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ECHO NEWSLETTER 2010 Dear ECHO Friends, Imagine enchanted places so special that decrees go forth allowing only a few to glimpse their wonders. Imagine that you have the power to choose to be among those few allowed to enter. Join the laughter of your companions as you bounce through bubbling rapids. Relish the warm sun and welcome the breezes of late afternoon. Hear an osprey screech. Catch sight of a silvery fin flashing and delight in river otter acrobatics. At dusk, soak in a hot spring along the river’s edge and take in the surrounding frog chorus. After dinner, savor such wilderness treats as a Dutch-oven pineapple upside down cake or fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. As a star-spangled canopy fills the sky, drift to sleep breathing pinescented air. Surprisingly, this is not a fairytale scenario, but a real-life option for you in 2010 – despite the economy. Each year the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management permit a limited number of people to journey down two of the most beautiful rivers in the nation — the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho and the Rogue River in Oregon. This limited access protects the unique qualities of these rivers and sustains opportunities for generations to experience the nature of life on a wilderness river. As outfitters for 38 years, we continue to have the privilege of offering a unique wilderness experience at a fair price. We listen very closely to what you want and then match those wishes with the right river, at the right time, at a price you can afford, such as our 5-day Middle Fork trips this August at a considerably reduced rate. For 2010, plan to be among those who embark on a rare, free-flowing ECHO river adventure with friends and family. Call us or visit us on the web at to arrange an ECHO trip that you, your family and friends will remember for a lifetime. Joe Daly, Dick Linford and Zach Collier

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Center - Zach Collier captured this stunning scenic shot on the Middle Fork just above Tappan Falls. If you look at the rock wall near the center, you can see where the Idaho Batholith (gray on the right) meets the Casto Pluton (pinkish granite); there’s more about the geology of the Middle Fork inside! Clockwise from top left - Gulets anchored on the Turquoise coast of Turkey, Idaho sky, paddling hard on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, boys having a blast in an inflatable kayak, Lower Kelsey camp on the Rogue River, paddle boat on the Rogue River.

Jump at the chance to take a river trip with ECHO!

“Trip was excellent. One of best vacations for spending time with family. Both my kids (age 21 & 19) enjoyed the trip as much as I did which is a great testament in and of itself.” — J. Morris (Middle Fork of the Salmon River)

t u r k ey

by Dick Linford

2010 will mark the 14th year that ECHO has offered a cultural tour of Turkey, and we still feel that this is a fantastic trip. In addition to viewing the famous sites of Istanbul and sailing along the stunning Turquoise Coast, we see archaeological ruins, visit with a Turkish family and tour Cappadocia, arguably the most exotic landscape in the world.


urkey straddles Asia and Europe, east and west. Western Turkey was at one time Greek, then Roman, then Byzantine before falling to the Ottoman Turks. It still has more Greek ruins than Greece and more Roman ruins than Italy. Early Christianity played a big role in Turkish history, and Saints Paul, John and Nicholas (yes, Santa Claus lived in Turkey) are all buried there. This is a tour for people who don’t like tours. No more than 14 of us travel with a licensed professional guide who is fluent in English and sensitive to our interests. Our yacht, or gulet, is a beautiful wooden motor sailor, made in Turkey specifically for these waters. The gulet has a crew consisting of a captain, a cook and one or two mates, whose job is to cater to our needs and desires.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (known as the Blue Mosque) in Istanbul was built between 1609-1616.

Americans are just discovering what Europeans have known for some time: Turkey is a wonderful travel destination. It has a stable, secular, democratic government and has been an important ally of the U.S. since WWII. It is also a travel bargain, and the Turks love Americans.

Gulet anchored

Join us this year for a wonderful combination of yachting, archaeology and cultural exchange in one of the world’s most interesting countries!

July 20 - Aug. 2, 2010: $4890/person for 10 to 14 guests $5620/person for 6 to 9 guests Sept. 14 - Sept. 27, 2010: $4395/person for 10 to 14 guests $4995/person for 6 to 9 guests

ique float above the un Hot air balloons padocia. landscape of Cap

Sept. 28 - Oct. 11, 2010: $4395/person for 10 to 14 guests $4995/person for 6 to 9 guests

for the day’s tour .

the middle fork by Audrey Gelhausen



afting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River will offer you an exciting glimpse into the geological processes that formed its spectacular landscape. Beginning in a tight canyon dominated by Lodgepole pines and Douglas firs, the Middle Fork’s vegetation thins after the first 25 miles revealing remarkable cliff sides around each bend. You’ll see layers of sedimentary rock known as the Belted Sediments, which formed millions of years ago when present-day Idaho was beach-front property. Over time these layers of mudstone, shale, limestone, and sandstone were tilted and tightly folded and remain visible to rafters today.

Millions of years after the Belted Sediments formed, magma rose up through the Earth and then cooled and hardened. This magma was eventually exposed when the softer sedimentary rocks eroded away forming the soaring, vibrant pink granites seen near Tappan Falls and the black and white diorites of Veil Falls. The heat of the magma also caused some of the sedimentary rocks to metamorphose into a new rock, called gneiss. Also exposed due to erosion, the gneiss constitutes what is arguably the most impressive sight of your trip - the stunning cliff walls of Impassable Canyon, which is the third deepest canyon in North America. Here the canyon walls enclose the river with swirls of white and black rock virtually dancing together. You don’t have to be a geologist to appreciate the stunning landscape of the Middle Fork, but don’t simply take our word for it, experience it yourself this summer.

The Casto Pluton is an example of the beautiful pink granite formed from magma.

“The Middle Fork trip was wilderness rafting and camping at its best. To quote my grandson, “It was our best adventure so far!” Obviously, he’s ready to go again!” — M. Waters

take a river safari on the


Photo by ECHO co-owner Dick Linford. Osprey guarding his daily catch.


ourney down the Rogue River to release the animal lover in you as a guest in the natural realm of the bountiful wildlife. The Rogue’s protection as a Wild & Scenic river has allowed many species to thrive. Minks and otters scamper playfully on the shore and turtles soak up sun on the rocks in Battle Bar Flats. Deer are plentiful and guests often see spotted fawns venturing down to the river’s edge under the watchful eye of their mothers. Watching the mighty salmon launch their bodies upstream is a special treat (especially if a black bear is fishing for lunch!) and a glimpse of a sturgeon surfacing from the depths is a sight to behold. Bird-lovers delight in the variety of feathered friends found on the Rogue. Great Blue Herons preen and pose, Double-crested Cormorants stretch their wings for drying, Bald Eagles soar through the canyon, families of Mergansers ride rapids, and the sweet song of the Water Ouzels fill the air. Find out how the wildlife encounters add another great dimension to everything that makes a river trip special.

2010 ECHO (800) 652-3246


A legendary adventure for friends and family...

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ECHO, operating under permits from USFS and BLM, is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate by segregation or otherwise against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability, by curtailing or refusing to furnish accommodations, facilities, services, or use privileges offered to the public generally. We are recreation partners with the US Forest Service. Our trips are run by permission of the Boise, Nez-Perce, Payette, Salmon/Challis, and Siskiyou National Forests as well as the Bureau of Land Management, Medford.

Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River $1395-$1995/adult and $1395-$1745/youth

The Middle Fork season begins with a few 5-day, high-water trips in June. Not great for children, these trips have unpredictable weather (making the hot springs very attractive!), but they will definitely satisfy your quest for adventure. In late June and July, the Middle Fork reaches its ideal flow usually allowing access to the full 100-mile trip. You’ll spend 6 days basking in the sun, running rapids, and soaking in hot springs. Throughout August, you’ll find 5-day trips that cover the lower 75 miles of the Middle Fork, including Impassable Canyon. Offered at a considerably lower rate, the sunny weather and lower flow make these great options for families.

turkey: sept 28 - oct 11

Kid Deals

You may have noticed that the Family Trips are missing from our calendar this year. We reached the executive decision last fall that this moniker was misleading our guests as ALL of our trips are Family Trips. So we’ve corrected the misnomer by designating certain trips as Kid Deals and offering a hefty discount for youths (7-17). Families will still reap the savings on these select dates, but if you aren’t able to reserve one of these trips, rest assured that we’ll still have your family’s interests in mind on whatever trip you choose.

Oregon’s Rogue River

$865-$995/adult & $565-$895/youth Since the Rogue is dammed upstream, the great flows are maintained throughout the summer making these trips a wonderful choice for your family vacation whenever you can get away. Most trips are 4 days with 3 nights spent at riverside campsites. Four days on the Rogue allows for plenty of time to hike up to waterfalls, swim in the warm water, take a spin in an inflatable kayak or try out the natural stone water slide. Check out the Kid Deals June 23, July 7, or August 4 for a substantial savings for youth 7-17 or join us on July 14 for our famous Bluegrass on Whitewater with special guests Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum.


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ECHO guide Alex Steely rowing some happy campers down the Rogue River.


How to Cut a Pineapple Boat! You’ll need: Large sharp knife Smaller sharp knife 1 pineapple 1

Begin with the pineapple laying on its side and using the large knife slice off each end about 1/2” in, and save the leafy stem for a centerpiece.


Using the large knife, quarter the pineapple lengthwise.


Insert the large knife sideways through the center of one quarter just under the pithy heart and cut toward each end, stopping about 3/4” from the end.


Switch to the smaller knife, and without slicing all the way through, cut down at each end.


Following the bottom of the pineapple as a guide, cut the center fruit free, then push it out leaving the frame of skin and pith. Slice the fruit into wedges and then insert them back into your frame on alternating sides.


Repeat the above steps for each quarter and congratulations you have 4 beautiful pineapple boats. Stab each wedge with a toothpick and have the chocolate fondue ready for dipping!

Family Fun In our 2009 Newsletter, we profiled Jim and Robbie Hill, who were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary with a Rogue River trip. We’re thrilled to report that the trip was a huge success and a couple of their grandchildren may have river guiding in their futures! Here’s what Jim had to say about the experience: “I am so proud to have selected ECHO for our special 50th wedding anniversary trip so that Robbie and I could involve our 18 family members in such a delightful and memorable experience!!” Thanks to the Hills for letting ECHO be a part of this memorable occasion. t Jim and Robbie Hill at Stair Creek Falls in

Mule Creek Canyon

Are you ECHOing? Vintage ECHO gear is coveted among the river guides, as each year we design and distribute either hats or t-shirts for our guides and guests. The longer a river guide sticks around or the more trips you take, the larger the stash of SWAG will grow. As a clever play on words, a term was coined to describe an ECHO staff member who is spotted sporting more than one piece of ECHO gear at a time: they are said to be ECHOing. So dig out your vintage t-shirts or hats to wear on your next trip, and you’ll be ECHOing throughout the canyon along with the guides! ECHO co-owners Joe and Sue Daly u proudly ECHOing with shirts, hat and cup

Remembering KELLY by Dick Linford We are very sorry to announce that long-time ECHO guide

Kelly Winton succumbed to cancer in November. She was 45 years old. A bright star in the ECHO firmament has gone out. Kelly came to us in 1983, when she was a bright, bubbly philosophy major at Stanford. She was cute and outgoing, and we thought she would probably guide one-day trips on the American River for one season. We didn’t think she had the strength, stamina, and love of rivers that are necessary for serious guiding. With her education and background we assumed that she was on track for an urban, upper-middle class lifestyle. Seldom have we been so wrong about a guide prospect. Behind that cheerleader smile and effervescent wit was a strong, tough woman with nerves of steel and a profound love of the outdoors. She worked her way onto our Tuolumne River crew her second season, where she proved herself on solid Class IV whitewater. In 1988, Kelly headed up to Idaho to work on the Salmon River and once again she proved herself more than worthy of the job. She managed our Idaho operation for one season, but preferred being on the river. She was a natural lead guide, loved and respected by fellow guides and guests alike. Many mothers told us that Kelly was an excellent role model for their daughters, showing them what women were capable of.

Kelly fell in love with fellow guide Jim Toney immediately upon her arrival in Idaho. It was truly love at first sight. They got married in 2000, bought a cabin on the North Fork of the Salmon River just north of the town of Salmon, and Kelly became a teacher in Salmon. She continued to guide in the summer. She found that she especially loved troubled kids, and taught in the continuation school for many years. She had just become a school counselor when she discovered that she had cancer. Kelly made a lasting impression, both on the river and in the town of Salmon. The summer she was ill, the marquee at the Burger King in town read GET WELL KELLY! We are dedicating the 2010 river season to her. Kelly is survived by her husband Jim Toney, her mother and stepfather Kay and Chip McIntosh, her sister Canda Palatao, and her brothers Carter and Kevin Winton. Donations to her memory can be sent to: The Kelly Winton Fund, Salmon Education Foundation, P.O. Box 275, Salmon, Idaho, 83467.

“The ECHO guides are professional, safety conscious, knowledgeable, great cooks, interesting, funny, great with kids and adults alike, and are a great group of people that are dedicated to delivering the perfect trip---and they succeed!” — R. Egel (Rogue River)

ECHO: The Next Generation ECHO became a household name in the whitewater rafting biz in the ‘70s and like any successful company, we have a lot of people to thank for our good fortune. But we owe a debt of gratitude to those early guides who shared with their children not only a love of river trips, but an appreciation for how a trip spent outdoors with friends and family can strengthen bonds like nothing else. We have many second generation river guides in our employ, with more coming of age each season. Their parents were part of a community of pioneering river guides who remained close even after their guiding days were over. In addition to passing on a love of the outdoors to their kids, they fostered a community that inspired ECHO guide, Katrina Cornell to seek a similar lifestyle. It’s no surprise that her first river trip was in utero on the Dolores River, but she

by Janda Siebert

has vivid memories of trips with fellow ECHO guides, Allison Ahlert and Zach Byars from when they were all youngsters. Colleen McNally-Murphy also has river guiding in her genes, since dad Matt Murphy was on ECHO’s first crew of boatmen (they weren’t even called guides back then!). Her first river trip was on the Rogue when she was just six years old. ECHO has welcomed Colleen’s sister, Kaitlyn, as an assistant boater. Their older brother, Brendan, spent many years guiding for us as well. As a family company, we are thrilled to have guides that are rowing in their parents’ wakes. If you happen to get a second-generation guide on your next trip, be ready for someone who knows what it takes to make a river trip great, but watch out, they might recruit you to join the ECHO family!

116 Oak Street, suite one Hood River, ORegon 97031-2312 (541) 386-2271 (800) 652-3246



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