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Letters Holiday letting I wanted to assure Doug Luke from Victims of Holiday Letting (VOHL) (‘Holiday Letting’ August 29) that our new legislation puts both hosts and guests on notice that bad behaviour will not be tolerated in short-term holiday accommodation. Mr Luke was concerned that only guests would be subject to our two strikes policy, but I can confirm that hosts can also be penalised. Under the plan, any host or guest who receives two strikes for bad behaviour within a two-year period will be banned from all holidayletting platforms for five years. We’ve also placed a 180day cap on the number of nights that entire homes can be let out in metropolitan Sydney, and allowed councils a say in other parts of the state, further protecting permanent residents. This roughly equates to the total number of weekends, public holidays and school holidays. Our laws are the toughest in the country and we make no apologies for that. There was extensive consultation prior to the development of these laws. We spoke to residents and owners, strata groups and the holiday-letting companies. Our legislation recognises the needs of permanent residents, but also the enormous contribution holiday letting makes to the NSW economy. These same groups are now helping us develop the code

Proposed RU6 Transition Zone

Have Your Say Public comment invited – closes 5 October 2018 Council is considering introducing a new RU6 Transition Zone into Byron LEP 2014. The zone is intended to apply to land currently zoned 7(d) Scenic Escarpment (Byron LEP 1988) that does not meet State Government’s criteria for an environmental zoning. The reason for a new zone is to maintain consistency with the existing 7(d) zone provisions and ensure scenic escarpment and other visually prominent areas are not eroded by inappropriate land uses. Council wants to hear what the community thinks about the proposed RU6 Zone before making any final decisions about if/how the new zone will be applied.

Have your say: View information about the proposed RU6 Transition Zone on Council’s website. • Talk to a Council planner: (02) 66 267 315 • Send your feedback by email or post of conduct, which we will have in place as soon as possible. We have also planned a 12-month review to make sure the legislation is working as it is intended and to make any necessary changes to further grow this vital sector in a way that benefits communities across the state. Matt Kean Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation

Defining ‘unelected’

On the front page of The Echo 29/08/18 is the silly question, ‘Who is the latest unelected PM?’ Let’s be clear, there is no position of prime minister for which any candidate may seek nomination, let alone be elected by the majority of voters.

No, repeat no, PM is unelected. The PM is a member of the House of Representatives. How does one get to be a member of the House? By being elected! How does an MHR get to be leader of his/ her party? By being elected! So that’s two elections. The leader of the party of government is by definition the PM. While a voter might wish that a particular person be PM, because of our system of single-member constituents in 149 constituencies nobody gets to vote for the person who is eventually to become PM. Clearly, the concept of, an ‘unelected prime minister’ is rubbish and it is unbecoming of The Echo to espouse that concept. J Rose Byron Bay

Eco destruction

Byron Shire Council PO Box 219 Mullumbimby NSW 2482 E:

It seems to me that there are those hell bent on destroying our planet. This is not a conspiracy theory. Cubbie Station Dam holding back the waters while our Murray/Darling rivers are dry, two centuries of coal continued on page 14

Ph: 6626 7126

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. – Douglas Adams 2 8 S E P - 2 OCT 2018









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Letters to the Editor

W W W. B R U N S W I C K N AT U R E S C U L P T U R E WA L K . C O M

Send to Letters Editor Aslan Shand, fax: 6684 1719 email: Deadline: Noon, Friday. Letters longer than 200 words may be cut. Letters already published in other papers will not be considered. Please include your full name, address and phone number for verification purposes.

AN OPEN LETTER TO SUPPORTERS OF THE BRUNS ECO VILLAGE The residents of Saddle Road who have vehemently opposed the recent Saddle Road Planning Proposal would like the supporters of BEV to know that we have never opposed the underlying principals of BEV. While we have had issues with the standard of consultation and engagement that BEV has undertaken, what we have been consistent about are our concerns for what the future development of Saddle Road should look like. The morning after the Council decision on the 23rd of August we wrote to BEV, councillors and the Council executive proposing a road-map for how BEV could get back on track and how it could be moved forwards in the quickest possible time. The same day the mayor responded to BEV, councillors, staff and ourselves and agreed it was important to clear the air and try to move the BEV project forward. Just twelve days after the Council decision the residents of Saddle Road provided BEV and Council Planning staff a concise and detailed list of concerns and recommendations for the BEV proposal and how they can be addressed. We are acting in good faith and in a spirit of cooperation and firmly believe that if BEV can address the issues raised in our submission and accept our recommendations then BEV may be able to proceed at a fast pace with full community and residents’ endorsement. Isn’t it better for BEV to be founded on cooperation and bipartisan support rather than division and hostility?

86 JONSON ST, BYRON BAY 6685 7662

DAN HANNAFORD Friday 14 sept

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ROMANIACS Monday 17 sept

We all have so much in common with one another so let’s bring ourselves together rather than continue to be divided.

Tuesday 18 sept

North Coast news daily:

RAILS kitchen

Thursday 13 sept

We regret that BEV was unable to work cooperatively with us from the start of this process and instead decided to embark on the doomed collaboration with what was a completely inappropriate Planning Proposal that had nothing to do with ecology and community and everything to do with economics and commerce.

Saddle Ridge Local Area Management and Planning Association Inc. We invite you to read our submissions and other supporting documents yourselves at:



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The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.14 – September 12, 2018  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.14 – September 12, 2018  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.