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Roller derby rocks Cavanbah Centre The roller derby season kicked off with six teams competing in the second running of the Northern Rivers Revolt held at the Cavanbah centre two weeks ago. Teams travelled from Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to complete in the two-day roller derby tournament. The host team were the River Valley Rollers, who are a combined group of players from both Tweed Valley Rollers and Northern Rivers Rollers, who run the tournament in partnership. Competitors also included the Killer Bees (Sun State Roller Derby), the Snipers (Sydney Roller Derby League), the Demons (Victorian Roller Derby League), the Nasty Nancies (Brisbane City Rollers), the Bamshees

(Inner West Roller Derby) and the River Valley Rollers. ‘The tournament winners were the Nasty Nancies. They won all five of their games, taking the lighthouse trophy from the Sydney Snipers who won it last year and fought hard to try to keep it,’ Lisa ‘BustHer’ O’Leary, tournament coordinator said. ‘There were lots of very tight scorelines making for edge-of-your-seat kind of games, that could have gone either way right till the final whistle. ‘The home team won a respectable three, out of their five games. ‘The $5 spectator fee helped the tournament raise funds for Friends of the Koala, Lismore,’ she said. The Most Valuable Player awards went to Phar Slap,

Local sport on-hold as COVID-19 restrictions kick in Netball, football, AFL and cricket are just some of the local sport competitions suspended in an effort to protect communities from COVID-19. Last week Northern NSW Football, and Football Far North Coast confirmed all football activity has been suspended until Tuesday, 14 April 2020. The ban extends to games and training across all age groups.

The Nasty Nancies were too strong and went home undefeated trophy-holders. Photo Richard Thomsett. (blocker with the Demons), 96 Sugars (pivot with River Valley Rollers) and Stabby (jammer with the Nasty Nancies). ‘It was a successful tournament all round. We

hope to run it again in 2021,’ Lisa said. The Revolt kicks off the derby season, with other games held mostly in Brisbane, till October, COVID-19 restrictions permitting.

Mullumbimby Lennox Longboarders īĕƐǕſƆƐĈşŕƐĕƆƐëƱëƷ hosts 24 clubs for swimming carnival

The Brunswick Byron Netball Association has also followed the lead of the state governing body and suspended all community netball until Saturday 2 May, 2020. Local AFL has been put on hold until the 31 May, 2020. A final decision on the 2020 rugby league season is still pending, but local training and trial games have been suspended.

Mungo’s Crossword 1







Over 130 swimmers from 24 clubs enjoyed a great day of competition at the Mullumbimby Swimming Club’s qualifying meet, held at the Petria Thomas pool on 14 March. Attending clubs included: Lismore Workers, Kingscliff, Grafton, Superfish (Gold Coast), Maclean, Twin Towns Banora, Everton Park (Brisbane) and Kyogle. Stand out performances from Mullumbimby swimming club members included: Sara Irace achieved two personal best times, taking 10 seconds off her 100-metre freestyle, and five seconds off her 200-metre IM. Davide Irace also had two personal best times, taking two seconds off his 50-metre

breaststroke and 50-metre freestyle. Ella Brittain had three personal best times including taking five seconds off her 50-metre breaststroke, six seconds off her 50-metre backstroke and eight seconds off her 200-metre IM. Asher Brittain did two personal best times, taking four seconds off her 25-metre breaststroke, and seven seconds off her 25-metre backstroke. Pia Brittain did a personal best in 200-metre breaststroke. Finn Brittain had an amazing PB of 18 seconds off his 200-metre IM. Natasha Fraser did a personal best time taking seven seconds off her 200m breaststroke.

www.echo.net.au/byron-echo Byron Shire Echo archives

The Lennox Longboarders had their first round of the year under new president, Rob Rye, and had offshore winds and one-metre waves for the 36 surfers who competed at Lennox Main Beach. There was some outstanding long boarding skills displayed from young Tasman Cahill in his heat, and new member, Mia Francis, also showed some quality logging moves.

Results: Firsts: Arron Smith, Jackson Cochrane, Will Petrie, Darin Nobbs, Brendan Cahill, Eleanor Robertson. Seconds: Mia Francis, Martin Fox, Jemma Osborne, Tasman Cahill, Andrew Smith, Tobias Champion (first round only).

Thirds: Jake Ryan, Craig Leete, James Foster, Greg Gover, Andrew Thomas, Terry Kay. Fourths: Gary Alford, Rob Rye, Gary Cawley, Ella Champion, Celine Walsh, Jim Baker (first round only). Fifths: Veronica Silver, Tim Champion, Brodie Fox, Tomini (first round only), Toby Ryan (first round only), Adele Purbrick (first round only). Sixths: Emily Simmonds, Fiona Duncan, Grant Ryan, Liz Petterson (first round only), Kate Ashdown (first round only).

Cancelled The Board Meeting Charity event scheduled to run over the weekend at Lennox Head was cancelled due to the COVID-19 regulations.


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Cryptic Clues

Quick Clues

1. Tedious noise, useless person (5) 4. Swirling stream, source of power – losing energy but still dominant (9) 9. Water storage to over rise – right shambles (9) 10. A grain or nut (5) 11. Manages whips around queen (6) 12. Play the hose on John – but it’s a battle (8) 14. Your melons develop hugely (11) 16. Cross over entrance (4) 14. Head spread (4) 20. Place bed covering over woman – totally empty! (5,5) 22. Choose right – single cold current (8) 23. The French notice a tenant (6) 26. Big ladle – a journalist wants one! (5) 27. On the beach, perhaps, rubbish – did for two! (9) 28. Re – not where you should change horses! (9) 29. Turn back French drinks? Go away! (5)

1. Male bee (5) 4. Dominant, skillful (9) 9. Water storage facility (9) 10. Fruit of the oak (5) 11. Supplies provisions (6) 12. Napoleon’s downfall (8) 14. To a very great extent (10) 16. Entrance (4) 18. Head (4) 20. Paper or tablet ready for use (5,5) 22. AC or DC (8) 23. Tenant, one who holds a lease (6) 26. Exclusive news story (5) 27. Flotsam, usually found on a beach (9) 28. In the centre of the river (9) 29. Go away, vamoose (5)


Ella Champion sets up at the Lennox Longboarders competition last weekend. Photo @byronsurfphotos




Members of the Mullumbimby Swim Club, after hosting a succesful carnival earlier this month. Photo supplied





DOWN 1. Extremely inexpensive (5,5) 2. Start, attack (5) 3. Organs of hearing (8) 4. Tie up a boat (4) 5. Make more swift or efficient (10) 6. Deleted (6) 7. Carefree, without purpose (9) 8. Jargon, type of language (5) 13. Double bass (4,6) 15. Travelling (2,3,4) 17. Dutch port city (9) 18. Dangerous insulating material (8) 21. Cease doing that! (4,2) 22. English racecourse (5) 24. Trail, evidence to follow (5) 25. Unyielding (4)

1. Mad rich adept – they’re giving it away (4,5) 2. Attack – where the actors are (5) 3. Reckless murders, a ingredient of the hearing! (8) 4. Back room Othello (4) 5. Let marines find a way to reduce wind resistance (10) 6. A long time, over for the French – wiped out (6) 7. Transient imperial measure – let it go! (9) 8. Fish – zilch, in a manner of speaking (5) Last week’s solution N326 13. Male beast to try for trickery with a S T O O P S P R E P double bass (4,6) T C A M H R A 15. One hard to interpret – as Kerouac O V E R S T A T E R A S F U T was! (2,3,4) M I N D O V E R M A T 17. Scoundrel raised enraged F U K L European port (9) R I G H T I N C L E N H 18. Like supreme drunk flipped over – O A N O S T A L G I A T could be deadly (8) T T D P O 21. Way round mine – desist! (4,2) T R A V E L L E R S U O E I R S 22. Records order for course (5) S U P E R F O O L P 24. Small, impoverished trail (5) E O S E N O 25. Hard business (4) R E D B E A R D S T



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The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 34.42 – March 25, 2020  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in north eastern NSW, Australia.

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 34.42 – March 25, 2020  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in north eastern NSW, Australia.