The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 37.09 – August 10, 2022

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1. Turn around, sit with a storyteller (5) 4. Avant-garde a reshaped movement (9) 9. Least colourful around the lughole – and most tedious! (9) 10. Made podcast backward – drugged, stuffed (5) 11. Is it possible for a US lawyer to be part of America? (6) 12. Compile a list of the forbidden and dead (8) 14. Conveys time and service with athletic pursuits (10) 16. Complain about the fish (4) 19. Urinated over the ocean (4) 20. Are first two batsmen able to provide useful tools? (3,7) 22. Small, also embraced by flash bloke – impasse! (5,3) 23. Artefact to remove sin? (6) 26. Burdened – boy with two courses (5) 27. Supports beneath the legs (9) 28. Heterosexuals beaten by flushes (9) 29. Queen embarrassed – made a mistake (5)

1. Famous fabler (5) 4. Forefront (9) 9. Most bleak (9) 10. Stoned (5) 11. Largest Commonwealth country (6) 12. Arrange in rows and columns (8) 14. Delights; thrills (10) 16. Nag (4) 19. Profound (4) 20. The ring-pull replaces these kitchen utensils (3,7) 22. Stalemate (5,3) 23. Implement (6) 26. Weighted (5) 27. Props up (9) 28. Gibraltar and Magellan are examples (9) 29. Went astray (5)


1. Failed to take responsibility (9) 2. Lustre (5) 3. Idyllic place (8) 4. Soothsayer (4) 5. Ethnic origin (10) DOWN 6. Distance from the centre (6) 1. Cited a bad move, and stood down 7. Walking path near the seaside (9) (9) 8. Swerve (5) 2. Woman with two directions for gloss 13. Best possible hand of cards (5,5) (5) 15. Tennis player … Zverev (9) 3. Hold a march around the islands of 17. Controlled or influenced by (9) Eden (8) 4. Painter Leslie returns as a prophet (4) 18. Prepare for a performance (8) 21. Hebrew name for God (6) 5. Remove charge for pulling a tooth 22. Business takings (5) (10) 24. Much colder (5) 6. A bone for a spoke? (6) 7. English libertine holds map of public 25. Tots up (4) walk (9) Last week’s solution N450 8. Avoid old American car (5) L A S T O R D E R S A B B 13. Regal embarrassment – but it beats A H N E E P L everything! (5,5) T R A I T O R S O L D I E E T H I U E N 15. The great Downer (9) 17. Sat around four courses, enchanted (9) R O T T E R D A M A U D I E O E E S 18. Practise about funeral vehicle (8) B E R E T D E S P E R A T A E H Y N 21. Notice running on top class god (6) R E D L E T T E R O D I U 22. Purchases Leigh? (5) T R A E U M 24. Look at 4 down I tell you – less E A R T H C A T E R W A U emotional (5) N O A K R S T D I U R N A L A M E N I T 25. Supplements report of E G D E I L O woodworking tool (4) R E E L


Lights, camera, showtime! Cue the soundtrack to this week’s Sun/ Venus meet up in Leo: Tina Turner, singing ‘Simply the Best’...





Some weeks it’s hard to navigate the big feelings I have around injustice; the kind of injustice that occurs every day, everywhere, underwritten by the privilege of some at the expense of the many. The shit stuff people get away with! The shit stuff no one notices. Shit stuff always happens to people who don’t have much to start with. I sometimes wonder how you can hear story after story and not realise the system is broken. Capitalism sucks. Let’s go break stuff – like, the dominant paradigm! We haven’t managed to subvert it – so can we smash it into tiny pieces? Please? Something’s got to give. Every few months I reach peak outrage. It’s all I can do to not just yell at the moon. A community member contacted me to tell me about the users of a storage facility in Byron Bay being given one week to move their stuff. Apparently the developer has sold apartments on the site that are about to get underway. That’s not much time. Couldn’t people have had a little more warning than one week? The owners must have had a little more warning than that to say the vacate date was approaching? Could it be that they were worried about losing income on rents? Giving people who have their stuff in storage one week to move it out is cruel. The reason your stuff is in storage is because a) you don’t have anywhere else to store it, or b) you aren’t here. How in good conscience can you do that to people who you know will struggle to find other options? One woman had kept her market supplies in three sheds there for over 30 years. That’s a very long-term reliance on the facility. Wouldn’t you think it reasonable to get more than one week’s notice to vacate? The logistics alone of all those people making vehicle movements back and forth from that site in one week makes it a very unreasonable request. I don’t have a storage shed. But I felt the outrage. There is a difference between what you can legally get away with and what is right. I wonder whether, in one of those storage units there is a stash of dusty moral compasses – previously owned by developers and investors who found that unflinching integrity was a barrier to wealth creation. Because it is.

ARIES: Chiron completing its healing retrograde in your sign, up until till late December, gives you ample time to delete any last diminishing beliefs around self-worth and surrender to an inspiring makeover. Meanwhile, this week’s creative renaissance colours in any life sections that may have faded to monotone.

CANCER: For lunar-ruled Cancerians, this week’s community-minded full moon boosts hopes for the future and opens collaborative conversations about how to make your corner of the world a better place. It’s also auspicious for refreshing your tech, enjoying some unconventional fun and swapping the latest goss with your soul squad.

TAURUS: While your traditional sign likes to do things the way they’ve always been done, full moon in forward-thinking Aquarius is about aligning your personal preferences with what’s best for the collective. And with your prima planet Venus in the sign of the regal Lion, don’t be slow to let your more out-there side show.

LEO: Glamazon Venus sashaying into Leo for her date with the Sun shifts this week’s atmospheric temperature from mild to wild. Caution: Mercury in Virgo can be a bit of a buzzkill, but don’t let critical feedback trigger your defence mechanisms because there might be something valuable there for you – especially if it’s made you arc up.

GEMINI: One of the good things about Mercury’s current placement is its support for making new habits and sticking to them. One of its trickier sides is a tendency to overshare sensitive details, which could breach confidentiality. And before closing any deals or agreements this week, double-check that you’re able to deliver.

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VIRGO: The downside of Mercury in your sign is thinking you know best, impatience with others, taking on more work than you need to, and then complaining about it – or about this week’s demanding, big-noting citizens. Look, just try to see the funny side – and it’s not long to go now till Virgo birthdays.

Just ask anyone who owns a house with no one in it. Do they get a tingle of guilt when they see a homeless person? Or is the disconnect part of the deal? Do they have special ‘what homeless person?’ vision. Do they see no relationship between their accumulation of assets and the woman sleeping in a tent? On the night of the 2021 Census, one million Australian properties were empty. That’s 1/10th of our housing market. That’s because, in this country, some people have extra houses and some people have NO house. Surely it’s clear that a system that allows that to happen is rigged. Who needs ‘extra’ houses? Who needs empty houses? If we have 300,000 homeless people and one million empty houses, and we put those people into the empty houses – don’t we still have 700,000 empty houses left? (Maybe if we can’t live there, we can at least store our stuff there?)

That number fills me with outrage. So many people in our region still don’t have a home. I met a woman the other day who’d lost everything in the floods. She said, ‘My son and I have moved 15 times since March’. I said, ‘Oh god, that’s awful. Do you want me to write about it?’ She said, ‘No, I’m lucky’. That topped up the outrage. She is going back to her flooded and unrepaired house soon because, although it’s not safe, it’s stable. So, she’s ‘lucky’. Last week, Fiona, a rough sleeper who lived in Byron Bay, died in her tent. I met Fiona many times over the years. I guessed she was my age but our circumstances were vastly different. I am housed, I am socially valued, and I am safe. She was none of those things. Last time we met she was saturated from the rain. I just happened to have a car full of clothes. Extra clothes that I was donating, so we selected some warm dry stuff for her. I saw her over the next few days, dressed like Mandy Nolan. We had a laugh. But it’s not funny. A middle-aged woman shouldn’t have to die alone in a tent. I saw an ad this morning on Facebook Marketplace: ‘For Sale: Moral Compass. Never used.’ We can do so much better.

LIBRA: Everything’s A Great Big Deal in this week of grand gestures, peacocking and egos on parade. If others are too committed to their own agenda to hear a different point of view, don’t waste your breath arguing. Just agree, continue doing things your way, and enjoy the epic performances. SCORPIO: Venus entering the celestial fire circle heats up the social scene on several levels. With vixen V at her most theatrical in the confident spotlight of the Lion, this week sees you relishing performances from hot and spicy to cool and icy, not to mention entertaining everyone with racy repartee. SAGITTARIUS: While razzle-dazzle Jupiter in a fellow fire sign has you thinking big and planning plenty, five outer planets in retrograde suggest inevitable setbacks. And Pluto’s final lessons in financial management caution against overextending or flashing the plastic too enthusiastically. But don’t let this diminish your enthusiasm – celebrate small victories.

CAPRICORN: Mercury at its most precise and productive helps you analyse and extract what’s useful from masses of information, discard inessentials and efficiently assess effective courses of action before the messenger planet spins into September retrograde. Note to self: Refining opinions and expressing them tactfully is key to navigating this week’s easily ruffled feathers. AQUARIUS: Full moons can accentuate the tension between opposites, which, with late week annual full moon in Aquarius, is radical change vs traditional methods. This date is considered by some astrologers as the standout configuration for the entire year for moving into attunement with the revolutionary changes our times require. PISCES: Connect with the current Leo energy for a feeling of being more alive, aligned with your true purpose, life force reaffirmed. Wanting to express joyfully. Knowing you’re a magnificent artwork in ever-changing progress. If weekend Pisces moon has you feeling frisky, know that confidence is this week’s most potent aphrodisiac.