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CULTURE Q&A WITH VITAMANIA FILMAKER Vitamania will be screening at Mullum Civic Hall on Wednesday 8 August. Doors at 6.30pm, film at 7pm, followed by a Q&A with the Emmy award-winning filmmaker Sonya Pemberton. Tickets available from

VLAD KOLAS Ninbella Gallery in Bangalow sure has some stories to tell. Featuring impressive works by some of Australia’s most sought-after painters including Vlad Kolas, who studied at the National Art School in Sydney in the late 90s and graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art from Southern Cross University in 2002. In 2012, Vlad won the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize with a self-portrait. Music is a crucial element to Vlad’s artistic practice, giving him energy and inspiration. ‘You know how you dance when no-one’s looking? I’m doing that with the paintbrush. Then you stand back and assess what you did and make some adjustments. Growing up at Bondi Beach, Vlad loved surfing and music, and tried his hand at carpentry before he realised it wasn’t going to deliver him the creative and career freedom he desired. It was Vlad’s partner Jessica, a glass artist, who recognised Vlad’s talent and prompted him to study art instead. Vlad’s mother and grandfather were both artists, and he’d absorbed many of their skills and much of their knowledge. ‘Visually being around it from an early age, it gets ingrained in your head; you don’t even realise it’. Prior to winning the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize in 2102, Vlad had been trying to find his own style, trying to make something different from what had been done before. ‘I thought everything’s been explored in art, and I didn’t want to place myself in the past. Now I realise noone’s going to draw like you or paint like you. You just do what you can do.’Vlad’s semi-abstract style is inspired by his mother’s and grandfather’s portraiture and figurative work, as well as expressionists and abstract artists such as Willem De Kooning. His work is currently on show. Ninbella Gallery, Byron St, Bangalow. Open daily from 10am

WILD WOMEN NORPA and Belloo Creative present a joy-filled comedy drama about some of Australia’s forgotten wild women. The play features two of Queensland’s most-loved and -acclaimed actors, Roxanne McDonald and Barbara Lowing, and was written especially for them, using stories from their own lives mixed with incredible true stories of female adventurers and bushrangers. Rovers is a comedy drama that deals with aspects of the actors’ lives, their ancestors and some of Australia’s most notorious wild women, including bushrangers ‘Black Mary’ and Elizabeth Jessie Hickman. The world premiere of Rovers takes place at NORPA, Lismore, at 7.30pm on 17 and 18 August. Rovers is directed by NORPA associate artist Caroline Dunphy.

CHOCOLAT FOR MULLUM HIGH When mysterious Vianne and her child arrive in a tranquil French town in the winter of 1959, no-one could have imagined the impact that she and her spirited daughter would have on the community stubbornly rooted in tradition. Within days, she opens an unusual chocolate shop, across the square from the church. Her ability to perceive her customers’ desires and satisfy them with just the right confection coaxes the villagers to abandon themselves to temptation – just as Lent begins.


Mullumbimby High are holding a fundraising screening of this much-loved film at the Brunswick Picture House with Ellen Briggs as host on Friday 17 August. 6pm. Tickets are$15/12 DIRECT FROM PARIS

HETTY KATE QUARTET “Like Peggy Lee on a Vespa..”

GET OUT OF RANGE Out of Range are a band that are hard to pigeonhole, with a unique blend of roots, gypsy and cabaret. They like to call themselves genre-fluid, which certainly highlights the unique quirkiness of this band but entwined with the happy upbeat tunes there can sometimes be found a serious message. One of their new songs Spinach in the pot appears to be about cooking a meal but upon closer examination this song talks about the plight of musicians and artists of this area being able to afford the high rents and changing demographic. The answer for these musicians is to get out into nature, light a fire, play music, share food and love one another. Join them for the love, the nature and the food at Sphinx Rock Cafe for Fathers Day, 2 Sept or at Nimbin Roots Festival 14 Sept.

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The Byron Shire Echo August 8, 2018 31

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.09 – August 8, 2018  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.09 – August 8, 2018  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.