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Welcome to Ecig-reviews, a leading source of electronic cigarette reviews from both experts and users. We’re dedicated to helping you find the best e-cig brand for your needs, and all of our reviews are based on extensive first-hand testing. Our reviews aim to give you a comprehensive overview of both the positive and negative elements of the latest and biggest-selling e-cigarette brands on the market so you can make an informed decision and kick the tobacco.

 Health benefits same as when you quit smoking  No more smoker's cough and phlegm  Sense of smell is back  Better physical stamina and cardio  No more wheezing and tightness in chest

We've tried and tested more than 40 different e-cig brands over the last 5 years. On our site you can find reviews of the most popular products out there right now. To start off, here are our top picks for newbies and advanced users.  Green Smoke ($46.72*, discount 15%  V2 EX series ($79.95*, discount 15%)  Ever Smoke ($49.99*, discount 10%)

If you are just getting started, Green Smoke is definitely the best choice - it has absolutely amazing flavors, produces lots of vapor, has a great battery, is extremely convenient to use. Shipping is fast and customer service is friendly. Nothing bad to say. They do offer five different strengths whereas most companies offer three or four: • Strong – 2.4% • Full – 1.8% • Light – 1.2% • Ultra Light – 0.6% • Zero – 0%

V2 Cigs Ex Series is a bit more advanced technology - they are using mini-tanks and you can see how much liquid is there left in the cart. On the battery you can see how much power it has left. Vapor amount is amazing, flavors are great. Price is a bit high though. In the cartridges you’ll find 12 different flavors: • • • • • • •

V2 Red Sahara Congress Menthol Peppermint Green Tea Menthol Grape

• • • • •

Cherry Chocolate Coffee Vanilla V2 Cola

Eversmoke is another really easy to use cig-a-like, just take it out of the box, connect the cart and battery and start using. You can get some nice flavors like cherry, pina colada, coffee and peach. Pro Starter Kit ($79.99) contains •

• • • •

Automatic/Manual HighCapacity Battery Automatic/Manual Standard Battery USB-cig Wall charger, USB charger, Car Charger 10 Cartridges

Basic Starter Kit ($49.99) contains • • • •

Automatic/Manual HighCapacity Battery Automatic/Manual Standard Battery Wall charger, USB charger 5 Cartridges


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