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 ARIES: Mars kick-starts the year along with a strong


s r a t S with Lilith Mercury gets back in gear for the year, late-week full moon stirs up family issues, and there’s Friday the 13th for thrills, spills and dramatic action…


TAURUS: This week’s a doozy for guilt-free indulgence, so get a good wallow in before you’re asked to step up and replace someone. Try to downplay full moon’s dummy spits in favour of a no-nonsense, practical approach; sensible Saturn will assist you in making clear arrangements, fair agreements and overdue improvements. GEMINI: Mercury’s forward move green-lights a go-ahead approach to addressing the disconnect between current reality and the life you’d prefer. Give this specific consideration, but don’t talk it all away countering other people’s conflicting opinions. Listen to late week’s deep-feeling love vibes bringing heart sense to head logic.



congregation of planets in your spirit house – a timely assist while professional interests shift and slide on a somewhat unstable table. Iron self-control’s recommended during provocative power plays – no channelling Kali. Stay calm, say little, play the givenothing-away game till energies settle…

COMEDY IN THE GARDEN! This February, Byron Brewery launch FREE headline comedy shows in their iconic beer garden. Offering patrons the kind of show you’d usually be paying big bucks for, the good people at the Brewery are brewing up big monthly laughs with a headline comedy night scheduled for the first Friday of every month. This is in addition to their regular third Thursday of the month Home-crafted Comedy open mic night. Launching the very first Comedy in the Garden is Lindsay Webb. ‘Lindsay Webb is more than your average standup. He has an almost mindreader-like ability to pick faces in the

CANCER: This week you may have to get serious about a foundational or structural issue, either a literal or metaphoric one. You’ll be super-sensitive and extra-sensory during Thursday’s Cancerian full moon (a red-letter day in the Crabster book of love), though be advised that others might experience these tidal emotions as overwhelming.


SAGITTARIUS: As Mercury moves forward through your sign towards increasing order, certainty and structure, consider renegotiating a recent decision into something a bit more win-win. Be sensitive to shifting conditions, preferences and alliances during Thursday’s super-sensitive full moon, when inconsequential things could get blown out of all proportion.


CAPRICORN: Let’s not mince words: this could be an edgy week in earthworld. And your being hard to please (what you call getting it right) will increase the heat, so go with flow and keep peace as best you can till late-week Mercury’s move into Capricorn pushes the start button on forward momentum.





LEO: If a blast from the past resurfaces in the form of a person or prospect, rose-coloured glasses aren’t your best accessory for this week’s cosmic cocktail of overactive imaginations, hopeful assumptions and unrealised dreams. Truth and trust are important, so be choosy where you give the benefit of the doubt. VIRGO: Virgos are specially sensitive to the movements of Mercury, your planetary ruler. Which fast forwards this week with a problem-solving surge into the sign of practical ambitions, rebooting projects languishing in the pending file. If unsettling changes occur, well you’re a mutable sign – make them work for you. LIBRA: Mercury’s direct turn refreshes your enthusiasm for improvement this week, which recommends tying off loose ends (you know which ones) in preparation for this year’s new Libran astro-cycle. As late-week full moon feelings see-saw between bitter venting and tender loving sweetness, you’ll be busy doing the equilibrium dance – again. SCORPIO: With Mercury’s forward move (planets be praised!) easing decision making all round, mysteries clarify and financial affairs benefit from the application of practicality. At full moon’s tidal emotions, don’t let old war wounds, a predilection for payback or just plain stubbornness prevent any opportunity for healing.

AQUARIUS: Not new year money blues already? You know you’ll always pay the bills by using your skills. Complex power surges are at work this week though, along with misleading misunderstandings, so check details, listen to advice, do background checks. Tread extra carefully round Thursday’s volatile, potentially explosive full moon.

PISCES: Venus and Mars tangoing together in your sign is the perfect time for a fabulous Piscean fluff-up, a marvellous makeover, a new-look you – because Mars will manifest whatever beautifying Venus decrees. Friendships needing an upgrade are likely to come under scrutiny too during Thursday’s emotional full moon.

audience and create a show purely on where they come from and what they do. The last time I saw him at The Arkaba half the show was a six-degrees exercise in linking audience members together; it was sheer genius.’ That’s what one reviewer said of him at the Adelaide Fringe after his sellout show in 2016. Lindsay Webb is truly an International act worthy of the title. Lindsay loves digital media, as regular guest on Wil Anderson’s FOFOP Podcast, as well as Hosting a Podcast for BP Australia (CBBP Podcast). A regular guest at 612 ABC QLD with the Futureheads panel. Also known for crowd warmup for many TV shows including Gruen Nation ABC, Q&A ABC and Save Your Life Tonight ABC.

BRINGING BONDI TO BYRON, WITH FLICKERFEST SCREENING AT THE MULLUMBIMBY CIVIC HALL 27–29 JANUARY He has supported many great acts, including Wil Anderson around the country and Jim Jeffries’s QLD shows. Lindsay was also a guest comic on The Darren Sanders Show on GO. In 2013 Lindsay also hosted many class clowns workshops for MICF.

Local council waste departments report about four per cent of the household Lindsay Webb is joined by the waste is textiles and most superbly funny Paul McMahon people donate unwanted as support and much-loved clothing for charitable Queen of Comedy Mandy recycling. Charities say about Nolan as MC. 15 per cent of donations are on-sold through op shops, 15 Comedy in the Garden at per cent percent are ragged, 15 the Byron Brewery, Friday 3 per cent go to landfill and 55 February at 8pm. Free show! per cent are exported into the Come early because this is secondhand clothing trade. CULT COMEDY at its best. See January 18–22 workshops of Byron Bay: go to thecubbyhousebyronby.

Tune into Bay FM 99.9 and you won’t want to get out of the car! Community Radio Bay FM 99.9 T 6680 7999 | W Bay FM public fund donations are tax deductible

Local Radio Global reach

42 January 11, 2017 The Byron Shire Echo



world or Australian premieres, handpicked from 2,400 entries, giving local Flickerfest audiences the first look at the hottest short films in the world today.

and local stories that are produced in the region each year. Fifteen–20 local short films will screen across this 120-minute program. Best of International 2 Shorts screens in the evening and on Sunday We will also be presenting 29 Jan sees Short Laughs the Best of Northern Rivers Shorts at the Byron All Shorts Comedy screening and Best of finalist’s screening showcasing Australian Shorts. a wonderful new collection of FLiCKERFEST 2017 – 26th creative shorts from our very International Short Film talented local filmmakers. Festival & Byron All Shorts – Northern Rivers Short Film Highlights include the Competition Opening Night Party on

Friday 27th – fully catered with food, music and drinks from event partners Rosnay Organic Wine, Young Henrys Beer and Parkers Organic Juices. This is then followed by the Best of International 1 Shorts. Highlights include: the moving and insightful Nocturne In Black According to sustainability from Lebanon: ‘In a warconsultant Jane Milburn, ravaged Middle Eastern Australians buy an average of neighbourhood, a musician 27 kilograms of new clothing struggles to rebuild his each year, two-thirds of which Flickerfest returns to the northern rivers 27–29 January piano after it is destroyed by are made from manmade Jihadists’; and the delightfully fibres derived from petroleum. for its 19th year screening a smorgasbord of the best short heart-warming Timecode Australians are the secondfilms from the Byron region, from Spain, ‘Luna and Diego largest consumers of Australia, and the world across are the parking-lot security new clothing after north one cinema-packed short-film guards. Diego does the night Americans, who annually weekend at the Mullumbimby shift, and Luna works by day; buy 37kg each, and ahead of Civic Hall. will they ever meet?’; plus The western Europeans at 22kg, Head Vanishes, a beautifully Celebrating 26 years as ‘The while consumption in Africa, crafted and poignant Home Of Great Short Film’ , the Middle East and India French Canadian animation: in 2017 Flickerfest remains averages just 5kg per person. ‘Jacqueline has lost her mind a Australia’s leading AcademyMs Milburn runs Textile Beat and bit but, whatever, she decides Accredited and BAFTAwill visit New South Wales soon recognised short-film festival, to take a trip to the seaside’. to address a free community ensuring that we continue All three films are shortlisted forum Slow Clothing in a to present A-list short-film for the 2017 Academy Awards. Fast World on Wednesday 18 programs recognised among Then on Saturday 28 Jan January 18 at 6.30pm and run a the best in the world. from 4.30pm is the Byron series of upcycling sessions in All Shorts. This is the 12th At Flickerfest Mullumbimby subsequent days (January 19–22) year presenting the best they will be screening an at workshops of Byron Bay. of local shorts from the entertaining, inspiring and Textile Beat has developed a northern rivers; encouraging award-winning range of Slow Clothing Manifesto to audiences to experience 30 Flickerfest short-film inspire change in the way we highlights, many of which are the many amazing films



engage with clothing for the good of ourselves, society and the planet. The manifesto is based on 10 actions: think, natural, quality, local, care, few, make, adapt, revive and salvage.


Mullum Civic Hall - 27–29 January. For event screenings and tickets go to flickerfest.


Screening this Friday for one night only: Doni Raven – An independent silent film created and shot locally in the Byron Shire; a story about love, loss, good and evil, which will be backed by a live performance by The Doni Raven Band. From the misty mountaintops to a darkened canopy floor you come to a burning fire; there you will stare deep within to find that the wings of the raven are revealed with a message, time to set your wrongs to right. Having influence from such artists as Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, Doni Raven takes on a persona of his own, laying down his compositions using intensely honest poetic lyrics, a raw husky voice, various electronic effects and enhanced acoustics brought to life by silent film and the Doni Raven Band. Pighouse Flicks in Byron from 7.30pm. Ticks at or at the door $25/22.

Byron Shire Echo archives:

Byron Shire Echo – Issue 31.31 – 11/01/2017  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

Byron Shire Echo – Issue 31.31 – 11/01/2017  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.