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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

East Cork Journal

Issue No. 166

Ballycotton’s tearful farewell





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A village - and country - grieves: Mourners at the Funeral Mass of Ella and Zoe Butler at the Church of The Star of the Sea, Ballycotton last week. (Photo: Clare Keogh, Provision) Bridgestone food Guide

No. 19 for Midleton man; sentenced for intent to supply drugs


award winner 2010

One lucky pup

A MIDLETON-BASED MAN has been convicted of drug possession with intent to supply.

SAMMY the seal is one lucky pup, writes Denise FitzGerald.

Aidan Fitzgerald, aged 33, of River Wharf, Mill Road, Midleton, was discovered at his home address with a quantity of cannabis on September 4th.

Spotted beached between Redbarn and Pilmore, Youghal last Thursday, she was rescued by the coastguard, after a walker spotted the 3 week old grey seal in the sands.

Mr. Fitzgerald, who has 18 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to the charge at Midleton District Court last week. Judge Michael Pattwell imposed a prison sentence of six months.

More stories inside from Midleton District Court, including the Cobh teenager charged for possession of a dangerous weapon; guilty plea for public order offences and not guilty plea for assault in Ballinacurra.

Sammy is pictured right with Jeanette Hickey, Youghal Coastguard, one of the crew who rescued the seal pup last Thursday. Read Sammy's amazing story inside this week's East Cork Journal.

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Wednesday, November 24th. 2010 - The East Cork Journal


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Councillor calls for considerate placement of ‘illegal sandwich boards’ CHRISTY PARKER REPORTS

THE sensitive subject of pavement sandwich boards unfolded again at MidletonTown Council’s November meeting. Having previously failed to have the illegally sited adornments removed entirely, Cllr. Margaret Trundle tabled a motion calling on the owners of such boards ‘on the Main Street and Connolly Street, to at least place them in a position where they would cause minimum or no obstruction to pedestrians and, particularly, people with reduced mobility.’

Growing Old

by Gerard Tynan

THERE is one sure fact in this world we live in, as time goes on we will all grow old, and those senior citizens of our community should be given respect as they have experience and many memories they now hold. We all begin life with many aspirations and hope, but life can be unkind at times and sometimes it is difficult to cope. We all remember our school days when time seemed to go on forever, but all too soon those carefree days are behind us, but school day memories will always be with us. We all try to get a job that we like and that will pay us well and to get such a job, it’s only time will tell. We all want to meet the love of our life to share our lives with, and it’s a wonderful moment when the flames of love are lit. It is a blessing to live a good healthy life and to be able to look back with satisfaction, and to have our hope in God as the race of life is run.

Cllr. Trundle said that following some compliance after her proposal last July, the situation had again deteriorated, particularly at the junction of Connolly and Main Street, where four sandwich boards now prevailed. Likewise, the corner of Finin’s at the entrance to Coach Horse Square was a rough passage for people in wheelchairs, pushing buggies or pensioners. ‘Previously, boards were close to buildings but now they are out towards the edge of the footpaths,’ she elaborated.

‘Paths for pedestrians’

Cllr. Pat Buckley concurred, and compared the problem with that of cars parking on footpaths. While he understood the need for advertising, he advocated overhead signs and believed ‘footpaths are for pedestrians.’

Cllr. Noel Collins disagreed, arguing that businesses, particularly those above street level, needed sandwich boards in the light of high rates, rents, exorbitant overheads and general economic woes. Their visibility reduced the likelihood of one falling foul of the ‘epidemic’ of parking tickets while trying to locate them,’ he added, though he agreed that ‘some tidying up’ was both justifiable and sufficient. Cllr. Ted Murphy largely concurred but further argued that sandwich board advertising was a ‘tradition’ in Midleton. He agreed there was ‘an odd one that shouldn’t be there,’ most of which were owned by recently established traders. ‘People won’t see a sign on a wall,’ he stated.


Town Clerk Joe McCarthy advised that ‘all the sandwich boards are illegal’ and that it was not viable to ask only some traders to remove them. ‘The

reason there is a problem,’ he explained, ‘is that this council does not apply the law, which is there to eliminate obstruction and the possibility of someone falling over these hazards.’ Furthermore, he had ‘no intention of writing to a few people to remove their board.’ It would be ‘all or nothing,’ depending on whether the council wished to support the law or not.

Mayor Niall O’Neill reminded that the motion wasn’t calling for the removal of sandwich boards, but responsibility in their deployment. ‘It’s the full application of the law or nothing at all,’ reiterated the town clerk. When Cllr. Sean Buckley called for consideration over extremity, Mr McCarthy explained that the proper procedure would entail traders applying for licence to display a board, followed by the council’s granting of such licence subject to compliance with certain conditions. The mayor then asked if the council could change the law, to be informed no, it was set by the legislature. Ultimately, and somewhat bizarrely, the motion had majority support, but to no effect as the town clerk maintained his refusal to write to a restricted number of people. ‘How many councillors here will go to these premises and ask them to move their sandwich boards?’ asked Cllr. Trundle. There were no volunteers.

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Midleton ‘plagued’ by students’ disregard for common courtesy Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



IN Biblical times, the people of Egypt were tormented by 10 Plagues. St. Mary’s Road, Midleton is currently experiencing one of its very own.

In this case it’s not rivers of blood, swarms of flies nor an army of frogs but it’s still causing severe problems for residents and workmen from Midleton Town Council on a daily basis.

We’re talking about litter: copious amounts of sweet wrappers, cigarette butts, food packaging, newspapers, magazines, chewing gum and even

shredded phonebooks, that are a regular sight around 8.40am on weekday mornings.

At this time, over 1,000 secondary school students go to their respective schools to begin their day, leaving the cleaners from Midleton Town Council with the unenviable task of cleaning up after them. Town Foreman, Billy Buckley, tells the East Cork Journal, ‘It’s a major problem - and not just for us, either. I’ve gone up there as the Litter Warden and I can’t believe the state the place is left in. There are plenty of bins on the road, but no one seems to use them and it’s not just laziness either. We found an entire phone book ripped to shreds by the bus stop on the corner - someone spent time and energy doing that; I just don’t understand why.’

And Billy’s not the only one concerned. Residents in the area have seen damage done to their houses and cars, with Billy citing the instance of students throwing ‘bangers’ in the air. ‘It's not just bangers,’ Billy tells the uninformed East Cork Journal. ‘I’ve seen them firing bottles full of gravel and water into a crowd of other students - they are potentially lethal.’

Walsh s

The Gardaí now have to have a presence each week day morning and afternoon on St. Mary’s Road.

As a main pathway for children attending national schools in the area, one parent described the walk as a ‘gauntlet’ every morning, trying to navigate through hoards of students who, in some cases, ‘just won’t get out of the way.’ Midleton CBS Primary School distributed a letter to all parents and guardians in late October, highlighting the area at the top of St. Mary’s Road as ‘a source of some disturbance recently.’ It continues, ‘While these disturbances (mainly throwing full cans / exploding bangers / fights etc.) involving teenagers, have been a cause of concern to staff and pupils, essentially this is a public order issue for the Gardaí and the school has no authority over pupils of other schools, on a public thoroughfare.’

Principal, Pat Fitzgerald, in the letter, continues, ‘Nonetheless, there are some things which we can do to help matters’ and advises parents to report any cases of threat or assault to the Gardaí and, in the instance, of pupils from Midleton CBS Primary being ‘intimidated around

this area’ to come to him directly to log these incidents.

‘Keeping a record of these events could be useful in making a case for a continued police presence, so it is far from being a useless exercise,’ the letter adds.

‘There’s no respect there,’ Billy Buckley states, ‘not for other pedestrians, drivers, mums and children or the elderly. I want to stress that we’re not blaming all the students for this - it’s a small group who are causing all the problems but, due to peer pressure, it could escalate.’ And, it’s not just on St. Mary’s Road either, with students congregating at the council park and along the Baby’s Walk - and leaving a mess behind. ‘It’s not as if there aren’t bins there,’ Bill adds.

fighting beginning between groups.’

The Town Foreman adds, 'Someone’s going to get knocked down, seriously injured or worse on that road. I’m not prepared to put my men on that road to be injured or insulted - the schools need to sit down and formulate a plan to take action with regards to the individual students involved in the daily mayhem.'

He concludes, 'The Gardaí are doing everything they can and I have full praise for their daily policing of the area in question. It's up to the schools to take the matter in hand now and deal with their students.'

As it is, workmen assigned to Billy are already spending a copious amount of time cleaning up the area around St. Mary’s Road - and are suffering the consequences. ‘My staff have had stones thrown at them,’ Billy laments. ‘We may have to withdraw our services on occasion from that area due to intimidation. Buses have had eggs launched at them and there’s

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal DENISE FITZGERALD REPORTS

Ballinrostig Vintage Club

ON Sunday, November 13th 2010, Ballinrostig Vintage Club held their first treasure hunt. The theme for the event was tractors, which was spread over a 29km radius of the parish. It started at 2pm at An Puc Ar Buile in Ballinroistig, where participants, including many families, got their clues and headed off. It was a great success and lots of fun.

Results for the Treasure Hunt

ON Thursday last, November 18th, a Youghal lady taking a leisurely walk on the strand between Redbarn and Pilmore, came upon a baby seal who was obviously beached on the sands. A quick call to the Youghal Coast Guard Station brought an immediate response from Michael Lee, Officer in Charge who, along with his colleagues Patrick McCarthy, Janette Hickey, Ciaran Kavanagh, Tony Kelly and Fiona Watson, arrived at the scene within a short period of time. The tiny grey female seal pup is approximately two/three weeks old, still wearing her white fur coat which is normally shed shortly after weaning from the mother. As baby seals cannot swim, it appears that the seal pup was either swept in during the recent storms, or drifted in on the currents. Michael Lee told the East Cork Journal that the baby seal, when approached by the crew, was quite aggressive due, probably, to fear and shock. He went on to say that contact was immediately made with the Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary seeking advice on how to look after her and, even though it is advised not to move a pup if at all possible, the crew were instructed to bring her to the Station, keep her warm and under no circumstances put her in water or give her anything to eat until a team from the Seal Sanctuary would arrive from Dingle. Baby Seals can live for quite a time on the fat from their mothers, but they cannot swim until

they attain a certain weight, and putting them in water could be fatal. Back at the Station, the crew turned a large box and blanket into a warm, dry bed for Sammy – the name given to her by the crew – and, like all good and appreciative females, she settled in comfortably. Such is the rarity of having a seal (or any other sea creature) lying snugly in the Youghal Coastguard Station, that it was decided to invite the children from several classes of Bunscoil Mhuire to pay Sammy a visit. So as not to upset her in any way, the children queued up in single file and visited her individually, where she received each visitor with curiosity and cordiality. At approximately 5.30pm the experts from the Seal Sanctuary arrived in Youghal where they immediately proceeded to insert a funnel into Sammy’s mouth and feed her 200ml of glucose, which she greedily and gratefully gulped down. The visitors were absolutely amazed and delighted that this very young pup was in such good condition – no marks, injuries or illnesses. Sammy was removed to the Dingle Seal Sanctuary later in the day where she will be nurtured and cared for until such time as she is ready for release which, in the case of seal pups, is not based on their age but rather when they achieve a weight of approximately 20/25 kilos. Michael Lee confirmed to the East Cork Journal that anyone wishing to monitor Sammy’s progress can browse the following website and facebook where photos of Sammy’s development will be available to view at and re l an d / D i n g l e - Wi l d l i f e - a n d - S e a l Sanctuary/140791062610713. Such was the delight of the visitors from Dingle with the marvellous work carried out by the Youghal Coastguards in their saving and care of Sammy, that they have promised to bring her back to Youghal on attaining her necessary weight, where the members of Youghal Coastguard will gently give Sammy her freedom, making it plain sailing for her to return to her habitat and ‘dance with the fishes’. And for the men and women of the Youghal Coastguards for whom each day brings a new challenge, the saving of a tiny female seal pup is yet another of your achievements.


PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PREPARATION OF DRAFT WATER ROCK MIDLETON MASTERPLAN The Midleton Special Local Area Plan, adopted in September 2005, set out a development framework for Midleton to guide new development to take advantage of proposals to establish a suburban rail network for Cork, including the re-opening of the rail line to the town. The SLAP identified a site at Water Rock, with the special zoning objective X-01, for a new residential neighbourhood.

In 1st place were Flying Sunshine, Mike Stafford and family, followed in joint 2nd place by A Team’s Ollie Steele, Wife and Silent Friend and Nutty Nutfield’s Richard Jeffrey’s and family. Consolation prize went to the Monkey Managers Denise Moynihan, Rachel Ahern and Killian O’Driscoll.

Cork County Council has prepared a Draft Masterplan for Water Rock, Midleton which puts in place the framework for the delivery of a residential neighbourhood incorporating mixed use business areas to create a sustainable living community.

Ballinrostig Vintage Club would like to thank all those who participated; all land owners for the use of their land, club members for the use of tractors and a special thanks to Yvonne Seddon and An Poc Ar Buile.

Printed copies of the draft Water Rock Masterplan will be available to purchase from the Planning Policy Unit (priced €20).

Draw for Ford 500 Model Tractor to Katie Stafford, Rochespoint.

We are hoping to have another treasure hunt in the New Year.

Anybody who would like to join Ballinrostig Vintage Club please contact An Puc Ar Buile or any club member.

Ballycotton Bridge Club RESULTS FOR 3/11/10

1st Maureen Flemming/Mary Lawless 2nd Betty Murray/John Whelehan 3rd Rita Fitzpatrick/Margaret Holland 4th Roseanne Fahey/Mary Cuthbert

A copy of the Draft Masterplan will be available for public inspection each working day, exclusive of public holidays, between the hours of 9.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. during the period from 23rd November, 2010 to 10th Januar y, 2011 at the following locations: • • • •

Planning Department, Floor 1, County Hall, Cork Planning Policy Unit, Floor 13, County Hall, Cork Cork County Council Area Office at Youghal Road, Midleton Cork County Council Area Office at The Mall House, Youghal

and is available at all times to inspect and download (in pdf format) from the Council website Copies of the Draft Masterplan will also be available for inspection at the Cork County Branch Libraries at Main Street, Midleton, Church Street, Youghal and The Arch Building, Casement Square, Cobh. Please check locally for availability and opening times.

Please note that during the Christmas period, Council Offices will close at finishing time on Thursday, 23rd December 2010 until normal opening hours on Thursday, 30th December 2010. The offices will also be closed on Monday, 3rd Januar y 2011. However, the draft Masterplan will continue to be available to inspect and download in pdf format during this time from the Council website Information regarding the draft Masterplan will be included in a public exhibition to be held on 30th November, 2010 (4 - 8 p.m.) at the Midleton Park Hotel, Midleton. At this exhibition members of the public will also have the opportunity to discuss the draft Water Rock Masterplan with Council planning staff. Cork County Council has provided a new system whereby submissions or obser vations on the draft Masterplan with associated attachments can be made on-line by the public and interested parties, from the Cork County Council website Cork County Council regrets, that for technical reasons, submissions made by e-mail cannot be accepted. Written submissions or observations on the draft Masterplan can also be made by the public. Written submissions/observations should be clearly marked “Submissions to the Draft Water Rock Masterplan” and should be forwarded to the address below so as to arrive on or before Monday, 10th Januar y 2011 (4 p.m.): The Senior Executive Planner, Cork County Council, Planning Policy Unit, Floor 13, County Hall, Cork. Submissions or observations with respect to the draft Masterplan, made either on-line (via or in writing, and received by the Planning Authority within the period 23rd November, 2010 to 10th Januar y, 2011 (4 p.m.), will be taken into consideration before the making of the Water Rock Masterplan. To avoid delay and congestion the public are advised to make their submissions or obser vations to the Council well in advance of the closing date. Signed: Director of Planning. Dated this 22nd day of November, 2010.




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Introducing the World’s First Invisible In-The-Ear-Canal Hearing Aid

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Now we can offer our patients a completely custom, invisible hearing solution with world class performance

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Lights, camera... Carrigtwohill


IRELAND'S first drive-in cinema opened at Fota Retail Park, Carrigtwohill, last Friday evening. Movie Junction has space for 100 cars, tiered around a large screen, with heaters and canopies. Patrons can pre0order food and soft drinks online or order food from their cars.

Promotor, Stephen Redmond, said there will be three showings daily and hoped that the flat rate entry charge of â‚Ź16 per car would encourage families to come along together.

Nadine and Cadhla Terry, Cork

Several shows over the weekend were sold out for the opening screenings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. (Photos: Malachy Harty Photography)

Movie Junction Cinema promotor, Stephen Redmond, and projectionist, Diane Cusack, prepare for the opening show

Chelsea Murray, Cork, and Karena Jordan, Belfast, with Shauna Kenny and Emma Mulcahy, Carrigtwohill

Seamus Hanrahan, Jamie Kenny and Amy O'Mahony from Cork

Cillian Dunford, Tracey Horgan and Shauna Kidney, Carrigtwohill

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Wayne Murphy & Keith Conway, Cobh, with Orry O'Donoghue and Sean Rohan, Carrigtwohill

Shane, Wendy, Joe andAndrew O'Leary, Carrigtwohill

Peter Power, Killeagh, with his daughter Shannon Barrett, and her friend Caoimhe Dowley, Castlemartyr

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

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Labour targets two Dáil seats in Cork East

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

From the courts


Cobh teenager found in possession of dangerous weapon

A TEENAGE girl accused of possessing a dangerous weapon pleaded guilty in court last week. Kira O’Brien, aged 19, of Bishop Street, Cobh, was pulled over by Gardaí in Cobh on October 27th.

A metal extendable baton was discovered in the backseat of her car, and she was subsequently detained for questioning. Ms. O’Brien had picked up a few people in her car on the date in question and as a result, claims she was unaware as to how the baton ended up in her car. Inspector Eoghan Healy stated that while there was no reason to suggest Ms. O’Brien intended to use the baton, possession of such a weapon created a risk of danger to the public. Judge Michael Patwell imposed a suspended prison sentence of ten days.

Bowling match assault: sentencing scheduled for 2011

A SPECTATOR at a road bowling match was convicted of physically assaulting a participant during an event in Ballinacurra. David Murphy, aged 27, of Brinny, Innishannon, pleaded not guilty to a charge of assaulting William O’Donavan at a Jim O’Driscoll Cup match on October 9th, 2009. During evidence given, the court heard how the pair squared up to each other after the defendant verbally abused William O’Donavan. Inspector Eoghan Healy said the incident escalated when David Murphy threw a punch at Mr. O’Donavan, causing injury to Mr. O’Donavan’s left hand, which was his bowling hand. After receiving treatment in Midleton the following day, Mr. O’Donvan returned to his home in Mayo two days later to receive further treatment. A doctor’s report from Mayo General Hospital confirmed a scaphoid fracture on Mr. O’Donavan’s left hand. Despite injury to his bowling hand, Mr. O’Donavan still managed to win the championship and even set a new downhill record for the road. In closing, Judge Michael Patwell said the offence was not only a breach of criminal law, but a breach of William O’Donavan’s constitutional right to walk freely and without harm. Sentencing was adjourned until February 3rd, 2011, at Midleton District Court.

Fourth conviction for Cobh uninsured driver: Judge Patwell says 'STOP'

A MARRIED father of three was convicted, for a fourth time, of driving without car insurance at Midleton District Court last week. David McDonagh, aged 31, formerly of College Lawn, Cobh, pleaded guilty to the charge and apologised for breaching the law. Mr. McDonagh, who is now based in Dublin, was apprehended by Gardaí in Cobh for driving without car insurance on August 12th.

In court Judge Michael Patwell said, 'You have displayed an appalling disregard for the road traffic laws of this country. There has to come a time when someone says stop, and I’m saying stop.' The judge imposed a five month prison sentence and rescinded his driver’s license for a period of six years.

Midleton man 'unaware of unruly behaviour'

A MIDLETON man, Damien Moreen, received a suspended prison sentence for flagging down a Garda car and verbally abusing its occupants and nearby members of the public. The 21 year old man, with an address at Beechwood Drive, Midleton, pleaded guilty to two charges of threatening and abusive behaviour, and intoxication in a public place.

The incidents occurred at Main Street, Midleton, on November 28th, 2009. The man, who has previous convictions, apologised for his actions and claimed to be unaware of his unruly behaviour due to intoxication. The judge imposed a suspended two month prison sentence for threatening and abusive conduct, as well as a €200 fine for intoxication in a public place.

Guilty plea for Public Order breach in Midleton

A PASSAGE WEST man pleaded guilty to a breach of the Public Order Act, following a late night incident on October 24th. Eoin O’Connor, aged 20, of Parkview, Passage West, Cork, admitted to being intoxicated, loud and aggressive when Gardaí apprehended him on Main Street, Midleton, at 2.40am. During evidence given, the court heard that the defendant has abstained from alcohol since the incident and has attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Judge Michael Patwell convicted him of the offence and imposed a fine of €250.

CORK EAST Labour Party TD, Seán Sherlock has said that for the first time ever he believes his party has a real chance of taking two seats in the Cork East Constituency. Deputy Sherlock said he looks forward to hitting the Campaign Trail with running mate, Cobh based County Councillor, John Mulvihill who was given the backing of labour party members from across the Cork East constituency at the party’s recent selection convention held at the Midleton Park Hotel.


'The key priority for us is the creation of jobs and restoration of the economy in North & East Cork. Since the last local elections there has been strong co-operation between all Labour councillors in Cork. ‘We strongly feel the time is right to challenge the status quo as Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have dominated the political landscape in this constituency for far too long,' said Deputy Sherlock.


PUBLIC NOTICE PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT ACT, 2000 NOTICE OF PREPARATION OF ELECTORAL AREA DRAFT LOCAL AREA PLANS Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 20 (3)(b) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 as amended, that Cork County Council has prepared a draft Local Area Plan for each of the following electoral areas: Bandon Electoral Area; Bantr y Electoral Area; Blarney Electoral Area; Carrigaline Electoral Area; Fermoy Electoral Area; Kanturk Electoral Area; Macroom Electoral Area; Mallow Electoral Area; Midleton Electoral Area and Skibbereen Electoral Area. Each Draft Local Area Plan is accompanied by an Environmental Report setting out the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing each local area plan. A copy of each of the draft Local Area Plans and the accompanying Environmental Reports may be inspected by the public each working day, exclusive of public holidays, between the hours of 9.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. during the period beginning Tuesday, 23rd November 2010 to Monday, 10th Januar y 2011 at the following locations: • • • •

Planning Department, Floor 1, County Hall, Cork Planning Policy Unit, Floor 13, County Hall, Cork Planning Department, Norton House, Cork Road, Skibbereen, Co. Cork Cork County Council Divisional Offices at Annabella, Mallow and Kent Street, Clonakilty

and are available at all times to inspect and download (in pdf format) from the Council website Copies will also be available for inspection via the Cork County Library Service. Please check locally for availability and opening times. Copies of the draft Plans and Environmental Reports for Fermoy, Kanturk and Mallow Electoral Areas, will also be available for inspection in the Council area offices at Charleville, Fermoy, Millstreet, Mitchelstown, Kanturk and Newmarket. Copies of the draft Plans and Environmental Reports for Bandon, Blarney, Carrigaline, Macroom and Midleton Electoral Areas will be available for inspection in the Council area offices at Ballincollig, Bandon, Blarney, Carrigaline, Douglas (Marchwood, Rochestown Road), Glanmire, Kinsale, Macroom, Midleton and Youghal. Copies of the draft Plans and Environmental Reports for the Bantr y and Skibbereen Electoral Areas will be available for inspection in the Council area offices at Bantr y, Castletownbere, Clonakilty, Dunmanway, Schull and Skibbereen. Cork County Council wishes to advise those wishing to inspect the draft Plans and Environmental Reports that during the Christmas period, Council Offices will close at finishing time on Thursday, 23rd December 2010 until normal opening hours on Thursday, 30th December 2010. The offices will also be closed on Monday, 3rd Januar y 2011. However, the draft Local Area Plans and Environmental Reports will continue to be available to inspect and download in pdf format during this time from the Council website Printed copies of each draft Local Area Plan and the relevant Environmental Report will be available for purchase from the Planning Policy Unit (price €45). A series of public exhibitions on the Draft Local Area Plans and Environmental Reports will be held across the County. At these exhibitions members of the public will have the opportunity to discuss the draft plans with Cork County Council staff. Venues, dates and times are as follows: Local Area Plan



Bandon Electoral Area

Town Council Offices, Bandon


Time 4-8 p.m.

Bantry Electoral Area

Maritime Hotel, Bantr y


4-8 p.m.

Blarney Electoral Area

Blarney Castle Hotel, Blarney


4-8 p.m.

Carrigaline Electoral Area

Rochestown Park Hotel


4-8 p.m.

Fermoy Electoral Area

Youth Club Centre, Fermoy


4-8 p.m.

Kanturk Electoral Area

Trade Union Hall, Kanturk


3-7 p.m.

Macroom Electoral Area

Oriel House Hotel, Ballincollig


4-8 p.m.

Mallow Electoral Area

Community Hall, Buttevant


4-8 p.m.

Midleton Electoral Area

Midleton Park Hotel, Midleton


4-8 p.m.

Skibbereen Electoral Area

Quality Hotel, Clonakilty


4-8 p.m.

Cork County Council has provided a new system whereby submissions with associated attachments can be made on-line by the public and interested parties from However, the Council regrets that for technical reasons, submissions made by e-mail cannot be accepted. Written submissions or observations should be forwarded to the address below to arrive on or before Monday 10th Januar y 2011 (4 p.m.): The Senior Planner, Cork County Council, Planning Policy Unit, Floor 13, County Hall, Cork. Submissions or observations with respect to the draft Local Area Plans and Environmental Reports, made either on-line (via or in writing, and received by the Planning Authority within the period 23rd November, 2010 and 10th Januar y, 2011, will be taken into consideration before the making of the ten Local Area Plans. To avoid delay and congestion the public are advised to make their submissions or obser vations to the Council well in advance of the closing date. Signed: Director of Planning.

Dated this 22nd day of November, 2010.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Ecclesiastical Review Mother Cabrini Shrine Vandalism Outrages Community Residents Donate Money To Repair Damaged Statues

East Cork

Ecclesiastical Events Parish of Youghal

Welcome into the Church those who were baptised in the Parish during the month of October Áine Maria Morrissey, Ruby Lynn Collins, Dara Alan Brosnan– Van Rensburg, Oran Daniel Coleman, Ryan Stanley Nangle, Abby Lucia Aileen Keane, Daniel David Daly, Tirná Judy Donoher-Butler, Sean James Curran, Emily Strzelczyk Barron, Sadhbh Fianna Lucinda Whelan, Isabelle Daly, Chloe Olivia Reilly, Conor William Healy Beginning today, Wednesday, November 24th, at 8pm in the Parish Office Meeting Room, praying with the Gospel for the Sunday Mass. Prepare for Christmas by reflecting on the Gospels of Advent. Pray, read and reflect on the Gospel, on God’s Word with others. One hour; all welcome.

Parish Lectors

DONATIONS are pouring in at the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Colorado, USA after vandals broke into the site and damaged several statues on the property. Officials said the vandalism happened in the middle of the night, about a week ago. Last Monday morning, a caretaker discovered the damage, which included a statue of Jesus with a broken nose, a statue of Our Lady of Grace missing most of its head, and a Mother Cabrini statue with a hole punched through its face. A week after the crime, the destructive images still took visitors by surprise.

The administrative director of the shrine said the entire property is surrounded by barbed-wire fence. He said it appeared the criminals somehow managed to damage the fence and climb over it.

Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies said they were investigating, but the vandals didn't leave behind any clues and they still don't have any leads.

About 200,000 visitors from around the world visit the shrine each year, according to Mother Cabrini Shrine Administrative Director, Jeff Lewis. The Shrine survives solely on donations and, damage estimates are in the thousands, he said. The Cabrini statue in the grotto is very rare, and it's going to be very hard to replace that," he said. However, he said he was hopeful because of community generosity and support. Lewis said they planned to use those donations to make repairs or replace the statues and to install a surveillance system.

Our number one concern is the safety and security of the shrine grounds and property. We want everyone who comes to the shrine to feel embraced and find comfort, knowing that this is a safe place to come for prayer and worship," he said.

Saint Colman Mac Duagh

ST. Colman's mother, Queen Rhinagh, when in an advanced state of pregnancy in late 559 A.D., became the object of jealous hatred of her husband the King.

The King had heard that according to a prophecy, the authority of his future son (St. Colman) was destined to surpass in greatness all the others of his illustrious lineage. Fearing the worst for her child still in her womb and for herself, Rhinagh was obliged to flee her husband's company. She was nevertheless caught by the King's men and cast with a heavy stone tied around her neck into the deepest portion of the Kiltartin river. Miraculously, Our Blessed Lord intervened, and in an instant, the heavy stone floated like a cork to the surface, bringing Rhinagh and her future offspring (St. Colman) safely to the river's bank. The Holy Well where St. Colman Mac Duagh was baptized in Corker, is still a site of pilgrimage to this very day.

It is held by the people of the area in the highest veneration. Miracles are still reported by pilgrims who bless themselves with the crystal clear water from this Holy Well.

If you wish to contribute to this page, Please contact Denise on 087 8128262 or email

All Parish Lectors are asked to renew their commitments to this ministry in the Parish next weekend at all Sunday Masses; a copy of St. Paul’s Missal for 2011 will be presented to all Lectors. The Word Proclaimed is a living Word from a living Christ, speaking through the reader. What is important is for each of us to hear the word and to take it to heart. Lawrence E. Mick We thank all Lectors for their commitment and invite others to consider this ministry. A new edition of the Latin Roman Missal - the book of prayers used at Mass, is due to come into effect on the First Sunday of Advent, 27 November 2011.

The New Missal

The first book bearing the name Missale Romanum appeared in 1474. In 1570 Pope Pius V promulgated an edition of the Missale Romanum after the Council of Trent, which was to be in obligatory use throughout the Latin Church. Eucha ris tic Adora tion People needed for Friday morning 1 –2am Tel: Pat 91145 24th November– Feast of St. Colman – Patron Saint of the Diocese of Cloyne. Pray for renewal in the diocese on this day. St. Colman, by your prayers, help us to grow in holiness.

Parish of Midleton and Ballintotas Hospital Confessions and Anointings

The Hospital Confessions and Anointings will be held on Friday next, November 26th at 11.20am.

Annual Mass

The annual Mass for all who have died in our Parishes over the past twelve months, will take place in the Holy Rosary church on Friday next, November 26th at 7.30pm. All are welcome.

IMP Folk Choir

Mass for deceased members of the IMP Folk Choir will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 30th at 7.30pm in the Midleton Hospital Chapel.

Annual Suncourt Estate Mass

The annual Suncourt Estate Mass for those who died during the year will be celebrated in the Hospital Chapel on tomorrow, Thursday November 25th at 7.30pm.

Midleton Community Centre Mass

Mass will be offered in the Hospital Chapel on tonight, Wednesday November 24th at 7.30pm for deceased members and friends of Midleton Community Centre. Everyone welcome.

Parish of Carrigtwohill

Prayer Group each Wednesday at 8.30pm The Rosary each Sunday at 10.05am.

Legion of Mary

New members are welcome. The Legion of Mary meet every Monday night in the Sacristy at 7pm.

Church Collection

The door collection on November 13th and 14th amounted to €1,103.22. Thank you.

Liturgy Meeting

There will be a Liturgy meeting tonight, Wednesday, November 24th at 8pm in the Sacristy.

Youghal Baptist Church

(People trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life)

We meet every Sunday morning at 11am in Brú na Sí (kindly loaned). This Sunday November 28th, Family Service with Seth Lewis. Continuing our journey through the Old Testament, looking at the life of Samuel. People from all backgrounds and nationalities are welcome. For more details, contact Mervyn Scott, 02425964/086-1732034 or see "There is no one holy like the Lord; there is no one besides you; there is no rock like our God". 1 Samuel Ch 2v2

Tommy Fleming at Tallow Church

Tommy Fleming will give an evening concert in Tallow on Thursday, November 25th at 8pm at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Tallow.

Tickets are €30 an are available from any member of the Tallow Community Council, at Tallowvision or by calling 086 803 6427. Tickets are selling well at the moment, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Healing hands in Youghal

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

TWELVE year old Keith Phelan from Youghal is urgently in need of stem cell treatment which is not only expensive, but is not available in Ireland. The treatment, which is available in Germany, can be done in three stages, each stage costing


Keith Phelan surrounded by friends, family and healing therapists (Photos: Nathan Twomey)

â‚Ź9,000, â‚Ź12,000 and â‚Ź23,000. To help raise funds for this treatment, a Healing Day took place on Sunday last, November 21st at the Walter Raleigh Hotel where a very large crowd gathered during the day to avail of the various ten minute treatments

which were available, including Mediumship, Card Readings, IET Empowerment Treatment, EFT Emotional Freedom Tapping and Reiki Chakra Balancing. A most unusual day of Treatments in Youghal, all in aid of

the wonderful treatments which can make life so much better for young Keith Phelan.

The Phelan family wish to thank everyone for their support, which is very generous, and for which they are very grateful.

How TV3’s ‘Take me out’ Great Christmas Show guests from Cork, fared at Joan Clancy Gallery

Well done to Community Radio Youghal’s Sports team member, Dan Long from Cork, who appeared on Friday nights show Take Me Out which is aired on TV3 each week. Ray Foley, the presenter, made the announcement and the sliding door opened and Dan danced his way on stage. However, his dancing was not appreciated by the 30 ladies who were waiting to comment and pass judgement on him before deciding if they wanted to go on a date with him. Three quarters of them turned off their lights signifying that they were not interested. When presenter Ray asked one or two of them why, they were not slow in remarking on

Carrigtwohill school honoured at Tech awards


his dancing ability and other faults. One girl even said she turned off her light becaus, ‘He’s from Cork, I can’t understand a word he’s saying!’ Dan remained dignified through it all and replied to each comment with a remark of his own showing the true Rebel fighting spirit. Sadly, this was not enough and more lights were turned off leaving Dan without a date. Ray finished by giving Dan a dog lead and collar, asking him to take the dog for a walk on the way out. Dan took the lead, looked over at the girls and replied ‘Which one?’, before walking back to the lift! Over the next few weeks we will be keeping an eye on this programme, because there is a young lady from Youghal who took part in the show for several nights seeking, as she says herself, ‘the tall, dark, handsome guy for a date.’ We can’t comment any further on that, as she is not allowed talk about it before the show airs. However, we will keep you up to date and let you know which nights you should tune in to see if she gets her man or not.

Helvick Head from Råth na mBiníneach Š BLAWNIN CLANCY (Oil on canvas 41x51cm)

FÉILE na bPictiĂşr the Christmas Show opening in Joan Clancy Gallery on Friday November 26th boasts fine works by some of the best local and internationally acclaimed artists: Arthur Maderson, Andrea Jameson, Blawnin Clancy, Katarzyna Gajewska, Rayleen Clancy, John Cullinan, Ross Stewart, Mary Clancy, Dave West. Described by The Irish Times as “a great place to visitâ€?, Joan Clancy Gallery is located 10K south of Dungarvan in Mweelahorna, An Rinn down the road from

ColĂĄiste na Rinne (Ring College) in the scenic Co Waterford Gaeltacht. 15k from Ardmore.

“The reputation which Joan Clancy Gallery has established over the past 10 years has been well earned, with its relatively remote location just one of its many charms,� wrote Dermot Keyes recently in The Munster Express. Christmas Show: November 26th - 28th & December 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th. Open 11am – 5pm & by appointment.

William Opperman Judge from Mpstor ,Denis Collins Chair of IT@Cork Board of Directors, Nora Moran from Scoil Chlochair Mhuire, winners in the Excellence in Education award and Micheal Loftus Spencer from CIT at the It@cork leaders Awards 2010 at County Hall

160 people packed the Vertigo Lounge in County Hall in Cork last Thursday to hear the winners of the 2010 it@cork Leaders Awards. The awards were set up to recognise Leaders in Technology and Business Innovation in Munster. The event not only provided an opportunity for the tech community to recognise their peers who are driving success in the area, they also provided a platform for technology business leaders to meet in a relaxed celebratory atmosphere. The excellence in education award was the first to be presented and the winner was Scoil Chlochair Mhuire, Carrigtwohill. William Oppermann, CEO, MPSTOR and chair of the Excellence in Education Judging panel explained, “The George Boole School Computer Laboratory Project was developed through collaboration between Scoil Chlochair Mhuire, its Parents’ Association and Department of Computer Science at UCC (Dr. Barry O’Sullivan). A 25 seat computer laboratory was installed, along with 2-4 in-class computers in each classroom. Child safe access to broadband is available at each computer, bringing the full educational benefits of the internet and IT to every child’s fingertips. Teachers can monitor the use of each computer through a class management system. All software in this programme is free and open-source, available for download from the internet. “IT is now in use throughout each subject on the curriculum in all classes, as pupils and teachers have immediate access to websites, webcam links, educational games, word processing programmes, extra teaching resources, modern languages programmes etc. Presently the school is acquiring extra digital whiteboards so that all classrooms will be equipped with this resource, and this year we will be running some IT courses for parents. The project has become a very positive focal point for the entire school community�


  We can help you find an interesting volunteering opportunity with one of Cork’s many non-profit organisations.       

 We can help you find them. !  #"! "! provides information and advice to people interested in volunteering and to organisations seeking volunteers. For more information or to register visit our web site phone 021  or call into our office  #! "!" !

CVC is a non profit organisation funded by Department of the Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Midleton councillor believes ‘cosy cartel’ may be influencing motor fuel prices

On the bench in SuperValu Youghal for Lynn’s Dreams

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


MIDLETON Town Councillor, Ted Murphy has suggested “a cartel” may exist amongst petrol stations in the Midleton area. The councillor made his remark at November’s town council meeting at which he claimed motorists filling up in Midleton were paying up to €4 more to fill their vehicles than elsewhere in the county.

In a Motion slamming “the high cost of motor fuel,” Cllr Murphy said it had been “seriously increasing in recent years, particularly after a private fuel retailer who “had been keeping prices down,” was “forced to close.” He believed that Midleton was now “one of the dearest towns in Ireland for petrol and diesel.

Nearest and dearest

Cllr Murphy quoted the recent cost of petrol at Lakeview service station as €132.9 for petrol and €127.9 for diesel. By comparison, a station in Glanmire, in keeping with outlets in Fermoy and Youghal, he added, was charging €124.9 and €119.9 respectively. “That is robbery,” he said. “We are the nearest to the refinery but have the dearest prices. I think there’s a cosy cartel there.”

he believed the Whitegate oil trucks were supplying the outer regions first and adding the mileage charge to the Midleton retailers thereafter. However, a random telephone selection of quotes this week supports Cllr Murphy’s grievance, but to a lesser degree, with Youghal seemingly cheapest of all, as the following figures reveal: Amber Youghal: €126.9(p), €121.9(d); J. Morrison Fermoy: €132.9 (p),€ 127.9 (d); Texaco Kilmoney Rd Carrigaline: €130.9(p), €125.9(d); Statoil Tivoli: €130.9 (p), €127.9 (d); Costcutters Youghal: €126.9(p), €121.9(d); MaxolFilling Station, Dublin Rd, Mitchelstown: €129.9 (p), €124.9 (d). Riverdale Service Station, Midleton: €130.9(p), €127.9(d). One filling station manager, declining to comment on Cllr Murphy’s views, said most fuel suppliers adopted designated different prices for different regions, even from the same truck. “It’s really, really weird.” The Lakeview roundabout station did not respond to a request for comment.

Cllr Tom Cashman agreed with Cllr Murphy, quoting diesel differences between Midleton and Youghal as €127.9 to €118.9 per litre. “Midleton is no longer noted for low prices, he observed. Concurring with the sentiments, Cllr Pat Buckley said

Cork County Council and SECAD


STAFF members of SuperValu Youghal, Damien, Eileen, Mary, Catherine and Pearl, during a recent lunch break, got the idea to organise a sponsored Head Shave and Wax the proceeds of which, it was agreed, would go to the Laura Lynn Dreams fund. Two hours later the date, venue, and programme of events had been put together and arranged. The date was October 15th, the venue Bertie’s Bar, and the ‘persons to be waxed and shaved’ were approached. The brave volunteers were Adam McCarthy, Kieran O’Keeffe and Paul Mulcahy who had their heads shaved, with Paudie Mulcahy, Brendan O’Sullivan, Conor O’Sullivan, Simon Brooks, Adam Hennessy, Andrew Curtin and Damien Moore agreeing to have themselves waxed. (Note no female offers – Let’s hear it for the boys!!!). Sponsorship Cards, of course, had to be made available and the group was delighted when Flanagan Print provided the cards free of charge. Family and


friends were then approached for sponsorship, and they were not found wanting. The event itself included a Raffle on the night and the amazing amount of €3,354 was raised for the Laura Lynn Dreams Fund. On Friday last the group was delighted to present this great cheque to the fund, and Pearl Murphy told the East Cork Journal that they were indebted to those who agreed to be shaved or waxed, to Ken Brooks of SuperValu for his support and sponsorship, to Ger Flanagan of Flanagan Print for his very generous sponsorship of the cards, to the sponsors of the prizes for the raffle, to all those who came along on the night, and to anybody who helped in any way to make this event the success it was. For the Laura Lynn fund a great donation; for the staff of SuperValu Youghal a marvellous fundraiser; and those who took part in the waxing and head shave, who cannot now quite ‘let their hair down’, can be happy that they will not experience ‘a bad hair day’ for a long time to come!


Reduce your Energy Consumption and Costs Date:


Wed 1st December 2010 9.00am to 1.00pm

During European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), Cork County Council intends to run an awareness campaign, based on the Stop Food Waste national campaign.

From Monday 22, a Stop Food Waste display will be located at each of the following locations: Midleton Library, Youghal Venue: Midleton Park Hotel, Midleton, Co Cork Library, Cobh Library, Charleville Library, Mallow Library, Attendance is FREE Skibbereen Library and Clonakilty Library. Composting: A Household Guide and A Guide to Managing Energy & Cost Saving Opportunities your Household Waste & Domestic Water Usage will be Small businesses are recognising that there is a new energy future with risavailable at each of these libraries. Both guides are free. Our ing energy costs, making energy efficiency a core strategic priority. Any orcampaign this week is funded by the EPA National Waste ganisation looking to its future competiveness is looking at energy effiPrevention Programme (NWPP). ciency. Those already taking action are seeing the benefits – real cost savings and real environmental gains. This Workshop will help identify energy use, main energy users and opportunities for energy and cost savings. Other topics that will be discussed include: energy bills, procurement, energy efficiency, renewable energy and financial supports for upgrades. This event is funded by the EPA National Waste Prevention Programme.

Further Information & Registration

Register by email at or call 021 4613432 Places are limited so please register early.

The Stop Food Waste Programme was established as part of the EPA NWPP. The aim of the programme is to help householders reduce the amount of food they waste and save money. The website,, has all the details about how to reduce the amount of food you waste, with tips on better buying, savvy storage, canny cooking, random recipes and all aspects of home composting. The EWWR project is supported by the LIFE+ Programme of the EU. The EWWR is to raise awareness about waste reduction strategies and to promote sustainable waste reduction actions. Visit to learn about other events throughout Europe.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News

MIDLETON Compiled by Kathleen Woulfe

Midleton & District Active Retirement Association

Thu. 25th Nov.: Pitch & Putt available at Corkbeg from 2.30 pm. Fri. 26th Nov.: Whist at Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30 pm. Mon. 29th Nov.: Tai Chi Exercises at Community Forum Youghal Road 10.30 to 11.30 am & 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. Indoor Bowling at GAA Pavilion 2 – 4 pm. Tue. 30th Nov.: “45” at Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30 pm. Wed. 1st Dec: Swimming available at Midleton Park Hotel Leisure Centre & Spa from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. Big meeting/Get-together at Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30 pm. Christmas flower arranging demonstration by Betty Williams. Festive sing-along with Ann Crowley and accompanist on piano Sean Curtin. Christmas Dinner/Dance at Midleton Park Hotel on Sun. 5th Dec. Mulled wine reception at 6.30 pm. Music by Pat Burke & his band. Cost €25.00. Tickets available from Mary, ph. 0862351332.

Alzheimer’s Association

Church Gate Collection in Midleton on Saturday and Sunday next, November 27th and 28th. Anyone wishing to help please contact Kathleen Woulfe on 021 4631011 as soon as possible.

Eva and Johnny Delaney

Eva and Johnny Delaney, who were married last week, enjoying their reception in the Midleton GAA Pavilion, pictured with Eva’s mother

Eva and Johnny Delaney were married in Cork on Tuesday last, after which their wedding reception was held in Midleton GAA Pavilion. The happy couple and members of their family arrived in Midleton at the Pavilion to greet them on their very special day, and were met by tumultuous applause from all present. The hall, which was looking resplendent, all thanks of course to Social Committee Manager, Pat Wafer who, with his team of willing helpers, worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was in perfect order for the very special occasion. From early morning and all day the team of Rita O’Keeffe, Anne Wafer, Christine Wafer, Kay Barry, Doris O’Regan and Anne Sinclair worked tirelessly, ensuring that everything was in order for the happy couple, with tables decorated with white table cloths, flowers and candles, comparable to any top class hotel, all ready for the beautiful appetising food prepared and served by O’Brien’s Caterers, Carrigtwohill. Pat Burke and Frank playing music invited Eva and John onto the floor to start the dancing and very soon all the dance lovers joined them and they danced the night away including the Slosh. Johnny’s grandson, Jason Smyth was Bestman and Eva’s sister, Lola was Bridesmaid. Eva’s mother, Irena and family members from Poland were present to lend support for the special day.

Choir members from Fermoy travelled to pay tribute to Eva and John, and Fr. O’Driscoll, Fermoy gave a blessing to them both. There were songs from Joan Flynn, Kieran O’Connor, Vera O’Brien, Nora Ryan, Mairéad Scannell and the Choir in unison sang many songs and of course Johnny obliged with a great rendition of My Own Sligo Home. A good friend of Johnny’s, Eileen Cronin, in her own inimitable manner sang My Donegal. Johnny thanked all the guests, helpers, O’Brien’s Caterers, Pat Burke and all who made their special day and night so special in any way. He said that Eva was a very kind and loving person and that he felt sure they would enjoy many happy years together. Eva said that she was a happy woman to be married to Johnny, and she and Johnny thanked his niece who made the beautiful cake and the GAA for their great facility and help. Emile, a little boy who travelled with his parents from Poland, certainly enjoyed Pat’s music and not alone did he dance, but he took to the stage also. Pat Wafer paid tribute to Eva and Johnny, who are great club supporters every Saturday night. He thanked his wife, Anne and all the helpers and especially thanked O’Brien’s Caterers for the top class food served. In conclusion Pat Burke invited everyone onto the dance floor and with the Bride and Groom in the centre, he played The Whole World in their Hands. It was a great night and our wish for them is that they enjoy many years of wedded bliss.


Heartiest congratulations to Ciara O’Sullivan, Leamlara, on the birth of baby Abbie and we must send birthday wishes to Abbie’s great-grandmother, Mary Blackmore. Heartiest congratulations to Barbara and Alan Costigan on the birth of their baby girl, Madison, a sister for Ellen and Alex. Congratulations to Garda Jerome O’Donovan on his recent retirement, and best wishes to him and his wife Sally for the future. May his retiring years be happy and relaxing.

Get Well

Get well wishes to Eileen O’Connell, Riversfield, and hope she will soon be on the road home. From Kathleen. Glad to hear that Pat White is at home after recent surgery and best wishes Pat for continued good health. Get well wishes also to Gretta Savage and hope she will soon be back in top form. Take care Gretta.

Midleton and Carrigtwohill Branch Irish Red Cross

The above are holding a Church Gate Collection in Carrigtwohill on Saturday and Sunday next, November 20th and 21st, and your kind help and support will be appreciated. Contact Maura, Finbarr or any member of the branch.

Midleton Senior Citizens Association

Sincere thanks to those who gave of their time to collect at Church Gates in Midleton recently on behalf of the above, namely Rita O’Keeffe, Josie Buckley, Anne McMahon, Margaret McCarthy and

Con O’Sullivan – his wife Callie would have been there also but unfortunately was ill – who like myself is a permanent fixture at the Church Gate Collections. A special thanks to all who so generously supported the collection. Reminder to all those intending to travel to Kilkenny with us on December 1st. The bus will leave the Hospital Road at the earlier time of 8.30am and returning to Lawlor’s Hotel, Dungarvan for dinner at 6pm. The bus is now full, and apologies to those who were disappointed.

Midleton Farm Family Group

The next meeting of the above group will be held on Wednesday, December 1st, at 11.30am. The hotel will treat us to a Cookery Demonstration, before our Annual Christmas Lunch. For further information, please contact Rosarie on 021 4513817.

Midleton GAA Pavilion

Come dancing on Saturday next to the great music of Tom Healy Band, on tour. There is a great line up of bands for Saturday and Sunday nights in December. Details next week.

Central Remedial Clinic – Annual Santa Bear Appeal

Attractive Santa Bears, key rings and pens will be on sale at Hurley’s SuperValu, Midleton, on Wednesday, December 8th, and I would appeal to anyone with an hour to spare to contact me, Kathleen Woulfe on 021 4631011.

Cloyne Branch Fine Gael

The above are holding a Pub Quiz at Harty’s Bar, Cloyne, on Thursday night, December 2nd, at 9pm. The Hope Foundation will be a beneficiary of monies raised. Further details from George Jeffery on 021 4652584.

Midleton Credit Union

The AGM of the above will be held at the Midleton Park Hotel, on Thursday, December 2nd, at 7.30pm sharp. All members are welcome to attend. Bring passbooks for identification, please.

Free Hearing Tests

The above are held at O’Connor’s Pharmacy. Contact 021 4631586 to make an appointment.

Craft Work Shop

Card making and crochet will take place on Saturday, November 27th at the Monastery, Midleton, past St. Mary’s High School, from 11am to 3.30pm. Please bring a lunch. Tea and coffee provided. For more information contact (card making) 087 9761479 or (crochet) 021 4613841.

First Responders Midleton

Are holding a Fundraising Day at Hurley’s SuperValu, Midleton, on Saturday, November 26th. Anyone wishing to help, please contact Maura Milton as soon as possible, on 087 6934773.

Parkinson’s Association of Ireland

The above invites you to a Parkinson’s Patient Information update on Tuesday, November 30th, from 11am to 2.30pm in the Rochestown Park Hotel. Cost €10, including tea and coffee. Prior registration necessary. To attend this event contact 1800359359. Registration closed on Friday, November 26 th.

Ballintotas Community Dinner

The above will be held at the Midleton Park Hotel, on Friday, November 26th, at 7.45pm. Tickets €25 from Pat Quinlan, Kay Curtin, Pam Curtin, Paul Kelly and Pat Cashman. Contact 086 8778182.


intimated that The Constituency is in good financial standing. Councillors present were Mary Woods, Michael Hegarty, Tom Barry and Noel O’Connor. Also present were Organiser Nuala O’Neill and Willie Scannell, both Super Draw Co-ordinators. The draw is to be held on December 6th. Apologies were extended from Deputy David Stanton, who is electioneering in Donegal for the big election. Senator Paul Bradford apologised for being late and in his Address gave excerpts from a document produced by Richard Bruton entitled ‘Reinventing Government – Protecting Services and getting The Economy back on Track. Senator Paul Bradford and Councillors Tom Barry and Noel O’Connor spoke of the closure of Mallow Sugar Company and that Minister Coughlan did nothing to ensure that it would not happen. Councillor Michael Hegarty spoke of various roads categorised in the case of inclement weathers and regarding breakwater in Ballycotton. He said it was impossible to meet the Department on the matter as our regulation was crucifying us. Con McCarthy, Liam Ware and Colum Mellerick were loud in their criticism of the present government, and hoped for an early General Election. Selection of candidates to contest the next General Election will be held in Mitchelstown in January, but it was generally felt by members that it should be prior to Christmas, so this proposal is to be sent to Fine Gael Headquarters. Sympathy was conveyed to the wife and family of Jerome Lynch, the McCarthy family, Youngrove and the Laffan Family. May their loved ones rest in peace.

Friends of Midleton Hospital

A meeting of the Friends of Midleton Hospital took place in the Parish Hall last week, where Chairperson John McCarthy presided and Rev. Tom Naughton opened the meeting with prayers. At the outset sympathy was extended to Mary and Micheál Martin and family on the death of their daughter, and also to grandparents Tony O’Shea and his wife Mary. Fundraising was high on the agenda and a race night was proposed some time ago, so Jim Cashman and Tony Lynch are to be invited to our next meeting to put forward their proposals. It is hoped to run the Garden Fete in 2011, as this was always a very enjoyable day and also a good fundraiser. Director of Nursing, Catherine Doran is to investigate the matter and have details for the next meeting. As the position of Treasurer was not filled at the AGM, the name of Maura Milton was proposed, seconded and accepted, so Maura will now join Assistant Treasurer, George Jeffrey. The next meeting will be held on January 19th, 2011, at the Parish Hall, as work is still ongoing at Midleton Community Hospital.

Happy B irthday!

A very happy 10th birthday to Alan Power, Rosary Place, on Saturday 27th November, lots of love from Mam, Dad and Chris. X

Happy 10th birthday to Alan Power, on November 27th, lots of love from Nana Josie, Maggie, Teresa and Kevin. Have a great day. X

East Cork Flower Club

Happy 10th birthday to Alan Power, on November 27th, have a great day, love from your godfather John, Melissa and Josh. X

Cork East Constituency Fine Gael

Happy 8th birthday to Helen Savage, love from Mom, Dad and D.J.

The above are holding a Christmas gala ‘Noel. Noel’, presented by Candy Holton of AOIFA at the Midleton Park Hotel, on Thursday, November 25th. Mulled wine and mince pies at 7.30pm. Tickets €15 at the door or contact 021 4631261. Donation to Cystic Fibrosis. The Monthly meeting of the above took place at the Midleton Park Hotel last week. Chairman, Tom Sheehan presided and Secretary, Kay Dawson read the Minutes of the last meeting. Treasurer, John O’Donovan in his report

Happy 10th birthday Alan Power, on November 27th, have a brilliant day, love from David, Niamh and Jordan. X

Birthday greetings to Lucy O’Sullivan and her Mum Dawn, Oscar Masterson, Dick Cashman, Dave Lawton, Laura Fitzgerald and Chloe O’Halloran. K.W.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

One of Ireland’s oldest married couples,


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Sonny & Catherine, Cloyne celebrate 69th wedding anniversary LIVING near Cloyne, Patrick (aka Sonny) and Catherine Crowley celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary on October 31st, 2010. At 99 and 95 years of age respectively, Patrick and Catherine are one of Ireland’s oldest married couples who still live independently. Their granddaughter, Fiona Fitzgerald dedicates the following tribute to them.

A tribute to Sonny & Catherine by their granddaughter, Fiona Fitgerald

When I stroll up the boreen it’s like stepping into another world. A time we have forgotten. An Ireland we have long forgotten. For the independent stranger, on approaching this driveway, one will sense that there is a great story at the foot of this avenue. For family, we know we are walking in their unique footprints, walking in shoes that are too big to fill. I still linger on this boreen. Each season brings it to life. An impressionist painting splashed before your eyes every time. The falling of leaves on that idyllic lane way reminds me that they will face another cold winter. The sprouting of timid snow drops and bluebells lends itself to childhood memories of trying to find the pink bells for her dresser. The rising of the daffodils puts a spring in their step as their seasonal joints relax. The sun’s arrival warms their faces, where they welcome the primroses and daisies that

will dot the passage. The cycle of seasons, the turn of time brings us Sonny & Catherine year after year. I have not yet introduced these impressive people. You see, Sonny’s hard and arduous labour is ingrained in the ground we step on and as you come closer to this home, a great blue stonewash farmhouse greets you. You turn the bend, where you know the backbone of every home resides, Catherine.

Parked in the shed is his 1991 Ford Fiesta that he stubbornly resigned from not too long ago. On departure from his lifetime of driving, I recall him saying....“ I’ll finish the way I started, without a tip.....”. And hence forth, step in side this mighty solid union, and lose yourself in something very precious, a memory of 194 years ....and then some. The Hamco Oil Cooker separates their seats, one on either side. Blankets to cover his lap during frosty days while the paper is her choice of throw. He was born in 1911 and to this day he can remember as far back as when anyone has their first childhood memory. Have you ever seen a 99 year old and his wife of four years his junior have a domestic? It’s priceless. Little is said, of course, as tone and body language is well read now after 69 years of married life. She will start a story about a generation gone by, and he will finish her story by going back a further generation. Next thing you know they are in disputes over the

year the Irish Plane summoned to the rocks of Ballyshane, German espionage scouting the local area during World II, was it 14 or 15 kids the neighbours over the road had, what land passed to what family, or how many Irish currencies have crossed their hands. And it usually ends wit a rhetoric question directed at the umpire, usually the grandchild, “Fiona, is it too late for divorce”? At 99 he will eat any man under the table. She says his health is a testament to his appetite. They rarely agree and he says it’s because, on waking every morning without fail, and with routine, he dips his fingers into the holy water font and blesses his eyes, ears and mouth. Self sufficient, and that is a term that has been applied from as early as I can remember. I recall Nanny ushering me down to the fowl house early in the morning, in search of two brown eggs.

Saturday 11th December (Full) • Friday 17th December & Saturday 18th December. Other dates subject to availability. €49.50 per person or €115.00 per person to include overnight bed and breakfast.

Private dinner parties, Family Christmas Dinner, Smaller Groups, or those looking for a more relaxed evening. Christmas Cocktails on arrival, Four Course Dinner Menu. Live music afterwards in the Lighthouse Bar.

Ideal for groups from 10 to 150 looking for an alternative to the traditional Christmas Party. Great for social groups and businesses gathering for a Christmas drink and a little bit more.


January 29th February 18th March 18th

A Wild Night Out Garryvoe meets the Alps “Up the Rebels” Celebration of Cork Food

The perfect Christmas present: a

Gift Voucher from the

Garryvoe Hotel!

Garryvoe Hotel, Ballycotton Bay, East Cork, Ireland T: +353 (0)21 4646 718 F: +353 (0)21 4646 824 E:

woman who has defied all prayers and blessings. Our dear old doctor summoned the priest once where her forehead was thumbed with the last rights. Nanny is now 95 and has seen priests and doctors come and go. The yellow ochre wall paper displays Pope John Paul, Padre Pio sits on the television, and the biscuit tin sits in the press. They are the pinnacle of strength in mind and body. So many people pass remarks , that we all keep them going, calling in to see them, children, grandchildren and great-grand-children, but little do they know that Sonny and Catherine are at the very heart of us and keep US all going.

That warm sensation of an egg just laid running back to her with my delight, as I watched her boil them for his breakfast. Perhaps the secret of long life is buried in the egg as he only eats the brown ones you know! His garden sits in the alcove of the yard, where there are new potatoes and leafy cabbages, sprawling lettuces and luscious red strawberries. The rich green cabbages with protruding veins mirror the hands that planted them. The giant rhubarb stalks adorn the rows, along with drills of onions sweeping the plot. Sweet peas crawl the chicken wire. His pike firmly halted into the earth, as he sits on his red crate for a rest, and there she is sitting pretty on the four pronged pike, one of Grandad’s oldest companions - a red breasted robin, unmoved and unthreatened by his presence.

Don’t call at nine am when they are having the banquet-breakfast, listening to the first news of the day on the wireless. Don’t call at eleven thirty am, when the oxtail soup is on simmer and the first of a three course meal is about to get underway. News at noon, nap at two, the Angeles and supper at six. If it’s a Saturday and Winning Streak is on, you’ll be sorry you interrupted, as Nanny waits impatiently for her name to be called out. But do call, anytime, stay awhile, chat about days gone by... and share a cocoa before bed time. Sonny and Catherine’s family in Ireland, England, Australia, Canada and South America would like to wish them every good health for the future, as we look forward to celebrating his 100th and her 96th birthdays next year.

Nanny always smelled of soda bread fresh out of the oven, or an apple and blackcurrant tart cooling on the window sill. She appears from the pantry with her apron on, and even to this day, retired from baking those fine gooseberry tarts, providing us with copious amounts of custard, farola, semolina and jam, her apron still decorates her. I sit in front of her as an adult now and I still see the woman that sat in front of me as a child. A woman who works out, twice a day, twenty minute walks up and down the infamous boreen. A face as young as a 65 year old, wrinkle free, and glowing. A mind that is quick and responsive. A

!&'!"" %)

# &

$ ! # $&



$# ' ""$&

Order over €10 - 1 starter free Order over €20 - 2 starters free Order over €30 - 3 starters free etc. $ $&

! $

! !





Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

KGK takes Pride of Place


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

AS THE celebrations wind down from winning the Pride of Place, you can retain part of history by purchasing a DVD of the judging day event. This is a well compiled DVD of Friday, July 16th capturing the atmosphere and pride which we, as a community, have in our area. It features local talent performing on the day along with beautiful scenic shots of the Knockanore, Glendine and Kilwatermoy area. This enjoyable DVD is on sale for €20. You may order your copy by calling 087 9675399 or by contacting a member of the committee.

Santa Claus comes to Shanagarry Design Centre

Don’t forget to keep Friday, December 10th and Saturday 11th free as you don’t want to miss the quirky, heartfelt, entertaining comedy “And the winner is” by Mitch Albom. Creatively directed by Tomás Roche whose sympathetic, yet direct approach, is keeping a content cast. In the lead role is the experienced and talented John Baldwin who will have you captivated as he journeys the rollercoaster ride of self obsessed actor Tyler Johnes, closely watched over by the heavenly gatekeeper, perceptively played by John Roche. Along the way Johnes is joined by his agent, Teddy La Petite compellingly performed by first timer, Connor Goulding who has taken to the stage like a duck to water. Pat Smith will put some hearts a flutter with his accurate suave portrayal of acting rival Kyle Morgan. The lovely Sarah Curley playfully depicts the dim bombshell Serinity. As for Eileen Mc CarthyThompson who plays Sheri, Tylers wife, well as that’s me you’ll have to come along on one of the nights to the warm welcoming KGK Community Hall and let me know what you think! Watch this space for more info next week.


The KGK Community Sports Hall is kindly sponsored by Tallow Area Credit Union.


PUBLIC NOTICE ARTS GRANTS Applications are invited for arts projects and activities that may be eligible for funding under the following grant assistance schemes in 2011. 1. ARTS GRANT SCHEME This scheme is designed to support arts activities and events at local or county level. Consideration will be given to those proposals that demonstrate a commitment to high standards of artistic excellence and which, in the opinion of Cork County Council, will stimulate interest in the arts, promote the knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts or assist in improving standards in the arts. Grant assistance will only be considered where applications meet the artistic and financial criteria set down by Cork County Council. 2. ARTISTS IN SCHOOLS SCHEME The purpose of the scheme is to support projects that enable students and teaching staff to work collaboratively with an artist on a creative project for an extended period. A limited number of projects will be supported in 2011. The level of grant assistance will be between €1,500 and €3,000 per project and will be subject to an agreed financial contribution by the applicant body. The scheme is open to both Primary and Post-Primary Schools in the Cork County area. Proposals in all artforms are eligible. 3. ARTIST SCHEMES (open to practising artists only) (A) ARTISTS CREATIVE BURSARY SCHEME The purpose of this scheme is to support artists undertaking new creative projects. Proposals submitted may relate to costs of a research phase of a project, the creation of a specific work, or both. All artforms are eligible. Applicants should note that this scheme is open only to practising artists currently resident in Cork County. Proposed projects must be capable of being substantially completed within 2011. (B) TYRONE GUTHRIE CENTRE BURSARY Artists may submit an application for a bursary to support a two week residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. A maximum of two bursaries may be awarded. Each application must be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae and a reasonable sample of the artist's work. Applicants should clearly state their reasons for applying and outline what they wish to accomplish during their stay at the Centre. The closing date for receipt of completed applications for all schemes is Friday, 17th December 2010. For further information and application forms contact: The Arts Office, Cork County Council Librar y and Arts Ser vices, County Hall, Cork Tel. 021 4346210 Email

SANTA’S little helpers are now extremely busy at The Design Centre, Shanagarry organising a very special ‘Winter Wonderland’ for the arrival of the big guy himself on Sunday, November 28th.

Santa Claus will arrive by sleigh no less, at 1.30pm.

Mrs Claus will also be present, but like all busy women, she will be assisting in the kitchen preparing Santa’s favourite dishes and making the food extra special for kids and adults alike, and also looking after and the visiting reindeer!

There will be lots to see and do on the day with bouncy castles, face painters, reindeers and cookie decorating for the kids and it goes without saying that the adults can soak-up the atmosphere whilst browsing through the wonderful store.

The Artisan Cafe will also be offering superb food with children’s themed lunches throughout the festive season, and has entertainment at hand Bookings to see Santa on Novemto keep the youngsters amused ber 28th are necessary, so call now whilst you enjoy a bite to eat. to reserve your audience with

Santa - and don’t be disappointed! For further details please call: Shanagarry Design Centre, Shana-

garry on 021 4645838) or see for details.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Watergrasshill set to Swing as church renovations near completion

Sally O'Reilly


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

CRYSTAL SWING will play a two hour concert this Saturday night, November 27th at the Community Centre in Watergrasshill. The concert is a benefit night for the new arts centre which is located in the former Church of Ireland, and a great night is assured.

returns to private practice

SALLY O'Reilly is returning her successful private practice to 5 full days a week. Furthermore, she is now taking referrals for children and families.

Sally has been in private practice as a Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Supervisor for over fifteen years in Youghal and Cork City. Having been in full-time private practice for ten years she took on a part time role in Barnardos, Ireland leading Children's Charity where she worked for over six years as a Bereavement Therapist for children and families.

Sally describes the experience she gained there as invaluable, encompassing trauma therapy and various trainings including The interior of the church was completely renovated in 2009 and the Play Therapy , Child Protection subsequent extension, which is almost completed, will provide a green Training and courses with Baroom, toilets and a cafe. bette Rothschild, an internationally renowned Trauma The last remaining job is to fit the seating in the church, which will be Therapist. retractable and so the theatre will be able to accommodate up to 10 different uses, from drama to corporate training. Some of you may be familiar with her name because of her The extension is well placed at the rear of the church and is almost inwork in Midleton College visible from ther street. Also, the only impact to the church itself is the where she provides a Drug Misneed to cut out a door to facilitate stage circulation. It is hoped to have use Prevention and Personal an official opening in 2011. Development Programme to Transition Year Students. In the meantime, come along to Watergrasshill Community Centre this weekend and get ready to Swing... She is also a regular contributor of articles and letters to various newspapers, and has done several radio interviews.

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" *, 6 4 . $) 0 &$ * " , " *. /4 1 2 & *.& &&1 ! *$&.$&

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. $ , 3 & " $ / ' ' && / 1 - * . & 1 " ,

" . 3 " 23 * $ " 1, 6 * 1% &. 4 $ / 4 1 2 &2 7

"*,6 1"%*3*/ .", /"232

$ / 4 1 2 &2 7

/ / + * .( 2 ' / 1 ) 1 * 2 3 - " 2 " 1 3 * & 2 . /5 # & *. ( 3 " +& .

$ / 4 1 2 & -& . 4 7 * .$,

#/ 3 3, & 2 / ' ) / 4 2& 5 *. &

' /1 0 " 1 3* & 2 / '

/ 1 - / 1&

* 2 3 * , , & 16 !" , + * % ,&3 /. / /1 + &, - "*, *. ' / 1 "6- /. %2 *& !& #2 * 3 & 5 5 5 1" 6 - / . % 2 * &

In conversation with the ECJ Sally says, ‘I know from the calls I get and from speaking with GP's that there is a shortage of Accredited Psychotherapists available to meet the mental health needs of the East Cork population - particularly for young people. ‘I've always loved working with this age group as well as with adults, and now that I have all this extra experience it's an opportunity for me to expand. The demand is there, I just haven't been able to meet it until now.’ Sally is working from Ladysbridge and Youghal and due to space requirements will be doing her family work in Youghal.

She can be contacted on 0872338804 or 0214623991 for appointments.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


A little bit of fashion Therapy for the girls at Market Green

THERAPY for Girls presented an impressive Autumn Fashion Event at Market Green Shopping Centre, Midleton, on Thursday last. Guests were treated to a champagne reception with lots of tasty treats while encouraged to support DAWG, Dog Action Welfare Group. DJ, Alan O’Sullivan and Kylie Goes Gaga wowed the crowd before the models hit the runway in beautiful Autumnal fashions.

Jessica Madigan, Sarah O’Connor and Emma-Jane Morgan, Midleton Rachel Hurley with her mother, Celine, Midleton

Melanie and Cathy Sloane with Brenda, Laura and Cristin O’Keeffe, Midleton

021 4638022

Olivia Lucey, Midleton, Aoife Murray, Little Island, and Kyra Breen, Glanmireá (Photos: Malachy Harty)

Tadhg and Ellen O’Connor, Cloyne, with Enda Young and Brenda Walsh, Midleton

All photos available to buy

Fionnuala O’Riordan, owner of Therapy for Girls, with Carrie Horgan, Manolo Shoes, Bandon, Mairead Corcoran, Medaza Deserts, Whitegate, and Siobhan O’Connor, Therapy for Girls

Vicki Moloney, Garryvoe, Gina Mackey, Killeagh, Michelle O’Brien, Midleton, Kerrie Harty, Ballinacurra, Ana Daly, Midleton, and Lisa Ring, Midleton

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal VISIT US ON TWITTER & FACEBOOK

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THE arrival of the decorative lights in the streets of the city centre of Funchal during the month of November, marks the beginning of the Christmas and New Year festivities. These commemorations consist of a rich and extensive programme of cultural, religious and artistic celebrations that takes place throughout the entire month of December, and ends with the celebration of Twelfth Night on 6th January. 21-Nov €435 €495 €489


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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

SantaClaus is coming to MIDLETON !

Santa’s Grotto Opening Times: Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 27th & 28th: : 2pm - 5pm Fri., Dec. 3rd: 3pm - 7pm * Sat., Dec. 4th: 12 noon - 5pm Sun., Dec. 5th: 2pm - 5pm * Wed., Dec. 8th: 12noon- 6pm Thurs. & Fri., Dec. 9th & 10th: 3pm - 7pm Sat., Dec 11th: 12 noon - 5pm & Sun., Dec 12th: 2pm - 5pm Thurs. & Fri., Dec. 16th & 17th: 3pm - 7pm Sat., Dec. 18th - Thurs., Dec 23rd: 12 noon - 5pm Friday, December 24th, Christmas Eve: 10am - 2pm

CHRISTMAS COLOURING COMPETITION To be in with a chance of winning some great prizes compliments of Market Green Shopping Centre, call in to Market Green and pick up your entry form today



Bring the magic of Christmas alive at Market Green Shopping Centre Market Green Shopping Centre will be home to Santa’s Grotto, in aid of The Hope Foundation and Rehab; kindly supported by the tenants of Market Green, Wiser Recycling and instore

Santa arrives this Saturday, November 27th 12noon - 2pm: Get a spin with Santa in a horse drawn carriage for just €5. 2pm - 5pm: Come and visit Santa and get a present for just €7.50. * Face-painters * Balloon modeller * Red FM’s Red Patrollers * And much more...

Little visitors can also drop off their letters to Santa in a special post box in Market Green, and all the letters will be collected and delivered to Santa closer to Christmas.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Well done, Siobhan


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



I’m not a pheasant-plucker...

with John Whelan-Curtin

SIOBHÁN Coady, Ballydavid, Cloyne, who graduated recently from DIT College, Dublin, with an Honours Degree in Bio Medical Science. Congratulations from all your family.

Oxygen Hair Design is now a one-stop shop for Hair & Beauty all under one roof IN April 2008 Oxygen Hair Design opened the doors at 31 Main St, Midleton. The immediate appeal and success of Oxygen led to the opening of the new nail bar & lash bar, spray tanning, makeup station and state of the art Pedicure spa. Oxygen fulfilled its concept of a one-stop shop for hair & beauty all under one roof. Our nail technician & beautician specialise in gel nail extensions with creative

DESPITE our issues with animals who have been introduced to Ireland over the years and centuries, like the rabbit, there are also those introduced species that we are delighted to have. Amongst these foreigners are our Asian friends; the pheasants.

Not native to Ireland by any means, pheasants are of Asian origin and were imported for the most obvious of reasons, to hunt and eat. The immediate response to this notion is to envision a regal English lord producing the animals in cages to be shot upon release, to a chorus of “jolly good, old boy” from a crowd of contemporaries. In reality, however, the pheasant may have been introduced more than a thousand years ago, but for essentially the same reasons. As far back as the Roman Empire, the birds were being introduced across the known world.

The wonderful display of plumage that can be seen on the males is used to attract females. Cock pheasants can gather a considerable harem of hens during the breeding season and, it is not unusual to see a cock wandering around with as many as ten females in tow. This collection of females is not gathered without difficulty and males regularly battle for dominance. The familiar call of the males, followed by a series of dull, but very loud, impacts are the telltale sounds of two warriors locked in combat. The face paint of the males is not only designed to attract the attention of females, but may also function to help settle disputes with other males before coming to blows, a matter of “I’m much more colourful than you and that has to mean I’m bigger and meaner”. Nests are normally made on the ground and eggs are a very faint, speckled brown, about the size of a small chicken egg with 8-12 eggs laid in a

clutch. Females are very easily disturbed from a nest. Despite how truly delightful it is to stumble upon a nest, hidden in plain view, even the slightest disturbance may keep mother from returning. This will result in the eggs going cold and dying. The wildlife of the country have developed a wide range of techniques for devouring the nourishing little packages, and they are a favourite food for crows (and their relatives), rats, foxes, badgers and hedgehogs.

In Ireland, pheasant season is open from November to January. Only the males are taken, logic being clear; if you shoot nine cocks out of ten, the remaining bird can satisfy the needs of a horde of females, and do so w,ithout the usual warfare between competing males that can, on (rare) occasion, injure the birds or leave them exposed to predation.

Despite being the most hunted game bird in the entire world the pheasant is not the peace loving pacifist that it might be imagined to be. Apart from putting on warrior-displays of battle to win females, the pheasant is far more predatory than many would believe. The big bird will happily scoop up lizards, small mammals and even small birds to supplement his diet of invertebrates and plant materials.

In Ireland, shooting and hunting is coming under increasing scrutiny for a variety of reasons. A point to keep in mind, though, is that hunters enjoy their sport and would preferably like to have birds to shoot next year as well as this year. For this reason hunters across the globe are actually a leading force for conservation of wildlife in order to sustain populations for the future. Gun club literature is often heavily focused on techniques for maintaining land in a pheasant friendly manner.

nail art, 3 week manicure, and make - up application. Oxygen Hair Design is a 5 star salon that offers a relaxed, friendly environment. Customer service is our number one priority with our stylists, with whom much time is given for in depth consultations and advice to determine the right look and style for you. We specialise in creative colour & cutting , colour correction, upstyles & hair extensions.

To ensure the highest standard of hairdressing all our staff are regularly updated with training courses in the Loreal acadamey on the latest colour and styles. The team are constantly familiarising themseleves with the latest hair trends and styles, translating cat walk collections and celebrity looks straight to the salon floor. So call us now to make an appointment for your total make over. 021 4634886

31 Main Street, Midleton 021 4634886

BEAUTY SECTION NOW OPEN NEW NAIL BAR , MAKE - UP STATION , AMERICAN STYLE PEDICURE CHAIR WITH VIBRATING MASSAGE, SPRAY TANNING BOOTH & BEAUTY SECTION Free eyebrow wax with all pedicures All pedicures are in our state of the art pedicure chair with vibratring back maassage

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File and polish fingers and toes (plain) Normal price €27 Package €22 File and polish fingers and toes (french) Party Packages/ Wedding Packages Normal price €33 Package €28 Shampoo and blow dry (upstyles an extra €15), make up Mini manicure and mini pedicure and party lashes, file and poliash on fingers and toes, with free eyebrow wax topped off with a radiaqnt go of ‘That’s So’ spray tan Normal price €48 Package €33 Normal Price €122 Package €99 Maxi pedicure and mini manicure or with free eyebrow wax Makeover Packages Normal price €78 Package €60 Luxury Spa Pedicure and mini manicure Colour, cut & finish, make up and party lashes, file and polwith free eyebrow wax ish on fingers and toes Normal Price €62.99 Package Normal Price €88 Package €69 €57.99. Add €4 for longer hair. Add €15 for upstyle

Check out our website for all other prices Follow us on facebook


Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

PUBLIC NOTICE They least expected it in Youghal!


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal DENISE FITZGERALD REPORTS


PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PREPARATION OF DRAFT MASTERPLAN FOR CARRIGTWOHILL NORTH, CARRIGTWOHILL The Carrigtwohill Special Local Area Plan, adopted in September 2005, set out a development framework for Carrigtwohill to guide new development to take advantage of proposals to establish a suburban rail network for Cork, including the re-opening of the rail line to the town. The Special Local Area Plan identified a site north of the railway station, with the special zoning objective X-01, for a new residential neighbourhood of up to 2,000 new dwellings and required the preparation of a masterplan. Cork County Council has prepared a Draft Masterplan for Carrigtwohill North, Carrigtwohill which puts in place the framework for the delivery of a residential neighbourhood, appropriate employment development on the site through a phased programme of development, lands to be set aside for education and civic facilities. A copy of the Draft Masterplan will be available for public inspection each working day, exclusive of public holidays, between the hours of 9.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. during the period from 23rd November, 2010 to 10th Januar y, 2011 at the following locations: • • • •

Planning Department, Floor 1 County Hall, Cork Planning Policy Unit, Floor 13, County Hall, Cork Cork County Council Area Office at Youghal Road, Midleton Cork County Council Area Office at The Mall House, Youghal

and is available at all times to inspect and download (in pdf format) from the Council website Copies of the Draft Masterplan will also be available for inspection at the Cork County Branch Libraries at Main Street, Midleton, Church Street, Youghal and The Arch Building, Casement Square, Cobh. Please check locally for availability and opening times. Printed copies of the draft Masterplan will be available to purchase from the Planning Policy Unit (priced €20). Please note that during the Christmas period, Council Offices will close at finishing time on Thursday, 23rd December 2010 until normal opening hours on Thursday, 30th December 2010. The offices will also be closed on Monday, 3rd Januar y 2011. However, the draft Masterplan will continue to be available to inspect and download in pdf format during this time from the Council website Information regarding the draft Masterplan will be included in a public exhibition to be held on 30th November, 2010 (4 - 8 p.m.) at the Midleton Park Hotel, Midleton. At this exhibition members of the public will also have the opportunity to discuss the draft Carrigtwohill North Masterplan with Council planning staff. Cork County Council has provided a new system whereby submissions or obser vations on the draft Masterplan with associated attachments can be made on-line by the public and interested parties, from the Cork County Council website Cork County Council regrets, that for technical reasons, submissions made by e-mail cannot be accepted. Written submissions or observations on the draft Masterplan can also be made by the public. Written submissions/observations should be clearly marked “Submissions to the Draft Carrigtwohill Masterplan” and should be forwarded to the address below so as to arrive on or before Monday, 10th Januar y 2011 (4 p.m.): The Senior Executive Planner, Cork County Council, Planning Policy Unit, Floor 13, County Hall, Cork. Submissions or observations with respect to the draft Masterplan, made either on-line (via or in writing, and received by the Planning Authority within the period 23rd November, 2010 to 10th Januar y, 2011 (4 p.m.), will be taken into consideration before the making of the Carrigtwohill North Masterplan. To avoid delay and congestion the public are advised to make their submissions or obser vations to the Council well in advance of the closing date.

Toastmasters raise a glass Signed: Director of Planning. Dated this 22nd day of November, 2010.

TALKINGHEADS Toastmasters Garryvoe and Midleton Toastmasters will be holding a joint meeting at 8p.m on Tuesday 30th November 2010 at the Grain Store in Ballymaloe. All guests welcome to join us for the evening for great entertainment and a cup of tea! All guests free of charge. Why not try out a meeting- it will cost you nothing but a few hours of your time and you are guaranteed to a few laughs! TalkingHeads Toastmasters website is or see us on facebook!/pages/Talking-HeadsToastmasters/117854218270366

ON Friday, November 12th, the Mall Arts Centre was the venue for the premier of a short film entitled “When They Least Expect It” by the St Raphael’s Drama Group. The crowded Arts Centre was treated to a most entertaining twenty minute film which told the story of three robbers who make a series of break ins at St Raphaels. For three consecutive days these nifty robbers (in the guise of Brendan Corrigan, Eoin O’Donovan and Noel Mulcahy) stole everything they could, but when they eventually steal all the tea bags, it’s time to do something serious about it. During an emergency meeting a very clever plan is devised to catch the three ‘bag robbers’. The production was devised and written by the very talented Drama Group of St Raphael’s but mention must be given to Eleanor Rivers and Julie Sharkey, drama facilitators. The acting could have come from Broadway with the performances put on by actors such as Christina Casey, Tony OSullivan, Nora Moynihan, Seamus Murphy, Sarah Jennings, Caoimhe Murphy and Breeda McCarthy, which were superb. After the show Administrator, Ray Dwyer and Director of Centre, Angela O’Loughlin spoke eloquently and proudly about the show, the performers and the work which went into producing it. ‘At a time like this’ she said, ‘it is heartening to see such positive work taking place. And to give an even greater glow to a wonderful evening, a warm glass of fruit punch was there ‘for everyone in the audience’.

St. Raphael’s Drama Group

The Mulcahy, Power and O’Sullivan families

St. Raphael’s Administrator, Ray Dwyer and Jimmy Murphy

Cork ICA The Voice of Youghal

Bring on the next show, ladies and gents of St Raphael’s Drama Group.

ON November 30th the walled garden in An Grianan will be named as “The Centenary Garden”. The day will start at 1pm with soup and sandwiches, with the opening of the garden at 2pm.

Following that there will be a tour of the grounds, and the evening will finish with dinner. Everybody is invited and bookings should be made through An Grianan for all or part of the day. On December 4th ICA’S National Ecumenical Service will take place in Pro Cathedral in Dublin and will be led by Dr Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin.

A visit to The Centenary Exhibition in Collins Barracks could also be taken in, and Jury’s Inn in Parnell St are doing a special offer of B&B for €69. They are laying on a meal for €19.95 but as places are limited, meals must be booked through Liz Wall. Accommodation should be booked through the hotel, stating that you are ICA. December 1st to 11th, Cork Arts Theatre will present “MRS Bob Crachits Wild Christmas Binge”, a comedy. Group tickets are at a good rate. Contact Mrs Tess Healy-Maguire at 086-2776029 for details. Raffle tickets for the Hotel breaks must be sent to Pauline O’Callaghan, Cork Fed Treasurer, before November 30th.

Joan Collins and Eoin O’Donovan

Charles and Brendan Corrigan


BACK in 1980 the town of Youghal was agog with the hugely popular and successful Voice of Youghal competition which took place all over the town. Well known Youghal man, Nooch Kenefick, was the Presenter for the entire event, which featured live performances from the artists involved.

Now, in 2010, this wonderful programme of local singers has been made into a brand new CD entitled ‘Memories of the Voice of Youghal, which was officially launched on Sunday last, November 21st in the GAA pavilion, with kind permission. Nooch, of course, was one of the Guests of Honour. Jimmy Flanagan, Host for the night, presented him with a signed copy of the CD and CRY’s Declan Gibbons also presented Nooch with a gift to commemorate his dedication and commitment to CRY over the years. A beautiful bouquet was presented by Darragh Parker, CRY, to Agnes Kenefick, Nooch’s wife, for her patience when Nooch was (and still is) absent from the house on CRY business. Kathleen Heffernan has always been a magnificent singer, and was the very first winner of the Voice of Youghal competition back in 1981. Coincidentally, Kathleen will reach her 81st birthday on this coming Saturday, and every

best wish for a very happy birthday is extended to her. The album features sixteen of the artists from the original Voice of Youghal series, and it was put together by local musician, Mark Ansbro. The new versions of the songs were re-recorded in his own house, which created a relaxed atmosphere for the singers who once more sang the songs which made them famous back in the 80s. Warren Tivy of Claycastle Studios remastered the CD and Tony Irwin of StoneyBucket Media provided the artwork on the CD.

Celtic Invasion started the night to tremendous applause from the packed hall, and this commenced a night of great song, memories and laughter. The enjoyment was obvious from all the audience, which was made up of young, not so young, and the ‘elderly’. A mighty night indeed. The CD also features personal memories of the Voice of Youghal from everyone featured on the album and a bonus track “The Night Me Father Won The Voice of Youghal”, composed by Mark Ansboro. Available in Cree’s Card Shop, Read and Write, Galvin’s Costcutters, Greenbarn and Crowley’s Mace, ‘Memories of the Voice of Youghal’ costs a mere €10, and all proceeds will be donated to local organisations.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, November 24th 2010 - The East Cork Journal

In The Driving Seat

Our regular motoring guide


MSL MercedesBenz launch new showroom

Water Rock House, Midleton (behind bar and restaurant)

Sales, Service and repairs to all makes of cars, 4x4s and light commercials Mini Service from €80 Full Service from €140 FREE CAR WASH WITH EVERY SERVICE AND ANTI-FREEZE CHANGE

Unit 1A, Europa Enterprise Park, Midleton

021 4630635

fixed price menu OIL SERVICE Petrol €60 Diesel €70

MINOR SERVICE Petrol €90 * Diesel €100

FULL SERVICE Petrol €180 * Diesel €200 Diagnostic Check €50 4 Wheel Alignment €50 A/C Regas & Leak Check €120 Brake Fluid Change €40 NCT Check €30 *All prices including VAT


NCT & DOE checks Full range of tyres and free electronic balancing CALL IN FOR FREE TYRE CHECK Puncture repairs * 4 wheel computer tracking Valeting service * Also recovery service USED CAR SALES

Quick Fit Tyres Cork Road, Midleton

(Across the road from O’Brien’s Car Sales)

P: Denis Cleere on 086 8265599 E: Open Mon - Sat 9am - 6pm

Finbarr O’Shea, Michael Mulcahy, Irish Rugby star, Frankie Sheahan, Donal Healy, CBA and Irish Rugby star, Mick Galwey at the opening of the new MSL Mercedez-Benz showrooms at Eastgate Business Park, Little Island, Co. Cork. (Photo Billy macGill)

MSL Cork, the home of Mercedes-Benz in Cork, celebrated the opening of its new state-of-the-art premises in East Gate Business Park, Little Island last night. The event was MC’d by ex Munster and Ireland rugby player, Frankie Sheahan, and offered MSL Cork customers the opportunity to explore the new showroom and facilities at the new look MSL Cork.


Servicing and Quality Used Car Sales

As well as a plush new showroom, the facilities at MSL now include a state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz workshop which spreads across two levels, a courtesy boardroom which is free for customers to use while their cars are being serviced, and free WiFi access. On the night, guests were treated to an entertaining Q&A session with Frankie Sheahan and Munster sporting legend, Mick Galway. Some other famous faces who also attended were Miss Cork 2010, Mairead O’ Farrell, and Kellie Forde, the Face of Cork 2010. General Manager of MSL Cork, Declan O’Hara is upbeat about the future of the new premises, “we are extremely pleased with our East Gate facility and are confident it will enable us to provide our customers with a level of service that is second to none. We look forward to showcasing all that MSL Cork has on offer. With a fantastic line up of new Mercedes-Benz due to come on stream over the next 18 months we are very enthusiastic about the prospects of a bright future”.

Providing you with the best price tyres

Computerised wheel balancing 4 wheel laser alignment Fast puncture repairs Alloy wheel repairs E mark on all tyres




Full range of valeting and car wash

Opening Hours Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm Sat : 9am - 4pm

Contact Gar y on: 021 4634402

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Happy birthday, SuperValu’s Eileen!


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News


Compiled by Denise FitzGerald 087 812 8262 /

The Harry Ferguson story in Youghal

GEORGE Conn will be in the GAA Hall on Saturday, December 4th at 8pm when he will give a presentation and talk on the life of Harry Ferguson from a historical, farming, engineering and Christian perspective. Mostly remembered for the Massey Ferguson Tractor, Harry was also the first person to design, build and fly his own plane in Ireland. Admission is free and everyone is welcome along on the night. This event is organised by Youghal Baptist Church. For more information, please call Mervyn Scott on 086 173 2034.

Youghal Community Hospital and Hospice Christmas Draw

A super Christmas Draw will take place on Tuesday, December 7th at the Youghal Community Hospital. Tickets, are €2 each or book of 3 for €5. First prize is a Bumper Christmas Hamper value €300, 2nd is a Christmas hamper value €150 and the 3rd prize is another super Hamper value €100. There are other numerous valuable prizes in the draw, but winning one of those three hampers would be fantastic at Christmas time. Please support this very worthy cause. Tickets will be on sale at Tesco this weekend.

CRY in Profile

CRY Quiz

November 29th from 8.30pm. is the night of the Live on Air CRY Quiz featuring questions on Music, TV/Movies, Sports, General Knowledge questions. The quiz will take place in several pubs in the Youghal and surrounding areas, and there will be a Raffle with great prizes. The winners on the 29th go through to the live final to be held the following week. All proceeds are for CRY relocation fund. There are currently 11 pubs taking place in the quiz including: Youghal, The Point Bar, McCarthy's Invisible Bar, The CoachHouse Bar, Mackeys: Ardmore, Keevers and An Tobar: Clashmore, The Old Still: Piltown, The Old Mill: Mount Uniacke, Power’s Bar: Killeagh, O’Mahoney’s: Mogeely, The Sportsman’s Inn. Should be a great night’s listening, or go along to your favourite pub and cheer the teams on.

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Wishing Mark Carey a very happy birthday. Love from Mam and Dad.

Annual Flag Day

The Youghal Adult Learning Centre will hold their Annual Flag day on Thursday next, November 25th. Your support for this very worthy service would be very much appreciated.

Community Night Group

The Community Night Group are delighted to host their Christmas Get-Together which will take place on Monday next, November 29th at 7.30pm in Cumann na Daoine, Catherine Street. Guests on the evening will be Peter Queally, Community Garda and the Holy Family Choir. The aims of the evening are to welcome new residents to Youghal, prevent isolation, and encourage integration and participation in community life. All residents are welcome, and for further details please contact Stacey on 024 91900.

Eenie, Meenie, WEENIE!

Name: John Roche Hometown: Killeagh /Youghal Age: 71 Hobbies: Music / Walking / Coffee with Friends Favourite Bands/Music: Cream, Eric Clapton, Luke Kelly,Allman Brothers. Santana, Beatles, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Christian Music, Classical Show: Every Grain of Sand A little bit about my show: Music, Talk, Simple Gospel Time of show: 7-7.30pm on Saturday Nights Interesting Fact: Mixed Schools —-Nadd near Banteer, SouthPort Lancashire / Nottingham England.C

A reminder to all that the brilliant new comedy, WEENIE, will premiere at the The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal, from Monday December 6th to Thurs Dec 9th (incl). It is presented by the multi-talented ‘Harmony’ group and is their Christmas Show for this year. It promises to be a fantastic night’s fun for all the family. Book at Cree’s Card Shop (024 93899) or you can also pay at the door. As usual, with ‘Harmony’ the emphasis will be on top quality entertainment at budget prices – Adults €12 Children €10. See page 53 of this week’s East Cork Journal for full details of this great show.

Hairless for Charity?

On Friday 26th November, The Old Mill Kinsalebeg will host a Head shave & Wax party in aid of Action Prostrate Cancer – The Irish Cancer Society. Some of the very brave participants have had their moustaches for over 30 years, so seeing what’s un-

EILEEN Fraser, popular employee of SuperValu Youghal, receives a bouquet of flowers from her colleagues for her very special birthday.

derneath should be entertainment in itself. Music on the night by The Blue Raincoats. Sponsorship cards available at the bar for anyone wishing to take part. Please support this worthy cause.

aim is to provide entertainment to the people of Youghal and the surrounding areas during the Christmas season. Pantomania hope to stage a panto annually at Christmas in Youghal.

Youghal Community Bus invites you to spend a Night with Dickie Rock at the Everyman Palace Theatre on 6th January 2011. Tickets are €25 plus €10 for the bus. For more information contact Cumann na Daoine on 024 91900 or Tony on 024 20843. Arrangements can be made to pay in instalments. Places are limited so please book your place as soon as possible.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24TH 1.30pm - 2.30pm Walking Group 3pm - 5pm Women's Group 7.30pm - 9pm Yoga 7.30pm - 9pm GROW (Community Mental Health Group) THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25TH 11 - 12.30pm Archaeology 11 - 1pm Men's Drop-In 7.30pm - 9.30pm Music Group 8pm - 9.45pm Bingo MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH 4pm - 5pm St Vincent de Paul 7.30pm - 10pm Community Night TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH 5.45pm - 7.30pm Weight Watchers 7.30pm - 9.30pm Card Making

On the bus to the show

Youghal ICA hosts guests at Christmas meeting

Youghal ICA welcomes Jane and Jim Horner to their Christmas meeting which will be held on December 8th next at 7.30pm in Cumann na Daoine. Living in Monatrea, Jim and Jane will give a talk on their trip around the World. In May 2005 they set out from Youghal in a 40ft Catamaran which they had built themselves, and they returned on the 1st June 2010 to a warm welcome from their many friends. We are looking forward to hearing about their journey and the many adventures they had on the way. Members and friends very welcome.

Enable Christmas Cards

Christmas cards in Aid of Enable Ireland are on sale now at €6 per pack of cards. Funds will go to the Children’s Services which are based at the Lavaghna Centre, Ballintemple, Cork. Please Contact Brenda Walsh Catherine Street on 024 93954

Welcome to Agrabah, city of mystery and enchantment...

Will the evil Abanazer convince Aladdin to enter The Cave Of A Thousand Dreams and fetch the lamp? Why not find out and come to Youghal Community Centre to experience Pantomania’s Christmas production of Aladdin. The show will run from December 9th for 4 nights with show time at 7.30pm. Tickets are available from our very own box office beside Toymaster and is open Monday – Saturday from 10am – 5pm. Adult €15, Child €10 and family ticket €40. Pantomania is a new pantomime company in Youghal, founded in the summer of 2010 by local Youghal man Graham McDermott and Fiona Coughlan. They told the East Cork Journal that their

Events / Cumann na Daoine

Santa comes to Merrick’s

Santa will be in Merrick’s again this year to meet with all his Youghal friends on December 18th and 19th from 2.30pm to 5.30pm and again on Christmas Eve from 11.30am to 5pm

Robert runs for Youghal RNLI

Youghal man, Robert Hamill is an ex crew member of Youghal RNLI, and is also an experienced long distance runner. Having as an interest both the RNLI and his hobby, he decided to run the London Marathon 2010 with all monies raised going to the Youghal RNLI. Completing the Marathon was a marvellous achievement for Robert, and including a bag packing event in Tesco Youghal , he raised the amazing amount of €2,778.96 which he was delighted to donate to the RNLI. Robert’s hobby, long distance running, is one of his passions and he has previously taken part in the cork, Dublin and Amsterdam marathons. He is currently in training for the next Boston Marathon and is looking forward to undertaking this great race.

The RNLI are very grateful to Robert for naming them as the recipients of his endeavours, and have told the East Cork Journal that the monies he has raised will buy three crew suits for the youghal branch of the RNLI. Well done, Robert.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Midleton’s I Call Shotgun call first dibs on brand new single


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

East Cork snippets Killeagh Community Council

THE Killeagh Community Council AGM is taking place on Thursday, December 2nd at 8pm in Killeagh. Everyone is welcome to attend. The current community council will stand down at that point, and our newly elected council will take over. Also we will have elections for new officers at that time. Gortroe Ladies Club present “Talking about Bereavements” In a friendly social setting at Gortroe Community Hall On Thursday, November 25th. Tickets €5 including refreshments and can be purchased from any Ladies Club member or on the door on the night.

Gortroe ladies club

Castlemartyr Christmas Floral demonstration will be held in Castlemartyr Community Hall on Wednesday, December 1st from 7.30 to 8pm. The Demonstration will be given by Eileen Wall from Castlemartyr Village Florists

Castlemartyr floral demo

Ballintotis Community Annual Dinner

The above will be held in The Midleton Park Hotel on Friday, November 26th. The meal will be served at 7.45pm and music on the night is by Kenny Barret. Tickets for this are only €25 each and are available from Kay Curtin, Pat Quinlin, Pam Curtin, Josie Knowles, Paul Kelly or John Cashman or you can call 086 8778182. The IMP folk Choir will be celebrating a Mass for deceased members on Tuesday, November 30th at 7.30pm in The Midleton Hospital Chapel. Keith who is approaching his 12th birthday needs medical treatment which is expensive and not available in Ireland. Keith and his family will have to travel to Germany over a period of time to have this treatment carried out. It will can done in three stages, each stage costing approx imately €9,000, €12,000 and €23,000. The treatment that Keith needs is a stem cell based treatment which is unavailable for Kieth in Ireland.

Help Youghal’s Keith!

A table top quiz which will be held in The Halfway Bar on Friday, November 26th at 8.30pm. A table of 4 costs just €30 and it should be a great night. For more information contact Margaret on 087 4195723 or Maura on 086 8917775.

News from Ballymacoda?

If you have any news or snippets or photos of events that took place in the last year in the area, then the Ballymacoda/Ladysbridge Community Council who are currently putting the yearly annual newsletter together, are looking for your help. Please Email information you feel should be included to Mary Colbert at The book will be for sale over the Christmas and is a great present for any relatives living abroad. Ballymacoda / Ladysbridge Community Council Na Saoithe group will hold their Christmas lunch at 1pm on Monday, December 13th in the Garryvoe Hotel. There will be great fun, food, spot prizes, dancing and entertainment on the day and to book your tickets contact Margaret on 024 98376.


state of the art sliding wardrobes for YOU

SLIDESYSTEMS, with 15 years experience and a business network stretching across Europe, are the premium providers of state-of-the-art sliding wardrobes in Munster.

These stylish wardrobes are proving to be an increasingly popular cost-friendly solution for those looking to maximise the space in their homes and businesses. Slidesystems offer a complete service, from design to construction and delivery. Our customers’ satis-

faction is the chief priority. That’s why we not only offer free quotations, but also free 3D computer design mock-up so the customer can properly visualise the wardrobe, a no-deposit, pay-on-completion service and an unmatched 10 year guarantee on all products. Call us and see for yourselves. You’ve got nothing to lose. Ring us now for a FREE brochure and FREE quotation on 021 4383704 or call in to our NEW showroom at Euro Business Park, near the NCT Centre.

ONE of Ireland’s hottest young bands ‘I Call Shotgun’ are celebrating the launch of their new single ‘We’re not dating, (that’s disgusting)’ by doing a CD signing this Saturday in Market Green 12pm. The band, who are part of the Cloyne Diocesan Youth Services (CDYS) music project, is made up of Kevin Power, Aaron Bowen, Mark Ryan, Ciaran McKenzie and Emma Houlihan, all from the Midleton area.

They took last year’s Irish Youth Music Awards (IYMAs) by storm by shaking off over 15,000 young people and securing second place in the Best Band category. The new single can be downloaded on iTunes (

m/were-not-dating-thatsdisgusting/id400319792) or on your mobile phone by texting 'music 6621 m' to 57501. If you

would like to learn more about CDYS check out the website or call Susan on 086-8031227.





021 4639270 086 8083981

Euro Business Park, near NCT Centre

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Specsavers litter has the ‘S’ Factor! Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

THE Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind (IGDB) has teamed up with Ireland’s most trusted optician - Specsavers - to find Midleton’s most ‘pup’ular names beginning with the letter ‘S’, to name a six-week-old guide dog litter.

The ‘Name a Pup’ competition is part of Specsavers’ pledge to raise €40,000 to breed, train and support a single Irish guide dog partnership throughout the dog’s working life. Ireland’s 36 Specsavers stores are aiming to raise the amount by December 31st through a variety of fundraising activities. This latest campaign will bring the grand total of funds raised for IGDB by Spec-

savers stores in Ireland to almost €400,000.

Padraig Mallon, Chief Executive for IGDB says, ‘Year on year we have been building an excellent partnership with Specsavers and are delighted to confirm that the stores are, once again, undertaking to support IGDB financially in the last quarter of 2010. It could not have come at a better time as our fundraising income has fallen by almost 40% in the last two years and we are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain our levels of service. We appeal to the public to please support this exciting campaign, as it will help us greatly in continuing our work in supporting



Fantastic range of indoor and outdoor lights, silhouettes, illuminated and fibre optic Santas and snow scenes, garlands, wreaths and artificial christmas trees to suit all tastes A world of gifts for all the family


Knockgriffin, Midleton 021 4632411 Open Mon to Sat 9am - 5.30pm and Sunday 12 noon - 6pm

people who are blind or vision impaired, as well as families of children with autism.’ Marie Roche, store director of Specsavers in Midleton, says: ‘This campaign showcases the great work of the IGDB while also highlighting the importance of looking after your eyes by having an eye examination at least every two years.’

Specsavers in Midleton now offers digital retinal photography, enabling our opticians to spot the early signs of a range of conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, brain tumours, glaucoma and high blood pressure. Screening is offered at no additional charge.

Ms Roche adds, ‘Like most charities, the IGDB has been experiencing the negative effect of the country’s recession, so we’d really appreciate public support in helping us to achieve our €40,000 fundraising target. It’s more important than ever to get behind this life-changing Irish charity.’ To enter the ‘Name a Pup’ competition, visit Specsavers, Market Green Shopping Centre, Midleton, and suggest a name beginning with the letter ‘S’ for one of the five adorable Specsavers puppies, in exchange for a €2 donation. All entries must be submitted by Friday, December 31st.


1. On light free draining soils, in a sunny position, plant out cloves of garlic and onion sets now. Push cloves of garlic into soil, 10cm apart, just covering the tips with soil. For a good crop it is important to establish these plants in autumn.

2. Give protection from frost to root crops left in the ground. Straw or horticultural fleece is ideal.

3. Start planning your crops of lettuce for harvesting through the autumn and winter months. Try planting hardy lettuce varieties in grow bags, pots or border soil.

4. Ensure that you continue to keep netting over ponds to prevent leaves falling in and contaminating the water. As leaves rot at the bottom of a pond, they make it difficult to keep the water clear which can affect fish and wildlife. 5. Spike or fork your lawn using a hollow tined aerator and brush sharp sand into the holes to improve drainage. This will help to prevent fungal disease from establishing during the wet winter months.

6. Check plant health each week in the glasshouse. Pick all discoloured leaves and dead flowers, which can encourage diseases. Start watering less, now that conditions are cooler and make sure there is good circulation around their foliage to prevent fungal diseases. Where possible take every opportunity to open greenhouse doors and vents to let fresh air to circulate.

Study of Youghal turned into exhibition



Richard O’Sullivan, Eva Gould, Alan Macilwraith, Rebecca O’Sullivan, Irene Brophy, John Wallace and Iwona Tetnowska, some of the students involved in the Architectural Study of Youghal.

Kevin McCartney, Director of Cork Centre for Architectural Education, studying the model of Youghal town, present and future, with Cllr Barbara Murray.

SECOND year Architecture students in the Cork Centre for Architectural Education, which is a joint UCC/CIT course, undertook in 2009 a comprehensive study of the town of Youghal. In September of this year the current 3rd year Architecture students were challenged, as part of their technology module, to take the previous year’s study of Youghal and turn it into an exhibition. On Friday last in the Mall Arts Centre, Youghal the exhibition was officially opened by Kevin McCartney, Director of the Cork Centre for Architectural Education, with Cllr Barbara Murray and a large number of the students also present.

Displayed within an installation of stacked plywood boxes are a series of drawings, models and works which examine Youghal as it exists today, and how it may develop in the future. The exhibition begins with a to scale model of Youghal town, created by the students to aid their study. It proceeds to a digital stand which displays social and architectural analysis of work undertaken and is followed by three further stands which contain work highlighting and proposing the interventions and architecture which the students would envision after their years study of Youghal. These works include designs for community centres, cinemas and libraries which are on selected sites in the town.

The East Cork Journal went along to see the dreams of these Architectural students for our town, and how they would envisage its progress. Located in the glass extension of the Town Hall, the exhibits were interesting and most certainly attainable. Following each section as it is exhibited provided a fascinating view of the town and its possible future. The Exhibition will run each day until December 10th next, entry is free, and it is open to the public during the hours of 9am to 4.30pm from Monday to Friday inclusive. Pop in and have a look at what could be the town of Youghal for our children, grand children and great grandchildren… It is free and open to the public during normal opening hours Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Youghal hosts East Cork Further Education & Youthreach Centre Awards

THE East Cork Further Education and Youthreach Centre annual Award Ceremony took place in the Walter Raleigh Hotel on Wednesday night, November 10th. Cllr Mary Linehan Foley, Lord Mayor of Youghal and Joan Russell, Education Officer with Co. Cork VEC presented the certificates to 120 students who attended.

The East Cork Further Education and Youthreach Centre is a multi-purpose Adult Education centre run by Co. Cork VEC. There are over 300 students attending the centre on a weekly basis, attending a full range of adult education courses from levels 1 to 5 on the National Qualifications Framework. Students from three programmes received awards on the night. It was the first time that students from the two year VTOS, Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme graduated. This is the only full-time adult education course available in Youghal. Ten of the 14 graduates received a full FETAC Level 4 award. For many of these students this was their first formal qualification and they were very proud of their achievement. Most of the graduates have progressed on to further education. Tribute was paid to the excellent work of the tutors on this course. This course was established with the aid of the Equality for All programme.

Youghal Adult Learning Group had 24 students receiving awards on the night. Six of these students received full FETAC Level 3 awards and it was the first time any students in Youghal have achieved this. This Return to Education course was funded by FÁS and the support of the Community Employment Supervisors was acknowledged on the night. Students covered a range of subjects including Communications, Maths, IT, Art & Design and Living in a Diverse Society. The largest group of students receiving awards were under the Back to Education Initiative. Computer students received awards for FETAC Level 3 and 4 and ECDL. One of those who received an award was 80 years of age, and he is now looking forward to his next course. Students also received records of achievement for Horticulture, Childcare, Healthcare Support and Business Studies. Full FETAC Level 5 certificates were awarded to six of the Childcare students and 10 of the Art, Craft & Design students. Many of the Art students have progressed on to further education or employment. Certificates were awarded for the first time in Security Guarding and Beauty Therapy. The Security Guard Training course included Safe Pass, Occupational 1st Aid, Fire Safety and Manual Handling as well as 2 FETAC 4 Basic Guarding Skills and Door Security Procedures modules.

The Beauty Therapy Specialist students graduated with a diploma from ITEC. This course has proved very popular and the setting up of this course was supported by the Equality for All programme.

Nuala Glanton, Adult Education Officer, with Co. Cork VEC offered her congratulations to all students receiving Bernette O'driscoll, Ken Keating and Helen Coen awards, including those who could not attend on the night. Joan Russell acknowledged the extra effort that adult education students have to make to find time to attend classes and to study, while often juggling a work and busy family life also. Cllr Mary Linehan Foley, who knew a lot of those receiving awards, paid tribute to Co. Cork VEC for the contribution they are making to Youghal.

Cynthia Foley with the Mayor of Youghal Mary Linehan Foley

Special tribute was paid to Barra O’Briain, CEO of Co Cork VEC, who is due to retire shortly, for the contribution he has made to education in Co. Cork during his career. In 2006 Mr O’Briain had the vision to retain the former Coláiste Eoin building and open it as a Further Education Centre. For information on any of the courses above please contact the centre on 024-92804. (Photos: Michael Hussey,

Mary Walsh with her son Ivon and daughter Ali Rose from Killeagh

Christine Ahern, Bridget Aherne and Patricia Flanagan

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

School is out in Youghal


THE long serving South Abbey National School has been housed for many years in South Abbey where hundreds of children from the town of Youghal were educated before going on to higher education. The building itself is very old, and houses as many children as it possibly can. It is a proud school with a long history in the town. Originally a Church, the School was set up in the premises in 1886. Thus, there are massive expenses involved in keeping this beautiful building maintained. South Abbey will shortly be moving to a new school, which will be better able to cater for their ever increasing number of students and, to effect this move as quickly as possible, all efforts are being made to raise the funds needed for this move.

On Saturday last in the Community Centre in Youghal, a massive “Sale Day” was held which was a tremendous success. Once again, the generous Carmine Von Ron Quinn (little monkey), Makena Von Ron Quinn (Flower people of the town of Youghal came along to support Catriona Bulman,(Learning Support Team),Karen Kennings and Sineád Princess) and Lara Cotter (Butterfly) Griffin, Deputy Principal, South Abbey N.S. this local fundraiser where cakes, books, clothes, bric a brac, face painting, tea and coffee, family fun, caint agus craic were in abundance. The children were able to run and play in the large, airy space of the Community Centre and there was a brisk trade with all the parents. A Raffle took place, first prize for which was a super Hamper with prizes donated by the various businesses in Youghal. Sinead Solleveld, School Principal, told the East Cork Journal that she was delighted with the success of the fundraiser and she extended thanks to the organizing committee for their great efforts, and to all the very generous sponsors of wonderful prizes.

The proceeds from the day will bring this noble school one step closer to acquiring their new school premises, where the students can once again hit the books, learn the three Rs and their ABCs and, like the ‘old’ school, pass everything with flying colours. The Sunset (aka Elza Diaz) with the Butterfly (aka Nannaphas Fing

Cousins Caoimhe Parsons and Laoise O’Brien

Principal and supporters, Sinead Solleveld with Shelley Goddard, Tina and Stella O’Driscoll and Natalia Madrzak

All photos available to buy

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Shauna Foley and Heather Kirwan are BFF

It’s Dolly time for Marta Jakubowska

The Lenihan and Kennefick families

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Castlemartyr / Mogeely Community Alert urges ‘Be safe, be seen, be secure’


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal Waterford Wood Ardmore Co. Waterford

Manufacturers of fitted and free standing furniture from environmentally friendly



Phone: 024 94277 • Fax: 024 94320 e-mail: Web:

Midleton’s chimes may be a-changin’



THE restoration of the clock on Midleton’s old Town Hall (library) will be considered in the town council’s January budget. The move to have the chimes resound once more was mooted in a motion tabled by Cllr. Pat Buckley at November’s town council meeting. Cllr. Buckley said the structure was a part of Midleton’s heritage that was ‘unfortunately under the remittance of Cork County Council.’ The councillor reflected that in 2010 Midleton paid a County Charge of €291,000 to Cork County Council, who hadn’t bought a light bulb for the town clock. It was left to Midleton Town Council to rectify matters, he proceeded, with the cost borne in mind when the 2011 County Charge emerged. Town Clerk, Joe McCarthy, supported the initiative but advised that, should the work be undertaken by the town council, there would be no ‘balance’ by way of reduction ‘in the County Charge or anywhere else.’

CASTLEMARTYR / Mogeely Community Alert are urging the public across East Cork to be vigilant this winter and offer some tips below on being safe, being seen and being secure.

Try to get to know your neighbour


Light up in the dark

Neighbours can look out for each other - make sure they have your contact telephone number. Check your elderly neighbours, who are living alone. It is important that other road users see you. There are a lot of houses being broken into, so we must try and be good neighbours and be vigilant when it comes to strange cars or vans in the area.

Be vigilant

We appeal to you to be very vigilant in your area, because of the increase in crime. Report any strange happenings to Gardaí. Make note of registration numbers of any cars you think may be acting suspiciously. Children have an important role to play as they will remember makes and registration numbers of strange vans or vehicles.

NOW OPEN SUNDAYS 11AM - 4PM Serving all day breakfast

Special opening offer €3 breakfast

Be safe

Please encourage your children to wear reflector arm bands at night and light clothing: Be Safe, Be Seen.

Bogus callers

Beware of bogus callers, as they are becoming very prevalent and dangerous, and report to Gardaí. Please advise your neighbour if there is someone suspicious in your area.

Going away?

Advise your neighbour if you are going away for any length of time as they can keep an eye on your premises.

Lock up and be secure

Make sure the back door is locked when answering the front door. Grant aid is available for personal security systems for elderly. If there is anyone in your area that would benefit from this, please advise a member of community alert or community council.

Cork Road, Midleton, Co. Cork

Tel: 021 4637444

on any vehicle pre-ordered from the

ONE YEAR’S FREE ROAD TAX 2011 Hyundai iRange

before December 31st, 2010

Cork on ice

open at Mahon Point

CORK on Ice has returned to Cork City at its new location at Mahon Point Shopping centre which offers people of all ages a festive and captivated experience with a 1000 square metre ice rink and for the first time, Ireland’s first ever Ice slide. Bill Cremin, Director of Cork on Ice said “Cork on Ice is the biggest real ice rink in Ireland this year, which is really exciting for us. Our kiddie’s rink is a magical experience and perfect for children, with regular snow falls and a fantastic light show. This will ensure that a family’s visit will be a memorable one”. He continued “Every year we try to enhance the experience for our customers at Cork on Ice, and this year we are bringing the first ice slide to Ireland which is 40 metres in length and suitable for all ages. This year it will be something special”. Cork on Ice opened last Friday, November 19th and runs until January 16th 2011. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 3pm – 10pm with weekends and holidays at 10.30am – 10pm. Skating sessions and times are available on

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Seandún Rally announce sponsor


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

SEANDÚN Macra na Feirme are proud to announce that Dairygold will be their main sponsor for The National Conference 2011. The event is to be held in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Little Island, Cork over the October Bank Holiday weekend 2011. To mark the announcement of the sponsorship a launch was held on Monday, the 15th November in the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Both Rally Committee members and Regional Officers were in attendance at the event, along with Michael Gowing, National Macra na Feirme President. From Dairygold Gerry O’ Sullivan, Member Relations Manager, Liam Leahy, Denis McCarthy Area Reps and Dan O’ Donoghue National Sales Manager were also in attendance.

Wednesday, November 24th to Friday, November 26th

Gerry O’ Sullivan spoke at the launch and complimented the executive on their work to date with organising the event, and looked forward to the event which will be held in less than 12 months. He said it will be a busy year ahead but that Dairygold were there to support us on our journey ahead. Michael Gowing also spoke and wished the committee all the best for the year ahead, and said it will be the first Rally in which he will not be involved in some way since 2006.

Midleton CBS Primary welcome

Back L-R: Liam Leahy (Dairygold), Denis McCarthy (Dairygold) Michael Gowing (Nationa Macra na Feirme President), Dan O’ Donoghue (Dairygold), Gerry O’ Sullivan (Dairygold), Alan Jagoe (Rally Chairman) Front Row L-R: Anne Roche (Rally Treasurer), Josephine O’ Connell (Rally Secretary) Michelle O’ Callaghan (Rally PRO)

It’s a great achievement for the region to get the opportunity to host the highlight event of the Macra calender and he offered his backing and advice for the year ahead. To close out the evening Alan Jagoe, Rally Chairman thanked everyone for attending and especially thanked the

2010 Minor Hurling County Champions

Dairygold representatives for their sponsorship of the event.

To keep up to date on further developments on what’s happening with the event please log onto or email

MIDLETON FOOT CLINIC Putting you and your feet first... * General and Advanced * Chiropody * Diabetes care * Verruca treatment * Fungal infections * Nail Surgery for ingrown nails under local anaesthesia * Sweaty feet and hand treatment * Allergy testing available Midleton Foot Clinic has been giving continual Foot Care Services to the area for the last 10 years. We are now delighted

MIDLETON Minor Hurlers , newly crowned Cork County Champions for 2010, recently paid a visit to their old alma mater, Midleton CBS Primary School . The panel, coach and selectors were welcomed to the school by Principal, Pat Fitzgerald, who congratulated the team on their wonderful success and hoped they would go on to bigger and better things for their club in the future. He remarked that it was a particular pleasure to have the privilege of welcoming county champions to the school for the first time in quite a few years. Mr Fitzgerald explained to the

pupils how important the Minor County Championship is, that it is an incredibly difficult competition to win at the best of times, and that teams which win the Minor County often go on to win the Senior Championship later. He lauded the team’s ability to work for each other, and their capacity to make things happen when the game is not going their way, which he singled out as a life-skill that all pupils could adapt in all areas of their lives. He went on to say that these young players who now represent the future of Midleton GAA, were once pupils of the school who had also looked up to suc-

cessful teams which had visited the school during their tenure. Over 18 of the panel are, in fact, past pupils of the school. Peter Smith, coach of the Midleton Minor Team, addressed the pupils and urged them to work at developing the basic skills of the game so that they could go on to bring further success to their school, their club and their town. The team was then introduced individually to the pupils by Team Captain, Conor Lehane, who played such an instrumental role in the success of Midleton Minors right throughout the year. Club Chairman, Niall O’Neill ,responded on behalf of

Midleton Hurling and Football Club and thanked the Principal for the warm and genuine reception afforded to the players and the club.

He also remarked that the club was happy with the very positive relationship which had always existed between the school and the club, and hoped that this would continue long into the future. Finally, he reminded pupils that hurling was being organised for seven year olds in the Community Centre each Saturday morning during the winter.

to announce a new series of Pedicure and Manicure including nail painting and polishing which is being carried out by our new, professionally qualified member of staff, Fay O’Hagen. Please ring for an appointment to the Midleton Foot clinic as usual

Appointments 021 4621044 Robert Sullivan

BSc. (Hons.) Podiatry, Cert LA, FSSCh., M. Inst ChP Dept. of Health Approved. Health Professions Council Registered.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Pride of Place Award has Knockanore smiling


Waterford Way

With Declan Barron

Ray Houghton proves hugely popular in West Waterford visit

THE news that Knockanore has been declared the winner of the All Ireland Pride of Place Award was greeted with delight in the parishes of Knockanore, Kilwatermoy and Glendine. All of the hard work done by the fantastic committee has paid off.

Indeed, Knockanore are a fine example to all, of what can be achieved when everyone in the locality is pulling in the right direction. The establishment of a fantastic sports hall helped in no small way to secure the victory, but the manner in which the local community came up with the funds to pay for the job is also to be admired. It is an inspiration to other areas, of what can be done, even in trying times. With the economy now at rock bottom, the likelihood of state funding is now going to be harder than ever to access, so the Knockanore way might well be the way forward for other community groups.

O’Brien’s Chop House Lismore wins Award

CONGRATULATIONS to O’Brien’s Chop House in Lismore on winning the Best Restaurant (Casual Dining) award in the Hospitality Ireland Awards announced recently. Justin Green of O’Brien’s was delighted to have obtained this award and paid tribute to the fantastic staff at O’Brien’s Chop House. He thanked the customers who continue to come back, who of course, are the ultimate tribute to a business such as O’Brien’s.

Travelling Soldier is a winner and now for “And the Winner Is”

Ray Houghton with Ardmore NS Principal, Ber Keevers, Paddy Pollard, Munster FA Chairman, Paddy Tobin, WWEC Chairman, Michael Looby, FAI, RDO and Ardmore FC members, Tom Power, Gerry Mahony and John McGrath, with children from Ardmore and Grange National Schools

THE former Irish International and Liverpool player, Ray Houghton was a popular visitor to the East Cork and West Waterford area on last Tuesday and Wednesday. The now RTÉ TV pundit was a guest of the WWEC Adult and Schoolboy Leagues and visited Ballymacarberry on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday afternoon, Ardmore National School was the venue as Ray Houghton visited the fantastic new AstroTurf pitch, that is now almost complete. Ardmore is leading the way in this regard, and the Board of Management had the foresight to include this playing surface in the school plans. It is something that will

serve the local community for many years to come.

Needless to say, Ray Houghton was very impressed as Ardmore was one of the first rural schools to compete in soccer competitions. The Ardmore club continues to provide players to the various representative teams in the WWEC. After visiting Ardmore, it was then onto Pablo Park in Clashmore, where Ray Houghton officially opened the fantastic new grass playing pitch, which is a credit to the Clashmore Ramblers club. Here, again, Ray was given a rousing reception by the local children. On Tuesday night, it

was a cross border trip as Ray Houghton was guest of the Castlebridge Celtic club in Castlelyons. Ray officially opened the new state of the art AstroTurf pitch at the Bridesbridge venue, as here again, we see a local community doing great work on the ground. On Wednesday morning, Tallow National School was the venue as the Brideview United club was the host for this visit.

From Tallow, Ray made the short journey to Lismore, where he visited the Blackwater Community School, where many of the local children from the area go to school. Soccer has grown rapidly

in the area and that has pleased local officials Paddy Tobin, Chairman of the WWEC, Paddy Pollard, Munster FA Chairman and FAI, RDO Michael Looby, all of who accompanied the hugely popular Ray Houghton on his first visit to the WWEC area. It might be the smallest league in the country, but on the ground, a lot of good work continues to be done.

Ray thoroughly enjoyed his stay and on Wednesday afternoon took off to take up his TV duties for the Ireland vs. Norway game at the Aviva Stadium.

TALLOW Community Centre will again be the venue for the Brideview Drama Group’s comedy “And the Winner is” which will take place this coming weekend, with performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Coming on the back of the successful three nights of the “Travelling Soldier”, this latest effort from the Brideview Drama Group is certain to be another winner. DVDs of the Travelling Soldier are on sale from Jack Ahearn and he can be contacted on 087-9582314 to secure your copy.

Tallow only West side still standing

TALLOW are the only West Waterford side still standing in the Munster club competitions, as Stradbally bowed out last Sunday in Cork. The Bridesider’s will be in semi final action in two weeks time, where they will be hoping to reach the Munster club Junior Football final.

St Mary’s Caherciveen will be the overwhelming favorite to win the competition that has been dominated by Kerry clubs since 2004. Five of the six winners have been from Kerry and the other from Cork, so the odds are definitely stacked against a Waterford winner.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Howdy Partner for Youghal Music Awards DENISE FITZGERALD REPORTS

IT all started last year when the first Country Music Awards night was organised by Margaret Carey and Maura and Teresa Joyce of Community Radio Youghal. It was a night of all nights, with those attending already looking forward to the 2010 Awards which took place on Monday, November 15th last in the Walter Raleigh.

It is said that Country music is the people’s music, as it speaks about real life and truth, and it tells things how they really are. Be that as it may, the people certainly turned out in their numbers from all over the East Cork and West Waterford areas to enjoy a night which took off from the very first note. Catherine Quinlan, Mairead Coffey and Marie Power enjoy the evening High was the excitement of the crowd who were anxious to know the winners of the twelve different awards being made, all of which were selected on a voting system by listeners of CRY over the past many weeks. Margaret Carey told the East Cork Journal that they were delighted with the response of the public, which made life a lot easier for the judging.

Kathleen O’Donovan, Ann Kelleher and Margaret Foley are great fans of the Irish Music Awards

Both Teresa and Maura were very busy on the night, not only taking the entry fee at the door, but also being involved with the presentation of the awards. Maura said she was delighted to confirm that they had the pick of entertainers present on the night, and a great show was once more laid on for everyone.

The following awards were presented to the various singers/entertainers, all of whom Mary Troy, Noreen McAllister and Anne Coll were delighted to be chosen by the listeners.

Pat Kirby and Rita Clohessy, in the mood for Country and Irish

Hall of Fame Paddy O’Brien; International Male Singer John McNicholl; Most requested Singer Johnny Mullin; Irish Female Artist award Louise Morrissey; Solo Hall of Fame award Peter Burke; Up and coming Star Award Conor O’Sullivan; Most Popular Album Dermot Lyons; Most Popular Group Michael Collins Band; Most popular Solo Artist Patrick O’Sullivan; Most request Artist on Radio Dave Rea; Comedy Act Award Bachelors in Trouble; Best Songwriter award Linda Welbe.

Tommy Collins was once more the eloquent and entertaining MC who never, ever forgets anyone and who always manages to keep the crowd entertained during performances. Not an easy thing to do. Dancing the night away were Michael Noonan and Helen O’Donovan Teresa Joyce was busy as usual, running here and there, but not before she told The East Cork Journal that the night was up to all their hopes, and she was very happy with the turnout. CRY members turned out in their numbers and all helped in the running of the event.

Councillor Eoin Coyne with Margaret Care

The night went on until the wee early hours until, as the cowboy said, “Well, folks, it is time to take this old horse to the barn, ‘night all”....

All photos available to buy

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Mags Dunlea with Larry Long enjoying the night

Christy Ormond with Breda McLellan

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Youghal gets a little bit country

All the way from Killeagh are Maurice Lombard, Bill Coleman, Eileen Foley, Ettie Scully, Carmel Mackey and Catherine O’Connor

Youghal ladies Maura Mulcahy, Dorothy Bulman and Margaret Leahy

Ballymacoda residents Mary Leahy, Teresa Rohan, Mary Pat and Tom Manning travel in to Youghal to support the CRY Music Awards

Anthony Hussey and Elizabeth Whitty enjoy Irish music and dancing

Friends Anne Scully, Mary Hogan and Paddy Kealy

021 4638022

All photos available to buy Geraldine Hickey, Phil Murray and Mary Hickey are great supporters of local events

Margaret Moore, Mary Landers and Con O’Meara have smiles for the East Cork Journal

Director of the Armagh Planetarium visits Glanmire Community College

Rocket Building!

ROBERT Hill, director of the Armagh Planetarium, wowed students from Glanmire Community College with his Planetarium 3-D show and rocket building workshop. The workshop was held as part of GCC’s Programme for Science Week 2010, in which a number of scientific experts were invited to the college to meet students. Thank you to Mr. Dan O’Sullivan, Science Dept. G.C.C.

Robert Hill, director of the Armagh Planetarium, Mr. D O'Sullivan with 1st year pupils during Science Week in GCC.

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A sporting chance


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Cloyne Road Bowling Club are on a roll

U9 Final - Ian Farmer & Kieran Sugrue

U10 Final - Ellie Coady & Sarah Jane Lewis

community, loved and respected in equal measure by all who met him.

U10 Semifinal - Marc O’Connor O’Brien, Shane O’Driscoll & Nigel Lewis

Report from AGM

LAST Wednesday at the Clubs 2nd AGM officers were elected to the following positions:Chairman: John Gleeson Vice-Chairman: Eddie Harty Secretary: John Rossiter Assistant Secretary: Averil Rossiter Registrar: Jamie Costine Public Relations Officer: John Rossiter Treasurer: Alan Walsh Assistant Treasurer: Eddie Harty Enrolment officer: Brian Costine Youth Officers: John Gleeson,Mick O`Donovan, John Rossiter East Cork Delegates: John Gleeson, Mick O’Donovan, John Rossiter

Treasurers report

The club this year, raised €2,487, of which €1874.53 was spent on insurance,trophies, expenditure etc. leaving a closing balance of €612.47 remaining in the Club’s account.

Youth Section

The Clubs second part of the Christmas Youth Tournament got under way last Saturday, with a big turn-out, supported by their families. The results are as follows:-

Boys U-10 Semi-Final, Marc O`Connor/ O’Brien defeated Shane O’Driscoll and Nigel Lewis. Girls U-10 Final, Ellie Coady defeated Sarah Jane Lewis. Boys U-9 Final, Ian Farmer defeated Kieran Sugrue.

U14 Final - Jack Rossiter, Conor Motherway & Brian Minihane

In fact it was Edmond who served me my first pint of much missed Beamish in the Tower Bar,and who inspired my interest in road bowling,with his tales of a by-gone age,his collection of photos some of which he kindly let us submit to this column in our early days,when we first started the Club,two years ago. In fact,the first time I held a bowl in my hand was when Edmond proudly showed me his own,well used bowl and recounted a tale of a broken roof,which was broken by a lofted bowl by one of his friends!

The Cloyne Road Bowling Club would also like to extend deepest condolences to the wife and family of Edmond Morrisey, who sadly passed away last Friday. Edmond was a pillar of the

For further information on the Club, or to join (whether adult or youth), please call John Rossiter on 0876252936, thank you.

Boys U-12 Quarter Final, Jake Coady defeated Jake Holmes. Boys U-12 Quarter Final, Dylan Mullane defeated Josh Rossiter. BoysU-12 Quarter Final, Conor Tynan and Diarmuid Coleman - not played yet. Boys U-14 Final, Jack Rossiter defeated Briain Minihane and Conor Motherway.

Future Fixtures

This coming Saturday, November 27th at 2pm fixtures:-

2pm Boys U-10 Final, Mikey Cahill vs. Marc O`Connor/ O’Brien. 2.30pm Boys U-11 Final, Jake Holmes vs. Josh Rossiter. 2pm 1st Boys U-12 Semi-Final. 2.30pm 2nd Boys U-12 Semi-Final. 3pm Girls U-16 Final Amy Dillon vs. Alice Heffernan Vs Aoife O`Donovan.

Annual Dinner Dance

The Club will be holding its Annual Dinner and Dance in Hartys Restaurant on Saturday, December 4th at 8pm,and presentation of prizes for the last Summer Club Tournament will take place. Tickets on sale at €20 each, available from John (0876252936), club members or Harty’s Bar.

Other News

The East Cork Regional Bol-Chumann presentation night at the Hi-Chapperal

Bar, Ballymore, scheduled for November 20th was cancelled due to the passing of John Butler. The club would like to extend sympathies to the family of John and his wife Una in this difficult time. The presentation will be held sometime in the future,and notice will be given here of the date.

I personally will miss him as, being a “blow-in”, I found him to be a wealth of knowledge, loved to hear his stories of an Ireland long gone,and must say my family and I received a very warm welcome from him and his family. How fitting then, as his warm welcome and smile shall be missed, that on the day of his resting. The sun shone for a while.

An Bol-Chumann East Cork Region


SATURDAY November 27th in Clashmore, John Cronin Cup at 2pm Mick Hurley vs. Paul Buckley Sunday November 28th in Ballincurrig, Christy Coleman Cup at 11.30am Wm. O Donoughue vs. John Butler

Paddy Hennessy Cup at 12.30pm Eddie O Driscoll vs. Seamus O’Tuama


The third and final regional underage Trial will take place in Cloyne on Sat. Dec. 4th at 2.00pm for Girls U-12, 14 and 16 and Boys U-10, 12 and 14.


The regional AGM will be held on tonight Wednesday, November 24th at 9pm in O’Meara’s, Ballinacurra.

Social cancelled

Our Presentation Social, fixed for last Saturday night was postponed as a mark of respect to the O’Riordan and Butler families, after the tragedy in Ballycotton. The late John was an underage Bowling Champion and played in this year’s Junior B Championship. He was a member of a very well respected bowling family from Belvelly and the Bowling World was stunned at his death and that of his two young daughters. The region, which was represented at his Funeral Mass, would like to extend its sympathies to the Butler and O’Riordan Families.

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Youghal Golf Club


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


WEDNESDAY 17th November - 14 Holes Singles Stableford Silver: 1st Virgil Murphy (20) 28pts, 2nd Ann Cronin (19) 27pts Putting Prize: Loretto Morrison 24putts Bronze 1st Breda O’ Donoghue (24) 35pts, 2nd Trish Landers (22) 30pts, 3rd Una Cotter (33) 29pts, 4th Amanda O’ Neill Coyne (26) 27pts Putting Prize: Breda O’ Donoghue 22putts

Wednesday November 24th - Club Singles

Presentation at 6.30pm followed by Mulled Wine Reception for Sponsors & Members Showcase evening for our Sponsors. Your support for our sponsors by your attendance would be appreciated.

Wednesday 1st December - Club Singles Sponsored by: Sammy & Kate Revins


Mon 15th & Tues 16th November 13 Holes Singles Stableford 1st Tony Lynch (10) 30pts, 2nd Donie Leahy (21) 28pts

Thursday 18th November - 13 Holes Singles Stableford 1st Frank Galvin (21) 32pts, 2nd Kieran Power (8) 31pts

Friday 19th November - 13 Holes Singles Stableford 1st Tony Desmond (9) 29pts, 2nd Tony Fitzgerald (15) 29pts, 3rd Eddie Harty (16) 28pts Saturday 20th November 18 Holes Singles Stableford Cat 0-7: Eddie Ryan (7) 39pts Cat 8-13: Mark Barrett (8) 42pts, Tim Mason (10) 41pts Cat 14-18: Willie Gleeson (15) 41pts, Dermot Hogan (17) 39pts Cat 19+ Donie Leahy (21) 39pts Saturday 20th November - 11 Holes Singles Stableford 1st Clement Ruxton (18) 27pts, 2nd Albert Ruxton (13) 25pts

Sunday 21st November - 18 Holes Singles Stableford Cat 0-7: Donal Fenton (7) 40pts, Willie Jones (1) 40pts Cat 8-13: John Greene (13) 41pts, Paul O’ Brien (11) 40pts Cat 14-18: Eamonn Mc Sweeney (14) 40pts, Noel O’ Driscoll (14) 39pts Cat 19+ Matt Nolan (22) 44pts, Michael O’ Sullivan (19) 38pts


Sat: Fourball - Sun: Singles

ANOTHER fine fresh Sunday morning greated members of Youghal C.C. last weekend when a group of 10 gathered at Moby Dick’s for our weekly spin. The group departed at 9am sharp out the Dungarvan road for Clashmore and Aglish where we turned up left for the Mast and the long drag. All climbed well to the top where we travelled on towards the Shanachie and then dropped down into Ring for re-fuelling. On arrival, I noticed that I had punctured and it was pay back time for all the lads as they watched with GLEE as I suffered through the process of changing the flat. As I stood there, they all circled round me like a bunch of Indians circling a poor defenseless wagon out in the Wild West, passing comment as to what I was doing wrong, when all along I was doing it all right. And to top it off, the Big Chief himself, AKA Magnum P.I. or as some people are calling him “ the cyclist formally known as the Secretary ” didn’t even offer to help me, even though he changed everyone else’s punctures last winter !!!.

Moving on, as I finally managed to drink my tea while watching the rest of the group departing, I pondered over the payback I was receiving for all my lovely comments in the papers that were made during the year about most of the lads in the Club. Well have I got NEWS for ye boys. Ye might think that ye have soft-


Sunday 5th December - Christmas mixed foursomes

Friday, November 26th

Mass in remembrance of our deceased Members, family & friends will be held in the Clubhouse at 7.30pm

Corkbeg pitch and putt

THE weather was kind to us last Sunday. The latest Turkey fourball took place and Colm O’Shaughnessy teamed up with Eddie O’Brien to win with 10 up. This is Colm’s third win of the campaign. Fixtures: There will be a Turkey competition on Sunday at 10.30 am. The usual Wednesday competition has a tee off time of 2.30 pm.

Mixed Foursomes

Sunday 21st November - 10 Holes 1st Tom & Breda O’ Donoghue

Youghal cycling club Winter Training in full motion with Youghal C.C. Sunday November 21st

2nd Michale & Jane Coyne BG John & Siobhan Hooley 3rd Luke & Jo Swayne

ened my cough, but I’m the type that performs best when under pressure. There is a long winter ahead and I’m going to have some fun talking about ye all over the coming months. Be afraid, be very afraid. On a more serious note, we left Ring fully refreshed and took the coast road to Ardmore. From there we rode down to Ferry Point and took in the surprise climb up the back road behind Monatray. We re-grouped at the top and rode steady back to Piltown and Youghal for our usual all out assault on the ByePass. Spin complete, we arrived back in Youghal for 12.30pm with a refreshing 80km completed on a fantastic morning. Concern was again expressed over the whereabouts of Cav O’ Mahoney last week. It was decided that we would get some “Missing” posters printed up and we would all meet next Tuesday evening, after spinning class, to stick them up locally. If that fails then we will move on to the milk cartons and cereal boxes. A fine group of 11 also gathered at Moby Dicks for the 10 o’clock groups weekly spin. They also decided to head in the Waterford direction via Piltown, Ardmore and the Shanachie. From there they rolled back down into Youghal where they arrived for 12.30pm with a testing 35km completed. So testing in fact that Alan and Jim headed straight for the café at the Clock Gate for a well deserved Cappuccino and all you can eat breakfast. Nice one lads !

Club Website

Information about the club, cycling in the area and cycling in general, can be

viewed at our club website. It has to be seen by all at

Weekend Spins

As you are all well aware by now, there is a weekly spin every Sunday morning at 9am sharp leaving from Moby Dick’s Pub by the Clock Gate. This spin, which runs on various routes every week, usually takes between 2 to 3 hours ( weather permitting ) and covers on average between 40 to 50km. The pace is comfortable and we usually stop half way around for a coffee or tea.

A second group also goes on a weekly spin every Sunday morning at 10am sharp leaving from Moby Dick’s Pub by the Clock Gate. This spin, which runs on various routes every week, usually takes around 3 hours to complete and covers on average between 30 to 40km. The pace is again very comfortable. This is an ideal group for anyone interested in taking up the sport.

A ladies group spin has also been organised for Saturday mornings at 9am. Anyone interested in attending should contact the club Secretary for details. New members or visitors to the area are always welcome. If you have any questions about the club or attending one of our weekend spins, please contact our Club Secretary, Jonathan at 086-8563292 for details. See you all Sunday Morning! Until next week, safe cycling!

The Week In Sport with Declan Barron

AGM Time

AT this time of the season, many clubs are now in the process of holding their AGM’s so it is time for me to wish you well in your deliberations. Some clubs will indeed have new people in officer positions, so before anyone steps down, I would like to thank all of the clubs in the division for your support and cooperation throughout the season. Your help has been much appreciated and especially that of the club PRO’s in the division, whose help has been invaluable throughout the year. We try to get to as many games as is possible, and to give an impartial account of what is on offer, with warts and all. Thankfully, the clubs are very supportive so once again, before any of you might step down, I say thank you for all your help during the year.

Irish Pride restored against All Blacks

Ireland turned in a gutsy performance against the All Blacks in the Aviva Stadium on Saturday last, to at least restore some pride to Irish Rugby. No one knew what to expect after the recent poor showings against South Africa and Samoa, but on Saturday the side at least showed that they can produce some running rugby. Of course winning is what it’s all about at this level so losing gracefully is very little consolation. However, in the greater scheme of things, the World Cup in 2011 is what it’s all about and when Ireland travel to New Zealand they will have to match the intensity of the opposition on a consistent basis if they are to make a mark next year. Declan Kidney’s side will have one final attempt to record another victory when they take on Argentina on this coming Sunday. Changes can be expected against the Pumas and a win should be on the cards as well. Another top class performance might be too much to expect, however.

Munster continue to impress

With half of their side away on International duty with Ireland, the Munster reserves continue to impress when they pull on the Red jersey. A midweek victory over the touring Australians in Thomond Park last week was followed up with a smashing one point victory over the Scar-

lett’s in Musgrave Park in Cork on Sunday evening. A lot of locals turned up for the Munster experience and they were not disappointed, as Munster turned in another heartwarming display to retain their lead at the top of the Magners League table, with Scarlett’s in second place, followed by Ulster.

Sports Clubs and Associations will be a fall-out from the Ireland Bailout

Someone once said that Sport and Politics don’t mix but I am afraid that, after the Country’s Bailout, that Sport is going to be one of the areas affected by the cuts that are on the way. Everyone expects Wages, Taxes and Social Welfare to be affected, but Sports clubs and Association who, up to now were able to avail of some National Lottery funding, will more than likely have to fend for themselves once more as money will now become scarcer than hen’s teeth. That, of course, will throw the burden of fundraising back onto local communities once more, as clubs already hard pressed to survive may face extinction. Sport is a constant in Ireland, and success gives everyone a lift along with keeping many kids off the streets. To cut funding for necessary projects only passes the buck down the food chain, and parents are likely to see that Sport too will suffer from the Ireland Bailout.

Back to start line in Premiership

With just 14 of the 38 games played in the Premiership it’s back to the start line after this week’s results, with Chelsea and Arsenal suffering defeats while both Manchester sides move back into the top four. Injuries and off field antics still seem to have affected Chelsea, while Arsenal are also suffering in that respect. With midweek Champions League again on this week, it will make for another interesting weekend in the Premiership, with Arsenal going to Aston Villa, Man United entertaining Blackburn and Stoke playing Man City on the Saturday, while on the Sunday Chelsea goes to Newcastle. There will also be the second round of the FA cup to look forward to so another hugely entertaining week in sport.

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Eochaill Óg National Blitz Day

Youghal CMYS


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

EOCHAILL Óg participated in the National Blitz Day for Gaelic4Girls on Saturday, 20th November in Moyle Rovers GAA Complex just outside Clonmel. With 70 girls taking part, 7 teams represented the club against teams from Dublin, Galway, Laois, Offaly, Wexford, Clare and Tipperary. A convoy of 2 buses, followed by many parents and friends, left Club Aras just after 10 am and headed for the premier county in full spirits and looking forward to a great day. The journey was made shorter with many renditions of “Up the Youghal Girls”, “Where we come from” and many pop songs. Each player was presented with a t-shirt in their county colours as a memento of the day. Over the course of the day Eochaill played 35 games, with each team getting seven 10 minute games, and a coaching session with some of the current All-Stars and county players. After all activities on the field were completed the girls were pre-

sented with a gold medal, to rapturous applause from team mates, parents and friends. An exhausted but happy group headed home with memories that will remain for many a year to come, especially as this was the first opportunity many of the girls had of travelling away to play a match. After completing the 8 week programme we are now ready to formally organise a number of underage girls football teams for 2011. Many thanks to all the coaches involved in this initiative, which made it such a success. Also a big thank you to all who supported and sponsored our recent quiz night which paid for the transport costs on the day. The girls will be presented with a certificate on December 5th at our Juvenile awards night in recognition of taking part in the Gaelic4Girls programme, and will travel to Croke Park next June to play in an All-Ireland Blitz.

Midleton Hillwalking Club

If you want to beat the winter blues, get some fresh air, exercise and enjoy the great outdoors then why not join the Midleton Hillwalking Club.

Cork County Leagues

Once again our 3 teams competed in the Cork County Leagues. Youghal A played against the Crucible on a home and away basis and were narrowly beaten on both occastions. But the A Team stepped up a gear against Fermoy by defeating them very impressively. Our B Team were in action against the A.O.H. from Cork and, unfortunately, were defeated in both games. The C Team which comprises of some of the societies young and up and coming talent, played top club The Shooters from Cork City. Unfortunately, the standard from their opponents was very high, but it proved to be a good learning experience for our lads. As it stands in the league Youghal A are in third place while the B and C teams are down the table.

Domestic Tournaments

The final of the Raymond Senior Tournament was held recently and what a great final was shown on the green baize. D.Aherne played C.Lyons in the final and the standard of snooker was very impressive on the night C.Lyons eventually broke D.Aherne resistance by

Lismore Golf Club There are walks to suit every level of fitness and experience. For further details contact o86-0695281


Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st November 18 Hole Stableford 1st: Pat Beecher (21) 29 pts 2nd: Richie Ormonde Jnr (8) 28pts L3 3rd: Robert O Sullivan (15) 28pts L6

Lismore Golf Club Fixtures

Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th 12 Hole Stableford.

This week was the first of our 12 hole Turkey Competitions before we begin our Annual Spring League. Pat Beecher (21) is our first winner with a great score of 29 pts. Playing in the company of new Vice Captain, Seamus Beecher, a steady round of golf was assured. Pat started off with 2 pars and bogied the next nine holes and finished with a par on the 12th. Second place went to Richie Ormond Jnr (8) with 28 pts winning on the last 3. His round consisted of 8 pars and birdied the last 2 holes. Third place on 28pts was Robert O’ Sullivan (15) , outdoing our new Captain Michael O Regan on the last 6. Roberts round consisted of steady golf which included 7 pars.


12 hole Turkey competition can be played on any day from Monday to Sunday every week from here to Christmas.

Parent Club AGM

We held our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 17th November in the

clubhouse. First on the agenda was Hon. Secretary, Willie Henry’s report. Once again Willie had a most detailed and comprehensive report of the year’s activities. Next our Hon. Treasurer, Nicholas Walsh submitted his account of the clubs finances, in what proved to be a very difficult year for golf courses nationwide, Nicholas was delighted with the significant fund raising efforts, in particular the Sweepstakes, Fashion Show and Trolley Raffle which greatly helped the club finances. Prior to his address President, John McGrath asked all present to stand for a minute’s silence, as mark of respect to two highly regarded Lady Captains, Mrs. Dorothea Lee and Mrs. Rena O’Leary, who passed away during the year.

Outgoing President, John McGrath in his address firstly thanked James Bennett who bestowed on him the great privilege of being his Vice President. He praised all who assisted him in the general day to day running of the club. With officers of the calibre of Hon. Secretary, Willie Henry, Hon. Treasurer, Nicholas Walsh and Hon. Registrar, Colm Burke by his side he always realized his year would go smoothly. He thanked all on the Ladies’ and Gents’ Committees for their help, in particular Lady Captain, Esther Hornibrook and Men’s Captain, Declan Glavin, whose support proved invaluable. He praised the greens’ committee led by Michael O’Regan who faced a terrible early season of weather conditions; Michael was also a vital cog in junior golf development with the small dedi-

cated group on the junior committee. Having a caterer like Bernie Glavin, and Anne Bennett as Clubhouse manager we are blessed in Lismore Golf Club and we are the envy of golf clubs all around us. As can be seen from the Treasurer’s Report the club relied heavily on income from the Sweepstakes, thanks to all involved especially Paddy O’Leary, Nicholas Walsh and he congratulated Sean Daly who won first prize.

Brendan Cooney, President of Youghal CYMS; Chris Lyons,winner; Jack O’Donoghue and Derek Ahern, runner-up

taking the final by 3 frames to 2. Well done to both players for a great final. The Christy Hennessy Tournament is on going and is now nearing the semi-final stage. This should be completed in full by next week. Also in progress at the moment is the Paddy Joyce Tournament. This tournament is being run as a top 16 tournament but in a group stage format, winners of each group qualify for semifinals. This is good practice for our 3 teams, with the Munster Championships coming up in January. The entry sheet for the Richard Swayne Snooker Tournament and the Jack Trihy Billards are now up and members are asked to put their names down ASAP As

lighted to play with many club members and was a guest of many Societies. He thanked everybody for their kind generosity.John offered sincerest sympathies to all members who suffered family bereavements during the year and in particular the Lee and O’Leary families on the passing of former Lady Captains, Dorothea Lee and Rena O’Leary. Finally he thanked his lovely wife, Marie, and his family for their patience, help and advice throughout his year and he wished incoming President, Tom O’Donovan and the new committee the very best for 2011.

John thanked the members who most generously donated to the tunnel fund. He gave a special mention to Keith Dransfield on his prompt management of the club website. He sincerely thanked John P. O’Mahony and his Doctor Drain company for his most generous sponsorship of three golf trolleys and the practice / warm up net. John also thanked Ann Bennett for her photographic skills.

Next our new President, Tom O’Donovan took the chair. He said it was a great honour to take this position of President of Lismore Golf Club. He was looking forward to the year and while realizing difficult times lay ahead with the outstanding officers on the Parent committee and exceptional officers in both the Men’s and Ladies’ committees, the club was well placed to face any challenge. In his first act as President he was delighted to propose Hannah Lucas as Vice- President.

Another high point for the President was his son, Diarmuid, winning the Captains Prize to juniors the Ben McCarthy Memorial Cup. During the year he was de-

Under AOB a number of members raised issues about the course and fundraising, which the President said would be dealt with shortly by the Parent committee.

One disappointment for the President was the decision not to hold the Reunion of Past Captain and President as agreed unanimously at last year’s AGM. For everybody involved in making his President’s Prize day a huge success he was most grateful in particular ladies / Gents competitions and in particular Paddy O’Leary. John was thrilled to have two highly respected club members win his major, Bernie Burke and Ritchie Ormonde Snr.

Then followed the election of officers and committee: President Tom O’Donovan, Vice-President Hannah Lucas, Hon Secretary Willie Henry, Hon Treasurer Nicholas Walsh, and Hon Registrar Colm Burke. Committee Members Lady Captain Mag. Morrissey, Esther Hornibrook, Nora O’Sullivan, Mrs. Katherine Moynihan, Captain Michael O’Regan, Seamus Beecher, Shaun Moynihan and Frank Fenlon.

both tournaments will be drawn shortly. The first knock-out junior tournament is progressing along nicely and the No.2 tournament entry sheet will be on the notice board by the end of the week.

Lyons Wins Raymond O’Donoghue Memorial

Chris Lyons won the final of the Raymond O’Donoghue Memorial Final beating Derek Aherne 3 2 in a high class final. Finally, the Society would like to remind its members that the Annual AGM Will be held on Friday Nov 26th @8p.m. All members are welcome to attend.

Lismore Ladies Golf


SUNDAY, November 14th to Saturday November 20th 12 Holes S/Ford Turkey 1st Betty Joyce (13) 23 pts (b6) 2nd Patricia Doyle (30) 23 pts


Sun 21st to Sat 27th November 12 Holes S/Ford Turkey This competition is now ongoing for the week re-entry allowed. The Daily Mail Qualifier continues, 18 hole fourball, Re-entry, No Placing for this Competition. Our 9 Hole Stableford Ongoing Bottle Competition continues.

Ladies Christmas Party

Ladies take note The Ladies Christmas Party is going ahead on Friday 10th Dec. Put it in your diaries please.


Membership is now due and should be paid asap to Registrar, Colm Burke. FULL MEMBER SUBSCRIPTION Lady/Gent €450 (12.5% discount for over 65s) Country Member Subscription: Lady/Gent €200 must be a Full Member in another affiliated Golf Club. BEGINNER MEMBER This is a new scheme we are promoting in 2010 to encourage people who have never been a member of a golf club, or held an official handicap, to take up the game at a very low cost €350 for the first year. A limited number of places are available for the scheme. Please contact our Registrar, Colm Burke on 0863349246 for an Application Form or for any queries.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The end of an era for East Cork GAA

Some of the past committee members and invited guests of East Cork Juvenile Board

Some of the past Chairpersons of East Cork Juvenile Bord Na nÓg

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Some of the past secretaries of East Cork Juvenile Bord Na nÓg THE East Cork Divisional Board, formed 57 years ago will go out of existence in its present form this year.

In order to celebrate the past 57 years the Board held an end of season social to mark the occa-

sion. Chairperson, Regina Abernethy, who will be at the helm of one of the new regional areas, welcomed everyone, to what in many respects is a sad occasion, but in other way, is progress going forward.

Regina Abernethy makes a presentation to Pat Foley

Many former officers and committee members were present as were referees, Scór Na nÓg personnel and invited guests, Tony O’Mahony and Michael Mac Suibhne from County Bord Na nÓg.

Pat Foley makes a presentation to Tony O’Mahony, Cork Bord Na nÓg with Regina Abernethy, Chairperson East Cork Bord Na nÓg

President, Pat Foley cut the cake to mark the occasion while presentations were made to Tony O’Mahony, Michael Mac Suibhne, Willie Ring and Pat Foley, to mark their tremendous contributions to Juvenile GAA in East Cork.

Outgoing officers and committee of the East Cork Juvenile Board A very enjoyable evening was had by all in the Garryvoe Hotel, as the East Cork Board in its present form comes to an end. (Photos: Declan Barron)

Regina Abernethy makes a presentation to Michael Mac Suibhne, Cork Bord Na nÓg

Regina Abernethy makes a presentation to Willie Ring, Secretary East Cork GAA Board

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


WITH Inch playing Munster Cup, both Cappoquin and Brideview had the chance to close the gap on the leaders and both won over the weekend, with Cappoquin defeating Brideview in a thriller in Tallow, and Brideview side collecting full points at Accrington, and Mogeely winning at long last at home defeating neighbours, Valley Rgs, in match of the day. In the 1st division Pinewood defeated Clashmore A at Pablo Park and in the process went top of the table at the half way stage. Clashmore can leapfrog the Ballymac side this weekend and be leaders after the split. Valley Rgs defeated Glen View to have them in the top five, while the Melleray side must play in the lower half for the rest of the season. Clashmore B recorded their first league win of the season and this now leaves Accrington as the only team in the league without a victory, as we start the 2nd half of the league. In the Lucozade Sport Munster Junior Cup, the league’s last two representatives, Inch and Castlebridge both bowed out to Waterford league teams.

Played at Brideview Park on Thursday night last this was a real top of the table clash and lived up to our expectations with the game played at a high tempo for the 90 minutes.This was a game both sides needed to win to keep the pressure on league leaders, Inch, and the reigning champions had the earliest opportunity to take the lead when they were awarded a penalty. Cappoquin keeper, Shane Lambden, saved brilliantly at the expense of a corner. An excellent flag kick by Keith Landers was headed to the net by the unmarked Paul Kearney, and this was the score at half time.

Brideview 1 Cappoquin 2

In the 2nd half Cappoquin really piled on the pressure in search of the equaliser, but were thwarted by the brilliant Billy Sheehan in goal. However, the visitors did equalise when, after another great save by Sheehan from a Paul Murray strike, the ball fell to Daithi Wilkinson and he found the net for a deserved equaliser. It was end to end stuff but Cappoquin started to get on top and they scored the all important winning goal through Danny O Keeffe. The final whistle sounded after an excellent game of football, with Cappoquin just about deserving their victory. After their defeat to Cappoquin, three days later Brideview trav-

Accrington 0 Brideview 6

elled to Fermoy to play Accrington knowing nothing less than a win would suffice. And sure, when the chips were down, Brideview delivered. But Accrington belied their bottom of the table position as they made the visitors fight hard in the opening 35 minutes, before Shane O Connor scored, and the same player added a second before the break. In the 2nd half O’Connor completed his hat trick and two goals from William Henley and one from Donnacha Mulcahy gave Brideview a comfortable win in the end. More importantly the three points that bring them up into joint 2nd in the table alongside Cappoquin and Mogeely. For Accrington another defeat and they are now the only team in the league without a win, as they hit into the 2nd half of the league. But with 8 games to play they can pull themselves out of relegation and stay in the premier for another season.

What is happening to Blackwater is the question that all in the league is asking, as they fell to their 4th defeat in the first half of the league. This is most un-Blackwater, as it is many years since they had four defeats in the first half of the league. Last Saturday the runners up of the past two seasons travelled to the Pound Lane venue to play Kilworth, who themselves were defeated the previous week by Mogeely. Again, this was a game in which all three points was the prize. Blackwater took the lead early in the opening half when Sean Cotter scored, but Sean Shanahan replied for the home side to level the scores. Blackwater then had a defender red carded for a hand ball on the goal line, but the resultant spot went over the bar to leave the teams level at the break. The 10 man Blackwater really put it up to the Kilworth side after the restart. Shanahan and a Johnny Wall free kick had the sides level again before Paudie Lynch got the all important winner for the home side, and this result has Kilworth in the top five of the premier, while Blackwater slip to third from the bottom, as they prepare for the 2nd half of the league.

Kilworth 3 Blackwater 2

We had this as our match of the day, but unfortunately it did not live up to our expectations. Mogeely had not won at home in their last three home games, collecting just one point from nine, and Valley were the in form team. An Alan Collins goal in the first half saw the home side in the lead at the break, and after the restart Collins scored twice more to complete his hat trick. Dwane Bernard and Jake

Mogeely 5 Valley Rgs 2

O’Shea each scored to leave the home side in a comfortable position with 10 minutes remaining. But two goals from Jason Roche in the last few minutes put a better picture on the score board, although at no stage were the Mogeely side in any danger, as they played as we have come to expect of them. Valley, with this defeat, have lost ground on the leaders and need to get back to winning ways if they are to be serious league contenders, with 8 games remaining.

First Division Round Up

Match of the day in the 1st division saw Pinewood go top of the table following this victory at Pablo Park on Sunday morning. Vinnie Coonan gave the home side an early lead before Michael O’Grady scored from a defensive slip up in the home defence, and this was the score at half time. 10minutes after the restart O’Grady took advantage of another defensive mistake to give the visitors the lead and when Ollie Smith added a third, one felt the tie was slipping away from Clashmore. But credit to them, they never gave up with David Byrne outstanding at right back for them. They were thrown a lifeline on 25 minutes when they were awarded a penalty, but Coonan’s spot kick was saved by the Ballymac’ keeper, Padraig Horkan. However, they did not throw in the towel and with three minutes remaining and sustained pressure, Coonan added a second to give the home team some hope, but time ran out and Michael Wall’s charges were the happier when Tom Griffin blew full time. Pinewood had a man of match performance from midfielder, Darren Guiry, who ruled mid field and helped out his defence in those final minutes when Clashmore attacked non stop for the equaliser. A hard fought sporting encounter, but the mistakes at the back, allied to Guiry’s display, saw Clashmore slip to their second consecutive defeat in the league, and into third place in the table. Pinewood is now in the driving seat and it will take a good side to knock them from their mantle.

Clashmore A 2 Pinewood 3

Glen View must be wondering how they lost this game, a game that, for both sides, had a cup tie feel as the winners were guaranteed a top half spot for the rest of the season, with the losers dropping into the lower half. Valley led at the break through a Kevin Dinneen goal, but 20 minutes into the 2nd half Pat “snoopy” Morrissey had the sides level. Glen View then went on all out attack in an effort to get the

Valley Rgs B 2 Glen View 1

Former Irish International Ray Houghton, checks out the new St Declan's N.S. Astro Turf in the presence of Paddy Pollard, Munster FA Chairman, Paddy Tobin WWECChairman, Michael Looby, FAI, RDO and Ardmore club members Gerry Mahony, Tom Power and John McGrath. goal that would lift them into the top half. Valley had the same idea and repulsed every attack from the visitors. Their defence held out and in a break, scored the all important winner when Donal Caplice found the net. Glen View then had to fight for a draw, but they could not penetrate the home defence, and the final whistle saw Valley in the top half and Glen View in the lower half. Overall a good game with maybe a draw the proper result, but credit Valley, they got the goals and at the end, regardless of possession, it’s the ball in the net that counts.

The first league wins of the season for the Clashmore 2nd string as they defeated the Kilworth 2nd string at Pablo Park on Sunday afternoon. After a scoreless opening half, Clashmore opened the scoring through John Prendergast, and when Joe Keogh added two more goals the game as a contest was over and the home side recorded their first league win, coming in the last game of the first half of the league. Kilworth have two wins, and regardless of the results each week, it is apparent that the two teams are enjoying their football which, after all, is what it is all about. Well done to both teams.

Clashmore B 3 Kilworth B 0

Munster Junior Cup

A disappointing result for the Inch side in this Lucozade Sport Munster Junior cup played in Waterford on Saturday last. It took the visitors some 25 minutes to get accustomed to the pace and in that time they conceded 2 goals, but as the half progressed they came more into the game. In the 2nd half Inch played much better and went on all out attack to pull back the two goals, but began to leave themselves open to counter attacks, which happened. The home attack found David Coleman in the Inch goal in excellent form and four of his saves were top class. But from one of those attacks they scored a third goal and the game as a contest was over then. But credit Inch who travelled without some of their normal starting eleven and, now out of this competition, Inch can concentrate on their top of the table league position with eight games remaining.

St Saviours 3 Inch 0

This was a fantastic display by the Castlelyons side in the Lucozade Sport Munster Junior Cup as this game was in the melting pot up until the final 15mins. Piltown led by 2 goals to nil early in the game before Robbie Feeney pulled a goal back. Stan, in the Castlebridge goal, then saved a penalty and this gave the visitors great hope at half

Piltown 4 Castlebridge 1

time. In the 2nd half Castlebridge attacked strongly for the equaliser, but the Piltown defence held firm and the home team went on to score two more goals and move into the next round. Piltown were the favourites as they are having a great season in the Waterford League, but Castlebridge gave their all and helped make this a very entertaining cup tie.

LUCOZADE SPORT MUNSTER JUNIOR CUP St Saviours 3 Inch 0 Piltown 4 Castlebridge 1 MARI MINA PHARMACY PREMIER Brideview 1 Cappoquin 2 Mogeely 5 Valley Rgs 2 Kilworth 3 Blackwater 2 Accrington 0 Brideview 6 LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1ST DIV Clashmore A 2 Pinewood 3 Valley Rgs B 2 Glen View 1 Clashmore B 3 Kilworth B 0 U17 league Ballybridge 4 Inch 1 Brideview 8 Railway Ath 2 Castlebridge 0 Kilworth 6 Pinewood 5 Clashmore 6


This weekend it is back to league football as we start playing the 2nd half of the league in the premier, while in the 1st division there are just two games to complete the half way stage. The league table shows the split with five teams in each half now known. The following week we will be able to start the second half of the division. The premier has a top of the table clash with Cappoquin entertaining Inch and a couple of local derbies, all games that should get the crowds out on the touch lines.


There is no doubt this is not just match of the day, but match of the weekend. This is top versus second and results that will affect changes in the league table come Sunday night. Both teams met at Sexton Park on the 12th September last with Inch winning by 3 goals to 2 goals. Reporting on that game we wrote that Cappoquin deserved at least a draw as they played well enough not to have come away with nothing. Inch have gone on since then to lead the table with only one defeat, that to Brideview, and are the most consistent team in the league. Cappoquin have lost two games, Inch and a home defeat a few weeks back to Kilworth. The latter defeat was a shock with the North Cork team totally on top, but credit Cappoquin, they have bounced back and their display last Thursday night in defeating Bride-

Cappoquin v Inch

view show us they are serious title challengers. This is a difficult game to predict and with two inform teams it could very easily end in a draw. But we think Cappoquin will win with home advantage, but is a game that, on form, should see a draw as the result, and that will be a wonderful birthday present for Declan. But we stick with our prediction, and with an afternoon kick off, there should be a very large crowd at the Cappoquin venue.

After last week’s results, Kilworth leapfrogged Valley and the result of this game could see one or other move further up the table. Valley disappointed last Sunday in Mogeely, while Kilworth won a hard fought game against a 10 man Blackwater. Kilworth have a great chance to get into the top three or four, while Valley must win to stay in the hunt. We believe Kilworth will win especially at home, and this victory could see Kilworth really come into a challenging position on Sunday night. We think they can. Kilworth to win.

Kilworth vs. Valley Rgs

When they met in Fermoy in early September, Blackwater came out on top by 3 goals to 2 goals, and we felt then Blackwater would be challenging top of the table when we reached the half way. We have now reached that part of the league and Accrington are propping up the table, while Blackwater find themselves third from the bottom, a position we could not visualise all those weeks back. But all teams go through a phase in the league where the results go against them, and we expect Blackwater to start winning again on Sunday. Accrington need the points badly as we start the 2nd half of the league, but it is difficult to see them coming away with anything on Sunday. Blackwater to win.

Blackwater vs. Accrington

After their exit from the Munster Junior Cup last Sunday, Castlebridge play at home to joint 2nd placed Mogeely on Sunday morning. Castlebridge are only three points above bottom side, Accrington, but with two games less played. Mogeely are the team in form, while Castlebridge have only one victory to show from their six games played. We think Mogeely will win and keep the pressure on the league leaders, but Castlebridge cannot afford to lose ground as they will find themselves fighting to stay in the premier. ,Mogeely to win.

Castlebridge vs. Mogeely


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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE

Cappoquin B vs. Ballybridge

This game on Saturday night kicks off the weekend and also the first game in the lower half of the table after the split. Ballybridge had a marvellous win two weeks ago when defeating Brideview in Tallow. Cappoquin have had three wins in their league campaign so far, but we have felt the Ballybridge are a better side than their league position show, and we think they will win on Saturday night also.

Railway Ath vs. Clashmore A

This is the last game in the opening half of the league and a win for the visitors will see them top the table for the split. Clashmore have lost their last two league games against Brideview, and last week to Pinewood, while Railway has lost three of their eight games to date. This is a game that could see the points shared, and we think that will be the result. A draw. Another game to conclude the first half of the division, and both teams will play in the lower half when the split commences. Glen View were disappointed to lose out last week to Valley for a top half finish, but they can now get the points to help them get a good start for the 2nd half of the league. Kilworth lost last week in Clashmore, and we can not see them stopping Glen View on Sunday.

Glen View vs. Kilworth B

League leaders, Pinewood, travel to Conna on Sunday morning hoping to increase their lead at the top of the table. Last week they defeated Clashmore, while Valley assured themselves of top half football with their victory against Glen View. Pinewood are on a terrific run at present and have a strong side and we expect them to get the three points, although they will be happy to come away with a draw, as clubs know how hard it is to win at the Conna venue. Still we expect Pinewood to win.

Valley Rgs vs. Pinewood

Saturday, November 27th LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIV Cappoquin B v Ballybridge 7.30pm S Forde


Sunday, November 28th MARI MINA PHARMACY PREMIER Kilworth vs. Valley Rgs 11.30am D O Sullivan Blackwater vs.Accrington 11.30am T Griffin Castlebridge vs. Mogeely 11.30am D Coleman Cappoquin v Inch 2.30pm J O Riordan

LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIV Railway Ath vs. Clashmore A 11.30am K Griffin Glen View vs. Kilworth B 11.30am P Griffin Valley Rgs B vs. Pinewood 11.30am S Drislane U17 LEAGUE Saturday, November 27th Inch vs. Cappoquin 2pm D Coleman

Midleton FC

WITH the Oscar Traynor Trophy being played, there was a very small fixture list for Midleton. The result was Tipperary League 1 and Cork MSL 0. The Midlleton players on the Cork squad were Tom O’Leary, Cormac Aherne, Michael Ryan and Michael Deasy. The date is set for Sunday, December 5th, when the senior team will play Ballyfermot in Dublin in the third round of the FAI Intermediate Cup.

Intermediate Cup

Midleton’s youths team are currently sitting pretty at the top of the league table, nine points clear of their nearest challengers, Leeds. Douglas Hall, after their 6 0 victory over the Ballyvolane side (Leeds) in which striker Brian Hartnett was immense, scoring four goals.

League One (Youths lead)

Youths League

Four goals from the excellent Brian Hartnett helped to put Midleton nine points clear at the top of the Youths League One, as they ran out winners against second placed Leeds at Knockgriffin Park. While Hartnett, better known as a Cork minor hurler, deservedly took the plaudits, this was a fine team performance from the Magpies, with midfielders Andy Howick and Ronan Kennedy on form, while a solid defensive unit was backed up by the fine goalkeeping of Chris Smith. That the Magpie’s keeper, Chris Smith, was called into action, especially during the mid-

Midleton 6 Leeds 0

Ardmore vs. Ballybridge 2pm J O’Riordan Kilworth vs. Railway Ath 2pm S Forde

Midleton Under 12 Team are Market Green October Sports Stars of the month

The next Delegate Meeting of the WWEC Junior League will be held on Monday 6th December at the Brideview Complex commencing at 8.30pm. It is important that all clubs will be in attendance as the fixtures for December, and especially for the Christmas break, will be announced.


Following last weekend’s league games, the Golden Boot leaders, kindly sponsored by The Red Store, Youghal, has Leonard Byrne, Inch, leading with 10 goals, followed by Jason Roche, Valley Rgs, 7 goals, and Shane O’Connor, Brideview, 6 goals. In the 1st division Vinnie Coonan, Clashmore A has 9 goals with Alan O Riordan, Brideview 8 goals.



The following are our Inter League fixtures, Juniors and Youths, for the next few weeks. Saturday, December 4th, WWEC at home to the Wicklow League in the Oscar Traynor Cup, Saturday 11th Dec, WWEC Youth team away to the TS&DL, while on Saturday 18th Dec the WWEC Youth team will be at home to the Waterford District League. All clubs can take note of the fixtures, as December is going to be a busy month for all clubs.

dle section of the second half, indicates that Leeds did not roll over and die, and the final winning margin probably does them a disservice. Two more goals scored by Ronan Kennedy, Midleton’s centre back, capped a good display with a goal of his own firing into the roof of the Leeds net. Midleton are now in a very strong position at the top of the league table.

Midleton Under 12 Team are Oct Sports Stars of the month. Presenting the award to team captain Garran Manley is Andrew Mcvea Manager of Market Green Shopping centre with the under 12 team and management Robert o Connor and John Lambe

Corkbeg AFC Exciting win for Juniors in League 2B

Corkbeg overcame a strong challenge from a good Glanworth side to win 3-2 on Saturday. Glanworth had the better of the opening exchanges and deservedly took the lead after 30 minutes, when a long free kick from the Glanworth defence was headed home by the Glanworth striker. The Beg started the 2nd half a lot brighter and equalised after 55 minutes when Ian Casey headed Cian Fleming’s cross to the net. Glanworth were awarded a strongly disputed penalty 5 minutes later and went 2-1 ahead when the Glanworth striker sent Andrew O’Donoghue the wrong way from the spot. But, Corkbeg were not to be denied. Fred Wenham volleyed another Cian Fleming cross to the net after 60 minutes, and 15 minutes later, Fleming himself got on the end of an Ian Casey crossfield ball to poach the winner for the Beg.

Corkbeg 3 v Glanworth 2

Ramblers Saturday 20th November U15 NATIONAL CUP Midleton 0 Springfield Ramblers 4 This was an outstanding team performance which helped Springfield Ramblers to a much deserved win. Goal scorers Jack Ronan, Keith O’ Flynn, Dave Cummins and Jason Keating.

Christmas Draw Tickets Now On Sale

The Springfield Ramblers Christmas Draw will take place on Thursday 9th December. Tickets are now on sale. The boys and girls of the club will be selling tickets over the coming weeks. The Club would appreciate any support from the public in this important fund raiser. The club would like to extend sincere thanks to Ray & Maura Keating of The next lotto draw will take place on Thurs- Londis Plus, Newtown Road, for their day, November 25th, at the Club House, sponsorship of the Bumper Christmas Knockgriffin Park, for a jackpot of €12,500. Hamper first prize. Lucky dip winners were, Denis Collins (U13), Stephen McCarthy (U14), Paudie O’Brien (U12), Dave Stanton (U15), Mary O’Brien (Pa), Becky, Denise, Siobhán (Pa), Mary Duggan (M. Duggan), Ciaran Aherne (Pa), Ger and Chris Goldspring (Goldie) and Cormac Falvey (Bawney).

U14’s away to Castleview in National Cup last 16

The Beg have been handed a tough draw away to premier side, Castleview in the last 16 (Cork Area). At the time of going to press it looks like this game will be played on Sunday morning, November 28th but check our website www.corkbeg.comfor confirmation.

U12’s Away to Carrigt wohill in top of the table clash

The Beg make the short trip to Carrigtwohill next weekend for what promises to be a cracking local derby. Both sides have made unbeaten starts to their respective league campaigns and this game has all the signs of being very

Springfield Mogeely FC

Midleton panel: Chris Smith, David Williams, Oisin Lynch, Shane Harrington, Chris Cotter, Andy Howick, Dylan O’Riordan, Grace Matiki, Ronan Kennedy, Brian Hartnett, Tariq Tynan, Gloire Matiki, Emmet Sunday 21st November Cotter and Keelan Kennedy. U11 DIVISION 2 Springfield Ramblers 6 Castleview 2 Magpie Lotto The jackpot will be €12,500 this Thursday. U11 DIVISION 6 Greenwood A 5 Springfield Ramblers A Results for Thursday, November 18th, for a 0 jackpot of €12,250. The numbers drawn U11 DIVISION 7 were 4, 7, 16 and 24. There was no winner. Springfield Ramblers B 2 Crosshaven A 2 Bonus jackpot of €1,000. The numbers drawn were 3, 8, 16 and 18. There was no winner.

Glanworth almost grabbed a draw late on, but Andrew O Donoghue pulled off a brilliant save and Corkbeg held out for a deserved victory. This win keeps the Beg in contention for league honours and manager, Brian Martin, will be hoping that the team will maintain this type of form as they enter a crucial stage of the season.

On another cold Sunday afternoon, this was a clash of two big teams in Mogeely. We were quick out of the blocks and pushing forward from the kick off, and on the 16th minute Colly played a good ball in for Dolly to run onto, but he shot just over the top. Johnny Clifford had two chances that went narrowly wide. Just after the half hour mark Dwain took a free kick from 25 yards out and brought a great save from the Valley keeper. The breakthrough had to come, and on the 37th minute, Dolly rose highest from a corner kick to head the ball to the back of the net. On the stroke of half time, Johnny Clifford was one on one with the keeper but he made a fine save. At half time Mogeely led by the one goal.

Mogeely 5 Valley Rangers 2

The second half started at a great tempo and after only 7 minutes, we scored with a move that started with Noelie at the back, on to Johnny Clifford, on to Jake. With a ball into the edge of the box for Dwain to run onto, he cooly slotted it away under the advancing keeper. A few minutes later Noelie had a shot just over, but a minute later Dolly stepped up to a free kick 20 yards out and near the side line and he swung it across the front of the keeper. It ended up in the net, so with us three one up Tim (Alex) Magann made his 1st change,

close. The game will be a good test for the Beg who have managed to battle their way to a lot of their wins to date. Carrigtwohill would appear to be favourites for the title after a particularly good result against Macroom away from home, but hopefully we can give a good account of ourselves.

We are down to the last seven in the latest Last Man Standing competition and with several shrewdies like Mick Halloran, Jerome Sheehan , Brian Martin and Liam Williams still involved, this could run for a while yet.

Last Man Standing

We had a good turnout for the sponsored walk from Guileen led by local historian, John Bennett. John took the group on the scenic route over the cliff tops and round by Finure. First two home were Trish Murphy and Teresa Leahy although there are unconfirmed suggestions that they had picked up a lift near Trabolgan gates. The club would sincerley like to thank all those who walked and gave sponsorship.

Sponsored Walk

bringing on Ethan for Dec. Shortly after a free kick from Dwain, Dolly got up well and a powerful header gave the keeper no chance. A great hat trick, all in just 25 minutes, so he was going to be heading home with the match ball and fully deserved. The scoring was not finished yet though. A good ball in for Jake, he took it around the keeper and from an impossible angle he got the ball into the net. So, five nil and coasting, Charlie came on for Dwain, who ran himself into the ground. Johnny Clifford got another chance, but he hit the cross bar from close range. After that, Mogeely sat back with the game won, and gifted Valley two soft goals with a few minutes to go. Garry had a quiet day in goals, but our backs were solid as ever with Shane, Noelie and Ger in midfield again. Colly played just in front of the back, mopping up everything. John and Jake pushed forward at every chance and the brothers, Dec and hat trick Dolly on the wings were outstanding. Johnny and Dwain chased every ball up front and the subs, Ethan and Charlie, did their bit as well. This was a great team performance. Well done to all. A great five goals to two win for Mogeely. On a joyous and sad note, the club would like to congratulate Noelie and Carol on the birth of a baby boy and their deepest sympathy to the Hayes family on their resent bereavement.

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Kiltha Óg

Cobh Lisgoold

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

U/16 East Cork League Finals:

Hurling - Kiltha Óg 0-15 Midleton 1-13 Football - Kiltha Óg 4-16 Midleton 4-6

The GAA ‘Legends’ strut their stuff

A most enjoyable evening of entertainment at Fota Hotel on Thursday last was well attended by the “beautiful people” of our parish , and beyond , as the Playground Fundraising Fashion Show was held before a packed auditorium . The exceptionally well run event received warm accolades from the gathering and , as well as the “beautiful people”, the Lisgoold “GAA Legends” were delighted to lend support. Togging out has never proven so fashionable for the group who careered down the red carpeted catwalk , and Noel, Denis, Jer, Maurice, Dan, Brendan, Barry, Ryan and Noel (surnames withheld to avoid embarrassment!) were pleased that the Club was able to support such a brilliant venture. Well done to all concerned, especially the hard working committee who not only raised a considerable sum for such a worthy cause, but provided such excellent entertainment on Thursday night.

WE completed our programme of matches over a couple of days last weekend. Both were league finals against Midleton and we had mixed luck. The hurling played in Midleton on Saturday, November 13th was a tough, tense contest all through and while we went two points to the good midway through the second half, we missed a few good opportunities to stretch the lead and Midleton came back into it with a goal which proved decisive in the end. It always looked likely that the team who scored a goal would go on and win it, and so it proved. We put a lot of pressure on in the closing minutes but were still a point in arrears when the final whistle sounded. Carrigtwohill was the venue on Monday, November 15th and once again we had a thriller. We started very brightly and had four quick points and looked the better team, but Midleton came more into the game as the half wore on. At the break we led by 2-7 to 1-4 but knowing the history of these matches we knew it was far from over. Midleton started the brighter in the second half and within five minutes had two goals to square things up . We were now reeling, and were lucky not to concede another major as the post was hit twice in a minute. However, our lads came to grips with the situation again and took control for the rest of the match. The scores came freely now and we went thirteen points up before Midleton got a late goal before the final whistle. It was good to finish a historic year on a high with a third title won.

Patrick Cronin Memorial Hurling Skills

This club competition for players on their final year at U/16 level took place on Sunday, November 14th under bright sunshine. It was a contest of very high standard, and victory went to Shane Hegarty with a massive score of 295 points which shattered the existing record by 35 points. Well done Shane.

Club Social

Last Friday, November 19th was the night of our social in Garryvoe Hotel and again it was a brilliant night. It was held in conjunction with the Dungourney Camogie Club and a fine crowd created a great atmosphere. The presentation of the medals to our U/16 successful teams in both hurling and football was our feature on the night, and these were presented by one of our founder members the very popular Christy O’ Sullivan. Robert Farmer provided the music and again had the place rocking for the rest of the night. It was a fitting finale to a great year.

GAA Lotto Results ‘Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh si’


Jackpot of €4,000. No winner. The €20 winners were Paul Marks, Nail Conory, Seamus Troy, Billy Collins and George Foran.


Jackpot was €1,400. No winner. The numbers drawn were 19,25,32 and €30 prize winners were Bridget Welsh, Ann Tracey, Mossie Quirke, P McSweeney

Fr O’Neills

The Jackpot of €3,800 was not won. Numbers drawn 6,7,18,22. The €40 prize winners were Anne O Neill, Michael Downing, Eileen O’Driscoll and John & Francis Hodnett.


No Winners for the €10,000 draw. Numbers drawn were 5,13,20,26 No Winners for the €8,100 draw. Numbers drawn were 1,5,17,21. The €20 prize winners were Tom and Jerry, Lynsey Harty, Paddy & Bridget Morrissey, Breada O Reilly


Clubtext, Club email newsletter and facebook!

Minor Football Captain, Mark Foley, receives the league trophy

Minor Football East Cork League Final: Cobh 1-8 Russell Rovers 1-3

COBH minor footballers ended their league campaign, after exiting the county semi final last week, with a hard fought win over Russell Rovers last Sunday. Played in Shanagarry in sunny weather, but on a soft pitch, the field had a big bearing on the exchanges. Cobh dominated the early play with Conor Farrell carrying on where he finished last time out, taking the game to Rovers. It was nearly 10 minutes before the first score was registered through captain, Mark Foley. John Flanagan goaled soon after, sending the ball to the roof of the net after a goalmouth encounter assisted by Eoin Hastings. Hastings added a point on half time after an incisive move involving Darragh O’Keeffe and Tony O’Donovan. Cobh’s play was as free flowing as ever with sweeping attacking moves, but over complication led to low scoring and Cobh’s defence coped well with Rovers’ forwards. Halftime score Cobh 1-3 Russell Rvrs 0-2. Foley pointed on the resumption when he found himself in space inside the 21. Rovers were not going to lie down, however, and a high ball was punched to the net putting the game in the melting pot, Cobh having dominated play. Tony O’Donovan continued his attacking runs, taking a nice point to settle the nerves, followed by points from Shane Hallahan, who again gave an exhibition of high fielding, and Cian Spriggs. Sam Stapleton was introduced at half time and distributed the ball well. Kieran Histon, Adam McCarthy and Jamie Moynihan saw the game out for Cobh, thwarting Rovers late efforts to find the net. All in all, a well-fought winning outing and completing an East Cork football double for Cobh minors. Well done to all involved.

Street Leagues Come To An End

After seven weeks and 63 matches, this year’s Street Leagues finished up in glorious sunshine on Sunday last. A big thank you to all who helped with setting out the pitches, organising the teams and running the shop over the duration of the tournament. A special word of thanks to those who refereed the games and to all the family and friends of those involved who came along to give their support. Most of all, well done and thank you to the boys and girls who played in the hurling leagues. Well done for turning up on time for your games over the seven weeks, for giving of your best throughout the tournament and for making this year’s leagues a great success. Hopefully, you will all enjoy the winter break from GAA activity and come back to training when the hurling and camogie seasons start up again in February/March of 2011. A DVD featuring action from all of the finals, and costing €20, is now available to buy at Ultimate Sports (Bridies’). A big thank you to all who supported our Table Quiz on Friday last which was in aid of the clubs’ Primary Schools GAA Coaching Initiative. Your support ensures that the schools coaching programme can continue, and the boys and girls can continue to benefit. GAA Club AGM Thurs 2nd Dec at 8pm.

If you are not yet registered for the free CLUBTEXT service, contact Brendan Healy on 087 9176891 to be added to the free service and ensure you are up to date with all Club matters .Further, many of our parishioners and club supporters are working and living away from home. Why not register them for the weekly Club Newsletter , which is emailed to anyone who requests so, on a Monday morning. This is a great way to keep up to date on all matters relating to our Club. For more details, contact any Club Officer. In addition, Lisgoold GAA is now on facebook, so why not add us as your “friend” and use this useful tool to keep up to date with all matters relating to our Club, and join the almost 200 others who have already added their support to the Club through this medium.


The winning numbers drawn this week were numbers 10, 23 and 29, and yet again, no winner! Therefore, the Jackpot Prize continues to grow with another roll over week, and now stands at an impressive €1,900. If you are thinking of how this would help with your Christmas shopping, why not purchase a line in this week’s draw, and support the Club at the same time . Congratulations to the Consolation Prize winners this week, who were Darren Stack, Tadgh O’Gadhra, Alan O’Keeffe and Ned O Keeffe . And, speaking of Christmas, the massive Christmas Lotto night, which is always a most enjoyable evening , is scheduled for Friday, December 17th at The Thatch, and all are welcome. Many “in house” spot prizes on the night will add to the Festive kick off.

Youghal Camogie

LAST Saturday night the Annual Youghal GAA dinner dance was held in Club Aras in fantastic settings put together by the committee members. The night went off with out a hitch, with fantastic food and great music. Joan O’Flynn, president of Camogie, was the Guest of Honour on the night and gave a fantastic speech on what Camogie means to the community and what a great achievement it was to win the double. She also said some very nice words about our own Chairperson, Kelly McCarthy who, along with Secretary Kelma McCarthy, has done trojan work in the background to get the Youghal Camogie team back on its feet. The work sometimes goes unnoticed, but not with this team as we are sure that the two girls have made themselves known throughout the town, as well as the County board, in order to get support and sponsorship for the club. It has been a fantastic year also for the club as two of our team mates, Shona Cunningham and Siobhan Downing, represented the club at senior level with Imokilly. Shona Cunningham has had a wonderful year and was awarded Junior Player of the year. Niamh Quill was awarded Minor Player of the year. Kelma McCarthy was given the award of Club person of the year. Good luck to some of our minor girls who are in the middle of Cork trials.

The girls are taking a well deserved break for a few weeks, and listening to people at the Dinner Dance on Saturday night, it looks as if everyone is very positive for the year ahead, and looking forward to taking on the Junior Board and hopefully next year will be as successful.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Russell Rovers

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Cobh 1-8 Russell Rovers 1-3


The AGM of the Castlemartyr GAA Club will take place in the school on Friday, November 26th at 8pm.Jamesy Kelleher will be the welcome guest of honour again which augers well for the mood of the meeting. All are welcome and now is the chance to air your views. As the saying goes “Speak now or forever hold your peace”.

Victory Dinner Dance


Date for your diary. The Victory Dinner Dance

Fé 21 Hurling

Midleton 0-14 Sarsfields 2-10 The old saying that goals win matches would appear to have been the case on Sunday last when Sarsfields overcame Midleton to claim the East Cork Fé 21 hurling title. This replay of the drawn game was eagerly anticipated and was played in Ballynoe with Barry Day of Agahada refereeing. Midleton played with the aid of the breeze in the first half, but got off to a disappointing start when we conceded a goal when a pass out of defence was intercepted. Sarsfields were playing well at this stage and added a further goal from another stray Midleton pass in defence, to lead by eight points. Midleton rallied well with four points before half time but still trailed by four. We started the second half strongly, and despite facing in to the elements had reduced the deficit to just one point with ten minutes left. However, giving our opponents such a big lead was to prove too much in the end as Sarsfields added a couple of points. We did have a late chance to score an equalizing goal but that was not to be as the ball went just over, rather than just under the cross bar. The margin in the end was just two points. Overall the lads and mentors would have been very disappointed to lose, the two goals making all the difference in the end. The Club would like to thank the Mentors and Players for their great efforts over the two games and hopefully they will enjoy a well earned rest over the winter and come back stronger than ever in the new year. TEAM: Tom Wallace, Killian Burke (0-1), Patrick O’Mahony, Alwyn Kearney, James O’Donnell, Padraig O’Shea(Capt.), James Nagle, Padraig O’Keefe (0-2), Seamus O’Farrell, Conor Lehane (0-8, 7 Frees), Ian Kenefick (0-1), Cormac Walsh, Paul Haughney, Luke O’Farrell (0-2), John Keane. Subs Used: Finbarr O’Mahony, Daniel Morrissey, Patrick Whyte, Jamie O’Mahony.

Fé 16 Football

On Monday evening of last week, 15th, we contested the East Cork Football League Final v Kilta Óg in Carrigtwohill, and after an end to end game we lost out on a score line of 4.14 v 3.07. At halftime we were two goals down and had a great start

saluting the heroes of ’09 will take place on Saturday, January 29th in Garryvoe Hotel. Tickets will be on sale in early December and would make an ideal Christmas present. They will be priced at a reasonable €35 and are sure to disappear fast. The victorious 2010 Junior A and Junior C hurlers will be feted on the night, with the West End Boys driving the whole thing on. Places are limited so book your tickets early. They will be available from any committee member and on sale in the local shops and pubs. More details in December to the second half to cut the deficit to a single point, only for Kilta to counter attack and score two more goals to kill the game off as contest. Our goals on the night came from Keelan Kennedy, Jake Hegarty and Brian Fitzgerald.

Well done to all the players for their great efforts this year and best wishes especially to the lads on the age who now progress into the Adult club and will be challenging for places on the various teams next year.

PANEL: Cian Collins, Conor Maloney, Cathal Mc Carthy, Tom Motherway, Darren Quirke, Keelan Kennedy, Colin Barry, Joesph Murray, Patrice Tschmanga, Gavin Hurley, Emmet Cotter, Conan Finnegan, Andrew Rea, Jake Hegarty and Kelvin Kruschel. Subs Brian Fitzgerald, Padraic Nagle, Sean O Farrell, Eanna O Brien, Matthew Bell, John Shanahan, Michael Abernethy,Billy O Shea and Abiblio Bello.

Final Fé15/16 Training session will take place tonight Wednesday night @ 7pm in the Hockey Pitch

Street Leagues

Our Indoor season continues each Saturday morning in the Community Centre and the times for the next few weeks are as follows: 1st Class 10 - 11am, Senior Infants 11 - 12 and 1st Class 12 - 1pm

Upcoming Events

Thursday 2nd December Adult H & F AGM Thursday 9th December Juvenile AGM Sunday 19th December Juvenile Xmas Draw night

Juvenile Club Christmas Draw

Please note that Tickets for the Juvenile Club’s Christmas Draw are now available from the Committee, team managers and the Club Bar. Many thanks to the people who sponsored the prizes and we would request that, where possible, you support their business.


Friday November 19th One Winner of the Jackpot of €5,000, Marie Cotter, Elsinore Heights, Midleton. The Club would like to congratulate Marie on her great win on Friday night last. Marie has been playing the Lotto since it began and we would like to thank her for all the support over the years.

Last Sunday week in Shanagarry we played Cobh in the East Cork Minor B football league final, but failed to take advantage of the home venue as the visitors proved too strong on the day, while our lads displayed signs of rustiness following a lengthy layoff. Just a few points separated the sides at the break and despite Rovers getting in for a goal in the second half, Cobh began to pile on the scores to run out deserving winners by a margin of five points.


Our minor hurlers are fixed to play Castlelyons in the Premier 2 County League quarter-final with the game pencilled in for next Sunday at 2 pm. Venue is unknown at the time of submitting this report, but it is likely to be either Shanagarry or Castlelyons. Please check our website for up to date information.


Our AGM for 2010 is scheduled to take place in the clubrooms, Shanagarry on Sunday, 5th December


at 12 noon. All members and intending members are invited to attend.


The club wishes to extend deepest sympathy to the family of Michael Hogan, Cloyne who passed away last week. Mikey was an outstanding hurler and wore the No. 5 black and amber jersey with distinction over a ten-year period from the mid 1950’s to the mid 1960’s, winning two East Cork championships in 1958 and 1963. We also extend sincere condolences to the family of Robert Kennefick, Shanagarry who passed away last month following a long illness. Bob was a VicePresident of the club and played a major role in negotiating the purchase of our grounds from two local farmers back in the late 1970’s. For that, we will always be grateful. Both Mikey and Bob were accorded deserved guards of honour at their funerals by former playing colleagues and current Executive members. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamacha dilis.

We also offer our heartfelt sympathies to the Butler and O’Riordan families of Ballycotton and Cobh on the dreadful tragedy that befell them last week. We can only hope and pray that God will comfort them and give them the strength to cope with this unimaginable burden of grief over the coming months and years. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace.

Nemo Rangers overcome Stradbally to book Munster Final spot NEMO RANGERS 1-12 STRADBALLY 1-5

AN early goal from a penalty helped Nemo Rangers on their way to a Munster Final spot, in this AIB club semi final played in Páirc Uí Rinn on Sunday. The Cork champions were always in control with Paul Kerrigan slotting over six first half points to help Nemo to a 1-7 to 0-5 interval lead. The early goal given for a controversial penalty was scored by Daniel Kearney, and this left the Waterford champions with a mountain to climb. All star hurler, Michael Walsh gave Stradbally plenty of possession at midfield but their forward sector found scores hard to come by. A great goal midway through the second half brought Stradbally closer, but Nemo ran out comfortable winners in the finish to book their final spot. It took extra time in the other semi final before Dr Crokes came through after being given a searching test by Aherlow at the Cashel venue. The Tipper-

ary champions lost a great chance to win in normal time when they missed a late free, leaving Dr Crokes off the hook as they grabbed a late equaliser. In extra time the Aherlow goalkeeper made a mistake that gifted Crokes a goal, and they went on to win by a few points in the finish. In the Intermediate hurling, Cork champions Ballymartle were convincing winner of the Munster final against Borrisakane from Tipperary, with two Dan O’Dwyer goals helping Ballymartle on the way to a convincing 2-14 to 0-8 victory.

The Cork representatives in the junior hurling, Meelin, have also qualified for a Munster final appearance as they, too, were comfortable winners in Killmallock. Meelin will meet St Patrick from Tipperary who took extra time to overcome the Peter Queally led Ballydurn in the other semi final, played at Fraher Field in Dungarvan.

St. Colman’s ladies capture U16 East Cork Championship ST.COLMAN’S ladies met Watergrasshill in Carrigtwohill on Saturday, November 13th to play for the U16 East Cork Championship title.

After a hard fought semi-final against Lisgoold, we were ready to take on Watergrasshill in the final. The first half saw both sides exchange scores, St.Colman’s coming from Eimear Motherway and Rebecca Walsh, with a goal and a point a piece. Watergrasshill were a point ahead at the half time whistle. The second half saw both teams up a gear and there were some very hard battles for possession. A point from Keelagh Cullinane and Rebecca Walsh, and three by Cliodhna O’Sullivan added to

the tally for the team.. The final score was St. Colmans 2-7, Watergrasshill 2-6 We would like to thank Watergrasshill for a great match. All the panel played extremely well, especially in the second half and never gave up. Good luck for next season. Thanks to the coaches for their hard work throughout the year.

TEAM K.Tate McCann, A.Finn K.Flemming, E.Healy, L.Bernard M.Mullins, R.Steele K.O’Neill K.Cullinane S.Murphy R.Walsh N.Ni Mhurcu E.Motherway C.O’Sullivan M.Tattan C.Murray C.O’Riordan S.Hartnett C.O’Brien REFEREE: Maurice Mulcahy Lisgoold

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

125 years celebrated at Midleton GAA Social

MIDLETON GAA Club celebrated their Annual Social at the Midleton Park Hotel on Saturday, November 13th.

The club, who have been in existence for 125 years this year, enjoyed a tremendous year on the field of play.

Numerous underage East Cork titles were garnered, while the winning of the Premier Minor Hurling County Title, Senior County League and East Cork Junior B hurling Title also found their way to Clonmult this season.

The club are also in the East Cork U21 A Hurling Final against Sarsfields, so when all is taken into consideration, 2010 will go down as a very good year for the Magpies, who also reached the county senior hurling semi final. A crowd of over 200 enjoyed the Minor Squad members celebrate celebrations.

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Midleton Captains, Aidan Ryan, Padraig O’Shea, Kevin McSweeney and Conor Lehane with some of the cups won during the year, along with Club Chairman, Niall O’Neill, Secretary, Pat O’Brien, Treasurer, Paudi O’Brien and PRO, Vincent Reddy (Photos: Declan Barron)

Niall O’Neill and his wife Eilish

Lucy Moloney and Roisin Culligan

Declan Ryan and Ciara Hennessy

Brian Behan and Andrea Ahearne

Jenna O’Neill and Amber Cope

Margaret and Mickey O’Connell

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

It’s all glitz and glamour for Midleton GAA

Mark O’Keeffe and Clodagh Feehan

B O’Grady and A Hynes

Jason Cashman and Julia O’Brien

Shauna, Rianna, Edel and Amanda enjoy the night

Mary Quinn with her dad, Bill O’Keeffe

Three lovely ladies enjoy the night out

021 4638022

Jennifer Curtin and Pat Ryan

Leanne Ahearn with Sarah McCarthy

A happy quartet of ladies

All photos available to buy

These pretty ladies enjoy the evening

Jennifer Curtin, Pat Ryan, Luke O’Farrell and Ailish Harney

Club Chairman, Niall O’Neill cuts the 125th Anniversary Celebration Cake

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Killeagh-Ita’s Juvenile St Mary’s prove too


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

U-12 Hurling in Mid-Winter

WE have been travelling to Kilkenny over the past few weekends playing the qualifying rounds in this hugely successful 10-a-side all-weather invitational hurling tournament in Carrigeen, Co Kilkenny. The best clubs from all over Ireland are invited to this tournament, and it is an honour alone to be playing against such famous clubs. We came through the qualifiers after some great battles. Our game against St John’s from Belfast was a game we will never forget. This was a very physical encounter, and it took us a while to get to grips with a very well trained St John’s team. With five minutes remaining we were five points down, but this team and management do not like losing and had to dig very deep in to the reserves to get two goals and win the game by one point, on a scoreline of Killeagh-Ita’s 7-1; St John’s 4-9. One can’t but mention the brilliance of Aaron Walsh in goals. This was Aaron’s first time playing in goals, but he looked like he played there all his life.

Semi Final

Killeagh Ita’s 8-4 O’Loughlin Gaels 3-8 (Kilkenny)

This weekend we faced none other than the mighty O’Loughlin Gaels from Kilkenny in the semi-final. Our opponents were fast out of the starting blocks and had two points on the score board in the first five minutes. Cathal Deane had to be withdrawn after six minutes due to illness, which was a huge blow to the Killeagh-Ita’s team. Our captain, Killian Treacy pounced to score a great goal on eight minutes. Killian was nursing a knee injury for the last two weeks and deserves great credit for playing. Once we got our noses in front, we never looked back. Killian added another point and then the mighty Andrew Leahy struck for the first of his five goals, on the twelfth minute. O’Loughlin Gaels struck back with a goal and two points. Daniel Hickey got a great goal on the eighteenth minute. Daniel is one of our two eleven year olds on the panel (the other being Keane Budds). Daniel may be small but he has the heart of a lion, and the bigger the opponent the better for Daniel. Killian hit a free straight to the net and Andrew buried his second goal just before half time. Aaron Wash was again excellent in goal, Kevin Murphy was a rock at full back and Luke was excellent at corner back. Christy Coughlan, Eoin Fitzgibbon, Fergal Smiddy and Keane Budds all worked hard in turn in midfield. Emmett Barron was very effective at full forward, breaking the ball for sharp shooters, Killian and Andrew. At half time we led by 5-1 to 1-4.

O’Loughlin Gaels came storming back at us in the second half, scoring a goal and two points. Jack O’ Rourke was now excelling at corner back , while Aaron again stood tall in goals as O’Loughlin Gaels threw everything at us. Andrew again popped up for us on the eighth minute, knocking over a point followed by a cracking goal. Killian fired over a point twelve minutes in, while Cathal overcame his illness and

came back on with fifteen minutes to go. This was a huge lift to the team and he played a blinder for the rest of the game. Eoin Treacy shifted some great balls to our forwards, and Andrew hit home another goal twenty minutes in. Killian was now in real pain and limping badly and had to be withdrawn. Killian was a huge loss but he had played his part in scoring 2-3 . O’Loughlin Gaels never gave up and scored another goal and two points before Cathal hit over a sweet point. Andrew banged in his fifth goal at the death for a great victory. Our game against St John’s really stood to us on the night as we were much better prepared than we had been in the earlier rounds. This team has improved all season and have really toughened up together as a team, and are now proving very hard to beat. TEAM: Aaron Walsh, Luke Fogarty, Kevin Murphy, Jack O Rourke, Christy Coughlan, Cathal Deane 0-1, Eoin Fitzgibbon, Andrew Leahy 5-1, Emmett Barron, Killian Treacy (capt) 2 - 3, Eoin Treacy, Fergal Smiddy, Keane Budds, and Daniel Hickey 1- 0. We are now in the final against James Stephens from Kilkenny, another powerhouse in hurling, and we just can’t wait to have a crack off them.

Sam visits Killeagh

On Tuesday last Sam Maguire paid a visit to the four schools of the parish, and got a great reception in each school. Thanks to Ursula, Paudie and Sean for chaperoning Sam, and we hope that he will return, along with his friend Liam, to all our schools again this time next year!

Juvenile AGM Thursday 25th November 8m

The AGM of Killeagh-Ita’s Juvenile GAA Club will take place on this Thursday, November 25th at 8pm, upstairs in our new pavilion in Páirc Uí Chinnéide. We are asking all parents of young players to attend this AGM if possible, to hear about our activities of the past year, and to plan for an even better 2011. Bígí ann, gach éinne!


In 2008, our Under 12 hurlers won the prestigious Jack Lynch Cup, a replica of the Liam McCarthy Cup, in the annual Na Piarsaigh tournament. So what, you ask? Well, the cup is missing, last seen in Killeagh Hall sometime around the end of 2008. Someone, somewhere, may be able to delve into their grey matter and recall something about this cup. If you can throw any light on the mystery, please contact Ursula, Ray or any other committee member.

Juvenile End of Year Party

On Saturday December 4th, we hold our End of Year party in our new pavilion in Páirc Uí Chinnéide, from 4pm to 6pm This is for all boys from Under 12 down who played with us this year. We will have medals for some, and entertainment for all. Invitations will follow, but for now, note the date and time.

strong for Cloyne




CORK champions, Cloyne, made their exit from the AIB Munster Junior club championship, when they had to give best to St Mary’s from Kerry in a fine contest played at the excellent Carrigtwohill venue, in front of a fairly large crowd. Despite getting the opening score from Conor O’Lomasney, Cloyne struggled for long periods to contain a free flowing St Mary’s side that equalised through Austin Constable from a free. Kerry senior player, Bryan Sheehan had earlier missed two chances but the Caherciveen standard bearers soon found the net with Aidan Walsh ghosting in along the end line before shooting low into the corner to give St Mary’s a lead they never subsequently lost.

Cloyne with Michael Walsh, Paudi O’Sullivan and Eoin O’Sullivan prominent in the early stages, were now having to absorb a lot of pressure with the influential John Alan O’Sullivan and Paul O’Donoghue causing a lot of problems with their passing. Ray Keane with a point from play and Bryan Sheehan with a free, extended the visitors lead to 1-3 to 0-1 at the end of the opening quarter. As the half progressed the game became scrappy with a number of yellow cards being shown as both sides lost a little of their composure. Cloyne had two wides when scores were badly needed on the one hand, while St Mary’s extended their lead with two further pointed frees by Bryan Sheehan to just one point in reply for Cloyne, with Kevin O’Lomasney on target as Cloyne trailed by 0-2 to 1-5 at the interval. All year long Cloyne have found themselves in similar positions, so this was familiar territory to them. In a great third quarter, the Cork standard bearers had the Kerry champions worried. While Paul O’Donoghue extended the St Mary’s lead with a good opening point, it was Cloyne who came thundering into the game with Maurice Lynch winning a penalty that was duly slotted home by Diarmuid O’Sullivan. It was now game on, so to speak, with Cloyne suddenly finding a new gear, with Domhnall O’Sullivan landing a terrific point. When Kevin O’Lomasney slotted over a 44th minute free, the lead was down to just two points as St Mary’s were now under pressure.

Cloyne who lost out to St Mary’s in the Munster Junior Football club semi final

Brian McCarthy and Gearoid O’Driscoll with match referee, Maurice Condon and his officials

Cloyne needed another score to keep the pressure on but they could not get it as St Mary’s broke and won a free that was converted by Bryan Sheehan, whose effort went in off the post. It was that kind of day for Cloyne who certainly gave it everything in that third quarter, but once St Mary’s had weathered the Cloyne storm, the Kerry champions again got their rhythm going with Paul O’Donoghue kicking a great point from play. Further white flags were landed by Daniel Daly, and two further frees by Bryan Sheehan decided the outcome as a contest. In true Cloyne fashion, however, they went down fighting with Kevin O’Lomasney steering home a second goal, but it came too late to prevent their exit. The final point went to St Mary’s with substitute, Conor Quirke firing over to seal their Munster final spot. Cloyne lost nothing in defeat and will be the first to admit that they were beaten by the better side on the day. It was a very enjoyable game with Clashmore referee, Maurice Condon being consistent in his application of the rules. A great season has now come to an end for the Cloyne club, who produced a nice souvenir programme to mark the occasion. While defeat was their lot on this occasion they can look back with pride on a great year on the football field for them. CLOYNE: K O’Lomasney 1-2, D O’Sullivan 10, Domhnall O’Sullivan and C O’Lomasney 0-1 each

St Mary’s: A Walsh 1-0, B Sheehan 0-6, P O’Donoghue 0-2, C Quirke, D Daly, R Keane and A Constable 0-1 each.

CLOYNE: M Oosthuizen, J Cotter, D O’Sullivan, R McCarthy, M Walsh, E O’Sullivan, B McCarthy, P O’Sullivan, K Cronin, C O’Lomasney, K O’Lomasney, P O’Sullivan, M Lynch, D O’Sullivan and J Nyhan. Subs used V Cusack, F O’Brien, E O’Lomasney and R Daly.

ST MARY’S: D Horgan, B Curran, S Curran, G O’Driscoll, D O’Sullivan, N O’Driscoll, K Curran, J Golden, A Constable, A Walsh, R Keane, B Sheehan, JA O’Sullivan, P O’Donoghue and D Daly. Subs used S Cournane and C Quirke. REFEREE: Maurice Condon, Waterford.

St Mary’s forward,Aidan Walsh slots home an early goal in the win over Cloyne

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Kiltha Óg GAA celebrate another successful year

THE Kiltha Óg Juvenile GAA club, along with the Dungourney Camogie girls, celebrated a successful year with their underage social on Friday, November 19th at the Garryvoe Hotel. Cork Senior Camogie star, Anna Geary was guest of honour for the Camogie girls while Castlemartyr Junior hurling vice captain, Adrian Bowens came along with the Jamsey Kelleher Cup. A great night was enjoyed by the large crowd present. ABOVE: John White, Chairman of Kiltha Óg, Willie Martin presents the Paddy Walsh Memorial Shield welcomes Adrian Bowens with the Jamsey Kelleher Cup to Cian Haines (Photots: Declan Barron)

Shane Hegarty and Niall Motherway with the U16 Hurling and Football League and championship cups won during the season

Cork senior Camogie star, Anna Geary with Niamh Harney and Kate Mary Cullinane

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

John White presents the Pat Crane Cup to U16 captain, Shane Hegarty

Some of the U13 and U16 Camogie teams that enjoyed great success in 2010

Some of the Dungourney Camogie girls with Cork senior star, Anna Geary and committee members including organiser, Nuala O’Doherty

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

EC U21 ‘A’ Hurling Championship D B Final Replay ECLAN


Sarsfields complete a three in a row in U21 hurling championship




MONDAY night’s lotto numbers were 6 15 19 27 No Winner. Next weeks Jackpot will be €19,710. If you’re not in you can’t win. Thanks to all for your support.

Eochaill Torthai

Under 14FL Final Eochaill 5-16 Castlelyons 2-7 Under 11 FL Eochaill v Fr. O’Neills (Win for Youghal) Fixture Update Under 16FL Final Eochaill v Castlelyons away at 7.30 pm

Helmets & Hurleys

If you have any spare hurleys or helmets that you are no longer using. The Club would be delighted to receive same and these can be used for the children in their training sessions and for new children starting out. Any help and support would be greatly appreciated.

Sam Maguire

PLAYED in much more favourable conditions this time round, both Sars and Midleton again served up another cracker in the final of the “Jones Engineering U21A” East Cork hurling final. When the sides last met in horrific weather conditions they could not be separated, but this time round Sarsfields, with the help of two first half goals, held out to retain their title and in the process complete a three in a row in this grade.

It couldn’t have started better for Sarsfields when, with just two minutes gone, a poor clearance was pounced on by Daniel Roche and the Sars wing forward made no mistake despatching the ball into the roof of the Midleton goal to get them off to the perfect start. It was a real shock to the Midleton system to concede early, but the returning Luke O’Farrell had the white flag raised for Midleton five minutes later. Back came Sarsfields with a clever score from the very impressive Daniel Kearney seconds later, to restore the three point advantage. Midleton’s talisman, Conor Lehane, struck over the first of his eight points with a free on the tenth minute, but with the breeze at their backs in the first half, two points was a poor return at that stage for the Magpies who were finding it difficult to break down a strong Sars defence. To make matters worse for Midleton, Sars then hit three points without reply, two from Eoin O’Sullivan and a good score from play off the stick of Cian McCarthy. Lehane struck over a pointed free on the 17th minute of play, but then disaster struck again for Midleton, when yet another poor defensive clearance was picked up by Daniel Roche. This time, instead of going for goal, he intelligently squared the ball for

A delighted Sars team who completed a three in a row of U21 East Cork hurling titles

Paul Kerrigan, Brian O’Regan and All Star Aidan Walsh visited with Sam Maguire on Friday last the 12th of November. The Junior Camogie County & League Final Winners also called with their Cups together with Bill Cooper and John Grace who called with their Munster Hurling Cup. A superb day was had by all and a great day for Youghal. We called to all local schools, hospitals and nursing homes. Thanks to all for accommodating the visit and thanks to Youghal Gardai for helping us out on the day.

Juvenile AGM

Friday, December 3rd at 8pm at Club Arás

Juvenile Awards Night

Our Juvenile Awards night will be taking place on December 5th next at Club Arás.

Christmas Party Juvenile Robert O’Driscoll and with the goal at his mercy he made no mistake, striking the ball home into the Midleton net for a second Sarsfields goal. Midleton rallied late in the first half with four points to a further score from Sars, but trailed by four points at the break 0-7 to 2-5.

The second half saw Midleton rally further with points reducing the deficit to just one point on the 51st minute with the score of the match from Ian Kenefick. When asked the question Sars responded brilliantly with two further points from Daniel Kearney to keep their noses in front. With time almost up, and just a goal between the sides, Midleton threw everything into attack with a Padraig O’Keefe shot beating the Sarsfields keeper. But it also beat the crossbar for the point and as the final whistle blew the Ben Purcell Cup was again on its way to Sarsfields for the third year in a row. Michael O’Brien presented the Ben Purcell Cup to Sarsfields captain, Conor O’Sullivan as the Riverstown side brought a great year to a winning conclusion. It has been a great season for Midleton as well, and while they again failed to beat Sarsfields in this final, they did push them all the way with only a score between them at the finish. It was a fitting final to bring the East

Midleton, who lost out to Sars in the U21 replay

Our Juvenile Christmas party will be taking place on Saturday, December 11th between 3pm and 5pm. Santa will be there…

Dinner Dance

The Annual G.A.A. & Camogie Dinner Dance was held on November 20th next at Club Arás. A great night was has by all

Youghal G.A.A. AGM

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday, December 10th. Mass will be said first at 7pm, followed by our AGM. Our Christmas party will also be held on the same night. We look forward to seeing you there.

Oíche an Uachtaráin, Club Áras - Satharn 22ú Eanair 2011 (22/1/11). The new date for the Presidents Night – Christy Cooney is the 22nd of January 2011. Please put a note in your diary. We look forward to seeing you there.

Youghal G.A.A. Calendar

We are currently producing a G.A.A. Calendar and this will be on sale end of November. Please contact us if you would like to take an ad out in this Calendar to advertise your business.

Torthaí ‘’45” - November 9th Michael O’Brien presents the Ben Purcell cup to Sars captain Conor O’Sullivan

Cork championship season to a close, with the Ballynoe venue again in superb condition. SCORERS FOR SARSFIELDS: D Kearney 0-4, D Roche 1-1, R O’Driscoll 1-0, C McCarthy and E O’Sullivan 0-2 each, G Grey 0-1.

MIDLETON: C Lehane 0-8 (7f) L O’Farrell and P O’Keefe 0-2 each, K Burke and I Kenefick 0-1 each. SARSFIELDS: W O’Flynn; C English, C Smith, C O’Sullivan (Cpt); G O’Kelly-Lynch, C Leahy, W Kearney; J

Cashman, D Kearney; D Roche, C McCarthy, J Burke; E O’Sullivan, G Grey, R O’Driscoll.

MIDLETON: T Wallace; K Burke, P O’Mahony, A Kearney; J O’Donnell, P O’Shea (Cpt) J Nagle; P O’Keeffe, S O’Farrell; C Lehane, I Kenefick, C Walsh; P Haughney, L O’Farrell, J Keane. SUBS: F O’Mahony for J O’Donnell (Half Time) D Morrissey for P Haughney (47) P White for C Walsh (56) J O’Mahony for J Keane (59) REF: Barry Day (Aghada)

Cártaí every Tuesday night ag a 8.30 i.n. 1st: Gene/Maighréad 2nd/3rd Divided: Kevin/Dermot agus Ann/Dick Best/Last 5: Lily/Cecilia Last Game: Teresa/Mossie

Torthaí - November 16th

1st/2nd Divided: Kathleen/Assumpta agus Jo/Richie 3rd Divided: Tadhg/Jerry agus Oliver/Ann Best/Last 5: Mary/Joan Last Game: Buster/Simon

Cruinniú Scór Uí Mac Coille Déardaoin 18ú Samhain (18/11/10) Lios gCúl —- 8.30 i.n.

Scór na nÓg - Uí Mac Coille Satharn 27ú Samhain (27/11/10) Lios gCúl —- 7.00 i.n.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Youghal GAA start Christmas early YOUGHAL GAA club had the house full at Magniers Hill on Saturday, November 20th as the club held its annual social.

Guests for the evening were Uachtuarain CLCG, Christeoir Cuanai agus a Bean Cheile, Anne along with Uachtuarain Camogie, Joan O’Flynn and Youghal Mayor, Mary Linehan Foley. The club had an extended run in adult competition this season, while a number of underage successes, along with a great year for the Camogie club, made 2010 a very successful year for the club. Success breeds success and already the club is looking forward to 2011.

All photos available to buy

021 4638022

Marian Trihy, Selina Hickey and Edel Lenane

Special Guests, Ann and Christy Cooney with Joan O’Flynn

Patrick O’Mahony and Lorraine Hurley

Ned and Eilish O’Connell

James Moloney with Geraldine Murphy

Club chairman Sean Ring with the hardworking Secretary, Assumpta Parker John and Mary Linehan Foley

Katie Sloane, Eleanor McCarthy, and Kelly McCarthy of the Youghal Camogie Club, with Joan O’Flynn, President of the Camogie Association (Photos: Declan Barron)

Karl and Eilish Flavin

Catherine O’Donoghue, Amy Foley, Edel O’Connell and Amy Motherway

Sarah Nolan with Michael Downing

Toni Moloney with Geraldine Murphy

David and Claire Kilgannon with Catherine and Greg Hill

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Cork Minor A County Final The Cork Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Inch Minors win two finals in a week INCH 2-8 MOURNEABBEY 2-6


Hurling Story and Brothers in GAA

SOMEONE once said that sport is the beating heart of the nations life, and that is true where the GAA is concerned. Over the past 125 years the county of Cork has been at the heart of many magnificent triumphs from the early days of the 1890 ‘double’ to the present time.

Now, with exclusive interviews and unparalleled access to archive material, ‘Cork Hurling Story’, by well-known broadcaster and writer, Tim Horgan, is the definitive account of the county’s remarkable hurling history. Originally published in 1976, this updated edition is equally engrossing and a must read for all followers of the game.

Minor County A Champions 2010

The journey starts with Aghabullogue’s first title victory 120 years ago and ends with the 2010 season, when the Leesiders had to bow the knee to Kilkenny. In between, the 362 page soft back, published by Collins Press, is full of life and you can see the author’s pride and passion for Cork hurling in every chapter. Through the pages the book moves with Jamsey Kelleher’s Dungourney well documented, along with the team building of the 1930s, Rackard versus Ring in 1956, Bride Rovers Seanie Barry and the surprises of 1966 and the seven magnificent titles won between 1941 and 1954.

From 1976 on the shining talents of many are well documented and many more went on to win a plethora of Celtic crosses. However, one player stands out, the illustrious Brian Murphy from Nemo Rangers who is the only player in history to have won All-Ireland minor, under 21 and senior medals in both hurling ad football – an achievement unlikely ever to be equalled. Jess O’Shea passing the ball away

Sarah Harrington receives the cup

Jessica Barry breaks clear

INCH Rovers faced Mourneabbey in the ladies A minor county final on Saturday last on a wet windy field in Bishoptown GAA. They had beaten Fermoy in the East Cork Final the previous Monday. As you could expect at a county final a tight game was delivered. Mourneabbey must be the most econom-

ical team in front of goal I have seen this season. They scored one goal, four points, from five shots at goal in the first half. Despite Inch having most of the ball we trailed by two points at half time. Inch had piled on the pressure in the first half with little reward, and the work rate on both sides had been outstanding.

Inch opened the second half brightly with a fast goal and nosed in front. Once again Inch applied lots of pressure on the Mourneabbey goal, but Mourneabbey looked very dangerous on the break. Thanks to some great midfield and wing play Inch held solid for the opening minutes of the second half. Inch added another goal to bring the the score to 2-5 to 1-5. But Mourneabbey would not give up and worked a free to pull back a point, and then another, only to have their first wide of the match. Inch added a point from play and then Mourneabbey upped the pace and ran at the Inch defence in waves. The speed and pace of the game and the level of football played was something to be seen. Both sets of players threw everything into the contest. Coming into the dying minutes of the game Inch lead by 5 points but Mourneabbey added a goal. Nail biting stuff ensued. The ball was worked up and down the field as both sets of players battled for the cup with only two points between them. But that goal was the final score of the game. Final scoreline Inch 2-8 to Mourneabbey 2-6. Sarah Harrington, Inch captain, accepted the cup on behalf of her team. She mentioned her sister Kate, the man-

agement and supports, she also mentioned Sinead O’Riordan and her family at this time. A few players, I think, deserve mention - Jessica O’Shea who played an outstanding game, Fiona Cotter who carried ball out of defense so well, Rachel O’Callaghan whose work rate was beyond belief, and Kate Harrington who missed the season due to injury. Kate was Inch Rovers minor and Cork’s captain at the start of the year. Being the character she is, she supported her team mates throughout the season, and she could be heard shouting and encouraging her teams mates throughout the game even from outside the fence! We all look forward to seeing you playing soon again Kate. Two players who deserve special mention for an number of reasons, are Lydia Williams and Sarah Harrington last year playing minor. The second reason I mention these two is because they stood out in the game and carried the title of the elders very well. The third and final reason is to wish them and all the senior team the best of luck in the upcoming senior all Ireland club final to be played against Carancon in Banagher, Co Offaly at 2 o’clock on Sunday, December 5th.

The book will prove to be a valuable addition to anyone’s GAA library and it is splendidly illustrated with over one hundred pictures.

In the history of the GAA no writer has written a book chronicling brothers who wore the inter-county jersey with distinction. Now, thanks to Donal Keenan, whose father of the same name won All-Ireland medals with Roscommon in 1943 and 1944, delves into the lives of nineteen families that represented a number of counties down the storied decades.

The Mackey’s (Limerick), Rackards (Wexford), Bonnars (Tipperary), Cooney’s (Galway), Henderson’s (Kilkenny), Dooley’s (Offaly) and the O’hAlpin’s (Cork) are some of the names from the gallery to have graced the fields in ‘Brother’s In Sport GAA’. The author is well qualified to write this book, having spent over 20 years covering Gaelic games for various publications.

‘There is something special about a team, and especially a successful team, that includes a band of brothers’, says President, Christy Cooney in his foreword. Few other sports come close to matching this. ‘Published by Mercier Press, it is also well illustrated and will be treasured and enjoyed by many around the country. Great moments of GAA are worth recording and very few readers will disagree with the above publications.

Sciath na Scol

PLEASE note that the following Sciath na Scol football finals will be held in Páirc Uí Rinn tonight, Wednesday, November 24th 2010. These are the two fixtures that were postponed last week. F1 St Anthony’s v Sc Chriost Rí at 7.00pm DF1 Upper Glanmire v Carrignavar at 8.00pm

*please note the F1 final will be played first at 7.00pm followed by the DF1 at 8.00pm

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862



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Hickey 7th Anniversary

In loving memory of our dearest mother, Peggy Hickey, late of Forrest Hill, Midleton, who died on November 29th, 2003. RIP. Masses offered. Somewhere in our hearts, Mother, Beneath all of this pain, Is the smile we still wear, At the sound of your name. The precious word is our Mother, She was our world, you see, But now our hearts are broken, She is no longer here with us. She truly was our best friend, Someone we could confide in, Always there waiting with that special smile, So today on your anniversary, We want you to know, Nothing makes us prouder than to say you were our Mother. We’ll always be grateful for the times we had, So much of our lives you’re not there to share, But we whisper your name and know that you’re there. So today on your seventh anniversary, Mother, Your love will keep us strong, Because life can be tough sometimes, Now that you are gone, But you will always live forever right here in our hearts. Love you so much, Mother. Always missed and loved by your family, Mary and Jack, Ellen and John, Michael and Helen, Joseph and Lorraine and your great-granddaughter Mia. A kiss from all of us, x x x x x x x x x.

Cullinane Anniversaries

In loving memory of our parents James and Joan Cullinane, late of Ballymaloe, whose anniversaries occur at this time. God called ye’re name so gentle, That only ye could hear, And no one heard the footsteps, Of Angels drawing near. The Golden Gates stood open, God saw ye needed rest, His garden must be beautiful He only takes the best. We keep ye’re memories one by one, Things ye said, songs ye sung, No length of time can take away, Our thoughts of ye from day to day. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal, For all the gifts we ever had, No matter how great or small, To have ye as our parents Was the greatest gift of all. Sadly missed by all the family.

O’Mahony 6th Anniversary

In loving memory of Eileen, Cork Road, Killeagh. RIP. Will those who think of her today, A little prayer to Jesus say. Mise an t-aiseiri i agus an bheatha.

Tynan -

10th Anniversary

In loving memory of Peter Tynan, late of 3 Árr Mhuire, Upper Aghada, who died on November 24th, 2000. If tears could build a stairway, And memories build a lane, We would walk right up to Heaven, And bring you home again.

Cherished memories from your loving wife Noreen, sons, daughters, sons-inlaw, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great-granddaughter.

Whyte -

13th Anniversary

In loving memory of John Whyte, Baneshane, Midleton. RIP. Memory lane is such a lovely place, Where thoughts are fond and true, We travel down that road each day, And always think of you. As years come and go, In our hearts you will live forever, Because we love you so. Missed and remembered by your loving wife Leona and family xxxx.

Lloyd -

1st Anniversary

In loving memory of David, late of Liverpool, whose 1st anniversary occurs tomorrow, November 25th. Mass offered. Your name is often spoken, We talk about you still, You have never been forgotten, By us you never will.

Sadly missed by his loving wife Mary and family and Tom, Violet and family.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Donal O’Shea intends to apply for Permission to construct a single-storey dwelling, new site entrance, septic tank, percolation area and associated site works at Garryduff, Clonmult, Co. Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL O’Callaghan Eng. & Design Ltd., Dungourney (021 – 4668365) intend to apply on behalf of Caroline Morrissey for permission consequent on the grant of outline permission (reference number of outline permission: 07 / 9272) for construction of a dwelling and associated site works at Knockanemorney, Rostellan, Midleton, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.



TAKE NOTICE that CHRIS O’BRIEN of AHAVINE, BALLYMALOCADA, CO CORK (as Nominee for and on behalf of The Old Imperial Limited) intends to apply to the Annual Licensing Court (adjourned) at the Courthouse, Youghal, Co. Cork on 17th December 2010 at 10.30 a.m. for a CERTFICATE OF TRANSFER to the Applicant of the Ordinary Seven Day Publicans Licence attached to the premises known as McCarthy’s, 27 North Main Street, Youghal, Co. Cork in court area and district aforesaid and heretofore licensed in the name of James Brown. Dated this 23rd November 2010 Signed: Denis Kelleher & Co TO WHOM IT CONCERNS


APPLICATIONS are invited for the positions of

2 TEMPORARY PART-TIME, INFANT DAY (27 HRS), SPECIAL NEEDS ASSISTANTS, in Scoil Bhríde, Presentation Convent, Primary School, Midleton, Co. Cork – Roll No. 512 D.

These positions commence on January 10th, 2011. The successful applicants will assist in the care of pupils with special needs in educational context. A list of suitable candidates may be set up from which future vacancies may be filled. This is a Convent Primary School under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Cloyne. Applicants with unbound CV, up to date Garda Vetting, copy of qualifications, current references and the names and addresses of referees along with a SAE to reach the Chairperson, Board of Management, Scoil Bhríde, Presentation Primary Convent, Primary School, Midleton, Co. Cork on or before December 9th, 2010.


Presentation Schools are Equal Opportunities employers.


CREED On the large beads (or Our Father Beads) say: 'O Holy Souls draw the fire of God's love into my soul, to REVEAL Jesus crucified in me here on earth, rather than hereafter in Purgatory.' On the small beads (or Holy Mary Beads) say: 'Crucified Lord Jesus, have mercy on the souls in Purgatory.' At the end, in place of the Hail Holy Queen, say three times: 'Glory be to the Father.' (DC).


CORK COUNTY COUNCIL I Seamus O’Brien wish to apply to Cork County Council for permission to construct a dormer bungalow, waste water treatment unit and entrance at Ballynascarty, Midleton, Co. Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork during its public opening and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Corcoran Engineers & Architects Tel: 021-4630101 intend to apply on behalf of James Moloney for outline permission for the erection of a dwelling house, new entrance and a waste water treatment system along with all other associated site works at Ballyknock South, Ballynoe, Mallow. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Corcoran Engineers & Architects Tel: 021-4630101 intend to apply on behalf of Agnes Woods for outline permission for the erection of a dwelling house, new entrance and a waste water treatment system along with all other associated site works at Lisgoold North, Leamlara, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL ProSys Sampling Systems Ltd. intend to apply for Permission to vary the existing Permission Ref. No. 09/8008 (light industrial building with ancillary office accommodation), including: the building elevations’ wall cladding finish, the windows and entrance porch and the change of use of the first floor storage area to ancillary office accommodation at the IDA Business Park, Terry’s Land, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


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COMPUTERS Computer Training Available

Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services

C.Spa Thai Massage


No.12 New Cork Road, Midleton

Telephone 021 - 4668312 086 - 2449146

MON. TO SAT. APPLIANCE REPAIRS 11AM TO 8PM Noel Ahearn Relieves muscle fatigue and pain Improves flexibility Aids injury recovery Increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues

Contact 086 3337223 021 4639480


Counselling / Psychotherapy for:


* WEEKLY MEN’S SUPPORT GROUP* * Also, large room for hire. Ideal for classes, workshops and functions *

* Near Carrigtwohill *

021 2340205

087 7545787


Repair Service Sales

* Cookers * Fridges Tumble dryers * Washing machines Vacuum cleaners * Dishwashers

Fast efficient service throughout



CLOTHELINES: T. shaped with pulleys and ropes €120, or with winders €140. Fitted free any area in Midleton, Youghal & the East Cork area weekly. Tel. Grange Ironcraft – 025 32636 / 087 2549996.

GATES: Timber side gates €200, Entrance gates, €550, Free fitting, Free quotes. Tel. Grange Ironcraft – 025 32636 / 087 2549996.









#<9=-@16/ $-6,-916/ 19- -9;1.1+);-: #1;- #<8-9=1:176 6-9/@ #)=16/ -:1/6 #;9<+;<9)4 "-879;: 76;)+; 7..1+7*14- 5)14 16.7 79*)9+01;-+;<9- 6-; >-* >>> 79*)9+01;-+;<9- 6-;




TEL 021 4634592


Christmas Cake Decorating Course and Edible Gifts at


Saturday, November 27th, 2010 10.30a.m - 4.30p.m. €100 including Lunch Phone Barnabrow House

021 4652534 Open for Lunch every Sunday


Cosybead LEAKING insulation ROOFS

Cavity wall insulation 4)6616/ -951::176:


BER assessments Attic insulation Dry lining Grants available


Covering Munster


085 1574884

Can be sealed instantly for €10 a square metre Torch-on felt a speciality *Slating, tiling, re-roofing * Lead valleys and chimneys renewed * OLD SLATES RESTORED AS NEW WITH AQUA SEAL ESTIMATES FREE Unbeatable prices assured All work is fully guaranteed by registered contractors

Contact Ger O’Connor anytime on 087 1438830

At your office or home At time that suits you. Small Groups & 1-to-1 Word, Excel, Internet, email, etc

Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n / bo okin gs pho ne Zit a




SEWING CREATIVE SEWING 46 Main Street, Midleton

Tel: 021 4632029

Special Offer (4 weeks only)

Curtains made and lined incl. the fabric of your choice starting from only €230 (Selected fabric only) JEAN TAKE-UPS ONLY €5

Ladies & Gents Repairs & Alterations

Mon - Fri 10am to 5pm * Wed - Sat 10am to 1pm Lunch 12.30pm to 1.30pm



Contact Mick on

Beech, Whitethorn, Laurel and more hedging trees and native plants for landscapers, REPS, farms and gardens Contact



Get your chimney cleaned for Christmas REASONABLE RATES VACUUM AND BRUSH

086 0596620 "

## (

"77. 9-8)19: #4);-: ;14-: &-4<? '16,7>: .1;;-, 4); 977.: ;79+0 76 .-4; 7 27* #5)44 4<5*16/ 27*: ;77 *1/ $1416/ 7. >)44: 79 :5)44 )6, .4779: 44 ;@8-: 7. ,779: 47+3: 9-84)+-,

4):;-916/ 16;-9179 -?;-9179 );17: );0: 91=->)@: ;;1+ ')44 6:<4);176 ;;1+ #;)19: 7>-9 '):016/ 7. ):+1) #7..1; <;;-9 4-)616/ "-8)19 -6-9)4 978-9;@ )16;-6)6+$0-:- )9- 2<:; :757. ;0- :-9=1+-: >- 7..-9 . @7< ,76A; :-- :75-;016/ 76 7<9 41:; /1=- <: ) +)44 76

!<)41.1-, ;9),-:5-6 <44@ 16:<9-,

086 8068226





Contact Anthony on:

024 95857 Fax 024 95856

Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

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Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services



IN MIdletoN, CastleMartyr, WhItegate, CarrIgtWohIll & CloyNe areas Contact Vince on 087 7748616 Office on 021 4533928



Reliable experienced childminder available to mind baby / toddler in minder’s own home in MIDLETON. References available. Please call 085 1638836.


TO LEASE: Taxi Opel Vectra petrol 1.6, 2006. In good condition. Reasonable price.

Contact 086 3514356



Water Softeners

*Water Softeners (limescale removal) * ph Correction (acid water) * Carbon filters (taste & odour removal) * UV Sterilisers (bacteria removal) all work guaranteed free survey without obligation call TONY on

087 2847612 / 025 37900


Course nights run on Wednesday & Thursday nights SHELAGH’S YOGA ROOM


Roxboro Mews, Midleton Monday and Tuesday nights

PAY AS YOU GO Contact Shelagh on

087 9810639




Cal Flavin Motor repairs


Instructor LESSONS: GROUPS, INDIVIDUALS, BEGINNERS, JUNIORS Club repair service: Woods and Irons, grips, shafts

Competitive prices Carrigdhoun Driving Range, Carrigaline Contact 021 4371303 or 086 8143050 *Gift vouchers available*

Whiterock Industrial estate (across from the two Mile Inn) service and repairs to all makes of cars, vans and 4 x 4’s Mini car service only €50 Free car check over with each service

Contact Cal on 086 8047124



Driving Instructor Noel O’Brien 086 2768258



PaINter deCorator avaIlable Interior and exterior Quality work at an affordable price Contact Pat Costigan 086 1544179 PROPERTY TO LET

Fully furnished 2 bedroomed house to let, MAIN STREET. LADYSBRIDGE. Contact 087 8268761.

2 bed apartment to let, Main Street, MIDLETON. €600 per month. FF. Tel. 021 4631494.

2 bed apartment to let, Connolly Street, MIDLETON. €600 per month. FF. Tel. 021 4631494.


3 bedroomed house to rent in quiet area 1 ½ miles from MIDLETON. Contact 086 8522500. 4 bedroomed fully furnished house to let in the WHITEGATE AREA. Contact 086 1995433.

TO LET: WOODBINE WAY, PILTOWN, KINSALEBEG, CO. WATERFORD, 3 bedroomed house, master en-suite, f/f. Contact 087 7618086.

Midleton Holistic Health Centre

2 Main Street, Midleton Tel: 021 4632937 CHRISTMAS GIFT VOUCHERS Available for any treatment for the very special person in your life

WINTER WARMER SPECIALS * Back Massage / Indian Head Massage and luxurious face massage

70 minute treatment for just €50

* Low cost counselling * ANGEL HEALING GROUP Saturday mornings 10 am. Fee €10 Wishing all of Midleton Holistic Health Centre’s customers a happy Christmas & a peaceful New Year - Mary O’Farrell, Director


PIANO LESSONS Commencing January 2011 Qualified and experienced teacher

House Cleaning Competitive rates OFFICE AND



Tel: 087 2767070




087 7888830


- Pine folding attic stairs & handrail Attic stairs supplied & fitted - €275 Attic flooring also installed Covering all of East Cork


Contact John at Fitted Attic Stairs

on 086-8566471

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


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Fo o d fo r t h o u g h t

Sponsored by Well & Good, Broderick Street, Midleton Tel. (021) 4633499 Mince pies and mulled wine make for a very Happy K A Proprietor / Chef Christmas Sage Restaurant EVIN



Midleton 4639682

Mince Pies Serves: 12 Makes: 24 Pies Prep Time: 1 hr Cooking Time: 3hrs

Winter Warmer Mulled Wine Serves 4-6 Prep Time: 12 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Mince Pies

Traditional midnight treats for Santa Claus, Mince pies are many peoples favourite Christmas indulgence. Dating back to the Middle Ages when the spices and alcohol were used to preserve the meat, mince pies no longer contain meat as the name suggests, but are often made from suet. However, it is also possible to make the pies using vegetable suet or shortening.

Making your own mince pies may seem like a mammoth task, but it’s important to remember that it can be done in stages, as both the pastry and mincemeat can be made in advance. So, with a little forward planning, you can have a batch of homemade mince pies to impress your guests this Christmas. Serve with a glass of mulled wine.

Mincemeat Ingredients

Hints and Tips

Remember you can reheat the wine as much as you like, but every time you do this the flavours will intensify. To prevent overly intense flavours in your wine, add a little water before re- heating.

225g Diced apple 110g Suet 175g Raisins 110g Sultana 100g Currants 50g Orange Peel 50g Lemon Peel 175g Dark Brown Sugar 1 Orange (Juice & Zest) 1 Lemon (Juice & Zest) 25g Chopped Almonds 1tsp Cinnamon 2tbsp Ground Nutmeg 30ml Honey 50ml Brandy 50ml Sherry

Pastry Ingredients 1 kg Plain flour 500g Unsalted Butter 375g Icing Sugar

250g Ground Almonds 4 Eggs


MINCEMEAT Combine all the ingredients except the alcohol in an ovenproof pot or casserole dish. Place in the oven at 180c for 3 hours. Remove from the oven and gently stir the mixture to disperse the coagulated fat. Add the alcohol while continuing to stir gently. You can make your mincemeat up to a year in advance. Leave to cool before covering with cling film. Place in a cool dry area.

PASTRY 1. Sieve the flour and almonds 2. Cut the butter into small squares and work into the flour with the tops of your fingers until the mixture has a sand like consistency. 3. Add the eggs and mix until you can work the mixture into one . 4. Cut into 4 pieces 5. Plaice the mixture in cling film and refrigerate until needed MAKING THE MINCE PIES 1. Lightly grease a 12 piece cake tin with some butter or oil 2. Roll out one 1 of the pieces of pastry on a cold, dry surface with some dusted flour on it to prevent sticking. 3. Cut out pieces to fit into the cake slots remembering the pastry has to come the whole way to the top 4. Place the cake tin in the fridge for 15 minutes to allow the pastry to rest. 5. Take the pastry back out of the fridge and fill 3/4 with the mince meat mixture 7. Repeat Step 2 8. Cut out rounds to create lids for your pies. Brush the sides

of the pastry case with egg wash to allow the pastry lids to stick. Gently place on top of the filled pastry cases pushing down the sides to seal them – it’s a good idea to edge the pies with a fork. 9. Egg wash the pies and sprinkle with granulated sugar 10. Bake at 200c for 25 minutes

Winter Warmer Mulled Wine Ingredients

1 Bottle Red Wine (I recommend a mid-range bottle of cabernet sauvignon) 100ml Orange juice 100ml Brandy 100ml Port 75ml Water 50ml Honey 2tbsp Brown Sugar 3 Cinnamon Sticks 50g Fresh Ginger 8 Cloves 1 tbsp All Spice 100g Raspberries or Blueberries 1 Lemon (sliced 1 cm thick) 1 Orange (sliced 1 cm thick)


1. With the exception of the fresh fruit, place all your ingredients in a wide based saucepan. 2. Bring the liquid to the boil 3. Turn the heat down and allow the wine to simmer for 15-20minutes 4. Pour the liquid through a fine sieve (be careful not to burn yourself) 5. Put 6-8 raspberries or blueberries at the bottom of 4-6 wine glasses 6. ¾ fill with wine and garnish with sliced orange and lemon

IF you have worked in a health food shop you might well spend a lot of time listening to people complaining about how their stomach’s disfunction bothers them. Rumblings, gurgling, bloating, constipation - all in a day’s work for us, and often fairly easy to help.

A lot is summed up in the phrase “chew and poo”. The first thought is the importance of chewing well, because, as the Chinese say, the stomach has no teeth. Chewing, of course, mashes food and makes it easier for the stomach to break it down further. But chewing does more. Mixing food with saliva begins the digestive process and it also encourages the production of digestive juices in the stomach and gastrin which, in turn, stimulates the production of enzymes in the gut to further break down and absorb the nutrients in food. It’s true to say that hunger is the best sauce! If we look forward to eating, when we smell food cooking, this too gets the juices running and aids digestion.

TV meals off a tray are a bad idea for anyone with digestive challenges, as slouching prevents the stomach from moving and working properly. Sitting up straight, and also sitting still, give your body a better chance of working well, and remember, too, the role stress plays. If you are stressed, blood is diverted and nervousness and anxiety can kill the appetite away from the stomach area to other parts of the body. We all know how butterflies in the tummy feel. Reflux, that burning sensation when acid in the stomach backs up into the unprotected oesophagus, can often be helped if a person sits up straight with their shoulders back, and also puts a pillow under the top of their mattress to help gravity defeat reflux.

The thorny question of stomach acid causes many problems. It may be useful to know that the symptoms of too much and too little stomach acid are almost identical, that as we age, our acid secretion reduces, and that stomach acid is important for the breakdown of protein and to kill off unwanted bacteria. So, before asking for medication to reduce stomach acid, it is worthwhile considering its important role in our bodies. Research has shown that antacid medication increases by three times the incidence of clostridium difficile, one of the infections which is seriously resistant to antibiotics, and can also enable helicobacter pylori to get a grip, and increase the risk of hip fracture. Next week we move further down the digestive tract!

Well & Good


Broderick Street, Midleton * Tel. / Fax. (021) 4633499

ANGOSTURA Bitters in your G and T? May be a good idea, but you don’t need the alcohol. Bitters, in the form of Bioforce Herbal Centaurium can work wonders for a tummy with an imbalance of digestive juices and acid. Taken 20 minutes before a meal, Centaurium also tones a weak sphincter which can lead to reflux. Date for your Diary: on Friday next, November 26th, nutritional therapist Catherine Kenneally returns to take your queries in Well and Good from 11a.m. to 1.30p.m.


Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


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It’s PARTY TIME at Arcade Midleton Secure it ‘Tis Wrap up warm! with a the deposit! season 'TIS the season to put on a gorgeous frock, a pair of swanky heels and hit the town!

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Don't forget to wrap up warm as the winter weather really kicks in. Pick up a chunky knit like the one pictured for only €19.99 in sizes small to XL, and available in a cosy colour range. The grey and white pattern pictured is ideal with dark jeans and a pair of boots like...

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Xpresso Cafe: A great place to meet & eat

ENJOY a fresh bowl of delicious and piping hot leek & potato soup served with Arcade brown bread, or a toasted wrap, to keep you from feeling chilly this November.

Treat yourself to a slice of Arcade Tea Brack or a slice of heavenly Coffee Cake, before braving the cold and windy weather again!

sponsored by: arcade

021 4631077

Pushing prices down

94 Main Street, Midleton Open 7 Days a Week – Customer Car Park on Riverside Way

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

THE PLACE TO BE Fermoy Whist Drive results Sunday November 21st 2010

BEST overall Score: Pat O’Leary Winning Ladies: Ina O’Brien, Margaret Forde, Mary Mason, Abina Murphy, Evelyn Snell, Catherine Morrison, and Mary Butterworth Winning Gents: K Scanlon, M Moran, Daniel O’Flynn, John Casey, Tadgh Donoovan, M Hurley, M Fenton and Lesley Snell Raffle: Nora Murphy, Mary Fenton and Maureen Hurley Whist drive every Sunday Night at 8.30 pm sharp in Fermoy Bridge Centre. All welcome

Shane Supple’s musical connections... Roy Buckley - a natural born balladeer

could be the style of the song or how a group can make it sound so unique.” Roy is in constant demand, getting great acclaim for his live performances. Roy’s album “City By The Lee” was a great success in 2009. It features a duet with George Murphy, who was one of the finalists on You’re a Star on RTÉ TV, and collaborations with Irish Folk/Rock group the Black Donnelly’s. The album has some original songs as well as some old classics, which Roy has made his own. The album was launched at a sold out Half Moon Theatre, in Roy’s hometown of Cork City.

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THIS week saw me chatting with local singer songwriter, Roy Buckley on Youghal Radio. Roy Buckley was born in Cork City, on November 6th, 1986 and from a very early age he had a great interest in Irish and Folk Music.

Growing up in a musical family, Roy was constantly surrounded by folk songs and music, with many of his family all active in music. He got his first guitar at 14 and has never looked back. When I asked him how it all started and what his main influences were, he responded by say-


Roy Buckley has been in the music scene for almost a decade now, and has worked with and shared the same stage as some of the best the Irish music scene has to offer, including The Fureys & Davey Arthur, Aslan, George Murphy, Johnny McEvoy, Finbarr Furey and Bagatelle to name but a few.

He is currently working on putting a new album of songs together, so keep an eye out for Roy or check out his website on

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ing “my main influences are mostly folk groups and balladeers of Irish origin, such as The Dubliners, Luke Kelly, Jim McCann, Paddy Reilly, Ronnie Drew, Liam Clancy & Tommy Makem, The Fureys and Christy Moore among others. He doesthink the likes of Billy Joel, Willie Nelson, The Eagles and Rod Stewart and The Beatles are brilliant though.

As he says himself, ‘A person or group can influence me in a few ways, it doesn’t have to be as passionate as Luke Kelly, or as brilliantly written by Phil Coulter or Jimmy Mac Carthy. It

Roy Buckley’s music has been dubbed as passionate and real, and he creates an amazing atmosphere with the audience with his own unique sound of modern day folk. Roy’s knowledge of folk songs and the stories that go with them, combined with the vast amount he has in his repertoire, have earned him affectionate names such as “The Human Ballad Book” and “The Irish Song Book” among friends in the music business.

Carols by Candlelight with The Carrigaline Choral Group !'896*'= +)+2(+6 8. !93*'= +)+2(+6 8. %+*3+7*'= +)+2(+6 8. "/2+ 52 "/)0+87 @ %/3+ '3* 2/3)+ 5/+7 ;/11 (+ 7+6:+* '8 8.+ /38+6:'1

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48' 497+ 6(46+892 '6*+37 48' 71'3* '66/-8;4./11 460 2'/1 /3,4 ,48'.497+ )42

arty’s Bar & Restaurant CLOYNE

open 7 days a week 021 4652401

thursday, November 25th TRAD. IRISH MUSIC session 9.30pm


Saturday November 27th Hell for Leather Thursday December 2nd 8.30pm Fine Gael Table Quiz Table of 4 - €20.00.

Complimentary glass of house wine, pint or mineral with every pre-booked table. Bookings now being taken by phoning 021 4652401 or email Check our website or Hartys Cloyne facebook page to view menu.

Christmas Brochures now available from Bar & Restaurant or visit our webpage Many menu options available to celebrate this Christmas with colleagues or friends. 4 Course Menus for €19.50 & €25 available.

Come join us on Facebook: Harty’s Cloyne

* McFly feel 'threatened' by One Direction * Alexandra Burke 'doesn't have time for love’ *

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

E N T E R TA I N M E N T G U I D E ! ‘Weenie’!

A brilliant new comedy will have it’s premiere at The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal, from Monday, December 6th to Thursday, December 9th inclusive. It is presented by the multi-talented ‘Harmony’ group and is their Christmas Show for this year. It promises to be a fantastic night’s fun for all the family. It would be a good idea to book at Cree’s Card Shop (024 93899) but you can also pay at the door. As usual with ‘Harmony’, the emphasis will be on top quality entertainment at budget prices – Adults €12 Children €10. ‘Weenie’! features gamblers, chancers, baters, lovers, teddy-boys and teenie- boppers, singers, dancers and a dead cat!

It is a story of the innocence and hidden strength of ‘little’ people, at a head-spinning turning-point for us all – the sixties, when we first began to ask the question we’re still asking now: ‘What’s happenin’ man’? But most of all, it is a hilarious and heart-warming love-story. Then, as now, all anyone ever wanted was a happy ending. In ‘Weenie’! – in an explosive, hand-clapping, toe-tapping finale – we get it!

‘Weenie’! with original songs and parodies, is written by local man, Finbar Hannon and is his first play. Finbar is an accomplished stage and musical director and has many shows to his credit, including ‘The Communication Cord’, ‘Many Young Men of Twenty’, ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’, ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Oklahoma’, ‘Annie’, ‘South Pacific’, ‘Some Enchanted Evening’, ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Guys and Dolls’.

ICA Flower Club

THE Christmas Shopping Evening for ICA and Flower Club members and friends at the Shanagarry Design Centre has been rescheduled to take place tomorrow, Thursday, November 25th from 6-9pm. It was postponed from November 18th due to the Ballycotton tragedy.

He is currently musical and stage director for ‘Harmony’, which is dedicated to the further development of singing and acting talent in the community. ‘Harmony’ is an entirely voluntary and open group and new members are always very welcome. It doesn’t ask for financial assistance from the already hard-pressed local community – it is self-supporting. ‘Harmony’s’ shows are always to a very high standard and are thoroughly enjoyable. Among it’s many successes are ‘Many Young Men of Twenty’, ‘Some Enchanted Evening’, ‘From Here to Broadway’, ‘A tribute to John B & Showtime’ and ‘Guys and Dolls’, along with various recitals, concerts and Christmas Shows.

Wallis’ BAR MIDLETON Where a smile & a warm welcome await... EARLY OPENING 9AM MON - SAT TEAS, COFFEES, HOMEMADE SCONES ETC.

Thursday, November 25th:


Sunday, November 28th:

DEUCES WILD Thursday, December 2nd:

MARY GREEN AND NOEL SHINE Sunday, December 5th:




Thursday, December 9th:

Thursday, December 12th:



Thursday, December 16th:


MID-WEEK OPEN MIC with JAMES MCGRATH Wednesdays, 9.30pm

STRING QUARTET Fridays 6.45pm - 8pm

IN-HOUSE MUSIC Every Fri & Sat, 9.30pm - close

* Peter Andre to perform on stage with son *Daniel Day-Lewis to team up with Spielberg *

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Puzzler WIN2TICKETS FOR...

All Mixed Up

TEL. (021) 4630066 WITH OUR 3



10 12 16




4 8

5 9



11 14

15 20







16 19


21 24


Congratulations to last week’s winner:

SUSAN MURPHY, Little Island

ACROSS 8. Luxurious (7) 9. Depart (5) 10. Tag (5) 11. Intercepted (7) 12. Nought (4) 13. Conflicting (8) 16. Cleaned to a sheen (8) 18. Leave out (4) 21. Captivate (7)

23. Wireless (5) 25. Perfect (5) 26. Salad vegetable (7)

DOWN 1. Young horse (4) 2. Figure (6) 3. Respond (5) 4. Casserole (4) 5. Gigolo (7) 6. Continental sausage (6)

7. Draw (4 - 4) 12. Missile (8) 14. Tart (3) 15. Normally (7) 17. Was found wanting (6) 19. Average (6) 20. Shred (5) 22. Ceramic square (4) 24. Ajar (4)

ACANSERWS TO LAST WEEK: ACROSS: 8. Request 9. Corgi 10. Wring 11. Mention 12.Item 13. Domestic 16. Directly 18. Time 21. Secular 23. Havoc 25. Rodeo 26. Phantom. DOWN: 1. Grow 2. Equine 3. Hedge 4. Stem 5. Scented 6. Artist 7. Pinnacle 12. Industry 14. Oil 15.Scallop 17. Recede 19. Invite 20. Cheat 22. Rope 24. Camp.

Name: ______________________________ Address: ____________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Tel (mobile):______________________________ Home:_______________________________ Entries to East Cork Journal, 1st Floor, Watersedge, Riverside Way, Midleton





Test your concentration with this word ladder




Five Minutes - Five Questions

1. What do the initials a.m. and p.m. literally mean? 2. What is the world's oldest city?

3. What dance phenomenon had it's first airing at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest? 4. What legendary golfer initiated the US Masters golf tournament? 5. What colour would an acid turn litmus paper?

Answer to last week’s Medium



ANSWERS TO WORDGAMES: 1. SEAHORSES 2. FAN BAN BAY ANSWERS: 1. ante meridiem and post meridiem 2. Damascus 3. Riverdance 4. Bobby Jones 5. Red



Find the 9 letter word hidden in this word wheel

Answer to last week’s Difficult

Tea-Break Crossword


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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Big Screen

Big brained Megamind



Young Bookworms urged to keep reading




MEGAMIND 3D ( PG) SAT 27TH & SUN 28TH NOV 11.30AM 1.45 4.00 6PM

MEGAMIND ( PG) SAT 27TH & SUN 28TH NOV 11.30 4.45PM


1.30 2.15 4.45 5.20 8.00 8.30 L/S FRI & SAT @ 11PM + SAT & SUN @ 11.15AM

WE’RE all familiar with the way superheroes and villains are treated on film. Sure, the bad guy sometimes gets the upper hand but in the end, good triumphs over evil. But what if that wasn’t the case. What if the Joker one-upped Batman? If Lex Luthor out-foxed Superman? Or even more incredible, what if Megamind defeated on Metro Man?

On a distant planet, two very different infants are set off on two very different journeys. While ones sleek rocket takes him to a life on earth full of greatness, the other one ends up on, shall we say, the wrong side of the tracks of life. As the two infants grow into young men, the already sizable gap between them grows, until, as adults, they become enemies: Metro Man (Brad Pitt), who fights for, as Perry White put it in Superman Returns, 'truth, justice…all that stuff' and Megamind (Will Ferrell) who fights, mainly, to keep his face in the news.

All goes well until Metro City decides to build and dedicate a museum to their caped hero. Megamind crashes the party and, horror upon horror, manages to destroy Metro Man. He’s now the all-powerful, calling the shots and finding out that life without a nemesis is pretty darn boring.

Full of fun and eye-popping images, Megamind is what they used to call in the old days of television side-splittingly funny. This is thanks to a great script which pays homage to heroes of old, and a cast that gives its all vocally. The star here is Ferrell, who easily channels his personality into the big blue-headed baddie.

Equally funny is Tina Fey, as a Lois Lane-type reporter who has a thing for Metro Man, and David Cross as Megamind’s assistant.

Megamind is perfect winter cinema-fodder. Big hearted but without unlike our (anti) hero, the need to use much brain-power.


FRI, MON TO THURS 2.00 4.15 6.30 9PM L./S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM SAT & SUN 9PM


THE AMERICAN 2.00 4.15 8.45PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM


FRI, MON TO THURS 4.15 6.40 9.00 L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM SAT & SUN 6.40 9.00PM



2.00 + SAT & SUN @ 11.30AM

Book online at

Sisters Hannah & Katie Murnane tear themselves away from their books for a quick photo!

MS IRELAND, the services, research and information society supporting those affected by MS, has urged children around the country to continue their reading as the 23rd annual MS READaTHON draws to a close. This year, over 67,000 children in 728 schools throughout Ireland took part in the biggest MS READaTHON to date, with nearly 10% more schools participating than last year. The MS READaTHON ‘There’s Something About Books’ survey further emphasised the importance of reading, with parents voting unanimously in favour of this pursuit. 86% of parents plan to purchase books as presents this Christmas. The survey found that 74% of adults are interested in the books their children are reading, with 34% revealing that children’s books have an effect on the type of books they chose to read as an adult. 100% of respondents have been tempted to re-read childhood favourites. An overwhelming two thirds of those surveyed admitted that they do not use their local library enough, and resolve to use it more in 2011. One fifth revealed that they are more likely to purchase a recommended read at their local bookshop. Cheryl Gunning, MS READaTHON Manager commented, 'Reading is widely believed to be one of the most beneficial pastimes that we can encourage for our children. It exercises the mind, improving focus, concentration and communication skills; increases knowledge and allows escape and transportation to another world.' She continued, 'Now that the MS READaTHON has finished for the year, we are encouraging young readers around the country to keep it up! You can’t beat curling up with a good book, especially during the cold winter months. It is such a simple pleasure and we hope that parents around the country will continue to nurture this valuable activity, with regular visits to the school and local libraries.'

The MS READaTHON is the biggest school-based reading initiative in Ireland and the key annual fundraising campaign of Multiple Sclerosis Ireland, the services, information and research society supporting people affected by MS. Last year more than 25,000 children in 686 schools participated, reading an incredible 500,000 books between them and raising more than €1 million for people with MS. For more information on MS and MS Ireland, visit their website on, call our information line on 1850 233 233 or email

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


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Issue 166  

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