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Mungo’s Crossword

This week’s hot astral news is Pluto retrog rading in Caprico rn till September 11 – a planetary wake up call to intensifying climate instability and the restructuring of global finances for the coming five months. Demoted planet? Don’t think so. . .


Quick Clues

Cryptic Clues

ACROSS 1. Buoyant, on top of the water (6) 4. The food of the gods (8) 10. Agent, go-between (9) 11. Range, scale (5) 12. Mawkishness, sickly-sweet emotion (14) 14. Pull, tug (5) 16. Dullard, uneducated person (9) 18. Disgusting, repulsive (() 20. Adhesive (5) 21. Emotional reaction brought on by 12 across (5,2,3,4) 25. Corridor (5) 26. Pardon, free from blame (9) 27. Archetypal male person (8) 28. Group of six (6) DOWN 1. The air around the earth (10) 2. Burdened, carrying (5) 3. Court instruction as the judge enters (3,4) 5. French artist who painted Luncheon on the Grass (5) 6. Normal, predictable (7) 7. Occasionally (9) 8. Deeds (4) 9. Idiot, moron (8) 13. Estimate, for instance for insurance (10) 15. Tasmania, proverbially (5,4) 17. Theft of property (7) 19. The art of swimming (8) 20. Lead, go before (7) 22. Eighth letter of the Greek alphabet (5) 23. Fermenting mould used to make bread and beer (5) 24. Destiny (4)

ACROSS 1. Aussie Rules cereal in circulation (6) 4. Divine food for doctor and the men back in the Far East (8) 10. A is for agent (9) 11. Scale of Georgia, a docked dog (5) 12. Confusion as time intently brings 21 across (14) 14. Tug, a male greeting (5) 16. Dimwit, or amusing fool? (9) 18. Hansen’s sufferer turns fast and repulsive (9) 19. Stick back French and resin (5) 21. With symptoms of great emotion, dismembers child, male, English – affirmative! (5,2,3,4) 25. I will, says Hall (5) 26. Speed after old individual, that’s clear (9) 27. Medieval play with queen and youth in the back church space (8) 28. Musical group in Vietnamese Easter orgy (6)

Last week’s solution

DOWN 1. Atom whirls over round body of air (10) 2. Terror leader found in the French lair (5) 3. Fibre plug observes, says Spooner, the court usher (3,4) 5. Gent, and French painter (5) 6. Soldier stirred gruel by a river (7) 7. A bit of territory, over half occasionally (9) 8. Book of deeds (4) 9. 16 across has eight furlongs covering British European Community (8) 13. Estimate of 9 downs despatched around noon (10) 15. A very soft garland left in directions for Tassie. (5,4) 17. Country nurses gratitude for swimming (8) 19. Anarchy can rely on property theft (7) 20. Lead before surrender? (7) 22. Article: thanks for the letter! (5) 23. Ferment in the unknown Orient (5) 24. Sentence sounds fair (4) Mungo’s Crossword first published in The Week.

ARIES: A no-prisoners attitude will only evoke friction and opposition and is that what you really want this week? Thursday’s full moon supports lifting your game in personal and professional relationships: what could you do to improve them? Doing it will reward you with a dynamic new growth spurt.

CANCER: This week brings mood swings as other people’s commitment waxes and wanes, and with Thursday’s full moon of togetherness in your domestic sector partnerships may need creative tweaking. Discuss fears and feelings about safety and trust, weigh up the good stuff and take it from there…

TAURUS: This week recommends the feng shui approach of a ruthless purge to clear the way for new ideas and opportunities. Take advantage of Thursday’s feel good full moonshine to make peace and restore accord, to show and tell others how much you value them.

LEO: Your powers of non-verbal persuasion are particularly impressive this week, so you won’t need to say a lot to get your views across. With Thursday’s full moon juicing you to the max, try to think we rather than me and let others share a little of the limelight.

GEMINI: Listening’s very important right now because it broadens your perspective and information, as you well know, is power. Sharing what you’ve learnt with someone who needs what you know around Thursday’s flirty full moon could open up a whole new can of plans and possibilities.

VIRGO: A lot can be achieved this week beavering away behind the scenes – analyzing, calculating and exercising your fine powers of discrimination. But all work and no play makes a cranky Virgo, so let your hair down during end of the week’s beauty loving full moon.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Australia ranked alongside the Philippines, and later China, as the top chessplaying nation in Asia, winning Asian Zonal tournaments and twice narrowly missing the Asian Team Championship title. Since then Australia has been shunted into its own insignificant zone, Oceania, and the latest world ranking list shows just how seriously Australia has fallen back compared to our neighbours. While China and India are now ranked among the world’s top 10 nations, Australia has dropped to 60th on both open and women’s ranking lists. Australia has also dropped to tenth in Asia (not helped by the break-up of the Soviet Union) and fifth in South-East Asia. In fact Australian chess has not been declining, but its rate of improvement has failed to keep pace with the rapid strides being made by the rest of the world. Immigration by strong players – which in years past supple-


vo 2 fo uc r he 1 r

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SCORPIO: You’ve realized by now that flexibility’s your best strategy for making economic fluctuations work for you, so don’t try to coerce others into your way of thinking this week. Relish people’s different opinions because they’re all of use to you – even the ones you don’t agree with. SAGITTARIUS: This week presses your independence button, making restrictions to your freedom from other people particularly frustrating. But you’re entering a period where interacting with others is crucial to your progress, so appreciate efforts made on your behalf and extend the same consideration to the people you meet.

CHESS by Ian Rogers Play at Byron Services Club, Mon 7-10pm 3. Solomon (Qld) 2455; mented the local talent pool and 4. Johansen (Vic) 2452; engendered a stronger sense of 5. Goldenberg (Vic) 2410; chess’ cultural value – has almost 6. Xie (NSW) 2402; dried up. 7. Chapman (SA) 2401; Distance from the major chess8. Wohl (NSW) 2376; centres is a factor, but intransi9. Ambrus (ACT) 2375; gence and inconsistency by the 10. Lane (NSW) 2371. Immigration Department has not helped, as evidenced by the refusAustralia’s juniors have also al to allow Serbian Grandmaster advanced dramatically in the case Dejan Antic to come to Australia of the ACT’s Andrew Brown, to compete in next week’s Doeberl who gained an amazing 98 points Cup, let alone emigrate. in three months. However, the latest world rankBrown’s rise was substantially ing list does have its positives for due to his outstanding result in Australia. Most of Australia’s elite January’s Queenstown Classic, a players have made modest steps performance which made him forward, with David Smerdon one of the lowest ranked playwithin touching distance of ers ever to score an International the ranking he needs for the Master result. Grandmaster title. The diagrammed position The top ten Australians accord- (right), taken from Brown’s secing to FIDE’s April 2009 list are: ond round game in Queenstown 1. Zhao Zong Yuan (NSW) against Dutch expert Freddie van der Elburg, shows the teenager’s 2583; survival skills. 2. Smerdon (ACT) 2489;

CAPRICORN: Why get narky with others barging round taking charge when the more they take on the less you have to? Especially when you could be furthering professional interests by judicious schmoozing. This week a little give goes a long way towards your enjoyment… AQUARIUS: Number crunching, rising prices, economic stress... what to do? Your astro clue is talk it through and do what you do best: find an overview that inspires others with a sense of excitement that the present seismic financial shifts also embody a positive potential. PISCES: Wondering how to thrive rather than merely survive? This week charismatic people miraculously manifest to assist you. Help the process along by ditching the stressful connections and problemcreating situations in your life, while taking advantage of the present tremendous impetus to simplify, downsize and scale back. Brown, playing Black, has been forced into a losing endgame but he refuses to go quietly. 35...g4! 36.Ra7 36.hxg4 hxg4 37.Ra7 was safer. 36...Rd1+! 37.Bf1? 37.Kh2! Bd6+ 38.Bg3 leaves White well on top. 37...gxh3!! 38.Rxb7? Missing the brilliant point behind Brown’s apparently desperate sacrifice. However 38.gxh3 Bxf3 already puts White on the defensive. 38...Rxf1+!! 39.Kh2 Hopeless, but 39.Kxf1 h2! is even worse. 39...Rxf2 40.Kxh3 Bd6 41.Nc4 Bf4 42.Ra7 Rf1 0-1 a








8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Brown (Black) to move


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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED vo 2 fo uc r he 1 r

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LIBRA: This week’s people seem armoured with a gruff, tough, impenetrable force field, but sprinkle them with Libran star dust and they’ll melt like mousse. Thursday’s annual Libra full moon accelerates your social savvy into a prestige position of leverage and bargaining power.



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The Byron Shire Echo April 7, 2009 43

Byron Shire Echo – Issue 23.43 – 07/04/2009  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

Byron Shire Echo – Issue 23.43 – 07/04/2009  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.