at Baneshane at the Northern end of Midleton (‘although it’s probably in NAMA now,’ the Cllr. grimaced). Deputy David Stanton wanted to know how serious the government was about funding for the proposed schools adding that traffic management, accessibility, footpaths and other works must be carried out to facilitate it. He was also aware that other sites had been offered to the Department of Education. Deputy Ned O’Keeffe expressed his full support for a school in the area and admitted that several sites had not been taken.

Cllr. Pat Buckley referred to the ‘diabolical state’ of the country, adding that funds were like ‘hen’s teeth.’ He noted that the secondary schools were also ‘bursting at the seams’ and encouraged the residents at the meeting to make their voices heard. ‘People have power,’ he concluded. ‘It’s going to take more than debate to get this done.’

While the two schools in question had been revealed at the meeting, it emerged that the Department of Education had not revealed their names in their planning application. ‘According to them, they didn’t want to disappoint the schools if planning didn’t go through,’ Deputy Stanton stated, agreeing it was a ‘poor reason’ for lack of disclosure - and cost the taxpayers €18,000 in a non-disclosure fee.

Deputy Stanton added that it would ‘make sense’ if the Northern end of the town, where the rail-link is, be utilised for the larger schools as children from all over East Cork travel to Midleton Educate Together and the Gaelscoil as it is. He added that, as far as he was concerned, children should - where possible - be able to walk and cycle to school but only if the infrastructure and safety controls were in place to facilitate this.

‘There’s always money for education’ Ned O’Keeffe TD

Cllr. Tom Cashman echoed Deputy Sherlock’s sentiments, adding that, if safety concerns and worries are alleviated, he couldn’t see why the proposed schools couldn’t succeed.

Cllr. Betty Wall was delighted to see ‘Ballinacurra get a school or two EVENTUALLY.’ She warned that traffic already causes difficulties in the area, and reminded the meeting that the Gaelscoil had been promised a site at the Northern end of the town, concluding again that it was probably in NAMA. ‘Local people,’ she stated, ‘might not be interested in the Gaelscoil or Educate Together. We should put the people of Ballinacurra’s interests first.’ Cllr. Mary Woods stated, ‘Ballinacurra is its own entity and needs its OWN school. Midleton Town Council can’t do much, but we will keep the Cork County Councillors and TDs on their toes.

The meeting was then opened to the public - and, as it turned out, the real reason for so many people to turn out on a wet and windy Monday night became apparent. Paul Ahern asked if it was normal protocol for Cork County Council to accept planning on a site that is currently with An Bord Pleanala? ‘Yes’, was the succinct answer.

It was then revealed that there has been no timeline nor budget allocated for the Department of Edu-

cation’s planning proposal and that, if An Bord Pleanala does not adjudicate within 6 months, the application by the DoE will be thrown out AND that the council planning for one school and the DoE seeking two is - as one elected representative put it ‘a bit of a joke.’

‘We’re afraid to say no to any development,’ one woman commented. ‘If we say no to this application or make any fuss, we’re worried that the Department will push us 20 years down the list, and we’ll never get our own national school in Ballinacurra.’ Cllr. Hegarty referred, once again, to the site offered to the Department of Education for the Gaelscoil, at Castlelands, Baneshane before being unceremoniously cut off by Michael Ahern TD, stating, ‘There’s legal reasons there and I won’t go into it here.‘ Voices were raised as Cllr. Hegarty and Michael Ahern TD engaged in a heated debate, concluding with Michael Ahern stating, ‘I came to listen to the people, not you!’

‘What do you want?, the politicians asked. ‘We just want our OWN national school,’ was the vehement reply from Ballinacurra.

Cllrs. Mary Woods, Betty Wall, Tom Cashman and Pat Buckley

The issue of traffic management was then raised, with those present rueing the fact that the village could hardly cope with traffic now. ‘What will happen if there’s eight or nine hundred children attending school here?’ one resident begged. ‘We won’t be able to move.’ Ballinacurra resident, Pat Foley then voiced his concerns, lamenting the location and the fact that, initially, the proposal was set for the West of the village. ‘When did it move?’ he angrily asked. Gerard Twomey then cut to the heart of the matter: ‘Ballinacurra needs its OWN school - and wants it too. We are the only village across all of Cork (‘and possibly Ireland’, came a response from the floor) that doesn’t have its own national school.’ ‘It’s true,’ one mother agreed, ‘anywhere else in East Cork, kids have schools on their own doorstep - but not here in Ballinacurra.’ Deputy O’Keeffe suggested that, perhaps, the people of Ballinacurra could consider that, instead of two 16 room schools, they ask the Department of Education if the site could be split into three twelve room schools? ‘But if there isn’t the money and infrastructure for two, how can there be any for three?, was the reply.

Oliver Parsons, Ballinacurra GAA stated, ‘When I was a kid we all went to school in Midleton - and it was accepted, but there was nothing like the population there is now. Last week, I asked our 17 U12 players what schools they were going to: I got five different answers. We have to house our own children and grandchildren here first, before taking care of others,’ he adamantly stated.

Michael Ahern TD, who left the meeting early, and had a meeting set with the Department of Education the following day, asked, ‘What do you want me to bring back?’

The response was simple: Ballinacurra wants its own national school and, just as importantly, more information about what the Department of Education is doing to facilitate this - if anything.

Cllr. Michael Hegarty stated he was ‘totally opposed’ to the site, as residents stated they didn’t want children from Midleton ‘parachuted’ in to Ballinacurra.

Tempers flared when resident, John Ahern, said he didn’t agree with Educate Together, stating, ‘I believe in religion’, causing a backlash from parents and representatives from both the Gaelscoil and Educate Together.

Balllinacurra GAA Head Coach, Martin Walsh - clearly emotional - said that Ballinacurra was ‘starved’, adding that Ballinacurra people were proud to be from the village, but got nothing back. ‘That’s your job,’ he told the elected representatives.

Deputy Stanton said he couldn’t see the DoE development happening with the current infrastructure, adding that the Whitegate Road was one of the ‘busiest in the country.’

‘Ballinacurra doesn’t need a huge school,’ he added, ‘just a school to accommodate the needs of the children in the village.’ Cllr. Michael Hegarty then asked a question that was to silence the room: ‘If the site at Baneshane is probably with NAMA, who’s to say that this site in Ballinacurra isn’t too?’ ‘If so, it’s all academic,’ was the response. ‘We’ve been hoodwinked,’ was Cllr. Hegarty’s three word reply.

‘Why weren’t we told this an hour and a half ago?, was the angry murmur from the assembled crowd. Deputy O’Keeffe added, ‘Lots of land has gone into NAMA ,’ but was unable to give a definitive answer.

Cllr. Pat Buckley said there was an air of suspicion around the whole thing and pleaded with the TDs to fight Ballinacurra’s corner. ‘We’re blue in the face from saying it,’ a despondent Deputy Stanton stated, his head in his hands.

‘A school gives us an identity,’ Gerard Twomey, meeting chairperson stated. As talk turned to general elections and ‘you said, he said’, Deputy Sherlock asked of those present, ‘What do you want me to do?‘

‘Help us get our OWN school,’ came the collective reply. ‘We need an educated workforce,’ Cllr. Michael Hegarty added, ‘to get out of where we are’ - a sentiment that met with resounding applause. Deputy Stanton then dropped another bombshell: The Minister didn’t know about the application.’

Ned O’Keeffe TD countered that, regardless of the current economic climate, there was ‘always money for education.’ Resident, John Ahern, reminded those present that he had completed forms for a village school several years ago - and had got nowhere. ‘Do it yourself!’ one woman countered. ‘Get 18 children on the roll and a teacher and start it yourselves. That’s how we did it,‘ she said, referring to the beginnings of the Gaelscoil - and, incidentally, beginning a heated discussion that could have continued well into the night.

As the clocks ticked around to 10.15pm, the meeting was adjourned, with the ‘head table’ all ready to take the message back: Ballinacurra wants its own national school, first and foremost. Without it, it has no identity and is simply a ‘suburb of Midleton.‘ Some questions were answered while others could not, and may not, ever be put to rest.

While no one at the meeting disputed the fact that both the Gaelscoil and Educate Together do require new premises, the overriding sentiment was that the children of Ballinacurra should be provided with their own national school, before any other developments occur. With funds in short supply, applications with An Bord Pleanala, others contradicting Development Plans, fears of NAMA, and a village that doesn’t know whether it will get 1, 2 or 3 schools in the coming months and years - if it gets any at all - it turns out that, when push comes to shove, the business of education is anything but child’s play.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

PAWS FOR THOUGHT It’s the Doggies’ Day Out in Midleton


ON Sunday, October 3rd, Midleton GAA Club played host to a Doggies Day Out in aid of Cork Rehab Services, raising funds for people in Cork with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities. Sponsored by Maxi Zoo, the event featured a dog show, a fancy dress parade for kids and their four legged friends, information stands from vets, dogs groomers and pet behaviourists and activities for the kids. From Golden Retrievers to Yorkshire Terriers, Newfoundlands to German Shepherds and from Mastiffs to adorable mongrels, Midleton GAA Pavilion had it all. And while the rain came down in buckets at one stage, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the more than one hundred dogs present - although it might have dampened the car seats on the way home!

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Elaine & Steven Mitchell with Holly

Ann Coen with Daisy, who apparently, fetches her own coats!

A special mention must go to patient owner Robbie O’Sullivan who spent quite a while sitting patiently, while people snapped pictures of his stunning St. Bernard, Toby. Weighing 15 stone, Toby was certainly one of the biggest dogs on the day - although that didn’t stop the little ones picking on him! ‘I’m not his owner anymore,’ Robbie joked, ‘I’m his manager!’

Many thanks to all the owners who lent the East Cork Journal squeaky toys, biscuits, treats and sausages to ensure we could get their canine’s attention - then again, sometimes a quick whistle did the trick too!

Amy Fitzgibbon, Tim O’Sullivan and Helen O’Riordan, with Stitch, Beyonce (shortened to ‘B’ for calling outside!) and Lulu

Toby and owner / manager Robbie O’Sullivan

Sunami and Michael with little Lily

The skies opened as we snapped this quick pic of the ladies with their Newfies

Cavashu (yes, it’s a real-ish breed: Cavalier Spaniel + Shitzu) Sox with owners Norma McCarthy and Martin Cullinane

Millie with Caroline & Paul Cody

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Raining cats and dogs for Rehab in Midleton






1 Fiona Ward with Bod Lanuk, Poppy and Ella with owners Ian Paul and Lynsey Garde

Mary & Lisa Mullins with Alfie & Shep

021 4638022

Michael Franklin & Sammy

Aoife Franklin & Susie

Joshua,Alexandra and Erna withAaJj (that’s how they spelled it!)

All photos available to buy

Puppy love with the Ware family and 11 week old Ben

Philip Daly & Buddy

Jackson and Lebowski with Michelle Murphy, REHAB Services and Naomi O’Donovan

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Happy Dayz for Midleton's newest preschool Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


HAPPY DAYZ Preschool is Midleton's most recent childcare development facility and opened its doors at the Respond Community Building in Carraig Liath Estate, Castleredmond, Midleton for the 2010 autumn term earlier this month. In attendance on this memorably day were invited guests, family, friends, parents, representatives of Respond Housing Association and, of course, the children themselves!

Owner / Manager Margaret McCarthy welcomed all present and, in turn, Margaret was lauded for the Happy Dayz preschool initiative and was cited as being highly respected for her commitment to childcare and its development in the Midleton area over a long and distinguished career.

Margaret wishes to thank her family, the children and parents, Respond Housing Association and her former work colleagues for their kind support.

Last week, the East Cork Journal paid a visit to Happy Dayz, where the children were busy painting a giant pumpkin in preparation for Hallowe'en. Margaret and Childcare Worker Bernie Flynn were hard at work keeping the orange paint on the pumpkin and off the children! A happy day indeed.

Happy Dayz Preschool is currently welcoming new enrolments. If you would like further information, please contact Margaret on 086 0862631.

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

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A sporting chance East Cork ladies have winning down to a tee


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

An Bol-Chumann East Cork region

Tarting it up for cardiac risk

THE East Cork Golf Club Ladies Junior Cup team were winners of their quarter final in the Irish Ladies Golf Union Inter-Club Championships at Donabate Golf Club yesterday last week. Anne O’Connell, Jessie Anthony, Tara McCarthy, Mairead ní Mhurchú and Deirdre Harte celebrate their win. (Photo: Pat Cashman)

IN Cloyne, in the Christy Coleman Cup, William O’Donoughue defeated Moss Twomey. At the same venue, in the Paddy Hennessy Cup, Seamus O’Tuama defeated Liam Healy.

FIXTURES Ballincurrig will be the focus of the Bowling World on this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the club running its King and Queen of the Road Festival. Players from Germany, Holland, Armagh and Cork will compete over the three days to win the coveted titles. With the elite players in action, Ballincurrig should see huge crowds present to add to a colourful occasion. UNDERAGE TRIALS The first of three underage trials was held in Cloyne on Saturday last. Boys U-10, 12 and 14 and Girls U-12, 14 and 16 competed to try and gain a place on the Regional team to represent East Cork at the County Youth Finals in January 2011.

The results of the first trial are as follows: BOYS U-10: 1st Shane O’Driscoll 2nd Mikey Cahill 3rd Liam Sugrue

BOYS U-12: 1st Cillian O’Donovan 2nd Jake Coady 3rd Jake Holmes BOYS U-14: 1st Jack Rossiter GIRLS U-14: 1st Lydia Sexton. GIRLS U-12: 1st Katelyn Quinlan 2nd Tracy Casey 3rd Ellie Coady

A lot of the scores were deceided in the last shot. So, with two further trials to go, all places on the team are still up for grabs! The next trial is on the first Saturday of November, in Cloyne, at 2pm. The last trial is on the first Saturday of December, in Cloyne also, at 2pm. 17 players in total took part.

CONGRATULATIONS At the recent East Cork Meeting, the Clashmore Club was congratulated on the recent hosting of the All-Ireland Junior C, Novice One and Novice Two AllIreland titles. Competitors from North America, London, Armagh, Connacht, Leinster and Munster brought a great atmosphere to the Waterford venue. Well done to Paddy Hurton and his team!

TRALEE Bay Sailing Club is calling all tarts from Cork sailing clubs to enter their ‘Tiller Tarts’ competition in aid of the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young, including Youghal Bay Boat Club and Cove Sailing Club, and South Cork Sailing Club in Cork to enter into the competition of the year, the ‘Tiller Tarts’. Aimed at all the guys in sailing clubs around the country the Tiller Tarts requires clubs to host their own competition before the winner progresses to the final to be held in the Tralee Bay Sailing Club on Saturday, March 27th, 2011. It sounds very simple, except for the twist. The competition is not for the faint hearted, as it requires the gentlemen participants to don their stockings, garters and dresses while they try to woo the judges with all their charm as they play the part of the lovely lady to win the prize. The ‘ladies’ will be judged, on not only on their attire, but also on their ‘party piece’!

The competition is an annual event in Tralee Bay Sailing Club but following on last year’s success this is the first year the competition has gone nationwide. The event is being held in aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and contenders for the Tiller Tart Crown are required to raise sponsorship money to take part.

CRY is a registered Irish Charity, established in 2002 by parents and relatives who have experienced the effects of sudden and unexplained deaths within their families. CRY is actively engaged in raising much needed funds for the further development of the National Centre for Cardiac Risk in Younger Persons, which is based in Tallaght Hospital, Dublin. [the CRYP Centre]. The unit is dedicated to evaluating and screening persons or family members who may be at risk from the condition. Speaking on the launch of the ‘Tiller Tarts competition, the Commodore of Tralee Bay Sailing Club, Gary Fort said, ‘Michael, Marie and their family have been heavily involved in the club for a number of years now, and we have watched how they have grown CRY from the ground up to the outstanding charity it is today.’ For more information on the event or to register your club, please contact Lucia Ebbs, CRY (01) 452 5482 or Email:

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Midleton Indoor Bowls

Cloyne Road Bowling Club

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

OUR season is up and running and we are delighted with the response to our invitation to come along to the GAA Club for our club nights, held each Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8pm. We have 39 members registered with the I.I.B.A. and as a result we have entered three teams in the league, which is sponsored by O’Brien’s Garage, Midleton, Mazda and Suzuki Dealers. Our league campaign kicked off last Thursday night with a game against Garryduff, and in a very exciting game we had to give way to a very experienced side from the City. We have games against Ballincollig and Conna for our other teams.

The County Championships commence in St. Anthony’s Hall next weekend, and we wish the best of luck to our members taking part in all the competitions.

Well done to Kay and Marie, who qualified for the quarterfinal in Conna recently and lost out to the winners after a great game.

We had four teams in Bandon last weekend and they all played very well with Tadhg, Sheila and Terry reaching the quarterfinal. Due to a function in the GAA Hall on this Thursday, October 7th, bowls are cancelled on the night.

East Cork Darts Association THE fourth round of the Premier League sponsored by Terry Hughes, Maggie May’s Bar, Youghal and Division 1 sponsored by Eamonn Harty, Harty’s Bar, Cloyne took place last Friday night with the following results: Premier Division Section (A) Maggie May’s (A) vs. Schooner (match postponed) Thatch Killeagh 3 McGraths 4 Premier Division Section (B) Central Star 4 Two Mile Inn 3 Tosh Cahill’s 5 Gaelic (1) 2

Premier League Table after 4 rounds: SECTION A: McGrath’s - 19 Thatch, Killeagh - 15 Maggie May’s A - 13 (Match Pending) Schooner, Whitegate - 2 (Match Pending) SECTION B: Central Star - 21 Two Mile Inn - 14 Tosh Cahill’s - 12 Gaelic 1 - 9

DIVISION 1 SECTION (A) Woods 4 Session 3 Harty’s 3 Barry’s 4 Gaelic (2) 2 Colbert’s 5

East Cork ladies darts

Results for week of September 30th: Batts were at home to Maggie May’s with the latter winning 8 legs to 7 legs. McDaids were home to the Long Point. McDaids won 11 legs to 4. Colberts had their bye. On October 7th, Batts are at home to McDaid’s and Maggie May’s are at home to Colbert’s. The Long Point have their bye. Don’t forget to put down any high score or a high check out, as there is a prize for same. Any new teams looking to play, please contact Ann McGann on 086 3365165 or Liz on 086 3204877. Results of all games to Liz, please. New sponsors welcome and thanks to the Long Point for sponsoring this tournament. Let’s play darts.


DIVISION 1 SECTION (B) Thatch Lisgoold 2 Mackey’s 5 Batts 1 Maggie May’s (B) 6 Castle Bar 2 O’Coileain’s 5

Match results of postponed games from previous week: Batt’s 0 O’Coileain’s 7 Thatch, Lisgoold 4 Castle Bar 3 Division 1 Table after 4 rounds: SECTION A: Session - 19 Barry’s, Bartlemy - 16 Wood’s - 15 Colbert’s - 14 Harty’s - 13 Gaelic 2 - 7

SECTION B: O’ Coileain’s - 22 Maggie May’s B - 18 Mackey’s - 15 Thatch, Lisgoold - 11 Castle Bar - 10 Batt’s - 8 Fixtures for October 8th: Premier Section (A) Mc Grath’s vs. Schooner; Thatch, Killeagh vs, Maggie May’s (A) Premier Section (B) Tosh Cahill’s vs. Two Mile Inn; Gaelic 1 vs. Central Star

Division 1 Section (A) Session vs. Harty’s; Woods vs. Gaelic 2; Colbert’s vs. Barry’s, Bartlemy. Division 1 Section (B) Castle Bar vs. Batt’s; Maggie May’s (B) vs. Thatch Lisgoold; Mackey’s v O’Coileain’s.

Our Paddy Kenny 3 a-side will take place in Sars GAA Club on November 19th. All clubs will receive further details on this next week. Important reminder to teams - Please text or phone Stef on 089 4170405 with scores of games by Saturday afternoon.

3/10/10: East Cork Tournament

WILLIAM O’Donoghue defeated Moss Twomey, and Seamus O’Tuama defeated Liam Healy.

Club Tournament fixtures

10/10/10 at 11am: Brian Fleming vs. Donie Kelleher

At 11/45am: John O’Connor vs. John Rossiter

Underage Bowling

Saturday, October 2nd, saw the start of the Trials for the East Cork underage section held in Cloyne.

A good turn out of 17 youngsters played for a place in the East Cork team, with players from Cobh and Cloyne taking part. Further trials to be held in Cloyne on the first Saturday of November and the first Saturday in December. With the start of the trials, regular youth training will commence again this Saturday, October 9th at 2pm at Kilboy Cross, Cloyne. Open to all aged 9-16.

Lismore Castlemartyr Golf golf club Club Senior Scratch RESULTS TUESDAY BACON 1st: Sean Daly, Gavin Pratt, Jason Corcoran, 37 pts 2nd: Eoin Hickey, Frank Corcoran, & Jim Cashman

Cup Winner 2010

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd October 18 Hole Stableford 1st: Dan Howard (22) 41 Pts 2nd: John Whelan (9) 40 3rd: Denis Galvin (13) 39 Pts CSS: Sat & Sun 38 Pts


9/10 & 10/10: 18 Hole Stableford. 9/10/10: Tee Reserved from 8.35 onwards Ashes Match Lismore vs. Dungarvan at 12 noon.

2/10/10 & 3/10/10: 18 Hole Stableford

Dan Howard took the honours this week thanks to a fine total of 41 points. His 22 points on the front nine paved the way to victory for Dan. The highlight of the front nine was achieving the rare feat of an eagle at the ninth for five points. Dan continued his good run on the way home with birdies at the 12th & 14th. In second place was club handicap secretary, John Whelan, with 40 points. John turned with 17 points but seriously burned up the back nine obtaining 23 points. Helped by birdies at the 12th & 16th, John came home level par. In third place, and no stranger to the podium, was Kerry native Denis Galvin. With 19 and 20 points on the two nines, his run of 6 pars from the 8th to the 13th truly caught the eye.

THE winner of the Fitzgerald Commercials sponsored Castlemartyr Golf Club Senior Scratch Cup 2010 was Kieran McCarthy from Kinsale Golf Club. He is pictured above being congratulated by Castlemartyr Golf Club Captain, Paul Sheehy.

Corkbeg pitch & putt

THE Turkey competitions got off to a good start last Sunday morning. The strong partnership of Michael Kenefick and Pat Lordan came out on top to win the first turkeys of the season with 11 up. Joe Wall and Denis O’Connor were just edged out and had to satisfy themselves with the gross with a score of 6 up.

Fixtures: There will be a Turkey Competition on Sunday at 10.30 am and the usual Wednesday afternoon competition at 2.30 pm Note: The AGM of Corkbeg Pitch and Putt Club will take place on Sunday, October 24th.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

A first for Youghal Handball and Racquetball Club


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

THE Youghal Handball and Racquetball club were delighted to host their inaugural Youghal Open Racquetball competition, which took place at their club premises on Golf Links Road over the weekend of October 2nd and 3rd. The very successful event included Open Singles and Doubles, Intermediate Singles and Doubles, and Novice Singles and Doubles for both men and ladies.

The Club members were proud to be hosting their first Open Event on the calendar of the Racquetball Association of Ireland, which is a very prestigious event and an honour for the Youghal Club. Over the weekend, many of the top names in today’s Racquetball circles made their way to Youghal where cash prizes and trophies were on offer for the winners. There were representatives competing from many clubs in the Munster area, with a large representative of members from the Youghal club competing in a number of events. Those who follow the Club and its activities, will be aware that the Club has had a very high success rate recently in both National and Munster competitions. With a new seated Viewing Gallery upstairs, comfort and excellent viewing was available for those who came along to support the players and the club, with


with Declan Barron

Ryder Cup draws the crowds as Europe defeat the USA in final match

Noel O’Callaghan and Liam Hughes, Fermoy, who won the final of the Youghal Handball & Racquetball Open Mens’ Doubles

many individual fans supporting their local players.

Competition was strong between all players, and matches were won with very short margins. The game of Racquetball is one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland at present, and Youghal Racquetball Club are to be lauded for their facilities, their ongoing competitions, and for the hard work which is being put in by the committee and members on a continuous basis, to improve and further enhance their club.

end of sporting Racquetball at it’s best.

Youghal Handball & Racquetball Club would like to remind members that the sheet is up for this year’s Winter League which is always a hotly contested competition. A gentle reminder also that membership is due since September 1st last at €35 adults, €15 students and €5 juniors.

And the good news is that the Club is now open for new members, so anyone wishing to join please contact any member of the club who will be delighted to give them any information they may require.

Youghal cycling club Congratulations are extended to all the winners on a great week-

Ballyhoura Mountain Bike Trails

3 MEMBERS of Youghal C.C. headed for Ballyhoura last Saturday for a bit of fun with the Mountain Bike. It was a regular trip for two of us, but a maiden trip for the secretary and his new steed. A wet day was on hand for the hike around the mountain, which served us well as the heavy downpours softened up the ground nicely for Mark who was in flying form. The white 33km loop was enjoyably completed on the day, but the heavy terrain made it feel like we had completed 60km. This Sunday, it is planned for a large group from the club to be heading for the mountains for a bit of fun on the mountain bikes in Ballyhoura. Anyone interested in going is asked to contact the club secretary or Anthony at 087-8843739 for details.

The Sunday Spin

The Week In Sport

With the Sunday morning spins slowing down after the many sportive recently completed, a group of 8 gathered as always at the Market Square for our usual weekly spin. With the sun shining and the greengrocer singing Michael Bublé songs after his previous weekend antics, the group departed Youghal in good form at 9.00am and headed for Cappoquin via Tallow and Lismore. Coffee break in Cappoquin, the group returned to Youghal via Aglish and Clashmore with a comfortable 60km completed.

Monthly Club Meeting

Our October Club Meeting will take place this today, October 6th at the Holy Family Church, Youghal at 8pm. All club members are asked to attend as well as anyone interested in taking up the challenge of cycling. There will be lots to discuss and arrange and in particular the training schedule and times for the winter spins every Sunday morning. This will be the ideal time for anyone interested in cycling to get started as the distances will shorten and speeds slow down for the winter months.

Club Website

Information about the club, cycling in the area and cycling in general, can be viewed at our club website. It has to be seen by all at

Weekend Spins

The winter training is currently being discussed by club members so watch this space for details of times and places. New members or visitors to the area are always welcome. If you have any questions about the club or attending one of our weekend spins, please contact our Club Secretary Jonathan at 086-8563292 for details.

THIS year’s Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor in Wales produced some exciting golf in horrific conditions.

Hero for Europe was Graham McDowell, winning the point needed without having to putt on the 17th to bring a dramatic four days of golf to a close. In fairness to the organisers, they had everything in 'Apple Pie order' only for the weather to wreck havoc with their plans.

By the finish on Monday, the course looked as if it had been the location for the Ploughing Championships with plenty of muck on everyone.

Howeve, the good humor of the Welsh crowd swelled with fans from all over Europe and America ensured that this year’s event was a good one from a players and spectators point of view.

The golf, too, was superb at times with the result in doubt right up to the final match, as Graham McDowell secured the point needed for Europe to win by 14 ½ to 13 ½ and regain the Ryder Cup. For the Welsh tourist industry going forward it must have been a disaster, although I suspect for those at the course they would have had a - pardon the pun - ball as all of the players seemed to make themselves readily available, something you don’t see too often on tour.

Twists and turns make it an interesting Premiership

Last week we witnessed some strange events as the big guns went head to head, and this week it was no different with Manchester City proving to be the side to gain most after wins over Chelsea last week and Newcastle this week. Chelsea gunned down Arsenal at Stamford Bridge, while Manchester United had the proverbial stinker at Sunderland only managing a 2 all draw. Bottom of the pile, however, goes to Liverpool who slumped to a home defeat to Everton and life at Anfield at the moment is not very pretty.

A Merseyside derby game the weekend after next against inform Everton will surely concentrate the minds, as the Premiership continues to entertain at least with plenty of upsets so far his season.

Munster slump at Aviva

Munster continued their poor run of recent form against Leinster when the two sides clashed at the Aviva Stadium in the Magners league.

Victory for Leinster brought their poor run of recent form to a halt, and with both sides in Heineken Cup action this coming weekend there is plenty to ponder for both managers.

For Munster, who travel to take on London Irish at the Madjeski Stadium in Reading on Saturday, the failure to score a try will be one worrying factor as they take on the English Premiership leaders in their own back yard. Munster, of course, always rises to the occasion when they need to and I suspect that they might prove all the pundits wrong again this weekend. Leinster, on the other hand, face French side Racing Metro in another tough game for them as the opening round of games in this season’s Heineken Cup get under way.

Russia to prove difficult opposition in Euro 2012 qualifiers

Ireland will step out on the Aviva Stadium on Friday night knowing that they can take a huge step towards qualification for Euro 2012 if they can see Russia off in their third game in this group.

Two wins against the minnows is nothing to write home about, but a victory on Friday night would certainly leave Giovanni Trapattoni in a strong position with an away game in Slovakia next week, Ireland could be in control of the group. Certainly there are plenty of if’s, and’s and maybe’s attached to the Irish performances so far, and the fans jury is still out, I am afraid. Wins are what matter and players such as Robbie Keane, Shay Given and Aidan McGeady will want to prove that they have what it takes at the top level. Russia at present is not in great shape but players such as Andrey Archavin at Arsenal, Roman Pavlyuchenko at Spurs and Yuri Zhirkov at Chelsea are performing regularly at club level.

Dutch coach, Dick Advocatt, is also highly regarded and while Russia appears to be weak at present it would be foolish to expect that Ireland will just have to turn up to turn them over. Ireland, I believe, can win but it will take lots of effort, hard work and above all finishing from Robbie Keane and Kevin Doyle if Ireland is to win.

All Stars next week

I will have a look at the All Star Football and Hurling teams before next week’s announcement and name my teams of the season in hurling and football, as Tipperary and Cork emerge from the pack to be crowned champions.

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EBS / East Cork Primary Schools Cross-Country results

IIBA Short Mat Bowls Results and Fixtures (Cork Zone)

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Girls (Born 2004): 1 Avril Cashman (Bunscoil Mhuire, Youghal); 2 Eva Murphy (Clonpriest NS); 3 Siri Forde (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 4 Lia Peader-Duggan (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 5 Doireann Hayes (Ballynoe NS); 6 Elisha O’Latujubrin (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 7 Alison O’Driscoll (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 8 Cliona Dunning (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 9 Caoimhe Murray (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 10 Isobel Lynch (St. John the Baptist, Midleton). (Born 2003): 1 Lia O’Brien (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 2 Holly Tyrell (Shanagarry NS); 3 Mary Leahy (Saleen NS); 4 Alison Bergin (Watergrasshill NS); 5 Annelie Lia O’Brien represented Gaelscoil Kouwenbery (Castlelyons NS); 6 Mary Mhainistir na Corann in the East Cork Flavin (Bunscoil, Youghal); 7 Kerry Bar- Cross Country Schools Championships. rett (Kyle NS); 8 Ali O’Callaghan Lia, who trains with Midleton Athletic Club, participated in the ‘Girls born (Youghal NS); 9 Ellen Ryan (St. Brid2002’ category on September 30th gets, Midleton); 10 Niamh Mulcahy (Ballynoe NS). (Born 2002): 1 Meghan Carr-O’Reilly (Conna NS); 2 Elaoise O’Laniran (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 3 Sarah Morrison (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 4 Ciara Fives (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 5 Caoilfhionn Barry (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 6 Lucy McNulty (Castlelyons NS); 7 Lucy Smiddy (Shanagarry NS); 8 Rebecca Geary (Clonpriest NS); 10 Jenny Doyle (Clonpriest NS). (Born 2001): 1 Sarah Barry (Conna NS); 2 Cloina Ryng (Cobh NS); 3 Ciara Leahy (St. Josephs, Castlemartryr); 4 Seana Horgan (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 5 Laura Condon (Watergrasshill NS); 6 Eva Nestor (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 7 Linda O’Donnell (Ballynoe NS); 8 Katie O’Farrell (Saleen NS); 9 Caoimhe Barry (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 10 Sarah O’Connor (Bunscoil, Youghal). (Born 2000): 1 Tamzin Muldowney (St. Bridgets, Midleton); 2 Rachel Atkinson (Watergrasshill NS); 3 Andrea Quinn-O’Donovan (Watergrasshill NS); 4 Courtney Manley-Histon (Cobh NS); 5 Laura Hayes (Conna NS); 6 Jane O’Sullivan (Kilcredan NS); 7 Lauren O’Mahony (Watergrasshill NS); 8 Sarah Leahy (Saleen NS); 9 Karen Collins (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 10 Rose Goggin (Killeagh NS). (Born 1999): 1 Tara O’Keeffe (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 2 Jessica Strain (St. Bridget’s, Midleton); 3 Katie Hegarty (Watergrasshill NS); 4 Nollaig O’Sullivan (Gaelscoil, Midleton) 5 Aisling Kenneally (Killeagh NS); 6 Christine O’Flynn (Watergrasshill NS); 7 Susan Moran (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 8 Chloe O’Keeffe (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 9 Tara Murphy (Youghal NS); 10 Caoimhe Barrett (Watergrasshill NS). (Born 1998): Emily O’Keeffe (Kilcredan NS); 2 Leah Kearney (Castlelyons NS); 3 Julie Moynihan (Aghada NS); 4 Siobhain O’Brien (Youghal NS); 5 Sadhbh Finnegan (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 6 Aoife O’Sullivan (Clonpriest); 7 Andrea Delea (Little Island NS); 8 Nicole Irwin (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 9 Triona Foley (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 10 Johanna Leahy (Conna NS). (Born 1997): 1 Aoibhe O’Brien (Conna NS). Boys (Born 2004): 1 Jack Nicholson (Clonpriest NS); 2 Eoin Knaap (Watergrasshill NS); 3 Paul Curtin (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 4 C Doyle (Clonpriest NS); 5 Brendan Lehane (Watergrasshill NS); 6 Aaron Crowley (Clonpriest NS); 7 Kyle Wallace (Ballynoe NS); 8 Anoyaye Sulman (Bunscoil, Youghal); 9 Jack Murray (Clonpriest NS); 10 Darragh Leahy (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr). (Born 2003): 1 James Ezeonu (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 2 Ben Atkinson (Watergrasshill NS); 3 Leon Hennessy (Bunscoil, Youghal); 4 Nathan Daly (Bunscoil, Youghal); 5 Tiernan McAlister (Bartlemy NS); 6 Tom Hartnett (Conna NS); 7 Brian Barry (Curraglass NS); 8 Alex Quirke (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 9 Andrew Shandler (Watergrasshill NS); 10 Culann Geary (Clonpriest NS). (Born 2002): 1 Lucca Allen (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 2 Ciaran O’Brien (Conna NS); 3 Tom Noonan (Gaelscoil, Cobh); 4 Kevin Barry (Conna NS); 5 Luke Thompson (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 6 Jack Mackessy (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 7 Christin Coughlan (Bartlemy NS); 8 Evan Villis (Youghal NS); 9 Liam Curley (Saleen NS); 10 Alexander Brophy (Bunscoil, Youghal). (Born 2001): 1 Aaron Leahy (CBS, Midleton); 2 John Forde (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 3 Shane O’Connor (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 4 Diarmuid Phelan (Aghada NS); 5 Mathew Coady (Kilcredan NS); 6 Peter Buckley (Killeagh NS); 7 Adam Hayes (Cobh NS); 8 Jake O’Brien (Bunscoil, Youghal); 9 Sean Desmond (Watergrasshill NS); 10 Jake McCarthy (Clonpriest NS). (Born 2000): 1 Donnagh Rice (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 2 Tommy O’Connell (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 3 Fergal McColm (Watergrasshill NS); 4 Ciaran Nugent (Scoil Bhride, Rathcormack); 5 Jake Cooper (Bunscoil, Youghal); 6 Darragh Moran (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 7 Jack Forde (Little Island NS); 8 Art Moore (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 9 Eoin O’Neill (Ballynoe NS); 10 Tund Lucky (CBS, Midleton). (Born 1999): 1 Diarmuid Clancy (Youghal NS); 2 Adam Wilson (CBS, Midleton); 3 Darragh Thompson (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 4 Daniel Dennehy (Watergrasshill NS); 5 William James (Killeagh NS); 6 Daniel Hickey (Clonpriest NS); 7 Conor Walsh (Bunscoil, Youghal); 8 Andrew Ryan (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 9 Barry Murphy (Castlelyons NS); 10 Eoin Wallace (Ballynoe NS). (Born 1998): 1 Ferghal Curtin (Killeagh NS); 2 Cathal Martin (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 3 Dylan McCarthy (Watergrasshill NS); 4 Jordan Roche (Gaelscoil, Midleton); 5 Niall O’Donovan (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 6 Jess O’Keeffe (Bartlemy NS); 7 Cian Walsh (St. Josephs, Castlemartyr); 8 Ciaran McGregor (St. John the Baptist, Midleton); 9 Jamie O’Leary (Castlelyons NS). (Born 1997): 1 Anthony Whyte (Youghal NS); 2 Rozs Butler (Bartlemy NS).

Claycastle ladies keep their eye on the birdie


CONNA Bowls Club staged the final session (last 16) of their annual licensed (3-bowl) Pairs Tournament on September 26th in the local Community Hall for the Conna Perpetual Trophy. Last 16:- Conna (J. Martin) beat Cathedral Parish (May O’Callaghan & Denis Dennehy), Crosshaven (C. Middleton) beat Midleton (Marie Triggs & Kay Savage), Watergrasshill (S. O’Riordan) beat Conna (Noeleen Quinn & Bernadette Feeney), B.E.D.A. (E. Stroker) beat West Limerick (K. Doyle & K. Nutton), Conna (B. Dineen) beat Ballincollig Community Hall (Francis Thompson & Elizabeth Fitton), Mitchelstown (J. Caplice) beat Wilton (Kay & Pat McCarthy), St. Vincent’s (D. Foley) beat I.C.I.C.Y.M.A. (George Tanner & Ricky Foott) and Conna (P. O’Leary) beat Douglas Community School (Brenda & Gerry Allen). Quarter-finals:- Crosshaven (C. Middleton) beat Conna (Philip Walton & John Martin), Watergrasshill (S.O’Riordan) beat B.E.D.A. (Gerty & Eamon Stroker), Mitchelstown (J. Caplice) beat Conna (Michael Lane & Bill Dineen) and St. Vincent’s (D. Foley) beat Conna (Tom Finn & Paddy O’Leary).

Semi-finals:- Crosshaven (C. Middleton) beat Watergrasshill (Josie & Sean O’Riordan) and St. Vincent’s (D. Foley) beat Mitchelstown (Veronica & Jim Caplice).

Final:- Crosshaven (Mary & Conor Middleton) beat St. Vincent’s (Ina & David Foley) The Umpires on duty for the final session were: Bridie Hamilton, Albert Ruxton & Adrian Tanner. At the conclusion of play Bridie Hamilton (Club Captain) presented the prizes and also the Perpetual Trophy to Conor Middleton (Skip) of the winning team.

Fixtures:- Cork Zone (I.I.B.A.) Championships on Saturday, October 9th & Sunday, October 10th October in St. Anthony’s School Sports Hall, Ballinlough.

CLAYCASTLE Pitch & Putt’s Lady Captain, Phil Mangan presents prizes to some of the ladies who participated in her competition. Joan Hyde was the popular winner. Prizes were also presented to Brendan McCaughey, who received the Noel O’Driscoll Memorial Prize from Mrs. Margaret O’Driscoll.

Youghal Ladies Rugby team successful ‘try’ Youghal 8 Galbally 5 AI League

YOUGHAL ladies took to their home pitch of Frogmore for the first game of the AIL league.

Garryowens, and a sterling performance from Kate Sheehan on her debut, defensively.

However, early season errors stalled the continuity for both teams and scrums became constant.

Leah Dorian powered through with sheer determination to give Youghal their much deserved lead, and on her first league outing she was faultless. Most certainly one to note in the future.

Weather conditions proving perfect, both sides set off with a running game plan.

Outstanding performances from the Youghal’s pack who didn’t give the much larger Galbally side any leeway. Youghal’s constant defence remained untainted, even with powerhouse runs from the sturdy Galbally forwards. The sea-siders held off numerous attacks, one try being held up. Score remained 0-0 until half time.

Motivation speeches must have been rife for the Youghal ladies as they came out with a new lease of life. The Youghal backs kept the opponents confused with kicks from grubbers and

Lismore ladies golf RESULTS 29/9 & 2/10: Christmas Prizes 18 hole Stableford 1st Brid Henry (18) 39 pts b9 Gross Amanda Power (15) 23 gross 2nd Anne Bennett (20) 39pts.

FIXTURES The Daily Mail Qualifier continues, 18 hole fourball, Re-entry. Our 9 Hole Stableford Ongoing Bottle Competition continues. The Desperate Housewives’ Competition goes ahead on Monday night at 6.30pm for any ladies interested in taking up, or just trying out the game. No pressure, just fun for all, followed by a cuppa. Newcomers welcome. The Desperate Housewives’ will be finishing up on Bank Holiday Monday, October 25th with a Fun Competition at 3pm. So keep practicing ladies!

Youghal remained patient prior to their five pointer, with a multitude of attempts being withstood by Galbally.

With the conversion attempt falling short, everything was left to play for. Galbally continued to attack with their forwards and Youghal fought fiercely but couldn’t hold them off. With a missed conversion this left a level score on the board.

After some great phases of play the newly energized Youghal side edged closer to the Galbally try line, and lucky for the home side their opponents were penalised, leaving Kellie Faul free to slot over the three pointer, bringing the score-line to Youghal-8 Galbally-5. Some great defensive play was witnessed from the back line in the dying moments of the game, which succeeded in holding off Galbally’s late attack.

Not the most attractive of games but it gives Youghal a basis for improvement, and we can look forward to an exciting season. TEAM: K. Faul, J. Arnott, J. Ryan, K. O’Mahoney, U. Fitzgerald, D. Fitzgerald, L. Dorian, C. O’Flaherty, J. Barry, S. Fitzgerald, L. Barry, S. Hogan (Capt) K. Sheehan, C. Griffin, T. Jaywardene, T. Coady.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bonus point win for visitors as Midleton taste defeat in AIL opener AIB AIL Division 2: Midleton 16 Ballymena 26 MIDLETON suffered a harsh defeat last Saturday in their re-introduction to AIL Division Two at the hands of Ballymena, but the ten point margin was a flattering one in the end because Midleton could have quite easily won this game, or at least levelled it, had a blatant tripping decision gone their way with five minutes to go.

This was definitely a case of the unknown factor in this first ever encounter between the sides, and it was the visitors who started with a beautifully worked move between Luke Marshall and Ali Fraser on the left wing. This yielded the match opening try in the seventh minute following a nice onetwo passing movement between the two players, ending up with Marshall going in for the try in the corner. He converted himself to give Ballymena the early seven point advantage. Midleton responded well and started to apply some pressure of their own, and after a dominant ten minute spell inside the Ballymena ‘22’, Midleton spurned a penalty chance in favour of a kick to the corner, which proved to be a poor decision. However, minutes later the ball found its way out to the right wing in the nineteenth minute with Midleton winger David Hurley, who burst through the defensive line to score Midleton’s only try of the game.

Jeff Hitchmough kicked the conversion over from a tight angle to level matters at seven points apiece, and that’s the way it remained up until half time. Midleton were forced to defend a sustained Ballymena effort for the final five min-

Youghal golf club

LADIES 29/9/10- 18 Holes Singles Stableford CAT A: 1st Dympna Quill (18) 40pts, 2nd Anne Cronin (19) 38pts, BG Marian Sweeney (7) 28 gross CAT B: 1st Trish Landers (23) 38pts, 2nd Breda O’Donoghue (24) 37pts, 3rd Jo Swayne (25) 36pts CAT C: 1st Brid Doyle (30) 33pts, 2nd Ann P. Coleman (33) 32pts, 3rd Una Cotter (33) 32pts FIXTURES: 20/10/10: Club Singles Ladies Branch AGM at 7pm in the Clubhouse. GENTS 28/9/10- Open 18 Holes Singles Qualifier 1st Jimmy Coleman (12) 39pts, 2nd Paddy Heaphy (7) 39pts, 3rd Patrick O’Connor (13) 37pts 5/10/10 - Singles Qualifier - Finals Day 1/10/10 - 3/10/10: 18 Holes Singles Stableford,

utes, but their defence, although stretched on occasion, held firm.

With everything to play for in the second half the early initiative was again taken by Ballymena who had a try just two minutes in from Andrew Kerr. Marshall converted to regain the seven point advantage as they now led by double scores. Midleton full back, Jeff Hitchmough, then took over in the scoring ranks and over the following seventeen minutes he was on target with three difficult penalty conversions giving Midleton the lead on the 59th minute, as Midleton were ahead by 16 points to 14. The lead only lasted for 60 seconds when Tommy Seymour finished off a well worked move to score Ballymena’s

1st P.J. Bunyan (8) 41pts, 2nd Mark Kenefick (12) 40pts, 3rd Eddie Harty (16) 40pts, Cat 0-7: John Reid (5) 38pts, Tony Kearns (5) 38pts Cat 8-13: Billy Joyce (12) 39pts, Brendan Mc Carthy (13) 39pts Cat 14-18: George Treacy (15) 38pts, Michael M O’Sullivan (15) 38pts, Cat 19+ Des O’Halloran (22) 39pts, Billy Crowley (23) 35pts CSS Fri: 37pts, Sat: 36pts, Sun: 37pts.

third try, This put them back into a three point lead and they led by 19 to 16 with the game reaching the concluding stages.

Midleton could have definitely been awarded a penalty with five minutes to go when Hitchmough was certainly through for the try, but was clearly tripped near the touchline. However, it was missed by the referee and a few minutes later when the ball reached the other end of the ground Chris Smyth went in for Ballymena’s fourth try and the bonus point, with Marshall’s conversion the last play of the match to send the visitors home happy with the win but a little flattered with the margin of victory as Midleton might so easily

have earned at least a draw.

MIDLETON: K Brierley, D Lee (Capt) B Gill, D Gee, A McCarthy, D Smyth, M Cronin , G Deacon, R Smyth, E Lane, D Hurley, J Gogarty, D Smyth, T Smith and J Hitchmough. Subs: R Barry for B Gill (43) A Long for D Smyth (51) R Colan-O’Leary for D Smyth (55) E O’Shea for G Deacon (58) BALLYMENA: J Carson, J Taggart, A Warwick, D O’Kane (Capt) D Whann, A Keer, P Pritchard, R Hackney, B McIlroy, M Irwin, A Fraser, L Marshall, J Shiels, T Seymour, R McBurney. Subs: D O’Hara for J Shiels (4) C Smith for D O’Kane (61) REFEREE: John Montange (LAR)

Midleton’s new head coach, former Irish International Hooker, Terry Kingston, was understandably very dis-


appointed with the end result, and stated the team battled hard and had chances during the match and I think that we deserved something from it. With five minutes to go, I am not sure if Jeff (Hitchmough) was tripped or not, but at 19pts to 16pts it was a crucial decision at that stage and we could have at least had the opportunity to level the match with a penalty and we could have possibly got some points out of the game, but that’s the way it goes. One of the good things is that there are many positives to take out of our performance this afternoon, we learned today that we can compete at this level and not only complete in the playing sense, but physically too. I think that Ballymena will be one of the fancied sides for promotion and we competed all the way with them and should have got something out of the match for that”.

Midleton will travel to Limerick next week where they take on Thomond, and Kingston believes his side will hold their own in Division Two. He finished by saying “We can take so many positives going forward, and we will compete with everyone in this league. There are no easy games, but we are able to compete at this level and I think we showed that today”. Ballymena head coach, John Andrews, was naturally delighted with the win and the bonus point. Coming to anywhere in Munster is tough, and Midleton proved that today. It was a tough contest and we are delighted to get the win he said.

Fota Island Resort goes Pro-Am (with a few amateurs)

FIXTURES: 8/10 - 10/10: Christmas Hamper Weekend 22/10 - 24/10: Open 3Ball (Ladies/Gents/Mixed) The following presentations will be held on Sunday, October 31st. GOLFER OF THE YEAR 2010 Winner: Conor Coyne Runner Up: Brendan O’Leary P.J. Morrissey Club Singles Matchplay Winner: Conor Coyne Runner Up: Willie White Joe Mc Ginty Club Fourball Matchplay Winners: Eddie Ryan & Willie White Runner Up: John Hooley & Jim O’Connell NOTICE: 15/10 - Men’s Club General Meeting at 7.30pm 5/11: Club Annual General Meeting at 7.30pm.

ABOVE: The Winning Pros, David Higgins and Damian Mooney at the Audi Cork PGA Pro-Am at Fota Island Resort Golf Club with Mens’ Club President Edwin Ryan, Marie O’Mullane, Ladies’ Club Captain and Mary Dunt, Ladies’ Club President. (Photos: Gerard McCarthy) RIGHT: Jonathan Woods, CEO of Fota Island Resort, David Quirke from Audi Cork with the Winning Amateur Team from O'Learys Insurance: Bernard Madden, Brendan Butler, Jim O'Driscoll and John Dignam and Kevin Morris, Director of Golf at Fota Island Resort.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


AFTER last week’s results, Valley Rgs go top of the table following their local derby victory against neighbours, Brideview. Mogeely returned to winning ways with a victory against Accrington Celtic in Fermoy. Clashmore A continue their good start to the season, with another win that sees them unbeaten in the league, closely followed by Brideview. In the top game in the division, Pinewood defeated Railway, and Kilworth win in Ballymacoda.

Lismore lodged an appeal with the Munster FA against a decision of the WWEC to remove them from the league, and the appeal was rejected, leaving Lismore out of competitive football for the rest of the season. Following our breaking news last week, we can now confirm that Irish soccer legend, Ray Houghton will visit the WWEC League in November, where he will carry out visits to schools and clubs.

This local derby did not live up to all the expectations that we have become accustomed to over the many years with this fixture. Unfortunately, Brideview were very much under strength on Sunday afternoon last, but still managed to make Valley fight hard for the three points. In fact, the score at half time saw the Conna side in the lead thanks to an o g. However, the chances for either side were few in this half and were no better in the second half. Valley scored a second goal from last year’s leading goal scorer, Jason Roche, and try as they might, Brideview could not force a way through for the goal that would help them go for the equaliser. Valley held on for all three points, and goes top of the league table after 4 games played. Brideview will improve, of that there is no doubt, as we believe they are in a false position at the bottom of the table. With 14 more games to play, they will definitely fight to retain their title.

Valley Rangers 2 Brideview 0

After their surprise defeat at home to Inch last week, Mogeely were wary of their trip to Pike Road, Fermoy on Sunday morning last. They had nothing to fear, however, as they were much too strong for an under strength Accrington and led at the interval with all four goals in this half. Jonathan Clifford scored twice, while Dwayne Bernard had a goal and Jake O’Shea completed the scoring when he converted a penalty. In the 2nd half, Mogeely took their foot off the gas and could have scored more but for some sloppy finishing. Accrington had very little to offer as a challenge and our league title favourites won very comfortably in the end. Accrington have now played and lost four games, scoring just 4 goals in the process, and this must be a worry for the Accrington management. Mogeely will be glad to be back on the winning trail after their surprise defeat the previous week, but the East Cork side know there are bigger challenges ahead in the next number of weeks.

Accrington 0 Mogeely 4

In our preview of this game in our notes at the weekend, we wrote, “that if what we hear about Cappoquin is true, then there may be an upset and possibly a share of the points”. This, after we wrote, we expected Blackwater to win. But this was no shock, as Cappoquin were by far the better team all through, and Cappoquin are by far a better team than last season.

Blackwater 1 Cappoquin 3

Conor Prendergast gave Cappoquin the lead and when Paul Murray doubled the score, Cappoquin were in the driving seat. But Blackwater fought back and Johnny Healy pulled a goal back before half time. This goal gave Blackwater some hope, but Cappoquin upped the pace again after the break and when David Kett scored, the points were on their way to Cappoquin. This was a good display by the cornerstone team, and on this form they will be in the final shake up for honours at the end of the season.

Blackwater, while not yet at full strength, can not afford to drop many more points, especially with a shortened league, if they want to win back the league title.

First Division Railway Ath 2 Pinewood 3

For the second consecutive week Railway lost a league game, this time to promotion chasing Pinewood. Railway had a wonderful start to the season winning their opening three games, but lost the derby game last week to Cappoquin, and on Sunday morning lost at home to promotion chasing Pinewood. Railway took the lead through John Lynch. The same player headed home a second and with Richie Meehan scoring for the visitors; there was just a goal between the sides at the break. In the 2nd half, David Meehan equalised from the penalty spot and Ger McGrath got the all important winner goal for the Ballymac side, which will see them move up the table. A good result for the visitors, and a win that will help their motivation as they try to get back into the premier at the first attempt. Railway travel to Clashmore to play the 2nd string and will hope to get back to winning ways. Clashmore A continued their great start to the season with a comprehensive victory at Pablo Park against the Cappoquin 2nd string. The village side were always in control of this game and the result was never in doubt from the 10th minute, when Johnny Murphy scored. However, with all the dominance they had to wait until the 55th minute when Vinnie Coonan scored, and when the same player added goal number 3, 10 minutes later, the game as a contest was well and truly over. Clashmore were in total control, and never allowed Cappoquin too many chances in front of goal. Clashmore are now top of the table after 4 league games played. Next weekend they travel to Melleray to play Glen View, and will be expected to continue their winning streak.

Clashmore A 3 Cappoquin B 0

Glen View went into this game on the back of two victories, and was expected to get at least a draw

Brideview B 2 Glen View 0

Action from the Ballybridge vs. Kilworth B match with Kilworth defeating the home side 5-1 in Ballymacoda

from their visit to Brideview Park. After a scoreless first half, Brideview went into the lead when Damien Prescod scored. They added a second with a goal from Shane O’Connor. Glen View will be disappointed with this result, but they lacked pace up front against a strong Brideview defence. The Tallow side were the better team at the end, but Glen View is capable of playing better. With the addition of two more players, Glen View will be stronger as the season progresses, but they will need to keep putting points on the board to stay in the top half of the table, while Brideview will continue to fight for promotion.

This was a surprise result for us, as we felt Ballybridge at home would be too strong for a youthful Kilworth 2nd string. How wrong we were. This was a great performance from the North Cork side as they led at the break through an o.g and an Owen Walsh goal. Walsh added another goal after the break before Michael Cuthbert pulled a goal back for the home side. However, Walsh scored again to complete his hat trick and Tony McCarthy scored the 5th and final goal before the final whistle. As we wrote, this was a great victory for a very youthful Kilworth team and this, now, is their 2nd consecutive win in the league. Ballybridge are very disappointed as, after a run of defeats, this home game was targeted as getting their season back on track. But it was not to be, and the better team won on the day, and can look forward to Brideview’s trip on Sunday. Ballybridge must now travel to Conna and hope for an improvement.

Ballybridge 1 Kilworth B 5

Valley Rgs 2nd string started off a good home Sunday for the club when they defeated Clashmore B in the morning. The 1st team also won in the afternoon, defeating Brideview. The home side led at the break through a John Cashman goal. They increased the lead in the 2nd half when Diarmuid Hogan scored, and they were the better team on the day. Credit Clashmore as they tried hard to pull back the two goal deficit, but the more experienced Conna team won out on the day. Valley has Ballybridge next Sunday, while Clashmore welcome Railway.

Valley Rgs B 2 Clashmore B 0

MARI MINA PHARMACY PREMIER Blackwater 1 Cappoquin 3 Valley Rgs 2 Brideview 0 Accrington 0 Mogeely 4 LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1St DIVISION Valley Rgs B 2 Clashmore B 0 Ballybridge 1 Kilworth B 5 Clashmore A 3 Cappoquin B 0


Railway Ath 2 Pinewood 3 Brideview B 2 Glen View 0

This weekend we have the opening games in the FAI U17 Cup, with both Railway and Cappoquin playing away in the 1st round. Clashmore have a bye into the 2nd round. We take this opportunity to wish both Cappoquin and Railway the very best in this, the League’s first season entering teams at this level. In the league we have some great games down for decision, with games on Saturday and Sunday that should get the various supporters out following their teams. Indeed, there is a great selection of games, and there is no excuse for supporters not being catered for over the two days.


This game at Sexton Park on Saturday afternoon kicks off the weekend. Inch are on a high following their win away in Mogeely two weeks ago. Kilworth have not had a league game for at least three weeks, but played Munster Cup two weeks ago losing to Waterford side, Crusaders, after extra time. Kilworth will probably be coming back to full strength now, and Inch will find this a tough home fixture. Inch has prepared well for the current season, and their league position verifies this. Declan has assembled a strong side and, with confidence high, will be favourites for all three points. Kilworth, if at full strength will, we think, be a wonderful asset to the premier, and Inch will have to be very wary on Saturday. But we still think the East Cork side, with home advantage, will take all three points.

Inch vs. Kilworth

Definitely a game to draw the crowds out to the Cappoquin venue on Saturday night. Top of the table side, Valley Rangers, travel with confidence following their win last week at home to Brideview, while at the same time Cappoquin were accounting for Blackwater in Ballinameela. Both wins were great results for the respective clubs. We have yet to see Cappoquin, but our roving reporters tell us they are a side to watch for the season. Under new management, Cappoquin are a much better side than last season, and their results to date verify this. They have had one league defeat to date, this against Inch, when many felt they deserved a draw. But they have strung two league wins together and started to move up the table. Valley has lost no game in four league outings, and the win last week is a great confidence booster. This is not an easy game to predict, and could easily end in a draw.

Cappoquin vs. Valley Rangers


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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Castlebridge have not had a game for a few weeks, while Brideview were defeated in Conna last Sunday. Both sides are level on points and neither will want to drop points on Sunday, as points lost so early in the season, and with a shorter league programme this season, are very difficult to pick up as the season progresses. Brideview are not yet at full strength, and this may be to Castlebridge’s benefit. But it is rare, if ever, to hear of Brideview losing two consecutive league games and we think the Tallow side may be too motivated for the home side. At home, Castlebridge are always difficult to beat, but we think Brideview will win to get their season back on track.

Castlebridge vs. Brideview

Probably the match of the day on Sunday morning at Railway Park, between two teams lacking a little consistency in the opening four games of the league. Mogeely lost at home to Inch two weeks ago, while last Sunday Blackwater lost at home to Cappoquin.

Mogeely vs. Blackwater.

In this fixture last year, Blackwater led by three goals to nil with 10 minutes remaining, but Mogeely fought back to score twice and hit a post to be denied a draw in a cracking game. This Sunday both sides will want to win to keep the pressure on Valley Rgs. Both sides need the points, but Mogeely had a great win last week in Fermoy, so if they carry that form into Sunday’s game, then Blackwater will have to be at their best to come away with at least a point. A difficult tie to call. Could end in a draw, but we have to fancy Mogeely. Definitely a close call. Following their great win last week in Railway, Pinewood has Cappoquin as visitors on Saturday afternoon. Pinewood is displaying the form we expected of them at the start of the season and this is why we made them our favourites to win promotion. But there are some very good sides with more points than them at present. A win on Saturday will definitely move them up nearer the top. Cappoquin, while playing nice attractive football, have only one victory from five games, losing the other four, and we can not see them winning at the Knockmeal venue on Saturday.

Pinewood vs. Cappoquin

The home side were very disappointed with their

Glen View vs. Clashmore A

display in Tallow last Saturday night, losing by 2 goals, and they welcome a Clashmore team top of the table and undefeated from 4 games with maximum points. Clashmore have shown, in their games so far, their intention of playing premier football next season, and Glen View will have to be at their best to stop them. The home side will have to get over the disappointing display last week, and with a strong panel now to select from could, and more especially with home advantage, take a point from this game. Still on current form, we have to predict a Clashmore victory.

This has the makings of a cracker with a youthful Kilworth welcoming an experienced Brideview to Pound Lane. The home team have had two very good wins in the past two weeks, and the club must be delighted to have this promising team playing competitive football this season. Brideview had a home victory last week against Glen View, and is one of only two teams in the division undefeated in the league this season, as they lie just two points off Clashmore at the top of the table. Brideview look the more experienced and should collect all three points.

Kilworth B vs. Brideview B

Railway is smarting from two consecutive league defeats and will want to put their season back on track on Sunday. The Clashmore 2nd string have yet to claim a victory in the league, but are playing good attractive football without getting the results their football deserves. Railway will not take this trip to Pablo Park lightly, but we think they will get all three points on Sunday.

Clashmore B vs. Railway Ath

FAI U17 CUP Cahir Park vs. Railway Ath, 2.30pm

10/10/10: MARI MINA PHARMACY PREMIER Castlebridge vs. Brideview, 11.30am, P. Browne Mogeely vs. Blackwater 11.30am, T. Griffin LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIV Glen View vs. Clashmore A, 11.30am, S. Drislane Kilworth B vs. Brideview B, 11.30am, D. O’Sullivan Clashmore B vs. Railway Ath, 11.30am, M. Curran Valley Rgs B vs. Ballybridge, 11.30am, P. Griffin FAI U17 CUP Hibs vs. Cappoquin, 2pm

YOUTH U17 LEAGUE Valley Rgs vs. Ballybridge, 2pm, P. Griffin Kilworth vs. Inch, 2pm, S. Forde Pinewood vs. Castlebridge, 2pm, J. O’Riordan Clashmore vs. Brideview, 2pm, M. Curran With only 4-5 games played in both divisions so far, we have the leaders with Leonard Byrne, Inch, leading on 5 goals, while in the 1st division, Owen McCarthy, Kilworth, is in the lead with 3 goals.


We are delighted to congratulate Blackwater’s Dave Cullinane and his wife Patricia, on the birth of a baby girl, Kate, last week. Is Dave planning to start a ladies team in Blackwater in the near future?


Sincere sympathy from all in the WWEC to Johnny Valley Rangers B vs. Ballybridge O’Sullivan, Castlebridge, and to Ann Marie and The visitors, after a great start, have hit a bad patch Noel Hegarty, on the death of Patrick O’Sullivan, losing their last three games and last Sunday’s de- Castlelyons, last Thursday. Ar Dheis Dé ar a anam. feat at home to Kilworth was a disappointing result as this was a game they expected to win. Valley RAY HOUGHTON’S VISIT themselves have recorded two losses and two wins We broke the news late in our notes last week of the from their league outings so far, but at home this visit to the WWEC League of former Ireland star Sunday morning will be expected to take all three Ray Houghton. The Hon. Secretary of the league points at the expense of Ballybridge. contacted us late with the news, and last weekend he informed us that the visit is now official. Ray FIXTURES Houghton will be with the schoolboys and junior 9/10/10: clubs in the middle of November. At present the full MARI MINA PHARMACY PREMIER itinerary is not yet finalised, but Ray will definitely Inch vs. Kilworth, 2.30pm, A. Horgan be opening a new ground within the league, probaCappoquin vs. Valley Rangers, 7.30pm, E. Cusack bly opening a new all weather pitch, and will be visiting schools and junior clubs. We are informed that LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIV he will be in the area for a full day. Ray Houghton Pinewood vs. Cappoquin B, 4.30pm, J. O’Riordan needs no introduction to anyone involved or inter-


Great weekend for the ‘Beg Saxone Cup: Corkbeg 2 Carrigaline 2 (The ‘Beg won on penalties AET) CORKBEG march on in the Saxone Cup with an exciting penalty shoot out win over Carrigaline. The ‘Beg went a goal behind (Ian Casey Óg) but then levelled matters (Danny O’Donoghue) and went Ahead (Ian Casey - redemption!) A late equaliser took the game to extra time and pens. No further goals in extra time and so down to the dreaded penalty shoot-out.

Time for our super hero, Andrew O’Donoghue to enter the limelight with two brilliant saves - Ronan Forde did the biz with our final kick to send the home fans delirious and send the ‘Beg into the quarter finals. In a solid team performance, Gavin Roche, Dean Keegan and Danny O’Donoghue were stand out performers.

U14 Division 4: Park Utd 1 Corkbeg 3

The ‘Beg made the long haul to Mitchelstown on Saturday morning and came home with all three points after a great second half comeback. Struggling to get into their passing rhythm early on the ‘Beg went a goal down to a penalty. I-0 down at the break, the ‘Beg inspired a man of the match performance from James Cashman who got the passing movements flowing. Three goals from Liam Murphy, Cian O’Driscoll, and Jordan Ryan put the seal on a great win. This keeps the ‘Beg in the hunt for league honours, but with a long way to go in the season the lads will have to stay focused if the ultimate prize is to be won.

U12 Division 5: Midleton 1 Corkbeg 2

Thrills, spills and lots of excitement sum up this cracking game. Both sides were hugely committed in this local derby and put up a great hour’s entertainment for the large crowd. Midleton play a nice brand of passing football that’s very easy on the eye, whereas the ‘Beg favour a more direct style - It was a contrast that made for a great game and which, in truth, a share of the spoils would probably have been the right result. The ‘Beg went ahead midway through the first half with an Aaron Berry special from a direct free kick about 25 yards from goal. Both teams came close to scoring, but found both keepers in super form.


ested in football. One of the stars of Italia ’90, how can we forget those wonderful days. It is a co-incidence that last Sunday night on RTE, Reeling In The Years, we were back in 1990, and of course Italia’90 was to the fore, with that infamous save from Packie Bonner and David O’Leary’s goal that sent the Irish nation into a state of euphoria. Those are moments never to be forgotten. Ray Houghton was part of that squad of players, and is now a regular face on TV as he is a pundit and television commentator. We will give Ray’s full itinerary in our notes in the next few weeks. Last Thursday has been named Black Thursday by politicians and political analysts after the government announced the amount of tax payer’s money that will be needed to keep the banks afloat. However, within the WWEC League, or should we say Lismore, last Thursday was also a black day as word reached us from Cork that Lismore’s appeal to the Munster Football Association had been rejected. Lismore AFC appealed a decision of the WWEC Junior League to remove them from the league after they failed to fulfil two fixtures so far in the season, and in accordance with a rule, they were automatically removed from the league. Lismore correctly appealed this decision, but Munster rejected the appeal and so Lismore now find themselves out of league football for the first time in 38 years.


In 1969/70, Lismore withdrew from the Waterford Junior League as the cost of travelling to Waterford every second Sunday proved too much of a financial burden. The club continued to play challenge games on a regular basis, as well as tournaments, and this led to the formation of what is now the WWEC Junior League in 1972. Last Thursday is, without doubt, THE blackest day in the history of Lismore AFC. This writer finds it hard to comprehend how Lismore was unable to have a team on the field of play for two fixtures, yet there are enough players after signing for other clubs when Lismore went out of competitive football last Thursday. However, this is not the forum for playing the blame game. But like the phoenix rising from the ashes, there is good news. Over the weekend we were told that much work is taking place behind the scenes to have a new committee and manager in place for next June, when the club will make an application to the league for membership to the WWEC League for season 2011/12. All of those interested in football will be delighted to hear this.

Midleton stormed into the game in the second half and their neat passing had the ‘Beg midfield in trouble. Only some last gasp defending kept the Magpies at bay with Gavin Kelly and Aaron Berry doing some great work. The ‘Beg were limited to counter attacks with Jordan Tynan, in particular, keeping the Midleton defenders busy. You sensed a Midleton goal was coming, and sure enough it arrived with a brilliant free kick that fizzed into the net. The game now took on new life and both teams went for the winner. It fell for the ‘Beg when a long ball over the top caught the Magpie defenders off guard and Jordan Tynan kept his composure to slot home the winner. The ‘Beg will be happy to have got out of this game with max points, but they will know a lot more work needs to be put in on the training ground if they are to maintain their unbeaten start to the season.

Last man standing

John O’Regan and Martin O’Halloran are the only two standing in our first LMS Competition. We hope to have another one up and running in the next few weeks.

Soccer Academy

Every Sunday morning from 10-11 for boys and girls aged 6- 10 years.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Springfield Ramblers U13 Premier League: Springfield Ramblers 1 Mayfield United 1 The goal was scored by Kyle O’Loughlin.

U15 Division 1: Youghal United 2 Springfield Ramblers 3

Springfield Ramblers dominated the first half and led 3-0 at half time, thanks to a superb hat trick from James O’Flynn, and some great saves from Dylan Sheridan. Youghal piled on the pressure in the second half and scored two late goals, but Springfield Ramblers held on for a much deserved victory. Kyle Pender gave a strong performance in midfield, and Jason Keating was outstanding in defence, but overall this was a great team performance.

U16 Division 4: Carrigaline Hibs 2 Springfield Ramblers 1

This was another good all round performance in a match played in ideal conditions. Springfield Ramblers scored early in the first half when a through ball by Clive Donnachie was well finished by Danny Roche. Carrigaline equalised just before half time in a tough physical encounter. Midfielder, Karl Preston equalised late in the second half when his well struck shot found the net after a scramble for the ball. Man of the match was goalkeeper, Eoin Downing who made a string of fine saves to keep the Cobh lads in the game.

U16 Premier League: Leeds 0 Cobh Ramblers 0

Even with an injury depleted squad Cobh Ramblers did more than enough to win this Premier Division tie at Leeds Park. The Cobh side started very brightly and took the game to the home side, dominating the exchanges for the first twenty five minutes. During this period Dave Curran and Jason Abbott controlled the midfield area, and were the instigators of most of the good play from the away side with their incisive passing and energy. The left sided players, Paul Ronan and Lloyd Spillane, combined brilliantly to send Ronan in on goal and he was unlucky when he struck his shot wide. Leeds rallied and had the better of the remainder of the first half. The second half belonged to the Cobh side as they dominated possession in all areas and rained chances in on the Leeds goal. But having created numerous chances they couldn’t finish any of them. The defensive line dealt ably with anything that Leeds threw at them with John Flannigan starring at centre half.

U12 Premier League: Avondale United 0 Springfield Ramblers 3

Springfield Ramblers kept up their challenge for Premier League honours with this victory away to Avondale United. Best for the Rams were Dave Coffey, Calvin Carroll and Neil Harte. The goals were scored by Adam Horgan (2) and Adam O’Sullivan.

U14 Premier League: Springfield Ramblers 3 Leeds 0

Springfield Ramblers maintained their great start to the season with an emphatic victory over Leeds at the VEC Grounds. The goals were scored by Michael Meaney, James Stoat and Gary Stack.

Mogeely FC

ON Sunday, October 3rd, we travelled away to Accrington . This was a must win game even though it was early in the season, so Timmy picked an attackminded team for this one, and it worked from the off with our

midfielders and full-backs getting involved.

After only 10 minutes John O’Donovan was brought down and the ref pointed to the spot... Up stepped Jake and, as cool as you like, tucked it in the bottom left corner. We were now pushing on going very close with shots at their goal, even hitting the post so, after some good passing, John O’Donovan broke

Midleton FC THE big game of the weekend in the Munster Senior fixture list is the semi-final of the Donie Forde Senior Cup, Midleton vs. Blarney United. The big cup clash will be held at Knockgriffin Park on Saturday, October 10th, with a 3pm kick-off. So come along and cheer on our Senior Team, The Magpies.

Cup semi-final

Senior League: Midleton 2 Everton 2

A good away league point for Midleton at Everton Park in the Munster Senior League. Everton came from behind twice, to claim a point in this 2 - 2 draw. Midleton went ahead from a penalty spot, but Everton came back to make the score 1 - 1. Midleton took the lead again before half time through another Kevin O’Brien penalty. In the second half Everton made the score 2 - 2. Both teams have made a good start to the new season.

Youth League: Midleton 3 Rockmount 1

Midleton’s youth team, who have made a good start to the season, made the trip to Rockmount Park and beat the home team 3 - 1. Midleton now top their league. Midleton scorers were Dylan O’Roiordan, Chris Cotter and Tariq Tynan in this fine away win.

Under 13 Division 3: Everton 1 Midleton 1

The old saying that it is never over until the final whistle blows was never more true in our second away game of the season. We got off to a great start when, within five minutes, a perfect cross by Conor Fitzgerald was finished with a powerful first time finish by Killian Browne. The rest of the half was fairly even with both defences making sure there were no more goals.

League away to Everton

The second half saw us dominate possession, with Owen Coates and sub, James Leahy driving us forward in mid field. With a little more luck and better finishing through and was one-on-one with the keeper, but waited for John Clifford and squared the ball to him for an easy goal.

10 minutes later Jake got back on the scoresheet with another good shot, giving the keeper no chance. After that, Timmy made 3 changes, bringing on Charles, Shane and Ethan (his first game back after a back injury).

we should have closed out the game but unfortunately, with a minute to go, Everton scored with literally their only attack of the second half.

The match petered out to finish 1 - 1, but overall the lads played very well in the second half and our unbeaten start to the campaign continues. Man of the match went to Captain, Owen Coates, for his terrific display in the centre of midfield.

The Midleton FC Under 12 team who won 5-0 in the league against Wilton

MIDLETON PANEL: Joseph Wyer, Jamie Warrington, David Murphy, Seanaidh Smyth, Ryan Denny, Cormac Beausang, Killian Browne, Owen Coates, Conor Fitzgerald, Jack Enright, Kyle McCarthy, Dylan Casey, Ross Cummins and James Leahy. Manager of the U13 Team is Martin Denny.

Results for Thursday, September 30th, for a jackpot of €10,500. The numbers drawn were 14, 15, 17 and 22. There was no winner. Bonus jackpot of €1,000. The numbers drawn were 14, 23, 26 and 28. There was no winner. Lucky dip winners who each receive €25 were, Tony O’Leary (Cormac U11), Adrian O’Donovan (Adrian), Margaret O’Rourke (J. O’Rourke), Selina Tynan (Tariq), Ann and Jimmy Mullaney (Pa), Mary Rose De La Cour (J. O’Brien), Kieran Murphy (Batts, Ann Tobin (Pa), Shane Harrington (A. Kearns) and Margaret Crowley (P. Knowles). The next lotto draw will take place on Thursday, October 7th, at the Club House, Knockgriffin Park, for a jackpot of €10,750. If you’re not in you can’t win.


Midleton ‘A’ lose tight game to Corkbeg Midleton ‘A’ 1 Corkbeg 2

Midleton ‘A’ lost this game in the last two minutes after a pulsating tussle between two well matched teams.

Without doubt Midleton ‘A’ were the better footballers, and only succumbed to the long ball game favoured by Corkbeg after their legs got tired.

Mogeely were now playing some great passing football and with a great move, with over 10 passes, Dwain was put through and just tapped the ball to the net - the first half was then over.

For the second half, from the kick off we were back on the attack, pushing forward with our defence well on top and playing great pass and move football.

The scorers for Midleton Under 12’s team vs. Wilton: Christian Daly, Garan Manley and Barry O’Callaghan

The Midleton FC Under 14 team who had a great 6-0 win over College Corinthians in the league In the opening minutes there was nothing in the game until Cork- Midleton ‘A’ dominated from beg floated a high ball into the here but were susceptible to the box, and it beat everyone to fall long ball over the top, and the into the net. Midleton ‘A’ did not high defence played by Midleton lose spirit and worked hard to was at risk. Conor Evans again get back into the game. played well in goal and cleaned In the middle of the park Conor up a number of speculative long Meade and Patrick Horgan con- balls. With the game nearing an trolled the game and used the end it seemed it would finish a wings well to put pressure on draw, until Corkbeg broke Corkbeg. However, the final through in the last 2 minutes. pass from Midleton ‘A’ was missing and the Corkbeg keeper With a strong run up the right had little to do in the first half. flank the Midleton ‘A’ defence At half time, Alan Swarbrick were out paced, and a shot from was brought on to slot into the the right of the goal 10 yards out right of midfield, and with Barry slipped past the outstretched Kenneally asked to work on the hand of Conor Evans and crept right of the front two, they linked inside the far post for the winup well and constantly put the ning goal. Corkbeg defence in trouble. It was a blow to Midleton ‘A’, After a series of good moves who were the better team on the they won a free kick on the right day, but Corkbeg deserved the side about 30 yards out and, just congratulations for working hard like the Corkbeg goal, a high ball right to the end. from Patrick Horgan into the box Scorer for Midleton A: Patrick beat the Keeper and Midleton Horgan. ‘A’ were level.

We failed to score in the second half but this was a good result and another 3 points in the bag.

These points keep us near the top of the table.

Next Sunday we are at home to Blackwater at 11.30am. TEAM: Gavin Hegarty, Ger O’Mahony, Dave Horgan, Coly Moitelliba, Gary Sweatman, John O’Donovan, Noel Early,

Dwain Bernard, Jake O’Shea, Alan Collins, John Clifford, Shane O’Donovan, Maurice Wallace, Charles Daly, Ethan Hayes.

We have our underage academy starting on October 23rd at 2pm in the soccer field. Both boys and girls from the national school level are welcome. More information week’s report.



Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Killeagh camogie Heartbreak for Sars ‘Dunne in’


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

CONGRATIONLATIONS to Inch Rovers on a great county win over Donoghmore! Good luck with the Munster campaign. Well done also to Inch Rovers U16 team on their county success. Our U15 team took on Sars in the Imokilly semi final in Killeagh on Friday, October 1st. Sars opened the scoring with a point. Jessica Treacy and Ciara Daly replied with points, before Zoe McEvoy goaled. Not to be outdone, Leah McEvoy pointed and Sars notched up 3 more points before half time.

After a lovely solo run Jessica scored goal number 2, and a number of points after. Great defending was being done in the back line by Nora Walsh and Sarah Treacy.

Castlemartyr in thriller

Castlemartyr 0-12 Cloughduv 1-11

Laura Treacy was doing great work around midfield, and dropped a lovely free under the cross bar, and added one or two more over the bar. Ali Rose pointed also. Sars goaled and had a point before the final whistle blew to leave us winners. A great game was had by all. We look forward to the final versus Carrigtwohill. Well done to all our girls who played with Imokilly,who made the win over Ballincollig in the Senior championship semi-final possible. Dates for the Killeagh senior B county Final and Imokilly senior A final are being finalised. Check with committee members. Support for both will be vital!


Junior B Football Championship: Aghada 0-3 Carrigtwohill 4-14

Aghada were well beaten in this championship match played in Carrightwohill. We got off to a good start with David Rice getting the first point of the match, and we remained very competitive for the first 20 minutes, but getting our only other scores of this match through Oisin Lynch and a Derek Bowler free. In the final 10 minutes of the half Carrig dominated, scoring 3 goals, which killed off any chance we had.

In the second half, Carrig maintained their dominance of the match and we emptied our bench to try and give everyone a run. David Rice, David O’Hanlon, Aidan O’Connell and Nigel Berry tried to the end.

AGHADA TEAM: N. Berry, A. Walsh, C. Rice, L. Morrissey, K. O’Gorman, R. Goode, T. Hartnett, A. O’Connell (Captain), R. Dwane, D. Rice, A. Cotter, D. Bowler, R. Savage, P. O’Connor, O. Lynch. Subs: D. O’Hanlon, P. Hynes, D. Kearney, M. O’Connor, B. Condon, W. O’Shea, R. Condon, D. Condon.

Lisgoold juvenile J1 Football League: Aghada 0-4 Fr. O’Neill’s 6-9

Under 13s

OUR under 13 hurlers returned to action last Saturday when we traveled to Ballygarvan to play 2 games in the All County Under 13 Hurling competition. Our first game was against Ballygarvan and after an excellent game of hurling, Lisgoold came out in top winning by 3 points.

In the second game, we proved to be much too strong for Brian Dillons and won this game well. Overall it was an excellent team performance and they go forward to play the next round on Saturday, October 9th. Check locally for details of the venue. Best of luck to this team next weekend.

Congratulations to the minors and their captain, Jamie Woods on winning the East Cork Football Championship last Friday night against Bride Rovers.

Ardmore GAA Lotto draws

No winner of the €10,000 jackpot. Numbers drawn were 4, 5, 6 and 27. No winner of the €7,400 jackpot. Numbers drawn were 2, 3, 15 and 18. The €20 consolation winners were Natalie Lehane, RZM, Declan Barron, Oliva Troy and Noel Conway.

Brian O’Tuama who had an excellent game at corner back for Castlemartyr against Cloughduv

ULTIMATELY, it was bitterly disappointing, but this bunch of Castlemartyr hurlers can hold their heads high, even though they bowed out of the County Championship for the second year running, at the hands of the men from Cloughduv. Although they came up against an opposition playing at the peak of their powers, Castlemartyr raised their own game to meet the challenge, but in the end couldn’t find the scores to draw the Cloughduv men in. But when the dust settles, and the raw wounds of this defeat begin to heal, Castlemartyr will be able to look back on a very successful year, and look forward with confidence to 2011.

The first half of this game was champagne hurling. Cloughduv started like a whirlwind and had 4 unanswered points on the board inside the first 4 minutes. But the Reds regrouped, and 4 minutes later were only 6 points to 4 behind, with Adrian, two pointed Jimmy frees and Brian Lawton raising the white flags. The game was being played at a frantic pace at this stage, with both sets of forwards looking like they could score at will, and on the 9th minute came the game’s only goal, which proved decisive. The Reds rearguard failed to clear a ball, and Dara Ring, Cloughduv’s ace corner forward, raced through the Castlemartyr defence and put the ball across, which was first timed to the net by Tom O’Mahony.It was now 1-6 to 0-4 and the mountain was a whole lot steeper. However, this goal seemed to galvanise Castlemartyr. Time and time throughout the last couple of years they have had to dig deep, and out the shovels came again. Brian Lawton took over the midfield area, and the half back line of Adrian, Brian and Darragh got on top. The previously vulnerable full back line of Barra, Rob and young Brian O’Tuama became unbeatable, and closed down their dangerous opponents.

Plenty of possession, therefore, was being delivered into the Reds forwards, and how they tried to capitalise on it. Evan, Mark and Barry especially, in the full forward line, worked their socks off to win plenty possession, but the hooking and blocking from the Cloughduv full back line was out of the top drawer. Castlemartyr had to work very hard for their scores, and eventually by half time had trimmed the margin to 1-8 to 0-8 with Jimmy, Barry, Eddie and a peach from Mark keeping the scoreboard ticking over. During this period however, Castlemartyr were very unlucky on three occasions not to have scored a goal. Twice Mark nearly breached their defence, and Barry Lawton nearly got in too, but the Cloughduv defending was top class, and kept the Reds out. Drawing breath at half time after such a frantic first half, Castlemartyr supporters were not too unhappy. After surviving the early Cloughduv onslaught, there was only a puck of a ball in it again, and the Reds

by Fr. O’Neill’s

Fr. O’Neill’s 5-9 Sarsfields 4-11

LAST Friday, Carrigtwohill hosted the U13A East Cork Hurling Final. The Carrigtwohill Club had their pitch in mint condition. Throngs of supporters milled in from all over to watch this riveting game.

There was a lively Autumn breeze blowing from the West in favour of Fr. O’Neill’s when referee, Brian Murphy, threw in the sliotar. Fr. O’Neill’s got an early goal when Billy Dunne sent in a screamer which sent the Sars net rippling and the Fr. O’Neill’s supporters jumping with joy. Scores were exchanged rapidly, and Sars resiliently fought back, gaining a four point lead at one stage despite playing against the breeze. By half time the score was 3-7 to 2-5 in favour of Fr. O’Neill’s.

If the first half was full of excitement and tension the second half had even more. Fr. O’Neill’s got off to a blistering start to this half and raced into a lead of 10 points. But Sars once again came back and levelled the match twice. In the dying minutes of this pulsating game Fr. O’Neill’s were awarded a free near the sideline 65 metres from goal. As Billy jogged up to take the free, the referee told him that it would be the last puck of the game. It was a big ask for one so young. Both sets of supporters watched in suspense, some willing it over, others? Billy kept his cool as he went through his routine. He stepped up to take the free and hit the ball sweetly and it soared between the posts. What a way to win a match, one last stroke of brilliance, leaving his final tally an incredible 5-7, an almighty score against quality opposition. Brian Murphy blew the final whistle and the mentors, parents and supporters streamed onto the pitch to congratulate their young Fr. O’Neill’s heroes. The skill and talent on show from both sides was remarkable and hurling has a bright future in the hands of these young lads.

These two teams have met in four finals since U10 and each one has been a classic. Fr. O’Neill’s have come out on top on three occasions. With the changes to come who knows when or where they will meet again in a final? Mary Buckley of the East Cork Board presented the worthy captain, Michael Millerick, with the trophy. Michael gave a speech thanking all his mentors and the referee who did a good job and Sarsfields for a great game. Then back to the clubhouse for more celebrations.

The Fr. O’Neill’s Juvenile Club would like to thank the East Cork Board for all their work over the years and it’s a credit to them that hurling has flourished in East Cork under their stewardship.

had finished the half the stronger. We had been here before, but it was going to take a super human effort to edge this one.

Unfortunately the second half started like the first for the Reds. Three quick points by the Cloughduv men put six points between the sides, and the Reds were down at the bottom of the mountain again. But again they began to climb. Step by step they got back into the game, through savage work rate and no little skill. Eddie and Seanie put their bodies on the line, time and time again, and Colin Bowens on his introduction looked lively. A fine Barry Lawton point on the 37th minute sparked a revival, with Jimmy and Eddie making it 1-11 to 0-11 by the 48th minute. A Jimmy 65 on the 54th minute brought it down to two, and we were in for a grandstand finish.

But this time there was to be no fairytale. Although plenty of ball bobbled around the Cloughduv square, the Reds couldn’t deliver the final touch, and the Cloughduv rearguard held firm. There were to be no more scores, and when the ref blew the whistle after 2 minutes injury time, the dream was over. However, this team lost nothing, but only a game in defeat. They left the field with their hearts broken, but their reputations enhanced, and we can hopefully look forward to following their adventures over the next few years. Well done to Barney and to all the lads. You have made the last couple of years a proud time to be a Castlemartyr man.

Replica jerseys

Orders are now being taken for Castlemartyr GAA replica jerseys. They come in a range of sizes 1-2, 3-4,5-6,7-8,9-10,10-11, costing €25. Sizes 13-14 and Adult -small, med, large, XL AND XXL sell at €30. Contact Club PRO Carey Joyce at 086 3681382 to secure your order.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Killeagh / Ita’s LISGOOLD juvenile Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

THE weather seemed to be in harmony with the economic outlook this week, causing some disruption and discomfort for our young sportsmen and women, and their followers. Our Under 8’s had to cancel their scheduled training on Tuesday, while our Under 13 blitz on Saturday, which was a fantastic success, was blighted by a couple of heavy downpours.

Bórd na nÓg Cathair Chorcai: Feile Iomaint Fé 13

On Tuesday last the Lord Mayor, Cllr. Mick O Connell welcomed all teams participating in this years Fé 13 Feile Iomaint Competition to the City Hall for a reception to launch this year’s outing. A great night was had by all, photos were taken and nibbles eaten as all eyes were on the wonderful Cup, sponsored by Mahers Sports, which was on display for the winners of this County competition. This is run on a blitz/league format over three weekends at different venues throughout the County. On Saturday last we hosted one of these blitzes in Páirc Uí Chinnéide. As we set about defending our ’09 title, we welcomed the visiting teams of our group, namely, Midleton, Ballinhassig and Douglas. Each would play one another over the course of the day, and when complete the top two teams from the group would progress in the competition to next Saturday’s outing.

Our opening game was against the Douglas boys as Midleton took on the challenge of Ballinhassig. Both games were full of anticipation and thrills as each fought to gain the opening two points of the league table. When the referees of the day, Maurice Mulcahy and Christy Hennessy blew the action to a close it was Douglas and Midleton who had secured those points. Douglas 3-5 to Killeagh/Ita’s 3-3 and Midleton 1-10 to Ballinhassig 2-3. After our cup of tea and light refreshments, we swapped over. We took on Ballinhassig and Midleton took on the Douglas boys.

Two more closely fought contests panned out and as the whistles sounded again, we had secured our opening two points, overcoming the boys in Blue 2-11 to 2-1. Midleton and Douglas both added a point to their tally as they ended their game in a draw, 2-6 a piece. More tea was had and tactics discussed as we headed into our last game of the day. It was all to play for as the League table read as follows; Midleton and Douglas both on three points, Killeagh/Ita’s on two and Ballinhassig bringing up the rear on zero. We knew that only a win over Midleton would secure our advancement in the competition. We witnessed a thrilling contest as Midleton also knew what they had to do. It was nip and tuck for the opening half, with both teams giving it their all and as the short whistle sounded the minimum advantage was in our favour, 0-3 to 0-2. The pattern continued in the second half, tit for tat, as both teams defended well and applied the pressure in the forward lines. Approaching the closing stages and hanging on to a point advantage, we eventually broke through their defence and found the net; we were given a little breathing space.

This was short lived as Midleton were awarded not one, but two, close range frees in the dying moments of this thriller, but lucky for us they opted to take their points. As we watched the clock tick, we breathed a sigh of relief as the final whistle sounded. We had secured our place in next Saturday’s outing on a score of 1-6 to 0-5, alongside Douglas who overcame Ballinhassig in their closing game, 3-5 to 2-4. We look forward to next week when we will group with three other teams and try to do it all again and advance to the final. Only one team will qualify next week from the group, extra pressure. Well done lads and the best of luck. Many thanks to the ladies who served the tea and refreshments throughout the day, and to those who helped set up the pitches and tidy up after.


The cailíní have been showing us how to do it in the past week! Inch Rovers have regained their Senior County Title, beating rivals Donoughmore in a game of the highest quality on Saturday last in CIT. Well done to Noel and his team, and to the dedicated and skillful panel of players he has assembled. We’d love to see ye go all the way this time and win the All-Ireland, so go for it, girls! Also, well done to the Inch Rovers U-16 team who won the County on Sunday last, and to Imokilly’s camogie team who have qualified for the County Final.


NEWLYWEDS Mike O’Shea and Esther Barry were feted long into the night by a huge local crowd after their nuptials this weekend, and all in CLCG Lios gCúl hope that Mike and Esther have a long and happy life together, and that life brings them the happiness together that they both deserve.


Well done to the sides recording milestone successes in the Club in recent weeks, including the Ladies Football Under 14’s and U12’s who each celebrated Championship success in the past fortnight, the success of the U13 hurlers in the pre-Feile Tournament, as well as great performances by our U7’s and U8’s in their hurling blitzes. Indeed, as the playing year wraps up across all age groups and sports within the Club, it is important to recognise the individual and collective efforts made by everyone within our Club. Whether success came your way or not, and whether you played a large or small role in the Club, we appreciate every minute of volunteering spirit that has been put to such good use within CLCG Lios gCúl in 2010. May enjoyment continue to be your driving force, and success be your reward, in 2011. Finally, best wishes to our Under 7’s, Under 8’s, Under 9’s and Under 10’s hurlers as they take part in the Inter - County Hurling Tournament in Cahir, Co. Tipperary next Saturday.

Club Building Development Programme

The first meeting of the Club Development Committee took place last week in Lisgoold, as the plans for the new Dressing Room and Complex were unveiled. Much anticipation exists as to the progress being envisaged. It is hoped that the initial fund raising event in support of the Project will take place later this Autumn, and a quick start to the project will be made soon after. The building work will take up to 12 / 18 months to complete, and it is expected that the finished project will provide significant benefits for the Club, and, of course, the wider community. We have always benefited from the support of the Community in every facet, both on and off the field, and know that support will be most welcome once again in this long term project. We, in CLCG Lios gCúl, take our social responsibility very seriously, and are proud of the very small role that we play in our Community in terms of entertainment and development of our young people. This project will assist the continuation of these objectives. Copies of the plans are available from any Committee member.


The winning numbers in this weeks lotto jackpot draw were 4, 6 and 16, and we had no ticket that matched the numbers drawn. Therefore, the Jackpot Prize continues to grow. Congratulations to the Consolation Prize winners this week, who were Declan Whelan, Paudi Ryan, Mike Mulcahy and Terry Hickey.

Fr. O’Neill’s Camogie Fashion Show

THE above, entitled ‘Fall Fashion Fever’ will take place at the Garryvoe Hotel on Friday, October 8th. Tickets cost €10 each and can be bought from any member of the camogie club.

Cobh Minors win East Cork Football Championship:


Cobh 1-17 St. Catherine’s 0-05

THE Cobh minor footballers went some way to making up for the disappointment of losing the hurling final by annexing the ‘B’ football championship with a facile win over St. Catherine’s at Lisgoold on Saturday last. Learning from the hurling final, the Cobh team were very efficient in their play, never relented with the pressure they applied to their opponents and took nothing for granted this time around. Cobh were much the stronger outfit and with youngsters John Flanagan, Kieran Histon and Luke Curran giving an exhibition, aided by the slightly ‘older’ Jamie Moynihan, Cian Spriggs and Mark Foley, they took control of the game early on and powered home to victory in the second half. Well done to the players and management on this fine win and best of luck in the County Championship.

U9’s & U10’s take a ‘Trip to Tipp’

On Saturday, October 2nd, a busload of our U9 and U10 hurlers and their coaches headed for Thurles to play local club Dúrlas Óg. The lads played three matches against the Tipp boys and, although the sides were evenly matched, Cobh did manage to come out on top in all of the games when the final whistle was blown. Great fun was had on the bus on the way up and down and the stop off for lunch on the way home at the Corbett Court capped a great day for this very good bunch of young hurlers who have had a busy year on the hurling fields of Cork (and beyond). Well done and a big thank you to John Kidney for organising the trip, to the coaches who travelled with the teams and indeed to the parents and families of the boys who travelled to support their young rebels on their adventure over the county bounds. Most of all, well done to all the players who behaved themselves impeccably and continue to be a credit to their families and their club.

Street Leagues

The annual, Cobh Credit Union sponsored, hurling street leagues are now up and running. The U12 games, under lights on Friday nights, U7’s on Sundays at 10:30am and U9’s at 11.30am on the same day. Teams and match details are now available to view on the Gaa website, in local newsletters and in the schools.


6/10/10: U15 City hurling championship - Cobh vs. Brian Dillon’s in Cobh (top pitch) at 7pm.

Subscriptions are now due for the Cork Gaa Clubs Draw ’10 / ’11 Draw members are asked to forward payment (€100 for the twelve monthly draws and a weekly lotto) to their promoter as soon as possible. Subs can also be paid at the club bar. Thank you to everyone for their support of this draw which is one of our most important fundraising activities each year. New members to the draw are always welcome.

Jersey boys at St. Ita’s fundraiser

A ST. Ita’s GAA fundraiser was held in Farrell’s Bar, Youghal last Friday night and was a great success. The plan was to auction off the County Final jerseys from 2007 on the night, but the committee had made a decision to offer the players a chance to buy the jerseys they wore first, and any jerseys left over would be auctioned off. The response from the players was fantastic with nearly every player opting to buy their own jersey. So, on the night, it was a matter of presenting the jerseys to the players and this was made by

Johnny Dineen of John Dineen Bookmakers, who had sponsored the jerseys at that time. There will be another night out, and if there are any remaining jerseys, it was decided to auction them then.

John Dineen and committee members from St. Ita’s GAAare pictured with Michael Farrell, Farrell’s Bar at the jersey auction

Thanks must go to Farrell’s Bar who provided us with fantastic facilities, snacks, and a warm place on the evening. Thanks must also go the all the people who supported us on the night and to the committee for organising this fundraising event.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Imokilly books county final date with Inniscarra Imokilly Camogie 2-8 Ballincollig 1-8 DECLAN BARRON REPORTS FROM CASTLE ROAD

East Cork GAA Fixtures THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7TH: East Cork Oil Junior B Hurling Championship: Dungourney vs. Erin’s Own at Carrigtwohill, 8pm.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9TH: Michael O’Connor Motor Factors Junior B Football Championship: St. Catherine’s vs. Carraig na bhFearr at Rathcormac, 4.30pm.

East Cork GAA Results Minor C Football Championship: Bride Rovers 2-10, Lisgoold 4-6

Ml. O’Connor Motor Factors Junior A Football Championship: Cloyne 0-9 Erin’s Own 1-4

Ml. O’Connor Motor Factors Junior B Football Championship: Glenbower Rovers 1-8 Youghal 2-9 Aghada 0-3 Carrigtwohill 4-14 Star Homes JHL - Div 2: Bride Rovers - Aghada Sarsfields 2-10 Carrigtwohill 2-13 Youghal - Watergrasshill -

The Imokilly team that won their replay with Ballincollig to qualify for the county final

Garryvoe Hotel JFL Division 1 : Aghada 0-4, Fr. O’Neill’s 6-5 Lisgoold - Erin’s Own Ballinacurra 0-7 Cloyne 3-12

THE IMOKILLY Camogie team is back in the county final after a hard fought victory over Ballincollig in the replay of their semi final played on Sunday afternoon in Castle Road, Mahon. Conditions in the opening half were far from ideal as wind and rain made life difficult for both sides.

Garryvoe Hotel JFL Division 2 : Glanmire 1-7 Dungourney 1-3 Russell Rovers - Castlelyons -

Garryvoe Hotel JFL Division 3: Lisgoold - Youghal Carraig na bhFearr 1-6 Cloyne 0-3 Youghal 2-10 Carrigtwohill 3-4

In the drawn match there was little to choose between the sides, and again on this occasion it was close throughout a tight opening half with every score hard earned.

Michael Feeney Builders Minor A Hurling League: Watergrasshill - Youghal Michael Feeney Builders Minor A Football League: Killeagh/Ita’s 3-7 Glenville 5-6

Youghal camogie

Denise Cronin, who was brilliant throughout for Ballincollig, twice put her side in front from frees but each time Imokilly answered with Marie O’Neill slotting over two fine points from play. Gearoidin Kearney from a 45 then edged Imokilly back in front, but in a game that flowed from end to end Patricia Buttimer had the sides level for a third time on 20 minutes with her sides first point from play. By half time however Imokilly were in front as Angela Walsh cancelled out a good Samantha Coomey point, before Shona Cunningham had the best score of the half to leave Imokilly in front by 0-5 to 0-4 after a really well contested opening half, played in far from ideal conditions.

On the resumption the sun arrived, with the game brightening up as a result as well. Denise Cronin continued to lead the way for Ballincollig and landed two points to regain the lead, but Sarah Harrington had the sides level for a fifth time as the contest really began to hot up. Ballincollig, through Linda Dorgan, got their noses in front once more as we headed into the final quarter, but it was to be the last time they were in front.

Youghal 2-6 Ballinascarty 1-8

Imokilly was now putting together some good moves with Mary O’Connor really beginning to dominate, and it was a pass from O’Connor to Angela Walsh that led to the opening goal as Walsh shot low and hard and Imokilly were back in front with just 12 minutes remaining. Within two minutes Imokilly were five points to the good as Emer O’Farrell shot a second goal for the East Cork side. When Angela Walsh added another point with just six minutes remaining, it was looking good for Imokilly. They did, however, have to withstand a late Ballincollig

Sarah Harrington and Shona Cunningham battle for possession rally and when Denise Cronin blasted the ball to the net there was just a goal between the sides. Ballincollig tried all they knew to get another major, but time ran out for them as Imokilly held on to book their county final slot against Inniscarra, who earlier in the day had won through to the decider with just a point to spare over Douglas.

Great defending by Ann Marie Walsh, Sandra Smiddy and Mary O’Connor in front of Stefanie Beausang kept Ballincollig at bay and those two quick fire goals were enough to get Imokilly over the finish line.

IMOKILLY: A Walsh 1-2, M O’Neill and G Kearney 0-2 each, E O’Farrell 10, S Harrington and S Cunningham 0-1 each BALLINCOLLIG: D Cronin 1-5, L Dorgan, P Buttimer and S Coomey 0-1 each. IMOKILLY: S Beausang, N O’Keeffe, N Barry, S Smiddy, A Walsh, M O’Connor, AM Walsh, E Murphy, S Harrington, S Cunningham, A Walsh, E O’Farrell, C Keohane, M O’Neill and G Kearney. Sub Annie Walsh. BALLINCOLLIG: A Sheehan, E O’Sullivan, A Coughlan, K O’Donoghue, A Cotter, C Irish, D Cronin, L Dorgan, S Coomey, L Weste, S Buckley, P Buttimer, M O’Donoghue and H Coomey. Subs used A Lovett and J Ryle. REFEREE: Michael Sheehan, Liscarroll.

IT was a day that will go down in the history of the club, as it is the first time Youghal Camogie have achieved the double. After winning the County Championship for the first time in 32 years, the girls weren’t prepared to let the League final slip away. They knew they would have their work cut out, as they had come up against Ballinascarty in the Championship final in August.

Each and every girl on the panel has worked so hard throughout the year to make this possible, and a huge thanks for the dedication of their mentors, Eoin O’Siochrú, Ken Bulman, Ger Motherway and Janette Power. A special thank you to Alan Geary, our Physio throughout the league and Championship, who kept the girls fit, and gave great advice. The panel have been mentioned individually throughout the year in different write ups, and they could certainly all be written about again, as they gave it everything on the pitch last Saturday. The Juniors look forward to next year as they progress to Junior B. The season is not over yet for the Club, as our U18’s have progressed to the County Final. The date provisionally booked is October 23rd. Also, our U16’s are in the County Semi-Final, which is a great credit to them. The success in the club has been amazing this year, which is attributable to people working successfully together throughout the year. We must also remember our U12’s who have won the County earlier in the year, and again extend our congratulations to them. We would again like to thank our very kind sponsors this year Youghal Credit Union, Maggie May’s Bar & John Sloane.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Sarsfields go in search of County Final glory once again Declan Barron previews Sunday’s County Final vs. Glen Rovers

THE big day has arrived once more in Cork and after a tremendous season of hurling it is Sarsfields and Glen Rovers who have emerged from the bunch to contest the 2010 county final. A new format this season has seen both of Sunday’s finalists avail of their second chance, as both were defeated first time out. For Sarsfields it will be a third consecutive appearance in the final, being successful in 2008

against Bride Rovers, while in 2009 Newtownshandrum got the better of a Sarsfields side who failed to perform as well as they might have on the day, with Newtown running out comfortable winners in the end. This time round Sars will be a year older and, perhaps, wiser and under new management they have evolved throughout the season. They have arrived at this final on the back of two good displays in

the quarter final and semi final. Earlier in the year Sars had to contend with almost half of their starting fifteen being involved with Cork county teams, while the involvement of sister club, Glanmire, in football action was also an added complication in the preparation of the side. Gradually, however, with Cork and Glanmire commitments lessening the nucleus of a new team began to emerge. Like a jigsaw

Sarsfields Hurling Club Everyone at Sarsfields Hurling Club wishes Alan Kenne dy and the Senior Hurlers the best of luck in the Cork Senior Hurling Final Sarsfields would like to thank our main sponsor, O’Connell Transport,

and all our other sponsors for their continued support for our hurling teams

To keep in to uch with the club check o ut the club website,

puzzle, many of the pieces are now beginning to fit together into a cohesive unit that has developed a great work ethic, as was seen in the recent defeat of Erin’s Own where Sars fought for every ball as if their lives depended on it.

Sarsfields will be led on this occasion by goalkeeper, Alan Kennedy, who has been in terrific form of late and the reassuring last line of defence has certainly settled the team. In front of him Darren Kenneally, Joe Barry and the tigerish Conor O’Sullivan have barely put a foot wrong in recent games, snuffing out the opposition threat on goal. The half back line has been pivotal to success with Gary O’Kelly Lynch, Ray Ryan and Craig Leahy settling into their new roles well with Ryan, in particular, emerging as a key figure with his great reading of situations. In midfield, the lionhearted Pat Ryan now makes his appearances late on and it is left to young guns, Daniel Roche and Daniel Kearney to keep the show on the road. Their mobility and ability to contribute scores from the midfield sector is another reason why Sarsfields are in this final, while Tadgh Óg Murphy could also operate here if required. In attack, the big decision will be whether Robert O’Driscoll has recovered from the hamstring injury that kept him out of the semi final win, with Gavin O’Loughlin returning from suspension to put in a good shift in attack. Should O’Driscoll be passed fit to play, then Eoin O’Sullivan might drop to the bench. If O’Driscoll is kept in reserve, and I suspect he will, then the same six forwards should line out with Cian McCarthy and Tadgh Óg Murphy on the wings with Kieran Murphy at centre forward. The inside trio of Gavin O’Loughlin, Michael Cussen and Eoin O’Sullivan are all good score takers in a forward division that is capable of being switched about. Other players such as the aforementioned Pat Ryan, William Kear-

ney, Ronan Murphy, John Murphy, Cian Smith, Gary Grey, Cormac Duggan, Brian McCarthy, Thomas Crowley, James Burke, Joe Kennedy and Sub keeper, William O’Flynn will all be ready should they be called into the action.

It is a strong Sarsfields outfit that has certainly improved since the first round defeat to Midleton, with wins over Blackrock and Killeagh putting them into the quarter final. Here, Bride Rovers were easily accounted for before, perhaps, their best performance to date with the semi final victory over great rivals, Erin’s Own giving them a third final appearance in a row. New manager, John Crowley has done things his way and along with selectors, Vince Barry, Ray O’Rahilly and Terry O’Brien, they have brought the side along nicely, while Christine O’Neill has the side in fine physical shape. Sars, who won their first final back in 1951 when they defeated Glen Rovers, were also defeated by the Glen in 1989 so there is a long standing respect between the clubs, and a friendly rivalry which should lead to a fine game on Sunday. Both sides know one another well and two seasons ago the Glen somewhat mugged Sarsfields to claim a county U21 title, so the chance for atonement exists for many of the Sars players who were

involved on that night. Glen Rovers will be no pushover and since their first round loss to North side rivals, Na Piarsigh, they are a transformed side, much like Tipperary who lost out to Cork and then came along to garner the prize in the final. Glen Rovers, whose tradition will serve them well, have improved out of all recognition and while their marquee player is Patrick Horgan, they are certainly no one man show with plenty of match winners appearing in their games to date.

Since their first round defeat Glen Rovers have overcome Bride Rovers, in that best forgotten encounter that saw both clubs fined €10,000, in a match that took extra time to decide the issue. In round four St Finbarr’s took the Glen to a replay before the Glen emerged triumphant at the second time of asking, to book a quarter final spot. Up next was the Magpies of Midleton with another draw the outcome, and here again the Glen proved the master in an absorbing replay to book their semi final spot against Douglas who were last season’s Premier Intermediate champions. A good start saw Glen Rovers lead from start to finish in a game that never really got going. However, the Glen’s extended season has seen them play some fine hurling with Patrick Horgan out on his own in

Path to the Finals

ROUND 1 Sarsfields 0-14 Midleton 1-14 Glen Rovers 2-5 Na Piarsigh 415

ROUND 2 Sarsfields 2-19 Blackrock 1-6 Glen Rovers 3-23 Bride Rovers 1-17 (AET) ROUND 4 (KNOCKOUT) Sarsfields 0-13 Killeagh 0-11 Glen Rovers 2-15 St Finbarr’s 4-9 (Draw)

Glen Rovers 2-14 St Finbarrs 111 (Replay) QUARTER FINAL Sarsfields 2-20 Bride Rovers 26 Glen Rovers 2-13 Midleton 019 (Draw) Glen Rovers 3-15 Midleton 410 (Replay) SEMI FINAL Sarsfields 0-17 Erin’s Own 015 Glen Rovers 1-17 Douglas 1-12

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Cork Senior Hurling Final - Sarsfields vs. Glen Rovers Sunday, October 10th, in Páirc Uí Chaoimh at 4pm

the scoring stakes shooting 6-52 to date. His nearest challenger still left in the hunt is Cian McCarthy who is in third spot behind Eoghan Murphy, whose season is now over. Glen Rovers have mixed their side up in many of the games, with Cathal Hickey keeping goal in front of Stephen McDonald, Ben Murphy and Gavin Moylan while Shane Kennefick is also in contention to start. Outside them Brian Moylan and Graham Callinan have been the driving force from the wing back positions, while Paul O’Brien has been steady in the centre. At midfield Denis O’Callaghan would usually be partnered by Donal Cronin but injury might rule him out, with Alan Dunlea his most likely replacement.

In attack, Dean Brosnan and David Goggin, along with team captain David Cunningham have all done well at times while Conor Dorris, Richard Whitty, Paul Virgo and David Busteed have all been a good support cast for Patrick Horgan who has been their scorer in chief this season.

Who will win?

The answer to that question will be known about 5-45pm on Sunday evening but I think that, if Sarsfields can come to grips with Patrick Horgan, then the Riverstown outfit will be well on their way to victory. There will be some interesting battles, none more so than Graham Callinan on Cian McCarthy, if that emerges, as McCarthy has been in inspired form this season, both from placed balls

and from frees. Glen Rovers were in real trouble against the giant Asaki O’hAilpin in the opening round, so perhaps another big man in the shape of Michael Cussen could again cause problems in front of goal. All season long Cork captain, Kieran Murphy, has struggled to hit his best form, but in the semi final he was back to his brilliant best. If Fraggy is on form then I suspect that Sarsfields will have too much attacking flair for a Glen Rovers side hoping to bridge a 21 year gap since their last win in 1989. For Sarsfields, victory would mean a second title in three years which, for this team, would be a great return.

THREE KEY MEN FOR EACH SIDE FOR GLEN ROVERS: Graham Callinan, David Cunningham and Patrick Horgan FOR SARSFIELDS: Kieran Murphy, Michael Cussen and Cian McCarthy

REMARKABLE, is the only word that describes the achievements of Sarsfields Hurling Club over the course of the last decade. County Minor titles, County Under 21 and East Cork Under 21 titles and Senior County title.

A lot of credit must be attributed to Sarsfields Juvenile Hurling Club, headed up over twenty five years ago by Paddy Walsh, still a very keen follower of the club. A man who remains anonymous in all this success is present Juvenile Chairman, Brendan Coppinger, whose no nonsense type of leadership is to be very much welcomed. Brendan has been at the helm now for twenty years or so, along with colleagues Gearóid Duggan, Mary Roche, Julie Quinn, Marty Fleming and James Barry. Their contribution to the present day success cannot be underestimated.

Team Captains

Sarsfields will be captained by Alan Kennedy from the number one spot and the goalkeeper has been in fine form all season. His opposite number will be David Cunningham who has worked hard from the centre forward position for the Glen and is very strong going forward, which sees him win a lot of frees for his side.

The curtain raiser on Sunday will be the meeting of Tracton and Ballymartle in the Premier Intermediate Hurling final, and this battle between the two south east sides should be a great contest with the throw in here at 2pm. Ballymartle, who defeated Tracton in the opening round, were last year’s runners up so they will be the favourite going into the game, but in a local derby game anything can happen. The Blackrock team of 1985 will be feted between the games.

Sarsfields Hurling Club’s achievements remarkable, says club PRO

Brooklodge, Glanmire, Co. Cork Tel. 021 4821357 Fax. 021 4821122

This is very much a golden era within the club at all levels. Development continues, despite the recession, under the guidance of Senior Chairman Tadhg Murphy, whose exploits on and off the field both for Cork and Sarsfields I don’t need to mention. Tadhg has courageously forged ahead with wheelchair access to all levels of the clubhouse which, when

completed will be a major benefit to all concerned.

Manager, John Crowley is now chasing his third county title, having previously managed Sarsfields to win the County U21 title in 2003 and County Premier Minor title in 2007. Many of those players are now members of the current senior squad. John is ably support by experienced selectors, Ray Rahilly, Vincie Barry, Terry O’Brien and John O’Connell. Regardless of this Sunday’s outcome, this particular team has created it’s own bit of history by being the first Sarsfields Senior Hurling team to contest three consecutive finals, winning at their first attempt in 2008. Preparations are well under way in the Glanmire area for the return of the Seán Óg Murphy Cup. Best of luck from all in Sarsfields Hurling Club. - Dave McCarthy, PRO Sarsfields Hurling Club

Best wishes & good luck to Sarsfields from O’Connell Transport Ltd.


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Best of luck to the Sarsfields lads from all at Cork Radiator Covers


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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


crowned Ladies Football County Champions Inch Rovers 0-15 Donoughmore 0-8

Baile na Corra


Junior B Hurling semi-final

THE hurlers travel to Carrigtwohill today, October 6th at 7.30pm to take on Midleton in the semi-final of the Junior B Championship. It’s over six weeks since that great victory over St Catherine’s in the quarter-final, so the lads are sure to be raring to go. The management team of Martin Walsh, Colin Richards and John Power have put in a huge amount of effort to get the team primed for this one.

No doubt this is a mammoth task for The Village, but they have the hurling and team spirit to come out on the right side of this one. The Club would be more than delighted to see a large contingent come along and support the team for this game. With the effort everyone involved with the team has put in this year, it would be fitting if they received the support they deserve.

Raffle results

We recently held a raffle to raise much needed funds for the club. Thanks to everyone who supported the draw. Special mention goes to those who sold tickets for this fund raiser. 1st Prize (Signed Cork Hurling Jersey): Joan Lordan c/o Amy Keohane 2nd Prize (Signed Cork Hurley): Amy Keohane, Midleton 3rd Prize (Signed Cork Sliothar) : Niamh Wade, Mogeely INCH Rovers regained the county senior ladies football title with a fully deserved win over arch rivals, Donoughmore, in a match played at the CIT grounds in Cork on Saturday evening. Dual star, Mary O’Connor was the scoring ace for the East Cork girls as she was in unstoppable form and slotted over nine points for the challengers. These two sides know one another well, but strangely the teams were level just once as Inch Rovers dominated proceedings on the scoreboard.

Mary O’Connor was well supported in attack by county colleague Amy O’Shea while Jessica O’Shea and Claire Keohane also got in on the scoring stakes for Inch. Donoughmore were very reliant on midfielders, Juliet Murphy and Gemma O’Connor, as their attack was snuffed out by a strong Inch Rovers defence. Angela Walsh, Sandra Smiddy and Jenny Duffy were all in fine form, while Annie Walsh and Orla Cotter put in a good shift at midfield for the new champions. Donoughmore did create a few goal scoring chances but failed

to take them. In contrast, Inch Rovers made some fine point scoring chances which Mary O’Connor lapped up as she scored seven points from play to go with her two frees as Inch Rovers opened up a match winning gap either side of half time. When these sides met last year Donoughmore deprived Inch Rovers of a three in a row. On this occasion, however, there was no denying a hungry Inch Rovers side that ran out convincing and worthy winners, and will now progress to the Munster final in two weeks time. Team captain Gearoidine Kearney who kept a clean sheet in goal picked

up the cup for a delighted Inch Rovers side.

INCH ROVERS: M O’Connor 0-9, A O’Shea 0-3, J O’Shea 0-2 and C Keohane 0-1 DONOUGHMORE: J Murphy 0-3, G O’Connor 0-2, L O’Donoghue, A Healy and A O’Connor 0-1 each. INCH ROVERS: G Kearney, M Kennedy, A Walsh, J Duffy, D O’Shea, S Smiddy, L Williams, Annie Walsh, O Cotter, AM Walsh, S Harrington, J O’Shea, C Keohane, M O’Connor and A O’Shea. Subs used J Horan and A McCarthy. DONOUGHMORE: C O’Connell, E Walsh, L Barrett, R Buckley, A Barrett, R O’Mahony, AM O’Shea, G O’Connor, J Murphy, O Healy, Y Twomey, R Curtin, R Cogan, L O’Donoghue and A O’Connor. REFEREE: D Carroll, Kanturk.

Juvenile Club

Our U12s played Cloyne recently in Páirc Na Gael. Despite the fact that we fielded several 8/9 year olds, it’s fair to say that the team acquitted themselves very well indeed. Certainly the older players showed that they have the ability to compete, and should hold their heads up high and some great performances.We hope to get in a few more games before the end of the season. Parents should keep an eye out for texts for upcoming games.

Club Shop

The Club Shop is open every Saturday morning from 10.30am and 12 noon between now and Christmas. There are plenty of gift ideas from the very young to the not so young including poloshirts, hoodies, hurleys, hats, t-shirts and many many more items.

Defibrillator Training

Don’t forget that the Club are willing to provide defibrillator training to any member who is interested in doing so. Please contact Dougie at 086 0609737 or any other committee member if you are interested.

Midleton Ladies Gaelic Footballers make history!

All-Ireland 7’s

MIDLETON Ladies made history last Saturday by becoming the first Midleton Ladies Football team to take part in the AllIreland Ladies 7’s tournament in Dublin (pictured right).

The tournament was held in Naonh Mearnog and St Sylvester’s Club on the north side of Dublin. We were drawn in group 2 with Drumlane (Cavan), Glinsk (Roscommon), Thomas Davis (Dublin) and Scoil Ui Conal ( Dublin), Midleton lost their first game against Drumlane by 0-6 to 3- 9. It took Midleton awhile to settle and get used to the 7 a side format. Drumlane went on to be defeated in the Semi Final. Round 2 we faced Glinsk where we were beaten by 0-2 to 0-5 but this was a much better effort by all the girls and the game was stuck 0-2 to 0-3 up until the last 3 minutes. Round 3 came quickly. We faced Thomas Davis who ran out winner by 1-6 to 4-6 and goals really made the difference in this game. Finally we played Scoil Uí Conal from Dublin. This was a cracking game, which Midleton lost

by a point on a score line of 4-3 to 3-7. Amy McCarthy nearly rescued us with some great attempts at goal. This was a great day of football for all and Midleton will now make this a permanent fixture in the Diary. We hope that all players would aspire to making this team in the future. The club would like to thank Margaret McEvoy, Jimmy McEvoy, Aidan Dardis and

Brian Leamy for helping out with the girls on the day and travelling to Dublin. A big thank you to the players, Amy McCarthy, Leah McEvoy, Zoe McEvoy, Leanne Ahern, Claire Fenton, Laura Daly, Riona Abernethy, Lisa Curtin, Julia O’Brien, Emma Haughney, Karen Ring. Finally, Midleton Ladies Club would like to thank John Hurley of Hurley’s SuperValu, Midleton for their contribution to the weekend. Hurley’s provided the

girls with all the food and drinks for the day at the 7’s. Thanks, John.

Minor County Championship

Midleton made the long journey to Dunmanway for the quarter final of the Minor championship last Tuesday evening to play against Illen Rovers. This is played with 13 a side rather than

the normal 15 a side. The girls overcame their disappointment of being beaten last week in the East Cork Championship final against Carrigtowhill. The girls started at a very quick pace and had a lot of the play in the first 10 minutes, but found themselves 0-1 to 1-0 down after the opening 10 minutes. Orlagh Farmer then burst through the Illen defence to blast the ball into the roof of the net. This passage of play really settled the girls. Edel Manley and Niamh Farrell were doing a great job in the back line, and these two young players have a great future ahead of them. Niamh Moloney and Shannon Burke showed some great control in the middle of the field and gave some great ball into the forwards, where Leah McEvoy and Zoe McEvoy started to get the upper hand. The half time score was Midleton 5-07 Illen Rovers 1-01. Ray O’Brien gave the girls some great encouragement and stressed that they had only won the first half and not the game. Illen Rovers came at Midleton at the start of the second half which

was to be expected. Once Midleton weathered the storm they got back into their stride, with Emma Keane scoring 1-01. Emma had a great game on the night. Emma Haughney held the centre back position and made it very difficult for the Illen Rovers star player to make any ground.

Midleton ran out winners on a score of Midleton 5-14 to Illen Rovers 3-06. SCORERS: Leah McEvoy 003, Zoe McEvoy 3-03, Emma Keane, 1-01, Orlagh Farmer 103, Naimh Moloney 0-02, Claire O’Brien 0-01. The work rate of all the girls on the night was fantastic. They can now look forward to a semifinal meeting with the winners of Castlemagner and Passage.


Midleton Ladies Club would like to welcome Sarah Fahy to the club. Sarah played her club football with Glanmire and played as corner back on the Cork U14 team this year when they defeated Kerry in the Munster final. We are delighted to welcome a player with Sarah’s experience to the club and we wish her every success in the Midleton Club

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Castlemartyr run out of time as Cloughduv hold on Castlemartyr 0-12 Cloughduv 1-11

CASTLEMARTYR once again had to give best to Cloughduv at the semi final stage in the County Junior A Hurling Championship, as on last Sunday night in Páirc Uí Rinn, the Muskerry champions just about got home in front of Castlemartyr who pushed them all the way on this occasion. On another day they may well have won as on the night a few chances went abegging. The old adage that a good start is half the battle, worked well for Cloughduv as they started off in whirlwind fashion, and were out of the blocks from the first whistle. They rattled off four points in as many minutes, as their forwards were razor sharp in front of the posts with Daragh Ryan, Tom O’Mahony, Brian Ahearn and Pat Dunlea all on the mark. Indeed, Cloughduv had no wide in the opening half in contrast to Castlemartyr who had half a dozen shots off target in that first half. Castlemartyr took a while to get up to the pace of the game, but Adrian Bowens got them off the mark with a fine point. With Jimmy Smiddy on target the East Cork champions slowly, but surely, began to work their way back into contention. Donal

Castlemartyr’s Mark Bowes puts Colm Ryan under pressure (Photo: Denis O’Flynn) Murphy and Daragh Ryan had to just two points in that second Eddie Clifford and Mark Bowen points for Cloughduv who got a quarter. With Barry Lawton all shot points, the goal Castlehuge boost in the 12th minute as going well the Castlemartyr at- martyr craved never arrived, and Tom O’Mahony finished the ball tack began to make inroads into at half time Castlemartyr trailed to the net. Castlemartyr trailed the Cloughduv defence. Castle- by 0-8 to 1-8. by 1-6 to 0-5 at the end of a su- martyr may well have had a perb opening quarter with Brian penalty but referee, Ken Healy, The improvement shown by Lawton getting a fine point from allowed Mark Bowens an ad- Castlemartyr needed to continue play for Castlemartyr. vantage that never accrued and in the second half, but again it the chance of a goal was lost. was Cloughduv that got the betAs the half progressed the Barry Lawton almost raised a ter start with Donal Corkery Castlemartyr defence began to green flag as well, but he was from a 65 and Andrew Cronin get to grips with the fleet footed forced wide as Cloughduv sur- from play getting points while it Cloughduv attack and held them vived. While Barry Lawton, took a good recovery from Dave


. Fleming to prevent a second goal for Cloughduv. Corkery stretched the lead to six points in the sixth minute, and this was to be Cloughduv’s final score as Castlemartyr again took the game to Cloughduv with Brian Lawton a driving force from midfield. Slowly, but surely, Castlemartyr began to whittle down the deficit as Barry Lawton and Jimmy Smiddy had points to close the gap to four as the third quarter elapsed. Castlemartyr were hurling well but finding the Cloughduv defence a tough nut to crack, as they tackled hard and fair and conceded very few close in frees. Time was not on the Castlemartyr side, and while Eddie Clifford and Jimmy Smiddy reduced the lead to just two points they still looked as if it would take a goal to win it. That goal almost arrived but the ball spun away from Mark Bowen and Colm Ryan in the Cloughduv goal, and they managed to push it to safety. Against Buttevant two weeks ago the East Cork men were in an almost similar position, with long range points from Jimmy Smiddy keeping them in touch. On this occasion Smiddy saw two huge efforts just fall short as

Castlemartyr failed to take advantage of those long range frees. In the end, just two minutes of injury time was played as time ran out for Castlemartyr with the finish line coming just in time for Cloughduv who will now face Meelin from Duhallow in the final. Last year Cloughduv got caught by Fermoy in the final so they, too, will have a chance to make amends this time round. For Castlemartyr it was a case of so near and yet so far for another year. This time round Castlemartyr hurled well, and but for the poor start in either half, would probably have won.

CASTLEMARTYR: J Smiddy 0-5, E Clifford and Barry Lawton 0-2 each, M Bowens, Brian Lawton and A Bowens 0-1 each. CLOUGHDUV: T O’Mahony 1-1, D Ryan, P Dunlea, and D Corkery 0-2 each, A Cronin, B Ahearn, C Dunne and D Murphy 0-1 each. CASTLEMARTYR: D Fleming, D O’Keeffe, R O’Donovan, Barra O’Tuama, E Clifford, B Smiddy, A Bowens, P Horgan, B Lawton, J Smiddy, S Hennessy, B O’Tuama, Barry Lawton, E O’Keeffe and M Bowens. Sub used C Bowens. CLOUGHDUV: C Ryan, T McCarthy, P O’Sullivan, L Buckley, A Cronin, A Ahearn, J McCarthy, D Corkery, D O’Leary, B Ahearn, T O’Mahony, P Dunlea, C Dunne, D Murphy and D Ring. Subs used G Ahearn, J Lucey, P Creedon and D O’Sullivan. REFEREE: Ken Healy, Ballymartle

Inch Rovers U14 East Cork Championship Final 2010: Inch Rovers 4 -8 Mayfield 3-3


WE played our East Cork Championship Final on September 25th, in Carrigtohill against Mayfield. The weather was fine and the team were in good spirits. The game was to start at 6.15pm but due to heavy traffic and roadworks on the road towards Midleton some of the girls were delayed. The game kicked off at 6.25pm. We also didn’t have our regular goalkeeper on the night due to other commitments, but Niamh Roche from the U12 panel stepped for which we were very grateful. Mayfield got off to a great start and seemed to settle fast.

Our girls missed a few easy points and had the opportunities to score, but seemed nervous at the start of the game. Mayfield got the first score of the game with a point from play after 10 minutes.

The highlight of the night was our U12 player, Amy Beniam, who went off injured in the second half. But was determined to come back, which she did, and scored to get a brilliant goal to bring the full time score to 4-8 to 3-3 . The girls went wild with excitement and shock after being down 2 goals and 2 points at half time. It was such a relief and a special moment for myself and Kevin as coaches.

The Inch U14 team who beat Mayfield in the final

Shortly after Mayfield got 3 goals, one after the other. At this time it looked like Mayfield were the better team. But the Inch girls kept the heads up and got their first point of the game after 20 minutes of play. But Inch girls knew they had to get stuck in if they wanted to win. Inch got a goal from play from Rachel Galvin to put them back into the game, to win this final.

Inch got another 2 points from forwards Rachel Galvin & Aoife Long before half time to bring the half time score to 1-3 to 3-1 in favour of Mayfield.

The girls were told them a few home truths at the break and they went back on with a more positive attitude to win this game.

Mayfield started off very strong in the second half but the Inch

girls seemed to be the better team in the second half and got another score of a goal from Aoife Long. This gave the girls a great boost and they just went from strength to strength with scores from Meabh Mulcahy, Rachel Galvin and Aoife Long. Mayfield got no score in the second half. There was at least 10 minutes added to injury time.

THE INCH TEAM: Niamh Roche, Katie Manning,Ciara Daly, Jennifer Geary, Lauren O’Mahony, Ellen Beniam, Orla Daly, Joanne O’Keeffe, Meabh Mulcahy, Emily Roche, Rachel Galvin, Rachel Geary, Edel Hegarty, Aoife Long and Gabby Stephanov. Sub used Amy Beniam for Gabby Stephanov, Rachel Murphy for Amy Beniam. Other subs on the Panel, Emily Cahill, Niamh Goggin, Laura Lucey and Ann-Marie Geary.

As this was our last U14 game of the season, I would like to thank the U12 girls for being our back up support throughout the season and we couldn’t have done it without them. Also I would like

to thank Claire Keohane for helping out in coaching when ever she could between her own games with the Inch seniors and camogie. Amy O’Shea from the Inch seniors, who also plays with the Cork Seniors, who took time out to coach two tough training sessions during the Summer for us. Thanks to Tattan‘s Bar for the refreshments after both County final and the East Cork Championship final. Kevin Galvin who was roped in at the beginning of the season and hadn’t much of a choice to help out coaching with me, thanks a lot for your expertise. Willie O’Neill who sponsored money towards the food in Tattan’s Bar on the night of the East Cork Championship final. But not least the girls themselves for being such a great bunch to coach, and for sticking with it during the summer months when other clubs folded. Thanks again to you all, for having me as Coach for the U14 Panel and hopefully see you all in 2011!

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Cloyne survive late scare to claim a third Junior A Football title in a row



Midleton and Castlelyons book county final spots as Erin’s Own lose out

ON Saturday afternoon last three more East Cork sides were in championship action as all three were involved in county semi finals. Pride of place must go to a young Castlelyons side who completely overwhelmed Donoughmore to qualify for a county final meeting with Ballinascarthy on October 16th.

U21 B Hurling semi-final: Castlelyons 3-23 Donoughmore 1-2

Played in Pairc Ui Rinn this turned out to be a cakewalk for the East Cork champions and with just one 21 year old in their side it will be a huge boost to the club. Players such as Darren Tobin, Aidan O’Sullivan, Colm and Michael Spillane, Robert Feeney, Daragh Lawlor and Ronan Fenton are all only minors so to reach a county final will be a great finish to the season to the Castlelyons club.

The Cloyne team who defeated Erin’s Own touch. A poor first half ended with Kieran Murphy kicking a massive point to send Erin’s Own into the break trailing by just a point, as Cloyne led by 03 to 0-2 with Conor O’Lomasney being the only forward to score for Cloyne in that first half.

WITH just a minute of normal time remaining in this Michael O’Connor Motor Factors Glanmire, Sponsored East Cork Junior football final reigning champions, Cloyne, were hanging onto a two point lead. They looked to be on the verge of elimination as a long ball from Shane Murphy found the unmarked Alan Bowen in front of the Cloyne goal. The Erin’s Own corner forward had earlier billowed the net to bring his side back into contention, and now he had the winning of the match in his hands. With Kieran Murphy free inside and screaming for the ball, the corner forward backed himself to round Domhnall O’Sullivan, which he did, but his shot for the bottom left hand corner was brilliantly saved by Mike Oosthuizen in the Cloyne goal and the champion’s bacon was saved. Had Bowen passed to Kieran Murphy they might have gotten the winning goal, but such is sport and so it is Cloyne that retain their title and complete a three in a row. It did not look too great for the champions early on as, in spite of a plentiful supply of possession they continued their poor shooting in front of goal and over the opening 30 minutes they shot nine wides

Brian McCarthy, Cloyne captain receives the Jim Ryan Cup from Michael O’Brien

and managed just three points.

Indeed, two of those efforts were from the boot of centre back Eoin O’Sullivan, who showed how it should be done as Erin’s Own drew first blood with the

opening score coming in the 12th minute, courtesy of a Shane Murphy pointed free. Cloyne, with the wind behind them, created plenty of chances, but poor shooting and a great save from Ryan O’Neill kept Erin’s Own in

On the resumption, Cloyne were much improved with Paudi O’Sullivan and Killian Cronin breaking forward at every opportunity, as Diarmuid O’Sullivan landed a fine point from play. The “Rock” repeated the feat five minutes later, and with Paudi O’Sullivan converting two frees the champions looked to be heading for a comfortable victory. Things can change very fast, however, as Shane Murphy closed the gap from a free before Pat Fitzgerald set up Alan Bowen for the only goal of the game. That score left just two points between the sides going into the final five minutes. Erin’s Own by now had Kieran Murphy at full forward and with subs Niall Scanlon, Colm Coakley and Brian McHugh all making an impact the Caherlag outfit closed the gap to just a point, as Shane Murphy converted another free. Erin’s Own, too, were guilty of some poor finishing as Paudi O’Sullivan got through for

Premier Minor Hurling semi-final: Midleton 4-16 St. Finbarr’s 2-9

In the first Premier Minor Hurling semi final played in Riverstown on Saturday last season’s defeated finalists Midleton booked their final spot with a comphrensive second half display to see off the challenge of St. Finbarr’s who trailed by 0-5 to 1-7 at half time. With wind advantage Midleton cut loose in the second half and ran out comfortable winners in the finish. With players such as Conor Lehane, Stephen Moore and Tommy Wallace in their side Midleton will be fancied to win the county. Holders Blackrock who defeated Midleton last season were defeated by Na Piarsigh so we will have new champions later in the year. In the Minor B hurling Douglas proved too strong for Erin’s Own who lost by 1-14 to 1-9.

Cork County GAA fixtures

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7TH: Red FM Senior Hurling League: Newtownshandrum vs. Killeagh at Newtownshandrum, 8pm.

a great Cloyne point that restored their two point advantage with time almost up.

The late drama then unfolded as Erin’s Own set up that last goal chance, with Mike Oosthuizen coming to Cloyne’s rescue with that championship winning save.

Cloyne managed to regain their composure in the final seconds, and survived that late score to claim a third title in a row. Cloyne will now continue their quest for county honours when they meet Lyre in the county semi final, and if they can improve on their finishing they will be a hard side to beat. Erin’s

Own could easily have taken this title, but over the hour Cloyne was the better side and deserved to retain the Jim Ryan Cup.

Cloyne team captain, Brian McCarthy, accepted the cup from East Cork Board Chairman, Michael O’Brien, while Cloyne centre back, Eoin O’Sullivan was adjudged to be the man of the match with his good distribution, astute tackling and his two points from play in the opening half helping to keep Cloyne in the match when the need was greatest.

CLOYNE: P O’Sullivan 0-4, D O’Sullivan 0-2, E O’Sullivan 0-2 and C O’Lomasney 0-1. ERIN’S OWN: S Murphy 0-3, A Bowen 1-0 and K Murphy 0-1. CLOYNE: M Oosthuizen, J Cotter, Domhnall O’Sullivan, R McCarthy, M Walsh, E O’Sullivan, B McCarthy, K Cronin, Paudi O’Sullivan, C O’Lomasney, M Lynch, Paul O’Sullivan, Diarmuid O’Sullivan, K O’Lomasney and J Nyhan. ERIN’S OWN: R O’Neill, P Fenton, R O’Carroll, P Kelly, P Fitzgerald, D Dennehy, S Crowley, I O’Mahony, K Murphy, A Lane, S Murphy, A Power, A Bowen, M O’Carroll and A Bowen. Subs used B McHugh, C Coakley and N Scanlon. REFEREE: John Buckley, Glanmire.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Walsh -

14th Anniversary

In loving memory of Jimmy Joe Walsh, late of 7 Ballyduff, Cloyne, who died on October, 12th 1996. RIP.

Happy memories we keep forever, Of the days when we were all together, They bring us a smile and often a tear, And always a wish that you were here today.

Always remembered by Jimmy, Úna and Liam. Anniversary Mass at a later date.


- 18th Anniversary

Cherished memories of a loving brother, brother-in-law and uncle Billy, late of Cork Road, Midleton, who died on October 7th, 1992. Forever in our thoughts and prayers. Buddy, Gareth and family.

Margaret Moore (nee O’Sullivan) 2nd Anniversary

We miss your smile, your joking ways, We miss the thing you used to say, And when old times we do recall, It’s then we miss you most of all. You were always there when we needed you, No task too great or small, With loving heart and willing hands, For us you did it all. You gave us years of happiness, Then sorrow came with tears, You left us lovely memories, We will treasure through the years.

Your loving Mam Mary and step-father Patrick. Missing you always.

Desmond 2nd Anniversary

In loving memory of a husband, dad and granddad, Michael, late of Tim Daly Terrace, whose second anniversary occurs tomorrow October 7th. We hold you close within our hearts, And there you shall remain, To walk with us throughout our lives, Until we meet again.

Always remembered by your wife Kathleen, son Gerard, daughters Fiona and Catherine and their families. Anniversary Mass for Michael will be held on Sunday, October 10th at 9.45am in Midleton Community Hospital Chapel.

Desmond 2nd Anniversary

In loving memory of my dear brother Michael, late of Tim Daly Terrace, Midleton, whose second anniversary occurs on tomorrow October 7th. RIP. Mass offered. His nature was loving and giving, His heart was made of pure gold, And to me who truly loved him, His memory will never grow old.

Loved and remembered always by your loving sister Eily.

Margaret Moore (nee O’Sullivan) 2nd Anniversary

Some people come into our lives and quickly go, Like an ocean wave when it touches the shore, Or a cloud that is there and then gone. Some people stay for a while, And although we may be unaware, They are touching our lives in a special way, When they are gone, it is then we understand, They have left footprints on our hearts, And we will never, ever be the same. That is when we know, Blessed are we.

Love always Tracy, Warren and Aaron, Gillian and Emma, Lorraine and Paddy, Sandra and Stefan, Michael, Paddy and David.

BATES: Seamus, of Bridgetown, Co Wexford and Cobh, on Wednesday, September 29th. RIP. Funeral on Friday last, after Requiem Mass, in St. Colman’s Cathedral, followed by burial afterwards in St. Colman’s Cemetery.

ROCHFORD, (née Collins): Joan, of Brooklodge East, Glanmire, on Tuesday, September 28th. RIP. Requiem Mass at Saturday last in the Sacred Heart Church, Glounthaune, followed by funeral afterwards to St. Joseph's Cemetery, Little Island. O'BRIEN: Patricia (Pat), of Carrigtwohill and late of Rathcoursey, Midleton, on Tuesday, September 28th. RIP. Funeral Mass on Thursday last, followed by burial afterwards in the adjoining cemetery. FOLEY, (née McGrath): Patricia, of Riverside Park, Midleton, on Wednesday, September 29th. RIP. Requiem Mass on Saturday last in the Church of the Most Holy Rosary, Midleton, followed by burial afterwards in the adjoining cemetery. HEFFERNAN: Danny, of Youghal, peacefully on Monday, September 27th. RIP. Requiem Mass on Thursday last in the Holy Family Church, Youghal, followed by funeral afterwards to North Abbey Cemetery.

FOLEY: Patrick (Paddy), of Dublin and Youghal, peacefully, on Saturday, October 2nd. RIP. Requiem Mass on yesterday, Tuesday, followed by burial in the North Abbey Cemetery, Youghal. HEALY, (née Browne): Margaret, of Castlejane Woods, Glanmire, on Monday, October 4th. RIP. Requiem Mass today, Wednesday, at 11am. in St. Joseph's Church, Springhill, followed by funeral afterwards to St. Oliver's Cemetery, Model Farm Road.

Archbishops to travel to Rome in preparation for the Apostolic Visitation

AT the invitation of the Congregation of Bishops, the four archbishops of Ireland will travel to Rome next week in preparation for the forthcoming Apostolic Visitation to the four archdioceses of Ireland. The archbishops: Cardinal Seán Brady, Archbishop of Armagh; Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin; Archbishop Dermot Clifford, Archbishop of Cashel and Emly; and, Archbishop Michael Neary, Archbishop of Tuam, will meet with the four Apostolic Visitors in advance of their visitation which was announced last March in the Pastoral letter of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI to the Catholics of Ireland.

The purpose of the Apostolic Visitation is to offer assistance and to contribute to the spiritual and moral renewal of the Church in Ireland. The Visitation will facilitate reflection, evaluation and review of Church life.



CORK COUNTY COUNCIL We Kenneally, Rochford & Associates Ltd. (024 – 95857), intend to apply to the above for Planning Permission to extend existing Slotted House and to construct a new Milking Parlour Building and a New Dairy Building with all Relevant Concrete Aprons and all associated site works at Rathcanning, Dungourney, Co. Cork for J.J. Ahern. This Planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL We Lisgoold GAA Club, intend to apply for permission for development consisting of the refurbishment of the existing clubhouse and extension of a new adjoining 2storey clubhouse building, connection to the public sewer and construction of a new surface water soakaway at Lisgoold, Co.Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork, during its public opening hours, i.e. 9.00a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, on payment of a fee of €20. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Denis Moran, Architectural Planning & Design, Ph 021-7332021, is applying on behalf of John and Orla Geasley who wish to apply for permission to retain outbuilding, including open pens and concrete apron, for use as housing for domestic family dogs, at Shanballyreagh, Knockraha. This planning application may be inspected or purchased, at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost for making a copy at the offices of this planning authority during its public opening hours, and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL We Murphy Construction seek permission for 15no. houses and associated site works. This application is pursuant to planning permission ref 06/11628 and retains the permitted constructed vehicular entrance, associated access road and relevant site works whilst increasing the density from 11 no. to 15 no. units. The site is located at Glyntown, Glanmire, Co. Cork. This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.


The Miracle Prayer

Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask for a special one (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, promise publication and prayer and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. Outstanding results. (J. C).

The Miracle Prayer

Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask for a special one (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, promise publication and prayer and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. Awaiting results. (M.F.W). May the name of the Sacred Heart be praised, adored and glorified throughout the whole world, now and forever. (M.F.W)

Pro Life Youth Conference

THE Pro Life Youth Conference will take place from Friday, November 5th to Sunday, November 7th in Griffith College, Dublin. This is Ireland’s 2nd International pro Life Youth Conference, and the key speaker for 2010 is Jill Stanek. Places can be booked by calling Katy on 01 8730463.

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Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services

C.Spa Thai Massage


APPLIANCE REPAIRS MON. Noel Ahearn TO SAT. Telephone 11AM TO 8PM 021 - 4668312 At

No.12 New Cork Road, Midleton Relieves muscle fatigue and pain Improves flexibility Aids injury recovery Increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues

Contact 086 3337223 021 4639480


Counselling / Psychotherapy for:


* WEEKLY MEN’S SUPPORT GROUP* * Also, large room for hire. Ideal for classes, workshops and functions *

* Near Carrigtwohill *

021 2340205

087 7545787


Repair Service Sales

* Cookers * Fridges Tumble dryers * Washing machines Vacuum cleaners * Dishwashers

Fast efficient service throughout



CLOTHELINES: T. shaped with pulleys and ropes €12, or with winders €140. Fitted free any area in Midleton, Youghal & the East Cork area weekly. Tel. Grange Ironcraft – 025 32636 / 087 2549996. GATES: Timber side gates €200, Entrance gates, €550, Free fitting, Free quotes. Tel. Grange Ironcraft – 025 32636 / 087 2549996.









#<9=-@16/ $-6,-916/ 19- -9;1.1+);-: #1;- #<8-9=1:176 6-9/@ #)=16/ -:1/6 #;9<+;<9)4 "-879;: 76;)+; 7..1+7*14- 5)14 16.7 79*)9+01;-+;<9- 6-; >-* >>> 79*)9+01;-+;<9- 6-;




TEL 021 4634592


To let, 3 bedroomed semi-detached house in LADYSBRIDGE village. Contact 086 8563762. To let, 3 bedroomed cottage CASTLEMARTYR / LADYSBRIDGE area. All modern conveniences, oil central heating. Contact 087 2248736. To let: 2 bedroomed newly refurbished cottage in East Cork, close to GARRYVOE BEACH. €450 per month. Contact 086 0596655.

3 bedroomed fully furnished house to let in BROOKDALE, with decking onto garden area. €700 per month. Will accept rent allowance. Contact 086 3751265.


Cosybend LEAKING insulation ROOFS

Cavity wall insulation 4)6616/ -951::176:


BER assessments Attic insulation Dry lining Grants available


Covering Munster


085 1574884

Can be sealed instantly for €10 a square metre Torch-on felt a speciality

*Slating, tiling, re-roofing * Lead valleys and chimneys renewed


Unbeatable prices assured All work is fully guaranteed by registered contractors

Contact Ger O’Connor anytime on 087 1438830




Domestic & commercial Interior & Exterior Specialists in spray finishes, kitchen cabinets, staircases and bedroom furniture Dundullerick, Leamlara, Co. Cork

087 9416406

GRINDS Grinds PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER available to give grinds to students up to 6th class Will travel to your house at a time that suits you Contact 087 7857882



## (

"77. 9-8)19: #4);-: ;14-: &-4<? '16,7>: .1;;-, 4); 977.: ;79+0 76 .-4; 7 27* #5)44 4<5*16/ 27*: ;77 *1/ $1416/ 7. >)44: 79 :5)44 )6, .4779: 44 ;@8-: 7. ,779: 47+3: 9-84)+-,

4):;-916/ 16;-9179 -?;-9179 );17: );0: 91=->)@: ;;1+ ')44 6:<4);176 ;;1+ #;)19: 7>-9 '):016/ 7. ):+1) #7..1; <;;-9 4-)616/ "-8)19 -6-9)4 978-9;@ )16;-6)6+$0-:- )9- 2<:; :757. ;0- :-9=1+-: >- 7..-9 . @7< ,76A; :-- :75-;016/ 76 7<9 41:; /1=- <: ) +)44 76

!<)41.1-, ;9),-:5-6 <44@ 16:<9-,

SEWING CREATIVE SEWING 46 Main Street, Midleton

Tel: 021 4632029

Special Offer (4 weeks only)

Curtains made and lined incl. the fabric of your choice starting from only €230 (Selected fabric only) JEAN TAKE-UPS ONLY €5

Ladies & Gents Repairs & Alterations

Mon - Fri 10am to 5pm * Wed - Sat 10am to 1pm Lunch 12.30pm to 1.30pm


086 8624866 Contact






Contact Anthony on:

024 95857 Fax 024 95856

Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

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Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services AERIALS & SATELLITE TV



• Let us become your full time fitness consultant, providing the best training and nutrition knowledge out there, no matter what your goal. • We can provide an individually tailored programme that can be adjusted to wherever you want to workout, whether that be at home, in the gym or at work. • Sign up for less than €10 per week and let us do all the thinking for you




Sky digital installed Free to air satellite Multi room TV Poor reception improved RTE 1, Network 2, TV3,and TG4 aerials installed BBC, HTV ,Channel 4 aerials installed Knocked down aerials repaired Flat screen TVs erected Surround sound

To meet that special person for the rest of your life

Everybody met locally

Tel: 021 4315180 or 087 2902320

For free quotation phone



Precast concrete walls in rockface or plain finish Contact 087 2675277 or 021 4359848 Monaghan Road, Cork Residential fencing supplied and fitted


Dan’s Chimney Cleaning Service

Industrial hoover and brush cleaned

CO NTACT DA N O N 086 2240020 OR 021 4814598 POINT OF LAY HENS FOR SALE: Fenton Blues, Blackrocks, Bluebells, Cherry Marans and Speckladys

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LAUNDERETTE DOG FOUND Found in the Glendine area, TO LET a small male terrier type dog. He Launderette to let


is black, brown & white in colour and has a friendly nature. For further information please contact the station on 024 91199 or 024 92288


Tel. 087 9816206

PERSON WITH FLAIR FOR GOOD FOOD required for café, 3 days per week. Reply in writing to Box No. ECJ 5462, East Cork Journal, First Floor, Watersedge, Riverside Way, Midleton, Co. Cork.


Part-time qualified STYLIST required for Oxygen Hair Design, Midleton. Contact 021 4634886.


CARER with 3 years experience and manual handling seeks work in East Cork area. Please call John on 089 4378595.


Large fully equipped commercial kitchen to let on a daily basis, weekdays, in East Cork. Would suit those engaged in food product development or market stall. €200 per day. Contact 021 4652534.

Construction of two new classrooms and principal’s office at St. Fergal’s National School Killeagh, Co. Cork INVITATION TO TENDER

Applications are invited from suitably qualified Building Contractors who wish to be included on the approved tender list for the above projects.

Please apply in writing for details of the restricted tender procedure and qualifying criteria to: David Kelly Partnership, Nelson House, Emmet Place, Youghal, Co. Cork. Fax: 024-93911; E-mail: The closing date for receipt of completed applications is: 12 noon on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010




TAKE NOTICE that Donal McGrath whose place of abode is Cahermone, Midleton, Co. Cork intends to apply to the adjourned Annual Licensing Court at Midleton on the 4th day of November at 10.30 am or so soon thereafter as this application may be taken in its order in the list for a Certificate of Transfer to the Applicant of the Seven Day Publican’s Licence attached to the premises situate at 11 Main Street, Midleton, Co. Cork in Court area and district aforesaid. Dated this 29th day of September 2010

Signed: ___________________ Eoin Murphy, Solicitors, First Floor,Watersedge, Midleton, Co. Cork.

To the Superintendant of the Garda Siochana, at Midleton, Co. Cork To the Clerk of the District Court at Youghal, Co. Cork To the Fire Officer Cork County Fire & Building Control Department, Core House, West Point Business Campus, Link Road, Ballincollig, Co. Cork.

East Cork Jour nal


Call 021 4638022 email:

Fax. 021 4638927

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


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Fo o d fo r t h o u g h t Sage Chowder A HIVE OF The ultimate comfort food INFORMATION

Sponsored by Well & Good, Broderick Street, Midleton Tel. (021) 4633499

KEVIN AHERNE Proprietor / Chef

IT is a real pleasure to have local honey back in health stores. Last year the weather was so wet in July that the bees stayed at home and ate what they had created in May and June, so stocks were at an all time low.

* There are other problems for bees apart from the weather. Numbers of hives have declined alarmingly all round the world, not just in East Cork, and there is no clear explanation. The verroa mite is now endemic, bringing in all kinds of diseases, and bees are sold over the internet with little knowledge of what diseases they may spread from country to country. Perhaps the biggest factor in the collapse of bee colonies is loss of habitat. The use of pesticides and herbicides has become so widespread it is hard to find any uncontaminated area, and if bees are undernourished as “weeds” are sprayed off and fields are built over, they will become increasingly prone to disease.

Sage Restaurant Midleton 4639682

* Up to 100 flowers will be visited by a honey bee each time it leaves the hive searching for food.

* On hot days honey bees keep their hives air-conditioned by fanning their wings. Bees face away from the hive entrance on one side, drawing cool air inwards, and face towards the entrance on the other side to draw warm air out of the hive. * Bees are found in every habitat that contains insect-pollinated plants, from tundra to deserts.

* The European honey bee is the world’s best known bee, but stocks have halved over the last 20 years and the decline continues.

CHOWDER is the ultimate comfort food, so as the evenings close in and the days become colder it’s the perfect autumn/winter dish.

Prep. Time: 35 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Serves 6-8

It will be a staple on the SAGE menu for the coming months and now you can enjoy it at home as well. Happy cooking! INGREDIENTS 350g diced onion 100g diced fennel 400g diced potato 5 cloves crushed garlic 10 fennel seeds Pinch of saffron 75g diced celery 100g roughly chopped smoked salmon 75 g butter

100ml white wine 100g diced pancetta or streaky bacon 1 litre cream 500ml milk METHOD

1. Fry the pancetta until crispy in wide-based heavy pot on a med-high heat 2. Add the butter

3. Add the onion, celery, fennel and garlic 4. Sweat for 5 minutes (cook without colouring) 5. Add wine reduce and by ¾

* A bee hive may contain between 20,000 and 60,000 honey bees and one queen. The queen bee alone lays eggs, up to 2000 in a day. Fertilised eggs become female worker bees, unfertilised become male drones. A new queen is selected as a larva and is fed on royal jelly. * It is often said that bees break the laws of aerodynamics and shouldn’t be able to fly. But the myth is just a myth: bees are designed to fly like helicopters, not like planes or birds. * About one third of what we humans eat depends on insect pollination, mostly done by bees. In the US hives are transported 1000s of miles to pollinate orchards. * The bee is the only insect which produces food eaten by humans.

6. Add the fennel seed, saffron * Bees’ buzz comes from their wing strokes, 11,400 strokes per minute. Even higher and smoked salmon than a top notch motor bike! 7. Add the potato and fry for 23 minutes

7. Add the milk and cream, bring to the boil turn down and simmer for 4-5 minutes until the potatoes have softened 8. Season with salt and pepper

HINTS AND TIPS Remember this is only the base for the chowder so don’t forget to add some cooked fish chunks (cod, hake, salmon, mussels and prawns are all suitable).

Well & Good HONEY

Broderick Street, Midleton * Tel. / Fax. (021) 4633499

AFTER last year’s severe shortage, Well and Good is delighted to welcome back the prize-winning honey from Mick Woulfe’s hives, in addition to the high quality honey from Robert Anthony’s hives near Youghal. DATE FOR THE DIARY On Friday next, October 8th, from 12noon to 2pm, Dr. Martin Gregor, holistic chiropractor, will be on the shop floor to answer your questions and conduct FREE spine and nerve system checks. As well as the obvious back and neck pain, Martin shows how spinal problems can affect migraine, sinuses, and many issues affecting general health and well being.


Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


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Autumn wonders at ARCADE Camel is THE colour to wear! Arcade Midleton is continuing on their mission to push prices down and, this week, there are plenty more brand-new bargains to be had in store.

Camel is THE colour this season, from coats to cardis and from scarves to boots and there's plenty to choose from at Arcade Midleton.

First off, why not pick up a pair of Houlihan-style trousers: high-waisted and tapering at the calf, team them with a chunky knit waistcoat for €19.99 and a semi-transparent, chiffony top for only €19.99. The trousers are available in black and grey too, in sizes 8 to 14 for only €29.99.

Cardi €29.99 Top €19.99

As the weather gets that little bit chillier, why not pick up a chunky knit cardi in, naturally, camel for only €29.99. It's also available in black, grey, navy and cerise and looks great with the animal print tunic top pictured for only €19.99.

As the party season comes around, pick up a unique crushed velvet dress in grey, chocolate and black in sizes small to large for only €39.99. It's flattering design, cinched at the waist, will give you perfect curves and it sits just below the knee. It's a boutique style dress at a high street price - and you don't have to tell anyone that you got it for under €40!

Trousers €29.99 Blouse €19.99

Now's the time to invest in a good pair of boots for the colder weather and Arcade Midleton is here to ensure that you get great footwear at great prices. Our featured footwear this week is classy, comfy and affordable. Choose from a wide range of colours and styles to suit every taste and budget. We love the black couture boots pictured, with metal lacing and fold-down tops. And, don't forget to pick up a pair of tights too, in a huge variety of colours and prints from only €6.99.

Arcade Midleton: An autumn shopper's paradise.

New season boots for just €19.99 Kids 3 piece sets €39.99 Girls’ Tunics & Dresses €19.99 Little black dresses from €19.99 New stock arriving daily!

Autumn appetisers at XPresso Cafe WHEN you've finished shopping - and are ready to drop - a trip to Xpresso Cafe on Arcade Midleton's first floor, is the perfect place to peruse your purchases and get a bite to eat.

These are just some of the cosy and comfy offers instore at Arcade Midleton, so pop in yourself and see what else is on offer.

And, in the kids department, girls aged 2 to 12 can look for a wide selection of chic tunics and dresses for only €19.99.

Tights €6.99

Get your perfect lunch at the Arcade Cafe, whether you prefer paninis, wraps or bagels. If you like quiche, you can get one a generous slice with side salad, for just €5.99!

Dress €39.99 Sunday 2pm - 6pm Monday - Wednesday 9am - 7pm Thuursday & Friday 9am - 8pm Th Saturday 9am - 6pm

Or try a FairTrade tea, a delicious scone or cupcake and coffee - the perfect start to your day.

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Pushing prices down

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

THE PLACE TO BE First responders Hallowe’en party

Cobh invites you to an audience with Catriona Fallon ‘An Audience with...’ has been running on television for over thirty years. Each performer invites their own guests to perform and the audience also has an opportunity to ask questions, giving the show a light hearted and informal style. For the monthly “A Cobh Audience with...”, See You in Cobh is providing the venue, the stage, the sound and lighting and the publicity and is paying the performer a fee.

MIDLETON and Carrigtwohill Community First Responders are holding a Hallowe’en Fancy Dress night in the Midleton Park Hotel on October 30th. Tickets are available for this night call 087 6934773 for more information.

Kyle’s got Talent

FOLLOWING the success of ‘A Cobh Audience with... John Daly,’ next up is Catriona Fallon, away from her band, who will answer YOUR questions on Sunday, October 16th. Prior to the event, we thought it would be a good idea to do a little history on ‘An Audience with...’ and some hints on what to expect on the night:

C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S and well done to Kyle Sigerson, who made it through to Stage Two Auditions in Dublin for the All Ireland Talent Show last weekend.

Wedding bells

* See You in Cobh wants to highlight the enormous talent that there is in Cobh. Many of the performers will have performed throughout Ireland, and some of their guests will never have been seen in front of a Cobh audience before. * There is a maximum of five questions allowed from the audience. These give some insight into the life, influences, ambition and outlook of each performer. Members of the audience are chosen to ask the questions as they arrive for each concert.

*The See You in Cobh committee has decided that all of the proceeds of these events will be used to re-illuminate the exterior of St. Colman’s Cathedral with LED lights.

This is estimated to cost €35,000. The committee is also investigating possible grant assistance. The more events that the people of Cobh sell-out, the faster this ambition will be realised.

*There is already a shortlist of thirty world class performers and stars to make ‘A Cobh Audience with…’ a long running event in Cobh. It is possible that not all of the performers will be singers. *The first ‘A Cobh Audience with... John Daly’ was an outstanding success. The second performer will be Caitriona Fallon who was a lead soloist with Riverdance. Since returning to live in Cobh she has performed a sell out concert in the Half Moon Theatre, has wowed audiences in Kilkenny and Wallis’s in Midleton, and has recently completed a series of gigs to great acclaim with her band at the Cobh Blues Experience.

* The second ‘A Cobh Audience with...’ is not to be missed and will be held on Saturday, October 16th at 8 pm in the Great Island Community Centre. Tickets are only €10 and are available from the Commodore Hotel and the Community Centre.


MIDLETON Mental Health Association says Marathon Thank You We would like to thank all who volunteered to walk and run in the Ladies Mini Marathon on behalf of the Mental Health Association. Thank you to all the fundraisers and sponsors. The funds raised will enhance the provision of services offered to people with mental health difficulties in East Cork. Pictured above are some of the volunteers who took part in the mini-marathon - well done, ladies!


arty’s Bar & Restaurant

CLOYNE 021 4652401 traditional irish music session

thursday, OCTOBER 7th all musicians welcome

joe quinlan TERESA Allen and Lar Hayes, who were married in Lanzarote on September 21st. We extend good wishes to the happy couple and hope that they enjoy many years of wedded bliss. K. W.

saturday, october 16th

open 7 days a week

irish culchie night thursday, OCTOBER 14th TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC, PRIZES FOR THE BEST dRESSED CULCHIES, SPOT PRIZES, GUESS THE WEIGHT OF THE PIG COMPETITION Best of luck to Mike Greaney who is representing Cork in the International Culchie of the Year Award 2010 in Mohill, Co. Leitrem on October 23rd & 24th

Christmas brochures now available from bar & restaurant or visit our website. Many Come join us menu options available to celebrate this Christmas with colleagues and friends. on Facebook: Carvery lunch every Sunday for only €9.95 Hartys Cloyne

* Mirren waves wand to launch Wii promotion * Matt Cardle favourite to win X Factor *

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

E N T E R TA I N M E N T G U I D E ! Operatic excellence at City Hall THE Ultimate Opera Gala at the City Hall, Cork, on Sunday, October 17th (please note change of date from Friday, October 15th), celebrates the Barra O Tuama Promotions Opera Gala series which, remarkably, has been a cultural success story spanning three decades. It is almost 2 years since the last “Opera Gala’ at the City Hall, so it is causing great excitement, and tickets are flying out the door for this not to be missed event.

Starring the greatest interpreter of Verdi music, Italian baritone Paolo Gavanelli, plus Ireland’s supreme sopranos, Cara O’Sullivan, Mary Hegarty and Majella Cullagh, accompanied by world class pianist, Phillip Thomas from Wales, the concert is attracting huge interest. Ticket prices are reasonably pitched ranging from €20 to €50 and are on sale at Everyman Palace, MacCurtain St. Cork.

Appropriately, this Gala concert will be performed at just one venue, Cork City Hall where founding impresario, Barra O Tuama first launched the Opera Gala series in 1985. That year, legendary tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano received top billing but it was another Italian, Mario Malagnini who lit up the evening with his performance. He would become one of the many singers who would be heard first in the Gala series before achieving worldwide accolades.

Capturing a singer of Paolo Gavanelli’s calibre is something of an operatic coup for concert promoter, Deirdre O Tuama, as the man from Padua is in such huge demand. Following his appearance in Don Pasquale this month, Paolo returns to Covent Garden to reprise his premiere role of Rigoletto. His last appearance in London in this opera took the famous venue by storm. He alternates with another former Opera Gala favourite, Dimitri Hvorostosky. Majella Cullagh, Mary Hegarty and Cara O’Sullivan need no introduction to Cork audiences as they have earned the southern capital the title of Soprano City ever since their emergence on the operatic stages of the world. On just two other major occasions have this trio shared the City Hall stage, and their appearance now is a tangible tribute to the legacy bequeathed to the city by the O Tuama family over the last twenty five years. Recent appearances in their native city have included Mary and Majella in the excellent production of Side By Side By Sondheim, and for Cara in the highly charged and critically acclaimed production by the Cork Operatic Society of Sweeney Todd.

The musical programme for the Ultimate Opera Gala on October 17 is a varied and accessible one, including classic arias by

Shane Supple’s musical connections... Country all the way with Louise Lanigan

LOUISE Lanigan grew up listening to the sounds of country singers coming from her parents’ record player.

Apart from that, there was no other musical influence in her life - none of her family was in a band, none were singers. Louise first started singing in her local choir and from there went on to sing in local venues at party nights. A few short years ago she decided to move to Scotland and her love of singing continued. While in Scotland she made friends with Bill Martin, owner of a recording studio, Memphis Sun Studios, and - over a period of time - started to record her very own album. What makes this special is that at no stage did Louise plan her life to follow the path it’s on; she took it one step at a time. From singing in local pubs, to learning songs to recording them one at a time. She returned home to Ireland last year with her finished master CD under her arm, and settled back into her normal routine. Then she contacted a local company in Dunmore East where the

MIDLETON Where a smile & a warm welcome await... EARLY OPENING 9AM MON - SAT TEAS, COFFEES, HOME-

She explained that she had a CD and wanted to get it printed up, covers and sleeves made and a finished CD to sell in her local shop.


A leather-clad Rigoletto

Verdi, Massenet, Puccini, Rossini and many more great composers. Tickets €50, €35 and €20 from the Everyman Palace Theatre. Telephone and internet bookings are subject to a handling charge. Please call 021 4501673 or visit

She spoke with Padraig and Diarmuid O’Driscoll who were great. ‘They talked me through everything and helped me put the finished CD together, from the photo on the disk to the finished covers,’ said Louise as she spoke with me on Youghal Radio this week.

When asked about her choice of music and the songs she had on the CD she explained that it was a natural progression for her, recording the country songs she heard growing up as a child. The reason Louise Lanigan has attracted so much attention in recent months is that it’s not the normal for a young lady to record country standards. Most girls starting out tend to lean towards pop music, or even more modern country singers, but Louise has stayed faithful to her own style and taste and it’s proving to be a success. With tracks like ‘A Soft Place to Fall’, ‘Old Flames’, ‘Song for Ireland’, ‘She’s Got You’ and other classics like ‘Walking Shoes’, ‘Baby I Lied’ and ‘The Rose of San Antoine’ this album has something for everyone.

owners of a print company as luck would have it were both musicians.

Wallis’ BAR

The album is called ‘Memories’ and, as Louise says herself, each song hold a special memory for her. It’s great to see someone follow their dream from singing to releasing a CD, and to go against the trend while doing so is even more remarkable.

Thursday, October 7th:

Sunday, October 10th:




Thursday, October 14th:

PAT MAC AND SEAN GILL Sunday, October 17th:

THE PAPA ZITAS CC Thursday, October 21st:

SCRUFFY Sunday, October 24th:

DJ Thursday, October 28th:


MID-WEEK OPEN MIC with JAMES MCGRATH Wednesdays, 9.30pm

IN-HOUSE MUSIC Every Fri & Sat, 9.30pm - close

MGMT baffled by 'kooky' Jedward * Gaga celebrates Lennon tribute with Ono * Gallagher a dad again *

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Puzzler WIN2TICKETS FOR...

All Mixed Up

TEL. (021) 4630066 WITH OUR

Tea-Break Crossword 4


10 12 16




4 8

5 9



11 14

15 20








16 19

21 24





Test your concentration with this word ladder




Congratulations to last week’s winner: TOM GRIFFIN, Seaview Place, YOUGHAL

ACROSS 8. Duct (7) 9. Entertain (5) 10. Cook (5) 11. Greet warmly (7) 12. Sting (4) 13. Sceptical (8) 16. Wise (8) 18. Above (4) 21. Wed (7) 23. Pitch, roll (5)



25. Hangman’s rope (5) 26. Abstain (7) DOWN 1. Surface of a healing wound (4) 2. Interwoven cane container (6) 3. Cross (5) 4. Shine (4) 5. Small kangaroo (7)

6. Deter (3 - 3) 7. Dealer of gems (8) 12. Building’s lowest level (8) 14. Night bird (3) 15. Inhabitant (7) 17. Thin (6) 19. Spoken (6) 20. Steep rock face (5) 22. Black (4) 24. Suspend (4)

ACANSERWS TO LAST WEEK: ACROSS: 8. Tribute 9. Drama 10. Water 11. Obliged 12. Home 13. Marzipan 16. Squirrel 18. Ajar 21. Imagine 23. Rival 25. Atlas 26. Instant. DOWN: 1. Stew 2. Victim 3. Hurry 4. Veto 5. Idolize 6. Hang up 7. Gardener 12. Hospital 14. Ace 15. Traipse 17. Unable 19. Jovial 20. Trust 22. Exit 24. Late.

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Five Minutes - Five Questions

1. “A floating object displaces its own weight in fluid” is essentially what principle? 2. Shah Jahan of India had what built as his wife’s tomb?

3. What did Irish Colonel Thomas Blood attempt to steal in May 1671?

4. Which TV character worked for Gateman, Goodbury and Graves funeral parlour? 5. A flittermouse is an old term for which type of creature?

Answer to last week’s Medium


ANSWERS TO WORDGAMES: 1. Skilfully 2. REAR REAM ROAM ROOM ANSWERS: 1. The Archimedes Principle 2. The Taj Mahal 3. The Crown Jewels 4. Herman Munster 5. Bat




Find the 9 letter word hidden in this word wheel

Answer to last week’s Difficult



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Readers O 8 - 14 R e v i e w Midleton

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Big Screen

The original apprentice...

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps






Market Green 021 4630066




w it h J il l O Don ovan

Very good, Jeeves

6.00 8.45PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM

MONEY NEVER SLEEPS (12A) 1.45 5.30 8.30PM L/S FRI & SAT @11.15PM

THE DEATH & LIFE OF CHARLIE ST. CLOUD (12A) 2.00 4.15 6.30 8.45PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM

THERE is a fine irony to the economic meltdown affecting millions of real lives being explained by the fictional patron saint of corporate shenanigans. If anyone can follow the money through this global maze of shady deals and alphabet soup loopholes, it's Gordon Gekko. Twenty-three years after famously declaring the goodness of greed, Gordon (Michael Douglas) has second thoughts in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, a sequel that couldn't exist without robber barons taking his advice too far.

Gordon missed the new wave, imprisoned after the first movie for insider trading that is child's play now. He is released and considered a relic, financially unable to get back in the game, so he writes a cautionary book about it. The fire still burns in his belly, along with a grudge against power banker Bretton James (Josh Brolin), who plundered his former empire and schemes to raid another. An investment banking firm led by Louis Zabel (Frank Langella) teeters on the brink of ruin after the government refuses a bailout of its faulty loans. Bretton can steal the firm for pennies on the dollar. Meanwhile, Louis' protege Jake Moore (Shia LaBeouf) is victimized by another facet of the meltdown, losing a fortune on bad speculation encouraged by Bretton. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps becomes a dizzying parade of layoffs, payoffs and paybacks, embellished with striking visuals of stock tickers and skylines resembling line graphs. Stone leaves no muck unraked, with perhaps too many explanatory exchanges for a movie that, at the end of the day, wants to entertain audiences.

But whatever his motivations or deeds, Gordon Gekko is a classic screen character and Douglas is never better than when playing him. For all the insider dialogue in Stone's movie, nothing delivers his message better than the envious glint in Gordon's eye; the guy who represented the absolute worst of capitalism 23 years ago is nothing compared with the crooks spoiling it today.

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT (12A) 1.30 4.00 6.30 9.00PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM




2.00PM + SAT/SUN @ 11.30AM


MARMADUKE (GEN) 1.30 4.00PM + SAT & SUN @ 11.30AM

4.00 + SAT & SUN @ 11.30AM


TOY STORY 3 3D (GEN) SUN @ 11.30AM

Book online at

IF you have never heard of Jeeves, the miracle working valet and his master, Bertie Wooster then Carry On, Jeeves is the perfect place to start. In this collection of ten short stories, the relationship between Bertie and his man is conceived and from that moment you never look back. P. G Wodehouse is a genius. His books are light and fun, yet very clever. Intelligent metaphors and similes are employed as comic devices throughout his work and Wodehouse does prose to perfection. Ever been in a spot of bother and wished you had someone to help you out of a pickle? Well, Wodehouse takes this idea and creates one of the most beloved characters in the literary world. Jeeves has become the quintessential valet.

Wodehouse created such a veritable and lovable character, that the name Jeeves has, in fact, become synonymous with butler or valet. The characters contrast each other beautifully. Bertie is hare-brained and a self-confessed chump, while Jeeves is intelligent and logical but is never arrogant or cocky. The manner and style of the books in the Jeeves canon are decidedly British. There is a warmth to Wodehouse’s writing that is rare.

Wodehouse creates the perfect escape if you are feeling sick or are in need of cheering up. The Carry On, Jeeves stories make mention of other characters that return in the Jeeves’ series, including the old harridan, Aunt Agatha. The Jeeves and Wooster collection as a whole is fantastically funny. The perfect place to fall in love with Jeeves is at the very beginning.

B o ok wo r m Rating

Bad benchmark for Midleton


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


A WOODEN bench at Riverside Way, Midleton, was completely destroyed last weekend, when mindless vandals ripped it to pieces and scattered the wooden debris across the ground.

Riverside Way is an area used constantly by walkers who now, due to pointless - and criminal activity - have found themselves with one less area in which to take a break.

Town Foreman, Billy Buckley, told the East Cork Journal, ‘We took what was left of the bench away this evening (Monday). That much destruction wasn’t easy to do, and those benches were solid. I don’t understand why anyone would think of causing this damage but it’s not the first time something like this has happened...’ Wooden benches near Midleton Town Council’s offices have also been destroyed in recent times, with new benches in the town being made of steel. But even that doesn’t stop the vandals.

‘I’ve seen stainless steel benches ruined too,’ Billy adds. ‘I doubt the council will replace the one by Riverside Way, as chances are it will happen again. There used to be four benches along that way, now there’s only one left - by the Cork Road Bridge.’ ‘It’s just pointless,’ Billy sadly surmises.`

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Issue 159  

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Issue 159  

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010