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Power couple fastest runners in mƷƶĶĕ—ƷëŕŔëŊĕƆĶƐƐIJſĕĕĶŕëſşƱ ëŕŕƖëō!ōĶǔşſĎžƐſĕĕƐƆIJşƱĎşƱŕ Crystal Cylinders

Nalani Farrell The annual Clifford Street race is the local event of the year for hasbeens, wannabees and everyone in between; and it’s the occasion residents have been waiting for. The event has been staged since 2002 and was decided again on December 28 at South Golden Beach. There were spectators cheering from the sidelines and a couple of tumbles and falls, but overall it was a fun community event that brought the local residents and even people from farther afield together. We’ve had some old runners return and new runners join so a new O/50s trophy was unveiled this year. My dad wanted to win but victory went to the 52-year-old Joe Adlard who was millimetres in front of Dr Tony. The other champions were my next door neighbour Rommi Williams and my younger brother Jarrah Farrell for the kids. The coveted adults’ trophy went to the power couple

Clifford Street race winners: (front row L–R) Romni Williams, Jarrah Farrell, (back L–R) Hunter McKenzie, Joe Adlard, Jenna Cooper and Shaun Townsend. Photo supplied Jenna Cooper, a former winner from last decade, and her boyfriend from the leafy suburbs of Sydney’s north shore, Shaun Townsend.

Also rans For my uncle Justin Farrell it was all downhill since last year as he went from coming first to finishing in last place this year. Apparently it was because of a false start. My dad reckons he could still hear Justin crying three hours later. Lastly we had the nobodyremembers-second-place trophy going to Hunter

McKenzie for his best efforts. Participating in the Fastest Runner in Clifford Street event isn’t all about winning: just ask the forty-plus punters who didn’t get a trophy. The idea is to have a go and enjoy yourself while trying not to come a cropper in the potholes that have taken over our street. All in all it was a great community event that brought everyone together for some laughs and fun. We can’t wait for next year. Potentially, we could have an annual Falls festival in our hood too.

Lennox Head’s Nyxie Ryan has won the 16-and-under girls division at the 2018 Rip Curl GromSearch on the Sunshine Coast. Competitors faced windy and tricky conditions and 1.5m waves at Coolum Beach. Ryan managed the washy conditions to push through and take first place ahead of Ellia Smith (Coolum Beach, QLD), Shaye Leeuwendal (Currumbin, QLD) and Angela Ball (Torquay, VIC) respectively. Ryan was the 14-andunder girls champion at the 2017 event, and was clearly ecstatic with her win. ‘It feels good. I only just bounced back from a broken elbow a couple of days ago,’ said Ryan. ‘I won the 14s twice in a row, so I feel great after going up a division and winning the 16s.’ Ryan trailed competing at the QS and Pro Junior level during 2018 with great success by winning a Pro Junior and finishing in the top ten on the ratings ladder; she also finished ninth in her first try at a QS event. Ryan is back to top form after time out recovering from

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Matilda’s physio David Battersby. Photo supplied

Plenty of volunteers will be needed to keep the disabled in the water at Kingscliff later this month. Photo Diana Willis

The Mullumbimby Brunswick Valley Football Club has invited other clubs to hear a talk by the head physiotherapist of the Australian women’s soccer team, David Battersby, on Saturday January 19. David will be running a training session for coaches on how to effectively deliver the FIFA11+ warm-up program. The regime has been proven to significantly reduce major injuries (up to 50 per cent), particularly in female players between the ages of 13 and 18 who have a high risk of knee and ACL injury. But the program is extremely beneficial to both

The Disabled Surfers Association of the far north coast are having their annual gathering at Kingscliff, at the Coast Guard Tower Beach on the January 19. So named after the late Peter ‘Cocky’ Stannard who was a staunch supporter of the Disabled Surfers Association putting in many hours of volunteer work throughout his later life for the benefit of the local disabled community. This event is in need of surfing and waterwise volunteers. ‘To help the disabled community to have a safe water experience it takes many volunteers for a day at

males and females. The MBVFC has extended an invitation to other clubs’ coaches to attend and also benefit from David’s expertise, in an effort to contribute to player wellbeing across the region. David has been extremely generous in giving his time free of charge and so attendance is free (but registration is essential to The FIFA11+ session will take place during the morning at MBVFC’s home ground in Pine Avenue, Mullumbimby. More detailed info on the program can be found at: Byron Shire Echo archives

the beach, which most of us take for granted,’ DSA media officer Diana Willis said. ‘Our aim is to put smiles on the dials of participants and volunteers alike’. The DSA provides rash vests, sun lotion, water, and a free lunch to all volunteers. Just turn up at 9am, sign on, have a quick briefing, and then it’s into the water. Particpants are welcome to come along at 10am to sign on then go surfing. The day is capped off by a beach barbecue lunch and presentation. It’s all over by around 1.30pm. Contact: dianasgarden@, or phone Steve on 0417 812 414.

Nyxie Ryan gets a victory lift after another GromSearch win. Photo Ben Stagg/Surfing Queensland her injury and her rating on both tours should skyrocket throughout 2019.

2019 It’s awesome to have Soli Bailey qualify for the WCT and our other local pro surfers are hoping 2019 brings them a slice of success too. Lennox Head’s Stu Kennedy finished in 47th position on the WSL Qualifying Series ratings ladder for 2018. Kennedy is assured of a seed into the QS 10,000 and 6,000 events based on his ranking inside the top 100 as is Byron Bay’s Kyuss King, who finished in 86th place. No doubt Soli Bailey will also compete in these events

to give him a ‘plan B’ for requalification. Lennox Head’s Adam Melling has officially retired from major competition in 2018 after a stellar career that spanned seven years on the WCT. Highlights include his runner-up finish at Jefferies Bay and a win at the Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach. Melling will still represent his club at team events. Lennox Head local Mikey McDonagh will be hitting the road and chasing QS points along with Pro Junior events. He surfed his first CT event after winning the trials at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach where he surfed against two world champions.

EſĶŕīşƆëŕĎEşëƐƆƱĶŕŕĕſƆĶŕ ëŕīëōşƱžƖŔŔĕſǣƆĪşşƐćëōō

The Gringos enjoy their trophy after topping the ladder in the men’s E group of the Summer 6s. Other winners include the Goats, who won the mens A group for the third year in a row. Photo supplied

ƷſşŕƆĕĈşŕĎÎPƐşşƆƐſşŕī The second half of this summer’s cricket season started well for the Byron Bay second graders with a convincing win over Pottsville up at Seabreeze Oval. Mitch Loane scored a century in the 9/241 total after winning the toss. Owen Delian scored 41 at opener while Louis James and George Worthington both hit up 17 runs ( George’s was not out). Max Bear got 12 runs and Matt Irwin got 11 and, right down the bottom,

Lachlan Whiteford was 10 not out. So Potty had a total to chase but the Byron lads continued their form by knocking them over for 78 runs in 18.2 overs. The battle for this season’s top club wicket-taker continued between Levi Shouldice (4/12) and Toby Schott (4/22). The team takes on Cudgen next Saturday at home at the Bay’s Memorial Recreation Ground.

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The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.31 – January 9, 2019  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in north eastern NSW, Australia.

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.31 – January 9, 2019  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in north eastern NSW, Australia.