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2 Chicz January 2014

Coffee, tea and “me” time!

Inside this issue

What better way to spend a few cold, wintry hours than snuggled up at home with a hot drink and a good book or favorite hobby?

Jan/Feb 2014

These days, it’s not as simple as choosing a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Now you need to decide if you want an expresso or a latte, a single, double or (for the brave) triple shot, a flavor shot or whipped topping, mixed with nonfat or 2 percent milk or richer, and so on. That, along with all the tea and gourmet hot cocoa options on the market today, makes it anything but simple to know what you should sip on to warm up. In this issue, we’re going to help you out by sharing some important tips and terminology with you. We’re also going to tell you why you may want to consider drinking more or less of some of these beverages. Did you know? Coffee and tea aren’t just for drinking anymore! See how you can use rich, drink-inspired tones to spruce up your home decor, to ramp up your wardrobe, or spice up your cooking and baking.

Home What’s hot for countertops • 6 French roast isn’t just for drinking • 7 Revive your kitchen and bath • 8

When you’ve got your favorite drink in hand and are ready for some you-time, check out this month’s book selection or coffee-inspired recipes, enjoy our puzzles, knit an arm scarf, or chuckle over the latest disputes shared in He Sez, She Sez.

Food & Drink Latte lingo 4 Cooking with coffee • 10 Wine, chocolate for Valentine’s Day • 12 White winter warmer • 13

Finally, you won’t want to miss this month’s featured Chic, a young gal who is wise beyond her years. Until next time, enjoy! page



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Crafts Arm knit infinity scarf • 16 Coffee filter wreath • 17 DIY: Toolbox to jewelry box • 18


Your nail’s worst enemy • 24 Go green with your beauty • 25


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Extra boost for your workout • 26 Staying active during the winter months • 27 It’s not all in your head • 28 Obesity is a disease • 29 Reasons to indulge in coffee • 30 Drink tea to keep colds at bay • 31 Addictive foods • 32 Eco-friendly eating • 33

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double shot of

LATTE LINGO By Tara Bitzan


nfamiliar with the coffee shop scene? Intimidated by the terminology on the menu boards? Confused by all the questions the barista asks? Don’t know what a barista is? Don’t despair. Welcome to coffee house 101, where we’ll give the basic knowledge needed to order with confidence.

BARISTA Let’s start with the basics. The word barista (buh-REE-stuh) comes from the Italian word for bartender. A barista is a person, usually a coffee-house employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. If confused, this is the person to ask for help. They can often recommend a drink based on your preferences.


If you order a drink, the barista will typically assume you want it hot, unless you say “iced” in front of your order. Pretty much any coffee shop drink can be served hot or iced. Another option for cold drinks is “blended” (think thicker, like a shake).

SIZE Different coffee shops have different terminology for their drink sizes. While some still offer small, medium and large, others change it up a bit. For example, Starbuck’s offers short (8 ounce), tall (12 ounce), grande (16 ounce) and venti (20 ounce for hot drinks and 24 ounce for iced drinks). Some stores also offer trenta (24 ounce).

NAME YOUR DRINK Brewed – basic drip coffee. Latte – basic expresso drink made with espresso and steamed milk. Americano – strong espresso drink made with espresso and water. Cappuccino – a foamy, frothy drink made with steamed milk and espresso. Order wet for not so much foam and dry for mostly foam. Mocha – a latte (espresso and steamed milk) usually made without foam with chocolate added (milk or white chocolate). Cafe macchiato – made with steamed milk and froth with a mark of espresso poured over the top instead of stirred into the drink ** Many coffee shops and chains have their own specialty drinks as well, such as Starbuck’s Frappuccino, Caribou’s Depth Charge and Cooler, and Dunn Bros Nirvana.

BASE Some drinks have milk as their base, while others have water. For milk-based drinks, you can choose if you’d like nonfat, 2 percent, soy or half and half.

CAFFEINE You can increase the caffeine in any drink by ordering extra shots, or decrease it by ordering “half caf” or decaf.

4 Chicz January 2014

FLAVOR SHOTS You can add sugar or flavored syrup to any drink. Most stores list their flavors and most also offer some flavors in a sugarfree option. There are also certain flavors that are considered “seasonal” that you can only get when in season, such as pumpkin.

Photo credits: Thinkstock

NON-COFFEE OPTIONS Not a coffee drinker? Don’t despair. There are lots of other options at the local coffee shops as well, and most can be custom-made just for you like the coffee options. Following are a few of them. Tea – the options are many! Again you can choose to have your tea made with water or milk, hot or iced, with flavor shots of choice. Steamer – steamed milk. Hot chocolate – steamed milk with dark, white or milk chocolate. Other – cider, lemonade, smoothies

HEALTHIER OPTIONS Substitute non-fat whip instead of regular whipped cream for fewer calories and fat grams, or “skip the whip” altogether. Ask for skim milk to cut calories and fat grams, or choose the lactose-free soy milk for a healthier alternative. Ask for sugar-free flavor syrup instead of the higher calorie regular flavor, or just get a half a shot instead of a full shot of the sweetened syrup.

guyz perspective

Mr. Mom

Morning is our time

We have it all at the Viking Plaza

By Eric Morken


Eric Morken is a husband, father, sports editor and outdoor enthusiast.

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January 2014 Chicz


very morning, Aubree and I are alone together and we have a routine perfected. Aubree, who just celebrated her first birthday on December 27, is sleeping a lot better through the nights now-a-days. It’s refreshing with my wife’s schedule as a nurse, meaning there’s a lot of nights and early mornings with just dad. This has become the norm in a lot of households where fathers are learning all the responsibilities of parenthood, down to the last details that mothers have perfected over the years. Aubree generally wakes up around 6:30 a.m. and it’s almost time to eat. We both wipe the sleep from our eyes as I pick her up out of her crib. Now it’s down the stairs and into the light. Ole, our 2-year-old yellow lab, is hungry for his breakfast too. Still not ready to be put down, I have to hold Aubree in my left arm while I let Ole outside and dish up his food out of the closet. The sight of Ole’s energy elicits Aubree’s first smile of the day. Time for oatmeal. The first few bites have to be given while I’m still holding her if I want to avoid the screams that come with putting her in a highchair. It’s her favorite meal of the day, and it is not long before she devours all three tablespoons. A little milk to wash it down before a diaper change and it’s time to play. This means I have a chance to eat breakfast myself. It can’t be anything that takes long to prepare, usually a bowl of generic wheat chex. I have to eat fast because it’s not long before Aubree thinks it’s time to be held again. She crawls over to my leg, pulls herself up and tugs at my knee until I lift her up to my shoulder. Now it’s up the stairs to get dressed for daycare. My wife generally lays out an outfit for me to put her in that matches perfectly. Sometimes she forgets, throwing us our first curveball of the day. I dig through each drawer trying to find a top that matches a bottom. I think these two colors go together. Then again, I did get yelled at for wearing plaid shorts with a striped shirt in college, so what do I know? I eventually remember that I’m dressing a baby. She’ll look cute in anything, so I throw something together that prepares her for the weather conditions and call it good. She’s ready to face the day. We might not have the touch of a mother, but we dads are getting pretty good at the ever expanding roles of being Mr. Mom.



what’s hot for

countertops By Katie Childers and Kristi Jost


hen it comes to kitchens, the countertops and cabinets are key, especially the countertops. Because there are lots of options on the market for kitchen countertops, it’s important to know the pros and cons of each. Here’s a list of what’s hot in countertops.

Granite Granite is great because it is so elegant but will go in even the most modest kitchen. Pros: Comes in beautiful colors; looks permanent and substantial. Cons: Requires periodic sealing, pattern can vary, expense. ChrisClinton/GettyImages/Thinkstock

Cabinet & Countertop HEADQUARTERS

Engineered stone Engineered stone is composed of quartz particals. It is available in a larger range of colors than granite and has nonporous surface that resists scratches. It’s easy to maintain without the annual sealing required by natural stone. Pros: Resistant to stain and acid; easy care. Cons: Like granite, it is expensive.

Wood or butcher block Wood countertops offer a beautiful warm look and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Hardwoods, such as maple and oak, are most often used as countertop woods. Pros: Easy to clean, smooth and can be sanded and resealed as needed. Cons: Can be damaged by water and stains over time. Scratches must be oiled or sealed.

FULL LINE-UP OF CONTERTOPS • Laminate • Quartz • Granite • Wood • Cambria MANY WOOD SPECIES AND DOOR TYPES • Hickory • Oak • Alder • Maple • Cherry • Poplar • Walnut • Beech

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6 Chicz January 2014




isn’t just for drinking anymore! Laminates Laminate counters are made of plastic-coated synthetics with a smooth surface that’s easy to clean. The newest trend is the new HD series that has appearance of granite. Pros: Can buy laminates in lots of colors; easy to maintain, durable and inexpensive. Cons: If it scratches or chips, it’s hard to repair. Kristie Jost and Katie Stark are licensed interior designers specializing in cabinetry and countertops at Cullen’s Home Center.


Paint your wall a frothy mocha or soothing green tea By Lori Mork


ench roast, espresso, green tea leaf, java, mocha, latte – sound good? These aren’t just some of your favorite drinks we’re talking about! They’re paint colors that will give a room a comfortable, relaxed feel. Bringing these earthy, warm colors into a room can make your space inviting and soothing. Dark, coffee-colored paints, such as Turkish Coffee, Barista or French Press can be paired with lighter warm earth tones, such as Creamy Mocha, Cappuccino White, Dunmore Cream and Jersey Cream. Use the darker color to create a focal wall, then add a special piece of artwork or a photo for interest on that wall. Warm earth tones, including bronzelike browns such as High Tea that have

a red or gold undertone, give visitors a welcome feeling, so using them in rooms where you are the busiest or where you spend time socializing, such as the kitchen, living room or home office, is a great choice. Natural beige walls give you a clean palate to work with, allowing you to customize your room with fabric, furniture and accessories to fit your style. Neutral colors, such as Cream and White Chocolate, don’t have to be dull, and are actually good choices if you are planning to sell your home. Realtors will tell you that these colors make online photographs pop, and new home buyers appreciate not having to spend additional money to fix up or paint over bright tones. Cool earth tones, such as soft greens, tans or gray, including Tea Light and Green Tea Leaf, are more relaxing, so picking these colors for the bedroom and bathroom can have a spa-like effect. Whether you’re looking for deep colors or soft neutrals, checking out your favorite hot beverage just might lead you to the perfect fit.

January 2014 Chicz


10 Budget-friendly tips to

revive your kitchen & bath By Karla Mikkelson Give it a super thorough cleaning like it’s never had before, tackling one drawer or cabinet at a time. A TSP cleaner is especially good on oily/greasy kitchen cabinets to remove layers of greasy grime.


you are unsure of how your cabinets will look, try it on an inconspicuous area first, or try the inside of a cupboard door. An alternative to the above option would be to give the cupboards a coat of paint to brighten up the room.

3 4

After cleaning, rub in some tinted wood polish that contains stain to refresh your tired, dull wood cabinets. Use it generously to revive your wood, and finish with a layer of orange oil to really replenish the wood and make it shine.

Bring in a spa feature. In your bathroom, try adding a rainfall, water-saving showerhead. A little bit of time on the install will save water and refresh you each morning.

Note: If you’ve had a steam-filled bath or kitchen, the wood will soak it up the first time over, so use it generously. If

Frame your existing bathroom mirror or replace it with a more decorative one to add contrast and interest to the space.



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8 Chicz January 2014

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Install a new water-saving flapper in your toilet tank (approximately $5 at local plumbing aisles). It’s a small red rubber plug completely adjustable, which let’s you decide the amount of gallons you want to use in each flush. It will save on your water bill plus help the earth with every flush.


Add new hardware and drawer pulls. You’ll be surprised how many fun options are available when it comes to cabinet pulls and hinges. A hardware investment of $50 to $100 can make your entire space look years newer.




Add a modern, new light fixture to coordinate with your new hardware. Pre-measure the width and height you’ll need so you won’t be confused with the multitude of choices in the lighting department. From ceiling to under counter, proper lighting can update a space like nothing else.


Add a backsplash. Check out the natural stone and glass options at your local kitchen and bath store. You’ll be surprised how a little natural stone can class up the room.

9 10

Add a fresh, comfortable rug. Go crazy and add a punch of color. Nothing says good morning like a bright, comfy rug beneath your feet.

No matter how big or small your budget, it doesn't take a lot of money to bring a big impact to any space. Photo credits: Thinkstock

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January 2014 Chicz



e e f f co


By Lori Mork


id you know that coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, having more antioxidant power than either tea or dark

chocolate? Mounting evidence shows that coffee is loaded with health benefits. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking two to three cups of caffeinated beverages daily can lower your risk of dying from heart disease by at least 31 percent. A study published in the International Journal of Cancer found that coffee may lower your chances of developing colon cancer. Studies have also indicated that regular coffee drinkers may be less prone to developing diabetes, and a Harvard University study found that drinking five cups of coffee daily cuts the risk of developing diabetes in half. Scientists suspect that minerals and compounds in coffee might increase the sensitivity of insulin receptors and assist the body in efficiently processing blood sugar.

MOCHA BROWNIES INGREDIENTS: For the brownies: 4 oz., by weight, unsweetened chocolate 2 sticks butter 2 cups sugar 4 whole eggs 3 tsp. vanilla extract 1-1/4 cups all-purpose flour For the icing: 2 sticks butter, softened 5 cups powdered sugar 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1/4 tsp. salt 3 tsp. vanilla extract 1/2 cup strongly brewed coffee, cooled (more to taste) DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Spray an 8-inch square baking pan with nonstick baking spray. Brownie batter: place chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Melt in microwave in 30-second increments. Be careful not to let it burn. Set aside to cool slightly.

In a medium mixing bowl, cream butter and granulated sugar. Beat in the eggs. With the mixer on low speed, drizzle in the melted chocolate. Add vanilla extract and mix. Add flour to the bowl and mix until just combined. Do not over mix. Pour batter into the prepared baking pan and spread evenly. Bake until the center is no longer soft, 40-45 minutes. Set the brownies aside to cool completely. Icing: combine butter, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, salt and vanilla in a large mixing bowl. Mix until slightly combined, then add 1/2 cup of coffee. Whip until icing is light and fluffy. If the icing is overly thick, add 1/4 cup more coffee. Ice the cooled brownies, spreading the icing on thick. Refrigerate until the icing is firm, and then slice the brownies into small squares. NOTE: * Icing can easily be halved. * You can also bake in a 9x13 pan for thinner brownies.

MOLASSES COFFEE MARINATED PORK CHOPS I saw this recipe on Alton Brown’s Good Eats show on Food Network. It looked so good and all the reviews were high. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup cool strong coffee 6 oz. molasses 2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar 1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. ground ginger 6-8 sprigs fresh thyme 1/2 tsp. ground pepper 4 (6-8 oz.) bone-in, 1-inch thick pork chops

DIRECTIONS: Place all ingredients into a 1-gallon zip top bag. Seal and shake to combine. Place in the refrigerator to marinate for at least 2 hours or overnight. Preheat grill to medium high. Remove pork chops from marinade. Transfer marinade to small saucepan and place over high heat. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-high and boil gently, stirring often, until reduced to about 1/2 cup liquid, 12-15 minutes. Remove thyme stems after glaze has reduced. Meanwhile, grill pork chops 3-4 minutes per side or until they reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees. Allow the pork chops to rest 4-5 minutes before serving with the glaze. Serves 4.

10 Chicz January 2014 Photo credits: Thinkstock


TOFFEE TIRAMISU I found this easy tiramisu-style dessert in a Betty Crocker cookbook a few years ago. It’s a little sweeter and much easier than the original tiramisu dessert.

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup melted margarine 1 cup brown sugar 1 tsp. cinnamon 1/4 tsp. nutmeg 1 tsp. vanilla 2 eggs, beaten with a fork 12 tsp. baking soda 1/2 cup strong coffee 2 cups flour 3/4 cup raisins 2 cups oatmeal 1 cup chopped nuts

INGREDIENTS: 1 package (10.75 oz.) frozen pound cake, cut into 9 slices 3/4 cup strong coffee 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup chocolate-flavored syrup 1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened 2 cups whipping (heavy) cream 2 bars (1.4 oz. each) chocolate-covered toffee candy, chopped

DIRECTIONS: Cream melted margarine, sugar and spices; add beaten eggs. Dissolve soda in coffee. Add flour and coffee mixture to egg mixture. Stir in raisins, oatmeal and nuts. Drop by spoonfuls onto baking sheet. Bake 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees.

DIRECTIONS: Arrange cake slices in rectangular baking dish (11x7x1-1/2 inches), cutting slices if necessary to cover the bottom of the dish. Drizzle coffee over cake. Beat sugar, chocolate syrup and cream cheese in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until smooth. Add whipping cream. Beat on medium speed until light and fluffy. Spread over cake. Sprinkle with candy. Cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour, but no longer than 24 hours. Serves 12. NOTE: * Chopping chocolate toffee bars is easy if you freeze them first. If your store has chocolate-covered toffee bits, save freezing and chopping time by using 1/3 cup of the bits. * You can soften cream cheese in the microwave by placing unwrapped container in a microwaveable bowl and heating on high for 15-20 seconds.

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Searching for a perfect match this Valentine’s Day?

Try wine and chocolate! By Al Edenloff


t can be a match made in heaven: good wine and delicious chocolate. But finding the right combination of sweetness, acidity, complexity and balance takes a little bit of know-how, luck, or just plain fate – kind of like finding the perfect Valentine’s Day date. It starts with the right chocolate. Skip the milk chocolate. It’s too sweet and overpowering and can make red wine taste bitter. Give dark chocolate a try. Pairing it with the right red wine can transform both the chocolate and Thinkstock the vino to a new level of deliciousness that brings out the best in both. Generally, the darker chocolates or those with a high percentage of cacao, 60 percent or higher, are not as sweet so they pair best with a less-sweet red wine like a zinfandel or cabernet sauvignon. Many chocolate companies identify the percentage of cocoa right on the label and that can give you a good idea of what kind of wine to try with it.

Ghiradelli, for instance, makes a range of “intense dark” chocolates, starting with “Evening Dream,” which has 60 percent cacao. It pairs beautifully with a late harvest zinfandel, or a pinot noir. A 72 percent cacao chocolate, “Twilight Delight,” is a great match with a bolder cabernet. Ghiradelli’s “Midnight Reverie,” with 86 percent cacao, works with syrahs and other dry red wines. To tempt your taste buds further, look for dark chocolates with additional ingredients, such as sea salt. Try it with a shiraz. Or, chocolate with almonds, pair with a cabernet. One with fruit, like guava, pear or passion fruit, try with madeira, a fortified Portuguese wine. Remember, everyone’s palate is different and some will be wowed by a chocolate-wine pairing while others will wonder what all the fuss is about. Half the fun is in the search. Break out a new dark chocolate, take a bite and follow it up with a sip of not-too-sweet red wine. The two should meld together in a fudgy, brownie burst of flavor that may include hints of toasted nuts, subtle fruit or lingering cocoa. One more reason to give wine and chocolate a try: Some research has revealed that chocolate or wine, in moderation, of course, can lower your risk of stroke. Cheers!


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12 Chicz January 2014


White winter warmer By Crystal Dey


he snowy white wonderland is going to stick around Minnesota’s outdoors for a few more months. Bring the frosty hue indoors for a winter warm-up that strays from the hot cocoa norm. White hot chocolate, which isn’t actually chocolate at all, is different enough to spice up your midwinter and cozy enough for you to continue enjoying the season. Ingredients: 4 oz. white chocolate (chips or finely chopped block) 1/2 cup brewed coffee 1 1/2 cups milk 1 cup half-and-half 1 tsp. vanilla extract Cinnamon sticks or grated spice for garnish Yield: 4 servings

Directions: Melt chocolate over low heat in a saucepan or a double boiler. Stir constantly until melted. Mix in coffee, milk and half-and-half. For a lighter diet, use skim milk and fat-free half-and-half. Heat and stir until hot, taking care not to boil. Add vanilla before pouring into mugs. Garnish with cinnamon or spice of your choice. The white chocolate is versatile enough to be paired with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla or even mint.

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January 2014 Chicz


real chicz of douglas county

g n i p e ke a vision Kalley Kragenbring crochets her way into the future By Tara Bitzan


alley Kragenbring of Alexandria found out the hard way that life doesn’t always go according to plan. But she’s learned to make new plans when necessary and continues to have a vision, even if she has to revise it from time to time. One of her plans was to play hockey, which she did successfully for seven years. As an 8th grader, she played junior varsity and was on the varsity swing line. As a freshman, she played varsity forward and was the team MVP. As a sophomore, she suffered two serious, consecutive concussions, and her hockey career came to an end. Kragenbring’s traumatic brain injury required her to revise a lot of other plans as well. She fought to keep up in school, missing 89 days her junior year alone. She had to drop orchestra and choir classes because of the ill-effects of the noise and wellness/fitness due to inability to participate. She couldn’t play on the school golf team and had to give up all technological stimulation for a time (not an easy thing for any teenager). Her days of fun on Lake Mary also changed, as the injury left her unable to jet ski, wakeboard, tube, or even be in a moving boat for long. She was socially isolated and physically ill. But the 17-year-old Jefferson High School senior has rebounded and is working her way over, around and through the obstacles in her path. Last fall, she was a member of the school’s cross country team. She became a national spokesperson for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes regarding concussion awareness and developing an identity based on faith. Her message is: “Don’t let your sport be your identity.”

14 Chicz January 2014

She’s also making plans to attend college next fall and, thanks to skills taught to her by her Grandma Bev, has started a business to help pay for it. When/why did you start crocheting? I started crocheting in the winter of 2012 when I had a lot of spare time on my hands after finding out I could not play hockey due to concussions. The doctor told me that crocheting could be a form of therapy for me. What type of things do you crochet? I crochet mostly scarves but I can do headbands as well. When did you start selling your items? This past summer. My friend Alia and I thought it would be a good idea to start selling our stuff and make a business together. We decided to call it Crocheting for College because both of us are using the money to help pay our college tuition. We have had our booth at Art in the Park, the Carlos Creek Winery Grape Stomp, an Alexandria Technical and Community College Child Care Conference, and the Trinity Lutheran Fall Boutique in Holmes City. How much time do you spend crocheting/how many items have you made? I have spent countless hours crocheting and have made over 100 items.

“... grieve through it and then make something good come out of your bad situation.” Kalley Kragenbring COLLEGE-BOUND CROCHETER


What’s your favorite item you’ve made so far? A mini scarf for my 6-year-old cousin that she brought for show and tell one day. What are your future plans? I plan to go to college for sure. I haven’t decided where or what for. I’m considering Concordia, Moorhead State, University of MinnesotaDuluth and University of North Dakota. I have interests in psychology and criminal justice. I have received help from various counselors, psychologists and therapists and may pursue that career path, possibly becoming a school psychologist at the middle school level. I remember vividly being a middle school student and how testing it could be at times. It would mean the world to me if I could be there for these teens and help them through their problems so that they can be equipped with the right tools to be strong emotionally. What’s your advice for other young women who run into life-altering obstacles? I would tell them to grieve through it and then make something good come out of your bad situation.

Kalley Kragenbring joined efforts with her friend, Alia Kopischke, to start a business called Crocheting for College. They make scarves and headbands and sell them at local craft shows, bazaars and other venues.

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Arm Knit

Infinity scarf A

By Bridget Braun

s I was lost on Pinterest one evening, I stumbled onto this neat little tutorial for a scarf you can knit on your arm. I was intrigued by the idea of knitting on my arm and at how absolutely adorable this scarf was so I pinned it. I wasn’t the only one - this little number has made its rounds on blogs and posts all over the Internet. The one thing I did not find while hunting through the hundreds of posts was written out basic instructions on how to do it. Instead there were many videos along with pages of comments to sift through to find all of the details. After reading, watching video posts and experimenting, I have put together some simple instructions. Purchase two skeins of a chunky, bulky yarn. Cast on 12 loose stitches to your arm holding two strands together. Knit 22 rows, or until the scarf wraps comfortably around your neck two times. Bind off loosely. Sew ends of the scarf together.

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Enjoy the view of LAKE MIN NNEWASKA



C O F F E E F I LT E R By Melanie Danner

Hot-glue a layer of filters to the outside of the hoop, separating each filter by about half an inch and fluffing them out as necessary.


Supplies: Coffee filters, 100 to 250, depending on how full you want the wreath. 8” to 10” locking band or embroidery hoop Glue gun Wire ribbon Adornments (such as holly)

3 4

Directions: Separate coffee filters and lay them flat. Then fold each filter in half, then in half again (so they are folded in quarters).



Glue a second layer of filters along the top of the hoop.

Glue a third layer along the inside of the hoop, leaving just a little space free of filters to make hanging easier. (I used 200 filters to get the fullness I wanted). Adorn the wreath any way you’d like. I added silver holly and a ribbon, using the glue gun. You can add fishing line or picture wire to hang the wreath.

Wine, Women, and Hockey

at the Blizzard Game Friday February 7th

Doors open at 6:10pm · Puck drops at 7:00pm Sponsor: Definitive Women Magazine

$29 VIP ticket includes:

2 glasses of Wine, All you can Eat - Catered towards women All you can Drink - Beer, pop, & water

Vendors on site in VIP Venders range from massage table to handbags, jewelery, and accessories

On-ice egg toss Winners recieve a gift bag

Other chances to win money and gifts January 2014 Chicz



toolbox to jewelry box

By Anna Larson / Forum News Service

Borrow from your toolbox to fill your jewelry box! Feminine jewelry is achieving an edgy twist with help from the hardware store. Staples like hex nuts, chain and washers transform simple jewelry into bold fashion statements. Bloggers have especially embraced the hardware jewelry trend, posting how-tos for everything from dainty wire rings to chunky chain necklaces. We perused the web to find a few DIY projects that yield fresh, fun wearable hardware store-inspired jewelry that doesn’t dent the pocketbook. If you’re stumped with a project, check out the websites listed below each set of directions. Bloggers have photos for each step, making the how-to more understandable. With these projects, practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to remake something if it doesn’t turn out the first time.

DIY Heart Ring Note: Take your time with this. It’ll take a few tries to get the heart just right. Supplies 20-gauge jewelry wire Jewelry pliers (important for getting a nice curve to the heart) Directions 1. Bend wire over the far part of the plier to make the first hill of the heart.

Chevron and Chain Necklace Note: It takes time to get the hang of fishtail braiding and sewing the chain to the braid. Work slowly and use the photos on the blog to guide your work. The statement necklace you’ll end up with is worth the extra effort! Supplies Macrame cord in 2 colors (craft stores) Gold chain (craft stores – the ones at hardware stores are too thick) Embroidery floss Embroidery needle Directions 1. Cut cord into six 60-inch pieces (three pieces of each color). You’ll likely have extra cord to cut off at the end. 2. Fold first color in half and tie a loop at top. Loop should be big enough to accommodate a knot (knot and loop will act as the closure for the necklace). 3. Thread the second color through the loop so it’s also half its length.

18 Chicz January 2014

2. Next, make a hard bend at the bottom of the hill. Make the second hill (or hump of the heart). 3. Squeeze the valley between the two hills to make the middle point. 4. Bend wire so it fits around your finger. Using a rounded object about the size of your finger makes forming the ring easier. Try a highlighter or marker. 5. Cut off excess wire and bend to make a loop on end so wire doesn’t poke out. Source:

4. Criss-cross second color over the first, using the fishtail braid technique. 5. Continuing the fishtail technique, cross your original first color over second color, and continue this until the rope is your desired necklace length. 7. Tie a knot at the end of the braid. 8. Lay the chain next to the braided rope necklace to determine how much chain is needed. Cut off excess chain using a wire cutter. 10. Now it’s time to join the rope braid with the chain. Thread embroidery floss through the needle, tightly tying the floss to the chain. 11. Thread the floss under the first link of the braid, and wrap the floss back through the chain. Repeat. 13. After wrapping the floss through the first link twice, thread it under the second link and repeat the process. 14. Continue threading until the whole chain is attached to the necklace. 15. Secure end of floss to the rope. Adapted from:

Braided Hex Nut Bracelet Supplies Three strands cotton butcher’s twine or leather cording cut into one-yard pieces (or shorter if you don’t want the bracelet to wrap around wrist twice). 12 to 18 small hex nuts. (Brass looks great, but are hard to find. We used zinc and spray painted some soft gold.) Directions 1. Gather the three strands of twine/leather, and tie a knot at the top with a loop if you won’t be wrapping the bracelet twice around the wrist. If you want a wrap bracelet, leave 2 inches of slack, and knot the twine/leather. 2. Braid material until you’re about an inch away from knot.


AT P E R R Y ’ S F U R N I T U R E !

3. Start braiding in the hex nuts by threading the nuts before crossing the string. For example, before braiding the far left strand over the middle strand, thread on a nut, push it against the base of the braid and cross over. 4. Repeat the steps to use all nuts or as many as you desire. 5. Braid the remainder of the twine/leather until you have an inch of twine/leather left. 6. Knot the material to secure the braid. 7. Wrap the braid around your wrist to see how long you’d like it. It should encircle the wrist two to three times for a wrap bracelet and once for a regular bracelet. 8. Cut off any excess material and secure the bracelet with a knot or other jewelry closure. Source:

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timeless denim jacket


By Shelly Beaulieu and Karla Mikkelson



This timeless little beauty, when done right, can be worn with everything from jeans, to dress pants, to a summer maxi dress.

Imagine #1 with some warm tan or gray tweed dress pants for the office. Imagine #2 with a pair of black or white jeans.

Imagine #3 with an ivory or white cotton summer skirt and summer sandals. The skirt may be straight or boast layers of ruffles, either short or long would work.



Your Loo @


20 Chicz January 2014

If you purchase a denim jacket tailored to fit your body shape, there’s no end to how you can pair it and wear it.

women’s apparel

& tanning

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Coffee couture: Look chic in neutral browns By Jessica Sly


rown is the new black! With its neutral and rich hue, it’s stylish, sophisticated and goes with just about anything. Check out these tips on how to pair it with your wardrobe.

BROWN TOPS White or navy jeans are a staple, but if you need to go fancier with pants or skirts to match your mocha top, choose khaki, beige, nude or cream. Avoid dark brown, black or purple. Try not to match brown with brown, as the goal is to create contrast. However, it’s generally a good idea to match shoes to your shirt, so finish off your look with some brown-toned shoes or boots and add pizazz with a colorful necklace or scarf.

BROWN PANTS Standard brown, which is almost a milk chocolate hue, usually looks better with lighter colors like pastels, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid color. Great complement colors for shirts are light blue, periwinkle, peach, pale red, light pink, teal, mint green, apricot and light neutral. Try pairing color with a neutral cover-up such as a white blazer or denim jacket. Aim for wearing medium to dark brown shoes; avoid black.

BROWN SHOES Want to know what to wear with your comfy brown shoes? Anything neutral for your pants or skirt will do: beige, tan, cream, ivory, gray, etc. Earth tone colors, such as dark red, forest green or burnt orange are also a great complement.

A helpful rule is to make sure your shoes are a darker shade than your skirt or pants. If you choose a patterned shirt, it would be ideal to choose one that includes brown elements, but it’s not completely necessary. You can be outgoing and use bold colors such as deep red, light purple, golden yellow or forest green.

ACCESSORIZE Metallics like gold and bronze, as well as neutral ivory, add a nice touch to brown-centered ensembles. Avoid silver, though, as it is closer to the cool side of the color scale and clashes with warm brown. If your entire outfit is comprised of neutral tones, add a pop of color with a scarf or necklace in turquoise, purple, pink or yellow. Thinkstock





Everything we do at Lake Region Eye Center is focused on helping our customers see as clearly as possible while providing the latest in quality eyewear. 320-763-7055 610 30th Ave West, Suite 200 R001950849

January 2014 Chicz


your man. By Karla Mikkelson


there’s something about a buttonup shirt that always looks better on a man. Unless headed to the gym or still sporting a shapely muscled chest and abs, as men age, they should avoid T-shirts. Layering a collared shirt with a sweater is a great option for a more casual look. Top it off with a timeless leather coat and you’re set. For a casual but slightly dressier look, try a suitcoat with a good-fitting pair of dark blue jeans and leather shoes or boots. Go for timeless and help him take years off his age. Thinkstock


We are your

p o h S p o ne St

Ofor all your needs!

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Our Full Service Auto Center can help you getting your car running smooth - or if it’s tires you need, we can help there too. We will gain your trust with our honesty and service!

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22 Chicz January 2014

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he sez...she sez ‘You messed up and now I get to go shopping!’ By Brandon and Amy Chaffins randon: I have a question. What’s the deal with the wives’ system called something like: “You messed up and now I get to go shopping because of it?” Here’s how it works in our marriage – I forget something like her birthday and she goes out and buys a whole new bedroom set.

Brandon: A little gas in the truck and voila, the old girl started! Ah, crap, I had to say “old girl” didn’t I? Great, now Amy thinks I think she’s an old girl. Here comes some new make-up! Why the heck is that stuff so expensive anyway? Ah, crap! I said old girl and make-up together! Now Amy thinks that I think she’s an old girl who needs make-up! We are back to the full-size Coach purse aren’t we? Maybe I better just stop right here.

Amy: It’s been around for years, dear. You’re just now catching on after 10 years of blissful ignorance.

Amy: (awkward silence)


Brandon: The other day, I forgot to put gas in our truck. Yes, the infamous “surprise” truck we’ve written about before. (If you haven’t heard, I brought a truck home without consulting Amy first. It caused a mess… and a new set of cookware soon followed.) Back to the truck: Amy decided to take it to work and suddenly I got a call that the truck had ran out of gas… in our driveway, thankfully! I think that I will have a conversation with the big fella upstairs for that one! Whew! Amy: Seriously, there was just enough fuel to back out of the garage, then, clunk, sputter, sputter, dead. I told him last week that he should have stopped for gas! I reflected on the moment – this all too common “I told you so” wife moment – then I called up my hubby. It was a pretty onesided conversation. I said, “Guess where I am?” Silence on his end. “I’m in our driveway in the truck and guess what? I ran out of gas!” He quickly replied, “I’ll be right there.” Brandon: I got home to find Amy sitting in the truck in the driveway. She looked at me like this one was gonna cost me a shopping spree or a new Coach purse. “Awesome,” I thought to myself. I was hoping maybe the fact that I came right home to rescue her and put gas in the truck would weigh in my favor and maybe I could be punished with her revenge purchase of just a T-shirt or perhaps a small coin purse. Amy: Oh, honey. That’s adorable…

Brandon: OK… that was expensive! Amy: Expensive, maybe, but it sure makes me feel better. It’s justified revenge – a day of guilt-free shopping. There are no credit limits when your husband does stupid stuff. It’s simple, babe: When you’re a bozo, I partake in retail therapy. Brandon: I wonder if this system applies to us guys? Now I just have to remember a time that Amy messed up so that I can get me a new power tool. Thinking… thinking… Ah, yes, “THE BANK!” My coveted list! Amy: (Insert huge eye-roll here). My adorable husband thinks he can pull from a list of banked “husband points” – you know, those moments I’ve been a bozo. I’m certainly not perfect, but I have yet to see evidence of his “coveted list.” So, here are a few points of clarity for you, my dear: No, the “You messed up and now I get to go shopping because of it” system does not apply to husbands. And, for the record, the “I-ran-out-of-gas-in-the-driveway” example is mild in my collection of moments you’ve messed up. Would you like me to list them? Well, there’s the time you completely forgot my birthday… and the time you told me I have a moustache… Brandon: Until next time, fellas, keep the faith! Brandon and Amy Chaffins of Alexandria have been married 10 years – long enough to have learned to live with each other’s “quirks.”

January 2014 Chicz



Your nails’ worst enemy:

dark nail polish By Caroline Roers


ark nail polish is a great accessory for a night out or to accent your look. But you pay a price for looking great when it comes time to remove that polish. Dark nail polish often leaves nails stained and doesn’t always come off completely. It also shows up well if it gets under the nail or on the surrounding skin, adding to the problem. Try these simple steps to remove the dark stain and have your nails look fresh and clean again: 1. Soak a small cotton ball in nail polish remover and place on nail.

2. Don’t scrub! Just press cotton ball down and hold in place for a couple minutes. 3. Put additional nail polish remover on an exfoliating style of make-up remover wipe and wipe off remaining polish in a smooth motion toward the edge of the nail (not back toward the cuticle).


• Wear a base coat under the dark polish to prevent staining. • Put petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails prior to putting on or removing dark polish to prevent the polish from soaking into your skin. • Every 4 to 5 weeks try to go polishfree for a few days or even a week. This will strengthen your nails and get rid of the stain caused by dark polish.

There’s ’ NOTHING like lk buying a car from

just your style.

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We’ve got something that’s

go green

Brown Sugar Hand Softener

Sea Salt Body Scrub

Ingredients: 1/4 cup brown sugar Baby oil Directions: Mix ingredients together; apply mixture to hands in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water; pat dry.

Ingredients: 1 cup of coarse sea salt 1/2 cup of baby oil Directions: Mix ingredients in bowl, then transfer to screw top jar. Close tightly; let sit 24 hours. Stir mixture. Apply to area of body you wish to exfoliate. Massage into skin several minutes before showering.

Vegetable Oil Nail Strengthener


By Caroline Roers any beauty products contain harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to your health and the environment. Instead, go green! Try these homemade recipes for face masks, moisturizers, nail strengtheners and more.



with your beauty

Ingredients: 2 tsp. castor oil 2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. wheat germ oil Directions: Pour all ingredients into sealable bottle and shake well. Rub small amount of mixture onto each nail; leave 3 to 5 minutes. Wipe off with cotton pad.

Remove Dry Patches Ingredients: 1 Lemon Directions: Slice lemon in half. Rub cut side over dry elbows, heels or knees. Rinse.

Revitalizing Face Mask Ingredients: 1/2 cup chopped cucumbers 1/2 cup chopped avocados 1 egg white 2 tsp. powdered milk Directions: Combine ingredients in blender until a smooth paste forms. Apply mask to face and neck using circular upward movements. Leave on 30 minutes; rinse with warm water, finish with cold rinse.

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for your


By Alyssa Stern t’s a brand new year with the same old resolution: Be a better you, work out more, and maybe lose a few pounds. If you are anything like me, I’m always trying to find ways to improve my workouts without having to work out longer. Experts say that consuming caffeine an hour before a workout can promote endurance. Here’s a breakdown of caffeine options: How much it takes: About 3 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per kilogram of body weight. That means a 150-pound person would want 210 to 400 mg. A 20-ounce Starbucks coffee contains about 200 mg;


iced tea has about 40 mg; diet soda about 50 mg. How it works: After you have consumed your caffeine, it takes one to two hours for the body to absorb it into the blood stream. When you exercise, the body uses stored energy from food, which helps you perform during the workout. At the end of a long workout, you may feel sluggish, but caffeine helps slow the depletion of the energy source by encouraging the body to use more fat as fuel, instead of the readily available sugars. Ingesting caffeine before you partake in activities lasting longer than an hour with sustained effort such as running, cycling or cross country skiing, can benefit you by allowing an increase in endurance,

accuracy and speed. However, caffeine provides no tangible benefits for strength or power activities such as lifting heavy weights. There are many caffeine-based products out there targeted for the fitness guru. Make sure to do your research in what the product is and always consult with your doctor before you start taking any new supplements to ensure they are safe and will not react with any other medications you are taking. Remember, staying hydrated in whatever activity you partake in will keep your body at its maximum potential. Alyssa Stern is a mother and a certified group exercise instructor Visit her blog at


Dr. Dan Einerson, DDS & Dr. Lowell Einerson, DDS

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staying active


during the winter months By Alyssa Stern aby, it’s cold outside! Minnesota winters bring snow and ice, which create hazardous conditions for outdoor exercise enthusiasts. If you recently sustained an injury from falling on snow packed sidewalks, don’t give up. There are still options for exercise. Not on land, but by water! Pool workouts are a great way to rehabilitate an injury or just to try something new. While in the water, you are 90 percent weightless, and have less stress put on joints and muscles. The water also gives constant resistance, so your body is always working. Water aerobics is not just for pregnant women and the elderly. Pool workouts are a great way to incorporate a cross-training program for the half marathon you are training for. It allows the joints and muscles to have a day of “rest” while still exercising. The pool offers a variety of other health benefits, such as relaxation. Working out in the water allows the body to work out in full range of motion. Grab your towel and flip flops and head to the nearest pool for your next workout. Bring a friend and try a partner workout! Try this great pool workout from Fit Sugar:


Cross Country Ski Mimic cross country skiing action. While one leg moves to the back, the other moves to the front with opposing

arms (if your right leg is back, your left arm is forward), allowing your spine to rotate. Do 16 reps touching the bottom and 16 suspended (feet not touching the pool floor) for a total of three sets.

Seahorse Standing upright with an aqua noodle held in front of the body, dive forward, leading with the noodle until you are flat against the water’s surface (stomach down), similar to a plank position but with arms fully extended, holding onto the noodle. Bend at the hips and knees, bringing knees in to chest. Then place feet on floor. Do 16 reps for three sets.

The Dory (you know, that fish from Finding Nemo) Place aqua noodle between legs and float in a seated position (ends of noodle will curve up to be at the chest and near the upper back). Bend knees at a 90-degree angle (like sitting in a chair) with arms outstretched, pointing away from the body at water’s surface. Sweep straight arms down to the side of the hips (lowering them below water) and slightly behind midline, retracting the shoulders at end of range of motion. Legs remain at 90 degrees throughout the entire exercise. Do 30 seconds’ work followed by 15 seconds’ rest for three sets.

Skin Care Massage


Hurdles Keeping your feet together, leap forward while sweeping arms forward and down. The more explosive the movement the more cardiovascular it becomes. Do 16 reps for three sets.

Jumping Jacks With legs together and arms to side, jack the legs and arms wide, allowing feet to turn out, then bring back together. The advanced version is done suspended in the water (not touching the bottom). Do 16 reps touching bottom and 16 suspended (feet not touching the pool floor) for a total of three sets. Alyssa Stern is a mother and a certified group exercise instructor Visit her blog at

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it’s not all

in your head By Pete Pfeffer “There’s a stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was….” That begins the once popular song Black Coffee in Bed by the British band Squeeze. I say “once” because now that I look, it was a long time ago. But somehow I remember it, and you might too. But why and how do we remember things? What is it about sounds and smells in particular that trigger memories? I’m convinced I’m not alone when I say the smell of an excellent meal, a particular perfume or a great cup of coffee has an effect on me. These smells can evoke fond memories, or not so much, depending on the situation to which they are linked. Brain function and anatomy can be boring and dull unless you attach it to something interesting or useful, in this case memories. The brain of all mammals is divided up into systems. The system that is thought to handle memories, both conscious and unconscious, is the limbic system. Conscious memories are self-explanatory, but unconscious memories are those subtle gut instincts, little sensations we can’t always place or identify, but create feelings that are real. The significant part about this system is it also handles, among other things, smell and emotion.

This is why an experience becomes memorable if emotion is attached to it. The stronger the emotions (positive or negative), the deeper it is drilled into our consciousness, the more firmly it is anchored in memory. The brain is interesting. It’s like a pond. When you throw a rock in a pond, the ripples eventually reach all sides of the pond. In the same fashion, if you stimulate a portion of the brain, all components within that system are activated as well. This is why pleasant and unpleasant smells can have a strong physical effect… from a dreamy recollection of coffee and a first date to something rotten in the fridge. The stimulation of smell and emotion affect our physical body as well as memory. This sheds light on essential oils and their effect on our sense of wellbeing. Anything that can affect our brain can affect our physiology and ultimately our physical wellness, positively and negatively. So it’s not in your head, or maybe it is. The smell of that coffee lingering in the air and the pleasant smells that evoke pleasant feelings are linked firmly to our memories. Peter Pfeffer is a doctor of chiropractic with HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab in Alexandria.

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obesity is a disease By Heather Scholl besity is skyrocketing. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and coronary artery disease, most of which are preventable, are the reason for astronomical health costs. The American Medical Association has now defined obesity as a disease, since it is an endemic both in adults and children. We’ve been told “you are what you eat.” To a large extent, this is true. By choosing whole foods over processed, eating smaller portions and not eating at the wrong times, a healthy weight can be attained. The website is a good tool for portion sizes. Strategize carbohydrate intake by consuming the most at breakfast, along with a protein, decreasing to only “lean and green” for dinner (vegetables and protein). Vegetables should be added to every meal. Make sure snacks are healthy (nonprocessed and preferably a fruit, vegetable or low glycemic carbohydrate).



It is said the average American eats their weight in sugar per year. Reading food labels and being aware of what we put in our body is a huge step to leading a healthy life. No one can eat perfect all the time. Shoot for 80/20, eating “clean” or good 80 percent of the time and more lax the other 20 percent.

Exercise is important for weight maintenance, weight loss and controlling other co-morbidities and stress. The biggest excuse I hear is no time to plan meals or to exercise. Physical activity should be part of your daily routine. Try to do an activity you enjoy with people you enjoy. Varying intensity increases weight loss as well. If you desire weight loss, you shouldn’t be able to talk easily when exercising. Walking at a slower pace for heart health is important but does not produce weight loss. Many women have tried the diet circuit. There are no easy fixes or magic pills, despite all the infomercials. Lifestyle change requires dedication and time and does not produce instant results. Sleep is an important tool as well. Not sleeping can lead to fatigue, irritability and weight gain. Get a solid eight hours. We all lead busy lives; however, by prioritizing our health, these things can keep us happy and healthy. Heather Scholl is a family nurse practitioner at Alexandria Clinic and a workout enthusiast.




ATVs in the category G are recommended for use only by those aged 16 and older. ATVs in the category S are recommended for use only by an experienced operator aged 16 and older. Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP) highly recommends that all ATV riders take a training course.©2013 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, TM and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. Products are distributed in the USA by BRP USA, Inc. Always ride responsibly and safely and observe applicable laws. Remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix.

Fun for the entire family. 1213 Broadway, Alexandria 320-763-4455


January 2014 Chicz



Love coffee?

Here are a few good reasons to indulge By Lori Mork f you’re not a coffee drinker, you’re probably in the minority – one survey found that 54 percent of Americans older than 18 drink coffee every day. Here are a few interesting facts about this well-loved beverage.


Top source of antioxidants. A 2005 study found that nothing compares to the antioxidant levels of coffee. Both caffeinated and decaffeinated provide similar amounts. Sleep-deprived stress reliever. Researchers at the Seoul National University in a study of the brains of sleep-deprived rats found that those exposed to coffee aromas experienced changes in the brain proteins tied to that stress. Liver protection. An international team of researchers, led by Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and the Duke University School of Medicine, found that drinking four or more cups of coffee or tea a day may help prevent the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Save Your

Lessen symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In 2012, the American Academy of Neurology’s online medical journal, Neurology, found that coffee may help Parkinson’s disease sufferers to control movement. Be happy. A National Institute of Health study found that people who drink four or more cups of coffee were nearly 10 percent less likely to be depressed than those who never drank coffee. The benefit doesn’t come from the caffeine, but is thought to be linked to the antioxidants. Ramp up performance. Caffeine increases the number of fatty acids in the bloodstream that allows athletes’ muscles to absorb and burn those fats for fuel, especially for endurance sports like distance running and cycling. Keep Type 2 diabetes at bay. A study from the American Chemical Society found that coffee lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes by nearly 50 percent in those who drink four or more cups a day. Keep your mind healthy. University of South Florida and University of Miami researchers found that in people older than 65 with higher blood levels of caffeine developed Alzheimer’s disease an average of two to four years later than those with lower caffeine levels.

Here, we’re all smiles. You will be, too.

For softt water, call the e experts..

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30 Chicz January 2014



drinkto keep teathat cold at bay Thinkstock

By Jessica Sly o you have the wintertime sniffles? Is your throat sore? Then make yourself a cup of one of these tasty teas to fend off your cold and boost your body’s defenses!


GREEN TEA If you love herbal and earthy, green tea is for you. Its main active ingredients are naturally existing catechins, which are antioxidants that help fight off the common cold. Research has shown they can also help prevent influenza.

It’s unknown how much you should drink to get the full effect of the catechins, but a couple cups a day should keep a cold at bay. If you happen to feel the influenza coming on, try three to four cups a day to give your immune system an extra lift. WHITE TEA If there’s anything better in terms of fighting a cold than green tea, it might just be white tea. A study conducted at Pace University in 2004 showed that white tea extract had stronger antibacterial and antiviral properties than green tea. White teas can range from fruity to vegetal, but the flavor is delicate, like a sweeter, weaker green tea. With its ferocious ability to destroy pathogenic bacteria and its antifungal properties that help prevent all types of infection, white tea strengthens the entire immune system.

CHAMOMILE TEA It’s made from a flower belonging to the daisy family, so naturally, its taste swings toward the flowery or fruity. Two of its superstar components are hippurate, an antibacterial compound, and glycine, a muscle and nerve relaxant. Their properties can ease cold symptoms and other ailments such as inflammation, and they are excellent for digestive health. As an added bonus, chamomile tea’s muscle and nerve relaxants can help relieve menstrual cramps! ADDITIVES If you prefer more flavor or a sweeter tea, add one of these health-boosting supplements to your brew. Ginger: Soothes cough/scratchy throat. Honey: Bolsters immune system, soothes sore throat, has antibacterial properties. Lemon: Loaded with vitamin C, decreases strength of cold or flu virus.

January 2014 Chicz


mosttive addic foods & drinks G


By Jessica Peterson


Salty Snacks

randma’s pecan pie, soda, ice cream, chips – at some point we’ve all experienced it, a food or drink that we just can’t get enough of. I’ve compiled a list of the top five most addictive foods and the reasons why they have such a hold on us. While a list of this nature is subjective, it’s likely that you’ve succumbed to at least one of these.

Salt is considered a magical ingredient because it provides a cheap burst of flavor. It makes sugar taste sweeter and can add a crunch to chips. According to researcher Michael Moss, potato chips are the most weight-inducing food on the market. They contain targeted amounts of salt, sugar and fat to ensure addiction.

Caffeinated Beverages

Beyond the allure of cupcakes and pies, the sugar in just about any food can be addictive. When sugar enters the bloodstream, blood sugar levels rise, causing the pancreas to release insulin. The insulin converts this sugar into energy, causing a sugar high.

If you’re a coffee drinker, you probably won’t argue that caffeine is addictive. The more you ingest, the more likely you’ll suffer withdrawal symptoms when that caffeine is taken away. If you skip your regular intake, you may feel sluggish or headachy. That’s because caffeine actually prevents headaches by blocking the brain receptors that dilate blood vessels, the cause of that headache.

Chocolate There’s a reason so many people call themselves chocoholics. Chocolate releases serotonin into the brain. Serotonin affects the brain cells related to mood, appetite, social behavior and sexual desire. So, when we eat chocolate, we feel happier. Then, we crave that feeling when we’re not eating chocolate. So, when you say you love chocolate, you mean it!



Cheese From pizzas to cheeseburgers, cheese is a staple of many craved foods, but there could be more to our cravings than we think. Studies discovered the presence of opiates, including the highly addictive morphine, in the popular dairy product. Food or drink addiction can be tough to beat, but not impossible. Recognize the problem and develope a true want for change. Next, reduce or eliminate temptations. Finally, have the persistence to continue working at it. It’s a battle you can win. Jessica Peterson is a health educator with Douglas County Public Health.


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Choose foods that are easy on the the earth

By Deb Loken ere’s a guide to choosing the most ecofriendly foods for your body’s health and for the health of the planet.

H Organic

The most common of the earthfriendly designations, organic refers to growing methods that eliminate synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic producers emphasize soil and water conservation and renewable resources. On average, organic farms use about 70 percent less energy than industrial farms.


Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs) can cause organ damage and reproductive abnormalities in animals, pollute water and reduce diversity. Because there are no labeling requirements for GMO products, some manufacturers opt for verification through a nonprofit group called the Non-GMO Project. The organization offers the “Non-GMO Project Verified” label for GMO-free products tested at accredited labs. October is Non-GMO month.

Grass-Fed/Pasture-Raised If you eat meat or dairy, look for sustainable products. Cattle, poultry and fish eat 80 percent of the corn grown in the U.S. – more than humans do – and producing that corn uses enormous resources. “Grass-Fed” means the animals receive natural forage, in-

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cluding grass, hay, leaves and tender stems of plants. Grass-fed animals, however, may be kept indoors for much of their lives. “Pasture-raised” means animals roam freely outdoors and receive a diet of natural forage.

Packaging In 2010, an estimated 75 million tons of packaging waste ended up in landfills in the U.S. alone. Additionally, some food packaging contains toxins such a bisphenol-A (BPA), that leech in the environment (and in your body). Plastics are the worst, but canned foods can also contain BPA in the lining. Look for minimally-packaged products, compostable or recyclable packages, and BPA-free containers or reusable glass containers. Deb Loken is owner of The Grain Bin in Alexandria.


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great reads

THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS by M. L. Stedman Having read a number of excellent novels recently, I had a hard time deciding which one to write about! I finally decided on the one I just finished, which the Boston Globe described as a “beautifully delineated tale of love and loss, right and wrong, and what we will do for the happiness of those most dear.” The Light Between Oceans, the debut novel by M. L. Stedman, is a book that challenges our thinking when we see characters struggling with secrets kept, their consequences and with decisions that are impossibly difficult. The book is set mainly on a tiny island off the southwest coast of Australia about a century ago. The main characters, Tom and Isabel, are a young couple who have been By Kathleen Pohlig assigned to the island as the lighthouse keepers. It is a very isolated existence; they see the crew of the supply boat every few months and are allowed a one-month leave on the mainland every three years. After suffering two miscarriages and losing another near-term baby, Isabel is devastated. When a boat carrying a dead man and a live baby drifts ashore, she feels the baby is a gift from God. Against his better judgment and because of his love for Isabel, Tom agrees to keep the incident secret. They bury the man’s body and begin raising the baby girl as their own, thinking that surely the mother has drowned.

When secrets are kept and lies are told, it all begins to multiply and the choices made get more complicated, especially when they begin to affect other people’s lives. Readers are torn when justice for one seems to create tragic loss for another. This is a story that needs to be shared with friends or discussed with a book group. Kirkus Reviews gave the novel high praise: “The miraculous arrival of a child in the life of a barren couple delivers profound love but also the seeds of destruction. Moral dilemmas don’t come more exquisite than the one around which Australian novelist Stedman constructs her debut.” A vividly described, rugged island setting, characters one comes to understand and care about, and moral questions that seem to have no right answer all blend with escalating tension to the final pages and make this a book I will long remember and recommend! Kathleen Pohlig is owner of Cherry Street Books in Alexandria.

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join us in building

good things By Kelli Wendel

any years ago, I saw this quote from inspirational speaker Jim Rohn: “Whatever good things we build end up building us.” At the time, I didn’t think much about it. I ran across the quote again, sometime after I started working with Habitat for Humanity, and the light went on. How true it is. Daily I am blessed to see this happen. Someone decides to volunteer, or to give a financial gift. They know their efforts will help build a home for a family in need. What they don’t know is how it will build something within them and how it extends into the community as others join them. Never has this been more visible than during the Build of Dreams, our first complete Women Build, in 2012. More than 300 women came together to build and fund a home for Darla Koloski and



her five children. They were excited to make a difference in Darla’s life and to help her build a home where her family could grow and thrive. Unsure of what to expect, but enthusiastic and willing to learn, these women took on the tasks of building a home. They hammered, raised rafters, shingled, and installed windows and doors – all during one of the hottest months in recent years! They overcame their fear of asking and invited friends, family and sometimes strangers to make a donation to support their efforts. They bonded together in planning and building. They challenged each other, and they rose to the challenge and discovered strengths they didn’t know they had. Three hundred women and dozens of crew leaders – building alongside each other and the homeowner. The love and laughter, together with nails and lumber upon a concrete foundation, came to-

gether to build so much more than a physical home for a family. “Whatever good things we build (a home for a family) end up building us (new friendships, new experiences and a space inside filled by what we can do together).” Another Build of Dreams is planned for 2014. We would love to have you join us. I can’t promise good weather or that this is the easiest thing you will do. I can promise you your involvement will be life-changing – for a family in need of a safe and affordable home, for the women you build alongside, and for you. Kelli Wendel is the development director at Habitat for Humanity of Douglas County. To learn more about Habitat for Humanity and the 2014 Women Build, call (320) 7624255 or e-mail


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Clean. Soak used tea bags in water and use as a cleaning solution to clean grease and grime from linoleum or wood floors or kitchen countertops. For mirrors, brew a pot of strong tea; let cool. Dampen a soft cloth in the tea and wipe over mirrors. Buff with a soft, dry cloth for a streak-free shine.

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Soothe tired eyes or acne. Crying or lack of sleep can result in puffy, red eyes. Soak used tea bags in ice cold water, then apply to eyelids. This has also been said to heal pink eye. For acne, soak used tea bags in cool water. Use the water to rinse acned skin.


Alternative medicine. Drain a boil by covering it with a wet tea bag overnight. Dry a weepy poison ivy rash by dipping a cotton ball into strongly brewed tea and dabbing it on the affected area. Let air-dry and repeat as needed. Soak tea bag in hot water, then place on wart for 20 to 30 minutes.

By Tara Bitzan

Deodorize. Place new, unwrapped tea bags inside a musty closet, inside stinky shoes, or anywhere the air could use a boost. Or, put an end to stinky feet by soaking them in strongly brewed tea for 20 minutes a day. Tenderize/flavor meat. Marinate your meat in tea. The sweetness of the drink will add a savory taste and the tea nutrients will tenderize the meat.

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Soothe pain. Got a canker sore? Bleeding from a lost tooth? Receive a painful injection? Sunburned or razor burned? Lessen the pain and quicken the healing by soaking a used tea bag and pressing it on the sore area. For larger areas such as a sunburn, place tea bags right in your bathwater. To ease toothaches or other mouth pain, rinse with a cup of hot peppermint tea mixed with a pinch or two of salt. Hair care. Turn gray hair dark without chemical dyes. Steep 3 tea bags in 1 cup boiling water. Add 1 tablespoon each of rosemary and sage (fresh or dried) and let stand overnight. Strain. Shampoo as usual, then pour the mixture on hair. Blot with a towel. Repeat process until you reach desired hue. Or, use a quarter of unsweeted tea (brewed or instant) as a rinse after shampooing to give hair a natural, healthy shine. Garden. Place used tea bags on top of the drainage layer at the bottom of a planter before potting. The bags will retain water and leach nutrients to the soil. Sprinkle new or used tea leaves (loose or in tea bags) around rose bushes. Roses love the tannic acid. Occasionally substitute brewed tea when watering ferns and acid-loving house plants. To speed up decomposition and enrich your compost, pour a few cups of strongly brewed tea into the heap. The liquid will draw acid-producing bacteria, creating acid-rich compost.


Create “antique” fashions. Soak white lace or garments in a tea bath to create an antique beige, ecru or ivory. Use 3 tea bags for every 2 cups of boiling water and steep for 20 minutes. Let cool a few minutes before soaking the material for 10 minutes or more. The longer you soak, the darker the shade.

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Drink it, of course! Tea is full of antioxidants and healthy nutrients. Studies have shown that tea may protect against heart disease, Alzheimer’s and many types of cancer.

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Turbo Snake Claim: Instantly and effortlessly unclog your drain without using chemicals Grade: B



Review: I had a slow drain, and I knew the only way to fix it was By Jamie Kakach to get it unclogged. I am not a fan of using harsh chemicals, so I thought I would try the Turbo Snake. After wrestling with the plastic packaging, I finally got it open and read the directions. Uncoil the snake of choice (you get one for the sink and one for the shower/tub) then insert the snake down the drain until you hit the clog. Turn the snake clockwise at least four times and pull straight out. It seemed easy enough. So I followed the directions step by step and when I pulled the snake drain out, it worked! But I also had a messy pile of gunk. If you want to be able to reuse the snake again, you have to physically clean the gunk by hand that was attached to it – this is not an easy or pleasant task. The Turbo Snake did work as it claims, but it is messy. I can’t guarantee that the Turbo Snake will work for you, but it is a nice alternative to chemicals.

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puzzles X Word Search: ‘Library’


Find the words hidden vertically, horizontally and diagonally throughout the puzzle. ARCHIVE ASSIGNMENT BIOGRAPHY CARD CATALOG CHECKOUT CHILDREN COLLEGE COMPUTER COUNTER



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CLUES ACROSS 1. Br. University town river 4. Wasting of a bodily organ 9. London radio station 12. Olive family plants 14. 24th Greek letter 15. A bottle that contains a drug 16. A fused explosive device 17. Polish air show city 18. Swedish rock group 19. Next to 21. Spiny pasture wire 23. Apulian capital city 25. Oahu lookout Nuuanu ____ 26. Cathode-ray tube

29. Woodbine vine 34. Bigger than rabbits 36. Sailor 37. Equalled 15 rupees 38. Object worshipped as a god 39. Point midway between E and SE 40. Indonesian islands 41. Afflicted 43. A way to soak 44. Stitch closed a falcon’s eyes 45. Capacity to resolve a riddle 48. The Science Guy Bill 49. Polite interruption sound 50. Visual receptor cell sensitive to color

52. Armed fighting 55. Member of U.S. Navy 59. Dull sustained pain 60. Gives birth to horse 64. Coke or Pepsi 65. Its ancient name was Araxes 66. Former US gold coin worth $10 67. UC Berkeley School of Business 68. 3rd largest whale 69. Negligible amounts 70. Explosive

CLUES DOWN 1. Ty, “The Georgia Peach” 2. Am. century plant 3. Microelectromechanical systems (abbr.) 4. Matador 5. Doctors’ group 6. Supporting a road 7. Consciousness of your identity 8. Brazilian ballroom dance 9. Supports trestletree 10. Baseball’s Ruth 11. Sheathed or covered 13. First month of ancient Hebrew calendar

15. Swollen or knotty veins 20. Dashes 22. Styptic 24. Performing services temporarily 25. Affected by fever 26. Sprouting figurine pets 27. NY’s ____ City Music Hall 28. Trail a bait line 30. Tripod 31. Best-known Kadai language 32. Louis XIV court composer Jean Baptiste 33. Wipe out information 35. Moves to a higher place

42. Author Roald 44. Auld lang __, good old days 46. Made stronger: ___ up 47. Throws lightly 51. Components considered individually 52. Bleats 53. A unit of area 54. Citizen of Bangkok 56. Water travel vessel 57. Ardor 58. Earth’s rotation direction 61. Paddle 62. Honorable title (Turkish) 63. Bachelor of Laws

horoscopes ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Don't race ahead to get the early advantage this month, Aries. Practice patience in all that you do this week, and you may find greater success.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, your career takes an unexpected turn that leads you in an exciting new direction. These changes may take a few weeks or even months to fully develop.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, although your vision for the future is grand, you may not know how to execute your rise to success right now. Find a mentor who can show you the ropes.

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, surprises are coming your way. Though you may want to control the situation, you have to sit back and let the chips fall where they may.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 There is a high level of uncertainty in your life right now, so it is best to take a conservative approach regarding your finances. Take big decisions seriously.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, you may have your sights set on an exotic vacation, but you just don't have the money to make it happen right now. Save for your dream getaway or take a quick jaunt to recharge.

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, you may not have the time to be a shoulder to cry on this month, but a trusted confidante will need your assistance. Take the time out for this special friend.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, don't allow daydreaming to distract you from the tasks at hand. Distractions will only derail your plans, so do your best to keep them at a minimum.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 You may prefer clearly defined relationships, but this month someone comes into your life who you just can't read. This person makes a lasting impression.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 You are not in complete control of your feelings this month, Sagittarius. Make a concerted effort to control your emotions when conflict arises.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Keep your options open, as things look promising this month, Gemini. Many things will catch your eye, but you will have to make some tough decisions.

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, an ongoing issue must be addressed this month. Proscratination will only delay the inevitable, so tackle this issue head-on.

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