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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

East Cork Journal

Issue No. 151







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Youghal’s Regal Cinema set to close

YOUGHAL'S Regal Cinema is set to close at the end of its summer season this year.

Built in 1935, following the fire that destroyed its predecessor the Regal was, and still is, a familyrun operation, unlike many of the large cinema chains now monopolising the movies. 87 year old Mikie Roche is a projectionist at the South Main Street cinema, and has been for all of

A FACEBOOK page entitled 'The Invasion of Jews in Midleton' was removed from the social networking site on Thursday last, following protests from local politicians and Jewish leaders. 150 Jewish boys, accompanied by teachers and community members, had arrived in Midleton from East Hackney, London, for a two week Summer Camp, taking place at Midleton College, where many of the attendees were housed for the duration of their stay. Simon Thompson, Principal of Midleton College was horrified to see the site for himself but, on closer inspection, realised that it was the work of one or two un-

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award winner 2010

cluding Israel's best-selling English daily, The Jerusalem Post, but Facebook has not revealed the identities of those who initiated the site or whether or not they reside in Midleton, East Cork or even Ireland. What is known is that one 'liker', a student in Cork City, may have difficulty finding employment after he posted heinous comments on the site. Mr. Weider, one of the summer camp's group leaders left Midleton on Monday night last, telling Simon Thompson, 'We've been made more welcome in Midleton than anywhere else we've visited.' A reflection on the many, and not the few.

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Almost 6,600 on East Cork Live Register THE number of people in East Cork on the live register has now risen to 6,594, an increase of 10% since this time last year says Cork East Fine Gael TD, David Stanton, when the figure stood at 6,007.

Cruise Information Day

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SEE PAGES 18 & 19

Up 10% from July 2009

Those hoping to take in a movie, will now have to travel to Midleton or Dungarvan to keep their big screen hopes alive.

known individuals, determined to incite hatred. 'The Jewish people who have been staying at the college have thoroughly enjoyed their time in Midleton and were delighted to spend time in the town,' he tells the East Cork Journal. 'I think everyone understands that this is in no way a reflection on the people of Midleton and East Cork.' While the site, which carried several anti-Semetic comments, garnered 384 'Likes', it is worth noting that over 500 million people use Facebook, leaving those 'likers' as less than one millionth of a percent of active Facebookers. The story was picked up by several prestigious newspapers, in-


Bridgestone food Guide

his working life - surely earning the title of Ireland's longest serving projectionist. Sad to see it go - and leave the people of Youghal without a cinema - Mikie's 'last picture show' will take place this summer.

Anti-semetic Facebook page: NOT a reflection on the people of Midleton

Royalty reigns on the double in Shanagarry

'It is alarming that, despite large job losses in 2009, the number of people unemployed in East Cork has increased by a further 587 people since July 2009,' states Deputy Stanton.

Cobh has experienced an increased of 138 from July 2009 to the same month this year; Midleton has increased 265 and Youghal, 184. ‘There are now 466,834 people of working age on the Live Register. Our national unemployment rate now stands at 13.7%, up 1.5% from 12.2% in July 2009. While this is much lower than countries such as Spain (a 20% unemployment rate), it is well above the EU average of 9.6%. More needs to be done here by the Government to create jobs,' the Deputy adds.

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DAVID Drivers despair at STANTON Ballinascartha, TD Midleton


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



29 St Mary’s Road, Midleton Open: 10am - 1pm, 2pm - 4.30pm (Monday-Friday) for advice or assistance Tel: 021 4632867, Fax: 021 4621133 Email: Please visit my website

POWER PLATE FITNESS The 15 Minute Result THE words ‘driven to distraction’ could easily be applied to the Ballinascartha Road, near Midleton, where hapless motorists are forced to mount a collapsing ditch to avoid huge potholes along one section.

Concerned residents are worried that, if this section of road isn’t resurfaced in the immediate future, an accident is just waiting to happen. ‘It’s not a main road, but it’s still a very busy road,’ one man notes. ‘A lot of people use it to get to Dungourney and there are lots of houses here too.’

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Last week, a man was stranded when his car hit the potholes - which have no warning signs nearby - causing a flat tyre, leaving him and his children in distress. When one woman contacted Cork County Council to complain about the problem, she was informed that it was the Town Council’s problem and that Cork County Council could not help her.

The potholes are clustered on a straight stretch of road where motorists frequently reach 60km per hour. While local residents are aware of the way to navigate around this obstacle course, those unfamiliar with the area routinely apply their brakes at speed, before setting their Sat Nav to ‘Help!’

‘We don’t want something to happen here,’ one woman states. ‘Travelling at night there’s no light and if anyone hit these potholes at speed they could end up at CUH or worse.’

While the Ballinascartha road may not be the worst of all the roads in East Cork, it’s certainly in the top three - an accolade it would prefer not to have.




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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal




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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

A life on the ocean wave (and in the sky too)


ON Sunday, August 1st, Youghal RNLI opened their doors and their hearts to the people of Youghal and surrounding areas, when they held their annual Open Day at the Lifeboat Station, on a day that was warm and calm but a little overcast. Noreen Varney, Lifeboat Press Officer, Youghal told the East Cork Journal that, ‘The Open Day is a traditional annual event which has been ongoing for many years and it is one way in which the members of Youghal RNLI can show the public how and where their much appreciated donations are going. It is an open invitation to all to come along and ask any questions they may have, take a look at the various boating and life saving equipment, the areas where the crew work and prepare for emergency call outs, and generally get an idea of what is involved for these brave men and women of the seas. Without the ongoing, generous support of the people, the Youghal RNLI could not function as efficiently as they do, she continued, and we are very grateful for all the support which we receive.’ The public get a birds-eye view of Youghal RNLI crew members, Liam Keogh and Ellen Donaher with Senior Helmsman, John Goggin

The crew of Youghal RNLI gave a most amazing and breath catching display of the launch and life saving actions required when the life of a person is in danger. The display included the Air and Sea Rescue Helicopter, and those lucky enough to attend on the day were openly impressed and very touched by the actions. One can only describe it as a rush of adrenaline and almost fear, as these brave men and women showed the dangers in which they put their own lives, to save those of others. Youghal RNLI charity saves lives at sea. The volunteers provide a 24 hour search and rescue service, and are dependant on voluntary donations to maintain its rescue service. In a seaside town such as Youghal, the RNLI are an absolute necessity and give comfort and peace of mind to the many residents along the South East coast of Ireland. May they always ride safely on the crest of every wave.

Little Kate liked her new headgear so much she wouldn’t take it off pictured with her mum, Laura and brother Jason

Síoda, Morgan and Anne Buckley support Youghal RNLI

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

The Mulcahy family

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Curtains down for summer theatre, but East Cork ‘stages’ a rebellion Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



THE recession, it seems, has affected everyone in the entertainment world and, as part of a cost-cutting survival plan, Cork Opera House closed its doors on July 4th until September 28th. On July 20th, The Firkin Crane Theatre announced the immediate cancellation of the Summer Cabaret.

The East Cork Journal spoke with different people involved in the world of theatre to see if the same effect was continuing throughout East Cork and asked, ‘Why are the curtains coming down?’

Pat Mahony, Festival Director of Haulbowline Theatre Group, a Navel Service Theatre Group and the only Defence Force theatre group in Ireland, states, ‘In the 1980’s there was a downturn in the amount of people going to the theatre, but this has yet to happen in 2010. If anything it’s the opposite. It’s only since 2009 that we have been putting on summer productions, and this year we staged “Move Over Mrs. Markem”. Due to its success we

have had to add several nights to the show diary. We have always managed to fill the seats, due to lower costs of tickets and a solid base of theatre goers who regularly attend our productions.’

Not only that, they have increased their Directors/Producers numbers from one to four, each bringing their own style to productions. Already they are getting ready to start back on September 2nd with nine 10 minute plays. We contacted Jasmine Finn and Angela Ryan, founders and owners of Jasango Theatre, which is the summer theatre in residence in Fota House this year.

Founded in 2009, Jasango have been able to keep pace with the recession due to their ability to change and downsize. ‘The barter system is great,’ says Angela, ‘we can get printing for a

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to heat 12 radiators only

Finally, Tracey Symon from the Blackwater Academy of Performing Arts in Youghal believes that ‘cutting her cloth to measure’ is responsible for the academy’s continuing success, ‘We teach many different performing arts including ballet, tap, musical theatre, piano lessons and singing - all forming a part of our teaching process.

The effect of the recession, it seems, has not touched on amateur theatre in Cobh. They have nearly run a full year between production and rehearsals.



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Jasango Theatre Company founders, Jasmine Finn and Angela Ryan have downsized their operations to beat the recession and are currently staging Bombshells at Fota HOUSE

lower cost by advertising the printer on our programmes and this carries on in everything we do, we reduce our costs and as a result can do more work’. Their show, ‘Bombshells’ which started on July 13th and runs ’til August 14th, from Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm has been a resounding success. After their stint in Fota, Jasango Theatre will resume touring in

September with appearances at a number of festivals in Ireland and the USA.

Laura Harte of ITSA Theatre Company has been affected by Cork Opera House summer closure, stating, ‘I had a show tour to the Half Moon Theatre last year. Off the back of that I had been provisionally booked for a planned 2010 Summer Season in the Half Moon. The closure of

Laura Harte, ITSA Theatre Company had planned a summer show at the Half Moon but, due to the Opera House closure, has had to deem it as a ‘NO SHOW’ Cork Opera House came as a huge blow to me, both artistically and economically. I have recently set up a theatre company but if the likes of Cork Opera House are not giving new playwrights, directors and young actors the opportunity to develop their skills due to financial reasons, then our generation of artists will suffer hugely.’

‘We started three years ago and rented a suitable building, but because of its cost we had to stop this year. Now we rent out a local venue to use for classes or for rehearsals for a show. ‘Nowadays, the kids see programmes like Glee, or Mama Mia and want to learn to sing and dance. Those shows have helped our membership numbers.’

So, while Cork City theatres may have ‘gone dark’ for the summer months, East Cork is still treading the boards and loving the limelight. All can we say is ‘Bravo’ and hope for an encore.

Donie Daly to resign Town Council seat Tommy O'Connell set to be co-opted


YOUGHAL Town Councillor, Donie Daly is set to resign his seat. Local Labour party sources say his seat will be co-opted to veteran Labour colleague, Tommy O’Connell, pending ratification at a branch meeting next Saturday, August 14th. Cllr Daly says he cannot meet his mandate due to work commitments, following the town council’s decision to hold its monthly meetings on Tuesday mornings. The financial consultant polled 308 first preferences in his first council election in 2009.

Sources say veteran Labour colleague, Tommy O’Connell, 64, is expected to be co-opted into the seat. Mr. O’Connell, 64, was a Youghal councillor in the 1970’s and ‘80’s, firstly under Sinn Fein (1974), then as an Independent (1979, topped poll) and Labour (1985).

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Silver wedding anniversary for Bawnard West couple


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News


Compiled by Kathleen Woulfe Midleton Mental Health Association

Runners/walkers required to compete in the Cork Ladies Mini Marathon on September 26th, on behalf of the above. Sponsorship cards available from Helen on 087 9270472.

Come Dancing

Manager, Pat Wafer and his good wife, Anne wish to invite you to avail of the opportunity to enjoy good music and dance the night away on a beautiful maple floor at the GAA Pavilion, Midleton, to Richie Halpin on Saturday, August 14th, Brendan Lee and Catriona on Saturday, August 21st, and to The Marina Sound on Saturday, August 28th.

Midleton & District Active Retirement Association

Wednesday, August 18th: Swimming available at Midleton Park Hotel Leisure Centre & Spa from 11.30 noon to 12.30 pm. Thursday: Pitch & Putt available at Corkbeg from 2.30 pm.

Tuesday, August 24th: 45 Drive at Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30 pm.

Trip to Vale of Avoca Monday, September 13th to Thursday, September 16th. Cost, €200pps. Contact Mary at 0862351332.

Cork Senior Hurling Team

Commiserations lads on your defeat last Sunday, I feel sure that there is nobody more disappointed, than you the players, and Manager, Denis Walsh.

Listening to some of the comments on Monday, I feel so sorry for the players. I am furious on a personal note, as such comments as ‘embarrassment’, and ‘useless’, to name but a few, were used. God help them, they must have been asleep in the good, and indeed, not so good years.

On a personal note, the enjoyment that these hurlers give to me and my family will not be forgotten. Not to worry, Seán Óg and the players of your time, and the present lads as we will always support you. So do not give up, ignore those who have to criticise, they have little to worry them. From your ardent fan K. Woulfe.

Double Celebrations for Denise

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Congratulations to Denise Troy, who celebrated her 21st birthday over the weekend, and also congratulations on her engagement to David Hogan, who popped the question on the night, and Denise said yes. Lots of love from your families, relations, friends and little son Dylan, x x x.

Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations on their wedding anniversary to Colette and David Burke, Charlie and Bridie Terry and Mary and Benny Newlands.


Congratulations to Karen Fitzpatrick and Stephen Rice on their marriage last week. Also congratulations to Edelle Whelan and Donald McDonald who got married last week.

Congratulations and best wishes to Miriam and Ultan Savage on the recent birth of their baby girl, Kyi.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mike & Margaret Hayes, Bawnard West, on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary, yesterday, Wednesday, August 10th. Love brought you together As husband and wife And gave each of you A best friend for life.

With lots of love from all your family.

Heartiest congratulations to Niamh Flynn and Andy Hutchinston, Cloyne who will tie the proverbial knot next weekend, and may they enjoy many years of wedded bliss.

Get well soon

Get well wishes to Mrs. Frances Connors and Mrs. Coady, Youghal Road. Also glad to see Charlie Conway in top form again after his stay in hospital and to him and Jimmy Mullaney we extend best wishes for continued good health. We would like to extend a speedy recovery to Garret Stack, Ballinacurra.

Tying the knot

Congratulations and best wishes on their engagement to a very special couple, Niamh Shinnick, Churchtown South and Pádraig Sheehan, Blarney, love aunty Bina, Anthony and cousins.


Birthday greetings to a kindly lady, Joan McCarthy. Old Cork Road, Clara O’Sullivan, Jackie O’Neill, Anne O’Neill and Majella Ryan, all kind staff members at Midleton Credit Union. To Gavan Power and his loving mother Betty, who will be celebrating her special birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday also to Grainne Lynch, Castlemartyr from your cousins and friends. K.W.

Rural Social Scheme Fishermen/ Farmers

Have you heard about the Rural Social Scheme?

The scheme provides an extra income for those who are unable to earn a viable living from their farm holding/fishing activities alone. To be eligible farmers/Fishermen must be in receipt of FARM ASSIST/FISH ASSIST or have an active Herd No/Boat licence and be in receipt of Social Welfare benefits such as Jobseeker’s allowance,Jobseeker’s Benefit (if previously on CE),Disability Allowance, One parent family payment, Non contributory widow(ers) pension, or as a qualified adult of a recipient of old age pension.

19.5 hours per week based around your schedule.

Meaningful employment in various community organisations in the South and East Cork Area.


For further information contact IN CONFIDENCE: Frances Burke CO-ORDINATOR East Cork Area Development Ltd –

021 4613432

The Rural Social Scheme is delivered in South and East Cork through SECAD (South and East Cork Area Development) and is funded by the Department of Social Protection

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Adding market value to Youghal


Music Festival brings out Youghal’s indie-pendents!

DURING the August Bank Holiday Weekend, musicians and music lovers from across Cork headed to Mitchelstown for the Indiependence Music Festival. Groups from Youghal who made the journey included Dodge & The Urban Druids, as did Terry O’Brien, lead singer with Palko. (Photo: Michael Hussey, Market value: Neil Walker, Youghal Farmers’ and Craft Market

YOUGHAL Farmer’s and Craft Market is a rather long title for a group of people who, with the support of Youghal Town Council and South and East Cork Area Development Limited, got together some time ago with the idea of bringing to the town of Youghal, a Market which would bring, not only the very best in quality and workmanship, but also a range of hand produced and home made products at competitive prices. One may remember, some years ago, when small local shops would make their own jams or chutney, cakes or scones which would be baked fresh each day and displayed on the shop windows.

Then, Health and Safety became a huge issue and, to the dismay of many, a stop was put to these local, hardworking people preparing their home made foods for sale in their own small shops. With the increase of all forms of chemicals and preservatives now being incorporated into the food chain, locally sourced products have become very desirable. It is very nice to be able to purchase strange sounding vegetables, exotic fruits, meats from animals unheard of in Ireland, and fish with names our fishermen have never heard of. It is amazing that they can be brought from the other side of the world to ‘enhance’ our table, give us a taste of the unknown, or just the opportunity to say that we tasted crocodile, or passion fruit. But at what cost?

Ireland can take their place with any country in the world where food stuffs and crafts are con-

cerned and in East Cork we are particularly well off with the range of foods available to us on a local basis. Fresh fish and seafood each day, fruit and vegetables from farms just out the road, and meats which can be sourced back to their farms.

This, then, is why Youghal Farmer’s and Craft Market is ready to commence trading on Friday, August 20th next and every Friday thereafter, from 10am to 3pm (or until sold out). Neil Walker who. with the support of South and East Cork Area Development Limited, has been working with the group, told the East Cork Journal that the upcoming Market will be a vibrant, social and commercial amenity for the town, where one can access top quality farm produce, artisan food and also craft products, which come hand to hand from the producer to the shopper.

It will be an opportunity to meet with friends, neighbours and colleagues, have a coffee and chat, and be happy with your purchases. Many months of research, work and effort has been put into this venture and the group are very satisfied, not only with the Market Site (Dolphin Square), but also with the space it provides, its proximity to the Main Street, and the fact that the people of Youghal can walk to their Farmer’s Market each Friday without having the need of a car or the added bother of finding parking space. ‘The site can facilitate twenty stalls, Neil continued, ‘and it is planned that there will be ten stalls operating for the opening week, so the opportunity exists for expansion up to 20 stalls‘. This Market, however, will be held in line with all existing Bye

Laws and Clauses of Youghal Town Council and those interested in trading may apply to the Council for a Traders Licence. An example of the quality and organisation of this Market lies in one of the Conditions of the Bye Laws, Clause 9, which states that applications for a licence shall be considered, having regard to the following:


- Locally produced food products that are grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the stallholder and are of exceptional quality.

- Locally produced arts and craft goods manufactured by the stallholder which are of exceptional quality. These are, indeed, appropriately high standards for a market which will include the following range of products: Organic and locally grown fruit and vegetables. Locally produced artisan cheese. Fresh fish. Local produced meat and eggs. Home baked goods. Coffee and Chocolate Craft Goods. So, locally sourced and produced quality foods, exceptional quality arts and craft goods, centre of town market area, no fears of damaging fertiliser or chemicals, a valuable outlet for the products of farmers, food producers and craft people which fosters local employment - and prices which are attractive to shoppers. What more could one look for? Well, favourable weather may be one desirable aspect for an outdoor market, and not every Friday will be a ’peach’ of a day in Youghal, but a little rain certainly won’t upset the apple cart for shoppers, cool as cucumbers, who will weather the storm to bring home the local bacon!

Joi n the e x pe rt: JIM H OR G AN no w a t Tynte s Ca st le , Y oug ha l Tra d it io na l m eth o ds on ly Now takiNg place daily from: 10am - 1pm: casual entrance, no charge 2pm - 5pm: casual entrance, no charge 7pm onwards: core group (€50 for the entire duration)

PARTICIPATE OR SPECTATE! Enquiries to Cllr. Barbara Murray 087 2854971

S upport e d by S EC AD , YS ED G, t he D ep a rt m en t of R ur a l A ff a i r s & Yougha l Town Council

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News


Compiled by Denise FitzGerald 087 812 8262 / Programme for Tag to Youghal Festival

AS promised the following is the official programme for the Tag to Youghal Festival to be held in the town this coming weekend, Friday, August 13th to Sunday, August 15th inclusive.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 13TH: 7.30pm to 9.30pm Open Air Concert in Market Square, live on stage Rannach. 8pm Youghal Greyhound Track with free entry and full bar. 9.30pm Enjoy the music in the lively bars in town, along the Pubfest music & Pub Trail. SATURDAY, AUGUST 14TH: 10am to 11am Crab Catching competition on the Quay. Prizes for largest crab, smallest crab etc., 11am to 5pm. Food and Craft Fair. Sample some locally home made culinary delights in Market Square. Face painting and music. 11am to 5pm. Busking all along the Main Street of Youghal in aid of Haiti. 12noon to 7.30pm. Tag Rugby Tournament in Rugby Club at Frogmore, Youghal. Onsite live music, fun rugby competition and food all day. Free camping facilities available. 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Open Air Concert in Market Square, deBurca live on stage from 9.30pm to close. 9.30pm to Close. Then, enjoy the lively entertainment in the bars along the Pubfest Music 7 Pub Trail. SUNDAY, AUGUST 15TH 1pm to 6pm. Vintage Show at Farrell’s Summerfield Bar (see below) 6pm to 8pm. Live Open Air Concert in the Town Centre, with Planet Claire on stage. 8pm to close. Follow the Pubfest music and Pub Trail for some lively entertainment. All weekend – River trips 087 9889076. Sailing 024 90542 and Deep Sea Angling. For more information contact Youghal Tourist Office 024 92447

Vintage value

Youghal Vintage Club are all prepared and ready for their Vintage Display on Sunday, which will be held in Farrell’s of Summerfield, with kind permission from Michael Farrell. This will not be just a straightforward Vintage Show, and Maurice Smiddy told the East Cork Journal the day will also include a Baby Show, Face Painting, and – wait for it – a Lazer Tag Game which is the latest ‘rage’ for

all the children. There will be refreshments available for all the exhibitors, and open air music on stage for the entire afternoon. A raffle will be held, with great prizes, so Sunday afternoon in Farrell’s Bar Summerfield is the place to be to examine and inspect, not only the vintage vehicles, but all the other events taking place, courtesy of Youghal Vintage Club. As is usual with this group of Vintage lovers, all proceeds on the day will be donated to the local Hospice in Youghal. Your support will be very much appreciated, but the members of Youghal Vintage Club hope that everyone will also enjoy the day and the events lined up for your pleasure.

East Cork Youth Choir

The East Cork Youth Choir are delighted to confirm that they will commences in September, for all national school children. Anyone interested please Mary Pedder Daly at 024 95240 .

Pat Daly Album launch in Midleton

On Friday, August 20th, Pat Daly will launch his new album in the Midleton Park Hotel. Pat, who has had recent success with his last album, will have as guest on the night The Dreamers, Finbarr Denn ehy, PJ Murrihy, Pat Hayes and his band, Martin Kearney and, for a special one night return to the stage, the one and only Paddy Greenslade.

A real ‘Touch of Class’

Youghal’s well known and fashionable boutique shop ‘Touch of Class’ was featured on TV3’s Ireland AM on Thursday morning last, August 5th representing Cork in the Battle of the Counties, which is a Fashion Competition held in high regard. Congratulations must be extended to Tess, Teresa and Breda on winning this competition outright, which was a very prestigious win indeed. Judging was done on a texting basis, and the girls showed their ‘class’ by winning hands down.

Newly engaged

Congratulations to our daughter, Sophia Carey and her fiance, Jerome McGrath who recently got engaged. Best wishes to you both for the future, love Mam and Dad. X

Mick and Arty entertain

On Saturday August 14th at 8pm, Mick Hanly and Arty McGlynn continue their tour when they will perform at the Mall Arts Centre. Tickets are on sale at Cree’s card shop for €15 For further details contact 083 360 6507

Killeagh’s 4 part Choir

After another successful year the choir will commence rehearsals on Monday September 6th. Having successfully competed at the Cork International Choral Festival again this year, and also performed the entire Handel’s Messiah at Christmas, the choir is looking forward to another challenging season for 2010/2011.

A very exciting schedule both socially and chorally is on offer for all interested and committed choral singers.

If you are interested in being a member of this dynamic group contact Mary Pedder-Daly at 024 95240.

It took 13 years....

John Hogan and his Band are well known by all, and many’s the time John played to large audiences in Youghal. Well, it’s been thirteen years since John graced the stage here but he is coming back, with his Band, to the Walter Raleigh on Friday night next, August 13th where a very large turnout is expected. Doors open at 9pm. Admission €10. Don’t miss out on this great night’s dancing.

MS Fermoy says thank you

A big thank you to people of Youghal and Mitchelstown for their generosity at our recent annual church gate collections. Also thanks to our volunteer collectors, without whose help we could not continue our work for local people with MS. If you feel you would like to become involved with MS Fermoy contact 087-6682834. Any outstanding Galtee walk cards should be returned to any committee member as soon as possible.

Want to win a car?

The Credit Union Car Draw will be held on Saturday morning, August 21st at 11am at the Credit Union Offices. Go along and hear the winner first hand – it just might be YOU!

Youghal Mediaeval Festival

Just a little over a week to go for the Youghal Medieval Festival which will take place on Sunday, August 22nd next with a feast of fun and entertainment for all.

Youghal Triathalon 2010

On Saturday, September 4th at 11.30am the Youghal Triathalon will commence at Claycastle


Beach Car Park in Youghal, with €3,500 in prize money. The Swim will be 750m, Cycle 19k, and the Run 6.5k. Entries are now being taken, and forms can be downloaded from Limited number of places. Please note that entries will not be accepted on the day. Stewards are urgently required for this great Triathlon, and if you have a few hours to spare on Saturday, September 4th, please contact Tommy Roche.

A note regarding Traffic Restrictions on the day – Claycastle, Summerfield Cross, Ballyclamasy and New Line Area will have traffic restrictions in place from 11am to 1.30pm. Access to Youghal from the West will be via Youghal by-pass. These restrictions are to facilitate the Triathalon.

Fancy a pitch and putt?

On today, Wednesday, Claycastle Pitch & Putt Club are holding an Open Day. Green fees and club hire for just €3 from 2pm to 5pm. Go along and give it a try. You might just love it....

And for boating enthusiasts

Why not join Jim Horgan at Tyntes Castle any day this week at 2pm where a Salmon Yawl is being built on the Main Street. All are welcome. Further information from 087 2854971.

Events at Cumann na Daoine

11/8/10: 7.30pm - 9pm: Grow (Community Mental Health Group) 12/8/10: 7pm - 9pm: Cancer Support Group 8pm - 9.45pm: Bingo 13/8/10: 12 noon - 5pm: Summer Camp 16/8/10: 4pm - 5pm: St. Vincent de Paul 17/8/10: 5.45pm - 7.30pm: Weight Watchers.

SHANE SUPPLE'S MUSICAL CONNECTIONS JIMMY Crowley spoke on Youghal Radio this week of his joy at returning home to Cobh for the summer. Jimmy, who will sing at the drop of a hat, spoke about how the music industry has changed: ‘At the moment it’s hard to get acknowledgement from many places including the national airwaves’. His current album, which gets lots of play in America, is based on stories tracing the fortunes of the Irish inWWI, the Franco War, WW2 and the Irish Civil War.

until you sit down to write. By that time, the subconscious process has already been thinking about the subject for a number of weeks, so it appears that you just come up with the song when, in actual fact, you have been writing it without knowing it over the last few weeks!’

'Songs from the Beautiful City' with Cobh's Jimmy Crowley

He feels that people take singers for granted and the 'he will always be there' attitude prevails to this day. Sadly, this is not true, he will not always be there. Musicians pass on and sometimes, with them, a legacy of music which can be forgotten. But behind it all, Jimmy feels that Irish music, songs and stories are strong and will be carried on by the next generation. ‘In America, at a recent festival in the Catskill Mountains, Irish music was strong and being carried on by the

children of emigrants, so there is hope for the future,’ Jimmy muses. Jimmy says he thinks the death of the Celtic Tiger is a blessing as it brings out the musicians again. On a recent trip to a local pub Jimmy saw about 10 musicians all sitting around playing music, swapping songs and having fun - something not often seen during the reign of the Celtic Tiger. When asked about his songwriting he states, ‘Writing songs isn’t hard, it's a process that happens to everyone over time. Something would trigger your thoughts and you would be thinking of it

Jimmy is currently playing in the Firkin Crane Theatre in the shadow of the Shandon Bells every Wednesday and Thursday for the summer, doing a oneman show called 'Songs from the Beautiful City.' The show traces Jimmy’s journey around Cork for the last 40 years. ‘It’s about the people behind the songs, the context of the songs and the historical content of the songs,’ Jimmy smiles, ‘to tie in with the music old footage which has only recently been discovered of when Queen Victoria came to Cork, as well as tales of Christy Ring and The Fusiliers coming home in black and white giving a kind of magic lantern effect on stage.’ MAGIC: a great word to describe Jimmy & his music.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Ecclesiastical Review Feast of Mary, Queen of the Assumption ('Marymass' or 'St. Mary's Day') FROM very early times, August 15th has been observed as the “birthday” of our Blessed Lady. On this greatest of all Marian feasts we celebrate the greatest moment of her life – being permanently re-united with her son and sharing his glory.

There is no eyewitness account of this actual event recorded in the Bible. Come to think of it, though, no one witnessed the actual resurrection of Jesus either. The evidence was an empty tomb and eyewitness reports that the Risen Lord had appeared to them.

Interesting parallel here. There is a tomb at the foot of the Mt. of Olives where ancient tradition says that Mary was laid. But there is nothing inside. There are no relics, as with other saints. And credible apparitions of Mary, though not recorded in the New Testament, have been recorded from the 3rd century ’til today. Mary is not equal to Christ, of course. Jesus, though possessing a complete human nature, is the Eternal Word made flesh. Mary is only a creature.

But she is a unique creature, the highest of all creatures. This is not just because she was born without the handicap of original sin. Eve and Adam were born free of sin as well, but it did not stop them from sinning as soon as they had the chance. Mary instead chose, with the help of God’s grace, to preserve her God-given purity throughout the whole of her life.

The bodily corruption of death was not God’s original plan. It came into the world through sin, as St. Paul says “the sting of death is sin” (I Cor 15:56). So it is fitting that she who knew no sin should know no decay and no delay in enjoying the full fruits of her son’s work. It is fitting that she who stood by Christ under the cross should stand by him bodily at the right hand of the Father. “The Queen stands at your right hand, in gold of Ophir” (Ps 45). Enoch and Elijah, who the Old Testament says were assumed into heaven, were surely great in God’s eyes. But they do not begin to compare with the immaculate mother of His Son. We too, one day, insofar as we accept God’s grace, will stand at His right hand. But Paul says that “all will come to life again, but each one in proper order” (I Cor 15:23). The Redeemer, of course, blazes the resurrection trail. But who is to be first among his disciples? The one who is last is first, the Lord’s humble handmaid who did no more than say yes, and keep saying yes, and whose soul magnified not herself, but the Lord.

East Cork

Ecclesiastical Events Parish of Midleton Mount Mellery and Mount Mellery Grotto Feast of the Assumption: 25th Anniversary

A coach will leave the Holy Rosary Church Grounds, Midleton on Sunday, August 15th at 11.30am and will return at approximately 9pm. To reserve your seat, a payment of €13 is required before Friday, August 13th to Mary O’Farrell, 021 4632937.

All the saints experience the “beatific vision” upon their entry into heaven, and we celebrate this on every saint’s day. But there is something unique about Mary’s day. The Catholic Church teaches authoritatively that it is not just Mary’s soul that was admitted to God’s glory, but that at the end of her earthly life, Mary’s body as well as her soul was assumed into heaven by the loving power of God.

Divine Mercy Devotions

The Divine Mercy Devotions will be held in the Hospital Chapel on Friday next, August 13th. Rosary at 7.45pm and Mass at 8pm. Everybody welcome. The Group wish to thank all who supported their recent fund raiser. Thanks also to the management of the Maple Leaf Bar, Main Street, for their assistance and use of their premises.

East Cork Friends of Lough Derg

This Feast is associated with herbs and fruits, and the Roman Ritual includes a blessing for such. In some parishes and chapels, congregants will bring fresh flowers to adorn the church in Mary's honour, and will bring the same along with fruit and herbs -- especially healing herbs -- to be blessed and take home. The giving of these blessed herbs, fruit baskets, and flowers and is a lovely custom of the day, and our prayer is that we emulate Mary by using the blessed herbs to bring healing to the world. In some coastal areas, the seas are also blessed on this day, especially in fishing communties. The passages from the 21st chapter of the Gospel of St. John in which Jesus went fishing with His Apostles are read, along with sections of Luke 5. The Magnificat is prayed and then the sea is sprinkled with Holy Water and the Sign of the Cross made over it. It is believed that to swim in the waters blessed on this day is curative.

As on all Marian feasts, praying the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin, the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, the Litany of Loreto, the Akathistos Hymn to the Theotokos, etc., would be most appropriate. (you can download this Litany, in Microsoft Word .doc format, in English or in Latin).

See also the Queenship of Mary (31 May) to read about our honouring Our Lady as Queen, crowned after her Assumption. In 1950, in the Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus, Pope Pius XII proclaimed the Assumption of Mary a dogma of the Catholic Church in these words: 'The Immaculate Mother of God, the ever-virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heaven.' With that, an ancient belief became Catholic doctrine and the Assumption was declared a truth revealed by God.


Parish of Carrigtwohill Door Collection

The door collection on July 31st and August 1st last amounted to €951.40. Thank you. The Annual Padre Pio Ceremonies commemorating the most wonderful day in the life of Padre Pio, his ordination to the priesthood on August 10th, 1910, was celebrated in the grounds of St. Francis College, Rochestown, Cork on Sunday last, August 8th at 2.30pm. The Mass was concelebratd by Fr. Michael Fitzgerald, together with visiting and resident Priests. The religious ceremonies included

Annual Padre Pio Ceremonies

Recitation of the Rosary, Concelebratd Mass, Anointing of the Sick, Benediction, Blessing of the Sick and Blessing with St. Pio First Class Relics. A large attendance was present on the day.

Aghada Parish Annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Island

The Aghada Parish Annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Island in Wexford will take place on Sunday next, August 15th. Bus will collect pilgrims at Carrigtwohill Community Centre at 8.15am and if you have any queries, please ring Margaret 021 4561414.

Meals on Wheels

The annual Church Gate Collection for the Meals on Wheels Service in Carrigtwohill took place before all Masses last weekend. This service provides a hot meal for fifteen people in the Parish every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Parish of Youghal Clonmacnois Youth Festival: August 12th-15th

Youth 2000 invites you to join them for their Summer Festival from August 12th to 15th in Clonmacnois, County Offaly. The dynamic programme for 16-35 yr olds includes music, drama, prayer, talks, workshops, reconciliation and healing service, games and chill time. It is a donation only weekend, all you need to bring is a sleeping bag. Come along for a fantastic weekend filled with many new experiences. There will be free transport available. For pick-up points near you and for more information check out or contact the National Office 016753690.

The Church in the Park LAST week the Church in the Park, Midleton Evangelical Church, hosted a team of young people from counties Cork and Antrim to work in the community.

Throughout the week the team helped the church deliver 4000 4YOU magazines around East Cork. Also, the team ran four Childrens' Bible Clubs in Midleton and Cloyne.

The pastor, Andy Compton explained 'Our motivation for the week's activities were very simple. We want to promote the reading of the Bible. Why? Because it contains a remarkable message of love and forgiveness that changes lives.' The team leader, Paul McFarland will be working with the

church in the autumn as part of his ministry training. Pictured from left above are Nathan Bell, Jonathan Kennedy, Karl Cooper, Paul McFarland, Sam Morrison, Sarah Kingston,

Dave Kennedy, Lucy Vernon and Rachael Giles with Pastor Andy Compton.

Sunday service will take place at 11am. All welcome.

If you wish to contribute to this page, Please contact Denise on 087 8128262 or email

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Greenbarn Lifestyle & Bistro adds Farmers’ Market DENISE FITZGERALD REPORTS

AN amazing Farmer’s Market extraordinaire was held in Greenbarn Lifestyle & Bistro at Inchiquin, on the main Killeagh/Youghal Road on Friday last, August 6th, from 10am to 2pm. The organisers made the entire event very attractive by introducing such traders as; Ballycurraginny Farm (Fruit and Vegetables, Eggs, Honey and Apply Sauce.

Great work was done by Sandy Byrne who organised the stall holders so well and so efficiently; Helen Murphy (of Helen’s Catering) who had the most wonderful cakes, savoury, and patê.

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Ardsallagh Goats Cheese displayed a large selection of Irish, European and Goats Cheese. Simon of Volcano kept the mouths watering with his woodfired pizzas. Declan Ryan’s artisan breads were delicious.

David Browne served fresh fish, scallops and smoked salmon from Ava Byrne with mum, Paula INSET: Ali Martin from Killeagh Yawl Bay Seafood. Dan Ahern had his organic beef, chicken, eggs and turkeys on display, all from his Organic Farm.

Cora Callaghan grabs a slice from Simon Mould and Niamh Fitzgibbon, Killeagh

Noreen Conroy had fresh free range pork, bacon, sausages, burgers, rashers, eggs and turkeys from Woodside Farm.

Mark Price delighted the people with his sweet and savoury crepes, Belgian waffles, and O’Flynn’s gourmet sausage sandwich – all from The Crepe Man.

Thomas Baldwin had ice cream to die for. They were from Baldwin’s Icecreams of Knockanore. Next week, Tipperary organic IceCreams will be there, as Thomas is unable to attend that day. The Green Barn Stalls produced fresh Country Flowers – Waterford grown Lillies which, at only €5 for a large bunch, were sold very quickly. Steak Sandwiches, Scones, Chololate Muffins and Margaret Browne’s james, gluten free bread, teas and coffee were available. Oonagh Poynton and her daughter delighted with coffee and jams, chutneys, pate, breads, cakes, pickles and pesto. Maura Seward tempted the visitors with her wonderful cupcakes, all from Betty’s Homebakes. Mary Delaney had hen and duck eggs, all of which were in great demand. Ken Moore showed his hot sauces and chilli sauces, to the great interest of many.

All the way from Killeagh, Amy McCarthy with Ben Fogarty and Ella McCarthy

David and Peter Buckley

Shane Minnock had teabracks and scones which flew off the tables.

Nessa Browne of Greenbarn told the East Cork Journal that they have even more wonderful traders coming along next week including Greenfield Farm who will have Salad Leaves, organic Vegetables, A stall with lentils and pulses, and also Green Saffron, an Indian Hot Food and Spice Mix stall for all. There are a few surprises up their sleeves also! All of the above might lend to the idea that the day was a serious affair, with the purchasing of locally sourced, delicious food being the main reason for the large turn out. Not so.... in fact, the children had the most wonderful time in this spaciously set out 10,000 sq foot covered outdoor Garden Centre,with no fears about getting wet or cold.

Mr Moonshine frightened the parents but was loved by the children who gathered around him calling out his name and trying to get his Young Jamie Buckley joins in the photograph attention. He entertained the children for more than three hours, making the most amazing shapes out of balloons, including bows and arrows, hearts, spaceships, boats and cars which he gave away free to the children. Facepainting was a big part of the day, and as it was all free, the children all had flowers, butterflies, and fairies painted on, making the spectacle pretty amazing.

The smiling O’Keeffe family from Inch, Killeagh

Music by Aisling and Orla Daly and Ciara Gleeson kept the atmosphere enjoyable and their accordion and fiddle playing was wonderful.

The Green Barn Farmers Market will continue every Friday morning and the staff are committed to offering their customers the best in locally produced and sourced foodstuffs, all while having an enjoyable morning out with family and friends. Nessa concluded by telling the East Cork Journal, rather mysteriously, that they have many exciting plans for their Farmers Markets for the coming months... See you there.

Aisling, Geraldine, Ellen and Cara O’Driscoll Aoife, Charlie, Sophie and Betty Browne from Killeagh

Nessa Browne with a rose for a Rose

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


ATURALLY PEAKING with John Whelan-Curtin

To be e or no t t o b e e ?

Tinkling the ivories with Ena McDonnell, Midleton

Students too ‘sharp’ to fail exams C O N G R A T U L ATIONS are once again in order for the students of the Ena McDonnell Music Studio, Midleton.

All students received excellent grades in their respective piano examinations, which in-

cluded all the grades from elementary right up to the final grades. These examinations were held in Cork during the April to June session of examinations of the Royal Irish Academy of Music and associated board of the

Wh y is East Co rk buzz in g?

Royal Schools of Music, London. All students gained honours, and many received distinctions.

Well done to each student, and continued success in your future studies.

Bookings are now being taken for the new term due to commence in September 2010. Limited number of vacancies available. Please call 021 4631612 for further information.

A taste to savour

Pork Fillet Cork Style with Ballymaloe Bramley Apple Sauce

HOW many species of bees are there in Ireland? Most would respond by saying two or three, but the variety of bees on the Emerald Isle goes far beyond the humble bumble and honey varieties. We have 101 species of bees in Ireland, almost all of which are in decline, and a significant portion are actually threatened. The bee gives us more than honey and max for our toast and lip balms. Wild bees are estimated to contribute more that â‚Ź50,000,000 to the economy each year by pollinating a wide range of plants from rapeseed oil to strawberries. Much like the decline in butterfly populations, bees are being threatened by the destruction of their food sources, the beautiful natural selection of wildflowers, what some might call weeds. More than that, however, bees are facing ominous threats from invasive mites, Varroa destructor. V. destructor which is a parasitic mite first identified in Ireland in 1998. Whatever threat the parasite may have posed in the early days, with the harsh decline of the bees because of other factors, the mite is now posing an even greater threat by whittling down the few remaining numbers.

The mites suck what could be described as the “blood� of the bees. They can attack bees in all stages of life and, as well as killing the poor creatures by drawing their “blood�, they are also persistent spreaders of diseases that can damage the bees in a number of ways, including malformation of their wings.

The multitude of survival strategies that bees in Ireland have, is astounding. Aside from the fa-

miliar social bees that live in hives, there are bees that live on their own, and bees that move in and “squat� in portions of other bees hives. A colony can endure for years, going dormant for the winter with only a few members surviving, and surging back to strength each Spring and Summer. It is this time of year onward, mid to late August, that the hive will switch its attention from growth to saving, preparing to enduce for the next long winter. Bees kept by keepers are far less endangered by the parasite, as their keepers can treat them for the threat and keep them safe. Wild bees have only one real defense, the action of actually grooming and removing the mites from their bodies. Unfortunately, the grooming behaviours is not strong enough in most bees to protect themselves fully, and many colonies can be wiped out 2-4 years after being infected. Maria Kirrane of UCC is currently studying the effects of the parasite, and is hoping to perform a selective breeding project to produce more bees that are capable of grooming themselves free of the disease.

Several species of bee have been added to lists of the endangered, and it is possible, with the current trend in the decline of populations, that those species may be joined by many more. The continual research and study of bees and populations is not only necessary for the conservation of these animals, but for the commercial success of many crops. Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years left�.

What you need:

What to do:

?PI\aW]VMML" Serves 3 7VMUMLQ]U\WTIZOMXWZSĂ…TTM\ .WZ\PM;\]NĂ…VO" 220g (8oz) Ballymaloe Apple Sauce 220g (8oz) mashed potato 220g (8oz) onions previously sautĂŠed in butter \IJTM[XWWV[WZIVOMR]QKM 1 dessert spoon of thyme leaves Salt and pepper to season


D Gluten Free D Suitable for Vegetarians D No Artificial Additives

For more delicious recipes, visit

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Castlemartyr takes to the streets with Vintage Rally

Members of the Buckley family

SUNDAY, August 1st, saw the Castlemartyr Kiltha Classic Vintage Car & Motorbike Rally 2010 take place.

Ethan Long and Chloe O’Keeffe in the driving seat

The group assembled at the Castlemartyr Resort at 11am, with car and bike enthusiasts flocking to see the vintage models on display, before the cars, the bikes and their drivers took to the roads at 12 noon.

Laura Jane O’Keeffe, Eileen O’Keeffe, Harry Milward, Theresa Milward, Jo Horgan and Siobhan Twomey

Jason O’Brien relaxes in his VW Beetle

Samantha Walsh and Martina Long

The event took place in aid of the Let's Get Together Foundation, which was founded in June 2004 by friends and families who have lost loved ones to suicide, and who now provide a counselling service for those who need it.

Jim Hayes with Toss Dee and Margaret Dee

The presentation of trophies took place that afternoon, with entertainment courtesy of Finbarr Dennehy.

Denis Hennessy arrives on his Massey Ferguson

Mary, Emily and Laura O’Keeffe with Christine Foley

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

John Cronin, Barry Flavin and Sean Cunningham

John Twomey, Ray O’Grady, Ber Twomey and Siobhan Twomey

Members of the organising committee: Cllr. Pat Buckley, Eamon Long and Karen Dowley

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Kelley Ryan to launch new solo CD, ‘Twist’ at the Grain Store, Ballymaloe

Pigs, nails, shells and floating flower heads with the Ballycotton Autumn Show 2010

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Kelley Ryan at home in Ballywilliam

KELLEY Ryan will launch her new CD, Twist, with a concert of sweet acoustic loops, strings and songs about love, ladies and little girls’ memories at The Grain Store, Ballymaloe House, on Thursday, August 26th at 8pm. Kelley, the front-woman for the California band astroPuppees and a go-to songwriter and collaborator, will perform her first solo work, along with well-known musician stalwarts Don Dixon, Jim Brock and Marti Jones. She is also a resident of Ballywilliam, East Cork.

Twist is a gutsy record with ambitious production, smart collaborations (with the likes of producer Don Dixon (R.E.M., Smithereens), legendary arranger Van Dyke Parks and singer / songwriter Marti Jones), and a personal touch and warmth that crosses all musical boundaries. If anything, the album is reminiscent of something like Beck’s Sea Change…which, not so coincidentally, is represented here by a cover of “Lost Cause”. “I didn’t do this record the rock’n’roll boy way…it’s my own sound,” says Kelley Ryan. Note the emphasis there - on the word “boy.” Kelley took a decidedly different approach to recording her first record under her own name. Twist is an album told from the female perspective; a theme encompassing everything from the lyrics to the instruments to the album’s many moods.

Twist was recorded in various spots in California, Ohio and East Cork – Ireland is a second home for Ryan and her husband (Bug Music founder and music publisher Dan Bourgoise, a.k.a. “My biggest fan and critic” says Kelley, laughing) and a focal point for the album’s many moods. “It’s a very inspirational place for writing,” says the singer, noting that the album standout “Bridie’s Eyes” is actually about a woman who lived down the road from her on the East Cork coast, experiencing the onset of dementia.

Although Kelley has been busy in the last few years recording and collaborating, she is delighted to launch Twist in Ireland with a gig at The Grain Store, Ballymaloe House, on August 26th with Dixon, Jones and Brock as back up. Tickets cost €15 for Kelley’s performance and an early dinner ticket + concert is €60 (early booking essential). For tickets only, please call 083 3631468 and for concert and tickets, please call 021 4652531.

THIS weekend, the Ballycotton Show Society present the 2010 Autumn Show at the village Community Hall and School Grounds, beginning at 3pm. And it's your turn to get involved, with many competitive categories to choose from.

All categories are open, including vegetables, eggs, hay, wheat, barley bread, jams, hand-knitted items, cushions, tapestries and items made from shells and wood (Section A & B). Section C deals with flowers from fuch-

sias to dahlias and from ferns to foliage. Section D, which is confined to amateur photographers looks at landscape / seascape, animal and portrait pictures, while Section E is a special children's section for U12s, incorporating plain scones, models made from fruit & veg, soft toys in fancy dress and biscuits, all sponsored by Ted Murphy.

Section F is the Open Pony Class (contact Liam Lane on 021 4646717 for more information on this section), while the Dog Show, with awards for Best

Overall Dog, Best Small Dog, Best Large Dog and Best Dog in Costume rounds out Section G. Entries and exhibits will be accepted at the Community Hall from 8.30pm to 10pm on Saturday, August 14th and from 9am to 11.3am on Sunday, August 15th (the day of the show). Adjudication begins at 12 noon sharp and the entry fee per class is €1.50 (€1 for the children's classes).

For those who would rather observe than take part in the Ballycotton Autumn Show 2010, there



will be plenty of exhibits to look at, as well as both an adult and child's tug o'war, a Vintage Exhibition, nail driving, a penalty shoot out and 'Find The Treasure' competition and, our personal favourite, 'Guess the Weight of the Pig and Win the Pig Competition.' No cheating like Homer Simpson and Spider Pig on this one, please!

The presentation of prizes will take place in the Schooner Bar from 9pm, with entertainment following on - a great day (and night's) craic guaranteed!


THIS SU N D AY, AU G US T 1 5 T H at the C o m mun ity H al l & S ch oo l Gro unds f ro m 3pm P r i z e g i v i n g & Arts & Crafts Nail Driving Inter-Pub e n t e r t a i n m e n t a t FLOWERS SIDE SHOWS Tug O’ War KIDS TUG Penalty Fruit & Veg T h e S c h o o n e r B a r VINTAGE O’WAR Shoot Out & much more at 9pm MARKET Exhibition

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Sun shines on Fun Day at Oaklodge Nursing Home

Aine and Aileen McGrath were just back from their holidays in Croatia when they danced to Little Jack from Churchtown loved his trip entertain the huge crowd that descended on Oaklodge round on the horse

Cobh pipe band made their grand entrance

ON Sunday, August 8th a fun day was held in Oaklodge Nursing home in Churchtown South. A large crowd of people ditched the big match to come along and join in the fun instead. With pottery, horse rides, puppet shows and dancing to name but a few, everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed what turned out to be a perfect summers day. Little Doodle gets in between Mairead Gregor and ABOVE: Resident, Ann O’Connor with Mario Roshan who was minding the door on the day Carmel O’Sullivan to escape the noise

Talent was in abundance and came in all age-groups

The vintage clubs were out in force to make this a day to remember

The lovely Anne Broderick from Glanmire volunteers each week The Rigney’s from Dungourney and Midleton, it’s Pat and James Ciaron, Tom and Cormac Aherne came along to lend their support to teach the residents to knit

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

The Flaherty family of Tom, Siobhan, Peg and Nora (Photos: Allan Meek)

Dave, Sara, Jean and Elsie with kids Cian, Pearse and Evelyn

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Families gather at Oaklodge for a fun packed day

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Cloyne residents Alex Higgins and Patricia Dilwart enjoyed their The O’Shea family of Peter, Carmel, Pat of the Commodore hotel time at the fun day and little Kaileigh

This chicken kept the kids and adults all entertained

Activities co-ordinator, Theresa Horgan gives a speech to kick off the day’s events

Callie can for CF!

Geraldine Dennehy and Deirdre Walshe kindly volunteered to collect the raffle money

Nicola, Michael and Amy Kilgannon from Churchtown came along to support Jack, Jean and Sarah Foley from Cloyne enjoyed the blazing sunshine their local nursing home

Carleton Village, Youghal looks forward to a sizzling summer

The barbeque will join other events, such as the Kids Club, to ensure that holidaymakers at the Village have the best time possible while on their family break.

Chef Extraordinaire, David Woods, will cater the BBQ’s bringing with him his famous American accent and New York style cooking. Flame grilled burgers, chicken kebabs and sausages will be accompanied by David’s mouth-watering homemade sides, and soft drinks will be in abundance.

With fun being the name of the game, Carleton Village have stepped up the on-site activities for the event. Victor and his balloon madness will now be joined by Face Painting Fun, and other activities will include Volley Ball, Connect Four, Giant Chess, Bowls and the all important Lollypop Hunt.

Callie & Co. at last year’s Cork Ladies Mini Marathon, running - as always - for CF MIDLETON’S Callie O’Sullivan is urging people across East Cork who are participating in this year’s Cork Ladies Mini Marathon to consider helping raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis. There are still 2 months to go until this year’s minimarathon, but now’s the time to get ready to run!

Sponsorship cards, t-shirts and wrist bands are all available from Callie’s daughter Sharon on 087 9266808 or by emailing

‘We’re asking people to help us to help people with CF get the “breath of life”,’ Callie - who has already contributed a huge amount of time and energy to the cause - tells the East Cork Journal. So, Sunday, September 26th is the date for this year’s mini-marathon and if you haven’t already chosen a charity to support, why not help out Callie O’Sullivan and all those already running for cystic fibrosis?

Don’t make this article a waste of breath, call Callie on 021 4631719 today

FUN is the name of the game as the Carleton Village barbeque becomes a permanent summer fixture.

After the success of the inaugural event Carleton Village management have decided to make the Family Fun Barbeque a permanent event for the summer months.

The Family Fun Barbeque will take place in the Walled Garden of the Village from 5.30pm to 8.30pm on a Tuesday night, weather permitting, and if the weather is not suitable it will take place on the first available evening thereafter. With so much going on the Carleton Village Family Fun barbeque is sure to keep everyone entertained!

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Spuds, strawberries and CRY on the bridge

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal




TEL. 087 2073049

Bernard Wilkie Jewellers



M Ar y BlAck Friday, August 20th

8pm TickeTs €30 available at club Bar

2 TickeTs For


call Vince on 086 1732044 or 021 4811416


District Court Area of Midleton

District No. 20




TAKE NOTICE that the above-named Applicant of Bawnard West, Midleton in the County of Cork intends to apply to the District Court sitting at the Courthouse, Midleton in the County of Cork on the 16th Day of September 2010 at 10.30 a.m. (being the annual licensing court for the said court area) for the TRANSFER to her of the licence attached to the premises situate at Ford’s Bar, Mogeely, Castlemartyr in the County of Cork in the court area and district aforesaid, and which premises are presently licenced in the name of Caitriona Fingleton Dated the 5th day of August 2010

SIGNED:___________________________ COLM S. Ó’RIAIN & CO. Solicitors for the Applicant 4 Washington Street West, Cork. TO: Superintendent Garda Siochana, Midleton, Co. Cork

12 Main Street, Midleton Tel: 021 4631540

coBh GAA



WILLIE Linnane, a local farmer in the Clashmore area, has been plying his fruit and vegetable trade on Youghal Bridge for the past 31 years. The very best in potatoes, strawberries and freshly grown vegetables are on offer when Willie arrives with his marvellous foodstuffs, which sit in a colourful display looking out over Youghal Bay. Willie has his own regular visitors who would not dream of buying their veg from anyone else, but he also has a very busy passing trade where a stop for a chat and a break from the long drive is very welcome. JJ’s, the must-stop food cafe, is in close proximity to Willie, so drivers and passers by can avail of good hot coffee and food while Willie is wrapping their veggie produce. Willie recently decided it was time to give something back to his supporters and thus it was decided that a live outside Broadcast from CRY would take place, including good music, phone in requests and free giveaways provided by Willie. John Russell, well known and expert broadcaster, was delighted to go along on Sunday last to the Bridge, bearing all the necessary broadcasting paraphanaelia. For two and a half hours, John presented a most wonderful show, with hundreds of calls ins, texts and messages. The music was up to John’s usual very high standard, and many were the congratulations being sent in. John’s Show each week is sponsored by East Cork Motors.

At the end of the great show, the winners of the spuds, strawberries and various other prizes were announced and it was then time for Willie to pick up what was left of his produce, load it into his vehicle, and head for home, a very happy man.

And: The District Court Clerk, Courthouse, Youghal, Co. Cork And: The Chief Fire Officer, Cork County Council, Westpoint Business Campus, Link Road, Ballincollig, Co. Cork





TAKE NOTICE that the Applicant of Church Road, Upper Aghada, Whitegate in the County of Cork intends to apply to the Annual Licensing Court to be held at The Courthouse, Midleton in the County of Cork on the 16th day of September 2010 at 10.30 a.m. in the forenoon or so soon thereafter for the TRANSFER to the Applicant of the Seven Day Publican’s On-Licence attached to the premises known as “The Meeting Place” situate at 8/9 Connolly Street (also known as The Meeting Place & 6/7 Connolly Street), Midleton in the County of Cork in court area and district aforesaid. Dated this 3rd day of August, 2010 Signed:

____________________________ EDWARD O’MAHONY & CO. Solicitors for the Applicant, 22 Tuckey Street, Cork

To: The District Court Clerk, District Court Office, Youghal, Co. Cork

And: The Superintendent, An Garda Siochana, Midleton, Co. Cork And: The Chief Fire Officer, Cork County Council, Westpoint Business Campus Link Road, Ballincollig, Co. Cork

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Your Perfect Holiday at unbelievable prices!





“Includes continental breakfast & transfers to Universal’’



ADD ON ORLANDO FLEX TICKETS (SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure, Aquatica & Wet n’ Wild)

Flight Only Bourgas Grenada Apt 4*SC 6/5/4 Sh 2Bed Apt Happy Apt 4*SC 2Sh Studio Emerald Apt 4*SC 4/3/2 Sh 1Bed Apt Hotel Ivana Palace 3*+, BB Hotel Wela 4*, BB Hotel Chaika Beach 4*, BB Extras: €75 Tax + €20 Flight Supp ex Cork


Adult €215 Child (3-9) €199


Bulgaria Special Offers

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7 Night Southern European Cruise 17th June 2011 Price €1298.00 for the 1st person, 2nd person goes free! Price includes: 7 nights on board MSC Splendida from Barcelona. Ports of call: Marseille France, Naples & Palermo Italy, La Goulette Tunisia, Palma de Mallorca Spain MSC: Subject to availability- Terms & conditions apply. Prices based on Inside Cabin- 2 people sharing. Flights & gratuities not included.

Pre bookable Drinks packages available.

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2* Flor da Rocha Apartments S/C €549/€829 3* Presidente Apartments S/C €599/€859 3* Dom Pancho Apartments S/C €649/€899 4* Hotel Montechoro B&B €689/€999

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Includes: Return Flights, 7 & 14 Nights Accommodation & Return Transfers. Taxes and government levy not included.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


LAST Sunday night, the Shanagarry Blue Jeans Queen Festival reached a crescendo when Liz O'Brien, representing O'Brien's Skip Hire, was crowned as the festival's 2010 overall queen.


Liz takes over from the 2009 Queen, Amy Butler (who represented Thomas Tattan Photography) and was a worthy winner, chosen from what was, undoubtedly, one of the toughest competitions ever. But, we're starting at the end...

On Thursday night last, the Shanagarry 5k Road Race took place (see our sports section for full results), while on Friday night, 'Remonition' rocked out in the village.

Saturday saw an U8 Blitz in the morning, with a kiddies disco that evening.

And, on Sunday last, the Shanagarry Blue Jeans Festival crowned its first ever Blue Jeans Princess, Melanie Wilson, who held up admirably under the pressure of lots of people asking questions!

A pair of queens: Liz O'Brien, The Blue Jeans Queen 2010 with Amy Butler, 2009 Blue Jeans Queen who handed over her That evening, the Blue Jeans Queen crown last Sunday night Parade took place, with karaoke in the park and music by Bog The Donkey who, according to those present, had never, ever been better. But the night belonged to just one person: The newly crowned Shanagarry Blue Jeans Queen 2010, Liz O'Brien, who celebrated into the wee small hours with her family and friends. After all, what the queen wants...

Shanagarry's first ever Blue Jeans Princess, Melanie Wilson with the 2009 Blue Jeans Queen, Amy Butler and Katie O'Connell, former Blue Jeans Queen. (Photos: ProPhotoVision - visit us on Facebook today!)

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Liz O'Brien, 2010 Blue Jeans Queen with herproud parents,Tom and Helen

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

What a day for fundraising

Photos continued from last week

Sadhbh, Molly, Pa and Cathal Beusang

ON Sunday, August 1st, the Chernobyl Children’s Trust held their annual fundraiser on Connolly Street, Midleton, with food and entertainment provided all day from 2pm-9pm.

The day was well attended with an access of €3,300 raissed by the ‘Queens’ alone. Well done to all involved. ABOVE: Kayleigh, Hannah, Evelyn, Geraldine and Kaitlin really enjoyed the day Ryan Wolfe and James Moloney loved the face-painting on the day


A waxing auction finished off the fundraising to raise some extra money for the Queens

Edward, Regina, Deanna and Amy Brown

Emma Wolfe helps to throw teddies to the chilAlanna from Ballinacurra enjoyed her ice-cream dren. Emma won the giant bunny by successfully in the lovely weather that graced the day guessing his name, “Fluffy”

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

In The Driving Seat 45% of motorists Sensational would fail test RCZ on sale

Our regular motoring guide

THREE-QUARTERS of drivers think driving standards are declining, but only one-third think their driving is getting worse.

rent driving test if they retook it today.

What Car? has revealed that 45% of drivers would be likely to fail the practical part of the cur-

In a recent poll on, 75% of drivers said they thought driving standards were getting worse. However, only a third admitted that their driving had deteriorated. Driver error is at least partly to blame for a majority of accidents. What Car? put 20 readers of varying ages and experience through a practical driving test, with just over half qualifying for a pass mark.

A total of 15 minor faults are allowed, but one serious fault is an immediate fail. Of the 20 readers who took part, eight committed a serious fault, one clocked up more than 15 faults and two of them committed five serious errors. In total the 20 readers racked up a massive 277 minor faults, an average of just under 14 each. Steve Fowler, What Car? editor-in -chief said: "It is clear that, for some people at least, driving deteriorates over time. It is also clear that many drivers are not as skilled behind the wheel as they would like to think they are." Lack of observation was the number one fault with the test candidates, followed jointly by speeding and moving off unsafely.

AUTOBITZ * New and used parts for cars, vans, 4x4’s * Fitting and delivery service * Roadside recovery / service and repairs

Mechanical problems? we may buy your problem car for cash, so give us a call today

Ballinacurra, MIdleton, Co Cork 086 875 9367 086 o86 1994

THE award-winning Peugeot RCZ is now on sale in Ireland. The Peugeot RCZ was voted Most Beautiful Car of the Year at the 25th International Automobile Festival, by over 100,000 internet voters. It was awarded a red dot: Best of the Best 2010 award for outstanding design quality in the Automotive category earlier this year, and was also presented with the Fleet World Design of the Year in May. The much-sought-after sports coupe will retail in Ireland from €36,495, plus dealer delivery related charges.

There will be one trim level available, the RCZ Sport model with a choice of two high-performance engines: a 2.0 HDi 163bhp engine with six-speed manual gearbox (139g/CO2, Band 'B' road tax of €156) and a 1.6 petrol 200bhp engine with six-speed manual (159g/CO2, Band 'D' road tax of €447). The RCZ immerses the driver into a world of sport and luxury.

Standard comfort equipment on both petrol and diesel models will include Bluetooth and USB box, luxury leather upholstery, electric and sports front seats, auto headlamps and wipers, electrochrome rear view mirror, electric folding mirrors, front and rear parking aid, dual zone climate control aircon, electric front windows, alarm, cruise control with speed limiter, 18" alloy wheels, active rear spoiler, leather gearstick, stitched nubuck dash, remote stalk control radio, CD and MP3 player, carpet mats, aluminium door sills and double bubble roof. To enhance the driver experience, a sports pack will come as standard to Ireland to include a leather steering wheel, a sports steering wheel and short gear shift. The sports steering wheel is 362cm in diameter to offer optimal control.

Standard safety equipment includes ABS, ESP, traction control, electronic brake force distribution, brake assist, hill assist and four airbags.

Announcing the prices and equipment, George Harbourne, Peugeot's new Managing Director, said: "The Peugeot RCZ is a very special car that has attracted hundreds of enquiries through our website and Dealer Network. "The sports coupe arrives at a pertinent time when the rejuvenation of the Peugeot brand in Ireland is well underway and it will do much to raise our profile in a new segment for us.

"Whilst small numbers are currently available, production will free up for the Irish market in January and we expect to sell in the region of 200 units next year. "The bulk of sales will be the low emission 2.0 HDi diesel that qualifies for €156 annual road tax." Prices: RCZ Sport 2.0 HDi 163bhp: €36,495, RCZ Sport 1.6 petrol 200bhp: €41,495.

Unique Prize Drive announced by Mondello Park and Sheane Cars

MONDELLO PARK and Sheane Cars, Ireland’s most successful Racing Car Constructor, have announced the biggest ever Motorsport Prize to be made available in Ireland to novice racing drivers. For the first time drivers with no previous motorsport experience will be offered the chance to 'Become a Racing Driver' with the total prize package on offer valued at over €15,000. The 'Become a Racing Driver' competition will be run at Mondello Park over the remaining months of this year, with the winner walking away with the incredible chance to Race in the Irish Formula Vee championship, free of charge, during 2011.

As part of their prize the winner will have the use of a Sheane Formula Vee for all Mondello Park Formula Vee races during next season. The remainder of the prize package will see their car prepared, transported and maintained by the Sheane factory in Wicklow, while Mondello Park will provide free entry to races and test days, along with expert coaching and all of the racewear and other facilities required to go racing.

The competition is open to any driver who has completed a Mondello Park Motor Racing School course over the ten years in which the school has operated. Drivers will be required to enrol on a specially designed race school course, where they will receive tuition in a race prepared Mazda 3 Hatchback, before progressing on to a Formula Sheane single seater. Each competitor will be assessed throughout their course, and from each day that the course is run at least one driver will be selected to go forward to the second round. The cost for round one is a very affordable €235, while the final, will be free of charge for those selected.

Becoming the winner of this exciting prize will be tough. Drivers will be assessed by Mondello Park's expert panel of Motor Racing instructors as well as representatives of Sheane Cars. The panel will be looking for more than just speed. Drivers ability to follow instruction, drive consistently and safely, and to understand the theory behind the techniques they have been taught, will all be taken into consideration. For the final, PR will also be a factor as candidates will have to undergo an interview to assess their media abilities, as well as their suitability to represent both Sheane Cars and Mondello Park.

The 'Become a Racing Driver' competition is now open for entries and with more than 25,000 people having enjoyed the Mondello Park Motor Racing School experience there should be no shortage of takers. The competition will get underway during August and will continue through to the end of 2010.

Anyone interested in finding out more can get all the details at or by calling 045-860200.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

School’s out in Youghal...


A MYRIAD of blazing colours, feverish excitement, admiration, laughter, and a long red carpet Sophie, Lisa, Laura, which stretched from the gate enRebecca and Lorna trance to the doors of Club Aras, greeted those who came along to be part of one of the biggest youth events in the town each year - the Grads and Debs Ball 2010. Traditionally, family, neighbours and friends come along to admire the girls and give advice to the boys, and Friday night last August 6th, was no different. The large and spacious car park was alive with excited people and the beautiful dresses were worn with panache and flair. The guys did not let their side down either, looking resplendent in their dress suits and perhaps a trifle sheepish at the lavish admiration which they received.

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Anna Cronin and Chloe Lee

Sarah Bulman and Dean Murray

Sinéad O’Shea and Shane Coyne

Emily Buckley and Helen Lordan

The East Cork Journal was delighted to be present on such an exciting night, where a Champagne Reception greeted the Grads and Debs, served very efficiently by the dress suited and dickie bowed members of Youghal GAA, who went to enormous trouble to ensure their large Club Hall was turned into the best venue in town, befitting such an occasion. And it most certainly was.

Sarah Goggin with Adam Hehir

Lorraine Healy and Patrick O’Mahony

On a night that was balmy, warm and dry the celebrants stayed outdoors most of the time, enjoying the company of their friends and family, chatting and enjoying the attention. The Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork was the venue for the meal, and buses were laid on to and from the hotel by the organising committee. Stretch limousines, side car motorcycles and bedecked hackneys deposited the girls and boys to Club Aras for the commencement of an evening which was not only the end of one part of their lives, but the commencement of the next.

Club Aras, as a venue, is becoming more and more popular, and with the amount of effort and attention to detail which is put in by the members on every occasion, it certainly deserves support. The large, bright and airy hall, together with a spacious car park, and bar, makes it a very desirable venue for any type of entertainment . After many photographs had been taken, champagne sipped, congratulations given and accepted, and friends met and admired, the beautiful young people of Youghal 2010 stepped into their various transports, and were whisked……just like Cinderealla… the ball.

Patrick Quinn and Amber Hennessy

Gordan Aherne and Maeve Neville

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

A myriad of colours...

Shauna, Sarah, Emma, Aisling, Kate and Aisling

Mark O’Mahoney, Aoife Twomey, Aobhinn Hyland and Brian O’Neill are not feeling blue

Emily Buckley, David Byrne, Deidre Kelly and Conor Treacy

Kyle Cunningham with Siobhán Gallagher, Katie Murphy and Ann McCarthy

021 4638022

Sinéad McCarthy, Elaine Brooks and Melanie Clohessy

All photos available to buy

Rebecca Walsh and Kevin Flaherty

Kevin Lane and Shanise Daly

Kevin Conway and Cheryl Long

Lynn Leahy, Becky Popova, Aoife Twomey and Aisling Siuchrú

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

You shall go to the ball...

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Nikita Savage, Maeve Neville, Ciara McCarthy, Emer Kelly and Joanne Walsh

Eoin O’Mahony, Claire Healy, Monica Kirwan and John Prendergast

Lisa O’Sullivan and John O’Mahony

Bobby Whyte and Emer Kelly

Aisling Scanlan and Daniel Collins

Darren Curley, Bronagh Shuel, Mark Thuroe, Lucy Berry, Alan Sineád and Kevin McCarthy with Ellen Danagher and Trevor Flaherty Coughlan and Aisling Hayes

April Ledingham, Thomas Kelleher, Sarah Meade and Danny Lee Fitzgerald Robert Colman with Kate, Susan, Pat and Liz Grace

Karen Cronin and Ian Hennessy

Anna, Michaél, Sinéad, Ryan, Joanne and David

Adrian O’Neill and Naomi Roberts

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A magical musical evening at Ballymaloe with Pianist Vesselin Stanev and Flautist Eva Oertle


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

“He is not just a pianist but also a musician”: The critic who wrote that was referring to the virtuosity that is a central element in Bulgarian pianist, Vesselin Stanev’s, playing style. For a pianist whose essential influence was that of his teacher, Dmitri Bashkirov, at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, and hence, one who belongs to the Russian school of pianists, that comes as no surprise. Yet Vesselin Stanev aims beyond the acrobatic; his most important concern is the emotion he senses in the works, and tries to pass on to the audience using the means of his art. That is why Romantic compositions occupy a special place in his repertoire. It is also why his playing style has a suppleness and a richness of colour that point beyond pure virtuosity. They testify to an inward gaze-which is precisely the gaze of a musician. Vesselin Stanev has appeared in all the major European concert halls – the Wigmore Hall in London, the Alte Oper Frankfurt, the Leipzig Gewandhaus, the Salle Gaveau in Paris, and at the Vienna summer festival “Klangbogen”. Concert tours have taken him to Scandinavia, Russia, South-Eastern Europe and Japan, working with conductors such as Paul Daniel, Armin Jordan,

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Vesselin & Eva Alexander Lazarev, Hubert Soudant and David Zinman. Vesselin has just released Liszt’s Etudes d’exécution transcendante for Sony Classical and has also recorded for Bulgarian label Gega New. “A sound as soft as velvet, heartfelt bel canto, a great sense of empathy, and polished technique”—thus critics have written of the Swiss flautist, Eva Oertle. She is active as a soloist and chamber musician in Switzerland, Italy, and Germany and plays with such internationally renowned orchestras as Il Giardino Armonico and Al Ayre Español and works regularly with

Golden wedding anniversary for Castlemartyr couple

the Kammerorchester Basel and conductors such as Giovanni Antonini, Christopher Hogwood, and Ton Koopman. Eva Oertle studied at the conservatories in Fribourg and Basel with Janek Rosset, Felix Renggli, and Peter-Lukas Graf, among others, completing additional studies on the Baroque transverse flute at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis with Oscar Peter and in London with Rachel Brown, who is well known to Irish audiences. Now Eva pursues both contemporary music and performance on historical instruments, performing with the Brandenburgisches Streichorch-


ester, the Festivalorchester Davos, and the Schweizer Philharmonie amongst others. She has made numerous recordings for radio and television. The label Swiss Pan released her first CD in 2003. Vesselin Stanev and Eva Oertle perform a captivating programme including works by Donizetti, Liszt, Bonis, Reinecke and Schumann in The Grain Store @ Ballymaloe House on Thursday, September 2nd. Tickets €20 & €25 from 083036301468. More information available from

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Appointments 021 4621044 Robert Sullivan BSc. (Hons.) Podiatry, Cert LA, FSSCh., M. Inst ChP Dept. of Health Approved. Health Professions Council Registered.

Scorching new Mazda 2 for Carrigtwohill’s Deirdre as Midleton Credit Union gears up for 50th anniversary Summer Barbecue

BETSY and Edmond Forrest of Castlemartyr, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the Midleton Park Hotel, on Friday, July 23rd, with their daughters Mary Culliert and son Martin Forrest.

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Phone P. Jordan & Co. on 021 4631317 Mobile 087 2430500 Fully insured and bonded service

ON Saturday last, Deirdre O’Riordan, Carrigtwohill picked up the keys to her new Mazda 2 at O’Brien’s Garage, Midleton. Deirdre has won Midleton Credit Union’s most recent car draw and was delighted, as her own car had just gone to the garage to be fixed!

Deirdre is pictured above taking ownership of her new car from Philip O’Brien, O’Brien’s Garage, with her mum & dad, Mary & Richard as well as John Fenton, Manager, Kathleen Woulfe, Committee Member and Pat Burke, Midleton Credit Union. The draw took place in good time for Midleton & Carrigt-

wohill Credit Union’s 50th anniversary Barbecue, which is happening on Wednesday, August 18th at 7.30pm at the Midleton Park Hotel. Tickets for the barbecue are available at both Credit Union branches now. Runner-up in the draw was Olive Roche, Midleton, who picked up a cheque for €300; 3rd place went to Angela Cronin, Carrigt-

wohill who took home €100 and 4th prize was picked up by Edel Horgan, Midleton. Olive, Angela, Edel (and 5th - 7th prize winners, Charles Kelly, Glounthaune; Patrick Goldspring, Midleton and Christy Meade, Midleton) also received two tickets for Midleton Credit Union’s anniversary barbecue.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Waterford Way As you like it: Shakespeare for Lismore Castle With Declan Barron

Dungarvan Show back and better than ever

THE good weather helped to make this year’s Dungarvan Show one of the best ever as huge crowd journeyed to this year’s event. Cork was well represented in the winner’s enclosure, with Michael McGrath from Cloyne sweeping the boards in the dairy section, while Albert De Cogan from Castlemartyr took the honours in the Beef section.

Fine weather keeps the crowds at home

THE fine weather spell continues to keep the crowds at home, and once again this week the beaches in Ardmore and other seaside places were full of holiday makers. The first two weeks of August are traditional holiday time and with the recession biting deep many holidaymakers are again staying at home and journeying to local beaches, which is good for the local tourist trade.

Frank Colbert’s World Cup reports are great reading

ON Monday, August 16th, the 'Off The Ground' theatre company” presents William Shakespeare’s play 'As You Like It' at Lismore Castle. This is certain to be a well attended event which commences at 7.30pm. To book tickets call 058-54975 or 058-54424 to reserve your seat but tickets will also be available on the night.

Kevin Walsh Soccer Tournament finals kick off

ARDMORE native, Frank Colbert, now domiciled in South Africa, kept locals very much informed of goings on in the now almost forgotten World Cup. It was interesting to hear his views on how sport has brought South African people together through years of Apartheid, and while there is still massive poverty in a country full of riches the world cup has helped to raise the profile of the problems that exist. It was interesting to note, too, that as a GAA player interested in Soccer he, too, was almost an outcast as he went to view Soccer games in Cork and Waterford. Things have certainly changed in that respect, although the relationship at club level is courteous at best; there is still a huge gap as adults seek to control the children under their stewardship as the kids attempt to play various sports, including GAA and Soccer.

Ardmore GAA Camp next week

I HAVE been asked on a few occasions as to the date of the Ardmore GAA camp, as it appears to be causing some confusion. The camp will begin on next Monday, August 16th and go on for the week. With Waterford in action in Croke Park on Sunday, there may be a few tired souls reporting for duty on Monday morning, although I suspect that if Waterford win a visit from the County players may well be arranged. The camp costs €55 for one child and €100 for two children.

Modeligo Pattern on Friday, August 13th

THE annual Modeligo Pattern will take place this coming Friday evening so as not to clash with the Waterford game in Croke Park. As usual there will be plenty of activities in the sports field, with lots of fun activities for both children and adults. The evening will conclude with knees up in Deckie’s Bar with Music provided by “Sampson” and the biggest news of all is that admission to all the events is free, so there should be a huge turnout on Friday evening. Liam Kearney, Margaret Walsh and Derry O'Leary The Pa Roche team of local players who captured the plate competition, pictued at the Kevin Walsh Memorial competition pictured with Margaret Walsh after their 2-0 win over Araglin finals day in the Kevin Walsh Memorial Tournament THE Valley Rangers club in Conna hosted the second annual Kevin local side which included the impressive Elaine in attack, defeated Walsh, seven-a-side soccer tournament finals on last Saturday the team from Araglin in the final. evening. With over 300 participants the tournament was again a huge success as it commemorated young Kevin Walsh who was tragically Margaret Walsh, mother of the late Kevin, was on hand to present the killed in a car accident. Victory on the night went to the Pinewood prizes while Waterford United and former Valley Rangers player side that defeated the local shady characters side on penalties in the Liam Kearney was also on hand to lend support to this great event. cup final. There was joy, however, in the plate final as Pa Roche’s

Last out switches off the lights

WHILE Kilkenny may have looked awesome on Sunday last, this will not deter the Waterford fans who are expected to travel in their thousands to Croke Park for Sunday’s meeting with Tipperary. With so many local West Waterford players involved, it will be a case of last out switch off the lights, as a huge crowd is expected to travel for this game.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Making a splash at Ballymacoda Swim Week OVER 120 young boys and girls from the local parish and surrounding area took part in the much loved annual Irish Water Safety Swimming and Lifesaving classes at Ring Strand and Knockadoon Pier recently. Big crowds enjoyed the sun, sand, pleasant water temperatures mixed in with thunder showers /lightening to make it yet again a memorable week for all. Congratulations to all the prize winners in the sand castle competition on Wednesday, to all the individual award winners in each of the swim and lifesaving categories. Swim 1: Jacobeo Gilson Swim 2: Aine O'Mahoney Swim 3: Kate O'Connell Swim 4: Alice Irwin Safety 2: Orla McHugh Safety 4: Emma Fitzgerald Survival: Sean O'Connor Rescue 1: Aoife Finn


Aoife Finn was the winner of the Hayes Family Perpetual Cup at Ballymacoda Swim Week

OVER 12: 1st Dermot Finn / Kevin O'Sullivan 2nd Aideen O'Sullivan / Tadhg O'Mahoney 3rd Kate Finn / Hannah Casey

U12 : 1st Dara O'Sullivan / Orla McHugh 2nd Rebecca O'Brien/ Kelly Steele 3rd Aoibhe Joyce/ Karen Collins

U9: 1st Ciaran McHugh/ Tom Wall / John Millerick 2nd Aoife Higgins /Ciara Leahy 3rd Robert Sinclair/ George Sinclair U7: 1st Abigail Cody / Garrett Prenderville 2nd Sean O'Riordan / Mattew Ryan 3rd Fergal Danaher

U5: 1st Kate O'Brien / James O'Brien / Jack Finn 2nd Emma O'Brien / Eoin McGuckian / Hannah Oldacres 3rd Rosin Reilly / Faye O'Leary YOUNG AT HEART / BIG BABIES / ADULTS 1st Carrie Higgins / Jools Gilson 2nd Bridget Collins / Tom Steele 3rd Ann Leahy MOTHERS' RACE 1st Jools Gilson 2nd Imelda Cunningham 3rd Summi Cody FATHERS' RACE 1st Conor Wall 2nd Vittorio Gilson 3rd John Finn.

Shanagarry 5km road race

Katie O’Connor, Irish Water Safety Association (IWSA) instructor presents Emma Fitzgerald with her trophy


THE annual Shanagarry 5km road race, held as part of the Blue Jeans Festival, took place last Thursday, August 5th. This annual race is organised by Ballycotton Running Promotions (BRC) and is usually a low key event in comparison to other races held by BRC in the East Cork area. This year the numbers participating were only slightly down on last year, and this despite the fact that the race is sandwiched between a BHAA (Business Houses Athletic Association) 5km race in Ringaskiddy held on the previous evening, and a new race in Mitchelstown held on the following evening. There was a healthy turnout of 89, nonetheless, with a good sprinkling of locals who wouldn’t normally partake in road races.

The course was relatively flat with only one sharp incline to deal with after approx. 2 ½ miles. With the rain holding off and only a light breeze to contend with, many of the more seasoned athletes were hopeful of decent times.

IWSA instructors, Caoimhe & Katie and IWSA examiner, Richard with local co-ordinators Anne-Marie Griffin, Frances Cronin Aherne and Hannah Aherne

Sean O’Connor receives the Ballymacoda Community Council trophy from Francis Cronin Aherne

Junior hurling semi final preview

with Declan Barron

Dungourney v Midleton

SUNDAY AUGUST 15TH IN CASTLEMARTYR AT 3PM Dungourney will be hoping to reach the decider for the first time since 2006, and with a new Jamsey Kelleher Cup up for grabs this year, they would like

nothing better than to become the first holders. To do so they must first overcome Midleton in Castlemartyr on Sunday afternoon with a great game in prospect. Midleton fresh from their win over a fancied Erin’s Own side, will look to players such as Davy and Willie O’Brien, Michael Keohane, Aonghus Cotter, Cormac Walsh, Fergal O’Mahony, John Keane and Peter Smith to propel their challenge. Dungourney will

look to the Hegartys, Kellehers, Eoin Ahearn, Martin Wall, Brian Rodgers, Dara Ahearn and Shane Casey to see them through to this year’s final. It is a hard one to call but with Dungourney flying high at the moment I suspect that they might just come out on top, and if Castlemartyr were to win in the other semi final, then what a game would be in prospect in the final.

Once again local club, East Cork AC, were to the fore with the club filling the first 5 places – and this with a number of the club’s senior athletes currently on an end of season break. First across the line was local man, Sean McGrath in a time of 15.49 mins. Roy Fahy, also of East Cork AC, followed up his victory of the previous week in the Carrigtwohill 5km race and finished 2nd in 16.08 mins. The battle for 3rd place saw Eric Meade pull away from Denis McCarthy in the last half mile.

The womens race was won by Eibhlin Cleary, also of East Cork AC in 20.26 mins. This was Eibhlin first victory on the roads and will, hopefully, provide the springboard for future success. Sally Drennan of Midleton AC was a close 2nd, with Ann-Marie Perry 3rd.

The traditional road racing scene draws to a close in the coming weeks and the thoughts of most club athletes will soon turn to the cross country season or, alternatively, for some athletes the Dublin Marathon will be the target. With athletes from all East Cork clubs competing in both disciplines it promises to be a good Autumn of competition. A few dates of significance for the road racing scene are; Orla McHugh with the Hannah Aherne Perpetual Lifesaving trophy

Ardmore 5 Mile Road Race - August 13th John Hartnett Memorial 9.5 Mile Road Race – August 15th Ballycotton 5 Mile Road Race - August 26th Cork Half Marathon (Blarney) - September 12th.

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A sporting chance


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Whitegate welcomes Coastal Rowing Championships this weekend

CORK Harbour will be taken over by the sight of coastal rowers doing battle over the weekend of August 14th and 15th, when the All Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships will come to town.

Whitegate Rowing Club, in association with the Coastal Rowing Association, are delighted to announce the details of the upcoming All Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships which will be held in Lower Aghada, on Saturday, August 14th and Sunday, August 15th. The event organisers expect to attract over 2500 rowers from throughout Ireland, bringing significant economic benefit into the local economy.

The event will see competitors from the age of ten upwards taking to the seas to battle it out for the elusive All Ireland Gold Medal for themselves, their club and their entire community.

The event was last held in East Cork in 2004 and again it is Whitegate Rowing Club who were successful with their bid to host the event.

Lismore golf club Results

5/8/10: Open 18 Qualifier sponsored by Kelleher’s SuperValu 1st: Jim Fleming, (11) 38 Pts 2nd: Glen Fagan (11) 36 Pts CSS: 38 Pts 7/8/10 & 8/810: 18 Hole Stroke sponsored by Shamrocks G.A.A Club (G.O.Y)

At the launch Benny Deady, Chairperson of Whitegate Rowing Club said: “We in Whitegate Rowing Club are delighted to once again be bringing this prestigious event to Lower Aghada. Our committee has put in a huge amount of work over the past twelve months preparing for the event, and we trust that this will be one of the most successful events to date. We would also like to thank the Lower Aghada Tennis and Sailing Club and its committee, and local landowners who have been so supportive of this event and without whose assistance this event would not be going ahead.” The event will take place in Lower Aghada, with the Lower Aghada tennis and Sailing Club becoming the event centre for the weekend. On site there will be a catering marquee, together with a number of stalls selling other delights. There will be extensive car parking available in designated areas on the Whitegate side of the venue. At the launch Shane Russell, Chairperson of the Coastal Rowing Association, paid tribute to Whitegate Rowing Club for their effort and hard work over the

1st: Paul McCarthy (13) 60 2nd: Liam Carey (18) 63 3rd: Dave McGrath (15) 65 B9 CSS: 38 Pts


Thursday: Kelleher SuperValu Open Qualifier

14/8/10 & 15/8/10: 18 Hole Stableford Sponsored by Ann Tobin Bookmakers Our weekly competition, kindly sponsored by Shamrocks GAA club and one of our golfer of the year events, was won by 2007 President Paul McCarthy. Paul

past year preparing for the event. He said ‘an event of this size is an arduous task to be undertaking for any club, but Whitegate have shown that they are up for the challenge. This event is now considered one of the largest Coastal Rowing events in Western Europe, and it is fitting that it should be back in Cork Harbour to showcase what this harbour has to offer.’ ‘Not only is this about the Harbour area but it’s also about showcasing what East Cork has to offer, and we hope that our visitors will get a chance to take a look around at the many interesting places to see and things to do while in the area.’

As with any event of this size sponsorship is one of the key factors to holding it, and in this regard Whitegate Rowing Club are grateful for the assistance given by Conoco Phillips, Whitegate refinery, Bord Gais, Port of Cork, SECAD, East Cork Tourism and Trabolgan all of whom are partners for this event, and to all our other sponsors who have been supportive of our efforts, saad Benny Deady. played brilliant golf, carding a four over par round. Highlights of Paul’s round were birdies at the 3rd, 9th & 10th holes. Paul was two over for each nine, very impressive golf indeed. 3 shots further back, in second place, was Belvedere cup specialist Liam Carey. Liam played both nines 6 over, showing a great level of consistency. In third place, winning on countback, was 1996 Captain Dave McGrath. Out in 40 and back in 40 shots, this was again another consistent round. Dave won on countback from Tallow’s Trevor Sheehan. Also, congratulations to Ballinameela man Nicky Walsh for having a hole in one over the weekend. Nicky’s ace was achieved at the third hole.

The Events programme for the weekend is as follows:

FRIDAY, AUGUST 13TH 7.45pm: Opening Ceremony at Lower Aghada Tennis Club with Special Guest. SATURDAY, AUGUST 14TH From 8.30am, On The Heat races will take place. Crews will battle it out for one of the twelve final places. Throughout the day there will be various stalls on site and there will be live commentary of all races over loudspeakers.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 15TH From 9.00am on. Well, it’s Finals Day and over the next few hours the crews will battle it out for the All Ireland Titles. On Sunday evening the Seine Boat Race will also take place in the Harbour. The Seine Boiat is a Traditional Kerry Rowing Boat and is a spectacular view as all boats turn the same buoy. Closing Ceremony Will take place at the Lower Aghada Tennis Club. Its an event for all the family and everyone is welcome to come down to Lower Aghada to see what it’s all about and to join in the festival fun.

President’s Prize 2010

Time is fast approaching for our President’s Prize which will take place from August 20th to 22nd. Time sheets have now been posted in the clubhouse with the draw for playing partners taking place on Thursday 19th August at 9pm. President, John is urging all members to participate is this competition which is one of the highlights of the playing year for the male and female members.

Presentation of prizes will take place on Sunday evening, August 22nd. We look forward to seeing all members over that weekend on what should truly be a great weekend for the club.

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Lower Aghada Tennis East Cork Open

Lismore Youghal ladies Golf Club golf Ladies


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

THE big event in the Lower Aghada tennis calendar is fast approaching and final preparations are underway for the East Cork Open. The tournament begins on August 22nd with some matches being played on August 21st.

Everybody is welcome and encouraged to enter, with grades 1-6 catering for all standards. If you don’t wish to enter, but enjoy your tennis, come down during the week and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, food and some brilliant tennis.

The tournament can be found on and Entry forms are available in the club, with online entry available by emailing, with your all your details.

Any club members willing to give an hour or two over the tournament to help in the tournament office or kitchen please contact either, James Cooney (0872438390) or Declan Whelan Curtin (0851432064).

Open Season

Lower Aghada tennis is continuing to go from strength to strength with a string of semi-finals, finals and tournament wins. These include Semi-finals for Mary and Brian Barnes in Rushbrooke, Colm Burke Rushbrooke (singles), James Cooney and Declan Whelan-Curtin Rushbrooke. Finals for James Cooney and Declan Whelan-Curtin St. Anne’s, Trish O’Leary and James Cooney Rushbrooke and James Cooney Wexford Boat Club (singles). There were also victories for James Cooney in the Grade 5 Singles final in Rushbrooke, and a hugely impressive win for Jason O’Brien and Paul Kelleher in the delayed final of the Grade 3 men’s doubles final in Carrigaline.

The Lower Aghada grade 5 mixed doubles team have also booked themselves a place in the semi-finals of the Summer Cup with a brilliant 3-1 win away to Sunday’s Well.

Junior news

We have to congratulate two of our coaches, Jo-Anne Williamson and Cian Blake, firstly for being picked as a member of the Munster Inter-pro team and secondly, we have to congratulate them and the rest of the Munster team, for a historic win at the weekend in Dundalk, the first Senior Inter-Pro win for Munster in nearly 20 years. Our coaches success is mirrored by that of our juniors. Four of them have been selected for Munster Squads, Luke and Kate Obersby, Paul Hartnet and Mark Griffen. This is hugely impressive, and a clear indication of the dedication of our three coaches Jo-anne, Cian and Declan, as well as that of all the parents, but most importantly that of our four new squad members. We must also mention the recent success of Duncan Cronin and Kiran Lynch. Kiran won the Boys singles U12 final in the Junior South of Ireland Open Championships as well as the U14 Boys Doubles final. Duncan reached the final of the U18 Singles final while also winning the U18 Boys doubles final. Duncan also won the U18 Boys singles and U18 Boys Doubles in the Munster Junior Open. In the coming weeks they both will take part in the Junior Lawn Tennis Championships of Ireland which is held in Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club, Dublin.

The Irish Coastal Rowing Championships will be taking place in the Club this weekend, which means there will be no access to the Club House or courts for the duration of the event. Clubnight will also take a few weeks off to cater for the rowing championships and the senior open. However, the singles ladder is still up and running and can be found on the club notice board and online. All news and information about Lower Aghada Tennis and Sailing Club can be found on the Club Website as well as on our Facebook page, search for Lower Aghada Tennis.

If anyone has any new or information they want included on the website, facebook page or in the paper please contact James Cooney on 0872438390 or

1/8/10 & 4/8/10: BALLIN CUP, 18 HOLE GOY SPONSORED BY MARI MINA. 1st Patricia Bolger McCarthy (13) 39pts 2nd JoJo Tobin (23) 38pts

Well done to the AA Junior Club Foursomes team who defeated both Fermoy and Douglas in Tipperary on Saturday last to reach the final of this competition.

First out, Amanda Power and Mag Morrissey won 2-1, Brid Henry and Mary Beecher won 4-3 with Joan Cahillane and Bernie Burke called in at dormey 3.

This victory meant we had to field a team again in the afternoon against Douglas. On this occasion Marie Condon and Connie Dowd won 2-1, Anna Murphy and Siobhan Moroney won 4-3 with Katherine Moynihan and Gretta Barry called in down on the 16th. Once again the talent we have available in the club proved to be up with the best, and this team will now face Limerick in the final in Youghal on Friday, August 20th.


4/8/10 - Open 3ball Yellow Ball 1st Julie Coyne (5) Trish Landers (23) Breda O’ Donoghue (24) 80pts Youghal 2nd Margaret Campion (12) Ann Moynihan (8) Amy Arthur (12) 78pts Killarney 3rd Patricia Murray (27) Mary B. Walsh (12) East Cork, Martina O’ Halloran (19) Youghal - 77pts 4th Evelyn Fogarty (30) Ann Kelly (19) Teresa Burke (33) 77pts Bandon


11/8/10 - Open 3 Person Team Event 18/8/10 - Club Singles 25/8/10 - Members Day


2/8/10 & 3/8/10: OPEN 3BALL 1st Tony Coyne (11) Cha O’ Neill (21) Amanda O’ Neill Coyne (27) 67pts 2nd Stephen Hennessy (10) Patrick Collins (5) Brian Long (10) 66pts 3rd Lar Dunne (13) Cian Flavin (16) Clonmel, Brendan P. Murphy (18) 64pts

5/8/10 & 6/8/10: OPEN 3BALL 1st Liam Sloane (6) Richard Griffin (12) Michael Griffin (12) 84pts 2nd Jack O’ Donoghue (11) Joe Morgan (19) Bryan O’ Donoghue (11) 84pts 3rd Eugene Shiels (12) Billy Joyce (11) Eamonn Walsh (10) 82pts 7/8/10 & 8/8/10: OPEN 18 HOLES SINGLES VS. PAR 1st James Fogarty (17) 5 up 2nd Graham Barry (8) 5 up - Mahon Category 0-7: Conor Coyne (2) 1 up Category 8-13: Jimmy Mc Carthy (9) 4 up Category 14-18: John Dempsey (14) 5 up - Killeen Category 19+ Pat Bourke (24) 3 up Best Sat: Martin Canning (14) 4 up, Best Sun: Eugene O’ Connor (18) 4 up CSS: Sat - Level /Sun: 1 up.


12/8/10 & 13/8/10: CASA Golf Classic (Team of 3) 13/8/10 at 4pm: Open 13 Holes Mixed Foursomes 14/8/10 & 15/8/10: Open Singles President’s Prize Weekend, Mr. James Morey (36 Holes Stableford): 1/9/10 to 4/9/10/ Members please note that the timesheets for this competition will be available on Thursday, August 19th.

Cork Coastal Rowing:

8/8/10 & 11/8/10: 18 Hole Stroke, Medal 18/8/10: 9 Hole fun Competition 20/8/10 TO 22/8/10: JOHN MCGRATH’S PRESIDENTS PRIZE TO LADIES AND GENTS Timesheet is now up for this. are of the Our 9 Hole Stableford Ongoing Bottle Competition continues. Mixed Golf Friday 6.30pm. THE Cork Coastal Rowing Association Clubs had a great day out on the water in Cuskinny last Sunday week. This Regatta was a fixture which was rerun due to very The Desperate Housewives Competition poor weather last month. It was a very early start with Mixed Vets out on the water goes ahead every Monday night at for the first race at 7.30am. The early start did not dampen the competiveness be6.30pm for any ladies are interested in tween the clubs on the water. There was a very close finish between Passage West and taking up, or just trying out the game. No Rushbrooke for first and second place, while third and fourth place was extremely pressure, just fun for all, followed by a close between Whitegate and Crosshaven. The Senior Mixed was race number two cuppa. and this, too, was tightly contested and won by Rushbrooke over Passage West. Both Under 18 races were run concurrently with both Rushbrooke crews finishing in Newcomers welcome. first place. There were quite a number of adult races with crews competing stroke for stroke over the finish line, resulting in a number of photo finishes. The Pre Vet Mixed Junior girls are catered for on Monday race was another of these, with first place being decided on the last stroke to Passage mornings, with Junior boys on Tuesday West. mornings. At this stage of the season our juvenile crews are coming into their own, and their style and confidence on the water is really coming together. Rushbrooke’s Under 12 beginners rowed a very good race, while Blackrock’s Under 14 beginners rowed a very confident race taking first place. All of the Under 14 girl’s crews got off to a very even start, with Rushbrooke coming out on top after the turn with Whitegate and Crosshaven fighting it out for second and third positions. Passage West’s Under 14 boys look unstoppable this summer, with a super strong crew winning the Under 14 and Under 16 boy’s categories.

Rushbrooke Club




TUESDAY OPEN SINGLES: 1st E O’Sullivan (12) Rafeen Creek 41pts 2nd E McKever (6) Cobh 40pts 3rd S Madden (22) Frankfield 40pts, CSS 37pts.


Wednesday, 11/8/10: Open Singles Fri, Sat & Sun: Inv. Singles.

The Under 16 girl’s race was an excellent sight on the water, with the girls from Rushbrooke winning in very convincing style. The whole day was full of exciting and very tight races with a number of them resulting in photo finishes or being decided on the final stroke of the oars. This is Rushbrooke’s third attempt this season at running a championship regatta, and while it was a very early start it was over just shortly after lunch time. For sure the Cork rowing clubs are fighting fit, and ready to take on what the rest of Ireland has to offer in two weeks time at the All Ireland Championship Regatta. This regatta will be run over the weekend of 14 and 15 August, in Lower Aghada and hosted by Whitegate Rowing Club. The outstanding races from the County Championship Regatta will be run off next Saturday afternoon on Cuskinny beach. Full results, photo selection and regatta details are available on the Cork Rowing Association’s website:

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Double sports winners in Dungarvan Tony & Tom cinch July award


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Week In Sport with Declan Barron

Kilkenny look unbeatable

THE Park Hotel Sports Star of the month is shared by Waterford’s star defender, Tony Browne and Cappagh born jockey, Tom Queally. During the month of July, Tom Queally had two Group I wins, riding for Henry Cecil. He won the Eclipse Stakes on Twice Over, and took the Nassau Stakes at Glorious Goodwood riding Midday.

Tony scored that remarkable late goal for Waterford to secure a draw in the Munster final, and in the replay again had an outstanding game in Waterford’s victory over Cork. This was

An Bol Chumann

East Cork region

FIXTURES: 14/8/10 in Cloyne at 6pm, Christy Coleman Cup: Gerry Greenee vs. Tony Murphy. 15/8/10 IN COBH: Christy Coleman Cup at 11.30am John Walsh vs. Liam Dennis Paddy Hennessy Cup at 12.30pm Tommy Sexton vs. Leo Hegerty.

RESULTS Killian Kingston won the All-Ireland Junior A Title when he defeated Fergal Donnelly by a bowl of odds in Armagh. There was no stake in this contest. Paddy O’Donoghue of Fermoy and formerly of Midleton, won the Intermediate All-Ireland Final in Armagh. He defeated Conor McGuigan in the last shot for no stake. Carmel Ryan, Carrigtwohill, was defeated by Kelly Mallon in the All-Ireland senior women’s final. She lost by a full throw for a stake of €18,000. John Butler, Carrigtwohill, the East Cork Novice One Champion, lost his County Quarter-Final score in Rylane.

At the same venue, our novice two champion, Tadgh O’Driscoll, won his Quarter-Final Contest.

Tom Queally’s fifth monthly Park Hotel award, while Tony has four monthly Awards. Pictured above at the awards presentation are David Livingston, GM,. Dungarvan Park Hotel, Bernie and Declan Queally who accepted the award on behalf of their son, Tom, Tony Browne, award winner, Tony Browne Snr. and Neil Gough and John A. Murphy, adjudicators. (Photo: Sean Byrne, Deise Media)

Corkbeg pitch & putt

ONE of our biggest competitions of the year, The Captain’s Prize, was played for on the bank holiday weekend.

Scores were very good and competition was keen. Paudie O’Neill emerged from the pack on Monday to record two excellent scores to win the Captain’s prize with 81 nett. This two round score included a magnificent 47 gross.

The overall gross was very close with eventually Colm O’Shaughnessy edging out Victor McDonald courtesy of better back nines. Colm had an excellent gross score of 94. Victor won the senior nett with 92.

Intermediate Nett was won by the consistent Redmond Walsh with 89. Tim Horgan produced some excellent pitch and putt to win the Junior Nett with 84, just edging out Eddie O’Brien.

Redmond Walsh defeated Paudie O’Neill in the final of the President’s Prize last Saturday.

Other recent results:

8/6/10: 1st Nett: Colm O’Shaughnessy & Noel Kirby 1st Gross: Scott Garde & Mick O’Halloran 2nd Nett: Victor McDonald & Tim Horgan 8/8/10: 1st Nett: Tim Horgan & Mick Fenton 1st Gross: Con Shanahan & Mick Barrett 2nd Nett: Eamon Aherne & Joe Carlile

There were hole in ones at the weekend for Victor McDonald, Ken O’Connell and Terry Dunne.

Fixtures: There will be competitions on Friday night at 7.30pm, and Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm.

The first two rounds of the Tom Broderick Memorial Scratch Matchplay take place on Sunday at 10.30am.

LAST week I predicted that Cork would be able to put it up to Kilkenny, but after Sunday’s wipeout it is hard to see anyone coming near to this Kilkenny side who appear to be getting stronger each season.

For Cork to challenge one felt that they would have to get goals, but instead it was Kilkenny who were to put the issue to bed early on, with two first half goals added to a succession of points, as they had victory secured by half time. It bodes badly for either Tipperary or Waterford who meet in the second semi final on this coming Sunday as, in this mode, Kilkenny look unbeatable.

Will it be Tipperary or Waterford?

With the possibility of a Munster All Ireland pairing now out of the way the eyes will be on both Tipperary and Waterford to see who will have the daunting task of facing Kilkenny in this year’s final.

Bearing in mind that you have to be in it to win it, both sides will surely serve up a good game on Sunday. Tipperary, who lost by just two points to Kilkenny in last year’s decider, will be itching to get another crack at the Cats and they will be seen as the strongest challenger to the champions.

Waterford, on the other hand, are Munster champions and as such will have a decent chance of making it back onto the biggest stage. Whether either county can lower Kilkenny’s colours in the final is for another day, and on Sunday the only thing on their minds will be reaching this year’s decider.

Community Shield win for Manchester United

Manchester United claimed the first silverware of the new season with a comfortable 3-1 win over Chelsea at

Wembely on Sunday. Goals from Antonia Valencia in the opening half and new signing Hernandez and Berbatov in the second half sealed a victory with Salmon Kalu replying for a Chelsea side that saw Michael Essien back in action. The new Premiership season kicks off this coming weekend and fans now look forward to another action packed campaign, as all of the old rivals face up to one another.

The meeting of Arsenal and Liverpool on Sunday will probably be the pick of the weekend action, but other games to look forward to are Chelsea v West Brom, Tottenham v Manchester City and the Monday night meeting of Manchester United and newly promoted Newcastle United.

Championship action resumes in Cork

Many of the Cork players who lost out to Kilkenny on Sunday will be back in action for their clubs this weekend as there are some great games down for decision. Clubs will have been preparing without their county players, and with matches fixed for just a few days after the county team play, clubs will have little time to prepare with full panels.

The championship is now the priority for all clubs and with elimination now the result of losing every match, we are certain to see some exciting games.

The previews are elsewhere in the paper, but from a supporter’s point of view the return to championship action is to be welcomed.

Champions survive in football

Reigning county football champions, Clonakilty, were put to the pin of their collar by Ilen Rovers in the 4th round on Saturday evening.

Clonakilty had just a single point to spare in a 2-7 to 0-12 victory with Ilen Rovers passing up the chance of victory with some poor finishing, as the champions managed to survive.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


All aboard for Aghada Anglers THE inaugural Martin O’Brien memorial boat festival was held on Saturday, July 31st and Sunday, August 1st and was organised by Rosie’s Sea Angling Club, Lower Aghada.

12 small boats and 28 anglers fished the event which is in memory of Martin O’Brien a local man who died suddenly and unexpectedly at the young age of 34 years.

The weather on Saturday was fresh westerly winds which meant restricting the anglers to the confines of Power Head and The Smiths. The weather on Sunday was perfect, a very light breeze and sunshine meaning the anglers were free to fish wherever they liked. The competition had over 40 prizes, with prizes for the most species caught each day, the heaviest round fish and flat fish over the two days, the heaviest of ten nominated fish etc. The winning boat was the one with the most different species caught over the two days and competition was stiff. Many local boats took part along with boats from Fermoy and Waterford. There were anglers from Dundalk, Carlow and four very experienced anglers from the UK who took advantage of the facilities of a free boat from The Bella Vista Hotel in Cobh. The anglers donated €120 to the RNLI.

Martin Rayner & Siert Shultz, winners of the boat competition

Andy Lunt Plaice & Ballan Wrasse

The prize fund was estimated at €1500 but due to the generous support of the sponsors, for which we are extremely grateful, over €1,800 was paid out. Overall 28 different species of fish were caught over the two days. We are optimistic that next year’s festival will attract more boats.

Sponsors of the event included Rosie’s Bar, Lower Aghada; Pepperstacks Bistro, Lower Aghada; Michael McCarthy, Lower Aghada; Paddy O’Shea, Post Office Upper Aghada; Long Point Pub, Whitegate; Aidan McCarthy, Rostellan; Ritchie Urwin, Finure Whitegate; Maurice Cott, Whitegate; Pier Garage, Lower Aghada; TK’s Restaurant, Whitegate; Ashley Archer, Whitegate and McDonald Agricultural Contractors. The winning boat whose name will be engraved on a beautiful silver perpetual trophy, was ‘Screeming Reels’ from Rosie’s Sea Angling Club. The team of Martin Rayner and Siert Shultz caught an impressive total of 21 species over the two days. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Screeming Reels Bella Vista 4 Wimps Apollo Predator2 Ohana Bella Vista 5

A Blonde Ray aboard Predator II

Maurice O'Keeffe, Ryan O'Keeffe and Kevin O'Sullivan

Ray Donnelly & Lar O'Brien

21 species 20 species 19 species 19 species 17 species 17 species

The presentation was held on Sunday evening in Rosie’s where Martin’s parents, Lar and Margaret, attended to present the prizes. A special thanks to Martin and his staff at Pepperstacks Bistro for staying on late and laying on the food. There was great craic all evening, and Rosies Sea Angling Club would like to thank all involved for their help and support.

Kieran O'Keeffe returning a live Dogfish

Donal Domeney

Willie O’Connor

Eddie Desmond

Lar and Margaret O’Brien

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Super soccer stars abound in East Cork All photos available to buy 021 4638022

THE East Cork Super Cup 5 aside Tournament took place on Saturday, July 24th at Midleton F.C. allweather pitches. Award presentaion was held afterward in Wallis' Bar, Midleton, with music and spot prizes (Photos: Declan Barron)

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Five fighting for goals in Midleton

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Nanos Beauties team overall tournament winners

Barry McMahon, one of the organisers, and the lads enjoying the craic

Brendan Nagle from the Nano's receiving the trophy from Seamus Cunningham, proprietor of Wallis’ Bar, sponsors

Captain of the winners of the plate team, Kelvin Kruschel receving the cup from Seamus Cunningham

Mark Duggan John Mallon, two of the organisers

Graham O’Neill, Player of the Tournament, receiving his prize from Seamus Cunningham

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


WITH the season just over a week away to kickoff, the season is starting to heat up with clubs busy playing tournaments and challenge games for the past three weeks. Indeed, we are aware of some clubs who have already played three games, and this is a good pointer to how serious clubs are planning for the coming season.

Last week we travelled to Galway with the U13 teams as they competed in the Umbro Cup. The WWEC schoolboys had two teams competing in the various competitions. There were 31 boys in the squad of the two teams, under the management of Vinny Coonan, J P Carey and Michael Looby.

The tournament was once again held at Salthill Devon magnificent complex on the outskirts of Galway, with four games taking place on wonderful and manicured pitches at the one time.

The elite team kicked off on Wednesday morning with an early kick off of 9.30am. The Galway league provided the opposition, and after a cracker of a match the home league won by 2 goals to nil. The 2nd Galway goal was featured on the sports programme on Thursday night on RTE.

Oxford was the next side to play and, leading by 2 goals to nil at the break, the WWEC side seemed to be heading for a deserved victory. Unfortunately, the English side came roaring back to score four times in the 2nd half, thus ruining the WWEC hopes of coming out of a very tough group. In the Plate semi final they lost to Clare by 3 goals to 2 goals, with the sides deadlocked as we entered the final three minutes, but unfortunately conceded a penalty which Clare scored. The B team had a very good draw with the hosts, Salthill Devon, 1 goal each, and then in the semi final drew with North Tipperary after a scoreless encounter, but lost the penalty shoot out.

While the results did not go the way of the WWEC, there were many excellent displays by individuals, and over all, while disappointed, the management and team and the parents can be proud of themselves. We will leave the report of the entire week to the underage reporting, and just give our own personal account for the short time we were present.

We had to make a dash across the centre of the country to Dublin for the opening of the Aviva Stadium on Wednesday night. Having been in the stadium twice already, this was our first time seeing the stadium with almost 50,000 present. The visit of Manchester United to play the Airtricity League was a wonderful fixture to open the venue with, as the visitors are probably the most supported team in Ireland. With the likes of John O Shea as captain, Wayne Rooney, Vidic, Smalling, Owen, etc all playing, the visitors had most of their top players in action. While the Airtricity side were out classed, losing by 7 goals to 1 goal, the Irish score coming from former Waterford player, Dave Mulcahy, the occasion itself was a credit to the FAI.

The stadium is one of the finest in the world, and with Croke Park, Ireland now have two of the best stadia in the world. Alec Ferguson, in an interview after the game, said the medical room in the stadium is the best he has seen anywhere in the world, and he should know. We met our old adversary, Johnny Matthews just before he received his award as an Airtricity Legend. Johnny holds the honour of winning seven league titles, six with Waterford and one with Limerick. We shall write on Johnny’s contribution to the game of soccer in the next few weeks.

Overall, the Aviva Stadium is a magnificent stadium and as we wrote, a credit to everyone involved. The FAI and the IRFU, both had the vision

The Pinewood side who won the Kevin Walsh Memorial Tournament Final

to plan the stadium, and of course now all those at all levels of the game, have bought tickets for the stadium. We all look forward to the future internationals, especially the first international which is this Wednesday, when Argentina are the visitors.

Team of the Year

At the end of any sporting season, in any code or discipline, many scribes or PRO’s as ourselves, attempt to select the best players we have seen through the season. For the past two weeks we have written of the teams that competed in the two divisions of the league and gave our views and opinion of each team. As we wrote, we were not commenting in any critical way. This week we are naming our best eleven players from the two divisions, as we saw them, and we know as usual there will be plenty who will disagree with our selection. We know the banter our selection will create, and with only a week to go to kick off, everyone has had plenty of time to think of the last season. Our selection is 4-4-2. We commence with our goalkeeper, and we have no hesitation in selecting Kieran Cotter of Blackwater. Kieran is, without doubt, the best keeper in the league, and is every bit as comfortable playing in the back four as well.

Our two full backs are Alan Landers and Dave Horgan. Both are left backs, but in our eyes are the best full backs in the league. Both were outstanding, with Alan Landers, Mr. Dependable for the side that won the cup. Dave was likewise for Mogeely and could also slot into mid field when required.

Our two selected centre halves also played midfield for their clubs when required. Brendan Landers was selected as the player of the year in the 1st division by the referees, and we would not question that selection. Leonard Byrne is a player we have always said is better at the heart of the defence than anywhere else, although he has played midfield and as a striker for club and league, and is known for his scoring ability from set pieces.

Pictured at the Umbro Galway Cup are WWEC Coaches Vinny Coonan and JP Carey with RDO Michael Looby and Munster FA Chairman Paddy Pollard

Our mid field was not easy as there were plenty of players for the four positions. However, we selected Paudie Lynch and Paul O’Brien on both wings as both played tremendous football for their clubs and also scored regularly from those positions. In the middle of the park we have Noel Early and Keith Landers. Both players give their all, and will drive their team forward at all times, and either one will play in front of the back four, while the other will act as a third striker when required. The two strikers took us a while to select. Having seen every team in the league play more than once,

and some teams, especially in the cups, saw them on four or five occasions, we came up with two players who could score when their club needed the score. Ethan Hayes is, for many, one of the best strikers in the game and we agree, while Tomasz has the class and skill to turn a game in minutes and we believe if both were in the one team, the goals would flow. Well, that is our selection and we know there are players unlucky not to be in that selection, but unfortunately there are only 11 players in a team and the side we selected is, in our eyes, the best we have seen the past season.

Team: K Cotter ( Blackwater), A Landers (Blackwater), L Byrne (Inch), B Landers (Lismore), D Horgan (Mogeely), P Lynch (Kilworth), N Earley (Mogeely), K Landers (Brideview), P O’Brien (Brideview), E Hayes (Mogeely), Tomasz (Brideview).


This is a reminder to all clubs and individuals who wish to take up refereeing, that a beginner’s course will be held this Saturday, August 14th and Sunday, August 15th at Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork.

The course will be conducted by FAI Referee Assessor, Brian O’Regan. As there are 20 teams competing this season in the WWEC League, 10 referees will be required each weekend to officiate at the 10 league games. As well as the junior games at the weekends, there will be youth games on Saturdays and also schoolboy games requiring referees. Junior Fixture Secretary, Noel Hegarty and Schoolboy Fixture Secretary, Vinny Coonan, will need referees to cover all fixtures each weekend, and both will be delighted to have new referees on board. As this is the last Beginners Course before the start of the season, this is a final opportunity for those wishing to become whistlers. Those interested are asked to contact Len Fraser at 086 3173150 ASAP.


Clubs are reminded that application forms for the FAI Junior Cup must be with the FAI Abbottstown on or before August 31st, or clubs may send the application form and fee to the WWEC Hon Sec before Wednesday, August 25th for delivery to Abbottstown by August 31st.

Clubs have already been informed that no applica-

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

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tions will be accepted after the appointed date.


All clubs wishing to participate in the Munster Junior Cup and the Munster Youth Cup must have their application forms and fees with the League Hon Secretary by Wednesday, August 25th or sent directly to Turner’s Cross on or before September 1st. Again, clubs please note, there will be no applications accepted after September 1st.


As we announced in our notes a few weeks back, Jake Beecher, Brideview, will be representing the WWEC Junior League at the

official opening of the AVIVA Stadium this Wednesday night when Ireland play Argentina in the 1st international at the new stadium. Jake will be one of 160 children on the pitch prior to the kick off, and this is a wonderful honour for Jake and his family, as well as the Brideview club. Indeed, the past week has been a busy week for Jake, as he was part of the WWEC U13 squad that spent the week in Galway competing in the Umbro Cup, and this week sees him in Dublin for what can only be described as a memorable occasion. Argentina reached the last eight in the recent World Cup and is bringing their top players to Dublin to play the opening international. We look forward to seeing household names such as Messi, Tevez, Mascherano, Milito and Higuan, to mention only a few, playing against the Irish, an Irish team that we all feel should have been in Africa in the World Cup themselves. A big

disappointment is that Maradonna will not be managing the Argentines, as he has parted company with the Argentinean Football Association over the make up of his back room staff. Former international, Sergio Batista, will manage the team in Dublin as caretaker manager. We wish Jake and his family the very best in Dublin tonight, Wednesday.


The next Delegate Meeting of the WWEC will be held at Lismore House Hotel on Monday, September 6th, commencing at 8.30pm.

Kevin Walsh Tournament

Pinewood defeated a local Valley Rangers selection on penalties in the final on last Saturday evening.

Youghal’s Haiti 5 a-side

Youghal’s Jess stars for Cork soccer U15s

CORK U15 girls lost out narrowly in the final of the Loch Lomond Soccer International Tournament when they were beaten on penalties. Jess Lawton, who plays for Youghal United, had three very impressive group games on the left of midfield for Cork, who won all three games leading to the final when they beat Falkirk 2-1, Forfar 3-1 and Hibernians 32. After a very hard fought game against a very strong Cestria side with three Scottish international players, the game went to a penalty shoot out with no goals after extra time and the home side narrowly winning 5-4. It was a great achievement by the girls, as it was the first time a Cork team took part in the competition. Jess did her club very proud in her displays and has a very promising career ahead of her with Youghal United and, perhaps, further afield.

Clashmore Ramblers

THERE was a €10,000 giveaway last week for the lotto. There was no jackpot winner so the money was divided among the following: Angela O Loughlin from St. Raphael’s in Youghal won €2,500; Ann, Mike and Aishling from Aglish collected €1,500 and a further 6 prizes of €500 and a further 12 prizes of €250 were also given out on the night.

Soccer Club lotto results

RONAN Arundle from Cork Hill in Youghal is a bricklayer who has a little time on his hands. Living in Ireland, he said we do not have the horrors of earthquakes, tSunamis or Volcanoes and life is pretty good for most people. So Ronan decided it was time for him to do his turn for the people of Haiti, and try to give something back. He contacted his friends in Youghal United Football Club, who were delighted to offer their superb facilities for a 5-a-side weekend of soccer, with all donations to be given for the Haiti trip.

Saturday and Sunday last, August 7th and 8th were the designated dates for the sponsored soccer, which received great support from many of the people of Youghal and surrounds. Five a Side soccer is normally played at night, but in brilliant sunshine on Saturday morning last twelve teams took to the grass in their efforts to win this prestigious event. Play went on all through the morning and afternoon, after which time the semi finals and finals would be played on Sunday.

Who’s the man?! Brian Fitzgerald scored a fantastic goal

Eventually, after a great spate of goals and tackling, fun and pokes, the winning team was the delighted Michael Farrell’s team of Summerfield, who defeated – only just – the runners up team of JD’s (A). Ronan thanked sincerely YUFC for the use of their superb facilities, Kamel of SuperMacs Youghal who was their Main Sponsor, and to all the guys who came along to play the five a side soccer tournament. Also to the officials, referees, Ken Hennessy, Kieran Griffin, Emmett

Perry and Finbarr Gallogly without whose support the event would not have been a success.

It was a weekend of marvellous fun, of friendship, of getting in a little training and, for many, a chance to play a sport they normally don’t play at all. But this was no joking event – all were serious about winning, and about raising as much money as they could for Ronan Arundle,who is on his way in October to help with the rebuilding of Haiti. -Denise FitzGerald

Mogeely FC to start underage soccer following summer camp success

FOLLLOWING on from the success of their recent Summer Soccer Camp (where over 70 children learned new soccer skills), Mogeely FC will now begin training for underage soccer. For more details, please contact Gary on 086-8097247or email or call Ger on 086-1938693. AKick Start coaching course is also on the (not red) cards, running on August 27th and 28th in Castlelyons, and in Cappoquin on September 17th & 18th, please contact Gary at the above numbers.

The first day of this Kick Start coaching course commences from 7pm to 10pm, and day 2 runs from 9am to 3pm. The cost for same is €45. Names in as soon as possible please, as places are limited.

Midleton FC Festival of Football THE Midleton FC Festival of Football began with the Barry Wall Junior Cup on Tuesday last, August 10th with matches as follows: Brooklodge vs. Midleton Carrigtwohill vs. Churchvilla St John Bosco vs. Springfield Corkbeg vs. Cobh Wanderers

The Senior Competition will kick off on Thursday, August 12th.

Midleton Festival of Football Senior Invitation Cup fixtures:

Midleton vs. Casement Celtic Cobh Wanderers vs. Leeds Matches take place at 7pm at Knockgriffin Park. Final and 3rd place play off take place on Sunday, August 15th, 11am.

Summer Camp kick off The The FAI summer camp for boys and girls kicks off this week at Kieran Knockgriffin Park. This season, 165 will be taking part at the Midleton venue making this camp the biggest in the country. Harte camps are on at 10.30 am daily and started on Monday last, at Memorial Cup: All Knockgriffin Park, and will run until Friday, August 13th. Thank you The FAI Camp will take place this year in close to 300 venues nationwide, so the boys and girls from all over Midleton and East Cork this week will have the most fun filled and action packed summer from the camps in Ireland. Harte family Lotto THE family of Kieran Harte would sincerely like to thank Peter Queally, Youghal Garda Station for organising the Kieran Harte Memorial Cup match at Ardrath Park, Youghal recently, where Gardaí from Youghal took on their counterparts in Pearse Street Garda Station. Many thanks to all who played or supported this memorial game.

Results for Thursday, August 5th. The numbers drawn were 2, 3, 6 and 9. There was no winner. Bonus jackpot of 1,000. The numbers drawn were 4, 14, 19 and 24. There was no winner. Lucky dip winners who each receive €20 were, Dan Cashman (Junior team), Eddie Wiggins, Mary Mottalebi (Pa), C. Keohane (Ger), Eugene Fitzgerald (Breda), Caroline Collins (Pa), Marie Rohan (Pa), Seán Burke (J. O’Brien), Maureen Laffan (C. Desmond) and Katie, Lucy, Alex and Dillon (Bawney). The next lotto draw will take place this Thursday, August 12th, at the Club House, Knockgriffin Park, Midleton at 9.30 pm for a jackpot of €8,750.

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Baile na Corra Castlemartyr Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Junior Hurling League Ballinacurra 1-19 Dungourney 0-5 THE Village banished the ghosts of the heartbreaking defeat to Doneraile in the County Championship with an emphatic victory over Dungourney in the league on Tuesday of last week.

Damien Daly got Ballinacurra off to the perfect start with a point in the 1st minute when he cut in from the right hand side and split the posts with a fine effort. Two minutes later Dungourney equalised, but from there on in it was all Ballinacurra. Vincent O’Sullivan, who rolled back the years with a vintage display in midfield, soon had Ballinacurra back in front with a monstrous point on five minutes. In the 8th minute a ball from the aforementioned Vincent O’Sullivan found Tony Connolly who made the most of his opportunity to fire over another point. The only goal of the game came in the 10th minute when a great Scott Richards run down the left hand side, found an unmarked Damien Daly who, in turn, dispatched the ball to the net to leave The Village 5 points up. A sideline cut by Vincent O’Sullivan in the 16th minute eventually found its way to Damien Daly who fired over. A minute later Dinny McCarthy got his name on the scoresheet when he won a long ball and again pointed. Two frees by Scott Richards in as many minutes put Ballinacurra nine points up after 22 minutes. In the 28th minute, Ger Healy found himself totally unmarked, steadied himself and fired over. Vincent O’Sullivan got the final score of the first half with a fine point in the last minute of the half to leave The Village up by 1-9 to 01 at half time. A mini revival by Dungourney in the opening minutes of the second half saw them score three fine points to give them some glimmer of hope. However, Ballinacurra were having none of it and took over from the 11th minute when Scott Richards pointed, while Ger Healy got his second of the game a minute later. A free won by Vincent O’Sullivan was pointed by Scott Richards in the 15th minute. A minute later Scott cut in from the left hand side and popped the ball over the bar. Three points in as many minutes from Damien Daly (2) and Scott Richards had The Village fifteen points up with ten minutes remaining. Ballinacurra scored another point in the 24th minute from a ‘70’ by Scott Richards in the 24th minute, before Dungourney replied a minute later. Points by Tony Connolly and Scott Richards finished off the scoring for The Village in an all round resounding victory.

Best for The Village on the night were Steve Kane, Trevor Richards, Vincent O’Sullivan and Damien Daly.

TEAM: M O’Sullivan, M O’Meara, T Richards, S Kane, T O’Meara, I Cahill, T Costigan, V O’Sullivan, T O’Leary, D. McCarthy, K Harty, G Healy, D Daly, T Connolly, S Richards. SUBS USED: R Keohane and A McCarthy

Recycling Drive

Ballinacurra GAA Club has launched a new recycling drive in conjunction with Midleton area Meals on Wheels. All funds raised will be used to support activities in the area. A drop centre will operate from the club grounds at Geragh Road, Ballinacurra most Saturday mornings from 11am to 12noon. If you have a large quantity of items to donate and are unable to drop them to the grounds, please contact the club and we will try to arrange for collection directly from you. Items accepted: Inkjet Cartridges, Laser Toners, Mobile Phones and PDA’s. Please note some cartridges and toners may not be currently recyclable. Please do not be offended if we cannot accept them.

New members

Ballinacurra GAA Club would welcome new club members and players for its Adult Men and Ladies Football teams, and players from 5 years old up for its Juvenile Boys and Girls Teams.

Club lotto

Tickets for the weekly club lottery can be obtained directly from the club or purchased online at the club website.

Saturday mornings get-together

The Club would like to invite people from the locality down to the club house on Saturday mornings at 11am for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbours while at the same time get involved in the community. New members are most welcome. The new club shop will also be open on Saturday mornings from 10.30 ’til 12. Hurleys, helmets, polo shirts, hoodies, flags etc. for sale on the day.

Juvenile club

The juveniles are going great guns at the moment. The U8s had a football blitz in Whitechurch last Saturday morning and played very well. Training continues on Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Texts will be sent to parents to confirm times. Don’t forget the Cúl Camp begins on Monday, August 16 that the club grounds.

march on to semis Castlemartyr 0-18 Russell Rovers 1-11 CASTLEMARTYR used their get out of jail card when they overcame the challenge of Russell Rovers in the JAHC Quarter final in Killeagh on Saturday evening last, August 7th. On a glorious evening for hurling, both teams served up a fantastic opening 30 minutes of hurling, but the second half failed to ignite, especially after the dismissal of a Russell Rovers defender on the 37th minute.

Nevertheless, Castlemartyr won’t care about this, and they now find themselves in yet another East Cork semi final, without having yet set the world on fire this year.

Brian O’Tuama, who was in fine form in the recent win over Russell Rovers in the JAHC quarter In a blistering opening pefinal. However, he remains a riod, both teams went at it major injury concern for the semi with ferocious intensity. final vs. Bride Rovers

The standard of hurling on display was high, and it was obvious that both sets of forwards seemed to hold the upper hand. Scores were coming freely and by the end of the first quarter it was 5 points apiece, with remarkably all of the Reds scores coming from play. Big Mark Bowens nailed the opening brace, with the impressive Brian O’Tuama, Eddie Clifford and Seanie Hennessey also on the score sheet. It was noticeable, at this stage, that Brian Smiddy was in control of his centre half back berth, but also that the Russell Rovers men were guilty of some wayward shooting. Castlemartyr then went into a little bit of a lull period, and were unable to win any possession from their puck outs.

The Rovers pounced for a good goal on the 23rd minute that gave them a 4 point advantage, but 3 Evan O’Keeffe frees and a marvellous Brian Lawton point by the 30TH minute, tied up proceedings once more. However, in time added on, the sea-siders tacked on two further points to give themselves a 1-8 to 0-9 lead at the break.

Barry Lawton opened the scoring following the resumption, and Jimmy Smiddy (who came on for the somewhat unlucky Eddie Clifford after half time) struck over the equaliser soon after, from a free. The Rovers edged ahead again on the 35th minute, but then came the games decisive moment when the Russell Rovers wing back was dismissed for a second bookable offence. From this moment on, Castlemartyr reeled off 6 unanswered points to put themselves 17 points to 1-9 ahead with 56 minutes on the clock.

The seasiders never gave up, however, and it took some fine defending from Barra O’Tuama and the aforementioned Brian Smiddy to keep them at bay. However, when whistle blower Eddie Sheehan ,finally blew his whistle, the Reds were ahead on the scoreboard by 018 to 1-11, and safely through to another East Cork semi final.

The next challenge, is the men from Bride Rovers, and this is sure to be a hard hours hurling. The Rathcormac men were ruthless in their recent hammering of Fr. O Neill’s, and will be a huge stumbling block in Castlemartyr’s quest to get into another East Cork final. Mark Bowens will be a huge loss, and there are also injury concerns about Brian O Tuama, which would make the task even more difficult. This fixture is to be played next weekend, on the 15th of August, but at the time of going to press no venue and time has been announced. Please check for further details.

TEAM: D Fleming, O Smiddy, R O’Donovan, Barra O’Tuama, A Bowens, B Smiddy, D O’Keeffe, P Horgan, Brian Lawton (0-1), E Clifford (0-1), S Hennessy (01), Brian O Tuama (0-2), E O’Keeffe (0-4 frees), M Bowens (0-2) and Barry Lawton (0-2). Sub used: J Smiddy (0-5) (0-3 frees).



Intermediate Hurling Championship Round 4: Aghada 3-11 Fermoy 2-10

AGHADA advanced to the quarter final of this competition after a good and evenly fought championship match played at Copperalley.

We didn’t get off to the best of starts in the blustery conditions and, after 5 minutes of play, we were 4 points down. A soft goal, scored by the Fermoy wing forward (having run 30 yrds with the sliotar), and a free, had us trailing early on.

We eventually settled and good play from Bana, Melv, Trigger and Pierce led to scores from Trevor and Melv. Through a lot of the first half we were under a lot of pressure, as the Fermoy forwards were very lively and four of their forwards scored from play in the first period. After 20 minutes we got a lucky break as a Trigger free went all the way to the net, even though Pierce tried to claim it. From there to half time we pushed on and at half time we led 1-9 to 1-5. The second half started with Fermoy taking control, and they went in front after the ball came back off the post and the full forward sent the ball to the back of the net after a scramble around the square. Fermoy were on top and we could not get the ball beyond our half forward during the third quarter. Their goalie was putting our backline under severe pressure with his huge pucks, and we were grateful for a square ball and a great Martin Day save which kept our goal intact during this period. Eventually, after defending fiercely, we started to get balls into our forwards, after the Fermoy goalie made a fantastic save from Cian’s rasping shot and Trigger buried the rebound. We were now back in front and playing a lot better and, with 5 minutes left, Trigger sent in a free and Pierce pulled and the ball hit the back of the net. Fermoy tried to get a goal to change the score again, but our backs cleared everything and the ref blew the final whistle. Well done to all. Kilworth await in the quarter final. Best for Aghada were Bana, Stevie Keeffe, Pierce and Trigger.

AGHADA TEAM AND SCORERS: M Day, K O’Connor, J P O’Connor, S Wall, M Russell, M Galvin (Captain), P Kilbane, G Melvin 0-2, S O’Keeffe, J Connolly 0-1, E Healy, A Cotter, C Fleming, T O’Keeffe 2-7 (1-5 frees 1-2 play), P O’Neill 1-1. Subs: B Hennessy for S Wall.


Senior football challenge: Aghada 0-9 St. Vincent’s 1-14


24/8/10: Aghada vs. Duhallow at Mourneabbey, 6.30pm 31/8/10: Aghada vs. Kilworth at Watergrasshill, 6.30pm.

Kiltha Óg U8s

THE KILTHA Óg Cúl Camp Panel U8’s played their first hurling blitz since coming together, on Saturday morning last, August 7th, when they participatated in the Blue Jeans Festival U-8 Blitz in Shanagarry. In what turned out to be a 12 a side tournament, Kiltha Óg had an embarrassment of riches, with a total of 22 players togged out on the day. This, understandably, proved a nice headache for the selectors involved, as they tried to give everyone a decent run out. The first match was against a strong Glen Rovers outfit, and our lads hung on well despite playing against the strong breeze for 2 of the 3 periods. A long puck competition followed then, in which Colm O’Doherty proved victorious, going on then to represent our club in the grand final later on in the afternoon. Our second match saw us pitted against the host club, Russell Rovers and the lads gave a much improved performance. Next up were Cloyne, and the last match was against our near neighbours, Killeagh. Finally, it was all into the marquee, where following a fine feed, and all players on the day were presented with medals as a souvenir of a fine day. Well done to Russell Rovers for putting on such a fine tournament, and many thanks for inviting us. PANEL: Seamus Hennessy, Shane Rohan, Ciaran Flynn, Darragh Joyce, Brian Magnier, Michael O’Dwyer, Colm O’Doherty, Ciaran Joyce, Conor Padden, John Morgan, Niall McGrath, Killian Meaney, Andrew Kelley, Ciaran Sice, Kevin Knowles, John Ahern, James Ahern, Billy Dee, Dylan O’Halloran, Ben Napier, Zak McCauliffe and Michael McSweeney.

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Fr. O’Neill’s


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Fr. O’Neill’s saddened by death of Haulie Donnelly

The late Haulie Donnelly who passed away this week, proudly holding the All-Ireland Junior Hurling cup in his native Ballymacoda in 2006 Main Sponsor: Audit Diagnostics

ON Sunday last one of the great sons of the parish and, indeed, a man synonymous with GAA in the parish of Ballymacoda and Ladysbridge when Haulie Donnelly was laid to rest in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Ladysbridge.

When news of Haulie’s death broke on Friday last, one immediately thought of his constant presence in Ahavine every evening for many a long year, his presence at games from Under-12 to Premier Intermediate, his presence at Camogie games and his involvement as a selector, his presence at committee meetings for near 30 consecutive years, his presence at East Cork Board meetings for 20+ years where he was never shy to give his opinion at either, his presence again at Ahavine when the club would be hosting a game and his involvement in the preparation of the playing field, the raising of the club flag, a flag that he was so proud of and kept at his family home, his presence at his scenic home in Ring repairing hurleys for players of all ages in the club, his advice to these players was always forthcoming, his presence at all things involving his own parish, his own place, his community. This was Haulie Donnelly – a genuine Fr. O’Neill’s clubman. Haulie had seen the club go through poor times, reaching numerous East Cork finals but failing to win, and wondering whether he would ever see O’Neill’s making the breakthrough. Haulie witnessed this breakthrough in 1996 when Dick O’Nell raised the Jamsey Kelleher Cup in Killeagh in what was the first of many firsts for the club. There was no prouder man the following Wednesday night at the East Cork Board meeting where it was, and still is, customary for the winners to ad-

dress their fellow board delegates and representatives of the other clubs in the division. Haulie’s speech that night still rates as the most passionate speech ever at a board meeting. Ten years later, 2006, even though having retired as a delegate, the club honoured Haulie by asking him to bring the AllIreland Junior Hurling cup to the fortnightly board meeting. These would have been two of his proudest moments as a member of our club. Haulie was a friend to every player, mentor and committee member for so many years, it is hard to remember a time when he was not involved. He was proud of his club, he was proud of his parish, and at the removal of his mortal remains on Saturday night and again at his funeral on Sunday, these friends showed by their presence how proud they were to have known him. The mixture of youth and old age was a sign of the high esteem in which he was held by all. The club would like to offer their sympathy to his wife Mary, daughter Carmel, sons John and Gerard, and all his family. Ní bheidh a leithéid ann arís.

East Cork Junior ‘A’ Hurling championship

Our Junior hurlers bowed out of the East Cork Junior ‘A’ Hurling championship on Thursday night last when Bride Rovers had the upper hand. O’Neill’s competed admirably in the opening half, but the strength of the Rovers panel was evident as they soon took control of the game. The concession of two goals to Bride Rovers immediately after half time put paid to any challenge O’Neill’s might have been contemplating. The Rovers, sporting a number of ex senior players, continued to dominate the game and ran out victors on the score 4-16 to 0-8.

No water under the bridge for Watergrasshill


Minor ‘A’ Hurling Championship Final: Watergrasshill 2-7 Kiltha Óg 0-12 ON last Wednesday night in Caherlag, Watergrasshill came from behind to snatch victory from Kiltha Óg in the dying moments in the East Cork Journal sponsored Minor ‘A’ Hurling Divisional Final. The Erin’s Own pitch was in magnificent condition, but a strong wind was blowing towards the clubhouse.

Watergrasshill had first use of the breeze with William Connolly getting them off the mark with a 5th minute point. Both sides were evenly matched and points were traded in a good opening quarter, with the Hill just shading the issue to lead by 0-4 to 0-2 after the opening quarter.

As the half progressed tempers began to flare with referee, Aidan Barry, doing very well to keep on top of things as indiscipline left Kiltha Óg down as they lost one or two good chances due to retaliation. In contrast, Watergrasshill were battling hard but finding it difficult to break down the Kiltha Óg defence where Jack Griffin and Colin Fitzpatrick were very solid. The first major score ar-

rived almost on half time as a long delivery from Pa Cronin caused problems and Watergrasshill corner forward, Dean Cronin, reacted quickest to score the opening goal. That score left Watergrasshill with a six point advantage as they led by 1-6 to 0-3 at the interval.

On the resumption a rejuvenated Kiltha Óg side set about their task, and point by point they reeled in Watergrasshill who could only manage a single point. Barry Lawton, Shane Hegarty and John O’Neill, along with Bill Ahearn, were the dominant figures as Kiltha Óg eventually drew level. With five minutes remaining they were in front for the first time as they led by 0-11 to 1-7 and looked the likely winner.

Watergrasshill, to be fair to them, were putting up great resistance and Kiltha Óg never got a sight of goal. Their hard work was to be rewarded almost on the stroke of full time when Watergrasshill had the ball in the net for a second time to move back into the lead. Goals, they say, win games and so it proved as,

while Kiltha Óg managed to get back to within a point of Watergrasshill, time ran out for them and in the end it was Watergrasshill who claimed the East Cork Minor “A” hurling title and the Michael Canavan Cup for 2010. Just a point separated the sides at the finish of a pulsating game with Watergrasshill hitting the front at just the right time.

WATERGRASSHILL: A Foley, M Kennedy, B Fenton, J McCarthy, S Field, P Cronin, B Maloney, W Connolly, G Hogan, S O’Regan, G Cronin, TJ Forde, B Halbert, J McCarthy and D Cronin. KILTHA ÓG: J McCarthy, K Ahearn, C Fitzpatrick, P Cullinane, W McCarthy, J Griffin, C Moran, N Motherway, B Ahearn, D Rohan, B Lawton, J O’Neill, P Harney, S Hegarty and K Abernethy. REFEREE: Aidan Barry, Sarsfields.

East Cork GAA Glenville results & fixtures draw again in FIXTURES Premier IFC

Wednesday, August 11th: Star Homes JHL - Div 2: Youghal vs. Midleton 2 at Youghal 7pm

Thursday, August 12th: East Cork Oil Junior B Hurling Championship: Erin’s Own vs. Cloyne at Ballinacurra, 7pm Castlelyons vs. St. Catherine’s at Dungourney, 7pm.

Friday, August 13th: East Cork Oil Junior B Hurling Championship: Carraig na bhFearr vs. Youghal at Ballynoe, 7pm Carrigtwohill vs. Sarsfields at Lisgoold, 7pm

Tuesday, August 17th: Star Homes JHL - Div 3 Section 1: Cobh vs. Dungourney at Cobh, 7.30pm. East Cork Oil Junior A Hurling Championship: Russell Rovers 1-11 Castlemartyr 0-18 Sarsfields 2-12, Dungourney 314 Bride Rovers 4-16 Fr O’Neill’s 0-9 Garryvoe Hotel JFL Division 3: Carrigtwohill 3-15 Lisgoold 0-6 Jones Engineering U21 B Hurling Championship: St. Catherine’s 0-10 Castlelyons 0-18 East Cork Journal Minor A Hurling Championship: Kiltha Óg 012,Watergrasshill 2-7.


Killeagh / Inch GAA lotto

GAA Lotto results numbers drawn were 12, 16 and 31. No winner of the jackpot, but €30 prizes went to Brendan Barry, James Hegarety, Ann Rochford and May Irwin. Next week’s jackpot now stands at €2,800.

Glenville 1-9 Carrigaline 0-12


GLENVILLE remain in contention in the Premier Intermediate football championship as Carrigaline salvaged a draw with the last kick of the game as Glenville in this tie played on Saturday night in Páirc Uí Rinn and once again Glenville are again involved in another replay.

This time round Glenville played very well with Paudie Cahill in superb point scoring form while wing back, Anthony Cronin came up with a goal to help his side to lead by 1-6 to 0-7 at half time.

In a tight second half, Carrigaline hung in the contest primarily due to the sharp shooting of David Drake, and when Paudie Cahill looked like giving Glenville a badly needed win, it was Drake who came up with an equalising point to send this game to a replay. Glenville, in the past few seasons, have been involved in more than one replay so they will fancy their chances next time round.

GLENVILLE: P Cahill 0-5, A Cronin 1-0, K Coakley 0-2, D Buttimer and N O’Leary 0-1 each. CARRIGALINE: D Drake 0-8, T O’Sullivan and P Murphy 0-2 each. CARRIGALINE: S Mellett, K Forbes, J Keohane, C Lynch, E O’Sullivan, G Harrington, C Barry, N Murphy, P Murphy, E Murphy, R Keohane, E O’Keeffe, T O’Sullivan, B O’Keeffe and D Drake. Subs J Moran and B Irwin. GLENVILLE: P O’Leary, W O’Leary, B Healy, M Barry, P Buckley, P O’Regan, A Cronin, S O’Leary, N O’Riordan, K Coakley, E O’Reilly, J O’Keeffe, P Cahill, D Buttimer and P O’Brien. Subs used J Dalton and S O’Callaghan. REFEREE: Pat O’Leary, Kilmurray.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Battling Dungourney hold off Sarsfields’ challenge to book semi final spot Dungourney 3-14 Sarsfields 2-12 PÁIRC an tAthair Peadar Ui Laoghaire in Castlelyons was in pristine condition for the rematch of Dungourney and Sarsfields in the quarter final of the East Cork Oil sponsored junior “A” hurling championship on last Saturday evening. Following a rousing contest, it is Dungourney that remain in contention for the new Jamsey Kelleher cup, and on the evidence of this display they will make a bold bid to get their hands on it.

In the opening half Dungourney started well with a Shane Casey point on 2mins, but immediately Sars had a goal as John Murphy guided home a long delivery from Damien O’Regan. Dungourney were unfazed and Shane Casey continued to work the umpire and raise white flags as Dungourney trailed by 1-3 to 0-4 after Rory Duggan and James Burke had good points for Sars, while Casey accounted for all the Dungourney points.


Castlemartyr 0-18 Russell Rovers 1-11

WE bowed out of this year’s East Cork Junior A hurling championship after a disappointing performance against current champions, Castlemartyr, in the well-prepared Páirc Uí Chinnéide venue, Killeagh last Saturday evening. When the Rovers’ team and mentors sit down to reflect on this result in the cold light of day, there is only one conclusion open to them and that is, this was a game that we left behind us.

The Dungourney side that has reached the semi final of the JAHC with victory over Sarsfields

Having defeated Carrigtwohill comfortably in the opening round, and with Castlemartyr struggling to overcome the same opposition in the 3rd round, Rovers went into this quarter-final game confident that they could do the business but unfortunately wayward shooting cost us dearly. We racked up nine wides in the opening half, many of which were from scoreable positions, and added another five in the second period.

To add to our woes, we had to play 25 minutes against the wind in the second half with only 14 men, which forced a forward to be moved outfield, leaving Castlemartyr with a spare man at the back to mop up loose ball, which also proved costly in the final analysis. Rovers opened the scoring with a point by Seamus Kearney in the first minute, with Brian Hartnett adding four from play and frees and wing-back, Dan Moynihan, scoring a beauty from out near the left sideline to give us a one point advantage after 22 minutes.

The game changed on 16 mins as Frank Hegarty goaled to put Dungourney in front, and with Kenneth Kelleher and Shane Casey adding points it was Dungourney that were to forge ahead in the 2nd quarter. A great goal by Shane Casey on 28 mins, when he blasted a 20 meter free to the net, had Dungourney leading by 2-8 to 1-4 at half time.

On the resumption four Sars points in as many minutes had them right back in contention, but points from Kenneth Kelleher and Martin Wall stopped the Sars revival. The action continued with both sides adding some terrific scores as Damien O’Regan, Ronan and John Murphy struck for Sars points, while Frank Hegarty kicked home a vital third Dungourney goal to set up a great final quarter.

Russell Rovers


Two minutes later Anthony Walsh got through on goal and unselfishly off-loaded to Eoin Ivers on his right, who made no mistake for the only goal of the game. Our lead was short-lived, however, as the Reds fired over 4 points in a six minutes spell, three of which came from needless close-in frees. Rovers regained the lead with two points from John Ahern and Brian Hartnett in stoppage time, to put us 1-8 to 0-9 ahead at the break.

With Castlemartyr turning to play with the strong breeze in the second period this margin seemed far from adequate, and so it proved to be. Another thorn in the Rovers side was the introduction of the injured ace marksman, Jimmy Smiddy for the Reds, who bagged 5 points from play and frees without having to exert himself while Rovers could only manage another three in the entire second half, courtesy of Barry Hartnett, Eoin Ivers and Brian Hartnett. We were finding it difficult to get the ball up-field and when we did, our inside forwards were outnumbered by a swarm defence. Sarsfields, who were defeated by Dungourney in the JAHC

The reply was immediate, however, as Jason Burke shot a fine goal for Sars and with sub, Cathal Duggan and Ronan Murphy pointing the lead was back to just a goal with five minutes remaining. Some terrific defending by the Dungourney full back line of Alan Kelleher, Mark Hegarty and Eoin Ahearn, along with John Roynane, kept Sars at bay and late points from Kevin Rohan and Shane Casey saw Dungourney advance to the semi final where they will meet Erin’s Own or Midleton who clash on Monday night. It was a battling performance from an improving Dungourney side against a Sars team without the Gaine brothers, who did so much damage in the opening round. That said, however, Dungourney under the tutelage of Donie Morrissey are

hurling well as a team, and their appetite and work rate suggest that they will be there or thereabouts at the business end of this championship.

DUNGOURNEY: S Casey 1-8 (1-5F), F Hegarty 2-1, K Kelleher 0-3, M Wall and K Rohan 0-1 SARSFIELDS: J Murphy 1-5 (3F) J Burke 1-1, R Murphy and R Duggan 02 each, D O’Regan, C Duggan 0-1. DUNGOURNEY: K Hegarty, A Kelleher, M Hegarty, E Ahearn, J Roynane, J Leahy, D Ahearn, M Wall, B Rodgers, K Kelleher, Kevin Kelleher, S Casey (Capt) K Rohan, F Hegarty and J Hickey. Subs used M Hickey for J Hickey 20, S Hegarty for B Rodgers 45 SARSFIELDS: R O’Regan, E O’Keeffe, B McCarthy, P O’Flynn (Capt) D O’Regan, T Crowley, G Grey, J Cashman, F Burke, C Duggan, R Murphy, R Duggan, J Burke, J Murphy and J Kelleher. Subs used C Duggan for J Kelleher 48. REFEREE: Cathal McAllister, Aghada.

For Rovers, Joe Walsh in goal didn’t put a foot wrong while in front of him Derek Crowley, after conceding two early points, went on to have a fine game. Barry Hartnett, Anthony Walsh and Kevin Tattan also tried hard.

TEAM: Joe Walsh; Anthony Archer, Derek Crowley, Barry Fitzgerald; John Paul Ivers Padraig Higgins, Daniel Moynihan; Kevin Hartnett (Capt), John Ahern; Brian Hartnett, Seamus Kearney, Barry Hartnett; Anthony Walsh, Eoin Ivers, Kevin Tattan. SUBS: Colin Crowley (used), Andrew Hartnett, Ian Smiddy, Kieran Ivers, Tadgh Crowley, Brendan Kearney, Brian Crowley, Kevin O’Brien, David Whelehan, Eoin McGrath, Aidan Beausang, Chris Scanlon, Paul Lane.

Blue Jeans Queen Festival

The Club would like to congratulate local girl, Liz O’Brien, representing O’Brien’s Skip Hire, who was crowned 2010 Blue Jeans Queen last Sunday night and we hope you will enjoy your reign. The Club would like to thank everybody who helped to make this year’s Festival a resounding success, especially to the patrons who attended in huge numbers each night. Roll on 2011!

Ardmore GAA Lotto results NO winners in either the €10,000 or €6,000 jackpots this week.

€20 winners were Bridget Seward, Lorraine Hennessey, Jamie O’Mahony and Thomas Hennessey.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Dungourney Camogie


021 4638022 All photos available to buy

ON Friday last, the Dungourney Camogie Club finished up their summer camp at the grounds of Dungourney NS. 36 girls took part in the camp, while the elusive and little-seen 'Tipperary coach' kept a low profile! Above: Ailish and Meabh O'Brien watched the camogie camp take place. Meabh will be joining the camp herself next year, and was studying last week's camp carefully!

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal Youghal vs. St. Catherine’s

Youghal Junior/Intermediate footballers played St. Catherine’s in a challenge game last Tuesday night. St. Catherine’s are preparing for the County Junior B Football Championship, and we’re glad to get a game.

Lotto Draw

Jackpot on August 2nd was €19,710. Numbers were 5, 10, 20 and 25. €200 shared by Michael Ryan, Susan O’Connell, Brian O’Connell, Seamus Harte, Leanne & Kyra O’Brien, Adam & Ella Lewis, Billy O’Connell, Teresa Moloney. Seller’s Prize – Galvin’s Costcutters.

Club representatives on Cork U14 Teams

Congratulations to Chris Morrison who took part in the Cork U14 Development squad who played in Croke Park last Sunday at half time during the AllIreland Football quarter final between Cork and Roscommon, and to Ollie Dempsey who played for Cork U14 hurlers on Saturday last against Dublin.


JFL: Eochaill 2-10 St. Catherine’s 1-9 JC Eochaill 3-14 Ballinora 1-5 EC Football Championship: Eochaill 5-8 Fr. O’Neill’s 1-8

Thank you

U14 Youghal captain, Chris Morrisson takes the cup!

Under 10s Blitz: Eochaill beat Bride Rovers, St. Catherine’s & Lisgoold IH: Aghada vs. Fermoy (win for Aghada - 4th Round) Eochaill 3-13 Eire Óg 1-7 IH: Eochaill 2-18 Inniscarra 2-9 (now in County semi-final)


11/8/10: IF Challenge: Youghal vs. Aghada, TBC 13/8/10: JHC: Youghal vs. Carraig na bhFearr, Ballynoe, 7pm 14/8/10: U14FC County quarterfinal: Youghal vs. Mayfield,

away at 3pm JFL: Youghal vs. Carrigtwohill away at 7pm

U14 Footballers crowned East Cork Champions

Congratulations to our U14 Footballers who defeated Fr. O’Neill’s on a scoreline of 5-9 to 1-8, to achieve the double after recently winning the hurling championship. They will now meet Mayfield in the county quarter final on August 21st.

‘Cat-astrophe’ for Cork as Power-ful Kilkenny run riot DECLAN BARRON REPORTS

Cork 0-19 Kilkenny 3-22

The drive for five in a row remains firmly on track as Kilkenny dismissed the challenge of Cork with consummate ease in a disappointing semi final played in front of a crowd of 41,060 in Croke Park on Sunday afternoon. Kilkenny were simply awesome, as Cork failed to cope with the power and precision of the Kilkenny hurling and at half time the result was a foregone conclusion.

On a hot and humid afternoon Cork sprung Cian McCarthy for his first championship start, while Shane Murphy retained his place instead of the injured Shane O’Neill. These changes did little to upset Kilkenny as the match got off to an explosive start, with Aidan Fogarty getting Kilkenny on the board within ten seconds. From the puck out Asaki O’hAilpin and Noel Hickey were shown yellow cards by match referee, Brian Gavin, as Kilkenny were on top in the opening minutes. Henry Shefflin increased the Cats lead as Kilkenny went for goals early on. Donal Óg Cusack did well to deny Kilkenny a goal with a fine save from Richie Power, before Ben O’Connor got Cork on the

board with a pointed free. In those early stages Cork shot some poor wides, as once again the forward division as a unit failed to gel, with Kilkenny on top in almost all sectors as JJ Delaney, Brian Hogan and Tommy Walsh were in unbeatable form. Cork did manage to draw level with a second point from Ben O’Connor, and again an effort from Cathal Naughton cancelled out a lead from Richie Power, who was later to emerge as the top Kilkenny forward.

The sides were level when injury forced off Kilkenny centre back, Brian Hogan with James Ryall coming on in his place. The change made little effect as Kilkenny continued to power forward with Henry Shefflin setting up Eddie Brennan for the opening goal and, with Shefflin adding a point from a free, Kilkenny had opened up a four point gap. Things went from bad to worse for Cork as a high probing ball was dropped by Cusack, and Aidan Fogarty was on hand to finish to the net in the 22nd minute as Kilkenny were now rampant. Cork were now on the ropes as Kilkenny went for the jugular,

and a succession of points from Eoin Larkin, Michael Fennelly, TJ Reid, Aidan Fogarty and Richie Power moved Kilkenny into an unassailable lead. While Ben O’Connor and Sean Óg O’hAilpin stopped the rot with fine points for Cork, it was Kilkenny who took a 2-12 to 0-5 lead with them to the half time break. All of their forwards had found the range in contrast to Cork, where only Ben O’Connor managed to score from play. The departure of Henry Shefflin had hardly been noticed, with Martin Comerford fitting seamlessly into the Kilkenny attack.

On the resumption Kilkenny closed the door on any Cork comeback by shooting four points in as many minutes, with Ritchie Power emerging as the leader in attack that saw Eddie Brennan and Cha Fitzpatrick join the point scorers for the Cats. Cork, to their credit, continued to battle hard with William Egan and Paudie O’Sullivan in at half time. It was Patrick Horgan who achieved most, and a second half tally of six points from the Glen Rovers star justified his inclusion. Niall McCarthy, too, worked hard and was rewarded with a late point,

We would like to say a big thank you to Galvin’s Costcutters, who sponsored our Kids Blitz Drinks for our Family Fun Weekend and they also sponsored the minerals for our Under 14’s Footballers who were crowned East Cork Champions last Wednesday night at Castlemartyr after defeating Fr. O’Neill’s in a great final.


Waterford hoping to reach another All-Ireland hurling final Waterford vs. Tipperary 3.30pm in Croke Park


I would also like to thank Harvey Normans for sponsoring some of our raffle prizes for our Family Fun Weekend.

We would also like to thank all the media partners that have helped us over the past couple of months by letting us advertise with them, having us on their programmes etc. which went a long way to the success of the festival. as Kilkenny were content to coast to victory.

Ben and Jerry O’Connor showed their point taking skills with fine points while John Gardiner, after his move to midfield, also landed a brace. But it was Kilkenny and Richie Power in particular, that caught the eye as Power landed two superb points before slamming home a third goal for Kilkenny. Tommy Walsh and Michael Fennelly added further points to embellish a polished display from the champions, who remain firmly on course to retain their title and claim an unprecedented fifth title in a row. Only Tipperary or Waterford can now stop them, but on the evidence of Sunday’s display it does not look likely that either will be strong enough to stop Brian Cody’s drive for five, as Kilkenny book their place in this year’s All Ireland hurling final.

KILKENNY: R Power 1-8, A Fogarty 1-3, E Brennan 1-1, M Fennelly, C Fitzpatrick and H Shefflin 0-2 each, TJ Reid, E Larkin, M Comerford and T Walsh 0-1each. CORK: B O’Connor 0-7, P Horgan 06, J Gardiner 0-2, N McCarthy, C Naughton, J O’Connor and S Óg O’hAilpin 0-1 each. KILKENNY: PJ Ryan, J Dalton, N Hickey, J Tyrell, T Walsh, B Hogan, JJ Delaney, J Fitzpatrick, M Fennelly, TJ Reid (Capt) H Shefflin, E Larkin, E Brennan, R Power and A Fogarty. Subs used, J Ryall, M Comerford, M Rice, J Mulhall and D Lyng. CORK: D Óg Cusack, S Murphy, E Cadogan, B Murphy, J Gardiner, R Curran, S OG O’hAilpin, C Naughton, T Kenny, N McCarthy, K Murphy, C McCarthy, P Horgan, A O’hAilpin and B O’Connor. Subs used W Egan, P O’Sullivan, M Cussen, J O’Connor and G Callinan. REFEREE: Brian Gavin, Offaly.

Clinton Hennessy will have to be at his best for Waterford against Tipperary on Sunday

THE dubious opportunity of providing the opposition to Kilkenny in this year’s All Ireland hurling final awaits either Waterford or Tipperary, who meet in Croke Park this coming Sunday. That, however, is for another day and victory on Sunday would see Waterford back on centre stage once more. This, for a county who has been absent from the top table for so long, would be another great achievement as no doubt Waterford is the one county that would benefit from an All-Ireland victory.

That Kilkenny are so good at present means that whoever wins on Sunday will have it all to do in the final. Tipperary came very close to victory last season, so many believe that they are best placed to challenge them again this year. Waterford, on the other hand, goes in as Munster champions and on Sunday they are in with a great chance of reaching this year’s final.

Players such as Tony Browne, Dan Shanahan, Ken McGrath and Seamus Prendergast have given an awful lot to Waterford hurling, while John Mullane, Eoin Murphy, Michael Walsh and Stephen Mollumpney are others that have been in the thick of the action with players such as Richie Foley, Noel Connors and Brian O’Halloran, now making their mark. For Waterford to reach the All Ireland, they will have to play very well as players such as Conor O’Mahony, Paul Curran, Seamus Callinan, Lar Corbett, Brendan Cummins, Noel McGrath and Eoin Kelly can all be match winners for Tipperary. A great game is in prospect, with Waterford taken to edge home and book a meeting with Kilkenny on September 5th. There will be plenty of local interest with Clinton Hennessy and Declan and Seamus Prendergast from Ardmore, Brian O’Halloran from Clashmore, Eoin Murphy from Shamrocks, Dan and Maurice Shanahan from Lismore, Jerome Maher Geraldines, Mark O’Brien Tallow, Shane Fives Tourin and Adrian Power and Stephen Mollumpney Ballyduff Upper, all involved on the Waterford panel.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Kiltha Óg juvenile GAA Summer Camp

All photos available to buy

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ON Friday last, the Kiltha Óg VHí Cúl Camp came to a close with almost 100 boys (and 1 girl!) taking part. Cork senior footballer, Eoin Cadogan visited on the last day to discuss his sporting history as both a hurler and a footballer and, no doubt, to regale the GAA stars of tomorrow with 'Tales from Croke Park.'

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal East Cork Junior A Hurling Quarter Final

Bride Rovers book semi-final spot with comfortable win over Fr. O’Neill’s Bride Rovers 4-16 Fr. O’Neill’s 0-9 THREE second half goals paved the way for a very impressive Bride Rovers victory over Fr. O’Neill’s in the first of the junior “A” hurling quarter finals played in Lisgoold on last Thursday evening.



Things went from bad to worse for Fr. O’Neill’s on the resumption, as Bride Rovers doubled their advantage with long range efforts from Pat Walsh and Alan O’Keeffe both ending up in the net, to the horror of Eugene Kennefick, who up to then had been having a fine game in goal. Those early goals coming in the first and second minutes knocked the stuffing out of the Fr. O’Neill’s challenge and while John Terry, John Bailey, Quentin Higgins and Colin Ryan continued to fight the good fight,


Family Fun Day

THE club had its Family Fun Day on Saturday, July 31st and with the weather again being kind to us a great day was had by the large crowd in attendance. With musical entertainment in the marquee, a pig-roast to feed the masses, bouncy castles, gladiator jousting, penalty shootouts, hurling long pucks and novelty races on the pitch, there was plenty to do for everyone. The fun went on late into the evening and the pitch was back in playing order by midday on Sunday. Well done to the organising committee, under the watchful eye of Vincent

Junior hurling semi final previews with Declan Barron SATURDAY, AUGUST 14TH Castlemartyr vs. Bride Rovers in Ballynoe at 7pm

HOLDERS Castlemartyr, are just one step away from being back in the East Cork Junior ‘A’ Hurling Final. They face Bride Rovers in the semi final on Saturday night at the Ballynoe venue, and must be in with a great chance of getting to this year’s decider. Bride Rovers were very impressive in winning against Fr. O’Neill’s and in Brendan O’Driscoll, Liam Forde, Pat Walsh, Terry Broderick, Owen Murphy and Alan O’Keeffe, they have battle hardened campaigners who will give it all to the cause. That said, however, the better balance of Castlemartyr with players such as Dave Fleming, Brian O’Tuama, Brian and Barry Lawton, Brian and Jimmy Smiddy, Evan O’Keeffe and Derek Bowens should see Castlemartyr through in what I expect to be a very tough contest. Castlemartyr came good in the second half against Russell Rovers, and while they failed to score a goal, they shot 18 points.

The foundations for this superb victory were laid with a really solid defensive display, with Brendan O’Driscoll and Liam Forde in command throughout. As a result, Fr. O’Neill’s could make little headway in attack. Bride Rovers were also well served in attack with Terry Broderick and Owen Murphy in superb form throughout with Murphy getting a goal in each half.

A fairly even opening quarter saw the sides share three points apiece, but once Own Murphy got the opening goal for Bride Rovers after good work from Terry Broderick, there was only going to be one winner. That goal was followed by five points, with just two in reply for Fr. O’Neill’s, who trailed by 1-8 to 0-5 at the interval, with Shane Harrington and William Joyce with two points each and Colin Ryan also on target for Fr. O‘Neill‘s.

Castlemartyr hoping to reach JAHC final

Brendan O’Driscoll, seen batting down this ball, was rock solid for Bride Rovers at full back

there was no way back for O’Neill’s.

Instead, Bride Rovers embellished a very impressive performance with some superb point taking as Pat Walsh, Patrick Cotter and sub, Stephen Pratt all shot superb points with Owen Murphy finishing their fourth goal with ten minutes remaining to cap off a fine personal display. Others to shine for the winners were Jim O’Connor, Richie Cahill, Terry Broderick and Gavin O’Flynn as Bride Rovers become the first team to book their semi final spot.

BRIDE ROVERS: O Murphy 2-3, P Walsh 1-3, A O’Keeffe 1-2, T Broderick and P Cotter 0-3 each, R Cahill and S Pratt 0-1 each. FR. O’NEILL’S: W Joyce 0-4, C Ryan and S Harrington 0-2 each, L O’Driscoll 0-1. BRIDE ROVERS: G Quill, T Kearney, B O’Driscoll, S Walsh, C Collins, L Forde, J O’Connor, G O’Flynn, P Walsh, M Hogan, R Cahill, T Broder-

O’Rourke, for catering to the needs of the 380 people who came along to enjoy the fun of the day. A big thank you also to the many members of the minor team who helped out as stewards, ensuring everything ran smoothly, to Fidelma Histon for providing the bouncy castles, Declan Moynihan from Ryngs for providing the table covers, and to everyone else who helped to make the day such a great success.

Cork County GAA fixtures

FRIDAY, AUGUST 13TH: Evening Echo Premier Intermediate Football Championship: Grenagh vs. Beal Athan Ghaorthaigh, at Kilmichael, 7.30pm Evening Echo Senior Hurling Championship: Ballinhassig vs. Erin’s Own at Páirc Uí Rinn, 7pm.

Terry Broderick showed all his experience to set up and take some fine scores

ick, O Murphy, A O’Keeffe and P Cotter. Subs used S O’Brien, S Pratt, R O’Connor and F Collins. FR. O’NEILL’S: E Kennefick, J Terry, MP Bailey, B Hayes, R O’Donoghue, M Pomphrett, J Bailey, S Harrington, W Joyce, T Lawton, Q Higgins, R Butler,

R Cullinane, C Ryan and L O’Driscoll. Subs used J Barry, D O’Flynn, F Duffy, M O’Brien and D McCarthy. REFEREE: Tim Dinneen, Midleton.

Clashmore GAA lotto results

No winner of the €1,750 jackpot. However, €20 prizes went to Brendan and Ann O’Connell, Maria McGrath, Michelle and Mandy, Megan Cocheran and Noel Smith. Get well wishes to John Foley from all the members of the club and your friends and neighbours in Clashmore. time. Cobh went in 5 points to the good after thirty minutes. The wind was aiding our charges in the second half.

The resumption of play saw a skilful display with the full panel of 18 seeing game time, which helped record a big win to the delight of the vocal home following. This victory makes it 4 out of 5 in the league. Well done lads, keep up the hard work on the training field and the results will follow.

U12HL: Cobh 7-14 Lisgoold 1-07

A rare home game played on a beautifully prepared surface returned a comprehensive victory from a below par Lisgoold outfit. The opening exchanges were close and hard fought with the score level 10 minutes to half

In contrast Bride Rovers shot 4 goals against Fr. O’Neill’s and managed some great points as well so this game has all the ingredients needed for a thriller and should draw a fine crowd to the Ballynoe venue on Saturday evening despite the detraction of the double header in Pairc Ui Chaoimh.


(In Cobh unless stated otherwise) One of Cobh’s sporting stars of tomorrow takes a penalty kick at Cobh GAA Family Fun Day

12/8/10: Minor H Championship vs. Lisgoold, at 7pm in C’twohill.

15/8/10: U13 Camogie vs. Carrigtwohill at 7pm. 16/8/10: U12 H Championship away to Watergrasshill at 7pm. 17/8/10: JHL vs. Dungouney at 7:30pm and U11 camogie vs. Castlelyons at 7pm.

Sponsored 5km run / walk

Supporting Cobh Community Hospital & Marymount Hospice. Thanks to everyone who turned out to assist in our fundraising for the above causes.

We’ll let people know exactly how much was raised as soon as all the sponsor cards are returned. Don’t forget Mary Black’s concert on August 20th! See our ad. for more details!

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Castlemartyr point their way into semi-final meeting with Bride Rovers


Castlemartyr 0-18 Russell Rovers 1-11

CASTLEMARTYR got one step closer to retaining their East Cork Junior A Hurling title with a victory over Russell Rovers at the splendid Killeagh venue last Saturday evening. This game was pretty even in the first half, and it was Rovers who raised the early white flag with a point from play off the stick of Seamus Kearney after just 45 seconds. Castlemartyr responded well through Mark Bowens with a point from play on the fourth minute while the sides would be level no less than seven times over the hour. Brian Hartnett restored the Russell Rovers lead just seconds later with his only point from play but Bowens, from the resulting puck out, sent over a great score for Castlemartyr from distance into the stiff breeze. ‘Bud’ Hartnett struck back for Rovers, but again Castlemartyr responded with a point from Brian O’Tuama.

Adrian Bowes goes solo for Castlemartyr

What a contrast the second half proved to be as Castlemartyr Coach, Seamus Lawton, introduced Jimmy Smiddy and the move proved to be an inspired one as Smiddy went about closing this game out with long range scores, using the breeze to great effect as he landed five points in total.

The Russell Rovers cause wasn’t helped by the sending off of Padraig Higgins, who received a second yellow card for dangerous play just six minutes into the second half. But a nine points to three scoreline in the second half, in favour of the ‘Reds’, tells its own story as Castlemartyr hauled back Russell Rovers and proceeded to pull clear with some great point taking. The dif-

www. midletongaa. com

Senior Hurling

THIS Saturday sees the resumption of the Senior Hurling Championship, when Midleton take on Na Piarsaigh in Páirc Uí Chaoimh in the last 16. After playing well in our first game and overcoming Sarsfields, expectations are high. However, the draw has given us tough opposition and we will have to raise our game to a higher level again if we are to make the quarter finals. As for most Clubs, preparartions have been disrupted due to commitments of our players to Cork teams at minor, under 21 and senior level. It will, as always, come down to our performance on the day and in fairness to our mentors they have left no stone unturned and have received a great response from the players. This game has the makings of a cracker, and after the disappointment at the hands of Kilkenny hopefully the Club scene can raise our spirits. The game has a 6. 45 throw in and is proceded by the Cloyne versus Blackrock game at 5pm.

Minor Football Championship

The games are coming thick and fast now. Our Junior A hurlers have played Championship this week and our senior hurlers are in action on Saturday. Our Minor Footballers face Mayfied on Tuesday, August 17th in the next round of the Championship. Having overcome Clyda Rovers in the last round and some good performances in the League, most notably winning away to O’Donovan Rossa, the mentors will be hoping for another spirited performance.

The sides were point for point until the 22nd minute when a well worked Russell Rovers move up the centre of the field found Barry Hartnett who passed to Anthony Walsh, who then played a lovely short pass to Eoin Ivers and he blasted the ball into the Castlemartyr net for the game’s only goal. Undeterred Castlemartyr came back with three unanswered pointed frees from corner forward Evan O’Keeffe to level matters for the fifth time. Russell Rovers did score two late points from John Aherne and Brian Hartnett to hold the advantage at the break, as they led by 1-8 to 0-9.


Fé 8 & 9 ference in the end proved to be Jimmy Smiddy’s accurate long range points and a huge amount of wides from Russell Rovers, who might well have been closer had they taken their chances.

Castlemartyr are now just one hour away from reaching a second final in a row, and on the evidence of this display they will make a bold bid to retain their divisional title as they became the third side to ease into the semi final.

SCORERS FOR CASTLEMARTYR: J Smiddy 0-5, E O’Keefe, Barry Lawton 0-3 each, M Bowens, Brian O’Tuama 0-2 each, Brian Lawton, S Hennessy and E Clifford 0-1 each. RUSSELL ROVERS: Brian Hartnett 0-6, E Ivers 1-1, Barry Hartnett, S Kearney, J Ahern and D Moynihan 0-1 each. CASTLEMARTYR: D Fleming; O Smiddy, R O’Donovan, Barra

Russell Rovers’ Bud Hartnett keeps his eye on the ball

O’Tuama; D O’Keefe, B Smiddy, A Bowens; P Horgan (Capt) Brian Lawton; Brian O’Tuama, S Hennessy, E Clifford; Barry Lawton, M Bowens, E O’Keefe. Subs J Smiddy for E Clifford (31) E Clifford for Brian O’Tuama (58)


There was no winner of the GAA Lotto. Next week’s jackpot stands at €2,800.

Senior Hurling League

Our good run of form in the senior hurling league continued over the past few games with wins over Ballinhassig, Douglas and Bride Rovers last Tuesday night on a scoreline of 0-14 points to 0-13.

RUSSELL ROVERS: J Walsh; A Archer, D Crowley, B Fitzgerald; J P Ivers, P Higgins, D Moynihan; K Hartnett (Capt) J Ahern; Brian Hartnett, S Kearney, Barry Hartnett; A Walsh, E Ivers, K Tattan. REF: E Sheehan (St Catherine’s).

200 Club

Congratulations to all those who were winners in the 200 Club draw last weekend, and a special congratulations to Dava and Michelle Barry who won the top prize of €1,000.


Senior Hurling Championship - Killeagh vs. Sars on Sunday, August 15th at 7pm in Midleton. Support vital!

On Wednesday, August 4th, we travelled to Inniscarra to play hurling and football matches. As it is holiday season we were short a lot of players but we still managed to get 17 players to travel to the game. First we played hurling with two 15mins aside. We had one team of 9, and 8 on the other. Both teams did very well with some great skill and scores. Then we played the same in football, and again did very well in both games. Thanks to Inniscarra for hosting matches in a fair and sporting manner.

Fé 10 East Cork Hurling Blitz, Carrigtwohill

On Saturday the Midleton Under 10 (Black) travelled to our near neighbours, Carrigtwohill. A panel of 13 travelled and had a great day, thanks to our hosts. We played 4 games made up of 3 seven minutes thirds. In our


first 2 games we were able to play 13 a side and in our last 2 we played 10 a side with all playing spending time as subs. No scores were kept in keeping with the Go Games ethos. We started the blitz against our host, Carrigtwohill, in a tight and fair game. Every player rotated through each position on the field, a theme we used in each game. Next up was Youghal and another good game of hurling was had with each player trying his best. Our third game was against Bride Rovers and this was a tough game but played in the right spirits and both sides gave it their all and played to the final whistle. Our last game was against Killeagh and another great game to finish off the blitz. Thanks to Carrigtwohill for hosting the Blitz, a great day, and for the treats to each player at the end of the Blitz.

The panel for the day was Ross Shanahan, David Scanlon, Alan Power, Ronan Lynch, Ross O’Regan, Ciaràn Evans, Coleman Quinn, Kian Farmer, Tommy O’Connell, Mark Daly, Cormac O’Brien, Harry Holohan, and Thundie.

Family Fun Evening

Midleton Juvenile GAA will hold its Family Fun Evening on Friday, August 20th from 6pm to 9.30pm. Like last year there will be BBQ, bouncing castles and games galore.

Juvenile Registration & Club Sales Day

Juvenile membership registration and a club sale of new and old gear including jerseys, hurleys balls etc will take place on Saturday, September 25th.

Club Polo Shirt

A new Club polo shirt to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Midleton GAA Club is now on sale. Also on sale are new infant jerseys. All gear queries to Mary Quinn on 086 3827737.


Senior Hurling Championship vs. Na Pairsaigh on 14/8/10 in Páirc Uí Chaoimh at 6.45pm. Fé 16 Hurling Championship vs. Killeagh/Ita’s on 16/8/10 in Midleton at 7. 30pm. Premier 2 Minor Football Championship vs. Mayfield on 17/8/10 - venue TBC.


Friday, August 6th. Jackpot €2,000. Numbers drawn were 1, 4, 27 and 28. No Winner. Lucky Dip Winners of €40: Breda Smyth, Whiterock, Midleton. ; Margaret Cashman, 10 Park St, Midleton; Frank Murphy, Main St. , Midleton. May Aherne, Youghal and Willie Nagle, c/o O’Farrells Butchers. Next week’s Jackpot is €2,200. Thank you for your continued support.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

New car courtesy of Youghal GAA

Killeagh / Ita’s juvenile


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Fé 8 & 10 Hurling Blitzes

OUR Fé 8 panel were kindly invited to Shanagarry on Saturday morning last to participate in their Blue Jeans Festival annual tournament. We witnessed a great mornings hurling from these young lads and their opponents plus the hosts, Russell Rovers. Our opening game was against the hosts, and having home advantage stood to the black and amber lads as they ran out worthy winners. Next up were the near neighbours of Cloyne. We played well throughout but it was Cloyne who executed some good points and ran out victorious on a score of 1-4 to 1-0. Kilta Óg were next into the fray, and after a great battle we emerged on the right side of the line, 2-1 to 1-0. Alas, we failed to the Glen boys in our closing game. All in all it was a wonderful experience for these young Gaels, who all received a lovely medal. We would like to thank the Shanagarry Club for their invite and hospitality. All the excitement of the games over, we participated in the Puck Fada Competition and were rewarded as young Ben O’Connor stepped forward and drove the sliotar the furthest to become the 2010 Long Puck King. Congratulations Ben!

Our Fé 10 lads continued their Go Games series. This week it was the turn of Carrigtohill to host this event, and our thanks to them for a wonderful morning out. We again had our group of Carrig, Midleton, Bride Rovers, Youghal and ourselves doing battle. We accounted well for ourselves and look forward to the last outing in the next couple of weeks, which will be hosted by Midleton.We wish Padraig Leahy a speedy recovery. He sustained a nasty hand injury in our opening game.

Fé 16 County Hurling League

FINBARR Coleman, Cork GAA Club Members’ Draw Co-ordinator at Youghal GAA presents Jerry Russell, seller of the winning ticket which won a Kia Rio car in the July Draw for the lucky member. Included are Assumpta Parker (Hon.Sec.) and Seamus Coughlan (Draw Manager). Louise Graham was the lucky winner of the car, while Noel Mackey won a weekend break in the June draw. (Photo: Mike English)

Late goals give Aghada victory in Intermediate Hurling Championship D B R Aghada 3-11 Fermoy 2-10 THE East Cork flag was kept flying in the Intermediate Hurling Championship as Aghada fashioned a hard-earned win over Fermoy at the Copperalley venue in Youghal on last Wednesday night.

It took two late goals to give the Rostellan outfit victory, but their refusal to accept defeat saw them edge out Fermoy in a thrilling contest. A strong wind and blinding sun was with Aghada in the opening half, yet it was Fermoy who were to make the early running with Jack Hutchins racing through for a goal with just two minutes on the clock.

Aghada responded with Trevor O’Keeffe landing some good points, as Ger Melvin and Cian Fleming also found the range in the opening quarter with Fermoy leading by 1-5 to 0-6.




Brian O’Sullivan was in great point scoring form for Fermoy, but at the interval it was Aghada who had their noses in front courtesy of a goal from Trevor O’Keeffe that caught the Fermoy defence off guard and ended up in the net, as Aghada took a 1-9 to 1-5 lead with them to the break. Given the strength of the breeze a four point advantage was not that much, and a second goal for Fermoy by Paudie Shanahan really lifted the north Cork side. It was now developing into a right battle, with no quarter asked or given, as Brian O’Sullivan continued to find the range from frees. With five minutes remaining Fermoy was back in front as they led by 2-9 to 1-11. The result was very much in the balance as Aghada pushed forward in search of an equaliser.

Cian Fleming had a shot saved

Our bigger lads continued their County League trail last Friday evening on home soil as they welcomed the Blarney lads to Páirc Uí Cheinniede. This was an exciting game as both sides fought hard for the points. It was the visitors who held the halftime advantage, but we upped the ante in the closing half and served up a cracking thirty minutes to secure the points on a 3-9 to 1-12 scoreline.

Minor Hurling

Our minor lads travelled to Donoughamore on Tuesday last where we were defeated by a stronger outfit after an exciting game. We have one game to play in this series against Fermoy, before we take on the Bandon boys in the third round of this year’s Championship, which is set for September 1st.

Best wishes

We would like to wish the Killeagh Senior squad every success as they take on the Sars lads in the next round of this year’s Senior Championship on Sunday next, August 15th in Midleton at 7p.m. Also to our Fé 14 football panel as they embark on their County trail on Saturday evening next in St. Michaels in Mahon at 4pm, when they contest the quarter final stages with Carrigaline. Your support at these games is vital.


11/8/10: Fé 14 ‘D’ football Championship vs. Aghada (2) in Pilmore at 7pm. 14/8/10: Fé 14 ‘A’ football County quarter-final vs. Carrigaline in St. Michael’s, Mahon at 4pm.

by Condon in the Fermoy goal but poacher, Trevor O’Keeffe, reacted quickest to bang home a goal that saw Aghada go back in front. Another point by Brian O’Sullivan left Fermoy trailing by just a point as it was all still to play for. The resolve of Aghada won out in the finish as a long range free from Trevor O’Keeffe was deflected into the net for a killer third goal by Pierce O’Neill, as Aghada finally got over the finish line with their noses in front. This was a big win for Aghada and moves them into the quarter final. AGHADA: T O’Keeffe 2-7, P O’Neill

1-1, G Melvin 0-2 and C Fleming 0-1. FERMOY: B O’Sullivan 0-7, J Hutchins and P Shanahan 1-0 each, S Killeen, R O’Callaghan and M Flynn 01 each. AGHADA: M Day, K O’Connor, JP O’Connor, S Wall, M Russell, M Galvin, P Killea, G Melvin, S O’Keeffe, J Connolly, E Healy, A Cotter, C Fleming, T O’Keeffe and P O’Neill. Sub used B Hennessy. FERMOY: J Condon, A Bargary, L Mannix, L Coleman, E Clancy, D O’Carroll, J O’Sullivan, R O’Callaghan, K Morrison, M Flynn, T Clancy, J Hutchins, S Killeen, P Shanahan and B O’Sullivan. Subs used P Boyce, and J McDonagh. REFEREE: Diarmid Kirwan, Eire OG.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

Exciting games in prospect as Cork championships reach knockout stages THE Cork Senior Hurling Championship will command the major part of attention with several mouth-watering contests down for decision during the week, as many East Cork sides fight for championship survival, writes DECLAN BARRON.

Patrick Deasy and while I expect the Rockies to put up a strong performance, I think that Cloyne will come out on top in this one.

Sunday, August 15th

Sarsfields vs. Killeagh

Friday, August 13th The meeting of Erin’s Own and Ballinhassig in the senior hurling championship should bring a nice crowd to Christy Ring Park on Friday evening. This is another interesting contest with Erin’s Own, who accounted for Newtownshandrum in the opening round, fancied to come out on top. With players of the caliber of Shane Murphy, Sean Kelly, Alan Bowen, Kieran Murphy, Mark O’Connor, Maurice Carroll and Eoghan Murphy in their side, they should be good enough to get over a Ballinhassig side that will look to Martin and Brendan Coleman, Brendan Lombard, Danny O’ Callaghan and Fintan O’Leary to upset the odds. I expect this to be a very good contest, but Erin’s Own are taken to progress.

Páirc Uí Rinn, 7pm

Saturday August 14th

Midleton vs. Na Piarsaigh

This clash is another in the mouth watering variety between two clubs with enormous potential. Na Piarsaigh has inspirational figures in John Gardiner and Sean Óg O’hAilpin, while David Gardiner, Mark Prendergast and Asaki O’hAilpin are other stars in their ranks. They were hugely impressive in defeating Glen Rovers but they will find a vastly improved Midleton side a much different prospect. Under Ger Power, Midleton are now delivering on promising showings for the past two seasons, and they will look to Brian Behan, Alwyn Kearney, Padraig O’Shea, Alan Ryan, Seamus Farrell, James Nagle, Conor Lehane and Luke O’Farrell to come up trumps for them. Midleton will have to play very well to win, but I believe that they will deliver. They are an exciting side to watch, and a superb first round win over Sarsfields sees them go into this game full of confidence. If they can handle Asaki and play to their strengths, then I believe that Midleton

Páirc Uí Chaoimh, 6.45pm

Aidan Ryan of Midleton and Alan Kennedy of Sarsfields will both be hoping to captain their sides to victory when they face Na Piarsigh and Killeagh this weekend

can win this one on Saturday evening and emerge as one of the dark horses in this season’s campaign.

Cloyne vs. Blackrock The curtain-raiser here is the third round game between Cloyne and Blackrock and this game is likely to be a close encounter again with two marquee clubs in action. Blackrock have fallen on lean times of late, while Cloyne may have missed the boat in their quest to capture a first senior title. Still, both clubs will want to secure senior status which a victory will ensure. Cloyne, I feel, will pull out all the stops here. In Donal Óg Cusack they have a fine keeper while Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Killian Cronin and Liam O’Driscoll will be solid in defence. In attack, Cloyne will look to Victor Cusack, Colm, Domhnall and Paudie O’Sullivan to get them through. Blackrock have fine players in Wayne Sherlock, Fergal Ryan, David Cashman and young

Páirc Uí Chaoimh, 4.45pm

Premier Intermediate Hurling Quarter Final

Youghal do the damage with second quarter scoring spree Youghal 2-19 Inniscarra 2-9 YOUGHAL turned in a magnificent display in this Premier Intermediate hurling quarter final in Páirc Uí Rinn on Saturday afternoon to book a semi final berth against Tracton.

Following a hesitant start, the seasiders turned on the style in the second quarter to open up an unassailable half time lead that ultimately gave them enough breathing space to absorb all that Inniscarra could throw at them in the second half. This was a fine game of hurling, with the sides level on three occasions in the opening quarter as Frank Olden gave Inniscarra the lead. Damien Ring replied for Youghal, and while Nicky O’Regan edged Inniscarra in front once more it was Youghal who were to get their eye in as Brendan Coleman and Nigel Roche found the range with good points. Youghal had amassed six wides in that first quarter, and while Tim Murphy was to bring Innis-

carra level for a third time it was Youghal who were to take off in the second quarter.

An injury to Brendan Coleman led to a switch with Brendan Ring to centre forward, and suddenly Youghal seemed to click into gear as they hit a purple patch with Nigel Roche, Brendan and Damien Ring, along with James O’Mahony, all shooting fine points. A curtailed Brendan Coleman did win a fine pass from Brendan Ring, and he set up Ciáran O’Mahony for Youghal’s opening goal as Inniscarra were reeling. Youghal continued to press home their advantage and a further brace of points saw Youghal go into the half time break leading by 1-11 to 0-3 as Inniscarra were on the ropes. On the resumption Youghal landed a few more killer punches as points from Damien Ring, Bill Cooper and James O’Mahony extended their advantage. With Brendan Coleman forced to depart his replacemen,t Brett

This all East Cork clash at Clonmult Memorial Park in Midleton will see the house full signs up early on Sunday night, as it is a game which all of East Cork will be eagerly looking forward to. Killeagh won their opening round, while Sarsfields had to go the back door route to reach the knockout stage. On paper Sarsfields would appear to hold the upper hand with players such as Ray Ryan, Michael Cussen, Cian McCarthy, Conor O’Sullivan, Tadgh Óg Murphy, Daniel Kearney and Kieran Murphy in their ranks. However, county duty has seen team preparation curtailed, in contrast to Killeagh, who have had a free run in. Killeagh will look to young stars such as Cian Fogarty, Sean Long, Joe Budds, and Kieran Lane to take up the challenge, while wise heads such as Mark Landers, Alan Loughlin, Brendan Barry (back from injury) and Joe Deane will spearhead what is certain to be a strong challenge. This game could well go down to the wire and while Sarsfields would appear the better equipped side to advance it will come as no surprise to me if Killeagh manage to come out on top.

Midleton at 7pm

Erin’s Own vs. Ballinhassig

Moloney, forced Padraig O’Sullivan to bring off a superb save before the Inniscarra revival began.

Dan O’Connell and Michael Coleman landed points, while Nicky O’Regan closed the gap still further with three pointed frees and, at the end of the third quarter, Youghal still led by 1-16 to 0-7. Great covering play by Michael Cronin, John Grace and Leigh Desmond in the Youghal


defence averted a few promising situations as Inniscarra threw caution to the wind. The Youghal rearguard was finally breached when Dan O’Connell goaledwith 12 minutes remaining, and another green flag followed a minute later and suddenly, with Shane O’Mahony pointing, the gap was down to just six points.

Youghal were now under a bit of pressure but great defence and strong tackling lifted the siege,

Bride Rovers vs. Blarney On Sunday night in Páirc Ui Chaoimh, Bride Rovers return to the scene of the crime, as it were, when they will face Blarney as they hope to keep their championship season alive. A record fine of €10,000 dished out after their defeat will make Bride Rovers all the more anxious to keep their season alive and if Daniel Dooley, Michael Collins, Sean Ryan and the Murphy brothers hit form, then Bride Rovers can look forward to a meeting with Carrigtwohill on Friday, August 20th. To do so, however, they must see off an improving Blarney side and while Blarney will put it up to the Rathcormac boys, I expect Bride Rovers to come out on top.

Páirc Uí Chaoimh, 6pm

as Bill Cooper got the umpire moving again with a fine point. The win was finally secured when James O’Mahony forced home his sides second goal of the afternoon to seal a very impressive victory for a Youghal side who are now just one win away from reaching a county

final. Youghal will play Tracton, who accounted for Argideen Rangers in the semi final, and on the evidence of this display they will have a great chance of reaching the Premier Intermediate hurling final.

YOUGHAL: J O’Mahony 1-3, B Ring 0-6, C O’Mahony 1-1, D Ring 0-3, N Roche and B Cooper 0-2 each, B Coleman and B Moloney 0-1 each. INNISCARRA: D O’Connell 1-1, J Olden 1-0, N O’Regan 0-4, F Olden, T Murphy, S O’Mahony and M Coleman 0-1 each. YOUGHAL: E Coleman, M Cronin, J Grace, B O’Sullivan, C Spillane, L Desmond, B Ring, N Roche, D Ring, C O’Mahony, B Cooper, B Coleman, J O’Mahony, B Ring and A Curtin. Subs used B Moloney and R Cunningham. INNISCARRA: P O’Sullivan, K Burke, J O’Mahony, B O’Keeffe, L Ryan, W Ryan, D Lynch, F Olden, N O’Regan, T Murphy, D O’Connell, J Olden, M Coleman, C Casey and S O’Mahony. Subs used M Nagle, C Buckley, A Sheehan and S O’Mahony. REFEREE: Michael O’Mahony, Kilbrittain.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The County Championship

Our senior hurlers take on the Rockies at Páirc Uí Chaoimh on Saturday next, August 14th. at 4.45 p.m., in a very important qualifier tie. Despite a very unfortunate run of bad luck in the past two months, we will have to be at our very best to move back into championship contention. However, the Rockies will also have to be on top gear as our side certainly have the hurling to take the spoils, which they have done in former championship ties. The Church Road side have slipped a lot since their glory years but, nevertheless, they have never been wanting when the pressure comes on late in a game. A very entertaining game is expected and will provide an opener for another City/East Cork championship tie between Na Piarsaigh and Midleton.


‘B’ Grade Hurling Championship Cloyne vs. Erin’s Own at Ballinacurra on Thursday next, August 12th at 7pm. Cork Senior Hurling Championship Qualifier: Cloyne vs. Blackrock at Páirc Uí Chaoimh on Saturday next, August 14th at 4.45pm.

Midleton book remaining semi final spot with victory over Erin’s Own ROSTELLAN, was the venue for the 4th quarter final in the East Cork Junior “A” hurling championship, with Midleton squaring up to Erin’s Own. The Caherlag outfit enjoyed the better of the opening exchanges with Martin Buckley getting them off the mark in the 2nd minute. Diarmuid O’Flynn added a further point before Midleton got off the mark with a good point from John Keane on 5 mins. Mark Collins was to stretch the Erin’s Own lead with three points from placed balls as


Midleton who defeated Erin’s Own

Super Lotto:

The Jackpot of €6,800 was not won. The winning numbers were 2, 21, 22, and 23. The Match 3 + Bonus Number (27) for a prize of €1,000 was not won. The ‘Match 3’ winners were Ita & Stella Sloane of Ballyduff who receive a prize of €150. The next draw takes place on Thursday, August 12th at Auntie Biddy’s Bar with the Jackpot standing at €7,100.

Carrigtwohill Cúl Camp

CARRIGTWOHILL GAA recently held their Cúl Camps which were well attended and loads fo fun for all the kids involved.


Midleton 2-11 Erin’s Own 0-13

Main sponsors: Rigney Bros and East Cork Crane Hire

Match results - JAHC quarterfinal Dungourney 3 – 14 Sarsfields 2 – 12

Junior A hurlers march on into the semi-final Captains with referee Gerry O’Connell Erin’s Own led by 0-5 to 0-1 at John Keane gave Midleton some breathing space before Mark the end of the opening quarter. Collins set up a hectic closing Gradually Midleton improved few minutes with his 8th point of with Killian Burke, Willie the evening. John Keane made O’Brien and Peter Smith doing the game safe for Midleton with well and the Magpies closed the a point two minutes from time, gap to a point as Cormac Walsh and the Magpies advance to a (2) and Willie O’Brien landed meeting with Dungourney. points. Mark Collins did get a further two points from Erin’s Own, but at half time the sides were level with John Keane and Cormac Walsh landing good scores as an exciting first half came to a close.

On the restart Ian Quinlan put Erin’s Own in front with a good point from play, but the Midleton response was decisive as they hit the front for the first time when Davy O’Brien set up Michael Keohane for a well taken goal. Mark Collins and Willie O’Brien exchanged points before Patrick O’Mahony put Midleton a goal to the good as we entered the final quarter. Midleton then got a further boost when a long delivery from goalkeeper, Christy Dunlea was finished to the net by Peter Smith to open up a six point gap with just 12 minutes remaining. Mark Collins closed the gap when his attempt for a goal went over the bar. A further effort from Collins left four points between the sides with just seven minutes remaining, and when Ian O’Mahony landed another point the margin was back to a goal.

Midleton: C Walsh 0-4 F, M Keohane and P Smith 1-0 each, J Keane 0-4, Willie O’Brien 0-2, P O’Mahony 0-1 Erin’s Own: M Collins 0-9F, M Buckley, I O’Mahony, I Quinlan, and D O’Flynn 0-1 each. Midleton: C Dunlea, A Cahill, E Ferriter, P fox, F O’Mahony, J O’Donnell, K Burke, W O’Brien, P O’Mahony, M Keohane ( Capt) P Smith, C Walsh, J Keane, A Cotter and D O’Brien. Sub used S Moore for A Cotter (25) I Kennefick for D O’Brien (55). Erin’s Own: K Murphy, C Dooley, J Sheehan, E Harrington, T Hickey, R O’Carroll, I O’Mahony, R Ahearn, M Collins, D O’Flynn, M Buckley, I Quinlan, A Lane and C O’Leary. Sub used A Power for P Walsh (35) Referee: Ger O’Connell, Lisgoold Both semi finals are down for decision this coming weekend with holders, Castlemartyr, facing Bride Rovers in Ballynoe on Saturday night at 7pm and Dungourney meeting Midleton in the other semi final in Castlemartyr on Sunday at 3pm.

On Saturday night last our Junior A hurlers travelled to Castlelyons to play Sarsfields in the quarterfinal of the JAHC. We went into this match giving ourselves every chance of victory after our impressive performance against Carrignavar. This was the first championship match for Sarsfields since they beat us in the first round of the championship.

We started this match fairly well and got the first score of the match through team captain, Shane Casey. Shortly after that Sarsfield got the first goal of the game from a long ball in from the midfield. It was a blow for us after starting the match the better side. But we didn’t panic, we just played our own game and picked off our points.

Mid way through the half our full forward, Frank Hegarty got possession of the sliothar out in the corner, beat his man, and headed for the Sarsfields net to score a goal.

We now led 1-5 to 1-4, and both sides continued to add scores on the scoreboard. In the 27th minute we were awarded a 21 metre by Referee, Cathal McAllister. Shane Casey stepped up to take the free and sent the sliothar into the Sarsfields net for a second goal. The second half score line read, Dungourney 2 – 8, Sarsfields 1 – 4.

Sarsfields started the second half very brightly, scoring four points inside three minutes of the half. We now led 2 – 8 to 1 - 8, but our point scoring always kept us in front, and we got our third goal of the game with just over ten minutes remaining.

A long ball was sent into Sarsfields square. Frank Hegarty got possession of the sliothar and kicked it into the net, giving us a seven point lead. Sarsfields immediately replied with their second goal of the match, to leave 4 points between the sides, and they then added a further point, to leave three points between the sides. But that was as close as they got, as we were not going to be denied the game. We held out for a four-point victory. The final score was Dungourney 3 – 14 Sarsfields 2 - 12

This was another outstanding performance and it was our second match running that we put a score of 3 – 14 on the board. So now we march on into the semi-final, which is to be played on Sunday next, against either Midleton or Erin’s Own. The venue is yet to be confirmed. It should be known later in the week.

Match Fixture

Sunday, August 15th JAHC Dungourney vs Erin’s Own or Midleton Venue TBC for throw in at 7pm.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

3rd Anniversary

In loving memory of James (Jim) Ahern, late of Heamount, Carrigtwohill, whose third anniversary occurs on August 14th, 2010. R.I.P. Nothing on earth can ever replace, The sound of your voice, Or the smile on your face. We all look back upon the years, We think of you with love and tears. A thousand words could never say, How much we miss you every day. If we could have a lifetime wish, And one dream that could come true, We would pray to God with all our hearts, Just to see and speak to you. Memories are like leaves of gold, They never tarnish or grow old, Like falling leaves time slips by, But memories of you, Jim, will never die. Sadly missed by your loving wife Mary and family. Will those who think of Jim today, A little prayer to Jesus say.


WILLIS: Jimmy, of Dungourney, on Monday, August 2nd. RIP. Requiem Mass on Thursday last, followed by burial afterwards in Dangan Cemetery.

McCARTHY: Dan Joe, of Barryscourt, Carrigtwohill, unexpectedly on Wednesday, August 4th. RIP. Funeral Mass on Monday last in St. Mary’s Church, Carrigtwohill, followed by burial afterwards to local cemetery.

O'DONNELL: William (Billy), of Castleredmond, Midleton, on Thursday, August 5th. RIP. Funeral Mass in the Most Holy Rosary Church, Midleton, on Sunday last, followed by burial afterwards in adjoining cemetery. RABBITTE: Liam, of Carrigogna, Midleton, on Thursday, August 5th. RIP. Requiem Mass in the Most Holy Rosary Church, Midleton, on Saturday last, followed by burial afterwards in the adjoining cemetery.

O'SULLIVAN: Kathleen, of Shalom House late of Ballyhubert, Youghal, on Friday, August 6th. RIP. Requiem Mass on Monday last, followed by funeral afterwards to the Old Cemetery, Killeagh. O'DONOVAN, (née Cotter): Geraldine, of Ballinacurra and Lisgoold, on Saturday, August 7th. RIP. Requiem Mass yesterday in St. John the Baptist Church, Lisgoold, followed by funeral afterwards in the local cemetery. DENNEHY, (née O'Driscoll): Gillian, of Fr. Murphy Place, Midleton, on Friday, August 6th. RIP. Requiem Mass on Monday last in the Church of The Most Holy Rosary, Midleton, followed by burial afterwards in the adjoining cemetery.

HENNESSY, (née Casey): Anne, of Ballinacurra, on Friday, August 6th. RIP. Funeral Mass on Monday last, followed by Cremation afterwards at the Island Crematorium, Ringaskiddy.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Planning Permission is sought by Gerard Murphy for demolition of existing single storey residential dwelling and for the construction of a two storey building comprising 2 no. retail units on ground floor with service yard to rear, associated signage, 2 no. office units on first floor and all associated site development works and services at Church Road, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased, at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Planning Permission is sought by Rossdale Enterprises Ltd. for change of house type to 4 no. dwellings to plot numbers 29, 30, 31 & 32 of permitted development Ref: No 08/7031 and all associated site development works and services at Station Road, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased, at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL I Mick Budds intend to apply for planning permission for the construction of a dwelling house (Area: 188 m²) with a separate private garage (Area: 49m²), wastewater treatment unit along with all associated ancillary works at Barnaviddane, Inch, Killeagh, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased, at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork, during its public opening hours, i.e. 9.00a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, on payment of a fee of €20. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Harrington O'Flynn Ltd. Consulting Engineers, Tel: 021-4636760 intend to apply on behalf of Tim West for permission to construct a new dwelling, entrance, wastewater treatment unit and domestic garage at Mount Uniacke, Killeagh, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork during its public opening hours, i.e. 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

Planning notices from €60 incl. Vat

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Murphy Construction intends to apply for alterations to existing planning permission planning ref 0611628 and for planning permission for 3 no. new houses on the site. This application seeks to replace the 5 no. three storey split level and 3 no. two storey permitted detached houses with 12 no. two storey semi-detached houses & 3 no. permitted 2 storey detached houses. Planning permission is also sought for any alterations to the permitted access roadway, circulation, junction with the public road, public open space, connections to the relevant public services, miscellaneous internal and external boundary treatments, and ancillary site works and landscaping that are required to facilitate the revised proposal. For clarity, the amended proposal will accommodate 15 no. houses on the site in total. The site is located at Glyntown, Glanmire, Co. Cork. This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Harrington O'Flynn Ltd. Consulting Engineers, Tel: 021-4636760 intend to apply on behalf of Liam and Mary Hayes for permission to demolish existing derelict semidetached dwelling house and garage and construct a new detached storey and a half dwelling house with garage, new vehicular entrance and associated siteworks at Ballincurrig, Leamlara, Co. Cork. This application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within a period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. YOUGHAL TOWN COUNCIL Survey and Design Services wish to apply for planning permission, on behalf of Fergus & Eileen Quill, for the construction of a single-storey extension to their dwelling at Carrigeen, Seafield Estate, Youghal. This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, Mall House, Youghal during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Pat Cashman on behalf of David Moore seeks permission to construct a Dormer Bungalow, Detached Garage, Domestic Effluent Treatment system and all Associated Site Development works at Templenacarriga South, Midleton, Co. Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased, at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Colette and Myles O’Donnell seek permission for single storey side extension including enlargement of utility room window on northern elevation, together with associated site development works to existing dwelling at 27 Cois Chuain, Ballynaroon, Glounthaune. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL We, Catherine and Richard McSweeney, intend to apply to the above council for permission for a dormer style dwelling and sewage treatment unit at Gurteen, Dungourney, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL We Thomas M.G. Cahill & Associates (021-4883774) on behalf of Philip Jordan intend to apply for permission for dwellinghouse (change of plan), entrance and associated site works. At: Site No. 2 Ballycotton, Co. Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL I, Marc Curtin, apply for full planning permission for the demolition of existing dwelling house, construction of new detached 1.5 storey dwelling house, detached garage, treatment unit, well and associated site works at Barnetstown, Watergrasshill, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased, at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork, during its public opening hours, i.e. 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, on payment of a fee of €20. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Janette O’Sullivan intends to apply for Permission to construct a dwelling house, garage, new site entrance, patent wastewater treatment system, percolation area and associated site works at Knocknacally, Youghal. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.


CORK COUNTY COUNCIL I, Peadar Wade am applying to Cork County Council for permission to erect a dormer style dwelling and ancillary site works at the rear of No. 9 O’Neill Crowley Terrace, Lismalaghlin, Castlemartyr, Co.Cork. This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork during its public opening hours, i.e. 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL We Thomas M.G. Cahill & Associates (021-4883774) on behalf of Louise O’Brien intend to apply for permission for retention of changes to dwellinghouse (different from that granted under 06/4041) including pitched roof to rear replacing flat roof, hipped roof instead of gable to sun room, velux windows to rear roof, French doors to sunroom & window elevational changes to rear and side of dwellinghouse. At: Coneybeg, Watergrasshill, Co. Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Harrington O’Flynn Ltd. Consulting Engineers, Tel: 021-4636760 intend to apply on behalf of Lindsey Garde and Ian Paul for permission to construct a new dwelling, entrance, waste-water treatment unit and domestic garage at Ballylongane, Garryvoe, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork during its public opening hours, i.e. 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.


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Fo o d fo r t h o u g h t

Sponsored by Well & Good, Broderick Street, Midleton Tel. (021) 4633499

ENTICING RICE... WALKIES ANYONE? Smoked Haddock & Scallion Risotto AS I TYPE, I am being nudged by a black four-legged friend who thinks a wag and a little gentle pestering will get me out of the chair and into walking mode.

KEVIN AHERNE Proprietor / Chef

Sage Restaurant Midleton 4639682

Unconditional love is often cited as the main benefit of keeping a dog, but emotional blackmail is also part of the equation, and Sam has not the slightest hesitation in making me feel guilty for ignoring him!

(with or without a Soft Poached Egg)

I’M A big fan of risotto as it’s so versatile and a great host to many ingredients.

Flower Essences are a branch of homeopathy, and can be very useful in treating animal moods.

* Use a good quality rice * Watch your temperature don’t cook the rice too quickly * Don’t add too much water or stock at the beginning you can always add more during the cooking process but you can’t take it out * Use good quality parmesan * Use fresh herbs such as basil marjoram and oregano * Add a good knob of butter as you’re just finishing cooking the risotto * Don’t season the risotto until the end * Most importantly, risotto is not supposed to be stiff or runny - It’s finding a balance between the two that is key

Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 20 - 25 minutes Serves 2

METHOD FOR THE HADDOCK 1.Remove all bones from the fish or you can simply ask your fish monger to do this for you 2.Poach the smoked haddock in the milk for about 6-8minutes 3.Reserve the poaching liquor(we will use this later)

Every so often, as earlier this year, there are arguments raised against homeopathy by sceptics who claim that all natural remedies should either be subjected to pharmaceutical-type testing or be banned.

It is impossible to test homeopathy as if it was a standard scientific substance, but this does not mean homeopathy is ineffective. Indeed, it works particularly well on children and on animals, and these beings cannot respond to any placebo effect.

Many find the cooking of risotto daunting but these few helpful tips are the key to a successful risotto:

INGREDIENTS 400g Arborio rice 2 cloves garlic 1 celery stick 1 white onion 50ml of white wine 2 scallions 2 eggs 350g of smoked haddock 250ml milk 20g butter Small bunch of parsley 1 lemon 30g parmesan

Pets can be prone to emotional disturbances just as their owners can be – sometimes it may be the owner who needs a remedy rather than their pet.

A single experience convinced me some years ago. ..

An old timid dog and a new, brash young dog were testing each other and ended up having the one and only fight they ever picked.

I could get Rescue Remedy into the old dog’s mouth and he calmed down immediately, whereas the aggressive newcomer resisted and he remained jittery for hours. Flower remedies act as catalysts to gently bring about changes in a pet’s personality and can be added to the animal’s water or food. Bioforce have a range of readymade remedies, including a Separation Essence which the RSPCA specifically asked them to formulate. Apart from first aid type situations where Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Remedy are the answer, flower essences can also work on emotional problems and personality imbalances which can manifest as fear, aggression or destructiveness.

For example, a nervous animal jumping at the slightest sound would benefit from mimulus; an over-possessive dog, chicory; and a jealous one, holly. Ask in your local health food shop for a leaflet on Bach flower remedies. Take it away and consider what remedies might be useful for your guinea pig, your rabbit, your cat, your dog or even yourself!


1.Finely dice the onion, celery and garlic 2.Fry (sweat: cook without colouring )on a medium to low heat for 3-4minutes 3.Add the rice 4.Fry until you hear the rice pop 5.Add the wine and cook until evaporated 6.Now add the reserved milk from the smoked haddock and top up with water or stock until rice is just covered

7.Remember you have to stir frequently until the liquor has evaporated by 4/5 - this takes about 12-15minutes 8.Now add your butter, cooked smoked haddock, scallions and chopped parsley 9.Season to taste 10.Garnish with a slice of lemon and parmesan 11.I love a soft poached egg with this dish – if you do, too, poach an egg for 3-4 minutes and place on top, delicious! 12.Enjoy!

Well & Good

Broderick Street, Midleton * Tel. / Fax. (021) 4633499


WELL and Good stocks the full range of Julian Barnard’s Bach flower essences, as well as Nelson’s Rescue Remedy cream, drops, spray and lozenges. We also stock the Bioforce Animal Range for pets who are Highly Strung, Over Dominant, Timid, or in need of Separation Essence or Animal Emergency Essence. FOR YOUR DIARY: Nutritional therapist, Catherine Kenneally will be on the shop floor next Friday, August 13th from 11am to 2pm to help with health matters and diet.


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Shoes €5 & €10


ARCADE'S Summer Sale continues on Midleton's Main Street with even more reductions now in store. €5 rails and €10 rails have now been expanded into the Established Woman section with more than 20% off in other areas.

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Fall tunics have now arrived in autumn grey, taupe and mink and can be teamed with a pair of leggings or a pair of mini-boots.

Meanwhile, Arcade's Boutique section has €10 and €20 rails, filled with wonderful designer looks and brands - at high street prices.

For the kids, there's plenty to choose from with shorts, tees, 2 piece and 3 piece sets, hoodies and more - many at up to 40% off.

Upstairs, at Arcade Midleton's homeware department, there's plenty on special offer too, including luxury towels from only 99c. - yes, less than a euro! Finally, it's still a case of 'Happy Feet' at Arcade Midleton, with a complete stock clearance in their footwear department with sandals, flip flops and pumps all down in price to €5 and €10.

So, whether picking up basics for the rest of this summer, or planning ahead for Autumn 2010, there's plenty to

Autumn 2010 l ines now i n! LE A S


Up to 40% off kidswear

Light summer delights at XPresso Cafe WHEN you've finished shopping - and are ready to drop - a trip to Xpresso Cafe on Arcade Midleton's first floor, is the perfect place to peruse your purchases and get a bite to eat. Get your perfect lunch at the Arcade Cafe, whether you prefer paninis, wraps or bagels. If you like quiche, you can get one with a side salad, for just €5.99! Or try a FairTrade tea, a delicious scone or cupcake and coffee - the perfect start to your day. Cool off this summer with a delicious latte or a sumptuous smoothie, made with probiotic yoghurt. Yummy, healthy and perfect for chilling out on a hot summer’s day!

LE A S Sunday 2pm - 6pm Monday - Wednesday 9am - 7pm Thuursday & Friday 9am - 8pm Th Saturday 9am - 6pm

Up to 50% off selected items

sponsored by: arcade

021 4631077

Pushing prices down

94 Main Street, Midleton Open 7 Days a Week – Customer Car Park on Riverside Way

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal



Fermoy whist drive

Seven sisters? Not quite – but seven wonders? Definitely!

RESULTS FROM SUNDAY, AUGUST 8TH Best overall score: Margaret Mulkeen Winning ladies: Margaret Flynn, Mary Butterworth, Claire Kennedy, Moira Coughlan, Ina O’Brien, Marie Roche, Joan O’Callaghan and Eileen Enright. Winning gents: M. Scannell, Conor O’Driscoll, E. Ring, M. Moran, James Barry, Gerard Donovan, M. Hurley and Fr. Aquin Casey. Raffle: Mary K. Dowling, Fr. Aquin Casey and Colm Hurley. Whist drive every Sunday night at 8.30pm at Fermoy Bridge Centre. All welcome.

An Seanachaí

Artists Diane Magee, Martha Cashman & Andrea Cashell raise a glass to their upcoming exhibition at The Grain Store, Ballymaloe

WITH an exclusive opening night on Wednesday, August 11th and then open to the public from Thursday August 12th until September 19th, the exhibition ‘Harvest’ showcases the talents of seven artists currently based in and around the Cork region.

#2 '34#52#/4 0-+&#8 044#)'3 5--# 2033 5/)#26#/ 0 "#4'2(02&

4#24'23 0.'.#&' 051 0( 4*' #8 = '#(00& *07&'2 ; '#/#%*#: 48-'< = 2+--'& #2-+% 533'-3 = 0#43 *''3' '.0/

-& #3*+0/'& 2#7/ 0%,4#+= '11'2'& .0,'& #%,'2'= "#2. *+%,'/ #-#& = '2$ +30440 =

20. !*' 2+-*#2)2+--'& 4'#, .0,'& #%0/ #/&7+%* = '#/#%*#: ''( 52)'2 = 09 +2-0+/ 4'#, =

-& #6052+4'3 0#34 *+%,'/ 511'2 = !2#&+4+0/#- 2+3* 4'7 = ''( 5+//'33 #33'20-' =

0.'4*+/) '7 2+--'& #.$ 54-'43 = #/)'23 #3* =

+3*8 +3*'3 ''1 2+'& #4%* 0( 4*' #8 = 2+--'& #-.0/ 54-'4 = .0,'& '#(00& +330440 = '' 052 -#%,$0#2& (02 #+-8 +3* 1'%+#-3 0%#--8 #5)*4 +3*

#-- #)3

777 3'#/#%*#+ +' 3'#/#%*#+$#2 '+2%0. /'4

Fota House Summer Theatre Presents “Bombshells”

by Joanna Murray-Smith In Association with Jasango Theatre WHEN: Up to August 14th 2010 WHERE: Fota House, Fota Island, Cork . PRICE: Theatre €20, Dinner + Theatre €40

“A rare combination of comedy, truth and rapture.” - The Times

Fota House is delighted to announce the details of their muchawaited Summer Theatre partnership. In association with Galway's Jasango Theatre, Fota House presents “Bombshells”, a wild and passionate comedy by Joanne Murray-Smith, featuring Angela Ryan and Jasmin Finn and directed by George B. Miller. Bombshells is a rip-roaring, explosive and hilarious evening spent with several generations of women on the edge.

Combining the work of three painters – Rebecca Bradley, Diane Magee and Louise McKeown – with that of four ceramic sculptors – Liz Burgess, Andrea Cashell, Martha Cashman and Nedyalka Panova – this is an exhibition that varies in approach, content and theme, but is united by the location in which these artists live, the dedication with which they work, and their instinctive responses to the world around them.

The four ceramic sculptors exhibiting work in an array of different methods, demonstrating mastery of each medium along with flair, imagination and skill. Based in Kinsale, Liz Burgess creates elegant and contemporary torsos of male and female forms, and garden sculptures inspired by the rock formations found at beaches around Cork, in raku-fired ceramics. Andrea Cashell is an awardwinning ceramic artist from Youghal who makes contemporary slab-built sculptures using white stoneware clay, based on the organic forms and repeat patterns found in nature like those of shells, plants and flowers. Martha Cashman is also from Youghal, now Cork based, and a very well known ceramicist who transforms the most humble of objects, such as tools and spoons, into symbolic pieces using delicate porcelain with bright lustre glazes, woven wire and wood. Nedyalka Panova is Bulgarian but lives and works in Cork, and is an award-winning ceramic artist whose work, inspired by nature, uses using a wide range of materials and techniques, from fine bone china to raku.

Bombshells has wowed audiences all over Ireland with The Sunday Times describing it as “Jaw-droppingly good”. The play opened at Fota House at 8.30 pm. on Tuesday July 13th and will run weekly from Tuesday to Saturday until Saturday, August 14th.

Each of the three painters in the exhibition also respond directly and immediately to the individual environment in their work. Rebecca Bradley was born in London in the 1960s and has lived and worked in Fermoy for the past eighteen years. Ranging from light, open, minimal paintings to more densely worked textural pieces, landscapes and places she has visited, provide a starting point for her work. Diane Magee was born in Youghal, where she lives and works, and her work explores and records the landscape, light and views which surround her daily. Originally from Clonmel, Louise McKeown is based in Kinsale where she runs her own gallery. Deriving ideas, tastes and styles from various sources, she produces both landscapes and portraits, with her painting primarily influenced by the Irish countryside and its rich colours and people.

BOX OFFICE: Everyman Palace Theatre / / 021 4501673. Telephone and internet transactions are subject to a handling charge. For images/information: Margaret Martin, Tel: 021 4815543 or;

‘Harvest’ runs daily from 9am to 8pm, from Thursday, August 12th until September 19th at The Grain Store, Ballymaloe.

In keeping with Jasango’s commitment to collaboration, this production showcases haunting music by The Go Away Birds, and the evocative artwork of painter, Katie Egerton.

PRICE: THEATRE -€20. Buffet Dinner and Theatre €40 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

The broad range of work on view in this exhibition fully represents the exciting artistic life of Cork and its environs, and is a wonderfully engaging and authentic reflection of a genuinely vibrant cultural scene. The fact that many of these works are for sale, ranging in price from just €85 to €3000, means that you can take a little piece of the Independent Republic of Cork home with you too!

* Peter Andre ste to release series of children’s books * George Michael set for his own 'Glee' tribute episode

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

E N T E R TA I N M E N T G U I D E !

Disband are the best in local talent

ON Thursday, August 19th, starting at 8pm, some of the local art talent will be coming to the Mocha Cafe, Distillery Lanes, Midleton. Six local artists from our own St. Mary’s High School, Midleton will be displaying their works. Works in painting, ceramics and fashion will be on view and this will certainly be a great opportunity to view some of local creative genius. If that’s not quite enough, food and refreshments will also be available.

To have a peak at work that will be on exhibit, check out the “Disband Art Exhibition” on Facebook.

The Goalpost Bar & Restaurant FULL BAR MENU Mon - Fri 4.30pm - 8.30pm Sat & Sun 12.30pm - 8.30pm with Sunday Lunch Specials SATURDAY NIGHT SUNDAY EVENING JC Sound Skirmish 7-9pm SATURDAY NIGHT AUGUST 21ST Martin Walsh Shanagarry

021 4646492

Midleton Toastmasters clear their throats for new season

THE first meeting of Midleton Toastmasters after the summer break is on August 25th. If you have heard about Toastmasters, or you are looking around for something new to do in the autumn, Toastmasters is well worth checking out. Toastmasters is an international organisation dedicated to helping people become better communicators and speakers. Public speaking and effective communications are important skills these days, no matter if you are in the workplace, seeking a new job or involved in community activities. A core aim of the club is to improve people’s confidence.

Ardmore’s De Burca know Guinness is good for them!

Each meeting, members participate in a number of activities such as topics (thinking on your feet), prepared speeches and evaluations. The meetings tend to be varied with a large number of subjects discussed in any one session. There is a very strong emphasis on time management. The atmosphere within the club is supportive. Midleton Toastmasters meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The next two meetings on August 25th and September 8th will take place at 8pm upstairs in McDaid’s Pub, on Main Street, Midleton. Guests are more than welcome. For more information, look up Midleton Toastmasters on the web or call Colm on 087 2353889. We look forward to seeing you there.

Wallis’ BAR MIDLETON Where a smile & a warm welcome await... EARLY OPENING 9AM MON - SAT TEAS, COFFEES, HOMEMADE SCONES ETC.

Thursday, August 12th:

SOMETHING SIMPLE Sunday, August 15th:

BOG THE DONKEY CC Thursday, August 19th:


KIERAN KRAMER CC Sunday, August 22nd:

CA TRI ONA FA LL ON Thursday, August 26th:

Sunday, August 29th:



Thursday, September 2nd:


POP AZITAS CC Sunday, September 5th:


Congratulations to local Ardmore group, De Burca who are now through to the Munster Finals of the Arthur Guinesss ‘Our Thursdays‘ competition. A panel of judges selected 24 of the best bands to perform in four regional showcases in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast on August 26th to determine which 4 bands will make it through to the final. The national showcase will take place on September 2nd in Belfast, where the 4 final bands will perform in front of the entire judging panel and an audience of 900 spectators. The winning band will be announced on the night, and will play as part of the Arthur’s Day line up, supporting the likes of Snow Patrol in Dublin on September 23rd. Two runner-up bands will also get to perform on Arthur’s Day at a studio venue in Cork or Galway. So well done to De Burca for making it this far - we wish them every success for the future.


SUMMER OPENING HOURS MON - WED 9.30AM - 9.30PM Last food orders 8.30pm THURS - SUN 9.30AM - 11.30PM Last food orders 9.30pm




Thursday, September 9th:

NEIL DIAMOND TRIBUTE BAND DATE FOR YOUR DIARY Sunday September 12th Aslan at Wallis’ Bar

TRAD SESSIONS Tuesdays, 9.30pm

MID-WEEK OPEN MIC with JAMES MCGRATH Wednesdays, 9.30pm

IN-HOUSE MUSIC Every Fri & Sat, 9.30pm - close

Jennifer Aniston has won a restraining order against alleged stalker * Scorsese 'passionate about 3D movies *

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Puzzler WIN2TICKETS FOR...

All Mixed Up

TEL. (021) 4630066 WITH OUR

Tea-Break Crossword 4


10 12 16




4 8

5 9



11 14

15 20







16 19


21 24

NOREEN FURLONG Carrigtwohill

25. Interior (5) 26. Song and dance show (7)





Test your concentration with this word ladder




Congratulations to last week’s winner:

ACROSS 8. Stone fruit (7) 9. Porcelain (5) 10. Book of maps (5) 11. Carry on (7) 12. Break of day (4) 13. Drink (8) 16. Amazing (8) 18. Placid (4) 21. Relating to the eye (7) 23. Clothes tag (5)



DOWN 1. Information (4) 2. Go on afterwards (6) 3. Slight delay (5) 4. Broth (4) 5. Tenth month (7) 6. Place showing movies (6)

7. A wish unlikely to come true (8) 12. Spring bulb (8) 14. Flightless bird (3) 15. Poster (7) 17. Study of plants (6) 19. Reddish-brown (6) 20. Sphere representing Earth (5) 22. Cord to fasten shoes (4) 24. Not on time (4)

ACANSERWS TO LAST WEEK: ACROSS: 8.Episode 9.Realm 10.Dates 11.Sausage 12.Glow 13.Slippers 16.Onlooker 18.Find 21.Novelty 23.River 25.Sales 26.Risotto. DOWN: 1.Bend 2.Bistro 3.Roast 4.Mess 5.Triumph 6.Damage 7.Immersed 12.Goodness 14.Lie 15.Foolish 17.Lovely 19.Invite 20.Brass 22.Yard 24. Root.

Name: ______________________________ Address: ____________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Tel (mobile):______________________________ Home:_______________________________ Entries to East Cork Journal, 1st Floor, Watersedge, Riverside Way, Midleton


Five Minutes - Five Questions

1. If someone is bibulous, what are they addicted to or fond of?

2. How many squares are traditionally on a Snakes and Ladders board? 3. Which day of the week is named after the Norse god of thunder?

4. In 1907, who was the first English writer to win the Nobel Prize for literature? 5. What does the E stand for in E Numbers in relation to food additives?

Answer to last week’s Medium


ANSWERS TO WORDGAMES: 1. Beanstalk 2. HIRE HERE HERD HEAD ANSWERS: 1. Alcohol 2. One hundred 3. Thursday 4. Rudyard Kipling 5. Europe




Find the 9 letter word hidden in this word wheel

Answer to last week’s Difficult



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Readers AUGUST 13TH -19TH R e v i e w Midleton

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal

The Big Screen

Broomsticks at the ready: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Market Green 021 4630066


FRI 13TH, SAT 14TH, WED 18TH, THURS 19TH AUGUST 6.45 9.00PM L/S FRI/SAT @ 11.15PM


WED 18TH & THURS 19TH AUGUST 11.30AM 2.00 4.15PM

Thhee T


Doonnoovvaann wwiitthh JJiillll OOD

Under the Dome: Under King’s thrall


FRI & SAT, WED & THURS 11.30AM 1.45 4.00 9.00 L/S FRI/SAT @ 11.15PM SUN 15TH – TUES 17TH 11.30AM 1.45 4.00 6.25 9.00PM

THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE (PG) 11.30AM 1.30 4.00 6.25 8.45PM L/S FRI/SAT @ 11.15PM



STEP UP 2 2D (PG) FRI – TUES 11.30AM IF you’re looking for a family-friendly film filled with magic, action, humour and impressive visual effects, then you should check out ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. The movie opens in the Medieval age, at the castle of the legendary Arthurian wizard, Merlin. In a voice-over we are introduced to Merlin’s three apprentices, Balthazar (Nicolas Cage), Horvath (Alfred Molina) and Veronica (Monica Bellucci) and their task of protecting Merlin and his dangerous spell from falling into the hands of the evil sorceress, Morgana (Alice Krige).

Without giving too much away, we are soon propelled into the modern time, where Balthazar is looking for the “Prime Merlinian,” who Merlin said is the only person who will be able to defeat Morgana and her magic. He find this in 10 year old Dave Stutler (Jake Cherry and later Jay Baruchel) when he immediately recognizes his natural ability for sorcery and offers him an apprenticeship. The visual effects are impressive and even though the story can be a bit predictable, the acting makes up for it. Cage manages to pull off a subtle humour, and Molina gives enough depth to his bad guy performance to keep the character from becoming one-dimensional.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice should be right up your alley if you are in the mood for an enjoyable action/adventure film that isn’t animated.


4.00 6.30 9.00PM L/S FRI/SAT @ 11.15PM




TOY STORY 3 (GEN) FRI & SAT 11.30AM 1.50 4.30PM SUN – TUES 11.30AM 1.50 4.30 6.45PM WED & THURS 11.30AM



Book online at

WITHOUT question, Stephen King is a horror, macabre and sci-fi storytelling master. His books have grabbed generations since the publication of Carrie in 1974. One of the most loved films of all time, The Shawshank Redemption, was conceived by King.

Who can contest that King is King? So, does Under The Dome do justice to the author? Simply, I’d say yes. Under the Dome has a great plot, characters to love and loathe, and all the twists and turns to shock and scare readers onto the next cliff-hanger.

Is it brilliant? No. It will not rate among previous Stephen King giants, like IT or The Stand. However, Under The Dome is very readable and greatly enjoyable. The people of Chester Mill, inexplicably locked under an invisible dome, must fight for survival in a small town with many undercurrents of crime and corruption. King fans will enjoy this book. I know I did. The Dark Tower references – King’s seven book masterpiece – are a great reminder you’re dealing with a yarn spinning expert. Overall, while not Kings best, when put to the test, Under the Dome delivers. Readers will be sorry to finish and close the covers on characters they have grown to love. A monster read at 877 pages, Under the Dome hooks you to the end. Though a little unsatisfying, the story as a whole deserves its audience. Once again, King pulls us under his thrall with relative ease. Under The Dome is out now in paperback for a limited time, with several different cover editions.

B o ok wo r m Rating

Colourful Cobh in the frame at Dublin photography awards Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 - The East Cork Journal


Search for new Irish Iconic Images launched

AN evocative night-time photograph of Dublin city’s main thoroughfare was announced last week as the winner of this year’s Photography Awards, an international amateur tourist photography competition that highlights Ireland and its tourism qualities using a different theme each year. Two Cork images, ‘Colourful Cobh’ taken by Donna Campbell, an Irish woman living in Australia and ‘Roches Point 3’ by Andrea Harmssen, a German tourist, were among the 12 winners. In addition, a Cork photographer, John Gaffney captured a winning image of Sligo’s Enniscrone beach entitled ‘Lone Surfer’. Entitled ‘Dublin by Night’, the winning photograph was taken by Bernard O’Sullivan from Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. The image features Dublin’s O’Connell Street, one of Europe’s widest streets, at night and The Spire, the 120-metre needle-like stainless steel sculpture, which rises above the street and Dublin’s skyline. The Spire’s gently lit base and reflective surface provide an interesting counterpoint to the surrounding street lighting.

Themed the beauty of Ireland’s villages, towns and cities, this year’s competition received thousands of photographic entries from Irish and visiting tourists. German and UK tourists joined Irish tourists from Dublin, Cork, Galway, Clare, Louth and Kerry among the 11 runners-up. Their photographs included views of Galway Bay; Cork’s Cobh and Roches Point; Drogheda; Blennerville in Tralee, Co. Kerry; Bunratty, Co. Clare; Kinvara, Co Galway; Derry and Sligo’s Enniscrone Beach.

‘Colourful Cobh’, by Donna Campbell, an Irish woman living in Australia

Launching the awards, the sixth year of the competition, the judging panel invited Irish holidaymakers and visiting tourists to submit photographs that capture a unique and personal view of Ireland using the theme ‘An Eye for Ireland’. Entrants are encouraged to use John Hinde’s series of famous postcards and iconic images of Ireland years ago as inspiration.

The overall winner will receive an award-winning Olympus E-PL1 digital camera and the top 12 photographs will be reproduced as an original John Hinde calendar. Further details are available at The closing date for entries is Wednesday, December 15th at 5pm.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Issue 151  

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

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