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As a new year begins, it’s probably worth being thankful for Australia’s relative stability and cohesion as a society. Out of the 193 or so countries on the planet, our democracy and institutions are very strong in comparison to others, but it can never be taken for granted. And with the rise of insular populism, it’s worth reflecting upon the fact we are also one of the most successful multicultural nations on Earth. QQQQ

Kids in charge! Sam and Ky Scott pictured last week at the Bruns Housie Tent. On Friday It’s been a great start to the year for Melbourne neo-Nazi night, the Housie Tent will be run by the kids. And on January 15, the Woodchip Festival kicks off in the town.Photo Jeff ‘House Of Chips Since 1986’ Dawson goons, who got the media coverage they crave. Nothing approval for the controversial Watermark open-cut coal mine bad ever eventuated from Nazis holding public rallies, right? in the Liverpool Plains, near Gunnedah. Lock The Gate said ‘Final Solution’ senator Fraser Anning was there, courtesy on Tuesday this will ‘enable work on site to begin without of taxpayer funds. Why is it that neo-Nazis always look like key management plans being approved.’ It’s a reminder that bottom-feeding, basement-dwelling fat angry men without (mostly) foreign corporations run government agendas, and girlfriends? Now there’s a Munster race‌ that food production and the interests of farmers are of little QQQQ importance to the National Party. Where is your voice on pill testing, Ben Franklin MLC (Nationals)? The clearest indication yet that the candidate for the NSW election in March does not deserve your vote is his allegiance to his party’s insane policy on pill testing and drugs in general. His leader John Barilaro had a spray against pilltesting supporters on SMH last week, demonising those who would prefer to save the lives of young adults. Barilaro, and AT by extension, Franklin, do not seem to care enough whether young kids die. See editorial page 10.



As it’s ‘dob in a dealer’ week, here’s a drug dealer engaged in unscrupulous behaviour – the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. The drug-pushing lobby group donated $139,990 to the Labor party in 2015–16, according to the ABC, and was the party’s fifth largest contributor. The Liberal Party only received $70,600, though in reality federal donation laws are so lax that the true figures of political donations are unknown.

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While there will always be inappropriate development applications (DAs) thrust upon unsuspecting neighbours and residents, it’s up to elected councillors to take a key interest in such developments. We elected them to do that, right? Let’s hope 2019 is the year in which councillors review and strengthen the planning controls for the interests of residents. There has been no review of the horrendous decisions the previous council majority made. Maybe it’s time for one? TYPE STORE NAME HERE T 0000 0000

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Beds R Us Byron Bay • 6685 5212 • Cnr Brigantine & Wollongbar Streets, Byron Arts & Industry Estate

The NSW Liberal-National government has just allowed Chinese mining corporation Shenhua to alter its development

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North Coast news daily in Echonetdaily

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.31 – January 9, 2019  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in north eastern NSW, Australia.

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.31 – January 9, 2019  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in north eastern NSW, Australia.