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Hans Lovejoy

Good riddance Turnbull, a PM of massive wealth and ego who left office without much record of accomplishment. Remember when the Libs scoffed as Labor tore itself apart and then Abbott led us nowhere from 2013? By comparison, the excretion of Malcolm from deep within the Liberal colon was more spectacular and even dumber. This means Labor will be a shoe-in at the next election, right? Perhaps. Labor’s leader Bill Shorten consistently polls well below a chicken parmigiana as preferred PM. You would think he would have been replaced by now to ensure a solid victory. Clearly Penny Wong, Tanya Plibersek or even Anthony Albanese would be more appealing than a man who oversaw the knifing of two Labor PMs? Wrong. Former PM Rudd changed Labor’s rules so it’s now almost impossible to roll their leader. Not so for the Libs, who will probably flail around like a headless chook until the main perpetrator of this chaos – Abbott – is voted out. And while this rabble of

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The walking dead frontbench and their backbench zombies.

self-serving Liberal zombies is not exactly the lineup Alan Jones wanted, it’s close enough to being hopefully the last of its type in modern history. Or is it? Here are a few profiles of the new cabinet.

God botherer PM

Prime minister Scott Morrison is widely misunderstood as being a Christian, or a person who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. While happily clapping in his Sydney mega-rich cheesy church stadium, the planet’s poorest and most wretched languish – and die – in offshore

concentration camps he helped to expand. With bipartisan Labor support, these desolate hellscape torture islands are run by evilgovcorp and paid for by your taxpayer money. Of course, Morrison sleeps like a baby at night. What would Jesus say?

Invisible minister

Michael McCormack (Nationals leader, deputy prime minister, minister for Infrastructure and Transport). The name McCormack is hard to remember because he replaced a colourful drunken beetroot named

Barnaby. Being bereft of charisma and substance also helps in remaining obscure. Christopher Pyne (Defence minister) Whining Pyne is perhaps the most unbearable toffy-nosed privately schooled twerp in the Morrison viper nest. Pyne has such little outside real life experience that a minute of sunlight can crisp his translucent outer shell.

Coalface Ciobo

Steve Ciobo (minister for Defence Industry). Last year Ciobo overcontinued opposite

Landcare funding slashed 80 per cent Hans Lovejoy

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#BrookfarmforCommunity 6 August 29, 2018 The Byron Shire Echo

An environmental volunteer co-ordination network that supports on-ground Landcare groups to restore degraded public and private land says there has been a sharp decline in government funding. A representative of the north coast Regional Landcare Network Hannah Rice-Hayes told The Echo there has been a 64 to 80 per cent funding cut since 2015, owing to ‘changes in federal and state government funding priorities.’ She says a total of over $1.7 million has been cancelled for north coast Local Land Services (NCLLS) programs, which include: Community Capacity Support contract ($804,000), Regional Landcare Facilitator contract ($360,000) and Targeted Engagement contracts ($617,000). Rice-Hayes said, ‘The closure of these NCLLS programs at the end of the last financial year represent a 64 per cent decrease in community support that north coast Regional Landcare Network and its member networks are able to provide to the community, and in some cases the decrease has been more than 80 per cent.’

So have the cuts affected local landcare groups? Brunswick Valley Landcare (BVL) co-ordinator Alison Ratcliffe told The Echo while they lost state and federal government funding, Byron Council had been very supportive and have been supplementing costs, including shared work spaces. She said, ‘But by June next year, if the governments don’t come on board with funding local and regional co-ordinators, we could end up with nothing.’

Locally The Green And Clean Awareness Team, which are auspiced by BVL and Landcare, say they have experienced cuts. The team’s coordinator Miles Shorten said, ‘Over the last ten years, in addition to Green And Clean Awareness Team’s private and business contributors, BVL has auspiced and helped administer larger single injections of funds (around $25,000 worth of grants), which significantly helped to rehabilitate the dunes at Clarkes and Main Beaches. BVL currently gives us (and other landcare groups) $500 per year for ‘locality group funding’, which is

helpful because it can be relied on. Current lack of smaller grant opportunities ($10,000 to $15,000) is sorely missed.’ Local MLC Ben Franklin (Nationals) told The Echo, ‘It is important to note that NLP2 funding is provided by the Australian government. This is not state funding. I am advised by the minister’s office that contracts are still under negotiation with each LLS region.’ ‘The NSW government is committed to Landcare NSW and has recently provided more than $2 million over two years to Landcare NSW to develop a sustainable Landcare model.’ In reply, regional Landcare facilitator Hannah RiceHayes said, ‘Landcare receives funding support from both levels of government to varying degrees, and naturally they influence one another.’ ‘The Local Landcare Coordinators Initiative (LLCI) is a state program (partnership between Local Land Services NSW and Landcare NSW). ‘This is ongoing to the end of this financial year, and is the program that Landcare NSW are hoping to see renewed (requiring $32.5 million).’

Byron Shire Echo archives:

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.12 – August 29, 2018  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.12 – August 29, 2018  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.