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Backlash Mindful, watchful wisdom


The School of Practical Philosophy is offering in the Northern Rivers FREE, the course “Mindful Wisdom” to the first 30 people to make a booking*

MINDFUL WISDOM 11 weekly sessions of 2.5 hours

Mindfulness is at the heart of practical philosophy. This course draws on the great philosophic ideas of East and West and is for all, regardless of education, occupation, age, race, political or religious beliefs. It gives you the tools to become more present, more connected and more alive.

STARTS: February 1, 2017 Commencing Wednesday, 6.45 for 7pm

VENUE: Tintenbar Hall cnr George and Tintenbar Road

BOOKINGS: Enquiries: 0407 896 778 *$10 registration fee applies. The School of Philosophy is a not-for-profit organisation

While most visitors to the Shire seem to be good sports, locals are understandably riled by the stupid cohort who always leave behind all manner of trash, human waste included, annoy or kill the local wildlife and generally behave like complete yahoos (beings with filthy and unpleasant habits in Gulliver’s Travels – http:// And as an aside, it may be a coincidence but after the Falls Festival there was an inordinate number of large men in black t-shirts in Mullum. Perhaps a secret bikers festival we missed out on? QQQQ

A hot-night survival guide – surely what the north coast needs. Some of the advice from Sleep Health Foundation seems counterintuitive, or at least difficult to accomplish. ‘Strip off totally to get your body temperature down,’ the foundation advises, and then ‘let your bed partner know cuddling is not conducive to a good night’s sleep’. Hmm. Other recommendations, such as drinking plenty of water throughout the day and taking a cool shower before bedtime seem more do-able. A tip sheet from the foundation is available at http:// If you have any good ideas on how to stay cool, then you can email us at au with ‘Hot Nights’ in the subject window. QQQQ

Ashley Fruno from the vegan activist group PETA (peta. offers a good reason to give up the chops: ‘By 2050, according to a UK government report, antibiotic resistant “superbugs” could kill ten

be reminded of it here: www. QQQQ

The prawns this summer were bigger than Cynthia could have imagined. Sean rushed over in his underpants to help her fight one off. Artwork John Bolton

million people a year, more than currently die of cancer. The World Health Organisation calls this a “global health security threat”. This is largely because more antibiotics are consumed by farmed animals than by humans, but also because for the last 60 years the meat industries have been using antibiotics as growth promoters. Diseases that had become rare are now evolving new forms, transmissible to humans…’ If you intend to stay with meat, then check with your local butcher or supermarket to ensure the meat is organic and antibiotic-free. QQQQ

For a brief week Australia didn’t have to train Kopassus soldiers to go off and kill West Papuans. Now, apparently, Indonesia has forgiven the offence caused, perhaps because they need our foreign aid money and Turnbull and Bishop have grovelled enough. Our diplomats make much of Indonesia’s sensitiv-

ities because, after all, who wants to be reminded of the slaughter of innocent humans one has indulged in? You can

Our holiday reading this summer includes notices at the bottom of government media releases: ‘The information contained in this email message and any attached files may be confidential information, and may also be the subject of legal professional privilege. If you are not the intended recipient, any use, disclosure or copying of this email is unauthorised. If you received this email in error, please notify the sender by contacting the department’s switchboard on XXXX during business hours (8am–5pm local time) and delete all copies of this transmission together with any attachments.’ Not quite as enthralling as Tim Winton’s work, but it has its moments.


%UDLQ%LWHV 5HYROXWLRQ 0 $ 1 $ * , 1 *  % ( + $9 , 2 8 5   ,17+(:25.3/$&( 5'ULYHUVRIEHKDYLRXUWKDW Drivers of behaviour that SCARE your brain 6&$5(\RXUEUDLQ

Explore key domains in the social context of work that influence engagement, motivation and productivity.

How to overcome frazzle and stress +RZWRRYHUFRPHIUD]]OHDQGVWUHVV

How to manage emotions +RZWRPDQDJHHPRWLRQVLQWKH in the workplace ZRUNSODFH

Understand the science of emotional intelligence and how to manage your own and other emotions in your workplace. 6XUYLYLQJDQGWKULYLQJLQWKHDJHRI Surviving and thriving GLVWUDFWLRQ in the age of distraction


Hate ironing? Want more free time?

Learn why being constantly ‘ON’, or ‘braindead’ is contributing to poor productivity and lower engagement.

How to improve your +RZWRLPSURYH\RXUSURGXFWLYLW\ productivity and focus DQGIRFXV

Learn how to manage hyper-stimulation and become the boss of your attention, reduce distractions and improve focus.

How to cultivate a growth mindset for peak performance

Free up your time and let me iron it for you Friendly Reliable Smoke-free environment $28/hour (1 hour min) Suffolk Park

0414 719 680 ~ Angela ~

56 January 11, 2017 The Byron Shire Echo

Explore brain friendly strategies to improve your productivity and focus.

Mindset is key to behaviour and performance. We explore changing existing mindsets with focus and attention.

For more information: Call: 1800 704 320 or 07 3831 4068 Email: Website: Link to online courses:

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Byron Shire Echo – Issue 31.31 – 11/01/2017  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

Byron Shire Echo – Issue 31.31 – 11/01/2017  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.