The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 37.08 – August 3, 2022

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Mungo’s Crossword 1





N450 6



9 10




















Cryptic Clues

Quick Clues



1. Cobblers demands: the bar is about to close! (4,6) 6. Pop group: The Palindrome (4) 10. Feature alternative rat (7) 11. Military man traded for money – that’s right! (7) 12. Reprobate mother in port city (9) 13. Check gold, said French (5) 14. Cap gamble over the queen (5) 15. Frantic assignment about a telepath (9) 17. Very important – The Communist Manifesto perhaps? (3,6) 20. Na decapitated – detestation! (5) 21. Heart broken planet (5) 23. Supply a barrier, they say – it’s a scream! (9) 25. Day with a broken urinal – every day! (7) 26. Understanding over a very small distance – another urinal, perhaps! (7) 27. Return a sly glance at the dance (4) 28. A thousand with five dollars and a line for the last match of the season (5,5)

1. Final opportunity to buy drinks (4,6) 6. Famous Swedish songsters (4) 10. Backstabber (7) 11. Warrior (7) 12. City in the Netherlands (9) 13. Examine (5) 14. Flat round hat (5) 15. Reckless; daring (9) 17. Day of special significance (3,6) 20. Abhorrence (5) 21. Soil (5) 23. A shrill howling noise (9) 25. Non-nocturnal (7) 26. Agreeableness (7) 27. Spool (4) 28. Game that decides the champion (5,5)


DOWN 1. Subsequently (5) 2. Extremely upset (9) 3. By contrast! (2,3,5,4) 4. Ridiculed (7) 5. Recommences (7) 7. Unseeing (5) 8. Wind current (9) 9. It’s your decision! (6,8) 14. Someone serving drinks (9) 16. Exuberance; enthusiasm (9) 18. The one who grabs the ball carrier (7) 19. Prepare for a new career (7) 22. Cosmetic for colouring the cheeks (5) 24. Showing allegiance (5)

1. Change, alter – but not yet (5) 2. Dumbfounded small traditional madman and journalist (9) 3. Alternatively – where an amputee might wear a wedding ring (2,3,5,4) 4. Scorned, be free in the act (7) 5. Continues CVs (7) 7. Sightless Venetian? (5) 8. Broadcast strange master – could Last week’s solution N449 be only a draft (9) R E N E W I N P A S 9. Discover Europe sales fly – do what E O H N R T you like! (6,8) D A L L I A N C E A B A T S S T 14. Ban the offer of a hotel worker (9) R I N G E R A C C U 16. Life – a Disney creation? (9) E A E I E 18. Equipment right for footballer? (7) A D M I N I S T E R E T P N A 19. Try for a new job concerning public S T A T A B L A C K M transport (7) E T A E B 22. French red, a libertine around M E R C H A N T T R general (5) A M R A G O 24. Faithful after king changes sides (5) D R A M A D R E S S A I S E N M A D E H A S T E


Mercury in Virgo’s picky, Venus in Cancer’s sensitive, Sun in Leo’s easily offended – suggesting a dancing-oneggs-in-stilettos kind of week …







Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that this story contains the name of a person who has died. This weekend this country lost Bundjalung Senior Elder, songman and storyteller Gunditjmara (Kirrae Whurrong/Djab Wurrung) – Archie Roach. He was just 66. An age indicative of what First Nations people can expect in Australia – to die 8–9 years earlier than nonAboriginal Australians. A shorter life expectancy brought about by trauma and institutionalised racism created by colonisation and assimilation. The fact we are still trying to close the gap 200 years later and not achieving anything is proof that we have caused enduring harm to the First People of this country. It’s something that I as a non-Aboriginal Australian feel huge shame about and a sense of personal responsibility. Bad policy enacted by our great-great-grandfathers – our ancestors – IS our responsibility, because we profit from it, and generations of Aboriginal Australians have paid the price. And they continue to. With health and wellbeing disparity that sees overrepresentation of Aboriginal Australians compared to non Aboriginal in presentations of chronic illness, incarceration, and death in custody. We lost the voice of one the most powerful truthtellers on the same weekend that our PM gave his Voice to Parliament speech at Garma Festival in Arnhem Land. A speech that was delivered to build momentum for a referendum. A voice that he spoke to as having ‘a willingness to listen’ that will exist and endure outside of the ups and downs of election cycles and short-term politics. We need that voice. In an informal way, Uncle Archie had been that voice. He has been using his music to tell stories about this country that are not in the history books.

From his first song Took the Children Away, Archie told the painful story of what had happened and continues to happen to First Nations families. He told the story of what happened to him, removed from his family and taken to an orphanage at just three years old. Look at your 3-yearold and imagine that happening to them. Last year I read his memoir Tell me Why. It is the most extraordinary story. In fact I think it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. The writing is sublime. The humanity, the insight, the honesty are unbelievable. It was such an honour to hear Archie’s story in his words. A life of struggle and triumph, of adversity and love, of connection to country and of purpose. It’s so humble. It should be a book every high school student reads. Every Australian. This is history. Raw and reachable. This is the untold, the unheard, being told and heard. It’s painful to read because it reminded me that black trauma is the currency that has underwritten our white privilege. Archie’s truth telling went to the bone. His lyrical genius made him a gentle leader. A mentor, a collaborator, a poet, a Gunditjmara and Bundjalung elder and a campaigner for rights of Indigenous Australians. So what is the role for those of us who are allies? To listen. To learn. To step up when asked. To vote for Voice, for Treaty and for Truthtelling. To shut up. To change. To accept responsibility. To be led by black voices. Last week a notorious racially divisive senator stormed out of federal Parliament because she wouldn’t recognise Acknowledgement of Country. We know who she is but I don’t actually want to acknowledge her. A great act of allyship would be to not speak her name, not tell her story, and not publicise her racist bile. Imagine if we supported Voice to Parliament by silencing hers. Maybe we should send her a book. Maybe the woman who screamed ‘Please Explain’ needs to sit down and read Uncle Archie’s Tell Me Why. Because that book explains everything.

ARIES: August’s a combustible month of melodramatic reactions and dummy spits that exercises your entrepreneurial flair to the max. If you can appreciate retrogrades in your sign for their sweet change of pace which in no way flatten your souffle, you’ll be able to make best use of these inward-directed energies.

CANCER: Using astrology as a compassion practice for yourself as well as others during this fiery, feisty month, you might find it wiser to be kind rather than right. And to treat yourself like the royalty you are. Even simple things can have a big impact, like glamming up for a ritzy night out.

LIBRA: August’s director’s call draws some fabulous people into your orbit. While it’s no secret Librans are suckers for a great presentation, the secret to this month is not getting too dazzled by attractive packaging. In wild times like these, it’s more important than ever to nurture strong connections you can rely on.

TAURUS: : No-nonsense Mars parked in your sign for most of the month strengthens your courage and determination to hold out for what’s important. Which needn’t be hard slog, because Leo season’s always a buzz with its flamboyant energy all about getting noticed, making a statement, and having some fun.

LEO: : Happy birthday, majesties, as August’s stage curtains open on the Sun and Mercury sashaying down the astral catwalk in your royal sign. With diva Venus restoring your roar, taking second place won’t appeal, but ego is not your amigo this month, so set the internal thermostat to simmer on your warm, authentic self.

SCORPIO: This is the zodiac’s gold-star month for creative brainstorming and marketing. Approach whatever you’re planning as an artwork and not only will you have more fun, you’ll also attract interesting others along for the ride. Do conditions apply? Yes. For maximum benefit you’ll need to maintain a flexible mindset.

GEMINI: Communicator Mercury, your personal mentor, is keen to whip Gemini lives into efficient shape this month by organising, prepping, and planning ahead for Mars blazing into your sign for seven months rather than the usual seven weeks. Turning the world into a marketplace, with others definitely wanting what you’re offering…

VIRGO: Mercury in Virgo can be a recipe for stress, so keep things simple. Steer clear of social situations that ramp up anxiety. Monitor screen time. Limit the digital deluge of electronic tweets and beeps cannibalising your time and attention. Focus instead on upstyling your presentation, putting your talents on display and dressing for success.

SAGITTARIUS: With your ruling planet Jupiter taking a retro staycation in Sagittarians’ sector of happiness and personal passions, things you used to enjoy may lose their appeal because you’ve outgrown them. But why worry when this week’s astral force so strongly supports your exploring a whole new range of untried experiences?

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CAPRICORN: Judiciously applied recognition and appreciation are always worth the effort, but with August’s stellar emphasis, flattery could get you anywhere. Be generous with praise and accolades, but best not draw attention to anyone’s flaws, because even constructive feedback could spark an alarming outburst of fireworks. AQUARIUS: While this month might seem overstocked with bossy, demanding drama queens vying for the centre of attention, pointing this out is likely to get your head bitten off. Though for your own sake it is worth gentling your inner critic, since complaining and fault-finding do make intimacy that much harder. PISCES: August is the season for making daily tasks pleasurable again. Reviving tired routines by elevating them into rituals. Placing green or flowering plants on your work desk to remind you of life beyond the screen. Dressing elegantly for working at home or walking the dog. Lighting an aromatherapy candle to sweeten your sleep…