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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

East Cork Journal

H2Uh?O Issue No. 148


Midleton pays up for waste water remedies as Senior Engineer 'begs'

MIDLETON Town Council has sanctioned the payment of €487,000 towards the completion of a €5.5 million, three-part water & sewerage treatment scheme in the town. Senior and Executive Engineers respectively at Cork County Council, Noel O’Keefe and Duane O’Brien, attended July’s Town Council meeting to outline details of the unfinished scheme and, as Mr. O’Keefe put it, 'to beg' for the release of the town council’s contribution towards it. It was a request to which the council acceded, but not prior to stressing forcibly that the contribution of local development levies to the county council be utilised locally, unlike in previous times.

The ever-contentious matter of the annual county charge was also unfolded to hang like a sodden blanket over proceedings.

The engineers were visiting the chamber with revised figures, after the town council had previously declined to pay 100% of the local funding costs.

Instead, the county authority agreed to stump up 60% of the cost not covered by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government on the basis of the 2006 census which indicated that only 40% of Midleton’s 10,000 population resided within the town boundary. Continues page 2.

Youghal's Sea Queen


18 YEAR OLD Susie Fitzgibbon, representing Aherne's Seafood Restaurant, has been crowned as 'Queen of the Sea 2010'. Susie's crowning came after an event-packed weekend in Youghal, where sandcastles, soccer, sunshine, showers and even the occasional swimmer, were sighted. Over 30 local girls participated in the 'Queen of the Sea' competition, with this year's Kerry Rose and Youghal native - Veronica Hunt, finally placing the crown (or, in this case, tiara on Susie's head.) Full coverage inside this week's edition.

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Summer Swing Family Entertainment

SATURDAY, JULY 24TH Full day of FREE Family entertainment Queen Victoria liner will be berthed in Cobh PART OF THE SUMMER SWING SERIES Host of various musical entertainment including Cobh’s own ‘Big Band’ With face painter, balloon clown, a wide variety of arts, crafts and the local farmers’ market For further information check out or or call 021 4813612

INTERNET social-networking site, Facebook has over 400 million active members - and one of them was just nabbed for vandalising an automatic door at Market Green Shopping Centre, Midleton.

Last week, one of the doors in the centre was completely shattered when a stone was forcibly thrown at it by a miscreant. Caught on CCTV, images were printed off and circulated, before someone recognised the youngster seen throwing the missile. A short search on Facebook later, and Andrew McVea, Market Green Shopping Centre Manager, was able to inform the Gardaí not only of the vandal’s name, but his address also.

400 million to one odds... and they still got their man.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

CONSTITUENCY OFFICE: 29 St Mary’s Road, Midleton Open: 10am - 1pm, 2pm - 4.30pm (Monday-Friday) for advice or assistance Tel: 021 4632867, Fax: 021 4621133 Email: Please visit my website

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THE money is retrospective in regard to two of the three schemes, which are already completed. These were:

i) The Midleton Infiltration Remediation Project which identified that large volumes of storm and ground water were entering the wastewater treatment plant, limiting its capacity and causing discharges of untreated sewage into the Owenacurra estuary. An intensive, wide-ranging repair programme commenced in 2005 at a cost of €3,900,000. The department funded it by 93% (or €3,627,000), with the remaining 7% (€273,000) divided 60-40 by Cork County Council (€164,000) and Midleton Town Council (€109,000). It emerged, incidentally, that the government have thus far only stumped €2m of their commitment.

ii) Midleton Railway Crossing –Mill Road Watermain: Three water schemes currently serving Midleton -Midleton, Cobh and Whitegate- are at full capacity. Cork County Council have upgraded the water main at the Mill Road level crossing and installed 350mm trunk mains at the Broomfield Reservoir, Water


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Rock and Kennel’s Boreen. The €110,956 cost was divided between Cork County Council (€66.573) and Midleton Town Council (€44,383).

The remaining scheme is the Midleton Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade. Midleton is widely paged as an area set for residential and industrial expansion but the existing, 10 year-old plant, has a capacity for only 10,000 population. When it exceeds capacity it is detrimental to the Owenacurra river. It is thus proposed to double its capacity, at an estimated cost of €1,391,000. The government contribution @ 40% is €556,400. Of the remainder, Cork County Council (60%) will pay €500,760 and Midleton Town Council will pay (40%), €333,840).

Cash and conditions

Cllr. Ted Murphy cautioned Mr. O’Keefe that previous development levies raised by Midleton Town Council had gone, literally, west – to places like 'Ballydehob or Skibereen' perhaps. It may have been legal 'but we’re suffering now because of it,' he reflected.

Cllr. Murphy produced a second axe for the grinding as he made repeated reference to the contentious annual County Charge. Last December’s demand for €580,000 and its subsequent acceptance after prolonged rebellion, still rankles deeply. So also, he reminded, does un-remitted monies from Cork County Council for street cleaning and such works carried out by Midleton Town Council in county council jurisdictions. 'We are losing almost €100,000 a year. We must get something back,' declared the independent councillor. 'You owe us and we owe you, so come back in September and we’ll talk.' Mayor Niall O’Neill and Cllrs Sean Buckley and Noel Collins in turn supported Cllr. Murphy’s views. Mr. O’Keefe said he couldn’t comment on issues besides the water matter at hand, but he knew they were not interchangeable and that money levied for one purpose, which could legitimately be deployed far away (but wouldn’t be) could not be allocated for another purpose. Meantime he could 'not over stress how important it is for Midleton that this scheme be completed.'

Town Manager, Patricia Power defined the matter of water levies versus county charge appropriately when she said they were 'two different streams of revenue.' She assured the room that discussions on the county charge are currently 'ongoing' at County Hall, thanks to last year’s outcry. Meantime, the manager pleaded that Midleton had 'a residue' of water service levies from the good days and


had not been asked to part with any of it for ages. There was no way it was going to be used 'in Schull or Ballydehob' or anywhere bar Midleton, she assured, while usage for another purpose would be 'a criminal offence.'

Cllr. Margarte Trundle believed the water service money be paid and the county charge and related issues be left for another day. Town Clerk, Joe McCarthy said he could see both sides of the argument, recognising that the county charge had placed the council on a circular voyage of vexation. Yet the matter was being addressed, he said. He presented that Cork County Council had 'invested heavily in Midleton to make it the premier town in the county' through its own funds and by prising money from the government. Now, the remedial work on water services needed urgent completion and he asked that the assurances be accepted and the money forthcoming. '

OK, then...

Cllr. Murphy concluded that the county charge was a gun that unfortunately needed putting to someone’s head, but he did not doubt Mr. O’Keefe’s sincerity and, indeed, capability. In fact, he would propose the money be contributed. The proposal was unanimously agreed. A relieved and patient Mr. O’Keefe promised to convey the council’s concerns to the County Manager. One feels he won’t be surprised to hear them...

Midleton Gaelscoil supports Goal and the Irish Red Cross THE children from Rang 4 in the Gaelscoil Mhanistir na Corann, with the assistance of their teacher, Edel Ni Shúilleabháin, held a cake sale recentlywhich raised €520. The money was divided between the Irish Red Cross and Goal. Maura Milton and Kathleen Woulfe from the Midleton branch of the Irish Red Cross accepted a cheque from Aindríos Nestor. Maura thanked the children and said that she looked forward to the day when some of the children within the class would be working for, and with ,the Irish Red Cross.

April Tambling previously presented Michael Lee with a cheque for Goal’s Haiti Fund. Michael spent two months in Haiti with the Irish Emergency Respond Unit, and put together a Power Point Presentation to explain his work and the conditions in Haiti.

Chairperson, Maura Milton thanked the children for their kindness and paid special tribute to them and their teacher, Edel, for including the Irish Red Cross as part beneficiaries of the money raised. Kathleen Woulfe also thanked the children, their teacher Edel and Priomh Ide, Mairéad Ui Fhloinn for their generosity to the Irish Red Cross and she extended good luck wishes for the future to Gaelscoil Mhanistir na Corann.

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Are mink the cause of Ballintotis’ fishing problems? Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

LOUGHADERRA at Ballintotis is widely hailed as a prime location for fishing and bird watching.

The waterways of East Cork have long been popular for fishing and wildlife, but there’s something wrong. Local fishing enthusiasts have been enjoying fewer and fewer catches in recent years. While there are several theories and explanations for this decline, there is one individual almost certainly contributing to the problem.

By individual I’m referring to a population extending across the entire East of the country, the mink. While certainly an attractive and cuddly little mammal, the mink

is also amongst the most adaptable and often considered amongst the most vicious of the wildlife in Ireland.

The mink is a semi aquatic mammal, related to the otter. Mink will prey on aquatic life, small mammals (rabbits especially), and birds, especially water fowl. Ducklings, eggs, swans and the precious corncrake are all vulnerable to predation.



Locals involved in the control of the invasive aliens note that the signs of mink activity are rarely hard to miss.

An absence of wild water fowl, like the moor hen, is one sure sign, duckling clutches of only two or three being another, as the mink are extremely effective at whittling down numbers of young birds. Loughaderra is suspiciously scarce in moor hens, and this is considered to be a sign of serious mink activity.

Much as we might love a glimpse of this little creature as it frantically darts out of sight, each time we do it probably represents one more wild bird or fish that we won’t see again. Mink are fantastically adaptable and very efficient. They have been reported to have been having serious effects on a massive range of fish and birds. A single mink has been considered responsible for decimating an entire colony of terns. Full time trappers are being employed to try and control mink in Donegal, West Mayo, Connemara and Banagher, while government reports clearly show that the greatest populations probably exist along the East coast, including East Cork. Trapping has been recommended by reports as the most humane way to control mink populations, allowing to identify the animal as definitely being a mink and then safely,

Mink are not native to Ireland. It is widely believed, a view shared by government reports, that the mink is present in Ireland as a result of escapes from fur farms, and has been sustainably reproducing since the 1980s.

There are widely held beliefs that activists have released significant numbers of mink from these farms.

In an act intended to be humane for the sake of the mink, these actions may have had devastating effects on the wildlife of Ireland.


and humanely, “euthanising” with an air rifle.

Again, some of those involved in controlling mink have assured me of the humane means they use when controlling mink. The individuals involved in mink control appear to be, almost without exception, utterly concerned with preserving nature and maintaining a rigorous high standard of humane euthanasia. One spot on waterways not far from Loughaderra and Ballyhonock Lake has had traps reportedly yield more than 50 mink, making it clear that there is a serious problem with their numbers. We might love to see exotic and interesting little animals like the mink, but hopefully we love our native wildlife a little bit more. If the mink is left unchecked we could actually be in danger of losing a huge range of our native fauna, and it appears to be an unfortunate fact of life that it needs to be controlled.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


A blast from the past at the Grain Store Stallholder Sharon O'Keeffe with Aine and Frances Dempsey, who'd already made some purchases by the time we caught up with them!

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

LAST weekend saw an Antiques & Interiors Fair held at the newly refurbished 17th century Grain Store at Ballymaloe.

Dealers from as far afield as Limerick, Killarney, Tipperary Kilkenny and Clare brought with them a wide and varied selection of jewellery, books, linen, lace, militaria, glassware, clothing, ceramics and - a personal favourite - a butter stamp! Visitors flocked to the event with many keeping an eye out for that 'hidden gem' that would make them millionaires...

ABOVE: Hat-lovers Doreen O'Brien and John Carey strike a theatrical pose

John Carey raises a cuppa alongside Mai Farnham, who's got her eye on that lovely china cup!

Bargain hunters Toni & Dilly Beshoff

Mick Cunnane, Bernie & James Hennessy and Anne Hawkins

ABOVE: Rosemarie & Mary Motherway get their hands on that illusive butter-stamp, alongside fair organiser Michael Watson BELOW: Phil Smyth with Éabha Dempsey from Kilkenny and Freda Smyth

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Casual trading extension ONE ‘Lá na bhFiann’ at Haulbowline Naval Base for Midleton Food & Drink Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Photographed at the joint Cobh and Commander George Crosbie Lá na bhFiann at the Naval Base, Haulbowline were O/C Southern Group Naval Service Reserve, Lt. Cdr. Liam O’Keeffe, National President ONE, Martin Coyne, Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Michael O’Connell, Mayor of Cobh, Cllr. Finbarr O’Driscoll and, deputising for the Flag Officer Commanding Naval Service, Lt. Cdr. William Roberts THE Cobh and the Commander George Crosbie Branches of the Organisation of National ExService Personnel (ONE) jointly held their annual ‘Lá na bhFiann’, Commemoration and Mass day, for deceased members of both branches, at the Naval Base Haulbowline Co. Cork on Sunday, July 4th. The very large attendance, comprised of ONE Branches from throughout the country, Irish Naval Association Branches from Dublin, Limerick and Waterford, IUNVA, Royal Naval Association Cork and County Branch, Irish Red Cross, Civil Defence, relatives of the deceased, together with the following dignitaries; Deputising for the Flag Officer Commanding Naval Service, Lt.Comdr. William Roberts; Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr. Michael O’Connell and the Lady Mayoress his wife, Catherine; Mayor of Cobh Cllr. Finbarr O’Driscoll and his daughter, Hillary; National President of ONE, Mr. Martin Coyne; Naval Service Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Des Campion SDB, CF; President Southern Area Council of ONE, Mr. PJ Hassett and his wife, Margaret; Officer Commanding Southern Group Naval Service Reserve, Lt. Comdr. Liam O’Keeffe; President Cobh and Harbour Chamber of Commerce, Cllr. Michael Martin; Vice-President Commander George Crosbie Branch of ONE, Mr. Seán Kavanagh and his wife, Breda; President Cobh Branch of ONE, Mr. Tim Mc Cormack and his wife, Teresa; President Maritime Institute of Ireland Southern Branch, Mr. David Sward and his wife, Lulu.

In his address, Commander William Roberts, welcomed everyone and wished them an

Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Michael O’ Connell; Lady Mayoress, Catherine O’Connell; Hillary O’Driscoll and Mayor of Cobh, Cllr. Finbarr O’Driscoll enjoyable visit to the Naval the deceased was observed and Base. He spoke of the high es- signalled by the sounding of the teem in which the ONE is held traditional Naval Salute, ‘The and hoped they would have a Still’ and ‘ Carry on the Bosun’s successful Lá na bhFiann. Pipe’ by Able Seaman Declan French of the Naval Service. National President of ONE, Mr. ‘Last Post’ and ‘Reveille’ were Martin Coyne, in his address sounded by bugler, Mr. John outlined some of the important Crowley of the Cobh Confraterwork undertaken by the ONE, nity Band and a ‘Colour Party’ and the satisfaction gained from rendered honours. The National doing it. He encouraged those in Anthem was played by the Carthe Defence Forces to consider rigaline Pipe Band under Pipe joining the organisation when Major Patrick O’Connell. discharged. The various organisations in atA prayer and wreath laying cer- tendance then marched behind emony took place at the ONE the Pipe Band and Colour Party monument in the Naval Base. to ‘Our Lady Star of the Sea’ Wreaths were laid by the fol- Garrison Church at the Naval lowing; Lt. Commander William Base, where Mass for the deRoberts on behalf of the Naval ceased was said by Rev. Fr. Des Service; Mr. Seán Kavanagh on Campion CF. behalf of the Commander George Crosbie Branch; Mr. After partaking of a beautiful Tim Mc Cormack on behalf of meal in the Dining-Hall Comthe Cobh Branch; Mr. Tom Ka- plex, everyone retired to the vanagh on behalf of the Irish NCOs’ Mess where the tradiNaval Association and Mr. John tional ‘ Ceol agus Craic ‘ was West on behalf of the Royal thoroughly enjoyed by all. Naval Association. Appropriate prayers, and blessings, were said MC for the ceremonies was by Rev. Fr. Des Campion CF. A Domhnall Mac Cárthaigh, minute’s silence in memory of Chairman of Cobh Branch ONE.

MIDLETON Town Council is expected to extend the Casual Trading bye-law to the town centre for the duration of September’s annual food festival, Town Clerk, Joe McCarthy (pictured above at last year’s festival) told July’s town council meeting.



In response to an inquiry from Cllr. Noel Collins, Mr McCarthy explained that stallholders will be required to apply to the Town Council for a casual trading licence.

‘These are all achieved voluntarily,’ he said. A €50 fee for one day will apply, with specifications outlined in accordance with the licence and a committee established to oversee the venture.

KEEN-PRICE FURNITURE He said the ‘usual high standards’ as associated with the farmers’ market, will ensue.

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OPEN 6 DAYS Mon - Sat 10am-5.30pm

Prop: Sandra & Michael Sloane

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Catching a quick bite with Midleton Food Festival

Christine O'Neill, Elga Ryan and Dan MacSweeney of SECAD

OVER 150 supporters of the Midleton Food & Drink Festival joined Rachel Allen for a scrumptious luncheon at the Old Midleton Distillery on Thursday. to officially launch the 2010 Food & Drink Festival, which returns this wonderful market town on September 11th.

In what can only be described as the ‘finest lunch of the year,’ many of the town’s leading business representatives came along to enjoy this pre-curser to Midleton’s 2010 gastronomic food fair. Guests were treated to a 3 course feast, each sponsored by a local supplier. Irish Distillers, always great supporters of the Festival, generously Sean and Dorothy Walsh, Castlemartyr, Mary Enright, Cobh, and supplied the wine for all to enjoy - along with the perfect venue for Kevin Mulcahy, Cobh. (Photo: Diane Cusack) the event. Ballycotton Seafood presented the starter of full flavoured smoked salmon. Next came the main course of succulent, free range Irish chicken breast, wrapped in bacon, with a wild mushroom risotto and tarragon cream sauce. The poultry was supplied by Midleton master butcher, Pat O’Farrell and the locally produced fruit and vegetables all came from Sean Walsh’s Village Greengrocer in Castlemartyr.

Finally, guests enjoyed a unique dessert of Jameson luscious strawberry trifle, prepared in the Distillery kitchen.

Festival Chairperson, John McCormack, welcomed Rachel Allen and the guests to the launch of the 2010 Midleton Food & Drink Festival and thanked everyone for their support, especially noting the sponsorship of Market Green. Tim and Marian O'Shea from The Arcade pictured with David Stanton, TD

Denis O'Leary, Sandra Hayes, Imelda Budden, Eileen Cashman and Jim Hallinan of The Pepperstack Bistro & Store

“The Festival is a perfect showcase for all the fantastic locally produced foods in East Cork and a great boost for the local economy.” Rachel Allen noted, “We are all looking forward with great anticipation to the fun of the Midleton food fair next September!”

Among those who joined Rachel for the lunch was the main sponsor, Andrew McVea from Market Green Shopping Centre. Also on hand were Killian O’Sullivan, Chairman of the Midleton Chamber of Commerce; local businessman, Tim O’Shea; solicitor, Catherine Coleman and auctioneer, Darragh Molloy. The team Count John McCormack, Festival Chairman, Rachel Allen, guest of honfrom Zebedee, Susan Frawley and our, Andrew McVea, Market Green Shopping Centre Manager Margot Mulcahy, were also at the launch, along with festival committee members Seamus Cunningham of Wallis’s Bar, Eleanor O’Sullivan of the Granary and Kieran Moore of Imokilly Webs.

Seamus & Ailbhe Cunningham with Tom Kelly, Market Green Developments and Killian O'Sullivan, President, Midleton & Area Chamber

The Festival is set to take place on Saturday, September 11th, and promises a great day out for all the family. The event is also supported by the Midleton and Area Chamber of Commerce, Midleton Town Council, Failte Ireland, 96 fm, SECAD Ltd, Wiser Bins and Kieran Moore and Eileen O'Connor, Imokilly Webs with Margot Imokilly Webs. & Kevin Mulcahy

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No security 23 metre fishing vessel fouls changes at pitch & putt club propeller; seeks Ballycotton RNLI’s aid Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


MIDLETON Town Council has no plans to alter security arrangement pertaining to the pitch and putt club at Raham Lodge. July’s town council meeting heard Cllr. Noel Collins ask whether or not the council intended to improve the course and surrounds, along with additional security.

Town Clerk Joe McCarthy said the course and grounds were in good fettle although he felt the facility was not, unfortunately, being used as much as previously. ‘It’s a shame because its a fine building too,’ he noted. Regarding security, he was happy to report that there was a low level of damage or vandalism in the area which, while ‘quite isolated,’ endures a fair amount of passing traffic. ‘In fairness, the guards do patrol it very regularly,’ he added. ‘All round, we are very fortunate.’

Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat was called on Friday last, July 16th, to lend assistance to a 23 metre fishing vessel in difficulties 31 miles south of Ballycotton.

The Irish registered fishing vessel, with 5 persons aboard, contacted the emergency services when they fouled their propeller.

The €2 million Ballycotton lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, arrived on the scene at 12 noon and established a towline.

Sewer stench gets up Midleton Cllr.’s nose MIDLETON Town Council needs urgently ‘to replace the inspection cover on a sewer chamber on Avoncore Hill’, Cllr. Pat Buckley said in a motion to July’s town council meeting.

The councillor, who has ‘spent 20 years on sewerage work,’ recalled submitting a similar motion in September 2009. He had now again received numerous complaints from constituents. On June 28th, at 6.30pm, he passed the site and was ‘met

The vessel was safely towed to Ballycotton harbour.

Cllr. calls for Midleton Driving Test Centre MIDLETON Town Council is to write to the Minister for the Environment requesting the provision of a driving test centre in the town. The move follows a successful motion tabled at the town council’s July sitting.



Cllr. Tom Cashman said he had received many requests for such a service, and explained it would save locals money and inconvenience as well as provide employment in the town. Cllr Mary Woods and Cllr. Noel Collins concurred it ‘was a very good idea’ as did Cllr. Margaret Trundle, who wondered if the town was adequately populated to get it.

‘That’s not the motion,’ countered Mayor Niall O’Neill, prior to its unanimous adoption.


with a stench.’ On closer inspection, it appeared that nothing had been done to remedy the situation’. Realising the area ‘is in Cork County Council’s jurisdiction,’ the councillor suggested that a registered letter of complaint be sent to the Office of Public Works from that authority.


Meanwhile Cllr. Margaret Trundle tabled a motion, also suc-

Ann Dunphy Solo in Joan Clancy Gallery attracting great interest

A SOLO exhibition of new works by Ann Dunphy continues in Joan Clancy Gallery in Mweelahorna, down the road from Ring College, until July 25th.

This collection, inspired in part by the rich reds, warm greens and apricots of the Cambodian landscape, is attracting great interest, and shows the skill of Dunphy at her best, underlining the extraordinary talent for which this young artist is known. And the prices, too, are easy on the pocket. Ann Dunphy Solo runs until July 25th at the Joan Clancy Gallery, Mweelahorna, Ring, Dungarvan from 11am – 5pm daily, including weekends.

cessful, that ‘something be done about the drinking water for the residents of the Mill Road. The councillor didn’t specify precisely the nature of the problem but that ‘it gets worse after it has rained’ according to many complaints she had received from the locality. Cllr. Pat Buckley said the water up there tasted ‘absolutely vile.’ Cllr. Trundle hoped it had ‘nothing to do with the sewerage cover in Avonmore Hill.’

Quick draw... Carrigtwohill Texas Hold’em Tournament

THIS tournament will be held in aid of the Haven Partnership – Building Homes in Haiti Charity, in Guilder’s Bar, Carrigtwohill on this Friday, July 23rd at 9 pm.

Three local girls, Samantha O’Brien, Deirdre Griffin and Maria Carey are travelling to Haiti to work with the charity for one week on October 23rd, 2010. We would appreciate your support.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Economic Review

Organic food gets new branding


FROM Thursday, July 1st, shoppers saw the Euro-Leaf logo in their local stores and supermarkets, which will indicate if a product meets EU organic standards.

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Tesco to create 748 new jobs with €100 million-plus investment in stores

TESCO Ireland has announced its plans for the next year in Ireland with €113 million to be invested to create 748 new jobs across the country. The retailer will open seven new stores and redevelop one other.

New stores, creating 688 jobs, will be opened in Kinnegad, Westmeath (80 jobs), Oranmore, Galway (110), Swinford, Mayo (90), Ballybeg, Waterford (110), Thomas Street, Dublin (16) (to be officially opened shortly) Kimmage, Dublin (16) and Naas (266). The investment plan also includes a replacement store in Roscrea, Tipperary that will result in 60 additional new jobs. A new Express store also opened in Bray last month. The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe TD, said, ‘Tesco’s significant investment underpins the company’s commitment to Ireland and adds momentum to the Government’s economic re-

Discount for people of Irish heritage?

THE Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a tender for a company to distribute 'Certificates of Irish Heritage,' which

covery plan and our prospects for growth in the near term. The investment shows that this is not a jobless recovery. Our recovery is built on prudent Government fiscal and economic policies, indigenous entrepreneurship and continued investments from the multinational sector. Tesco is already a major employer in this country with 13,400 workers and this investment will build confidence in the private sector - confidence to lend, confidence to spend, confidence to invest and confidence to hire. The new jobs will generate local economic activity across the regions, as well as driving competition in the retail sector and offering convenience and choice to consumers.’

holders could display in their homes, give to their children as gifts or use to get discounts at Irish tourist attractions. As the tender document explains, anyone born in Ireland, born to an Irish parent or with a grandparent born in Ireland can qualify for full Irish citizenship. However, those who are just 'aware they are of Irish descent and feel a strong affinity for Ireland' but are too many generations removed to get an Irish

Tesco Ireland CEO, Tony Keohane, added that the investment would benefit consumers and create jobs at a difficult time for the Irish economy. ‘We are delighted to announce this investment by Tesco Ireland. These stores will offer new customers a value proposition at the lowest prices as well as an excellent shopping experience. The redeveloped stores will also improve the existing offering to customers in those localities through better food and nonfood ranges, again at the lowest prices. Moreover, there will be a significant boost in local employment in terms of 748 new jobs at a time when Ireland needs to get people into work.’

passport would appreciate a document to prove their origins, the ministry said.

Members of the Diaspora, which is estimated at 70m, could get the certificates for an as-yet-unspecified fee. Eligibility criteria would not be 'overly cumbersome' and probably won't require the submission of any original documents, though birth certificates, death or marriage records could be

All new Tesco stores are highly carbon efficient with environmental features incorporated into the store design, energy saving measures, advanced lighting, heating and cooling systems and extensive waste recycling facilities. The new stores will come on stream over the next year, with the Tesco Express Thomas Street in Dublin already functioning and to be officially opened shortly to become Tesco Ireland’s 120th store in the country.

The remainder will be opened in the coming months.

Tesco’s annual contribution to the Irish economy is €2.5 billion. €655 million of Irish food and drink is exported annually to the retailer internationally making Tesco a larger destination for Irish food and drink exports than the entire France or Germany markets. taken into consideration, the ministry said. It said the idea had been one of the practical proposals of the 'Global Irish Economic Forum' last year, a summit of CEOs and media personalities of Irish origin from around the world who brainstormed about ways of getting Ireland out of recession. It said the proposal had received an 'overwhelmingly positive response' abroad.

The logo is intended to give a boost to the organic farming sector while also enhancing consumer protection, so that people know exactly what they are buying, said the Commission. 'Our hope is that the new EU logo can develop into a widely recognised symbol of organic food production across the EU, providing consumers with confidence that the goods are produced entirely inline with the strict EU organic farming regulations', said Dacian Ciolo, EU Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development.

The new rules also include compulsory information on the place of origin of the products' ingredients and the code number of the controlling body. Other private, regional and national logos can continue to appear alongside the EU label. Unpacked food and food produced outside the EU will not have to include the logo. Food producers have a two-year transition period to comply with these new labelling rules.

The new labelling law comes at the same time as the introduction of new EU rules for organic aquaculture. The 'Euro-leaf' design shows the EU stars in the shape of a leaf against a green background making two clear messages for consumers: Nature and Europe. The design has been registered by the Commission as a collective trade mark.

Pace of job losses has eased, says SFA

THE pace at which jobs are being lost in small and medium-sized businesses eased, according to the latest Small Firms Association survey. However, the prospects for job creation remains weak with three out of five firms saying employee numbers will remain the same right into 2011.

The survey results show that retaining jobs and creating employment will remain a challenge for small firms in the coming months. While 60% of companies indicated that employee numbers have been maintained at current levels during the last three months, 29% of companies had experienced a decrease in employee numbers in the same period. Just under a quarter (24%) of companies expect a further decrease in the next 3 months. The second quarter 2010 survey shows a decline in the number of firms placing employees on lay off or short-time working over the next 3 months, with 14% of companies indicating the introduction of short-time working (a decrease of 1% on Q1 2010) and 7% implementing lay-offs (a decrease of 4% on Q1 2010).

Commenting on the figures, SFA Director, Avine McNally said that the overall survey results show that the pace of job losses within small businesses has slowed but that the prospects for job creation remains weak. ‘This is a reflection of the series of actions which have been taken by many small firms to try and reduce costs and regain cost competitiveness; however, we cannot become complacent, many jobs are still at risk,’ she said. Looking ahead to 2011, the figures would appear to be more positive with three out of five companies expecting employee numbers to stay at their current level and 19% of firms expecting to increase their employee numbers.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Ecclesiastical Review

Who was

Mary Magdalene? MARY Magdalene is mentioned in the lists of Jesus’ female companions that appear in Mark, Matthew, and Luke. Some believe that Mary Magdalene may have been an important figure among the female disciples, perhaps even their leader and a member of Jesus’ inner circle of disciples — but not, apparently, to the degree of the 12 apostles. There is no textual evidence to allow for any definitive conclusions, though.

What did Mary Magdalene do?

Obviously Jesus’ ministry wasn’t a paying job and nothing is said in the text about their having collected donations from the people he preached to. This means that he and all his companions would have relied upon the generosity of strangers and/or their own private funds. It appears, then, that Mary Magdalene’s private funds may have been an important source of financial support.

Iconography and Portrayals of Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is usually portrayed in one of the various gospel scenes that have been associated with her — for example anointing Jesus, washing Jesus’ feet, or discovering the empty tomb. Mary Magdalene is also frequently painted with a skull. This isn’t referenced in any biblical text and the symbol is probably supposed to represent either her association with Jesus’ crucifixion (at Golgotha, the ‘place of the skull’) or her understanding of the nature of death.


Mary Magdalene’s role in the canonical gospels is small; in noncanonical gospels like Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip and the Acts of Peter, she plays a prominent role — often asking intelligent questions when all the other disciples are confused.

Jesus is depicted as loving her more than any of the others because of her understanding. Some readers have interpreted Jesus’ ‘love’ here as physical, not just spiritual, and hence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were intimate — if not married.


Mary Magdalene is mentioned in all four of the canonical gospels, but nowhere is she described as a prostitute. This popular image of Mary comes from confusion between her and two other women: Martha’s sister, Mary, and an unnamed sinner in Luke’s gospel (7:36-50). Both of these women wash Jesus’ feet with their hair. Pope Gregory the Great declared that all three women were the same

Ecclesiastical Events

ARCHBISHOP Clifford, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Cloyne, has accepted the resignation from office of the following priests in the Diocese of Cloyne which came into effect on July 10th: V. Rev. Monsignor Denis Reidy, PP, Carrigtwohill V. Rev. Canon Michael Harrington, P.P., Buttevant

Mary Magdalene’s age is unknown; biblical texts say nothing about when she was born or died. Like Jesus’ male disciples, Mary Magdalene appears to have come from Galilee. She was with him at the beginning of his ministry in Galilee and continued after his execution. The name Magdalene suggests her origin as the town of Magdala (Taricheae), on the Sea of Galilee's western shore. It was an important source of salt, an administrative centre, and the largest of ten major towns around the lake. Mary Magdalene is described as having helped pay for Jesus’ ministry out of her own pocket.

East Cork



person and it wasn’t until 1969 that the Catholic Church reversed course.

Why was Mary Magdalene important?

Mary Magdalene is not mentioned often in the gospel texts, but she does appear at key moments and has become an important figure for those interested in the role of women in early Christianity as well as in Jesus’ ministry. She accompanied him throughout his ministry and travels. She was a witness to his death — which, according to Mark, appears to be a requirement in order to truly understand Jesus’ nature. She was a witness to the empty tomb and was instructed by Jesus to carry the news to the other disciples. John says that the risen Jesus appeared to her first. Western church tradition has identified her both as the sinful woman who anoints Jesus’ feet in Luke 7:37-38 and as Mary, the sister of Martha, who anoints Jesus in John 12:3. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, however, there continues to be a distinction between these three figures.

In the Roman Catholic tradition Mary Magdalene’s feast day is July 22 and she is regarded as a saint representing the important principle of penitence. Visual representations typically portray her as the penitent sinner, washing Jesus’ feet.

A Prayer to St. Mary Magdalene

In this Prayer to Saint Mary Magdalene, we ask this great model of repentance and humility to intercede for us with Christ, Whose Resurrection Saint Mary Magdalene was the first to witness. Saint Mary Magdalene, woman of many sins, who by conversion became the beloved of Jesus, thank you for your witness that Jesus forgives through the miracle of love. You, who already possess eternal happiness in His glorious presence, please intercede for me, so that some day I may share in the same everlasting joy. Amen.


Archbishop Clifford has made the following appointments in the Diocese of Cloyne with effect from July 10th: V. Rev Canon Gerard Casey, P.P. Doneraile to be PP Mallow Very Rev. Anthony O'Brien, P.P. Lisgoold, to be PP Carrigtwohill. Rev. Denis O'Hanlon, CC Carrigtwohill, to be PP Lisgoold Rev. Michael Fitzgerald, CC Charleville, to be PP Buttevant. Rev. Tobias Bluitt, Adm. Mallow, to be PP Doneraile. Rev. Brian Boyle, CC Castletownroche, to be CC Charleville. Rev. Gabriel Burke, CC Macroom, to be CC Carrigtwohill. Rev. Joseph O'Mahony, CC Buttevant, to be CC Macroom. Rev. Brendan Mallon, CC Mallow, to be CC Aghada, with residence in Saleen. Rev. Jim Moore, CC Aghada, to be CC Mallow. Rev. Gerard Cremin, further studies, to be CC Midleton.

Parish of Midleton and Ballintotis Ministers of the Eucharist

Commissioning for Ministers of the Eucharist took place at Masses on July 17th and 18th. Please note that the new rota is available for collection from the Sacristy.

Hospital Confessions and Anointings

The above take place on Friday next, July 23rd at 11.20am at the Hospital Chapel.


The Parish Office will resume normal opening hours next week – Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 1pm.

Parish of Carrigtwohill

PARISH TEAM: Fr. Anthony O’Brien and Fr. Gabriel Burke, tel. 086 8168588.

PARISH MOBILE: To ensure that a priest will be available 24/7 the parish has provided a Parish Mobile phone number, 086 3120635. This number may be used for urgent matters.

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary meet every Monday night in the Sacristy at 7pm.

Church Collection

The Door collection on July 10th and 11th last amounted to €917.11. Thank you. Priest on Duty: Monseignor Reidy.

Parish of Youghal Youghal Baptist Church (people trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life)

We meet for worship every Sunday morning in Brú na Sí (kindly loaned) at 11am. This Sunday, July 25th will see a Family Service - "Following Moses through the wilderness" - take place. The speaker expected is Roland Balogh. People from all backgrounds and nationalities are warmly welcome. For more details, contact Mervyn Scott, 024-25964 or 086-1732034. See for information and directions to Brú na Sí. ‘By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh's daughter. He choose to be mistreated along with the people of God rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a short time.

He regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than the treasures of Egypt, because he was looking ahead for his reward’. Hebrews Ch 11v24-26

Ladysbridge trip to Medjugorje

A trip to Medjugorje is planned from September 11th to 18th. Local priest, Fr Dan Gould, will be the Spiritual Director.

If you are interested and wish to know more, please contact 087 9328113.

If you wish to contribute to this page, Please contact Denise on 087 8128262 or email

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Last Thursday night saw Therapy for Girls at Market Green Shopping Centre in Midleton organise a stunning fashion show for visitors and customers in aid of Multiple Sclerosis. It was a great night for all concerned, with fabulous clothes, hair styles, makeovers, music and dancing.

Janet O’Keeffe and Stephanie Northridge

Sarah Quinlan and Olivia Kenneally enjoyed themselves

Mary Kells, Michelle O’Sullivan and Kyra Breen headed along for a taste of summer fashion. Catherine Morrissey and Ita Beecher from Cloyne and Youghal. (Photos: Allan Meek, Catherine had come to see her daughter modelling on the night

021 4638022

Danielle Hodnett, Sarah Morris and Julie Crotty

Regina McCarthy and Trina Lucey had a fabulous night

All photos available to buy

The organiser with a huge heart – Fionnula O’Riordan

Rebecca O’Donoghue and Meg Woods

Katrina, Jackie and Claire having a good time

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Denise, Andrea, Aine and Tanya at Therapy’s fundraising Fashion Show

Jamie Benjamin Csapo with dad Csaba Csapo

Grainne, Maeve, Helen, Aoife and Emma enjoyed their night in Market Green

Therapy for Girls staff ,Caroline and Linda, with former colleague Aine Kent

021 4638022

Stacey & Regina always have good hair days!

All photos available to buy

Studio D dancers with friends and family

A little Retail Therapy is always a good thing!

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If you go down to Glenbower Wood... you’re guaranteed a The Grain Store Family Fun DayS S at Ballymaloe


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal




12 Main Street, Midleton Tel: 021 4631540

7/7/10: 1st K Egan / K Smiddy; 2nd M Sheehan / J Whelehan 14/7/10: 1st P Melvin / M Creedon; 2nd B Hanley/C Long; 3rd M O’Callaghan / I O’Riordan; 4th R Fahey / R Beausang.

Shanagarry ICA AGM THERE will be a fantastic family day of fun in Glenbower Woods on Monday, August 2nd, starting at 2.30pm: what a great way to celebrate the August Bank Holiday weekend!

There will be up to 12 different musicians performing at different points in the Wood as well as dancing by Comhaltas on the day. The line-up of musicians includes Ger & Patsy, Peter & Bobby Lee and friends, James McGrath, Packie O’Mahony & friends, James Lee & friends, the Fahy family from Dungarvan, Cormac Lynch & friends and Fergal Lee & friends. This will be a day for all the family with pizza, face painting and other fun activities for children. Glenbower is a great local amenity, and we’d love to see people come along to walk the trails, admire the woods and maybe get into the habit of coming along for a walk more often. The proceeds from this event will go towards the upkeep of the public areas of Glenbower Wood. Admission on the day will be €10 per family.

KGK Community Sports Hall: coBh GAA dates for your diary presents

MAry BlAck Friday, August 20th 8pm TickeTs

€30 now available at club Bar 021


THE above went on their second outing of the year last weekend. Their first outing was to Dunmore and they had a beautiful meal in Lawlor’s Hotel. The second outing found them in Killarney, Rathmore and Kate Kearney’s Cottage. Once again they had a beautiful meal in the Heights Hotel.

Ballycotton Bridge Club results


Bernard Wilkie Jewellers

Second outing for Aghada Senior Citizens Widows and Widowers Association

Forty people travelled on both outings and a great time was had by all. More news on the next outing shortly.

THIS NEW MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM Do you need a room to hold your classes, conferences, activities or parties in? Contact Rebecca on 083 3631468 or Email

East Cork snippets

WE are a community united as we easily impress the judges for the Pride of Place Competition. The support on Friday morning and during the last number of weeks was testament to the goodwill and strong community values we share.

There was a huge amount of work involved in preparing for this event. Well done to all for epitomising what this competition is all about. Long may the Community Spirit continue. We would like to remind you to mark your diaries: September 25th - The Killeagh Choir and Castlelyons Gospel Choir will be performing at the hall.

October 30th - The American Tea Party will take place once again. Two great night’s entertainment to look forward to.

Remember, if you wish to book the hall or simply make an enquiry for birthday parties, meetings, weddings, classes, or any other function you may require the space for, you can do so by calling 087 9675399 between 7pm and 9pm. The KGK Community Sports Hall is kindly sponsored by Tallow Area Credit Union.

Knockanore, Glendine and Killwatermoy lotto

No winner this week. The numbers drawn were 6, 10, 25 and 27. €20 winners were Ann Nicholson, John Baldwin, Henry McGrath, Babs Mulcahy and Joe Geary.

AT the recent AGM of Shanagarry ICA, the following committee was elected: President: Mary Cullinane Secretary: Rosalie Dunne Treasurer: Margaret Casey PRO: Kathleen O’Connell Shanagarry ICA attended the centenery garden party at Fota and had a really wonderful day there. Cork President, Mairead O’Carroll, who is a member of the Shanagarry Guild, and her committee put on a great mix of entertainment and food for everyone.

Shanagarry ICA all turned out in their finery, with thanks to Rosalie Dunne for their headgear! They had a workshop in Rosalie s kitchen earlier in the week where she helped the ladies to make a fascinator to match each outfit. All the effort paid off with two of the group’s members selected in the final twelve for the best dressed lady competition - to Shanagarry ICA’s delight, Theresa Horgan came third and Sheila McGrath came fourth. Well done girls! The ladies finished the day with dinner in the Rising Tide restaurant in Glounthaune.

Clashmore wedding bells

CONGRATULATIONS to Linda Colbert from Clashmore and Colin Motherway who got married during the week in Aglish, with their reception held at the Garryvoe Hotel. Well done from all your family and friends in Waterford and Cork.

Reap what you sow at Ballymaloe

THE Harvest, Ballymaloe Group exhibition will begin at The Grain Store at Ballymaloe House on Wednesday, August 11th at 7pm. Artwork on display will come from local award winning artists including Martha Cashman, Andrea Cashel, Diane Murphy, Rebecca Bradley, Eliz Burgess, Nedyalka Panova, and Louise McKeon, all exhibiting fine art painting and sculpture.

We plough the fields... and then open them up to the public Ballinrostig Harvest Field Day

BALLINROSTIG / WHITEGATE Vintage Club will hold their third annual Field Day and Old Time Threshing this coming Sunday, July 25th. There will be tractors, kids’ sports and amusements, with music by Finbarr Dennehy from 2pm to 5pm. A great day is assured with admission only €5 and children free. All proceeds go to the Mercy Hospital to Prostate Cancer Fund.

There will be dancing at the crossroads, and a barbecue. For more information you can contact Michael on 0876413895.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Your Perfect Holiday at unbelievable prices!

AuStRAliA & New ZeAlANd woRkiNg holidAy viSAS EAST CORK TRAVEL, CHURCH LANE, MIDLETON 021 4633233

Australia & New Zealand Seat Sale

Melbourne Return from €879 per person including taxes Perth Return from €939 per person including taxes Sydney Return from €949 per person including taxes Cairns Return from €975 per person including taxes Auckland Return from €879 per person including taxes




THE Australian Working Holiday Visa (WHM Visa) allows young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to have an extended holiday, supplemented by casual employment, for up to 12 months in Australia. You are eligible for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia if: · You are aged between 18 and 30 years old · You are not travelling with dependant children · You have enough funds to support yourself when you arrive in Australia · You hold a passport from an eligible country, valid for at least one more year · You have not previously entered Australia on a Working Holiday visa

RouNd the woRld flightS

€2,239 per person including taxes 2010


Leaving Cert Cancellations

19th August Turkey 7 nights for just €429 per person

19th August Majorca 7 nights for just €469 per person

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20th August Crete 7 nights for just €479 per person 22nd August Cyprus 7 nights for just €509 per person


Dreams Luxury All Inclusive Resorts 7nights all inclusive Winter Specials

5* Dreams Puerto Aventuras from €860 5* Dreams Tulum from €888 5* Dreams Rivieria Cancun from €942 5* Dreams Cancun from €966 Taxes extra €316 per person

Price per person sharing includes return flights to Cancun with BA Valid for travel and stays to 6Nov – 11Dec Offers subject to availability at time of booking

Mediterranean Cruise Special

14th August 7 night Mediterranean Cruise for just €790 per person TAKING IN FRANCE, ITALY & SPAIN!

Price includes · Flights Ex Cork to Palma · Transfers to the port · 7 night cruise on a full board basis · All Taxes



7th Aug Tunisia 3* Hotel Half Board for just €359 pp

7th Aug Turkey 3* Hotel Bed and Breakfast for just €494 pp 7th Aug Lanzarote Self Catering Apartments for just €489 pp 7th August Gran Canaria Self Catering Apartments for just €499 pp

14th August Majorca 14 nights Self Catering apartments for just €509 pp

14th August Turkey 14 nights 3* Hotel for just €549 pp

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Hitting the high notes at Wallis’ Bar, Midleton


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

DEBS FEVER Stunning selection of Maxi Dresses ideal for Debs & Occasional Wear


WALLIS’ Bar, Midleton, held a second Midleton heat in the ongoing karaoke competition in aid of Ballycotton Lifeboat. Once again the event was well supported and there was no shortage of singers willing to throw their hats in the ring for this worthy cause. The two qualifiers from McDaids’ Bar were spotted in the pub. James O’Donovan was persuaded to sing a song, laying down the gauntlet for Wallis’ qualifiers. Andrea Deady said, with tongue in cheek, that she “was there to check out the opposition”! Competition to share in the prize pot of €1,500 is picking up, with two keen entrants bringing their own discs with them on the night. DJ, Pearse McCarthy had his virtue threatened when Michelle gave a raunchy performance. At the end of the night, after a long discussion between the judges, Carol Sexton and Jason McSweeney were presented as the qualifiers to represent Wallis’ Bar in the final.

Something about us

LOCALLY, P. Jordan & Company is a long established firm of Public Loss Assessors operating in the East Cork area. We also have associate offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Our inhouse staff are drawn from the

Insurance, Construction and Financial professions to ensure that your interests will be safeguarded.

What type of claims do P. Jordan & Co. deal with?

Insurance Claims Do you need to make an Insurance Property Claim on your house or business? Contact PRO Property Claims direct for full processing and settlement on a no win no fee basis

Phone P. Jordan & Co. on 021 4631317 Mobile 087 2430500 Fully insured and bonded service

P. Jordan & Co. will act on behalf of every Insured Party, be it Industry, Private Individual or Local Authority. All types of claims are handled, from the most common - fire, storm, water damage and consequential loss to the property of third parties, etc.

To summarise, we will:

* Measure, document, and present your claim to your Insurance Company * Protect your interests at all times * Advise you of the options available and guide you in all aspects of your claim * Negotiate through to final settlement * Relieve you of the stress attached to filing a claim * Process your claim without delay in order that payment from your Insurance Company can be obtained in the shortest possible time

There are very few opportunities left for taking part is this popular competition. Saturday, 24 July, The Schooner Bar, Whitegate will hold their heat. Whitegate residents who were not successful in The Long Point are planning a second attempt at the Schooner Bar. Rumour has it a bus is planned to take supporters to Garryvoe Hotel on 30 July. Whitegate will be deserted that night!

take place at the Inn by the Harbour, Ballycotton with the final heat in The Blackbird, Ballycotton on Thursday, July 29th, the eve of the final.

Singing karaoke is not the easiest thing to do. Pearse’s Lifeboatettes are going to try their hand at it on the night of the final. Now that will be something to behold!


The Schooner Bar, Ballycotton, was the place to be on Saturday night, July 17th, when the third

P. Jordan & Co. for all your Insurance needs

Ballycotton heat took place. One punter said it was like New Year’s Eve. A group of holidaymakers hired a bus to bring them there, determined not to miss the night. Brenda’s version of Valerie had them dancing in the little free space available. When Tina sang The Rose it was a step down memory lane for one of the organisers. The supporters thought the judges would never reach their decision but were thrilled when Jennifer McNamara and Katie O’Connell were announced as the representatives for the Schooner Ballycotton at the final in Garryvoe Hotel.

Sunday, July 25th, the penultimate heat of the competition will

Jennifer McNamara hits the high notes at Wallis’ Bar

5 A SIDE TOURNAMENT (Teams of 7) Sponsored by Wallis’ Bar

This Saturday, July 24th

at Midleton FC All Weather Pitches


Come along and enjoy the fun!

Entertainment & refreshments afterwards at Wallis’ Bar, Main Street, Midleton

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Midleton Cllr. wants street cleaning collaboration


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Shane Supple’s musical connections... Barry Tierney, Kinsale knows love is sweeter than wine ALTHOUGH only 21, seasoned entertainer, singer songwriter Barry Tierney, from Kinsale has toured extensively, including Ireland, England, Germany and America, over the past number of years, sharing stages with Cork songwriting legends Mick Flannery and John Spillane. His hit single “Da Rocket Boy”, was the winner of the International Festival 4 Stars competition in London in 2008. Because of its success, he then decided to record it in Claycastle Studio in Youghal under the watchful eyes of Warren Tivy and John Burke. Darren Donohoe on violin, Jason Brown on double bass, Sara-Lou another singer songwriter and recording artist on vocals, Tony Kiely on guitar with John Bourke & Dermot Goodie providing vocal harmonies. He has won countless songwriting awards, despite his young age and has been described as a genius by such songwriters as Robin Gibbs of the Bee Gees. Barry has written with some of the world’s best songwriters including Alan Glass, a two time Grammy award-winner. To date Barry has released several albums “Losers Lounge”, “Barry Tierney”, “Live from Kinsale” and “Shelter from the Rain.”

Speaking on Community Radio Youghal, Barry had the listeners enthralled with his stories. He sang several songs and his voice was solid, strong and very mature. Accompanying himself on guitar and belting out songs you can feel yourself being pulled along on whatever musical journey he takes. His own personal favourites and influences are varied with Christy Moore, Luke Kelly, Shane McGowen, Ronnie Drew, Willie Nelson, and Bob Dylan in that list.

As he says himself, a lot of great music was written down through the years in Ireland, and it’s a pity to see it getting lost to the new generations. He sees himself as a modern day Bard who will carry the traditional songs through for the next generation to come, albeit in his own style and unique voice. Barry is currently playing and recording with a group of musicians known as the Oh Dears, and can be seen regularly playing venues in East Cork. The Oh Dears features drummer Tiz McNamara (of the Anybodies) and Edan Ray on bass guitar and the lead guitarist is none other than Sam Clague, a musical genius and son of Les Clague. Barry Tierney launched his latest single “Love is sweeter than Wine” this week in his home town of Kinsale. This latest release features Freddie White and Pat Crowley and is causing quite a stir in the music industry. He is currently getting ready for an appearance on TG4, so be sure to look out for him over the next few weeks. His albums and music will be available from his website online at or from shops in the locality.

Your thoughts needed:

MIDLETON Town Councillor, Noel Collins has called on Cork County Council to conduct proper upkeep and cleaning of its ‘two splendid pieces of stonework and architectural design’that are the library and the courthouse. Cllr. Collins said ‘vomit’ and such unsavoury blemishes besmirched the areas surrounding the two monuments, while the upper windows in the library needed cleaning also.

that the needs and considerations of the people that count, the residents, are the ones that are considered. The action plan survey will ask a range of detailed questions, including issues ranging from


Cllr. Pat Buckley supported the motion but noted that the County Council owed Midleton Town Council €80,000 for work undertaken last year. ‘And if they can’t turn on the light on the library, I can’t see them cleaning it!’ he added Cllr. Margaret Trundle welcomed any proposal to ‘improve disability access’ and said surfaces were broken and slippery and people were tripping.

Town Clerk, Joe McCarthy said it was ‘a grey area’ as the main street ‘is the responsibility of Cork County Council.’ Midleton Town Council went be-


Full and Part Time Staff Nurse Required for Oaklodge Nursing Home Excellent working conditions, flexible shifts, unsocial hours premium and attractive remuneration in a progressive and modern East Cork Nursing Home. We strive to deliver care that exceeds people’s expectations.

Experience with the elderly an advantage. Please e-mail CV to: or call Una on: 021-4646080. See for further details.

If you don’t receive a copy of the survey, or simply can’t wait for the opportunity to fill it out and have your say, visit to download a copy. We all love to complain about problems, from the pothole down the road to the absence of a safe place to take the kids to play. This survey represents a chance for residents to make constructive comments for the improvement of their community. - JOHN WHELAN CURTIN

9 "


community spirit and social life to detailed specifics like housing and services. The survey will also provide residents with an opportunity to raise their voices about how to solve particular problems, or ways to make specific improvements.

While it might take a few minutes to fill out the form and accurately represent yourself, don’t forget that it will take a lot more than that for the dedicated people who are going to read and process every application into an accurate plan.

yond their duty to improve the streetscape but he believed an upcoming paving project would improve matters greatly. ‘I’ll forward the motion to Cork County Council -with a prayer,’he promised. ‘To St. Jude?!’ queried Cllr. Collins.

The councillor made the call in a motion before July’s town council meeting in which he proposed that ‘Midleton Town Council, in conjunction with Cork County Council, consider an annual brush wash to the town’s footpaths and also to repair broken stopcocks and water metre covers.’ Cllr. Collins observed that the town council staff could not be expected to resolve the problems on their own.

Shanagarry Area Action Plan Survey RESIDENTS of Shanagarry and the surrounding area are soon to receive their copies of the Shanagarry Area Action Plan 2010 survey. This survey is an important proactive step in improving the area and ensuring


" 1'/ 0/&#8

#452&#8 #.

" "


1. "

0.'34+% -#%, #)3 #2 2#+-'23 0( +7'& !#34' %%'14'&

*0/' +)/1034'& (20. 4*'




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FESTIVAL FANTASIA IN YOUGHAL Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



Aileen Ahern, Christina O’Flynn and Karen Farrell James, Georgia and Laura with mum, Joan Connon

Brother and sister, Conaill and Jennifer in their Youghal gear

Coran and Rebecca have lollipop power

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Sorcha and Natasha Kilgannon

Niamh and Sally Ann Quill with their homemade breads and pastries

EVERYONE agreed, it was the best Festival ever to grace the streets of Youghal. More than 5,000 people, young and not so young, male and female, thronged into the town of Youghal for the weekend of July 16th to 18th to see for themselves if so much fun and activity could really be available, free of charge. And they were not disappointed. A plethora of activities included the opening Mardi Gras Parade which was amazing, and featured not only the beautiful Queens of the Sea, but also several of the local clubs and organisations whose members were bedecked royally for the occasion. A BBQ and a Gala ball were just two of the evening events, and both were tremendous successes. On Saturday, the most comprehensive Food Festival was held in Barry’s Lane and included foods and drinks of all kinds, most of which were either locally baked or locally sourced. Children were hugely catered for in this brilliant Festival with hip Hop Dance Workshops, Story Telling, Sandcastle Building competition, Crab Catching from the quays, and Busking on the Main Street in Youghal, among many more. All these events took place in beautiful weather.

But...come Sunday and the rain arrived. Events which had been scheduled for Green Park were transferred across the road to the Walter Raleigh Hotel, and the fun and merriment continued on with the most varied of competitions for parents and children alike. The most glamorous event must have been the Queen of the Sea competition, and with well over thirty beautiful girls entered, the town took on a cloak of expectancy as to who would be the eventual winner. Compliments must be extended to each and every one of the “Queens Elect” for their presentation of themselves and their families all over the weekend. They were fun, friendly and courteous and it was easy to see the rapport that was built up between them. Suzie Fitzgibbon representing Aherne’s Seafood Restaurant and Hotel was the very popular and beautiful winner, but it must be said that most certainly there were no losers. Each and every one of the girls could have been Queen of the Sea, and it’s just a pity that only one could win. Congratulations to Suzie – an amazing royalty. And these fantastic girls contributed yet another wonderful surprise when it was announced that the Sponsor Card, which each Queen got for ISPCC Childline, raised the astonishing amount of €5000.

The organisers are absolutely delighted with the success of the Festival, but not quite as delighted, surely, as those who came along and availed of the wonderful programme of events on offer to them free of charge. At the closing ceremony of the event, Sal Tivy paid tribute to the hard-working committee who worked behind the scenes to make the event possible. “They were magnificent’, she said, ‘a fantastic, hard working team of ladies and 3 gents. I would personally like to express my thanks and say it was these people who made it such a successful event for Youghal, and it was my privilege to have worked with them.” The children, in particular, were the winners at the Festival having the most wonderful time, and the scenes must bring back great memories of family fun together. Which is what the main aim of this Festival was – to bring family fun back to the great town of Youghal, showcasing that the family circle never ends.

Local ladies support the festival

Cousins, Shauna, Kate, Erin, Jaydin and Zack

Eileen and Valerie Hunt, mother and sister of Kerry Rose, Veronica

Jamie Curtin and Leah Dowling supporting their friend Amanda

Liam and Cathal Marriga with fried, Cian Colman

Mother and daughter, Alison and Kay Curtin at Condon’s flower stall

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Friends Miriam and Susanna dress for the festivities


Hip-hop kids

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The Murrays


Mother and daughter, Oonagh and Katie at their home produce stall

Popular CRY Presenter, Tommy Collins chats with Nicola and baby Olivia

The McCarthy family from Youghal get a taste of the festival

Youghal locals cooling down with homemade ice-cream

Katie Murray with Gay Fizgibbon and daughter, Suzie, who was chosen as Youghal’s Queen of the Sea

Laura McNamara makes tigers out of Shane, Stephen and Kian O’Keeffe

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

A book a day keeps boredom at bay in Midleton SARAH BYRNE REPORTS

Caroline O’Callaghan, manager of the St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop on Youghal Road and Tina Duggan, manager of ‘Books 4 U’ were both excited to be present at the official opening of the The pioneering new second-hand bookshop on Connolly Street, Midleton is now officially open for business new venture for the charity

Sean Keegan, Claire Guerin, Fr. Micheal and Brendan Dempsey, Cork Regional President of St. Vincent de Paul

RAINBOW MONTESSORI Ba ll in acur ra Tel. 021 4633982 Give your child a head start in life at the ONLY certified Montessori in East Cork Rainbow Montessori now offering FREE pre-school year in afternoon sessions Choose quality Montessori for your child

021 4633982 Certified by St. Nicholas Montessori Society Fully compliant with HSE Regs at two recent inspections

Deirdre Twomey, Liam Duggan and Heather Colan came along to support the opening

WEDNESDAY last, July 14th, marked the official opening of the St. Vincent de Paul second-hand bookshop, ‘Books 4 U’ in Midleton. Located on Connolly Street, ‘Books 4 U’ is the first of its kind in Ireland and it is hoped that its success will result in expansion throughout the country. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is the largest, voluntary, charitable organisation in Ireland. It is a direct service non-profit organisation whose work primarily involves person-to-person contact with people who have a variety of needs.

A key strength of SVP is in the personalised delivery of help which makes it unique in its role as a charitable organisation. They only offer advice when it is asked for, and their aim is to maintain the dignity of the individual and to promote long-term self-sufficiency.

The Society has been in Ireland for 164 years and has extensive experience of working with a diverse range of people who experience poverty and exclusion. Through a network of over 9,500 volunteers, it is strongly committed to working for social justice and advocates the creation of a more just and caring society. Over the years, the SVP has responded to social changes, providing a range of additional services depending on the prevailing need.

Fr Micheal performed the blessing of the shop

Maeve Cronin and Brendan Dempsey oversaw the ribbon cutting performed by Mairead O’Driscoll

Today, these “Special Works” include shops, resource centres, providing accommodation to vulnerable people and various holiday schemes amongst other things.

In the Cork Region, SVP is the biggest charitable organisation helping those in need in Cork and has been present in the region for over 160 years. Throughout the City and County 94 local Conference units and over 800 members, composed of volunteers based in local parishes, work on various projects including home visitation, providing financial and practical help, assisting with educational support, helping students, caring for the homeless in Cork, through two hostels and hospital and prison visitation. The SVP shops, which are almost nationwide, are a very important aspect of the service the charity provides. The shops are managed by a small number of professionals, a large voluntary force and by community employment trainees. The Cork Region has 15 shops throughout the city and county, with several in the East Cork area, located in Carrigtwohill, Cobh, Midleton and Youghal. Author of bestselling novels and plays, Mairead O’Driscoll was there to officially open the Midleton bookshop and Fr. Micheal performed the blessing.

Robert Condon with Liam Duggan and Dick McSweeney

Regional President of St. Vincent de Paul, Brendan Dempsey congratulated the local committee on orchestrating the opening of the shop, and commended the good work of all the volunteers. Brendan told those who came along to show their support that in the past year St. Vincent de Paul has distributed around €4 million to those in need in Cork, helping to provide food, fuel and direct financial support, as well as giving help in other ways. He also spoke of the increase in calls to the charity, up a staggering 53% since last year, and added they are now receiving calls for help from people who would never have asked for help before – the ‘new poor’, created by the recession. Maeve Cronin thanked the volunteers for their help on renovating the premises, those who volunteer their time to the shop , to Mairead O’Driscoll and all those who came along to show their support. Manager, Tina Duggan told the East Cork Journal that they are still looking for volunteers for the shop and all donations are gratefully received and gratefully acknowledged. They are looking for all types of books, including schoolbooks. Most of the books they have are in next to mint condition, with fiction for as little as €1 and children’s books for as little as 50c. They are open 10am- 3.30pm Monday to Thursday, with late opening to 4pm on Fridays. So why not pop in and grab yourself a bargain - expand your book collection - and support this well-deserving charity in the process.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News


Compiled by Kathleen Woulfe

Shanagarry Art Group exhibiting in Midleton

Ballyduff on Wednesday, August 11th. Bus leaving Midleton Park Hotel at 6.30pm. Cost: €20, incl. tea & cakes. Names etc. to Mary at 086 2351332.

Lough Derg fundraiser

The above will take place at the Maple Bar, Midleton on Thursday, July 29th, starting at 8pm. Tea, coffee and home baking with raffle in aid of Lough Derg. Traditional music and songs from 9.30pm onwards. All welcome.

Double congratulations SHANAGARRY Art Group is holding their Annual Exhibition at The Old Schoolhouse, Church Lane, Midleton until July 24th. The exhibition is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm.

Get well wishes

Special get well wishes to Margaret Lenehan, Carrigtwohill. We miss you so much Margaret, from Noreen and the girls.

Midleton & District Active Retirement Association calendar of events

Wednesday, July 28th: Swimming available at Midleton Park Hotel Leisure Centre & Spa from 11.30am to 12.30pm. Thursday: Pitch & Putt available at Corkbeg from 2.30pm. Friday: No Whist until further notice. Tuesday, August 3rd.: 45 Drive at the Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30 pm. Great evening’s entertainment with 'Booley House',

Happy B irthday!

Congratulations to the Waterford Senior Hurling Team in their defeat of Cork on Saturday last, but thankfully Cork are still in the Championship and who knows? Congratulations to the Cork Football Team and also to the Cork Camogie Team (these ladies are always a force to be reckoned with).

Midleton GAA Pavilion dancing

Manager, Pat Wafer reminds all the dance lovers that Sunday night August 1st, is not to be missed, when the band Heart to Heart will perform for the first time in Midleton. On Saturday night next there will be music by Sam O’Doherty.

Irish Wheelchair Association - East Cork Branch

Sincere thanks to all the kind people who so generously supported our fundraising days in Midleton and Cobh on Saturday last. A special thanks to our very dedicated members and friends, who gave of their time to ensure the success of the event financially. Maura Horgan and her team of helpers must be especially thanked for their dedication on Friday last at the Topaz Garage, not forgetting Anne Swayne and Mary Farrell, the two ladies who travelled to Midleton on Saturday. Happy 1st birthday to Sophie, lots of love from uncle Jonathan, x x.

Birthday greetings to Dan Harte, Carrigtwohill and to my sister Mary Peters, who is not so well at the moment and hope she will soon be back in good form. K.W.

Wedding bells

Congratulations to Grace Foley, Riverside Park, Midleton and to Patrick O’Connell, Shanahee, Cloyne, on the celebration of their marriage recently. Grace is the daughter of Pat and the late Tim Joe Foley and Patrick is the son of Lena and the late Tom O’Connell. Good luck to you for a long and happy future.

A very loyal and hardworking committee are always ready to help, and the Treasurer, Simon Coady, travelled to Cobh to lend his support to Maureen, Larry and Stuart.

Midleton and Carrigtwohill Credit Union

In celebration of 50 years of the movement we are celebrating the occasion with a summer BBQ at the Midleton Park Hotel, on Wednesday, August 18th at 7.30 pm sharp, with music by Pat Burke and his band. Everybody welcome. Tickets €25 and are available at both offices.

Midleton Twinning Association

At a meeting of the above association at the Midleton Park Hotel, members were given a draft of events list for the week of August 17th to 23rd, when our twin town friends from Mignaloux – Beauvoir will visit our town, and it promises to be a very enjoyable week. On Tuesday, August 17th, the hosts will collect our guests from the airport at 5pm approximately and go to Wallis’ Bar, Midleton for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, to the music by Quartet.

On Wednesday, August 18th, there will be a choice for the group where half can go to Ballymaloe for a cookery demonstration and a walk in the gardens, while the other half of the group can experience making pottery in Jack O’Patsy. Guests will be driven by their hosts. At 8pm there will be a Concert by Betty Moloney and friends in St. John the Baptist Church. Tickets €15. French guests and children free.

First birthday for baby James

Happy 60th, Martin

Birthday greetings go out to Molly Lombard and Happy 60th birthday to Martin Hanna on Sunday, Hanna Ahern from all their friends and everybody July 25th from his wife Teresa, his sons and daughinvolved in the Thursday Club in Piltown. ters, Sean, James, Jenny, Stephanie and Gerard, his daughter-in-law Jenny B, Aidan and Thomas and Happy 1st birthday to our daughter Sophie Morris- his grandchildren ,Diarmuid, Rebecca, Ciara and sey. Love , hugs and kisses from Mum and dad, x x. Coran and, of course, Lucy the dog!

On Saturday, August 21st, there will be a visit to Kilkenny Castle and Woodstock Gardens and at least one stop on the Craft Trail e.g. Nicholas Mosse Pottery. On Sunday, August 22nd, we will take a trip to the Mallow Races, which will be an outing for families and guests together. Host families driving, to arrive at 1pm. On Monday, August 23rd, there will be a walking tour of Youghal at 11.30 am with time to relax and pack followed by an evening meal at the Woodside Inn, Saleen and music.

On Tuesday 23rd, the guests depart for the Airport mid-morning and are to be driven there by hosts. Thanks must be extended to the Officers and Committee Members, who worked so diligently over the past months to arrange this very interesting programme, and hopefully the weather will be favourable for the week.

Happy birthday Jordan & Josh!

On Thursday, August 19th, there will be a trip to Athlone by bus from Midleton with a stop at Holy Cross and Birr Castle, and arrival at the Hodson Bay Hotel for an evening meal. Departure time for this trip to be decided.

Happy 1st birthday to Josh Power. Lots of love from Mam and Dad. X Happy 1st birthday to Josh Power. Lots of love from Nana Josie, Maggie, Teresa and Kevin. X Happy 1st birthday to Josh Power. Love from Tom, Helene, Chris and Alan. X

Happy 1st birthday to Josh Power. Love from Dave, Niamh and Jordan. X

Happy 1st birthday to Sophie Morrissey. Have a great day, lots of love from nanna Teresa and John, xx. Congratulations to Brid Smiddy from Gortroe who celebrated her birthday during the week. From all her family and friends in Gortroe.

On Friday, August 20th, there will be a visit to Derryglad Folk Museum and then on to Clonmacnoise by Viking Boat, followed by lunch in Clonmacnoise before departing for home, stopping in Birr for time at street events and continuing on for an evening meal at Roscrea Golf Club.

Happy 9th birthday to our wonderful daughter Jordan Power. Lots of love from Mom and Dad X

Happy first birthday to my darling grandson James, who lives in Ballycotton. We all had a great day and night with him celebrating his first birthday and he is pictured here with his adoring Mum and Dad. Tell him we all love him very much. Much love and kisses from Granny and Granddad Casey of Sunville, Ballycotton.

Happy 9th birthday to Jordan Power. Lots of love from Nana Josie and Maggie, Teresa and Kevin. Hope you have a great day. X Happy 9th birthday to Jordan Power. Lots of love from John, Melissa and Josh. X Happy 9th birthday to Jordan Power. Lots of love from your godfather Tom, Helene, Chris and Alan. X

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Let’s Go! Summer Camp comes to Midleton

Bringing pony cycles, wobbly ladders, Zorbee Balls and Yogi Bear with it

ON Friday last, over 140 children said goodbye to the Let’s Go! Summer Camp at St. Colman’s Community College, Midleton.

Many of the kids weren’t too happy to say farewell, and we can understand why: the week featured bouncy castles, a teddy bears’ picnic (with special guest Yogi Bear), space hoppers, Zorbee Balls (like

a giant hamster ball), soccer shoots, scavenger hunts and musical games. The already fully-booked camp is also running in Youghal (2 weeks ago), Cobh (in August) and again in Midleton this week, with limited availability for camps in Conna and Fermoy. Yogi’s going to be a busy bear this summer...

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Midleton’s Let’s Go! Summer Camp

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ahead Mogeely Vintage Festival: Ploughing whatever the weather Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



THE 11th annual Mogeely Vintage Festival had to deal with something it had never previously seen... It might not have been something the organisers and attendees would have chosen, but it came along anyway. In Ireland, of all places it might seem amazing, but this year was the first year out of eleven years that the Mogeely Vintage festival had to deal with rain. While jackets might have been soaked, spirits certainly weren’t. With the kind of determined enthusiasm that vintage hobbyists continually display, people set out to have a great time, if for no other reason than to spite the rain. The turnout remained strong, with people bringing brollies, raincoats and their wellies. Each July the Vintage Festival is held in Mogeely and remains a highlight of the calendar for the area. While this was the 11th annual vintage festival it certainly feels as though the event has been a part of Mogeely forever: one of the best opportunities of the year for the community to come out and share the good times with vintage enthusiasts from all over the county and guests from far and wide.

Tom Riordan and Tom Flavin with a beautiful red Ferguson 35

Barking up the right tree!

Dennis Hennessy, Chairperson of the Mogeely Vintage Club and John Madden, President of the IrishVintage Club Association, gave their speeches thanking all involved and prompting everyone to enjoy the lively activities to follow. Amongst the activities were horse-carriage rides, demonstrations of threshing, raffles and a great selection of tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits.

A highlight for enthusiasts of the furry friend, the Dog Show provided its usual helping of fun. Undeterred by the rain, competitors (two-legged and four-legged alike) lined up on the newly renovated tennis court. Three main categories were laid out, small dogs, medium size dogs and ‘bigger dogs’. With the usual excitement, competitors marched around the tennis court, proudly strutting their stuff. As always a fantastic display of vintage vehicles and equipment of all descriptions were on display. Row after row of pristinely maintained and beautifully presented machines were on show, drawing the crowds without fail.

Ted Murphy (former Midleton Mayor) and Martin Desmond, adjudicated. And, testament to the spirit of the event, no one left any trace of ‘evidence’ that dogs had been wandering around the court for more than half an hour, scooping wherever necessary!

Aoife Bernard with Bear, who came first in the large dogs category

Dennis Mulcahy and Jim Hennessy demonstrate threshing

One of the few real effects of the rain was the absence of the barrel roll event. In this competition, tractors have to push a modern (empty) beer keg across the pitch with their front tyres. It’s a simple race to the finish line, but the skills required are far from simple. For the sake of Mogeely FC the competition was left out this year and the soaked pitch was left intact. The weather may not have been ideal there can be no denying the enjoyment to be had, the Vintage Festival never failing to provide a great day. Ted Murphy, former mayor of Midleton, commended the fun that was had by all, stating, ‘It takes a tremendous event to get people out on a day like today’… but they did it!

The Cott family braved the wet weather on the day

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Environment Minister questioned on Youghal landfill site: ‘no function in this matter’


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News


Compiled by Denise FitzGerald 087 812 8262 /

The next Family Fun Weekend in Youghal

THE Youghal G.A.A. Family Fun Weekend will take place this August Weekend, Friday 30th, Saturday 31st and Sunday, August 1st. The following is a programme of events which has been put together by the hard working committee. FRIDAY, JULY 31ST - Opening of Festival 6.30pm 7pm - Interclubs Superstars and Barbeque. Tickets for the Barbeque cost a mere €10 and all are welcome. There will be music in the Clubhouse afterwards for all the twinkle toes. SATURDAY Football and Hurling Blitz throughout the day - All welcome A very popular Car Treasure Hunt will also take place on Saturday, with Flyers and Programmes available at Club and Shops Saturday night will merge into early Sunday morning with a super Disco in the Clubhouse. SUNDAY Fun for all the family - Free Admission The ever popular Wibbly Wobbly Circus arrives at Club Aras with their amazing entertainment, especially suited for the children. AGRI AWARE FARM – Super Running Races, Spud and Spoon, Face painting, Obstacle course, Three legged races, Stocks and Barrels, Food Stalls, Music, Dance Groups, Planet Claire and lots, lots more to keep the family occupied for the afternoon. Free admission and commencing from 2pm SUNDAY NIGHT - WOLFE TONES - 9 PM The very popular Wolfe Tones will be entertaining on Sunday night, and at a mere €25 entry, it is advisable to come along early and ensure entrance to the gig. Tickets can be purchased also from the Club or at Cree’s Card Shop. All welcome.It’s great for the town of Youghal and surrounding areas to have such terrific Open Days running throughout the summer. Let’s hope that this Family Fun Weekend is well supported by the people of Youghal.

Youghal Bay Bridge Club Results

8/7/10: 1st A O’Reilly / A McNulty; 2nd R Landers / C Dinneen 12/7/10: 1st Sally O’Sullivan / G Plante; 2nd A O’Reilly / S O’Donnell; 3rd C Dinneen / A McNulty

13/7/10: 1st J Kelly / D Cotter; 2nd M Power / G Stack; 3rd A McNulty / M Kennedy 15/7/10: 1st A O’Reilly / D Fitzgerald; 2nd U Furey / R Fitzpatrick; 3rd R Landers / Mary O’Connor 4th B Groeger / Sally O’Sullivan Youghal Bay Salmon Night 6/7/10 results: Mitchell N/S: 1st P McCarthy / M Clement; 2nd K McNamara / W Murphy; 3rd M Hanrahan / A Murphy; 4th H Gilbourne / O Neville East/West: 1st M Kelleher / G Plante; 2nd C Bennett / O Cotter; 3rd S O’Donnell / L Kenneally; 4th H Clarke / C Dinneen Senior: 1st A Auchincloss / K Clement; 2nd M Quinlan / F O’Callaghan; 3rd D O’Driscoll / D O’Leary 4th J O’Reilly / P Murphy

Annual Mass

The annual celebration of Mass at Toor Holy Well will take place on Thursday, July 22nd at 12 noon.

LABOUR TD, Seán Sherlock has raised the closure of Youghal Landfill site with Environment Minister, John Gormley. Deputy Sherlock asked the Minister when it is proposed to wind down operations at the site.

However, in his reply John Gormley stated that he has no function in this matter and any decision to close the site will have to be made by the Environmental Protection Agency.

‘The public continue to voice concern about the operation and management of Youghal landfill site. There have been ongoing complaints about

Water Safety/ Rescue Week

The Irish Water Safety are holding their Annual Water Safety/Rescue Week in Youghal, on Monday, July 26th until Saturday, July 31st. Registration takes place in Bertie Dempsey’s Bar, Youghal, on Thursday, July 22nd, from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Youghal Medieval Festival

Ballysaggart Vintage Rally and Gala Day

Youghal GAA Lotto Results

Lotto Jackpot now at €19,710. Last week’s (July 12th) numbers were 10, 11, 14 and 17. Thank you for your support.

Ardmore Festival

The Pattern Festival is a revival of the traditional rural celebration of the Pattern Day, unfortunately now extinct in some areas of the country, with of course a modern twist ! The Festival is organised by 8 voluntarily members who give of their time and talents and it is funded by Failte Ireland, local sponsorship and donations. Events are FREE to all and include a range of activities and events for all interests and ages both on and off the water ! Taking place this weekend, Friday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 25th.

Deputy Sherlock added that he also sought an update on progress with regard to progression of the new Youghal Water Supply Scheme.

THUR JULY 22ND 7.30 - 9.00pm Music Group 8.00 - 9.45pm - Bingo MON JULY 26TH 4.00 - 5.00pm St Vincent de Paul TUE JULY 27TH 5.45 - 7.30pm - Weight Watchers

Ladysbridge community defibrillator meeting

The above will take place tonight, Wednesday, July 21st in Ballymacoda Hall at 8pm and on Thursday, July 22nd in Ladysbridge at 8pm.

The Community Council are appealing to any local clubs and organisations to please send along a representative to these meetings. Members of the general public are also invited.

All are welcome to attend.

The annual Ballysaggart Vintage Rally and Gala Day will take place on Sunday, August 1st next. For further information please contact Carmel Hale on 087 9809049.

the smell emanating from the area, which is an issue I am pursuing,’ stated Deputy Sherlock.

Free Family Fun Event on Sunday, August 22nd from 12 noon to 6pm in St Mary’s College Gardens in Youghal. The day will host Mediaeval battles, Archery displays, Food and Craft Stalls, Bouncy Castle, Circus Workshops, Face Painting, Balloon Modelling, Juggling etc, etc. Make a date in your diary, or put a big circle on the calendar..

The plan is to place defibrillators in the parish which would be available, should the occasion arise. However, it’s no good having these life-saving machines available if there are no people able to operate them, so it is vital that local people get involved and attend these meetings.

Youghal Heritage Trail-Guided Walking Tour

Each Monday to Friday for the months of July and August. Departs Youghal Tourist Office, Market Square, at 11am each day.

Events/Cumann na Daoine July 21st - 27th

WED JULY 21ST 10.00am - 12.30pm - FÁS Clinic 1.30 - 2.30pm - Walking Group 3.00 - 5.00pm - Women’s Group 7.30 - 9.00pm GROW (Community Mental Health Group)

23RD - 25TH JULY Ardmore Pattern Festival is a 3 day Family Festival action packed and fun-filled, there are events and activities for all on and off the water ! or find us on Facebook !

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Waterford Way

With Declan Barron

Do you see the pattern?

Rugby pundit George Hook pictured with Ardmore Pattern Festival Committee members Amanda Hosford Mansfield, Maurice Power, Olan Geaney, Martha Tierney, Patricia Quirke, Mary Jo Keevers, John Supple, and Claire Flavin THE Ardmore Pattern Festival will be of immense assistance to Penalty Shoot out competition, is set to attract many visitors to those visiting the village for the Kayaking, Road Bowling, and the seaside village this coming first time. many more competitions. weekend where a jam packed There will be a host of Music programme of free events has The local organisations and events on stage with “The Clasbeen laid on by the hard work- sporting clubs have also come sic Beatles” as one of the heading Pattern Committee. Through on board, and a number of at- line acts while “The Queen various sponsorship deals the or- tractive events will take place Experience” is not to be missed ganisers have been able to pro- over the weekend which should either with George Murphy, The duce a spectacular programme see plenty of craic, music and Kilkenny Gospel Choir and Two of events that are all listed in a sporting events such as Raft Time Polka other acts that will neat information booklet which Racing, Ridiculous Races, draw a lot of attention.

Scenes of delight as Waterford triumph over Cork in Munster Hurling Final THE close rivalry that exists along the border is never more evident than when Cork and Waterford meet in Munster championship action.

On Saturday evening the latest episode took place with Waterford fans celebrating at the finish as Ballyduff clubman, Stephen Mollumpney took home the trophy. It was a special day for Clashmore’s young Brian O’Halloran, coming on for his debut at senior level and contributing to a win that saw him claim a senior medal to go with the minor one won last year. For Dan Shanahan from Lismore to come off the bench to score the winning goal was another big

New car park on the way in Tallow

moment as players from Ardmore, Clashmore, Shamrocks, Tallow, Lismore, Ballyduff, Cappoquin and Geraldine’s all celebrated another great Waterford success. The counties meet in the Intermediate hurling final in Fraher Field Dungarvan on Thursday night, so another big crowd can be expected. THERE WERE no winners this week. €20 winners were Ann Hally, Kate and Adam Hayden, Shane Healy and Ger Cronin A big welcome home to John Jo Carlton who has returned home from a recent spell in hospital. From all his friends and neighbours.


Ramp Boreen Walkway popular with Tallow walkers

A JOINT venture between Tallow Community Council, with sponsorship from Tallow Area Credit Union and Waterford County Council, has seen the provision of a splendid walkway around Tallow that has to be travelled to be appreciated. Commencing just below the old creamery, the walk takes in some stunning views before finishing on West Street. The Walk, which was officially opened back in May is just now coming to its full glory with flowers and shrubs complimenting beautiful shrubbery and hedges that make up portions of the walkway. Views of Lisfinney Castle, the Carmelite Convent, Tallow Bridge and the Glenaboy River, make it a cool, calm and collected place for an afternoon or evening stroll.

Ballyduff Comholtas Group in Munster Fleadh

IT WAS a very busy weekend for Ballyduff Upper Comholtas Group as 85 competitors took part in the Munster Fleadh Ceoil in Kenmare County Kerry, with a number of competitors featuring among the winners and going on to qualify for the All Ireland.

THE provision of a new car park and the upgrading of the square in Tallow is set to be completed by October 2010, as agreement has now been agreed between a local landowner and Waterford Co Council Funds which have been set aside for the project will be used to bring it to completion stage, which will be a great boost to traders on the Main Street.

Pride of Place judges visit over weekend

WATERFORD’S two representatives in the Pride of Place Awards came under the microscope on Friday last as Kinsalebeg Community Group and Knockanore / Glendine / Kilwatermoy group came under the microscope as the competition judges visited for a half day in each location. The competition is hosted by Cooperation Ireland under its Local Authority Programme where communities are nominated by their local authority to represent them. In the case of KGK the provision of their magnificent new sports hall has been a huge undertaking by the local community group, but its provision will enhance greatly the social amenity for those living in the area, as the hall is used for a variety of functions, for sporting activities and by the local school who use it on a constant basis, as well as the drama group and other parish organisations who meet there regularly. In the case of Kinsalebeg the setting up of the “Thursday Club” has taken on a new meaning for the elderly of the surrounding area as they meet each Thursday and undertake a variety of tasks. In conjunction with various state bodies, activities such as Food Hygiene, First Aid, and Arts and Crafts courses have been introduced and are proving very popular, in addition to other activities such as dancing and card games as well as the general chat and cup of tea. The two community groups put forward by Waterford will certainly do the county proud, and while last Friday was far from pleasant weather wise, here’s hoping that both Kinsalebeg and KGK can put their best foot forward and do well when the results will be announced in Trim in Co Meath in November.

Christy Cooney opens Tourin Community Centre

THERE was great celebrations in Tourin on Friday night as GAA President, Christy Cooney took time out from his busy schedule to officially open the new Community Centre at the GAA pitch in Tourin. The small, tight knit community has

worked really hard to fundraise for this facility and great credit is due to everyone for making their plans come to fruition. For many years Tourin Hall, as it was known, has served the community well, but this new structure will serve them long into

the future. People like John Joe and Peter Scanlon, Ollie Wilkinson, JD and William Leahy have worked tirelessly with many others to make this happen, and on Friday night that dream became a reality with the official opening.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

In The Driving Seat

Our regular motoring guide

Lexus Ireland RSA advises extra summer Toyota caution on the roads scrappage recalls


LEXUS Ireland has announced, following an announcement from Toyota Motor Corporation, that it will recall 480 vehicles in the current Lexus GS and LS ranges to replace improperly functioning valve springs, which have been found in some vehicles. The models affected are the current generation LS 460, LS 600h and GS 450h.

The recall has been taken in response to the possibility of abnormal engine noise or unstable idling occurring in a vehicle, which would be notified to the driver by the illumination of an engine warning light on the dashboard, or the possibility, in very rare circumstances, that the engine may stall. The procedure will involve the replacement of the engine valve springs and will take approximately two days to complete, depending on the particular model. Lexus Ireland is currently identifying the specific customers affected and will be writing to them to arrange a suitable date to complete the procedure.

In the meantime, should any customer have concerns they can contact Lexus Ireland on a dedicated Freefone number: 1800 224222 or through the website

WITH national schools nationwide closed for the summer holidays, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) is asking motorists to be aware of children when using the roads and to take extreme care when driving.

Parents and guardians are also being reminded to teach their children about road safety and ensure they play safely during the summer holidays. Noel Brett, CEO of the RSA, said, ‘All around the country, primary school children are looking forward to their summer holidays as schools close until September.

‘It’s an exciting time for them but it’s important for all of us who use the roads to be extra cautious. During the summer months, children will be spending more time outdoors. ‘We don’t want what should be a time of fun and games to turn to tragedy. So we would ask all roadusers to be aware of children cycling or walking on the road, or playing near the road, particularly when driving through residential areas.’

The RSA is also reminding parents to teach their children the importance of road safety and ensure that underage children are supervised if walking or cycling. ‘It’s really important for parents and guardians to teach their child just how important it is to be safe on the road as they are our most vulnerable roadusers,’ Brett adds. ‘Your child will learn from what you do, so make sure you always set the right example. When you get into the car, put on your seatbelt, no matter how short the journey.

‘Make sure your children are safe on their bicycles by ensuring they wear a helmet and high visibility clothing. And if they are playing in an area where there are cars, make sure they play safely.’ The RSA has the following advice for parents and motorists:

Travelling by Car

Motorists, be aware of children when driving, particularly through residential areas. All children should be restrained when travelling in a car. Select a restraint that is based on your child’s weight and height and is suitable for the type of car. Remember it’s safer if children travel in the rear of a car. Never leave children alone in a car.


Small children should not cross roads alone. They cannot decide how far away a car is or how fast it is going.Children walking on country roads should wear reflective armbands and bright clothing. If there is no footpath, walk on the right-hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic keeping as close as possible to the side of the road. Show your child how to cross the road by example. Choose safe places to cross and take time to explain why, i.e. footbridges, zebra or pelican crossings.

Cycle Safety

Make sure they are highly visible by wearing a reflective belt and bright clothes and wear a bicycle safety helmet on all journeys. Check that the bicycle’s brakes, lights, reflector and bell are in good working order.

Mercedes- Benz prepares for R-Class arrival MERCEDES-BENZ is preparing the way for the arrival in August of their versatile, new-generation R-Class following a makeover that has seen the introduction of a number of new design changes.

This crossover model, which bridges the gap between their luxury saloon and MPV models, comes with a completely redesigned front section. Particularly eye-catching is its more striking, contoured bonnet and pronounced arrow-shaped front dominated by a wider, higher, more steeply angled grille. Other improvements include changes to wings, side skirts, headlamps and bumper. Inside, the interior versatility of its predecessor is retained through a combination space and comfort.

In Ireland, focus will be placed on the lowconsumption R 300CDI BlueEFFICIENCY model which comes on the market at €79,225 ex works. Consuming some 7% less fuel than its predecessor (at 7.6 litres per

100kms), this V6 version has a top speed of 215km/h with a 0-100km/h time of 9.5 seconds and a CO2 rating of 199-206g/km.

Sharing the billing here will be the R 300CDI 4-Matic version at €84,700 (ex works). This second V6 version also combines low fuel consumption of 8.5 litres per

100kms with high performance mirrored in a top speed of 235kms/h and 0-100kms of 7.6 secs. CO2 rating is 223g/km. All R-Class models are equipped with the latest-generation 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission.

TOYOTA Ireland has announced details of its Summer Scrappage campaign that allows customers to drive away in a brand new Toyota, from just €7,995. The campaign runs until August 31st, 2010, giving customers an opportunity to buy two award-winning models from the Toyota range.

Customers can choose either a new Toyota Aygo from as little as €7,995, offering a saving of €2,350, or a Toyota Yaris from €10,495, which gives a saving of €3,900. Commenting on the announcement, David Shannon, Managing Director of Toyota Ireland, said, ‘Our Summer Scrappage Campaign shows Irish customers that there is remarkable value on offer at their local Toyota dealer.

‘It undoubtedly makes now the time to buy a Toyota... This latest offer highlights yet again that Toyota is committed to offering customers quality vehicles, real value for money and a top class sales and after sales experience. ‘We feel this will be a popular incentive for customers and we will be extending the offer to other models in our range.’

Servicing and Quality Used Car Sales Unit 1A, Europa Enterprise Park, Midleton

021 4630635 OIL SERVICE

New fixed menu price list Petrol €60 Diesel €70

MINOR SERVICE Petrol €90 * Diesel €100

FULL SERVICE Petrol €180 * Diesel €200 Diagnostic Check €50 4 Wheel Alignment €50 A/C Regas & Leak Check €180 Brake Fluid Change €40 NCT Check €30 *All prices including VAT

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A sporting chance


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Hot Rod Motor Racing in Midleton this Sunday

Midleton venue this Sunday sponsored by Donal Lenihan Motors

HOT Rod Racing makes another return to Broomfield, Midleton, this Sunday, July 25th, when the local East Cork Hot Rod Club host another 18 races on the lands of John Grady, by kind permission, with a 12.30pm start. Two weeks ago this venue saw some great racing on grass, and this weekend should be even better with a bigger entry of drivers, who have now taken to the ever popular grass racing.

CLASS 1 Maurice O’Keeffe in his very tidy 1 litre Swift, should continue on his winning ways, but Liam Forde in a Toyota Starlet will make it hard for O’Keeffe, as will Kevin O’Sullivan and Stephen Relihan and P.J. O’Sullivan in another Starlet. Maurice Flynn and Liam Griffin are the drivers to catch in Class 2, as is Garry Kelly and Jonathan Murphy who makes his debut on grass. JOHN MCGANN MEMORIAL TROPHY The John McGann Memorial Trophy is the big prize on offer for the juniors, and what an entry is expected for these three races. Killian O’Brien in a Starlet 1 litre has the speed to do well here, but Mark Buckley in a Saxo, Connor McCarthy in a Starlet and Aaron McEvoy in a nice tidy Fiat looked good the last day out and should improve, but Tommy Motherway from Cloyne is the driver in form here in his Starlet. Daniel Kelleher from Carrigtwohill in a Micra is ready (we think), and he could cause a big upset on the day. While we watch the afore mentioned drivers, young Eoin Relihan from Kerry will also go to the line and he won’t be far away when the chequered flag falls. CLASS 3 AND 4 Tom O’Regan from Garryvoe made a great return to racing the last day out and no doubt he will be at his best again on Sunday. Powered by a 1300 Starlet he has not lost any of his style and will cause a few problems. Michael Heffernan, who has settled well into his Starlet, is going great guns at the moment, while Monty Tierney from Limerick is the one to watch in this very open class. Seamus O’Riordan will also go to the line here as will another Carrigtwohill pilot, Jason O’Connor, the evergreen Brendan Dee and Limerick’s Gerry O’Connor in a 1600 Starlet. Add in Mike Power and a few newcomers, and this should be some race to watch.

Midleton’s TaeKwon-Do World Champion EAST CORK resident and chief instructor of Midleton TaeKwon-Do Club, James Dwyer, has returned to Ireland as the ITF TaeKwon-Do Middle Weight Sparring World Champion, following the TaeKwon-Do World Championships in Cheongju, South Korea from July 2nd to 8th.

Having trained in TaeKwon-Do for over 14 years, James Dwyer, 4th Degree Blackbelt, has achieved one of his all time dreams and has become the World Champion. He had to go through fighters from Korea, Greece, Argentina and England to win his place in the semi finals in his weight. The semi finals were against another Argentinean and it was a hard fight, but James won out in the end and earned himself a place in the live televised finals the next day. On the same day, another local Midleton resident, Paul Manning, 3rd Degree Blackbelt, instructor in Blackrock TaeKwon-Do Club and manager of Al’s restaurant in Market Green Shopping Centre, also did his country proud as he fought his way through fighters from Korea, England and Germany to win a place in the Light Weight semi finals, beating the current European Light Weight Champion in the process. He narrowly lost out to an Argentinean fighter, due to a foot injury he picked up during the fight, but still winning a

World Bronze medal for himself and his country.

James then had his final against an English fighter to the deafening roar of Irish fans live on Korean national television. Fighting through fatigue and injuries, James won the fight and the title of Middle Weight World Champion. He just wants to take this opportunity to thank his wife and daughter for all their support, and to all his students in Midleton TaeKwon-Do Club. Classes run in the hall of the rugby grounds on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9 and beginners are always welcome. Anyone interested can contact or log onto

‘My daddy is THE daddy’: James & his daughter Sofia at the airport

Well done again to our Midleton lads for bringing home the medals for their country. For more information on how the rest of the Irish Squad got on please visit, or

Capturing the castle with the Carrigtwohill 5k Road Race

Catherine O’Sullivan, James Dwyer, coach Michael Burke and Paul Manning

Kevin McGann in his Honda 2.2 Starlet has spent a few nights under the bonnet and has his engine ticking over, as he says, nice and sweet. Fergus Griffin again makes the trip from Kerry, but all will have to be at their best to fend off John Shanahan in his Mini, who put on a great show the last day out.

LADIES RACE Jackie O’Connor and Mary Fleming are the two who have been at their best all season, but Val Shanahan in her white Mini had the edge on the last day out, so Sunday could be the big one for the ladies to sort out the Mini, which is a joy to watch. The all in races have been the ones to watch of late, and you have Tom O’Regan, Monty Tierney, Brendan Dee and the rest in Class 4, which should bring out their best. Word is that Jason O’Connor has sorted his gearbox, and no doubt this will be all for the better. In Class 5 and 6, Damien Patterson may have the edge on Tim Lynch, and Fergus Griffin will be under pressure to keep John Shanahan and Kevin McGann at bay.

CLASS 5 AND 6 Joe McCormack is entered in this event and so, too, is Tim Lynch from the Kerry club. Racing gets underway at 12.30 pm and will be signDamien Patterson seems to have his car posted on all routes. well sorted and should make it sing on the top corner.

A 5K race over a scenic, accurately measured course and quiet country roads will be held on Wednesday, July 28th, starting from Barryscourt Castle at 8pm, in association with Carrigtwohill Community Council.

The race, which will go full circle and also end at the castle, aims to raise funds for Carrigtwohill Community Council, Meals on Wheels and CASA. Entry is only €7 and there will be a prize of €100 for the first man and first lady across the line,as well as prizes in other categories and spot prizes.

Entries will be taken on the evening from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. There will be prompt race results after the race, and the race headquarters on the evening are located at Barryscourt Castle.

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Youghal golf club


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

LADIES 14/7/10 - 18 HOLES SINGLES Category A 1st Maeve Troupe Kelly (14) 35pts, 2nd Catherine Mc Carthy (20) 34pts, 3rd Dympna Quill (18) 33pts Category B 1st Anne Muckley (23) 40pts, 2nd Shelagh O’Callaghan (25) 37pts, 3rd Breeda Curtin (24) 36pts, Category C 1st Eileen Carroll (36) 36pts, 2nd Maria Hayes (36) 33pts, 3rd Patricia Mc Carthy (36) 29pts FIXTURES: 27/7/10 & 28/7/10: Lady Captain’s Prize - Mrs Mary Murphy 4/8/10: Open 3 Person Team Event TEAM NEWS

Junior Foursomes at Lismore Golf Club on 17/7/10

Youghal beat Clonmel in the morning and lost to Lismore Golf Club in the afternoon. Youghal morning team: Loretto Morrison & Maeve O’Leary, Sharon Lupton & Siobhan Hooley, Virgil Murphy & Noreen Cronin. Youghal afternoon team: Sharon Lupton & Siobhan Hooley, Breeda Fitzgerald & Frances Barry, Virgil Murphy & Noreen Cronin.

Team Captain: Miriam Whyte & Catherine Mc Carthy.

AA Championships Minor Cup Semi Finals on 24/7/10 at Monkstown Golf Club

Youghal vs. Bandon at 12.40pm. All our best wishes and good luck to the team. Your support would be greatly appreciated. MIXED FOURSOMES 16/7/10 - Open 13 Holes 1st James Ormonde & Sharon Lupton 2nd Michael & Jane Coyne BG Paul & Deirdre O’Brien - East Cork 3rd Patricia & Jim Kearney

FIXTURES: 23/7/10 Open 13 Holes 30/7/10: Open Mixed 3 Person Team Event JUNIOR GOLF 13/7/10 Category 1 - 18 Holes 1st Padraig Flavin (22) 42pts, 2nd David Ryan (23) 39pts Category 2 - 18 Holes 1st Oisin Keniry (28) 42pts, 2nd Daniel J. Harrington (32) 38pts Category 3 - 8 Holes 1st Adam Coughlan

15/7/10 Category 1 - 18 Holes 1st Stephen Walsh (17) 42pts, 2nd Chris Morrison (33) 42pts, 3rd Daniel J. Harrington (32) 42pts Category 2 - 8 Holes 1sts Declan Dalton (36) 20pts FIXTURES: 29/7/10: Dr. P.J. Connolly Memorial Trophy to Juniors. Tee Time: 8am 10am.

GENTS 16/7/10 - 18/7/10 Open 18 holes Fourball Presentation of prizes 23/7/10 at 9.30pm 1st Joe Hallahan (8) William Varney (10) 45pts 2nd Danny Mac Sweeney (12) Dermot Dromgoole (17) 45pts 3rd Mervyn Mc Sweeney (21) Noel Lucey (17) 44pts Best Fri/Sat: Tony Kearns (5) Eugene Shiels (12) 44pts Best Sun: Kieran Power (9) John Harrington (18) 40pts FIXTURES: Tuesday Open Singles Qualifier continues 23/7/10 - 25/7/10: Open Singles 30/7/10: Commencement of Open Week Fri-Sat-Sun: OPEN Singles 2/8/10 3/8/10: OPEN Threeball/Ladies, Gents, Mixed. 5/8/10 6/8/10: OPEN Threeball/Ladies, Gents, Mixed. 7/8/10 - 8/8/10: OPEN Singles.

Youghal Deep Sea Angling catches coalfish and competitive natures! OVER 30 anglers participated in the 2010 Youghal Deep Sea Angling Competition. Charter boats, Rebecca C (Martin Colfer), Sea Hunter (Gavin Tivy) and Deora Dé, (James Linehan) put to sea on Saturday and Sunday, July 10/11th.

Sunday’s weather brought very welcome sunny conditions with light winds. Mackerel were low in numbers compared to Saturday, but an intense day’s fishing ensued as competitors strived for high scores.

The Deora Dé crew was fishing big shoals of coalfish, as had been fished by the Sea Hunter crew a day previous.

RESULTS: Overall winner, 973 points, Milo Burke, Kilkenny; prize Sponsor: Quays Bar, Youghal, for €250 cash and perpetual trophy. 2nd Place, 737 points, Kevin Ryan; Sponsor: Sea Hunter Charters

with Declan Barron

Brian Cody keeps an eye on proceedings

AN interested spectator at the Munster Final replay on Saturday night was Kilkenny manager, Brian Cody, who was running the rule over likely opponents Cork and Waterford. Should Cork defeat Antrim, as I expect they will, then the rebels will be meeting Kilkenny in an All Ireland semi final on August 8th. Kilkenny, who are bidding to win a historic five in a row, are leaving nothing to chance and at this juncture at least, very few would bet against them writing history. Hurling, however ,has a way of throwing up shocks, with Seamus Darby’s last minute goal denying Kerry some years ago, while just two weeks ago a controversial goal stopped Louth from a historic victory as well in the Leinster Final. Few would disagree that Kilkenny look unbeatable, but I am sure that the hurlers of Tipperary, Galway, Antrim, Cork and Waterford will all want a shot at the champions, and thus create their own bit of history.

Saturday night fever in Thurles

Saturday’s weather brought challenging F4-5 southerly winds and rain intermittently through the day. Nonetheless the fishing was good, with cod being caught up to 8lb, pollack and ling up to 9lb, and mackerel in plentiful supply.

All boats had cod 7-8lbs and pollack up to 6-7lbs, with haddock coming aboard the Rebecca C. At anchor, conger were slow, so all went back to drifting. Lines were up at 4pm and it was back to berths for the prize giving at the Quay’s Bar (main sponsors) at 6pm. All agreed it had been a great weekend’s fishing.

The Week In Sport

3rd Place, 598 points, Mark Ryland, Ardfinnnan; Sponsor: Rebecca C & Quality Hotel, Youghal 4th Place, 544 points, Jackie Byrne, Kilkenny; Sponsor: Avonmore House B&B Heaviest Edible Fish: Gerard Barry, 9lb Ling; Sponsor: MV ‘Sea Hunter’ Heaviest Fish: Jackie Byrne; 8½ lb cod; Sponsor: Perks Entertainment Centre Most Unusual Catch Saturday: Octopus, Davie Murray, Youghal, Most Unusual Catch Sunday; Octopus,

Saturday anglers on Sea Hunter Declan Horgan, Cork; Sponsors Perks Entertainment Centre Most Species Overall: Milo Burke, Kilkenny,10 species; Sponsor: Muckley’s Jewellers Junior U18: 1st, Margess Krurass, New Ross 413pts; Sponsor: MV ‘Sea Hunter’ Junior U18 2nd, Jordan Muir, 331pts; Sponsor: East Cork Superbowl Ladies Winner: Sandra O’Shea, 410 points; Sponsors: Aherne’s Seafood Restaurant & Des O’Sullivan Youghals Charter Boats wish to thank the Quay’s Bar and all the sponsors for their support; also Youghal Tourist Office, Aquatrek and those who helped out over the weekend. For a day’s fishing on Dept. Marine approved Charter vessels licensed and insured contact MV ‘Rebecca C’, Martin Colfer, 087-2657177 or MV ‘Sea Hunter’ Gavin Tivy 087-2112488. - CP

It was a pity that Croke Park tied the Munster Council’s hands by insisting that Cork and Waterford replay their Munster Final in Thurles on last Saturday night. As a result, many fans from both counties failed to travel for a variety of reasons. Surely the logical thing would have been to stage the game on Sunday afternoon, with the Cork v Waterford Intermediate Munster Hurling final as the curtain raiser. Instead, this game will now go ahead on this Thursday night in Fraher Field Dungarvan, where Cork will be bidding to retain their title. Both Cork and Waterford supporters are brilliant at following their teams, unlike some other counties who only travel when their side reaches a final. For Cork supporters in particular they had to choose between Thurles on Saturday night or Wexford on Sunday, both long journeys from most parts of Cork, while they are now asked to travel to Dungarvan on this Thursday night, probably Limerick or Killarney on Saturday for the football game, and Croke Park on Sunday for the hurling quarter final against Antrim. Very little thought seems to be given by Croke Park to dual counties like Cork in particular, and their supporters could have been accommodated by staging a double header in Thurles last Sunday. Fair

play to the Munster Council for attempting to do this, but no marks to Croke Park for thwarting their plans. The hurling would not have affected the televised football finals and could have been showed later in the evening. It is water under the bridge now, but in times of recession surely a grassroots association like the GAA should be looking to accommodate its fans as much as possible.

Anglo Celt Cup stays in Tyrone

Champions, Tyrone, retained their Ulster Title with a convincing win over a disappointing Monaghan side in Clones on Sunday, as the burden of expectation proved too hard to carry for the home side. Instead, it was Tyrone that claimed the Anglo Celt Cup with an easier than expected victory, to put themselves right back into the All Ireland picture. Mickey Harte’s side were back to their best and they will have a big say in the destination of this year’s title

Roscommon spoil the Sligo party

In the Connaught final, Roscommon emerged winners by a point over Sligo in a thrilling finish to the Connaught football final. Both sides served up an entertaining game in Castlebar with underdogs, Roscommon, coming out on top with just a point to spare. Just a dozen sides now remain in contention for the Sam Maguire Cup with four from Leinster, three each from Munster and Ulster and two from Connaught. After next weekend the quarter finalists will be known as the final round of qualifiers takes place, as the defeated provincial finalists take on the back door winners. Kerry, Tyrone, Meath and Roscommon await the outcome of the final four games where Dublin will face Louth, Cork will meet Limerick, Kildare will play Monaghan and Sligo take on Down. All four could well see upsets as Cork, Dublin, Kildare and Down who came through the qualifiers, could all advance to the quarter finals.

Galway Races looming on the horizon

Racing fans will be looking forward to next week’s Galway Festival and hoping that the weather will at least pick up for what is one of Ireland’s great racing weeks. Bahrain Storm is hoping to retain the Galway Hurdle, while Pallasmore and the English raider, Grand Slam Hero will be in contention for the Galway Plate.

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Aghada GAA Vhi Cúl Camp


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

ON Thursday last, over 100 boys and girls took to Aghada's GAA pitches to participate in the Vhi Cúl Camp, with many more already signed up for a further camp next month. Martin Day, head coach, was delighted to see so many youngsters picking up the hurleys, sliotars and footballs to continue Aghada GAA's sporting triumphs.


021 4638022

The usual suspects: Robin Triggs, Martin Coleman, Martin Day, head coach (and delegator-extraordinaire) and Barry Day

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Russell Rovers Cul Camp 2010

ON Friday last, the East Cork Journal paid a visit to the Russell Rovers GAA Vhi CĂşl Camp at

the club’s grounds in Shanagarry. Over 100 boys and girls participated in the much-loved camp,

with the weather staying dry for just long enough to get these pictures!

All photos available to buy 021 4638022

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Cloyne road bowling club


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Cloyne lads make it an all Cloyne final LAST Thursday saw the first ever East Cork U10 Boys Final being played in Cloyne. This was due to the large number of our Youth team,the support of their parents and the hard work achieved by the club. Normally competition starts for the U12s. Out of a field of 8 who were entered into the Tournament, 5 were from Cloyne,and the final was an all Cloyne affair between local lad,Mikey Cahill,who threatens Ellie Coady for the nick-name ‘Cloyne’s Pocket Rocket’, and Shane O’Driscoll, who lives in Ballinlough, Killeagh. He is the son of former novice Champion, Michael O’Driscoll, and is grandson of the well known player Jerry O’Driscoll of The Park, Midleton. Play started in typical Irish summer weather-Rain! Shane held onto a narrow lead for the first few shots,before Mikey went in front.There was only a matter of a metre or two between them,with both players totally focused,despite the weather. Coming to Kilcrone House,a few hooked throws from Shane gave Mikey the opening, and he won with a tremendous loft,up the hill,and over the line. Shane followed with a good throw to finish this well-supported Final. All in all, a good show from two promising local lads in difficult conditions,with Mikey adding another title for the club. Well done,and congratulations to both players. Mikey is first cousin to Jake Holmes, who represented the club and East Cork in the Counties U12 QF, on Monday, July 19th.

The club would like to congratulate Killian Kingston on his great win in the Munster Junior A Final in Newcestown last Saturday. On his way to winning the East Cork title, he won two great scores in Cloyne, including the Final. See full report in the East Cork Bol Chumann notes this week.

Upcoming Golf Events AT FOTA ISLAND RESORT SUMMER 2010

All of the photos taken of the recent Ladies Fun Bowl are now up on the clubs Facebook page for you to view.

Fixtures Summer League Tournament:

21/7/10: 7pm: Donie Kelleher vs. Mick Casey 7.45pm: Mike Murray vs. David Costine 23/7/10: 7pm: Brian Costine vs. David Cusack 7.45pm: Karl Douglas vs. John Rossiter 28/7/10: 7pm: Brian Fleming vs. Sean O’Brien 7.45pm: Dave Hill vs. Alan Walsh 1/8/10: The Christy Coleman Cup: 11.30am: Pa O’Donovan vs. Christopher Butler 12.30pm: Cloyne’s own Graham Fleming vs. James McCarthy.

Smiles for the birdie at Fota

A few dates for your diary: Open Fourball - Mon. July 26th Munster Junior Open* - Fri. July 23rd - Sun. July 25th

Open Week - Mon. August 9th - Sun. August 15th Mon. 9th - Seniors team of 4 event (over 55’s) Tues. 10th - Ladies 3 person event Wed. 11th - Open Fourball Thur. 12th - Open Singles Fri. 13th - 4 Person Team Event Sat. 14th - Open Singles Sun. 15th - Open Singles Junior Scratch Cup - Sunday August 29th

Cost for each player is €50 per player * Cost is €60 per player

We look forward to seeing you over the coming months!

For more infor mation contact us on Tel: 021 488 3700 Email:

HOTEL SPA GOLF CLUB GOLF AC ADEMY LODGES CROHAN Fitzgerald from Castleisland Golf Club was the winner of the Minor Scratch Cup at Fota Island Resort Golf Club, and is pictured with Eoin Hourihan from Slievenamon Golf Club, who was the winner of the Intermediate Scratch Cup, Jonathan Woods, CEO, Fota Island Resort and Trevor Hurley from Slievenamon Golf Club, winner of the Academy Scratch Cup. (Photo: Gerard McCarthy)

Fota Island Resor t, Fota Island, Cor k, Ireland

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World Cup action at Ardrath Park


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Junior, Intermediate & Minor Scratch Cups July 30th, July 31st and August 1st, 2010

Sponsored by Bord Gais Energy Excellent Prizes Entry €35

ON a week which was very acceptable for soccer (compared with the dreadful conditions which followed) ) a very large group of young players turned out at Ardrath Park to emulate (and perhaps improve on) the World Cup matches. The Soccer Camp was organised by the Youghal Baptist Church Coaching for Christ team, and every eventuality was covered for the four day event. The players were divided into teams (Argentina and Spain) and on the final day, it was 1-1 with less than five minutes to go. Argentina scored what looked liked the winning goal, but as the final seconds were ticking down, Spain scored an equalizer! The match went to penal-

ties, with Argentina emerging victorious! An exciting finish to what had been four days of fantastic fun and learning of soccer skills on their Youghal doorstep. Medals and trophies were presented to all players, and in keeping with the Christian ethos of the week, every new player received a copy of the Big Word for Kids New Testament. The East Cork Journal spoke with several of the mums standing on the sidelines, and the very favourable and impressive comments included ‘my son loved every minute’, and ‘it was a great learning and fun experience for my two boys’ etc., The weather for the four

days, except for a very short retreat to the dressing rooms, was superb for the playing of soccer and all sessions over the four days were held outdoors. Full and sincere thanks are extended to the Committee for the use of their splendid facilities at Ardrath Park, and special thanks to Damien O’Brien for all his help during the week. The coaches and helpers were all magnificent, and it was four days of great fun and friendship. Coaching for Christ hope to return next year and, with the level of enthusiasm and enjoyment witnessed this year, all will be waiting for kick off 2011.

An Bol Chumann East Cork region KILLIAN Kingston won the Munster Junior A Final, at Newcestown, on Saturday last! He defeated Brian Wilmot, the West Cork winner, by a full throw for a total stake of €9,800.

Played in front of a huge gathering on a tough rising road, Killian started as favourite. Three average bowls at the start gave Brian about 80 metres of a lead. However, from here to the finish Killian controlled the score!

He knocked most of the odds with a big fourth throw and was in front for the first time after a big fifth shot. A big sixth throw from both players had Killian still in front. The East Cork man played his seventh too safely, and was just hind of Wilmot. However, he quickly regained the lead with his next throw, the eighth, and stayed here to the finish.

His ninth, tenth and eleventh throws were huge and he now had a full throw of odds. Brian had a few chances to get level on the downhill part of the course,

but Killian kept his lead of a full throw. He was a little lucky with his second last bowl before the cross when he lifted it a little too high into the overhanging branches. However he got a good run along the left. He needed to reach the “no-play” line at the cross to keep his lead, as Wilmot had a shorter shot to the cross. Killian played a massive shot here to go all the way to the cross, so he had a full throw of odds with about three shot to go. From the cross he got a miler which Brian just beat!

Killian’s next was a massive throw which went for sight in reach of the line. Here Brian conceded, so to the delight of a large Ballincurrig and East Cork following, Killian was acclaimed as County Junior A champion.

This is a magnificant achievement by the eighteen year old Lisgoold youth, who last year was playing in the Novice grade! This win will help erase memories of his unexpected loss in the recent County U18 Final.

This year he won a very competitive Junior A Championship in East Cork and now finds himself, after only one year, elevated to intermediate status for 2011. At the rate he is progressing who knows what 2011 holds. He is also, of course, the recent winner of the world U18 Moors title in Holland. We wish Killian and Sam and all his followers - all the best for the All-Ireland Junior A Final in Armagh this August weekend.


The next meeting of the region will be held in O’Meara’s, Ballinacurra, on Wednesday, July 28th at 9pm.


Sunday, July 25th: International fund Score for East Cork in Cobh at 3pm: Brian Daly vs. Killian Kingston.

Also this coming weekend, we would like to extend best wishes to Carmel Ryan, Carrigtwohill, who contests the Ladies Senior Munster Final.

Corkbeg pitch & putt club Timesheet 021 4219001

THE inclement weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of our members last weekend. Scores were very hot last Friday with Victor McDonald winning the first nett with a great round of ten under par. The gross was won by Derek Daly with 51. Kevin Noonan also had an excellent round of three under to win the second nett.

Terry Dunne finished one under par, which was good enough to win the Eddie O’Brien, winner of the Overall Nett Prize at third nett prize on offer. the Corkbeg Pitch & Putt Club Open is pictured receiving the Jackie Power Perpetual Cup from Noel Kirby, Chairman Last Sunday morning the opening rounds of the Presidents Prize Handicap Matchplay was played. A good crowd took part despite the damp weather. Some very exciting matches took place and a number of them went to extra holes.

The quarter finals are to be played by next Sunday.

FIXTURES Paudie O’Neill, winner of the Junior Gross Prize at There will be competi- the Corkbeg Pitch & Putt Club Open is congratutions on Friday night at lated by Noel Kirby, Chairman 7.30pm, Sunday morning at 10.30am and Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm.

NOTE Our annual outing takes place this Saturday. Larkspur Park, Cashel is the destination.

Bus leaves Whitegate at 9am and will be in Midleton at 9.15am approx. with pickup points along the way.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Youghal cycling club’s weekly spin Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Sunday Wash Out –

The midweek spins have now commenced until the end of the summer with the group gathering as usual at Moby Dicks for a 7pm sharp starting time.

DISAPPOINTMENT throughout the club last Sunday morning when the weekly club spins were cancelled due to the good old rain.

Spins will take place every Tuesday & Thursday night and will normally last for 2 hours per spin (weather permitting).

That didn’t stop the real ‘Men of the Club’ going out, though.

These spins are generally of a high tempo and are ideal for anyone looking to get the heart rate up a little, and bring on their fitness level.

Three nutjobs, namely the secretary, the vegetable and gamestop all went out and did the Garryvoe loop. Some say there is always one, this time though, there were three!

The Vee Challenge

From the coast to the mountains 8/8/10 - in aid of the IGDB (Youghal branch) Youghal CC will shortly be holding its annual Tour on Sunday 8th August. This year the Tour will be run in aid of the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind (Youghal Branch) with the support of Club man, Seamus Kelly, who is also a member IGDB. The IGDB is a national charity dedicated to helping persons who are blind or vision impaired, or families of children with autism, to achieve improved mobility and independence.

The IGDB receive over 85% of their income through voluntary donations and fundraising through a network of volunteers across the country. The remaining 15% is provided through statutory bodied and government agencies. It will

Weekend Spins

cost just over €4 million to run the organisation this year.

There are two routes on offer this year for the Tour.

The 130km Vee Challenge and the 90km Vee Ascent. Sign on - Aura Leisure Centre, Front Strand 9.00am onwards. Car parking available at Claycastle Public Car park and changing facilities available at the Aura Leisure Centre. Cycle departs at 10.00am.

Food stop en route and refreshments available post event. Major junctions will be marshalled, and both routes signposted. Lead car and support for both routes. Certificate of completion for each participant. A hard shell helmet is compulsory for every participant. The Vee Challenge is a leisure cycle and not a race.

Lismore golf club TUESDAY BACON: 1st: Dermot O’Leary, Billy Neville, Gavin Pratt 39pts 2nd Pat O’Brien, Donal O’Leary, Paddy O’Leary 36pts 18/7/10: 18 HOLE STABLEFORD OPEN QUALIFIER Sponsored by Kelleher SuperValu Cappoquin. 1ST: Eddie Fraher (16) 37 Pts B9 2ND: John Kenneally (13) 37 Pts 3RD: Paul McCarthy (13) 34 Pts B9 CSS: Sun 69 18/7/10: CLUB COMPETITION 1st Shane Roche (12) 43pts

FIXTURES Tuesday Bacon Thursday Kelleher SuperValu Open Qualifier, 24/7/10 - 25/7/10: 18 Hole singles Sponsored by Declan Doocey.

Information about the club, cycling in the area and cycling in general, can be viewed at our club website. It has to be seen by all at

Midweek Spins

July 18th

Weekly spins will continue, however, as normal and watch out all you riders doing your sneaky training, you are being spotted, no matter what time of the morning it is, even in the rain.

Club Website


18 Hole Stableford Open Qualifier

31/7/10 - 2/8/10: 3 Person Open Classic Eddie Fraher, John Kenneally and Paul McCarthy have made it through to our Open Qualifier Final to be played later on in the year. Eddie Fraher was best of these qualifiers with a fine score of 37 points.

Eddie turned with 17 points but cemented his place at the top by scoring 20 points coming home to win on a countback from John Kenneally. John had a marvellous front nine, accumulating 21 points helped by a birdie on the 9th.

A further 3 points back, claiming third spot, was Paul McCarthy. Paul’s back nine of 16 points was enough to edge out Patsy Heaphy on countback. 18/7/10: CLUB COMPETITION Shane Roche won the club competition

The Vee Challenge The Vee Ascent - 130km Route 90km Route Youghal to Tallow and Lismore covers the start of the Tour before taking in the ascent of the Vee from Lismore and descending into Clogheen, before climbing the Vee again up through the woods, then heading for the food stop on the road to Cappoquin.

Refuelled, the route will pass by the Blackwater taking in the beautiful Dromana drive before heading for the coast and the final sting in the tail around Monatray, offering spectacular views of Youghal town. A route suitable for the regular cyclist with a good standard of fitness. A challenging route with several climbs offering some fantastic scenery along the way.

with a great score of 43pts with 10 pars and birdies on the 13th & 18th holes.19 pts on the front & 24pts on the back nine.

Lismore ladies

RESULTS 11/7 - 14/7: Open Day 2 Ball Better Ball Sponsored by Hornibrooks Garage Lismore. 1st Lorrainne Roche (25) Lismore, Sharon Cullinan (27) Slieve na Mon, 47pts b6. 2nd Sheila Denn (22), Anna Murphy (26) Lismore, 47pts. 3rd Mary Ahearne (15), Joan Maloney(27) Fermoy, 44pts b9 4th Breda Fox (22), Marie Roche (29) Midleton 44pts. The Club Championship Singles and Foursomes first rounds have all been completed, and it looks like we have some very interesting matches coming up in the next round which must be played by July 31st.

In the Singles all our big hitters, Amanda Power v Tricia Bolger McCarthy and Betty Joyce v Nora O’Sullivan will be well worth watching, ( if

This route covers most of the roads which the Vee Challenge incorporates, with participants climbing the Vee as far as Glenaknockaun before turning back for the R669 and the welcome food stop along this gentle descent into the town of Cappoquin. This route is ideal for those looking for a moderate challenge with the scenic climb of the Vee, along with the beautiful Dromana drive part of the route.

A reasonable level of fitness would be required to enjoy your day in the saddle, and the fantastic scenery that the area offers.

you have your binoculars). Kay Condon vs. Gretta Barry and Hannah Lucas vs. Betty Daly will be much different, but equally interesting contests to keep your eye on. In the Foursomes Betty Daly and Katherine Moynihan take on Connie Dowd and Trisha Bolger McCarthy, with winners playing Gretta Barry and Sheila Denn in one semi and Nora O’Sullivan and Betty Joyce team up to play Anna Murphy and Siobhan Moroney to decide who goes through to the other semi where the winners of Mag Morrissey and Alice Henley vs. Amanda Power and Eileen Tinnelly, await.

Good luck all. Well done to the AA Junior Club Foursomes team who played at home to Slievamon on Sat morning last17th. Amanda Power and Mag Morrissey won on the 19th, Brid Henry and Mary Beecher won on the 17th with Joan Cahillane and Bernie Burke halving on the 18th. This victory meant we had to field a team again in the afternoon against Youghal. On this occasion Nora O’Sullivan and Connie Dowd pulled no punches winning on the 13th, Katherine

As you are all well aware by now, there is a weekly spin every Sunday morning at 8am sharp leaving from Moby Dick’s Pub by the Clock Gate. This spin, which runs on various routes every week, usually takes between 4 to 5 hours (weather permitting) and covers on average between 80 to 120km (55 to 75 miles). The pace is comfortable and we usually stop half way around for a coffee or tea.

A second group also goes on a weekly spin every Sunday morning at 10am sharp leaving from Moby Dick’s Pub by the Clock Gate. This spin, which runs on various routes every week, usually takes around 2 hours to complete and covers on average between 50 to 60km (35 to 45 miles). The pace is again very comfortable. This is an ideal group for anyone interested in taking up the sport. New members or visitors to the area are always welcome. If you have any questions about the club or attending one of our weekend spins, please contact our Club Secretary Jonathan at 0868563292 for details. See you all Sunday morning! Until next week, safe cycling!

Moynihan and Gretta Barry won on the 15th with Anna Murphy and Siobhan Moroney called in 2 up on the 15th. This shows the talent we have available in the club and these ladies will have their next outing on August 7th in Tipperary vs. Fermoy. Amanda Power and Mag Morrissey have received their draw for the last 8 in the Daily Mail competition. They play away to Castlegregory, Co Kerry at 9.45 on Monday, August 2nd. FIXTURES: 25/7 - 28/7: Ballin Cup, 18 Hole Stroke G .O.Y Mixed Golf Friday at 6.30pm. Our 9 Hole Stableford Ongoing Bottle Competition continues.

The Desperate Housewifes Competition goes ahead every Mon night at 6.30pm for any ladies interested in taking up, or just trying out the game. No pressure, just fun for all, followed by a cuppa. Newcomers welcome.

Junior girls are catered for on Monday mornings with Junior boys on Tuesday mornings.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Going back to their (grass) roots All photos available to buy

After a four-year break, grass hot rod racing returned to East Cork, when Midleton Hot Rod Club hosted an 18 race programme at Broomfield West, on the lands of John Grady. Drivers travelled from as far afield as Kerry, Limerick, Waterford and Tipperary all ready to race some, for the first time, on grass.

13 year old Aaron McEvoy, grandson of Christy Barrett McEvoy who won ten All-Ireland titles, took to the track in his Fiat and proved he’s definitely following in his grandfather’s footsteps. Dylan Mullane and Evan McEvoy from Ladysbridge

Damien Patterson with friends after his first run

These young fans get a ringside view

Jack McGann and Leo Hennessy from Midleton wonder how long it will be for them

Mark Buckley from Ballynoe

Cole and Sabrina McGann from Dungourney

021 4638022

Ann Marie and Ava O’Driscoll enjoying the action

Shane and Austin Ahearn

Some running repairs

Young Aaron McEvoy continuing in the family tradition

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


As we wrote last week in our notes, this is often referred to as the silly season, when clubs are filling in their league application forms, with players reputed to be on the move from one club to another. In our experience of such instances through the years, much of this is speculation, and most of the time the rumour machine in full throttle. So we will have to wait until Monday night to see how true the rumours are this year. With online registration this season for the first time, players will have to be registered on Monday night also. The online registration will be of immense help to the League Registrar and, of course, all the club secretaries or club registrars. In answer to a few queries received, the online web address is and the link required will be there. Clubs please note the time of the Delegate Meeting, 8.30pm.


All clubs in the league should at this stage have held their Annual General Meetings, but any club not having done so, and who would like to have their club officers in print, can do so by giving us a call any time before the Sunday night deadline. We will be only too delighted to help.


We have, on numerous occasions in our notes, spoke of the necessity of coaching within all the clubs in the league, and in his report to the Annual General Meeting last month, the Hon Secretary of the league said the future of the league depended on clubs with an underage structure, a structure that has seen those young players coming from a coaching background. THE new Aviva Stadium will be officially opened on Wednesday, August 11th, when Argentina come to play the Republic Of Ireland in a friendly to mark the official opening. The WWEC League will be represented at the opening when Brideview’s Jake Beecher will be on the pitch for the opening ceremony, at the invitation of the FAI, before the game commences.

Jake was selected to represent the WWEC from the underage squad that is travelling to Galway to compete in the Umbro Cup the first week in August. Paddy Pollard, the WWEC Hon Secretary, was present at a training session in Pablo Park, Clashmore, when Jake’s name was drawn from the 32 players in the squad. This is a fantastic honour for Jake, his family, the WWEC League and of course his club Brideview, and once again the league is being acknowledged for their tremendous work at junior and underage level. The first match in the Aviva Stadium will be a truly special occasion, the memories of which will be treasured for a lifetime.

We shall write on this wonderful honour again in our notes nearing the time.


Last week saw two An Post FAI Soccer Schools held within the league, with a camp at Ballybridge and another at Brideview. Both camps were well attended and, considering there was mixed weather for the week, all the children and coaches enjoyed themselves.

This week the soccer camp is in Ardmore at Dysart Park until July 23rd, and then we travel to Castlebridge Celtic at Bridesbridge, Castlelyons from July 26th to July 30th .

The schools are open to boys and girls aged between 6 and 14, of all ability levels and experience. On the first day of each camp all participants receive their Umbro FAI gear, football and backpack, unique to An Post FAI Summer Soccer Schools.

By joining, each child will have five exciting days of great fun,with friendly and high quality coaches, exciting games, drills and activities.Train with your friends and make new ones, and test your skills. The An Post FAI Summer Soccer Schools are one of the most enjoyable and safest places for your child to be this summer.

All the coaches are Garda vetted, all coaches are background reference checked, all head coaches receive First Aid training, First Aid kits available on site at every camp. Participants are supervised at all times, and all coaches are qualified and FAI accredited, and all Soccer schools are suitable for children of all levels, beginners and more experienced players.

The cost per child is €99. The easiest way to book is online at or send a cheque to An Post FAI Summer Soccer Schools Programme, PO Box 16, Clonakilty, Co Cork The first Delegate Meeting of the WWEC Junior League will take place on Monday night next, July 26th, at Lismore House Hotel commencing at 8.30pm.


All club applications must be with the League Hon Secretary on or before that date. There will be no late applications accepted after this date. The draw for the Tony Bolger Cup will be held at this meeting, and the opening rounds of the competition will commence weekending August 15th.

We are led to believe that the league has lost a club during the summer, but are told there could be a new team entering.

The underage structure within the WWEC is as good as in any of the large leagues in the country. The various squads at different age groups have proved what can be achieved from coaching, in the various competitions in which they play.

Last Saturday we visited Pablo Park in Clashmore where the U13 squad was training for their trip to Galway at the start of August to take part in the Umbro Cup. There were 32 players training under the watchful eye of Ml Looby, Vinny Coonan and J P Carey.

This was our first time seeing this group of players training. However, it was not the first time we had heard of them, as a friend of ours involved in a national league club was able to tell us word was spreading regarding this squad, and some players were already being mentioned for the future, and this at U13 level. Watching the players go through their paces we were able to see for ourselves that this squad has been coached, and they have had the benefit of 30 training sessions and have played 19 competitive games, games against other leagues such as Kilkenny, Cork, Waterford, just to mention a few. Coaches and managers from those inter league teams have been impressed with what they have seen. No wonder the word is spreading! This brings us back to the topic of coaching. Not many of our junior teams playing in the two divisions of the WWEC can boast of having a coach on the line each weekend.

It is so obvious when we go to games each weekend and watch some teams, not all teams, that play without a system, tactics and what we used to call aimless kicking of the leather up and down the field. Many clubs have reported back to us having played in the FAI Junior Cup, or Munster Junior Cup, how organised the top sides they play against are. So many times we have said this ourselves to clubs, and have advised them to go to see junior cup games involving top teams in the province.

But coaching should not be seen as a deterrent to a natural gifted footballer who, we believe, should be allowed display those skills, but should also be nurtured in improving this natural ability.

Youghal Gardaí take on Dubliners

YOUGHAL Garda Station will take on Pearse Street Garda Station from Dublin in the Garda Kieran Harte Memorial Cup Soccer Match at Ardrath Park, Youghal on Tuesday, July 27th at 7pm.

This should be an entertaining game and we hope that our local Garda representatives can overcome the visitors from Pearse Street. (No red cards please, gentlemen!)

We remember many years ago in the early years of the league, when we were in the process of trying to commence underage football, we ran an U14 league and the final of this competition was played in the old Affane ground, past the church in Affane.

We saw a player in that final who was, in our eyes, the best two footed player we had seen play, and to this day 30 years later, have yet to see a player to rival him in kicking a dead ball with either foot. What happened to this player? He was lost to the game a couple of years later, never played more than a handful of junior games, and one of the reasons was that the club he played with never encouraged him and more importantly, the club did not possess a coach who could have helped him improve his skills.

Listening to some of the commentators at the recent World Cup, many spoke of the coaching culture and systems in various countries. Germany was mentioned on numerous occasions, and as we wrote last week, the German team playing in Africa had players who we saw playing U21 against Ireland in Turner’s Cross a few years back. But that brings us back to coaching within our own league, and once again we ask clubs to send managers or those interested in management, or even players, on coaching courses that will be organised locally by the league RDO Michael Looby.


Next week we will take our annual look back at the clubs in the two divisions. As we always write this is our view of how the teams, as we saw them, play. We saw some teams on five or six occasions and others maybe only twice, but we did see all teams play and so we will comment next week. We admit we are late this year, but there has been so much happening since the season concluded, that this is our first opportunity to do so.

Midleton FC Magpie lotto

THE results from Thursday, July 22nd, for a jackpot of €7,750 were 14, 20, 22 and 24. There was no winner.

Bonus jackpot of €1,000. The numbers drawn were 3, 9, 22 and 28. There was no winner. Lucky dip winners who each receive €20 Pat Crowley (P. Knowles), Willie Maguire (K. Fitz), Mark Mulcahy (M. Broderick), Scott, Elliot and Lloyd (Bawney), Ollie Lynch (B. Lynch), Kieran Cody (J. Cody), Philippe Villard (Kieran U11), Kyle McCarthy (B. Lynch) and Sheila Cox (Pa).

The next lotto draw will be held on Thursday night July 22nd, at the Club House, Knockgriffin Park, at 9.30 pm, for a jackpot of €8,000.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

No own goals for Ballybridge Soccer Camp ON Thursday last, the An Post FAI Ballybridge Soccer Summer Camp, based at Fr. O'Neill's GAA Grounds, Ladysbridge was in full swing with Head Coach John McSweeney - assisted by Sham Ronayne, Jemma Burke, John Cooney and TJ Kenneally - ensuring that the camp's 52 children stayed 'on the ball.' Ballybridge soccer club was founded in 1993 for the people of Ladysbridge and Ballymacoda, and welcomed over 50 budding soccer stars to the pitch last week.

On Friday last, a special guest visited the camp - now in its 5th year - as former Ballybridge Schoolboy Brian McCarthy (who has played in the Champions' League) congratulated all the children on taking part, and offered a few tips and tricks for the would-be premier league footballers.

All photos available to buy

021 4638022

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Dungourney camogie

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Junior ‘B’ Hurling Championship: Cloyne 2-6 Midleton 4-22

OUR ‘B’ hurlers fell foul of the current champions, Midleton, in the opening round of the above at Ballinacurra on Wednesday, July 14th. With a huge playing squad, the Magpies were dominant throughout the hour, but it remains a mystery how a team of such calibre could be graded in the ‘B’ Division by the East Cork Board. Indeed this group of players could challenge any intermediate side in the county, and it will take some team to defeat them in the later rounds of this competition. Cloyne were swept aside in the opening half by a flurry of accurate points and two early goals, and were 2-12 to 1-3 in arrears at the half-time whistle. Some interval changes saw a Cloyne improvement in the third quarter, but two late Midleton goals in the last ten minutes were more than enough for an easy victory. Best for Cloyne were Robert Jermyn, Niall O’Donovan, Jamie Costine, and Philip Considine, while Mike Naughton made a welcome and effective return when he came on at half-time. TEAM: Seán Motherway, Patrick Walsh, Robert Jermyn, Patrick Dineen, Felix Sherlock, James Northridge, John Naughton, Niall O’Donovan (0-2), Adam Roberts, Tadhg, O’Sullivan, Jamie Costine (0-2), Diarmuid Hallahan, Paul O’Donovan, Philip Considine (2-0), and Martin Barwell. Mike Naughton (0-2), Richie Barry, and Anthony Coleman substituted.

Junior ‘A’ Hurling Championship (Round 2): Cloyne 2-9 Killeagh 1-14

Our junior ‘A’ hurlers produced a great battling team performance to depart from the competition at the hands of Killeagh at Copper Alley, Youghal, on Thursday last, July 15th. A terrible evening for hurling – the contest took place under a constant downpour - especially as extra time had to be played.

Killeagh held a two-point lead at the interval (0-6 to 0-4), but after a gripping second half, the sides were level at 1-10 for Killeagh and 2-7 for Cloyne. However, we were outpointed by four to two in extra time to finish our 2010 ‘A’ championship campaign. Best for Cloyne were James Cotter, Conor O’Lomasney, Paul O’Sullivan, Mickey Walsh, and Keith Dennehy. TEAM: Mark Considine, Ross McCarthy, Graham Fleming, Mike Cremin, James Cotter, Morrie Lynch, Shane O’Brien, Conor O’Lomasney, Paul O’Sullivan, Patrick Dineen, Mickey Walsh, David Ring (0-8), Alan Roberts, Keith Dennehy (1-0), and Fergal O’Brien (1-1).

Junior ‘B’ Hurling Championship (Round 2): Cloyne 3-10 Cobh 0-17

As the Caherlag pitch was unplayable, Cobh won the toss for venue in the above on Sunday evening last, July 18th , which saw our hurlers re-enter the ‘B’ Championship and face Erin’s Own in Round Three. We were a point down at the half-time whistle (0-10 to 1-6) having played into the wind. A Philip Considine goal (following a mistake by the Cobh keeper), and a great point from half-back, Richie Barry, were the main features of that half. The second half started well with a quick point by Jamie Costine to put us level, while Donagh Hurley found the top corner of the net with a great ground shot to put us into the lead which we never relinquished. It was then a game of ‘point for point’ until Tadhg O’Sullivan goaled late in the game. However, Cobh were not finished and were rewarded with a last-minute penalty which was successfully defended. There was some heroic defending by our rearguard as they played the last twenty minutes of the game without corner-back John Naughton, who ‘saw red’. However, Paul O’Donovan excellently filled in at corner-back. A great performance and our first adult championship win in 2010.

Castlemartyr made to work hard by Carrigtwohill Castlemartyr 1-12 Carrigtwohill 1-10


DUE to holidays I missed this game on Sunday night in Shanagarry where Castlemartyr were made to work very hard before securing victory in the East Cork Junior “A” hurling championship at the expense of a gallant Carrigtwohill side that pushed the champions all the way. Just two points separated the sides on a terrible evening for hurling, and both sets of players gave their all in pursuit of victory. A full report on the game will be in the club notes but for now, at least, Castlemartyr remain on track to retain their title as they move into the quarter final, where they will face Russell Rovers.

Ballinacurra bow out in Co. Junior B qualifier BALLINACURRA 1-7 DONERAILE 2-7

The girls had a practice match on Monday 12th July V Cobh in Cobh. The girls had a good game and it was very beneficial for both teams. Dungourney won 2 points to no score.

The girls had an Imokilly League match on Saturday, July 17th in Dungourney vs. Sars. The girls played well, but despite their best efforts they were unlucky not to be able to score. Sars won this game. TEAM: Amy O’Callaghan, Katie Cullen, Anna O’Sullivan, Ciara Fives, Katie Ahern, Ciara Buckner, Eva Flynn, Caoimhe Harney, Catherine Walsh, Cliodna Casey, Megan O’Keeffe, Kate Gravina, Meg Ahern, Kathlyn O’Riordan.


The girls had their second league match V St. Catherine’s in Ballynoe on Tuesday 13th July. This game was dominated by St. Catherine’s who had a stronger side, even though the Dungourney girls played to the best of their ability as usual. At half time the score stood at 4pts to 1pt in favour of St. Catherine’s. In the second half, Anne-Marie Rohan scored an excellent goal and Mary Twomey a point from play. With these scores, along with the point scored from a free in the first half by Ciara O’Doherty,and the excellent teamwork, the girls did well. St Catherine’s scored three goals and a point in the second half, so this left the final score of 3-5 to 1-2 in favour of St. Catherine’s.

East Cork Junior B Hurling championship round up

THE action continued during the week for the Eamon Fleming Cup with a number of contests decided in the East Cork Junior B hurling championship. A haul of 1-9 from Finbarr Day helped Aghada to a fully deserved triumph in the Junior B hurling championship played in Riverstown on Friday night.

Aghada 3-15 Carraig na bhFearr 1-14

Midleton had a comprehensive victory over Cloyne’s third string in their midweek meeting, with the Magpies chalking up a big win

Midleton 4-22 Cloyne 2-6

We wish Tomás, our junior ‘A’ manager and club stalwart, a speedy recovery from a recent illness. It was so unfortunate that he was unable to attend at the Killeagh match to witness his team’s ‘glorious defeat’ at Copper Alley.

I missed this game also which took place in Fermoy on Sunday night, and saw Ballinacurra relinquish their county Junior B title at the first attempt when going under to their North Cork opponents. Again, conditions were terrible for hurling but at least the fans had cover in the Fermoy stand. Just a goal separated the sides at the finish, but alas the result went against the East Cork representatives and defending champions.

The Jackpot of €5,900 was not won. The winning numbers were 2, 10, 12, and 16. The Match 3 + Bonus Number (27) for a prize of €1,000 was not won. Match 3 winners included Pete Morrison, Churchtown South x2; Robyn O’Lomasney c/o J. O’Lomasney; Mary McGrath, Ballydwyer; Olivia Lawton c/o Brian McCarthy; E. Ring c/o K. McCarthy; May Ahern c/o Post Office; M. and B. c/o Post Office; Murish Duhig c/o E. Eaton. Each receives a prize of €20. The next draw takes place on Thursday next (July 22nd) at Tosh Cahill’s Bar with the Jackpot standing at €6,200.

Cloyne 3-9 Cobh 0-17

Super Lotto


TEAM: Jill O’Gorman, Anne Marie Rohan, Mairead Rohan, Kate Mary Cullinane, Sinead O’Sullivan, Kirsten O’Keeffe, Orla Murphy, Meadhbh Murphy, Lisa Ahern, Mary Twomey, Niamh Harney, Ciara O’Doherty.

TEAM: Seán Motherway, Pádraig Walsh, Robert Jermyn, John Naughton, Diarmuid Hallahan, James Northridge, Richard Barry (0-1), Brian Ring (0-1), Donagh Hurley (1-0), Niall O’Donovan (0-2), Jamie Costine (0-2), Tadhg O’Sullivan (1-0), Martin Barwell, Philip Considine (1-3), and Paul O’Donovan (0-1). Alan Reilly and Diarmaid Falvey substituted.

Tomás O’Brien


Junior B Hurling Championship Also on Sunday night Cloyne just got the verdict in a high scoring match against Cobh in the Junior “B” hurling championship first round, as their three goals proved crucial to their win. Cloyne, who lost to Midleton in the opening round will now meet Erin’s Own in the 3rd round, while Cobh will have another chance when they meet Carrigtwohill in round two.



East Cork Journal Minor A Hurling Championship: Youghal vs. St. Catherine’s at Castlemartyr, 7.30pm.


East Cork Oil Junior A Hurling Championship: Dungourney 4-8 Lisgoold 0-16 Killeagh 1-14 Cloyne 2-9

St. Catherine’s had enough strength in depth to account for Killeagh’s 3rd string, with the Ballynoe outfit having six points to spare at the end of a close game.

St. Catherine’s 1-12 Killeagh 1-6

Cork County GAA Board fixtures

WEDNESDAY, JULY 21ST: Red FM Senior Hurling League: Na Piarsaigh vs. Carrigtwohill at Na Piarsaigh, 7.30pm. FRIDAY, JULY 23RD: Division 3 Football League: Kinsale vs. Nemo Rangers at Kinsale, 8pm.

Watergrasshill 0-5 Carrigtwohill 0-19 East Cork Oil Junior B Hurling Championship: Carraig na bhFearr 1-14 Aghada 3-15 Midleton 4-22 Cloyne 2-6 St. Catherine’s 1-12 Killeagh 16

Star Homes JHL - Div 2: Bride Rovers 0-5 Midleton 2-14 Aghada 1-13 Dungourney 4-7

East Cork Journal Minor A Hurling Championship: Aghada 2-6 Youghal 0-13

Ml Feeney Builders Minor A Hurling League: Kiltha Óg 312 St. Catherine’s 4-4.

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Killeagh / Ita’s Killeagh GAA Golf Classic juvenile Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

ACTION this past week saw our Fé 16 footballers host the Midleton boys in Páirc Uí Chinnéide for some league action. It was not a very exciting or rewarding game for us, as on the night Midleton proved the experts with the big ball and forged ahead to win the contest and gain the league points.


On Thursday our second Fé 14 football squad had more fortune with them as they travelled to Glenville to take on the home side. We played some very skilful football, despite the hard physical challenge from the Glenville boys, and were rewarded with a 4-8 to 2-8 victory as the final whistle sounded.

Summer Cúl Camp 2010

This past week Páirc Uí Chinnéide was full of excitement, fun, action, boys & girls, and Cork hurling, ladies football & camogie stars! We had a fantastic injury-free camp, being very lucky with the weather, (even getting a little tan on our opening day).

The one hundred and thirty four boys and girls who attended had an excellent week with their coaches, learning the skills of our national sports and enjoying the fun packed days.

We would like to thank most sincerely all the coaches who were with us for the week with a special word of thanks to our senior (!) coaches Peter Power, Pat Moore and Sean Lavery who passed on their expert advice to all these young Gaels. After Thurles on Saturday night, perhaps we need Pat and Peter to do a little bit with our Rebel seniors! The lucky boys and girls (and also some mums & dads) had the pleasure and thrill of meeting with Cork Hurling Stars Aisake O hAilpin and Patrick Horgan, Cork Ladies Footballer Amy O’Shea, Cork Camogie Captain Orla Cotter and dual star Angela Walsh during the week. The excitement and buzz around Páirc Uí Chinnéide was electric, as cameras flashed and autographs were signed. Killeagh-Ita’s GAA club are indebted to our rúnaí, Ursula Coleman who puts in a phenomenal amount of work in preparing for, planning and delivering our annual Cúl Camp week. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Killeagh Camogie Club members and all parents who supplied tea and sandwiches throughout the week, and assisted in many ways. The welcome cuppa is always a great reviver, and helps to sustain the hard-working coaches. Our thanks and gratitude go to all those who helped Ursula in any way to run yet another successful camp. Helen O’Connor deserves special mention for organising Ursula’s beautiful bouquet of flowers (well deserved). Ursula forgives you Helen, on the strength of the home made cookies, you should know by now Ursula likes to remain in the background! Well done and thanks to all for a fantastic week in Páirc Uí Chinnéide.

U10 Hurling Blitz

Our U10 panel travelled to Rathcormac on Saturday for Round 3 of the Go-Games Blitzes. We played four games, against Youghal, Carrigtwohill, Bride Rovers and Midleton, although the zones were removed for our game against our hosts. We competed well in all games, with Andrew Foley playing a starring role in goals and Padraig Leahy scoring freely at the other end. Kieran Daly marked his return from his travels with a goal in our final game, while all others played their hearts out.

Other news

Unfortunately, our planned Under 9 hurling game against Castlelyons on Sunday morning fell victim to the foul weather conditions – we hope to reschedule this fixture as soon as possible. Our Under 8 hurling training re-commenced Tuesday last, July 20th at 5.30pm after a few weeks break, and will continue in this slot for the coming weeks.

Good wishes

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our Fé 14 ‘A’ football panel and their mentors, Declan, Conor & co. every success as they take on the Midleton boys in championship next Saturday in Midleton at 5pm. Also our Fé 12 Hurling panel contest, the Willie Ryan Tournament in Rostellan next weekend, would benefit from your support.

Winners of the Killeagh GAA Classic which was held recently in Youghal: Breda O’Donoghue, Mary Pomphrett and Jo Swayne, all members of Youghal Golf Club

THE much looked forward to annual fundraising Killeagh GAA Golf Classic was held in Youghal Golf Club on Saturday, July 10th and, as is the case each year during Oxegen, it rained, and rained and rained. And, just like the Oxegen fans who arrived in their thousands to Punchestown, the stalwart supporters of Killeagh GAA turned out to support their club. In fact, on Thursday 35 teams played out of 35, on Friday 64 teams out of 69 played, and on Saturday – which was horrendous, weatherwise, 28 out of 48 braved the elements. Ray Rochford told the East Cork Journal that the Classic was a tremendous success, and he extends sincere thanks to everyone who helped make it so. He extended special thanks to their three major sponsors, Pat McCarthy at Fermoy Nissan, James Rochford at Abbeylands Nursing Home, Kildorrery and Peter Gleeson of ITW Graphics.

This year, the ladies came to the fore when the J.J. Fennelly team of Breda O’Donoghue, Mary Pomphrett and Jo Swayne left all the men trailing behind them, producing a marvellous score of 100 points. The ladies were delighted with their great win and brought in this score with the greatest of ease... Breda, Mary and Jo and superb golfers and it showed on the day, so very well done, ladies. Keep up the practising...

Well done to Ray Rochford and his team of helpers for all the work and effort put in to organising and running this event. It is the major fundraiser for the Club’s development works, and all support is very much appreciated. The following are the results up to 14th place, but just to confirm that there were, in fact, a total of 35 prizes in all.

Killeagh camogie


U16 League

Our section of the U16 League was completed on Friday night last, with a game against Ballincollig. The exams done and dusted, it was great to have all the girls back again!

The night was wet and windy and conditions for playing were poor, but despite that a great effort was made by everyone. Ali Rose Sisk opened the scoring with a point, and Roisin Culligan followed that up with 2 more lovely points. Not to be outdone Ali Rose Sisk rose to the challenge and landed a super ball in the back of the Ballincollig net. This energised the Ballincollig girls and their first point of the match left the half time score at 1-3 to 0-1. Our girls started the second half with a point scored by Roisin Culligan, followed by a goal by Jessica Treacy. A meleê in the goal mouth landed our third goal, and the final score of the match was got by Ciara Daly, whose goal saw Killeagh win the game easily. Full time score 4-4 to 0-1.

We have completed the league with full points, so roll on the final stages of the competition! Championship will begin next month so full attendance at training sessions on Thursdays and Sundays will be necessary for all players. Much effort is put into the training sessions by coaches Johnny, Donie and Tadgh. Last weekend was a very busy one for many of our club girls. Saturday morning saw Jessica Swayne, Laura Tracey, Ali Rose Sisk and Nora Walsh line out with the Cork Development Squad in a Munster Blitz in Mallow.

A great day was had by all participants. Mary O’Connor helped Cork Seniors defeat Wexford in the All Ireland Championship. Cork Colleges had their day out in Dublin and this panel had the able services of Ellen Benaim, Ciara Daly and Hannah Looney. Sunday saw Shauna Landers and Aoife Walsh line out with the Cork U16 B team in the Munster Final against Waterford at Kilworth. Sunday night, in horrible weather conditions, Imokilly took on Rockbawn in the Evening Echo Senior County Champoinship. This panel had the services of our own Kate Murphy, Stephanie Beausang, Sandra Smiddy, Mary O’Connor, Anne Marie Walsh, Annie Walsh, Jessica O’Shea, Claire Keohane, Niamh O’Keeffe, Angela Walsh and Marie Smiddy. Well done to you all!

Our senior team play Glen Rovers in Mahon tonight, Wednesday at 7pm in the Senior Club B Championship. Well done to our near neighbour,s Youghal Camogie Club, on winning the U12 Championship recently.

Junior A hurling preview

Dungourney vs. Carraig na bhFearr in Watergrasshill on Saturday, July 24th at 7pm

2nd Ray Shiels, Mixer Shiels and Siobhan Hooley 93 pts; 3rd Rathcormack Tyres team, Noel Whelan, Mitchelstown, Noel Hanrahan Fermoy and Martin Roche Lismore with 91 pts; 4th Best Gross, West Waterford Golf Club, Austin and Philip Spratt and Morie Ferncombe 76 pts ( 4 under); 5th Best Non GUI, Treacy Hurleys Sean ,Jessica and Steve Treacy 106 pts; 6th Fogarty’s Garage 91pts; 7th Best Thursday Eddie Hayes 88 pts; 8th Best Friday Ger Ahern 90 pts; 9th Best Saturday Micheal O’Grady 84 pts; 10th 2nd Friday, Youghal Golf Club 89 pts; 11th Best Ladies Ann Rochford 85pts; 12th 2nd Non GUI, ACC Bank 97 pts; 13th 3rd Non GUI ITW Graphics 94 pts; 14th Larry CunFRESH from their victory over Lisgoold, Dungourney will be in acningham 88 pts. tion again this weekend when they take on Carraig na bhFearr in Watergrasshill on Saturday night.

St Ita’s GAA

This will be another big test for Donie Morrissey’s charges who played superbly last week.

A repeat would see them in with a good chance against a seasoned THE 3rd round draw for the East Cork Junior A Championship has Carraig na bhFearr outfit that have good hurlers in Martin Hickey, been held. St. Ita’s will face neighbours, Fr. O’Neill’s in Copperally, Ronan Spillane, Paul Murphy, Nicky Pike, Con Burns, Diarmuid Youghal on Thursday, July 29th at 7pm. O’Driscoll and Shane Horgan. Last weekend John Hickey came up trumps in the absence of Shane Casey, while Darragh Ahearn, Frank Ref for this game is Denis O’Leary. Hegarty, Kevin and Alan Kelleher and Kevin Hegarty in goal were all in fine form. Everyone in the village would like to wish St. Ita’s the best of luck for this game. There is little to choose between these sides and if Shane Casey is back then Dungourney are in with a decent chance. The players and mentors are asking everyone in the village to come along and support the lads on the night. If Casey is absent then Carraig na bhFearr could well prevail and So put it in your diary: Copperalley, Youghal on Thursday, July 29th make it through to the quarter final, where Sarsfields await the winat 7pm. ner.

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Are you ‘Cork’s Most Dedicated GAA Fan’?

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Junior A Hurling Championship - Round 2 Lios gCúl 0-16 Dungourney 4-08

BETWEEN intercounty replays, weather delays and other challenges, this fixture between local rivals, Lisgoold and Dungourey, “eventually” took place on Friday night at Carrigtwohill. Our side that took to the field showed a number of changes from that which faced St. Ita’s in Round One. One enforced absence was expected, that of Dave Barry through suspension, whilst other changes saw both Peter Leahy and Wayne Kingston promoted to starting berths. The unlucky duo of Jamie Hurley and Rob Smart were to lose out on a position on the starting fifteen, but each was introduced towards the conclusion. Positional reshuffles saw John Cronin at “lár na páirce” where his movement and fluency was to benefit, with Wayne on the ‘40 and John McCarthy afforded a more flexible flanker role. The immediate impact of the positional and personnel changes was apparent when, despite deciding to play against a strong breeze, Johnsy started brightly, and a pair of frees saw us edge in front. Ominously, the aerial threat of the Dungourney full forward line was soon to cause difficulties for our rearguard. Some hesitation in defence offered further opportunities to our opposition, and it was no surprise when we conceded an early major. This setback seemed to unsettle us, and every attack caused jitters and both forced and unforced errors were well punished. John Cronin hurled a lot of ball around the middle third, but the quality of ball to our inside forwards was poor, and we relied heavily upon frees to keep in touch. Our best performer was, once again, the evergreen Kevin O’Shea, whose first outing in a Lisgoold jersey was before the majority of his current team-mates were born ! Rumours that he held Cuchullain scoreless in his early career are unfounded, but his calm confident play and regular thwarting of Dungourney advances was a rare bright spot on an otherwise disappointing evening. The concession of a further series of soft goals was to prove a killer. It is fair to say that each of Dungourney’s goals was defendable and, in contrast, we failed to muster a clear goaling opportunity until Jonathon O’Shea’s late late effort whizzed wide. At the short whistle we trailed by 4-06 to 0-06, but with the strengthening breeze we must have had a chance of reigning in that deficit. Despite holding our opposition to two scores in the second half, we never really looked like pulling back the lead. We chose to take point after point, even with time running out, where a goal scoring opportunity might have added impetus and momentum. Despite almost seven minutes of time added generously by referee, Michael Walsh, the outcome was never really in doubt, as Dungourney march on to Round Three, where we wish them every success. Our hurling Championship year is now consigned to a footnote in the history books by early July.

Pitch development

Monday evening last saw a hive of activity at the Community Centre as the proposed plans for pitch and dressing room development were unveiled. The proposed plans drew much debate and favourable comment, and it is obvious that the development committee have put a huge amount of work into the project so far, and have built a significant momentum to date. Chairman John Joe Regan spoke passionately about the desire to continue to provide top quality on and off field support for the community and the playing population of Lisgoold GAA, as he proudly announced the plans that will see our Club drive onwards to more and more success in the next few years. “This development” said John Joe “is a building block on so many layers. We are committed to building for the future on, and off, the playing field”.

IF so, you could be in with a chance to win €15,000 for your local GAA club, as well as a VIP package to the All Ireland Football Final! Do you live and breathe GAA? Know the score of every GAA match Cork has ever played in? Wait to book your holidays until you see how Cork perform in the championship?! If that describes you, or someone you know, let us know because SuperValu and The Irish Sun are searching for ‘Ireland’s Most Dedicated GAA Fan’!

SuperValu, proud sponsors of the GAA Football Championships want to celebrate GAA fans who have real pride and passion in their county and local club, and those who work tirelessly behind the scenes in GAA clubs around the country. The winner of ‘Ireland’s Most Dedicated GAA Fan’ will receive a staggering €15,000 to support GAA in their local community as well as an amazing VIP package including accommodation to the All Ireland Football Final in September. The three competition runners up will also each receive a prize of €1,000 for their local GAA club as well as tickets and accommodation to the All Ireland Football Final for themselves and a friend. To enter, simply log on to and tell us why you or someone you know is ‘Ireland’s Most Dedicated GAA Fan’. Applicants are also welcome to add a photo or video to support their application, and the more creative the entry, the better your chance of winning this great prize. The closing date for entries is this Friday, July 23rd, so why not get the whole community involved and get the application in now! A shortlist of eight semi finalists will be published in The Irish Sun on Saturday, July 31st, and the public will then be called upon to vote for their favorites. A shortlist of four representing each province will then be pitted against each other to find ‘Ireland’s Most Dedicated GAA Fan’. Donal Horgan, Managing Director of SuperValu, says, “As proud sponsors of the GAA Football Championships, SuperValu is committed to rewarding individuals and communities who display real local passion. The €15,000 prize from SuperValu can assist a local GAA community to upgrade a clubhouse, buy new floodlights, upgrade pitches, taking underage teams away, or any other plans a club needs funding for.” For more details check out The Irish Sun or

10/7: Minor A Hurling Eochaill 0-7 Kiltha Óg 3-13 14/7: Under 14HC County S/F Eochaill vs. Millstreet (Win for Millstreet by 3pts) 12/7: IFL Eochaill vs. Canovee – (Win for Youghal) 12/7: U16 Camogie - Eochaill vs. Carrigtwhoill (Win for Carrig) 13/7: IH Chl. Eochaill vs. Barrs away 14/7: Under 12 HL Eochaill v Watergrasshill

Youghal GAA Family Fun Weekend

The above takes place from Friday, July 31st at 6.30pm. Interclubs Superstars and Barbeque from 7pm (tickets forBBQ €10). All welcome. There will also be a Football & Hurling Blitz on Saturday, as well as a Car Treasure Hunt and Disco while on Sunday, it's a family fun day, with the wibbly wobbly circus, food stalls, music, three legged races, face painting and more, finishing with the Wolfe Tones on Sunday night at 9pm (tickets €25).

Marching in the Mardi Gras Parade

Youghal Eochaill Óg took part in the Mardi Gras parade on Friday night at 7.30pm. We also hosted a Football Blitz as part of the festival that weekend.

Intermediate Championship Draws Football: Eochaill vs. Eire Óg Hurling: Eochaill vs. Carrigaline

Junior B: Youghal 3-13 Bride Rovers 0-8

This was an even enough game until Youghal took over in the last 15 minutes. Youghal now go on to the third round of the Championship.

Under 14 Hurling Eochaill vs. Millstreet

After the under 14s came through as the East Cork winners against Castlelyons back in Aghada, they were due to play again on Saturday, July 10th, in the in semi-final but it was called off due to weather conditions. This was re-scheduled again for Wednesday last, July 14th when they were narrowly defeated by Millstreet. Well done to the Team Manager Tommy O'Connell, his selectors, mentors and trainers and to all the players who put in so much hard work and training. We'll see you back up there again. I would also like to mention that some of the lads have also helped out with Blitzes we have been holding and also gave me a hand out getting ready for the book and cake sale recently.

Are you sure you’re ready for the


CORK GAA clubs are invited to take on GAA stars, Seán Óg Ó hAilpín and Alan Brogan, in the Suremen Challenge this August. The SureMen Challenge tests club player’s GAA football and hurling skills and accuracy using the specially created Suremen Challenge Accuracy Screen – a large screen that features holes of varying sizes for precision scoring.


To ensure you are kept up to date on Club matters, please ensure you register for the free CLUBTEXT service, and / or the free weekly email listing by submitting your mobile phone or email details to Club PRO Brendan Healy on 087 9176891.


The winning numbers drawn from the drum last Tuesday were 5, 7 and 14, and for the third time in recent months, we have a Jackpot Winner. Congratulations to Mike O’Shea who matched the magic numbers and scooped the pot, and the prize of €1,300. Watch out for details of the Prize Jackpot on the newly erected street signs in our locality. Congratulations also to this week’s Consolation Prize winners who were Kerri Brosnan, The Ryan Family, Susan O’Shea and Mary Stack.


Suremen team players Alan Brogan and Seán Óg Ó hAilpín go head to head to kick off the Suremen Challenge, a test of players skill and accuracy. (Photo: Maxwells)


Each club will be represented by its top 10 sharp shooters, and the top points scorer will go head to head with the Suremen GAAAll Stars Cork’s Seán Óg Ó hAilpín and Dublin’s Alan Brogan. The winning teams (one hurling and one football) will each win €10,000, which can be spent on the clubhouse, pitch or a new kit for their club. GAA teams from all over the country can nominate their club

to take part in the challenge. 10 clubs (five hurling, five football) will then be chosen to take on the Sure Men Challenge team, with David Copps, official GAA Referee, on hand to adjudicate the rounds. Michelle Griffin, Brand Manager of Sure for Men said: We’re very excited for Suremen to work with Sean Óg and Alan Brogan and to offer a valuable prize fund that will help local GAA communities build a better future for their club. The Sure antiperspirant brand promises that ‘Sure Won’t let you down’, which we feel is synonymous with the GAA. The unwavering passion and commitment which GAA players show for their club and community is inspiring, so we’re thrilled to challenge the top players from every GAA club in Ireland to take the Suremen Challenge and be in with a chance to win €10,000 for their club fund.’ Clubs that want to take the Suremen Challenge can enter their details on

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Castlemartyr edge out Carrigtwohill in tremendous battle Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Castlemartyr 1-12 Carrigtwohill 1-10

REIGNING East Cork champions, Castlemartyr, had to dig deep and call on all their resources of courage and energy, to overcome a fired up Carrigtwohill outfit, on a dismal night for hurling on Sunday last the 18th of July in Shanagarry. It had been raining for 24 hours continuously before the teams took the field, and it continued to drizzle away throughout the game, but this did not deter in any way from both teams serving up a most compelling and entertaining hours hurling. The commitment levels on display were huge, and Castlemartyr can now march on to the quarter final knowing that the hunger is there again in 2010. In a game in which there was never more than two points between the teams at any stage, Castlemartyr were first on the scoreboard through a Jimmy Smiddy free in the first minute. Barry Lawton added another two minutes later with a well taken score, but this was immediately pegged back by the Carrig men. At this stage the Castlemartyr full forward line were seeing plenty of ball, but unfortunately it was coming out as fast as it was going in. In fact, the Reds forwards were guilty for a lot of the game for not putting the necessary pressure on the Carrig backs as they cleared balls,

largely unopposed, down the field.

It was 2 points apiece by the 8th minute but the Reds edged in front a minute later when the Lawton brothers combined well and Barry supplied the finishing to put the ball over the bar. But on the puck out the Carrig forwards combined well, and a well placed cross out by the corner flag was caught by an incoming forward and he bellowed the net from close range. It was game on now and the intensity levels grew a further notch. A Jimmy free at the end of the first quarter reduced the deficit to a point, but a minute later Castlemartyr had a goal of their own, when Evan O Keeffe was first to react after a Barry Lawton goal bound shot was well saved. Evan gathered the ball with his back to the goal about fourteen yards out, and swivelled round to crash the ball to the net. It was now 1-4 to 1-2 but by half time the sides were tied together again at 1-5 each with Evan getting the sole Castlemartyr score, and Carrig’s points coming from some unnecessary frees. If the first half was tough the second was tougher still. Most of the scoring came from frees, with both sides swapping points throughout the half. By the 40th minute it was 1-8 each with

Jimmy’s free taking abilities being the source of all Reds scores. But then came the game changing decision of the match, from a Castlemartyr point of view. The introduction of Mark Bowens at full forward changed the focus of the Castlemartyr attack, and suddenly there seemed to be more of a scoring threat from the Castlemartyr inside line. Mark’s enthusiasm seemed to rise the lads around him, and Evan responded with a well taken point to put the Reds back into the lead. Carrig replied almost immediately to level again, but when Mark gathered the sliother on the 21 and rounded his man and headed for goal, we all expected the net to dance. He did everything right, but his kicked shot just went agonisingly wide and the chance was lost.

But on the 49 minute some good work by Mark again, released Seanie Hennessy who slotted over the bar from out by the sideline. The Reds were now 1-10 to 1-9 in front and we were entering the final 10 minutes. A Jimmy free stretched it to 2 on the 51st minute, but Carrig trimmed the margin to the bare minimum with 5 minutes to go ,with a point of their own. They also had a goal disallowed for a square ball infringement at this stage, which would surely have got them over the line, and the

Football draw pairs Cork with Limerick


PÁIRC Na nGael, or Killarney, are the most likely venues for Saturday’s 4th round football qualifier clash which paired Cork with Limerick after the draw took place on Sunday evening. This was, perhaps, the draw that Conor Counihan might have liked to avoid at this stage, but now that the cards have been dealt, Cork must get on with it. For Cork supporters the journey, at least, will be short and the opposition familiar as Limerick will be a tough opponent to crack, having come very close to defeating Cork for the past two seasons.

I suspect that Limerick will relish another crack at Cork and in John Galvin, Jason Stokes, Johnny McCarthy, Steven Lucey, Steven Lavin, Seanie Buckley, Ger Collins and Ian Ryan they have quality performers who will not fear Cork. They also have size down the middle, and speed on the wings, so an interesting contest is in prospect. Cork will need to be at their best as this could well be a banana skin assignment for Cork where they could easily slip up. Cork have had two fairly easy wins over Cavan and Wexford, but they will need to step up a gear on Saturday as Limerick ran Kerry very close in the Munster Final and will be relishing another cut at Cork. Conor Counihan should have a full panel to choose from, apart from Donnacha O’Connor, so players such as John Miskella, Pierce O’Neill, Paddy Kelly, Graham Canty, Daniel Goulding and Michael Shields will be expected to come up with the on-field leadership as Cork’s round Ireland qualifier trip has seen them arrive back in Munster, from where a win will see them into the All Ireland quarter final. If Cork is to be creditable contenders for Kerry’s title they must win this game with something to spare, but mark my words it could well be a very tough assignment for Conor Counihan’s Cork side.


Mark Bowens, who was instrumental in Castlemartyr’s win over Carrigtwohill in Round 3 of the JAHC ON Sunday last

Reds rearguard were soaking up some serious pressure as the game drew to a close. But thankfully for Castlemartyr the only further score of the game was from yet another Jimmy Smiddy free, to leave it at the death 1-12 to 1-10. The next step is the quarter final against Russell Rovers which promises to be another absorbing battle. Already the Russell Rovers men easily dismissed the challenge of the Carrig men, so going on that form line the mantle of favourites should rest with the seasiders. This game will be played on the weekend of August 7th. TEAM: D Fleming, O Smiddy, R O’Donovan, Barra O Tuama, D O’Keeffe, B Smiddy, A Bowens, Brian Lawton, P Horgan, J Smiddy (0-7 frees), S Hennessy (0-1), Brian O’Tuama, Barry Lawton (0-2), E O’Keeffe (1-2), E Clifford. Subs used: M Bowens.

Cloyne juvenile U14 East Cork Hurling League

CLOYNE and St. Catherine’s met in the U14 East Cork Hurling League on Friday last in Cloyne. In the opening minutes of the game the teams traded points and were level on four points apiece after 15 minutes.

However, from then on Cloyne pulled ahead due to excellent play in all areas of the field, with scores coming from Liam Murphy, Brian O’Shea, Jordan Sherlock, Brian Walsh, Matthew O’Neill and Liam Cotter. St Catherine’s added 1-02 to their score before half time, but Cloyne went in at the break with a 10 point lead: Cloyne 2-13 St Catherine’s 1-06.

In the second half Cloyne continued to work hard, and with a solid back line and mid field, the forwards had a good supply of ball, which resulted in well taken scores. St. Catherine’s scored 104 in the second half but Cloyne were the better side and the score at the final whistle was: Cloyne 4-21 St. Catherines 2-10. SCORERS FOR CLOYNE: Liam Murphy (1-08), Ian Cahill (1-03), Brian Walsh (1-01), Liam Cotter (1-0), Jordan Sherlock (0-04), Brian O’Shea (0-3), Matthew O’Neill (0-02). TEAM: Stephen Beausang, Jake Coady, Eoin Davis, Conor Motherway, Kevin Higgins, Cian Motherway, Briain Minihane, Jordan Sherlock, Liam Murphy, Brian O’Shea, Matthew O’Neill, Aaron McCarthy, Brian Walsh, Ian Cahill. Liam Cotter.

Cloyne Juvenile GAA Club wishes to thank Pat O’Connor, The Commons, Cloyne for welding goal posts for the club.



MHC: Aghada 2-6 Youghal 0-13

Aghada were unlucky to lose this backdoor match played in Shanagarry. We competed admirably all the way through, but the concession of soft frees cost us dearly. Best for Aghada on a terrible night for hurling were Seamus O’Gorman,Tim Hartnett and William Leahy. Aghada team and subs: J O’Leary, J O’Brien, F Gilligan, Brian O’Brien, M Daly, S O’Gorman, Cian Looney, T Hartnett, David Rice, William Leahy, Georgio Corigliano, Raymond Savage, Ryan O’Keeffe, Tommy Dobyn and Brian Condon. Sub used: Jack Hayes.

JBHC: Aghada 3-15 Carraig na bhFearr 1-12

A great victory for Aghada in this first round match played in Lisgoold. From the throw-in we were on top all over the pitch, with Declan Kearney giving a man of the match display from the corner, and Ronan Dwane rolling back the years from centre back.

We got fine scores from Eoin Cotter, Eoin Savage, Eoin Healy, Finbarr Day and Vinnie Moore taking a break from work. Best for Aghada were the aforementioned Deccie Kearney , Swannie, Anthony Connolly, Eoin Healy, Eoin Savage and Finbarr Day. Well done to John Murph and his merry men. AGHADA TEAM AND SCORERS: J O’Brien, D Hanlon, C Rice (Captain), D Kearney, E Cotter (0-1), R Dwane, L Morrisey, A Walsh, A Connolly, D Bowler, E Healy (0-3), E Savage (0-3), F Day (1-08 0-6 frees) V Morrisey (2-0) D Condon. Subs used: T Hartnett, K Higgins for F Day and A Connolly, both injured.


COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP DRAWS: Round 4 - Senior Football: Aghada vs. Duhallow Round 4 - Intermediate Hurling: Aghada vs. Fermoy East Cork U21B Hurling: 31/7/10: Aghada vs. Cloyne in Ballinacurra at 7pm


J2Hurling League: Aghada 1-12 Dungourney 4-6; Aghada 0-7 Midleton (2) 2-14 Senior Football Challenge: Aghada 0-13 Kilcummin 1-13.

Kiltha Óg

‘The Croke Park Experience’

TUESDAY, July 13th, will long live in the memory of our U/12 hurlers as they graced the hallowed pitch of Croke Park. The day was designated as an activity day run by the Munster Council. Our group arrived at 1-30pm and were in action from 2pm to 3pm. We played Mayfield, Dingle and O’Callaghan Mills, and all players saw plenty of action.

Two draws and one victory was the outcome of the games. The group then had a tour of the museum, which lasted an hour.

The group then left Croker at 4.30pm for the journey home. Manager, William Martin and fellow selectors Gerry O’Sullivan, Sean Murphy and Michael Shanahan must be very proud of their charges and, indeed, Michael got the opportunity to referee some of the matches, which was very special.

U16 Football and Hurling

We have played two football league matches in the last couple of weeks. Both games resulted in narrow victories over Killeagh/Ita’s and Glanmire and keeps us in line for a place in the league final. Our final game in the group will be against Cobh, but this won’t take place until near the championship. In hurling, action will be plentiful from here to championship with our next fixture this Thursday, July 22nd at 7.30pm.

This will be against Carrigtwohill, with Castlemartyr the venue. Blackrock will be coming up shortly after this in the County league and will be a stern test as they are considered a superb outfit. We then have Glen Rovers and St. Finbarr’s to play over the next few weeks, before we enter the championship arena.

‘Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh si’

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Cobh U12 footballers deliver a hard-earned league final victory

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal East Cork Junior A Hurling Championship

Carrigtwohill take second chance and now face champions Carrigtwohill 0-19 Watergrasshill 0-05 IN RECENT days the discussion in GAA circles has all been about refereeing decisions and controversial finishes to high profile matches, so it is refreshing to see a young up and coming Lisgoold referee, Maurice Mulcahy, officiate with confidence at this East Cork Junior A hurling championship match between Carrigtwohill and Watergrasshill in Castlelyons.

Granted, this was a match that was completely dominated by Carrigtwohill who had this one dead and buried after 20 minutes, but sometimes those games can be the toughest of all to referee. Carrigtwohill got off to a devastating start racing into a five point lead after just five minutes, with Shane Healy working the umpire hard as he raised white flag after white flag. It wasn’t long before Carrigtwohill had a nine point advantage with other players like Stephen Kidney and Liam O’Sullivan getting in on the scoring act. Watergrasshill got on the board with a free from Noel Cahill in the 17th minute, but just seconds later the nine point margin was restored with a well pointed ‘65’ from the stick of Healy.

The Cobh U12 team with their mentors

COBH’S U12 footballers travelled to Castlelyons in the East Cork League Final, having drawn with them earlier in the league, and lost to them in the East Cork Championship final at the end of May. Following their Championship victory, Castlelyons had progressed to the County U12 final vs. Mayfield which they lost as a result of a last minute point. Our talented bunch were not at all concerned, and were determined to make their best challenge for the League title. A notable feature of the U12 Football training this year has been that we have had a panel of up to 36 young players involved, all playing regular games. With 6 players away on holidays, the strength and depth of the panel was about to be tested.

Castlelyons started well and in the early minutes for Cobh it was all about defending. Our back six were under a lot of pressure, but some great defending by our goalie, Max Kahn and full back line of Keith Donnachie, David Coffey and Gearóid Lynch kept Castlelyons scoreless. Our first quick attack put corner forward, Dylan Higgins in space and he rounded his marker and scored a great goal. This settled the team, and from then on many of our players began to win their individual battles. Our halfbacks, Pádi Kearney, Adam O’Donovan and Jeffrey McCarthy, started to dominate, and this relieved the early pressure on our full back line. But the Castlelyons players also stood strong and this led to a low scoring, but hard fought first half where scores were at a premium. Castlelyons managed to score 2-2, but each time they scored Cobh found an answer and stayed ahead. Dylan Higgins again found the net and midfielder, David Ogbebor fisted a great opportunist goal. Half time saw Cobh lead 3-1 to 2-3. Toward the end of the first half and early second half, several positional changes were made up front which all seemed to bring out the best in our players. Cor-


Carrigtwohill led by fourteen points to just one solitary Watergrasshill score at the break, on an evening when the weather wasn’t a factor. Water-


grasshill selector, Denis O’Leary and coach, John Desmond had the unenviable task of trying to raise their players to compete in the second half, but it was asking a lot and never materialised.

Watergrasshill did get four scores in the second period, Sean O’Sullivan from play and Cahill sending over a ‘65’ and a couple of frees, but Carrigtwohill matched that easily and put the defeat to Russell Rovers completely out of their mind as they breezed into the third round where they will meet the reigning champions Castlemartyr. As for Watergrasshill, they will have to wait for next year for another crack at this championship.

SCORERS FOR CARRIGTWOHILL: S Healy 0-9 (7f) S Kidney 0-3, M McConville, L O’Sullivan 0-2 each, JP O’Riordan, P Furlong and K McCarthy 0-1 each. WATERGRASSHILL: N Cahill 0-4f, S O’Callaghan 0-1. CARRIGTWOHILL; B Hegarty; D Walsh, A Walsh (Capt) E O’Brien; C O’Connell, S Forbes, M O’Riordan; S Healy, L O’Sullivan; K McCarthy, P Furlong, M McConville; S Barry, JP O’Riordan, S Kidney. Sub used: S Sheehan. WATERGRASSHILL: B O’Leary; P Buckley, P O’Neill, M Kennedy; C Murphy, B Kearney (Capt) D McCarthy; B O’Connell, S Field; N O’Connell, E O’Reilly, D Buttimer; N Cahill, G Hogan, S O’Callaghan. Subs used: G Cronin, D Kearney, D Cronin and J Kearney. REF: M Mulcahy (Lisgoold).

East Cork Junior A Hurling Championship 2nd Round Cobh U12 captain, Neil Harte receives the Football League trophy. (Photos: Mairead Kearney)

ner Forward, Jack O’Brien swapped with corner back, Keith Donnachie and began to dominate in this more familiar position. Barry Chandler moved from full forward to centre forward and begun to win some great possession. All told, the many forward positional switches seemed to distract the Castlelyons back line, and this also began to turn the game in our favour. Our half backs and midfielders, Niall Spriggs and David Ogbebor, continued to win great possession, but now we looked like we could turn this into scores. At this stage Charlie Fleming and Seán Hilliard both scored points from play, and the key score was a goal by Neil Harte following a good passing movement involving many of our forwards. This opened up a 5-point advantage for Cobh, which we were to hold until the finish. The Castlelyons team continued to do their utmost and had some late chances to score, but this was to be Cobh’s day. Cobh 4-4 Castlelyons 2-5. Following the game, Neil Harte lifted the trophy and in his speech thanked the great crowd of supporters who had travelled to Castlelyons to support the team. Overall a great team performance, including subs Conor Hogan and Christian Field, who also featured during the game. However, some players’ efforts

stood out throughout the game. In the back line David Coffey, Pádi Kearney and Jeffrey McCarthy all had great games, and up front Dylan Higgins scoring 2 goals was our top scorer, and always a threat to the Castlelyons goal. This finishes in style what has been a very promising Gaelic football season, and the strength, depth and attitude of this U12 panel means they can surely look forward to more finals and victories in the years to come.


JBHL Fr. O’Neill’s 2-17 Cobh 111. IH challenge Cobh 3-17 Ballinascarthy 3-11. MHL Cobh 2-12 Carrignavar 106.

Fixtures (in Cobh unless stated otherwise):

22/7: MHL vs. Bride Rovers at 7.30pm. 29/7: IHC vs. Dripsey at 7.30pm in Páirc Uí Rinn.

Family Fun Day on July 31st

Pig Roast, Bouncy Castles, Music & Bar in the Marquee, Fun Races, Long Puck, Penalty Kick & sport for all. Adults: €10 Children: €5 (goody bag included).

A tense, see-sawing affair Killeagh1-14 Cloyne 2-09 AET DESPERATE weather conditions made it hard work for this East Cork Junior A Championship match on Thursday evening in Youghal between Killeagh and Cloyne. With elimination beckoning for one of these sides it was always going to be a tense affair that swayed one way or the other throughout.

Cloyne opened the scoring through a David Ring free just one minute in, the first of eight points the wing forward would convert on the night. His opposite talisman on the Killeagh side, Stephen O’Brien, wasn’t long levelling matters a couple of minutes later. Coincidentally, the Killeagh centre forward would also contribute eight points to his sides total on the evening.

The sides went score for score in the opening twenty minutes with both Ring and O’Brien notching up four points apiece. On the 24th minute Killeagh struck the lead for the first time with a good score from play from Noel O’Connor, and when David O’Keefe sent one over three minutes later, Killeagh had a two point lead which they held until half time. The second half was as much a stalemate as the first, Ring pointed to narrow the margin to the minimum, but Killeagh then struck a goal from Clint Galvin.


The response from Cloyne was instant when from the resulting puck out, the ball travelled down the field and Fergal O’Brien struck a goal back for Cloyne. Again, Killeagh pulled away with three unanswered points but back came Cloyne with a late goal from Keith Dennehy that forced the game to extra time.

The first period of extra time saw only three points scored, one from Cloyne’s David Ring and two points in response from Killeagh’s Stephen O’Brien. The second period saw Cloyne level through Fergal O’Brien with a point from play, but it was Killeagh that finished stronger, regaining the lead with a Johnny Walsh free. On the 78th minute of play Killeagh got the decisive point from the stick of Stephen O’Brien, sending the ball over and sending the Killeagh men into the third round proper, while Cloyne bow out for another year. KILLEAGH: S O’Brien 0-8, C Galvin 1-1, J Walsh 0-2, D O’Keefe, J Fogarty and N O’Connor 0-1 each. CLOYNE: D Ring 0-8, F O’Brien 1-1, K Dennehy 1-0. KILLEAGH: S Scully; T O’Connor, S Murphy, E Cashman; B Keniry, J Walsh, P Motherway; D O’Keefe, L Kelly; G Collins; S O’Brien, J Fogarty; A Keniry, N O’Connor, C Galvin. CLOYNE: M Considine; R McCarthy, G Fleming, M Cremin; J Cotter, M Lynch, S O’Brien; C O’Lomasney, P O’Sullivan; P Dinneen, M Walsh, D Ring; K Dennehy, A Roberts, F O’Brien. REF: Niall Barrett (Carrigtwohill).

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Midleton minor footballers leave it late Youghal camogie


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Midleton 3-11 Clyda Rovers 1-16

County League Junior: Youghal 1-19 to Millstreet 1-2

THE weather was horrendous for July as the girls left Youghal for Millstreet. The game looked like it could be abandoned, but after travelling over 70 miles the team were not prepared to make that journey again in a hurry.

The game started off well for the girls, when the first ball after the throw in was scored by Siobhan Downing. The scores came thick and fast from the forward line with Kelly McCarthy-1 point, Edel O’ Connell 2 points, Shannen Bulman 2 points and Siobhan Downing scoring 1-05. The mid field of Shona Cunningham and Katie Sloane weren’t to be left out, with Shona knocking over 7 points and Katie throwing over 2 points from play.

The Youghal girls were consistent from the off and there seems to be no stopping them in the league with an unbeaten run. Their next game is against Bride Rovers in the league. Then they follow on to meet Charleville in the first round of the C'Ship in Copper Alley on July 31st, and the girls hope a great crowd will turn out to support them.

U16 league: Youghal 1-2 Carrigtwohill 2-1 Midleton’s John Keane blasts the first goal of the day into the Cloyne net early on

OUR Minor Footballers were in Championship action on Tuesday of last week. They faced Clyda Rovers in the losers round at Carrignavar.

We made the best of the first half and were six points to the good on a 2-06 to 0-06 scoreline. The second half saw our opponents rally and as the game entered the last minute Clyda had forged ahead into a two point lead. Midleton selectors sent all players forward to try to force a goal. In a crowded goalmouth the ball broke to corner back, Brian O’Sullivan, who finished it to the back of the net to give Midleton the victory. This was a great result for the players and mentors. The players have a couple of more League games coming up in the next fortnight when they travel to both Canoveee and O’Donovan Rossa. TEAM Coran Swayne, Leslie Coughlan, Niall O’Regan, Brian O’Sullivan, Tom Wallis, Finnbarr O’Mahony, Cathal McCarthy, Ian Kennifick, Patrick O’Mahony, Cormac Walsh, Conor Lehane, Padraig O’Farrell, Niall Madden, Stephen Moore, Patrick Whyte.

Junior B hurlers advance

The Junior B Hurlers opened their defence of the East Cork Championship when they travelled to Ballinacurra to face Cloyne on Wednesday of last week. Thirty two players were togged out, and Midleton fielded a relatively strong side. The final score was never in doubt, as Midleton coasted to a comprehensive victory on a 4-22 to 2-06 scoreline. This win, and the subsequent draw, sees us through to the quarter final where our opponents are not yet known. TEAM: Coran Swayne, Paudge Dunlea, Colm Leahy, Liam Clohessy, Patrick O’mahony, Barry Fitzgerald, Ian O’Brien, Keith Ryan, Patrick Whyte, Mark O’Keefe, Sean Corcoran, Eoin walsh, John Keane, Stephen Moore, Jamie O’Mahony.

Junior A Hurling League

Midleton 2-14 Bride Rovers 0-05

Midleton Junior A Hurlers enjoyed a comfortable win over Bride Rovers in Division 2 of the Junior Hurling league on Thursday last. This was a rearranged fixture. The game was played in

Killeagh Junior A Hurling Championship Killeagh 1-14 Cloyne 2-09

ON Thursday night Kevin O’Connor’s charges headed to Youghal’s Copper Alley. Shocking weather conditions meant

that this game was going to be a dog fight right down to the wire. Cloyne opened the scoring in the opening minutes, and then Stephen O’Brien got us going with his first of eight. Also opening their account was Noel O’Connor and David O’Keefe to see us go in at the break two points clear. In the second half

miserable conditions which did not deter either side in what, despite the scoreline, was a keenly contested game. Our Junior A’s await the winners of Killeagh and Erin’s Own in the next round of the Championship. Our game will be a quarter final and is provisionally fixed for August 7th.

Coffee Mornings

We recently began our Coffee and tea mornings on Saturday mornings in the GAA Club from 10am to 12 noon. They have been well received by parents, and provides us with a great opportunity to keep everybody informed of club events. Anyone who would like to help out on these mornings, in any way, is more than welcome.

Underage Fé 9

On Saturday, July 17th, Midleton went on the road for the second in a series of Hurling Blitz’s. This time the venue was Cloyne and we played against Cloyne, Youghal and Sars. The games were zoned Go Games format and each game consisted of three 7 minute segments. We had a both sides traded scores before Clint Galvin rattled the net to keep us in front, but Cloyne’s response was instant. We went three points ahead again, but a late goal from Cloyne forced extra time. When we went ahead, Cloyne levelled it, but Stephen O’Brien and John Walsh steadied the ship along with a great team effort from all involved, to see us through to the third round.

turn out of 18 lads, and all played their part in all games which showed, with some tired kids at the end. Midleton played well in all of their games and although they were up against physically bigger players at times, they held their own. Many thanks to Cloyne for their organisation and, of course, the goodie bags!

Fé 16

Our Fé 16s played a football game last week against Killeagh / Ita’s away and easily overcame the home side. Final Score: Midleton 6-14 Killeagh / Ita’s 3-01 PANEL: Cian Collins, Tom Motherway, Conor Maloney, Colin Barry, Keelan Kennedy, Cathal Mc Carthy, Joe Murray, Gavin Hurley, Emmet Cotter, Andrew Rea, Conan Finnegan, Patrice Tschmanga, Kelvin Kushchel , Matthew Bell, Billy O’Shea, Aaron Mc Evoy, Darren Quirke, Padraic Nagle, Michael Abernethy, Imbiblio Bello, Brian Fitzgerald and John Shanahan.


22/7/10: U16 Hurling league away to Erin’s Own at 7pm 26/7/10: U16 Hurling league away to Kiltha Óg at 7.30pm SCORERS: S. O’Brien (0-8) C. Galvin (1-1) J. Walsh (0-2) J. Fogarty (0-1) N.O’Connor (0-1) Junior B Hurling Championship - St. Catherine’s 1-12 Killeagh 1-06.

Our junior B team headed to Youghal for their second round in championship to face St. Catherine’s. Catherine’s on the night were a tad too strong, but we put up a gallant performance.

This was the second time this year that the U16's encountered Carrigtwohill, having played a friendly against them in Carrigtwohill in the spring. This time of year is a difficult one for this age group as holidays are upon us and the team were missing a few key players. Yet again we seemed to be the stronger of the two sides, but unfortunately are unable to show it on the score board.

Carrigtwohill kindly played 14 a side, but with only one mid fielder (Leah Broderick) it was tough going. She stuck to what she was told on the side line, though, and should be proud of her efforts. The woman of the match has to go to Kayleigh Arthur in goals, who struggled with having to go in there, but what a job she did. With her coolness on the line, she produced some excellent saves, and kept Carrig at bay in the forward line.

The girls are really coming on, but they know there is so much more in them, and if we can get the scores coming through there will be no stopping them. Training resumes for the U 14/15 & 16s on Thursday at 7pm

Our U 12's were in action again last week when they took part in a blitz in Lismore, adding more medals to their very successful year. Well done girls!

After the success of the U12's County Final win, the excitement was so much I forgot to thank some very good people: Carmel and Paul Dempsey for sponsoring all drinks for the after party. Carmel also trains the U12's and their daughter, Louise, plays centre back for the club; Ken Bulman & GAA for drinks after semi final ; DJ, Barty Murphy for a great night in club house on Monday night; Liam O’Laodhcha for commentary on the match day, and Willie O’Mahony for taking care of the video for the day. Also the hoodies are now in stock and are being sold in the Club. Kelma McCarthy can also be contacted if you would like to get on. They are priced at €24 each.


Junior A Hurling Championship vs. Erin’s Own, 27/7/10 in Rostellan at 7.15pm. Support vital! Our senior hurling championship is now up in the air due to the Cork defeat on Saturday but we will keep you posted.

Golf Classic

The weather wasn’t kind to us but it was still a great event and an outstanding success. Congratulations to the winning team

of Jo Swayne, Mary Pomphrett and Breda O’Donoghue sponsored by Premier Service Station, Midleton. Thanks to our main sponsors once again - Abbeylands Nursing Home, ITW Graphics and Fermoy Nissan. Thanks to Ray Rochford and the Golf Committee for their hard work.


There was no lotto winner. Next week’s jackpot now stands at €2,000.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Cork has injury worries in advance of hurling quarter final

First half goal blitz sinks Lisgoold Dungourney 4-8 Lisgoold 0-16


Declan Barron looks ahead to Sunday’s hurling qualifier match against Antrim in Croke Park at 2pm

THERE is no doubt that Cork will find it difficult to regroup after last Saturday night’s defeat to Waterford, but regroup they must if they wish to continue in the All Ireland series. Cork, in my opinion, will be forced into changes due to injury, but other changes too are required after another inept forward display against Waterford. Paudie O’Sullivan, I feel, must be included from the start this time while Patrick Cronin and, to my mind, Cian McCarthy should also be considered in attack as Patrick Horgan and Asaki O’hAilpin again failed to score. For all his aerial ability Asaki could again be included, but maybe he should be brought to centre forward with Michael Cussen at full forward where his better first touch might be brought into play. The Cork defence, injury apart, continues to hurl well while Cathal Naughton and Tom Kenny did little wrong at midfield. It was in attack that Cork continues to have problems, and new faces are certainly needed. Depending on the extent of the injuries picked up by Shane O’Neill and Ronan Curran, along with Sean Óg O’hAilpin, Cork may well have to make changes in defence, but it is in the attack that I feel changes must be made. It remains to be seen how Cork will react, and wholesale changes are unlikely given that Kilkenny await the winner in the semi final on August 8th.

Cork 0-12 Wexford 0-5


CORK continued their scenic route in the All Ireland Football qualifier series with a visit to Wexford Park on Sunday last. Again, the weather was not too conducive to good football, with a strong breeze assisting Cork in the opening half where 6,700 turned out to watch this game.

A FOUR goal blast from Dungourney in the opening half saw them ease their way into the 3rd round of the East Cork Junior A hurling championship on last Friday night in Carrigtwohill.

The absence of team captain, Shane Casey (away on honeymoon and Paul Kelleher, injured) were not felt as Dungourney turned in an amazing opening half that saw them score four goals, I expect Cork to qualify for a meeting with Kilkenny on three from the stick of John Hickey and August 8th, so there is still plenty of action to look for- one booted home by Frank Hegarty. ward to as the rRbels look to get their title challenge back on track. Antrim surprised many with their comeback The blinding sun certainly helped Dunagainst Dublin, and that game will certainly stand to them. gourney in that amazing opening half, as Jerry Wallace from Midleton will certainly have them in the utterly reliable Ciáran Cronin in the good condition, while Dinny Cahill is getting a good re- Lisgoold goal was caught for two of the sponse and a quarter final spot is a just reward for their ef- goals by the blinding. Sun John Hickey fort thus far. If Antrim were to win it would certainly be took full advantage after Cronin failedth a soft touch for Kilkenny in the semi final, as only a few to hold a long range free in the 24 goal, counties have even the remotest chance against the cur- minute. That was Hickey’s second th as he also found the net in the 5 minute rent All Ireland champions. Without knowing the extent of the Cork injury crisis, and to put his side in front after Maurice hoping that the extra week will benefit Sean Óg, this O’Connell had given Lisgoold an early would be my team going forward if everyone is available lead with a point from a free. for selection, with Cian McCarthy making my starting side for his ability to score points from the half forward In that opening quarter Lisgoold, with John Cronin pointing from play, and line which, up to now, Cork have been failing to do. Maurice O’Connell converting from That would probably mean dropping either Kieran Mur- frees kept to within a point of Lisgoold phy or Niall McCarthy so I suspect that, as Murphy is until their second goal. After that the team captain, he will be retained. My side to do duty flood gates opened with Eoin Ahearn would be: D Óg Cusack, S O’Neill, E Cadogan, B Mur- landing a long range point, before John phy, T Kenny, R Curran, S Óg O’hAilpin, J Gardiner, C Hickey completed his hat trick as a specNaughton, K Murphy, A O’hAilpin, C McCarthy, P ulative effort deceived Cronin in the sun O’Sullivan, M Cussen and B O’Connor. My subs would and ended up in the net. Kevin Rohan include N McCarthy, P Cronin, S Murphy, W Egan and R followed up with a point as a shell Ryan as the most likely to be called into action. Here’s shocked Lisgoold were reeling. Kevin landed points hoping that Cork can triumph, as I fear that Antrim would Rohan and Brian Rodgers th goal, booted home either side of their 4 be a push over for Kilkenny while Cork at least will rise to the occasion. On present form, it is hard to see anyone by Frank Hegarty. Indeed, it took a diving save from Cronin to deny Kevin defeating Kilkenny. Rohan a 5th goal as Dungourney led at

half time by 4-6 to 0-6, leaving Lisgoold with a mountain to climb.

On the resumption Maurice O’Connell began a Lisgoold crusade to reduce the deficit as, on nine occasions, he raised a white flag with John Cronin also adding a point from play. Lisgoold never really got a goal chance, although one or two of the frees might have been attempted but O’Connell took his points. It was not enough, however, as points from John Hickey and Daragh Ahearn in reply were just enough to keep Dungourney far enough in front. Lisgoold needed a goal but a strong defence of Mark Hegarty, Alan Kelleher and Eoin Ahearn never looked like conceding and while Alan Conroy, Charles Smart, John McCarthy, Barry Ahearn, John Cronin and Maurice O’Connell, continued to fight to the end, time ran out for them on this occasion as they bow out of contention for this year. Carraig na bhFearr is up next for Dungourney, whose confidence will be sky high after this victory.

SCORERS: LISGOOLD: M O’Connell 0-14 and J Cronin 0-2. SCORERS: DUNGOURNEY: J Hickey 3-1, F Hegarty 1-0, K Kelleher 0-2 , J Roynane, E Ahearn, B Rodgers, K Rohan and D Ahearn 0-1 each. LISGOOLD: C Cronin, K O’Shea, J O’Connell, N Connery, C Walsh, C Smart, P O’Mahony, B Ahearn, J Cronin, J McCarthy, W Kingston, J O’Shea, P Leahy, A Conroy and M O’Connell. Sub used J Hurley for P Leahy (55). DUNGOURNEY: K Hegarty; A Kelleher, M Hegarty, E Ahern; B Rodgers, J Leahy, J Roynane, M Wall, D Ahern; K Rohan, Kenneth Kelleher, Kevin Kelleher, S Hegarty, F Hegarty and J Hickey. Sub used J Griffin for S Hegarty (45). Referee: Michael Walsh (St Catherine’s).

East Cork Journal Minor A Hurling Championship:


THIS game could have gone anyway but in truth Aghada were always playing catch up. Played in monsoon conditions both sides severed up some fine hurling.

Youghal had the better of the early exchanges as the former

Cork continue their ‘scenic route’ in 3rd round AIF qualifier series

corner back, now full forward, Leo Lyons Troy turned on the style as he drew frees from the Aghada backline and duly punished. At the end of the 1st quarter Youghal were 5 points to 2 to the good, but then a long range free fell to the Aghada full forward, Georgio Corrigliano who, after a couple of efforts, hit

the net and all Youghal’s good work was undone.

Both centre backs (Andrew Curtin for Youghal and Seamus O’Gormain for Aghada) were well on top and as a result scores were at a premium.


Another point from Troy saw the Youghal side 6 points to 1-2 ahead at the short whistle.

On resumption Leo Lyons Troy started where he left off, adding 4 frees. William Leahy kept pace with three fees as Aghada struggled to stay in touch. But one suspected that the Youghal

Cork took full advantage of the elements with three quick points from Daniel Goulding and Paddy Kelly in the opening five minutes. Wexford gradually improved but it took them 20 minutes to get their opening point from Adrian Finn.

By that time Cork had increased their advantage with points from Graham Canty, Aidan Walsh and Ciáran Sheehan. Referee, Gerry Kinneavy had issued three yellow cards to Michael Shields and Ray Carey for Cork and Mattie Forde for Wexford. An injury to Wexford midfielder, Colin Byrne saw Brendan Doyle introduced as, at half time, Cork led by 0-7 to 0-3 with Paddy Kelly converting a second free for Cork while an improving Wexford got their second point from midfielder, Eric Bradley. Further yellow cards for Fintan Gould, who was then replaced by Paul Kerrigan, and Alan O’Connor, saw Cork take just a four point lead to the break as Ciáran Lyng converted an injury time free to keep Wexford very much in touch.

Wexford were expected to make a big effort in the second half, but it was Cork that really put the game to bed as they opened with three quick points to extend their half time advantage. Cork had introduced Nicholas Murphy at halftime and along with Paul Kerrigan, Graham Canty and John Miskella; they took a grip on proceedings as Miskella sent Cork into an eight point lead with a fine point from play. Mattie Forde did get a point for Wexford but they never really threatened and Cork remained in control in all the key areas. The introduction of two subs in attack made little difference, and with ten minutes remaining Wexford still trailed by 0-11 to 0-4. The game petered out to its inevitable conclusion as Cork comfortably moved into the 4th round of qualifiers, with both sides adding a point each before the final whistle.

Following the round 4 draw Cork will meet Limerick in a repeat of last year’s Munster Final. It probably was not the draw that Cork management would have liked, but for Cork football supporters it probably is the shortest distance to travel. In the other 4th round draw Dublin will meet Louth, while Down will face Sligo with Kildare playing Monaghon.

WEXFORD: A Finn, C Bradley, C Lyng, B Brosnan, M Forde 0-1 each. CORK: D Goulding 0-4, P Kelly 0-4, C Sheehan 0-2, G Canty and J Miskella 0-1 each. WEXFORD: A Masterson, B Malone, D Waters, G Molloy, J Wadding, D Murphy, A Finn, A Doyle, E Bradley, C Byrne, R Barry, S Roche, C Lyng, M Forde and C Morris. Subs used B Doyle, P J Banville, P Noctor, D Carter and B Brosnan. CORK: A Quirke, R Carey, M Shields, J O’Sullivan, J Miskella, P Kissane, G Canty, A O’Connor, A Walsh, F Gould, P O’Neill, P Kelly, D Goulding, C Sheehan and C O’Neill. Sub used P Kerrigan, N Murphy, D Kavanagh, J Hayes, N O’Leary and F Lynch. REFEREE: Gerry Kinneavy (Galway.

goal was vulnerable and, indeed, Corrigliano was to rattle the net to level matters again. Youghal made some switches with the impressive Andrew Curtin going to centre forward, and the move worked when he scored a fine point, as Youghal pulled ahead again. Leahy and Tommy Dobbyn tried hard for Aghada, but to no avail as the Youghal boys held out for victory. AGHADA : James O’Leary, Ger O’Brien, Fergal Culligan, Brian O’Byrne, Cian Looney, Seamus

O’Gormain, Michael Daly, Dave Rice, Tim Hartnett, Raymond Savage, Georgio Corrigliano (2-0), William Leahy (0-4 frees 3) Brian Condon, Tom Dobbyn (0-2), Ryan O’Keeffe. Sub Jake Hayes for B Condon. YOUGHAL: M Flaherty M O’Neill, D Power, L McCarthy E Keniry, A Curtin (0-1), R Desmond, C O’Sullivan (0-2 free 1), R Tobin O’Mahony, K Coyne, K Daly, E Dillon, L Lyons Troy (0-9 frees 5) G O’Regan.

Youghal will face St. Catherine’s in Castlemartyr on this Thursday night. July 22nd at 7.30pm.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Sarsfields GAA Club hold 5th annual Summer Camp as Cork captain returns home SARSFIELDS GAA held their 5th Annual Summer Camp recently at their pitch in Riverstown.

155 young boys had a great week’s coaching, and on the Friday the visit of Cork hurling captain, Kieran Murphy was a special treat. Kieran, who is a Sars player himself, presented prizes to the children who had won competitions, and were chosen by the coaches for their behaviour and improvement during the camp.

Kieran led the Cork side in the Munster Final against Waterford last Sunday in Thurles.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Uncorked by na Deise Waterford 1-16 Cork 1-13 AET second time around DECLAN BARRON REPORTS FROM THURLES

FIRST, let’s congratulate both teams for serving up another epic 90 minutes, where just a puck of the ball separated the sides at the finish. Yes, there had to be a winner and loser, but hurling was really the winner as Cork and Waterford brought this season’s hurling championship alive with another epic instalment to their ongoing saga.

The Halberts from Watergrasshill enjoy the game

Waterford deserved to win just for their desire, while for Cork it was a case of what might have been as, on the night, they shot 14 wides to just six for Waterford by my count, and failed to take any of three goal chances that came their way in normal time. In contrast Waterford made full use of every opportunity that came their way, with Dan Shanahan’s 9th championship goal against Cork three minutes into the second period of extra time, proving to be the vital score of this Munster final, that saw Cork ahead just once in normal time after a fortuitous effort from Ben O’Connor ended up in the net, 12 minutes into the second half. Thurles was looking resplendent, but a strong wind was blowing towards the town end for the replay meeting of Cork and Waterford in the 2010 Munster Senior hurling final on last Saturday evening, that made life difficult for the players. With the news coming through that Antrim had shocked Dublin, supporters were conscious that for the loser, Antrim might well be the next opponent. Both sides made changes in personnel from the drawn encounter, with Michael Cussen included in attack for Cork in

Aisake is fouled

John Mullane about to strike for Waterford - as Cork look helplessly on

place of the injured Jerry O’Connor, while Shane Murphy was a late call up in place of Sean Óg O’hAilpin in defense. For Waterford, Seamus Prendergast who was introduced in the drawn match, started in attack on this occasion with Eoin McGrath dropping to the bench.

Another tight and tense opening half saw both defenses again on top, with Michael Walsh for Waterford and Ronan Curran for Cork, both dominating from the centre back position. Waterford, playing into the breeze in the opening half, got the perfect start with two well taken points from Eoin Kelly before Cork got their opening point from Cathal Naughton. Further Deise points from Eoin Kelly and John Mullane increased the Waterford lead, as Cork shot a number of bad wides. Cork’s attempt to bring Asaike O’hAilpin into play was not working out, as the big full forward found the going

Ballymacoda’s Damien Swayne ponders Cork’s chances at half-time

Tim Geary & Ned O’Keeffe, Lisgoold at Thurles

tough as the mist descended from the Galtee Mountains. Cork did come close to a goal with Patrick Horgan being denied by a superb saving tackle from Noel Connors, at the expense of a 65 pointed by John Gardiner.

been satisfied enough with their first half showing, but still needed to produce a big second half display as the lights came on, with weather conditions still very slippy, and the wind now with Waterford for the second 35 minutes.

A feature of the opening half was the Waterford patience in building up their attacks, and from limited enough possession they emerged with a 100% strike rate, having no wide in that opening half. In contrast, Cork shot seven wides and could only muster four points as Ben O’Connor converted another close in free just before half time. By then Waterford had increased their advantage with superb points from John Mullane, Eoin Kelly and a Richie Foley sideline cut to go in at the break leading by 0-8 to 0-4. It took a magnificent save from Clinton Hennessy to deny Michael Cussen a goal on the half hour mark, while Niall McCarthy was also closed out by a tight marking Waterford defense where Noel Connors and Tony Browne again shone. Cork replaced corner back, Shane O’Neill with Ray Ryan just before half time, as the rebels will not have been too happy with their first half performance. In contrast, Waterford would have

Cork introduced Paudi O’Sullivan at half time and he contributed two early points either side of a Michael Cussen effort, to bring Cork to within a point of Waterford as the intensity increased. Eoin Kelly and Ben O’Connor swapped points before Richie Foley registered the first wide for Waterford in the 43rd minute. Cork went ahead twelve minutes into the second half, as a Ben O’Connor free ended up in the top corner to give the Rebels the lead for the very first time. That goal signalled the start of a really exciting final 25 minutes with sub, Brian O’Halloran pointing for Waterford with his very first touch. The sides were level on 50 minutes as Eoin Kelly tied up the scores for the first time in the match. John Mullane edged Waterford back in front with a glorious strike, that was followed by


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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Davy Fitzgerald delivers for Deise as Dan rolls back the years to deny Cork CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE

an equally fine effort from Shane Walsh. Cork continued to hang in there with Kieran Murphy winning a free that Ben O’Connor pointed before Cathal Naughton again brought the sides level with a good point from play.

With the final ten minutes of normal time approaching the sides were still level, and Maurice Shanahan was brought on by Waterford who edged in front again from an Eoin Kelly free after O’Halloran was fouled. The drama continued with Michael Cussen taken down for a 20 meter penalty that saw John Gardiner’s shot deflected over for an equaliser, as we entered the final five minutes. Luke O’Farrell came on for Cork and Waterford brought on Jamie Nagle, while Eoin Kelly was wide on three occasions with Michael Cussen going close for Cork (his shot just dropped short) as another gripping encounter ended level for the second week in a row. On this occasion, extra time was provided for as the Waterford / Cork saga continued, with nothing separating the sides and all still to play for. The drizzle continued to cascade down as the teams again emerged for the final 20 minutes, with enforced changes on both sides as John Mullane was forced out with a hamstring injury for Waterford. He was replaced by Dan Shanahan while Ronan Curran failed to emerge for Cork with William Egan coming on in his place. As the game took off again there was still nothing to choose between the sides, with Kevin Moran edging Waterford back in front with his first point of the evening. William Egan levelled for Cork with his first shot at the posts. Play swung from end to end with both defenses continuing to dominate. Chances were at a premium as tired minds and bodies gave everything in search of victory. Waterford had their noses in front at the end of the first period of extra time, with Tony Browne driving over a long range free as Waterford led by 0-16 to 112.

Indeed, the veteran 37 year old was to star for Waterford in the final ten minutes as both Eoin and Ken McGrath were introduced to the Waterford attack. The game’s deciding score came three minutes into the final period of extra time as a four man Waterford move saw Eoin McGrath place Dan Shanahan, and the Lismore man had only one thing in mind as his daisy cutting shot nestled in the bottom corner past the diving Donal Óg Cusack who, up to then, had little to do. That goal put Waterford four points in front for the first time since half time, and the winning post was now in sight. Cork, with defeat staring them in the face threw literally the kitchen sink at Water-

Destiny waits for all clubs as 2010 championship draws D B take place ECLAN


THE draw for the 4th and subsequent rounds of the Evening Echo Sponsored Cork hurling and football championships in senior and intermediate grades has now taken place, and clubs will know their pathway to success and who stands in their way.

Obviously, if you are good enough then you should be able to defeat any opponent on any given day but the luck of the draw can also play a big part in avoiding difficult opponents. In this regard the draw has certainly thrown up some splendid 4th round games, with some intriguing permutations also likely in the latter stages of the competition.

Senior Hurling

Much of the focus in East Cork will be on the local teams and, depending on the outcome of the final two games involving Cloyne and Bride Rovers, there could well be seven teams in contention from the division. The meeting of Sarsfields and Killeagh will ensure that one of them will lose out, while Carrigtwohill and Erin’s Own, along with Cloyne, are also in the bottom half of the draw and could meet depending on results.

Eoin Kelly in action. (Photos: Denis O’Flynn and Declan Barron)

For Waterford, a place in the All Ireland semi final on August 15th beckons, while for Cork it will be a case of gathering themselves for next weekend’s qualifier game against Antrim, which they must now win to keep their hopes of All Ireland glory still alive. It will be tough for Cork to recover, but they must show resolve as, when they look back on this defeat, they will know that it was a game that they might have won had they taken better aim with many of the chances that came their way.

Midleton are the only East Cork side in the top half of the draw, and if luck were to go their way against Na Piarsaigh they could well enjoy a productive run this season. My final four are Midleton, UCC, Erin’s Own and Sarsfields. For that to come through Erin’s Own would have to repeat their win over Newtownshandrum, Midleton would have to defeat Na Piarsigh and city sides St Finbarrs or Glen Rovers, while Sarsfields would have to defeat Killeagh and Carrigtwohill or Bride Rovers. Certainly interesting days lie ahead as preparation gets underway in earnest for the knockout stages of competition.

Senior Football

Aghada are the division’s sole representative in the big ball code and they will face divisional side Duhallow, (never an easy task). That said however, I think they have a great chance of setting up a meeting with champions, Clonakilty, who defeated them after a replay last season. They are in the top half of the draw and progress will be difficult with tough opponents waiting in every round. My final four here would be Nemo Rangers, Aghada, Castlehaven and Carberry Division. Again, there are some huge games to look forward to with the meeting of Clonakilty and Ilen Rovers the pick of the 4th round draws.

Premier Intermediate Hurling

East Cork has three representatives in contention for honours here, with Youghal, Watergrasshill and Castlelyons keeping the Imokilly flag flying. All three are in with a good chance of 4th round success and indeed with a little luck, all of them For Waterford and Manager Davy could reach the semi final before meeting. My final four here are Youghal, WaFitzgerald, it was a terrific success while tergrasshill, Valley Rovers and Ballymartle but Castlelyons, with a little luck, for young players such as Richie Foley, could prove me wrong. Jamie Nagle, Shane O’Sullivan and Brian O’Halloran, who won a Minor Medal last season, it was a first taste of senior suc- Glenville are the sole representative from the division in this grade and they have cess. For the older players such as Ken drawn a tough 4th round opponent in Carrigaline. Were they to win, however, McGrath, Seamus Prendergast, John then they could well go further as I feel they would be good enough for either Mullane, Tony Browne and Dan Shana- Ballinora or Newcestown, but getting past Carrigaline might be a stumbling han, who got his 25th championship goal block for them. My final four predictions here are Carrigaline, Bantry Blues, on Saturday, it was a great way to finish Clyda Rovers and Kiskeam. the Munster campaign as the Munster Council Chairman, Sean Walsh presented the cup to jubilant Waterford captain Stephen Mollumpney. Cobh and Aghada will fly the Imokilly flag in this competition and, were both WATERFORD: E Kelly 0-8, D Shanahan 1-0, J to win their opening games, then both would be in with a good chance of reachMullane 0-3, R Foley, S Walsh, T Browne, K ing the semi-finals. Predictions are always difficult especially without recent Moran and B O’Halloran 0-1 each. form to go by, so my final four here are Eire Óg, Dripsey, Aghada and Kilworth.

Premier Intermediate Football

Ballinacurra’s Martin Walsh: Cork’s kit man ford with Ben O’Connor leaving just a goal between the sides with his 5th point of the night. With the twin towers of Cussen and O’hAilpin now perched on the edge of the Waterford square, Cork threw ball after ball into the air in search of an equalising goal but the immaculate Tony Browne, along with Michael Walsh and the tigerish corner backs of Eoin Murphy and Noel Connors, ensured that Cork never got a sight of goal. In hindsight, Cork may well have gotten three points in those closing stages but with the goal they needed failing to emerge it was Waterford that were celebrating a 9th Munster title success as referee, Brian Gavin, brought another fantastic game to a close.

Intermediate Hurling

CORK: B O’Connor 1-5, C Naughton, J Gardiner and P O’Sullivan 0-2 each, W Egan and M Cussen 0-1 each. WATERFORD: C Hennessey, E Murphy, L Lawlor, N Connors, T Browne, M Walsh, D Prendergast, S O’Sullivan, R Foley, K Moran, S Prendergast, S Mollumpney, J Mullane, S Walsh and E Kelly. Subs used B O’Halloran, J Nagle, M Shanahan, D Shanahan, E McGrath, K McGrath and S Casey. CORK: D Og Cusack, S O’Neill, E Cadogan, B Murphy, J Gardiner, R Curran, S Murphy, T Kenny, C Naughton, B O’Connor, N McCarthy, M Cussen, K Murphy, A O’hAilpin and P Horgan. Subs used R Ryan, P O’Sullivan, L O’Farrell and W Egan. REFEREE: Brian Gavin, Offaly.

Intermediate Football

Youghal are the sole representative here and they, too, have a tough 4th round opponent as Eire Óg, with county players Daniel Goulding and Ciáran Sheehan, will be a tough nut to crack. If Youghal have everyone available then a victory is not out of the question, but they have a tough draw. My prediction for the final four here are Canovee, Eire Og, Castletownbere and Macroom. The very best of luck to all teams as they set out on the championship trail. For some it will be a success story, for others it will be a hard luck story, and for those beaten in final it will be a case of what might have been.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Cool kids at Killeagh/Ita’s Cúl Camp DENISE FITZGERALD REPORTS

PÁIRC Ui Cinnéide in Killeagh was a riot of colour and excitement on Tuesday morning recently, when the large crowd of children arrived for their annual Cúl Camp activities, dressed to impress in their fabulous kit. Hurleys and helmets in place, they chased onto the field to meet up with their friends in anticipation of a great day’s activities.

Ursula O’Mahony told the East Cork Journal that the turnout was bigger than ever before, and all were looking forward to the Camp. The weather at the time looked threatening, but this did not deter the children (or the adults either, for that matter), as all went about their business with great Let’s hear it for the boys – David, Darragh, Ben and David enthusiasm and commitment.

The Famous Six – Aoife, Orla, Leanne, Alannah, Anysha and Anna

Within a few minutes of the blowing of the whistle, all the kids were in different groups with their coaches, anxious to get going. And, in Killeagh, you can be sure there will be no such thing as the goal that never happened...

Janice, OPeter and David Buckley with their friend, Ben Fogarty getting in on the picture

Fergus Lynch from Castlemartyr, with his daughter Grainne and son David

BFF Siabhd and Anysha

The two Clodaghs – Tyrrell and McConnell

Mums keeping an eye on proceedings – Sarah Ann Brenner with Andrew and Emily, Mary O’Connor, Sineád and Michael O’Donovan

Rory Fogarty doesn’t want to go home...

All photos available to buy

021 4638022

Aisling and Áine are great pals

An integral part of any Cúl Camp – the coaches

Some of the children looking forward to the Cúl Camp

Olin and Ava Hennessy with Mum, Noreen from Killeagh

And equally important – the helpers

More of the participants in the Killeagh/Ita Cúl Camp

Larking about in the park...

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

O’Driscoll -

7th Anniversary

In loving memory of Keith, whose anniversary occurs on Friday next, July 23rd. A day that’s filled with sadness, Returns to us today, To mark the day you left us, In such a sudden way. It’s lonely here without you, Nothing is the same, All we have are memories, And your picture in a frame. May the winds of love blow gently, And whisper for you to hear, How much we love and miss you, As it dawns another year.

Always remembered by Mam, Dad, Brendan, Michael, Tracy, Sinéad and Austin.

Daly -

9th Anniversary

In loving memory of Mary Daly (nee Hayes), late of Geragh and London, who died on July 25th, 2001. Sadly missed. We never had to tell you Mary, But then we thought you knew, How very much you meant to us, Because we thought the world of you, It’s been nine years now Mary, And we feel so alone, We wish we could accept, You’re never coming home.

Always remembered by your loving sister and brothers, nieces, nephews and extended family.

Rohan -

7th Anniversary

Cotter 4th Anniversary

In loving memory of Michael, late of Castleredmond, whose anniversary occurs tomorrow Thursday, July 22nd. Masses offered. We hold you close within our hearts, And there you shall remain, To walk with us throughout our lives, Until we meet again, So rest in peace dear loved one. And thanks for all you’ve done, We pray that God has given you, The crown you’ve truly won.

Sadly missed by his wife Helen and family.


You loved to dance, you loved to sing, You brought your style to everything. You liked to be heard, you liked to be seen, Forever you were the beauty queen. Too young to die, too young to leave, Our hearts now heavy as we grieve. Never a chance to say goodbye, Just left with our thoughts & wondering why.

And now with the angels you'll dance & sing, While in our hearts your voice shall ring. We'll think of you & shed a tear, Our memories now we'll cherish dear.


Sadly missed by all those who loved you.

In loving memory of Dick Rohan, late of Irish Distillers, who died on July 22nd 2003. Remembering you is easy, We do it every day, It’s the heartache of losing you, That will never go away.

Sadly missed by his wife, Pearl Rohan.

DESMOND: Anna (née McCarthy), of Cobh, on Wednesday, July 14th. RIP. Removal on Saturday last to St. Colman's Cathedral for Requiem Mass, followed by funeral afterwards to St. Colman's Cemetery.

McGOEY: Lillian (Lil) (née Hewitt), of Cobh, on Sunday, July 18th. R.I.P. Requiem Mass yesterday Tuesday, followed by burial in St. Colman's Cemetery.


Grief Ministry endorses book by noted counsellor Robert Kellemen CHRISTIAN counsellor Dr. Robert W. Kellemen and BMH Publishers have released the GriefShare edition of God's Healing for Life's Losses.

GriefShare, a network of thousands of grief support group ministries worldwide, is excited about the hope-filled, relevant help this book can bring to people experiencing loss and grief. In 2006, GriefShare selected Kellemen to be a featured expert in its new GriefShare video series. GriefShare grief support groups bring respected Christian counsellors, authors and teachers into local churches to help grieving people via weekly videos.

Participants receive comforting, foundational teaching from Robert Kellemen, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Dr. Paul Tripp, Dr. David Powlison, Dr. Edward Welch, Anne Graham Lotz, H. Norman Wright, Dr. Larry Crabb and over 35 others. With the release of Kellemen's new book, Steve Grissom, founder and president of Church Initiative, GriefShare's parent ministry, is optimistic that even more people will benefit from Kellemen's insights.

The big idea behind Kellemen's book is that it is possible to grieve with hope, without denying the reality of suffering. As such, God's Healing for Life's Losses gives readers permission to grieve and offers a pathway toward healing.

Grissom explains GriefShare's decision to endorse Kellemen's book, 'People in grief can be voracious readers, looking for anything to ease the pain.

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Further hikes to school transport costs must be prevented

CORK EAST Labour TD, Seán Sherlock has said his party will lobby to prevent further hikes in school transports costs

Deputy Sherlock said his office has been inundated with calls from families concerned that they will not be able to afford a further increase in school transport fees.

'While there has been no movement in prices this year, people are genuinely concerned that it is only a matter of time before there are further increases. Any additional hikes to school transport fees would be a major blow for hard pressed parents many of whom are already struggling to provide the basics like school uniforms and books. With so many parents out of work, people can ill afford any extra costs'. School transport fees tripled between 2007 and 2010 to €300 and the number of children carried on school buses has dropped by 10,000 in that period. Deputy Sherlock said this is due in no small part to the increased charges.

'People are opting to get back in their cars and drive their kids to school as the cost can be spread over the year by doing this. The last thing we need is increased traffic congestion on our roads and near our schools,' said the Labour TD

'The Green Party takes great pride in promoting a greener, cleaner environment through public transport, bicycle use and now electric powered cars. However, these initiatives aren’t practical for dwellers in rural Ireland, who rely on the state bus services to get them from A to B,' he added.

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..% 0$/ (01 + 2$1 2(+$1 $+36 (-#.51 %(22$# + 2 0..%1 2.0"' .- %$+2 . ).! , ++ +3,!(-& ).!1 2.. !(& (+(-& .% 5 ++1 .0 1, ++ -# %+..01 ++ 27/$1 .% #..01 +."*1 0$/+ "$#

+ 12$0(-& (-2$0(.0 $62$0(.0 2(.1 2'1 0(4$5 71 22(" ++ -13+ 2(.22(" 2 (01 .5$0 1'(-& .% 1"( .%%(2 322$0 +$ -(-& $/ (0 $-$0 + 0./$027 (-2$- -"$ '$1$ 0$ )312 1.,$ .% 2'$ 1$04("$1 5$ .%%$0 % 7.3 #.-82 1$$ 1.,$2'(-& .- .30 +(12 &(4$ 31 " ++ .-

3 +(%($# 20 #$1,$3++7 (-130$#


Jeans take-ups still only €5 Curtains taken up from €15 CURTAINS RE-LINED AND SUPPLY LINING AT ONLY €3 PER YARD


Zips, threads, needles, curtain lining and foam cut to size

46 Main Street, Midleton

Most types of lining supplied

Sewing supplies - threads, zips etc.

Ladies & Gents Alterations Tel: 021 4632029 or 086 6386293

Aidan Barry

Painting Services

* Domestic & Commercial

* Interior & Exterior * Specialist in Spray Finishes, Kitchen Cabinets, Staircases, Floors, Doors etc.

Dundullerick, Leamlara, Co. Cork

Tel. 087 9416406






Contact Anthony on:

024 95857 Fax 024 95856

Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


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Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL John and Mary Mulcahy seek permission to construct an extension annexed to the south eastern facade of an existing domestic dwelling house at Killeena, Knockraha, Co Cork. The development includes replacing the roof of the existing dwelling, the new roof has a raised ridge and three skylights on the north eastern slope. A new septic tank is to be fitted and a new percolation area constructed. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL I Jeremiah Russell intend to apply to the above for Planning Permission to retain the 36M long infilling and culverting of the Whitebarn Stream running through my lands along with all associated site works at Knockattigan, Youghal, Co. Cork. This Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL I, Noel Quirke, intend to apply to the above Council for permission for first floor extension over existing flat roof extension to rear of dwelling at “Robinview”, Richmond, Dunkettle, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL We, Donal & Maura Kenefick intend to apply for planning permission for construction of dwellinghouse (amendments to design permitted under planning reg. no. 05/3725 to include the omission of windows to the northern side of the lower ground floor and increase in floor area by 6.7m² with new easterly facing window and addition of 2 no. windows to the upper ground floor facing north) at Spire View, Poulacurry South, Glanmire, Co. Cork. This Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL The Board of Management of St. Fergal’s National School, Killeagh intends to apply for Permission to demolish two existing prefabricated classrooms and bicycle shed and to construct two new classrooms, link corridor and associated site works at Killeagh Gardens, Killeagh, Co. Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Catherine O’Connell intends to seek permission for the conversion of attic space to living and storage space and the installation of roof light windows to the front and rear of dwelling at 59 Castlewood, Little Island. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.


GATES BY GRANGE IRONCRAFT Timber entrance gates from €550 Side gates 6’ x 3’ €200 Carports 12’ x 10’ €1,200 FREE QUOTES and fitting in

Cork and Waterford Counties Contact 087 2549996

Using your own fabric

CURTAIN CREATIONS Make-Up Service Curtains / Pelmets Roman Blinds Cushions and Throws Readymade Curtain Alterations Also style ideas, problem windows and measuring fitting service

Contact Anna Walsh on 021 4632080 Unit 3, Nordic Enterprise Park, Midleton, Co. Cork





R.S.A. A.D.I. APPROVED Beginners and Pre-Test Lessons Dual Controlled or own car All test routes Assessments

Tel 086 2768258


ROADS TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF A PUBLIC ROAD CONNOLLY STREET, MIDLETON NOTICE is hereby given that, pursuant to Section 75 of the Roads Act, 1993, the following road will be closed to public traffic from 10.00am to 10.00pm on Sunday, 1st August 2010: Road to be closed: The R627 Connolly Street from its junction with Drury’s Avenue to its junction with Main Street, Midleton Alternative Routes: From Dungourney direction via Broomfield Village, Avoncore and Mill Road. The purpose of the temporary closure is to facilitate a fundraising barbeque for Chernobyl Children’s Trust.


Director of Ser vices, South Cork Area Operations, County Hall, Cork.

N. C. T. TARMACADAM & ASPHALT We do what others say!

Tar & chipping – many colours to choose from Sleepers, kerbs, drains supplied & laid Gravel, tarmac, asphalt driveways Full patio services Full range site clearance Great work and great prices guaranteed

Impro ve the appearance an d value of yo ur ho me or business for a lot less than yo u think

Contact Patrick on 087 0685777 or Office 022 33990




*Water Softeners (limescale removal) * ph Correction (acid water) * Carbon filters (taste & odour removal) * UV Sterilisers (bacteria removal) all work guaranteed free survey without obligation call TONY on

087 2847612 / 025 37900


CLOTHELINES: T. shaped with pulleys and ropes €12, or with winders €140. Fitted free any area in Midleton, Youghal & the East Cork area weekly. Tel. Grange Ironcraft – 025 32636 / 087 2549996. GATES: Timber side gates €200, Entrance gates, €550, Free fitting, Free quotes. Tel. Grange Ironcraft – 025 32636 / 087 2549996.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Fo o d fo r t h o u g h t

Sponsored by Well & Good, Broderick Street, Midleton Tel. (021) 4633499


KEVIN AHERNE Proprietor / Chef

Sage Restaurant Midleton 4639682

Chilli Jam

STEP outside into an uncultivated patch of the countryside, and it is astonishing how many native wild plants you can spot which are far more than mere weeds.

In terms of eating, from May on we have nettles and dandelions, samphire if you live near the coast as well as sea beet, sea kale, carrageen, dilisk and other seaweeds, wild garlic, chickweed for salads and currently elder flowerheads for delicious cordial and wine. As well as being edible, these plants also have medicinal properties. I’ve recently written about nettles and dandelions, and this week look at some of the less well-known, but equally useful herbs.

The most commonly used wild plant in this area is probably carrageen. Many people using it for a drink to soothe hacking, dry coughs. It needs to be well rinsed, soaked for a few minutes, then simmered in water for about half an hour and strained. Honey or, traditionally, pieces of sugar are added, and orange or lemon juice to flavour. High in iodine, seaweeds, especially kelp, are also useful for boosting an underactive thyroid.

Yarrow, in flower now, lowers blood pressure, slows down a rapid heartbeat, and is good for a sluggish digestive system. Long ago yarrow was used on the battlefield to staunch bleeding wounds and also for nosebleeds. Internally, yarrow helps the circulation and strengthens blood vessels and veins. Herbalist, Kelli O’Halloran suggests keeping a plant by the door in case of a nick when shaving! In Ireland, there has also been a tradition amongst older people of drinking yarrow tea to help combat rheumatism. Ribwort, also known as Slánlus both here and in Scotland, means “a plant of healing”. Did you ever play “soldiers” as a child, whipping the long stems against each other to dislodge the flower at the top? It is useful for clearing phlegm, and has soothing antibacterial and antihistamine actions. Chickweed is still readily available as an ointment used for treating itchy, dry skin. A freshly picked bunched, bruised, instantly calms and cools if held against the skin.

Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 35 minutes

THE spiciness of fresh chillies, combined with caramelised sugar, creates a great flavour and gives a variety of dishes a tasty edge. Quick and easy to make, chilli jam is a versatile condiment that should be a staple in every fridge.

Team it with anything from a grilled cheese sandwich to homemade burgers or a cured meat platter. I particularly like it with flash-fried calamari. Use it as a dip or an alternative to salsa, or wow your friends with your culinary prowess by putting it in jars and giving it as presents – the options are endless!

Ingredients I cup of vegetable oil 1 red onion 2 red peppers 6 red chillies 4 cloves of garlic 1 knob of ginger 1 cup of caster sugar Half a cup of fish sauce 12 tomatoes 1 bunch of fresh coriander

Method 1. Deseed the peppers and chillies

2. Place in a blender with the onion garlic and ginger 3. Roughly blend the mixture – don’t liquidise

4. Heat the oil in a heavy based saucepan on a high heat

5. Add the mix from the blender and cook for 10-15 minutes. Lower the heat.

6. Add the chopped tomatoes and simmer for 10 minutes 7. Add the cup of sugar and simmer for another 10 minutes 8. Add fish sauce and take the saucepan off the heat 9. Leave to cool.

10. When cooled, add roughly chopped coriander

11. Refrigerate - and then enjoy...

Red Clover is anti-inflammatory and an expectorant, and is increasingly well known for helping deal with hot flushes due to its phyto-oestrogen chemicals. Euphrasia or Eyebright which grows in wooded areas and will flower in August, does what it says: it is traditionally and effectively used to clear inflamed eyes, a lovely, safe tonic for tired eyes which may be watery.

Well & Good

Gathering herbs

Broderick Street, Midleton * Tel. / Fax. (021) 4633499

IF you are gathering herbs from the wild, do be sure you can identify them accurately, and always pick away from polluted roadsides and areas sprayed with chemicals. If this is a chore, come to Well and Good for your herbal remedies! However, do tell us if you are already taking prescribed medication. Herbs are effective and gentle, but mixing them with medication could have unpredictable effects.


Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


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Get dReSSed tO IMPReSS FOR JUSt GOT a €20 note burning a hole in your pocket? Head down to Arcade Midleton and pick up either a maxi-dress, tunic, jumpsuit, a pair of shoes, a handbag, jeans, shorts, t-shirts or some leggings and still have change!

At Arcade Midleton, where new stock is arriving daily, this summer it's all about pushing prices down.

In the children's department, Arcade Midleton is now running its superb Summer Sale, with 20%, 30% and even 40% off selected styles. For the little girls, there are plenty of tops, t-shirts and tunics to choose from, with prices starting at €6.99, while for the boys, why not pick up a t-shirt and shorts set for only €7.99.

For the Established Women, Arcade Midleton has a huge range of linens back in stock, as well as striking asymmetrical tunic tops with bubble and stripe pattern (pictured). Plenty of summer complete outfits to choose from with crops, jeans and shorts all at terrific prices. Also, why not pick up a paisley-inspired dress (pictured in red, white and green up to size 20) for just €19.99? For the curvy ladies, there's also plenty to choose from at Arcade Midleton, be it dresses for €39.99; crops for €29.99 and tunics for €39.99.

Also, in the children's department, Arcade Midleton stocks a wide range of cute kiddies skirts and tweeny-sets for just €12.99.

Finally, don't forget Arcade Midleton's homewares department upstairs at their Main Street premises. Boasting a wide range of towels, furnishings, bedding and accessories, it's the perfect place to get started on those summer splurges!

For those heading out for a summer party or planning their debs, Arcade Midleton has fabulous mini-dresses (check out the one pictured in shocking pink) for only €19.99. Team with a pair of jeggings or some funky tights or - if you're brave enough - go bare-legged, adding a pair of strappy stilettos!

Peep toe Pumps €14.99 a

Or why not pick up a lace and chiffon tunic (pictured) with Greek-goddess neckline for just €19.99? Loose-fitting and lightweight, these tunics look great with black leggings or sun-tanned legs. Add a pair of gladiator sandals to finish the look off . Maxi dresses are still in style, with new stock arriving each and every day. We loved the red and black dress pictured. Halter-necked to enhance what God gave you, it's long, flowing shape is incredibly flattering, with it's brightly coloured hem adding extra height to your look. At only €19.99, they are already flying out the door - get them while you can.

At Arcade Midleton's accessories department, there's plenty of handbags, shoes and jewellery to choose from. We love the pictured peep-toe pumps at only €14.99: lightweight but durable,

they're a must for your summer wardrobe - just don't forget that pedicure! And, as for handbags, pick up the one pictured (in pink vinyl, with satin exterior, pink stitching and applique rose) for just €29.99. Perfect to keep the mobile, make-up, purse, car keys etc. in.

Outfit €7.99

tOPS FROM €6.99

tUnIcS In khAkI, cORAl, Ink BlUe & ceRISe FROM

€14.99 MAxI dReSSeS €19.99

Mmm... Sumptuous smoothies at XPresso Cafe WHEN you've finished shopping - and are ready to drop - a trip to Xpresso Cafe on Arcade Midleton's first floor, is the perfect place to peruse your purchases and get a bite to eat. Get your perfect lunch at the Arcade Cafe, whether you prefer paninis, wraps or bagels. If you like quiche, you can get one with a side salad, for just €5.99! Or try a FairTrade tea, a delicious scone or cupcake and coffee - the perfect start to your day. Cool off this

Dress €19.99

Sunday 2pm - 6pm Monday - Wednesday 9am - 7pm Thuursday & Friday 9am - 8pm Th Saturday 9am - 6pm



summer with a delicious latte or a sumptuous smoothie, made with probiotic yoghurt. Yummy, healthy and perfect for chilling out on a hot summer’s day!

sponsored by: arcade

021 4631077

Pushing prices down

94 Main Street, Midleton Open 7 Days a Week – Customer Car Park on Riverside Way

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


RNLI Dungarvan Bay sponsored Swim & BBQ set for Sunday, August 22nd

INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed Folk Dance Groups from Flanders in Belgium, Brittany in France, Island of Paros in Greece, the Philippines and Ireland will provide top class entertainment in selected venues in Cork City and County. Damhsafest 2010 raises the profile of dance in Cork, in the South of Ireland as a culturally diverse City using Folk Dance and Music as a tourism product. Damhsafest, Cork International Folk Dance Festival, Ireland is now on, and runs until this Sunday. This Thursday, July 22nd, groups from Greece will perform at the Jameson Experience, Midleton at 11.30am, as part of Damhsafest 2010.

An Seanachaí #2 '34#52#/4 0-+&#8 044#)'3 5--# 2033 5/)#26#/ 0 "#4'2(02& THE excitement is already mounting for the 16th Annual RNLI Dungarvan Bay Sponsored Swim & BBQ in aid of the Helvick Lifeboat, scheduled for Helvick Pier on Sunday, August 22nd at 3pm, weather permitting.

Fota House Summer Theatre Presents “Bombshells”

10 % OF F VO UC HER ANY MEAL @ AN SEANC ACHAÍ -& #2+3* 00. '34#52#/4 4'#,3 #/& '#(00& #26'28 5/%* #+-8 1. 00& -- #8 05248#2& 6#+-#$-' (02 #24+'3 53+% '6'28 7'','/& '34 0/ 4*'


#-- #)3

777 3'#/#%*#+ +' 3'#/#%*#+$#2 '+2%0. /'4

by Joanna Murray-Smith In Association with Jasango Theatre WHEN: Tuesday 13th July – 14th August 2010 WHERE: Fota House, Fota Island, Cork . PRICE: Theatre €20, Dinner + Theatre €40

“A rare combination of comedy, truth and rapture.” - The Times

Fota House is delighted to announce the details of their muchawaited Summer Theatre partnership. In association with Galway's Jasango Theatre, Fota House presents “Bombshells”, a wild and passionate comedy by Joanne Murray-Smith, featuring Angela Ryan and Jasmin Finn and directed by George B. Miller. Bombshells is a rip-roaring, explosive and hilarious evening spent with several generations of women on the edge. In keeping with Jasango’s commitment to collaboration, this production showcases haunting music by The Go Away Birds, and the evocative artwork of painter, Katie Egerton.

Bombshells has wowed audiences all over Ireland with The Sunday Times describing it as “Jaw-droppingly good”. The play opened at Fota House at 8.30 pm. on Tuesday July 13th and will run weekly from Tuesday to Saturday until Saturday, August 14th. PRICE: THEATRE -€20. Buffet Dinner and Theatre €40 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

BOX OFFICE: Everyman Palace Theatre / / 021 4501673. Telephone and internet transactions are subject to a handling charge. For images/information: Margaret Martin, Tel: 021 4815543 or;

The 50 Sponsored Swimmers are well into their training regimes and the King of Helvick competition, which debuted in 2009, is generating enormous interest. The Mad Hatter and Dungarvan Brass Band will set the tone for the festivities and the face painters will weave magic amidst the tantalising aroma of the BBQ, while the RNLI children’s mascot, Stormy Stan will meet and greet.

Dolores Walsh, Hon Treasurer of the RNLI Fundraising Committee says “We have a wonderful new stock of RNLI fashion merchandise including hats and T-shirts. The Ladies Catering and Hospitality Committee and BBQ Crew have cleared their diaries, Breda and Bilest Murray of Tig Murrithe have kindly allowed extra parking in their field on the main road in Helvick, and we can promise that all ages will have a whale of a time at what is the main fundraising event for the RNLI Helvick Lifeboat!” “Helvick Pier is the place to be on Sunday August 22nd for a great fun family day out!” says Oliver Clancy, RNLI Dungarvan Fundraising Hon. Chairman. “The RNLI is a most deserving cause comprised of men and women who often risk their lives to save life at sea forsaking the comforts of home in all kinds of weather.”

Finn’s Tavern Ballymacoda, Youghal 024 98119

LIVE MUSIC Saturday night with Ger O’Leary & Co.

* Zsa Zsa Gabor undergoes hip replacement * Daniel Radcliffe to star in gothic thriller * Jackie Chan bored

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

E N T E R TA I N M E N T G U I D E ! The Goalpost Bar & Restaurant Shanagarry

FULL BAR MENU Mon - Fri 4.30pm - 8.30pm Sat & Sun 12.30pm - 8.30pm with Sunday Lunch Specials

SATURDAY NIGHT live music with No-No & Malvina

SUNDAY EVENING with JC Sound 7-9pm

021 4646492

ANNELI Moffat is a South African artist who has been living and working in East Cork for the past 11 years.

Cloyne artist exhibits in Midleton

The Wilson Collection: A Photographic History of Cobh & Cork Harbour at the Sirius

MIDLETON Where a smile & a warm welcome await... EARLY OPENING 9AM

Live music every weekend

All parties catered for

Wallis’ BAR

Cloyne based Anneli has a degree in Graphic Art, and has worked in several media, including ceramics, photography, textiles and a variety of crafts. She has also, throughout her long career, expressed her creativity through painting, mostly watercolour and gouache, drawing and mixed media. Her graphic art background lends her work precision and, at times, photo-realism. Anneli’s paintings are very personalised expressions of ordinary and everyday experiences. Her subject matter is varied, and includes humanity, plants and animals.

Her work is infused with light, detail and patterns. Some of her paintings are inscribed with messages connecting them with ideas beyond the canvas, whilst others are beautifully drafted and detailed still life studies. Anneli Moffat is holding an exhibition of mostly current work at The Courtyard Exhibition Centre, 8 Main Street, Midleton from July 23rd to August 5th.


Thursday, July 22nd:

SCRUFFY Sunday, July 25th:




Thursday, July 29th:


BURNING FL AMES Sunday, August 1st:

Thursday, August 5th:

P AT M A C & SEAN GILL Sunday, August 8th:

Laurel & Hardy in Cobh - one of the many intriguing photographs in the Wilson Collection

THE Sirius Arts Centre Cobh will host an Exhibition of The Wilson Collection - A Photographic History of Cobh & Cork Harbour, from now until August 1st. This is a unique opportunity to see many never to be repeated images taken over a time span of 80 years and is a must-see this summer. The photographs featured have been taken by 3 generations of the Wilson Family and feature shots of Laurel & Hardy at Cobh, The Tall Ships Race, & The QE2’s final voyage, amongst others. Entrance to the exhibition is free and is open from 11am to 5pm, Wednesday to Friday and from 2pm to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.





TRAD SESSIONS Tuesdays, 9.30pm

MID-WEEK OPEN MIC with JAMES MCGRATH Wednesdays, 9.30pm

IN-HOUSE MUSIC Every Fri & Sat, 9.30pm - close

with action star roles * Sharon Corr To Release Solo Album * Ronan and Yvonne Keating 'to renew vows' *

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Puzzler WIN2TICKETS FOR...

Riddle Me This...

TEL. (021) 4630066

1 8





10 12 16




4 8





15 20






A right-handed glove is inverted, inside out. The glove can now be worn on the left hand.

Is the material that was touching the palm of the right hand now touching the palm or the top of the left hand?

11 14


Can you solve our cryptic brainteasers?


Tea-Break Crossword



16 19


21 24

Two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck, one duck in the middle.


How many ducks are there?


Congratulations to last week’s winner:


Entries to East Cork Journal, 1st Floor, Watersedge, Riverside Way, Midleton

1. Which film features the T-1000, a liquid metal, shape changing, killing machine?

2. According to Linus in the TV special It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, what superior quality must a pumpkin patch possess to warrant a visit by the Great Pumpkin? 3. You Can't Keep a Good Man Down was a hit for which band? 4. The first nation to use paratroopers in battle was?

5. In the Movie The Fugitive, what role does Tommy Lee Jones play?

Answer to last week’s Medium

ACANSERWS TO LAST WEEK: ACROSS: 1.Recipe 4.Wallet 9.Chart 10.Officer 11.Retired 13.Cases 14.Verify 15.Biceps 18.Gable 20.Banners 22.Apostle 23.Again 24.Tuxedo 25.Noodle. DOWN: 1.Recur 2.Charter 3.Pit 5.Affection 6.Laces 7.Thrusts 8.Folds 12.Reflected 14.Vagrant 16.Emerald 17.Abbey 19.Bronx 21.Singe 23.Ago.

Name: ______________________________ Address: ____________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Tel (mobile):______________________________ Home:_______________________________

Five Minutes - Five Questions

ANSWER TO RIDDLES: 1. The palm 2, . 3. 3. Never. The boat floats on water ANSWERS: 1. Terminator 2 2. Sincerity 3. Alabama 4. U.S.S.R. 5. Sam Ger-

DOWN 1. Jumping insect (4) 2. Patriotic song (6) 3. Lead (5) 4. Object of worship (4) 5. Intensely (7) 6. Naturism (6) 7. Person missing from work (8)

12. Undiplomatic (8) 14. Tavern (3) 15. Gift in a will (7) 17. Front of a building (6) 19. Send another way (6) 20. Item to wear on the hand (5) 22. Wealthy (4) 24. Specks of dirt (4)


25. Teams (5) 26. Caves (7)

Answer to last week’s Difficult

ACROSS 8. Sluggish (7) 9. Morsel of bread (5) 10. Insect feeding on plant juice (5) 11. Open framework (7) 12. Burial vault (4) 13. Statesman (8) 16. Stimulant in coffee (8) 18. Border (4) 21. Hair spray (7) 23. Furious (5)


Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Big Screen

Wax on... The Karate Kid

JULY 23RD - 29TH


Eye popping 3D arrives at the Gate Midleton


Market Green 021 4630066




SAT 24TH & SUN 25TH, WED 28TH & THURS 29TH 11.30AM 2.15 5.30 8.45PM


WED 28TH & THURS 29TH 11.30AM 1.50 4.20 6.45 9.15PM

TOY STORY 3 3D (GEN) Q. WHEN is The Karate Kid not a Karate Kid? A. When he is a Kung Fu Kid.

The odd thing about this otherwise worthwhile re-imagining of the 1984 smash hit The Karate Kid is how karate gets an absolute walloping from kung fu throughout. So take that, Japanese martial arts. The Chinese ‘sweet science’ has well and truly got your number. This time around, the famous tale of a whippety young kid who shortcircuits the power of bullies in his life remains pretty much unmessed with. 12-year-old Dre (Jaden Smith - aka son of Will) is a happy-enough American kid who has recently moved to Beijing with his single mum.

Our hero soon becomes a target for a local gang of rough-nuts being tutored by a psychotic kung fu master. After suffering a number of brutal beatings - some of which are farely savage for a PG film, mind you - Dre finds an unlikely mentor in his building’s reclusive janitor, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). Cue a cavalcade of training sequences, lots of mystically appropriate life advice from the sage-like Mr. Han, surprise entry in a major kung fu tournament, and a climactic smackdown with chubby-cheeked arch-tormentor Cheng (Wang Zhenwei).

To their credit, the filmmakers have wisely refrained from trying anything too different from their near-perfect original inspiration. However, the re-location of principal setting to China turns out to be quite an effective move. The story is broken up - and yet, enhanced - by wonderful scenes of both everyday Chinese life and its preservation of its ancient culture.

As for Jackie Chan, well, it’s about time he took a role that challenged him, and he really does rise to the occasion here. Chan also deploys his glorious fighting moves in a serious manner for a change, and The Karate Kid benefits greatly from what he brings to the mix. This is a solid, entertaining and engrossing effort that is much, much better than it had any right to be. Now, where's that wax...?

11.30AM 1.50 4.25 6.50 9.15PM


INCEPTION FRI, MON & TUES 2.00 4.30 6.45 9.00PM SAT & SUN 4.30 6.45 9.00PM WED & THURS 6.45 9.00PM

FRI TO TUES 2.00 5.15 8.30PM WED & THURS 5.15 8.30PM


TWILIGHT ECLIPSE (12A) FRI , MON & TUES 11.30AM 2.00 5.15 8.30PM SAT & SUN 11.30AM 2.00 8.30PM WED & THURS 11.30AM 2.00


SHREK FOREVER AFTER 2D (GEN) FRI TO TUES 11.30 1.30 4.00 6.15PM WED & THURS 11.30AM 1.30 4.00


dolby digital sound

Book online at

Johnny Murphy of Blackrock, Charlie Coughlan of Rochestown and Mark Murphy of Blackrock pictured at the arrival of 3D at the Gate Cinema in Cork City. (Photo: Daragh McSweeney, Provision)

THERE seems little doubt that the future of cinema lies in the eye popping 3D format. Gate Cinemas, who had already been showing 3D movies to audiences in their North Main Street cineplex, have now added the technology to their Mallow and Midleton venues. 3D films have been taking the industry by storm and it seems audiences can’t get enough of them. Avatar was a massive success in this format but other releases such as Up and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland have brought people flocking to their local cinemas. Admissions exceeded 1.5 million in Ireland for the month of March alone.

This trend is set to continue with more than 20 film releases to be shown in 3D this year, including, Cats and Dogs, Step Up , Shrek 4 and Toy Story 3.

'It certainly adds an extra dimension to the movie,' says Margaret Greene, Manager of Gate Cinemas, 'audiences seem to get more immersed in the film and really enjoy the whole experience.'

ONE for all... Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

DURING the period 1998/1999 three former members of our Defence Forces, who had fallen on hard times, died while sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin. An Garda Síochána brought this to the attention of ONE who, following investigation, realised there were some people who had lived all their adult lives in the institutional environment of a military barracks and, on discharge at sixty years of age, might find it very difficult to assimilate into the community and also may have had neither family or home in which to spend their retirement. In 1991, ONE decided to build a home in Dublin City to provide affordable shelter for disadvantaged ex-service personnel. In order to secure the finance to do so, ten very brave and compassionate members mortgaged their homes.

Work commenced in 1993 and in September 1994, the home named ‘Brú na bhFiann’ was officially opened by Mary Robin-

son, President of Ireland. Further homes were built in Letterkenny, Athlone and Limerick City. ONE spends thousands annually to run these homes. Most of the funding is raised by events such as raffles, street and church gate collections.

The Fuchsia, which grows profusely throughout Ireland, was chosen as the ONE emblem, firstly, because it is for many of us a reminder of home, when seen overseas, secondly, because in the Irish language it is called ‘ Deora Dé ‘, meaning ‘ God’s Tears ‘ and tears are symbolic with the lives of both service personnel and the homeless, ie, sometimes parted from home and family. This Fuchsia initiative was first launched in 2009 and proved to be of great help to ONE in supporting its nationwide activities

When launching the 2010 Fuchsia fundraising event at Brú na bhFiann, Dublin on Wednesday 30th. June the Minister for De-

Minister for Defence Mr. Tony Killeen T.D., Wishing Fuchsia fundraising event 2010 coordinator, Domhnall Mac Cárthaigh, every success with the campaign


ONE launches ‘Fuchsia 2010’ fundraiser for former service personnel fence, Tony Killeen T.D. said, “I am very pleased to have been asked to launch the Fuchsia 2010 campaign by ONE. I commend the campaign and urge all to support it by participation or contribution. I want to thank everyone who has been involved in the Organisation over its many years. ONE has made a very tangible difference to the lives of our ex-servicemen and women who have had cause to avail of its services. In addition to a comfortable bed and three good meals a day, ONE provides a welcoming environment of comradeship and shared experiences. Residents at all locations are assured of dignity and respect. I am confident that in an ever changing environment we will witness the further development of the inspirational work undertaken by the Organisation in responding in a positive, and in many cases, life changing manner to the needs of our exservicemen and women”. Lt. General Gerry McMahon, former Defence Forces’ Chief of Staff and ONE Director, speaking at the launch said, “This

campaign was hugely successful last year and funds raised were put to good use at our different centres.

We ask people to assist us with this fundraising venture, as despite the wonderful service and special retirement most of us enjoy, some of our comrades have fallen on hard times and we want to assist them in whatever way we can. The Fuchsia emblem with the word ‘ Cuimhnímis ‘Let us remember’ stamped on it, in remembrance of those who have given their lives in service of country and peace, and especially for those with difficulties, will be on sale at various locations throughout the country during the Month of July costing €2. The Fuchsia campaign coordinator for Cork City and County is Domhnall Mac Cárthaigh, Chairman Cobh Branch and ONE Director and he is hoping for a generous response from the public to the 2010 fundraiser.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010