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Letters ScoMo reforms the Liberal Party

We have a brand new multi-million-dollar hospital in Byron Bay with no operating theatre; how silly is that? We desperately need this facility for a growing population. Ask the people what they would like, and don’t take the advice from people who really don’t know what’s needed. Ginny Black Suffolk Park

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Rupert’s legacy

#Mullumlyfe Today I drove to the Mullum Farmers Market in my Subaru, skilfully avoiding potholes en route. I returned home and helped my kids pack their stainless steel lunch boxes before walking them to the bus stop. Back home, I smudged my office with sage, lit an oil burner and took some drops prescribed by my kinesiologist (for ‘removal of creative blocks’) and spent the rest of the morning working on my feminist manuscript. At lunchtime, I peeled a carrot into the kitchen caddy, which was lined with a Who Gives a Crap wrapper, and ate it along with some hummus

from Santos. I had a browse of The Echo, then sat down to compose this letter. Do I win a prize for the most Mullumbimby-ist morning ever? Perhaps other readers could share details of their Mullumbimby mornings. (Note: my partner made the astute observation that if the prize were for the smuggest morning ever, I’d win hands down.) Sam Leader Mullum

New medical centre Regarding those who say there is no market for a medical professional centre (The Echo August 29), I totally disagree.

I was recently advised to visit a specialist at Greenslopes Hospital, Brisbane. As I could not drive there I used Community Transport, sharing the car with another person who needed to have a procedure at Princess Alexandra Hospital. These medical appointments took eight hours out of our day. Why on earth would you knock back a wonderful offer to build a specialist centre and day surgery for the people in Byron Shire? Sure there is one specialist in Bangalow, but this centre will bring many specialists to the area and ease the burden of having to travel long distances for medical treatment.

When Backlash last week quoted Kevin Rudd as saying Rupert Murdoch had been ‘the greatest cancer on the Australian democracy’, I recalled that screenwriter Dennis Potter, creator of such gems as Pennies From Heaven and The Singing Detective, told Melvin Bragg in Potter’s final TV interview that he had named his cancer Rupert after the malignant media baron. You can watch the relevant extract from the interview at It will be hard for journalism – and several democracies – to overcome the disastrous impact the Murdoch media machine has had on the quality of public debate. That’s assuming Rupert and his legacy will one day die. Michael McDonald Metung VIC

MULLUM VIDEO Sadly we are closing our doors for the last time. To all who have supported us over the years Thank you from Mullum Video (Video Ezy) Clearance sale starts 3rd September DVDs, Blu-Ray and TV Series Box Sets

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The Byron Shire Echo September 5, 2018 13

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.13 – September 5, 2018  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.13 – September 5, 2018  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.