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Protect dolphins I have had several incidents with dolphins where they have protected me from sharks. They formed a very tight circle around and under me. In a different incident four dolphins came over to me; two took up positions just under me. The other two, one on each side pressing against me. The other dolphins in the group chased the shark away. These dolphins risked their lives to protect me from sharks. While out surfing I’ve seen a dolphin with its dorsal fin bitten off and other dol-

phins being chased by great white sharks. Protecting this ‘great white cash cow’ has resulted in an out-of-balance ecosystem. Now while out surfing I don’t see very many dolphins. What’s being done to protect dolphins from great white sharks? George Greenough Broken Head

Stunned The Cunning Stunts is the name chosen by an organisation who raises funds for local charities (ie victims of domestic violence and home-

lessness, Mullumbimby Family & Neighbourhood Centre) by holding regular DJ events at the Billinudgel Hotel, and is proudly sponsored by Bay FM. Say the name out loud and what’s the word that comes to mind? Wikipedia states ‘the C... word is the most blasphemous, degrading, derogatory and disparaging word of the English language’. It is the beall and end-all of all cursing. Yet its original meaning describes an important part of the female anatomy. With this association, the use of this word, especially

in public media, openly reinforces the inequality and disrespect that females are subjected to in our society where this word is so acceptably used. Although seen by some as a ‘harmless play on words’, simply to ‘catch one’s attention’, the subliminal use of this type of language is in fact what creates, feeds and fuels a culture that encourages contempt and dishonour to all women. A culture in which alarming incidences of violence against women are so prevalent. Statistics show that more than one woman per week has been killed by domestic violence in Australia in 2016, with one in every three women having experienced physical violence. I have great respect for the hard work that this organisation achieves by financially supporting the disadvantaged and those in need in our community. But, by choosing the name The Cunning Stunts, conflict arises with what the organisation’s desired intent and purpose are. Helen O’Sullivan Ocean Shores

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The Legal Light Kym Luke

Who will look after your ‘fur baby’ after you die? Gunther the German Shepherd is the richest animal in the world. $106m was left to him in Trust by his owner, an insanely wealthy German countess, when she died. Gunther must have been a really ‘good boy’; his Trustees have since grown the fund to in excess of $300m! More and more at Stacks Law Firm we are asked about assisting our clients to ensure their precious pets are cared for after they die. We have teamed up with local animal experts to work out how much money is required to look after a pet for its lifetime. Pampered pets are expensive! We then carefully draft a Will to ensure a valid Trust is HVWDEOLVKHG WR SURYLGH VXÉ? FLHQW IXQGV WR NHHS 0LOR Buttons, Prancer or Babe in the manner to which they are accustomed. The Will can also ensure your pet is left to the carer of your choice, or if you have no-one that can look after it we can arrange for professional care.

Cognitive bias So Nationals senator John Williams is ‘pork barrelling’ by supporting some decentralising of government to a country area. A fine example continued on next page

:HČ´QGWKDWEHLQJDEOHWRPDNHDFOHDUSURYLVLRQLQD:LOO or personal documents for a pet is helping our elderly FOLHQWVWRPRUHFRQČ´GHQWO\PDNHWKHGHFLVLRQWRJHWDQHZ pet, which can be so very loving and therapeutic without the worry of what will happen if they move into assisted care or die. That is very rewarding for us.

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Byron Shire Echo – Issue 31.31 – 11/01/2017  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

Byron Shire Echo – Issue 31.31 – 11/01/2017  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.