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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

East Cork Journal Issue No. 130

‘Keep the faith’

Youghal’s Sacred Roots concerts relocated due to ‘red tape’

Wild at heart YOUGHAL'S Pearl McCarthy is about to spend a week in the wilds... of East Cork. 28 year old Pearl is about to take part in Red fm's 'The Wild Life' at Fota Wildlife Park where, alongside 7 other contestants (including a Glanmire native), she will try and win the top prize of €10,000 and a trip to Zambia.

While Pearl's partner and her two sons described her decision to take part as crazy, Pearl laughs, 'They won't think I'm crazy if I win it!'

Having watched 'Survivor' and 'I'm A Celebrity...' Pearl is slightly hesitant about what she's letting herself in for, but admits she'll do whatever it takes to grab that cash prize, although she may draw the line at a Bushtucker Challenge!

4 FOR €4.99

All upcoming gigs have been relocated for the forseeable future with Bobby Lee putting it down to ‘a little red tape.’

A representative of Youghal Town Council told the East Cork Journal that all large-scale events have currently been curtailed at St. Mary's Collegiate Church, due to 'fire safety.' However, the council are doing 'I have a feeling some of the things everything in their power to accommodate those afwe'll be asked to do will be fairly dis- fected by this decision. gusting,' Pearl grimaces, 'I really don't like the idea of having to eat live mag- Luka Bloom will now play at the Mall Arts Centre this Saturday night at 8.30pm. Tickets are available gots or anything like that!' from Scott’s Treasure Shop, 137 North Main Street, Continues page 2. Youghal.


BOBBY Lee, musician and organiser of Youghal’s Sacred Roots concerts at St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, Youghal has had to relocate its planned concert this Saturday, March 20th from the church to The Mall Arts Centre, due to health and safety reasons.



021 4613542 Bridgestone food Guide

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Midleton Town Council supports 'Sluagh Hall Youth Centre' proposals


MIDLETON Town Council has given its assist proposals to develop the former military facility, Sluagh Hall as a youth centre/café. The council’s commitment, including financial support, was stressed at the March Town Council meeting at which a delegation representing SECAD and Jigsaw Group (young people’s services and health care) sought assurances of support.

The council had already partaken in a joint proposal involving SECAD and the HSE, which outlined the need for a youth centre in the town. This was presented to the Department of Defence, who own the hall and have placed it on the open market, by way of urging them to consider imparting it to the Midleton community. That proposal included a consultancy report which put an estimate of €1m to restore and adapt the property. The department’s response requested details of who would supply such funding, before it would consider providing or selling it.


CBS. Ashling Keating, 17, told the meeting that while Midleton had grown considerably over the past decade, youth facilities –especially for those not involved in sport- had stagnated. Teenagers, she said, 'feel isolated 'in the absence of a centre in which to hang out or in which youth organisations could host events.

Walking the streets

Mark Stanton, also 17, concurred, saying he had spent his last birthday 'walking up and down the streets'for the want of an option. He didn’t drink or take drugs, but he and his likeminded peers felt unwanted. All other age sectors in society had facilities, he noted, and Midleton stood almost alone for its lack of The SECAD/Jigsaw delegation a youth club. comprised former CBS Principal Continues page 2. Denis Ring, CEO of SECAD Ryan Howard and four students – Ashling Kerrigan and Aine Davies of St. Mary’s High School and Mark Stanton and John Daly of Midleton 5 3 9 1 5 1 2 5 8 4 6 7 2

Castlemartyr author undergoes ‘novel’ facelift

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Continues from Front Page...

MARK Stanton referred to a recent study that explored the scourge of substance abuse and ongoing rise in suicides in Midleton, and suggesting that a doctor’s service within a youth centre would encourage troubled young to seek help. He estimated that a third of the €1m cost could be raised through SECAD, Cork & Midleton councils and through private fundraising. Mark then echoed Aishling’s appeal that in the meantime the town council could loan a piece of land or property in which to establish a temporary youth facility.

Real opportunity

RYAN Howard said Sluagh Hall represented 'a first real opportunity' for such a facility in Midleton, and observed that the challenge of acquiring funding would recede as the year progressed. Still, he remained determined to pursue all possibilities. When the delegation had departed, a council discussion revealed unanimous support for the plan. Amongst many sentiments associated with the requirement, Cllr. Pat Buckley said there had been 57 suicides -54 of whom were under 30 years in Midleton since 2002. 'It is absolutely vital for the town,’ he reflected.

Funding would be a major challenge, the Town Manager stated, but she and the Town Clerk would investigate what the town council could provide and she would inquire similarly of the County Manager. She said even with development funding acquired, there would be 'a long way to go,' not least that the Department of Defence may also want to 'capitalise on a very central site.' Mayor Ted Murphy believed time was of the essence and he hoped for 'good news'in the coming weeks. continues from Front Page... STARTING from March 29th, Pearl and her fellow contestants will spend all day and all night at Fota, with one contestant being voted off every day. As Pearl has only just learned that she's going into the wild, she doesn't have a text voting number yet but we will publish same in next week's edition. 'I haven't had a holiday in five years,' Pearl admits, 'And, boy, would I enjoy one with my family.' And if she's prepared to eat live maggots to get one, don't we at least owe her our support?

This year, Patrick’s first literary endeavour has been repackaged, rebranded, reedited and renamed as ‘The Devil & The Awesome Four.’


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‘The reason I re-designed the book,’ Patrick tells the East Cork Journal was that I was never happy with the finished product that the publishers produced. It contained typos, cost a lot of money to produce and even worse the text was so small you’d need a magnifying glass to read it!’

YOUGHAL Town Council is to use mobile camera units in its battle against illegal dumping and dog fouling in the town. Evidence gathered by the camera will be used to prosecute offenders, who will also be named in the Town Manager’s council reports. The initiative will commence ‘immediately,’ Town Clerk, Liam Ryan told the March Town Council meeting and will persist, initially at least, for several months. Patrick Cunningham, author of the newly revamped ‘The Devil & The Awesome Four’ is pictured pre-literary facelift with ‘After Midnight: Volume 1’

Contacting American author, Eliza Knight, Patrick started the process of re-inventing ‘After Midnight: Volume 1’. ‘Eliza runs her own critique service, along with being a professional competition judge, so she was the ideal person to carry out the editing,‘ Patrick enthuses.

‘I chose “The Devil & The Awesome Four” - which hasn’t been done before, got new printers and increased the size of the text. The book is now 352 pages, instead of 152!’

Need to plant trees or hedging in your garden or for REPS?

Cameras to catch fly tippers and dog foulers in Youghal

LAST year, the East Cork Journal wrote about Castlemartyr author, Patrick Cunningham, and ‘After Midnight: Volume 1’ a compilation of short horror stories.

And a name change had to be in order, after Patrick discovered that there were many other books called ‘After Midnight’, including a Twilight-esque vampire saga.


Say cheese!


While the book is not presently available in local bookstores, Patrick has been delighted with its internet presence, where it’s available from and other online retailers, and he is in negotiations with Eason’s on Patrick Street too.

The mobile units, which can operate by remote control, will be provided by Cork County Council’s environmental services and will operate day, night and over weekends. They will be deployed ‘within the bypass,’ in areas commonly associated with illegal dumping and on routes where dog fouling is persistent. Mr. Ryan reassures that the cameras will not be intrusive on personal privacy, or deployed in sensitive locations such as bathing areas.

While many jurisdictions use such cameras in rural areas and at bottle banks, Youghal is breaking new ground by using the technology in an urban setting. The move comes as the town struggles with unprecedented levels of illegal dumping, misuse of on-street bins to dump household waste and a high level of dog fouling. Some quarters argue that Cork County Council’s decision to charge a €3 entrance fee to Youghal landfill has exacerbated fly tipping locally.

Meantime, councillors broadly welcomed the plan at the March meeting and keenly approved of having the offenders publicly identified. ‘You’d be stunned if you knew the people letting their dogs foul, ‘ observed Cllr Mary Linehan Foley.

Even though the book’s title no longer bears the words ‘Volume 1’, Patrick hasn’t given up hopes of a trilogy. ‘I’m busy writing the second part at the moment and should have the overall manuscript ready to go by May at the latest. Then the tedious task of editing begins so I should have the book ready to sell by July or August of this year.’ But, in the meantime, Patrick can feel happy that his book is already gaining 5-star reviews online with readers commenting, ‘If you are into fast paced horror novels then The Devil And The Awesome Four is the one for you!’ and, ‘This book has a good premise and interesting characters, but where Mr. Cunningham’s Volume One of The Devil And The Awesome Four really shines is in his ability to deliver some of the creepiest aliens, monsters, vampires, demon-possessed lumberjacks, zombie scarecrows, and medical experiments gone awry.’

And if that isn’t a recommendation for horror fans, we don’t know what is. For more information, check out

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Is this the end for Midleton squash club? Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

IT COULD be a case of 'handout' for the last time for the future of Midleton Squash Club, if Midleton GAA's current development plans come to fruition.

At a recent meeting of the GAA Club Development Committee, a delegation from the Squash Club was given the grim news of its impending demise by the members who plan to replace the present two courts with a new complex comprising dressing rooms, gym and meeting rooms. The GAA Committee insist that they absolutely need this particular site for their immediate needs, and claim that it is the 'least expensive option' open to them at the moment. They point out that other alternative sites on their premises would be much more costly, although they do concede that they intend to develop these options also.

For the members of the squash club this is, indeed, a doomsday scenario and would bring to an end a tradition of over thirty years during which the club has experienced the highs of success with the lows of decline. The

Why Midleton GAA Club’s plan could mean Midleton Squash Club will cease to exist from August 31st, 2010

great irony of it all is that since last year when the club embarked on a membership recruitment campaign, interest in the sport has soared beyond all expectation.

At present Midleton Squash Club has over 86 members (the highest in its 30 year history) compared with just 30 last year. Squash club members would argue, with some justification that their presence in the GAA complex is attracting people and generating revenue for the GAA club and also potentially new GAA members. Typically, many new people who come to live in the town use the squash club as a means of establishing their roots in the community. Many of these members have young children themselves who may go on to play Hurling or Football. Squash club sources estimate conservatively that they are contributing up to €10,000

per year to the GAA in membership, electricity fees and revenue in the bar. With a growing squash membership the potential here is enormous for the GAA. While the Squash Club accepts that ultimately the premises are the property of Midleton GAA, members feel that the Squash Club is establishing and maintaining goodwill towards the GAA through its continued existence, as would all the other activities which occur under the umbrella of the GAA. Consequently they feel that this decision is short-sighted and they strongly believe that the GAA has other options. If the plan goes ahead Midleton Squash Club will cease to exist within the GAA Pavilion from August 31st, since there are very few examples of standalone squash clubs in existence. Typically, squash clubs operate within other complexes where squash is one component within a range of activities. The chances of the


club surviving on its own are remote - the financial outlay in building courts or acquiring new premises would be prohibitive, so squash members are appealing to the general membership of Midleton GAA to reverse this decision at its forthcoming EGM later this month.

Youghal Cllrs. move meetings to 'normal office hours'


Goodwill can no longer be taken for granted,' Liam Ryan, Youghal Town Clerk

Midleton Squash Club has no desire to interfere in the operations of the GAA, but it has to make a case for its own survival at this critical juncture in its history.

The club is appealing to the goodwill and generosity of the great majority of GAA players (many of whom have played squash themselves) to attend this EGM, and to look again at the options which undoubtedly exist before embarking on the present plan which will certainly mean the end for squash in the town.

‘This would be a great pity, as well as a huge disappointment, as what an expanding Midleton needs most of all is a variety of sporting options for its young emerging population,’ a Midleton Squash Club spokesperson concludes.


YOUGHAL Town Council will hold its monthly meetings at 10 am on Tuesdays following the second Monday, until further notice. The move is due to the escalating action by unions against public sector wage cuts. The council executive is no longer willing to attend Monday night meetings, which occur outside normal office hours. 'We don’t get paid for attending these meetings and the goodwill we have always practiced can no longer be taken for granted,' says Youghal Town Clerk Liam Ryan. The Council adopted the change by an 8-1 majority at the March Town Council meeting. The lone dissenter was Labour Cllr. Donie Daly who will be unable to attend meetings due to work commitments. The Town Clerk said he will investigate the legal standing of Cllr. Daly, should he not be able to meet the statutory requirement to attend 80% of meetings annually.

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

To market, to market... in Cloyne

John and Averil Rossiter, staunch Cloyne Road Bowling members swapped bowls for baskets at Cloyne Country & FarmOlive Hallahan of Castlemary Farm ers’ Market last weekend. The market runs with some of her delicious goats' cheese every Friday from 9am to 2pm.

Me Daza Desserts is run by Mairead Corcoran, with a little help from her son Eoin, friend Colette O'Brien and mum Margaret

Beefing up with John Tait, Aberdeen Angus farmer and Ruby Beamish

Olive Jeffery, Theresa Long and Mairead O'Neill

Catriona Blackmore and Louise Harvey 15 month old Lauren O'Flynn and Eileen O'Sullivan

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Sean & Helen O'Mahony with baby Ali

Eileen Ahern of Woodland Flowers with John and Mark Ahern

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

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DAVID Facing facts: STANTON In the frame TD for National

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

CONSTITUENCY OFFICE: 29 St Mary’s Road, Midleton Open: 10am - 1pm, 2pm - 4.30pm (Monday-Friday) for advice or assistance Tel: 021 4632867, Fax: 021 4621133 Email: Please visit my website

Cash in the attic leads the way to Lourdes, courtesy of Youghal locals DENISE FITZGERALD REPORTS

Genevieve Neville, Mary Coleman and Ann Neville helping out at the Antiques Fair to help send invalids to Lourdes

MARY NEVILLE R.I.P. will be ever remembered by many people in the town of Youghal and surrounding areas. Mary’s sister, Ann, spoke with the East Cork Journal on Sunday last in the Walter Raleigh where she was kept very busy, along with friends, in running the annual Antique Fair, the proceeds of which are to help send invalids to Lourdes. Ann said how Mary always wanted to do something for this very worthy cause, and seven years ago she started the very first Antiques Fair. At the inaugural event, Mary was so very proud and delighted with her efforts and with the success of the Fair, both financially and otherwise. On her untimely and sad death some time afterwards, Ann and friends decided to continue with the Antiques Fair in Mary’s memory. The Lourdes Invalid Group is in the Diocese of Cloyne and Ann confirmed that people in the locality of Youghal and surrounds would be included in the visit to Lourdes. The Antiques Fair, she said, commenced at 11am and from the moment the doors opened the people filed in. Each year there are approximately 10-12 Dealers present, and a Valuer is also on hand to value your own antiques, free of charge. The event this year was again a huge success, and Ann extends sincere thanks to all who helped in any way, especially those who attended, those who sponsored prizes for the raffle and the traders themselves. The success of the Fair makes a trip to Lourdes possible for many invalids – and this is the real success of the fundraiser which, seven years ago, was started by Mary Neville to help those less fortunate.


Pensions Document Cllr. Donie Daly asks ‘Have all options been explored?’ THE NATIONAL Pensions Framework Document, detailing Government plans to reform future State, private and public service pension provision, was published on March 3rd, 2010. This Framework Document follows on from the Pensions Green Paper published in 2007, and sets out the Government’s long-term policy for pension provision in Ireland.

I broadly welcome the publication of the Framework Document as it moves the debate forward. However, there are major issues that I feel need to be addressed to ensure that the good intentions behind the Framework are achieved. A lot of people have been contacting me since this framework document was published, with various questions they had, as there is a lot of speculation and ‘pub talk’ surrounding the proposed changes. I have outlined below what I feel to be the main points of the scheme, and hopefully it might help people to understand the proposals better. 1. New Compulsory Scheme – to be introduced in 2014 – subject to economic conditions

• Employees (aged 22 or over) will be automatically enrolled once they enter employment, or change employment, unless they are a member of their employer’s scheme which must be: - a Defined Benefit scheme, or - a Defined Contribution scheme with an employee contribution rate greater than, or equal to, the new scheme and an employer contribution rate greater than, or equal to, the new scheme. • Contributions to the new scheme will be collected through the PRSI system via a central processing agency.

• Contributions to the new scheme will be made within a band of earnings which has yet to be decided e.g. must be earning €350 per week and paying contributions on earnings up to €1,000 per week.

• Employees will be required to make a fixed percentage contribution of 4%. Contributions will qualify for PRSI and Health Levy relief. • There will be a matching State contribution of 2% and an employer contribution of 2%. The State contribution will equal 33% tax relief – the delivery mechanism for this has yet to be decided.

• A range of funds, including a low-risk default option, will be available. There will be no Government guarantees on investment returns. • Employer contribution is mandatory.

• Employees can opt out but they will be re-enrolled every two years. • Once an employee remains in the scheme for six months, their contribution will be held in a pension account and no withdrawals will be allowed.

• Once-off bonus payment for people who remain in the scheme for more than five years continuously. • Intended that benefit withdrawals will be similar to Personal Retirement Savings Accounts.

• Small Defined Contribution funds (probably €10,000 but exact figure yet to be agreed) may be transferred into the scheme – no matching contribution from the State or employer will be provided.

2. Current Pension Arrangements - implementation dates not agreed.

• The State contribution will equal 33% tax relief – the delivery mechanism for this has yet to be decided. Tax relief on employer contributions and tax-free investment income to remain. • Access to Approved Retirement Funds will be provided for defined contribution scheme members with effect from 2011. • Tax-free lump sum exceeding €200,000 to be taxed.

• The range of personal pension vehicles available will be reviewed with a view to rationalising provision in this area.

• Regulations will be introduced to increase the transparency of pension charges; • A revised and more secure defined benefit model is proposed which schemes may wish to consider if restructuring in the future. 3. Social Welfare Pensions

• Mandatory social welfare pension coverage will continue. The Government will seek to maintain the rate at 35% of average earnings. • The system will be simplified with a move to a total contributions approach in 2020.

• Retirement age for State Pension age will increase to 66 in 2014 [(with the abolition of the State Pension (Transition)], 67 in 2021 and 68 in 2028. In effect, anyone who is aged 49 or younger in 2010 (i.e. born in 1961 or after) will have a State Pension at age 68. • Arrangements will be put in place to allow people to post-

pone receipt of the State pension and to make up contribution shortfalls. 4. Public Service Pensions • A single new pension scheme will be introduced for all new entrants, with effect from 2010.

I am disappointed that marginal tax relief is being taken away and replaced with a standard 33% rate for all, as this will discourage the accumulation of pension assets, not only for high net worth individuals, but also moderately paid people. For example, a person paying €100 out of their after tax income will be given a Government subsidy of €50. If the total €150 is drawn down and is hit by a 41% tax charge, the individual’s investment is reduced to €88.50, which is effectively an extra double taxation of 11.5%. Because of this double taxation, pensions will only make financial sense to those who pay the lowest levels of tax in retirement and, in Ireland, many pensioners pay higher rate tax.

Much is made of the cost of tax reliefs being of benefit to the rich, but this must be countered by the actions that the Government has taken on capping funds, salaries and tax-free lump sums and the fact that when pensions are drawn down there will be a tax revenue benefit to the Exchequer. Given the ageing population, higher life expectancy and the corresponding greater cost of the State Pension, it is important that people start to make provision for their own retirement as it is obvious that the State will not be in a position to provide people with the retirement benefits which we have for so long expected, and

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Midleton students talk Rathcormac’s their way to Gael Linn Collette Kinsley asks debating final you to forget-her-not Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


35 YEAR OLD Collette Kinsey from Rathcormac received a kidney / pancreas (double) transplant in October 2009. Having been diagnosed as a diabetic at the age of 10, Collette was insulin dependent before she was a teenager.

Collette’s kidneys failed her some years ago and she was receiving haemodialysis treatment at CUH for the four years prior to her transplant; before this she received peritoneal dialysis for 6 months. While sick, Collette temporarily lost her eyesight but now, after the transplants were successful, she is back to living a happy, healthy life, deeming the operations as ‘a life changing experience.’

Pictured celebrating their win with their teacher at the regional finals of Comórtas an Phiarsagh Gael Linn held in Limerick on March 8th are the junior debating team from CBS Midleton - Teacher Elaine Clifford with students Craig Ó Donnabháin, Aláin Ó Standúin and Darren Ó Cuirc. It is a marvellous achievement for the team, who now go forward to the All-Ireland Final in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin on Thursday, March 25th where they will compete for the coveted Gael Linn trophy.

The CBS students opposed the motion ‘Is fearr a bheith i d’fhear! (It’s a man’s world!) in a lively debate with teams from Gort Community School, Co. Galway; St. John the Baptist Community School, Co. Limerick and Presentation College, Cork. They greatly impressed the adjudicators with their oratorical skills and were declared winners on the night, to the delight of their supporters.

Teacher, Elaine Clifford, who has helped and directed the team to victory in their various heats since November last, is justifiably proud of her students. Presenting the prizes, Jamie Ó Tuama of Gael Linn said, ‘This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of this national debating competition organised by Gael Linn for second level schools. Since 1959,

many thousands of pupils have taken part and benefitted from the experience of debating in Irish. Now that communication skills are about to

receive greater marks in the Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations, the Gael Linn debates will come into their own.’

Working as a theatre nurse at CUH, Collette and her husband have a new lease of life and, as Organ Donor Awareness week takes place this month, Collette is asking people to get involved, buying forget-me-not flowers from Irish Kidney Association volunteers on the street on Saturday, March 27th to help people like Collette get a fresh start in life.

For Organ Donor Cards freetext the word DONOR to 50050.

Life’s a beach at Roches Point

ON Saturday, March 20th, the Cork Branch of the Irish Wildlife Trust will hold ‘An Introduction to the Seashore’ at Roches Point. The event is open to everyone and there is no charge for attending. The group will meet at 11am at the main car park.

Please phone or text 087 2282040 to reserve a place. If the weather is unpredictable the day before, please phone or text the number above to confirm if the event is going ahead. Please wear warm and waterproof clothing. Please also wear sensible shoes as intertidal areas can be slippery. Bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be supplied.


w w w. m o t i v a t i o n . i e C a l l 1 8 9 0 9 0 9 9 0 9 t o d a y

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Cobh’s Darragh McGann is New Orleans-bound

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News


Compiled by Denise FitzGerald 087 812 8262 /

Kathleen Crotty is Youghal’s Best Mum

ABSOLUTE Flowers, the new Flower Shop in Youghal, organised an unusual competition for Mother’s Day, entitled “Why my Mum is the best”. Children were invited to submit in 100 words or less why they considered their Mum to be the best. There were hundreds of applications, and the ‘best’ three were read live on CRY, the Pat Reilly Show, on Saturday last. After a lot of deliberation and great difficulty, the winner of the Best Mum was Kathleen Crotty of Dominic Collins Place. Runners up were Shauna Foley who nominated her Mum, and Mary McDermott who was also nominated. The winning letter was sent in by Kathleen’s daughter and is printed here exactly as it was written.

“Why my mum is the best” When it comes to my mum there is so many words to describe how wonderful she is. So I am not going to list out all the words like she is lovable, and kind and caring. Indeed I am going to give you the true story of my super mum. My mum will travel far and wide to bring me to my athletic training if my training session was on top of a mountain she would climb the mountain to make sure I was getting my training done. she would go out in rain or snow for me. she is just super. If she is not running after my little rascal of a nephew she is off with me somewhere. Now I have achieved many prizes in the past with my running, and I want for one day for my mama to be in the lime light and feel the emotions I feel when I win. Let her feel the best of the best for one day because she is the number 1mum in Youghal and the world. Please let my mum win this competition and let her feel special for one day and for me to show her how much I appreciate her work. Let my super mum win.” Kathleen’s prize is to be famous for one day when she will officially open Absolute Flowers in April, to a roll of drums and a big cheer. She will also be treated to a superb meal for two with champagne, and will be presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to make her feel extra special. Shauna’s Mum and Mary McDermott will also receive gorgeous bouquets. The amazing response to this competition, and the hundreds of letters sent in by the children, just goes to show that, in Youghal anyway, there are thousands of wonderful Mums with wonderful children who all love them very much.

C.R.Y. bringing you more on 104

New Schedule in the pipeline

The choice of programming available to radio listeners locally is about to become even wider. Community Radio Youghal is set to add a host of new live programmes to its already broad schedule. The station – also known as CRY104fm – hopes to

launch its new schedule as early as the end of this month. Plans are afoot to provide live radio each weekday from midday to 10pm, as well as providing for even more talk radio at the weekend. CRY Chairman, Tommy Collins is confident that the new schedule will be a big hit locally. “Listeners will continue to enjoy all of their favourites here on CRY and, in addition they will now have a whole range of new presenters and new live programmes every day”, said the Chairman. The station will begin live programming from midday every weekday. The new schedule will include a daily magazine programme as well as specialist programmes covering the Arts, Inclusiveness, Documentaries, an American Country music show and much more. Station Manager, Declan Gibbons is excited, not just by the programmes, but by all of the volunteer involvement. “We put out the call for new volunteers a few months ago”, he told the East Cork Journal “and since Christmas especially, we’ve had a huge response from volunteers of all sorts. “Some people have offered to answer the phone, others want to present programmes, while many more have offered to do research and work behind the scenes. We’ll also have a huge number of people contributing to programmes across the schedule. The new schedule will include news bulletins, with weather and bereavement announcements at specific times. Popular weekend talk programmes will also be extended to provide listeners with even more information and lively debate. It sounds like an exciting time at the local Community radio station. And, in a few weeks time it seems, there really will be a whole lot more, on 104(fm)! Stay tuned.......

Youghal Celebrates Lifelong Learning... again

Learning takes centre stage on Wednesday next, March 24th in Cumann na Daoine with a day which will be filled with free workshops, displays, information stands and talks. Organised by the Youghal Adult Learning Network, this special day showcases the variety of learning opportunities available both in Youghal and in Cork City. Free workshops provide an opportunity to try your hand at a range of skills – from paper flower making and gardening to computers and mobile phones; there is something for everyone. The event is part of the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival and provides a chance to learn more, meet with adult learners, guidance counsellors and have a go at new skills. The festival’s motto is Investigate, Participate, Celebrate – so join us in Youghal and:

Investigate – representatives of FÁS, UCC, CIT, Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa, St John’s Central College, Dept of Social & Family Affairs, Co Cork VEC Adult Guidance Service, Co Cork VEC, Cumann na Daoine, SECAD and Youghal Family Support Group will all be present to answer your queries about courses available and supports for adult learners. Staff from the DSFA and the County Cork


LYRICAL baritone and Cobh’s self-proclaimed ‘Singing Taxi Driver’, Darragh McGann, who received great acclaim following the release of his first solo album and three TV appearances in 2009, will this year perform in New Orleans and Baton Rouge for St. Patrick’s Day.

On Saturday, March 13th, Darragh performed at a special Mass at 12 noon in St. Patrick’s Church, New Orleans, and then he had the honour of performing both the Irish and US National Anthems, accompanied by the US Marine Band, for the official start of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Later that evening, he gave a special performance at Phil Brady’s Bar and Restaurant in Baton Rouge.

This St. Patrick’s Day, Darragh will once again perform at a special Mass in New Orleans and that evening will perform at a gala banquet, hosted by the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

lic Speaking, is now looking forward to flying the flag for Cobh and East Cork when he sings on St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans.

Darragh, who some years ago represented Junior Chamber Ireland Cobh on the world stage in Pub-

That’s if America lets us have him back.

Louisiana holds a special place in Darragh’s heart, as his late uncle Rev. John Spriggs, served as Pastor at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Baton Rouge.

VEC Adult Guidance will give a special briefing session on returning to learning Participate – watch or join in some of the many free workshops taking place throughout the day. Learn about gardening, computers, paper flower making, needlework and how to make the most of your mobile phone. Other workshops focus on coping with adult dyslexia and how parents can support a child’s early learning. Why not end the day relaxing with a special yoga workshop? Celebrate – above all enjoy the day – learning should also be fun. So enjoy coffee and a scone prepared by Youthreach students, have a mini facial from ITEC Beauty Specialist students, and celebrate the wealth of learning opportunities available. The day commences at 10am with workshops running continuously throughout the morning and afternoon. Information stands from 10am to 1pm only, in the Big Hall. Briefing Session on Returning to Learning at 11.15am. This is the second year celebrating the Festival, and Cumann na Daoine are very proud of the wonderful facilities and information which they are bringing together under one roof, for the people of Youghal. It is open to all, there is no charge, and you will be very welcome along. For further information contact Cumann na Daoine, 024 91900

From Youghal to British Columbia. Interested?

Group Study Exchange to British Columbia

Youghal Rotary Club is seeking candidates for the Rotary Group Study Exchange. The exchange in April of next year (2011) is open to any person between the ages of 25 and 40, with a profession and in employment. The exchange is for approx 4 to 5 weeks in April 2011 and is a Rotary funded project. This trip will be to British Columbia and North West Washington state. The purpose of the exchange will be to give Irish candidates the opportunity to experience their British Columbia. Whatever your profession is, Rotarian’s in the district you are visiting will secure several days in different locations for you to have this opportunity of seeing things from another perspective. You will be part of a group, usually 5 including the Rotarian leader but sometimes 6 at most. You will be looked after by Rotarian’s when you get there

Following his return in late March, the Cobh native will be busy putting together a concert to take place in June in aid of Cork Cancer Research Centre and Marymount Hospice. and you will move to a different area every four or so days and experience many other exchanges of friendship and hospitality while there. You should experience your profession in at least four different venues. Ireland will be hosting the team from British Columbia in September 2010. Last years team came from Japan and the Irish team went to Japan in return. The Japanese team were hosted by Rotary Clubs in Dublin, Fermoy, Belfast and Limerick while in Ireland. Their work experience was arranged in Schools, Breweries and Hospitals as those were the professions they had, being 2 teachers (1 special needs), a wine maker and a radiographer. Professions are always varied and we are open to receiving all professions, so if you want more information or you wish to be considered for interview, please contact Dorothy Heaphy on 087 9889240. You will be part of a Rotary Exchange, you will not be expected to host anybody in return. Your commitments will be as a group to speak for a few minutes on yourself when you visit the Rotary Clubs in British Columbia and on your return to Ireland. This is a wonderful opportunity. Why not find out more. It could be for you. Closing date June 1st 2010.

Card Sharks

Results of the 45 Drive held in the Youghal GAA Pavilion. February 23rd: 1st, 2nd, 3rd divided between Sheila & Teresa, Dermot & Mossie, Lily & Cecilia. Best of last 5 Joy & Leonard. Last Game Robert & Kevin. 2nd March: 1st, 2nd, 3rd divided between Angeline & Ann, Eileen & Bernie, Frank & Leonard. Best of last 5 Kevin & Robert. Last Game Anne & Dick. Looks like Sharing Time in Youghal GAA every Tuesday night at the weekly 45 Drive for great prizes.

Don’t forget!

Sunday, March 21st: An Afternoon of Delight presented by Youghal Musical Society in the Walter Raleigh Hotel at 3pm. Music for middlebrows – Classical, Broadway and Contemporary. Tickets available at Cree’s Shop. Tuesday, March 23rd: the Fashion Show to top all – Touch of Class at 8pm in the Walter Raleigh Hotel. Proceeds to CASA Youghal. Models from illusive Pro Co. With collections from all the top designers. Go along and see the latest and greatest in fashion, and help CASA with their great work in Youghal.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Ecclesiastical Review St. Joseph

What do we know about him?

tell him that his family was in danger, he immediately left everything he owned, all his family and friends, and fled to a strange country with his young wife and the baby. He waited in Egypt without question until the angel told him it was safe to go back (Matthew 2:13-23).

EVERYTHING we know about the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus comes from Scripture and that has seemed too little for those who made up legends about him. We know he was a carpenter, a working man, for the skeptical Nazarenes ask about Jesus, “Is this not the carpenter’s son?” (Matthew 13:55). He wasn’t rich, for when he took Jesus to the Temple to be circumcised, and Mary to be purified, he offered the sacrifice of two turtledoves or a pair of pigeons, allowed only for those who could not afford a lamb (Luke 2:24).

Despite his humble work and means, Joseph came from a royal lineage. Luke and Matthew disagree some about the details of Joseph’s genealogy, but they both mark his descent from David, the greatest king of Israel (Matthew 1:1-16 and Luke 3:23-38). Indeed, the angel who first tells Joseph about Jesus greets him as “son of David,” a royal title used also for Jesus. We know Joseph was a compassionate, caring man. When he discovered Mary was pregnant after they had been betrothed, he knew the child was not his but was as yet unaware that she was carrying the Son of God. He planned to divorce Mary according to the law but he was concerned for her suffering and safety. He knew that women accused of adultery could be stoned to death, so he decided to divorce her quietly and not expose her to shame or cruelty (Matthew 1:1925).

We know Joseph was a man of faith, obedient to whatever God asked of him without knowing the outcome. When the angel came to Joseph in a dream and told him the truth about the child Mary was carrying Joseph immediately, and without question or concern for gossip, took Mary as his wife. When the angel came again to

We know Joseph loved Jesus. His one concern was for the safety of this child entrusted to him. Not only did he leave his home to protect Jesus, but upon his return settled in the obscure town of Nazareth out of fear for his life. When Jesus stayed in the Temple we are told Joseph (along with Mary) searched with great anxiety for three days for him (Luke 2:48). We also know that Joseph treated Jesus as his own son, for over and over the people of Nazareth say of Jesus, “Is this not the son of Joseph?” (Luke 4:22)

We know Joseph respected God. He followed God’s commands in handling the situation with Mary, and going to Jerusalem to have Jesus circumcised and Mary purified after Jesus’ birth. We are told that he took his family to Jerusalem every year for Passover, something that could not have been easy for a working man. Since Joseph does not appear in Jesus’ public life, at his death, or resurrection, many historians believe Joseph probably died before Jesus entered public ministry.

Joseph is the patron of the dying because, assuming he died before Jesus’ public life, he died with Jesus and Mary close to him, the way we all would like to leave this earth. Joseph is also patron of the universal Church, fathers, carpenters, and social justice. We celebrate two feast days for Joseph: March 19 for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1 for Joseph the Worker. There is much we wish we could know about Joseph — where and when he was born, how he spent his days, when and how he died. But Scripture has left us with the most important knowledge: who he was — “a righteous man” (Matthew 1:18).

In His Footsteps:

Joseph was foster father to Jesus. There are many children separated from families and parents who need foster parents. Please consider contacting your local Catholic Charities or Division of Family Services about becoming a foster parent.


East Cork

Ecclesiastical Events Parish of Youghal

Priest on Call: Father Patrick Winkle. Telephone 024 92270. Emergency number 087 9779906. At the 6.30pm and 11am Sunday Masses next weekend, the Confirmation children will present their names to the parish and will also take the Pledge.

Confirmation Candidates:

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Celebrates 21 Years

To mark the occasion of the 21 years of the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, a directed period of Adoration took place on Sunday last in Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Also, the 7.30pm vigil Mass for St Patrick’s Day was celebrated in thanksgiving for all Adorers. Thank you to all Committed Adorers who keep the Adoration Chapel open 24 hours a day for prayer. New Adorers are needed. If you are willing to commit yourself to an hour, or part of an hour each week in prayer, please contact Pat on 91145. This will take place on March 20th and 21st in Maynooth College, conducted by Fr. Bing. Further information can be obtained by ringing 4667152. Everybody welcome.

Alliance of the Two Hearts Retreat

(people trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life) We meet for worship every Sunday morning in Brú na Sí (kindly loaned)at 11am. This Sunday March 21st, speaker expected is Ernie Tromsness. Continuing in 1 John. People from all backgrounds and nationalities are warmly welcome.For more details, contact Mervyn Scott, 024-25964/086-1732034. See for more information and an interesting presentation of the gospel. “ And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life” 1 John Ch 5v11-12

Youghal Baptist Church

5 Day Pilgrimage to St. Thérése of Lisieux

From September 23rd to 27th. Cost €735 which covers flights, coach transfers, four nights half board (Continental Breakfast and evening dinner). Cost based on sharing twin bedded room. Welcoming aperitif on arrival. Guides for 2nd and 3rd day tours. Entrance fees to various sites. Taxes and services. Travel pouch with documentation. Services of travel agency and Pilgrimage organiser for the entire weekend. Booking deposit of €300 (non refundable) to be received by March 20th 2009 made payable to Lisieux Pilgrimages. Further information from Mrs Ita Glavin, Ballymadog, Youghal. Tel 087 937 4596.

Youghal Methodist Church, Friar Street, Youghal

Sunday, March 21st: Morning Worship Service at 10am, led by Mr. Desmond Davis. Bible Study and Prayer Time each Thursday evening at 8.30pm. You are welcome. Further details from 021-4294622.

Parish of Midleton The Midleton Parish Youth Forum will be joined by the

Monthly Youth Mass

Owenacurra Singers and Male Voice Choir this Saturday at 6.10pm in the Holy Rosary Church. This Ceremony is for pupils who are receiving the Sacrament on April 20th next, and their parents. It will take place in the Holy Rosary Church at the 7.30pm Mass.

Confirmation Ceremony

The Holy Rosary is recited every Wednesday night at 8pm at the Grotto in Ballinacurra. Please join us.

Holy Rosary

Mary Fitzgerald, Ballinacurra extends sincere thanks to all who generously supported her Coffee Morning which raised €1,750 for the above worthy cause. She also thanks her very willing helpers on the day.

Lourdes invalid Fund

Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Knock

The Pilgrimage will take place on Sunday, May 9th and for further information contact John McCarthy 4633529 or Mairead Downey 087 9732021. Pilgrimage on May 29th next. Cost €679. Spiritual Director is Fr. Pat McCarthy, Pansion Darko and Ragusa. Seven nights half board food, suitable for Irish taste. Lift to all floors. 100 yards from St James church. Further information from Jim Sheridan 086 256 3772.


Parish of Carrigtwohill

Devotions: Monday, Eucharistic Adoration from 8pm to 10pm. Wednesday, Prayer Group at 8.30pm. Suknday, The Rosary at 10.05am. Church Collection: Door collection for March 6th and 7th amounted to €1,046. Thank you.

Friday, March 19th: Gurranes, Longstown and Fahydorgan at the home of John and Nuala Bourke. Friday, March 19th: Barryscourt North and South, Rossmore and Fota at the home of Tadg and Teresa O’Donovan. Monday, March 22nd: Ballyvodock at the home of Denis and Ann O#connor. Friday, March 26th: Ballinabointra at the home of Gerard and Mary barry.

Spring Stations

A big clean up around the Parish will take place on Saturday, March 27th. Please organise a group to do a clean up in your own area. Contact Oliver 087 8509213 who will provide plastic bags for the rubbish, and will arrange to have the bags collected.

Parish Clean Up

Cork Methodist Church, Ardfallen, Douglas Road, Cork

Sunday, March 21st: Morning Service at 11.30am led by the M.W.I. You are welcome. Other activities during the week include Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, Bowls, Badminton, Youth Groups, Women’s Groups etc. Further details from Rev. Colin Milligan 021-4292503.

If you wish to contribute to this page, Please contact Denise on 087 8128262 or email

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

A great big Haiti hug from The Love Junkies

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

WHEN The Love Junkies organised a charity night in aid of Haiti at the end of January, little did they realise how generous the people of Midleton could be.

With the help of those in Wallis’ Bar, the group raised a whopping €889.67 for Haiti.

‘The entire fund was collected in one bucket by one Mike Higgins,’ Martin Finn of The Love Junkies tells the East

East Cork Camera group goes ‘Titanic’ in Cobh


Cork Journal. ‘He spent the entire night running around with the bucket aloft, good-humouredly coaxing people to part with their cash. Were it not for his efforts I’m sure we would not have collected half as much!’

Martin also wishes to sincerely thank Seamus Cunningham, Wallis’ Bar for all his help and for providing the venue for the night. See, a little love can go a long way...

East Cork Camera Group launch its new exhibition in Cobh Heritage Centre

On display are a wide collection of wonderful images from East Cork and beyond, as well as some other very interesting images that will inspire and delight. The exhibition will run right through the summer months. So it’s well worth a visit and even get to see one of the many liners that will be visiting over the coming months.



OPENING HOURS -: Monday to Saturday - 8am to 6pm Sunday - 3pm to 6pm


TWO painters and a batik artist present their joint exhibition at The Courtyard Gallery, Midleton until March 31st.

Tina Shee Cappieri and Clare Smyth are both graduates of the Crawford College of Art, who have specialized in painting. Clare works mostly in watercolour, with her major source of inspiration coming from the colours, texture and light of her natural environment. Tina’s most recent series of paintings have, as their subject, merry-go-rounds, to suggest the manner in which our lives often seem to go round in circles, with problems constantly repeating until we take action to resolve them. Look out for the moment of rebellion from a horse on the carousel. Carmel Smyth works in batik, a process involving hot wax on cloth, which is dyed several times to build up colours. She draws inspiration from the ever changing landscape. Carmel has exhibited frequently, and also taught batik to primary and secondary school children. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this exhibition at The Courtyard Gallery.

Kelly’s Pharmacy Rathcormac Tidy holds Osteoporosis Towns update Church gate collection Awareness Day

Our annual church gate collection will take place this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, March 20th and 21st. We hope that you will support us on these days as it is one of the few sources of income we have to fund our various projects.

Dr. Barry Bridge



Two painters and a batik artist walk into a gallery...


DID you know that one in five men will get osteoporosis? While most people think that it only affects older women, half of women over 50 will develop the disease, which can also affect children. It is the leading bone disease in the world, even though it is preventable and treatable. On Wednesday last, Kelly’s Pharmacy, Riverside Way, Midleton held a special day with the Irish Osteoporosis Society, where Michelle O’Brien offered advice to customers on how to prevent, combat and treat this disease.

Pictured above are Mary Hynes, Mairéad Hyde, Michelle O’Brien, representative, Irish Osteoporosis Society, Alicia Daly and Olan O’Shea.

The good news is that the weather has improved but, unfortunately, we are advised that it is still too cold to paint the bridge as the paint would crack. As soon as it gets a bit warmer, we will clean the bridge again and finish the painting.

FÁS Help

Many thanks to Gerry from FÁS who is in the village on Mondays and Tuesdays and is happy to help out with litter picking and digging the beds. We look forward to working with him over the coming months.


Check out our webpage at for the latest news, plans and photographs. Thanks to Lee for maintaining the webpage. Next meeting takes place on Monday, April 12th at 8pm. All are welcome.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Having computer trouble?

Avril’s April Fashion Show in Youghal

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS Ireland is announcing the opening of a new office in East Cork under the owner management of Mark Casey. Mark will support business, schools and residential customers in East Cork and adjacent areas from his base in Knockraha.

“I congratulate Mark on starting up in business for himself in these tough times, and I know he will provide a first class personalised technical support service to all customers in his area”, says Enda Folan, National Master Franchisor. He joins our Ireland-wide organisation with offices in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Louth, Donegal and Lisburn, NI.

Headquartered in the USA, Computer Troubleshooters is a unique computer service franchise specialising in helping residential, home office and small businesses with all their callout/onsite computer-related needs: software/hardware troubleshooting, upgrades, repair, consulting, anti-virus/spyware, wireless/networking, broadband/internet, website design, made-to-order new & refurbished systems, service/maintenance contracts and training services. Says Folan, “Computer Troubleshooters is more than just a computer service company, it works as part of the

customer’s staff to help their business grow through the most effective and efficient use of technology. By combining the friendly, personal service of small, locally owned, community based franchises with the backup support and knowledge of a large international team of experts, Computer Troubleshooters can offer its’ customers a unique solution for their computer service needs”.

Twelve years old this year, Computer Troubleshooters has expanded rapidly to become the World’s and Ireland’s largest Computer Technical Support Franchise with nearly 500 offices in 27 countries across the world. Computer Troubleshooters Ireland plans to open as many as 12 new offices in the Republic and Northern Ireland over the next 2 years and is seeking potential franchisees in all parts of Ireland, both North and South. For a service call or more information, call Mark Casey on 021-2427140 or email:, or view website:

National Master Franchisor: Enda Folan, 091 580058, 086 8108118 or email: or visit the company’s web site,



Morning would probably be easier for me, I wanted to set myself a challenge”. Avril said she picked the Emer Casey Foundation as the recipients of the fund raiser because Emer was a childhood friend of hers and during the school summer holidays they went on trips to France on student exchanges, and later they went there au pairing.

AVRIL is is a lady of many talents. She is a mother of two, Josh and Mia. She works with her sister, Emma, who is Caterer and Head Chef at Youghal Golf Club. She is studying at an Event Production Course in College, and she is now organising a Fashion Show with a difference to help raise funds for the Emer Casey Foundation.

The East Cork Journal asked Avril why a Fashion Show, and why the Emer Casey Foundation? Her reply was simple – “I chose a Fashion Show because I love fashion. The course I am currently studying, she continued, includes the organising of an event, and even though a Coffee


Emer was diagnosed with ovarian/uterine cancer at a very young age and unfortunately, after a short battle, exceptionally bravely borne, Emer passed away on the 10th June 2009. It was because of this that the Emer Casey Foundation was established in her honour and her memory by her loving family. The foundation is dedicated to providing funding to secure the best independent research to detect the early signs of ovarian/uterine cancer. To date Emer’s family and friends have raised over €400,000 from many various events, from marathons to soccer tournaments The Fashion Show will be held in Youghal Golf Club on Wednesday April 7th from 7.30pm- 9.30pm and

everybody is welcome. Tickets are available at the door on the night. Avril told the East Cork Journal that the shops featured are all from Youghal, as she wants to keep everything as local as possible. The shops include Sports and Leisure, Helen’s Boutique, James For Men, Danelle, Genesis, Poppy Boutique and last, but not least, Neville’s. Delicious canapés will be served during the interval, kindly sponsored by Emma Sheridan of Youghal Golf Club and there will be a monster raffle with spot prizes. Any donations or spot prizes can be given into Avril at the Golf Club or if you have any queries give Avril a call on 0876284155

A twist with a difference is that there will be a special prize for the Best Dressed Lady on the night. So, dress to kill, slap those glad rags on, and remember that while clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self confidence - which does make the woman! As Yves Saint Laurent said - ‘Fashions fade, but style is eternal’.

Midleton Schools Group Limited

Midleton Schools Group Limited is responsible for the administration of a Community Employment Scheme (CES) funded by FÁS. The sponsoring organisations, which benefit from the CES, include Midleton Community Forum, St. Vincent de Paul, Edmund Rice Centre, Presentation Convent and Midleton & Area Chamber. It employs up to 16 staff and a requirement has arisen for a


The successful candidate should have excellent communication skills, be self-motivated and have the ability to engage with the target group.

He/she should have a relevant third level qualification (or equivalent), be computer proficient and should have a strong appreciation of the needs of the sponsoring organisations as well as the aims of the Community Employment Scheme. He/she should have knowledge of the FÁS Community Employment Scheme and should demonstrate an understanding/knowledge of the National Qualifications Framework system of accreditation through FETAC.

Experience in the effective supervision of people and the ability to co-ordinate training as well as a solid understanding of business operations including financial management, report writing, training needs analysis and evaluations would be a strong advantage. A good knowledge of Health & Safety Regulations would be useful. The position is full-time at FÁS rates. Applicants must have a full, clean driving license and be able to provide their own transport.

The position will commence on Monday, April 12th 2010. Applications including a full Curriculum Vitae should be made to Killian O’Sullivan, Chairman, Midleton Schools Group Limited, c/o Midleton & Area Chamber, Unit 1, Block C, Coach Horse Lane, The Square, Midleton, Co. Cork.


Midleton Schools Group Limited is an equal opportunities employer.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Poetry, pirates & princesses at Midleton Educate Together NS for World Book Day THURSDAY, March 4th, was World Book Day 2010, a celebration of books and reading. Midleton Educate Together NS really got into the spirit of things, dressing up as their favourite characters including Pippi Longstocking, Ben 10, Despereaux, Power Rangers, The Cat In The Hat, pirates, knights and a whole host of Disney princesses. Poet, Declan Lucey visited the school's three classrooms during the day, spending time with the students and teaching them some new poetry. East Cork-based Declan enthralled the children with his wonderful wit and, considering his involvement with companies such as the Everyman Theatre Company, the Triskel Arts Centre and the Cork Shakespearean Company, he fared quite well with the school's discerning junior and senior infants! And Declan, we haven't forgotten, we're looking forward to a poem about bananas next year!

Poet Declan Lucey with Kamil, Hazel, Jack and Filip

2 princesses, a poet and 2 Power Rangers: Mook, Jodie, Charlie and Raheel

Tyler, Nina, Sebastian and Ben

Athumbs-up from Brenda, Orla, Nikola and Declan

Michael, Ted, Fanni and Holly

Sophie, Dylan aka 'The Cat in the Hat' and Natalie with her Posh Puppy

Janek, Lena, Rose and Orion

Jordan, Lisa, Stacey and, a very early St. Patrick, Piotr

Joshua, Sam and (Sheriff) Toby

Princess Ava, Despereaux-double Shauna and Witchy Dominica

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Ben 10, Little Red Riding Hood and a Knight of the Round Table, aka Dara, Elena and Noah

Gabriel and Leah with poet, Declan

Alma, Isabel, Ellie and Inas

Luke, Omar and Filip

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Knockraha macra


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

into national drama finals

MIDLETON FOOT CLINIC Putting you and your feet first... * General and Advanced * Chiropody * Diabetes care * Verruca treatment * Fungal infections * Nail Surgery for ingrown nails under local anaesthesia * Sweaty feet and hand treatment Special rates for our seniors, medical card holders and students

The cast members of “Last Respects”: Elaine Doyle, Con Cremin, Kate Healy, Robert-John Barry and Michelle O’Callaghan

THE Knockraha Macra Drama Group have made it through to the National Drama Finals which will be held on Sunday, March 21st.

The club are as busy as ever preparing for an eventful charity night where they will host a ‘Mr & Missus’ in the Fir Tree Bar, Watergrasshill on Friday, March 26th at 8pm. Mr & Missus will run like the T.V. Show, Mr & Mrs, where couples will be tested on how well they really know each other! The winning couple will win dinner for two in Ballymaloe House. Proceeds on the night will go to The Irish Heart Foundation and to the “Mongal

Rally”, where Sarah O’Sullivan will drive an ambulance to Mongolia this summer. For more information, or to donate raffle prizes on the night call Sarah on 086 6020375.

Knockraha Macra membership is higher than ever as more people sign up to the club, who were runners up in Club of The Year in 2009. Membership for new members is €20 who can then take part in sports, drama, farm skills and social nights at reduced prices. For more information on joining call on Elaine at 086 6030566.

Seachtain na Gaeilge: Eochaill

Foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip & back pain? Orthotics could be the answer * Ten year guarantee * Free six week adjustment check * Annual Check Up We work with you to get it right! Your satisfaction is our reputation.

Appointments 021 4621044 Robert Sullivan

BSc. (Hons.) Podiatry, Cert LA, FSSCh., M. Inst ChP Dept. of Health Approved. Health Professions Council Registered.

Stanton seeks upgrading and reclassification of Midleton-Whitegate Road EAST Cork Fine Gael TD, David Stanton has written to the Minister for Transport requesting that the R629 road from Midleton to Whitegate be reclassified as a national road. Deputy Stanton also requested that extensive upgrading of the surface be carried out to improve the road.

‘As well as writing to the Minister, I have also written to the NRA and Cork County Council in relation to upgrading and reclassifying the road. Changing the road status from a regional road to a national road would mean that it would come under the remit of the NRA, meaning the NRA and not Cork County Council would conduct and pay for road maintenance.

SEACHTAIN na Gaeilge is the annual international festival organised by Conradh na Gaeilge to promote the Irish Language. The festival is used as a means to celebrate the Irish language with activities and events organised throughout the country in the weeks leading up to St Patrick’s Day in order to facilitate the promotion and use of the Irish language. Whether fluent or not,

Seachtain na Gaeilge is an opportunity to experience, practice, learn and enjoy the Irish language.

On Monday night week, Scoil Chorain Eochaill got into the Seachtain Na Gaeilge spirit at Youghal GAA Club - comghairdeas to all! (Photo: Michael Hussey,

‘The NRA have advised that the road status can only be changed by the Minister for Transport, and I have yet to receive a response from him. I am aware from my representations to the NRA and Cork County Council that the Council support the reclassifying of this road as a national road.

‘Given the strategic importance of the R629 as the only road leading to and from the oil refinery and power stations located in Whitegate and Aghada, I believe it necessary that the importance of this route be recognised. I would hope that reclassifying the R629 to the higher road category of ‘national” road would make more money available for maintaining the road.’

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Is it hot in here? Glanmire’s Disco Inferno Glanmire Community College put on their platform soles for ‘Disco Inferno’last Thursday and Friday night, playing to a full house each time. The show was quite simply fantastic, from the acting, singing, production, choreography, sense of theatre and size and scale of the whole experience. The people from the village of Glanmire got to listen to the Village People, courtesy of ‘In The Navy’ and ‘YMCA’ although Saturday Night Fever also got a look in. Alison Smith and Ruth Brosnan

Lisa Fitzgerald and Leona Murphy

Emma, Samantha and Chloe (platform shoes just out of shot!)

Megan and Greg Foley

Peter Whooley and Shane Maher with Eanna ‘I will do anything for a photo’ O’Leary

Siobhan and Vincent O’Brien Loulu Bubbles with Emma, Sophie, Eoin ‘The Leg’ Crowley and Katie Toscano

All photos available to buy

Erica, Sharon and Mike Muldowney had a great night. (Photos: Allan Meek,

Cian and Luke are best buds

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The sky’s the limit for Midleton Hairdressing Salon & Beauty Rooms

SPLIT Ends Hair Salon, Midleton is celebrating 26 years in business and they're showing no signs of slowing down!

Last week, the East Cork Journal was invited along to their light & airy premises on Midleton's Mill Road to catch up with their stylists, including a couple of new additions to their already highly-acclaimed staff. Theresa Keniry-Roche, proprietor of Split Ends told the East Cork Journal, 'Split Ends is simply going from strength to strength. We've taken on new stylists and, upstairs, in The Blue Room, Jennifer Hester, our trained beautician is working wonders too!' The Blue Room Experience is just that - an experience. Offering Dermalogica Facials, OPI Hand & Foot Treatments, Body Treats including Mineral Salt Scrubs and Swedish Mas-

sages as well as all those necessary evils like waxing and tinting, The Blue Room is a little haven of calm - and Theresa and her staff are aiming to keep it that way.

'The colouring is meant to be serene,' Theresa states. 'The name came from a customer who wanted to book in for another treatment and just called it 'The Blue Room.' Sometimes, the simplest name can be the best.' The Blue Room Experience also caters for Girls Nights Out, Wedding Packages and St. Tropez Tanning, as well as the intriguingly named Environmental Control Treatment, a facial that removes impurities, calming redness and taking out the visible reminders of the busy world we live in.





Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

decade and has been awarded CIBTAC and CIDESCO qualifications. She has extensive experience in all areas of beauty, including specialised waxing,make-up & manicures and the ability to create the perfect tan! Downstairs, back in the salon, Theresa introduces us to stylist Niamh O'Shea, who has been working with Theresa since her sixth year placement in school. She tells the East Cork Journal, From the minute I stepped inside the door of Split Ends Hair and Beauty I loved it and I have never looked back. Working at Split Ends has given me many opportunities to work alongside stylists from all walks of life ,which has added a personal touch from all of them to my work.'

Senior Stylist Czarina Roche, Midleton started her hairdressing career at Split Ends more than 18 years ago, training in Ireland and then moving to London in 1994. When Czarina qualified, she moved on to work with ‘The Ginger Group, a hair and beauty chain in central London.

Czarina specialises in creative cutting and colouring, as well as 'Yuko' Japanese hairstraightening, which repairs and regenerates hair.

Twins Olga and Eliza Woldanska both started working at Split Ends in 2008, having started their hairdressing careers in Poland 12 years ago.

The sisters have worked with many top Polish stylists. Olga specialises in creative colouring, while sister Eliza loves creative cuts and creating new images for her clients. Both ladies have a flair for upstyles and love working with clients for the catwalk, wedding parties and other special occasions.

Douglas native, Jennifer Hester has been working in the beauty industry for almost a

Jennifer Heston, Beautician and Theresa Keniry-Roche, proprietor, Split Ends in one of The Blue Room’s blue rooms!

Niamh’s particular hair-based fortes are upstyles, hair-colouring and creative colouring, so expect Niamh to always have the latest styles in mind.


Saleen native, Carolyn Lee began hairdressing in 1995, training in Midleton. In 2003, Carolyn opened her own salon in Midleton, before working for a 5-star hair and beauty salon in Mount Oval, Rochestown, where her love of upstyles gained her recognition throughout the industry.

Back row: Jennifer Heston, Beautician; Catherine Nestor, Administrator and Carolyn Lee, Senior Stylist. Middle row: Stylists Czarina Roche and Olga Woldanska. Front row: Niamh O'Shea, Stylist, Theresa Keniry-Roche, Proprietor and Eliza Woldanska, Stylist at Split Ends Hair Salon

The newest member of the Split Ends team, Carolyn works as a Senior Stylist, specialising in creative cutting, colouring and upstyles. Having met the team, the East Cork Journal asks proprietor Theresa what's next for Split Ends? 'We're going to keep doing what we're doing,' Theresa laughs, 'our existing customers are wonderful and we just want to ensure that we keep them happy, whilst also inviting new customers to come along to Split Ends and let us show you what we can do!' If you’d like to see what Split Ends can do, please call them at 021 4632810. Split Ends is open Tuesday to Saturday. Special offers available at The Blue Room for the month of March - call now!

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Mum's the word for Fr. Liam Lawton in concert 16

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

BALLINTOTIS Community Council certainly backed a winner when they presented Fr Liam Lawton in concert at the Holy Rosary Church in Midleton on Mother's Day, Sunday, March 14th. A packed house enjoyed a great evening’s entertainment as Fr. Lawton and his backing group went through an extensive repertoire of music. Soprano Sarah Barry and the Cork East Male Choir added further to the occasion as a splendid nights entertainment was provided with local man, John Cashman doing MC for the evening.

Fr. Liam Lawton is joined by Soprano, Sarah Barry and his backing group of Mark Cahill, Martin Quinn, Brendan Raeburn and Andrew Quinn

The event was a fundraiser for the Ballintotis Community Council, who hope to provide a Community Hall adjacent to the Parish Church on ground donated to the community by the parish, with Monsignor Gould very instrumental in proceedings. Parish Council Chairman, Denis Kelleher was thrilled with the turnout which certainly exceeded expectations, and the money collected from the raffle as well will be a great help towards reaching their target amount. The Community Council would like to thank all those who attended on the night for their support as well as all those who helped by Sponsoring the event. In addition, thanks are extended to Monsignor Gould for the use of the Holy Rosary Church to stage the event and to An Gardaí Siochana and the Red Cross Ambulance Unit. To all of the stewards who helped out on the night.

Fr. Liam Lawton poses with Pat Quinlan of the Ballintotis Community Council

Collette Shanahan, Angela Tarmey and Sheila Dennehy

Jacinta Coleman and Dorothy Bullman

Community Council members, Ger Cott, Josephine Murphy, Frank Hayes, Sean Murphy and Jean O’Gorman get ready for the event

Mary Hennessy and Carmel Houlihan

Marian Ryan and June Hayes

Kathleen and Tom Mullins

Michael and Pauline Dinneen

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The CityEast Male Voice Choir with Musical Director Marguerite O’Sullivan

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Fr. Liam Lawton performs for Ballintotas Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Mossy and Vera Noonan


John and Annette Whyte

Community Council Chairman, Denis Kelleher and former Chairman, Frank Hayes with Fr. Liam Lawton

Noreen and Patricia Noonan

Helen Cush and Kay Murphy

021 4638022

Helen and Eileen Sheehan

Denis Savage, Sinead and Elaine Savage and John McCarthy

Pat goes line-dancing for the Little Fighters

Denis and Eileen Ring with Mary White and Helen Walsh

All photos available to buy

Pat Quinlan accompanied by Ann Crowley

ON Sunday, March 7th, Pat Quinlan, Kilmountain, Castlemartyr and her line-dancing teacher, Helen Curtin put on their cowboy boots to dance in aid of the Little Fighters Fund. Pat, Helen and over 200 others from across the county, danced at the Sunset Ridge, Blarney to raise funds and are pictured above with Jason Keating, uncle of the twins, handing over their fundraising cheque at the Two Mile Inn during the Rebel Riders Motorcycle Run.

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News

MIDLETON Compiled by Kathleen Woulfe

Bullseye for Let’s Get Together Foundation

of Crystal Swing and we can’t forget Michael, on their tremendous performance on The Late Late Show. I feel that my congratulations are superfluous, as the applause from the audience and the words of appreciation everywhere I have been, says it all.

Midleton Lions Club

LAST Friday night, Pat Buckley, PRO of the Let’s Get Together Foundation, Midleton received a cheque from Thomas Cahill, Tosh Cahill’s Bar. Cloyne, alongside members of the Lewis family. The Let’s Get Together Foundation would like to thank everyone involved in the night, and a special thank you to the Lewis family, Tosh Cahill and the East Cork Darts Association.

Midleton Indoor Bowls

The above are holding their 11th Annual Tournament on Tuesday, March 23rd until Sunday, March 28th, at the G.A.A. Pavilion, Midleton. Everyone welcome. Admission free.

CF thanks Imokilly Feis

The local branch of CF would like to take this opportunity to thank Kathleen Keniry and Eileen Twohig for their very kind donation to CF from their Imokilly Feis, which was held recently. The Keniry School of Dancing has been very good to CF over the years, and Callie O Sullivan paid a special tribute to every-one who helped out in any way. Midleton GIY (Grow It Yourself), will meet in the Midleton Library at 6 pm on Thursday, March 18th. Michael Brenock will speak on All About Seed Sowing. Enquiries to 021 4652429.


Heartiest congratulations to Lisa and Aonghus Cotter on their recent marriage and best wishes for many years of wedded bliss. Congratulations and best wishes to Buddy and Garret Stack, Ballinacurra, on their wedding anniversary, and it’s great to hear that Garret is in good form again after his recent stay in hospital. He extends sincere thanks to all who wished him well during his illness. Best wishes to Garret for continued good health. Congratulations to Cork Senior Hurling Team, on a great win against Kilkenny on Sunday last. The sweetest victory to date. Well done. Congratulations to Thomas and Siobhán Kelly on the birth of their baby boy.

Well done, Crystal Swing

Once again I feel so happy to extend congratulations to the Burke family, Dervla, Derek and Mary

Heartiest congratulations to President, Geraldine French and her hardworking committee for organising the Fashion Show at the Midleton Park Hotel, on Wednesday night last. Geraldine thanked her committee, all who supported the fashion show, Claire Cullinane and the fashion houses, models, all the businesses who sponsored prizes, Midleton Park Hotel and all who helped to ensure the success of the night. Proceeds go to three local charities. She asked for new members to consider joining the Lions Club and said that they would be very welcome.

Ballybutler Project

A fundraising dance and cabaret will be held at Garryvoe Hotel, on Easter Sunday night April 4th, in aid of the Ballybutler Project. Music by Art Supple so don’t delay and get your tickets €20.

Cloyne X Factor Talent Contest

The first heat of the above took place on behalf of Aid Cancer Treatment, at Tosh Cahill’s Bar Cloyne, on Friday night last and was attended by a very large crowd. M.C. John Ahern welcomed everyone and before the start of the contest those present were aware that Crystal Swing was on The Late Late Show, so John slightly delayed the start so that those present could see this local group in action. We were not disappointed, as they were outstanding, and John wished them well for the future. He then called the first singer of the night Paddy Geoghan who accompanied himself on guitar and sang The Boxer and Peggy Gordon, Anne Crowley sang Red is the Rose and Ellis Island, Zoë O’Shea sang Baby Will you be Mine Tonight and Song of a Preacher Man, Majella sang Ben and Only The Rivers Run Free, Johnny Delany with Cool Water and My Heart Will Go On, Pakie O’Mahony sang An Ordinary Man and Carrigfergus, Pat Buckley sang Oh Carol and in a trick game, raised in excess of €100 for A.C.T. and George Kelleher sang You Raise Me Up and Please Release Me. The judges then left to make their deliberations and a raffle was held at the interval with all prizes sponsored. During the interval Proprietor, Tosh Cahill took the opportunity to present Pat Buckley from the Let’s Get Together Foundation, with a cheque for €500, which was the proceeds of a darts tournament organised by the Lewis family, East Cork Darts Club and Tosh Cahill. Pat in thanking the organisers, said that he was deeply grateful and humbled in accepting the cheque which, in his experience, would play a major part in assisting a strictly confidential association, for those who need it and who know better than Pat. Pat extended renewed thanks to all and wished A.C.T. Committee the very best for their contest.

Pat Clohessy played and sang some great songs and M.C. John Ahern paid tribute to all the singers, thanked the ticket sellers and all who supported the contest and hoped they would continue to do so. He thanked the judges Julie Dennehy O’Callaghan, Kerri Murphy and Tom Foster who gave of their time to judge, which he said was a very tough assignment on the night. He also extended special thanks to Pat Clohessy, who accompanies the singers perfectly and last but by no means least he thanked Tosh Cahill for making his comfortable premises available. The judges were back and Julie, speaking on their behalf gave details of what the judges looked for i.e. tuning quality, presentation etc., and announced the winners as follows. Zoë O’Shea, George Kelleher and wild card Pakie O’Mahony. Before concluding, John wished birthday greetings to Pat McCarthy, Chairperson of A.C.T.

Stars of Our Bars Talent Contest

The third heat of the Stars of Our Bars Talent Competition in aid of C.A.S.A. (Caring and Sharing Association) took place at Waterrock House, on Sunday last and was a very enjoyable night. At the outset Albert Williams M.C. welcomed everyone who turned up in support of C.A.S.A., which is the reason why Mary O’Farrell and her committee give of their time organising the heats every week.

Albert then called the first singer, John Delaney who sang My Son and My Heart Will Go On, Emily McHarg accompanied herself on the guitar and sang Everybody Hurts and Just When I Needed You Most, followed by Tom Flavin singing The Flight of The Earls and My Donegal, Amy Coady sang Love Me and You Will Be The Light (both songs unaccompanied) and Rhianna Costello accompanying herself on guitar sang You’re Wonderful Tonight and I’m Free and Charlie McAllister sang End of a Perfect Day and Never Grow Old. Judges, Sheila and John Collins, had the unenviable task of choosing three singers to go on to the semi final. During the interval a raffle took place and the lucky winners were John Collins, Jim O’Brien, Maureen Williams, George Kelleher, Ethel Wolohan and Eilish Cashman. A singsong started with songs from Eileen O’Brien, Joe White, Liam McCormack and Albert Williams. The staff then served very appetising food, which went down a treat and M.C. Albert announced the winners as follows, Tom Flavin, Amy Coady and Charlie McAllister. Albert paid special tribute to pianist Seán Curtin, who is an outstanding accompanist for all the singers. Next week, he said, would be the last heat in the contest, so those wishing to participate should contact Mary O’Farrell or come along on the night.

Saturday next at Waterrock House is the place to be for top class singing and entertainment at 9 pm. Congratulations were extended by Albert and all present to Crystal Swing on their wonderful performance on The Late Late Show. We were all so proud of you.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Hopefully the weather will be favourable to ensure the success of the Parade in Midleton, in honour of our Patron Saint and you can help by taking part in the parade or volunteer for stewarding, urgently required, so do please answer the appeal of the organisers by just giving a few hours of your time. Contact Seamus Cunningham on 086 8051123, if you wish to help.

Carrigtwohill Senior Citizens and Friends

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Night in the Midleton Park Hotel and dance to the music of Pat Burke and his band. Refreshments will be served.


Midleton G.A.A. Pavilion Dance Diary

Wednesday, March 17th: Brendan Lee and Patricia. Thursday, March 18th: Over 60’s with music by Crystal Swing. Saturday, March 20th: Dermot Lyons. Saturday, March 27th: Mary Darcy.

Thank You

Breda and Pat Mulcahy have organised a social evening at O’Meara’s Bar, Ballinacurra, in thanks to all who supported the launch of their daughter Maura’s CD, sometime ago. They would like to say thank you for all your support. The proceeds of the CD will go to the Cope Foundation and it is hoped that a member from Cork will be present to accept the cheque. Music on the night by Pat Daly.

Midleton Twinning Association

The above are having a Church Gate Collection on Sunday next and members or supporters wishing to help can contact Patricia Lyons on 021 4652479, Catherine Collins on 021 4613510 or Kathleen Woulfe on 0211 4631011. The AGM will be held on Wednesday, March 24th at 8.30pm in the Midleton Park Hotel.

Musical Evening

Midleton Male Voice Choir and friends under the baton of Fintan Finn and hosted by Tommy Collins, supporting local charities, are holding a musical evening on Thursday, March 25th at 8 pm in the Midleton Park Hotel. Also taking part will be the Owenacurra singers, Cobh Confraternity Band, guest solo and group performers. Admission €10.

The Over 60’s Talent Competition

The Midleton heat of the above, sponsored by Midleton Credit Union, will take place at the G.A.A. Pavilion on tomorrow Thursday at 8 pm. A night of top class entertainment is ensured with great music by Crystal Swing. Those wishing to take part in the competition should contact Rita, Margaret, Callie or Kathleen.

Irish Cancer Society

Daffodil Day on Friday, March 19th. By your help you will be supporting I.C.S. Seamus Cunningham and staff at Wallis’ Bar have kindly agreed to make their premises available for boxes for the collection, and return of boxes. Anyone wishing to help can contact Rose on 021 4883029, Helen on 086 1939040, Mary on 021 2883042 or Kathleen on 021 4631011. Your help will be much appreciated.

Happy B irthday!

Eileen Hegarty, number 1 Mum, number 1 Gran. Wishing you a very happy birthday on this your special one. Lots of love from your daughter Val and grandchildren Yvonne and Trevor. Birthday greetings to Pat McCarthy, Mrs. Morrison, James Walsh, Pat Tobin, Cork Road, Pat O’Brien, Showfield, Anne McMahon, Julie Wolohan and Frances O’Brien. K.W.

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Midleton students speak out for a Better Ireland Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy, Chairperson, YSI and Deirdre Clune TD are pictured with Young Social Innovators’ participants from St. Colman’s Community College, Midleton, Stephanie Kelly, Alison McMahon and Sean O’Keeffe. (Photo: Derek Speirs) STUDENTS from Midleton schools, St. Mary’s High School, St. Colman’s Community College and Midleton CBS Secondary were among over 1500 teenagers from Munster who attended the Young Social Innovators’ Speak Out 2010 in Cork City Hall this week, part of a series of 12 regional events for participants in Ireland’s largest social awareness and action programme for young people. Throughout March, 6,000

young people aged 15-18 years from 185 schools and educational centres across the country will have the opportunity to present their solutions to some of society’s most pressing social issues, to audiences of community leaders, local representatives and influencers in business, social and voluntary services. Between them the young people have undertaken almost 400 social action projects on issues that concern them, their community or the

world at large. Sixty social projects will be shortlisted for the ninth Young Social Innovators Showcase which takes place on 5th May in Croke Park, where the Young Social Innovator of the Year Awards will be announced. The winning team receives a grant towards the development of their project. Cork’s Lord Mayor, Cllr Dara Murphy, Deirdre Clune TD, Fine Gael Deputy Spokesper-

son on Enterprise with Special Responsibility for Innovation, Senator Dan Boyle and Maureen Forrest, Founder and Director, The Hope Foundation were among the guests in Cork City Hall who heard presentations on knife crime, isolation of the elderly, sexism in Irish sport, youth facilities and teenage drinking from young people from Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Wexford as well as Tipperary.

Rathcormac Vintage Club annual road run RATHCORMAC Vintage Club will hold their annual road run on next Sunday, March 21st. The run this year is in aid of the “Breast Cancer Unit” at Cork University Hospital, and takes in a scenic route of 23 miles. It starts in Rathcormac, passing through Watergrasshill, Leamlara, Lisgoold, Bartlemy, Bridesbridge, and Castlelyons before returning to Rathcormac. Vintage cars will have a longer route taking in Conna, Tallow, Youghal, Killeagh, Castlemartyr, Midleton, Lisgoold, and Castlelyons. Refreshments will be provided in Lisgoold and afterwards at the “Rathcormac Inn”. The “Myrtle Forde Memorial Perpetual Cup” will be presented for the best turned out car and a draw will take place

for all participants with the prize of a dinner for two.

Sponsorship cards are available from club members and the run is open to all entrants with a vintage or classic vehicle.

Carrigtwohill photographer captures the moment and the prize


Denis Hyland and his wife Liz celebrate Denis’ award

CONGRATULATIONS to Denis Hyland, Carrigtwohill-based photographer, who was awarded the Irish Photographers’ Association RSA Insurance award for the ‘Best Classical Wedding Portfolio 2010’.

Chairman of the Judges, Vincent O’Byrne, FIPPA commented, ‘This year saw the highest number of entries ever for the National Awards. The IPPA presented awards in 30 separate categories, promoting the very best in Irish professional photography.’ The Annual National Photographic Awards is the flagship event of the IPPA calendar where the IPPA presented members with Qualifications from Licentiate right through to Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP)

Last years’ run was very successful with €7,265 raised for the new Prostate Cancer Unit at the Mercy Hospital in Cork, so hopefully we will get the same support this year for this very worthy cause.

Ballycotton Bridge Club Results

MARCH 3RD 2010 North/South: 1st Nora Kennedy/Diarmuid Cashman; 2nd Betty Hanley/Collette Long; 3rd Kay Smiddy/Joan Wall East West: 1st Patricia Mirrison/Mary O’Mahony; 2nd Billie Philpott/Kate Cuffe; 3rd Kitty Egan/Rita Fitzpatrick


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Wednesday, March 17th 2010 - The East Cork Journal

In The Driving Seat Our regular motoring guide

Diesel tax rise to rise

lapse in the European wholesale price of diesel. It is a saving that has been denied to Irish, UK, Dutch, Belgian and Spanish drivers. "The cost of diesel has actually fallen 10% or so since October/November 2008," said AA Director of Policy, Conor Faughnan.

THE AA says the tax take at the diesel pump has risen nearly three times more than the average for Western Europe in the last 15 months.

This is according to an analysis of pump prices and tax changes in 10 Western European countries. Ireland's diesel drivers have witnessed the proportion of fuel cost that is tax increase by 8.33%, well above the 2.89% average for the countries surveyed.

"You would never notice it because of the tax hikes, and the customer's price has only fallen about 3 cent per litre (from €1.18 to €1.15) in that time. "Of course we all know that the price goes up and down in response to world oil prices. That can mask the effect that tax hikes have.

"AA research shows that most other European countries have resisted such fuel tax hikes over the past 15 months. “Not Ireland. Petrol and diesel are necessities for the majority of the population and businesses, yet are taxed as luxuries. Further increases could back-fire on economic recovery."

Safer cars obstruct drivers' vision In five of those countries, the tax-take is lower now than in November 2008, reflecting the col-

AS cars are becoming safer and stronger, drivers' views are becoming more restricted, says 'Which? Car', which has revealed the best and worst car visibility scores.

All-round visibility is generally worse than it was around 15 years ago.

Car roof and door pillars have been strengthened and have grown from barely noticeable strips to thick chunks of metal. Vehicle blind spots account for around 1% of all accidents.

The UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RSPA) calculates that eliminating them would prevent around 25 fatal accidents each year.

In Which? Car's rigorous research, the Smart ForTwo Coupé comes out top for driver's vision

with a visibility score of 64.8%, aided by its lack of a B pillar (usually found between a car's front and rear doors).

The Fiat 500 (58.7%) is second and the Citroën C3 Picasso (58.2%) is third.

The raised driving position in the Ford Galaxy MPV (57.4%) brings benefits for the driver's line of sight, as it does to a lesser extent in the VW Golf Plus (56.2%).

At the bottom of the list, convertibles such as the Porsche Boxster (31.4%), BMW Z4 (38.7%) and Lexus IS 250C (39.4%) rate poorly, though obviously their view improves considerably once the roof is down. There are also issues with the futuristic Honda Civic (37.6%), which has a split rear screen that does rear visibility no favours.

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The DeLorean is back CAR SALES LTD. from the future... we are douBling the government scrappage deal: and back in production €3,000 off new seat models! Wednesday, March 17th 2010 - The East Cork Journal


cork road, midleton

cork road, midleton

The rebirth of DeLorean Motor Company has been given the thumbs-up by one of America’s biggest showbiz personalities. Top US chat show host, Jay Leno — who is also an influential motoring journalist across the Atlantic — has said the revamped sports cars, originally made in Belfast, are the business. “The car looks even better in reality than it does in pictures,” said multi-millionaire Leno, who owns a fleet of exotic sports cars himself.

The NBC star added: “It certainly looks cool and it’s fun to drive... and when you’re going down the road everyone wants to look at it. It’s unique — and everyone has a reaction to it.”

The car — with its trademark gull-wing doors and stainless steel body — became iconic after its starring role in the time-travelling Back To The Future movies.

Now, though, thanks to Liverpool businessman Stephen Wynne, the car is being built the way it probably should have been in Dunmurry three decades ago. And, with spare parts for around 500 other cars having been made here before the plant closed, repairs are no longer an issue. Now based in Houston, Texas, car-mad Wynne and his team have been able to fix up the chassis as well as replace up to 80% of worn or damaged wings and body panels and improve the wiring. It’s not all good news for potential owners, however — with only two models currenty being built every month, the waiting list is getting longer — and Leno’s endorsement is likely to extend it. When that wait finally comes to an end, cutomers can expect to part with $57,500 (€42,000).

Some 9,000 DeLoreans were made at the huge Belfast plant. Build quality was generally poor, the car (made principally for the US market) was underpowered and therefore a lot slower than it looked — and while the stainless steel looked pristine in American showrooms, it soon attracted hundreds of grubby finger prints from curious onlookers.


get your new

seat iBiZa from as lile as


when you scrap your 10 year old or older car

new leon 1.4 tsi sport plus 125Bhp

from only


new exeo 2.0tdi cr reference




with our scrappage scheme

Fantastic finance deals available through Seat Finance Part of the Volkswagen group

021 4632999

Lower Aghada's Pat gets keys to new Seat Ibiza

courtesy of Cashman's Car Sales and Midleton Credit Union ON Saturday last, Pat Melvin and her husband Gerry were guests of honour at Cashman's Car Sales, Old Cork Road, Midleton when Pat was handed the keys of a brand new Seat Ibiza having won Midleton Credit Union's first car draw of 2010.

Pat was delighted to take the keys from Bernard Cashman, owner, Cashman's Car Sales and stated that winning the car was a great start to the New Year.

'A brand new Seat Ibiza for just €60,' quipped Credit Union Manager, John Fenton, 'that's not bad going at all!' Pat won the car as part of Midleton Credit Union's Car Draw, which is open to all members of the credit union.

For more information, please call Midleton Credit Union at 021 4631073.

Unit 5D, Marlhill Court, Foxhole, Youghal, Co. Cork Tel: 024 90270 - Mobile: 086 380 0888 www.


07 Perodua MYVI 1. 3 VVTI 02 VW Golf 1.4 5door 06 Toyota Avensis 1.6 Alloys 03 Ford Ranger Double Cab 05 BMW 116i Full Leather 01 Ford Focus 1.4 04 Mercedes E200 H/B choice Avantguard 01 Fiat Punto 1.2 Alloys 04 Landrover Freelander 99 Daewoo Matiz 1.0 1.8 5door 95 Mercedes E200 Auto 03 Hyundai Coupe 1.6 94 Mitsubishi Pajero SWB 02 Saab 9-5 Vector T/Diesel For photos and more details, please visit

ABOVE: Gerry Melvin, Bernard Cashman, owner, Cashman Car Sales and Pat Melvin, car winner with Midleton Credit Union's Manager John Fenton, Director Eleanor Laffan, Chairman Pat Burke, and Director Kathleen Woulfe

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Youghal’s Crystal Swingers


IT MAY be because they were guests on the Late Late Show last weekend with Brian Turbridy. It may be because it was a fundraiser for the local CRY Radio Station. Perhaps it was because it was Mother’s Day. Or even just because people like to dance.

Whatever the reason, the ballroom in the Walter Raleigh Hotel on Sunday last, March 14th, was crowded to the rafters with dancers who came along to listen to the very popular local band Crystal Swing. And swing they did. The floor was

filled at all times with twinkle toes, and those not on the floor sang along to the fabulous sounds of the band. The East Cork Journal went foot tapping around the tables where very young and not so young were all in good mood and enjoying their afternoon of music and dancing. In fact, it could be said that; The dancers were dancing, and taking no rest, And closely their hands together were pressed As soon as each dance has come to a close, Another begins, and each merrily goes.

Bertie Coleman from Midleton enjoys the day with Mary and Patrick Horgan from Killeagh

Good friends Anne Murphy and Chris Daly from Conna

Mary Daly and Rena Ahern

Breda Treacy and Margaret Leahy

Mary Cooper White and Ann Sellers

Peg Crowley and Anna O’Brien

Local ladies Catherine Barron and Ann Lyons smile for the East Cork Journal

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Liz Maddox from Castlemartyr treats Mum, Bridget Murray from Killeagh on Mother’s Day

Tom and Patsy Lennon come all the way from Kill for the dancing

A very enjoyable day for Dave and Noreen O’Flynn who come from Tallow in Co. Waterford

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Getting into the Swing of things

Sophie Rosenau with Keith White

Rebecca Geary and James Skelly enjoy Crystal Swing

Liam, Kenneth and Noreen Cantillon from Killeagh

Mary Heaphy and her sister, Margaret Ruxton in good form at the afternoon dancing

Seamus, Jean and Ann Fenton travel in from Mount Melleray for the afternoon entertainment

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Phil O’Donnell, friend of Marion and Ger Murray, proud Mum and brother of Mary in Crystal Swing

Ena O’Donovan, Sarah O’Sullivan, Marion and Joan Hegarty love to dance and socialise

Kathleen O’Donovan, Tom Cashman and Ann Coyle are not camera shy!

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

In t he Frame at Youghal M a l l A r t s C e n t re

John Higgins and Cllr. Owen Coyne with a very young admirer


ON SATURDAY last, March 13th a Civic Reception was afforded by the Mayor of Youghal, Cllr Sandra McLellan to an exceptional sportsman, John Higgins. John is three time and current reigning World Snooker Champion, and in a months time will be defending his World Crown at the Crucible in Sheffield. This is the same John Higgins who arrived in Youghal last weekend to meet with members of the local Youghal CYMS and play an Exhibition match here in our town. It’s not something that John does very often, and so it was indeed a great honour and coup for our local Snooker Club. The Civic Reception was a huge surprise for John, who said he was absolutely delighted to be given such an honour. 'I love to come to places like Youghal because it is in the small towns and cities that you find the real Snooker halls. There are people there who look after the younger generation, coaching them, teaching them the courtesies and etiquette which are so important, and generally giving of their time to help. They are to be congratulated.' A large, appreciative attendance gathered in the Mall Arts Centre to pay their respects to John and to laud his achievements. John himself is a rather shy, gentle man who listened with interest to everything that was said. He spoke with young and old, with experienced snooker players and those who 'hadn’t a cue' and generally enjoyed the honour which was bestowed on him.

The Mayor of Youghal, Cllr Sandra McLellan was high in her praise for John when she spoke during the presentation which was made to John of a Waterford Crystal bowl, and which he was delighted to accept. She highlighted the fact that John has won the World Championships three times, won twenty one ranking tournaments, and has more than 400 competitive century breaks to his name. The people of Youghal, she said, are honoured to have him in their town. As John Higgins, World Champion Snooker Player, left the Mall Arts Centre to make his way to the CYMS Hall for his Exhibition match, those left behind ‘chalked it down’ for future recounting of this historic Civic Reception.

Andrea O’Connell and Patrick Kelly enjoying the historic occasion

Cllrs Michael Beecher, Michelle Hennessy, Barbara Murray, Mayor of Youghal Sandra McLellan, Mary Linehan Foley and Owen Coyne with World Champion

Siobhán Cooney and Christine Kelly dress for the occasion

The future of Youghal CYMS - Killian McCarthy, Aidan O’Neill and Lee Walsh Cllr Michael Beecher enjoying the company of the Lenihan Foley family

Sineád Ahearne and Adrian Landers are great supporters of Youghal CYMS

The Cooney family delighted to pose with John Higgins

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


ENJOY the perfect holiday to Tunisia, where you'll find endless blue skies and sun-filled days all year round. Laze on beaches of fine, sun-bleached sand that stretch for miles, visit Mediterranean islands that seem to have drifted from more exotic waters, take advantage of the extensive facilities in the stylish hotels and enjoy an action-packed holiday with excellent golf, tennis and watersports.

or two of golf; there are several international standard courses to choose from. Tunisia is becoming increasingly popular for a golfing holiday. Watersports can take you skimming over the waves on a windsurfer or waterskis, or soaring above them in a parascender.

Nightlife In the evening, you don't have to go far for entertainment. Almost all hotels have an entertainment programme with belly dancers, fire-eaters, snake-charmers and folklore evenings. Most also have a disco with free entry for hotel guests.

Eating and Drinking

The freshest fish, a wealth of seafood, fragrant spices and honey-sweet desserts. Tunisian food is a delicious, spicy blend of Arabic and French influences. Most hotels serve an international menu with familiar dishes to suit all tastes, or try the excellent a la carte restaurants. If you're feeling more adventurous, try the local restaurants. The French influence is apparent in the many delicious local wines. Shopping and Souks Tunisia is a Duty Free Destination, so you can enjoy the benefits of cheaper holiday shopping. For the authentic Tunisian experience, visit a market or 'souk' which forms part of the local entertainment scene. Audience participation requires a sense of humour and lots of patience, but there are great bargains to be had. Best buys include local pottery, leather and sheepskin goods, copperware, jewellery and spices.


Your Perfect Holiday at unbelievable prices!

Traditional carpets range from the very intricate and luxurious with prices to match, to the cheaper rustic kelims. For local handicrafts without the haggling, shop at the state-run, fixedprice gift shops where the helpful assistants usually speak good English. Sports and Golf Tunisia's excellent facilities invite you to mix your beach life with a little sporting activity. A game of tennis on the hotel courts is a must, and won't tire you out, as many courts are floodlit allowing you to play in the cooler evenings. Why not play a round

Though you won't find an endless choice of lively bars, nightclubs and discos in any Tunisian resort, there are plenty of restaurants, marina and pavement cafes together with a few international discos for your night-time enjoyment.



Prices from €389pp Contact


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Antuniska Apartments 3* SC 1B 4/3/2 sharing from €399 EX. DUBLIN 4* SAN ANTONIO HOTEL Argosy Hotel 3* BB from €549 Grand Park & Villas 4* BB from €599 DEAL OF THE WEEK Dubrovnik Palace 5* BB from €719 €699 Per Adult – 7 Nights (+ €75 airport taxes) Above price Contact East Cork Travel, Church Lane, Midleton includes flights / 021 4633233 for prices and availability. transfers and 7 Call us or email us and add your mobile number / nights based on 2 email address to our database for special offers. sharing Half Board.



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All rooms with full sea view and balcony SAVINGS OF UP TO €180 PER PERSON Above prices are based on 2 sharing and include all taxes and charges

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Waterford Way

With Declan Barron

Waterford hurlers welcomes Rith 2010

Winnie Fennell Trad. Fest

CAPPOQUIN, which hosts its second St. Patrick’s Day Parade on today, March 17th can cast its eyes further down the road as the Winnie Fennell Trad Fest of Traditional music is set to hit the town on the following weekend, with plenty of events planned for the event which begins on the Thursday, March 25th until Sunday, March 28th. Full details next week.

Cappoquin Civic Link AGM

THE ANNUAL General meeting of the Cappoquin Civic Link will take place in the Parochial Hall on Tuesday March 24th at 8pm. The committee has worked very hard over the past year on a number of issues so it is your chance to have your say. Please come along on the night.

Ceilí returns to Ardmore

YES, tonight, March 17th, St. Declan’s Hall in Ardmore will roll back the years as a Ceilí Mór will be held in the village, organised by the Ardmore Tidy Towns Committee as part of Seachtain Na Gaeilge. Musicians from the Youghal Branch of Ceoltas Ceoilteoiri Eireann will join a host of local talent for the event, which is set to commence at 7pm until 10pm with plenty of Craic assured.

‘SIVE’ for Knockanore

Local children with Waterford Hurlers, Seamus Prendergast and Clinton Hennessy as An Rith 2010 comes to Ardmore GAA club THE ROUND Ireland run, Rith 2010 passed through many parts of Waterford with stops in Dungarvan, An Rinn, Old Parish and Ardmore, on Saturday last before making its way to the handover to the Cork contingent at the Mall House in Youghal. The run started in Belfast and made its way to Galway for the St Patrick’s

Day celebrations as part of Seachtain Na Gaeilge. County senior hurlers, Seamus Prendergast and Clinton Hennessy were on hand to welcome the runners to Ardmore, where Michael O’Brien carried the baton from the GAA field to the village before handing over to Bernie Stilwell.

Pedestrian crossing Villierstown NS approved for Cappoquin’s Church Street

FUNDING of €30,000 has been approved by the National Roads Authority to provide a pedestrian crossing at Church Street in Cappoquin. It is expected that the work will be completed by the summer, and this is indeed good news as this busy street is in constant use. With the new community centre, crèche and playschool located opposite the Church, the provision of this crossing will be a huge safety improvement and has been warmly welcomed in the town. Originally a by-pass for the town, which has the N72 road passing through it, was planned but with all of the cutbacks in place this project is likely to go on the back burner for some time, so to get the NRA to sanction a pedestrian crossing is very important to the town.

enrolment Day Friday, March 26th

THE JOHN B Keane play “ SIVE” will be performed at the Knockanore Community Centre on Friday, March 26th. Doors will open at 8pm for this Assumpta Mangan production, and a great night is assured.

Tallow Senior Citizens get set for Tea Party

THE TALLOW Senior Citizens Committee will hold an afternoon Tea Dance on Sunday, March 28th in the Community Centre from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

Tallow Newsletter

THE TALLOW Community Council Newsletter is currently being distributed to all houses in the area. There is some important information in it which should be stored, regarding contact details for the defibrillator. Also, anyone who has some free time on their hands is asked to come along on Saturday March 20th to the annual clean up of the approach roads into the town. The meeting point is in the square at 10am so bring along your gloves and give a hand to help your community.

Blackwater CS win Rice Cup

ST DECLAN’S National School in Villierstown are having a 2010 enrolment day on Friday 26th of March from 11-30am to 12-30pm. Light refreshments will be provided, and a tour of the school will be conducted. An information pack will be available for parents on the day, and for the children there will be an Easter Egg Hunt.

THE FINAL of the U16 Rice Cup hurling took place in Páirc Uí Chaoimh on Sunday last as curtain raiser to the Cork / Kilkenny National Hurling league game. Blackwater Community School was victorious on this occasion, defeating their Cork rivals in the final. John Ring, deputizing for David O’Brien, accepted the cup on behalf of the team who turned in a great display to win.

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Rith through Youghal Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



RITH 2010 is the new national Festival which commenced in Ireland on March 9th and will finish today, St Patrick’s Day in Galway, and is one of the main events of Seachtain na Gaeilge, Irish language Week. It is a Relay Race over a distance of 1600km, with entrants running from morning to night. A special hand-carved baton has been designed which carries a hidden message from Mary McAleese in support of the Irish language. At the end of the run, in Galway today, the hidden message will be read out.

Rith 2010 is a brand new way to celebrate the Irish language and culture in a way that is visual, fun, community based and which can be celebrated throughout the island of Ireland. Rith 2010 also aims to raise money to create a new fund for the promotion of the Irish language in the community.

On Saturday last, March 13th, at Youghal Town Hall, the Eochaill Óg U-8s were waiting with barely suppressed excitement for the passing over of the Baton. When the runners eventually arrived to much applause and cheers, the first handing over of the Baton was to young Oisín Hill who escorted it proudly as far as the Devonshire Arms Hotel where it was passed to Shane Wood. The next hand over was at the Clock Gate where Shane, with great aplomb, gave it onwards to the Mayor of Youghal, Cllr McLellan who very quickly passed it to Micheal Walsh. Various members of the Eochaill Óg U-8s were honoured to run a short distance with the Baton where, at the end of Cork Hill, it was passed over to members of the Senior Club who had the distinction of running to Gortroe to pass it onwards to St. Ita’s GAA Club.

Members of the U-8 Eochaill Óg team (back row) Adam Dempsey, Micheal Walsh, Oisín Hill, Jack Corcoran and Cian O’Sullivan with (front) Shane Morgan, Russell Wood, Cian Galvin and Kate Galvin, sit it out in expectation of the arrival of the Baton at Youghal‘s Town Hall

Youghal were delighted to be part of a historic occasion, the very first Rith in Ireland, and as was said on the day “running is real and relatively simple, but it ain’t easy....” the answer to which someone very seriously replied “we can’t all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by!”

BFF, Holly Hennessy and Breffni O’Hanlon

021 4638022

Luke McCarthy with David and Brian Banim brought a festive atmosphere to the proceedings, along with delightful traditional music

All photos available to buy

“Hands Up” from Conor Galvin, Charlie and Alfie O’Brien for the GAA members who are ‘on the run’

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A sporting chance


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

‘The Wizard of Wishaw’ John Higgins, becomes ‘Wizard of Youghal’

Corkbeg pitch & putt

THE Shamrock Bowl commenced last Sunday. The course was playing tough and good scores were hard to come by. It will come to a conclusion on St. Patrick’s Day. Mick O’Brien is the current holder of this title, and he will find it hard to hold on to his crown. Tom Barry and Derek Daly had good scores as well as Colm O’Shaughnessy, John Ahern and Michael O’Halloran.


There will be a competition on Sunday morning at 10.30 am and the following Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm

For anybody who wants to enter the National Scramble Competition, the final date for taking names is Sunday, March 21st.

Lismore golf club


8/3/10 – 14/3/10 12 Hole Stableford sponsored by Ger Wyley Sports Dungarvan & Round 6 of Dermot O’Leary Agri Ltd Spring League: 1st Gary Baverstock (21) 30Pts L6 2nd Pat Lane (19) 30 Pts, 3rd Tom O’Donovan (18) 29 Pts L6

WORLD ranked number one snooker professional, John Higgins was in Youghal last Saturday evening for a rare exhibition match at the Youghal CYMS and the ‘Wizard of Wishaw’ didn’t disappoint the huge crowd potting a maximum 147 break on his way to a devastating evening of top class snooker.


Higgins flew in from Edinburgh especially for the exhibition match and really was blown away by the warm reception he received on arrival in the East Cork Town. Higgins plans to return soon to Youghal with his wife and three children.

Higgins said “I really love Ireland. When we visited my Grandmother down through the years she would always have the Irish music on and I love those tunes right through to today. I am a huge Celtic fan, my Grandfather would go Parkhead, my Father went and I go as often as I can, it really is a family thing. I am coming back to Ireland, and next year myself and the family will hire a car and drive around to get a real look at the country and I definitely plan to return to Youghal. The welcome I have had here has been wonderful. Everyone I have met has been really brilliant”.

Until 21/3/10: 12 Hole Stableford sponsored by Tom Feerick Pharmacy & Gift Shop Cappoquin & Semi Finals of Dermot O’Leary Agri Ltd Spring League. World snooker champion, John Higgins holds the World Snooker Championship Trophy with All Ireland U14 snooker champion, Aaron Tobin and his mam, Margaret

This week’s weekly competition winner was club sponsor, Gary Baverstock (21). Recently our Belvedere Cup golfers are dominating the leader boards and Gary continued this trend. Gary had eight 3 pointers on his card and when real composure was required he finished with four straight pars. In second place on a count back was another Belvedere Cup specialist, Pat Lane (19).

Youghal CYMS President, Brendan Cooney who praised the Scot above all previous visiting snooker stars said “We started these exhibitions back in 2002 and we have had many great players in our rooms, and previous World Champions, but never have we had a reigning World Champion. The standard of his play tonight was astonishing, plus a very first 147 at the Society, it was just fantastic” said Cooney.

It seems the ‘Wizard of Wishaw’ became the ‘Wizard of Youghal’ last Saturday night after an astounding display of top class snooker where the canny Scot didn’t drop a frame. The players who played against Higgins were Adrian ‘Pepper’ Landers, Christopher Cooney, Aaron Tobin, Derek ‘Mr Maximum’ Aherne, Killian McCarthy, Lee Walsh, Aidan O’Neill, William Kelly, Trevor Flaherty, Gerard Kelly and Brendan Cooney. On the night John Higgins compiled breaks of : 147 vs. Derek Aherne 104 Against William Kelly 85 Clearance vs. Christopher Cooney 88 Against Trevor Flaherty 76 Against Brendan Cooney

12 Hole Stableford sponsored by Ger Wyley Sports Dungarvan

Youghal CYMS President, Brendan Cooney about to meet his match with the World’s No.1 snooker player, John Higgins. (Photos: Michael Hussey,

76 Against Adrian Landers 56 Against Aaron Tobin 56 Against Gerard Kelly

Needless to say, the World Champion was undefeated.

With seven pars including the index 1 Pat is showing fine early season form. Third on a count back went to VicePresident, Tom O’Donovan (18), the early bird Knockanore stalwart playing his usual consistent golf including an excellent birdie on the tricky 10th.


Just a gentle reminder to anyone who has yet to pay their annual subscriptions to do so as soon as possible. Colm Burke will gladly take your money at any time.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Value Punt

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Looking for an each-way bet, I see good value available in Imperial Commander and especially Tricky Trickster, at round 14s.


Our Weekly Betting Column by John “Diamond” Whelton

Imperial Commander will stay and should at least give you a run but Tricky Trickster jumps well, goes in reasonably fresh and will get a good ride from Sam Thomas. I could even see the sevenyear-old edging out Denman in second.

in association with

Trickster could split Kauto Star and Denman

ALL eyes on the Cotswolds this week for a mouth-watering week of top-class racing. In an action-packed festival full of intriguing head-to-heads and quality fields, the eager punter is like a child in a sweet shop full of betting slips. Moderation, as always, is the key, so we’ve focused on three races at the latter end of the week. It’s impossible to look beyond Big Buck’s retaining his World Hurdle title.

The seven-year-old is unbeaten in six outings stretching back to November 2008 when he unseated Sam Thomas. However, there’s not much better than 4-7 available so, in an average race if you exclude the favourite, it’s worth looking at an each-way shout.

Karabak is running well and chased Big Bucks to within three and a half lengths at Newbury in December. Mourad is also worth a look at a big price, but if you can take around 33’s, War of Attrition should keep you interested.

It’s a big ask for the Mouse Morristrained 11-year-old, but Grade Two wins at Gowran Park and Navan this season hopefully show the veteran has shaken off the injuries that have plagued him in recent years. Back at the scene of his finest hour, he’s worth a few bob for sentiment alone.

In Friday’s Triumph Hurdle, Carlito Brigante arrives at Cheltenham with three wins in a row under his belt. The big four-year-old is jumping well and looks decent value at around fives.

like to think Denman can put it up to last year’s winner, but I feel superior acceleration will prove enough for the oddson favourite.

Recommendations: War of Attrition e/w, Carlito Brigante win, Tricky Trickster e/w

But I also like the look of Advisor.

The French horse won impressively at Ascot in January when Ruby Walsh drove him clear of Barwell Bridge.

At time of writing, it’s not confirmed whether Walsh will opt for Advisor or the Willie Mullins-trained Secant Star on Friday. Ruby’s decision might well make my mind up too. Can you look beyond the Kauto Star – Denman face-off in the Gold Cup? I’d

Premier League Accumulator

Having escaped at Hull, Arsenal should bolster their growing sense of title belief with a home win over West Ham. Aston Villa must re-energise their topfour bid at home to Wolves, while yo-yo Wigan should beat travel-sick Burnley.

Take Everton to beat Bolton at Goodison and Tottenham to underline their Champions League ambitions with a brave away win at Stoke. Recommendations: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Wigan, Everton, Tottenham

Youghal cycling club’s weekly spin The Mother’s Day weekend spins

WITH the weekend that was in it and the fact that some of would have to put on the cooking apron on the Sunday and at short notice, a couple of members gathered at 8.00am on Saturday morning outside Moby Dicks to get in some approved sneaky training. A group of six headed for the Bog Road and Ballymacoda, over the hills to Garryvoe, through Shanagarry, Cloyne, Saleen, around East Ferry and back through Ballinacurra before stopping at the Midleton Roundabout Garage for some EPO, I mean Coffee. With all cylinders raring to go, we dropped the gears at upped the pace from Midleton all the way to Youghal where we arrived at 11.00am with 70km completed. A great and enjoyable spin was had by all with the exception of the hamster, AKA the blocklayer who turned up for the spin in shorts because he couldn’t find his leggings. Nice one, John! On Sunday morning, a group of 14, who were obviously off duty for the day, gathered at Moby Dicks at 9.00am for our usual Sunday morning spin. We headed out the main road to Dungarvan and turned left for Clashmore to get a bit of shelter. We rode through Clashmore and onto Aglish before turning up behind the pub for the assent up to the mast. An eary silence gripped the group on the climb as the new and official

NUMBER ONE LANCE ARMSTRONG FAN disappeared in the distance just like Lance used to do in the Tour the France, except our Lance had a bit of a Made in Taiwan twist. Looking well Wayne, looking well! With the climb complete, we rode over to the top of the sweep and dropped down into Rinn for the scheduled coffee stop. With all the EPO used the previous day, they group had to resort to Tea and Cereal bars for the feed. We got going again and took the coast road from Ring, through An Ghaeltacht, Ardmore, Piltown and home to Youghal. We arrived back in Youghal for around 12.00pm with 70km in the legs. Another nice spin on the day. The 10am group consisting of 4 riders also gathered on the good morning and traveled out the Bog road to Ballymacoda, through Ladysbridge and then the back road to Lockadera before turning back onto the main road and home to Youghal through, Castlemartyr and Killeagh. Another comfortable 40km completed for those who participated.

Club Website

Information about the club, cycling in the area and cycling in general, can be viewed at our club website. It has to be seen by all at

Weekend spins

As you are all well aware by now, there is a weekly spin every Sunday morning

at 9am sharp leaving from Moby Dick’s Pub by the Clock Gate. This spin, which runs on various routes every week, usually takes between 2 to 3 hours (weather permitting) and covers on average between 50 to 70km (35 to 50 miles). The pace is comfortable and we usually stop halfway around for a coffee or tea.

A second group also goes on a weekly spin every Sunday morning at 10am sharp, leaving from Moby Dick’s Pub by the Clock Gate. This spin, which also runs on various routes every week, usually takes around 2 hours to complete and covers on average between 30 to 40km (20 to 25 miles). The pace is again very comfortable. This is the perfect time for someone new to start with the group. With a steady pace and friendly people you are assured of an enjoyable spin.

New members or visitors to the area are always welcome. If you have any questions about the club or attending one of our weekend spins, please contact our Club Secretary Jonathan at 0868563292 for details. See you all Sunday morning! Until next week, safe cycling!

Lismore ladies golf

East Cork Oil Sponsored Spring League

1st Nora O’Sullivan (16) 30 points 2nd Sheila Denn (23) 28 points b6 3rd JoJo Tobin (23) 28 points This leaves the teams with the following points. Nora O’Sullivan, Team F, 388.0 points Betty Joyce, Team A, 386.5 points Joan Cahillane, Team C, 378.0 points Anne Bennett, Team G, 375.5 points Mag Morrissey, Team H, 369.5 points Marie Condon, Team D, 364.0 points Patricia Lonergan, Team E, 355.0 points Katherine Moynihan, Team I, 347.5 points Patricia B. McCarthy, Team B, 343.0 points. Individual placings as follows: Catherine Neville 139 points, Betty Joyce 137.5 points, Mag Morrissey 134.5 points. Until Saturday, March 20th. there will be a 9 hole 3 Ball Scramble €12 per team with one if possible on each team. Re-entry. There will be a presentation of prizes on Friday, April 9th, so please come along. There wil be music and plenty of craic to enjoy.

Midleton Bowlers to the fore


THE highlight of our season takes place next week when our annual tournament is being held in the G.A.A. Pavilion, from Tuesday 23rd to Sunday 28th, March, with the grand final timed for 4.30 pm approximately. This year we have 75 teams of four competing for the Midleton Bowls Perpetual Trophy, and some great prizes for the winners and last four clubs in the semi-finals.

With 300 players and supporters arriving in Midleton, we hope the business people of the town will benefit from their visit. Our club extends an open invitation to the people of Midleton and surrounding areas to come along to the G.A.A. Club on Tuesday or Thursday from 7 pm and Saturday or Sunday from 1.30 pm to 6 pm. With up to ten clubs in East Cork, the game of bowls is one of the fastest growing games, and with free admission to all games and a cup of tea and refreshments also free, what better way to spend a night or afternoon next week. Well done to Tadg, Peter and Kathleen and also to Danny, Marie and Terry, who reached the last 16 in the Barr’s Tournament last week.

Our two league teams have been very busy over the past few weeks with our Yellow Team taking over at the top of section 5 with two good wins over Bed and Douglas Comm. Our Green Team had a good win over St. Michael’s, but lost to a very strong Wilton team and remain in mid table in section eight.

We had three teams in Wilton last weekend and they all did our club proud. Dick, Callie, Rose and Con had two great wins on Thursday night against North Cathedral, one of the top teams in Cork at present, and had a great tussle against Crosshaven in a game that also went to an extra end, and qualified for the last twelve at the weekend. Tadg, Sheila, Callie and Terry recorded three outstanding wins against Kinsale, Mallow and a very experienced North Cathedral team, to reach the last eight. It was great to have two teams in the last day, and it got off to a good start for our club with Dick Carley’s team having a very close win over Highfield.

With our two teams in the quarter finals, hopes are high, but we came up against two of the top teams in Cork, Wilton and Cathedral and after very close games we had to give way to better teams on the day. More next week on our upcoming tournament.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Squatters, chancellors and doctors at Cloyne Point to Point Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

THE Cloyne Point to Point meeting was held in splendid conditions on its usual course just outside the village. A fine crowd saw some splendid finishes with Derek O’Connor, and James Hannon recording nice doubles, as a number of local horses obliged to the delight of the punters. The organisation was once again first class, and punters were provided with some excellent finishes as another great day went off without a hitch. Auntie Biddies, The Gate Childcare Centre and McCarthy Commercials Volvo Trucks 4-Y-O maiden The opening race was a 4 –year old maiden and Derek O’Connor got off the mark with Back To the Heels, 5/2 coming from behind to get up in front of Lucky Landing with Moonlight Drive in third place. East Cork Oil Company Confined Hunts Maiden The second race was no less competitive as Victor Clifford from Castlemartyr saw The Squatter 6/1 in the hands of Pat Collins get the better of Mistletoe Cottage with Calabrese coming home third. Beausang Construction Winners Of One In the third race, Iron Chancellor 4/1 came home alone in the hands of James Hannon to give him the first of his double with Merry in Moscow second and Gurtacrue in third spot.

Garryvoe Hotel & O’Brien Skip Hire Mares Open Lismore were represented in the winner’s enclosure when the Declan Doocey owned Dr. Doocey 8/1 gave James Hannon the second leg of his double coming home in front of Witness Belle with Hansel Monday in third spot here. The

favourite Burnt Oil Babe fell when in contention at the last, much to the delight of the bookies. Ballyoo Transport & Dairygold Pegus 5 & 6 Y-O Geldings Maiden First Divide The fifth race was divided with 7/2 shot Jack Dante in the hands of Colman Sweeney getting the better of Rebel Hunter on the run in while Use Your Illusion was in third place. Ballyoo Transport & Dairygold Pegus 5 & 6 Y-O Geldings Maiden Second Divide The divide here saw Derek O’Connor profit from a strong ride on Benedictius 4/6 to get home by half a length from Gooseberry Hill with Whole truth filling the third spot.

Ballymaloe House and Gain Horse Feeds 5-Y-O & upwards Mares Maiden First Divide The Gain Mares Maiden also saw a divide with Declan Queally getting Dangan Diva home in front of Cailin Ceol in the first leg with Sorcha Rua in third place here. Ballymaloe House and Gain Horse Feeds 5 –Y-O & Upwards Mares Maiden Second Divide The second divide saw C. McSweeney get Witness Express home in front of Takemewithyou with Miss Sparky in third spot to bring a great day’s racing to a close.

Punters will not have long to wait for more action as the postponed Lisgoold Point to Point takes place on St. Patrick’s Day with the first race at 1.15pm and on next Sunday, March 21st it will be the turn of Lismore Point to Point Committee to stage their event. Punters will, of course, have been watching Cheltenham all week so racing fans really have a great week to look forward to.



Jerome and Eithne Sheehan check out the form

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John Fitzgerald, Ted Hurley, Ned Fitzgerald and Tommy Meade

Cloyne Point to Point Chairman, JJ Harty with ‘bag ladies’ Katrina Schultz, Kelly Motherway and Grace Hourigan

Race enthusiasts, Mary, Lorna, Eamon and Pat

The Lewis family from Cloyne

Cloyne girls Marie Kearney, Carla Horgan, Ciara Hurley and Eadaoin O’Sullivan at the races

This group of racing fans which includes Brid Hurley, David Kearney, Olivia McGrath, Lucy Gillespie and Nessa Fitzpatrick enjoy the racing

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On the turf at Cloyne Point to Point


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Dave O’Keeffe, Mick Fitzgerald and John Hennessy try to pick the winners

Heather Lees with her dad, Chris at the Cloyne races

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James Sheehan, Eugene Rice and Michael McCarthy

Briain Minihane, Luke Cunningham, Conor Motherway and Tomás Shanahan Outriders Marie Smiddy and Jillian Hurley pose for a picture

Emily Cahill, Claudia Jablonska, Ellen Cahill, Hannah Cahill with dog Toby and Megan McCarthy

Mathew and Laura with mum, Lynda Kenneally- Smiddy Marita Kelly and her mum Elsie from Knockanore

Midleton boys Eoin Moloney & David Mulcahy

Lynda Harney and Barra O’Mahony enjoy the racing

Conna Trainer, Jimmy Mangan enjoys a joke with Bill Roynane, John Mangan, Gerard Collendar and Killian Cronin at the Cloyne Point to Point

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New start time set for St. Patrick’s Day matches


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Sunday League, March 14th

IN the winter Sunday League,Team B defeated Team F by a bowl of odds, and Team I received a walk-over from Team D.

St. Patrick’s Day

New start time of 10.30am - everyone please note!

At 10.30am, playing out: Team J (Mick O’Donovan, Donie Kelleher, Keith Dennehy, John Hennessy, Sean O’Brien) vs. Team C (Daniel Twomey, Thomas Driscoll, Phillip O’Connor, John Rossiter)

At 11.45am, playing back: Team D (Brian Fleming, Seanie Cashman, Brian O’Connor, Mike Murry) vs. Team F (Mark Kenneally, Richard Murphy, David Cusack, Donal Clifford)

At 3pm, playing out: Team B (John Gleeson, Mick Mullane, KevinFleming, Jack Rossiter) VS Team E (Graham Fleming, Brian Costine, Alan Walsh, Jamie Costine) At 3.45pm, playing back Team G (Colm O’Riordan, Mick Lewis, Luke Cullinane, Phillip Considine, Brendan Murray) VSTeam I (Paddy Sullivan, Daniel Murray, Darragh Canavan, Micky Walsh)

These scores are hoped to wind up the winter sunday league,prior to the clocks going forward at Easter to facilitate the new summer evening league.

Sunday, March 21st:

At 11.00am Team J (Mick O’Donovan, Donie Kelleher, Keith Dennehy, John Hennessy, Sean O’Brien) vs. Team D (Brian Fleming, Seanie Cashman, Brian O’Connor, Mike Murray)

The Week In Sport with Declan Barron

At 11.45am Team C (Daniel Twomey, Thomas Driscoll, Phillip O’Connor, John Rossiter) vs. Team F (Mark Kenneally, Richard Murphy, David Cusack, Donal Clifford)

Club meeting and table quiz on March 25th

The club’s next meeting will be held at Hartys Bar at 8pm, with the Table Quiz, fundraiser commencing at 9pm. The cost is €30, with 4 to a team. All welcome.

Youth Section

Draws were made for the clubs new underage tournaments starting Saturday, March 20th at Kilboy Cross at 2pm.

U10 semi-finals

Michael Cahill vs. Liam Sugrue Marc O’Connor - O’Brien vs. Nigel Lewis

U12 quarter finals

Cillian O`Donovan vs. Jake Holmes Joshua Rossiter vs. Aaron McGrath Conor Tynan vs. Liam Cotter Dylan Mulliane vs. Jake Coady

U14 semi-finals

Conor Motherway vs. Briain Minihane Jack Rossiter vs. Brian O’Shea

Girls U12

Ellie Coady vs. Sarah Jane Lewis Bye - Tracy Casey

For further imformation on the clubs activities,and to join, please contact either John Rossiter (Secretary) 087 6252936, Michael O’Donovan (Registrar) 087 9691275 or John Gleeson (Chairman/Youth) on 087 1473236.

3/3/10 1st Amanda O’Neill Coyne (27) 28pts, 2nd Celia Cotter (31) 26pts Wednesday 10th March - 13 Holes Singles Stableford Cat A: 1st Mary Pomphrett (20) 25pts, 2nd Betty Cotter (20) 23pts, 3rd Mary Lawton (16) 23pts Cat B: 1st Cathy Harnedy (26) 25pts, 2nd Amanda O’Neill Coyne (27) 26pts, 3rd Sheila Morrison (25) 24pts Cat C: 1st Maura O’Leary (34) 25pts, 2nd Juliette Casey (33) 22pts, 3rd Fionnuala Coleman (35) 22pts

Winter League

1st Team D 412pts: Maeve Troupe Kelly, Breeda Fitzgerald, Paula Brennan, Noreen Cronin, Ann P.

Coleman, Eileen Carroll. 2nd Team F 382pts: Paula McNamara, Kay Curtin, Rosemary Mathews, Cathy Harnedy, Celia Cotter, Patricia McCarthy. 3rd Team E 364pts: Loretto Morrison, Maurette Fogarty, Maeve O’Leary, Sheelagh O’Callaghan, Brid Doyle, Angela Leahy.


24/3/10 - Daffodil Day - Champagne Scramble: Team of 3


Midweek Open Singles 1st Dermot Hogan (16) 30pts 12/3/10 & 13/3/10 - 18 Holes Singles Stableford 1st Richard O’Halloran (16) 41pts, 2nd Patrick Collins (5) 39pts 3rd James Condon (18) 38pts

4th Eddie Harty (18) 38pts 5th Dermot Hogan (16) 38pts 6th Noel Parsons (22) 38pts

14/3/10 - 18 Holes Singles Stableford

1st Tony Desmond (15) 41pts 2nd Eoghan McCarthy (14) 40pts 3rd Willie Jones (2) 40pts 4th Michael Ryan (13) 40pts 5th Dominic Keane (20) 38pts

Fixtures: 17/3/10


on the cards for Ireland

AS PREDICTED a few weeks back, Ireland are now in a position to claim the Triple Crown on this coming Saturday in Croke Park when they face Scotland in the final Six Nations match for this season. The loss to France, while predictable in Paris, has been put in context as Ireland has shown that they are now a serious side. Victory over Wales in Croke Park has set up the opportunity to end the season with some silverware. On Saturday last a great display from Tomás O’Leary (arguably his best in an Ireland shirt) set Ireland up for victory. With fellow Munster men, David Wallace and Keith Earls also excelling on a day that saw Brian O’Driscoll pick up his 100th cap, Ireland turned in another decent display, to set up a showdown with Scotland in Croke Park. England could only secure a 15 all draw with Scotland in a try-less match in Murrayfield, meaning that England must now win in Paris to deny France a grand slam as they easily accounted for Italy. Ireland, however, can look forward to winning a fifth Triple Crown since 2004 which, in the circumstances, would be a great end to the season.

Supporters come out in force to support Cork teams

Youghal golf club LADIES

Triple Crown


OPEN 3 Person Team Event Ladies/Gents/Mixed Presentation of prizes on 17/3/10 at 7pm 19/3/10 - 21/3/10: Easter Hamper Weekend Presentation of prizes 28/3/10 at 7.30pm.

Over the weekend Cork supporters turned out in numbers to support the FORAS Co Op Cork soccer side that played Waterford at Turners Cross on Friday night. The kickoff had to be delayed ten minutes as almost 4,500 supporters came out in supports of the city’s football team. On the night goals from Alan Carey and Vinny Sullivan gave victory to Waterford United in the first of the Munster derby games. If the Cork supporters continue to show this kind of support it can only be good for the team. Not wanting to be outdone on Sunday over 10,000 supporters turned up in Páirc Uí Chaoimh for the visit of Brian Cody and his Kilkenny side for the third round of the Allianz Hurling League. On this occasion Cork supporters went home happy as the side remains unbeaten so far. What is does show, however, is that no matter what team is doing well on Leeside, the supporters will come out in force to support them. Long may it continue as teams need the support of the public to continue to give of their best?

Recession hitting national competitions

Midleton were the latest team to receive a walkover in the U16 National Cup as Barna failed to travel to Galway for their last 16 clash, meaning that Midleton will now face Cobh Ramblers for a quarter final place. Just a few weeks ago in the FAI Junior Cup Cobh Ramblers received a walk over when Nenagh failed to travel. In both instances the cost factor was given as the main reason for the concession, begging the question-are the national cup games being hit by the recession and should regionalizing be considered by the relevant bodies? Cobh Ramblers recently went to Inishowen in Donegal while only last week the WWEC League U18 side was also in the North West as they faced Donegal in Letterkenny. In both instances, the clubs fulfilled

the fixtures but they most certainly were expensive journeys.

Pat Fanning called to his eternal reward

Former GAA President Pat Fanning from Waterford died over the weekend. The Mount Sion man was indeed a great character and gave a lifetime of service to the GAA. In his time as President of the Association from 1970 to 1973 he presided over the most important decision taken at that time, to remove Rule 27 which was known as “The Ban” in 1971 at congress in Belfast, preventing GAA players from playing or, indeed, attending foreign games. Pat Fanning was an iconic figure in the GAA. He played inter county hurling at every grade for Waterford and won seven SHC medals with his club, Mount Sion. He was selector with Waterford Minor hurlers in 1948 when the county completed it’s only Senior/ Minor double and served as Munster Council Chairman and as Waterford County chairman on three occasions. His son, Phil, is a well known writer with the News and Star in Waterford while another son, Mairtin is Irish Ambassador to Australia. Another son, Pat Jnr. and daughter, Eileen along with all of his relatives and friends will sadly miss one of the great GAA men as Pat Fanning, who was 92, is called to his eternal reward.

Midleton’s juvenile athletes take double honours

CONGRATULATIONS to Aideen Hallahan (U15) and Séadnaidh Smyth (U14) on their respective Gold and Silver medal wins in the Shot Putt competition at the U14-U19 Indoor Track & Field Championships held in Nenagh on March 6th and 7th. Aideen, on top form this season, came through as the well deserved winner on the day with a mighty throw of 10.03m. Séadnaidh, also threw powerfully to win Silver with a throw of 11.09m. Both Aideen and Séadnaidh along with U12 Shot Putt thrower, Cleeva Motherway, now qualify for the National Championships. Well done and best wishes to these young athletes as we look forward to their performances in Nenagh over the weekend of March 27th/28th. Owen Coates (U14) also competed on the day in the Long Jump competition and finished in a very creditable 7th place with a jump of 4.37m

East Cork Track & Field Championships

We wish to remind all members that the first round of the East Cork T & F Championship will be held in the CBS grounds, Midleton at 1pm on Sunday, March 28th.

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Lower Aghada Tennis & Sailing Club Claycastle Affiliated to Tennis Ireland pitch & putt


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Day’s Eurospar Annual Birds Tournament 2010

Club leagues

THIS year’s event has been running for the past number of weeks and concluded last Sunday night. It was a night to remember as some of the best tennis in recent years was on display and the final was played in splendid weather conditions. A delighted Kevin Day (sponsor) presented the prizes for the 14th year in a row. Winners: The Canada Geese 60 points; The Tufted Paul Kellagher and Declan Whelan Curtin led the Canada Geese to a great victory Ducks 44 points.

Lismore mother and daughter make Irish rallying history

AFTER years of dreaming of being a rally driver florist, Veronica Troy of Bonnie’s Bouquets, Lismore, Co. Waterford, finally fulfilled her need for speed when she visited Rallyconnection Rally School in Millstreet, Cappagh, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford in April 2008.

She and her daughter, Donna, were put through their paces in fully prepared R.W.D. Mk2 Escort rally cars. After a passenger spin with their instructor they took the wheel of a powerful fully-blown rally car and built up their pace and confidence. Before long they were hand braking and power-sliding round acute hairpins and carrying lots of speed on flowing corners and flat-out straights. The bug had bitten and 6 months later they returned with a larger family group of budding hopefuls, where the competition was fierce but the craic and banter flowed amid the high revs and burning rubber. Totally addicted now, they returned a total of 3 more times until Veronica finally admitted that she and Donna wanted to go a step further and sit their rally licence test.

The fateful day finally arrived on Friday, January 22nd and after a full days training at Rallyconnection, and 2 exams - (both theory and practical), Lismore and Ireland had 2 more fully qualified rally drivers. This is the first time in Irish rallying history that both mother and daughter have successfully sat and passed a rally licence test together! A delighted Veronica said, ‘I have gone without holidays to fund the best buzz that money can buy. I can totally recommend this to anyone and can’t wait for the next time”. At the track you can get the speed out of your system in a safe and controlled environment, and have the craic with the very patient and professional instructors, - roll on the end of March!’ ‘Rallying is not just for the lads and I would urge any woman to GO FOR IT,’ said Donna, ‘It really gives you more confidence driving on the road and I can’t wait for the next day. I can’t explain how good it is, you will just have to try it for yourself!”

Canada Geese performers Dan Cowman and Mary Barnes with Kevin Day of Day’s Eurospar

Watch this space next week for a more detailed report.

The Cork Regional League 2010

This years’ competition will kick-off on Friday, March 26th. Lower Aghada entered 3 teams. Our teams will be selected this weekend. Late entries text Pat at 087 6409923.

An Bol-Chumann East Cork region

Pictured at last Sunday’s finals in Clashmore were Paddy Hurton, referee; Steven Quinlan , winner, Paddy Hennessy Cup; Killian Kingston, winner, Christy Coleman Cup; Gerry Greene, runner-up, Christy Coleman Cup and Decky Doody, runner-up, Paddy Hennessy Cup

SUNDAY, March 21st in Ballincurrig at 11.30am: Dave Dennis vs. PJ Cooney In Cobh - Novice C Championship at 3pm: Carl Randells vs. Peter O’Brien. Veterans Championship at 4pm in Cobh: Declan Doody vs. Paddy Hurton.

The Christy Coleman Cup final was played in Clashmore on Sunday last between Killian Kingston and Jerry Greene.

Kingston was in top form here and had well over a bowl of odds after his two big opening throws. He continued his good play and after 7 had 2 bowls of odds.

Jerry, A Novice B player, was playing a fine score also, against his higher graded opponent. From here to the finish both players continued to play well, with Kingston eventually winning by 2 bowls of odds. The winner was presented with the cup by the regional chairman, Wille Dennis, after the score and Jerry received the runner - up prize. This was Killian’s second year in a row to win this cup. The Paddy Hennessy Cup final was played

and in opposition were the Cobh Players, Steven Quinlan and Declan Doody. Steven started the better and after 7 throws he finally rose the bowl of odds. Declan was playing a steady score and had a chance to level when he made a mistake. This gave Steven a bowl of odds and he held this to the finish. The magnificant cup in honour of the late Paddy Hennessy, a great follower of the game in his time, was presented to Steven by the daughter of the late Paddy Declan was then presented with his runner - up prize. Indeed, Steven was retaining this Cup because he won it also last year!

More results

In the Junior A championship in Clashmore Dan O Connor, last year’s beaten finalist, defeated last years Junior B Champion, Tony Carey. In the Junior B Championship in Ballincurrig, Billy Dalton defeated John Butler. Here also, in the same competition, Terry Sexton recorded his second straight win in the round robin series, when he defeated Michael Wall. In the Novice C Championship in Ballincurrig, Leo Hegarty received a walk-over from Anthony Fouhy.

AFTER 7 weeks of competition the final of the club league was played on March 7th. The final was contested by Team A (Martin O’Regan, Joan Hyde, Declan O’Shea, Ted Healy) and Team E (Thomas Bulman, John Wallace, Martin Dalton, Teresa McCarthy).

After 36 holes in tough windy conditions team E emerged victorious by just one shot on a final score of 309 - 310. We now look forward to our annual Scratch Cup which will be played on March 28th. Hopefully we will see a good turnout from our own members this year, after disappointing participation in recent years.

County Leagues: Round 4

The intermediate team won their first game of the league this year by beating St. Anne’s in a thriller in Fermoy. 2-1 up after the fourballs with wins for Don Sheehan/Jimmy McCarthy and Ted Kelly/Brendan McCausley, the lads went on to halve the singles 3-3 and take victory by 5-4. There is great credit due to the team for their perseverance this year and justice was done when they finally won a game. The future looks bright for the inter team and the experience gained this season will stand to them next year where, hopefully, they will contend for top honours.

The senior team had another comfortable game on Sunday when they beat Riverside 8-1 at a blustery Collins course. With 4 wins out of 4 and an aggregate of plus 31, the team is guaranteed to top the section with one game to play. That game is against Fermoy at Lakewood where victory will eliminate one of the pre tournament favourites.

Round 5

The seniors took on Fermoy in Lakewood on Sunday last. With top spot already secured, the task at hand was to attempt to eliminate one of our closest rivals. Fermoy led 2-1 after the fourballs with some fine play, most notable from former All Ireland champion John Cahill. Claycastle came storming back in the singles to earn a draw on a score of 4.5 a piece. Gary O’ Sullivan showed nerves of steel to halve his match vs. Daithi Sexton and claim the half point that secured the draw. Both players were 12 under par for the round! The draw eliminated Fermoy and we now have a semi final line-up of Collins vs. St. Anne’s and Claycastle vs. Templebreedy. The games will be played on Sunday, March 21st with the venue yet to be decided. It’s early to say but a final of Claycastle vs. Collins is on the cards and what a cracking game that would be. There will be a small matter of a semi final to overcome first where the opponents will be Templebreedy, who have the greatest player to ever play the game ‘Ray Murphy’ in their ranks. All in all an exciting couple of weeks lie ahead for the team and the club. Best of luck, lads.

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Youghal’s John Fitzgerald wins East Cork Darts Championship Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


JOHN Fitzgerald from Maggie May’s, Youghal won the Star Homes Individual East Cork Championship in front of a huge crowd in Midleton Park Hotel on Friday night last when he defeated “the eye of the Tiger” Teddy Barry from Sars, Glanmire in the final. There were one hundred and twenty players toeing the line and the few usual shocks on the way - with the reigning champion going out early.

Semi finals

The semi-finals consisted of three players from Maggie May’s, John Fitzgerald, Chris O’Connell and Thomas Burke, and Teddy Barry from Sars. These semi finals were played on stage, with walk on music for each player. First up was the Maggie Mays pairing of John Fitz who walked on to the music of Hawaii Five 0, against Chris O’Connell, who walked on to the music Wully John Fitzgerald, the 2010 singles champion, receives the East Cork Bully. John Fitz playing brilliant darts and defeated Chris 3-0. In Darts Association perpetual cup from Niall and John Walsh of Star the second Semi Final Thomas Burke walked on to’Amarillo’ and Homes with Ned Donovan, Chairman, East Cork Darts Association Teddy Barry to ‘The Eye of the Tiger’. Teddy also played great darts, just edging out Thomas Burke in a Brilliant Match 3 games to 2.

The greats: Joe Coyne from Kilkenny and former champion Stephen Coleman meet up again

The final

It was now down to the final of the night with Maggie May’s John Fitzgerald against Teddy Barry from Sars. The atmosphere was electric at this stage. John Fitzgerald, looking for his second East Cork Championship, starting brilliantly taking the first leg with a finish of 68. John soon opened up a 2 leg advantage but Teddy responded to take the third leg. But that was as near as he got as John went on to win the fourth leg to capture the East Cork Darts Star Homes Individuals Championship by 3 legs to 1.

East Cork Darts Association would like to thank John and Niall Walsh from Star Homes Midleton Limited who were there on the night to make the presentations to all the prize winners. Godfrey Johnny McMahon, Gary Walsh, Stephen Gilroy, James O’Keeffe Kirby from Colberts Bar and Garry Walsh from the Schooner Bar and Godfrey Kirby get ready for action received an award for being the best of the lower division players in the competition. Johnny Donovan from McGrath’s, who hit 3 180’s on the night, and Donie Kelleher from Tosh Cahill’s in Cloyne who had the highest checkout also received an award. Jason Lenane from the Old Thatch Killeagh was the lucky winner of a dart board which will be personally signed to him from Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, at a later date. East Cork Darts Association would like to thank Star Homes for their sponsorship of the event, and to Midleton Park Hotel for the use of the premises for the night. Also to Joe Coyne Promotions for supplying and setting up the stage and the layout of the room. Thanks also to all of the players, markers, supporters, the hard working committee and any other person who helped out in any way to make this spectacular occasion a huge success.

East Cork Board Dart Officers Brian McCarthy, Ned Donovan and Aidan Lenane had everything in great shape for the Star Homes Singles championship

Niall and John Walsh of Star Homes present the defeated semi finalists, Thomas Burke and Chris O’Donnell, with their prizes with Ned Donovan, Chairman, East Cork Darts Association

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Stephanie Hodnett with David O’Brien

No hard feelings: Mick Gleeson who was defeated by Thomas Burke in the last 16, still feeling the love!

Ann Holland supporting her son, Michael at the singles finals

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120 players aim for 180 throughout East Cork Darts Singles Championship Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Keith Malone, beaten quarter finalist, pictured with runner up, Teddy Barry

The lady darts players were in fine form: Ann Marie, Jackie, Emily, Caroline T, Stef and Caroline C.

John Walsh, Richard Landers, John Donovan, Edmond Donovan, Chairman, Jason Lenane, Keith Malone and Niall Walsh

Mike Donovan is joined by Tim Pat and Paul Donovan and Liam Murphy


Margaret and Tracey Donovan

Teddy Barry, who had just defeated Sean McDermott, is joined by John and Michael Donovan, Tony and Brendan Lamb and Sean McDermott before the last 16 draw

Defending champion, Stephen Holland pictured with Marie Holland, Alfie Foley and Donal Hennessy

Midleton Park Hotel Manager, RJ Mani presents the January and February Players of the Month to Paul Sweeney and Aidan Heavey with Ned Donovan

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal




LAST weekend saw the WWEC travelling to Donegal with the Youth Inter League team as they played the Donegal League, with the winners through to the quarter finals of the competition. However, after a wonderful game of football, the home team defeated the WWEC by 2 goals to nil. The match report will show this was not a fair reflection of the game.

Back home the shortened league programme took place, with two wins for the Valley Rangers club, with the first team scoring 8 goals on Wednesday night to bring a total of 18 goals in two games. The B team defeated Kilworth, and Lismore took advantage to go top of the table with two victories in 5 days. Clashmore B recorded their first league win of the season, and Modeligo go top of the lower half of the table following another good win. Big disappointment was the postponement of the top of the table clash between Blackwater and Mogeely. The appointed referee was sick, and Fixture Secretary Noel Hegarty tried hard to find a replacement referee, but to no avail. Definitely disappointing, with Blackwater so many games behind.

We apologise this week for the short reports of the league games, as we are only compiling our notes on Monday morning due to our late arrival home from Donegal, and the editor is requesting notes in early due to Wednesday being St Patrick’s Day. We have a full list of fixtures on Paddy’s Day.

This coming weekend, the Barry Cup is centre stage, with the 4 remaining 2nd round ties being played. What has been a roller coaster few months for the WWEC Inter League Youth Team, came to an end last Sunday afternoon in Letterkenny when the Donegal League came out on top by 2 goals to nil in a cracking game of football. Disappointing, yes it was, but what a performance and yes, the result could very easily have been the other way. The beautiful game can be very cruel at times and when we sit down and look back on this game, we can say, “ if only”. Unfortunately “if only” does not win games, but it does apply in this game. There was plenty to talk about from this performance, and the Donegal mentors admitted to us after the game, the Yellow and Green side were lucky to come away with a two goal victory over the team in blue.

Donegal League 2 WWEC 0

The team, management and supporters departed at 9am on Saturday morning from Cappoquin for the 290 mile drive to Letterkenny. Unfortunately, we learned before departing, that both Brian O’Halloran and David Walsh failed fitness tests the evening before and this was a cruel blow. After a long stop for lunch in Athlone, it was on to Cliffony to see the Ireland/Wales game, and then to the Cliffony FC ground for a training session under the watchful eye of Ben Bulben.

Letterkenny saw us arrive after a long trip, but a meal and a team meeting saw the team in a confi-

dent mood. Sunday morning saw a beautiful Donegal welcome with the sun shining on this beautiful scenic county. The ground was only across the road from the hotel and so we all gathered waiting for the noon kick off. We saw the team go through their normal pre match routine with Tom Guiry and Ml Looby, and it was evident this team was really motivated and ready for the fray.

Donegal kicked off and went on the attack, but the WWEC defence showed the home team the “thou shall not pass” message immediately. Play swung from end to end and the first real chance fell to the WWEC on 10 minutes when John Prendergast was fouled about 30yds from goal, and the resultant free kick saw a wonderful strike from Will Joyce brilliantly saved at the expense of a corner. On 17 minutes Adam O’Riordan made his first save when midfielder, McGeever shot from outside the area. While Donegal forced three corners in the opening half, the WWEC team was excellent. All the players were playing to the coaches instructions, the five midfielders were frustrating the Donegal style, and the home team were only huffing and puffing, and creating no serious challenge to O’Riordan’s goal. Prendergast, the lone striker, kept the home defence on their toes and so we came to the break, and we knew from the Donegal mentor’s attitude, they had a game on their hands, and were finding it difficult to penetrate the visiting defence.

The 2nd half started with Keith Guiry forcing the home keeper into a save on 50 minutes, and then shortly afterwards, Donegal made the first of three changes to try and counter the dominance of the WWEC midfield and defence. After sustained pressure, Donegal made the break through on 70 minutes, when man of the match, Fannad’s McGeever, raced into the area and slid the ball under the body of the advancing O’Riordan.

Some teams would wilt at conceding a goal away from home, but not this WWEC team. They upped the pace immediately and we can report, unbiased, that for the next 12 minutes, the best football of the game was played by the WWEC players. Everything that is good in the game of football was displayed in those minutes. Running off the ball, passing movements from defence to attack, wing to wing play and this attacking display had to yield a score. But as we wrote, football can be cruel. Having forced a succession of corners, Donegal were on the rack. Another corner kick saw Prendergast rise high above the defence and his header seemed destined for the top of the net, and with the keeper rooted helplessly to the ground, the ball came back down from the underside of the bar, and with the WWEC roaring for a goal, the ball was somehow scrambled to safety. Still the pressure was piled on by the visitors as they went in search of the equalising goal, and a defence splitting pass from midfield saw Prendergast race into the area and the defence, afraid to tackle for fear of conceding a penalty, the Clashmore player struck a wonderful shot. With the visiting supporters in the stand ready to cheer a goal, somehow, and we say somehow, the home keeper pulled off a super save as he threw himself across the goal to

turn the ball around the post for a corner. We could see the look of relief on the faces of the Donegal players with this save. The corner kick saw the ball cleared, and as usually happens in these situations, the breakaway normally results in a goal and this is what happened on Sunday as Donegal scored with 5 minutes remaining. Still the WWEC would not concede defeat, and attacked again, with Guiry testing the keeper with a good strike from the edge of the area. Minutes later the final whistle was blown, and so ended a roller coaster few months for us all. The disappointment was etched on the faces of the players as they made their way to the dressing rooms, but they received the plaudits from the travelling supporters, and the Donegal supporters, as they knew this was a game they were lucky to come out of with a win. The mentors agreed with us that the turning point in this game was John Prendergasts header against the bar, and the wonderful save by the keeper, also from Prendergast.

In the dressing room there was plenty of disappointment at the defeat. But there is never harm in defeat when the team give 100%. In fact, they gave all they had, each and every one, and this was a real team effort. Had David Walsh and Brian O’Halloran been fit to play who knows what might have been as these two stars were definitely missed on the day? However from Adam O’Riordan in goal, the back four of David Byrne, David Cahillane, Aaron Pratt and skipper Corey Roche, the midfield five of Keith Guiry, Colm Flaherty, Shane Leahy, Will Joyce, Evan McGrath, and the lone striker John Prendergast, and subs Tommy Daly and Ronan Bearde, each and everyone was outstanding. All did what they were asked by Ml Looby, but unfortunately the result went against them. But credit the team and Manager Tom Guiry, Coach Ml Looby, who have worked so hard with the team in the past months, and the backroom staff of Paddy Tobin, Peter Roche, Ml Byrne, and Michael O’Neill, to each and everyone, we say sincere thanks from the WWEC league. TEAM: A O’Riordan, D Byrne, D Cahillane, A Pratt, C Roche,(capt), K Guiry, C Flaherty, W Joyce, E McGrath, J Prendergast, S Leahy, Reserves, T Daly, R Beards, D Walsh. We must compliment the officials who handled the game excellently, and issued no yellow or red cards, in a very sporting but competitive game.

After some Donegal hospitality by the Donegal committee the long journey home for all the team and supporters commenced, and a stop in Athlone for dinner at The Shamrock Lodge Hotel, we were met on arrival by the owner, Paddy McCaul, who will be the new President of the Football Association of Ireland in August. Paddy looked after all of us excellently and we appreciated his help. Before we left the hotel, the Hon Sec wished the travelling mothers, a very Happy Mothers Day, and thanked them for making the long trip with us. We shall, in our next issue, return again to the Donegal trip.

We leave the final few words to the two elder lemons of the league who were heard to say as they left the ground, “did we ever think when we started in 1972, that we would see a team from our league in Donegal 38 years later. To which the reply came, isn’t it great to be still involved after all those years.” We know Michael and Paddy, while disappointed with the result, were happy to be still part of the WWEC. And long may it last!

Premier League Valley Rangers shot into 2nd place in the table with another high scoring victory in Cappoquin on Wednesday night last. Having found the net on 10 occasions in Fermoy the previous Sunday and 8 goals on Wednesday, a total of 18 goals in 4 days tell of the dominance of the Conna side, or the weaknesses of the opposition, on the two occasions. That has nothing to do with Valley. They went out to win and get three points, and this they did. In Cappoquin, the game as a contest was well and truly over at half time when Valley led by 5 goals to nil. Mossie Collins scored twice early in the 2nd half for a very under strength Cappoquin, but three further goals from the visitors wrapped up the points for Valley. Jason Roche scored 4 goals, Padraig O’Connor and John Noonan had two goals each, and Valley is now three points adrift of Brideview, but with two games more played.

Cappoquin 2 Valley Rangers 8

Bottom of the table, Accrington, proved us wrong with our prediction as they secured a badly needed victory at home against Inch. The visitors led at the break by 2 goals to nil, but the 2nd half belonged to Accrington with Ricky Fraher starting the scoring, followed by Andrew Shanahan, Elton Pierce, Brian Carey and Aidan Condon. This win sees Accrington and Inch level on points propping up the premier.

Accrington 6 Inch 2

The very same score as when both sides met in Araglin. The home side led at the break by 2 goals to nil with Valdiney and Johnny Sullivan the scorers. When Adam Byrne converted a penalty, the game seemed over for the visitors. But no, the fight back then started, with Paul Mulhearne and Paddy Kenneally scoring. Richie Whealey restored the two goal advantage, but goals from Tom Drislane and James Kearney gave both sides a share of the points.

Castlebridge 4 Araglin 4

First Division

Brideview B 0 Lismore 1

Played last Wednesday night in Tallow, Lismore took the lead early in the opening half through Ml Shanahan. Brideview tried hard to get back on terms, and our reports tell us they deserved at least a draw. Tom Landers in the Lismore goal was in sparkling form, making three top class saves, and the wood work saving Lismore on another occasion. But Lismore got the points and the pressure is on Kilworth.

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal Continued from previous page What a shock for the league leaders and promotion hopefuls in Conna on Sunday morning. After a scoreless opening half, Tom Seymour gave the visitors the lead, before Diarmuid Hogan levelled. With 5 minutes remaining Laurence O’Connor scored, and in injury time the points were secured when Liam O’Connor scored. Not a good result for the visitors, who will have an opportunity to reverse the result when the teams meet in Kilworth next Sunday.

Valley Rangers 3 Kilworth 1

Following this victory and the result from Conna, Lismore go top of the table in the promotion race for the first time this season. James Manahan gave the visitors the lead early in the 1st half before Craig Tobin levelled before the break. The introduction of Paul Quinn and Dan Shanahan showed more urgency in the Lismore team, and when Eddie Pollard scored to give them the lead, the onslaught started. Owen O Donoghue with 2 goals, Kevin O Donoghue 1 goal, and a hat trick for Dan Shanahan rounded off a good week for Lismore.

Lismore 8 Railway 1

Another good win for Modeligo which pushes them into leaders of the bottom half of the 1st division. Brendan O’Driscoll and Shane Troy exchanged goals before the break, and in the 2nd half John Coade and a Shane Troy penalty wrapped up the points for Modeligo.

Ballybridge 1 Modeligo 3

At long last a victory for Clashmore B. Even though 2 goals behind to the visitors at the break, Clashmore came more into the game after the restart with Tomás Burke pulling a goal back from the penalty spot. Further goals from Joe Keogh, Shane Allen and James Walsh gave all three points to the home side and a well deserved first league win.

Clashmore B 4 Inch B 2


FAI UMBRO YOUTH INTER LEAGUE Donegal League 2 WWEC 0 MARI MINA PHARMACY PREMIER Cappoquin 2 Valley Rangers 8 Accrington 6 Inch 2 Castlebridge 4 Araglin 4 LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIV Brideview B 0 Lismore 1 Clashmore B 4 Inch B 2 Valley Rangers B 3 Kilworth 1 Lismore 8 Railway Ath 1 Ballybridge 1 Modeligo 3


With time not on our hands this week, due to notes in early for St. Patrick’s Day, we have a quick look at Sunday’s games which, in the main, are the remaining games in the second round of The Barry Cup. The week of games kick off on St Patrick’s Day with a full league programme. The Barry Cup games kick off on Saturday when Pinewood welcome Brideview. Brideview are riding high in the premier, especially after their comprehensive victory against Blackwater last week. This is a cup game, and as we all know is totally different to the league. Still, we make Brideview favourites to advance.

Pinewood vs. Brideview

Cup experts, Lismore play premier opposition, Castlebridge in Cappoquin and while

Lismore vs. Castlebridge

Lismore have gone top of the 1st division, Castlebridge are 4th in the premier. Lismore will have played league during the week, so much will depend on team selection. Castlebridge are scoring plenty of goals, but also conceding at the other end. Lismore to win.

A local derby and an opportunity for both sides to forget about the league. Blackwater will want to put the defeat to Brideview behind them, while Cappoquin will want to forget about last week’s dismal display against Valley Rangers. The visitors will have their youth players back from inter league duties and this will help them. But with home advantage, we think Blackwater will win.

Blackwater vs. Cappoquin

Valley Rangers A vs. Brideview B

It makes no difference when those two clubs meet, in league or cup, 1st or 2nd teams, all the same, the rivalry will always exist. Valley has scored 18 goals in their last two league games, while Brideview were unlucky to lose to Lismore in their league game.


St PATRICK’S DAY MARI MINA PHARMACY PREMIER Inch vs. Brideview, 11am, D. Coleman Blackwater vs. Araglin, 11am, E. McCarthy Mogeely vs. Pinewood, 11am, M. Hartnett Accrington vs. Cappoquin, 11am, T. Griffin

LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIV Kilworth vs. Railway Ath, 11am, E. Cusack Valley Rangers B vs. Brideview B, 11am, S. Drislane Clashmore A vs. Lismore, 11am, J. O’Riordan Glen View vs. Inch B, 11am, P. Griffin Ballybridge vs. Clashmore B, 11am, K. Griffin

20/3/10 NED BARRY CUP Pinewood vs. Brideview A, 2.30pm, J.O’Riordan

SUNDAY 21st MARCH NED BARRY CUP Lismore vs. Castlebridge, 11.30am, T. Griffin Blackwater vs. Cappoquin, 11.30am, E. McCarthy Valley Rangers A vs. Brideview B, 11.30am, D. Coleman

LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIV Clashmore A vs. Railway Ath, 11.30am, P. Griffin Modeligo vs. Glen View, 2.30pm, K. Griffin Inch B vs. Ballybridge, 11.30am, S. Drislane Kilworth vs. Valley Rangers B, 11.30am, M. Hartnett


The next Delegate Meeting of the WWEC will take place at the Brideview Complex on Monday, March 29th, commencing at 9pm sharp. On the agenda are league fixtures and cup draws, as we start to wind down towards the end of the season. It is imperative all clubs are represented.


The Annual General Meeting of the WWEC Junior League will take place on Monday, June 14th at Lismore House Hotel, commencing at 8pm. Rule changes or alterations to rules, must be sent in writing to the Hon Sec of the WWEC, bearing post mark not less than 21days before the date of the AGM, signed for, and on behalf of the club concerned by the club Hon. Secretary.

Midleton F.C. St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Club coaches, managers, officials, boys and girls from our club Football Academy, will take part in the Midleton Parade on Wednesday, March 17th. We will be meeting up at the Distillery Road, at the bottom of the town at 2 pm.

Academy boys and girls to wear club jersey and tracksuits where possible and club managers, coaches and officials to wear club tops.

This is a fun event with footballs, goal and football music station being part of our parade.

Senior League Second place Midleton had a fine home win over Youghal United at Knockgriffin Park under the lights, and with Tramore leaders defeat to Castleview, the Magpies have closed the gap to three points. Billy Woods scored twice for Midleton, while Michael Deasy also found the net.

Midleton 3 Youghal United 0

Keane Cup (Quarter Final)

The big senior match on St. Patrick’s Day is the cup clash of Midleton and Cobh Wanderers in the quarterfinal of the Keane Cup. Wanderers are at home and the kick off is at 10.45 am, in Cobh.

Junior Premier League

Midleton made the trip to Douglas in the Junior League Premier League to take on the home side. Douglas, who are second in the league table, ran out winners with two late goals.

Midleton 0 Douglas Hall 2

Corkbeg AFC Junior news: Corinthians Cup, The ‘Beg advanced to the next round of the Corinthians Cup with a narrow victory over local rivals, Boscos.

Corkbeg 3 - St. John Boscos 2 AET

Boscos took a deserved lead but were hauled level by an Ian Casey free-kick. Boscos took the lead again but the ‘Beg pulled it back when Gavin Roche forced the ball home from close range. The ‘Beg missed a couple of scorable chances but finally took one in extra time when Aidan Cotter finished with aplomb after good approach work by Jamie Sullivan. Overall, the ‘Beg probably

John Maher scores for Midleton in their Beamish Stout Senior Cup 2nd round game which they won 2-0 on Friday night in Knockgriffin Park, with Billy Woods getting the second goal for them

Youth League

Midleton, the side most likely to challenge leaders Ballyvolane for the youth’s title, suffered a set back in losing 1 – 0 to Lakewood.

Midleton 0 Lakewood Athletic 1

Midleton’s next match is against Ballyvolane, a game the Magpies must win, as it is first vs second in the league table. Results from Thursday, March 11th, for a jackpot of €3,250. There was no winner. The numbers drawn were 10, 15, 24 and 26.

Magpie Lotto

Bonus jackpot of €1,000. There was no winner. The numbers drawn were 9, 10, 18 and 28.

Lucky dip winners who each received €20. Timmy O’Brien (C. Desmond), Eileen O’Driscoll (The Maple), Angela Hennessy (Pa), J.D. (C. Desmond), Maureen Laffan (C. Desmond), Mary O’Brien (C. Desmond), Maureen Laffan (C. Desmond), Colman Quirke (U14), Mairéad Beausang (U12) and Becky Grice (Pa). The next lotto draw will take place on Thursday, March 18th, at the Knockgriffin Park, Club House, for a jackpot of €3,500.

shaded it and deserved their win - hopefully if they can maintain this form, they could have a good run -in to the season finish. Best for Corkbeg were Gavin Roche, Dean Keegan and Jamie Sullivan. Next fixture is at home to Leeview today, March 17th at 2.30pm. Schoolboy fixtures, March 20th at Corkbeg: U11 - Home to Richmond, 10.30am U13 - Home to Watergrasshill 11.45am

Many thanks to all who turned up for our Quiz on Friday night. A very enjoyable night and some valuable funds raised for the club. Lotto Bonus Ball 10 - Margaret O’Callagahan.

Annual Quiz

Springfield Ramblers Under 15 Premier League:

Springfield Ramblers maintained their challenge for Premier League honours with this comprehensive victory at home to Greenwood. This team, which is playing with great confidence and composure in recent weeks completely dominated the proceedings at Pat O’Brien Park. Man of the Match honours must go to Daniel Santry who contributed a hat-trick to the score sheet, with hard working Ian Murphy being rewarded with the other goal. This result is a timely boost to the team’s morale as they prepare for their very important National Cup match away to Dublin club Belvedere on Sunday next. The Springfield Ramblers club wishes the lads the best of luck for this game.

Springfield Ramblers 4 Greenwood 0

Under 16 Premier League: Corinthian Boys 3 Cobh Ramblers 1

Under 16 Division 2: Douglas Hall 6 Springfield Ramblers 1

Under 14 Cup:

This was another good away win for Springfield Ramblers in the Cork cup. We started well and got a good goal direct from a corner by Kieran Histon after five minutes. We dominated the next fifteen minutes without creating any clear-cut chances. Douglas Hall came more into the game and started to put the ball over the top, and they scored from this. We made a few positional changes at half time and we dominated the second half. The second goal came when, after an assist from Cormac Downing, Kyle Pender (Man of the Match) hit a rasper from the edge of the box which gave the keeper no chance. The third came after some good work out the field and was finished well from eight yards by James O’Flynn. We created a few more chances but we saw out the game comfortably.

Douglas Hall vs. Springfield Ramblers

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Killeagh / Ita’s Dungourney girls triumph in juvenile Sciath na Scol


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Senior Hurling League Cloyne 2-10 Killeagh 2-14

THE opening of our Senior League campaign got off to an encouraging start despite a fourpoint defeat at the hands of a very well-prepared Killeagh side at Kennedy Park on Sunday morning last. With many of our players playing in experimental, as opposed to usual positions, we played very well for some periods but, as expected, an early season ‘rustiness’ was on view. Diarmuid O’Sullivan reverted to his old county position of fullback; his brother, Eoin, excelled at full-forward; Brian Fleming had a very fine game at mid-field where he partnered the inexperienced Morrie Lynch. The opening half saw us with a cold northerly wind from Glenbower Wood at our backs but, despite this advantage, we found ourselves lucky to be on level terms (1-6 each) at the half-time whistle. This was mainly thanks to an Eoin O’Sullivan goal seven minutes earlier, and a great longdistance point from Sully just on the half-hour.

Killeagh struck with a goal on the second minute after the resumption and added another eight points as against our four – largely through the efforts of Joe Deane, now sporting an unfamiliar green helmet, and as incisive as ever in his clever play. Tom O’Shea struck on the 25th minute with a well-taken goal and added another point, but this was not enough for us to play ‘catch up’

on a superior team on the day. Declan Dineen, who came on late in the game, had a fine senior debut while ‘stand-in’ keeper, Shane O’Brien, came to our rescue on numerous occasions.

Team: Shane O’Brien, Liam O’Driscoll, Diarmuid O’Sullivan (0-1), Brian McCarthy, Maurice Cahill, Killian Cronin, Conor O’Lomasney, Morrie Lynch, Brian Fleming (0-1), John Cotter, Colm O’Sullivan (0-1), David Ring (0-4), Tom O’Shea (1-2), Eoin O’Sullivan (1-1), and Ashley Walsh. Subs were David Jermyn, Brian Ring, Ross McCarthy, Declan Dineen, and Mick Walsh.

Super Lotto

The Jackpot of €9,500 was not won. The winning numbers were 4, 14, 15, and 27. The Match 3 + Bonus Number (10) for a prize of €1,000 was not won. The Match 3 winner was Liz Morrissey c/o Tower Bar, who receives a prize of €150. The next draw takes place on Thursday, March 18th, at Harty’s Bar with the Jackpot standing at €9,800.

‘The Red and the Black’

Our recently published book is on sale at local shops (whose owners are taking no commission), or may be ordered from the Club Secretary, Seán Motherway, at It is an ideal gift for club members, friends and supporters, and sports fans everywhere.


Feile Football

CLOYNE made the long journey to Rossmore in West Cork, on Saturday, March 13th, to take on the local side Kilmeen/Kilbree. Cloyne made a great start when Ian Cahill scored two very well taken goals in the opening quarter of the match.

However, Kilmeen/Kilbree came back at us, and at half time they were well ahead on a scoreline of 4-08 to Cloyne’s 2-0. Kilmeen/Kilbree continued to dominate in the second half - but Cloyne didn’t let their heads drop and continued to give their very best effort against a strong side. Cloyne scored 1-01 in the second half, both scores from Liam Murphy, a well placed penalty and a point from a free. The score at full time: Kilmeen/Kilbree 5-12 Cloyne 3-01. Team: Conor Motherway, Eoin Davis, Stephen Beausang, Aaron McCarthy, Fionn Kielly, Liam Murphy, Briain Minihane, Jordan Sherlock, Cian Motherway, Matthew O’Neill, Thomas Shanahan, Brian O’Shea, Liam Cotter, Ian Cahill, Viktor Usatenko.

BHÍOMAR an-ghnóthach i rith na seachtaine seo caite, idir peil agus iomáint. The Under 10 and Under 12 hurlers played on Saturday, as did our Minor hurlers, while our Under 14 footballers were in Féile na n-Óg action on Sunday. Here’s a round up of the matches.

Minor Hurling League: Killeagh-Ita’s 4-9 Sliabh Rua 3-17

Our visitors, Sliabh Rua, hit the sod running (and scoring) in Páirc Uí Chinnéide last Saturday. They had secured 1-5 on the board before we settled into the action. We closed the gap, scoring 1-2 without reply, but they did not allow us to catch or overtake them. They upped the ante and broke through our defence again, increasing their early lead by tacking on a further 1-3. We tried hard and kept it close with some fine long range points, but their third goal just before the half time whistle put us on the back foot again and left the score board reading 3-8 to 1-6. With a handicap of minus 8 going into the second half, we had our work cut out for us, but we grouped well as a team and, more importantly, we hurled like Trojans in the opening twenty minutes. Our rewards came, as we secured a hat-trick of goals and some fine points, and dominated our visitors in this period. We were heading for a nail biting finale as we had their lead down to the minimum at 3-12 to 4-8. Alas, the closing minutes belonged to the Sliabh Rua boys as they tapped over a further five points to our reply of just one. Ag an fheadóg deireadh, le scór do 3-17 i gcoinne 4-9, d’fhágamar slán d’ár gcuairteoirí and to the league points from this game. Our next outing in this league is next Saturday as we travel to Ahavine to challenge our near neighbours, Fr. O Neill’s.

Fé 14 Féile Peil na n-Óg: Killeagh-Ita’s 2-10 Carrigaline 3-9

On Mothering Sunday, March 14th, the Mums (and Dads) of Killeagh-Itas and Carrigaline escorted their fé 14 boys to the playing pitch of Killeagh to contest the opening round of this years Féile Competition. This is an open County Competition, run on a knockout system, with the eventual County winner going on to contest the All Ireland series, (in the key of ‘E’, “The road is long”)! For the next hour both teams gave it their all

to secure victory and advance in the competition, and that is what we witnessed from these dedicated young men and their mentors who were eagerly cheered on by their supporters. Playing with the aid of a slight breeze, we took advantage and secured a four point lead in the opening fifteen minutes, despite the pressure on us from the Carrigaline defence. However, they came more into the game and worked well to break through and level matters on the twenty second minute, having scored the opening goal of the game followed by a point. We edged ahead again with points from Eoghan Keniry and Cian Greene, but Carrigaline pulled one back and then went in front when they secured goal number two.

Trailing by three points and with the short whistle approaching, Gary Leahy had a plan, executing the ball into the Carrigaline net, to once again level matters. We just about heard the half time whistle over the cheers of the supporters Ag leath am, bhíomar ar chomh-scór: Killeagh/Ita’s 17; Carrigaline 2-4. The second half saw further evidence of dedication and commitment from these two teams. The opening score came in the eighth minute for the Carrigaline boys, and they added a further three to their tally without reply. A few positional changes worked well for us and we pegged back two points from the boots of Darragh Cahill and Dan Smiddy. At this point we had some misfortune with our frees going right and left of the target. Time was running out, with just two minutes remaining on the clock when disaster struck as goal number three for the Carrig boys rocked our net. We battled on and deep into injury time Dan secured our second goal, but alas it was too late. The final whistle blew and we remained two points adrift. It was not to be our day. Nevertheless, well done boys and to our mentors, and we wish Carrigaline all the best as they progress in the competition.

Fé 12 Hurling Challenge: Lismore vs. Killeagh-Ita’s

Our Under 12 hurlers travelled to picturesque Lismore on Saturday afternoon last for a useful workout against the local hurling fanatics. While we didn’t win the match, we learned loads, and it gave us plenty of food for thought. The focus switches to football now for the next few weeks, with a sequence of league matches scheduled for April.

Seamus O’Connor, PRO, Sciath na Scol, presents Lisa Ahern with the 5th class Camogie League trophy, for Dungourney NS. The girls played incredibly well in the final at Na Piarsaigh. Included are Dungourney NS camogie coaches, John Boylan and Chris Foley. (Photos: Mike English)

The Castlemartyr NS team were runners-up in the Sciath na Scol 4th class plate Indoor Hurling competition played at Na Piarsaigh. Well done, boys

East Cork juvenile GAA fixture

Wednesday, March 17th: U16B Football League: St. Catherine’s vs. Fr. O’Neill’s at 11am at Aghavine.

Fé 10 Decky Guckian Hurling League: Killeagh-Ita’s 5-0 Watergrasshill 3-4

Our Under 10 hurlers broke their duck in an exciting encounter with Watergrasshill on Saturday morning last. We did it the hard way, trailing in each of the four 10 minute periods, until a storming last quarter saw us score 3 goals to overcome a 4 point deficit and edge home by 2 points. In truth, a draw might have been a fair result, as both teams were evenly matched. The wide spaces led to a good open game of hurling, with Kieran Daly, Dylan Hogan and Adrian Galvin helping to steady things in defence, while Andrew Foley and James Kent did well at the other end of the field. Well done also to Jason Collins, making his debut as reiteoir i lár na páirce. Our next outing is away to May-

field on Saturday next (20th) at 2.00 p.m., while our Fé 10 footballers will play their first game of 2010 away to Aghada on Wednesday 24th at 6.00 p.m.

Parish Leagues Time

Yes, you know we’re in to fullscale action when Parish Leagues come around again. We start with Under 12 football for all boys born in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. Battle commences this Thursday, March 18th at 5pm in Páirc Uí Chinnéide. Bígí ann, a pheileadóiri1


VHI Cúl Camp (Summer Camp) will take place in Killeagh from July 12th to 15th this year. Any queries, please contact Ursula on 087-6292646 Membership overdue now for 2010 – please pay Ursula (€25, or €50 per family) asap.

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Fr. O’Neill’s

County final win for Glanmire CC Glanmire Community College 2-07 young hurlers Pobalscoil na Tríonóide, Eochaill 1-06 39

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Brian O’Driscoll in action for Fr. O’Neill’s

Main sponsor: Audit Diagnostics

FR. O’Neill’s junior footballers have been the most active team in the club so far with four games under their belt in the East Cork Junior football league.

A walkover from Cloyne in the opening round set them up nicely for their game against Ballinacurra at home on Feb. 13th. However Ballinacurra, in fairness to them, never read the script and proceeded to outplay the hosts on a 4-11 to 3-7 scoreline.

O’Neill’s trip to the north western part of the division, Carrig na bhFear didn’t pay dividends either as the local side had the upper hand on a 2-13 to 2-5 finish. Midleton were next on the calling card and after a tough hour’s football the sides remained level in a low scoring game, O’Neill’s 0-7, Midleton 1-4.

As the month of March drew on us a visit to Caherlag on a cold Sunday morning resulted in a first win in the league for O’Neill’s on the score 1-8 to 0-6. Hurling began on Saturday, March 13th when we made a trip to Ballynoe for the opening round of the league, under lights.

Shane Kearney and Kevin Dinneen had the opening scores on the board for the hosts. A Jer O’Leary 65 on the 12th minute was the opening score for the visitors and one sensed that this was going to be a long night !

Three unanswered points from Damien Farrell, Shane Cotter and Pa Roche extended the locals lead, which was pulled back by the minimum when the aforementioned O’Leary popped over a 20m free. The Catherine’s sharpshooter, Kevin Dinneen punished O’Neill’s with three converted frees, while Kearney also added his second and Brian Mulcahy had his opening score on the stroke of halftime which left the score 0-10 to 0-2 at the short whistle.

On the resumption O’Leary, after a great solo run, added his third point and James Ryan also had a point for O’Neill’s.

This point was cancelled out when Mulcahy replied, and Shane Cotter had the score of the game when he pointed the ball with a shot from near the off sideline. Jer O’Leary had another point and Mulcahy and Mark Hayes traded points at the end of a very disappointing game.

TEAM: Paul Colbert, Brian O’Driscoll, John O’Mahoney, Ml. Pomphrett, Alan Hayes, Billy Murphy, Rob O’Donoghue, Jer O’Leary, Niall Griffin, Eoin McCarthy, James Ryan, Quintin Higgins, Noel O’Driscoll, Donough O’Flynn, Luke Swayne. REF. Pa O’Driscoll (Bride Rovers)


March 17th: Fr. O’ Neill’s vs. Milford IHL, at Milford, 12.30pm

Saturday, March 20th at Ahavine: Fr. O’ Neill’s vs. Killeagh/Ita’s Prem MHL at 3pm

All membership slips and Garda vetting forms must be returned immediately.

GLANMIRE Community College clinched this year’s Cork Colleges U14 hurling crown with a hard-fought win over Pobalscoil na Tríonóide on Tuesday, March 9th in floodlit Páirc Uí Rinn. With team captain, Paul Leopold and the very solid Cian Daly prominent throughout, Glanmire still had to dig deep for this win, having let an early lead slip. With Eoghan Murphy, Anthony Walsh and Leon Foley particularly dominant in defence, the Youghal side had to work hard for their scores in the first half. Leopold exchanged frees with his Youghal counterpart, before the Glanmire forward line sprung into life with a well taken point by James Sweeney and a supreme team score by the impressive Glen Rovers man, Timmy Allen, after a superb pass by the effective Peter McCarthy. Rocked by a Youghal goal approaching the break, Glanmire hit back straight away with a McCarthy goal after great work by Luke Hackett and Roy Egan. Leopold had the final say of the half with a great long distance free, to leave the teams locked at

half time at 1-05 a piece.

However, the introduction of Timmy Murphy at the start of the second half saw GCC really take control of this game. His dominance and the work of Mayfield men, Darren Hayes and David O’Neill, meant the inside forwards got an excellent supply of quality ball. Midfielders, Paul Leopold and Ryan Murray began to win the majority of primary possession around the middle of the park, which set a platform for a cracking goal from Donal English, after great work from Hack-

Baile na Corra ladies Girls underage

FOR the moment the under 10’s and under 12’s football training continues on alternate Saturdays at the pitch from 12noon to 1.30pm. As always new members are welcome. U11’s & U12 and U14 camogie training every other Saturday at the same time. We will fit in an additional training slot midweek once we confirm pitch availaibility. For further details please contact Gary Geoghegan on 086- 8382423.

Junior training

Football training continues every Thursday evening from 6pm to 7.30pm and Sunday mornings from 11am to 12.30pm at the Ballinacurra GAA club grounds, weather permitting. We are always looking for new members, so ladies if you want to get fit and you would like to play football, why not come along and check us out for yourself. So, if you are interested contact Steve Kane on 086-8368600.

Well done and many thanks to the Ladies Club Captain, Mol Hegarty for representing the Baile na Corra Ladies GAA Club in “An Rith”, one of the main events of Seachtain na Gaeilge, a celebration of Irish culture and language. A special hand carved baton was designed that will carry a hidden message throughout Rith 2010. At the end of the run, the message of support for the Irish language, written by Mary McAleese, the President of Ireland, will be read out as part of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Galway where the run will finish.

Mol ran the 3.5 mile leg from Loughaderra to St. Colmans Technical College in Midleton alongside Scott Richards, the Junior Men’s Club Captain. At the finish we’re sure she could have run a marathon, as she was just getting warmed up. Many thanks to the organisers and we wish them well in their endeavours as it is a truly worthwhile cause.

ett. With the Glanmire backs dominant, and James Murphy excelling in goal, the Youghal team were limited to only one pointed free in the whole of the second half, while Leopold remained flawless in his free-taking performance. Glanmire ran out 4 point winners of this enthralling encounter, and scenes of celebration ensued as Paul Leopold lifted the cup for the team. He paid credit to his team mates, team coaches Mike Carey and Dan O’Sullivan as well as Youghal for their performance. This unbeaten campaign proved

to be the perfect start for this group of talented young hurlers.

GCC Team: James Murphy, Anthony Walsh, Eoghan Murphy, Ryan Murray, Leon Foley, David O’Neill, Cian Daly, Paul Leopold (0-05), Darren Hayes, Timmy Allen (0-01), Roy Egan, Donal English (1-00), Darren Hayes, Peter McCarthy(1-00), James Sweeney (0-02), Luke Hackett. Subs: Timmy Murphy, Alan O’Rourke


Team Mentors: Mr Carey, Mr. O’Sullivan.

RECENTLY, Glanmire under 12s hosted Mallow in the City League in the Pike Field. This was our first outing of the year and Glanmire played very well on the day but unfortunately we lost on a scoreline of 4-5 to 1-6.

There were some fine performances from Shane O’Driscoll in midfield who scored some lovely points in the 6th and 7th minute.

James Royal also played well when he switched from corner-back to left half-forward and scored 2 lovely points (1 from his right and 1 from his left foot). On Sunday, March 7th, the under 12s also played another City League match against St. Michael’s, and again lost this match on a scoreline of 3-3 to 4-12.

Glanmire played with a strong wind in the first half where Killian Maloney, having scored a brilliant goal, added 2 points to his tally. Unfortunately, in the second half, we couldn’t keep in with St. Michael’s and we conceded some very soft goals. Glanmire players Killian Maloney, Andrew McCann and Derek Royal played well. Last weekend, Glanmire under 15s played Douglas and had a good win with a big scoreline. The Under 16’s played the last game of the weekend against a big Carrigaline outfit, and ended up getting beaten on the day.

Again, if any young person who was born in the year 1995 (under 15) would like to join in, training takes place at Buckleary’s Cross on Wednesdays at 5.30pm. Numbers are hugely needed.

Glanmire Juvenile Football Club and Glanmire Ladies Football Club will be holding a medal presentation on March 19th at the Vienna Woods Hotel. All players and teams will get medals and refreshments. Tickets are €12 per player and €15 for adults and mentors.

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Champions dethroned as Kerry gain revenge in Tralee Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



Cadbury U21 All Ireland Championship: Cork 1-8 Kerry 0-19

Carrigtwohill ladies footballers take on Castlemagner


ON March 14th, Carrigtwohill stepped out to play their first league game of the year in the 12-a-side competition. It was a perfect day for a match when it all kicked off at 5pm.

Castlemagner started strongest putting the Carrigtwohill backline under severe pressure in the first 10 minutes of the game. Castlemagner were rewarded with 1 goal and 2 points. Carrigtwohill settled into the game soon after and mounted offenses of their own. A great point scored by Tracey Horgan and a goal from Kate Scannel got Carrigtwohill back into the game. For the rest of the first half it was tit for tat, with both sides missing opportunities. Carrigtwohill went in at half time just a point ahead, 2-3 to 1-5.

Again, Castlemagner dominated the first 5 minutes of the second half. However, Carrigtwohill dominated most of the second half. An excellent performance by our centre back, Eve Correy, ensured that Castlemagner’s most troublesome forward was kept quiet. With Eimear O’Mahony and Tracey Horgan dominating midfield & Kate Scannel & Paula O’Sullivan dominating the half forward line, it looked like there would be no way back for Castlemagner. Carrigtwohill, however, failed to show that dominance on the scoreboard, scoring just 1-2 in the second half. At the launch of the Cadbury’s Munster U21 Football Championship at Mallow GAA Complex were, back row, Tomás Mac Antsaoir, Kerry; Dean Ryan, Clare; Conor Sweeney, Tipperary; Chris O’Donovan, Cork; John Riordan, Limerick and Greg Guiry, Waterford. Front row, Jimmy O’Gorman, Chairman, Munster Council; John Hogan, Cadbury’s and Sean Walsh, Vice-Chairman, Munster Council. (Photo: George Hatchell)

THE loss of Aidan Walsh (ruled out by injury) proved a major blow for defending champions, Cork who were comphrensively beaten by Kerry in Tralee on Saturday last as the Kingdom boys, under new manager John Kennedy, gained sweet revenge for last year’s defeat in Cork in the quarter final of the Cadbury U21 championship.

Cork can have no complaints about the result and were it not for three late injury time points, their return would only have been one point in the second half. That was never going to be enough to trouble a fluent and mobile Kerry outfit who were willing to force the pace throughout. In the opening half Kerry, with John Buckley ruling the midfield sector, showed that they were really up for this game as, while Cork had started off well with JJ Murphy and Jason Sexton finding the range, it was Kerry who were to take a firm grip on proceedings with five points in a row. Forwards Barry

John Keane, Barry John Walsh, James O’Donoghue and Paul Geaney were dovetailing well and when the chances came their way they took them and Kerry led by 0-7 to 0-3 after twenty minutes. Cork were given a huge boost with Barry O’Driscoll scoring a neat point, following it up with a goal to bring the sides level, giving Cork renewed hope going into the break as they had played against the breeze in the opening half. Kerry finished the half well and opened up a three point gap at the interval leading by 0-10 to 1-4.

In the second half the expected Cork revival was never allowed to happen as Dathai Casey, playing as a third midfielder, gave great support to John Buckley and with a plentiful supply of ball the Kerry forwards continued to keep the scoreboard ticking over as a ten point gap opened up. Just a single Barry O’Driscoll point in reply left Cork a beaten team long before the final whistle.

Even the introduction of four subs, including Aidan Walsh, could not turn the tide in Cork’s favour and despite getting the games closing three points the result was never in doubt and Cork’s reign as Munster and All Ireland champions is over.

Kerry will now face Waterford in the Fraher Field in Dungarvan next Saturday, March 20th at 2pm and will be fancied to reach the Munster Final.

CORK: B O’Driscoll 1-2, C Sheehan 0-2, E Keane, M Collins, J Sexton, JP Murphy 0-1 each KERRY: BJ Keane 0-7, P Geaney and BJ Walsh 0-4 each, J O’Donoghue 0-3 and P O’Donoghue 0-1. CORK:S Mellett, R O’Sullivan, R Buckley, I Jones, M Hickey, K O’Driscoll, JP Murphy, C O’Donovan, E Keane, C Sheehan, M Collins, P Honohan, J Sexton, B O’Driscoll and A Holland. Subs used M Calahane, L Jennings, A Walsh, E Buckley and S Beston. KERRY: T Mac an tSaoir, P Crowley, K O’Connor, B McGuire, P O’Connor, B Shanahan, J Lyne, J Buckley, C Moriarty, J O’Donoghue, BJ Keane, M Geaney, D Casey, BJ Walsh and P Geaney. Subs used E Walsh, P O’Donoghue and D McElligott. REFEREE: Rory Hickey, Clare.

Russell Rovers Juvenile

GER Walsh takes a back seat when he stepped down as Secretary of Russell Rovers Juvenile club. He is now the Assistant Secretary and is still a delegate to the Imokilly Juvenile Board. Thanks, Ger, for all the hard work, dedication, advice and knowledge. Ger was presented with a watch by the Russell Rovers Junior Club at their Junior Social recently. Juvenile Officers for 2010 were named as follows: Seamus Kennefick - Chairman David Cahill - Vice-Chairman

Padraig Finn - Secretary / Delegate Adrian Quill - Treasurer John Maher - PRO Sheila Beausang - Child Welfare Officer

We are down to play Killeagh/Ita’s in Shanagarry on March 23rd at 5.45pm.

Tracey Horgan (2-2), Michelle O’Sullivan 0-2, Eimear O’Mahony 01 & Kate Scannel 1-0. Best for Carrigtwohill on the day were Tracey Horgan, Eimear O’Mahony & Eve Corey.

East Cork GAA fixtures

Wednesday, March 17th: JFL Division 1, Bishop Roche Cup Round 11: Glenville vs. Aghada at Glenville. Ref: James Bermingham.

Thursday, March 18th: JFL Division 1, Bishop Roche Cup: Carrigtwohill vs. Carraig na bhFearr at Carrigtwohill. Ref: Patrick O’Driscoll.

Saturday, March 20th: Junior A Football Championship: Erin’s Own vs. Russell Rovers at Castlemartyr, 4pm U21 B Football Championship: Cloyne vs. Carraig na bhFearr, 4.30pm, venue to be confirmed Sunday, March 21st: Minor A Hurling League: Kiltha Óg vs. Cloyne at Castlemartyr, 11.30am Tuesday, March 23rd: JFL Division 2 Patrick O’Mahony Cup: Castlelyons vs. Bride Rovers at Castlelyons, 8pm

Wednesday, March 24th: Junior A Football Championship: Carrigtwohill vs. Glanmire at Cobh, 8pm.

In Under 16 football, Russell Rovers are playing in A grade football this year. While we were entered in the county league we have played no games in this competition to date, but a challenge game versus Youghal ended in a draw.

In the final 5 minutes of the game Castlemagner showed resurgence and went from 4 points down to all-square, scoring a goal and a point in quick succession. In the dying seconds of the game, a controversial wide meant that Castlemagner had to settle for a draw game. Final score was 3-5 Carrigtwohill, 2-8 Castlemagner.

JFL Division 1 Bishop Roche Cup: Carraig na bhFearr 1-8 Erin’s Own 0-10 Carrigtwohill 1-12 Lisgoold 0-13


Ger Walsh and Mossey Coffey share a joke at a recent meeting Under 14 football versus Clon- Daly, Barra McClean, Jason Culdrohid County Feile Peil B linane, Kevin Moynihan, Colin Our team put up a brave per- Maher and Jack Beausang. formance but Clondrohid were too strong on the day. Good per- Finally, get well soon wishes are formances came courtesy of Jack extended to Kevin Ivers.

JFL Division 2 Patrick O’Mahony Cup: Dungourney 0-7 Russell Rovers 0-7 Russell Rovers 0-6 Cobh 0-15

U21 C Football Final 2009: Glanmire 5-6 Glenville 1-11 Minor A Hurling League: Watergrasshill 2-14 Kiltha Óg 2-9 Minor A Football League: Castlelyons 3-6, Glenville 2-12

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Cork hang on for win against Kilkenny Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Allianz National Hurling League: Cork 0-18 Kilkenny 1-13

Championship previews



2010 GAA now officially underway with Declan Barron

THE East Cork Board began its championship programme on last Tuesday night with the meeting of Lisgoold and Midleton in the preliminary round of the Junior A football championship.

Further games are set to take place this coming weekend with the meeting of Erin’s Own and Russell Rovers set for Castlemartyr at 4pm on Saturday, March 20th. On paper there is little to choose between them with Russell Rovers, perhaps, the slight fancy to progress.

On March 24th in Cobh, Carrigtwohill and Glanmire will go head to head under the lights at 8pm and here Carrigtwohill is given the nod to progress to the third round as they possess some excellent players. On Saturday also a provisional fixture in the U21 championship has been scheduled between Cloyne and Carrig na bhFearr at 4.30pm in Cobh but check with clubs before travelling. Carrig Na bhFearr with County U21 player, Martin Hickey to lead them, should be favourite to win this game if it goes ahead.

Glanmire CC hold off tough North Mon side

Glanmire Community College 4-07 North Monastary 2-05

GLANMIRE Community College recorded their fourth win in the U14 Cork Colleges Competition last Wednesday in the school pitch with a win over North Monastary. With Anthony Walsh, Cian Daly and the outstanding Eoghan Murphy particularly dominant in defence, scores were at a minimum in the opening quarter. However, goals from Peter McCarthy and Roy Egan saw Glanmire edge ahead as the half wore on. The start of the second half saw North Mon really take the game to Glanmire with quality points and two well taken goals. However, the hard-working Ryan Murray in midfield and Mayfield men, David O’Neill and particularly Darren Hayes, who took a fine goal, meant that this comeback did not last long. With Paul Leopold leading by example as Glanmire CC captain, he worked hard throughout at midfield. The ever-busy full forwards of Peter McCarthy and Luke Hackett all popped up with vital scores in the final quarter. GCC will now enter their remaining games against Coláiste Choilm with confidence, after this outstanding performance against the strongest opposition to date. GCC Team: Jordan Galvin, Anthony Walsh, Eoghan Murphy, Conor Hickey, Ryan Murray, David O’Neill, Cian Daly, Leon Foley, Paul Leopold (0-04), Timmy Allen (0-01) Darren Hayes (1-00), Donal English, Peter McCarthy (2-00), Roy Egan (100), Luke Hackett (0-03),. Subs: Jack O’Flynn, Cian Horan, Jordan Pick, Conor Smiddy, Cian Aherne, James Duggan Team Mentors: Mr Carey, Mr O’Sullivan

CORK had to dig deep to keep their unbeaten record intact as 14 man Kilkenny pushed them all the way in this Allianz National Hurling league game played in Páirc Uí Chaoimh on Sunday last. There was little to choose between the sides throughout a dour opening half that exploded into action in injury time with the dismissal of Michael Grace from Kilkenny by referee, Dickie Murphy, for striking. Up to that point the game was finely balanced with both PJ Ryan and Donal Óg Cusack saving certain goal chances, with Cusack called into action as early as the third minute when he saved a penalty shot by Richie Power. At the other end PJ Ryan did well to save from Kieran Murphy, while Mark O’Sullivan was hooked by Jackie Tyrell as he, too, went for goal. Points from Patrick Horgan (3) and John Gardiner had Cork off to a

Paudi O’Sullivan, Cloyne and Niall McCarthy, Carrigtwohill played a big part in Cork’s victory

good start but Kilkenny, through John Mulhall and Richie Power, clawed their way back into contention. With John Gardiner in fine shooting form, Cork again opened a gap with Gardiner, Horgan and Niall McCarthy on target but Kilkenny drew level before half time with Ml Grace (2) John Mulhall and Richie Power leaving the sides on parity at 0-8 as the half time whistle approached. Tensions were mounting, however, and Michael Grace was red carded as both Tommy Walsh and Niall McCarthy became entangled in one another but escaped censure. On the resumption Cork, with John Gardiner continuing to do well soon found out that Kilkenny were not going to throw in the towel as John Mulhall edged them ahead with a superb point. While Gardiner shot four points for Cork they were rocked back on their heels as

poor defending was punished with John Mulhall slamming home a goal, to put Kilkenny back in front as the extra man was not evident. Cathal Naughton brought the sides level as Denis Walsh introduced Jerry O’Connor, Michael Cussen and Paudi O’Sullivan to the Cork attack.

The changes had the desired effect, and while the sides continued to swap points it was the sharpness of Paudi O’Sullivan that was to prove crucial in the finish. The Cloyne corner forward was denied a goal chance by a tremendous hook from Jackie Tyrell, but undaunted the corner forward found space just on full time to edge Cork in front, and in injury time wrapped up the victory, with a piece of sublime skill as he chipped the ball into his hand before firing over to keep Cork unbeaten after three games.

Cork will now journey to Walsh Park in Waterford next Sunday, having taken the scalp of the holders and gaining revenge for last year’s humiliation. They still have room for improvement as Kilkenny were a long way from full strength, so Denis Walsh will be happy to have gotten the points but with Waterford , Tipperary and Galway still to come he will not be getting carried away just yet. Cork is the only unbeaten team so far after three rounds as everyone else has lost at least one match. Waterford defeated Limerick by 2-20 to 2-10 last Sunday and with scoring averages coming into play if teams finish level, results against the bottom sides could still have a big bearing on qualification, with the top two teams set to meet in the final.

CORK: J Gardiner 0-7, P Horgan 0-4, N McCarthy and P O’Sullivan 0-2 each, J O’Connor, C Naughton and B O’Connor 0-1 each. KILKENNY: J Mulhall 1-3, R Power 0-7, M Grace 0-2 and E Larkin 0-1. CORK: D Óg Cusack, S O’Neill, E Cadogan, S Murphy, J Gardiner, R Curran, B Murphy, T Kenny, C Naughton, N McCarthy, M O’Sullivan, B O’Connor, K Murphy, A O’hAilpin and P Horgan. Subs used J O’Connor, M Cussen and P O’Sullivan. KILKENNY: PJ Ryan, C Hickey, B Hogan, J Dalton, JJ Delaney, J Tyrell, T Walsh, J Tennyson, PJ Delaney, J Mulhall, W O’Dwyer, E Larkin, M Grace, A Fogarty and R Power. Subs used E Brennan J Ryall and S Cummins. REFEREE: Dickie Murphy, Wexford.

In the curtain-raiser on Sunday, Blackwater Community School in Lismore captured the Rice Cup with a good victory over Coláiste Chriost Rí in the final. The cup was presented to John Ring, son of principal Denis Ring who has served as a Cork selector in the past.

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'Late, late' Lisgoold GAA social proves a hit


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

THE results of the preliminary round of the Junior A Football Championship game against Midleton are not to hand at the time of going to press, but we wish all the lads the very best of luck against neighbours Midleton, more of which can be found here next week.

Junior Football League Div I Lios gCul 0-14 Carrigtwohill 1-13

An exceptionally cold Monday night, with temperatures plunging as low as minus 3 degrees, saw neighbours in blue and gold battle for the two league points on offer, and, despite the artic conditions that prevailed throughout, both sides churned out an entertaining encounter with the outcome in doubt up to the final whistle. With Timmy’s charges in the final stages of preparations for next week’s Championship fare, it was not surprising that we settled slowly, and, having fallen behind early on, we retired at half time in arrears by 1-09 to 0-04. Our hosts were particularly effective in turning over ball in the opening period, punishing any handling errors on our behalf. The second period saw constant Lisgoold domination, outscoring our neighbours by 6 points, despite creating a number of goaling opportunities that we spurned, and which Carrig repelled successfully. Having created ample chances to succeed, mainly based on the aerial dominance of towering midfield duo Eoin Riordan and JP O’Brien, we ran out short at the final whistle in what was a real ding dong battle between evenly matched neighbours, which will surely stand both sides in good stead in their Championship preparations ahead.

Junior Football League Div III Lios gCul 1-11 Carrigtwohill 3-08

Niamh McCarthy, Allison Donovan, Sinead McCarthy and Amanda Glavin An end to end thriller conjuring up four goals and a total of twenty three scores in total saw hosts, Carrig annex the brace of LISGOOLD GAA got to let league points against neighbours, Lios gCul at Carrigtwohill. their hair down on last Saturday Despite scoring more times than our opponents, the old adage night in the Midleton Park Hotel, that “goals win matches” was never truer as the three green flags when they held their annual soraised by Carrig attacks outweighed our single. Our solitary cial at the second time of asking, major, however, was a beauty, created by the clever artistry of after the January bad weather caused the postponement of the Charles Smart, and finished with aplomb by the cultured left original date. boot of the impressive Dave Barry. The ageless Jerry O’Connell was accuracy personified in his free taking duties, with the penThat did not bother the club and etrating runs of Noel Connery and Moss Mulcahy leading to this time round a great night was many point opportunities through fouls drawn by the marauding enjoyed by those present with pair, which Jer punished repeatedly. All in all a game that could, popular local group, 'Crystal and maybe should, have won but, with a further five subs introSwing' fresh from their 'Late duced through the hour (and this on our second team) the Late Show' appearance providstrength of this panel will have pleased the management team, ing the music. Juliana Walsh, Trisha Walsh, Catherine O’Connell, Aisling McAllister and Una O’Flynn and, no doubt, have given a few sleepless nights to watching A manager, Tim Mulcahy in formulating his starting XV for next Donal and weeks big encounter. Rita O’Keeffe with Denis and Mary O’Brien


The lotto jackpot continues to grow. With no winner of last week’s Jackpot Prize, the rollover now has reached €3,000. Last week saw no overall winner yet again, but consolation prizes were won by Sarah Foley, Nellie Cotter, Frances O’Riordan and John T. O‘Keeffe. The Lotto Organising Committee would like to once again thank all those who continue to support this vital source of Club fundraising, and wish all ticket holders the very best of luck in the draw next Tuesday.

All photos available to buy Michael Walsh, Dermot McCarthy and Jim Geary on ticket duty

021 4638022

Brian and Cliona O’Leary

Ciara and David O’Sullivan

Maurice O’Connell andAisling McAllister

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Lisgoold GAA Social 2010 - better late than never!


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Peter Leahy with Claire Sheehan and Aileen O’Keeffe

Orla Giltinan and Jamie Woods

John Joe Regan, John McCarthy and Michael Beirne, who have all been Secretary of the Lisgoold GAAClub

All photos available to buy

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Lisgoold juvenile

St. Colman’s ladies U16s secure first league win

Una, Kevin and Jerry enjoy the night

ST. Colmans U16’s travelled to Lisgoold last Thursday, to meet their opponents, Lisgoold in this U16 tie. Both teams started well in the first half and there was some lovely passing movements from both teams. The second half saw St. Colmans prove stronger and they ran out eventual winners on a scoreline of St. Colmans 3.7, Lisgoold 2 goals. Well done girls. A special thanks to Kate Flemming who was in goals for the first time and played extremely well, pulling off a vital save towards the end of the game. Good luck in your next match against Erin’s Own, date TBA. Scorers: Eimear Motherway 2-3 Rebecca Walsh 0-2 Sharon Murphy 1-0 Katie O’Neill 0-1

Team: K. Flemming, E. Healey, K.Tate, McGann, L. Bernard, M. Mullins, C. O’Sullivan, C. Murray, K. O’Neill, R. Steele, K.Cullinane, R.Walsh, S.Murphy, S. Kirby-Higgins, E. Motherway, K. Shinnick, S. O’Connor, E. O’Shea, M.Tattan and S. O’Keeffe.


Joanne Harrison, Maria Connery and Julie O’Mahony

Senior hurling

Killeagh opened their senior hurling campaign against near neighbours and rivals Cloyne in Killeagh on Sunday morning. From the first whistle this game was played at a frantic pace and both teams can be forgiven for being a little rusty with some wayward wides. It was Killeagh’s Andy Walsh who opened our account with a point from play, and Joe Deane got off the mark with a 30 yard free. Again, Andy Walsh popped up to smash home the opening goal. Cloyne soon got their opening score and then rattled our net before John Fitzgerald hit a superb long range point from play and Joe Deane tacked on two more. Cloyne’s late rally just before half time saw both sides go in at the break with a score of 1-06. The breeze to our backs in the second half, we opened with a purpose with Joe Deane goaling inside the second minute, and Brian Collins and Joe adding 3 more points before Cloyne settled and tacked on two points. But our defence repelled attack after attack. Andy and Philip added two before Cloyne goaled again. An entertaining game on a beautiful spring morning saw us take maximum points in this opening league game on a scoreline of Killeagh 2-14 Cloyne 2-10.


There was no winner of our lotto on Monday, March 8th. The jackpot now stands at €1,200. The numbers drawn were 12, 16 and 35.


Senior Hurling League: Killeagh vs. Erin’s Own in Caherlag on Saturday, March 20th. Time TBA. Commiserations to our under 14 Feile footballers who were narrowly defeated by Carrigaline in Killeagh on Sunday evening. Final score: Carrigaline 3-08 Killeagh 2-09.

SUNDAY last saw the Under 12 squad start the day with a tough and challenging training session, and finish the day as guests of Lisgoold GAA / Cork County Board on the victory of Cork over Kilkenny at Páirc Uí Chaoimh. The lads enjoyed a long day in good company where, accompanied by many parents and selectors, they travelled in convoy to ‘The Park’ to take in the big game. Victory for the Rebels was, of course, the icing on the cake for the lads (Bill, of course, was one of the few sad faces in Lisgoold on Sunday night!). Thanks to the Under 12 selectors for organising the day out, the Lisgoold Juvenile Committee for facilitating the event, and the Cork County GAA Board for the wonderful initiative, which is bound to be repeated.

Under 12 Hurling Challenge Lisgoold vs. St. Catherine’s

The lights of Ballynoe shone bright on a crisp cold evening as our U12 season got off to a start with a challenge game against St. Catherine’s last Monday. A decent performance from our lads showed the benefits of early season training, as Lisgoold were led by the athletic Liam O’Shea, the powerful Cian Healy, and the all round work ethic of Dylan Wright, Sean Nagle and Liam Stack. Bigger challenges lie ahead for this young group and, as the saying goes, ‘tuas maith, leath na h’oibre.’ That’s the ‘tuas maith‘ looked after, lads.

Cork County GAA fixtures Wednesday, March 17th: Intermediate Hurling League Division 1: Ballyhea vs. Tracton at Ballyhea, 12 noon. Intermediate Hurling League Division 2: Milford vs. Fr. O’Neil’s at Milford, 12.30pm. Division 2 Football League: Mayfield vs. St. Michael’s at St. Michael’s, 11.30am. Division 3 Football League: Beal Athan Ghaorthaigh vs. Adrigole at Beal Athan Ghaorthaigh, 12 noon. Friday, March 19th: Red FM Senior Hurling League: Glen Rovers vs. Bride Rovers at Glen Rovers, 7.30pm.

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Baile na Corra

Midleton CBS Primary wins 3rd Youghal class indoor hurling county final Results


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

“An Rith’ - a celebration of Irish language & culture

LAST Saturday, Scott Richards, Club Captain and Moll Hegarty, Ladies Club Captain represented the club and ran 3.5 miles from Loughaderra to St. Colmans Technical College in Midleton.

12/3/10: Junior Football Challenge Eochaill 2-6 – Ring 1-15 13/3/10: Under 10 Hurling League – Eochaill 4-3 – Mayfield 0-0

“An Rith” is a new national festival taking place as one of the main events of Seactain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week). A special hand carved baton has been designed that will carry a hidden message throughout Rith 2010. At the end of the run, the message of support for the Irish language, written by Mary McAleese, the President of Ireland, will be read out as part of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Galway where the run will finish.

Intermediate Hurling League Eochail 0-16 – Kilworth 1-12

14/3/10: Under 14 Feile Eochaill 1-6 Sliabh Rua 2-4

Upcoming fixtures

Scott & Mol had agreed to carry the baton and wore the Ballinacurra Club colours for the occasion. Well done to both Scott and Moll.

Junior A Football Championship

The Junior A Football Championship has been fixed for Killeagh on March 28th at 3.30pm. So dust down your flags and banners and bring them along to cheer on the lads.

Juvenile coaching

Juvenile training and coaching continues every Saturday from 9.30am and 11.30am at the GAA Grounds. Trained coaches will be on hand to deliver their expertise to all teams and mentors. Our own Juveniles were out in force last weekend. Under the tutelage of Ritchie, Dave, Don, Eamon and Dougie great strides are being made and a marked improvement has been noted this year. All players were fantastic last weekend and they can be very proud of their performances.

PANEL LAST WEEKEND: Craig Condon, Evan Rowlands, Ellis Rollands, Patrick Kane, Seán Byrne, Finbarr O’Sullivan, Kyran Leahy, Kane Rowlands, Keith Strain, Kyran Condon, Ross Cahill, Nicky Leahy, Diarmuid Byrne, Ciarán Lyons, Cian Keohane and Ben Cummins.

MIDLETON CBS Primary School 3rd class hurlers won the Indoor Hurling County Final last week at the Na Piarsaigh Pavilion in Cork.

The team defeated Riverstown NS in the final in a thrilling encounter which ended in a scoreline of 4 - 1, having defeated Cloghroe in the semi-final. Midleton raced into an early lead in the final, scoring two early goals which stunned their rivals

and they never recovered from this early set-back. As the game progressed, Midleton added to their early advantage scoring a further two goals which put the issue beyond question.

A late Riverstown goal did little to change the outcome, and Midleton were decisive and worthy winners. This is a great victory for Midleton CBS as this is a difficult competition to win at the best of times. Great credit is due to Jim O’Sullivan who has been

Junior A Football Cork footballers lose unbeaten Championship fixtures record to Tyrone in Omagh THE below fixtures were made at the East Cork Board meeting which took place on Cork 0-16 Tyrone 3-9 March 10th. Please note the date for the CORK footballers saw their unbeaten run in the Allianz National Football league come to an end in Healy Park, Tyrone on last Saturday night as the concession of three goals proved too much to recover from as Tyrone picked up their first brace of points.

In a match that saw fortunes swing one way and then the other, Tyrone started brightly to lead by 0-4 to 0-2 early on, but then a Cork scoring spree saw them hit seven points in a row and also miss a chance of a goal as Daniel Goulding saw his shot hit the crossbar. Had Cork got a goal at that juncture they might have been out of sight. Instead, the pendulum again swung back in Tyrone’s favour with Conor Gormley pointing before Colm Cavanagh scored a cheeky goal to revive Tyrone’s fortunes. The home side were to go into the break with a two point advantage as, despite the best efforts of Ken O’Halloran to keep out a pile-driver from Tommy McGuigan, the Tyrone forward scored at the second attempt to leave his side ahead by 2-5 to 0-9 at the interval. On the resumption Cork again responded with four points in a row but, not to be outdone, Tyrone shot three of their own as play again went in phases as neither side could stamp their authority on proceedings. Tyrone, however, had a strong bench with Sean Cavanagh coming on to add strength and the arrival of the third goal was to prove the crucial score.

Again, Ken O’Halloran in the Cork goal can feel unlucky as he saved brilliantly from Aidan Cassidy but Ryan Mellon reacted quickest to raise a third green flag for Tyrone who held out for victory on a 3-9 to 0-16 scoreline. To score 16 points away from home is good shooting, but again Cork’s inability to finish off their opponents was to prove their Achilles heel on this occasion as the concession of those three goals proved the difference between victory and defeat. Dublin, who accounted for Monaghon also on Saturday night last by 2-11 to 1-9, will be Cork’s next opponents in Páirc Uí Rinn this coming Saturday night and nothing less than victory will do for Conor Counihan’s team. With Kerry defeating Galway on Sunday the top division is finely balanced, with only Dublin unbeaten to date, so a good game is in prospect on Saturday night.

Erin’s Own vs. Russell Rovers game is provisional at the time of going to press. Preliminary round match A took place on Tuesday, March 16th between Lisgoold and Midleton.

First round to start w/e March 28th:

The 8 winners from Round 1 go to Round 3 and 8 Losers go to Round 2, extra time in all games. B. Loser of A (Lisgoold vs. Midleton) vs. Cobh at Carrigtwohill, date and venue TBC, referee Mark Murphy.

C. Castlemartyr vs. Castlelyons, Aghavine, 28/3/10, 3pm, referee John Buckley. D. Aghada vs. Cloyne, TBC, 26/3/10, 8pm, referee Niall Barrett.

E. Bride Rovers vs. Carraig na bhFearr, Glenville, 28/3/10, 3pm, referee Ger Sweeney. F. Erin’s Own vs. Russell Rovers, Castlemartyr, 20/3/10, 4pm, referee James Bermingham.

G. Carrigtwohill vs. Glanmire, Cobh, 24/3/10, 8pm, referee Barry Day.

H. Ballinacurra vs. Dungourney, Killeagh, 28/3/10, 3.30pm, referee Denis O’Leary.

I. Glenbower Rovers vs. Fr. O’Neill’s, Copper Alley, 27/3/10, 4.30pm, referee Tim Dineen.

coaching both the third and fourth classes since last November. Jim has achieved many successes with teams in the school over the years in both hurling and football, but his response to victory is typically modest and unassuming, always deflecting credit away from himself and onto the pupils in his care. The school is indeed indebted to Jim for his dedication and hard work over the years, and hopefully further success will come his way in future competitions.

20/3/10: Under 10 Hurling League - Eochaill vs.Carrigtwohill away at 3pm 21/3/10: Intermediate Hurling League- Eochaill vs. Mallow atCopperalley at 3pm

Development news

There is great work going on through the development committee and the dug outs are well underway and are due for completion in about four weeks. Copperalley dressing rooms and facilities are also getting a face lift, and we thank all for helping out and giving up their time for this project.

Glanmire outshine Youghal with double goals

U14 Schools County Hurling Final: Gleann Maghair 2-7 Pobalscoil Na Tríonóide Eochaill 1-6 PÁIRC Uí Rinn was the venue for this game played on Tuesday, March 9th when Youghal and Glanmire met in the final of the schools competition under lights. This was a great game of hurling between two very well prepared and evenly matched teams.

Glanmire started the better and were 3 points up after fourteen minutes. Youghal clawed their way back and went in front with a brilliant Ollie Dempsey goal. Almost immediately Glanmire levelled and went in front to lead at half-time. On the resumption Glanmire got on top but just couldn’t pull away. Youghal tried very hard but could only manage to score 1 point and when Glanmire found the net for the second time there was no way back for the Pobalscoil boys.

S. P. GLEANN MAGHAIR: J. Murphy, R. Murray, E. Murphy, A. Walsh, L. Foley, D. O’Neill, C. Daly, D. Hayes, P. Leopold, Tallon, Rheban, Demolish, A. McCarthy, J. Sweeney, L. Hackett. SUBS: C. Smiddy, T. Murphy, C. Aherne, L. Morrissey, C. Hickey, J. Galvin, J Pick S. Dooley, D. O’Sullivan, J. Duggan, A. O’Rourke, G. Ryan, E. O’Sullivan

POBALSCOIL NA TRÍONÓIDE: K. Ransom, L. MacCraith, B. McCarthy, D. O’Brien, P. Walsh, A. Curley, B. Delaney, E. O’Halloran, M. O’Farrell, A. McCarthy, G. Coleman, A. Seoighe, O. Dempsey, C. Morrisson, R. MacÓda.

SUBS: R. Deady, C. Foley, K. Foley, T. Kennefick, O. Keniry, S. Merkushev, R. Mulcahy, L. O’Flynn, C. ÓhAonghusa, H. Olifant, D. Walsh

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Aghada juvenile www. aghadagaa. com

Féile peil: Aghada 6-9 Kilmurry 1-3

On Sunday, March 14th, the first round of féile football saw the under 14’s comfortably through to the next round, away to Carrigaline on Sunday, March 21st at 4pm. The following Sunday, March 28th is féile iomáint at home to Carrigaline at 4pm.

Upcoming juvenile fixtures

U16 peil Midleton 2 vs. Aghada away 22/3/10 U16 iomáint league at home to Bride Rovers U14 peil league vs. Carrigtwohill at home TBA U14 peil league week of 7/4/10 away to Kiltha Óg U14 iomáint league14/4/10 Aghada vs. Carrigtwohill at home U12 peil league Aghada v Erin’s Own, w/o 22/3/10 at home U12 peil league Kiltha Óg V Aghada away week March 29th

Féile Spraoi Iomáint Fé 10 (festival of summer hurling under 10)

This year it is confined to East Cork teams only, and will be based on the go games format with hurling mini-blitz’s during the summer in their allocated groups. It will be 10 a side and all participating teams will be invited to Rostellan for the finals of Féile Spraoi Iomáint on September 11th. It is hoped that this féile will start at the end of April with all teams contributing €60 towards a special Feile Spraoi medal & food for the players on the finals day. Each club in East Cork is filling in the initial form. All queries to Michael Mulry 086 3862825.

Scór na bPáiste

Congratulations to Christine Moran, Christine Gilroy, Luke O Connell, Ciara Counihan and Patrick Rice, who formed a ballad group that represented the Aghada Juvenile club in the county final of Scór in Ovens on Sunday 14th. The standard was high and the Aghada group put in a great performance to come second to the winning group from Douglas.

Juvenile Registration

All juveniles should have fees and forms completed to comply with new registration requirements from Croke Park head quarters. Parents please note the new regulation for wearing of hurling helmets and under the GAA insurance scheme helmets by Azurri, Marc & Micros are the only recognised helmets with the approved certification. Forms available from Sean Norris 086-2684928.

Summer Cúl Camps

The dates for this years Cúl camps are: 12/7/10 to 16/7/10 and 9/8/10 - 13/8/10. The coordinator again this year is Robin Triggs on 087 2138780. The cost for this year is €60 for the first child, €100 for two and €120 for 3 or more from the one family.

A deposit of €20 per child is required to book your place and gear. This is to cover the club’s cost in acquiring the gear that will be given out to each child at the camp. Please contact Robin if there is any vacancy at this time.

Russell Rovers

Russell Rovers 3-7 Carraig na bhFear 0-10

Our minor footballers continued their good start in the MBFL when they had a six points win away to Carraig na bhFearr last Saturday week. The home side raced into a 3 points lead inside ten minutes, but an Eoin McGrath goal in the 15th minute levelled matters. The sides exchanged 3 points apiece over the next 15 minutes with Rovers scores coming from Andrew Hartnett, Kevin O’Brien (free) and Eoin McGrath.

Then, in the 30th minute a peach of a goal by Jack McGrath from out on the wing gave us a 3 points cushion at the break, 2-3 to 0-6. Carraig na bhFear reduced the deficit to the bare minimum within two minutes of the resumption, but Sean Maher and Andrew Hartnett quickly restored our advantage. Neither team managed to score over the next 15 minutes until substitute, Ciarán Mullins put daylight between the sides with a well-taken goal in the 22nd minute. Eoin McGrath and Andrew Hartnett added two more points to seal a well-merited, if unexpected, victory. Goalkeeper, Joseph Flynn made some fine saves to keep a clean sheet while outfield David Whelehan, Kevin O’Brien, Aidan Beausang and Eoin McGrath were to the fore in what was a fine team display.


Midleton ladies football: Good run continues against Rockbán

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

MIDLETON 6-8 ROCKBÁN 1-5 THE team travelled to play Rockbán last weekend. Rockbán and Mayfield are now part of the East Cork Division in Ladies Football.

Mannix to the team who made an impact both in attack and defence respectively when coming off the bench. The final score of 6-15 to 1-3 showed the effort and determination by all players from start to finish.

Knowing very little of their opponents, Midleton played hard from the off but this was met with tough opposition from the Rockbán girls.


Midleton travelled to play Carrigtwohill last Sunday in a practice game.

Three points from play from half forward, Niamh Moloney, settled the Midleton side.

But unfortunately Niamh suffered an injury and had to be taken off. Claire O’Neill was chosen to replace her in the no 10 jersey and it wasn’t long before she buried the ball in the net for her team, with goals from Ella Morrissey and Sinead O’Connell. Points from Midfielder, Shannon Burke and half forward, Sarah Mennis gave Midleton a commanding lead of 3-3 to 1-1 at half time . The Midleton side’s determination was very evident with encouraging words from their captain, Sinead O’Connell and others at half time driving the team spirit on.

This was to prove successful when Leah McEvoy opened the scoring in the second half with two super long range goals from play. These were quickly followed by points from Zoe McEvoy and Ciara O’Connor. Captain Sinead O’Connell then gave Midleton their sixth goal of the match and the final score of the match, a lovely point from Rishenda Thomas which completed the Midleton scoreline. Jena Keating stood firm in defence with Lucy Lawton and Marie Collins by her side. Emma O’Sullivan, Aoife Madden and Niamh O’Farrell in the full back line were unforgiving in their defence.

TEAM: Joseph Flynn; Ricky Walsh, Aaron Beausang, Kevin Ivers; Aidan Beausang, David Whelehan, Daniel O’Brien; Kevin O’Brien, Sean Maher; Eoin McGrath, Andrew Hartnett, Jack McGrath; Michael Furlong, Philip O’Neill, David Casey. Subs: Ciarán Mullins, Martin Flynn, Shane Fleming, Daniel Guerin, James Moynihan, (all used), Colman Quirke, Shane Casey, Paul Lane.

Cobh 0-15 Russell Rovers 0-6

Our junior footballers travelled to Cobh last Wednesday night to play our fourth game in the JFL, Division 2, under lights but had to come away empty-handed. In a game of contrasting halves, the host team were a completely transformed side to the one we defeated by 13 points in the corresponding game last year.

Midleton Ladies Football Club would like to thank Powerade Ireland for sponsoring water bottles for their club. Pictured above are Shannon Burke, Zoe McEvoy, Leanne Ahern, Claire Fenton and Ray O’Brien accepting Powerade water bottles on behalf of the club

It was a good win for the travelling side and a pleasant encounter with a very welcoming club.

We wish them all the best in the East Cork Division. Other promising performances were displayed by a number of Midleton girls Claire O’Mahony, Orla O’Neill, Aoife Dunne, Meg Harty, Christin O’Keeffe, and Aoife Molloy.

Under 16

East Cork League

Midleton 6-15 Glanmire 1-3

Midleton put in a strong performance against Glanmire on Sunday, February 28th, in Glanmire. The team, led by captain Shannon Burke, stood strong and started straight from the throw in.

Niamh Moloney marshalled midfield giving Shannon Burke freedom to join a half forward

They were physically stronger and fitter and we found it difficult to counteract their runners off the ball whenever they attacked.

Yet, we matched them man for man for much of the opening half and trailed by only two points at the break, 0-5 to 0-3, but we lost our shape in the second period while Cobh seemed to move up a couple of gears and began to fire over points at their ease, some of which were the result of wayward passing on our part.

We opened the scoring in the first minute through a John Ahern point following a good solo run, though he was unlucky not to have goaled after his shot clipped the top of the crossbar. Paudie Higgins added another from a free before James Furlong

line comprised of Amber Cope, Leah McEvoy and Amy Horgan to score some early points.

A great performance from the half forwards early on put Midleton ahead and showed some defensive skills also when required.

A strong attacking line of Emma Keane, Zoe McEvoy, and Abby Crotty helped with the scoring to give Midleton a lead of 3-11 to 1-1 at half time. A strong defensive performance, led by goalkeeper Sarah Barrett who saved a point blank shot and cleared the ball. Edel Manley stood tall in front of Sarah, assisted by the speed of Kaleigh Ahern and Ruth Goulding.

The half back line of Carol Cashman, Megan Wallace and Karen Forde blocked several long range shots and sent the ball forward, assisting many of the points scored by the forwards. The selectors were delighted to add Jenna Keating and Sarah

got our best point of the game from out near the sideline.

Our second half scores all came from substitutes – Kevin Tattan, Joe Walsh and Ian Smiddy. With the first round of the Junior A championship looming on the horizon, this defeat is a timely reminder of what needs to be done if we are to have any chance of matching our opponents, Erin’s Own.

TEAM: Kevin Walsh; Anthony Walsh, Seamus Kearney, John Paul Ivers; Anthony Archer, Eoin Ivers, James Ahern; Derek Crowley, Colin Crowley; Tadgh Crowley, Padraig Higgins, James Furlong; Barry Fitzgerald, John Ahern, Alan Cott. Subs: Kevin Tattan, Ian Smiddy and Joseph Walsh (all used).

Last week-end saw our junior footballers putting their league

This game was played in their new Astro Turf complex. The game was very competitive with 12 players a side, and ended up a draw. We wish Carrigtwohill all the best with the new facility. U 16 and Junior Training continues on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7.30.

The Junior team start their County League Campaign next weekend at home to Rosscarbery. The Juniors are looking forward to getting started in the County League.

Mega Quiz Night

The Ladies Club will hold their Fundraising Quiz night on March 24th in the GAA Pavilion at 8pm. There will be great prizes on the night and we hope for great support. It will be €40 for a table of 4 players.

The winners on the night will go forward to represent Midleton in the Cork County Peile Na mBan Final in the Rochestown Park Hotel on April 9th.

We are asking anyone who wants to lend a hand in supporting the ladies to sponsor a table on the night for €20.

campaign back on track when they shared the spoils in a hardearned 0-7 to 0-7 draw away to Dungourney, which is a welcome boost ahead of our 1st round championship game next weekend.

Our minor hurlers had an excellent start in the Premier 2 MHL when they accounted for city side, Brian Dillons in Shanagarry last Saturday evening on a score-line of 1-11 to 2-3 despite being without key players Kevin O’Brien, Jack McGrath and Kevin Ivers.


JAFC: Russell Rovers vs. Erin’s Own in Castlemartyr on Saturday, March 20th at 4pm. P2 MHL: Russell Rovers vs. Valley Rovers in Shanagarry on Sunday, March 21st at 12 noon.

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Kiltha Óg

Red fm leagues commence


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

U8 Hurling

OUR U-8 squad travelled to Ballinacurra last Saturday morning to take part in a skills blitz. They all had a great day and the next major outing is the Paddy O’Doherty tournament in April.

Carrigtwohill and Midleton match comes down to one point Email your

U10 Hurling

GAA news

Kiltha Óg got off to a winning start against Inniscarra in the opening round of the Decky Guckian tournament held in Castlemartyr. Conditions were breezy and cold so players had an incentive to run about to stay warm. The game was played in 4 x 10 minute quarters, which was an unusual format, but Kiltha Óg competed well and came out on top in the end. Scores came from Cormac Griffin, Dylan Healy and Kieran Geaney, while Nicholas Kelleher pulled off 2 very important saves.



Our U10s had another great win in the Decky Guckian Tournament against St. Finbarr’s last Saturday. Although we were short a few of our usual U10 players, we were ably backed up by our under 9 squad. The game was noteworthy for a fine team performance but especially for the superb performance from Daragh Moran at centre back. Our best wishes to U10 squad member, Cian Murphy, for a speedy recovery from his recent injury.

U16 Football and Hurling

Last weekend, we began our football campaign with our opening league game against Russell Rovers. We will have only one other league game in football prior to the break for exams in May. Our hurling league campaign begins at the end of March with Cloyne our opponents. Both our footballers and our hurlers are in the ‘A’ grade competitions. Our hurlers are also in the Premier County hurling league with two matches pencilled in before the exam break. These will be against Sarsfield and Duhallow. When we resume at the end of June we look forward to games in this competition against Mallow, Blackrock, St Finbarr’s and Glen Rovers. Championship in hurling will be mid-August where the winners of the Killeagh/Itas / Midleton tie will be our opponents. The football championship is likely to start in September and we have a mouth watering tie against Midleton. There is plenty to look forward to in the upcoming months.

U16 Football

We played our opening league fixture on Monday, March 15th where Midleton were the opponents. We had a great workout last Friday when we played Nemo Rangers in a challenge match at Dungourney. The game was played at a very high tempo and scores were plentiful. Half time score was 2-8 to 2-6 in our favour, and the second half provided more of the same. All subs were introduced at the break and the game continued in much the same vein. At the final whistle we were victorious by four points on the scoreline of 4-15 to 5-8. Team: P. Cullinane, G. Barry, K. Ahearne, J. Lawton, B. O’Regan, J. Mc Carthy(0-1), E. O’Donnell, C. Fitzpatrick, N. Motherway (0-2), J. Stack, B. Ahern (2-6), L. Martin, P. Harney (0-2), D. Connaughton (2-1) and S. Hegarty (0-3). Subs: C. Beausang, M. Kenneally, D. Mc Carthy and B. Coakley.

Joe Deane who scored the vital second goal for Killeagh against Cloyne THE Red FM sponsored County Hurling Leagues commenced over the weekend, with varying degrees of success for the East Cork clubs involved.

Carrigtwohill 1-14 Midleton 1-13

There was two all East Cork clashes with Carrigtwohill and Midleton meeting under the lights in Carrig on Friday night.

This turned out to be a cracking contest, with Carrigtwohill snatching victory with a late goal to fashion a one point victory. Carrigtwohill will have played for a second time on last Tuesday night when they met St. Finbarrs who were victorious against Na Piarsigh. Robert White was in impressive form for Carrigtwohill, who had Frank Flannery sent off late in the game.

Killeagh 2-13 Cloyne 2-9

On Sunday morning the meeting of Killeagh and Cloyne took place in Páirc Uí Chinnide in Killeagh, with the home side recording a four point victory.

Carrigtwohill ladies football

‘Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh si’


We played our first game of the season at home against Watergrasshill in the East Cork League, and won! A very solid performance in their first game of the season saw the Carrig girls comfortably see off the challenge of Watergrasshill. It was pleasing to see almost the full panel available for this match, and the good performances are too many to mention here. It was great to see the new group gel so quickly, and mentors and spectators alike were impressed with the commitment shown by the whole team. The benefit of twice a

week pre-season training was apparent as fitness levels definitely contributed to the gap in the score-line between the two sides. Final score: Carrigtwohill 3- 8 Watergrasshill 1-1 Training continues on a Wednesday evening in the Community Hall from 6.30pm to 7.30 pm and at the GAA field on Sunday morning from 11.30am to 12.30pm. For more information about under 14s please contact Anna Horgan (086 8916609) or Jon Hinchliffe (086 4093752).

The second goal from Joe Deane, scored just after the interval, gave the home side enough breathing space to hang on for a deserved win.

U16s: Carrigtwohill 7-8 Aghada 3-2

The first match of the year for the U16s was held in Carrigtwohill on Sunday, February 21st vs. Aghada. Weather could not have been better, blue skies and beautiful sunshine. Aghada had a great start with 2 goals and 1 point unanswered by Carrigtwohill in the first quarter. Carrigtwohill then started to improve their ball handling and it paid off with some great scores with all players putting in a great deal of hard work.

This scoreline however does not give a true picture of the match as it was much closer than the scoreline shows. TEAM: Andrea Buttimer, Claire Keegan, Julie Foley, Lauren Horgan, Kelly Fitzgerald, Eve Corry, Grace Bunce, Rachel Sheehan (4g, 3pts), Eva Horgan, Kate Scannell (1 - 3), Tara O’Connor (1-1), Laura Alweber, Eilish Barry, Lauren Dunfort (1 pt), Eimear O’Mahony (1 goal) and Shelly Tobin.

Deadline: 12 noon Monday

With Killeagh set to meet Carrigtwohill in championship action the weeks ahead look to be very interesting as both sides use the league to prepare for championship action.

Sarsfields 0-16 Ballinhassig 1-15

With Sarsfields without their Inter county contingent they were forced to give best to Ballinhassig, who had to work very hard to gain victory on home soil. Glen Rovers and Newtownshandrum were the other big winners in the opening round of Division 1.

Red fm Senior Hurling League Ballinhassig 1-15 Sarsfields 0-16 Bishopstown 1-7 Glen Rovers 0-15 Blarney 0-9 Newtownshandrum 0-13 Killeagh 2-13 Cloyne 2-9 St Finbarrs 2-15 Na Piarsigh 1-13 Carrigtwohill 1-14 Midleton 1-13

In the Intermediate Hurling league there was a good win for St Catherine’s over Fr.O’Neill’s in Division 2, while Youghal managed a draw with Kilworth in Division 1.

The other East Cork sides all lost, as Inniscarra proved too strong for Castlelyons and Courcey Rovers defeated Watergrasshill in Division 1, while Valley Rovers were convincing winners over Aghada in Division 2.

Intermediate Hurling League Division 1 Castlelyons 0-12 Inniscarra 3-11 Watergrasshill 1-9 Courcey Rovers 3-14 Youghal 0-16 Kilworth 1-13

Intermediate Hurling League Division 2 Fr.O’Neill’s 0-6 St Catherine’s 0-13 Aghada 0-7 Valley Rovers 1-18 Glen Rovers 6-13 Milford 1-11 Kilbrittain 0-10 Carrigaline 2-12 Newcestown 1-10 Bandon 1-13

Intermediate Hurling League Division 3 Ballygarvan 1-10 Eire Óg 0-16 Kanturk 0-13 Aghabullogue 1-16 Blackrock 0-11 Dripsey 0-15 Cobh 2-10 Fermoy 2-14

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Patrick A Cashman on behalf of Gerard Melvin seeks Outline Permission to construct a Dwelling with Septic Tank, at Rostellan Td. Aghada, Co Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased, at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL We ORB Architecture ( apply on behalf of Patrick and Mary O’Brien for permission for an amendment to planning permission reg. no. 08/8202 to include replacement of attached garage to side of dwelling with detached garage at Dromsarane, Midleton, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Planning permission is sought for change of use of Retail Shop premises, unit 9 A to Climatherapy Clinic (Salt Cave) including internal alterations at Hazelwood Centre, Ballincrossig/Pollacurry North, Riverstown, Glanmire, for Cal & Brian Healy. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Liam & Catherine Keating wish to apply for permission for alterations to existing dwelling including increasing the height of the existing roof and the provision of velux rooflights and the conversion of the attic space to living accommodation at no.1 Crestfield Downs, Riverstown, Glanmire, Co.Cork. The application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the planning authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. CÓMHAIRLE CHONTAE CHORCAÍ Is mian le Peter agus Patricia Power, f/c Micheál Ó Cuimín, Ailtire agus Suirbhéar Cairte, Mainistir na Corann, cead pleanála a fháil chun mheadú úrlar amháin a chur suas ar an dtaobh Thiar agus ceann eile ar an dtaobh Theas dá dteach cónaithe, agus fuinneog nua a chur isteach san úrlar talamh ar an dtaobh thoir, agus geata nua a dhéanamh ón gcosán poiblí ag uimhir 6 Rivergrove, baile fearainn Baile an Ghleanna, Baile Roisín, Gleann Maighear, Co Chorcaí. Is féidir an tIarratas Pleanála a iniúchadh nó a cheannach ar tháille nach mbeadh níos mó ná an costas réasúnta a bheadh ar chóip a dhéanamh ag oifigí an Údaráis Phleanála le linn a huaireanta oscailte poiblí agus gur féidir aighneacht nó barúlacht i ndáil leis an iarratas a dhéanamh i scríbhinn chuig an Údarás laistigh de thréimhse na 5 seachtaine dar thús an dáta a fhaigheann an tÚdarás an t-iarratas, ach an táille atá leagtha síos a íoc.



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Dalton -

7th Anniversaries

In loving memory of Tom and Mary Dalton, late of Killea, Youghal, whose anniversaries occur at this time. Nothing on earth can ever replace, The sound of your voice or the smile on your face. We all look back upon the years, We think of you with love and tears, A thousand words could never say, How much we miss you every day. If we could have a lifetime wish, And one dream that could come true, We would pray to God with all our hearts, Just to see and speak to you. Memories are like leaves of gold, They never tarnish or grow old, Like falling leaves, time slips by, But memories of you both will never die. Always loved and remembered by your family.

Lil Barton -

Deane -

O’Mathuna -

In loving memory of our dear mother Mary, late of 13 Fr. Murphy Place, Midleton, Co. Cork, who died on March 9th, 2005.

In loving memory of Batt O’Mahony, whose 11th anniversary occurs at this time. R.I.P.

2nd Anniversary 5th Anniversary Treasured memories of my daughter Lil, late of Beechwood Court, Midleton, who died on March 19th 2008. R.I.P. Lil, silent memories keep you near, As time unfolds a second year, Out of my life you may be gone, But in my heart you still live on. Simple words but very true, I will always miss you Lil, And I’ll pray for you.

Always remembered by Pop. Lil’s Anniversary Mass will be in the Holy Rosary Church, Midleton, on Saturday, March 20th at 7.30 pm.

Lil Barton -

2nd Anniversary

In loving memory of my dear sister Kathleen (Lil), late of Beechwood Court, Midleton, whose second anniversary occurs on March 19th, 2010.

Peace and contentment was your desire, You troubled no one, And your wants were few, Never selfish, always kind, These are the memories you left behind. Always remembered by your sister Mary and brother-in-law Patsy.

Lil Barton -

2nd Anniversary

In loving memory of my dear sister Lil, late of Beechwood Court, Midleton, who died on March 19th, 2008. R.I.P. Each of us in our own way, Have special thoughts of you today, When our thoughts go back, As they often do, We treasure the memories, We have of you.

Sadly missed by your brother John, sister-in-law Barnie and nephews Philip and Damien.

Lil Barton -

2nd Anniversary

In loving memory of my mother Kathleen (Lil), late of Beechwood Court, Midleton, whose second anniversary occurs on March 19th, 2010. Mam, I think of you every day, I will love you always, ‘Till we meet again. From your son Mark.

A shadow walks beside us, Forever by our side, Always there to guide us, Ever since you died. No matter how we spend our days, No matter what we do, No morning dawns, No evening falls, Without a thought of you. In Heaven you rest, No worries, no pain, But in our hearts You will always remain.

Sadly missed and loved always by her son Kenneth, daughters Michelle and Priscilla and grandchildren Nicole, Alyssa and Ciara.

Ronayne -

6th Anniversary

In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather, Charlie, late of 21 Ahern’s Terrace, Midleton, who died March 19th 2004. R.I.P. No words we write, Will ever say, How much we miss him, Every day.

Sadly missed by his loving wife, Eileen and family.

Barton -

2nd Anniversary

Cherished memories of my dear sister Lil, who died on March 19th, 2008. R.I.P. A thousand words could never say, How much we miss you every day. Life goes on, We know that’s true, But it’s not the same, Since we lost you.

Sadly missed by Will, Marian and Adam.

11rú Chuimhneacháin

I ngean chuimne ar Parthalán O’Mathuna, Cill Liath, a fuair bás ar an 15ú lá Márta 1999. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam. Mise an t-aiséiri agus an bheatha An té a chreideann iomsa Fiú amhain má fhaigheann sé bás, maifidh sé Agus gach duine beo a chreideann ionamsa, Ní bhfaighidh sé bás chóiche, Tá sé imithe uainn go Día agus nil, Día i bfad uainn.


Holland -

4th Anniversary

In loving memory of Kathleen Holland, late of 35 Ahern and Ryan Place, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork, who died on March 14th, 2006. Somewhere beyond the sunset, Where loved ones never die, You sleep in a beautiful garden, Beneath a golden sky. Though Heaven and earth divide us, We are never far apart, For you are always in our thoughts, And forever in our hearts.

Sadly missed and loved by her daughter-in-law Anne, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Lewis - 8th Anniversary In loving memory of our dear mother Bridget, late of Rostellan, whose 8th anniversary occurs on March 20th. Also our dad David whose 25th anniversary occurred on January 27th last. Their voices now silent, Their hearts now cold, Their smile and welcome, That met us of old. We miss them and mourn them, In sorrow unseen, And dwell on the memories, Of days that have been.

Loved and remembered by your daughters Margaret, Joan, Nuala and Teresa and their families.


BERNADETTE AHERNE Water Rock, Midleton 4/9/1921 – 20/3/2009 Acknowledgement and First Anniversary

We, the family of the late Ber would like to thank most sincerely those who sympathised and supported us on the death of our mother and grandmother. We wish to express gratitude to everyone who attended the Rosary, Removal and Funeral Mass and to those who sent Mass Cards and Letters of Sympathy. Thank you most sincerely to the clergy who officiated at the ceremonies, especially Fr. Dan Gould and to Jerry Wallace of Wallis’ Undertakers. We would like to express our appreciation to the Matron and all the staff of Midleton Community Hospital for the kindness and great care shown to Mom in her final years.

As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this acknowledgement in appreciation of the support we received. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for your intentions.

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services



086 1041390 Contact Michelle on


€20 A wEEk



Heating & Insulation Grants Available

SEI Registered (I.D. No. 10791) BER Assessments Condensing High Efficiency Gas/Oil Boilers Cavity Wall & Attic Insulation Dry Lining Insulation Contact Brigid on 087 2373869 E-mail:


' $ " '


" " ' $ " " )6<.)+;<9-9: 7. )44 :741, >77, .<961;<9#-- 7<9 ' >-*:1;- A >>> >);-9.79,>77, +75 9 =1:1; 7<9 :07>9775


021 4638022

5)14 16.7 >);-9.79,>77, +75


ACCOUNTING SERVICES Experienced accountant with 30 years of financial industry experience








4)6616/ -951::176: #<9=-@16/ $-6,-916/ 19- -9;1.1+);-: #1;- #<8-9=1:176 6-9/@ #)=16/ -:1/6 #;9<+;<9)4 "-879;: 76;)+; 7..1+7*14- 5)14 16.7 79*)9+01;-+;<9- 6-; >-* >>> 79*)9+01;-+;<9- 6-;

with Multi national / small / medium business sectors Available for all accounting services with existing or new start up companies Contact Finbarr Harrington on

086 8563488

or email:





TEL 021 4634592





021 4632213 / 087 2461024 Contact Joe on


A Bed, Bath & Biscuit

Ballymacoda, Co. Cork

Boarding Kennels Grooming Heated Kennels * Spacious runs 24 hour vet cover One to one attention guaranteed

Tel 024 98885 Mobile: 086 8410515 *Free grooming for every dog boarded for 7 consecutive nights

Stephen Scully PAVING & GARDEN Patios & Driveways Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs Brick Paver


Decorative walling Tel 021 4632191 086 2537531



Jacket zips were €25 now €20 Jeans zips were €18 now €15 Jeans take ups were €8 now €5 Curtain take ups were €25 now €20

46 Main Street, Midleton

Most types of lining supplied Sewing supplies threads, zips etc. Ladies & Gents Alterations

Tel: 021 4632029 or 086 6386293



Midleton Bouncing Castles


* Bouncing Castles with Slide * 12 x 12 & 15 x 15 Bouncing Castles * Bouncing Castles for Teenagers * Fully Insured


Catering for all occasions Midleton 021 4652 000 Mobile: 087 254 3948



## (

"77. 9-8)19: #4);-: ;14-: &-4<? '16,7>: .1;;-, 4); 977.: ;79+0 76 .-4; 7 27* #5)44 4<5*16/ 27*: ;77 *1/ $1416/ 7. >)44: )6, 79 :5)44 .4779: 44 ;@8-: 7. ,779: 47+3: 9-84)+-,

4):;-916/ 16;-9179 -?;-9179 );17: );0: 91=->)@: ;;1+ ')44 6:<4);176 ;;1+ #;)19: 7>-9 '):016/ 7. ):+1) #7..1; <;;-9 4-)616/ "-8)19 -6-9)4 978-9;@ )16;-6)6+$0-:- )9- 2<:; :757. ;0- :-9=1+-: >- 7..-9 . @7< ,76B; :-- :75-;016/ 76 7<9 41:; /1=- <: ) +)44 76

!<)41.1-, ;9),-:5-6 <44@ 16:<9-,

Door to door computer repairs Computer and laptop repair hardware and software upgrades Data backup and recovery Virus and spyware removal Contact Conor Casey on

086 2374484






Contact Anthony on:

024 95857 Fax 024 95856

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services


2 bed apartment to let, Main Street, MIDLETON. Fully furnished. €650pm. Tel. 021 4631494. MOGEELY VILLAGE: 3 bedroomed fully furnished new house with parking. Contact 087 9114681.

Two bedroom large apartment for rent. €650 per month. MAIN STREET, MIDLETON. Tel. 021 4631494. 3 bedroomed house to let, walking distance from MIDLETON TOWN. Contact 086 8948813.


CLOTHELINES: T. shaped with pulleys and ropes €12, or with winders €140. Fitted free any area in Midleton, Youghal & the East Cork area weekly. Tel. Grange Ironcraft – 025 32636 / 087 2549996.

GATES: Timber side gates €200, Entrance gates, €550, Free fitting, Free quotes. Tel. Grange Ironcraft – 025 32636 / 087 2549996.

Extra large, hand-made WROUGHT IRON FIREBASKET, with matching dogs. Suit large inglenook fireplace. Also, extra large, solid brass ornate fire tongs, poker and coal shovel. €150 ono. Tel. 086 1964677 or 021 4652259



FULL TIME STAFF NURSE required for Ballincurrig Care Centre. Also full/part time carers. Contact Elaine or Margaret on 021 4642130 EXT. 1.

Guileen Irish Speaking Circle at Guileen Arms GAEILGE, COMHLUADAR AGUS CEOL

8.30pm, Dé Céadaoin, 24ú Márta * Cupán tae ceol agus amhráin! All levels of Irish Speakers cúpla focal, líofa, bilingual welcome to our final night till October 2010. Bígí linn agus céad míle fáilte




Tel. 086 3376399





Contact Barry O’Driscoll on

087 9123761


Using your own fabric

CURTAIN CREATIONS Make-Up Service Curtains / Pelmets Roman Blinds Cushions and Throws Readymade Curtain Alterations Also style ideas, problem windows and measuring fitting service

Contact Anna Walsh on 021 4632080 Unit 3, Nordic Enterprise Park, Midleton, Co. Cork



Can be sealed instantly for €10 a square metre Torch-on felt a speciality *Slating, tiling, re-roofing * Lead valleys and chimneys renewed


Unbeatable prices assured All work is fully guaranteed by registered contractors

Contact Ger O’Connor anytime on 087 1438830


Don't Worry... We Remove the Hassle Of Managing Your Own Technology Call Us Now! Your Local East Cork Office – Knockraha

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Affordable On-Site Service For Your Home & Small Business



Public Recycling Centre

You name it we take it

For all your Recycling & Disposal Open Mon – Sat 8am to 6pm

021 4652454 Signposted from Main Whitegate Road


ARCHITECTS Finbarr Foley Architectural Services Crompaun View, Clonpriest, Youghal Domestic & Commercial Planning Applications Waste Facility Permit Applications Building Design Building Surveys Site & Contour Surveys Fire Cert. Applications

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662 65305,

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Manufacturers of Wrought Iron/Timber Gates Staircases * Security doors Doors * Railings

Lobster pots (etc) at factory prices

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603,8 4(05:,5(5*, 9,8<0*, 8,7(089 ,(:05. *65:863 ;7.8(+, &(84,8 /64, 9*/,4,


Bartley Water Softeners *Water Softeners (limescale removal) * ph Correction (acid water) * Carbon filters (taste & odour removal) * UV Sterilisers (bacteria removal) all work guaranteed free survey without obligation call TONY on

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Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Fo o d fo r t h o u g h t

Sponsored by Well & Good, Broderick Street, Midleton Tel. (021) 4633499

Easter cupcake delights!



IT’S still quite common for people who grow, eat or buy organic products to be regarded as middle-class dilettantes with plenty of spare cash. So why do they persist?

A friend of mine who farms in a chemical-free way is the only farmer in her area who is not in debt to the local co-op, so that is one good reason: to save money on artificial fertilisers and pesticides. Mind you, the input of labour to compensate for lack of chemical sprays is extremely demanding, but her vegetables sell out all year round and the farm is viable. Why do people buy her chemical-free vegetables?

FOR an Easter tea party worthy of any wonderland, why not try Garth McColgan’s recipe for Easter Cupcakes. Created by FoodActive’s Garth for Aldi, this tasty recipe features a host of tempting toppings, helping you create an array of delicious delights!

Perfect for charming all little Easter chicks to the table, it’s easy to release your inner domestic goddess. Just follow Garth’s easy step by step method – even a mad-hatter could do it! For more tempting recipes from Garth visit

Delicious Easter Cupcakes

Makes: 12 cupcakes Prep Time: 30 mins Cooking and Decorating Time: 45 mins INGREDIENTS

For cupcakes: 175g Butter, at room temperature 175g Caster Sugar 3 Large Eggs 250g Self Raising Flour 3 tbsp Milk 1 Lemon, zested ½ Vanilla Pod, seeds only FOR DECORATIONS: Chocolate Topping

60g Soft Butter 200g Icing Sugar 50g melted Milk Chocolate

RASPBERRY TOPPING: 100ml Cream 35g Caster Sugar ½ tps Crushed Black Pepper Raspberry jam

LEMON BUTTER CREAM TOPPING: 1 Lemon, zested ½ Lemon, juiced 100g Soft Butter 50g Icing Sugar CANDIED LEMON GARNISH: 50g Caster Sugar 1 Lemon peeled and sliced into ½cm strips

METHOD: For cupcakes: 1. Line the cupcake paper cases into a cake tin. Pre-heat oven to 170°C. 2. Beat the butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale in colour. 3. Beat in the eggs one at a time. Mixing well between each stage. 4. Gently fold in the flour a little bit at a time. 5. Add the milk to loosen the mixture up slightly. 6. Split the mix in two and add zest to one half and vanilla seeds to the other. 7. Spoon the mixture into the paper cases and bake in the oven for 45 minutes. 8. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before decorating.

Chocolate topping: 1. Beat the butter and icing sugar together well to form a paste. 2. Add the melted milk chocolate and mix well again. 3. Using a spoon spread the mixture onto each cupcake as required. 4. Leave to set for 10-15 minutes before devouring! Raspberry topping: 1. Whisk the cream and sugar together well to form a thick consistency. 2. Add the cracked black pepper and mix again. 3. Using a spoon heap the sweet cream mixture onto the cupcake and top with a small spoon of raspberry jam. Simple and tasty.

Candied Lemon garnish: 1. Put the lemon in a bowl and cover with water. Microwave on full power for 2 minutes. Strain and repeat this process twice more using fresh water each time. 2. Put the water, caster sugar and lemon juice into a pot and bring to the boil. 3. Add the strips of lemon zest to the pot. Reduce the heat and simmer for 3 minutes. 4. Strain the zest and put on a plate covered in caster sugar and give them a quick shake to coat. 5. When cool, decorate the top of the lemon cupcakes. Also nice on the chocolate cupcakes.

Because they are spanking fresh, top quality, taste great and carry no residue of unwanted chemicals. What chemicals? The chemicals used are all tested for safety anyway, so why worry? They are tested for the maximum amount of a pesticide that would be expected in a food after it has been correctly applied, but this is often above what the EU should know to be a safe daily intake, according to Philip Boucher Hayes in his book Basket Case: what’s happening to Ireland’s food? The agrochemical industry lobbies against any reductions, arguing that farmers would be badly hit without their chemicals. They have a point, but they would say that. When Michelle Obama announced that her kitchen garden would be organic, she was rounded on publicly by a powerful agro-chemical lobby group anxious about their profits. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland oversees the testing of what ends up in our stomachs. In 2006 they tested 11 mushrooms, 1 sample of spinach, 4 cabbages, 3 onions and 1 leek. They found over 70 different pesticides, 20 of which had no maximum safe level set, but as Bouchier Hayes says, the level of testing is like fishing for “ shrimp with a rod and line and not a bloody great net”.

Recent research in Sweden which demonstrated that when 2 permitted chemicals used as sprays were mixed, their toxicity increased by 1000%. Nobody, as far as I know, tests for the cocktail effect of chemicals on our food in Ireland, and little importance is attached to the long-term effects of artificial fertilisers on soil bacteria and fertility. We can’t all grow or buy organic all the time, but getting to know and trust our local growers at farmers’ markets is a great step forward.

Well & Good

GROW YOUR OWN? Broderick Street, Midleton * Tel. / Fax. (021) 4633499

LOOKING for certified organic chick peas, rice, cumin seeds, walnuts or raisins? Try Well and Good for our wide range of pulses, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, flakes and lots more, much of it organic. To learn more about growing your own fruit and vegetables, come to the next Cork Free Choice meeting , 7.30 on Thursday 25th March in the Crawford Gallery Café. The room will be full to over-flowing so come early!


Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

FASHION FOCUS Arcade Midleton have the latest fashion for every size BOUTIQUE BRANDS, HIGH STREET LABELS, KIDS FASHIONS & INTERIORS

Be Prepared

The Arcade have 13.5 tog duvets for €11.99 Single, €15.99 Double and €17.99 King, as well as luxury feather and duck down duvets so you can bed down in comfort. And don’t forget new pillows to complete your fresh new bed. A pack of two is only €7.99. Greenhills luxury percale sheet sets (flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcases) are just €24.99 for all sizes (Single, Double, King and Superking), whilst stocks last.

Before you go shopping, a good tip is to look in your own wardrobe and see what you have. You know that item you like but have nothing to match? Bring it with you, maybe you can find something to give that much liked item a new look.

Give yourself time to try on different styles and colours. Remember things look different on you than they do on the hanger. Arcade Midleton have clothes for every body type, and on the second floor have fashion up to size 3XL.

Arcade Midleton has the Greenhills towel collection at competitive prices. Face cloth 50c, Hand Towel €1.99, Bath Towel €3.99 and Bath Sheet just €5.99 in six popular colours. 2 piece oval bathroom sets are just €8.99.

Get the look

All the 2010 fashions are available, including nautical, military and feminine pinks. The 2 in 1 nautical style top pictured below has jewel detail on the shoulders and an anchor on the front at just €29.99. For a shade of


pink that’s a little bit bolder, Arcade Midleton has an animal print top for only €19.99. A 2 in 1 shirt and top is only €19.99 and is available in cerise, black and navy. A 2 in 1 crisp white shirt with shrug detail is perfect for work and is just €24.99 Lengthen and slim your legs with a pair of heeled shoes, which are available in a multitude of colours and styles from just €19.99.

Want to spruce up your home?

With the new season comes new beginnings, and what better time to spruce up your house? Arcade Midleton’s Home department is always pushing prices down and bringing you the best value for your money.

Want a new look for your living room? Arcade Midleton have throws in a huge selection of colours from just €19.99 and cushions from just €6.99. Readymade lined eyelet curtains give an elegant look to any room, available at 66”x54”, 66”x72” and 66”x90”. The Arcade have fully lined lounge curtains in 90”x90” for €29.99.

Want a new look for your bedroom?

Arcade Midleton have a new collection of bed linen called Fusion Impressions, a funky line with colours including cerise, soft pink, brown, yellow, navy and white. Reversible duvet covers are €14.99 for Single, €18.99 for Double and €22.99 for King. Matching sheets are just €5.99 Single, €7.99 Double, €9.99 King and €9.99 for a set of pillowcases.

Sunday 2pm - 6pm Monday - Wednesday 9am - 7pm Thuursday & Friday 9am - 8pm Th Saturday 9am - 6pm


WHITE CARDIS €19.99 BAGS €15.99

GLOVES €3.99


Arcade Bakery... a little taste of home

When you've finished shopping - and are ready to drop - a trip to XPresso Cafe on Arcade Midleton's first floor, is the perfect place to peruse your purchases and get a bite to eat. Arcade have soup and freshly made brown bread, as well as sand-

wiches and paninis. For those who fancy a little indulgence, try one of Arcade Bakery's cupcakes, cakes or pies or try one of their mouth watering gateaux. Smoothies, fresh fruit juices and iced tea will quench your thirst and, who knows , once you're feeling refreshed,

you might even want to pop back downstairs for a little more shopping!

sponsored by: arcade

Pushing prices down

94 Main Street, Midleton Open 7 Days a Week – Customer Car Park on Riverside Way

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Puzzler WIN2TICKETS FOR...

Riddle Me This...

TEL. (021) 4630066 WITH OUR 3













22 24





14 18



16 21

23 25

ROSE HERLIHY Congratulations to last weeks winner:

ACROSS 1. Pool (6) 4. Church (6) 9. Respond (5) 10. Swear (7) 11. Upsetting (7) 13. Whole sum (5) 14. Withstand (6) 15. Constant (6) 18. Iced up (5) 20. Place of concealment (7)


22. Try (7) 23. Pursue (5) 24. Jotting down (6) 25. Overseas (6)

DOWN 1. Roost, bar (5) 2. Leaves (7) 3. Arrange, set out (3) 5. Paused (9) 6. Colour, gloss or

emulsion (5) 7. Fidelity (7) 8. Motionless (5) 12. Angler (9) 14. Chorus (7) 16. Savoury pear (7) 17. Colour of snow (5) 19. Eight musicians (5) 21. Walk, pace (5) 23. Baby lion (3)

LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS: ACROSS: ACROSS: 1.Tickle 4.Seller 9.Merit 10. Neutral 11.Overdue 13.Aware 14.Sleepy 15.Circle 18.Fungi 20.Mingles 22.Rummage 23.Slate 24.Nodded 25.Appeal. DOWN: 1.Tempo 2.Cortege 3.Let 5.Education 6.Larva 7.Relieve 8.Sneer 12.Duplicate 14.Saffron 16.Collate 17.Amber 19.Named 21.Steel 23.Sip.

Name: ______________________________ Address: ____________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Tel (mobile):______________________________ Home:_______________________________ Entries to East Cork Journal, 1st Floor, Watersedge, Riverside Way, Midleton


If a farmer buys chicken feed for £5 per tonne, pig feed for £3 per tonne and cattle feed for 50p per tonne, how much of each would he have if he had 100 tonnes for £100, knowing he needs more chicken feed than pig feed?

Five Minutes - Five Questions

1. Who was the fist person to be killed in the bible?

2. What First World War poet wrore An Anthem For Doomed Youth? 3. Who thought in 1977 that Red Light Spells Danger?

4. What innovation in sound recording was invented in 1978?

5. The century plant blooms only once a century; true or false?

Answer to last week’s Medium


During a recent school reunion, four men were discussing their starting salaries back in 1992. The salaries in question were 8, 10, 12 and 14 thousand pounds per year. Of course the MP earned the most. Alan earned more than Brian and the doctor earned more than Derek, the vet. Charles could not remember what he started on. Brian, the lawyer, did not start on £10,000 nor did Derek. Can you determine who has which job and their starting salaries?

ANSWER TO RIDDLES: 1. Alan, MP earns £14,000, Brian, lawyer earns £12,000, Charles, doctor earns £10,000 and Derek , vet earns £8,000. 2. 10 tonnes of chicken feed, 2 tonnes of pig feed and 88 tonnes of cattle feed. ANSWERS: 1. Abel 2. Wilfred Owen 3. Eugene O’Neill 4. The compact disc 5. False (it blooms every 10-30 years)



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Tea-Break Crossword


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The week in


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

THE INCREDIBLES draw together some of the most accomplished and stage-smart musicians in Munster. Boasting a repertoire bursting with current chart hits, they play tunes from the likes of Thin Lizzy, The Beatles, Elvis, Kings of Leon, Oasis, Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones, Wham!, Bob Marley, Bill Withers, Chic, The Killers, Bon Jovi, Queen, AC/DC, Lionel Richie, The Clash, Katy Perry, MGMT, Michael Jackson and many more.

Muireann Holly (vocals), Darragh Keary (keys, vocals), Patrick Lucy (lead guitar, vocals), Eoin Fennessy (bass guitar, vocals) and Craig Cullen (drums, percussion) make up this contemporary band who come together to perform rock, funk, soul and blues favourites spanning the past fifty years. There’s something for everyone. Playing this coming Thurday in Wallis’ Bar, Midleton, you are sure to be in for a night of rocking entertainment, so don’t miss out!

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FOR St. Patrick’s Day, Chicago dyes its river green, and has done so since 1962 when sewer workers used green dye to check for sewer discharges and had the idea to turn the river green for March 17th. Originally, 100 pounds of vegetable dye was used to turn the river green for a whole week but now only forty pounds of dye is used and the colour only lasts for several hours.


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ST. PATRICK’S DAY TRAD SESSION 4.30pm - 6.30pm JAMES MCGRATH 9.30pm - close Thursday, March 18th:

THE INCREDIBLES Sunday, March 21st :

J90 C.C. PL ANET CL AIRE Sunday, March 28t h:



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Thursday, March 25th:


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THERE are four places in the United States named Shamrock: Mount Gay-Shamrock, West Virginia Shamrock, Texas Shamrock Lakes, Indiana and Shamrock Oklahoma with just 125 residents.

Where a smile & a warm welcome await...

Tuesday, March 16th - F riday March 19t h:

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Wallis’ BAR


ST. PATRICK’S Day will not fall within Holy Week again until 2160 - when it will fall on the Monday before Easter.

34.7m 34.7 million USA residents who claim Irish ancestry. This number is almost nine times the population of Ireland itself (4.2 million). Irish is the USA’s second most frequently reported ancestry, trailing only those of German ancestry.

congratulations to rebecca jensen and alan anderson who are through to the semi-finals of stars of our bars

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Wednesday, march 24th semi- finals

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It’s a strange world

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



Woman sells ghosts for £1,300 in online auction

Man attacked for Bank sorry for removing trying to buy customer's parrot drugs with Monopoly money

IS THERE something strange in your neighbourhood? Well, forget calling Ghostbusters - you could cash in by selling your ghosts online, as one New Zealand woman has found out.

The two 'ghosts' were put up for auction by Avie Woodbury from the southern NZ city of Christchurch. She said they were captured in her house. They were sold in two glass vials, plugged with stoppers and dipped in holy water, which Woodbury says 'dulls the spirits' energy.'

The two departed souls sold for 2,830 New Zealand dollars (£1,320) in an auction on the Trade Me site.

She said they were the spirits of an old man called Les Graham who lived in the house during the 1920s, and a powerful, disruptive little girl who turned up after a session with a spirit-calling Ouija board. Since an exorcism at the property last July led to their capture, there has been no further spooky activity in the house, she said.

'To revive the spirit, I have been told that you pour it into a little dish and let it evaporate into your house,' the auction description helpfully suggested. 'I just want to get rid of them as they scare me,' Woodbury added, 'But someone might like these to play with.' The auction attracted more than 214,000 page views and dozens of questions before the winning bid, Trademe auction site spokesman Paul Ford said on Tuesday - although the site had to work through numerous joke bids before finding the highest genuine bid. The winning bidder is believed to be a New Zealand company that manufactures electronic cigarettes. It's unclear exactly why they want some ghosts. Woodbury said that once an 'exorcist's fee' has been deducted, the proceeds of the spirit sale will go to the animal welfare group, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Since the auction attracted media attention, several more ghost-related auctions have sprung up on the site, including one offering 'a once in a lifetime opportunity for one lucky soul to own an EVIL GHOST', and another offering several vials of coloured water that, the seller explains, definitely don't contain ghosts.

A KANSAS man told police officers that he had been beaten and left with a head wound after he tried to buy drugs using Monopoly money. The unidentified 33-year-old was pulled over in a traffic stop in Wichita, Kansas last Thursday, and was found to be bleeding from the head. He told officers he had attempted to buy several hundred dollars worth of crack cocaine using money from the popular capitalism-simulation game. Police spokesman, Gordon Bassham said: 'The man from whom he had bought the drugs was upset and invited him over to his house. Upon arrival he struck him in the head several times with a handgun and other people jumped into the fray.'

The man's injuries were not serious, and he has now stopped cooperating with the police investigation. Authorities are still searching for his assailants.

BANK of America apologised to a woman after one of its contractors allegedly trashed her house and took her parrot, while wrongly repossessing her home. Forty-six-year-old Angela Iannelli sued the bank on Monday.

She claims her mortgage was up-to-date when one of the banking giant's contractors damaged furniture, took her pet parrot, Luke, and padlocked her door. In a statement, the bank said it "sincerely apologises" and has tried for months to resolve the issue.

The bank said it has "zero tolerance for this kind of error" and said it will quickly review the lawsuit allegations and consider any hardship that resulted. The woman, who lives in the Pittsburgh area, said she eventually got her bird back after repeated calls to the bank.

Armed robber holds up 11 people, gets €4.50 MANY criminals dream of pulling off that one big score that would net them millions and let them get out of the game forever. But that isn't what happened to one robber in California, who robbed 11 people at gunpoint - for a total haul of around €4.50.

Authorities in California's Riverside County say that a woman with a gun robbed 11 customers at a market - but only got away with $6, for a total take of just under 55 cents per person threatened.

A Sheriff's Department statement says the woman was armed with a semi-automatic pistol when she went to La Chicanita Market in the town of Thermal recently, according to The Press-Enterprise newspaper. Deputy Herlinda Valenzuela says the woman confronted 10 customers in the store and also demanded money from one person who was entering the market. She then fled in an old car. Nobody was hurt.

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Big Screen

The last ferry leaves at 9 (we suggest you’re on it)

Shutter Island




2.00 4.15 6.30 PLUS SAT & SUN @ 11.30AM NO 6.30PM SHOW TUES 23RD


THE BOUNTY HUNTER (12A) 2.00 4.15 6.30 8.45 L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM

SHUTTER ISLAND (15A) 5.45 8.30 L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM



Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a US marshall sent to the eponymous island, which houses a mental institute for the criminally insane, to investigate the disappearance of a female patient. And things start to go downhill from there.

What do the hospital’s doctors really want with Teddy? Who is patient 67? What is the Rule of 4? What really happened to Teddy’s deceased wife? Why did no one see the mother of all storms coming? Why is Leonardo DiCaprio wearing that ridiculous tie? Delving deeper into the mystery of the missing woman, Teddy meets some of the institute’s patients, none more creepy than Jackie Earle Haley as Andrew Laeddis, who’s been horrifically disfigured by an unnamed assailant. Soon, Teddy’s not sure what’s real and what’s imaginary - are they really trying to drive him mad too?

Based on Dennis Lehane’s book of the same name, Shutter Island is a nail-biter from start to finish. In Martin Scorsese’s hands, it is filmmaking of the highest order, complimented by intense turns from DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Sir Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams and Patricia Clarkson. To reveal much more would be giving too much away but one of the film’s biggest mysteries is included in this review (you’ll need a pen and paper to work it out). Shutter Island is cinema at its best. Sinister, atmospheric and a vehicle to prove, once again, that DiCaprio just keeps getting better and better. Shutter Island: an interesting place to visit, but you definitely wouldn’t want to live there.

The latest DVD releases with Helen Carey

Market Green 021 4630066

2.00 4.00 8.45 L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM

SHUTTER Island is all about that final twist, but what a ride in getting there.



9.00PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (PG) 1.30 4.00 6.30 9.00 L/S FRI & SAT@ 11.15PM






1.30PM PLUS SAT & SUN @ 11.30AM




Book online at

Too many cooks

JULIE & JULIA is a six-course meal of a movie, melding the stories of two real-life women who drew strength from their passions, into an entertaining, if lengthy, comedy drama.

Meryl Streep plays legendary chef Julia Child, an American woman in post-World War II Paris, who turns a love of eating into a mastery of the art of French cooking and a world-renowned cook book. Interwoven is the humbler success story of office worker, Julie Powell (Amy Adams) who seeks to escape the drudgery of her job with an unlikely challenge – cooking all 524 recipes in Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

But the real star is the food, which might have you scowling at that pizza in your lap in disgust. And while Streep’s comedy turns are a little heavy on the ham, this is an easily-digested, if light, affair. RATING ***

One for the firmly committed – in the nicest possible sense – is Saw VI, the latest instalment in the gory horror series. Costas Mandylor is back as Detective Hoffman, who is determined to carry on the fine murderous traditions passed on by long-deceased torture-fan, Jigsaw. If this makes any sense at all to you, you may as well see how the sixth episode pans out. Believe it or not, there are some thoughtful reflections on the state of the health insurance industry, if you’re looking for some satire between your helpings of gore. If, however, you have yet to be exposed to this unfathomably successful franchise, there’s certainly little point trying to catch up now. RATING **

Get one month’s free DVD rental! Use the coupon code DVDZONE at

Euromedic Cork offers to clear Munster waiting lists for X-Rays, Ultrasounds, MRIs and CTs Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

EUROMEDIC Cork, Cork’s first purpose built diagnostic centre, announced its official opening at the Elysian building in Cork City with a commitment to reduce waiting lists immediately for diagnostic scans in Munster.

mediate need in the Munster region with this exclusive launch offer.’ Significant investment of over €5m has been made by Euromedic Ireland in the centre, which houses the very best world class equipment, technology and medical professionals in diagnostic healthcare in Ireland.

The healthcare provider is offering to clear over 500 people off this list immediately and provide a permanent solution for the outsourcing of diagnostics to the HSE in the South region.

Commenting on its opening in Cork, Euromedic Ireland CEO, Colm Davitt said, ‘The HSE’s National Service Plan released in February revealed that the organisation wished to provide diagnostics to 10,000 people in non hospital environments. With the opening of this dedicated diagnostic centre, Euromedic Cork is willing and able to provide a full range of diagnostic services, including MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound and deliver significant savings to the HSE in the South Region.’ To celebrate its official opening Euromedic Cork will provide GPs with an exclusive launch offer specifically for patients in need. 100 MRIs will be available to patients FREE of charge, through their GPs. Other diagnostic services, such as Ultrasounds and CTs will be available at half price.

Lying down on the job? Sandra O’Donnell, Radiographer, Donal Lehane, Manager, Euromedic Cork and Peter Murphy, Radiographer at the official opening of Euromedic Cork

Commenting on the launch offer, Colm said, ‘Euromedic Ireland is committed to providing fast, affordable quality diagnostics at half the market price thus making diagnostics accessible to both private and public patients alike. We also offer value by enabling a direct referral pathway from the GP. As a further demonstration of this commitment, and in recognition of the waiting lists in the region, we are now offering to help patients in im-

It is the only one-stop diagnostic shop in Munster offering a complete suite of diagnostic scanning services all under one roof. Scans available include MRI, X-Ray, CT and a women’s imaging centre offering Ultrasound, DXA (bone density scan used to identify osteoporosis) and mammography.

A number of specialised services will also be available at the centre, including health screening, physiotherapy and a Bone Health Clinic, headed up by Consultant Rheumatologist, Dr Mark Phelan. Under the introductory launch offer 100 voucher booklets are available to GPs on request from Euromedic Ireland, by calling 01 667 0897. The public can call Euromedic Cork at 021 4319995 to make appointments or to obtain further information.

‘Unauthorised’ Traveller development at Baneshane & Ballyannan, Midleton under discussion


AT THE February meeting of the Midleton Area Committee, Cork County Council, Kevin O’Donovan, Traveller Liaison Officer fielded questions from the assembled councillors, regarding the ‘unauthorised’ traveller development at Baneshane and Ballyannan, Midleton. Mr. O’Donovan stated that these travellers have been in residence for about 20 years and do not cause any trouble.

Cllr. John Mulvihill refuted this fact, saying that the travellers have been intimidating residents and littering the road.

Cllr. Barbara Murray said that the residents in this area believed that the travellers were being facilitated in every way, but that the residents were not. She also stated that the condition of the road is very poor and that, in the past, the travellers have refused to allow the road to be repaired. The Traveller Liaison Officer said he would speak with them and it would not be a problem in the future.

Cllr. Noel Collins stated that Cork County Council had provided them with services and Kevin O’Donovan replied that they were obliged to do this. He also stated that one of the families have two handicapped children and are on Cork County Council’s housing list. Cllr. Sandra McLellan stated that, given the circumstances, they should be housed by now. The Senior Engineer then stated that if the travellers are cooperative, the roadworks requested can now be done.

Kevin O’Donovan said he would meet with the travellers and give an update to the Midleton Area Committee in two months’ time.

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Issue 130  

Wednesday, March 17th 2010

Issue 130  

Wednesday, March 17th 2010