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The opposite of la-la land Trentemoller’s music feels like diving into an underwater rabbit hole and into a fantasy land where deep space and sultry textures tease us into one’s own movie! I’d imagine his first album release The Last Resort is to be found in many lounge rooms of music lovers of all convictions, electronic or traditional. With productions and remixes for Andy Caldwell, Moby, Röyksopp, The Pet Shop Boys and The Knife, the Dane has made it onto the global dance floor earning him worldwide recognition including one of his biggest supporters, Pete Tong. The Trentemoller Chronicles, his latest album, encapsulates the best of his works and is branded by Trentemoller’s range of Indie electronica. Q: Please give us a brief look into your teenage years and just how you got into music and eventually into being Trentemoller? A: ‘I started playing music at an age of four or five years actually. When I was 11 years old I wrote the music for a school play and for the first time I discovered that I could write music; even if it was very simple. So that was in a way the kickstart for me really, being passionate about making and playing music. In my teenage years I played in a lot of different bands, all from jazz to rock. And I began listening a lot to indie bands like the Smiths , the Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, and later bands like Stone Roses and Suicide. I joined several indie rock bands, trying to get my keyboard to sound like a noise guitar.’ Q: How varied does a Trentemoller set get? A: ‘Quite varied, I would say. Maybe more varied than the usual house/tech DJ. I mix in my tech/electro set surf, 50s girl pop and indie into the whole mix, a blend of my own bootlegs and edits. Nearly every track I play is my own edit of the track.’ Q: Does rock still surface here and there in your compositions or perhaps in live performances?


Portraits of the ethinic minority H’mong people by David Holliday (All profits returned to the people)

Grand opening Saturday April 11 from 1 till 5 Music, finger food, and wine Later dinner special $30 a head with live music, bookings essential Rice Indonesian Restaurant Shop 2/18 Mullumbimby Street 6685 1111

A: ‘Yeah, indie rock and inspiration from producers like Phil Spector. I love that organic, dramatic ‘wall of sound’ sound.’ Q: What have become habits in the studio? A: ‘A bad habit is to be on i-chat while making music, it sometimes steals too much time.’ Q: You play live with a band and a VJ? A: ‘Yeah, I played a big world tour last year. We also played several gigs in Australia and that was so great. It’s really something special compared to playing as a DJ. I love both, but with a band it can get really intense, because you are more people on stage interacting with each other and the crowd. Improvising is a great thing and it gives something unique to the set.’ Q: What is a good gig to you? A: ‘A happy, open minded crowd that is not afraid of surprises musically. And that people dance and have a party and not just try to play cool in the VIP.’ Q: Who should buy The Trentemoller Chronicles album? A: ‘It is not really an album, but a compilation of some of the 12’’s I did, and some of

my remixes, but if people like my music they should buy it, but I would recommend also listening to my studio album The Last Resort. That’s the album that best describes me, and I am so proud of that album still.’ Q: What can we expect from you at La La Land? A: ‘PAAAAAAAARTY! I am staying in Byron Bay for a holiday, and I’m really looking forward to that! Heard so much good about the area, I think I will try a hot air balloon tour in the early morning, should be fantastic!’ Thursday April 16 – Supernatural Productions and Triple J present Trentemoller at La La Land with support DJs Dan Webber, Jackie Onassid and Nick Taylor. Presale tickets available from La La Land for $20 or on the night for $25 or visit

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Coming up at Liquid Wednesday 15: Tokyo-based Satoshi Tomiie is said to have converted an entire nation to club music. Now Tomiie is heading to our shores for ‘The Master Series’ (Renaissance) tour over Easter time. Thursday 23: Spoonbill is up from Melbourne with his hot of the press new album ‘Zoomorphic’.

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The Byron Shire Echo April 7, 2009 29

Byron Shire Echo – Issue 23.43 – 07/04/2009  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.

Byron Shire Echo – Issue 23.43 – 07/04/2009  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in northern NSW, Australia.