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Rosie Leister, Fessenden Hall, brought in a new eco alternative to Icestone, Eos Solid Surfaces. Non-porous, seamless, does not support the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold, comes in 2cm or 3cm thickness. Check out the difference between Eos and other solid surface material:

Melissa Vitello from Milliken came in fresh from a corporate meeting. Like many other manufacturers, they don’t have much new product to show until Neocon, but after the merge with Constantine, they do have a new branding for their corporate identity. Check out the new logo. It is from the signature of late chairman Roger Milliken. It’s a simple and playful, the way the company is going to reach out to be a design partner to the A&D community. Along with a new logo, Milliken has launched a website that can be connected through the smartphone barcodes found on the back of the Milliken business cards (don’t have a smartphone? just go to Here you’ll find an array of random images (not carpet related) and the sole purpose is to give you inspiration. Pan the screen in order to browse all the photos, click on the image for accompanied wording. Also note, there are now 24 colors in the SDN stocking program. See some to the right.





Lori Obrien has joined Walt Todorow from Contract Finishes. And after about 2 years of no representation for Silestone, Contract Finishes has now added the natural quartz company to their list of manufacturers and they brought in the updated colors for us to see. Use Silestone traditionally for countertops, wall panels, and flooring (their tile sizes pass slip resistance without a sealant). Over 65 colors including some really punchy fun colors, some sparkle, some that look like stones and galactic rock. Choose from a polished non-scratch texture or soft leather textures available. An updated book will be kept in the library. See website for all colors. Silestone Website

Silestone as a bar top

Silestone as a floor

Green Fun Life Series

Stellar Marine Stellar Series

Yellow Nile River Series

Blue Sahara Mesopotamia Series

See website for full range of colors and all series from Silestone


Bonnaroo, Blur Ridge 29.079.103

Pallas Textiles Website

Karaoke, Rice 27.180.011.P

Wonder Wheel, Cumin 27.179.021.P Carnivale, Midnight 29.080.094

MORE ARCHITECTURAL WALLS – GENIUS Along with the Pallas fabrics shown previously, Andrew Vandiver (Corbett) also gave us a reminder review that KI has an architectural wall product. Andrew went through his I-pad showing photos of their wall product’s capabilities. For offices, conferencing, storefront, dividing walls, and architectural integration. Their genius wall is unlimited in aesthetics and function with a vast array of material and removable panel faces. Its approved for seismic areas. And its green in that its 70% recycled aluminum premanufacturering, 94 to 98% recyclable post-consumer and 99 percent reusable. Made in Wisconsin. See images for some good examples.


Formica rep, Samantha Homan, brought in their new product called 180FX. A product that is perfect for the client who wants the look of stone but doesn’t have the budget. It represents the look and scale and there is no repetition found in the pattern much like other laminates. Images do not do this laminate justice, check out the sampling in the library. About 2.25/2.50 sq/ft

WOOD CEILINGS James High from the Rulon Company brought us samples, photos, and lots of information for a lunch and learn presentation. Closed and open linear wood for ceilings and wall systems, panel grilles, cubes and squares, acoustical products, curved wood veneered panels, flat veneered panel, and suspended linear uPVC ceiling and canopy systems. -The linear wood ceilings and wall systems have factory attached clips that guarantee the right field spacing. The placements of the clips shows the contractor where penetrations of other ceililng components will occur. -The panel grilles come with trim and border treatments in woods and finishes that enhance the installation, get a decorative trim or border for more eye catching design. -Aluratone is going to give you the acoustical treatment needed for specific spaces while keeping the space feeling warm with the wood tones. -Curvalon is the curved ceiling or wall panel product that comes in custom-sized panels up to 4’x10’. Form the curves in the factory for consistent parts or field bend if necessary. -Plasiline is a maintence free, water repellent surface that is inert to most chemicals. This product can withstand Category 4 hurricane and conforms to Miami-Dade building codes. It is 100% recyclable. And just need a damp cloth to wipe it clean periodically. While Rulon has their standard veneer and solid wood offerings, they do offer all other species (domestic and imported) and can custom match and color any particular specified.

TEKNION HAS SEATING AND LOTS OF IT Lisa Barday, Teknion Seating program manager, Natalie Soltis, Teknion rep, and Allison Wiley from Workplace Solutions brought us a luncheon presentation complete with sample chairs to try out. This was an effort to remind us that Teknion has more than just systems, they have a fairly extensive line of all types of seating. (65 different styles of seating to be exact). This newsletter would turn into a novel if I showed them all, so here are just some of the interesting pieces they brought to our attention. click here for more AL3 – an executive chair with synchronous mechanism that is concealed within the chair column. Black mesh or fully upholstered back. Frame and base are polished aluminum or ebonycoated aluminum. The back of the frame imitates the grilles of a classic car.

Belize – a mobile lounge chair made to equip function and aesthetics, the Belize chair offers a storage shelf beneath the seat for personal items; optional swivel work tables with pen/pencil holder; cup holder with soft, non-slip surface; casters; unobtrusive handle on the back. The side panels are available in laminate, perforated metal or fabric/leather and the worksurface area is available in laminate or metal with a brushed aluminum frame. Perfect for casual meeting rooms, reception areas, training and presentation rooms.

DNA – Modular and user-reconfigurable seating with an option bolster that can be repositioned left, right or senter. Can be arranged in multiple direction with connection and configurations. Non-linked units can be repositioned without any tools (however, these are heavy enough that they have to be pushed with intention – no child could do this alone). Integrated tables available. Power and data is also available. Optional linking ability. These are used greatly at Hershey Headquarters and if interested, Natalie can arrange a visit.


Evan Epstein, Business Development Manager for SnapCab (out of Warrington, PA) met with the interior resource group to go over his company’s elevator interiors products. Evan is fairly new to SnapCab but after running his own cabinetry business, it is safe to say that he is not new to the world of elevator interiors and he is quite familiar with how architects and designers work. It is important to note that Snapcab is currently the only elevator cab company that has a 1 day install (panels can be installed in 2 hours, ceiling in about 1-1/2 – 2 hours). This is due to their patented interlocking panels that stack on top of each other starting from the bottom. There are no clips involved and handrails and pad buttons are installed in the factory to save time on site. See library for panel sample to bring to your client to better explain this feature. Snapcab has close relationships with the major elevator manufacturers that your client already uses, like Otis and Thysseun Krupp. While they do have standard elevators to work with they are aware that designers want to be able to change almost anything so their custom department is available to help change up or match anything for your project. Materials are limitless: laminates, solid surface, stone veneer, resin panels, metal panels, etc. You can even match your client’s standard handrails, they’ll work with anything as long as it complies with firecodes.


Gail Peterson with FJS Associates came in to update her lines. A couple notable products: Vanerum Stelter (school furnishings), Opti+, an ergonomic classroom seating option that sits the user in a forward sloping chair w/ a contoured edge and a desk with a footrest. The design is supposed to enhance mobility and conform to today’s classroom style of teaching (more teaming, collaboration and less backaches for the instructor. GSA offerings are available.

Compatico is a manufacturer and supplier of new office furntiure systems and parts. Has some GSA offerings as well. Competitively price. Product line CMW is pictured. Arnold Kolax is the library furniture division of Arnold. For anyone working on any library projects, this has everything library, custom capabilities, and some modern finish options.


Heather Wilmot, Architectural Sales Associate for CertainTeed Ceilings, stopped in with some updates. A couple products to keep in mind: Gyptone -Perforated ½” Acoustical Gypsum -Available in a 24” x 24” lay-in ceiling tile, or a 4’x8’ Gypsum Big Board -NRC: 0.60-0.65; with Insulation backing, NRC: 0.70-0.80 (depending on perforation style) -Designed to address both Sound absorption and Sound reverberation -Perforations: Point (Circular), Line (Linear), Quattro (Square), Sixto (Hexagon) -Big Boards can be used as a permanent acoustical ceiling or wall panel -Solid Gypsum access panels available for concealed-access to the plenum *Air Renew Technology in Big Boards—permanently removes Formaldehyde from the air, breaking down and holding the VOCs in the gypsum core. Contributes to acoustical comfort and an improved indoor air quality. Ecophon -High-acoustical absorption (minimum NRC: 0.80, up to 0.95) -Highest LEED recycled content for a Ceiling tile (70% Post-Consumer Recycled content of recycled glass bottles, 73% LEED recycled content) -99% light diffusion, offering a consistent spread of the bright white surface—more than just a standard LR. Focus Ds—Installs from below the suspension system, fully-concealing the grid. Standard tile sizes, planks, and 4x4 tiles available to offer the look of drywall while still providing access to the plenum Solo Clouds—Cloud panel, NRC equivalent to 0.95. Finished and painted on all sides, acoustical absorption from front & back of panel. Minimal Hardware (Pigtail screws directly into Acoustical panel). Available in 10 Standard Shapes as well as Custom Shapes/Colors CertainTeed Mineral Fiber and Fiberglass “Performance” Tiles -Only ceiling manufacturer with third-party certification of Recycled Content from GreenGuard

Ecophon Solo Squares

Gyptone Wall and Ceiling

Solo’s pigtail screw

CONTACTS EOS Solid Surface Rosemary Leister Fessenden Hall Inc. 609-685-1683

James High Rulon Company 610-955-3113

Milliken Carpet Melissa Vitello 215-287-4021

Natalie Soltis Teknion 215-237-1775

Lori O’Brien Contract Finishes 267-421-4085

Evan epsetin SnapCab 267-312-3134

Andrew Vandiver (Corbet) Pallas / KI 215-605-1285

Gale Peterson FJS Associates 610-742-4915

Samantha Homan Formica Corporation 484-241-7300

Heather Wilmot CertainTeed Ceilings 610-906-2067

Armstrong LVT wins Hospitality Design Award for its new Spice City. click here for article

UPCOMING EVENTS InterfaceFLOR Live from the Red Carpet Event Thursday, June 30th 5:30-8:30 InterfaceFLOR Tendenza 969 N 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19123 RSVP: Sundaes on Wednesdays Steelcase Showroom Noon until 2 w/ a light lunch Any/all dates: 6/29, 7/27, and 8/24 RSVP: when going

See resource library for any questions and sample orders or to contribute to the newsletter.

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